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MONTED's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt


Posted by MONTED at 19,Sep,14 20:17

My first year at college is a year that I will never forget as long as I live. I recently graduated high school and was eager to go off to college to get the hell away from home as any teenager is. In choosing colleges I had man choices, but ended up enrolling in a small private college. I chose this school because I could play football and get a good education.

I remember move in a day like it was yesterday. My mom was pissing me off as usual with her endless bitching and banter. But everything seemed to brighten up when I unlocked the door to my room to see my roommate. I saw him and he introduced himself as Richard, and that he would be playing football as well. I saw that he was an interracial guy because his parents were there, and his father was black and his mother was white. He stood about 6'5", looked about 180 pounds, and had a nice brown complexion to him, huge brown puppy dog eyes, and the warmest smile. I took all that in and thought wow, but boy was I in for a surprise later on.

Like I said previously I chose this school because I was able to play football there. Unlike my roommate I am not as frail. I am about 6'5", nice big arms, long legs, flat stomach, nice bubble butt (from all those squats), and have a good layer of fur covering most of my torso. He and I stuck together a lot, but we also mingled with the other guys on the team as well. Luckily Rich, as myself, wasn’t socially inept, and got along with just about everyone.

I was really looking forward to playing football on the next level because it excited me. Man on man, pure emotion, strength, and desire at the test. It’s almost better than sex--almost. Practice on the next level was intense, I literally would get beat up at practice. With all the hitting and bashing going on it was inevitable to get some bruises. Although practice was fun I was really looking forward to the showers after practice, because I would get to see all of those hot sweaty men get naked and shower. That was definitely my favorite part of the day.

As practice ended we all headed to the locker rooms to disrobe and shower up. I always get undressed quickly so I can be the first in the shower so that I can get a peak at all the guys who come in. As I walked to the shower I grabbed a towel and passed quick looks at some of the guys who had caught my attention earlier in the day and I thought gosh are the guys on this team hot or what!!?

I finally made it to the showers and started to get wet. There was the usual shower chat of who played what position, and what everyone thought of practice and who would be getting playing time and things of that sort. All the while doing this I am sneaking looks at all the guys who walk in. I love a nice hairy man with a big unkept bush around his cock and man oh man, none of the guys on the team let me down on that one. Beautiful packages one after the other paraded in the locker room all for my enjoyment. Then I saw my roommate walk in and my jaw hit the floor. I thought to myself . It was long, thick, brown, uncut, and had a slight curve to the left. It must have hung at least six and a half inches soft. I even noticed some of the other guys stealing glances at it in pure amazement as well. I looked at Rich and he seemed to be taking it all in, as if he's been in this situation before.

Later that evening back in the dorms why roommate and I just sat around shooting the shit talking about interest and families and things like that. It turns out that he went to a Catholic high school, and was a very good ****, got straight A's in all his classes and things like that. I was listening, although all the while thinking about that huge monster lying dormant between his furry legs. What really turned me on about my roommate was the fact that I knew he was straight. See, I have known that I was bisexual for a long time, but recently just came to terms with my lust for the male body.

At my school the particular dorm that I lived in didn’t have air conditioning, which sucked ass, but at the same time was also a good thing because everyone walked around in as little clothing as possible, including me. It was terrible everyone was sweating every second of the day, seeing all those hard bodies covered in that thin layer of moisture always got my cock a stirring. It was getting late and I was about to hit the hay.

"Goodnight" I said to my roommate

"Yeah I am about to go to bed too" he replied. Then he added, "It’s so fucking hot in here you don’t mind if I **** naked do you? I don’t know how some people are I don’t want you to get all weirded out"

Mind, hell I would have helped you undress if you would of asked me to I thought to myself. "Don’t worry about it, go ahead,” I told him. There was something thrilling about sleeping in the same room with a naked man. The next morning I heard his alarm clock go off, and I woke up before he did. I figured that I would just pretend I am sleeping and try to steal a glance at his huge member. When he finally woke up, he sat up and hopped down from his bunk and I saw the huge monster of a cock that I witnessed the previous day.

Hell it was even bigger now. I guess he had a slight case of morning wood, because it wasn’t hard yet slightly thicker than usual. He reached over to his desk and turned off his alarm clock. He groggily walked around the room scratching his head and fondling himself, it must have felt good because when he got to his cock he rubbed it a few more times and leaned his head back as it got bigger and bigger. This was just too much for me in the early hours of the morning. Then I started to “wake up” and he turned his back to me and found some shorts to put on and we went to practice. That day I thought to myself I have to have that cock.

The first weekend after classes were in session there were parties everywhere at my little school and everyone was just getting completely hammered. My roommate and I went to a party. He and I said that we would meet up later and leave together unless one of us found some bitch to go home with. I met some hot chicks got their names and what dorm they were in, but wasn’t really interested. Just the introductory chat. I was telling some of the girls that I had met that I was leaving, and asked them had they seen my roommate.

One of them told me that she saw him and that he was really drunk and one of the guys on the team drove him back about twenty minutes ago. By one o’clock I was definitely drunk and ready to go to ****, I started walking back (completely forgetting about my roommate) and made it to my room. I opened the door to see my roommate lying on the futon in our room under a sheet. I could tell that he was naked under the sheet by how it laid on his body. I could see the outline of the monster perfectly under the sheet.

I thought to myself what better a time than now to see this too up close. I got on my knees next to the futon and pulled back the sheet to reveal his naked body. He looked like a Greek god under the moonlight that was pouring through our window. I saw that huge cock that I had seen so many times lying inches from my face. I could smell the scent of him; it was a strong manly odor that only turned my drunken horniness to a new level. I grabbed his cock and played with it, having another mans penis in my hand was new to me and it excited me to new levels.

I then took his cock into my mouth and began to suck, I felt his cock hardening in my mouth, it seemed to just keep growing and growing. I took it out of my mouth to just take in its glory, look at the foreskin as I glided it over his swollen head back and forth back and forth. I looked and this thing had to be a good nine inches long and thick as a beer can. I dove back down on his cock and sucked with all my might, and then I felt a hand on the back of my head. I thought oh shit I am caught he is going to try to kick my ass or something.

“What the fuck are you doing you fag?” he slurred in his drunken stooper. His huge cocked fell from my mouth and flopped down on his stomach well past his belly button with a huge flop.

“I, I , I just had to have you” I stammered.”

“Well no one told you to stop!” he said to me with a smile.

So I gladly dove back down on his huge cocked and deep throated him like no tomorrow. After a little bit I felt his penis swell and then with a deep moan he emptied his load into my mouth. At least a good seven squirts, I couldn’t keep it all in my mouth as some slid down the side of his cock and into his pubes. When I sat up and took one last gulp to get all of his seed down, I looked up and saw that he was already asleep. So I took one last look at his cock, kissed it and climbed up into my bed and went to ****.

The next day he got up and went about his normal routine as if nothing ever happened. Either he was too drunk to remember or he doesn’t want to say anything about it. I didn’t really care, all I knew is that this wasn’t going to be that last time I suck his cock, and believe me it wasn’t.

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Two Cocks

Posted by MONTED at 19,Sep,14 20:14

It had been a pretty boring night out at the bar so far. Like most Fridays, I went to our local gay dance club with my friends Mark and Steve. However, unlike most Fridays, both of those lucky bastards found tricks early in the evening, and ducked out by 10:00 p.m. So, I was left by myself nursing a beer, and trying to pretend like I was interested in the whole scene going on around me.

By about 1:15 I had pretty much had it. Four beers later, and feeling sorry for myself I thought I should duck out of there before the “ugly lights” came glaring down on me. That was the last thing my mood needed at that point. As I set my empty bottle down on the bar I felt someone tap me lightly on the shoulder. I turned to face an older (I’m guessing mid-40s) black man.

“Excuse me,” he said. “But my boyfriend and I have been watching you all night.” He was an attractive enough guy; with just enough grey in his beard to make him distinguished looking. He was probably about 6’0” and just slightly stocky. He was dressed conservatively, wearing khakis and an oxford shirt. By the looks of him, I figured he was an accountant (or an attorney, banker, or any other number of professions). I smiled at him. He had that “daddy” quality that I’ve been known to fall for on so many occasions.

He seemed to like what he was seeing as well. While the adjective “twink” hadn’t applied to me for a few years (I was 2, I certainly got my fair share of admiring glances. I’m 5’8”, 145lbs with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. I made sure I got to the gym at least three times a week, so while thin, I was tight and tone.

“It’s my boyfriend’s 49th birthday and he’s feeling a little down,” he said. “We’re both tops and neither of us have fucked a guy for a few years. The only birthday present he wants is to slide his big black cock into a hot little white ass.” (Well, ok, he certainly didn’t talk like an accountant, lawyer, or banker.) He motioned to a guy across the bar. “That’s William over there,” he said.

William was a big man. He must have been at least 6’5” and probably weighed close to 300lbs. He had that former football player look about him. (I found out later that he had played for Penn State in the early 70s.)

“Okay,” I said. “I’m game.”


Thirty minutes later we were sitting in their living room. Tom (the guy who had approached me in the bar) pulled my shirt over my head and starting sucking my nipples. William stood in front of me wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. He was a hairy guy, with short black kinky hair covering his stomach, chest and shoulders.

Tom pulled down my jeans and underwear in one quick motion, and his mouth immediately went to my cock. While slightly smaller than average (my cut cock is just slightly less than 6”) I was already hard as a rock and dripping pre-cum. I pulled down William’s boxers, and his huge cock and balls flopped in front of my face. His dick was thick and uncut, and while still soft was nearly six inches in length. His balls were huge and low hanging; his sack covered with short kinky hair. “Wow,” I said.

William sort of chuckled at my reaction. “Well, you haven’t seen anything yet,” he said.

Tom’s mouth slipped off my cock and continued down to my balls. I had just shaved my nuts that morning, and my scrotum was especially sensitive to his darting tongue. I shivered with pleasure. His tongue continued lower and lapped at the area between my sack and hole. He lifted my legs and began licking my hole, moistening and loosening me until he was actually fucking me with his tongue. I arched my back and moaned with pleasure.

I started to suck William’s cock and it immediately began to harden in my mouth. The more I sucked, the bigger it got. Within a few minutes, I was barely able to get half of it in my mouth. Generally I’m pretty good at deep throating, but in this case the girth of his cock posed quite the challenge.

“My God,” I said, pulling my mouth off his dick and staring at it,. “How big are you?”

Tom stopped tonguing my hole for a second and looked up. “Fully hard, he’s 11.5” and 8” around,” he said.

“See,” William said. “I told you, you hadn’t seen anything yet! And, you’re going to be pretty impressed with Tom too!”

I went back to sucking William’s cock, but as motivated as I was I couldn’t take the whole thing in my mouth at once. But, I continued to try.

I felt Tom’s tongue leave my ass, and he pulled off me. He took off his shirt and pants (up until this point he was still fully dressed). He wasn’t wearing any underwear. He stood up along William with his cock pointing toward my lips. Unlike William, I didn’t have to suck him to get him hard; he was already fully erect. He too was very well endowed—at least 9” long, and probably 6” around. He was circumcised, and while William’s bush was wooly and unshaven, Tom’s bush was neatly trimmed and his balls shaved. I pulled my mouth off Williams’ cock, and went onto Tom’s. While still large, Tom’s cock was more manageable and I was able to go down almost all the way on him. I pulled off Tom after a few minutes and rubbed their two huge black cocks together. I began licking both their cock heads simultaneously.

“Oh, yeah,” William moaned. “This is exactly what I wanted for my birthday.”

After several minutes of sucking them both, Tom stepped away and left me alone with William’s cock. From across the room I heard the familiar sound of the plastic lid opening on a bottle of lube. Tom returned and lifted my legs again, exposing my hole. He squeezed some lube onto his fingers and began to massage my hole. I felt one of his fingers slip into me. Then another. Then another. With three fingers in me up to his knuckles I began bucking up against him, wanting to feel more inside me.

He abruptly pulled his fingers out, leaving my ass feeling suddenly empty. He lifted my legs higher, and positioned his cock head at the opening of my hole. He started to push inside me. Slowly he slid into me until all nine inches were buried deep inside me. I moaned—half with pleasure and half with pain—but didn’t ask him to stop. I wanted to feel his big cock inside of me.

He started to fuck me harder and faster. I could feel his shaved balls slapping against my ass. I was getting plowed pretty hard and was having a hard time keeping my attention on sucking William’s cock.

“Yeah, that’s right,” Tom said breathlessly. “Take this big black cock. Do you like having my big cock inside you.”

I could barely talk, but moaned loudly. I loved having his cock inside of me, and felt that familiar sensation radiating from my prostate. “I’m going to cum!” I yelled.

“Okay,” Tom said. “But I’m not leaving this ass.”

The feeling was so intense. Tom had been fucking me for about 15 minutes and I was nearly delirious with pleasure. I knew I couldn’t prevent it any longer and I started to cum. Never touching my cock, I shot my load all over my stomach and chest. I shot so far that a fair amount ended up on my face and hair.

Tom continued to fuck me—never slowing his pace or missing a beat. William reached down and began to play with the cum on my chest. Usually after cumming I’m spent for a while, but not this time. I didn’t want him to stop.

After about five more minutes of fucking me, Tom started to slow his pace. “If I keep going I’m going to cum,” he said. “And I’m not ready to shoot my load yet. Hey, birthday boy—do you want some of this boy pussy?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” William said. He laid down in the middle of the floor—his huge cock hard as a rock. “I want you to ride this big cock.”

Tom pulled out of me, and I got up off the couch. I walked over to where William was laying and straddled him. I slowly lowered myself onto William’s giant cock. Even after being fucked by Tom for over twenty minutes, getting used to William’s size took some doing. Its thickness was incredible—I felt all eight inches of girth! I continued to slide down his cock until my ass was pressed up against his wiry bush. I began to ride his cock. I went slowly at first then started to build up speed; his hips bucked hard against me. He wanted in me as much as I wanted him to be in me. After only five minutes or so I knew I was going to shoot another load. I had never had a cock this big inside of me before, and the intensity was amazing. I shot again, and each spray of semen landed on William’s hairy chest.

I started to pull off William’s cock. He grabbed me around the waist. “No,” he said. “Let me stay inside for a little longer.”

I seriously wondered how much longer I could go on. I had been fucked by both the biggest and second biggest cocks I had ever seen—all in the span of 30 minutes. But, I remained straddling William, with his 11.5” inside me.

“Kiss me,” he moaned, and pulled my face toward him, my ass rising into the air with his cock still inside me.

Tom’s hands were stroking William’s cock where it penetrated my ass. His fingers began to encircle my hole, widening it more than it already was. Suddenly he stopped, and I heard the lube bottle cap open again. I tried to turn and look his direction, but William pulled my face back to his and continued to deep kiss me.

I felt Tom’s cock head **** its way into my ass. He was trying to fuck me with William’s cock still inside me! His dick started to slide inside me along side his lover’s.

“Stop,” I said. “I don’t think I can do this.”

“Do you really want me to stop?” Tom asked.

“No,” I moaned. “I want both your big black cocks in me.”

He continued to enter me, and I soon felt his trimmed bush pressing against my ass. It took a few seconds to get the rhythm down, but soon I was riding William’s cock, as Tom fucked me doggy style from behind. I couldn’t believe this was happening—I never thought my ass could be stretched this far, or filled this full. This was the most incredible sexual feeling I had ever experienced.

We continued for nearly ten minutes, and I felt my third orgasm building. Both Tom and William had picked up speed and were both taking my ass as hard as they could. I shot again, screaming with pleasure as I did. Within seconds, Tom climaxed as well. I felt his hot cum filling my hole. Almost immediately, William moaned loudly and shot his load as well. Both men had cum buckets.

Twenty minutes later, I was dressed and ready to head out the door. “I hope that didn’t get too intense for you,” Tom said. “Once we were into it, we just couldn’t stop.”

“It was great!” I said. “I can’t believe I actually got double-fucked by two huge cocked black guys, but it was incredible. I’d love to do it again sometime.”

“Excellent,” Tom said, smiling. “William and I have a friend who I know would love to join in. Up for a triple next time?”

I smiled as I wrote down my phone number.

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Master Peter

Posted by MONTED at 19,Sep,14 20:07

Geoffrey pressed his ear to Peter's bedroom door. He could hear the shower running in Peter's private bathroom. He stood like that for several minutes listening to be certain that Peter was in the shower. Once he felt certain that Peter would not come out Geoffrey placed is white-gloved hand on the doorknob and turned slowly. The door eased open and Geoffrey crept silently into the room closing the door quietly behind him. Geoffrey tiptoed across the darkened room, his wing tips squeaking slightly as he did.

Geoffrey was barely visible in the room with his deep chocolate complexion and is deep black butlers uniform he blended right into the darkness. The white of his shirt and his white gloves seemed to be traveling through the air on their own. A small crack of light shone under the bathroom door. Geoffrey was cursing his luck as he made his way through the room. He had hoped to take care of this matter earlier in the day while Peter was in classes at the local university. However, Peter chose today to stay home and cut all his classes.

It made Geoffrey mad to think of just how spoiled Peter was, or rather Master Peter as he was forced to call the spoiled eighteen-year-old brat. Peter didn't care about an education but his father told Peter that if he opted not to go to college he would have to get a job and there was no way Peter was going to do that so he signed up as a communications major. But he only went to classes when felt like it and today he did not feel like going. Therefore Geoffrey was unable to sneak into the youth's room and replace the money he had taken.

It was the first time that Geoffrey had ever taken money from anyone in the house in all the fourteen years that he had worked for the Sullivan family and he felt horrible that he had done it now, but he had no choice. His father had needed a prescription filled. He had neglected to tell Geoffrey that he was on his last pill and it was vital that the prescription be filled right away. Geoffrey's father's memory was not what it once was so Geoffrey at age thirty-four was forced to take on the added role of caretaker. Normally Geoffrey would have just asked Mr. Sullivan for an advance and he would have given it without any argument but Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan were on a cruise and he had no way to get in touch with them right away.

He had considered asking Master Peter for the money but decided against it. How he hated having to call the boy Master Peter but out of respect and tradition this is what was done. The domestic referred to the young men of the house as Master. However, Geoffrey knew that when he referred to the young man as Master Peter it gave the youth great delight. He knew that the boy hated him and saw him more as his possession than a person so when he referred to Peter as Master it made the spoiled youth feel as though his "boy" was being kept in line and that thought turned Geoffrey's stomach.

Ever since he was a small boy Peter seemed to take great delight in making Geoffrey's life miserable. Even as a five year old when Geoffrey would wax the floors Peter would come in just as he finished and track mud all over the floors causing Geoffrey the have to do the whole chore over again. He'd then look at Geoffrey with a sarcastic smile and say, "Soooooorrrryy, Geoffrey". Through out the years Peter took every chance he got to make the poor man's life a nightmare so Geoffrey knew if he'd asked to borrow the cash Peter would delight in the fact that the poor black butler had to come to his white Master Peter for the money. And even after he was forced to beg, Peter still wouldn't give him the money.

So, even though he knew it was wrong Geoffrey took the money from Peter's dresser while he was out and had intended to replace it today when he got his pay and Peter was in classes. Since Peter cut classes Geoffrey never got the chance but when Peter announced that he would be skipping dinner and going out with friends he knew he had to replace the cash right away. If Peter found the money missing he would surely blame Geoffrey. Peter blamed him for everything using him as a scape-goat based on his skin color. And Geoffrey couldn't be out of work so he had no choice but to sneak in while Peter showered.

The butler stood in front of the dresser and pulled the top drawer open slowly with his left hand. In his right he held a fifty-dollar bill to replace the one he had taken. All of a sudden the bathroom door opened and light came pouring into the room--in walked Peter wrapped in a small blue towel that came mid-way down his thighs. His blond hair was tousled but not wet. Apparently Geoffrey had not waited long enough and Peter had not yet gotten into the shower.

Peter glared at Geoffrey as he flipped on the light. They were quite a contrast in appearance. Peter stood 6'4" his skin was a smooth creamy white and his build was muscular with broad shoulders and a sculpted chest that tapered into a 32 inch waist. With a six pack of abs. His thighs were thick and meaty as was his ass. His arms were strong and manly even at the age of eighteen. And most of his big muscular frame was on display as he stood there on his small towel.

Geoffrey one the other hand stood only 5'8" and had a dark Chocolate brown complexion. His frame was much more slight than Peter's, not scrawny but lean and defined. He had a small 30-inch waist that ballooned out in the back to form a massive well-rounded ass. Truth be told his ass was not in proportion with the rest of his body, it was way too large. It stuck so far out in back the tails on his butler's uniform split open in the back allowing his round buttocks to peak out the middle. Although Geoffrey stood there completely dressed and **** years older than Peter, who was practically naked, he felt like a naughty **** about to be reprimanded.

"What the fuck are you doing, Geoffrey?" Peter demanded to know.

"Aaahhh...Nothing Peter...Uh I mean Master Peter. I was just...Well..."

"It looks like you were stealing from me, Geoffrey. I know that your people are dishonest but I thought that after all these years we could trust you."

Geoffrey gulped back the reply that he wanted to give, "Which was go fuck yourself you racist ass hole!" and instead proceeded to present his case. "I'm sorry Master Peter. I needed the money to fill a prescription for my father and I borrowed it. I was returning it is all. I am very sorry. I know I was wrong and it will never happen again."

"I know it won't Geoffrey because when my parents get back and I tell them what you have done my father will fire you."

"No! Master Peter please!" urged Geoffrey.

"Or maybe I should call the police and tell them that I caught the help stealing," taunted Peter.

"No, don't do that. I'm sorry. Please forgive me!" Geoffrey begged his big lower lip quivering as he did so.

Peter put his hands on his waist and walked across the room. He was inches from the butler's face as he looked down into his dark brown eyes. Geoffrey gulped as Peter's intimidation tactics took effect. Peter walked around Geoffrey and looked him up and down like he was a piece of meat. He took special notice of the way the older man's backside pushed out against the tails of his uniform. "You've got a big ass, Geoffrey. Do you know that?" snarled Peter.

Confused Geoffrey replied, "Yes, Master Peter. I know that."

"No, I mean it's enormous," taunted Peter. "Way too big for the rest of your body. It's ridiculously large. Many of you people have those fat asses don't they, Geoffrey?"

Once again the butler resisted the urge to tell off this spoiled teen and simply said, "Yes, I suppose that is so. I have always had a rather large behind. No matter what I do I can't get rid of it."

Once again Peter Sullivan was staring directly into Geoffrey's eyes when he said, " I think I know of a way that you can make up for what you have done and then we can keep this incident between us."

Glad that Peter had once again changed the subject from the size of his ass and he was going to let go of the issue of the money Geoffrey jumped at his words, "Yes, whatever you say Master Peter."

Peter rubbed his large meaty hands together as he said, "Well taking money from me was wrong and my father taught me that when you've done wrong you must be punished. Do you remember how I was punished when I was a ****?"

At that point Geoffrey's spirits feel. He saw that Peter was not going to let the issue of the money go that easily and even worse he now understood why Peter had changed the subject to the size of his ass. The next words Peter spoke confirmed this. "I think that you need your fat ass spanked Geoffrey, so that you will learn that what you have done is wrong."

"Peter, no please!"

"Excuse me. What did you call me?" sneered Peter.

"'I'm sorry. Master Peter. I was just shocked please can't we work this out another way." Though even as he spoke these words Geoffrey knew that Peter would never let him off the hook now. Peter took too much delight in humiliating the poor man and this was the ultimate humiliation.

"I could call the police," replied Peter as he sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for Geoffrey to stand before him. As Peter sat his hairy nuts and his dick popped out and was clearly visible to the other man. The butler was shocked at how small Peter’s cock was when the rest of him was so big. Geoffrey knew he had no choice. He made his way slowly to the bed and stood before Peter hanging his head in shame. Peter reached up and placed his hands on the older black mans waist and went to unbutton his uniform pants. Geoffrey gasped, "Wait! What are you doing?"

Disgusted Peter answered, "I'm lowering your pants. You can't be spanked with them on."

"Please if we have to do this can't you at least let me have some pride? Please don't do humiliate me further. Show some sympathy"

"I thought I was be not calling the police," replied Peter. "Now you can let me take down your pants and spank you or I can call the police. Your choice--decide."

Humbled and humiliated Geoffrey whispered, "Please, spank me."

"What?" Peter leaned in cranking his neck pretending that he couldn't hear the reply.

Geoffrey repeated louder, "Spank me. Take down my pants and spank me." He had no pride left at this point.

Peter laughed as he reached up and undid the butler's pants and pushed them down to his knees. Then Peter's eyes almost popped out of his head as he saw the massive bulge in Geoffrey's skimpy red silk underwear. Peter was shocked to see just how big a package the older man had. He had always heard that black men were well hung but never would have guessed that Geoffrey was so blessed. And for a brief moment he almost had a new respect for Geoffrey but that was short lived as he laughed again--this time at Geoffrey's choice of underwear. "Nice underwear--very skimpy and silky. Do they make you feel like a pretty woman?" teased Peter.

Humiliated Geoffrey replied, "No, Master Peter. I just like the way they feel."

Again the sadistic teen laughed, "Whatever you say. Now step out of those pants and get over my knee."

Giving a hard mean look Geoffrey bend at the waist and began to step out of his pants. As he did Peter caught the butler's reflection in the mirror on the other side of the room. As the Geoffrey bent over the tails of his uniform jacket split wide open exposing a full round bare black ass. Peter took note of this as Geoffrey stood back up asking, "Just what the fuck are you wearing? Turn around."

The black man blushed as he did as instructed. His ass was so large the even standing upright his ass pushed the slit down the middle of his jacket wide open and showed part of his flesh mounds. "Lift the back of you jacket and shirt", ordered Peter. Without a word Geoffrey did as instructed. He lifted the shirt and jacket high enough to show the Sullivan boy that he was wearing a red silk thong and that is why his ass was exposed. His meaty cheeks swallowed the string of his thong and seemed to be munching on his skimpy choice of under garment.

Peter fell back on the bed, his towel rising up exposing his small penis and roared with laughter, "A thong! Oh, Geoffrey that's hysterical. I would never have guessed. Now get that fat black ass over here and get over my knee."

Geoffrey lowered his shirt and jacket and made his way over to where Peter sat on the bed. He then draped himself over the eighteen year olds lap adjusting his package so that is it was between the youths legs still encased in his thong. The black man looked and felt ridiculous wearing wing tips, black nylon socks and sock garters with a red bright red thong and the remainder of his butler's uniform draped over the lap of his employer's teen-age son. But what choice did he have?

Peter looked down at Geoffrey's massive chocolate colored ass checks. He always knew that Geoffrey had a large ass but seeing it bare for the first time it looked even larger and Peter found himself wondering how the man every found pants to fit over not only his fat ass but his huge dong as well. Peter ran his hands along Geoffrey's smooth posterior and was shocked at how firm it felt but still with a little bit of bounce and jiggle. Sort of like Jell-O though Peter as he raised his had high in the air and brought it down hard on the butler's left buttock. "Slap!" The sound seemed to echo through the room. Geoffrey flinched and clenched his ass.

Peter began to alternate checks from left to right and then back again spanking the poor butler harder with each stroke. Geoffrey's ass was raised high in the air ready to take each slap. His ass looked like two round over sized loaves of pumpernickel bread. Peter was really getting into things now. How he enjoyed putting the older black man in his place and this was the perfect humiliation. Geoffrey tried his best to hide the fact that his ass was stinging. He didn't want to give Master Peter the satisfaction of knowing it hurt but as the assault on his phat ass continued it became hard to hide his obvious discomfort. Soon Geoffrey's legs were kicking and flailing about trying in a vain attempt to fight off the pain.



Geoffrey was starting to whimper which caused Peter to laugh a little. The domestics black hindquarters were starting to show a nice pink glow. It was faint but it was there and the Sullivan boy was not going to stop until both cheeks were a bright red. By this point Geoffrey had given up the hope of keeping even a small amount of pride by not submitting to the pain. His legs kicked wildly and he was no longer whimpering but actually screaming with each swat to his monstrous ass globes.



All of a sudden Peter stopped spanking and ordered Geoffrey to his feet. It took the butler a moment or two to be able to stand but finally he did facing Peter. "Okay Geoffrey now I think you need to remove your thong for the remainder of your spanking. I don't want to miss a spot," snarled Peter.

"Please, no. Do I have to Master Peter? My entire backside is bared to you in my thong. Please allow me this one last piece of modesty. Given me a chance to hold on to some dignity."

While it was true that Peter could reach every spot he needed to even if the thong remained one the simple fact was he wanted to humiliate the butler even further. Peter began slowly, "If you don't remove the thong I will be forced to call the police and report the fact that I caught you stealing. In that case you will be arrested and out of a job. Not to mention that the spanking you already received will have been in vain. So what will it be?"

The butler was amazed but not shocked at Peter's level of cruelty. Without saying a word he placed his thumbs in the waistband of his silk thing and pulled it from his body while averting his eyes away from the cruel teens face. His massive penis and low hanging shaved balls feel free between his legs and swung back and forth from the sheer weight of them. His cock snaked down his thighs to just a few inches above his knee. This time Peter let out an audible gasp that even Geoffrey heard. Peter was absolutely in awe of the black man's dick. Peter was by no means gay, but had spent his life playing sports and had been in many a locker room and had seen many a cock but Geoffrey's was by far the largest. He was amazed at how much darker the skin on the butlers dick was compared to the rest of him. The head was a big bulbous mushroom shape and his ball sack appeared to house two tennis balls. And the size of his penis was incredible. Like nothing Peter Sullivan had ever seen before. He guessed it to be about 9.5 inches and it was at least as thick as the fat end of a bottle of beer and it was still completely soft.

After hearing Master Peter gasp he knew that the teen was impressed with the size of his manhood and through all his shame he found some glory. For once he had something that Peter wished was his. But this was something that was his and his alone and Peter could not have it. The black man looked at Peter sitting on the edge of his bed in his small towel legs spread wide revealing his own organ. It was as small as Geoffrey' was large. Geoffrey had to stifle a grin.

But of course as always the butler's joy was short lived as Peter saw him looking at his dick. Suddenly the eighteen year old was self-conscious and tried to pull the towel down to cover himself. "What are you looking at? Are you a faggot Geoffrey?!"

"No, sir, Master Peter, sir. I wasn't looking at anything."

"Yeah right I saw you looking at my cock. I bet you are gay. It makes sense now--your skimpy girlie under wear. Your perfectly shaved balls and groomed pubes and now your staring at my cock!" Peter knew this was untrue even as he said it but he also knew that it would offend Geoffrey to question his manhood. Feeling inadequate Peter then added, "Anyway mine gets much bigger when its hard so don't think you have something special there between your legs. Anyway, I wouldn't want a cock the size of yours. The thing’s so big it looks like a horse dick! It's unnatural."

Both men knew this was a lie. Peter's dick didn't get much bigger and he'd give anything to have a cock the size of Geoffrey's. And of course the butler knew that now Master Peter would take out his frustration about the size of his small penis on his big round ass. "Shit you are like some freak!" snapped Peter. "You have a donkey's dick and that ass. I have no idea where that came from. It's fucking abnormal how big it is. Now get the fat ass back over my lap so we can complete your punishment."

The black man just hung his head and said, "Yes, sir I know its big. I'm sorry Master Peter."

The butler adjusted himself over the teens lap once again this time he had more trouble trying to adjust his cock now that it was not encased in the thong. As he lay there his cock ran down Peter's leg. Now Peter was really gonna teach the older man a lesson.



Peter was going faster than before. Geoffrey's ass was still burning from his last spanking so it didn't take long for him to feel the pain this time. He began screaming louder than before begging for some mercy. His legs were kicking and his huge cock and balls swung back and forth like a pendulum rubbing against Peter's leg as they did so. This only enraged Peter more. The snotty brat who had everything was jealous of Geoffrey's manhood and would punish him now not only for stealing but also for being better endowed than he was.



Geoffrey could hold back no longer the pain was too intense and Peter would not let up. Finally he allowed himself to just let go. He felt the tears forming in his eyes and the then began to pour down his ebony cheeks. His large black lower lip jutted out exposing the pink inside of his mouth. At thirty-four years of age he had been reduced to a small blubbering **** by and eighteen year old brat that he had helped raise.

Peter continued to spank watching how Geoffrey's ass turned from black to black with a twinge of pink to black with a bright red glow. With each smack the black man's ass jiggle ever so slightly. His ass mounds seemed to dance as the punishment continued relentlessly. Then Peter stopped and ran his hand along the well-spanked backside of the domestic.

Again he ordered Geoffrey to his feet. The butler stood facing Peter the tears still streaming down his face. Then Peter ordered his to go stand in the corner and face the wall.

Through his tears Geoffrey pleaded, "Please no!"

"You know the alternative Geoffrey now do it and don't you dare turn around until I say you may."

Dejected Geoffrey slumped over to the corner. He was still wearing the upper half of his butler's uniform and the tails rubbing against his newly spanked backside hurt like hell. He stood in the corner facing the wall feeling stupid but not wanting Peter to call the police.

"Ok," Peter said, "Now I want you to open the split in the back of you jacket so that your fat ass is completely exposed. Then keep your hands at your sides."

Geoffrey didn't even argue. He just pulled the tails of his uniform over to each side of his ass so his over stuffed cushions came popping out the split in the middle. His checks were so big that they held the jacket in place and showed all his ass. He left his hands fall at his sides and just stood there. Behind him he could hear Peter moving around the room doing something but he wasn't sure what. As much as he wanted to turn he didn't dare or Peter would get pissed off and who knows what he'd do next so the black man just stood there hoping this would all end soon. All of a sudden Geoffrey heard a click and saw a quick flash of light, then another. What was going on he wondered.

Then Peter ordered Geoffrey to keep his body facing the wall so his ass was to Peter but to look back over his shoulders that Peter could see his face. Confused Geoffrey did as instructed. Tears were still streaming down his face and his large lower lip quivering as he did. As soon as his head was turned in Peter's direction there was another click and a flash of light but in the instant before the flash momentarily blinded him he saw the camera that Master Peter was holding. The butler got a sinking feeling in his stomach as he realized that the snooty eighteen year old was taking picture of his well-spanked backside.

"Okay Geoffrey you may dress and go back to work now."

The butler turned and faced Peter, wiping the tears from his eyes. "Thank-you Master Peter. May I ask what you intend to do with those pictures you took?"

Peter looked at him thoughtfully and replied, "That depends on you."

"On me?"

"Yes, not only do I have pictures of you from behind but also I have one with your face in it. I guess what I'm getting at is this. I own you now Geoffrey. You will do exactly as I say when I say the way I say. If you comply the pictures will never be seen by another living soul. If you disobey or step out of line I will post them on the Internet for the world to see your big fat spanked ass. Understood?"

Geoffrey realized a new hatred for this spoiled punk. He knew that Master Peter had him right where he wanted him. He had no choice but to say, "Yes, Master Peter I understand." It was at that point Geoffrey realized that the words "Master Peter" took on a whole new meaning. For years Geoffrey knew that Peter loved having him refer to him as Master. But now it was no longer just a term of respect now Peter truly was Geoffrey's Master and Geoffrey would have to bow to his every whim. Geoffrey shuddered at this thought as he dressed and hurried out of the eighteen year olds room wondering what Peter would have in store for him next. He was certain of one thing this was not the end but only the beginning.

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Navy Sailor

Posted by MONTED at 19,Sep,14 20:06

I was working as a medic on the male surgical ward. Back in those days the corpsmen performed the surgical preps...lucky me. One day I was ordered to prep a guy for an appendectomy. I was happy to do that little task, as this prep involved shaving the guy from his belly button down to mid-thigh, including his cock and balls.

Then I was told that I had to show 3studentshow to prep. Well, there went the privacy. I got my students and took them into the ward to show them how to prep. I almost swooned when I saw the patient. He was about 20, well built, and black. I had prepped a lot of white guys, but this would be my first black man. I had heard that black men were really hung, and I wished I could be alone with him.

Usually when I prepped a guy, I so thoroughly lathered him up that he couldn't help but get hard. With students along, I knew that I had to be quick and professional. I pulled the curtain around the patient, and explained that I would need to expose his "private" area and shave him from belly button to mid thigh. I explained that being hairless down there would feel strange, but that the hair would eventually grow back.

With shaking hands I pulled the sheet down to his feet. His hospital gown was covering him, and I took hold of the bottom hem, slowly pulling the gown up to expose the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was black, like licorice, soft, and resting on top of his left thigh. I almost **** right there. It was difficult to keep the shakiness out of my voice as I explained the procedure to my students. I lathered up a washcloth and rubbed it over his manhood.

I immediately felt his cock twitch, and saw it begin to fill with ****. It took less than 10 seconds before his 11-inch cock stood hard and pointing skyward. I continued to lather and shave, gently lifting each ball, pulling the skin tight, and running the razor just right so as not to nick his skin. I fondled each huge nut as I lathered, shaved, and rinsed. Then I had to make sure there was no hair on his cock. I took it in my hand and, getting my face real close, examined every detail of it.

Occassionally while doing a prep, the man gets so excited that he cums. I explained this to my students, telling them that if this happens, to just place your handover the head of his cock, to prevent the cum from flying, and wait until he is finished. I looked from my students up to my patient's face and saw the biggest smile. Unfortunately, the students were along so I quickly finished the prep and sent this black Adonis to surgery.

Two days later I was assigned to work the 11 pm to 7 am shift. Usually the patients are asleep by the time the shift starts, so you don't see them unless they ring the nurse call bell. At about 3 am the call light went off and I went to the patient's bed to see what I he needed. As I got to this patient’s bed I recognized him as the black seaman who had his appendix removed. I quietly asked what he needed.

"I need to piss," he said. I asked if he wanted me to help him into the latrine, or if he needed a urinal. "Urinal," he said. I picked up the urinal from his stand, and, being a good nurse, pulled down the sheet for him. I held the urinal out to him, but he didn't take it.

At first I just stood there. I looked up to his face, and there was that beautiful smile again. "I need some help with it." He said. Again, being the dutiful nurse, I pulled up his gown, placed the urinal between his legs, and gently picked up his soft cock and placed it into the urinal. I naturally held this big black cock so that it wouldn't fall out while he pissed. I could feel the piss running thru the piss tube of his big soft cock, and hear it flowing into the urinal.

When he had finished, I shook the last remaining drops of piss off his tool. As I was doing this, I felt his cock begin to harden. I shook it a little more, and then milked it a little. Again, in less than 10 seconds I had an11 inch long, 3 inch around black cock in my hand. I leaned up to his ear and quietly asked, "Do you want a blowjob?"

"Yes," he answered. Just to make sure I hadn't just heard what I wanted to hear, I asked him again. "Yes," he answered again. I placed the urine-filled container on the stand, bent my head down to his crotch, and without a moment’s hesitation, and sucked that big beautiful blackcock into my mouth.

It felt different that any other cock I have had between my lips. The skin felt more, oh, I don't know, more velvety. Being such a large cock, I could only get my mouth about half way down before I felt his cock head pressing against the back of my throat. I don't think my black man minded, though, as I heard him let out a deep moan. I slowly moved my mouth up and down, rubbing my hot lips hard against this giant black cock. Slowly I moved up and down, each time I heard him let out a moan. It wasn't long before his breathing speeded up and I felt his cock-head grow larger in my mouth.

I didn't care how big it got. Even if it got so big I choked to death--what a way to die. I didn't have long before I felt the first hot spurt of cum hit the back of my throat. He shot so hard I had to pull my head back a little and aim his cock more toward the back of my throat so that his hot cum could just shoot right into my stomach.

I counted each load as it shot out of his cock into me, 5-6-7. Then I felt his cock begin to soften. I sucked until I had the last drop of this black stud's cum. As his cock softened, I was able to take his entire manhood into my mouth until my nose pressed into his shaved balls.

About two hours later, I went back and sucked him off again. Not as big a load, but just as nice!

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Black Car

Posted by MONTED at 19,Sep,14 20:01

I had just gotten off of work at 11:00 pm and was horny beyond belief! I decided to go to an adult bookstore near work but realized I was short on cash. So instead of going inside to find some cock to suck and get fucked by, I went around back to the parking lot and sat in my car hoping to catch some horny guys before they went in.

As I sat there a big black car pulled alongside me and parked. Inside I could see a young black man in his late 20’s with very short braided hair and thin, thin mustache. I was wearing very tight black lycra shorts and a tank top since it was a warm night, and was rubbing my crotch and playing with my nipples as we exchanged glances.

He was wearing a large “Bulls” jersey. He looked at me and asked me what time it was. I gave him the time and he asked if I was looking for some fun. I said yes--almost too quickly--as he smiled and asked if I wanted a beer. I went over to his car and got in and he handed me the drink. I almost spat it out when I looked down to see that the tank top was the only thing he had on besides a gold cock ring that caught the streetlight.

A 4" cut dick lay soft across his light chocolate skin. "Damn, it's hot in here! Take off your clothes!" he said as he stripped completely. I couldn't get undressed fast enough. "I love white pussy," he said as we put our seats back almost turning the interior of the car into a bed. As he lay back he pulled me over on him and we started kissing as he began to finger my ass.

I slid down to his small cock and peeled back the skin and began sucking on it. It’s true what they say about watering something makes it grow because that 4" dick grew into a long Slim Jim and what had to be 11" inches long. As I got it nice and wet he pushed me over on my back and mounted me, lifting my feet onto his shoulders.

As he slid his way into me I could see our reflections on the front windshield. My hands on his beautiful bubble-shaped firm ass as it pumped his rod in and out of me. With my feet flailing around and his tongue halfway down my throat I moaned encouragements. He was a very passionate lover making love to me.

I never felt this way with a man before. His long cock was reaching places that were previously untouched as he fucked me hard in that car. The poor thing was putting its shock absorbers to the test as we fucked.

"I wanna fill your pussy with my cream, baby!"

"Oh, yes!" I gasped! "Cum in my cunt!" I was like a total cock-whore.

He gave one last thrust and began filling my hole with his load. We lay there for a while making out when he got up and said, "I need you to help my homeboys!"

It was then that I realized that there were two men leaning against the car. My man got out and a taller man with more of an afro got it and told me to climb on his 8" cock. As he said that he shoved a bottle of poppers under my nose.

I mounted him and rode him like a champion. Before long he shot a load of juice into me. The third guy was like a bouncer--tall, bald and extremely muscular. He was so big that he had to drop his pants outside the car and climb in. He told me to lie on my stomach. I was in heaven as this big man crushed me with his fuck. His tongue in my ear, breathing heavy and gasping, "Take it bitch! Take my fuck!"

As he reached under me he sharply pinched my nipples and gave a large shove into me as he dumped what could've been gallons of cum into me. As the other two left, my man got back in the car with me and started eating the cum out of me. Then he turned me over and we lay there kissing and caressing before he got on me again for another fuck.

It was dawn as I staggered back to my car. I could feel cum soaking into my shorts as it oozed out of my ass. I still get together with my passionate lover and the bald man. But nobody knows whatever happened to the guy with the afro.

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Posted by MONTED at 19,Sep,14 19:58

I am a six foot athletic 35 year old bisexual white male living near New York City. One spring night, I was on my way home from a long stressful day at the office. It was nearly nine o'clock at night and I needed some stress relief. For me, this usually means renting a porno video and a long night jerking off to my favorite scenes in the video.

I stopped by the local adult book store to select my movie. This particular store had just reopened with new renovations. One of the features was a new room with several private video booths. I had never been in one before, so I thought I would give it a try.

I curiously bought some tokens for the booth. My heart began to thump with excitement as I entered the darkened room. With each step, the bulge in my pants began to get harder and harder.

I went into the booth and inserted my token. As the video screen lit up I watched longingly as this long legged blond girl sucked on the cock of this well endowed black male. This erotic scene was getting me hotter and hotter.

The time was running out on the video, so I reached into my pocket to put another token in the slot. In my nervous excitement, I dropped the token. As I bent over to pick it up, I noticed the booth had a hinged door three feet off the ground and about twelve inches tall. Curiously, I opened the door. To my amazement it revealed a Plexiglas window that allowed a full view of the booth next to me.

As I peered through the window my jaw dropped. I saw this beautiful ten-inch black cock being stroked off by a six foot six inch black man. He was an Adonis. He was very tall, lean, and muscular.

I watched in awe as he slowly masturbated his penis. I felt hypnotized as he rhythmically pumped his rod. It kept growing harder and longer. While watching this hot erotic love action, I unzipped my pants to reveal my 7-inch love pump. I always thought I was "big enough" but the sight of his ten inch pole made me appear to be the size of a pencil.

Just as the precum started oozing from my hard cock, the time ran out in the booth and it became dark. As I frantically tried to get another token, this face appeared in the Plexiglas window. The black man smiled and motioned for me to come over to his booth.

This was all I could stand. I quickly zipped my pants and darted over to his booth. I nervously entered his booth. When I got in I saw that he had stripped completely naked. I reached out to touch his enormous cock. I slowly began to jerk him off. I could see he was very pleased with my technique.

I slowly bent down to suck him off. My lips slurped up and down this enormous shaft. I started to take him in ever so slowly. I began to gag a little half way down. Finally, I relaxed my throat enough to take in 3/4 of his cock. He began to face-fuck me. I braced myself for the explosion of cum that was about to erupt. After tasting every last drop of his sweet love juices, he motioned to my cock.

He unzipped my pants and began to pump my white cock with the same slow rhythm he pumped his own rod. When the precum started to ooze out of my hard cock, he used his enormous fingers to lubricate the rest of my shaft.

He then bent over to put another token into the booth. His but was sooooo smooth and tight. I reached out to caress this perfect piece of ass. As he inserted the token into the slot, he arched his back so that his ass has directly in line with my erect cock. He looked back, nodded and smiled at me. I took this as definite confirmation that he wanted my white meat in his round black ass.

I grabbed his hips and began to pump him full of my manhood. I feverishly reamed his asshole like a human jack hammer. Finally as I was about to explode, I pulled my throbbing love rocket out and shot my load all over his back. After I wiped my cum off his back I got dressed and tapped his ass one final time.

I have been back to this adult book store several times but I have not seen my black Adonis again. I hope we can cum together again some day.

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College Room Mate....

Posted by MONTED at 19,Sep,14 19:42

It was the beginning of my sophomore year in college; my new room mate was due to arrive that afternoon. I wondered what he might be like.

About 5, in walked my new roomie and his Dad. My jaw dropped. He was black as the ace of spades; I had grown up in a town where we had no blacks. They both introduced themselves and then his Dad departed by telling him to have a good year and he would see him in November.

We struck up a conversation as he was unpacking; he told me he was 18 and had no hobbies but one. I asked him if he was into baseball or football. No he replied, he was into white bois. I wasn't certain what he meant by that; as you can tell I grew up in a small town.

About 9 he picked up a towel and headed for the shower down the hall. I was uncertain how to react; I'd never been this close to a black man before.

He returned about 10 minutes later; carrying his clothes and naked -- not even a towel around his belly. He was magnificent. About 5'9"; maybe 170 with the largest cock I had ever seen. Mine was insignificant compared to his.

He threw his clothes across the chair and flopped down on his bed. You might as well get used to me he said; fear ran into my throat. He lay back and began stroking his magnificent cock hard. His balls were massive; I swear I thought they were each the size of tennis balls. He was smiling as he ran his hand up and down the shaft and his eyes closed as he imagined what I did not know.

After a few minutes, his pace began to quicken and his cock was standing straight up. Suddenly globs of cum began spewing forth and began to splatter all over his chest and belly.

He looked at me; smiled; and said he hoped I liked what I saw for there would be much more to follow. He took his towel; wiped up those thick globs of sperm; threw the towel onto his chair and rolled over for ****.

I was mesmerized. My roommate, Ivor, had stroked off a magnificent load of cum; and I could not help but stare as he had stroked his cock to completion.

He saw me staring and smiled; “Come here,” he called to me from across the room. I nodded weakly; got up from my bed and walked to him. "Liked that didn't you," he asked. It was very intoxicating I stammered as I stared down at his belly covered with his spunk. “Taste it,” he commanded. I bent over and darted my tongue onto his belly and slurped up a taste of his seed. I started to stand and he said, all of it.

I did as he commanded; and began to tongue off his cum load from his belly. It was salty and thicker than anything I had ever tasted. I was so intent on doing as told, I failed to see his cock was beginning to stir again.

As I was finishing my task, he sat up and stood in front of me. “Open wide,” he commanded. Afraid to refuse, I opened my mouth and sank to the floor as his hands pushed me to my knees. His cock was standing tall as he placed the head at my mouth.

I strained to open my lips far enough; his cock was so huge I could barely get my mouth that wide. Finally, I succeeded and he began feeding his cock into my mouth. I gagged at first but became accustomed to his pace and the feel of his cock head as it hit that back of my throat.

I could hardly believe what was happening. I was sucking a black cock and enjoying the sensation. He began pumping my mouth and it was all I could do not to gag; but I was breathing through my nose and swallowing the saliva buildup.

I felt him place both hands on my head and he began to hump my face with increasing speed and intensity. “Get ready, Boy, here comes another load.” With that his seed began spurting forth and hitting the back of my throat. I forced myself not to gag and swallowed spurt after spurt of his jism.

Finally, he began humping and withdrew his cock from my mouth. “Good boy,” he patted me on the head. “This will be a pleasant year. My friends and I will have many uses for you; I promise. Now get to ****; tomorrow will be a busy one.”

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Messing around.....

Posted by MONTED at 19,Sep,14 19:37

I was at a park recently, just to relax and had no real intention of messing around. I walked down by the lake and enjoyed the cool breeze and the sun. I turned to go back to my car and a black guy was looking down towards the lake in my direction. I looked at him a second and he turned and walked out of my sight. I walked up the hill towards the rest room to relieve my bladder and went in, two stalls and a urinal and no one there. I went to the urinal and began to piss and the door opened and he came in. As he walked by to the stalls I let my pants fall below my ass and moved my underwear down too. I had suddenly had the desire to have this man in me. He stopped as he was walking and I let my pants fall further and he said, "Having trouble keeping them up?" and I looked over my shoulder to see him looking at my ass. "Well, there are times I like them to fall down." I said and he said, "Is now one of them?" "Yeah, I guess it is." "Too bad you aren't naked." he said and walked to the stall. I heard him pulling his pants down. I thought, "What the hell." and pulled off my shirt and pants and socks and hung them over the stall wall. I was now naked and so turned back to the urinal and made a show of pissing again.

He came out of the stall and walked close to me. "Nice, very nice." he said carressing my ass. I spread my legs and relaxed my cheeks and he slipped his fingers between them. He moved against me and he too was naked and I felt his warm skin against mine. His hands came around and began pulling my nipples and his lips were against my neck. "Bend over." he whispered and I did. I felt wet fingers slip into my ass and then he told me to suck him some to lube his cock. I did just that and His swelling cock filled my mouth and then went down my throat. He pushed his cock down my throat and I took it all the way in and began moving up and down his cock. "Oh baby, that feels good, maybe I will let you suck me first." and I did just that. On my knees I sucked him slowly both of us forgetting where we were. "Oh yeah, suck that cock baby." he said and as he swelled I felt his cock pumping my throat full of his cum.

He told me, "Okay, turn around and let me fuck that ass." and I got on all fours and he was behind me. I felt his cock head against my ass and push in some then he held my hips and pushed and his cock slipped in. "Oh yeah, that ass is better than any other I have had." he said and began moving in and out of my ass. He was moving in and out and I asked him to let me get on my back and he could spread my legs and fuck me like that and he did, keeping his hard cock in my ass. Now I watched his face as he fucked me and after a while he began fucking harder and deeper. "Does it feel good?" I asked him. "Oh yeah, yeah it does." he said and I begged him, "Call me a slut and whore while you fuck me please." and he did over and over. "Ready for my cum slut?" he said and I begged him to fuck me and he did and drove deep and stayed there, his cock swelling and pumping his load into my ass. After he finished he pulled it out and told me, "Clean it off slut." and I sucked it and cleaned his half hard cock off. And then what I hoped for happened, It got hard again. "Well, slut, looks like you gotta suck it again." he said and I did. He was pounding deep down my throat and finally filled it again. He got dressed and said good by giving me his phone number, "Anytime you wanna get laid call me." he said and left and I dressed, trying to hold all that cum in my ass.

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Kinky Biker Stud

Posted by MONTED at 19,Sep,14 19:34

First, let me say that I am a shorter, blond-haired, blue-eyed white guy in my mid-thirties, but still young-looking, and a total submissive bottom. I have always liked the Ultra-Masculine: muscles, facial and chest hair, leather, cowboy gear, boots, gloves, cops, firemen, and military, but especially bikers; that look of a big strong man in his leathers with a powerful chopper between his legs is like an aphrodisiac, and a biker man revving his engine, so loud it hurts, is like a mating call to me. I have always liked white guys, but I joined the Navy a few years back, and during a stint in Iraq, I started fantasizing about Black men, which was a new experience for me.

So when I was stationed in San Diego, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email on a site I go to from a Black Biker Man in Las Vegas. All Top, He was clearly also all Man, and let me know early on He would like me to call Him "Sir." Now I had no problem with that--I have always liked a bit of submission play, knowing my place was on my knees in front of my Man, seeing to His needs and desires. This Man was well worth serving, I thought. Well over six feet tall, handsome in His pictures with prominent cheekbones and a cleft chin over which He wore a fuzzy black beard which came up to the line of His sunglass earpieces at the sides--His head was shaved completely bald--He had a straight, broad nose and a brow which drew down menacingly over His eyes. His complexion dark as dark chocolate, He posed in His pictures sitting astride His Harley and going to various leather events, wearing a few variations of black leather outfits: a leather shirt with diagonal strap, a biker jacket over a vest, a vest alone which revealed full sleeve tattoos on both arms, a biker jacket opened to reveal a heavily muscled chest with curls of black chest hair and pendulous silver nipple rings, jeans with chaps, leather pants, engineer's boots, biker boots, and cowboy boots. Needless to say, I thought each picture sexier than the one before. I jerked my meat raw, and I was intoxicated with the idea of being with this Man, of feeling Him inside me.

Sir was a more hardcore Leather Man than I was, having a variety of interests that I was wary of. He warned me that He was rough. He wanted to tie me up, keep me tied up on His bed all night for His use, use electricity on my penis, piss on me, piss in me, and use my mouth as His urinal for pissing whenever He wished. At first I was repulsed, but could not stop thinking about what it would be like to be with Him. He warned me that He was huge. He sent me a picture that was from His waist down, and put in perspective with His height, the monster cock in the picture with the 00-gauge Prince Albert had to be over ten inches long and thick as a beer can. I was afraid, and my fear only served to heighten my desire. He was my Everest, and I had to have Him, even if He would cause me pain, even if He would choke me with His cock, even if He would fuck me to death. At least I would die happy!

I spoke to Sir on the phone to allay my fears, but that only served to confirm my concept of Him as the Ideal Man. His voice impossibly deep, He was bold and confident, and spoke of His desire to conquer and subjugate me sexually with a casual certainty, as certain He would have me as He was the sun would rise in the East. Soon I found myself driving to Vegas for a long weekend with a bag in the backseat containing my black leather short-sleeved shirt, black rubber pants, a few jockstraps, blue jeans and chaps I had had tailored to my slight frame, a box of the biggest Magnum condoms money could buy, and plenty of lube, as fear, desire, and trepidation warred within me all the way, a hard knot in my stomach to match the hardness of my dick. As I drove down the Strip in Vegas, I slowed not only for pedestrians, but to slow my heart and breathing. This was what I wanted. This was going to be the most amazing night of my life.

When I pulled into the driveway, Sir opened His screen door and stepped out wearing a white wifebeater, black leather pants with a large silver belt buckle on a wide black leather belt, and mostly red cowboy boots with black soles and uppers and silver toe-tips. Sir was better looking than His pictures, unbelievably tall with His long powerful legs, broad muscled shoulders, brawny tattooed arms, rounded package straining at the zipper of His leather pants, and a flat stomach beneath slab pecs like those of a Bodybuilder, but with thick sworls of wiry black hair peeking out the top of His thin white tank, which was straining to hold on to His massive torso. I looked up, and up, and up at Him, and had to squint at the sun reflecting off the ebony of His clean-shaven pate. The top of my head only came up to Sir's nipples. He broke into a broad grin to indicate He liked what He saw. "Get over here," He growled. I moved as if in a daze. My intoxication of desire had returned, with a vengeance! When I got within a few feet of Him, His arm darted out, faster than I could follow it, and went around my waist to pull me in for a kiss. He crushed my face up against His beard as He stooped to meet my lips, and His strong lips quickly pushed mine open to allow His thick tongue entry into my mouth, an intimate initial probe, tasting slightly musky and exotic, and slightly of lite beer, while He crushed me to His body. I had never been this close to a Black Man before, never kissed One, but now I was doing so on His porch in full sight of His entire neighborhood! In the Navy, we don't do displays of public affection, so I did not know whether to be enraged, embarrassed, or simply to give in. My body decided for me. I melted into His arms, and my hands came up to feel the terrain of His amazing physique, His lats, His chest with the 00 -gauge rings stretching the cotton of His A-shirt, the muscles of His lower back. His rough, calloused hands met mine, held on to them, and slowly, gently, brought them behind my back. But there was something else in His hands, something cool and metallic--something that snapped in place around both my wrists quite suddenly. I pulled back from the perfect kiss, the dream just as suddenly shattered.

I looked up at Sir again, and found that this time His smile had turned cunning and threatening. My breath caught in my throat. He stepped aside, grabbed the chain of the handcuffs, and walked me through the door in front of Him into the dark, slamming that door behind us. Panic welled up in my chest. Now I was trapped, and hadn't even made a sound. Had His neighbors seen how He had captured me? Was He a serial killer? Was He sane? I squashed those feelings as they arose in me. This was, after all, what I wanted. This was going to be the most amazing night of my life, wasn't it? The most amazing, or the last . . . maybe both.

I looked around. Sir's home had white stucco walls with arched entryways between rooms, tan carpets, and rich-looking, colorful furnishings. Only the way the blinds were drawn over the windows and the front door was closed behind me had made it seem dark. Sir waited for my eyes to adjust. "Do you want a beer or another type of drink?" He asked conversationally, as if He had not slapped handcuffs on me just a minute ago.

I shook my head No.

"Poppers?" He said this just as conversationally, but I caught the edge in His voice, the gleam in His eye, that said I might very soon want or need them.

I swallowed hard, thinking I might indeed need them, but I did not know enough about the Navy's ****-testing program, to know if poppers were included on the contraband list, so again I shook my head.

"All right," Sir said, coming to stand right in front of me, His chest in my face, so close I could feel the heat of Him. He rubbed the back of my neck, my shoulders, and my upper arms. Once again He bent down to kiss me, cupping my chin in His hand, a hand big as my whole head. His kiss was just as intense and intoxicating as before, and made my knees weak. The clean but exotic scent of His beard as it rubbed my cheeks, as His moustache rubbed my nose, seemed to overwhelm me. I felt like I was drowning in Him. I wanted to drown in Him. I felt something stir against my stomach as He broke the kiss and stood up to His full height. Looking down, I realized His black leather pants were tented out, stretched outrageously. I didn't know if a Hard-On could rip leather, but it seemed like this might be the moment I would find out. The crotch of His pants, plenty full before, was straining. It seemed as though the zipper would burst asunder, or the button shoot off through the ceiling into space as the silver rodeo belt buckle lodged itself in the wall. I looked up to see Sir eyeing me eyeing Him. He wore a knowing smile.

"You want that." It wasn't a question.

"Yes, Sir," I said sheepishly.

"Don't worry, boy, you'll get it, all right." The menace of Sir's growled voice made me even weaker in the knees, and with only a light push on the tops of my shoulders from Sir, I was on my knees in front of Him, at eye level with the bulge of His balls, looking up at His monstrous fuck-tool straining to get out, to get at me. I licked my lips nervously. Down here as well, He smelled mildly musky, exotically different from all the Men I'd known before. His dark hands came down and pulled the silver buckle out of the way. He sighed as the strain against His cock lessened. The button popped open with the slightest of tugs, and the zipper began to descend on its own because of the pressure behind it. It only went down half-way though. I was mesmerized by its motion. He and I both watched it stop. "Help it the rest of the way boy!" He instructed in His deep voice, an octave below that of any man I knew. I swallowed hard again, knowing this was it, sensing what He wanted me to do. If I wanted it, it was mine, but I'd have to work for it.

I leaned forward, setting my teeth around the zipper, and pulled down. This was harder than I thought, and involved resting the left side of my face against Sir's humongous engorged cock, which I could feel pulsing with His heartbeat through the material of His jockstrap. But I wanted it, more than anything I'd ever wanted in my life, and I pulled with my teeth until the zipper was at its lowest point across Sir's ballsack, and the tenting jockstrap with its encased sausage loomed large in my vision, in my worldview. As Sir's masterful Man-meat continued to grow, the jockstrap receded and the cockhead sprang out toward Sir's belly button. I got my first look upward at the Object of my desire. Sir's powerful cock was uncut; the foreskin, so dark it was nearly black, was rolling down away from the head as His hard-on stretched to its maximum. More and more of a huge silver Prince Albert, a thick ring with a ball on it, became visible as the foreskin receded, until Sir's cockhead was fully exposed, a plump round dark brown knob bigger than a golf ball surmounted by that impossibly large-looking silver ring. At this point the foreskin was merely a few purplish folds around the base of Sir's cockhead. I'd never seen a cock this big in real life, and maybe not even seen one this big in porn. I hadn't known for certain that cocks this big existed. My mouth watered.

"Don't stop there, boy," Sir said. I wanted to get my mouth around that cockhead, to put my tongue through that silver ring and pull it into my mouth. But Sir was so big, with me on my knees before Him, my nose was at the level of His scrotum, and His huge member towered above the top of my head, so there was no chance without His help that I could hope to suck Him. He clearly knew this, and pressed His sack, still encased in the jockstrap, to my face. I was in Heaven. His musky scent was stronger here, akin to being in a locker room where Olympic-caliber athletes like gladiators gathered to shower after a big showdown, where their sweat lingered, but it was not at all unpleasant. Sir pulled the leather pants down a few inches, to allow His ballsack, wider than my chin, stretching the fabric of the jockstrap, full room to breathe. I breathed deeply of Him myself before opening my mouth and bathing the distended jockstrap with my lips and tongue, caressing and wetting the precious cargo. I worked up and down each side, feeling Sir's coarse pubes against my cheeks as I did so, amazed all the while at the size of Sir's balls as they stretched the ribbed material outwards toward me. Each one was larger than the large-size eggs you'd get at the grocery. I wanted to take each one in my mouth, but could not get my mouth open far enough, especially against the tightly-stretched white cotton of the jock, now wet with my saliva. I peered at that fabric. Wet, it showed more of what it contained: folds of dark skin covered in small wiry black hairs, enough skin that I suspected Sir's nuts must hang a third of the way down His thigh. I wanted to be closer to those nuts, so I pushed my tongue around the edge of the jock, lodging it against the deep mahogany flesh of Sir's sack, licking back and forth to touch as much of Sir's flesh as I could. Then I got the great idea to pull the annoying material out of the way. Just as I sank my teeth into the ribbed edge and started to pull, Sir growled, "Wait. First show your Sir the respect due a Sir from His boy by polishing My boots."

I loved cowboy boots, and Sir's two-tone red and black cowboy boots, huge to fit His feet, were fucking sexy as Hell, so I said "Yes, Sir!" as I gladly bent to my task. I lost my balance and fell on my side on the floor, but His carpet was soft enough, and my face was next to Sir's boot, longer than my head and radiating the rich scent of expensive leather, so I went to work, bathing the toe area just behind the silver tip, the top where the red leather crinkled when Sir's foot flexed as He walked, and the part of the ankle where the bony knob stuck out to cause a permanent tenting of the leather, where the red met the black running up Sir's leg. I licked along the edge of His leather pants where the pant leg met the boot. I ran my tongue along the edge of the sole, where there was a light dusting of dirt from Sir's porch and front walk, from the toe to the heel, and slipped my tongue under the shank of the two-inch heel to clean the underside of His boot where I could. I mused that it was demeaning to lick up the dirt from His boots, dirt from I knew not what sources, for a Man I barely knew, but I was after all here to worship Him, to venerate Him, to make Him feel like a God if He found me worthy, so this was a part of my service, my worship. For me, His boots were like the altar where His Godhood approached the earth, and I, a mere mortal, lapped up that earth that accrued to Him in His passing.

After I had sufficiently cleaned both His boots, Sir thanked me and stooped to grab me by my shoulders and raised me to my feet. He looked me over appraisingly, and ran His hands over my upper body again, this time lingering on my chest. He peered disapprovingly at my T-shirt, which while the handcuffs remained behind my back would be impossible to remove. He took the cotton of my T-shirt in both His fists and ripped it clean off me, dropping it like a spent carcass on the floor. He smiled a tight, knowing smile, and appraised me again. He ran His hands liberally across my chest and abs, as if inspecting a side of beef He might wish to buy, then lowered a hand to cup my package, and felt my raging hard-on pulse against His wrist. His middle finger stretched to push against my sphincter through my jeans, applying a pressure that promised of things to come, as His smile widened, and He leaned over my shoulder to gaze down the length of my back and gauge the plushness of my butt. His finger at my hole wiggled as if to see if He could enter me through my jeans, to probe deeper. I was in awe of the strength inherent in that finger, and for a second entertained the thought that it might just succeed at entering me. My asshole flexed open instinctively to clasp at the sensation of that fingertip.

"Sir likes what He sees, but wants you out of your clothes," He told me.

"Yes, Sir," I said. Surely He knew I could not undress myself with my hands cuffed behind my back!

Pulling His hand from my crotch and crack, He lifted me by my waist and easily threw me up over His shoulder, to carry me into His bedroom. I was exhilarated to be this close to Him, and to get so visceral a demonstration of His strength. From this vantage point, looking down the perfect form of His back as He walked, I was in awe of the "V" shape of Him that the white tank clung to, the outward-jutting slabs of His shoulder blades, the bunching of individual muscles, and the perfectly round tightness and plushness of His butt cheeks under His leather pants. I did not see much of His home as we passed because I was mesmerized by His movements. He laid me facedown on the soft comforter facing away from Him, and reached under my stomach with both hands to undo my belt and jeans. He leaned back, pulled off my biker boots, which He dumped unceremoniously on the floor, then pulled off my jeans and underwear in one long motion, dragging my socks with them, dropping them as well in a heap at the foot of the bed. I was now naked except for my watch, a wide leather band with silver studs and a silver and black watch face I wore on my right wrist to indicate I was the bottom, or submissive, partner, and the handcuffs He had placed on me. Again I quailed at what might become of me. It was cooler in Sir's bedroom, and I shivered at being so suddenly exposed, but my erection did not diminish in the slightest. I looked back over my shoulder to see Him climbing onto the bed to straddle me. His shirt was now gone, and I could clearly see the definition of His pecs and abs, the swirl of His chest fur framing silver-dollar black nipples bearing heavy stainless steel rings, each one with a silver ball set in it, and the thinner dusting of black hair on His abs and lats. Sir's cock jutted up out of His jockstrap band like a railroad spike, a warning to anyone who made it this far into His domain of what was to come. A stern smile with a lustful edge to it remained on His face. I felt Sir's hands run up my legs, across my rounded bubble butt, and across my lower back. One of His hands lodged between my ass cheeks, and His powerful fingers rubbed at my hole, probing the opening to my most private area that soon would be His: His pussy, His playground, His fuckhole. He let out an "Mmmmm" in anticipation as He leaned forward to get a closer look. The fingers in my ass crack quickly darted into His mouth, and returned a second later, moist with His saliva. They rubbed across my rosebud more insistently now, then His middle finger pushed inside without warning. I inhaled a sharp breath as He rubbed that thick, rough finger in and out of me. His other hand was tracing out my tan lines; I tanned in a Speedo, so I was tan above the waist and below the briefs line, but my ass was untanned, almost pasty white. I could feel His calloused hand tracing that area as His other hand was anchored to my hole by the finger inside me, and I knew He was fascinated by what He saw, judging by His concentration on tracing out those tan lines. Meanwhile that finger forced its way deeper, down to His last knuckle. I let out a little whimper.

Sir pulled His finger free and then set His mouth where it had been. The feel of His scratchy beard agains my inner thighs and the tender base of my ballsack was intense and overwhelming, as was the knowledge that this Paragon of a Man was this close, that Sir chose to put His mouth to my unworthy asshole. His hands pulling me open for His inspection, He licked up and down my crack and across the opening to moisten me up, then very quickly, the intense sensations at my bunghole multiplied, as Sir kissed my hole, then French-kissed my hole. My eyes rolled back in my head and my hips involuntarily rose toward Him as His tongue darted in and out of my hole, then pushed with greater insistence, and soon was as far up me as He could get it. "Mmmmm," He said again. I moaned in pleasure, and spread my legs as far open as I could to allow Him greater access to my insides. Before long, He was tongue-fucking me and rimming me like a Champ, and I wondered at how I had not previously known these exquisite sensations. I don't normally cum without great effort of masturbation, but my head was in the clouds from this attention to my asshole, and I thought I might very well cum without touching myself. Just the thought of this huge Stud doing this to me was turning me on beyond my comprehension.

All of a sudden He stopped and pulled back. "You like that, boy?"

"Yes Sir, absolutely; that was amazing!" I replied. In truth, I didn't want it to end.

"Sir's just getting you warmed up." With that He went away for a few long minutes, during which I wondered what might be next, as I lay face down, nude and handcuffed, slightly chilled, my ass wet with my Sir's saliva, on His bed.

When I heard Sir come back, I looked again over my shoulder and was astounded again at His appearance. He wore tight black leather chaps, and His jockstrap was removed. I was correct in thinking His balls would hang a third of the way to His knees--they did, and they were huge, grade A large eggs hanging low in a sack of very nearly black leathery Man-flesh. He also wore black leather biker boots, the kind with the squared-off toe, a pair of black leather gloves with gauntlet shafts that laced up the insides of His forearms, and a black leather harness around His upper torso with a horizontal strap across His pecs. The main difference, however, was from the neck up. He wore a Master's cap of black leather with an octagonal top like a stop sign, a shiny black visor, and a predatory-looking silver eagle over that visor. He had seven silver loops going up the outside of each ear, as well as one through each of the tabs of flesh that jutted out toward the ears from His sideburns, and an impressively large silver ring through His nose like a bull's, through His septum, a silver ball on each of these piercings, as on His nipple and penile piercings. The nose piercing in particular made Him look fierce and dangerous. His physical form was still magnificent, and His cock swayed out in front of Him like a serpent looking for a victim to strike, its Prince Albert ring swinging pendulously.

Without preamble, Sir put first one biker boot, then the other, up on the edge of the bed so that I might show Him deference by licking them clean. I did as good a job as I had with the red and black cowboy boots, working hard to get my tongue up under the straps that ran across the front and back of each boot and under the shank. He seemed pleased, and without comment, pulled me over to where I could lie on my back with my head lolling off the edge of the bed, and, grabbing a few pillows, propped up my back and legs to situate me a little higher, and to keep my weight from applying pressure to my manacled wrists, and squatted to set His nutsack upon my face. It was so large, the excess flesh covered my whole face. I could lie like that with one of His testicles resting in the hollow of each of my eyes, the rest of His scrotum splayed out across and covering my face, but not for long, since I would need air. I licked, kissed, and caressed the loose flesh of His sack to the best of my ability, trying not to miss a single spot, and rolled His balls around with my tongue. I finally succeeded in getting first one, and then the other in my mouth, opening my jaw as far as it would go. I resolved to commit the taste of Him to memory to rekindle the passion of this moment one future night when I lay alone. I rubbed each testicle as I had it so cupped in my mouth with my tongue, feeling along its spongy surface and the ridges of **** vessels and folds of scrotal flesh, but I did not know if Sir could feel such an expression of Man-worship.

With a ponderous sigh, Sir took a step back and looked down at me sternly. I feared I had done something wrong. "You did good, boy, and I'm about to reward you. Open that mouth up wide!" He exclaimed. He grasped His semi-hard shaft in His gloved hand, and started feeding it into my mouth. His stainless steel PA glanced off my front tooth, but I did not care. I was finally getting what I had come all this way for--the cock, Sir's own Manhood, the object central to my worship of Him! He seemed determined to ram that cock full-speed into my throat, and I gagged as His head pushed past my teeth and caught against the entrance to my throat. His cold penis ring lodged against my tonsils and would go no further. Sir stopped and reversed direction half an inch. He looked down at me and grimaced. "You do want to take this cock, don't you boy?"

"Mmm-hmm," I made the affirmative-sounding sound from my throat, since I didn't want Sir's cockhead dislodged from my mouth in order to be able to speak. I was now aware of the folds of flesh of His foreskin nestled against my lips and teeth, and the locker-room muskiness I had smelled before was now seasoned with a bit of the saltiness of His pre-cum, and something else, a patina of the flavor of Sir's head-cheese that lingered there even though He was clean. This was the taste of Sir's Manhood, and I didn't ever want it to be absent from my mouth again. My heart hammered in my chest for fear that I would displease Him and He would pull out.

"Have you ever actually had a jawbreaker cock like Mine and swallowed it before boy?"

"Hmm-nnnn," I made the negative-sounding sound from my throat.

"Okay boy, just relax and Sir will teach you what you need to know." He gathered His thoughts. "Lean your head way back so I have a straight shot in, relax your throat muscles, nothing to worry about here, and remember that you want this, boy. This is what you have been hungry for, isn't it?"

"Mmm-hmm!" I made the affirmative-sounding sound an exclamation. I did what He said, and remembered this was what I wanted, I had come all this way to worship this Man-meat and swallow it. Little by little, I ushered the problematic penile ring past my tonsils, relaxed my throat muscles as Sir pushed, and welcomed His cockhead and foreskin into my throat. That was when I realized the other problem. I would still need to breathe! Sir continued to slide into me a moment after I realized I was not breathing, and panic welled up in me again. He was only halfway in, and I might asphyxiate before He got all the way down my throat, assuming that was even possible. But suddenly He reversed direction and His cock head popped back out of my throat into my mouth. I drank in the fresh air through my nose eagerly.

"That was very good, boy, you did as Sir said and didn't gag this time, and allowed Me inside," Sir praised me warmly. "But you thought I'd forgotten you needed to breathe, boy?" He asked sardonically.

I just lay there a moment, my mouth still stretched around the folds of Sir's foreskin with His PA against my tonsils, breathing the air through my nose. I felt a tear roll from one eye down my temple and across the top of my ear. Sir gently pushed back and forth in my mouth, communicating His eagerness to fuck my throat some more. I took in a big breath, knowing I'd need it to continue this odyssey. I relaxed, opened my throat, and stretched my neck in the direction of Sir's crotch to get the ball rolling, so to speak, and once again that huge head with its jewelry slid down my esophagus, and Sir, needing no encouragement, pushed harder and deeper. Quicker than before, He slid home toward my waiting stomach, the halfway point of His dick crossing my lips before five seconds had passed, and His balls hurtling toward my eyes rapidly. I had swallowed three-quarters, then four-fifths, of His cock before I marveled at the possible disproving of the unlikelihood that it should all fit. A second later, it was all in me, Sir's nutsack was against my nose and His rough pubes rubbed my face, and I was ecstatic. I could feel Him all the way down the inside of my chest, at the core of my very being. He pulled halfway out and plunged back in before pulling out into my mouth to allow me a breath. I had not even panicked; I would gladly have allowed Him to choke me if it meant I could die this happy, with my Sir balls-deep inside me. After a shorter breath break, Sir was back at it, and we were developing a rhythm: all in, fuck back and forth, breath break, then all in again. Harder and harder He came at me, more and more mercilessly as He fucked my throat raw, as His hips pushed His sack against my face, and sweat broke out upon His chest. A drop rolled off Sir's pec and landed on mine. His cock, spongy at first, was becoming more rigid, thicker, harder to take, and my jaw ached, but I would not disappoint Him. He was becoming worked up, His head rolling from side to side. I was so rock hard I thought my dick would burst at the seams from the pressure inside it. I was pleasuring my Big Black Kinky Biker Stud Sir! When He at last came, He forgot to pull out to let me breathe, and His body rocked and thrust hard as He roared and growled like a savage ****. I felt Him jetting His juice straight into my stomach, and as overjoyed as I was, I was also scared to death. I could not breathe, and I was turning red, turning to blue from lack of oxygen. My head swam with dizziness. Then Sir looked down, realizing His oversight, and pulled back into my mouth, leaving a trail of His jizz coating my throat, unloading the last few spurts into my mouth. I gasped much needed air, as He still shook, and I inhaled some of His spunk. I choked and coughed.

He pulled the rest of the way out apologetically, leaving a filmy white trail across my lips. He knelt to see if I was okay. I had not only swallowed His seed, but inhaled it too, and He cupped my head and body forward until I recovered, cradling me gently and lightly stroking my shoulders and whispering encouragement. Minutes passed, and I coughed and spluttered, Sir's life-giving fluid in my lungs paradoxically trying to deprive me of my life. Tears ran from my face, but eventually calm returned. Then He kissed me passionately as though to thank me for my eager service and what it had cost me. The trail of His cum on my lips was ground between us, into His beard and moustache, and I knew He tasted the salty-sweet flavor of His essence in my mouth just as I did. Sir's gloved hands held me upwards at my shoulders, His leather-and-steel harness ground against my chest, and His cold metallic nose-ring felt odd as it rubbed against my nose and upper lip, a drop of His jizz clinging to it, but He was kissing me, and I was His now, so nothing else mattered. He had claimed me by putting His full Manhood into me, and cumming inside me, so I knew I was His. I did not want this kiss ever to end. But all things must end, and eventually He pulled back to look into my eyes, and wiped the drying cum from His mouth with the inside of one elbow. "You know what this means, don't you boy?" He said ominously.

"Sir?" was all I said, not trusting that I knew what He was driving at.

"It means that now it's time for Me to open that ass up." Sir grinned evilly.

"YES SIR!!" I shouted, joy at the prospect of taking my Sir up my ass as I had taken Him down my throat a moment ago overshadowing common sense. He was huge, well over six feet tall, thickly muscular like an NFL player, with a cock that, soft, hung halfway to His knees, and hard, was thick as a beer can, with a 00-gauge Prince Albert hanging ponderously from the glans. By rights I should have been very afraid right then.

First, let me say that I am a shorter, blond-haired, blue-eyed white guy in my mid-thirties, but still young-looking, and a total submissive bottom. I have always liked the Ultra-Masculine: muscles, facial and chest hair, leather, cowboy gear, boots, gloves, cops, firemen, and military, but especially bikers; that look of a big strong man in his leathers with a powerful chopper between his legs is like an aphrodisiac, and a biker man revving his engine, so loud it hurts, is like a mating call to me. I have always liked white guys, but I joined the Navy a few years back, and during a stint in Iraq, I started fantasizing about Black men, which was a new experience for me. Now I drove to Las Vegas to meet a big Black Kinky Biker Stud, and as soon as I arrived He clapped me in handcuffs, ripped my clothes off me, and deposited me on His bed for His use. So far He rimmed me real good, getting me super hot in the process, then set His ballsack on my face so that I might worship Him, and taught me to deep-throat His masterful cock. I sucked Him until He came straight down my throat and He deposited the last of His cum in and around my mouth when I began choking for lack of oxygen. But Sir was ready to go again, so I was too.

I looked up at Sir as He stood over me, amazed at my luck to meet such a fine specimen of a Man for this, my first time with a Man of Color. Not only was He tall, enough to tower over me, with the well-built muscles of a football player, cut abs and slab pecs that were covered in curls of black hair, but He was also handsome, although a dangerous-looking handsome with His thick black beard, steel piercings running up the outsides of both ears and on the inside tabs of His ears, and a nose ring like that of a bull. He removed His Master's cap with its eight-point top, tossing it aside, displaying His shiny shaven scalp, but He still wore a harness around His upper body with a black leather strap running across His chest, black leather chaps and biker boots, and black leather gloves that laced up His forearms. He had full sleeve tattoos running up both arms. His 00-gauge nipple rings glinted, bright silver, out of His chest hair, hanging from pencil eraser-sized nipples on silver dollar-sized areolas. I wanted Him more than life itself.

Picking me up almost without effort, Sir again placed me on my belly on the center of His bed, and put a pillow under my face as I turned to see what He was doing, and another under my hips to raise them up for what was to come, as He climbed aboard me, and spread my knees with His. I felt the leather of His chaps pushing my legs wider, and the cold steel of their zippers scratched against the insides of my legs. I trembled in anticipation of what He would do to me. Without warning a slap from His gloved right hand landed on my right ass cheek, hard. I cried out involuntarily. "Does the boy have a problem with Sir administering chastisement?" Sir asked in His deep voice, deeper than any other voice I knew by an octave. Before I had a chance to respond, another slap, this one from His left hand on my left cheek, rang out, and I stifled a cry.

"No, Sir," I said in a small voice. A quick volley of sharp slaps followed. Tears stung my eyes, although I promised myself I would not allow them to fall, would not show Sir that weakness. I suffered the spanking administered by my Sir in silence, then felt something that it took me a moment to identify. Sir was stooping toward my ass and licking my ass cheeks where He had slapped me repeatedly, comforting my pain with His tongue as He grasped each pink globe of my inflamed flesh in a meaty dark leathery hand cased in the tight black leather of His gloves. He took His time licking away the pain, and I was not only comforted, but aroused by that touch, His tongue on my throbbing ass flesh an electric connection between us making me want Him all the more. My hands cuffed behind my back, I felt His clean-shaven scalp rub against my fingers as He worked, and I thrilled at that touch.

Sir again traced my Speedo-created tan lines with His gloved hands, then licked along them with His tongue. Before long Sir's tongue made its way to my ass crack, and licked the length of it, scrotum to lower back, before delving in for some detailed rimming. Sir pulled my ass globes apart powerfully to allow Himself greater access, the black leather of His gloves plastered on the pale flesh of my ass cheeks, His strong fingers pulling me open masterfully so He might get at His prize. The feel of His scratchy beard as He worked was driving me crazy with desire, and I believed I could feel the scrape of each individual black wiry hair as it ran along my inner thigh and ass crack. He ran His tongue around my hole, then wet two leather-cuirassed fingers with which to smack the entrance to that hole several times, applying repeated pressure to prepare me for the pressure He would soon deliver me. Again He delved in, poking His tongue through that hole into my tender insides, more and more insistently, His rough tongue raping me, my Sir shoving His tongue up my rectal cavity as far as it would reach. This was getting me so horny, I raised and lowered my hips to meet each thrust from His face as He tongue-fucked me, which caused my penis to fuck the pillow beneath it, a silky smooth and plush feeling against my straining hard-on. I just wanted to cum so badly, but I knew my Sir would allow me that at a time of His choosing.

Sir again licked two gloved fingers of His right hand and those fingers, moistened, probed at my hole along with His tongue. Then they were in, and I stifled a cry as I was stretched open by them. Sir buried them to the knuckles, and thrust them back and forth and around in a circle to loosen me up. Then they were out, as Sir moistened them again, and when they entered me again, the increased thickness implied He had three fingers in me. This continued, coating the black leather with saliva, then stretching, probing, thrusting, until I had all four thick gloved fingers of His right hand inside me, and the pain was just beginning to turn to pleasure at being thus invaded, and He and I both knew what must come next: His monstrous cock. The moment had arrived that He would fuck me.

Sir reached across me to fetch a condom and a bottle of lube from a nightstand as I turned my head to see what I might be able to see. Savagely He set the condom packet in His teeth and ripped. He lubed up His fuck-rod, which looked impossibly huge and distended to me, like the oily black piston from some piece of oversized machinery, with a large silver ring at the top, and I realized it was about to go up me. I had no idea if it would fit, and I wondered again what absurdity had led me to believe I could fuck with this incredible huge Stud Man. None of that, however, made me want Him less.

Happy with the lube job, Sir rolled the condom on, and applied another layer of lube over it, before rubbing the cold lube into my ass crack and pushing a glob into my hole. "You ready, boy?" Sir asked in a growl. Two of Sir's fingers in my hole rubbed the lube around, coating my love canal. "Once I've tagged you, you'll never be the same."

This I knew. This was a defining moment. "Yes Sir, I'm ready; I want this," I said with finality.

"BEG FOR IT!" Sir shouted.

"Sir, please, please fuck me," I begged. I had not foreseen that Sir might not find favor with me, and might not give me His tool at this point, and I choked back disappointment. "I know I am not worthy, but please don't withhold Your huge cock, Your amazing Man-meat from my hole. Please find me worthy and put Your huge black dick up me and fuck me silly. I am Your little cunt, do with me whatever You want. My hole is Yours now."

"Good boy," Sir purred. "I'll give it to you all right. You're about to belong to Me, body and soul. I'm gonna fuck you within an inch of your life."

I believed I already belonged body and soul to my Sir, since He came down my throat, but who wanted to split hairs at this point? He leaned over me, and positioned His PA at the entrance to my fuck-tunnel, and gave a little push. The silvery ring with the ball set in it sheathed in latex popped in, but no part of His flesh as yet had. Disappointment welled up in me again, and I pushed my hips back against Him. I wanted Him inside me, even if it meant He would fuck me to death, and would do anything to get what He'd promised. I flexed open my butthole as I pushed back and enveloped the head of Sir's cock. He was in me at last! I moaned as I felt His rounded knob filling out my rectum. He felt so good, pain and pleasure doing an intimate dance throughout the area of my hips and insides. But it was not enough, and I wanted all of Him. My weight on my chest and knees, I thrust my pelvis back at Sir again, and a few more inches of Him slid into me. Now we were getting somewhere. I was ecstatic, and Sir let out a heavy breath. I couldn't see where He was entering me, but I knew Sir could see it and would be watching His huge ebony-black cock disappear into the tight pink hole of my lily-white ass.

"You do want Sir badly, don't you boy?" He breathed.

"Yes Sir, definitely Sir, I'd do anything to have You."

"Anything?" Sir said with rising inflection. "We may test the limits of that later."

Now Sir joined the pushing, and more of Him slid into me. I could feel Him at the entrance into my lower intestine, knocking at that door, but I wanted all of Him, so despite the pain inherent there, I did not wish Him to stop. I clasped and released the silky smoothness of His condom-clad cock, willing my asshole open as I pushed back again. I screamed with sudden pain, but then He was through that second sphincter into my intestine, and I knew that there couldn't be much more of His cock that I didn't have in me. Sir was getting into it now, breathing heavily, and rutting and pushing. I felt His abs closer against my hands, and when I felt the loose folds of flesh of His ballsack against my inner thighs and my own scrotum, I knew He was there. Balls-deep in me. Everything He had was up me, His full Manhood was now mine.

Sir rutted and thrust like a wild ****. Propping Himself up on one hand, He set the other under my belly to pull me upwards to make it easier for Him to slide me back and forth to pleasure His cock. I was in Heaven, knowing I was full of this big Black Man. My pussy-hole stretched around His dick, clasping the base of that dick at the apex of each of His thrusts when He was balls-deep. I was in agony and ecstacy. His spear was buried deep in my guts, and He fucked me with abandon that said He did not care how much internal damage He was causing, so long as He felt the pleasure of my silky insides enveloping Him.

How long we fucked like that, I don't know. I lost all track of time while Sir pounded me mercilessly, but it grew dark outside. His breath came ragged, and His sweat dripped on me liberally, bathing me in His fragrance. My legs, pushed wide open around the leather of His chaps, sweat profusely against that leather while the cool metal of the zippers running up His chaps chafed at my legs. Sir lay kisses along my shoulders and neck, and from time to time He turned my head upwards for a passionate kiss, our tongues wrestling in and out of each other's mouths. I was His, His pussy-boy, His fuck-hole, His love- tunnel, the Yin to His Yang despite the color-reversal implicit in that statement.

Then Sir was cumming, and I had never seen or felt a Man cum so hard or for so long. Sir pounded and rutted in my hole wildly. His head turned from side to side, flipping His sweat in jewel-bright beads around the room. His muscles tensed, untensed, and tensed again. His pelvis jackhammered against mine, and I wondered that my pelvis did not shatter under this onslaught. I thought for sure this was the moment that He would rip me apart, that my death was imminent. But at the same time He was kissing me, a tender kiss that communicated intimacy, respect for my offering Him my ass for His use, thanks, affection, maybe even love. Knowing this humongous Stud Man was cumming inside me, was too much for me, and although I was not touching myself, I too began to shoot into the pillows He had set under me. We rocked and shook with the **** of our combined orgasm, our sweat mingling, the world outside no more than a dim memory while He was in me, and as I clasped His rock-hard Man-missile which was exploding inside me.

Finally the orgasm subsided and we lay still, sharing that intimate kiss, which neither of us wanted to break. To my amazement, Sir seemed aroused by the kiss, and His penis, deflating slightly within me, filled out again and turned hard as lead. He started sliding back and forth in me again, this gentle motion turning to rougher thrusts to let me know He planned to go again. I broke the kiss. "Sir, I **** to stop You for any reason, but might I be allowed to go to the bathroom?" I asked.

Sir became very gentle. "Sure, sure, I should have asked before if you needed to go," He said. He produced a key from the pocket of His chaps, and unlocked the cuffs so I might move my arms for the first time in hours. Then He slowly, gently, pulled out of me, sitting up on the bed. He helped me get up since my arms were weak from disuse, and I climbed up off the bed, as Sir pulled the spent condom from His cock. As I looked at it, an idea struck me. "Sir, might I have that?"

Sir's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Sorry boy, but why do you want it?" He asked.

"Well, Sir," I began, "I loved drinking Your cum before when You were in my throat, and I **** to just waste any of Your precious fluid. If You agree, Sir, I'd like to drink Your cum from the condom You used on me."

Understanding dawned in Sir's eyes, and He managed to look grateful for this proposed act of worship of Him. "You would do this to honor Me, boy?"

"Yes Sir, absolutely!"

"Then drink it." He held out the used condom, which looked like nothing so much as a discarded snakeskin, but to me it was precious. I took it, seeing that the baby batter was still intact on the inside side, and rolling it down to get at it, I tilted the rubber up to my mouth and drank it down, even going so far as to lick the inside clean, not wanting to waste any.

"You must really love My cream," Sir mused.

"Yes Sir!" I said without hesitation. I did.

"There's more here, on My cock." Sir indicated His crotch with one gloved hand. Without waiting to be told, I rushed to take His erect phallus by the base in one of my hands, and slurped the PA and golf ball-sized head into my mouth before He could change His mind. I sucked and licked the piercing and then the head clean, then ran my tongue around the inside of the foreskin folds as I worked to take more of Him into my mouth and throat. He moaned in pleasure, as I cleaned His cock of the sperm He had unleashed as a result of fucking my ass for the first time. His cum was flavored with lube and latex, but I did not care as long as it was for me to lap it up. I was not able to deep-throat Him from this angle, so settled for licking the parts of His shaft I could not otherwise reach. Satisfied, I smiled up at Sir, He smiled back, and then He showed me to the bathroom.

Sir entered the bathroom with me, and when I saw that we were together in the limited space, I turned to Him. He bent and kissed me, slipping His tongue in my mouth. "Thank you," He said after that kiss. "You know, boy, there's more than just semen that comes from this cock. If you truly want to worship your Sir, you might consider allowing Him to piss on you, or in you."

There it was--Sir had broached the subject of piss play in person, and my nervousness must have shown on my face, because He said, "Just a thought, boy. I'll leave you alone here." He left, shutting the door. I thought about what He'd said, and He did have a point, that to worship Him properly I might have to give in to things I had not previously considered. Sure, we all had things we liked and things we didn't, but how could I know I didn't like it if I never tried it?

When I returned to the bedroom, Sir was lying on the bed, His still-erect tool arching out over His belly and clad in a new condom. "Get over here, boy, Sir wants some more of that tight white pussy!" He roared. Once again aroused by His arousal, I climbed up on the bed and kissed Him. Without breaking that kiss, He slipped a fingerful of lube up my asshole, a cooling balm to my sore sphincter. Sir grasped my shoulders and pushed me back, looking intently into my eyes. "Are you ready to be fucked some more boy? Your Sir requires the use of your fuck-hole."

"Yes Sir!" I said. "Which way do You want to take me?"

"Climb on and ride Me boy!" I did as Sir instructed, holding up that huge fuckpole and sitting down on it a little at a time until it was once more buried in my guts. As I looked in Sir's eyes, I used my knees to piston up and down on that dong, fucking myself on it. I put my hands on Sir's pecs to hold myself upright, feeling the cold metal of His nipple rings beneath my palms. As Sir got into it, He started bucking His hips, fucking me harder than I could fuck myself just by bouncing on my knees. The sensation was amazing as He ground that powerful dick into my innards with every thrust. Sir grasped my hips in His gloved hands and guided me up and down His cock. We both broke out in a sweat, and I could no longer prop myself up against His pecs, so I grabbed onto the leather strap of Sir's harness running across His chest in both my hands, and held on for dear life, as I was getting the ride of a lifetime.

As great as this was, Sir stopped, and guided me up a few inches, showing me how to spin around on His dick, so that I could lie with my back on His chest, my legs splayed out to each side of His, then He quickly got up to speed again and was soon fucking me as hard as ever from His position lying beneath me. I put my hands over His hands on my hips, and set my fingers between the much larger, leather-clad corresponding fingers of His. Sir kissed my neck, and ran His tongue around the curves of my ears, providing me with amazing sensations, and I knew that I would very likely do anything He asked of me to make Him happy. I loved being this close to Him, and having Him inside me like this.

Sir's body started to shudder as He pounded me, and I knew He was close. I opened my legs as wide as possible to allow Him absolute access to my hole, and grasped His wrists tightly to hold on for the ride. "Give it to me Sir," I said. "Let me have it!" I felt Sir's balls pulling up toward His crotch, and knew He would shoot soon.

Sir bucked like a bronco, shook like an eathquake, screamed like a Man in pain, and unleashed a flood of jizz up me. I could feel the condom expand against my insides, and I squeezed Sir's cock with my rectum to heighten His pleasure. I rode out His orgasm, as wave after wave of His pleasure rocked me. At last He lay still, wrapped me up tight in His strong arms, and placed a kiss on my shoulder. I held on to Sir's arms wrapped around me, and we relaxed that way for ten minutes or so, until His cock began to grow flaccid from disuse and shrank within me. Sir tapped me with His hands lightly. "Well boy, we both need a shower, and your Sir needs to take a piss now too."

As I slid off Sir's cock and got up, I thought about what Sir had said about venerating Him by allowing Him to piss on or in me. I remembered what I had decided, that to truly worship Him, I should allow Him to use me as He wished, and be open to new experiences. "Sir," I began timorously, "If You still want to, I mean, well, I would be okay with You pissing on me." There, I had said it. It was out of my mouth and now could not be taken back.

Sir, sitting on the edge of the bed, grasped my neck in His strong hand and pulled me in close. A grin broke out on His face. "Good boy. Very good boy." With His other hand, He slapped my exposed ass cheek, hard, then pulled me in for an intimate kiss. "Thank you boy," He whispered. "We'll start with a golden shower for you, then take a real shower together. But first, this." Sir indicated His crotch again. I rolled the cum-filled condom carefully off Sir's deflated cock, and as before drank the semen from it, careful to lick its inside clean so as to not waste any of Sir's Man-juice, then polished off the remainder from His dick.

Sir put me in the handcuffs again, and escorted me to His tub, one of the whirlpool variety with the higher edge and larger basin. Once standing in front of it, He lifted me up without apparent effort, and set me gently in the bottom. As an afterthought, He removed my watch and set it aside. He engaged the stopper so that I would be lying in the tub in a pool of His urine, rather than letting it run out. With a lustful smile on His face, He took His serpentine ebony cock in His black leather-gloved right hand, still magnificently long despite its flaccid state, and gleaming with the oily residue of the lube He had used in His two successful copulations inside me. "Pissing is the way an animal marks its territory. Now I have already claimed you by fucking and cumming in that ass, but this will be further proof that you are Mine, that you belong to your Sir. You will want your eyes closed as I spray your face, boy," He warned. Much as I did not want to stop looking up at Him, I complied. I shivered, and not just because of the coolness in His home. I had never agreed to such a thing before, further proof that I did not belong to any Sir but Him.

With only the one warning Sir had issued about closing my eyes, He began. A stream of warm liquid hit my face, and I could tell as it ran across my nose and lips that it was definitely not water. The smell of His urine hit my nostrils hard, as some of His fluid ran into my nose. Strangely, I did not find this to be horrible. I had begged Him to fuck me, bathed in His sweat, and drunk His cum and licked His cock clean three times now, so this was merely an extension of the service I provided Him. A way to show Him I thought of Him as a God among men. And as He said, I was His. How could I not like anything that came from His cock? As His piss splashed across my closed eyes and soaked my blond hair, I licked my lips experimentally. His piss was warm and tasted like urine smelled, except that it was His, a gift from my Sir, so I could not think of it as gross. As He worked from the top of my head down, He crossed my mouth once more, and with the little bit my mouth hung open as I taste-tested His piss, a fresh splash straight from His cock shot past my lips. I savored it, swished it around to see if there was anything inherently disgusting about it that I had missed, but it was straight from my Sir's body, so I could not find it abhorrent at all. I cherished the connection between my Sir and me inherent in swallowing a tablespoon or so of His urine. Meanwhile, I opened my eyes to watch as He sprayed my chest and upper arms. His Prince Albert caused His stream to diffuse and shoot in a wide fog, in effect coating me better with His urine. Sir then sprayed my crotch and legs, then ceased His stream so that He could roll me over, after which I was lying on my belly in the quarter-inch or so of His piss in the bottom of the tub. I was truly bathing in it! I set my face down against it, first one side and then the other, to know that I would be absolutely coated in His golden fluid. Sir pissed across the back of my hair and neck, down my back, lingered on my buttcrack a moment, and finally the backs of my legs, when it appeared He had run out of piss. He threw His head back contentedly and sighed. Excited now, I wallowed in the golden pool of Sir's warm piss, and lapped it up like a dog drinking from a bowl--a huge bowl that I was lying in. Sir looked at me and laughed, a particularly merry sound. "That's My boy," He said.

Sir proceeded to take off all His leather gear, while I drank as much of His piss as I could, replenishing needed fluids from the heavy sweating I had done while He was pounding my ass. I was loving His piss, now that I had begun to think of it as merely an extension of Him, of His cock, and as His gift to me. When I had drunk all the piss pooled around the drain and was starting to lick the tub clean, Sir stepped into the tub, nude except for His piercings: **** earrings, plus nose, nipples, and PA. I had not seen His legs before, and now saw that as well as being hairy, they were fully tattooed from His hips to His ankles like His arms. "Okay, okay," He said, "enough lapping up the piss. I take it this means you like it, boy?" He stooped to set me on my feet and unlocked the handcuffs, placing them on the counter by the sink before pulling the shower curtain closed.

"Yes Sir, I have a newfound taste for Your piss," I told Him.

"Well there are still a few drops on the end of My penis," He said. I got down on one knee to take the head of Sir's cock in my mouth once again, which was possible now that He was flaccid and that powerful cock now pointed down at me where I knelt. I ran my tongue through and around the PA ring, then sucked on Sir's helmet head, a slightly lighter brown than the deep chocolate of the rest of His shaft, and I ran my tongue up under His foreskin again, licking it clean. He placed one strong hand on the top of my head, as if He were a priest administering a blessing, and His cockhead gave a twitch in my mouth. When I stood, He took me in His arms and kissed me again, heedless of the fact I had wallowed in His piss and drunk it, and eagerly swallowed as much of His cum as He had shot today.

When our kiss broke, Sir released the drain plug, turned on the shower, and we lathered each other up. My touch lingered lovingly over His muscles and curls of black chest fur. I sucked Sir's nipple rings clean, while He rubbed soap gently across the entrance to my hole and finger-fucked me. Clean at last, we stepped out of the shower, and Sir proposed to take me to one of His favorite places for dinner. I agreed, but, having drunk His prodigious loads of cream three times and all His piss from the tub, I now had to piss as well. Sir stood aside to watch approvingly as I unloaded something like a quart of urine in His toilet. Besides the immediate release, it felt strange to now be pissing the fluids I had taken in directly from Him, like pissing out His piss, as though I were His recycling center--it had to go through me to make its way into the sewer system. I resolved that for as long as I was with Him, He would not need a urinal, and His piss would not go into public works systems except when recycled through me first.

Sir removed His nose ring and all but the bottom earring on each side. We dressed and got in the car. Once inside, Sir turned to me and said, "While we're out in public, it might be strange for you to call Me 'Sir.' You can call Me by My real name, Tyrus, or just Ty." I felt honored to be afforded the opportunity to call Sir by His real name, at least in public. The restaurant He had chosen was nice, a locally-owned place with large portions of very good food, and not expensive. We chatted about various non-sexual interests, finding we had much in common, and I found it odd to call Him "Ty" when addressing Him, but it grew on me as I came to like Him more and more.

I quickly discovered that Sir was well-nigh inexhaustible. He pounded my pussy all night long, and occasionally fed His dick down my throat. After He had fucked me furiously, it tasted of latex condom, lube, and His cum and sweat inextricably mingled together. A few minutes with it in my throat served as an aphrodisiac to both of us, and soon led to more fucking. We slept much of the next day, although He was by no means done fucking me, and while Sir took me out to a nice dinner and to see some of the local sights that next evening, constituting the longest period of my trip we were not in bed, I could increasingly tell by the lusty gleam in His eye that He was eager to breed me again.

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Horny Policeman

Posted by MONTED at 19,Sep,14 19:30

“Pull Over!!!!’

“Don’t move!!!”

“Your hands up!!”

Within less than a minute I was pushed right into the bright yellow wall. With my face smashed into the bricks, I couldn’t see the police officer but for god’s sake, he must have been built like HULK telling by the **** he exerted on me. I couldn’t move a single finger, and I was the quarterback of a team which had won numerous championships! Me who had gotten in so many fights, never been defeated once, was powerless in front of this policeman. Releasing me a little but still exerting a certain strength on me he told me to lay flat against the wall and to spread my legs. He started searching for I-don’t-know-what-for. His hands went from the top of my arms to the bottom of my legs still searching and, by god, he didn’t leave a millimeter square of skin unchecked.

I flexed my back muscles just to let him know I could easily overtake him. He did notice since he slowed down a little but he didn’t probe any further. On reaching my ass, I think he thought that anything he was looking for was buried deep in my ass. His hands kept on slowing, following the hard-earned round curves of my ass and then going up right between my asscheeks. I still don’t know if I imagined it or not but I think that, for just a second, he came to a complete halt, with his thumb pressing on my asshole. His hands went on deep inside between my legs and touched my balls (to which he gave a small poke) and then went on again with his research process down my legs. It was only when it was over that I realized that all this time I was flexing my ass muscles, too.

“Turn around!”

His voice was very deep. I could tell by his strong voice, his incredible **** and his powerful hands that this man behind me was nothing small. I turned around slowly and looked him right in the eyes. He was almost like me - well-defined facial features, snow white teeth, in-style blond hair- except for his eyes which were of a rare shadow of turquoise blue and for his uniform which seemed ready to explode at any moment with all his muscles bulging out of it. He checked me out in the front again like he did. All this time I kept looking straight at him. When his hands were over my chest, I flexed my six pack to the maximum and made sure he noticed it.

Coming on to my cock, I noticed a small grin forming on the corners of his lips. I wondered why would a strongly-built policeman like him grin on coming to my cock – that was until I felt his hands searching my cock & balls. I looked down and almost shouted. I sure blushed and swore a little to myself under my breath but this wouldn’t change anything. South there I was ROCK HARD!!!

I had like an XXXL bulge bulging out of my pants almost half the width of my legs. That didn’t stop him, His hands run all the way up and down my shaft and my balls. I was so embarrassed. Fortunately there was almost nobody in the street except for a young lady who seemed to enjoy the view of this policeman squeezing out my hard bulge. It was weird having him kneeling down in front of me with his mouth almost same level as my cock. Yet there he was.

He came right up and looked at me with a perfect poker face and told me

“Things here are unclear, sir. I had a record of you dealing with **** substances around this area.”

“Me? No, you must have mistaken with someone else. I’m not into any of these things.”

“Don’t try to fool me. This big bulge you have between your legs looks like nothing normal. I’ll have to take a look at it”

Leaving me absolutely no time to answer, he unzipped my pants. I was left with only my underwear (I was wearing a superman underwear with the “S” placed precisely at the right place) retaining my cock. Even the underwear seemed to have gone down a little with the pressure exerted by my cock so that the top of my pubes were showing. Mr. the policeman started to squeeze my bulge again and formed the corners with the tip of his fingers.

Then, right in the street where anybody could see us, he pulled my underwear down. He was standing so close that my cock bounced out of my underwear and of his lips and came to a halt right between his lips. That didn’t seem to bother him the slightest. And that’s when the fun began. He parted his lips just a little so that the tip of his tongue could lick the top of my dick. I think he was wondering whether he could take in my 9.5 inch long and 3.5 inch wide cock. Well, that didn’t take long. He opened his mouth wide and managed to take in the whole head on the first try. He backed off, looked at the monster’s head, and then back again for a second try, and then for a third try, each time taking in one more centimeter.

Dude, this man was an angel sent from heaven. His mouth was absolutely divine. Even my girlfriend had never pulled out such a blowjob. It was obvious that I was not his first victim. He didn’t go on it quickly. He took his time and prolonged this moment of pure cheerfulness. His mouth, his tongue – every was divine with him. This lips moving up and down my shaft was magical and what his tongue was doing to my head inside his mouth is impossible to describe! There was no need for me to push his head deeper into my cock. He brought his lips up to my pubes and swallowed my whole cock. For god’s sake, I swear I could feel that my cock had gone deep, very deep into his throat. I needed only two minutes to jack off everything stored in my balls right down his throat! I had not masturbated for two weeks and my balls were really heavy! His mouth was full and he was choking with my cock deep inside his mouth and with all that sperm splashing out of his mouth. He backed off and I saw my cock completely covered in my own juice and he had a good quarter a liter still in his mouth. He stood up and kissed me hard.

Even his kiss was divine. His tongue explored my mouth and gave me some of my own juice. It was the first time that I tasted it and it was by far the best thing I ever tasted! I couldn’t seem to get enough of myself and it was now my tongue which explored his mouth for the smallest drop of sperm I could get. My juice was just the best. Well, that would have to be compared to his.

A police car came by. I could see by his face that this wasn’t in his plans. His colleague came out of the car and on seeing his shocked expression did I realize that I was standing on a street against a wall with my pants and underwear down and my rock hard dick hanging in the air.

“I just found this boy half naked here” said the divine mouth.

“Okay, take him to the station and we will see what to do with him. Youngsters these days… can’t even jerk off in their own rooms now.”

His colleague looking away for a second, he licked a small drop of sperm on my dick and pulled up my underwear and pants, put me in his car and headed to his office.

I was now stuck in a small jail in their office. I know that I should have been absolutely worried about my situation and thinking hard of how the hell I was going to get out of there but all I could think of now was his lips and tongue all over my cock. I was still dizzy after the incredible experience. I felt like you would feel if you had just smoked something hard. I couldn’t think straightly and my dick was still hard. Straight??? Fuck! I AM straight! How can I enjoy this?? There’s nothing gay with me! I’m very masculine, I’m a quarterback and I got the hottest girlfriend of the area…. I can’t be gay! Well, when it comes to blowjob, doesn’t matter whether it a man or a girl. Just close your eyes and enjoy the moment. With that last thought, I laid my head back and try to rest a little.

“Wake up! Where do you think you are? A hotel room?”

I opened my eyes to Nigel Bigman. It was the first time that I could see him well. Officer Bigman was a dark black African-American. His head was bald and he was twice the size of Daniel.

“Listen boy, Officer Benson just went off for an errant, which means that I am the only here to look after you. You want to get out of here and I don’t want to lose my time filling a lot of papers just for you. There were no witnesses so I’ll arrange so that we can let you out. But that will depend on you.”

“On me?? I’ll do anything you want me to do! Please I can’t stay here! I’m planning to go a Harvard and they will never accept me if I have a police record! I’ll do anything just name it!” I begged.

“Good. That’s what I wanted to hear. Come on closer boy”

I did as he said and went to the extremity of the jail just where he was standing behind the bars (well, I was behind the bars)

“Kneel down.”

“What? But what...”

“I said kneel down NOW!”

I was not used to people yelling at me and giving me orders but I guessed that there was nothing better to be done. It was only when I knelt down that I noticed what I should have noticed. His bulge was twice my size and it was standing right between two bars. He must have adjusted it there before telling me to kneel down.

“You know what you need to do, little boy.”

I surely understood what he meant. I was suddenly filled with a mixture of emotion. On one side I felt it completely disgusting that I man asked me to give him a blowjob but on the other side I was extremely horny and I almost graved his cock. I didn’t understand my feeling since I wasn’t gay but all I know is that I wanted his cock as deep as it could get down my mouth. Just at the thought of that I could feel my little asshole flexing a little and I suddenly graved for his cock to be down there too.

“I don’t understand. You told me to…”

“Do you dare disobey a police officer, young boy?”

Well, I didn’t need any other encouragement. My hands reached up and touched his bulge. God it was even bigger than it looked. And my hands bounced off it! I couldn’t wait anymore. I unzipped and pulled down his pants. He was wearing a red underwear; this was getting better and better.

The depth of the jail’s wall was no problem for his bulge which passed between the bars. I literally buried my face in this bulge. His cock had a very strong masculine smell. Not the nauseating smell but a real man’s one. I could feel his dick in there. God, his cock was HUGE! I simply couldn’t wait. I’ve never felt such a thing before, not even the first time when I was 15.

“Good boy.”

I felt like I was doing a great job.

He pushed my head out of his underwear and pulled it down. OH MY GOD! This was not even possible! I must be dreaming! His cock was the size of my arm and went down to his knees! I’d never seen such a cock before. I’ve heard rumors about black cocks but I always thought it was just a myth. I had never believed that a 13 inch (or even an 11 inch) cock was possible! Well, that was until now. I didn’t know what to do. I was just… struck! I don’t know what I was expecting but it definitely was not that. There’s no word to describe his cock. Thick. Huge. Long. Black.

“Take it in your mouth little bitch.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement, though I was hesitant. I opened my mouth just a crack and he thrust his huge black cock as deep as it would go in it. I felt my jaw open wide and fear it might dislocate. I didn’t think my mouth could open any bigger than this. His cock was delicious. His head was somewhere lost in my throat. He pulled it out completely. For half a second I was craving for that cock and then he thrust it back in my mouth with such ****.

“You like it slutty boy.”

He started pulling it out slowly and then right back up in my mouth. He was face fucking me hard, each passage of his cock sending me higher up. I closed my eyes and enjoyed this moment of pure happiness. I could taste some precum forming at the tip of his head. Wasting it would be a crime! A licked each drop of precum I could get. Even his precum was delicious and I couldn’t wait for him to cum.

“There you are! Is our little prisoner doing fine?” Officer Benson had just returned to the office and looked more than eager to join in. He came to us with his hat and sunglasses still on. I couldn’t believe my dearest phantasm was becoming true!

He came in my jail and handcuffed both my hands wide apart on the bars of the room. He lowered my pants and spread my legs wide apart. I had no idea what he was doing in my back until I felt the best sensation I ever felt. It sent spasms all around me and I was drowned in a dizzy of happiness and excitement like never before. What he was doing to my ass was couldn’t be human. His tongue didn’t lose time circling my anus and went straight in my ass tunnel. I could feel him licking me all the way down there. I even had to stop my blowjob so much I was submerged by a weird feeling of relaxation. He sure knew what I was feeling and he started tongue fucking me. Believe me, his tongue went very deep.

Then did he proceed to circling my anus and giving my asshole a shot once or twice. He started sliding a finger in there, and then two, and then three, and then a fourth one was trying to get in but I was so tight!

“Naughty boy is very naughty. Asshole still tight. Daddy isn’t happy. Time to teach him a lesson.”

Leaving me no time to answer, he thrust his cock violently in my asshole and went as deep as six inch. I screamed in pain but my scream was muffled by Officer Bigman’s BBC thrust back in my mouth. I was in a whole different state than ten seconds ago. My body was screaming in my pain and I felt like my asshole was being torn apart. Officer Benson started making a very, very small inward and outward motion and that eased the pain a little. But the most incredible was that, with each movement, he went a centimeter further in my ass tunnel so that he was now eight inch deep in my ass. I felt my asshole relaxing and bending to that big cock. My asshole was absolutely worshipping Officer Benson’s cock as much as my mouth was worshipping Officer Bigman’s huge black cock.

“Oh my god! Jesus Christ!” I don’t know how I managed to say this with Officer Bigman’s cock in my mouth but all I know is that Officer Benson’s dick was now ten inch deep in my ass and that hurt as hell. But the pain was quickly replaced by an awesome feeling of pleasure as his cock opened up my boy asshole. He fucked me hard and violent and from his screams I know he was enjoying this too. I don’t know how I knew but I knew. Officer Benson stopped a second with his cock as deep as it would go in my ass. He blew up his big load in there. For god’s sake, I never felt such a thing before. His cum filled all my ass. A pure moment of ecstasy. I could feel his hot load in there but at the same time I felt a coolness at the depth of my ass. There was so much cum that some went out of my asshole and exploded on my ass cheek.

“Oh man! Nigel you should check out that ass!” said Officer Benson, his cock still inside me even though he already ejaculated.

“His mouth is no bad either. His teen is a born cocksucker. Better than my lady back home.” Replied Officer Bigman, as he threw his head back enjoying my mouth all over his cock. I was trying to eat all his meat and I was deepthroating him, trying to kiss the circumference of his cock on his pubes. This was not easy and hurting my throat but I had to do it. His cock went all the way down my throat and, after a few trials, I finally got to kiss his pubes with his cock much deeper in my mouth.

“Ahhhhhhhh” His load exploded directly down my throat. I quickly pulled it out so I could get some but it he was beginning to cum. His big balls had a lot in stock. His sperm completely filled my mouth and I was feeling it hard to swallow. When there were no more rooms in my mouth he threw his load all over my face and literally covered my face with his hot milk. Officer Benson came over and kissed me hard on the mouth. As soon as I opened my mouth, a wave of warm sperm poured over in his mouth too and he was getting it altogether. Only now could I taste officer Bigman’s man juice. His sperm was extraordinarily sweet and thick. It was absolutely luscious, the most exquisite thing I ever tasted in my life. I swallowed as much as I could and I still couldn’t get enough. I saw his huge cock hanging low just centimeters from me still dripping of that sweet milk. I broke away from that kiss and went to suck on more of Officer Bigman. I cleaned his cock of all drops of cum and sucked him on for a few extra drops. His dick was completely clean and shiny after that.

“Seems like he can’t get enough of you, Nigel”

“Nobody can.”

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Taste of a Man's Private Dick

Posted by MONTED at 18,Sep,14 22:28

During my address, I mentioned that I was from Tennessee. When the program ended, a gorgeous young man from the audience by the name of Cody approached me indicating he too was from Tennessee before moving West to practice law. His tight black slacks and tight pullover shirt revealed a hunk of a man. His slacks fit tightly around his cute bubble ass; the pants gathered around his crotch showing a very big package; gym pumped quads and calves; his polo shirt revealed an upper athletic body; pumped biceps; chiseled chest; and ribbed stomach. He had dark brown eyes and short curly coal black hair; rather dark tanned body; stood around 5-feet and 11-inches; very distinct set jaw; and a very sexy smile revealing perfect white teeth. I learned that he was 30-years-of-age.

I, on the other hand, towered over him at 6-feet and 3-inches. I have shoulder length well-kept blond hair; blue eyes; light complexion; weigh 190 pounds; and 29-years-of-age. Although a gay man ever since I became aware of sex, I was a virgin when I met Cody.

Cody introduced himself and said: "Trevor, I too am originally from Tennessee. I do not meet many people in Montana from our home state. Are yuo free for dinner so we can share notes about our state? My home town is Knoxville."

"What a coincident Cody as my home town is also Knoxville. I'd love to have dinner with you."

"Trevor, why don't I give you time to freshen up and get a couple hours of rest? I'll pick you up around 6 PM at your hotel."

I spent the next two hours horny as hell. Cody was the hottest dude I'd ever seen. Was it possible that he was gay and maybe experienced at the gay life style? Could it be possible that I'd loose my virginity to this hunk? Although I was shy about sex, I'd let him into my pants in an instant. The next two hours seemed like an eternity.

Cody picked me up and took me to a five star restaurant on the shore of a beautiful Montana lake. We had a couple of drinks and a four course meal including a Montana steak along with a chocolate moose for dessert. We shared our experiences growing up in Tennessee.

As we drove back toward my hotel, Cody said: "I understand you are staying in town over the weekend. Since this is Friday evening and I'm not working tomorrow, would you like to come over to my condo for a night cap?"

"Cody, I love the idea. Thanks so much."

He poured us a gin and tonic as we sat in his den. After a second round of drinks, Cody commented: "Trevor, I hope I'm not out of line. I find you very attractive and sexy. I'm gay. Are you by any chance gay? Earlier tonight you said you did not have a girlfriend and had never dated."

I began to feel my cock grow and as I became very excited said: "Oh man, I'm gay but a virgin. All night I've wondered and hoped you were gay. Cody, I'm so horny and would you show me how to make love to a man? You are so hot."

Cody gave me a very seductive smile, moved close to me, put his arm around my shoulder, took his other hand and placed it on my crotch touching my stone hard cock.

"Trevor Baby, I can show you steamy hot sex. Since my 18th birthday and during the past 12 years, I've had wild sex with a number of hot dudes. Have you ever looked at gay magazines of adult gay movies? What do you want to do first? What sex acts would excite you the most?"

"Yea, Cody, I've watched several gay flicks. Although there are lots of choices. I've dreamed of sucking a man's cock and getting my cock sucked until I come. I guess oral sex would be my favorite."

"No problem buddy. Lets get undressed and we will suck cock all night if you wish. You know that may lead to swallowing another guy's cum. Have you ever eaten your own jism?"

"No Cody, I've never tasted my cum but I think I'm ready with you."

We began undressing. When we were down to our briefs, I felt very nervous but so ready. Then we took off our briefs. I was rock hard as was Cody. Man he was big. In fact, it turned out that I learned that he had a 11.5-inch python and a shaft the size of a beer can when he said:

"Well don't get frightened buddy. It is really big. In fact over 11-inches. But I'll be very gentle and you can suck only as much as you can get down your throat."

"Oh my god, Cody, that is some man's cock. WOW, you must be proud of that tool. Has any guy ever been able to deep throat that monster?"

"Yes, I've had about five fuck buddies out of some 25 fuck buddies get all it down their throat. Man I love it when some hot mouth can take it all. Let me suck your cock first Trevor and give you a lesson in how to make a man crazy from a hot blowjob."

Both Cody and me had formed drops of goo on our piss slits that were making our cock heads very shinny.

I got flat on my back on the sofa; Cody got between my now hot sweaty legs; grabbed the base of my steel hard cock and gripped it hard; and lowered his head and buried his mouth and lips in my crotch while his spit soaked my pubic hairs.

He began to kiss and lick my oozing cock head. He took his tongue and spent lots of time licking up and down my vein covered pulsating cock shaft. Next he put my stiff cock between his red lips and used his lips to clamp down hard and hold them there for the longest time. Finally, he began to swallow my 8-inch cock all the way down to the base. After a minute, I felt his lips firmly stretched around my virgin meat. He began a long series of wild swallowing and releasing my cock from his mouth. He was wild with lust to be sucking a virgin cock.

During my years of masturbatory fantasies of how it would feel to have my cock sucked by a hot dude, I never dreamed that it would feel this awesome. I began to experience chills and goose bumps from my head to my curled up toes. The hot mouth and saliva had my cock harder than ever imagined. Oh I would not last long.

"Oh my god, oh fuck, oh holly shit, suck my fucking cock. Give it to me, harder and harder, faster and faster, don't stop. Yea, that is it. This is the best moment of my life. Nothing is as good as a man's cock."

I felt my balls tighten, my cock harden even more if possible, and incredible spasms took over, as I shot blast after blast down Cody's hot wet mouth and throat. As a pro, he drank every drop of my semen. When he had drained me, Cody came off my softening cock and began to plant hard kisses on my lips. I got my first taste of cum. I liked it.

OH GREAT!!! It was then time for me to get my first taste of a man's private dick and at that a huge python. Cody took me to his bed and he got flat on his back with his huge cock standing at attention. He began waiving his cock back and forth as he invited me to began sucking his favorite body part.

I grabbed the base of the huge cock, got a tight grip, cautiously lowered my mouth and lips around the big mushroom head and sucked hard. The taste of his raw meat was beyond the best dessert I had ever tasted. I sucked the leaking pre-cum to get my first taste of another man's jism. WOW, I loved it. Then so turned on, I went crazy taking the huge private dick inch by inch down my open throat. I was so wild with lust and crazed for my first taste of man meat that I succeeded in swallowing the entire dick. I would be hooked for life on getting a man's cock.

I began to bob up and down on this champion boner faster and faster. His cock was oozing spurt after spurt of pre-cum deep into my throat. The seminal fluid caused his dick and my mouth to become so wet that I managed to suck him off easier and easier. My first taste and smell of of a man's fresh meat was like nirvana. I actually began to get hard again. The eroticism from sucking his gorgeous cock was intoxicating.

I sucked the big cock with abandonment for the longest time until all at once I felt an eruption and gushers of cum flood my throat. The **** of the eruptions were so great that I swallowed as fast as I could while gagging from the overflow. WOW, the taste and feel was so terrific.

When Cody was spent, he pulled his softening cock out of my mouth. I was so horny and in love with his meat that I began licking up and down that hot cock shaft until his cock was as clean as if he had just finished showering.

We were now exhausted as Cody said: "Trevor, how did you like your first man meat? Do you like blowjobs? Was the taste of my meat and semen what you wanted?"

"Oh Cody, I loved my first taste of man meat and cum. Yea, I'm now a lover of cock. I'll never get enough of that tool. Can we do this again before I leave town?"

"Hey Buddy, lets take a short break and you can have my cock again."

"Oh Fuck, Cody, I can hardly wait."

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Posted by MONTED at 18,Sep,14 22:12

Herb had taken a day off and I took an afternoon off from my office - when we both knew his wife would not be home. So that is how we got together for a session in his above ground pool.

When I got to his house it was a great sunny day and he was already out at the pool behind their house. He had on his swimsuit and was checking the chemicals etc.

Now mind you Herb is a BIG man in several ways. Broad shoulders, thick barrel chest, tall (6'4") with a killer smile. Hardly any fat on that body either, hard and strong.

When I walked around the corner and he saw me, he grinned and turned around to show off the bulge in his swimsuit. He said, "Hey Jimmyboy, I am all ready for you." He rubbed that bulge...and it WAS a massive bulge.

I mean we both knew already what we were there for, so I went to him and knelt down and, still on the outside of his swimsuit of course, rubbed my beard up and down the full length of that hard-on. I can still hear him saying "Ohh yeah Jimmyboy, that's all for you, buddy."

This may sound weird but we could never "wait". So he leaned back on the side of the pool and let me pull those trunk down and off of him and there he stood naked as the day he was born. That lovely big cock arched out and offered it's boiled-egg-sized head -- and I took it. Oh did I take it as he moaned and whispered "Ohh, that's it Jimmyboy"...above my spiraling head.

That was how we started most of our sessions at his house. Just me getting worked up working him up so to speak.

I rode that cock up and down - deep-throated it because that always blew his mind - and then just let go and licked my way up his belly and chest. Anyway, to get to the real action, he got up on the deck and jumped in the pool while I got out of my clothes. I had been at work so I just went from there, no swim suit (none needed). He was just wading around and watching me and stroking his cock under water.

Once naked, I sat on the edge of the deck and dangled my feet to make sure it was not ice cold. I **** to dive into ice cold water - even to get to an engorged, ready-to-go cock! Water was nice though.

So he walked over and splashed me, grabbed me by the waist, picked me UP and threw me into the pool. Well, we laughed and wrestled around some - me feeling his warm, wet body against mine and he even wrapped his legs around me and squeezed me... he was just a big ol' teddy bear type and I loved being with him.

Oh at one time, he grabbed me from the back and threw those strong legs around me and, of course, I could feel his hard cock between my butt cheeks. He and I both laughed as he did his little pumping motion and said "NO WAYYYY". (we had already been there one time and neither of us really were into it) Besides, THAT 11 inch piston would have killed me!

Of course several times I swam underwater and stroked his cock. And he did the same with me, taking my swollen cock deep and giving it a go over.

Under the water even that prodder of his floated upward...and was so slick and smooth I loved running my hands all over his legs, ass, sides and chest... just all over him and to have him do the same to me was - well, you know what "melting" means.

So, there we played, two naked guys who had a definite thing for one another.

But playing was fun and then we got some serious lusting going on and from there, well, it was extra hot.

Herb had leaned back against the wall of the pool and was sort of kicking his open legs and he beckoned me over to him. So I went between those powerful muscled legs again and right up to his chest. I leaned into him and ran my hands over his pecs and then began licking and sucking one nipple then the other. He had run his hands around and was cupping my asscheeks - one in each hand and pulling me close so he could feel my hard cock against his.

As I was licking, kissing, sucking his nips and chest, he just walked us across the pool with my legs wrapped around his waist this time.

When we reached the deck, he turned and let me go and lifted himself onto the deck where his legs were on either side of my shoulders. There was that 11 inch cock pointing downward from the weight of it, right at my face. He took it in his hand and stroked it a few times and winked at me.

"I need you, Jimmyboy," he said. He never had to say that twice.

I ran my hands up his legs and moved in between his legs and let him push the head of his cock onto my lower lip. I did not open my mouth at first, just let him rub it back and forth across my lips, teasing me. (and him)

But, of course, neither of us could stand that very long and the sun was beating down on his body and he looked like a wet Greek God (to me) drying in the sun. I just pushed him back a little and he laid down... and I found my lunch waiting. I ran my tongue over his huge wet hairy balls, sucking them in over and over, rolling them around in my mouth while my hands found pleasure in roaming his lower belly and legs. I have told you how I enjoy the feel of a man's man and he was all that and more.

He took his cock in hand and pushed it down toward me, wanting me to suck him.

Of course, I welcomed the bulbous head of his cock to my mouth, but I laced my fingers around the shaft under his (yes, there was room for both hands around that shaft!) and just kept the head in my mouth -- moving my head in a circle and my tongue bathed the spongy glass-like head until he was throbbing like wild. With Herb's dick, you can see the veins throb when he is so hard.

Once I had his balls all hot and spittle wet, I could then stand better and closer and I got down to the business both of us liked best.

He had moved his hand to my head and pulled me up and now I could take his cock all the way and ride it up and down. And, I did. I could look up across that slightly hairy belly and that wide, heaving smooth chest and see his reaction as I licked and sucked his thick, hard prick -- and deep-throated him over and over.

I think if someone had driven up in a huge truck, we would have not noticed. When he was about to cum, he started pushing his hips up -- I rode the wave - and he started that loud groaning sound of his and pushed his legs straight out.

When Herb let go his load, it was hang on or get outta the way time. I hung on and he must have unloaded a teacup full!

His legs were trembling and his belly was taunt and hard as he pumped his liquid lust into my hungry throat over and over. I took all I could, but some of the last shots ran down my beard onto his balls.


I was hot as could be, so I stroked his cock and licked the lovemilk off his already well-sucked balls. He loved that! (and so did I).

As his breathing became easier and easier, I just lifted his cock to my lips and nibbled and licked up and down the underside... leaving the head alone as it was always very touchy after he shot a load.

The best memory - besides that wonderful cock of his - was watching this hunk of a man "come down" off a sensual high that I had made happen for him.

The sun was warm on us and he almost drifted to **** right there with me slowly loving on his cock and balls.

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New Neighbor

Posted by MONTED at 18,Sep,14 22:11

When he moved into the apartment on the third floor he had no idea that his next door neighbor would be Mr. Daniels. Shortly after settling in, Cameron heard a knock at his door and standing before him in a very tight almost see through tank top was the hulking, 6'4" black god around the age of 45, which he later came to learn was Mr. Daniels.

Cameron could not help but stare at the muscular pecs protruding through the tight tank top he wore and a slight bead of sweat dripping down this man's neck. Further glancing down he could see the outline of a bulge in Mr. Daniels dark black jeans. Before he let him see that he was staring he moved his eyes back up to his, "Hello. How can I help you?"... "I'm Mr. Daniels, it seems that we are now neighbors and I thought I would introduce myself since I saw you moving in.". Cameron proceeded to invite him in, not wanting to be rude and Mr. Daniels stepped through the door and as he walked past him he stared at his muscular black ass barely fitting into those jeans he was wearing, this time almost getting caught by Mr. Daniels as he turned back around and said "I like what you have done with the place." "Thanks" said Cameron. He began to show him into the bedroom which was just off the living room.

Upon entering, Cameron stopped quickly and Mr. Daniels proceeded to run into the back of him and Cameron could not help but feel the huge bulge against his ass. "I'm sorry" said Mr. Daniels. "It's alright... I don't mind... I mean..."... "Oh you don't mind? Do you?" said Mr. Daniels as he proceeded to move closer to Cameron's ass, grabbing him by the hips. "So you don't mind me doing this?" Cameron proceeded to let out a slight moan as he felt Mr. Daniels bulge begin to get hard in those jeans. From then Mr. Daniels turned Cameron around shoved him to his knees and proceeded to undo his jeans and reveal his thick 10 inch black cock. It fell out onto Cameron's face and then he forcefully shoved it down his throat making him suck him off. "I could see you checking me out as you were moving in... I knew from then that you wanted this cock... didn't you?" Cameron couldn't help but choke as he tried to deepthroat this huge black cock that had been shoved into his mouth. He could barely handle it, but he loved every second of it, but Mr. Daniels wanted more. He fully took off his jeans and his shirt and all the rippling black muscles were seen. His bulging six pack and huge pecs all covered with tattoos. He proceeded to rip off Cameron's clothes, revealing his thin musclular white body and threw him on the bed and began to eat out his tight hole. Cameron moaning louder and louder as his tongue went deeper into his tight hole. It had been so long since he had, had some and he was not sure how his tight hole was going to take it. Mr. Daniels then stood up and spit on his tight pink hole and began to slide his 10" of black cock into Cameron's ass.

Moaning louder and louder... half screaming in pain, but trying his best to take it. Mr. Daniels began to pound his ass once he got it in all the way, "You are gonna take all of this cock! I knew you wanted me to fuck you when I saw you yesterday! So now you better take every black inch of this raw cock until I blow my load in you!" Moaning louder and louder! "Holy shit, daddy! You are so big, I had no idea it would be this much! FUCK!" Cameron said as he stroked his own stiff cock. Stroking faster and faster with such ecstasy that he could not help but shoot his huge load out all over the bed as his ass flexed on the thick black cock in his ass. Mr. Daniels continued to pound his white ass grabbing his shoulders so he could get deeper and deeper in his bottoms ass. And just when Cameron thought he couldn't take any more blows to his tight ass he felt Mr. Daniels tense up and then a warm load began to fill his ass. It felt so good inside of him, he didn't want it to stop. As Mr. Daniels began to slowly pull out his cock, cum began to drip out of Cameron's hole. Mr. Daniels proceeded to put his pants and tank top back on, smacked Cameron's ass and said, "Welcome to the building, I'm Mr. Daniels... let me know if you ever need... anything... I do mean... anything."

He then left the apartment and Cameron was left to enjoy the cum filling up his ass from the sexy black man he had only fantasized about the day before. "He did say to let him know if I needed anything." he thought to himself and laid in bed in complete ecstasy.

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The Ranch

Posted by MONTED at 18,Sep,14 22:10

From about the age of thirteen, I spent every summer with my grandfather on his ranch. Each year, I found that I enjoyed being around the ranch foreman and the hands more and more. Each year they seemed to excite me sexually more than the year before. By the time I was ****, I knew that I was gay but I had to keep it hidden.

Also after three or four years, I knew almost as much about ranching as the rest of them did and decided that in college I would have a double major in business and agriculture. By the time I graduated, my grandfather was in poor health although his mind was still very sharp. After graduation, he turned the running of the ranch over to me while training me to also handle the financial end of the business.

Then, after about a year, the unexpected happened and my grandfather passed away. In his will, he left his entire estate to me. It was all now my responsibility.

After the funeral, I called Clay, the ranch foremen, to the office in the main house. Clay was roughly six-six, thirty-two years old, extremely muscular with black hair. He had a neatly trimmed full beard, and a beautiful hairy chest and his bright blue eyes would melt your heart.

"You wanted to see me, Mark, uh, boss?"

"Clay, you can still call me Mark," I said. "I just wanted to let you know that I will be coming to you for advice from time to time."

"I'll do anything I can to help you out. I loved your grandfather like my own and I'll give you the same loyalty I gave him."

"Will the fact that I'm six years younger than you affect your work in any way?"

"It will be strange for a while but I'll get used to it. You were already making most of the decisions."

"I appreciate that Clay. Now, I want you to do something for me."

"Name it," Clay said.

"With my grandfather passing and the funeral and all, the guys have been supportive and caring. Let them know that they can all take this weekend off, and that includes you."

"Speaking on behalf of the guys, thanks. I know they will appreciate it."

I stood and he gave me a hug, and when he did, my entire body experienced a warm sexual feeling. I wanted to hold him more and kiss him but I was sure he would never permit it.

The weekend arrived and most of the guys headed into town, after their chores on Friday evening. Saturday morning, I headed to the barn to check of the horses and when I entered I heard unexpected groans emitting from the tack room.

Walking to the door, I listened for a moment then opened the door. Looking in, I froze at what I saw. There before me was Clay, nude, on his knees sucking one of the other hands, Brad, who was also nude. Seeing me, they also froze. As they stared at me, I stared at them. Then, stepping back, I closed the door and returned to my office in the house.

The office had a door leading into the house proper as well as a door leading to the outside porch. I sat at my desk, not believing that this massive beautiful hunk of a man was into male sex.

After a few moments, the door leading to the outside opened and Clay stepped in.

There was total silence for a few seconds before Clay spoke up and said, "Mark, I never meant for you to find out about me. I just wanted to let you know that I'll gather my things and be out of here later today."

I stood and walked around my desk to face Clay. "Did my grandfather know anything?"

"He nearly caught me on a few occasions so I'm sure he suspected, but he never said anything."

Stepping up to him, I said, "If he didn't mine, then neither do I." At that point, I leaned closer and just as my hand grasp his huge firm cock, my lips met his. He was lifeless for a moment then as I began offering my tongue he accepted, and it turned into a hot passionate kiss. Soon, he was grasping my cock.

After the kiss ended, I looked at him and said, "I've wanted to do that for several years but never dreamed that you would let me."

"Over the last several years, I've noticed the way you looked at me and the other guys and wondered if there was anything to it. Now, I know there was."

"Does it make any difference?"

"Fuck no! I think it's great," he replied. "But one of us needs to let Brad know. He's in his room packing his things."

"Come with me," I said.

We went to the bunkhouse and to Brad's room. When we walked in he looked at me and said, "I'll be gone shortly, Mr. Rivers."

Brad was a hot good looking well; built young man of twenty-two. Looking at him, I told him to unpack his things and not worry about what had happened.

He looked back and forth between Clay and I. I could tell he was still unsure. I quickly solved that problem.

I walked up to Brad, an began rubbing his crotch. As I felt his cock stiffen, I slowly unzipped his jeans. I motioned Clay over and unzipped his also. Soon, I had both pair of jeans down around their ankles and their hard cocks in my hands.

I dropped to my knees and as I looked up into Brad's eyes, I began swallowing his cock. He looked at Clay for a moment before Clay leaned down and kissed him.

As they kissed passionately, I alternated between their cocks, sucking each one hungrily. Before long, Brad moaned and I knew he was close. Seconds later his cock exploded in my mouth filling it with his huge thick load of creamy cum. After collecting it all and swallowing, I turned to Clay and quickly brought him to his climax. After swallowing his huge delicious load, I stood up and smiled.

Looking at Brad, I asked, "Are you now convinced that everything is cool between us?"

"Yes, sir, I am."

With that, Clay quickly knelt and began working on my belt and zipper. Brad dropped and began helping him and within seconds, my jeans were down around my ankles. Then, they both began licking my cock and balls and after a moment they were taking turns devouring my hard horny cock.

Before long I reached my climax and together they accepted it and kissed as they shared it and swallowed. Then, after standing, they leaned toward me and we had a hot three way kiss.

That evening, I invited Clay to have dinner with me in the main house. When he arrived, I greeted him with a hot kiss. He helped with dinner and afterward, I led him to my bedroom. For dessert, we had a hot passionate slow sixty-nine. We then cuddled for a while and I asked when he started with guys.

He told me that it was during his basic training for the Marines when his drill sergeant made passes at him. He said he had been curious and before long they were sucking and fucking each other.

"Do you like fucking another guy in the ass?" I asked.

"Oh yea, almost as much as I like getting fucked."

"I see," I said. "How would you like me up your ass?"

"I was just about to ask you to fuck me," he replied.

Seconds later as we kissed, I was slowly sliding my lubed cock up his deliciously tight hole. "Oh fuck, you feel awesome," I said.

"So do you," he replied.

I started slowly but as time passed and my climax neared, I got faster and faster. soon, my cock erupted and he exclaimed loudly, "Oh, fuck yea. Fill my hole with that hot load. Fuck me, boss."

I quickly deposited my seed deep in his hole as we kissed passionately. Once I had pulled out, I looked at him and said, "Now it's your turn to make a deposit up my ass."

"My pleasure."

We quickly changed positions and he had his thick hard eight in cock buried balls deep in my ass and I was loving it. He began to piston in and out as I moaned in shear pleasure. He eventually reached his climax and filled my hole with his huge load. After a hot kiss, he raised my legs and to shocked pleasure, he began sucking his own load out of my ass.

"Share it with me," I told him.

Soon, we were kissing, working his cum load back and forth between our mouths. Soon we each swallowed part of it.

Looking up into his face, I asked "Did you ever think that at any time you would have sex with your boss?"

"You're my third boss since the Marines and all the others would have fired me if I would have tried anything."

I began to question him about the rest of the hands to see if any were into male sex.

"Your grandfather left the hiring to me and whenever we needed a new hand, I always found on that was gay. However, there is two exceptions, Buck and Luke both claim to be straight but when ever we all get together out on rides, they are more than willing to get naked with us and get their cocks sucked or fuck our asses. I seriously think that they will eventually make the switch, though."

"Do either ever just asked someone to suck their cocks?"

"Oh yea, they both do at times. Why?"

"Well, since they both know about you, do me a favor and somehow let them know that I'm into guys and would love to suck them, and if they ever need it, just come to me and tell me."

"Consider it done, boss."

Clay spent the night with me and the next morning we started the day with a sixty-nine.

We knew the rest of the hands would be returning in the afternoon and Clay asked, "Should anything be said to the rest of the guys?"

"No, not yet."

"How do I approach them? They will know that you and I have had sex."

"I'm sure you will find away, but tell them that they have to keep it to themselves."

Shortly after lunch I called Brad into the house and the three of us had a hot three-way sucking and fucking. We then told Brad to keep everything to himself.

Mid afternoon, the rest of the hands began returning. I sat on the porch looking at them and not believing that this bunch of hot rugged studs were nearly all gay.

Later, from my office window, I saw Clay out by the barn talking to Buck.

Buck was in his early thirties and stood six- two. He was muscular and semi-hairy with numerous tattoos. I knew that I'd enjoy sucking his cock.

I watched as they talked and then I saw a shocked expression on Buck's face as he looked toward the office.

Later, I saw Clay talking to Luke, and I knew that he was again planting the seed in his mind also. Now all I had to do was sit back and wait.

Clay and I had sex again on Wednesday and he informed me that both guys had again questioned him and asked if he as sure that I wanted their cocks. He said he had reassured them that I did.

Late Thursday afternoon just at dusk, I saw Buck walking toward the office. I wondered if he was coming for sex.

He knocked on the office door and after I told him to come in, he seemed extremely nervous.

"What can I help you with, Buck?" I asked.

"Well, uh, Clay and I were talking, and uh, he said you might be able to uh, help me if I was in need, if you uh,know what I mean."

"Buck, are you horny and need some relief?"

"Uh, yea, very."

"Well, I like to keep my employees happy. Come with me."

He followed me to my bedroom and once there, I told him to make himself totally comfortable. He watched as I stripped, and he soon began stripping. I had him lay on the bed and lay next to him in a sixty-nine position in case he wanted to do anything.

As I began to fondle his thick cock, it stiffened. As the first sign of his thick clear pre-cum emerged from his piss slit, I licked it off before swallowing his cock. He moaned softly in pleasure. I was totally engrossed in sucking his cock when I suddenly felt his hand on my cock. He began stroking me and it felt awesome.

Before long, he climaxed and after I had collected it all and swallowed, he sat up and continued jerking my cock. Soon , my cock erupted sending several long thick volleys out onto my chest and stomach.

"Mother Fuck!" he exclaimed. "That's the first time I ever jerked a guy off and watched him shoot. That was unreal."

We both dressed and as he started to leave I patted his shoulder and said, "Feel free to come back anytime."

"You can count on it," he said smiling.

Undoubtedly he had talked to Luke, because a few days later Luke came to me saying that he had talked to Buck and was told that I could help him out. I took him to my room and after we stripped, i sucked him off also but he just lay there enjoying it.

Clay and Brad would visit me late at night secretly for sex and it was awesome. I loved sliding my cock up Brad's hot young ass while I sucked Clay's big cock.

Toward the end of the following week, Buck returned and this time he simply said, "Boss, I'm horny and need you."

"Sure," I replied. "You know the way so go get ready while I lock up."

When I arrived, he was in bed nude, his cock rock hard. I stripped and again lay in a sixty-nine next to him and began sucking his cock.

After a moment, I felt him lift my cock and slowly stroke it.

It was only a few moments later when I felt the difference. Buck was no longer stroking my cock. He was sucking it!

I moaned softly in pleasure and really got into our sixty-nine and noticed that the longer it continued the more Buck was getting into it. Before long, Buck reached his climax and fed me his delicious huge load. After eagerly swallowing it, I warned him that I was nearing my climax.

I expected him to stop and start jerking me off, but he didn't. He continued sucking me and I figured that since I had warned him and ne didn't stop, he must have wanted my load. A second later my cock exploded, filling Buck's mouth with my hot thick load. He gagged slightly and I thought he was going to spit it all over me and my bed, but he regained his composure and began swallowing my load and milking me dry.

When it was over, I looked at him and said, "I sure wasn't expecting that."

"Well to be honest I have been curious about what it was like sucking a guys cock. After finding out that my boss was gay I figured I'd give it a try."

"What did you think?" I asked.

"To be honest, I liked it. When I got that first taste, I wasn't sure I could go further, but I quickly realized that the taste wasn't bad and that I actually liked it and wanted to swallow it."

"You going to let the others know?"

"Why not? All the others except Luke suck cock."

Then he surprised me more by leaning toward me and giving me a hot wet deep- throat tongue kiss. I immediately responded and returned the kiss.

He left and a few minutes later Clay came into the office and said, "I saw you had a visitor. I guess he wanted a blow job."

"Yea," I replied. "Have a seat."

Clay sat across the desk from me and as he looked at me, I said, "He not only got his blow job, but he also blew me."

"What? You're fucking kidding me!"

"Nope, and he says he liked it."

"Holy shit!" Clay exclaimed.

I smiled and said, "I'm glad you stopped by because I want your opinion on something."

"What's that, boss?"

"I've been running an idea through my head. What do you think about letting all the guys go nude whenever they feel like it?"

"I think most would like it," he replied.

"Well, it would not be a 'sex anytime' thing. They would have to be through with their chores first."

"I agree but what about visitors to the ranch driving up and finding them nude?"

"That's an easy fix. I'm having an alarm installed which would signal us when someone passes through the gate. With it being as far away as it is, everyone would have time to get out of sight or dressed."

"I think they will like it," he said again.

"Let's keep it just between us for now," I said. He smiled and nodded.

On weekends, I liked to give the hands Saturday off to relax, go to town, **** or do whatever they wanted. The alarm was installed on Thursday and had all the hands asking questions about it. All they were told was that there would be a mandatory meeting of all employees Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon arrived and everyone was curious about what was going on. By now every one of them knew that I was gay also. I looked at them and began.

"Men, the alarm was installed for a reason. When a car passes through the gate the alarm horn will sound. The reason for that is that effective immediately, anyone that wants to is free to go nude anywhere on this ranch that they want to. Just stay out of sight when near the edge of the property. If you hear the alarm, get out of sight or at least gets some pants on. Just so you know, those coolers are full of cold beer. Help yourself."

They stood and looked at me, not quite sure what to do. To put them at ease, I immediately kicked off my boots and removed my jeans and shirt, before putting my boots back on. Standing before them nude I noticed that they had also began stripping.

Soon, we were all sitting around the recreation area, relaxing and enjoying a cold beer, all nude, including our one straight hand, Luke.

Saturday, to my surprise, no one headed into town. After breakfast, everyone had brought out snacks and was enjoying the pool. Of course, everyone was nude. When they saw me on the back porch of the house they motioned for me to join them. I did and once there, Clay came up to me and said, "Boss, their wanting to know if on free time like today if they can have sex where ever they want?"

Smiling, I said, "Guys, when you are on free time and finished with all your chores, you are free to have sex anywhere you want. My only rule is that there is no sex or peeing in the pool. Enjoy yourself."

Everyone cheered and seconds later Brad came up to me and began sucking my cock. Everyone watched for a few seconds them began pairing up and going at it. I quickly climaxed and fed my load to the youngest hand I had working for me.

I noticed Luke sitting to the side, drinking a beer and his cock rock hard. I walked over and sat next to him and asked why he wasn't enjoying himself.

"Boss, you know I don't suck cock, but I find it intriguing watching all the others suck and fuck each other. Buck told me that he started sucking cock and I didn't believe him until he sucked me off night before last in my room. He said that if I tried it I'd enjoy it."

"Who knows, you just might but it is totally up to you."

As Luke and I sat watching the others, Buck came up and as he looked at Luke he said, "Luke, I want to get fucked and I want you to be the first."

"Fuck, man, right here?"

"Sure. You are nice and hard so why don't I just sit on it like Brad is sitting on Clay."

Luke and I looked over to see Brad riding Clay's cock and enjoying it.

"If that's what you want then do it," Luke told him.

Brad sucked on Luke some to get his cock wet then straddled him and began sitting on his cock. Watching him loose his virginity got me super horned and my cock was quickly rock hard. After several moments, Buck had Luke's cock buried in his ass and began to slowly raise and lower his ass on it.

I noticed Luke's eyes roll back slightly, before he looked at Buck and said, "This is a first for both of us."

I looked at him and said, "You mean that you have never fucked before?"

"Nope. The only thing I've ever done with another man is let him suck my cock. But I will say that I think his ass is better that a woman's cunt."

I smiled and as I did, he motioned for me to step closer. I did and he began stroking my cock as Buck rode his cock. Then, after just a few moments, Buck leaned toward me and kissed me then leaned down and began sucking my cock.

Luke had a close up view of Buck sucking me and after a moment Buck stopped and grasped my cock and offered it to Luke. Luke looked at it a moment and seemed uninterested, then suddenly leaned over and swallowed my cock.

By not everyone was watching the two supposed straight guys sucking cock. they began to gather around. As Luke sucked on my cock, Buck soon began sucking on our cook, George. George was in his late forties but still well built and sported a huge eight and a half inch cock.

Soon, Luke exploded up Buck's ass as Buck began swallowing the huge load George was feeding him. I quickly followed and fired my climax into the virgin mouth only to fine Luke eagerly swallowing it.

Once the show was over everyone returned to their sexual activities. I looked at Luke and asked, "How is it that you had no problem eating my load?"

He began to blush and said, "I admit that I've been serious especially after Buck sucked me. so for the last couple days I've been jerking a lot and eating my own. If I decided to suck a guys cock the last thing I wanted to do was look weak and gag on the load."

"Well, did you enjoy it?" I asked.

"Very much."

Now every one of the guys working for me was a cock sucker. And before long, Luke lost his virginity to Buck and we all got to watch him take his first cock up his ass. It was awesome.

As time passed, I asked Clay to find a hot gay young man to take care of the lawn area around the house, the flower beds and the pool. I soon had a hot eighteen year old football start from the local college working for me. he loved coming here and after he finished his work sucking cock and getting fucked. And I loved sucking his long slim cock.

After about a year, I asked Clay to be my lover. He quickly said yes but we agreed that on our sex days around the pool we were both free to do whatever we wanted with whom ever we wanted.

Then, Buck and Luke became lovers and had the same agreement that Clay and I had.

The ranch grew and I gradually bough surrounding property. As it grew, we hired more hands and of course they had to be hot and gay. I now have twenty hands working for me and our Saturday free day is not one big hot orgy around the pool.

There are days that Clay and I both will get gang banged by the rest of the guys. Little do they know that we both love it. It is so hot to look over the crowd and see groups of guys together sucking and fucking.

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My ****'s Husband

Posted by MONTED at 18,Sep,14 21:59

My name is Joshua and I'm 24 years old. Just over 6'2, at 185, I must admit I'm in pretty good shape. I'm now in law school and doing pretty well in my classes. I'm gay and have been out to my family as long as I can remember. I guess I'm pretty lucky that way. My family noticed early on that my head turned for the other boys, and not the other girls. My only other sibling is my **** Janey, who's a year older then me, and fortunately was pretty popular in school and always kept an eye out for me. We usually found ourselves hanging out with the same crowd since we were both pretty athletic and involved in many sports activities in both high school and college, since we had always attended the same schools. We both have dark wavy hair and light skin, and we both have green eyes. We both had boyfriends in high school and college, and usually compared notes. It was kind of cool to be honest.

During my college years I paid more attention to my studies and so my social life suffered, not really having the time to commit to a serious relationship, which was actually okay for me, knowing I wanted to get my career on track and good grades were essential. After college, I applied for, and was accepted to a good law school in our home town, not eager to move away from my family. Law school was going well and I'm halfway through, having survived the intense burden of my first year work load. I even have time for a part time job at a local law office.

My ****, at 25, is now engaged. She met her fiancé in college and since they first met and went out, they knew that this was something serious. Jason is a great guy. Unlike Janey and I, he is blonde and blue eyed. He is also pretty athletic like us and loves to keep his body in shape. As an accounting major, his good grades allowed him to get a pretty decent job in town while my **** was happy to give it all up to stay at home. She has some clerical job now, but I can be sure that the day she gets pregnant, her career days will be certainly over. I had met Jason a few times and found him to be a good guy. To be honest, I kept my distance. In the past, when Janey dated a cute guy, I sometimes found my self ogling over them and occasionally jacking off to images of them I had in my head - usually naked images of them of course. But I could tell that this guy was marriage material, and I wanted to play it safe. I didn't need to leer at Jason and scare him off!

Once out of college, Janey, Jason and I would go out to dinner to just catch up. I was keeping pretty busy at law school and they were pretty busy with their lives as well. By now, they had moved in together and I got my own apartment while in law school. Of course we saw our folks now and then as well. But I digress.

Jason and I got along very well. He didn't seem to have any issues with me being gay and actually asked about my social life from time to time, showing me that he really cared. Since I was just as athletic as he was, sometimes we'd get together for a pick up basketball game or get seats to a baseball game if Janey was busy. The truth is, we became like brothers, which was cool, always feeling like I missed out on that experience. Jason was an only ****, so I think he enjoyed having a new **** as well. Sometimes he joked that being engaged to Janey was like a two for one deal for him. I liked the sound of it.

About two months before the wedding, Jason and I went to see a baseball game. It was pretty slow moving. I think by the 6th inning, the score was only 1 - 0. Like I said, a slow game. We talked about so much, especially the upcoming marriage. Jason wanted me as best man, which really moved me, that he thought so much of me, especially since he had a ton of close guy friends. Anyway, he turned to me, with this serious expression. Uh, oh, I thought.

"Josh, I need to ask you a question," Jason began.

"Yeah?" I responded.

"When Janey and I started dating, you really kept your distance from us. Did you not approve of me or something?" Jason asked.

"No, of course not. I always thought you were a cool guy. I liked you," I added.

Jason kept his serious face. He sat silently for a moment. "I mean I didn't even know you at first, but now I do!" I said, offering him a reassuring grin.

"Its just that," Jason began, "Janey told me that you both used to talk all the time about who you both dated, and usually hung around checking out the dates to make sure they were decent and all that. But you kept your distance. I remember so many times trying to get Janey to invite you along for dinner or something, and you had every excuse possible. Even Janey was disappointed," Jason explained, still looking like a dog left out in the rain.

I put my hand on Jason's shoulder. "Listen Jason, you're being silly. I think you're a super guy. Your'e smart and have a good job and are good to my ****, and I got a **** like I always wanted," I said, giving his shoulder a reassuring squeeze before pulling it back and turning back to the field, trying to contain my emotions.

We sat quietly after that. "Your right, I didn't mean to push you or anything. It is good now and I'm happy to have you as a **** also!" Jason added.

"But what are you not telling me?" Jason suddenly blurted out. I kept my gaze straight ahead.

"Nothing, nothing at all, honest," I said, without looking at him. Suddenly I felt him grab me by the shoulder and **** me to face him. He didn't say a word. Jason just waited. "There's nothing to say," I repeated.

"Talk," Jason repeated, giving my shoulder another shake until I pulled it away from him.

I stared at him for a few minutes. "I found you very good looking, that's all. I was afraid I'd make a pass at you. Okay? Satisfied? Am I embarrassed enough for you now?" I added, feeling a bit annoyed that he made me admit that.

"So I'm no longer good looking?" Jason asked, really pissing me off now.

"Don't be an asshole! Of course you are, but I would never do anything to mess up what you and Janey have and your straight as an arrow anyway!" I concluded with a dirty look, focusing back on the very boring baseball game.

We didn't say a word for a good half hour, until Jason spoke up again. "I'm sorry Joshua. I'm flattered actually and just wanted to make sure that you really did approve of me. Your acceptance is very important to me and I wanted to make sure there wasn't something I should know. Anyway, it's kind of cute that Jamey's **** **** thinks I'm cute."

"Please don't patronize me!" I said, still annoyed but to be honest, a little calmer now.

"Well its good I'm not gay cause I think your'e good looking too!" Jason said.

"You should stop talking now Jason, you're not making things any better!" I added, giving him another dirty look.

"I'm sorry, honest, its just when I'm near you, I'm reminded of Janey cause you smell like her. I like that!" Jason added.

"Oh please," I groaned, leaning into my seat away from Jason.

Things remained kind of quiet for the rest of the game and soon it was time for us to leave. Jason felt the icy air and we shook hands as we left, instead of the usual brotherly hug. We didn't talk much except about the wedding when decisions had to be made. I got busy with my studies again and then about a month later, shortly after I had supper and put the dishes away, there was a knock on my front door. I opened it and there stood Jason, again wearing his dog left out in the rain look. I decided to take the high road.

"Hi Jason, how are you? Is everything alright? This is a surprise seeing you here," I said calmly, really over the issues he raised when we spoke at the ball game. I stepped aside letting him in.

"I want to make sure that we're cool and stuff. I know I kind of gave you a hard time when we were together last. I feel that we're not as close as before!" Jason said sadly, taking a seat on my couch.

I gave him a reassuring grin. "We are, honest. My only concern is that you and Janey are happy." I added, sitting down next to him on the couch.

"To be honest, I guess I poked you a bit to start a certain conversation," Jason said, looking at me cautiously.

"What certain conversation?" I asked.

"The gay thing I guess," Jason began.

"The gay thing?" I said beginning to laugh.

"Yeah, like we need to talk about it or something," Jason explained.

"I don't know what you mean," I offered. Jason just stared at me, looking very lost.

"I told you I won't hit on you, if that's what you are worried about," I said, starting to get annoyed at him again.

"Its not that Josh," Jason quickly responded. "I thought we should talk about it though," he said.

"What's to say? It's a non issue to be honest. People like people and if they're comfortable and feel close to them, they get intimate. I just happen to lean towards guys and you lean towards girls. You DO lean towards girls right?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, yeah. It's just that, well, ...." Jason began, clearly at a loss for words.

Jason suddenly sat up straight and looked directly at me. "I like you Joshua, I really do. I feel so comfortable being with you and Its like you really are my ****. Its just awesome," Jason said beaming.

I couldn't help but break out in a wide smile. "I feel the same way Jason! But you think too much, that's all!"

Suddenly it hit me. "You think if you like a gay guy, then maybe you'll have other feelings too?" I asked, my eyebrows raising.

Jason looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I hit the nail on the head! I watched Jason closely as he slowly nodded his head up and down, which caused me to begin laughing. Jason met my response with a frown.

"You're getting married to my **** in one month. Hopefully we'll be in each others lives for a very long time. Being close to someone doesn't mean that sex has to follow. We will be brothers and you won't turn gay, I promise!" I said to reassure him.

We both stood up, and shook hands. Jason began to let a smile cross his face. "You're so cool, bro!" Jason said. I reached around and gave him a goodbye hug. "You're cool too," I said, looking him in the face and offering a wide smile. "You're just nervous," I added.

Jason leaned in for another quick hug which seemed to last longer then I expected. I felt Jason let out a deep sigh and could feel all the tension that he had start to subside. Poor guy, all the pressure he must be facing. I rubbed his back while we remained connected, gently massaging his muscles up and down, and soon felt him doing the same to me. I needed to release this hug, I thought. I could feel my heart beat begin to quicken. Suddenly I felt one of Jason's hands go lower, just below my waistline along my back.

Alarm bells began to go off in my head, but I just couldn't let go. Suddenly I lowered both my hands and soon held Jason's muscular ass cheeks in my open palms, ever so lightly kneading them. Jason followed suit and was also exploring my ass. In an instant, our hips both moved forward, grinding our crotches into each other. I couldn't go further, and used all of my resistance to pull back and away, separating ourselves. "This is wrong," I said, before looking up and seeing Jason's face.

Jason's cheeks were flushed and his eyes were red. He had been crying! I was speechless.

I looked at him quietly. "I love your **** so much, and when I'm with you, I feel like I'm with her. I get aroused," he announced, rubbing the front of his pants as if for effect, leading me to notice that there was a definite bulge there.

"But I'm not Janey, I'm Joshua, and I'm not someone's replacement. You have to stop thinking this way or i'll really be forced to keep my distance, and that's not fair to me," I objected.

"No, that's not what I meant," Jason began. "You're not a replacement, I think I like you too," he concluded.

"And I want you!" Jason suddenly blurted out. This was not good, I thought. Or was it?

Not sure what to do, I just stood there, looking at Jason and trying to figure out what to say, or maybe chase him out of my apartment. But suddenly Jason removed his shirt. Without an undershirt, he was now bare chested. My god, he had an amazing body. His fair hair, a few streaks of blonde hair highlighted an impressive chest and flat stomach. He stared at me, as if in a trance, and kicked off his sandals and undid his belt, pulling it out of the loops of his pants and tossing it to the floor. I was mesmerized, unable to speak or move. This guy that I had lusted after years before, and managed to suppress my thoughts and feelings for the sake of my ****, were now suddenly coming back, full ****. I don't remember pulling off my polo shirt, but I did, as I was now bare chested as well. I could feel Jason's eyes looking me over, and taking me in. Jason shucked his pants and soon stood only in his dark green boxers, a tent obviously visible in the front. I was a gonna. I dropped my pants, but because I didn't have on any underwear that day, my hard cock arose instantly once free of clothing.

Jason watched me strip, his eyes wide as saucers, a lascivious grin growing on his face, as if he were a starving man thrust in front of a Las Vegas endless buffet table. As if in his own trance, he pushed down his boxers and kicked them off as he walked towards me, his arms raising to reach me, his eyes never leaving my body. The sacrifices I am forced to make!

This guy was gorgeous. A hard erect cock, easily eight inches long, just throbbed in offering for me. This was real, and this hot body was about to become mine. I'll deal with my sins tomorrow, for tomorrow is another day! I thought. In no time, Jason and I were locked in a hard embrace. Our hard cocks thrust up squeezed between our equally flat bellies, our arms kept us in a locked embrace. Facing each other, we entered a kiss that I felt was one of the hottest I had ever experienced. I could hear Jason moaning as we continued to grind into each other. His actions were as strong and deliberate as mine, and knew that some heavy sex was about to happen. Our kiss broke, only after our tongues had met each other, when he grabbed me by the hand and led me to my bedroom and my bed. He lovingly pushed me back onto the bed as he climbed aboard, kissing me hungrily about the neck and shoulders.

By this time, the animal in me was released, as I reared up with a low growl and pushed Jason onto his back, this time with me straddling his magnificent hot body. I attacked his neck and shoulders and then went after that chest. I found his first nipple and sucked hungrily, feeling it harden in my mouth as my free hands massaged his perfect abs. With one nipple conquered, I moved to the other one, again taking it in my mouth and sucking hungrily, bringing it to full attention. I moved south, finding his firm yet soft abs and nuzzled my face deeply in his skin, taking in his scent and enjoying this exploration.

Jason moaned and groaned beneath me, his body grinding itself into the mattress as his legs thrashed about, spreading and giving me his best offering. His hands remained on the back of my head, lovingly caressing and maneuvering me lower and lower. And what could I do but oblige him? My face moved until my chin was poked by something new. I raised my face a bit for a better view, to see his hard throbbing cock pulse with life inches from my face. I looked up at Jason, examining his eyes for a clue which came instantly, his head slowly bobbing up and down giving me the signal to proceed with my assault. My tongue slipped out of my mouth slowly, watching Jason's face as I began to lick the top of his leaking cock. Jason only moaned louder, emitting a low guttural "Yes, Yes," telling me to proceed.

I licked the bottom of his cock, from the tip down to his balls, wetting up his throbbing rod, knowing full well, what I desired for him to do with it. I then began a serious sucking, making sure to get Jason's cock as rock hard as possible. Once or twice I felt his hips shudder and immediately loosened my lip grip, not wanting an orgasm to approach too early.

After some artful sucking, I sat up and got off Jason's body, already beginning to shine with a light layer of sweat. He looked at me curiously, not sure what was next. I grinned at him and pulled his legs up and into his belly, **** his hips to roll forward and reveal his tight pink rosebud. I leaned in for a few light kisses feeling him relax under me, knowing that I was only adding more pleasure to his experience.. I began to lick hungrily, occasionally darting my tongue quickly in and out his hole, finding him sweet and salty. I continued licking his balls and slowly slipping in one ball at a time, to hungrily suck on it and hearing him whimper as I went.

I pulled myself up towards him, until I was lying next to him, our bare shoulders touching. "Either I can fuck you or you can fuck me, your choice bro," I offered seductively. "I don't have any condoms," he muttered, not giving me a direct answer.

"I don't either, but I'm pretty confident neither of us have anything to worry about, I said with a wink. "Fuck me," he whispered, returning the wink. I sat up and he quickly sat up as well. "I suppose I need to suck you up nice and wet," Jason offered.

"Yeah," I said, making sure he was ready. Jason shook his head eagerly, as if being offered a free ride at an amusement park!

Jason pushed me back against the bed, **** apart my legs as he slowly began to lick my cock and suck it. Hesitant at first, he got more aggressive as he went. Not being too effective at first, he got better as I gave him some directions. I certainly couldn't fault his enthusiasm as I soon felt the heat rising from deep down, knowing that he soon had the ability to bring me over the edge. At that point I pushed him off me and got him back onto his back, his legs spread while his cock twitched eagerly for the coming experience. I put myself between his legs and moved my hips forward, lining up my cock for its eventual target. I watched his face, mixed with apprehension and excitement, I wanted his first time to be both pleasurable and fun. I leaned forward on my hands hovering over Jason as I felt my cock head pop inside his rosebud, guided by my hand. I pushed in a bit further, my eyes still locked on his face, watching to see if he felt any discomfort.

Jason's expression did turn serious as one pint, and so I froze in place, letting his ass get used to the entrance of my throbbing cock. As his face relaxed, I ventured in further, again stopping to allow his body to adjust accordingly. A bit further and his smile returned, no longer concerned of something he couldn't handle. With a slow rocking back and forth motion, I began my fucking, making sure to offer this stud the fullest pleasure. A little further in and I could tell I was now pushing his love button, his prostate, as he started to howl and moan with glee.

"Oh yes yes yes, Josh," this is awesome, you are awesome," he announced, looking deep into my eyes and showing me how good he was feeling.

My thrusts became stronger and I was soon in full fuck mode, plowing deep and clenching my ass as I went. In not time, I was all in, our pubes rubbing and crashing as I plunged in and plunged again. My cock felt so good. It had been so long before I had some really good sex, and with someone I really wanted to be with. But I knew that this was probably a one time thing, for soon he would belong to my ****, and I was okay with that, knowing that I had sort of taken a test drive with what she was about to get.

My head returned to reality as my orgasm announced itself. My hips shook and vibrated as I felt the electricity roll down to my toes. Hanging on above Jason, I plunged one more time and felt my insides erupt. I froze, my hips digging down, as wave after wave of my cum escaped deep into Jason's ass. Jason meanwhile, moaned approvingly, clearly feeling the arrival of my juices. We got quiet as I felt my cock withdraw and begin its return to normal size. Exhausted and panting, I rolled off my beautiful stud and lay next to him, as both of our breathing slowly resumed a normal pace.

"That was better then anything I had imagined," Jason offered, a wide smile plastered across his face.

"So you had imagined this? Us, I mean?" I asked curiously.

Jason turned his head to face me, still smiling. "To be honest, yeah! I've always found you kind of sexy. I just never knew what to do about it," Jason offered in true honesty.

"So you ready to have your way with me now?" I asked.

"Can I?" Jason asked, showing that eagerness again.

I reached down and pulled my knees into my chest, **** my own asshole to point upward in invitation.

"But are you ready?" Jason asked. "I'm not sure I'm quite ready to lick up your ass," he added with a blush.

"Judging by the precum I can see you're leaking, I think we can make this work, just go slow and follow my directions, okay?" I asked Jason, already getting in position and lining his cock up before my hungry eager rosebud.

I guided Jason through the initial steps, his listening was quite obedient and he was patient to allow my own ass to relax and get used to his size. Although his cock was probably eight inches long like my own cock, he was a bit thicker and it was quite the effort to get him in my without too much pain. But sure enough, between his eagerness to comply and my pent up horniness taking over, we soon had Jason leaning over me in a push up position and his cock then piston plunging deep in and out. All in all, a most excellent fucking, considering it was his first time. But as a newbie, he found his orgasm approaching sooner then either of us would have preferred. Jason slowed once or twice in order to delay his climax, but my hungry ass was uncontrollable and kept squeezing down on his throbbing hard rod, and so he soon shot his load deep inside of me.

But believe me when I said I had no complaints. Jason thrust hard and deep, draining his balls in several spurts of his man cream. In a short while, his cock was shrinking back to normal size, and he pulled out and fell back onto the bed next to me, panting like a race horse. I could feel his cum leak out of my ass as he rubbed his bare hips against mine. It felt so good, but again the thoughts came rushing back that this was going to be our last time.

Jason rolled onto his side to face me, his face still a bit flushed and his chest still gleaming with that post orgasmic glow that we all have now and then. I rolled over as well, expecting him to say something.

"Amazing was all can say," he began. "And so tight, man oh man!"

"Glad you liked it bro," I offered. "But you know this is our first and last time, don't you?" I said.

Jason frowned, and I could see him deep in thought. Then he said the one word I had a feeling he would offer: "Why?"

"Cause you're getting married dummy!" I offered.

"And? Its not like you're a stranger, and I'm certainly not cheating with another woman?" Jason said, trying desperately to rationalize things.

"But it's still cheating!" I repeated, knowing that I was right but also sad that I was right, as I really could enjoy this guy on a regular basis.

Jason fell back onto the mattress, staring at the ceiling. "I know you're right," he finally admitted.

"Anyway, bro, we'll always see each other and can do stuff with each other like always, we'll just happen to know each other a bit better now, so hopefully, you won't feel awkward or something," I added, giving him a quick wink.

"And it will be more fair now anyway," I quickly said.

"How's that?" Jason asked.

"Because now you will also have to control yourself just like I do now! Ha!" I added.

"Oh, fuck you," Jason said in a tease, poking me in the belly.

"You just did!" I replied with a laugh.

We talked for a while and soon got out of bed, taking our turns in the shower before dressing.

As promised, we behaved ourselves for the next month, in the time leading up to the wedding. The event itself went off perfectly, and a good time was had by all. Jason and I spent a lot of time together, which actually thrilled my **** as she had so much to deal with for family and friends and the wedding. Janey was also very happy that Jason and I clicked, if only she knew really knew how well!

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Lube Job

Posted by MONTED at 18,Sep,14 21:56

My problem was that I didn't have time to jack off that early Saturday morning. I was running late for an appointment I had made with my auto mechanic. He had a busy business and, only as a special favor, was he allowing me come in on a Saturday. But I was horny. Really horny! My big balls tingled with every movement I made. They felt heavy with juice and kept letting me know they were ready for a great explosion of cum. During my quick shower, I had sensed they were in perfect condition for some action, all plump and full, tingly and serious, but I had to forgo my pleasures and abstain from my normal morning jack off so I wouldn't be late.

The mechanic realized that over the past few years I had become a very good customer. He kept my two cars in top-notch condition, doing all their routine maintenance and taking care of any problems that arose. I was never hesitant to take his advice about the cars and I always paid my bill before leaving his shop. So, when I told him that Saturday was the only day this week I had free, he surprised me by agreeing to an early appointment.

When I arrived at his shop, I saw him leaning against the building, looking very casual. And exceptionally sexy! He wore short shorts with breath-taking bulges; a sleeveless T-shirt cut so short his muscled midriff was fully exposed; a pair of work boots, which looked out of place with that outfit but gave him an incredibly seductive aura and did something to increase the impact his muscular long legs had on me; and a baseball cap, which he refused to wear backwards in the popular mode.

When he saw my car approaching, he waved me into the only open bay, guiding me with a flurry of arm movements. Then he closed the doors behind us. My tingling balls told me we were alone together in that silent garage.

The provocative sight of his nonchalant movements reconfirmed to me that I should have taken the time to jack off that morning. Just the sight of him was turning me on.

In the years that I'd known him, following him from his work at a large garage to opening his own business, I had no doubt that his handsome good looks and outstanding physique were the real reasons for my loyalty. As he matured and grew stronger, he also grew even better looking and sexier. But these were factors quietly enjoyed from afar. I had never come on to him, and was glad I hadn't when, about a year and a half ago, he got married. But we had become friendly enough, bantering humorously together and sharing laughs, so I'd been invited to the wedding.

I had recommended him to a number of my friends, also. Most of them were gay, although fairly discreet about it. But I figured the mechanic was not stupid. He knew the score. He probably figured I was gay, too, but never threw it up to me.

He looked me over as I got out of the car. "How're ya doin', man?" he asked in welcoming tones.

"Hot and horny, Sam," I replied with an honest grimace. "Hot and horny," I repeated casually, thinking about the times I'd heard that same phrase used.

"Yeah. I know the feelin'," he agreed casually. A strong hand fell to his crotch and he adjusted himself unselfconsciously.

I stared his flagrant gesture. I couldn't help myself. I'd never before seen him in casual clothes, let alone such sexy ones, only in his loose-fitting coveralls, and the tuxedo at the wedding. His basket was plump and full ("Just like my balls," I thought) and so impressive as to be almost immodest. Everything about him exuded sexual energy. I was amazed. His every movement enticed me. It felt like he was flaunting himself at me, coming on to me.

"Yeah, Jack," he sighed, sidling up right next to me, "I'm horny, too. More'n usual."

"Why's that?" I asked, my heart in my throat.

"Wife's been gone all week; won't be back 'til a week from tomorrow." He almost whispered the information to me, as if sharing a suggestive ****.

"Ooh. Jeez!" I said, commiserating with him, "You MUST be horny. Is this the first time she's left you alone?"

"Naw. She's done it before," he answered, looking pained. Then, after a pause, he added, "But this time it's really been tough on me. More'n usual."

I didn't know quite what to say, so I just nodded my head.

"Yeah, I'm horny, alright," he told me, paused, and then grinned, nudging me with an elbow, "But what about you? You're a single guy. What do you do to get your rocks off when you're horny?"

"Well, I'm a guy who jacks off a lot," I admitted, honestly, seemingly without much enthusiasm.

"Yeah, like most guys," he agreed. "I've just never been one for 'solo' bouts with my fist, though. Guess I need lots of lovin'." He looked downhearted.

I smiled at him. I couldn't think of the right thing to say and cursed myself for it. He seemed to be trying to lead this somewhere, and I would surely follow, but I sensed that anything I said could easily be misinterpreted. I didn't want to piss him off. Jack him off, maybe. But piss him off, never.

"Well, whadda ya need, today, Jack?" he suddenly asked, changing the subject completely, becoming officious.

"I need a lube job." I was serious

He leaned back and laughed, loudly. He saw my perplexed look and laughed even harder. Through the laughter, he asked, with some effort, "Don't ya know what that means?"

I shook my head.

"Never ask a mechanic for a lube job..." He paused, looked serious, and added, " means you want your crank oiled. Or you want to be serviced by an oiled crank; one way or the other." Then he laughed some more, apparently finding my obvious embarrassment quite amusing.

When he calmed down, he grinned, put an arm around my shoulder like an affectionate older ****, and said, "Look, Jack, if ya really want a lube job, I'll give ya one." He paused, a serious look on his face, then he added, "...but you'll have to give me one, too." And he started to laugh again.

"All right," I said simply. I was calm.

His hand dropped from around my shoulders, he stopped laughing, and took a step back, away from me. He stared at me. Then his eyes darted around as if to be sure we weren't being watched or overheard. "Don't fuck around, man," he said in a pained whisper.

"I never fuck around..." I said simply, pausing. "...not that way," I added.

His eyebrows shot up. "You mean you'd be willin' to..." he didn't finish his sentence.

"Fuckin' A," I replied in all seriousness, mimicking a friend of mine who loves to use that expression.

"Well... Uh... why?" he asked hesitantly, acting a bit confused.

"Looks like we're both in the same boat, man. You're horny. I'm horny." I paused. "If I can be of 'service'..." I paused, after stressing the word, twisting it into a sexual nuance.

He grinned. I had used the right word. "Service!" he repeated excitedly. A hand returned to his groin and he groped himself again, this time lewdly, watching for my reaction.

I slid a knowing fist to my own crotch and straightened up my lengthening cock so it wouldn't get stuck in the pants leg of my jeans. His reaction was to grin as he stared at the bulge.

"I'm turning you on, aren't I?" he whispered.

"Yes," I answered simply.

"Wow! This is great! I really need some..." he stopped. The bulge in his shorts formed a thick, straight lump right up to the waistline of the garment. He was becoming erect and the evidence of it was truly impressive. Excitingly impressive! Mouthwateringly impressive!

I slowly reached out my left hand and slid it over the smooth, taut skin of his waist. The feel of him was overwhelming. Hot, dry, firm flesh seemed to tingle with goosebumps at my touch. His reaction was to lean towards me as my hand slid around to his back. I felt strong muscles knotted at the small of his back, and fine masculine hair curling there. He was all man, I recognized at the touch. I pulled him closer and our hot bodies collided, thrusting at one another.

"Do you really use lube oil?" I asked quietly.

"It's got contaminants," he said with a grin. "I always keep a tube of KY around. It works better. But we could use lube oil, if it's a fantasy of yours." He was trying to be cooperative.

"Naw, I just wondered. Let's use the KY."

"Okay. Why don't we just get rid of these clothes," he suggested in a salacious tone, and he began to unbutton my shirt.

In a flash we were both stripped down to our socks. God, he was beautiful, and with such an astounding cock that I could hardly believe my good fortune. And it was stiffly erect, solid, not swaying, and so taut it looked like he had no extra skin on the entire wide shaft. A glance told me he was really ready.

"Man," I sighed, "you look terrific!"

He straightened himself up, took a deep breath and sucked in his flat stomach, and posed proudly for me as I started.

It's at moments like these that have made me realize all the effort I put in at the gym is worth it. The last thing I wanted would be for him to be turned off because I was puffy and out of shape. No, I saw in his eyes the reaction he was having to my body. He liked what he saw! It made me feel proud. Squats had developed my buttocks beyond the norm, so when I shifted and let him get a good look, his eyes bulged and his hot cock throbbed noticeably.

"Man," he sighed, "I didn't realize how fuckable your ass looks!"

"I didn't realize how suckable you cock looks," I retorted, boldly bending over to slip my mouth over the big crown.

He groaned and humped his hips, aiding the engulfment of his organ.

I sucked, getting a good portion of the long weapon into my throat, enjoying myself, until, suddenly, he pulled back.

"Fuck! You can really suck cock!" he exclaimed. "But I'm gonna come in a flash and I really want to slip into this fine ass of yours, man." He grabbed a cheek as if to emphasize his desire.

"Can't we do both?" I asked. "We're not in a hurry, are we? Lemme have a quick one, now. Then we can take our time with the fuck. Wadda ya think?"

"Jeez, you're right! I can come three or four times in a row, and I'm so horny right now, sure, suck my cock! Enjoy!

Before he had finished speaking, his cock was already back down my throat. He humped, I sucked, and we blended quickly into an exceptionally physical act of masculine lovemaking with no holds barred. In no time his big balls were thumping against my chin, as he worked effortlessly with me to pound every inch of his giant cock into me deeply. I loved it! I love sucking cock. I sensed he had received blowjobs from men before, since his reactions were so strongly forceful. He knew this wasn't a routine blowjob, like others he had had, and I knew it, too.

"Fuck, man, this is GREAT," he shouted enthusiastically.

I rubbed his ass with both hands, pulling him into me as deeply as possible. I rode that huge cock from tip to balls, over and over, with extreme pleasure for both of us, enjoying myself to the point of oncoming orgasm - both his and mine. I recognized the tight humps, muffled grunts, tight balls at my chin and stiff muscles, along with my own surging waves of euphoric bliss. I erupted without touching myself, my pleasure was so complete.

"God! Your cum just bathed my balls!" He grunted excitedly, adding, "this is so amazing! Here's my load!" But he was already pumping his hot cum into me. As I unloaded all over his thighs and the floor, he kept filling my mouth with his full blasts of cum. Blast after blast after blast after blast, proving the level of his sexually excited arousal. Taking that first load from him caused extreme pleasure for both of us and was overwhelmingly memorable. ((Oh, God, I just shot a load in my shorts!))

When it was over, when he dropped his hands from my head and I slid my hands off his buttocks, he took a step back, looked down at the semen on his balls, legs and floor, and sighed, "You had your hands on my ass, so I know you shot off without touching yourself! I've never seen anyone do that!" His expression was one of wonder.

"Lemme clean it up," I sighed as I leaned in and lapped and licked up my semen. His big balls squirmed with delight as I sucked and cleaned them. His body wiggled as I tickled his thighs with my tongue. I've always loved my own jism! But his hot cum was so good that I became instantly addicted to it! I love sucking cock. But (all together now) I ADORE drinking fresh hot cum!

He reached down, put his strong hands under my arms and lifted me upright, hugging me to himself as I rose. "That was perfect, man!" he sighed with a note of deeply expressed honesty.

"Yes," I agreed instantly, "Perfect!"

We were leaning tightly together, not wanting to separate, as we wound down from such an intensely powerful, sexual high. Interestingly enough, neither cock started to deflate. No, they stood proudly next to each other, throbbing.

After a long interval, he sighed, "Man, you are sexy!"

"Me?" I asked with a laugh. "You're the sexy one! I can't wait for you to fuck my hungry ass!" I wiggled against him, purposely being wanton and lascivious. There was no sense in being shy and reserved. We both wanted to fuck, and our cocks were letting us know it. Both had recovered, and both were throbbing with lust.

"Yes, fuck," he said, humping his hips and sending waves of pleasure through both of us. His balls rubbed mine; our swords dueled erotically.

"Who should go first," I asked suggestively.

His eyes widened, his upper body pulled back from me, and he strained to say, "First?!"

"Sure, first," I repeated. "You like my ass and I want you to fuck it, but you enjoyed the feel of my hands playing with your ass, so I want you to learn the phenomenal pleasures of an ass-fuck. I'd love to fuck your ass to show you how intensely powerful it can be, leading to the most energetic, mind-boggling orgasm you've ever hand - that is, if you haven't done it before."

"You want to fuck my ass?" he asked in awe, seemingly surprised by the idea of it.

"Sure, and before you fuck me."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because when it's over, you won't believe how spectacular it felt! And how completely and energetically you shot your wad. Men don't fuck each other because they can. They do it because it feels so good to each of them, and particularly to the guy getting fucked. You gotta try it! You're such a perfect man, you will absolutely love the experience!" I held my breath, hoping that this might work, that he'd say okay.

"Well..." he temporized.

"The best orgasm you've ever had," I whispered sensuously, a serious expression on my face. I wanted him to want getting fucked. He had had blowjobs before, so he probably fucked some man-ass, too, so he would remember how those guys had loved getting fucked. "The best, man," I whispered.

I could see interest spread across his features. He was mulling over the idea. I held my breath. I knew I had to be very careful with my facial expressions, my body language, and my voice. I waited hopeful that he would not disappoint both of us.

"I've fucked a couple guys. You know how it is. But taking it up the ass..." His voice trailed off.

"They loved it, didn't they," I asked in a sexy whisper.

He nodded, thinking about the guys that he'd fucked, I felt sure.

"It takes a real man to rise above a little initial discomfort in order to reach a stage of real orgasmic nirvana!" I sighed. "You've witnessed guys reaching that stage, haven't you?" I kept still.

After a moment, he nodded again. "They told me they really loved it, and they all shot tremendous loads as I fucked 'em," he told me with a note of sexual awe in his voice, and a note of pride, too.

"You will really love it, too," I promised. "And so will I! In fact, working with you to reach that level of sexual perfection will be a highlight of my life, knowing I'm helping you discover and love a new form of overwhelming sexual excitement. We'll both love it. Feel how hard our cocks are at just the thought of it!"

"Yeah, he admitted, "we're both fired up. If you had suggested this before you gave me the blowjob, I would have rejected it. But now, thinking about it, I'm inclined to give it a try. It's more because I admire and trust you, Jack, than I'm just curious, but I am curious."

I smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. This was not a "No."

"Hand me the lube," I asked softly. It gave him a decision to make. He didn't disappoint us as he reached for the tube!

I spread some lube on my fingers and reached around him to slip in between his cheeks. "You'll have to turn around, unless you've got a cot we can lie on," I instructed.

"No, it's okay," he sighed as he turned his back to me lasciviously, "one of those guys said that standing was the best way to fuck, and it sure felt good when I did it to him!"

We both loved talking about fucking ass! It kept us HOT!

"Focus on knowing that this is going to make you feel spectacular," I whispered to him as I slid my throbbing cock slowly, almost gently, between his firm cheeks. He tensed as my cockhead touched his tight pucker. "Relax." I sighed softly.

He actually relaxed. I could feel it with my cock and through contact with his body as I held his hips while pressing my chest against his back. I slipped slowly into his rectum, millimeter by millimeter, widening his tight opening. He gave a short grunt and pushed his ass back at me. He wanted this! I let him have it! He grunted. I grunted, and the head of my dick surged into him. Once inside, his sphincter clamped down tightly behind my glans. He seemed to squirm, but was silent.

"Relax, I'm in," I whispered softly, purposefully sending poufs of warm breath onto his shoulder. Goosebumps formed where my breath touched his skin.

"Whacha doing," he asked quietly, sounding relaxed.

"I'm holding in place until I feel your sphincter loosen up," I explained. "No need to rush."

"Hmm," he hummed.

Hmm?" I questioned.

"I thought there would be unbearable pain," he said. "This is acceptable, even interesting. I think I could..." He humped back slightly and stopped. "Maybe you're right. Let's not rush this."

I smiled, pleased that he didn't let a little pain stop us.

"I can feel you cock pulsating in my ass, man," he exclaimed quietly. "It feels good," he added with a sigh.

My heart leapt and raced. He wasn't rejecting my hardness. "The pulsation will aid insertion by calming your sphincter," I explained. "That you feel it is a great sign."

"Everything about this is starting to make me feel great," he sighed. "Your big cock in my ass, your hands on me, your flesh against mine, even your breath tickling my shoulder. I love this!"

"Wow!" I moaned with pleasure. I slid my right hand around to his abs, rubbing firmly, and then grabbed hold of his big cock and started pumping it smoothly. He sighed, sounding delighted. Now, I relaxed. This was working beautifully!

Unconsciously I humped forward at the very moment he decided to push back at me. Easily three inches of cock plunged inward and rewarded him by massaging his prostate.

I felt his entire body react to the contact as he sighed, "Oh my God! What a feeling!" I withdrew slightly and immediately push back in. "Oh, man, keep doing that!

"Success!" I thought as I began to really fuck him. He joined with me in raising the effort of the fuck to monumental levels. We blended into a four-legged fuck-animal, raging with passion and energy.

"I can't believe this," he said with a whispery, sex-addled voice. "This is better than an orgasm! Man, you're turning me into a cock whore! I LOVE this feeling! Oh, fuck me, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!" He was writhing with lust.

His clear enjoyment of this fucking lifted me to an orgasmic height, which I fought as hard as I could in order to bring him to complete orgasm with me. I focused on holding his cock in my hand without pumping it, even though his writhing body caused some movement of my hand.

"Fuck! I can feel your balls at my ass! You've got that giant cock of yours in me all the way. Man, I never thought anything would ever feel like this." He stopped talking for a moment, still in all-out fucking mode, but then loudly said, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Man, I'm going to cum!" With that his entire body stiffened.

"Me, too," I cried out as his hot rectum sucked my orgasm out of me. At my first blast of cum, his cock vibrated in my hand and an explosive shot of jizz flew up into the air above our heads and was immediately following by ten more strings of cum all rising above our heads almost like one long rope of cum! It was so amazing it added to the impact of our orgasms. I filled him with my lengthy deposit of sperm. It took an incredibly long time for us to wind down from such a mind-blowing experience. I stayed hard in his ass and he stayed hard in my hand.

When breathing and pulse-rates finally returned to normal after such a perfect fuck, he took my hand from his still hard cock, slowly pulled himself off of my still hard cock, and turned around. I am certain that I was the first person to see the bewildered, yet excited, yet loving, yet amazed, yet even something more, expression on his face. I was fascinated. I wanted to say, "I told you so!" but I held my tongue.

He silently put out his arms and we melted into a wonderful body-to-body full embrace of strength and tenderness. Our hard cocks pressed against each other like old friends now.

He put his mouth almost into my ear and softly but earnestly sighed, "Thank you!"

"Thank YOU!" I sighed right back earnestly.

He took my hand and led me to the back of the garage, opened a door and brought us into a shower room. We took off our socks. There were four showerheads in a row and, of course, I immediately imagined him and three of his sexy mechanics showering naked together here. He turned on one showerhead and pulled me under the spray with himself. We started bathing each other rather solemnly, still awed by such a heady sexual experience, but while rinsing off it turned into clear sex play, toying with hard cocks and having fun.

As we were drying each other off, he started shaking his head. I guess I frowned. He said, "You were right, Jack. That was the most spectacular orgasm I have ever had! I had thought that maybe it would be an interesting experience, probably okay, and, since you were so horny, at least you'd get your rocks off. But in my wildest imaginings I would never have expected it to be so..." His voice trailed off as he sought the right words.

"Cum producing and yet fulfilling?" I offered.

"Man, you saw my cum flying - the most cum I've ever shot - and, damn, man, you really filled me up. I feel it gurgling in me, but I don't want to lose it right away. I'm still feeling waves of post-orgasmic bliss!"

"In that case, I think you should fuck me right away!" I told him.

He looked startled. "Are you still up for it?" he asked.

"Looks like I am," I laughed looking down at my straining cock. "Unless you'd like to suck it first!"

Now he looked shocked. "Hey, I ain't no..." He stopped, looked embarrassed, and said, "I mean, let's stick to one thing at a time."

"Good, let's fuck right here. It's comfortable and convenient," I told him as I watched his already hard cock stiffen to rigid readiness. Words weren't needed. I flashed my ass at him. His eyes widened.

"I'll go get the lube," he offered, grabbing for his socks resting on a rack.

"A little soap does a good job," I said. He grinned. I took some soap and prepared my ass for the delightful assault of his giant cock.

"I've always liked you, man, but the level of your unique sexuality is stunning. I can't wait to get into your ass!" He moved toward me.

"Take care you don't rip me open with this jawbreaker you call a cock," I laughed, half-serious, reaching for the stiff weapon. I leaned over and slid it into my hot mouth, getting it nice and wet. Then as he said, "Your mouth feels so good," I popped off, turned my ass to him, and whispered, "Give it to me, man!"

He grinned, moved in on me and slapped his hard cock against my ass a few times, playfully. (I loved it!) Then with a master's touch he plugged me! I mean he was resourceful in finding the right angles and techniques to have me stuffed with that wonderful cock in no time.

"Gee, I thought you'd had enough experience to be loose and easy, but I had to work to get into this fine ass, it's so tight and so hot! I love it. I love fucking a man's ass, especially a muscular man's ass, like yours. Umm, I could fuck this all day long! What an ass!" he sighed with emotion.

Well, I wasn't ready to be fucked all day long, so I went to work with all the tools I have to raise his awareness of the talent my ass has. It didn't take long.

"Jesus, man, what are you doing?! I've fucked a few guys, but they just seemed to lie there and wait for it to be over. But you! You're like sucking my cock, pulling on it, making love to it with your ass - your strong, tight, hot ass! It's driving me crazy. I want to fuck the shit out of you, make you cry for mercy, pound and pump my cock into you, but you're not just taking it, you're enjoying it! You're working with me to wrench my orgasm out of me. Oh! This is wonderful! I'm fucking you, fucking you, fucking you!" he chanted over and over as he plowed my ass with everything he could do to improve our mutual pleasure, slapping his strong body against my ass noisily, getting in to the hilt, having a great time.

So was I, until I had to say, "This is the best fuck I've ever had. I'm about to cum!" Then as we both watched in a bathroom mirror, we saw my cock shoot a long string of cum into the air as high as his had shot, and followed by as large an outpouring of semen as he had.

As he was watching my cum shooting out, he surged to rigidity in my ass and came! His orgasm seemed even longer than the one he had when I fucked him. It took a very long time to wind down from such a spectacular mutual orgasm.

We took turns on the toilet and then went back to shower together grinning like kids and still showing strong partial erections. We had become something better than just friends.

I invited him home for a late lunch, with the hidden message of more sex, but he had to go home. I was disappointed until he said, "Guess you'll have to come back tomorrow for me to finish up servicing your, um, car."

We both laughed, dressed, and got ready to leave. Before I got into the car he grabbed me and we fell into a strong embrace. Then he kissed me!"

"Tomorrow," he whispered into my ear. As I drove away I realized I was feeling better than, maybe, ever! That night I stretched out naked on my bed and went over the day's happy events as I started to jack off. I was enjoying a long bout with my fist, but when I remembered his big cock in my ass, **** me to have a memorable orgasm, my cum shot up toward the ceiling!

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Men's Clothing Store

Posted by MONTED at 18,Sep,14 21:41

It was late March of my senior year in high school when my mother reminded me that it was time to shop for a tuxedo for the upcoming high school prom that was scheduled for the second Saturday of April.

"Scottie, your twin **** has already rented his tuxedo for the prom and helped his girlfriend pick out her gown. Your date for the prom, Pamela, called me yesterday and told me she had gotten her evening gown. Honey, you are always the last one to take care of these matters. The gentleman at the clothing store will have to get your measurements and it might take a few days for the store to have your tuxedo ready. Tomorrow your Dad and I are going to the horse races. We will drop you off at the clothing store where your **** Sonny got his tuxedo. When you are finished, get a taxi and come home, dear. Here is $500 for everything you need including taking your **** to dinner.

"yes Mom, I know that I always procrastinate. Thanks."

Mother and Dad dropped me off at the store around 10 PM. It was a huge department store with ten floors. I found my department on the fifth floor. As I breezed down an isle where the formal tuxedos were located, the department manager came up to me and asked: "Young man, may I help you?"

He looked to be about 35-years-of-age, He had an athletic build and appeared to be about 6-feet tall with dark brown eyes and very wavy coal black hair. I guessed him to weigh around 170 pounds. He was very handsome with a killer smile.

"Yes, thank you sir. I need to rent a tuxedo for my senior prom."

"Excuse me but were 'nt you you here a couple of weeks ago and got a tuxedo and other items?"

"Oh no sir, that was my twin ****." We are identical twins."

"Oh my, you do look alike. As I recall, he, like you, was about 5-feet and 11-inches tall, wavy blond hair, blue eyes, weighed 160 pounds and a very slim muscular body. We should be able to fit you in no time."

"Sir that is true except I'm only 5-feet and 9-inches tall."

"Well, young man, no problem. Lets have you go into the dressing room and remove your shoes, pants and dress shirt. I will need to fit you for both the tuxedo and the ruffle shirt that is part of the attire. I'll be right in with a measurement tape and some tuxedos so we can fit you."

I got undressed down to my briefs and undershirt. The sales manager entered and said: "Young man, stand straight up and spread your legs so I can measure your inseams for the pants."

The manager got behind me and put the tape measure up against my inner thigh and as he moved the tape down to my ankle his face accidentally (?) pressed hard against my briefs pushing the briefs up into my ass crack. I felt his hot breath on my ass and down my smooth legs. I had never had a face in my ass before. I was shocked when my cock began to swell and I felt a tingling all over my body. There was a sexual tension in my crotch. I could not control my unusually big cut cock growing to its full 9-inches. I was so well endowed for a man my size. I had no way to hide what had just happened to my cock. Was I gay or just an 18-year-old horny hormone driven teenager?

After the manager finished measuring both of my inseams, he came around to the front to measure my waist and saw my now rock hard boner with a wet spot on the front of my briefs.

As his face became flushed, his cock began growing and soon he had a huge bulge in his black slacks. It appeared that lust had over taken him and certainly had me horny as hell. Without asking for permission and based on my arousal, he took one hand and actually put it inside my wet briefs and began jacking me off. He soon had his fingers soaked with my precum. I'd never felt more horny and hot. I was ready to be his bitch and I did not even know his name. He had me so turned on. It was my normal condition as I masturbated at least twice a day.

I began to moan and breath rapidly. We would be safe in the sound proof dressing room. I started pushing my ass cheeks forward to meet his cum wet hand on my cock.

"Oh my god, Sir, your hand feels so great on my cock. I'm burning up with lust and sweating like a stuck pig. Your are the first man to touch my cock. You look like you too have a monster of a cock."

"Great young man. My cock is 10-inches when totally erect. It is now at full staff. Lets get your briefs off and let that boner of yours get some air."

He pulled off my briefs and my cock stood straight out still leaking precum. It began bobbing up and down in need of attention.

This really turned him on. He quickly began removing all his clothes until he was butt naked and I now had on only my t-shirt. WOW, he had the largest cock I'd ever seen. I had to have that cock. It was huge with big veins running down the shaft. The shaft was so thick and about the size of a beer can. I would loose my virginity with this hunk of a man.

He got down on his knees in front of my aching cock and began to use his tongue to lick up and down my hard cock shaft. He especially enjoyed licking the underside of my wood. He began greasing my cock with his warm spit. He took my balls in his hands and held them tight. Soon he began taking my throbbing cock inch by inch down his huge throat. I was wild with lust as I experienced my first blowjob. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed hard forward to drive my cock further into his deep throat. He then began to wildly suck my cock as he bobbed up and down my young boner with great speed. He was deep throating my organ. I love it.

"Oh Sir, yea, suck my cock. Oh Fuck! Yea, your mouth feels so great. Oh shit, Mmmmmm. Aaaaaaa, take my cock down that hot throat of yours. Deeper, deeper, take it all man. Let me come in your mouth. I want to feed you my semen. Oh, fuck, it feels so good."

My dirty talk so turned him on as he went crazy sucking my boner harder and harder and with increased speed. He took his hands and played with my balls and soon was finger fucking my pink hairless ass. The blowjob, fondling my balls and fingering fucking my ass was mind blowing. I was over heating with sexual feelings. I began quivering, tingling and shivering all over. His unbelievable sexual techniques from what was obviously a professional gay fucker went on for at least 15 minutes. WOW, my first man sex was with a pro. How lucky can one be.

I felt my balls draw tight up against my body, the veins in my cock swelled, additional **** rushed into my cock, my piss slit opened wide, my toes curled, my legs became rubbery, sweat began pouring off my face and the most strong, powerful and wonderful orgasm erupted into the man's mouth and throat.

"Oh Fuck, I'm coming, take all my cum. Suck me dry."

This talk so excited the gentleman that he sucked my cock even deeper into his throat. He clamped down hard on my cock until he had ever drop of my jism. He was a cum eater of the first class. He milked me dry.

When he finally was finished eating my cum, he took my cock out of his mouth. He then got up and gave me a series of hot kisses as our tongues battled each other to taste and share the cum.

I felt his raging hard cock driving into my abs just above my now semi-soft cock. What would we do next? He had to get his nuts off.

I could see that the gentleman was horny as hell and that his cock was steel hard as it bounced up and down on my abs as we held one another tight and kissed. There would be no way to escape before he fucked me even if I had wanted to escape. I was lusting for his manhood up my virgin ass. He could see that i wanted to be his bitch.

"Young man, I know you are craving my cock up that rosebud of yours as bad as I want to fuck you. I'm going to fuck your man pussy and end for ever your innocence as a virgin."

"Sir, please fuck me. I'm hungry for your beautiful cock. Make me your bitch right now. My ass is pulsating and steamy hot waiting for your tool to invade my tight ass."

The gentleman grabbed me by my shoulders, threw me facing the wall, pushed my entire body up tight against the wall, took his feet and spread my legs far apart, , got down on his knees and plunged his face into my ass. I felt his hot tongue probing my ass. It was so hot. He licked up and down my ass crack and pushed his tongue in as far as it wold go. He rimmed my ass for at least five minutes as I pushed back into his mouth. It was so great. I moaned and gasped for air. WOW, it was obvious that he was a pro at rimming an ass.

The gentleman stood up and began using his huge cock to play with my ass as he rubbed it up and down my crack. Soon I felt his cock began to spread my ass opening as he entered my tight ass with the python. I relaxed my ass muscles to invite this gorgeous cock all the way into my man pussy. He used his strong athletic thighs, hips and legs to part my ass walls and he began to rub against my hard prostate with his cock. He pushed hard as I felt his cock at the entrance to my colon. He rose up on his toes giving himself more leverage as he moved his big organ in and out of my ass. His rough fuck had my body bouncing hard up against the wall.

My first ass fucking was awesome. My ass adjusted to his cock as it traveled deep in and out of my ass. My own cock began to grow hard again. In my young adulthood, I'd never dreamed that man sex could be so awesome. I was now hooked on a man's hot cock.

He fucked me with all his strength as my entire body was trapped up against the wall. He must have lasted for at least ten minutes when I felt his cock grow even harder in my ass. He let out a series of wild animal grunts and then exploded with burst after burst of hot cum deep in my ass.

The feel of his hot cum filling my man pussy caused me to shoot a load of cum all overt the wall and on my trapped body. WOW, two ejaculations in a few minutes apart was the first for me.

When he was spent, he pulled out and took a cum rag and cleaned my ass and his cock. He then used his mouth to lick my body clean of the cum. We kissed and shared yet more cum.

We dressed and decided the proper measurements for my formal attire for the prom.

"Young man, when you come back for your tuxedo and other attire, please do no come on Wednesday as that is my day off. Do you know what I mean?'

"Yes, Sir, I sure do. Maybe you and I can have another hot meal on that day."

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Trading Places

Posted by MONTED at 18,Sep,14 21:32

Cliff and I were both students at a small state university that catered to jocks. Other than attending class, we were both into powerlifting. I was a freshman trying to find my way around campus and he was a heavily recruited football player.

My exposure to weightlifting was limited to my high school fitness program and he was a well established power lifter, sporting a thick, well-muscled upper- and lower-body. Before long he took me under his wing and started me on a workout program where quick muscular gains were soon noticed.

In high school I always managed to get the hot, girl-next-door. When I wasn't playing organized sports, sandlot games or hanging out with my newest girlfriend, I did spend some intimate times with a few guys. Until I met Cliff, my exposure to guys was limited to white boys and only one of them sported a cock that required two hands. These trysts were strictly oral but included bringing one another to climax.

I never considered myself gay or even bisexual; instead I was just an opportunist interested in sex with good looking people. That said, the taste of some nice pussy was often still on my face and lips while taking a nice cock in my mouth and bringing the lucky guy to climax.

Cliff and I had established a regular workout pattern -- we met at the university gym around 3:00pm on alternating days, shot some hoops to loosen up and then hit the weights. He pushed me to lift more at each workout and it was not long before my body responded. Following our workouts, we would head back to our separate dorm rooms, shower and then whomever was finished first would visit the other's dorm room. Cliff usually took his time showering and so we usually ended being in his dorm room.

I usually would bring my Penthouses to his room when I was finsihed with them and there was always a stack of them in random chronological order under the steel framed, single mattress bunk. While I would be dressed for a cafeteria dinner, he would usually still be in his terry cloth, single-snap wrap used to get to and from the community showers.

To pass time while he finished dressing, I would either read some Forum stories to myself or flip through the pictures of hot babes, alone or with other hot babes. It was virtually impossible not to glance at Cliff while he was getting dressed and was quite certain he paid no mind to my growing attention deficit disorder.

On one occasion he asked me to read a Forum story while he was dilly-dallying around, trying to figure out what to wear - as if going to the university cafeteria was a night out on the town. While I read one story aloud, he would narrate, adding his own embellishment to the story. Still wearing his terry cloth wrap, he sat on the other end of the bed and proceeded to put his socks on his feet. It did not take great peripheral vision to see his hard cock, protruding from the flimsy terry cloth overlap.

He attempted to stuff it back under the flap but it had a mind of its own. I continued reading in a somewhat halting fashion as I tried to remain oblivious to his dilemma. He then leaned sideways on the bed so as to obscure his 10+ inches of a tent pole, having given up on getting dresssed. I smirked to let him know that it was okay but he seemed intent on not letting me know that the story had him fully masted.

It was then that I remarked, 'Shit, this story has me wanting to jerk off', and I continued to read the story though I kept losing my place and often had to go back further in the story to get us both re-synchronized. Cliff replied, 'Fuck man, pull it out and do what you need to do so long as you don't mind me doing the same thing.'

So there we both were, feet on the floor, our backs on the bed, wildly stroking our cocks while I continued to read. Looking over at him, my eyes widened at the sheer length and girth of his cock. He smiled and said. 'Never saw a black cock before back in the high school showers?' Startled but not wanting to be intimidated I shot back, 'Plenty but they never stroked in the shower.' He laughed, closed his eyes and asked me to keep reading.

'Fuck this, I can't even see the words anymore', I said while placing my hand on his thigh. 'Push me away or let me help you, but I'm not reading anymore'. He grabbed my hand and positioned it so that I could stroke his cock. I have large hands but could not get my fingers to touch. I started stroking him hard with my right hand and used my left hand to leverage myself into a position where I could kiss his muscular chest, lick and then bite his nipples. He yelled out, 'Don't stop you motherfucker, don't even think about stopping now.'

I accepted his words as an invitation and without any hesitation swallowed what I could of his cock while still stroking him as fast and hard as I could. My right forearm was braced on his huge thigh and it started to stiffen in unison with his repeated refrain, 'Don't stop, don't fucking stop.' I knew the moment where I would be tasting his cum was near and had no inclination of stopping my stroking or pulling away. Moments later he exploded in my mouth while moaning like a man who was either in great pain or pleasure.

I swallowed every last drop before proceeding to licking his shaft. Switching my hold on his cock from my right to left hand, I started stroking myself and knew it would not be long before I blew my nut. At that moment he surprised me and told me to jerk off over his face. I managed to get into position just a I blew my nut all over his face. After the first explosion, he opened his mouth, trying to catch what he could of the rest.

We kissed and exchanged seed with one another. Soon thereafter we both agreed that we were starved and headed to the cafeteria.

After fifteen years of marriage, I shared this story with my very straight-laced wife while we were making love. It was very noticeable that she was getting progressively wetter as the story progressed. A few days later, late one afternoon, she emerged from the master bathroom with a 8-inch black strap-on dildo. To this day, she asks me to recount this story and I know that what follows in some man-love from my gorgeous wife.

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Posted by MONTED at 18,Sep,14 21:24

I was staying overnight in a tatty old hotel in Turkey where I was doing some travelling. This night I'd got back to my room late after an evening of sight seeing and dining and pulled off my dusty boots to let my feet breathe and cool down. It was hot, there was no air conditioning in my room and I needed a shower.

It didn't work. It had worked in the morning and on the previous night but not now. Not now when I really needed it. Cursing, I slipped my shorts and boots back on and headed down to the small reception area.

I hadn't seen him before, this young Turkish guy behind the counter. He wore a short sleeved shirt open to reveal a smooth chest, his face was clean shaven. His dark skin was smooth and his hair was black, well trimmed and glistened with some kind of gel. I explained that my shower was not working and he explained that there was no one around to fix it. He was the owner's son and had a room in the hotel, the owner was out, the reception was closed, but he would do what he could and I should follow him.

It's not every day a fit, thirty-something Turkish guy offers to let you use his shower and I wasn't going to say no. I followed him along the corridor admiring his tight butt in his tight jeans and felt my own jeans start to get tighter around my crotch area.

His room was on the ground floor, simple, uncluttered and cooler than mine. Beyond the bed was the door to the bathroom and he simply said 'go ahead,' as he waved his arm in that direction. I thanked him and went into the small bathroom. It was clean and there were plenty of towels, soaps and stuff for me to use; he was obviously a clean guy.

The shower was great. A hard jet of water at just the right temperature soon had my body relaxed. My feet ceased their throbbing and I even sobered slightly after my meal and Turkish beers. I didn't want it to end but knew I shouldn't outstay my welcome. I turned off the water and pulled back the shower curtain.

He was sitting on a wide ledge in the bathroom, naked. He had his knees drawn up to his chest and his hands wrapped around them. Between his legs I could see five inches of soft, dark meat hanging free, his balls rested on a towel that he had put on the shelf and his uncut cock rested on it, dark and slightly wrinkled. He was looking at me, his mouth slightly open as if he was about to say something.

I just stood and stared back not knowing what to do. My own cock, not as fat as his but equally as long, stayed limp and my balls, warmed by the shower, hung low and relaxed. I knew that I would not stay soft for long and reached for a towel.

He shook his head, stretched out his legs and let one swing to the floor. His cock fell against one thigh as his ball sack splayed out on the white towel. I shrugged, 'what?' He smiled broadly showing crooked white teeth in his tanned face and gripped his cock with one hand. I stared and felt my pulse quicken. He started moving his hand slowly up and down his shaft, bunching his foreskin up over his cock-head before pulling it right down again to reveal his pink, swelling nob. He kept smiling at me.

I smiled back and made to step out of the shower. He stopped smiling and shook his head. I was to stay where I was. I did and moved my hand to my own cock. He shook his head again. I was to watch and not touch; neither him nor me. I let my hands hang by my side and feasted my eyes on his growing cock as he continued to wank himself slowly.

The cock grew longer, it stayed the same girth but the length increased as it filled. As he pulled it his balls lifted from the towel on the upstroke and then spread out again on the down, until his pole was fully erect and his balls contracted. They didn't hang so low but still showed themselves as the two perfect rounds that they were. They were almost hairless, his pubes were short and inky black, his nob was now purple as he continued to pleasure himself with the same, slow strokes.

My cock was solid now, sticking out into thin air, throbbing and crying out for someone to touch it. I wanted to. He could tell, he kept smiling and shook his head again. I was there to watch only.

And I watched. I watched as he tipped his head forward and let a little spit fall from his mouth and land directly on his exposed piss-slit. His hood bunched up and swallowed it. He pulled it back to show his cock-head wet and glistening. His balls tightened further as his slow, deliberate strokes continued. He looked at the eight inches of meat he had in his hand, watched himself as his fist moved gently up and down and then he looked back at me.

He bit his bottom lip and his smile narrowed, his eyes closed slightly and he let out a very quiet moan. He gasped, held his fist down into his pubes letting his cock-head stand inflamed and ready, untouched. He looked back down at it and swallowed hard.

I waited. He waited.

It was all in slow motion, his slit opened, his juice oozed out; one short spurt followed by a flow of creamy spunk that escaped and trickled down his shaft like slow moving lava from a volcano. One long line of Turkish cum slid from the big, swollen cock-head and down the length of smooth, dark meat in perfect symmetry until it started to dribble over his fingers. His fist had not moved, he just held his cock as it let its cum out gently, no sudden movements, no spasms, just flawlessly flowing young juice for me to look at and savour.

He looked back up at me as the last seep of cum left his cock and slid down to his fingers. He smiled again and his breathing slowed. He looked at my cock, rigid and painful, my balls contracted beneath it full and desperate to unload. I longed to wrap my fist around my shaft, to shove it into his smooth mouth and unload the bucket load of cum that was ready and waiting. I started to move my hand again but again he shook his head.

He stood up. His cock stuck out proud before him and a bead of cream dripped from it. He walked towards me, his eyes on my cock and I imagined his lips around the base...

He shook his head and left the bathroom, presenting me with his smooth skinned ass, as perfect as the rest of him.

When I reached the bedroom he was on all fours on the bed, he showed me his asshole, pink against the near black skin of his crack. He moved his knees apart, tucked his head down between his hands, raised his ass in the air and waited for me.

And then I knew that that was where he wanted my cock to go.

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The Island

Posted by MONTED at 18,Sep,14 21:12

'There, is that better?' Peitr whispered into my ear.

'Uhh. Yes, yes. That feels great,' I answered, and my words turned into a soft moan.

'Yes, I can feel it in your body. You are a lot looser now. You are moving with me more smoothly. Is it because of the release of guilt?'

'Yes,' I whispered. 'This helps erase the guilt. It's as if none of this is something I could do anything about now.'

'I thought so,' Peitr whispered, and he began to move his cock inside me, dragging the head of his crocked dick along my ass canal at seven inches of depth, making my hips join in his motion. My eyes went to the ceiling paddle fan above us, gauging the thrusts of Peitr's hips against the flap, flap sound and movement of the paddles. I tugged a bit on the two silk scarves lightly tying my wrists to the headboard above me, seeking assurance that I was imprisoned and couldn't do anything to defend myself. Peitr's strong, solid Dutchman's body was closely covering mine on the bed, nipples to nipples and belly to belly. His legs covered mine, and I had my heels wrapped around his ankles. His arms covered mine, and he held his hands around the silk knots at my wrists, giving yet more of a comforting feel that I had no control over this. Only his hips and my pelvis were in motion, as the flap, flap of the ceiling fan above the brass bed moved what air there was in this dim-lit cabana across our naked, sweating bodies. Beyond the closed louvered doors, the heat and the jungle of the Caribbean island assaulted the small hotel cabana, trying invade our sanctuary. Strange bird calls screamed their annoyance that they couldn't get at us in our **** hiding place.

What a difference two days had made. A long weekend, but Cindy had to go north, into snow country, on business, and the winter had gone on just too long in the mid-Atlantic states. I'd had enough of the snow for the year, so I headed for the Dutch Antilles, and more precisely for the remote resort island of Cayo Grande, in search of sun, sand, and adventure. I had found all three in abundance, and the latter beyond my wildest notions.

Peitr had been the local Dutch guide I'd hired for a day of deep-sea fishing. We drank all day and cavorted around in our skimpy Speedos on his boat. We downed beer by sunlight, shared a couple of bottles of wine over our shell fish during the sunset, polished off a bottle of scotch under the moonlight, and I had awakened this morning my back cuddled into his chest, his arms wrapped around me, and his dick seven inches up my ass.

I hadn't wasted my anger. I hadn't been sober to have made such a decision; if it had hurt too much, I hadn't noticed; and I'd always wondered what being with another male would be like. Unfortunately, at this point, I still didn't know what it was like even though I'd done the deed, so I was quite willing to find out when both Peitr and his peter had awakened and he'd started pumping me again.

Peitr, who obviously had not been nearly as drunk the night before as I had, remarked on how tense I was this morning in contrast to the wild fucking we'd engaged in the night before. I had to take his word for the wild fucking part; I hadn't remembered a thing about that. It had been his suggestion then that I be put under a mild restraint, and I agreed, and it had worked a charm. I was enjoying this fuck, and I wasn't feeling guilty about it.

After we both shot our loads, Peitr untied my hands, and we glided our hands around on each other's bodies, trying to cool down under the flapping ceiling fan. Peitr lifted his lips from one of my nipples, crooked his chin on my shoulder near an ear, and asked me, 'Have you ever done it with a black man?'

'No,' I responded. 'I've never done it before with any man before you.'

'We have some magnificent native black men on this island. Have you ever thought of doing it with a black man?'

'No. . . . Well, yes, actually, I thought about that in college a couple of times. But I grew out of that.'

'And now? The thought of a huge black cock churning around inside you? Does that sound pleasant, like a Caribbean adventure you might like?'

'Yes.' Well, I had to be honest.

'I have business at the resort all day tomorrow. Why don't you take my boat out? Did you see that big rock formation coming down to the sea when we were about half way around the island yesterday?'

'Y-e-s-s,' I answered.

'Pull into the beach just beyond that rock formation from here. You will see such a big, magnificent black man there. You will recognize him when you see him. Tell him you are interested in a waiheilah. Give him a fifty-dollar bill and ask for a waiheilah. Can you repeat that? A waiheilah.'

'A waiheilah,' I repeated. 'OK, yes, I'll give that a try. Now, let's shower and eat and hit the beach. If I don't come home with a tan, Cindy will be suspicious.'

The next day, I packed a small gym bag with shorts and a T for when the sun got too hot, struggled into my Speedo, and went out in Peitr's boat as he suggested to motor to the other side of the island. I found the little cove on the other side of the rock formation that came down to the water and pulled Peitr's boat up to just beyond the tide line. I looked around and saw nothing. But then, when my eyes adjusted in the sunlight, I saw that there was a grass hut of a pretty good size beyond the fringe of palm trees, and on the sand side of those trees, but in their shadows, was a long dugout canoe. And in the canoe, his massive back and shoulders turned to me, crouched a black giant of a man.

I knew instantly that this was the man Peitr had told me to seek out. I walked up the sand toward him. Something told me that he knew I was there and was approaching him. As I got closer, I noticed something very strange. The black giant wasn't alone in the boat. I realized that someone must be laying on his belly in the boat under the black man, because I saw two forearms dangling over the sides of the boat in the bow on either side. And they were of a very fair-skinned man. As I got closer, I saw a mop of bright-red hair on a head that rested on one seat slat near the bow of the boat. Following on behind this were the freckled shoulders of a lithe, sinewy man, whose hips rested on another seat slat toward the stern of the boat. The black man was crouched behind and above this seat slat, and, as I drew neigh, I could see that the black man, who had one strong arm planted in the small of the redheaded man's back, was pumping the most huge, blackest cock I'd ever seen in and out of the redhead's ass.

I stood there and watched in shock and awe for the longest minute, feeling my own cock coming to life at what I was watching. The redhead turned his face to me, and I recognized the Scandinavian tourist who had returned from the sea on Peitr's fishing boat the day I engaged Peitr's services.

'Yes, may I help you?' the black man asked me, without interrupting his rhythm, in a polite voice with a Dutch accent that resonated across the cove even though he had spoken in a soft tone.

'Peitr sent me,' I stuttered out. 'He told me to give you this money and to ask for a waiheilah.'

'OK,' the black man grunted and gave me a broad smile with flashing white teeth. 'Excuse me,' he said to the redhead and pulled out of him and rose and stepped out of the dugout.

I drew in my breath. He was completely naked, except for a thin leather belt around his waist attached to a knife sheath that ran down his thigh and held close to his leg with another thin leather strap around his thigh at the bottom of the sheath. He was magnificent, just as Peitr had said he'd be. He was nearly seven feet tall and had European features but was black as ebony. This happy combination no doubt resulted from many generations of mixed breeding on this small island. And everything on him was big and round and curvy and rock solid, something that a bodybuilder would have paid big bucks and invested most of his youth in at a serious stateside gym. The biggest part of all on him was his dong, which jutted straight and long and thick and dripping with precum out from his body in honor of what he had been engaging in when I had arrived, and his big heavy balls that swung freely between heavily muscled thighs.

'Come over here with me, please,' he told me. And he led me to the edge of the sand beyond the bow of the boat and took, first one of my wrists, and then the other, and tied them to cuffs that were chained to two palm trees. My arms were now chained out and above my head between the trees, and I was turned, helpless now, facing the boat.

'I'll be back shortly,' he said, 'This gentleman has a bit more time left on his hour.' Then the black giant returned to the dugout, crouched behind the Scandinavian, and thrust his blunderbuster back into the redhead's ass. The redhead screamed out in ecstasy and set his hips churning as the black giant plowed him with deep strokes that brought his cock all the way out to the surface only to be quickly buried to the hilt. The black man only stopped long enough to slowly revolve the redhead on his cock and onto his back and then to start pumping again. The redhead yelled in delight in whatever language he preferred and brutally stroked his own cock until he'd shot his load all over the black man's belly. Then he just laid back and enjoyed the rest of the long ride and threw his head back and yelled in sheer delight as the black man no doubt came inside him.

Leaving the redhead lolling there in the dugout, the black man rose out of the boat and walked over to me in fluid, catlike motions. He stood in front of me and drew a thick-bladed knife out of the sheath on his thigh. Adrenaline pumped through my veins. Was he going to cut me? Here, in front of the Scandinavian, who now was avidly watching us. The redhead was now slouched, facing us, on the seat slat at the stern of the boat, with his back resting on the stern and one hand firmly wrapped around his dick.

But the black man wasn't cutting me. With two swift slashes, he cut the fabric of my Speedo at the hips, and the bathing suit dropped to the ground. The Scandinavian smiled broadly and licked his lips. The black giant sheathed his knife, knelt in front of me, and began tonguing and kissing my cock, which had been fully engorged from the entertainment he had been putting on with the Scandinavian fellow. I writhed in front of him, my wrists pulling at my bonds, and the redhead pulling vigorously at his prick, while the black man deep throated my cock and rolled and pulled on my balls. His hand continued on past the root of my cock, under my balls, and a long, plump finger found my asshole. I gasped in surprise and pain as he entered me there. The pad of his finger found my prostate, and I shot off down his throat in a lurch and a spasm. The redhead was thoroughly enjoying the show.

The black man rose and moved around behind me. He noticed the redhead lounging in the dugout and spoke to him sharply in some language I didn't understand. The redhead spoke back to him in a wheedling voice. He fished around in a pile of clothes at the bottom of the boat and came out with a wad of money that he waved in the air. Another verbal exchange between the two, and the redhead threw the wad of money out on the sand between the bow of the boat and where I was hanging. He then settled back in the dugout and resumed slowly beating himself off and watching the show.

The black man was behind me now, his hands on my hips, his thumbs pulling my butt cheeks apart, and his tongue searching in my asshole. We were both grunting as he slobbered into my hole and got his fingers in there. He was pretty brutal about this at first, but he seemed to come to realize that I hadn't had much attention in that department and became more gentle and caressing in his touch. His tongue was driving me crazy, and I was softly moaning for him and swaying my hips. I slitted my eyes and watched the hazy horizon where the azure sky met the cobalt sea. I was being mesmerized by the shimmering sea, nearly drifting off into a pleasurable ****.

But I was awakened out my reverie by the sense that the black man was trying to get me to lift my legs. But I didn't know where I was supposed to be lifting them to. I felt the heel of one foot slip into a close hold on the side of one of the palm trees I was lashed between, at just above the level of my waist. I looked down and saw that there was a wooden foot hold nailed into the tree at that point. I understood now, and raised my other leg up to the foot hold on the other palm tree. The black man, who was much taller than I was, now had his strong thighs below me, and I felt the head of his cock at my asshole.

I gulped and let out a hiss of pain as he entered me with the head of his cock. He was so much thicker than Peitr was. I felt that this bulbous head was going to split me apart. But Peitr had been right. Once I'd seen this big, black tool, I'd known I wanted it inside me. The black giant rotated the head around just inside my hole as I accommodated to it. I huffed and puffed until the head got beyond my sphincter muscle, and then I felt like it would be OK, that I could manage him. He wrapped a strong arm around my belly, and the hand of his other arm went to my nipples, which he squeezed and rolled. I laid my head back into the hollow of his chest at the shoulder and moaned.

'Is it going to be all right with you?' he asked in a polite tone, his rich baritone voice echoing around the cove. 'The thickest is in now. I sense you are new at this. I can manage without taking the big part of me through there, if you like.'

'Yes, yes, I'm all right now, I think.' I whispered to him. 'I don't want you to stop. I want this. That big, black dick. All of it. In me.'

And then I felt his thigh muscles tense and he was sliding that big, black, glorious cock up into me to the hilt, my ass walls undulating in appreciation as he glided in. His arm tensed around my belly and his fingers dug into my nipples. I arched my neck back and screamed to the swaying tops of the palms. The redhead applauded, as the black giant skewered me to the end and then began pumping me, shallowly at first at the deepest level, and then with longer strokes that brought the rim of his cock head to my prostate before he dove again.

After a good fifteen minutes of this stroking, the black giant pulled out of me and came around to where he was facing me. He was grinning, obviously very pleased with me. He gathered up my legs, pulling my heels out of the holds on the sides of the palm tree, had me wrap my legs around the small of his back, and then got his hips under me and entered me again from below and pumped his cock up into me like a piston. I arched my back, forced my hips up, close, into his pelvis, and threw my head back and watched the palm branches swaying against the azure sky again. The black giant palmed my butt cheeks. His lips came down to my nipples, and he sucked and rolled and nipped those with his tongue and teeth.

I heard a little cry and looked to the dugout, where the redhead was spouting foamy white cum into the air. Nearly simultaneously, I shot off another load of my own up the black giant's abs, and he flooded my insides with a very frothy Caribbean welcome.

While I was motoring Peitr's boat back to the other side of the island, I was grinning at the thought that if Peitr was fishing for a good fat tip for the weekend, he had not been fishing in vain.

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