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Picture trading

My cock size

Do you ejaculating less semen as you aged?

Walking in the woods

At what age you first compare your penis size with another guy?

What kind of pussy will make you cum faster?

Is height related to penis size of a man?

Have you ever cum under 2 mins?

Does your penis stays hard after ejaculation?

How important to have a "morning wood"

Dick hole in menís underwear.

Would you have a relationship with an older woman?

milking a big cock

Would you fuck me?

Stroke It Once A Day

What sized cock do you get aroused by

BEST POLL of the year

Do you jerk off and cum when you are horny?

What I like best to masturbate to

Eating your own cum

What Photos do you want to see of me? (updated)

Outdoor places you like to be naked

Have you came with Rachel yet?

Shall we masturbate together here ?

Do you like dicks with big heads?

How you would fuck me

ballstretching in public

Is this true

💥Would you like to fuck us & use all our holes ?

Would you have sex with a transgender?

Have you ever been caught masturbating?

No of Days Wife or GF remained Unsatisfied with Sex You Did

No. Of Days for Non Stop Sex - Maximum ..not a single day break

How old were U, first time you fucked a cunt with your cock ?

Wife asking, what age do U find her most fuckable ?

What is the fastest bj you had?

[For Men] Where do you bust your nut when masturbating?

Do you like to fuck a girl with big clit?

Do you think girls like to wake up with dick in their pussy?

What do you when leaking pre-cum?

Have you ever had an erection in the locker room while naked?

What was you the most embarrassing moment at the doctor office?

Do you have less sex during the holidays?

When guys ejaculate in your mouth do they

Why would you add me to your friend list?

which penis pic will get the attention of site members?

What is your Christmas wish?

Your favorite blowjob vid

About tributes

Worst erect dick

What's your favorite part of your penis?

Do you think guys lied about their penis size?

Who do you think cheats more; Gay or Straight men?

Are you Cut or Uncut

How often you eat cum?

How do you fondle/play with your testes?

Hv you convinced her during sex to imagine other pe is banging

Are you happy with the size of your penis?

Do you enjoy Edging and Gooning?

Do you check your penis for any abnormalities?

Beach wear

You Feel Your Partner Still largely Unsatisfied with Sex

Where do you like to cum on or in?

Would you?

How I like scrotums

Would you....

What gets you hot hot horney and hard?

I jerk off

Masturbate To Posted Pictures

How big are you!

Best erect penis

Am I too fat for a relationship

Which dick is better? Left or right


Penis Shringkage

Have you ever compare your penis size with another guy?

How long you can last in bj?

What time period would you have liked to fuck the wife ?

When was the last time you cum with me?



With M2M sex, on your first date, do you like to...

Favorite place to have a guy cum

Do you like the smell of cum?

[For Guys] Do you think your penis looks better SOFT or HARD?

What would you fuck

accepting offer of a blowjob

Honest Feedback - Who lasts Longer ,Me or She

Max No of Times Sex within 24 hours

Who moan the most during sex?

have you ever worn pantyhose?

Rate my ass hole

Size contest! ;)

Foreskin lovers

Do you verified other members?

A bull as a gift for the wife

Have you never recognized someone you know

Size contest! ;)

Just like to know.🤪

Do you think guys today are getting oral sex at early age?