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real pics (2033) this is for people who have real pics of them self no fakes

Uncut dick (1689) If u have a uncut dick

Webcam users (1481) For members who want to c2c

Jack off (1290) All people who love´s to Jack off ;-)


The Skype Gang (990) Only the skype gang allowed

KiK users ;) (972) A Group so you can share your username and swap pics on KiK

Straight who like dick (965) If you are a straight man who likes dickes

Shemales (959) For who loves shemales. Shemales welcome!

Skype c2c (874) All that want to c2c on skype!!!

shaved cocks (831) We love shaved cocks!

BigDicks (829) for members with big dicks

Pussy Only (823) A group for those who wish to see pussy pics...

CockSuckers (816) Guys who like to suck cock

Teenage (793) Those who are teens male or female unite

Small cocks (738) guys with small cocks both cut and uncut who enjoy cam2cam

Cut Cocks HERE (736) Just Cut Cocks'''

wank-buddy (735) no ass etc. just a good friend for mutual wanking

Cum Shots (678) Any Pics of Cum .... Male or Female

public masturbation (671) for any one who loves public masturbation

comparing cocks (647) for guys who like to compare thier cocks

Fuck my sweet wife! (632) Who wanna fuck my wife and like our page come to that group!

SKYPE CUM (611) who want to masturbate on skype

7 INCHES PLUS (601) For guys who are at least 7 inches (17.8 cm) or even longer.

Bicurious (552) For members who are thinking just thinking about it.

Thick Cocks (551) For members who have a thick cock or appriciate them

Like small/soft penis (536) You like to see pictures of penis soft and small? Here is your p

I swallow (516) Join here if you enjoy the taste of another man's juice.

Teen Boys (502) for people aged 18 - 20 ;)

Circumcised dicks (483) For members with circumcised dicks

German Members (468) Deutsche Mitglieder weiblich und männlich

sex sex sex (465) for those who are always horny

uk members (462) people from the uk

brotherhood of the cock (457) whether,gay,bi,or straight everyman is fascinated with cock

5 - 6 inch guys (452) just a group of average nice cocked guys

Kik fun (; (442) Group chat and trade nudes. Guys and girls

Pissing (440) For guys who like to be seen taking a piss and watch others

Picture swap (426) Lets plan how we are going to swap nude pics via email or phone

Watching Guys Cum (424) For guys that love to watch over guys cum

cock rings (424) love wearing cock rings

*EATING PUSSY* (419) Who Loves Eating Hot Wet Pussies

♥ANAL LOVERS♥ (407) For everyone, guys and girls, who love anal sex.

Cocks and panties (391) Guys who love to wear panties

Younger for Older (380) For younger dudes that like us pre middle aged studs;) (30-45)

Big Balls (373) Anybody have or like big balls

Glory Hole Lovers (372) Anyone who loves glory holes

Precum Lovers (365) Guys that love precum........yummmmmmmm

Wanking in the woods (364) For men (and women) who like to masturbate in the great outdoors

Bend over club (364) For men who love having their ass fucked.

Male Masturbators (360) Compulsive chronic male masturbators

Cocksuckers Wanted (342) For Guys Seeking Cocksuckers to post.

*CREAMPIE PICTURES* (340) If you love a good cum filled pussy or ass

Black women (336) For lovers of black/african women?

Razzle's cock (330) For devotees of razzles cock and cocksluts

Taboo (329) For those into any taboo fantasies, sex, or fetishes

*SLEEPING BUTT NAKED* (329) For anyone who enjoys Sleeping in the Nude

Older Men's Cocks (326) for those who like cocks with that mature look

Sucked Off Guy (326) For guys who love being sucked off by other guys

SNAP CHAT USERS (324) This is a group 4 everybody wIth snapchat.

SEXTING (322) For people who like to swap horny texts and pics

Ass lovers (320) For members who love ass.

Pussy with Hair (320) cos not everybody likes them shaved

bbw women (320)

mushroom head (319) guys show your beautiful cock head

Chubby guys (308) For chubby guys and those that love big sexy bellys

She Cock Rocks (297) for those of us that love tits and dicks on the same body ;)

Skype buddies (296) Cum on skype every day with skype buddy

Bisexuals of SYD/SYC (289) A group for members of the site that love both men and women! :)

Do you Like My Pussy? (284) Please join my group if you like my pussy, luv from WOMF

Cocks touching (284) If you like when cocks Touch each other

young guys (276) guys who don`t enjoy being pmed by guys twice their age

small penis humiliation (275) men and women that are into sph

Flaccid cock fetish (273) Have a fetish for soft cock

small shaven cocks (267) love small bold cocks


*Outdoor Sex And Nudism* (256) For Lovers Of Nature and All Things Outdoors

TEENS!!! (255) FOR TEENS ONLY! young guys can hang out with their wang out!

masturbation (249) for guys and gals that enjoy masturbating ;) all ages welcome :)

hairy (248) for people unchaved


8 INCHES PLUS (246) For people with 8 inches or more

Love Asian Women (244) For those of us men/women that love a sexy asian girl!

German Only (242) For men and woman!

Bald pussy.. Oozing Cum (239) For those who love the bald pussy..... Oozing Cum

BBC Lovers (235) For those who love big black cocks ;)

*Amature Porn Lovers* (232) People Who Prefer REAL People Fucking, Not Pro Porn

*AUSTRALIANS NAKED* (232) Awesome people from the land down under!

Bottoms (231) For all those guys who like getting fucked up the ass

love cock, never had one (230) bream of cocks but not found a trusty friend

public toilets (224) men who like to look at other mens cocks when pissing

Jerk off to my wife (223) For those horny guys and girls that think she's hot!

over fifty and horny (219) for over fifties men and girls who are still horny and want the

Mutual satisfaction (219) for those who likes erotic stories and exchange of pics

Guys who eat their own c (214) This is for all you guys who like to eat their loads

*Teenage Dick Fan Club* (211) For Lovers of Hot Young Cocks

Cumsluts (211) For men who love facials are cum in their mouth.

Lick the clit! (209) Those who love wide open pussies and clit hood back!

Biggest heads (208) Here is a group for us with very big and fat cockheads.

outdoor cocks (207) For man to show their cocks outdoor

My gf's group of fuckers (206) For all the cocks that wanna fuck her

Curious Guys (205) For guys who are curious & want talk about what makes em curious

GAY-bareback Seekers (204) For Guys Seekin true natural raw sex with no Cover(s)

Low Hangers (203) For those that love low hanging balls

SKYPE CIRCLE JERK (201) Anyone wanna "circle jerk" through skype straight gay bi&girls

strapon lovers (201) for guys who love taking from a woman with a strap on

Rimjob (200) For men who love receiving or giving rimjobs.

Dirty Talk (199) For people who love to talk dirty

skype video chat (198) my skype id - rohan.gautam902

MATURE MEN ONLY (198) men over 40 are the sexxxyest

Penis Inserts (198) Insertion of pens, steel rods...anything that fits in there...

Full Body Pics (196) guys who like to show full body with or without Face

Big Cumshots (194) A group for men who shoot big loads of cum

THICK COCKS 6" Girth (194) Men with THICK COCKS at least a 6" Girth

Fans of Exhibitionist (193) Exhibitionist is Incredible

20-29 age group (188) People of age group- 20-29 should join this group.

Yahoo cam! (188) whoever enjoys a nice cam play time... :)

Extreme fantasy (185) This is for anyone who has exremely naughty fantasies!

panty men (181) men who get turned on by wearing panties

Fuck my asshole (180) Fuck your ass and try to fell hot.

Virgins (180) virgins who wanna fuck and have amazing sex asap

High Resolution Photos (178) For people who like high quality pictures and macro closeups

DADDIES WITH BIG DICKS (176) Guys with big Daddy dicks

*Genital Pumping* (176) Vaccuum Pumping Your Pink Bits For Pleasure

Wanking Videos (171) Show your wanking videos here

tiny thongs (169) girls and boys who loves sexy tiny thongs

Indian Cunts (168) Lovers of Indian pussy

nasty girl (167) im rude,crude and love huge dicks and womens cunts so lets go

young girl lovin' (163) 4 those who like the younger ones;)

Porn sharing (163) If you're interested in sharing porn, join the group.

TORONTO Group Profiles (162) Members' Meet-Up Profiles & Interests (by Invitation Only)

Cocks Up Close (161) Close cock pics showing all the detail

growers (161) those that grow more than 1.5" from flaccid to erect

BANANA COCKS (157) For those that have a nice curved banana shaped dick.

Piss In My Mouth (154) For lovers of piss games!

video cum guys and girls (153) if u cum in a vid and u dont show your face its ok

cbt lovers (153) for men who love cock and ball torture and women who will do it

18 and 19 year olds (152) a group for teens to be able to chat with other teens

Wanking and driving (152) Dark empty motorway? Pull your cock out and play

Men's Undies (152) For those who like dicks showing from boxers and briefs

Public Pissing (151) For men and women who enjoy pissing in public places.

mature cocks (148) cocks 40-99 years

Nipple Lovers (148) Lovely Nipples - Hard Ones - Small Ones

Younger Boys (147) same principal as younger girls

Tiny titties. (147) Love to see girls with tiny titties. Please show me.

Transvestites (145) For guys that want to be girls

Feet Lovers (144) those who love feet, sole ..legs feetlovers are welcome

Gays (143) Gay and Proud

Chubby Teens (141) You like chubby Teens

Small Dicked Skypers (140) For 'average' men to compare their dicks

gemeinsam Wichsen (139) jerking off together in Germany

Canadian Cocks (139) For All Canadian Men - All Cocks

german hotguys (139) for guys, boys and mens to lived in German

Sperm Eaters (136) love the taste of fresh sperm - the whole purpose of givin BJs

Love being rimmed (134) For men who like there arse hole licked

Male Ass Fans (132) For all those who love the visual delights of men's bums

Long foreskin (130) When soft the foreskin hangs over the glans

selfsuck (129) guys who can suck their own cock

South African guys (129) For all the SA guys who like to show off their jewels.

*Show Your Full Body* (128) Group for people to show off their full body shots *lix*

Stockings and nylons (128) For lovers of stockings and nylons

fuck my wife Jenny (127) For the men that would like to fuck my wife while im made to wat

Sperm fetish (127) When cum is an obsession, you need to feel, sense and taste cum!

Men who like to shave (125) Men who like the smooth look

*FISTING GROUP* (124) For Lovers of Fisting, Giving and Recieving

Urethral Sounding (124) Cockstuffing, cockfucking - Inserting things into your urethra!


Deutsche Gruppe (123) Alle lieben Sex. Blasen , Ficken und sonstiges.

I want 2 FUCK Goodgrl (123) Anyone who wants to fuck Goodgrl3469

whatsapp messenger (123) for guys who have whatsapp and wanna chat internationally

dicklickers (123) people who love to kiss lick and suck cocks and cum

shaving (122) shows you with shave

Cuckold's (120) who loves watching his Wife getting fucked by big cocks...

hot guys in underwear! (119) boys who love to see guys in nice undies

Cum on my wife (118) Jerking off to our pics makes her hot!

Jeansdick (117) Dick's peeping out of your jeans

couple for another cock (115) 30year old male and 21year old female looking for guys who will

boys with girlish bodys (114) cute, girlish, female bodys, nude or nonude

bi sexual group sex (114) those who love more then 1 cock and pussy

OLDER MEN 60+ (114) For men who are over 60, who like to younger men.

I Want 2 Cum4 Cum4Steffi (114) Fans of Steffi :)

Black cocks (113) this is a group for people WHO love Black cocks!

MILFS (112) for who are into milfs

dare or dare;] (111) for people who want to dare and those who dare to do them

GIRTH 6 INCHES + (111) Any part of your penis is 6inches(15.2cm) or bigger around.

skype group (110) SEX CAM IN SKYPE

Verified or real members (110) Verified members or members with name on paper or other proof

cum eater (110)

Ass Play for Men (109) Dildo's buttplugs anal fingering orimming, If you like it join!

*Bound and Used* (109) Want to be dominated

*Piercing Fun* (109) For people who love genital piercings and mods

kik fun! (108) Share your kik names and add each other for fun & pic sharing ;)

Sex Slaves (108) For those who want to be used by masters and mistresses :)

Tight & Small Balls (108) Who likes a nutsac that is small and tight - small balls!

young meat/pussy (107) 18-20 year olds (male and female)

9"+ club ;) (106) those who love or have cocks 9 inches or bigger :)

FROT Guys (105) A group for guys who enjoy full body contact and rubbing cocks.

Mature Cock Love (104) For people who think cocks 50 plus are totally hot

Erectile dysfunction (103) For cocks that don't get hard easily

420 (103) You know what time it is.

GIRLY BOYS FOREVER (102) For sissy boys and fans of them

Shaved clean (102) For pics of clean shaved cocks and pussys

extreme-nasty sex (102) persons who like piss poo & cum on ther body or lick drink them

Military cocks (102) I love a cock in uniform

Young Petite (101) For those of us who like *young* and small

4inch or less! (101) a group for us with small dicks under 4 inches

Bulge (101) In your panties

Facials (100) Men who like facials or like to swallow.

Sex Toys (99) For people who like pics and vids of sex toy use

shaved balls (99) if you shave your scrotum share that smooth sac andpost your pic

Pic Slut (98) Just ask what you want to see - and I will do it.

asian (98) oriental gents and ladies

Hairy Cut Cocks (98) For guys who love hairy cut cock and balls

Dutch Dicks / Cocks only (96) The only Dutch community of cocks and balls!

*Truth or Dare Pictures* (95) Truth or Post a Picture as a Dare....

couples of the site (95) a place for all the couples on the site

Cum filled condoms (95) cocks in condoms woth or without cum!

Measured cocks (93) For members with a measurement/comparison pic of their members

Oral curious (93) Not gy/bs but wants to suck cock

California Lovers (92) California Couples, Singles, and BFs ; if your in Cal, sign up!

put a face wth your cock (91) Who wants to see a face with a cock stop hiding behind your peni

used condoms (90) cum filled condoms after a good fuck or a good wank

Hairy Assholes (90) Hairy assholes

girls that skype (89) leave your Skype addy

TORONTO Canada (88) Gay / Bi / Straight-Curious Guys In / Near or visiting Toronto

Fans of Bratwurst (88) All you like me and my photos

Hard Cocks (88) For all who have hard dick all time...

Size Queens & Hung Studs (87) A group for women who LOVE big cocks & the men who have 'em!

Black Cock Lovers (86) Guys that like sucking black cock

Fuck my wife (85) For guys who love seeing their wives being fucked by other guys

Uncut and Unshaven (84) Natural cocks with natural hair

People From Texas (84) Girls and Guys, anyone from Texas!!

*Huge Cunt Lips* (81) Show your huge cunt lips here girls!

*FLASHING IN PUBLIC* (80) For Those Who Like FlashingTheir Genitals In Public Places

Latinos (78) if your a latin person in here, sign in

*GANGBANG GIRLS * (77) women who love multiple cocks & men who love to give it to them!

Hairy Cocks (77) for those of us who have pubes

Red Heads (77) For red heads and their fans to meet, we're a dying breed ;)

Vibrator Men (77) Do you use or have you ever used a vibrator

Travelers (76) Those that travel for work and want to get fucked, sucked & suck

NUDE SAUNAS (76) For those people who love being Nude in Gay or Bi Saunas

*MFM Threesomes* (76) for men and women that enjoy MFM sex,

Italian Speakers (76) For men and women (uomini e donne) che parlano "la lingua bella"

Facesitting (76) For people who love facesitting

Lovers of jenny81 pussy (76) For those who love my shaved pussy and want to see more

Pic Swapping (75) To share private dirty pics with each other

Tribute place (75) Put your own pic for tribute and pic after pee, cum, spit, etc

Older guys 4 young twink (74) for the 40 plus guys that like hot eighteen cock!

cum on food (74) for all cum on food lovers

Florida Sunshine (74) Members who live in Florida

prince albert? (74) do you like a prince albert piercing?

EVERYBODY! CONFESS! (73) Admit something you've never told anybody,only U know about U!

hairy bushes (71) For thoses who have and like hairy bushes

All things masturbation (71) place to share masturbation stories and techniques

Heavy hanging tits. (71) For women with heavy hangers and the men and women who love them

*E-STIMMING LOVERS* (71) Electric Stimulation Of Your Genitals

Circumcised dick lovers (69) for those who prefer the permanently exposed look

Tight Foreskins (69) For guys who have tight foreskis or phimosis :)

Bi Dads (68) talk about being a Dad and being. bi

DADDIES only (68) just for daddies ...... welcome

Texas gay/bi club (68) Men in Texas

Cruising and Sex Spots (67) Where to find, where you go and what you do for M to M, country

Like to be dominated (67) Guys who like to suck big cocks and take them in their asses

wanking at work (67) men & women who love to wank at work

*Pre-Cum Group* (66) For those who like to show and look at pre cum pics

Virgin club (66) Only for girls and boys who never had sex


( TEAM AERO ) (64) Look for explanation in my blog this isn't an ordinary group :P

Hard cocks in lingerie (64) Hard cocks in women's intimate wear.

Strap on lovers (64) To be fucked by a woman while forced to suck her BF's cock.

Jerkin off (63) A room for anyone who likes to jerk off in any way

Bears and Cubs (63) For anyone into hairy guys or are hairy

Cocks like mine (63) Uncut. Small when small. Average when hard. Lot of precum.

Re-Skinned (63) Circumcised guys who are restoring their foreskin or completed

Chubby men (62) The group for chubby men with and their admirers

Respectful to Women (62) For male members who aren't slimey/offensive creeps and pests

Great dicks (62) For sexy big dicks ;)

*ANYTHING GOES*! (62) Just that.. ANYTHING!!! Legal of course.

lickers (62) love to lick cunt

9 x 7 Cocks (61) Huge cocks 9 inches long and 7 inches in girth or larger!

peeing in wrong places (61) peeing everywhere except in the toilet!

Mod Cock (what ever) (61) pearled, piercing, inserting, tattoo, pump, or what ever

virtual sex (61) join if u like virtual sex (a.k.a cyber sex)

*SEX-A-HOLICS ANONYMOUS* (60) For those that cant help the cravings and need sex constantly

Older soft cock Lover's (60) Interest to see older men because they are senior in everythings

Hentai pics lovers (60) if you like Hentai / Manga / Yaoi / Yuri / Shota / Furry pics

Cumking Fans (59) For the female that loves a big cumshot :)

*LARGE HARD NIPPLE PICS* (59) If you love, or have, big hard nipples!

london group (58) for members from london england only

Locker Room Bragger (57) Undresses and dries off in full view of others

UK North (57)

Florida Sunshine 2 (57) Members Who Live in FL

Guys Love Black/Latino (57) For guys aged 18 - 40 who love Black and Latino guys xxx

team cock (57) only for ppl who like cock

fans of ruboneout (56) admirers of beautiful cocks, pussies, tits and asses!

Nord Italia (56) Per tutti quelli che abitano nel nord d'Italia

Only_sexy_cunt (55) Show ur sexy hot gorgeous Pussy here

Circumcised as adult (55) Those who got circumcised as an adult

Dirty cock (Smegma) (55) For all who like dirty cocks and dirty talking

Penis Slits - Pee Hole (54) Those who like to compare there Penis Slit - opening with others


Always Commando (54) Guy that go Commando .

i deepthroat (53) this page for them who love to deepthroat or to be deepthroated

chaturbate models (52) find your favorite model from chaturbate

Chatbangers (52) If you ever wanna get nasty with others in chat, join us

Japanese dicks (52) Japanese dicks

cock docking (51) cock dock picks or conversation.

Love humiliation (50) This is for people who like to get humiliated in any way

show your cock (50) for all so show your cock

*Pumpers and Pumping* (50) Share your pumping pictures with us

fuck my fat ass (50) for all,who want to fuck me up the ass (my pussy is for girls)

Fans of Minkip (49) Love Minkip's photos

Friends finder (49) For all those who are looking for friends.

*Speedo Lovers* (49) Wearing and Sharing Classic Lycra Bathers

francophone (49) pour ceux qui parlent français

Boys clit (48) for men with perfect clit

A Sub Sissy (48) a group for submissive sissies to advertise

Only German Cum Gangbang (48) AO und Massenbesamung

Guess My Size (48) How long is the shlong? Post your pics and guesses.

male sluts (48) for guys who love the fun of sex without strings xx

Male Feet (48) For those who like male feet

Michigan (48) If u live in Michigan

Anale Dildospiele (48) wer mag es noch gern mit plug oder dildo im arsch ?

whatsapp (47) for those that wish to give out their whatsapp details

boys love to be sluts (47) for all boys who like to be a good slut to erveryone

*Surgical Modifications* (47) Subincision, head splitting, etc.

Abspritzen (47) Für die, die es gern sehen und/oder schmecken

INDIAN ASS (47) indian ass lovers...

ThaiDicks (47) for thai boys member.

Men in panties in jeans (46) Men who have worn panties under pants or jeans in public

INDIA HOT DICK (46) add yourself which are from india

Foreskin Retraction (46) Guys who like keeping foreskins back, a.k.a. autocircumcision.


Mexico Dicks (46) A group for the Mexican Dicks!!

Couples Skype (45) For people who like to watch and be watched while fucking.

North West England (45) Members looking for sex in North West of England

Totaly smooth (44) A group for those that enjoy being completly hair free

Sexy Asses in Panties (44) Yummy Asses, Boys and Girls.....It's all just sex.

LatinaSluts (44) Latinas Who Love Cock

Indiana Guys (44) Guys from Indiana that wanna chat,meet,or whatever

Smoke weed & Fuck group (43) For those who luv to get baked & Fuck!

ohiococks (43) for people who live in ohio

UK circumscised (42) For guys living in the uk that are 'cut' and like to show off

sph (42) for those who love small penis humiliation

I Love SexySara (42) If you love user sexysara join!

Italian Stalions (41) only hot guys from Italy

The Beautiful Cock Group (40) For members who want to show off their good looking tool

butts that cause boners (40) for folks that have or like cute butts that cause boners


Texas cocksuckers (40) Men in Texas who love sucking dick.

Sharing my GF (39) I want to let other guys and girls use my GF however they want

Saline and Pumping (38) For Friends from Saline and Pumping Cocks and Pussis

Hard and soft (38) post your hard and soft cock in the same view

English Midlands (38) Make it easier to find people in the East or West Midlands!

Small pussy pics (37) Do you have a small pussy? Lets see it

I my cock sucked (37) love to have some one suck my cock sucked

Micropenises (36) For members who actually have a micropenis & who love them

Pissing through foreskin (36) A nice warm stream from a sexy loose foreskin is so beautiful

Tight foreskin (36) For Men who have tight foreskin

*Fingering Hot Pussy* (36) people who enjoy fingering hot wet pussy

ontario cock (36) All local cocks unite. Show them; play with them and maybe more.

Who likes my pussy (35) Taking nasty pictures just for u

playing with kimmie (35) guys who want to talk naughty with me

Real_dick_for_fuck (35) Dick that is ready to fuck every one

CBT (35)

Snapchat fun with me (34) For anyone who would like to have some snapchat fun with me

Afrikaans & Horny! (34) Horny afrikaans speaking men & women.

Scottish (34)

Tributes 4 Men and Women (33) Tribute Your Favourite Members and Post Them Here

hot girl's selfies (33) makes me hard

i wànt big cocks (33) I'm young and horny, 18, female and love to please

*Melbourne Group Sex* (33) Anyone interested in group sex in Melbourne

Pics of sweetlips (33) For anyone who wants private pics of sweetlips body to tribute !

couples (33) must be a male and female couple (proof will be required)

boys in white socks (33) this group is for guys who like to see and wear white socks

bang my german wife,plea (32) 32 years old

New York Cocks (32) Guys living in New York City

ITALIANI (32) solo italiani a cui piace la figa

dogging "outside fucking (31) out door fucking or wanking wiles whatching others fucking

'Pantie-Wanking' (31) For Guys who like to 'Cum' into Womens/Girls Panties.

Reveal your measurements (31) For all that love to know sizes

LOVE COCK (31) Love cock never tried one

Pensioner's Penis Pals (31) Suckers, Peekers or Clitty Tweekers and pals of the Daddy Dick

Fleshlights! (30) Group to share pics of using fleshlights!

swingers couples (30) Join swapping couples

sexy women feet (30) wifes, gf, fri3nds, or acquaintances feet pics

Real Amateur B.J's & Cum (30) Show your big cocks, hot blowjob, facial & cumshots photos!

L.A cock (30) for guys who live in los angeles. let's unite & fuck

*Men With Thick Cocks* (30) Men with Really Thick Cocks

Missouri (30) SYC and SYD members in and around Missouri, the show-me-state.

*Sniffing Panties* (29) For those who love sniffing panties

Urlaubstreff (29) Für alle die sich im Urlaub verabreden möchten

Pearly Penile Papules (29) Who have or like or just curious :)

High heels (29) For high heels shoes and boots lovers/wearers. Admire or share!

Saline Cock (29) I like it when my cock is generously filled with saline

hard on's (29) for those who like to expose, in all their stiff glory!

UK bulls (29) Large cocks to fuck mens wives who only own useless small cocks

Central Cal Suckers (29) For guys that are SERIOUS about finding local suck/JO buds.

Cum cocktails (28) Those who enjoy creating and drinking adult bevs including cum!

Big balls lovers! (28) Who like it the man big balls and they play with him with pleasu

French Canadian (Québec) (28) Pour les membres Français du Québec !!

Live in Manchester, UK (28) Guys from Manchester can share your interests and meet up.

hot girls (28) for STRAIGHT BLOKES only to swap hot girl users :)

Jockstrap lover (28) Post pics of YOURSELF in JOCKS!

seconds plus (28) people who like mfm 3-soms bareback

Dildo Guys (27) Guys who love to play with dildo's

Grocery Lovers Club (27) for all of us who enjoy 5 fruits & vegetables a day

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