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MONTED's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

I love hot men with huge cocks........Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 22:15

I gravitate to the sight of a masculine man, and often search out hot, good-looking men while out or about driving or traveling the streets, to look at them or veer at them; at their physically gifted fine bodies.

I desire them, and all that is inherent; they possess physical qualities, sexual abilities and gift attributes that I too desire to possess and feel; a hard physical maleness, strong, tight, and empowering; desire to explore and feel their muscular male form with a joined sexual bond, to the fantasy they penetrate my utmost depths with their manly sexual hugeness; to feel their male huge endowments penetrating hard at varied angles and positions and the lurid heights it produces when placed into them, and control me, and stirred by their hot manly body and huge cocks; I love it.

These delectable and magnificent studs with hot bodies stand desirable at many degrees and avenues.

Some become fashion models because of their good-looks, chiseled features, and fit bodies.

Others become soap opera stars and porn stars for their large male endowment, stamina sexiness, sexual performance, raw manly looks and magnetism, and have no inhibition to perform before cameras.

Others with likewise attributes may also become escorts, offer their sexual services, and raw sexual bodies to those who desire and marvel them, and to those who are generous, in exchange for their bodies, and their oversized physical endowment, are measurement to the degrees they go, to share with those in need of body contact with and on them, as love with them is sexual fantasy, or illusionary, but a monetary gain for escorts, and, and sexual and lustful desires fulfilled for those who seek them out.

The desire for their bodies, and offered, and produced, is staged, to those that want hard core, raw performance, and whole hearted body drenching sex, before one, or before a veering audience or private individuals, it is derived from clandestine arrangements, and is diehard, to see them fully unleashed from attire, and view their physical hot bodies, and engaged in with other naked bodies with incredible performance.

The loom large, aroused with their overgrown male tools, busy working up their maleness, amazingly with master skill and manners in variable positions lashing in sexual pleasure, and may satisfy some raw and decadently, and yet comfort others passionately, but it may gather that a raw sex is best, if the emotions are detached.

Their sexual performance is done just for the sake of the game, giving pleasure, the sex, sensational, meaningless, allow for a raw, lustful sex, the desire met, sexual gratification and satisfaction had, received and given, in contrast to providing companionship, nevertheless is opportunity for the good money they receive.

Some are lavished for their physical attributes, are offered or promised allures of every type and nature, gold, jewelry, trips, vacations, homes, stardom, and receive benefit, and their principles for more desired pious trait, have no place by and against their actions, and to some more so, for some engulf to it, to the art of it, the pain of it, the sacrifices from it, and some become dancers for money and stardom as well.

They’ll do anything to attain dreams, as to show off their hot, clad nakedness and gleaming bodies for show and entertainment; their strong bodies under the glare of light shown, the heat of lamps and multiple spot lights directed on them, is felt, melt them to move and perform, in nightclubs, on the stage, at Broadway, at Vegas productions, show off, and draw crowds, and sheers to their skill, and to their lustful display and dance, they hold no reservation to entertain in that manner.

For not doing it so, would prevent or get in the way of their aspiration and goals, their wants and the steps to follow their dreams by it and with it, and that their wish is for that of stardom; a fame, and glory.

Thus they feel motivated, charged, sexually desirable, a heat to last beat, and pounding thrust, is given and received with animal primal ****, and grunts, a lust, released, felt lost its dreams, its wild sexual sensation, amidst brightness.

I wish and desire their physical beauty more than to follow the glamour of their aspirations, but cannot reject to experience from them their sexual skill and stamina; the sensational continuous long lasting pleasure and rapacious man love; a hardcore action, and the pleasure they instill and accomplish to maintain.

It is made felt with steady and pounding pace, is calculated and controlled, reached at variable degrees more, with ease as well harsh manner, so erotically inflicted is mine; an ecstasy, I enjoy it, and by and with their mastered skill, I feel ecstatically produced against me and on me , a manly assault.

I do not resist or regret its sexual and lustful sensation, is undoubtedly mesmerizing, with its mixed pain and pleasure, is but found invited as astonished to the bliss derived or given from a skilled hot man learned at giving pleasure with brute man love.

When he is first seen, or spotted, and displaying a big bulge; to phantom what he conceals packaged so, is his huge male tool, so bold, and visible, is met with shock, soon turns to a pleasant surprise, for his huge bulge at his crotch, a mystery for the innocent to phantom, is revealed by its outlining and engorged stuffed sight.

And is all too recognizable graphically, he possesses a huge cock within the packaged interior, and to those who know from sexual experience, how it can please with its raping manner and power.

It gives unexpected sexual pleasure to a frightened or vulnerable, virgin body, by opening and awakening carnal knowledge, for what he holds true, underlying, is his manly love tool, is sexual weapon.

It is that wild instrument, formed and seen massive before one’ sight, is held bursting from within him , at his crotch, his bulge, a massive mound, to awaken impure thoughts and lustful desires from is no longer ****, for what he truly holds, the experienced and lustful savvy know. It undoubtedly is provoking in sexual thoughts with its sheer sight and magnified presence.

It has conjured sexual experiences to it, from past encounters with real men, it’s like form, is an agenda, to draw to it near, knowing potentials. Its ability to produce sensations, as to inflict torment or tease by it sight, its powers, waits tested, is coveted; the sexual pleasure it gives in that form, is his overly sized member.

It is shown outright, is an obvious endowment, a torture to refrain sight to it, which is outlined stealth, as monstrous bulge, bursting at his manly seam for his ultimate reveal, is sexual haze to glance downward at it more.

He is noticed and veered at, and seen how physically fit and gifted he is, which is left to a mind’s discern his attributes accomplish and benefit him to achieve and receive.

Although from afar, he spotted at first glance as he walks, and his male form is seen pronounced, in that he sprouts a manly bulge at his crutch, which seems to want to burst out, and we crave for its release so, but it seems left undisturbed, in the continuous desire for it, that lustful eyes can veer at him more, his provocative protrusion stirs and arouses others, to his direction down, repeatedly, perhaps with concealed glances or unashamed looks, yet unlash, brash stares, to its not so ginger presence.

Apparently he sets to coy with his sweet sexual magnetism and disposition to be desired, that unwittingly, sweat expounded, one is trying, to maintain cool comportment from it sexual intimidation and tension that only stirs to confuse, and displace the mind, in that his massive grown size bulge, sheering together with his hot muscular body is creating sexual uneasiness in desire for it.

One questions whether his natural manner is without intended lasciviousness shows off his body to entice unmercifully, and his phallic bulge seen looming, but not exposed out of its durable texture; his man meat, and skin, and so reflect its, is seen recognized is his male tool, his hugeness male form concealed tight.

However, it is visualized within, growing big, and bigger, when released, and ultimately shown, and awakening full proclivities with its provocative dance, wonton invitations of desire, for his attributes within his pants, has no perils, when allowed.

He uninhibitedly and proudly allows it to veer out, as if natural, to show, that he possesses an extraordinary huge package in his crotch, and people, stare, smile, and feed his ego selectively thereof of, for delight, but destined are reoccurring , and episodes to seclude are the faces that stalk him.

He overlooks his surprise, is that it would make him feel unbelievable awesome, and charged to sexual ideas, and seeing the reaction other’s fear at how truly massive his member is and becomes.

His love tool really is a gift, always ready to pounce, to release vented sexual tension, to please, as well, just receive pleasure, and a delight with its role to play, satisfy, fulfill passion, does sir up.

There is too pleasure from its ****, deep and hard, and fasts, it grows unbelievable surpassing normal expectations, when it is out, and comes to life, overpowered, and a yearning for reciprocation of the most provocative manner, intrigues, mesmerizes, and seduces.

His huge soaring member waits, but waits no more, dividing the section, to its kiss, devourer is the holder of it, and his member is seen entered lost into a hungry mouth, reappears, to disbelivable feats, costing need for reconstrive compensations of the mouth it has injured by it sheer long protrusisiom to crevices unknown are not capable to withstand without a degree of damage to the sexual box, now left over from voice.

I fee lost to them, and I am rendered helpless, to their whims and dominance , to feel that their male tools split me open and wide, to work up my vents and release frenzies trapped inside me, and that their manly tools and hard body thrust, furiously goes about and to feel me about for their wonton pleasure.

They devour and take me with their manly tools going in and out of me, hard, with their fast and steady, but furious fucking; it carries me to the frenzy shown released etched in my face brow, sexual pain and desire, and by the animal sounds, grunts, or aches not misconstrued, is but desired, is cry from his given pleasure, and into sexual ecstasy so ascribed.

He seduces with awe, and tantalizes his sexual wants, bring out his massive tool, to remind how it will perform, to please, and hurt those not trained to such a massive feat, its tests to it, are attempts to try and please it first by the test of lips and tongue, and a deep mouth , leers the flavor.

It is extraordinary and out of this word, a challenge to possess more of thereon, not feign but learn fast during those awaking moment to take it under the shadow of darkness, enjoying it, worshiping it, while slurping on it with gusto, and shown on him is gleam, and total love for my submissive manner to it.

One becomes bitch, to receive it brutally, its hardness and the verbal demands not waiver from pleasure of it.

It pleasure is for the love it, continuously and without reserve, and likewise, show enjoyment to it battering, thus beg for it to continue with forceful pleasure ,for satisfaction of it too, is at crucial state, that it endure to mutual climax.

He is there to work the hole over, and treat it how it is now treated, to stay on top it, and convert it his whore, a nasty sex slave object and tool, at his beacon and for his ever desire, and remain at bay; both continues to enjoy to its unraveled pleasure, and is more , now that ideas are known, expectation are in place, and the willingness to submit to wild bodily passions, to his massive tool will bend to yield , and make him as top king.

The test is to approach upon, and then step up, release and discover what it can produce more, and awe, free it, find it more titillation, and to it the surprise how unbelievable massive his pleasure pole feels as it appears, engorged, and how masterfully and skilled he is, greater and magnificent for his giving a rawness, and a sweet pleasure too, is his skill to twist with love, are poignant to his pounding, and his fucking with fierce action.

He seeks and finds victims in that, that he possesses power to make those cry for his manly love, his gift to make them convulse in it with pleasure, a gift that compounds, to sensational extremes, is too proportional to the demand for love performance, stamina, and hot last, skill, many size **** magically declivous, sends to the start to the moon, and wishes are by blowing on clover, that some takes that be his massive tool, to veer at, touch, love, marvel and agree how unbelievable good his massive pleasure pole is.

The test at first, as it was unbelievable its site is fright, is tossed aside, for an undulated performance for pleasure, that is always dramatic, out of this word, sensation, and the pain from it, is converted pleasure, even when it followed unpaved ways, taken unforeseen avenues at varied moments.

It is there to experience, to get filled with its pleasure and to learn skill from its bulging and bursting groin, his male weapon is his pleasure object, that maleness in men exclusively gazed as such is referred, with incredible aghast, the whisper of its ability to castigate with sexual ****, and desire to it, is confused, but conformed on those that can and are will to take, that expiries, as it subject change, to receive from it pleasure, from his monstrous tool, his love follies, the lurid details best kept utmost confidentiality, as alarm the notified and less fortunate at love.

He gives pleasure, a master as a lover, unending, and unweaving to hold release that felt good, so engulfing, reendowed, and with charm.

His are undeniably noticeable and desired; their bodies are tight muscular, and, they possess certain qualities deemed fine, sought desired.

They themselves feel desirable, from their chiseled handsome faces, and abilities to satisfy with protein manner, and all their physical hotness, sexual prowess, abilities, mystique, allure, and beauty, they can use to their advantage, and exploit their God- given attributes, as commodities.

That lustful participation, twistedly, crashing, and engraved etched, with male form and insertions, the hugeness of their sizeable members, long and hard, produced unbelievable ecstasy, bumping and grinding, riding hard, carried out by the sheer abilities, and desires, their muscled, smoldering bodies, venture to acts , hardcore, are primal lewd actions, and carnal pleasure, is consensually consummated; the copulation, invasively continuing on the one taken to act submissively, but with desired pleasure.

The commotion increased, gets wild with screams, grunts and sounds, the cries in the open air fly loud, is heard by them, stirs, and the squeaking of the bed, is a sexual turn on to the ears, the evident of their forceful and penetrating action, and a full pounding and release to hurt with pleasure, destroys vividly in the imagination.

Amazing that there is an egging on for more, for total submission to pain and pleasure, the plowing and invasion of the it’s body love holes, the slapping is but confused, that pleasure is amidst pain that is, but begged; they satisfy each other’s bodies, finding to enslave and control, grab and bite, torsos, arms, ears, necks, back, legs, are searched too, to mount, hold, pull, and possess, with various intervals to the movements and the **** their bodies carry or produce.

It holds captivate, as to capture all their bodily orifices with skill and explore invade with his deep penetration in the sensual crevices, made vulnerable and violated in wonton frenzy, a rendering to and reception, repeatedly felt, with blurred vision, caused by their dripping wet into their eyes, they are in the cover of dark, unable observe a clear refection in the mirror, intentionally placed there, to watch themselves in luridly to reflection in the mirror.

They enjoy their images divulged and seen transpiring on mirrors, is duplicative in shadow, as in recorded video, or as seen on movie screens, it is seen wild with action and awe, if judged extreme, its nature and graphicness, is not a missed scene, yet made obscured with sweat in their eyes due to its sting, leaving them following the action, if by trained memory, and the sight of their actions left absent, but still remain enthralled to it luridness, and blinds pure souls, awakens lascivious desire and passion by their body sensation are hold to the acoustics, that allow their animal sounds to echo in the traveled air, amazes and arouse from its obscene scenes, reflexing he mirror.

It bolsters searing hormones, from it its wild contours, and sexual stir; the moans and groans, one hears, firstly arrives to discern and, to explain how good the pleasure is the, for one, is intense, and both, they are entrenched to is pleasure, and however grueling the pain, is ecstasy too, for at other points, the pushing an invasive cock with brutal ****, into a love hole is arousal more, they hold out hard, no doubt, to get more, the wild sexual joining and retractions, repeatedly, as their goings on with frenzy, is a marathon, that is to enjoy fast, in their sexual prime, racing with fanfare.

It is so freely and wild now, but most in common with them all, the hot, and beautiful, folk; the physically well endowed, sexually desired, tight bodied individuals, is that they offer to give up their bodies and their good looks, in exchange for monetary gain, foremost (they got to pay the rent) and their youth is expended, at a price, figuratively and metaphorically, is but precise.

I enjoy collecting photos and videos of these hot men, especially if they are super masculine looking, cute, and they have huge dicks. I marvel at their magnitude and piercing sexuality, they draw at my eyes and thoughts, produce wild desire and lust for them.

I enjoy the sexy young cute men, and get turned off by the fat, ugly, hairy older men, or flabby, wrinkled men.

I prefer passionate movies, where men actually make love and charm good, hardcore sex than the sadomasochist movies, where pain is inflicted and the extreme is performed, such as fisting, spitting, piercing, hot waxing, and pissing, as well degrading with defecation.

I am amazed when hot men perform sex with skill, sucking each other’s huge dicks with gusto, and like there was no tomorrow, and fucking with controlling action, with skill and masterfully movement; when bottoms submit and render to hardcore pounding actions, his ass gleams with sweat, sleeked, greased or lubed, ready for fucking by a top with a huge cock.

I get more turned on by sweet, round ass, spread, to reveal a luscious, tight, and pinkish hole. I can almost feel its warmth and velvety sensation within with manly penetration into its heavenly depths.

I look for the big cock movies the most. I am amazed when a guy pulls out his whopping dick, and it is the biggest, hugest, longest, thickest dick, hardest one ever seen, as he stokes it, almost in need of his two hands, massively it waives, as it is stroked, moves its shaft, down and up, fast and repeatedly.

I am surprised, with awe, especially too, when a young, lanky ****, barely a teen, possess a humongous monster of a dick.

How can it be so big? This young **** is amazes to possess such a big dick, as though that big monster he sports between his legs is out of place, a mistake on him, but his God- given reward for just being born.

He is chosen to carry it, his male body made unsteady in movement, to its hanging weight and size, that to his have grown one that sheer size is burden, is wonder and awe, provokes thought, whether he is deserving of it, or masterful with it, to handle it, employ, and sport its unbelievable huge size to fuck with stud perfection in its performance to please; as it large and humongous to the glance, scary and frightening to its possible torturous pain too.

It is seen as a fluke of nature on a young lad, for it is contrived, that his such huge cock is mystery it existed on him before he unleashed it from his groin, and whether he knows how impressive it looks, whether he ever has used it with sexual power or yet learned to use that impressive, scary long, hard tool, unmercifully on others’ poor holes, can one handle such a size?

We wonder as to who can handle it well, and whether he is good at fucking, as a good lover would, does he know how, seeing how youthful he appears, and his small framed, lanky body, fit enough to the deed, fucking well with it, or whether he is but lame at using it with crude inexperience.

At first he does not produce its true prowess, to know that he has a big dick, to maneuver, and utilize it to control, please, or torture, as to alter their holes wide open, that massive dick, is a weapon, with its huge size, and orchestrated ****, to its rendering pain, is fright and puzzled looks appear, how unbelievable a monster it is, with its humongous size, is painful, but yearned. I wish I had a big dick like his.

Ripping and plowing holes hard, and with steady, slapping; forcefully and brutally, rendering traumatic damage; a ****, a trauma far beyond that of others can give, well, long and hard, with no mercy, a manly skill, the pleasure it gives with it total invasion, his getting from it delight, from it too, to render that pain, feeling ecstasy for the pleasure he receives as well from it, as felt pleasure received as well as giving.

It is contradicted , mixed pain, and pleasure, and theirs, he inflicts and gives it in degrees, first pain and then whole hearted pounding pleasure, that is taken and received, and subsume, to accept happen, the experience, leaving one deflowered, and left to that twisted desire for more, that sensation is out of this world.

It is masterfully, and fear striking, but desired, despite the damage it may inflict, to derive from it as pleasure, never felt before, erotically wild, and charged, leaving one pulsating, torn to is reception, with conversation, feeling changed, destroyed, and desiring more, that massive pleasure pole again soon, as is hard and big, is hard to believe, is taking it too, there passion too, exchanged.

So we wonder how really good will he eventually become; or is he yet good at using that big dick or is a lame fixture despite that is a big dick, just flopping away, doing floppy, missed motions, being a lame fuck.


I enjoy military men

When I was in my twenties, I got turned on by military gay porn depicting manly recruits; Marines, Army, and or Navy guys fucking and sucking in the barracks, at the base, in the sergeants quarters, the latrine, the ammunition cage, the logistics room, and on the army trucks and jeeps, and liked hearing the sound of their clanking tags as they fucked. I loved guys in their military uniforms boxes and under shirts, their tags hanging on their chest; and I too love fatigues and class dress uniforms.

I spend so much time in my activity, downloading and collecting their depictions that I don’t even watch or see the photos and movies; I just seem to be collecting and amassing. However, I feel that I am a sex addict because I desire sex a lot, but I don’t have sex anymore like I when I was young. I was adventurous, and went out to look for sex, and found sex. Now, I remain abstained, but not by choice, I just don’t find the pleasure searching or hunting for sex, it is consuming, and I am not good at manipulation any more either.

Also, I cannot easily go out and do what I want because I live at home, and I feel controlled by my living situation wherein my mother will know everything I am up too, and surely she will preach and judge.

However, I still have the urge and desire for sex with hot military men, that raw, unedited sex, with passion and a lot of bodily contact; a connection of utmost profound depths, from head to toe. I guess that through these sexual media, the models, actors, and performers have and do all sex for me, as if almost it has become but a virtual forum, I can experience and sense as though I am the one getting that good sex.

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First experience at Gay Bath.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 22:12

My Hollywood venture; found gay sexual encounter with gay teen, and on to discover hard core sex with a Hot older man with a huge endowment.

When I turned 18 years old, I began to venture on my own, going to movies and walking downtown on Broadway. One day I decide to try Hollywood, and rode the bus to get there. I walked the boulevard, and enjoyed sights along with the tourist that flourished about. I visited a barbershop, and got a haircut. I requested my hair cut short on the sides, faded, to appear neat. The barber cut my hair to look like a marine haircut, which made me look cute, and brought my manly facial features out more.

As I walked the boulevard, I got glances from several older men. Some tried to stop me to invite me for coffee. I was bewildered with the attention.

Night-time fell, and cruising cars past along me in the bustled traffic as I scurried exploring the varied attraction on the streets, the light glare charged my pace with excitement against the multitude of headlights that lit the city darkness fall.

I got a surprised when some passing cars honked at me; cars loaded with young teenage girl passengers, drawing at my attention with whistles and cat calls.

Some girls in car stopped alongside me, and requested to take my picture, telling me they thought I was cute, wanting to compliment me with small chat, and then speeding away.

I stopped and stood at a bus stop behind the bench to rest and gather myself as I glanced at every direction, and observe the atmosphere around me. As I stood, a young guy approached in my direction, and our eyes met. He carried and listened to his walk-man with headphones on his ears. He stood beside me behind the bench, smiling. He removed his headset to speak to me, and asked me where I was heading to.

“Just walking”, I said.

He asked me if I wanted to go to a club with him, but I declined since I was not yet 21 years old. I was curious about what music he was listening to on his Walkman.

He allowed me to listen, placing the headset on my ears. I heard strange, and marveled stereophonic sound, a vibrating Disco music, a new strange music to my ears, upbeat, energetic, and wild that eluded the senses to sexual desire, free, a gay orientated like sensation and mystique.

Although, Disco was novice to me, as I had not experienced it before, I had nevertheless correctly sensed its homosexual undertone.

He introduced himself as Abraham. He was Latino, about 5.9 slender with short black hair. He wore trendy clothes; he dressed to fit a club boy image, ready to dance the night away at places where young gay boys frequent and meet.

He was very inquisitive, and asked me if I had ever been with a boy.

He asked me if I liked my dick sucked. He shocked me with surprise, caught me off guard when he reached out and unzipped my pants, and pulled out my dick with fast skill.

He said, “Nice”, as he stroked and played with it, and it got big and hard in his hand, his lewd, stroking action concealed from on lookers’ sight behind the bench.

His bold hold and jerking motion on my cock felt pleasurable, and surprised me to hear him moan at seeing my cock’s engorged with hugeness, that filled his hand.

He became excited more when he got rough with it, tugged at it hard, and drew it forward closer to him. I got uncomfortable and pulled back embarrassed.

I quickly zipped up my pants, feeling baffled I did not react to his intrusion, sooner.

We walked along the Boulevard, down to Santa Monica Boulevard. He said we could hitch a ride and try to make some money first. He knew a club where we could go later, but he realized I need an I.D.

He stuck out his thumb at passing traffic, but no cars stopped for him. The cars honked as they sped along and away.

We then continued to walk, and headed to an apartment on a side street off Santa Monica Boulevard, where his friend lived. He said his friend could probably get me a fake I.D to use to enter the club.

We went to an upstairs apartment, and a young, slender, tall lanky, gay looking boy answered the door.

He informed Abraham in a gay, effeminate, high pitch voice, “Tommy is busy in his bedroom with his lover. I doubt he wants to come out now.”

I found the boy’s swishy manner and talk strange, funny to observe. I had never been around gays, and I was not then comfortable near an obvious gay life style so open.

As we waited, other boys in the apartment just glanced at me, and turned their nose in a diva manner. I faced them off, and then looked around.

The apartment looked sparkly, with mirror walls, glass lamps, decorated with varied colors, tossed pillows strewn about the living room, with red drapes.

Abraham turned to me, and said, “Would you believe this apartment was trashed, and looked a mess before.”

I imagined he described it as a hippy place before; observing now, I thought it looked girly.

We left the apartment. Abraham did not get to talk to his friend; he never came out.

Abraham said he wanted that I join him, but only had a few bucks for both us at the club. I told him I had my own money.

We tried to enter a club on the Boulevard, “Circus Disco”, but my entranced was rejected because I was ****. We went away, detoured, to find someplace else.

As we walked, Men on the Boulevard would call out, “Want to date?”

One Black older man said loudly to Abraham, “You better hold on to him, or someone might steal your boy away from you.”

When we approached Santa Monica and Highland, I was surprised at seeing so many young men standing along the Boulevard hitching for rides and checking out the passing traffic, and seeking the attention of men drivers more. Abraham told me they were out hustling for money, which made me curious about what he meant.

I thought they were out selling dope.

He explained that the guys were out to give sex in cars, turning out as many tricks as fast possible to make from $50 to $100, depending on what sex act they performed. Usually, they gave blow jobs for $50.00. I was baffled and amazed how good looking and straight they appeared. I would never have guessed they were gay, or out to have sex for money.

Many of the boys on the street knew Abraham, and greeted him, “Hey, Abraham! Are you out tonight?”

A very cute white guy, with shoulder length blond hair, and white painter pants, caught my eye. He made me laugh, when he said, “Want to date?”

Apparently, Abraham hustled too.

I then wondered why he chose to have me stay with him, when he could be out with then to make money.

Then, Abraham turns to me, and says, “Are you up to make some money, get into a car with a man, and turn him on?”

He immediately goes out and stands near the street and pulls out his thumb, again, to make his presence known to cars passing by, he is out selling his stuff.

I stood bewildered, and told him I would not get into that, and rejected his suggestion. We then continue to walk again. He said he knew of a place, I just had to show I was eighteen. Of course, I was eighteen and had I.D.

We walked down Del Mar, to a club, “Holiday Spa” a gay bathhouse.

We entered, and walked up a glass window, behind was a stud looking man, who asked for I.D and $12.00 for a room and key. In the desk area, behind the counter were overhead monitors, showing gay movies; hard core action sex, men with huge dicks, fuck and suck.

I paid for a room and Abraham for a locker. I was handed a key and towel.

I could not believe the sight, and felt uneasy, knowing I was about to enter that shocking gay world, that an establishment existed where men satisfied their gay desires, and lust for other man, easy to meet up to consensual man to man contact was permitted, as encouraged, was a culture shock too, before me, that I saw and would experience bold man sex so open.

Obviously, I was already checked in and directed inside, and others waited to enter too and pass the security door, and beyond, into strange territory, a Gay orientated and sexually graphic; an adult pornographic environment not meant for innocent eyes to behold or experience; or for those so offended by it, forced along inside into its sight, but I was buzzed in.

Immediately, I saw before me, a huge lit metal stair well leading to upstairs, to an open hallway lined with roles of rooms with numbers on its doors, which opened out the view railings and overhead down below the main gallery. The surrounding walls were black, covered with large framed posters of hot muscular men, many sharing close body contact, and sexual display.

In between the stairway, a cage was hitched; it was a D.J. box, where a guy played records, selected varied sounds; the music dark, set the sexual pace, a trance like, high energy music, flowed, humming to ears and senses, bizarre.

Many men stood and walked about as onlookers, some staring down to the main area, spotting new visitors that entered past the secured metal doors, who clutched their towel and key.

In every direction, I began to notice men in towels coming from everywhere, appearing clad and naked to my eyes, stirred me with disbelief, conjured sexual thoughts, I was surrounded by so many male bodies, many looking at me, and holding glances on my young body, smiling, searing, with lustful look, aroused, hungry for me; appearing horny, and tough.

We looked for my room number. Abraham found my room. Once inside, I sat on a hard frame for bed, a thin mattress covered in black. I removed my clothes, and draped the towel around my waist.

Abraham showed me to the showers, were naked man showed openly together. We showered and then headed to the sauna, and stream rooms. I observed a Jacuzzi too, naked men in them.

We walked back to our room, and along the way, Abraham asked some men if they had any poppers. I thought that Abraham was inquiring for drugs. Then a “nelly” looking guy came up and said, “You looking for this?” and handed Abraham a dark little glass bottle containing a liquid.

We went to our room, and Abraham removed my towel, and gave me a blow job.
I notice that Abraham had a skinny, twisted looking dick. It was not impressive.
Abraham tried to fuck me, but I did not like it. His curved dick hurt me, so I refused to allow him to continue.

We decided to check out the place more and we went to the Jacuzzi.
A young cute, white boy was in the Jacuzzi, and he began to stare at me, and smiled. Abraham noticed I was attracted to him too.

Later, the while boy came to my room, and we made out, and we had sex. I fucked him, and he really enjoyed it. We had passionate sex.

After, he left. I went to check out the movies in the viewing room, and got some coffee, free to take, offered in the adjoining lounge.

I thought it was getting too late, and I had to leave to catch the bus back home. I left Abraham, and hurriedly dressed, to get of there.
Abraham stopped me to ask me when we could get together again.

I gave him a fake number.

I would return again to that place, to experience and explore that gay world, as obviously, due to my encounter with Abraham, he helped to reveal that environment, and opened my sexual intrigue and desire to experience more its environment, that catered to manly lust, for a man to man contact easily again, but with someone preferably masculine, aggressive, and strong.

As I went out to explore, and to that place in particular, to walked its explicit sexual nature, and search it’s for a wild encounter, a sexual contact with a man, I dismissed, neglected, and ignored the sissy, gay, effeminate, skinny, ugly, old, perve, and overly hair, fat, bald, looking men. I was not turned on to their sight.

However, many amazing, huge muscular, and fearsome black man appeared, desiring me frightened or intimidated me; many with huge bulges, long hanging, along down their legs, as observed outlined on their towels that wrapped around at their waits, caught my eyes, to intrigue me with awe, and phantom what they possessed underneath was their man tools, appeared frightening, as weapons, huge.

I dared to fall to their hands, and I secretly desire it, and would ultimately, and did succumb to them, to their big physical muscular bodies, felt their manly, Black, sensed their musty smell, got in their muscular arms, holding , touching their chest, stomach, legs, ass, and all their power, and enjoyed wild pleasure from it, from seeing, feeling, experiencing them, getting possessed and fucked by the, with their huge male tools, so revealed to me, when their towel did not hasten, but did fall and drop ever so fast, a huge long Black cock loomed for me.

The removed of that towel I sometime took upon myself to do, fast, to show, and reveal the massive tool he possessed underneath, and due my impatience and from my intrigue I could no longer wait to see, I wanted and yearned with my veering eyes that shown puzzled, what played an unexpectedly, but then so big a surprise, by allowing its release, and hold it.

Sometime they accommodated the removal of their towel for me, carefully, so I could realize what he concealed, with intrigue to amaze, and not frighten me so fast, but so that I could pleasure them slow, the imagination runs wild how I accomplished to take so big a challenge, tears filled my eyes from doing it, from the feat of it first, and the passion for it followed, once accustomed, learned, got skill with continuous action and progress.

It happened to encounter an experience with a black man, so ascribed.

I was in the lounge at the Spam and in the corner of my eye I saw a masculine, muscular, tall black man. He was about 6.4, had the body of an athlete, he could have been a football player or basketball player, with broad shoulders, chiseled handsome face, muscular arms, and a hard, defined sexy chest; he was undoubtedly hot looking, manly, intimidating, strong. I was drawn to him, but I hesitated to take action.

I notice him get up, and motioned me to follow him. He entered the restroom, into a stall, and I walked up to meet him inside. He closed the door, and removes his towel. I was shocked at the sight of his huge dick. It was massive, long, and hard; appeared about 12 inches long, big!

He takes his huge dick in his hand, placed it in my direction on my face. I held it, veered at it, marveled at its sheer huge size, not believing that a man could possess such a big dick, was awe, an awesome tool, a gift. His looked powerful, juicy nice, inviting, beautiful. I had seen other big dicks, but many looked frightfully ugly, but not his.

He spoke with such a sexy, masculine voice; it sent chills up my spine. He said, “Would you like to take a try at it, and taste it?”

I opened my mouth, I realize that I had to respond to his dick differently and amazingly, and to really enjoy it, and make sure I could pleasure him, and have him enthralled with my desire, and learn skill to please that magnificent size. I wet my mouth and lips and suck his dick slow and easy, slurped it, loving it carefully, with passion, and sense enjoyment, so big, how good it felt in my mouth.

I had him going; he was moaning, with a sexy manly voice, and he held my head down, pulling my head closer to his cock, and to go deep into my mouth, tears came out my eyes, drool at my mouth, as I tried to take all of it down my mouth, with deep throat action, pulsating, quenching my lust, and desire to with his hugeness and manly action. He fucked my throat steady, firmly, as he gently maneuvered it in and out my mouth, felt hard.

I invited him to my room, and he agreed.

In my room, he lay on the bed, on his back his legs spread apart, open way for me to his huge dick hard that loomed large, long, straight up in my direction to suck. He had no need to coax me, immediately got between his legs and sucked his massive dong, making it wet and juicy in my mouth. He held my head down, occasionally I would look up to catch a glimpse of his face and saw him enjoying it, his eyes rolled back to my giving him pleasure.

I begged him to teach me, show me how to handle it better, and really make him feel good, the way he liked to feel. He said, “You’re doing a good job just the way you are now.”

“Oh, yeah boy, you are a good, a hot boy; you know that this man got what you like, what you need. You like my big, dark chocolate cock. Take it, enjoy it.”

“Yeah, I want it, to make it mine.”

“Yes, boy, it’s yours, Keep doing what you do, you are the best.”

He fucked my mouth deep and hard; I would gag to his deep penetrating invasion, and tears shot out my eyes, stung and blinded me, I was in a haven though, lost in a whirl to it his manly control, was a fearsome workout, and I perspired, our sweat drenched us, I clung to his manly touch and remained engulfed to his manly body, his wild passion, and I moaned out loud, “Oh, Oh, I love your big cock!”

I wanted to show him, that I was now his to pleasure him; I too, showed how good he made me feel, with my cries of joy; the pleasure he gave my hungry body ecstatically paved the way, to meet his pleasure most.

He took out a little brown bottle he had with him, ( poppers) placed it at my nose, and instructed me to take a big whiff of it while I sucked his dick; I felt a hot flash all over my body, my heart beat hard, and my senses floated, I became more receptive, and opened my wild desires, my inhibitions gone for its pleasure, for it got super hard, felt more engorged, felt bigger and beyond this world, as he fucked my mouth with his deep manly thrusts, his hips pushing up fast, furiously at times.

He stood up and offered his big dick in the manner as to worship it, fucking my mouth, hitting my head against the panel wall.

I then got on my side, to ease up, and to just stare it. He lied down again, and I sucked him from an angle, as I laid on my side, and I caught the sight in the mirror, the reflection of what I was doing, his huge cock seen going in and out my mouth, aroused me to lurid proportions, I had quickly became a slave it to, a whore for a his huge cock. He said I was his slutty boy, made me beg his cock, for it was hot.

He then turned me on my side, raised my legs high over his waist, held my leg up as he inserted his massive tool in my ass, now greased, and ready, paved the way with his groping, and spreading my ass with his huge manly hands, he was careful at first with ease to find way into my hole, opening it, hold it with his playful, searching hand. He made it all the way inside me; his huge dick way up inside me deep, now. He was free to fuck hard and fast with that monster; his male tool and weapon, and surely he did fuck me royally.

My ass, round, firm, yet manly and resistant, met his **** in a swayed motions. My suave ass, creamy, shining as if polished, was greased well, that it made my ass buns and muscles shimmer, as they contracted with slight clenches and then with relaxed releases, while meeting his brutal man ****,

My ass hole tightened within, puckering to hold a steady grip, his huge cock **** itself within me inside me, which I handled with skill, holding repeatedly my ass firm, and allowing ongoing subtle squeezes, and slightly, releases from his tight penetration and hold here and then, but never squeezing my butt hole hard on his big dick in a vice gripping manner, for that brought unwanted remarks to open up my hole, give up my ass more, to spread my ass well, and open wide.

However, I did not like hearing those remarks, for, I had to possess as much I was to be possessed.

Instead, I would entertain his pleasure and extract his excitement with my ass play, that rendered him into joyous ecstasy, and I limb, desiring more, as he pounded my ass and that my puckering hole continuously met, and pleasured this fearsome Black hot man in wild folly, and he squirmed with feverish delight, shaking visibly, sweat running from his brow, and trickling down his handsome chiseled face, as he cried out and shouted, “Man, your ass is good! You sure have a fine, ass booty! And I like fucking it good. I sure want to come a lot inside you, and that means I will need to come back a lot, for more of your great fucking ass. Man, your good!”

I cried, and moaned, and he turned me around again, this time to ride him, sitting on his massive tool, I had to hold dear to his neck, cling to its passion, while he gave it all to me, all his ****, deep, up, and hard and fast, as he cupped, grabbed, and swayed my ass down and up, and all around on it, to guide, direct, assure to ride his huge tool, steady, and precise to his given pleasure, and control.

He moaned with manly grunts; his buckling motions in that position worked me over fierce, and assuredly opened my ass hole wide, exclusively for his frenzy, and more, for his enthralled, sexual pleasure.

I was his captive so, pinned down and released only to glide down and up on him, but not escape from his mastered total control, or away from his detachment, he assured that pleasure was long lasting, and skillfully performed, never ending, my tight Latin hole, did but accede and comply to his manner, the demands, and controls of his body and motion.

I sought out and gravitated to seek from it pleasure, and met pain that charged me too, was only instrumental to waken me and lead me to his final climatic end, a total ecstasy.

We clung at each, we were together, joined wildly, moan and groan mutually to the sensations so derived from his awesome, manly body, and huge dick performance, that stirred inside me, and I became crazy in frenzy for more; his stamina grueling and amazing, receptive.

He shot his load, and he rested, breathing hard.
I wanted more. He said he had to go. I wanted to see him again, but he smiled, said, “You will get plenty of dicks from others.”

He was ready to hit the showers.

He mentioned he had to go, tapped my side, as to say, that is it. Other men did the same thing when it was over, and I found it funny how they did that, tap me, to indicate, “Thanks for that hot ass of yours. ”

He said, “But I got to catch you later, maybe we can do a second round if I see you.”

He said that he really liked how I moved; I took his huge dick well. Not many could, not even his wife.

Yeah, apparently he had wife, and no one knew he fucked hot boys, which he sought out if he got horny for a hot ass boy.

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The Campground Showers.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 22:08

I often like to go camping at a local state campground. The sites are like little lots where you can park, set up a tent and they even have little outdoor grills and fire pits for each location. I have a small two person tent that is quick and easy to set up. I love it so much because I have a little fetish.

I set up camp, do a little fishing to pass the time, sometimes meet the other campers as they go about their recreations. When night falls everyone is sitting around in their fold out chairs, drinking beer and relaxing in the dark. I get into my tent, strip down naked and start masturbating. I think of the hot milfs I had seen during the day, their big tits stuffed into tight bikini tops. I can hear them laughing only yards away as I lay there slowly stroking my cock. Usually I carry on this ritual for over an hour til I don't hear anyone talking anymore. I carefully peek my head out of the tent and when I am certain everyone has retired for the evening, I stand out in front of my camp and finish stroking off to a massive cum.

One particular evening was a lot different than the norm. I set up my site as usual and was grilling some burgers when I noticed the couple in the next site over. They were in their mid 40s. She was a gorgeous red head, about 5'7", shoulder length hair and filled out her two piece bikini nicely. She was slightly heavy for what she had on, her thighs were nice and thick, and skin quite tan for a red head. I am certain she either did a lot of sunbathing or spent regular sessions in a tanning bed. Her tits were easily C cup and I could see the sides of her tits in the stretched top. I put the food away, wandered over and introduced myself.

"Hey there, nice night!"

She was sitting in a lawn chair, one leg drawn up underneath her, nursing a beer. As I approached I could see her nipples were hard and poking visibly out in her bikini. I heard an ice chest close and saw her husband approach from behind their tent. He was at least 6'1", peppered hair, and in very good shape. His was only wearing loose fitting jogging shorts and I could see his chest was covered in dark hair.

"Hey fella, how's it going?" he asked.

Good sign, he was not at all threatened by my presence. That initial contact is always scary, since a lot of people get very defensive when approached by a stranger at twilight. They were both totally relaxed, probably aided by the ample number of beers they had consumed over the past few hours. I held out my hand, "Hi, I'm Eric."

"Hey bud, I'm Derek, and this is Jenn."

She flashed me a killer smile and my cock started to stir. Luckily it was very low light so I didn't think they would notice the bulge in my shorts.

"Join us for a beer?"

"Sure!" I said and Derek went back to the ice chest.

My eyes returned to Jenn and I swear she was looking at my crotch. I couldn't be certain, but I made no effort hiding my growing erection and she just smiled again, staring as my bulge grew. Derek returned with a beer and a fold out chair. We sat together, in a little triangle. I learned they were from out of state, just passing through on a short camping vacation. We made pleasant conversation, talking about hiking trails, good fishing, favorite places to camp, etc. As the time passed and my eyes adjusted to the moonlight, I noticed Derek was lounging back with his legs apart, like us guys do and I could plainly see his flaccid cock had become exposed to the night air. His thick meat was displayed lazily on top of a pair of huge balls, nestled in a thick bush of hair. My cock was at full attention, a nice hard 7", but I kept my legs casually crossed to hide it the best I could.

Jenn shifted and was sitting cross legged in the chair, her gorgeous tits fighting to bust out of that too tight top. After about half an hour or so of this sexual tension, Derek stood up and told me it was nice meeting me. That was my cue that our little socializing had come to an end. He and I stood up to shake hands again and said our farewells. I know my cock was jutting obscenely in my shorts, and my crotch was now eye level with Jenn only a few feet away from her. This turned me on even more, knowing that she could see my obvious arousal. I spun around and headed back to my tent.

Once inside I immediately shed my shorts and started stroking my meat. I went at it pretty hard at first but backed off as I neared orgasm. I kept this little edging tease for about fifteen minutes then as usual peeked my head out of the tent to see if the coast was clear. I was thrilled to see their chairs were empty. Looking around I didn't see another soul so I stepped outside and prepared to shoot a huge wad of cum all over the ground. That's when I noticed some shadow movement from the communal toilet and shower facility about twenty yards away. This building was always open, lit by incandescent bulbs inside.

I figured it was just someone taking a piss but was curious. I needed to take a leak myself so I got my shorts from the tent and headed up to the toilets. When I got inside, I didn't see anyone right away, but just as I stood in front of a urinal I heard one of the showers in the back start up. There were six showers, in the back, three on each side of the room, each separated by a metal wall and a flimsy "pull to" plasitc curtain. I stood at the urinal and did my best to drain my pee, which took a serious feat of concentration. Finally, I finished and just stood there listening to the shower when I heard some grunting. Instantly my hardon returned and I decided to enter the shower directly across from the one in use.

I quietly slid off my shorts and hung them over the metal divider on my side, pulled my curtain closed and started the shower. The grunting didn't stop. I stood under the warming water and started to slowly stroke my cock while I listened to the couple across from me. My lust filled me with courage and I began peeking through the crack between my curtain and the wall, looking towards the shower across the way. I could see obvious fucking movement going on, as their curtain swayed. I saw a man's hand grab a hold of the curtain rod of the other shower and slowly slide the curtain away from the wall. There was now about a tweleve inch gap and I could clearly see Derek standing there, dripping with water, his hips thrusting steadily into whoever was bent over behind the curtain. He turned his head and looked directly at me, peeking out at him.

Boldly, I slid my curtain open and stood there fully exposed before him, my cock in hand, jacking off in time with his fucking. He smiled at me and watched as I stroked my meat with one hand, squeezing my aching balls with the other. He then reached up again and pushed his curtain all the way open giving me my first view of Jenn. She had her arms on the divider, her head down. Her fabulous tits were swaying back and forth as Derek steadily pumped his cock in her cunt. Her grunting was more clear now, and I could hear his body slapping against her ass. I cautiously took a few steps towards them and he just kept fucking her. I stood right beside them, doing my best not to blow my load right then. I decided I needed to ease off before I spilled my seed and watched as he moved back into the corner, leaning against the wall. This caused Jenn to turn and she steadied herself with one had on the divider and with the other she started to finger her clit. I knelt down below her and looked up at her tits. She had huge dark brown nipples that were stretched taut. I started to suck them, but she never opened her eyes or even acknowledged I was there. She simply let me do what I wanted to do and kept fingering her twat as Derek pounded her hole. It was an awkward position for me so I sat down and scooted back so I could get an up close and personal look at Derek's cock going in and out of her.

It was the most erotic sight I had ever seen. His cock was huge. It was thick and at least eight or nine inches to the best of my guess. His balls were slapping against her shaved pussy, water from the shower streaming off them and splashing on my face. Jenn removed her hand and put it back on the divider so she could better push back into him. I took this opportunity to sit up fully and lick at her clit. Derek slowed down a bit to better accomodate my head in the mix, but now his balls were dragging across my forehead. I had never been in a situation like this before, with another man's cock sliding across my face, inches from my tongue. But I didn't care, I was so fucking horny and this had to be the hottest experience in my life. I kept sucking at her clit, then pulling back to watch his cock bury itself in her dripping pussy. I watched in awe as her vaginal lips slid across his shaft an inch from my face.

After a few minutes of this, Derek slowed down more then pushed her forward, letting his cock slip out of her cunt. His massive meat plopped right down on my face. I instinctively began licking his thick shaft, tasting her juices right off his cock. I twisted around onto my knees so I could better access his penis. He took one of his big hands and guided his dick straight into my mouth. I licked his swollen cockhead then opened my mouth as wide as I could and let him thrust slowly into my mouth. All the while, Jenn remained bent over, her cunt dripping shower water onto my head. He fucked my face gently a few minutes, then grabbed his cock again and squeezed out some salty precum onto my tongue before sliding it back into her hot pussy.

He started fucking her again, slowly and I turned my attention to his hairy balls. They were huge and I could only get one in my mouth at a time. I just sucked hungrily on his sack as he fucked his wife. His pace started to quicken and I could tell he was getting ready to spew. I somehow took both of his balls fully into my mouth just as began to unload into her sopping slit. The base of his cock was pressed hard against my forehead and I could feel his nuts tighten up as he dumped his cum deep inside her. I felt his cock throb as it spurt over and over, emptying his massive wad into her waiting cunt. I just enjoyed the sensation, his big meat pulsating against my face, his balls jerking in my mouth. Jenn moaned loudly as he grunted in relief.

Once his orgasm had subsided, he began to slowly inch his cum covered cock from her hole. I quickly took his softening prick into my mouth, trying to taste as much of their sex as I could before the shower washed it away. Turning back around I attempted to get my face fully into her pussy. Jenn bent her knees and pressed her well fucked hole into my mouth, for the first time making any motion that acknowledged my participation. I could feel her tighten up as she sqeezed his remaining cum out into my eager mouth. She then adjusted herself so my tongue was again licking her clit. I began to suck it in earnest as her hips grinded away at my face. It took less than a minutes before she began cumming, I could feel her hot juices pour from her pussy onto my face. Once she recovered, she stood up and I moved out of the way. She turned to Derek and began kissing him passionately.

Derek looked at my obvious need to cum and told Jenn to sit on the wooden bench that was against the back wall. He spoke to me, "Shoot it on her face man."

I didn't need any coaxing. Jenn leaned back, her shoulders against the wall, eyes closed, face tilted up before me, her legs spread obscenely, swollen cunt splayed wide open. I stood between her legs and stared down at her full breasts, still dripping with water, large brown nipples still rock hard. She just sat there, waiting for me to do what Derek instructed, hands on the bench. Grabbing my cock I pumped it furiously, and within seconds was coating her sultry face with gobs of pent up cum. I must have squirted at least ten times before my last strings of cum oozed from my cock onto her tits. He then took her by the arm and stood her up. We all stood there a moment, Derek and I appreciating the massive amounts of cum that was painted on her face. He guided her into the shower and she rinsed off as he began to towel himself dry. I just stood there watching them a few moments, looking at her magnificent ass, trying to burn it into my memory and then his softening cock swaying as he finised with his towel.

I returned to my shower, turned it off and retrieved my shorts, got dressed and looked back to see Jenn now standing next to Derek as he dried her off. Nothing else was said, Derek just smiled and nodded at me as I headed out. By the time I woke the next morning they had already moved on, but I will never forget them.

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Interracial Lover.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 21:38

I have been sucking cock for twenty years, and have given head to at least 300 different guys. When I started my love affair with dick it was right when aids was discovered. Consequently, my need to stay disease free kept me from having any of those cocks feed me their sperm. I experimented with eating my loads, and found that I thoroughly enjoy tasting and swallowing it. I had badly wanted for a long time to take a guys load down my throat, but I was always safe.

2 years ago, I lived in DC and found the bookstores and my first tearoom. As you might guess, the majority of the patrons were black guys, but they mostly were looking for other black men. My favorite dick is black and the low success rate at getting it frustrated me. I turned to finding a gay bar in a predominately black area and went there to try and score some big black cock to suck.

I got to the bar on a Friday night at 8:00. The place was busy already, with all black guys, and I didn't see any other white guys. I was encouraged and presumed that some of these guys surely like white meat. I browsed with my beer and tried to make suggestive smiles at every guy I made eye contact with. I was determined to get some black cock in my mouth. I wasn't getting any vibes or progress so I decided to get more aggressive. I approached any guy who appeared to be alone and offered to buy him a drink and make small talk. Very few guys responded and those that did gave me the feeling to bug off. I was getting rejected one after the other. It was about 8:45 and one guy showed me a glimmer of interest. He said he didn't need a drink and said, "you must be looking for some black dick white boy". Somewhat surprised, I said, "well yeah, I really would like to find some". He asked what I was into, and I told him that I love to give head. He said, "you like sucking black dick don't you boy"? I told him yes and he grinned a little. I was now becoming largely encouraged. He said to wait here and when he gets back from the bathroom, he is a friend with the owner and there's a private room that he is able to use. Relieved, I said, "sure, I'll be right here". As he went to the restroom I watched him thinking about my luck paying off. I kept fixed on the path back from the bathroom and on his way back, he stopped for a moment and chatted briefly with a couple guys. He wasn't gone long as I anxiously waited. He came back and said, "come on, lets go". I followed him towards the back and we soon entered a room and he shut the door behind me. It was dark but light enough that noticed several large glory holes on one wall. They were grouped together and I thought it strange that they were in a pattern like they were. My attention was only on sucking dick, and I gave no more thought about the holes. I later discovered they weren't glory holes.

I hurriedly knelt reaching for his zipper, and he went to work on it himself. While he worked his cock out of his pants, he told me to take off my shirt. I quickly did and tossed it aside in my hunger to get his meat. All ready now, he stepped to my crotch level face and presented me with a juicy limp 5" black uncut delicacy. I hungrily wrapped my dickloving lips around that yummy shaft and began my job getting it hard. I sucked him with loyal devotion and displayed my thanks to him for letting me get my gift. I made love to his cock and quickly got him rock hard and a good 8-1/2" long. I sucked and tightened my lips as I bobbed up and down his veiny shaft. This dick was exactly what I was hoping to find and I made sure he knew I was very grateful he allowed me to blow him. I sucked awhile and intermittently paused to lick all over the shaft and give it kisses. I even told him, "thank you so much. Your dick is perfect and I could suck it every day. I absolutely love it". He said, "yeah boy you suck that cock great. Back up to the wall so I can slide it in and out nice and slow". I backed to the wall and was now against the holes. He moved my head over slightly and started slowly pumping his boner in and out of my lips. I really liked his sensual pace and got lost in my passion. I was so engrossed in my head giving, I didn't notice until it was too late that a strap was through one hole, around my neck, and back through another hole. As I realized my restraint on my neck, I became deathly frightened. I stopped my attention on his dick and my face reflected my deep fear. I moaned out a loud mmmfh, but his dick in my mouth stopped my speaking. He said, "don't worry white boy, you said you wanted to suck some black dick and I'm just gonna give you what you asked for". He kept sliding in and out my mouth, and I now was completely not into the event. I was terribly frightened and he just kept gently fucking my face. As he pumped my mouth, the door opened and 2 guys came in and shut the door. They each took my wrists and secured them to a couple of the holes with straps and I was now totally restrained and intensely scared. The 2 guys opened their pants, pulled out their big dicks and moved towards my face as the first guy pulled out of my mouth. I started to ask what they're doing but a cock was put in my mouth too quickly. The guy I was now sucking said, "here you go white boy. Suck my black dick. Get that cock hard you cocksucker. You wanted black dick and here you go." He fucked my mouth while the other two were jacking off. I was still scared to death, but as his cock got harder, I started to get more into sucking him. I was slowly beginning to like the idea of having three nice dicks to suck. My interest shortly returned to enthusiasm, and the third guy stepped up to offer me his 9 incher. He was hard and I went right into my best to make his dick feel good. My acceptance was apparent now and he said, "yeah boy, you suck dick good. I know you love my big black cock in your pussy mouth. Yeah suck my dick. Show me how you love black cock boy". I was, I sucked him eagerly while he kept his cock in my face. "Yeah boy, oh yeah, you suck dick so good. Oh yeah baby, suck that cock".

I am very good at sucking cock, and all 3 of these tasty dicks were getting lots of appreciation from my lips. They rotated cocks in my mouth for 15 minutes or so and my jaw was feeling the stress. I couldn't do anything due to being tied up, so had to let them use my mouth however they chose. I have never taken a load in my mouth and started to worry that they were going to **** me to take theirs. My jaw was on autopilot and one of them started to spasm. I couldn't escape as he kept his cock stuck in my mouth. "Oh yeah boy, here it comes, take my cum you cocksucker". Moaning and jerking, he started rapidly stroking his dick as half of it was lodged in my mouth. I was helpless to stop him. He threw his head back and strained out, "oh yeah I'm gonna shoot, eat my cum boy. Ohh yeah". His dick started it's pulsing and his cum shot well into the back of my mouth. He kept groaning and his dick shot again. His load was collected on my throat and my natural reflex caused me to gulp. I felt his cum pass into my throat as another shot came from his dick. I was extremely resistant, but there was nothing I could do. His dick pumped a lot of cum and it was gathering in the back of my mouth and it seemed like it was never going to stop. As the warm cum pooled at my throat entrance, my reflex again forced me to gulp. This time, I felt a lot of cum go down and I could feel it on the walls of my throat. I had to gulp again and it was fully swallowed and going down my esophagus. He said, "yeah boy swallow that load. You needed that hot cum didn't you boy. Yeah cocksucker, eat my black cum." Hi dick was ending its explosion and his cum was coating my tongue as he worked his cock around my helpless mouth. I was now getting a full taste of his sperm and feeling it slightly stinging my throat. I had swallowed a big gulp of it and the taste was getting strong on my tastebuds. The salty flavor assaulted my senses and I had no choice but to receive it. He finally pulled his dick out and the first guy took its place right away. I now dreaded what was happening and realized I was going to be forced to eat all their cum. The first guy resumed fucking my sore jaw and I was despondent. Strong taste of cum in my mouth as well as feeling it in my throat, I was terribly regretting my actions.

The first guy used my mouth about 2 minutes and began his obvious start to orgasm. Again I could do nothing to stop him. He groaned forcefully while stroking his cock in my mouth just like the previous guy. I felt his dick shoot it's sperm into my innocent mouth. His spurts came rapidly in succession as my mouth quickly filled with another load of cum. He came with a big load also and the taste was nearly the same but less salty. At least this load was a little more tolerable to my tongue. After finishing his shooting, he kept his cock stuck in my mouth and said, "now swallow that cum boy. You know you love black men's cream so gulp it down now. Eat that hot cum and make room for Marcus's load now". "You bout ready to feed this cocksucker Marcus"? Marcus said, "yeah, working up a nice big load for that cumsucker" as he jacked off. Knowing that I had no choice, and fearing for my life, I conceded. With his dick still in my mouth, I swallowed two big gulps and felt his cum slide down my throat. He said, "yeah boy, you love eatin that hot cum. I told you I'd give you what you need boy. Take that load boy. Now Marcus here is gonna give you some more dick juice. I know you want it boy, and I'm gonna make sure he treats you right. Come on Marcus, this white boy is thirsty for some more hot cum". Marcus stepped up and the first guy pulled out. With my mouth empty, hoping for some type of rescue, I said, "please guys". But before I had a chance to say anything further, Marcus stuffed his cock in my pleading mouth. Marcus laughed and said, "hear that Derrick, white said please. He's so hungry for our juice that he's beggin for it. Don't you worry boy, you don't have to beg, I'm gonna feed you a nice hot load real soon. I promise". Again dejected, my lifeless mouth was pumped with a third black abuser. While Marcus worked up his load in my lips, Derrick opened the door to leave and another guy walked in. From the side, I could see I hadn't seen him before and I now became overwhelmed. Defenseless, I felt Marcus begin his shooting in my mouth. The new guy started stroking while Marcus pumped a very thick load from his tool. His cum continuously poured out like a stream and quickly covered my tongue. The taste was a little different again, and had a sort of sour twinge. Knowing what was inevitable and not wanting to prolong having to taste it on my tongue, I started swallowing as he was filling my mouth. As my throat muscles worked it down, he said, "that's it boy. Drink it up. Swallow daddy's cum boy". I ignored his humiliation of me and swallowed a few times to get his flowing cum out of my mouth. He persisted with, "oh yeah boy, drink up. Eat that big load you want so much. Yeah, that's it boy. You did good you cum eating pussy. Now since you were a good boy and was beggin me for my hot cum, Antonio here is gonna let you have his cum to eat. I know you can't wait boy, so let's get him over here to give you that dick cream that you are so anxious for. Come on Antonio, this white dicksucker needs some more black cum to eat". The guy came over and instead of attempting to protest when my mouth was dickless, I knew I again had no choice. Instead of speaking, I leaned my face to his crotch and my mouth got another hefty black dick to taste. I sucked him with hopelessness, and the door opened before Marcus was ready to leave. 3 guys stepped in and I knew I had made a tremendous mistake. Marcus left and now I had 4 black dicks wanting to share in the assault on me. I had to rotate between all 4 new cocks and suck each one for a few minutes. Like the previous hour, I was being forced to taste and swallow another big load of sperm. I ate a load from the first guy and one guy said, "lets give him 2 at the same time". One of them said, "I'm getting close". Another said, "me too". One of the two said, "open up wide boy". The two of them stepped up to my face. I knew I had to obey and I feared for my safety. They both were jacking fast and I opened my mouth as wide as I could. I tilted my head back, and stuck my tongue out as far as I could. One guy said, "yeah boy you want it don't you? Tell me how bad you want to swallow our cum boy". I submissively said, "please shoot your hot sperm all over my tongue. I am starving for your cum. Please shoot every drop of your cum in my mouth. I want you to pump the biggest load you have ever shot. I hope you aim good so every bit of your delicious cream gets in my mouth so I can taste it and feel it ooze down my happy throat while I swallow every delicious bit. I badly want to eat all your cum sir". Wow, I couldn't believe what I had said. I realized I went overboard, and was astonished at how eager I seemed. I knew I had to cooperate but questioned myself of what I just blurted out. I resumed my receiving position, and they both let go. Both cocks were at the edge of my tongue and rope after rope of cum was blasting in my wide-open mouth. The door opened while they simultaneously filled my mouth. I couldn't pay attention to the new assailants, and the 2 guys pumped a large volume while muttering things like, "oh this boy loves our hot cream. Eat it up you cum punk". They kept insulting as they relentlessly shot gobs of sperm straight in my mouth. Both seemed to shoot the biggest load I'd got so far and as it was subsiding, I could feel my mouth nearly half full. One guy stepped back and said, "look at that". Surrounded by about 9 guys now, I felt at the end of my rope. They all looked in awe at my mouth full of cum and I closed my mouth. Hoping that if I put on a good enough show, maybe they'd relent and let me go. I swirled the warm sperm around my mouth so they could see. After giving them a thorough show, I tilted my head against the wall and gulped with extra effort to let them see my throat swallow the cum. There was so much this time, I had to take 4 big gulps to get it all down and I felt like I needed to gag. Instead, I regrouped and smiled up at them as I licked my lips as if to reflect my delight. I certainly wasn't delighted, but I thought I needed to make them think I was. I was however feeling something different. I didn't feel as repulsed about it this time. The flavor was actually intriguing to me and I felt like it soothed me by feeling it slide down my throat. I could feel it going down my throat and I was actually enjoying how it felt. As degrading and threatening this all was, I was beginning to like the whole experience. The more I tasted the residue of sperm on my tastebuds, the more it tasted good to me. I even ran my tongue around my gums and teeth trying to get more flavor. As I did find some lingering tastes, I was enjoying it more by the second. Surprised at my change of heart, I regained focus to see all guys jacking their cocks as they each seemed to be allowing a reprieve for me. They just kept pumping for several minutes while I thought about being forced to swallow so many loads of cum, and trying to understand why I was now satisfied rather than frightened. My attention was caught as one guy began to show his pending orgasm. I looked to his dick and seen he had a rubber on. I was relieved. He moaned as I saw the tip of the rubber turn white with his sperm. As he settled down, another guy said, "hurry man, I'm gonna shoot". The guy who had just shot in the rubber, took it off and handed it to the guy who was ready to cum. The guy getting close, quickly struggled and put the rubber just over the end of his dick. Just as he got the rubber on, he began to shoot his load into it. Another guy said, "my turn". The rubber was switched to the third cock and was again pumped with another load. One after the other, each guy took the condom over the end of his dick and shot their sperm into it. The rubber was about one quarter full and bulging with the white cream after each of the 8 or 9 guys deposited their loads, and I started to catch on. During the filling of the sperm holder, about a half dozen more guys came in as they rotated in and out of the room. Every single man jacked off until he was adding his sperm to the growing package. The increasing number of cumloads grew the amount to around 3 inches deep of their many loads in the condom. As the last guy took it off, he came to me and held the rubber in my face. It was about 3" to 4" full of sperm and looked heavy. He said, "you want this don't you boy"? I raised my eyes to him and said, "yes I do. All that cum looks delicious. Will you please let me eat it"? With nothing said, he grabbed the full end, put the open end to my mouth, and I pursed my lips reaching for it. He smoothly raised the full end, and the massive loads came flowing out into my mouth. I kept my lips secure to the opening as my mouth filled. I moaned a signal that I was full and he backed the condom away. He understood my moan as I hoped he would, and when I looked, the rubber was still half full. My cheeks puffed and I swirled the multiple loads all around my mouth. The powerful taste was flooding my mouth and I kept running my tongue all through the creamy sperm loads. I was savoring it. I was now loving the taste and feeling of having my mouth full of all that cum. I swirled it around for a minute at least and I was hoping to get the succulent flavor to soak into my delirious taste buds. An hour previous, I was in fear for my life and abhorred at the thought. Now I was elated to have all that cum floating over my tongue. It was delicious beyond words. After thoroughly absorbing the flavor I now cherished, I calmly took gulp after delightful gulp until my throat had swallowed the entire mouthful. My eyes closed and serenity overcame me as I smiled warmly reeling with euphoria. Taking in my new obsession of being a cum eater, my mind returned to the current situation and I opened my mouth to display my wish to have the rest of that sperm. The stud holding the rubber said, "you want this load boy"? I pleaded, "oh yes please. It tastes so wonderful and I desperately want all you can treat me too". He put the challis to my mouth and gently poured the remaining cock juice onto my thankful tongue. Every morsel got in my mouth, as he didn't spill any of the nectar. With about half of the sperm that was left in the rubber, my mouth was once again packed full with marvelous loads of hot black men's cum. My delight increased more while I adored my mouthful of these guys sperm. Like before, I explored it entirely and soaked up all the flavor for my grateful tongue to save. Once again I graciously gulped until every precious drop of the cum flowed down my throat. The rubber was placed on my lips and I sucked it in as he pushed it until it was inside out in my mouth so I could clean out the residue it held. I made a point to not swallow these remnants so the flavor would stay in my mouth a long time.

The men must have been satisfied with their abuse of me because they released my bondage and told me to get lost. I now had a never ending thirst for loads, but had been fed so many loads that I didn't want to push my luck. I gathered myself and left with a feeling of incredible pleasure. My stomach was holding gobs of sperm and my mouth was exhilarated with the lingering taste of it. The adventure changed into my best experience ever and would plan more multiple feasts of sperm.

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Adult Bookstore ......Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 21:29

The wife and I finally had a weekend to ourselves and it was a 3 day weekend so we deicided to take a little roadtrip a couple hours away to popular vacation spot in TN. About 2 hrs into the drive I made a pitstop off the highway at an exit I know pretty well exit 90B off I-75. We got gas, used the restroom, got some snacks then I drove up the road acting like I had never been there before when we came across a little white building with a yellow sign that said DVD'S 4.99 I knew what the place was, it was an adult bookstore. I looked at the wife and said, hey let's go get some movies and toys... what the fuck she said...We went in and looked around, the place was fairly busy... she looked back into a hallway and asked what is that? I looked back there and said, "I think it's where you can go watch videos"... hmmm she said.... you wanna go check it out? Sure why not I said (though I had been there many times and been in both the arcade and theatre We found a booth that was un-occupied and went in... I pulled out some dollar bills and fed the machine and on came the tv screen... She looked at me and said "have you been here before or somethihng (laughing)... she started browsing through the videos and came across a guy sucking a guys cock... hey babe... that turns you on don't it as she laughed... I laughed and said.. " you know it does babe" I was wondering how long it was gonna be before she noticed the gloryholes and just then she was like... is that what I think it is! Yep babe it's a gloryhole... she looked down at the hole for a second put her fingers to it (not knowing) and a cock come through it, a NICE cock at that!.... OH SHIT she said and jumped back... I looked at her and said " well babe now you gotta suck it" Im NOT SUCKING THAT.... well you at least gotta jerk it im not... i grabbed her hand and pushed it down towards the cock... in shock staring at me... what are you doing!!! Come on babe, just get the guy off and be done with it... you gave him the fingers through the hole go ahead... I DID"NT KNOW .... HOW THE HELL YOU KNOW ABOUT ALL THIS.... Im a guy babe, I know about these things....though she was acting hesitent she was'nt fighting back to much as I put her hand on the cock and made her grip it...she looked at me... go ahead babe... I can't believe I am doing this she said as she started stroking.... the cock grew, it was a nice ass fucking cock... I wanted my lips around it but the wife does'nt know about that side of me....She stroked the cock, not doing a very good job of it and I was like... come on hon... I know you can do better then that... fuck, stroke that dick like you want it....she got a little more comfortable... got down on here kness and starting stroking that cock like I knew she could... I stood behind her, getting very turned on, so I pulled out my cock and started stroking... by this time she was paying no attention to me... she had 8 inches of thick white cock in her hand making love to it with her hand.. I got a little closer and put my cock to her mouth... she did'nt say a word, she just started sucking and this turned her on big time... not to mention I was highly turned on. After a minute or two and I seen she was getting hot... I told her... Now stroke my cock and suck his... she did.. and she started going to town on that big cock... I pulled my cock away from her got on my knees... reached around her, undid her pants and pulled em down... i pulled her back in the doggy postion and reached between her thighs touching her pussy which was soaking fucking wet! I lightly fingered her as she sucked this strangers cock then started saying things to her... " thats it baby, suck that big dick... make that dick cum... you fucking love that cock don't you.... mmm hmmmm with a mouthful of dick she mummbled....fucking take it deep baby... suck him good.... I started fingering her harder and she started moaning loud with a mouth on that cock and I knew what was about to happen... she reached back and started fingering herself and she fucking squirted everywhere moaning and sucking that cock hard....I was so fucking turned on I was about to blow myself! She stopped sucking started jerking the cock hard and said "CUM YOU MUTHER FUCKER... I WANT YOU TO CUM" I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it on that cock and she gagged and kept going hard then I heard her little laugh so I knew the man just busted it in her mouth... she LOVES the cum... thats it baby... swallow all that nut... She did, she took in every last drop... sucking til the man pulled away... she stood up, pointed and said "that one is all yours.... I turned around and big ol black cock was popping through the other hole on the other side... ummm don't think so babe... thats your job... nope, you know I don't like the black ones (she is you do that one... fair is fair and she grabbed my hand like I grabbed hers and she put it on that big ol black dick.... what did I do... I started stroking it... she stood behind me fingering her pussy... now suck it, she said.... what the hell.. I wanted to anyway...I started sucking on this massive black tool and she was loving that I was.... thats fucking hot as hell she was saying to me... suck that black cock baby, suck it and make him cum.... that I did... I was about 3 minutes into and he exploded a load that made me gag but I took it all and you should have heard the wife... she fingered her pussy hard as I was taking the load and she fucking squirted her juices all over me... that was the most I had ever seen her squirt... the back of my neck and shirt was soaked!.... She then got on all fours and told me to fuck her hard! So I did and as I did another cock pop through the hole and I told her to suck it... I was pounded her pussy and she was sucking another strangers cock... FUCK im gonna cum baby.... cum in my pussy.... FUCKING CUM IN MY PUSSY... I blew it up inside her and almost at the same time the cock she was sucking busted in her mouth... it was so damn hot... almost to good to be true....we gathered ourselves and then I said... you wanna hit the theatre? HELL YES she said, all fucking horned up after swallowing two nuts and taking one in the cunt.. not to mention the huge nut I swallowed... We made our way to the theatre sat down and I just pulled my shit out and shoved her head down on it and she started sucking... when guys see that they come flocking and there were about 6 guys and 2 were black so I did'nt know how that would go over for her... I stopped her and told her to get undresssed... she did then she got on her knees in front of me and started sucking... guys were standing around stoking and watching... I know she did't like black cock but this older black guy stroking had one thick ass big cock and I motioned him over, pulled the wife off my cock and put it on his... she went at it like a fucking porn star....I then motioned a young white guy over and pointed at her backside and he just shoved his shit right in her...her she was on all fours... sucking a huge black dick, stroking mine and taking one doggystyle from a young stud... she was fucking loving it... and so was I... I said I suck to...and when I did an older man came up and put his cock in my mouth... this shit was getting too damn wild... this was like a dream come true for me... I fucking blew my nut all over just from the wife barely stroking me....I got up to watch and another guy came to sit down... this shit continued for a couple hours... she took several nuts in the mouth, on her face, in her pussy... she was fucking covered... I even blew another nut in her mouth... It would take me forever to write all that went on...but let me tell you, when the thick black man put his cock in her... OMG... she squirted instantly and he slammed the fuck out of her for a good 10 minutes before nutting in her... she was loving it but at the same time in pain and I was fucking turned on After several hours there we finally made our way down to TN.. we enjoyed our weekend there then came back home... I thought about stopping at the bookstore again.... even asked if she wanted to but neither of us really wanted to, we were wore out in every way....

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It was working, at least for me.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 21:24

I was in a club and at that moment the music was a thumping techno beat backed by a loud and rolling keyboard playing electronic noise. Lights flashed and strobed all around as sweaty strangers bumped against each other as they undulated and danced. I know this probably sounds familiar, like you heard it before, or it happened to you before. Maybe it’s an average story and nothing special. I guess I think back on it because it happened to me and I love replaying the memory.

He was near the bar dressed in a navy jacket with a blue shirt, no tie and two buttons open, doing his best to look like he was cool and did not care about anything. It was working, at least for me. He was hot, bald with a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee, and he looked vaguely Latino. He was one of those guys who looked skinny and scrawny at first glance, but you knew that under his clothes he was muscled up despite his frame and looked chiseled like Bruce Lee. He put off that vibe that said, Just for a hook up. I thought he was hot and I had no problem with that.

I managed to catch his eye. He apparently liked what he saw, and he knew I understood what he wanted. He stepped up to me and said nothing. We went to the edge of the floor and moved and ground against each other with the rest of the crowd. No at a word was said. The dancing was just a formality.

As I turned, undulating my body, I caught sight of my friend Taffy a little further on the floor. At that moment the nameless techno electronica gave way to t.A.T.u.’s ‘Malchik Gay’, which happens to be her favorite song. She sees me and that I am with someone and gives a high sign. Taffy has hooked up with a big butchy looking girl, the kind that she likes to be with. I wave back. Each knows the other has scored, but my friend will not be leaving the club with us, although Taffy’s could possibly come home. She is looking for a relationship. I’ve been burned too many times, so for now I just want to play.

The music changes again. ‘Fireflies’. Neither my hot stud nor myself are in the mood for slow dancing. He suggest we go to the bar, the first thing said. There he orders us shots of something called Prairie Fire. It’s hot, cinnamon and burning. The jury is still out on if it tasted good or not. I have not had it again since. Although he ordered us two more and I drank the second one down as well.

He whispers in my ear, not trying to be romantic, but sly. There is a place he knows in the club that’s out of the way enough and private. He wanted to know if I thought that would be okay.


We go to the spot he knows. There is a scaffold hidden by a tarp. We climb up the steps to a platform. As he suggested no one can see us. Only someone who knew it was there would even know to find it.

We kissed, hot and passionately, each groping at the other. It is the only thing that makes it feel the slightest bit romantic. Hands between us I work the buttons of his shirt. I reach in and feel his sweaty and muscled chest. His hands go lower. He undoes my belt, and then opens my pants. I sigh and rub his chest, kissing him again as he reaches in and fishes out my cock.

I pant into his mouth, eyes closed as he slowly strokes my stiffening shaft. “That’s nice, baby,” he tells me, finally something coherent.

“Yeah,” I whisper back. I kissed his ear and then his neck. As I grind my side against him as he jacks me I feel that his own cock is already hard, and very big.

“Go on,” he says.

I slipped down, feeling my cock slide through his hand. Then I opened his zipper and reached in with my fingers to coax his own out. It is nice and thick, beautiful veins. He is at least seven inches, and getting his balls out was too much of a hassle. He was uncut, which I love as much as Taffy loves plump dykes. I tugged the foreskin back to reveal a round and fat head glistening with precum.

“Mmmmm, yeah, baby,” he sighs.

I gave him a few more strokes, playing the skin back and forth over the head. Then I licked into his slit a couple of times, and cleaned the head to get the taste of his sticky and somewhat bland precum. It had a real strong aftertaste though, and I knew that his full load would taste a lot better.

I went to town, feeling his hands on my shoulders, gently massaging. God he tasted good. His musk was an aroma that even the liberal splash of cologne he had put on could not hide.

“Yeah, baby,” he hissed. He bucked himself against my face, the fabric of his pants scratching at my cheeks.

My body was alive with sensation. There was a funky remix of The Doors song ‘Strange Days’ playing, and that seemed to fit what I was feeling just fine. My cock was rock hard, and I could feel a long tear of precum of my own slowly drip out of my own slit.

I put a hand at the base of his shaft to hold it steady to that I could suck harder. I could tell from the little bit of juice in my mouth and the way he was breathing it wouldn’t be much longer. It didn’t bother me that it was quick, because sometimes it’s more thrilling that way, especially with an anonymous stranger.

He let out a harsh breath and gave a slight, “Yes.” Then I felt him go ridged, his buttocks clenching. As he put a gentle hand on top of my head and began to groan I knew it was time to get ready to swallow.

I was totally with the flow. The first spurt of his cum went down so smoothly I almost missed the fact that he was getting off. It coated my tongue as I drew my head back and his second spurt was leaking out of the corner of my mouth. I moved my tongue and scooped it in as a third spurt hit the back of my throat. At last I could finally taste it. It was hot and spicy, just like the shots we had drank.

I worked my mouth up and down the shaft of his cock until his unseen balls were finally empty. When he was done I stood up and he urged me to turn around. I put my jeans covered ass against his dying cock. He put a hand between my shoulders and guided me to bend forward like I was going to take him. Then he reached beneath me and took my cock in hand. He worked it in long and rough strokes until I finally came, my sperm splattering against the tarp that hid the scaffold.

We straightened ourselves up and adjusted our clothes. Then back down the steps and out to the dance floor. Taffy was dancing cheek to cheek with her plump dyke as Aerosmith’s ‘What It Takes’ played on the house speakers. He stepped out into the crowd and soon disappeared. I spent the rest of the night slow dancing with a cute guy named Stan, who like I, was a third wheel, waiting for the friend he had come with and his friend’s “date” decide they were ready to leave.

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Man , this is going to be a long trip .....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 20:46

I was heading home on a Wednesday morning , it had been three months since I’d been to sea and was looking forward to the waiting arms of my wife. I have always been afraid of planes , so I usually take the Amtrak home. I got off the boat in New York and headed to the train station for the twenty four hour trip to Florida. I arrived at the station two hours early and as usual walked down the three blocks to the nearest liquor store. Picking up my bottle of Captain Morgan, I knew my trip would go faster with the help of my good friend. I boarded the train and we left on time at eleven in the morning.

I slept for the first four hours but, woke up and decided to go have a drink. I headed to the lounge and took a seat in the last booth. I ordered two cokes from the lady at the counter and poured me a generous amount of rum into my class, topping it off with coke. Taking the first sip, I relaxed and thought in twenty hours I’d be home and could get some rest.

After an hour of just sitting there I decided to get out my laptop and finish one of my sex stories that I had been working on. In The Shower, was the name of it. I was about half way done and since it was true it just flowed out of my mind and on to the screen. I had zoned out, due to my typing and drinking , I had not noticed the man that sat down opposite of me in the booth. Not tell he spoke up.

“Hey you don’t mind if I sit here do you?” He asked

“ Oh I’m sorry I didn’t notice you, no I don’t mind, knock yourself out.” I told him

“ Thanks” He said.

I largely ignored him since I was so engrossed with my story. I had finished typing and was proof reading it. After about fifteen minutes he spoke up again.

“ Man , this is going to be a long trip , I’m heading all the way to Miami. But I can’t stand airplanes so this is the only way I travel. How about you where are you going?” He asked me.

Slightly annoyed at him I looked up and finally took a good look at him. I was kicking myself for not looking sooner, He had dark skin but not too dark, black hair ,brown eyes and a fit body. My heart skipped a beat as I tried to mutter out a response.

“ Umm, Yeah, sounds like a long trip for you. I’m heading to Tampa so I’ve got a while too. I’m Mike by the way and your name is ?” I asked

“ Oh sorry , Marcus is my name.” He said shaking my hand.

He had soft hands, unlike mine that are hard and rough from the work I do. The feel of his skin excited me. It had been a good four years since I last been with a guy but it’s never far from my mind. Being married though I don’t take the many chances that come my way. With my attention now taken away from the computer I started to talk with him.

“So what do you do for a living?” I asked

“ I’m a fashion designer.” He said “ I work for a company in New York but, I’m heading to Miami to meet some friends. Hold on a sec while I go get another drink from the bar, I’ll be right back.”
He walked off and I couldn’t help but stare at his ass, as he walked away. Something about him told me he was gay , I usually can pick them out easily and the fact he was a fashion designer didn’t help his case with me. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and declared him straight until further notice. He came back to the table and sat down , he had purchased a bottle of Bacardi and a coke.

“ Its all they have” He said “ I prefer Captain Morgan but I guess I’m stuck with this”

“ No, your not, give me your glass, I have a liter of Captain in my bag here.” I told him reaching into the bag. He handed me his glass and I poured him a good bit.

“ Thanks a lot, what luck for me to run in to someone who also drinks what I drink and have some on them. That makes you almost perfect to me.” He said

“ No problem” I told him, a little curious about the “almost perfect” remark. A few hours passed as we talked back and forth to each other about our lives. I told him I was married to which he sounded down at hearing. He told me he had been engaged but decided not to get married, he said it wasn’t for him. Around seven at night I asked him if he’d like to join me in the dining car for dinner. He accepted and I packed my computer up. We walked back to the dining car and took a table. We ordered our food and continued our conversation. We were the same age so, we had a lot in common.

“ Your job sounds so interesting!” He said “ I bet you see a lot traveling from place to place aboard a boat. What’s the craziest thing that ever happened out there?”

I decided to test his take on homosexuals and told him, “ The craziest was once we were tied up at a dock that had a bar across the street, we all got shit faced and went back to the tug, that night I guess one of the guy’s got horny and tried to fuck the captain in the ass. It didn’t go over well.”

“ Man that’s nuts but, maybe the captain was hot.” He said.

We finished our dinner and went back to the lounge, luckily our booth was still empty and we sat down. I pulled my laptop back out and finished proof reading my story and logged in to XNXX to post it. That’s when he asked. “ What are you typing anyway.”

“Oh, nothing , just stories that I write.” I said, I didn’t want him to see what I write since I was having a good time and figured it’d be awkward if he found out. But he persisted

“ What kind of stories?” He asked “ They are not naughty are they.”

Hearing the “come on show me” tone of his voice, I told him yes they were sex stories that I write but, he couldn’t read them. Why I told him that I don’t know because it just made him more curious.

“Why not” He asked “ Are they private?”

“ No, I post them online but, I don’t think they are your flavor.” I told him

“ How do you know what my flavor is?” He asked “ I’m very open to anything.”

“I don’t think you are this kind of open.” I said , “these are gay stories.”

“Really!” He said “ Let me read it”

“ Why are you gay?” I asked

“No, I’m bi “ he said “ Wait a minute if you are married to a girl why are you writing gay sex stories?”

“Well , if you must know I’m bisexual myself but decided to settle down with the woman I love. These stories are where my gay life is now.” I told him

“ So that means you jack off to gay stuff, don’t you.” he asked

“ Of course” I said “but that’s were it ends. I’m very happy with my life but, I still have desires. My wife knows I been with guys and she has been with girls. We use that knowledge in bed to fulfill our fantasies and still stay true to each other.” I said

“Well that’s not as good as the real thing. Anyway do you mind if I read them then.” he said moving over next to me.

“I guess if you want to, go ahead.” I told him as I moved the screen over. He started to read it and I could tell it was getting him horny by the way he kept shifting around in the seat.

“ Wow” He exclaimed “ This is a hot story, it could get anyone horny.”

That’s when he placed his hand on my leg , as if to get a better view of the screen. I knew better and was sure if I did not stop him he would try and see how far I’d let him go. I decided not to move his hand, I wanted to have another fantasy that I could use for a story later. Slowly his hand slid to my thigh and from there to my inner thigh. My cock had felt the incoming touch and grew to its full length down my pant leg. By now the lack of sex and the booze that I had been drinking was breaking down my inhibitions and I was getting very horny. It had been so long since I had the touch of a man’s hand on my body and I longed for it so much. He pressed on and his fingers discovered my cock, his hand jumped back slightly, I guess he had not expected it. But he quickly resumed and started to trace my cock with his fingers and gently squeeze it.

“ Feels like someone else is horny too .” He said as he stopped touching me.

“I didn’t tell you to stop.” I said.

“ I have a better idea.” He said “ I have a sleeper in the forward car, how about we head that way and you can show me some more stories.”

My cock had taken control of my body now and without hesitation I said yes. We got up and I followed him down to his room. Stepping inside he locked the door behind us. I could not help myself and as he turned around I kissed him and wrapped my arms around his neck. Our tongues touched and the feel of his lips made my cock pulse so hard it almost tore a hole in my pants. Still locked in our kiss I reached down and grabbed his dick, it was rock hard, I traced my hand down it and guessed it at seven inches. My own was six and a half but was a lot thicker. I decided to take command of our encounter and pulled off our shirts. Our bare skin felt so sexy rubbing together.

Gently I kissed and sucked his left nipple while running my hands up and down his chest which was shaved bare. He ran his hands through my hair and pulled slightly. I continued down to his waist line and used my teeth to undo his belt and jeans , in one motion I pulled his jeans and briefs to the floor. His cock stood strait up with a slight curve to the right. With one hand I grabbed his cock and stroked it. The smell of his crotch was intoxicating, a mixture of sweat and pre cum. I had to taste it and ran my tongue up the shaft, he quivered from the lick I had just given it and begged me to suck it. I put just the head into my mouth and sucked slowly while still stroking the shaft. Slowly working the whole length into my mouth till I had it all. For five minutes I continued to suck his cock, while he moaned with pleasure.

He motioned for me to stop and I stood up as he dropped to his knees and pulled my cock out. Reaching in to his bag he pulled out a bottle of lube and a condom. “ Please fuck me” he said getting on his hands and knees. I knelt down behind him and opened the condom. I tried to roll it down my dick but it was too tight. I usually use magnum sized condoms, not for the length but the girth. I decided to not use it and go bareback, I lubed my cock and his ass which seems to pulse in desire. I rested the head of my cock on his hole and slowly pushed, it went in with ease and I pushed all the way. With my cock fully engulfed by his ass I reached around and stroked his cock as I pulled out slow and rammed back in. I kept on pounding his ass so hard that our balls were sore from slapping into each other. I pulled out completely and slammed back in hard. It felt so warm and tight, even with my big girth his ass kept a tight grip on my cock, squeezing it every time I pushed in.

I could fell my orgasm building and held back as long as I could. I let out a scream that I was going to cum, he asked for me to cum in his mouth. A few minutes later I pulled out and he turned around, I jerked my cock and blew my load into his mouth. Stream after stream came flying out of my prick and onto his lips. It was to much and over flowed. I bent down and kissed his lips, savoring the taste of my cum and his lips. His cock was still pulsing from not having its release, I grabbed it and started to suck on it hard. It took only 2 minutes and he started to cum in my mouth, it was so hot I thought it would burn my tongue. He filled my mouth and I swallowed every drop, I was not going to share with him as I wanted it all. Exhausted I collapsed on the floor next to him wrapping my arms around his body and we feel asleep. It felt good to fuck a man again.

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Give me that dick. Fuck me......fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 20:42

The mall near my house is a good cruising spot for guys. Several of the men's rooms have glory holes cut into the partitions and a few of them you can actually lock from the door from the inside. In both cases, the chance of getting caught giving a guy head are pretty slim.
I love that mall.
I didn't have to work today and it was raining outside so I decided to go to the mall and see if I could find any action but I guess the rain had kept everyone home and after about two hours of cruising with no luck I decided to head back home. As I made my way through the last store to my car in the parking lot I saw a guy that made me decide to give it one last try. He was a tall black guy, about six foot four, with dread locks and dark brown skin wearing a pair of Sperry boat shoes, cargo shorts and a Tommy Bahama t-shirt. He was lean, but muscular, and I couldn't help but imagine how big his cock was.
And I wanted to suck it. Bad.
I followed him around the mall from store to store, trying to make eye contact with him and get him to follow me into one of the restrooms but it didn't work and after he made his last purchase and left the mall I disappointedly headed out to my car.
I was about to unlock my door and get in when a gray BMW pulled up behind me, stopped and lowered the passenger side window. It was him!
"Why you following me around the mall?" he asked.
"I wasn't following you." I lied.
"Yes you were." he replied "Now, what you need?"
"I have no idea what you're talking about." I lied again "I wasn't following you."
"That's too bad." he said as he began to drive off "You got a nice ass."
"Wait." I blurted. He stopped his car and approached his passenger door.
"Ok, I was following you." I admitted.
"I know you were." he smiled as he pulled his the right leg of his shorts up, exposing the monster I knew was in there "This what you were looking for?"
"Oh, hell yeah." I sighed.
"Get in" he said to me as he unlocked the passenger side door.
I eagerly jumped into the passenger seat and bent over his lap to take his cock in my mouth.
"Whoa, bro" he said, stopping me "Lets go to my place. It's a hell of a lot safer than this mall."
I was thrilled he didn't live far from the mall, I was so hungry for the big cock I was stroking on the ride. He hade a beautiful home and I happily followed him up the stairs to his bedroom. It was a large, spacious room with two fully mirrored walls and a full mirror ceiling. A room made for sex, I thought.
We quickly undressed and posed in front of one of the mirrored walls for a moment. Such a sexy contrast. Me with my white skin, shaved head, muscular build and tattooed chest and arms and him standing about six inches taller than me, smooth brown skin, dreads and muscular but lean body. I kissed my way down his body, dropping to my knees in front of him and looked in the mirror as I wrapped my hand around his big, thick cock and guided through my lips. The contrast of that black cock and my white mouth got to be too much for me, I closed my eyes and began working furiously over that beautiful cock. I felt his hand run over my bald head and down my back. He was leaning over me now and his hand reached my ass, squeezing each cheek.
"Mmmm, that's nice" he moaned.
I arched my back to give him better access as his fingers split my cheeks and his middle finger began pressing against my asshole. Continuing to suck his magnificent cock I stood up and the tip of his finger slid inside me and I moaned as I took his cock out of my mouth and began sucking his balls. He pulled me up, turned me to face the mirror and moved behind me. I put my hands on the wall as he spread my ass cheeks with his hands and pushed his huge cock between them. His cock slid across my ass, between my legs and against my sac. I began to wiggle my ass as the head of his cock pressed against my hole before he wrapped his arms around me and turned us to his king sized bed. He laid me down and positioned me the way he wanted, placing a pillow under my hips, he reached into a nightstand beside the bed and produced a bottle of lube. He then poured the lube on his his hands and his cock. He placed my right leg over his left shoulder and pushed the lubed fingers of his right hand into me as he stroked his meat with his left. I closed my eyes and moaned in pleasure as he finger fucked me until i felt him shift his position. On his knees between my legs, he put his hands under my knees and pushed them towards my shoulder, raising my ass in the air, I felt his cock brushing against my asshole and opened my eyes, looking up into the mirror I watched as the head of his cock pressed its way into me and that monsterous shaft slowly disappeared inside me.
"Oh my God." I moaned at the wonderful feeling and beautiful sight of his cock entering me, filling me.
"Nice, ain' it?" he asked.
"God yes." I sighed in response.
I kept watching that massive dick sliding slowly, sexily, in and out of my asshole as he gradually built up the pace of his thrusts. He let my knees fall onto his shoulders and placed his hands on the mattress, cutting me off from the view of his cock pumping inside me, but giving me a feeling of being completely over powered. Helpless to the attack of this big black monster cock fucking my ass.
Louder and louder he grunted as harder and harder he pounded into my ass.
"Oh, yeah, white boy." he moaned "God damn I love that white ass."
"Fuck yeah." I screamed back to him "Give me that big, black cock. Give it to me."
He really fucking me now, and i was loving it. Thrusting my ass to meet his strokes, both of us sweating and groaning. Then he stopped and pulled it out of me.
I was afraid he had pulled out to cum on me but instead he quickly turned me over onto my knees and directed me to face the foot of the bed, towards the mirrored wall. He moved in behind me and jammed his baseball bat cock back inside me, fucking me doggie style while we watched ourselves fuck the way only men know how until he jammed his cock inside me so hard he fell forward, me flat on my stomach and him flat on top of me grinding that cock inside me.
He pushed his arms under mine and hooked his hands behind my head in a full nelson, pressing my face into the bed.
"This what you were looking for white boy?" he asked harshly as he drove his muscle inside me "This big black cock pounding that ass? That what you wanted?"
"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes." I yelled, my voice muffled by the mattress "Fuck me."
Then, in one quick motion he rolled us over to our sides, around the bed and then onto his back still holding the full nelson hold on me and started fucking me from underneath and again I was able to watch his cock plowing into me in the mirrored ceiling above us until a few thrusts later he slowed his pumping and released me from his grip.
"Ride this big dick white boy." he moaned. I propped myself with my hands behind me and began working my ass up and down that wonderful thick, long shaft before I realized I was facing the wall we were just fucking in front of and saw that the mirror gave me the best view yet of his cock disappearing into my ass. It was beautiful to see his stiff rod sliding into me until his shaved nuts were all I could see and then reappear it all of its huge, black glory.
"Turn around, white boy." he ordered. I did as he requested turning to ride him face to face. I reached behind me, grabbed his long, thick cock and guided it once again up inside me. He began thrusting his hips hard off the bed and I jammed my ass down on his rod.
"That's it white boy. Ride that dick." he said as I reached behind me and began tickling his coconut sized nuts, bouncing on his cock like it was a pogo stick until he rolled us back over into the missionary position we started in, complete with his hands behind my knees, pushing them up to my shoulders. I watched in the ceiling as he punished my ass with long but furious strokes into my ass.
"This what you were looking for white boy?" he asked again as his mammoth cock continued its assault inside me.
"Give me that dick. Fuck me." I challenged him as he drove his cock into me one last time, letting out a gutteral "Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh!" as his cock pumped his seed inside me. Still holding my knees up he backed his still stiff monster out of me. In the mirror I could see his load coating his shaft and cock head, I could see and feel it being pulled out of me and running out of my ass. He scooped it upped before it ran out of my ass and brought it too my lips. I eagerly lapped it up off of his fingers and then turned to suck and lick the rest off of his beautiful cock.
And I kept sucking it. He started to get soft, but I didn't let him. He laid on his back and I moved between his legs. On my knees I worked his cock with my mouth and tongue. I could feel more of his load seeping out of my ass as I sucked his dick until he shot another load into my mouth, coating my throat, tongue and lips with its sweet, salty, sticky goodness.
"Is that what YOU were looking for black boy." I smiled as I got dressed and walked back to my car. Leaving him in a crumbled heap on his bed.

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I slammed his meat into me as fast as I could.........Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 20:39

I was a married bisexual 35 year old cruising gay chat rooms again. I had some oral experiences, but really wanted to try getting fucked deeply. I had played with toys but found them boring. I wanted the real thing.

I met a black man on line who liked married white men like myself. After some small talk, he invited me to his house for some afternoon fun.

I arrived and found a very handsome black man 6'1 210lbs who looked like a running back.

We had some small talk upstairs in his kitchen and things seemed a bit chilly at first. Then he suggested we go downstairs to his living room to get more comfortable. I agreed with a smile. When he kissed me at the top of the stairs with a deep tongue, everything warmed up quickly.

Once downstairs on his couch, he turned into an animal. He kissed me deeply over and over with his huge mouth and long tongue and pulled me close with his strong hands.

A strong guy myself, I could not help but notice his powerful grip on me. He quickly took my shirt off and sucked on my nipples while placing my hand firmly on the growing bulge in his shorts. His boxers were tented and straining. I took a deep breath, got on my knees and slowly lowered his boxers. His cock was biggest thing I had ever seen. Later I found it was 10 1/2 inches long, not a world record unless you saw how thick it was. I had no idea how that cock would fit inside my tight little ass.

With strong but firm pressure he pulled my head down to his lap and told me to open my mouth. I could only nod my head. My head was spinning and my cock was as hard as steel. I engulfed his fat cock and was able to swallow 7 inches of it before gagging on it. I then pulled back and started to work on it even more. When I had almost all of it in my mouth and throat, he fell back on the couch and moaned deeply. "The best" he kept whispering over and over as he fucked my throat.

Finally he couldn't take it any more. He grabbed my head and began to feverishly fuck my mouth pulling me even deeper onto his shaft. With all of his cock in my mouth and the rest down my throat he screamed "oh fuck, here it comes!" at the top of his lungs. I was trapped on his cock barely able to breathe when his cum splashed my throat like a hose. I swallowed again and again never having this much sperm in my life. He could have filled a wine glass he came so much.

He finally let go of my head and I fell onto the floor gasping for air. My stomach actually feeling like I had eaten a meal which I guess I had.

"You are the absolute best cock sucker I have ever had" he said as he pulled off his shirt. His upper body revealed a flat six pack topped off with a giant chest and shoulders. I slowly stood up and took off my pants and boxer briefs and told him I had never had a cock inside me.

He smiled and told me to bend over the couch where he proceeded to give me the best rim job ever. His huge mouth and tongue drove me wild. He spit was drenching my asshole and running down my legs while he slowly jerked my cock back and forth.

I couldn't stand it anymore. I begged him to fuck me over and over until he stopped rimming me. He sat on the couch, took one those huge cock gold coin condoms from the table and slowly rolled it down his shaft. It barely fit. He rubbed some lube on his cock and told me mount him on the couch facing each other. I was scared since his cock actually looked bigger than before and had much too little lube on it for my taste. He pulled me onto his lap sucking on my nipples and then rubbed his cock on my spit lubed asshole.

"Relax!" he said as he pushed on the top of shoulders **** me down onto his cock head. It felt like someone had a tree against my virgin ass. Slowly and gradually his cock head pushed past my ring and began entering me. The pain was so intense I tried to get off him, but he would not have it. He held me firmly on him and pushed again. I cried out loudly as his giant black snake slipped in all the way to the base. I almost blacked out from the pain and felt like my colon would burst. Then the pain gave way to incredible pleasure. It was unbelievable.

"That's it. Take it you married little bitch!" he told me. "Your ass is mine" he said as he slowly lifted me off him and began thrusting up and down inside me. I joined in with his movements and began to slide up and down on his cock.

"Faster boy! Faster!" he commanded. I leaned on his chest with my hands and began to fuck his cock over and over, faster each time. His head rolled back as I slammed his meat into me as fast as I could. My ass was now a fucking organ that demanded a cock feeding. We fucked hard against each other for 10 incredible minutes at breakneck speed our bodies drenched in sweat.

When my new lover told me "I'm gonna blow boy" and I actually went even faster. "Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhh!!!" he screamed and pushed me down hard onto his cock.

I almost blacked out again cause of the pressure on my prostate and his fucking. Then I felt his cum INSIDE ME! pumping up into my cavity from past the condom we had torn completely apart with our fucking.

"Oh fucking yes, yes, yes!" I moaned with the knowledge his cum was breeding my married man pussy. I almost fell off him leaning back and came in giant spurts over his chest, nipples and mouth.

He pulled me to him and we kissed deeply sharing my cum on his face. He held me on his cock for 20 minutes kissing me before his cock went soft. I left soon after with his telephone number and a gallon of his cum inside me.

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His pictures immediately stirred my interest .....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 20:28

I had known for years that I was bisexual. If I were to tell the truth, I have known since high school. It took me until I was 32 to finally try it for real though. By the time I met Billy I had already had many experiences with several men and had learned, for sure, that I was bisexual. I was married to a pretty hot woman at the time, but still craved my M2M time occasionally.

I met Billy on an online chat forum that catered to bisexual men. It was the same place I had met a couple of my other guys, so I had had success there. While I had several very satisfying experiences with white men, even some very well endowed white men, I kept going back to fantasizing about black cock. Big, long black cock. The idea of a big black man's cock in my round white ass kept me looking for just the right man to cure my curiosity.

I had pictures posted on my profile for the chat room and I got messaged regularly while online. One day a messaged popped up. It was from this black guy named Billy and we chatted for a couple hours. He was respectful, but playful, which appealed to me. We would chat several more times over the coming days and weeks and eventually exchanged pictures via email.

Since I specifically asked for them, he sent me several pictures of his cock. Both flacid and diamond hard. His pictures immediately stirred my interest and had me jacking off to thoughts of being stuffed by him. He was a little taller than my 5'9” frame at almost 6 feet tall, and he had a very athletic build. Not overly muscular, but very trim and tight. He had very dark black skin too which for me was a plus. His cock was a thing of pure beauty though. At 9” long and above average girth I was transfixed by the pictures of it.

We soon moved onto getting on cam with each other. We would stroke our cocks together and talk about meeting up. One particular night I told him I had a special show for him. As he sat behind his computer and watched, I stripped down and turned around so he could see my ass. I turned around to face the camera and held in my hand a rather large dildo that I used on myself regularly and suction cupped it to the table. Turning my back to him once more, I spread my ass checks apart and slowly sat down on the fake cock. Taking it all the way in. He was stroking his cock and telling me how much he wanted me. I told him the same as we stroked ourselves to a shuddering orgasm. That night we made plans to meet the following week.

On the day that we were finally going to meet, I was nervous and excited. I spent a couple hours before hand cleaning and preparing myself for what I hoped to be the best night of man sex I had ever had. Billy had to work that day so we had to wait until that evening. I drove over to his side of town and met him at the place he worked. We both wanted to meet in person somewhere with no pressure first, just to make sure that we both were still cool with everything before we decided to hook up. After a few minutes of talking to him, and getting along great, I was completely hard. All I could think about was getting back to his place. Apparently, I wasn't the only one as he soon spoke up and asked me if I was ready to go. Agreeing instantly, we walked out and headed to our cars. I followed him to his house a few minutes away.

He let me into his house and then followed and closed to door behind him. When I turned to look at him, the look in his eyes said all that needed to be said. We walked towards each other and fell against each other. The next few minutes were a blur as our tongues and lips tangled with the others and cloths started being removed.

He was down to his boxers and I was naked when I took a step back and looked at him. He reached for the waistband of his shorts and I stopped him. Stepping back close to him, I hooked my thumbs in the band and started to push them down over his hips as I slowly sank to my knees. Finally! After several weeks of teasing and waiting, his heavy black cock lay before me. Now, I knew how long 9” was, but until I was face to cock with it, I just had no idea. His sexy cock was heavy and hung low over a set of shaved balls. If ever I had had a doubt about being with a black man, it quickly evaporated as I sat eye to eye with this impressive piece of manhood.

Placing a hand on each hip, I leaned in to him and the first part of me to touch his cock was my mouth. I slowly took the head in and immediately knew there was no way I was ever getting the entire thing in my mouth. I didn’t care though, I just wanted it. He knew what I wanted and he didn’t try to **** himself down my throat or get rough with me. He let me set the pace and gently put his hand on the back of my head. I managed to slowly work up and down his cock until I was getting a little over half of it inside my mouth while I swirled my tongue over it. I slide all the way off and lifted his massive tool up so could suck his balls, one by one, into my eager mouth.

Billy placed a hand on each shoulder and slowly lifted me up. Leading me to the bedroom, I followed and almost panted with the excitement of it all. Once in the bed, he had me lay down and straddled me as we fell into a 69 position. His mouth instantly engulfed my entire 7” dick. I had never had anyone, man or woman, be able to completely take my cock with no resistance. It was mind blowing. It felt so good I almost forgot about my new favorite toy dangling above my face. He slowly reminded my by lowering his cock into my willing mouth.

He kept still while I bobbed my head up and down his length. Since he been nothing but considerate so far I lay my head back and grabbed his hips and pulled him down into my waiting mouth. Letting him know it was OK for him to work his hips and feed me that beautiful black snake. He took the hint and began to pump his cock in and out of my mouth being careful to not go to far. It was a fantasy come true for me. I had cum so many times thinking about sucking his cock, having him fuck my face, and I was finally getting it. I knew at this rate of excitement though, I wasn't going to last very long so I eased my way off his cock and patted him to let him know I was ready for something new.

He crawled off me and turned around, now sitting up on his knees facing me. He looked down and smiled at me and said “I am glad you stopped. Your mouth was getting me close to cumming. You are amazing.” Smiling back, I said “I've never had anyone deep throat me like that. I almost came as soon as you did that. It took all my willpower to control myself.”

Billy said “You don't have to worry about controlling yourself with me. We are in no hurry and there is no reason to be one and done. You can cum as many times as you want tonight” “good, I might have to take you up on that” I said.

I crawled over to him and gave his cock a quick lick and then turned around, presenting my ass to him. He reached over and grabbed the lube off the bedside table and started applying it to his cock, making it shine in the low light of the lamp. Next he started rubbing my ass and making me slick with the lube. Slowly he inserted one finger, working it in and out of my ass. A second finger soon followed and then a third. He was getting more and more excited as he finger fucked my ass. “Oh man, your ass is so nice. Your ass looks so hot with three fingers in it. Mm mm, Work your ass on my fingers, come on, push back on my hand”

I started flexing my hips and pushing back on his probing fingers. He grabbed my shoulder with his right hand and helped me push back on the fingers of his left hand as he stretched my asshole out and got it ready for the fucking of a lifetime. I was really getting into it when I felt him remove his fingers and his left hand joined his right on my shoulders. He leaned down and said “Are you ready? Are you ready for my cock?” I shook my head yes. “Tell me you want my cock” he said. “I want your cock in my ass Billy. Fuck me with your big black cock!”

With the word “cock” still on my lips I felt the head of his monster touch my open asshole. Squeezing my shoulders he slowly started to push his cock into my waiting ass. Inch by inch he slid in. Stopping to pull almost all the way out before easing back in further and further. I could feel my hole stretch around his cock. Feel him filling up my ass like I had never felt before. A slight tinge of pain issued from my invaded anal cavity and he pushed more of his cock into me. I was almost at the point of having him stop when I finally felt his pelvis push against my ass cheeks. He was now completely buring, balls deep, in my ass.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“Oh god yes” I said. “Just take it slow at first”

Sitting up straight he grabbed my hips and slowly started to pull his cock out of my ass. As he did, I felt the emptiness that remained. I released the breathe I had been holding, unknowingly, and waited for him to continue. He released my hips and massaged my ass cheeks in his large hands as he pushed back into me. I struggled to remain still and I felt the entirety of his amazing cock bottom out inside me again. He worked his cock in and out of me slowly for several minutes. Each time it became easier to take him, and more pleasurable.

I looked back over my shoulder and said “Fuck me Billy. Fuck my round white ass with your huge black cock”

As he started to fuck my ass he said“You've wanted me to fuck you because I am black more than because I have a big dick huh? You wanted to have black cock in your white ass more than anything.”

“Oh my god, yes, partially. I've wanted a black cock for a long time, it just took finding the right man. You are it Billy.”

“Then I am going to make sure you remember me, and my cock” he said. With that he slammed into me with all his ****, rocking me forward. “Your white ass looks so good. Your tight asshole is pulling back on my black cock as I fuck you. How does that feel!”

“MmmmmMm” was all I could manage. I was reeling from the sensation of his cock stretching my asshole and from feeling like a bit of a slut. Here I was being fucked by a black man and loving it after only just meeting him in person tonight. It felt dirty and nasty and amazing. I was getting fucked by a black cock and I was loving it. I reached back and pulled him into me “fuck me Billy, fuck me harder!”

He was rocking into me at a hammering pace. The only sounds were our gruntings and the sound his skin made as it slapped into my ass. After a few minutes of serious sex I pushed back on him to slow him down and eventually pulled off of him.

“Lay down on the bed Billy” I told him.

When he was laid down I stood over him and lowered my ass down to his cock. Grabbing it in my hands I applied more lube and positioned it at the entrance of my ass. Looking him in the eyes I pushed down and took his entire length in me in one motion. He gasped and grabbed my waist. I started, slowly at first, to bounce up and down. Picking up the pace I was quickly into a fast rhythm that had me bottoming out on his cock and he squeezed and guided me with his strong hands on my waist. Billy reached and started stroking my hard cock with his hand as I rode him. I was getting close to cumming but wanted to prolong this feeling as long as possible. Reluctantly I slowed down and pulled off of him as I leaned forward to suck one of his nipples into my mouth. He moaned and grabbed my hair and pressed me into his chest.

I rolled over onto my back and spread my knees for him, inviting him in. He wasted no time and was soon on his knees between my open legs and pointing his still rigid cock at my now open and stretched asshole. Slowly he eased into me and filled me up like I wanted. In no time he was building up a pace that would have set some kind of speed record I am sure. I was able to lean forward a bit and actually see, for the first time, his black cock slide in and out of my white ass. Along with all the other things that I had felt that night, of finally being able to be fucked by a black cock, actually seeing it was to much.

My cum started to boil in my balls as I watched his cock become a blur as he slammed into me. I fell back and moaned “Oh god Billy, I am going to cum. I am not even touching my dick. You fucking me is all it is going to take” My statement had an instant effect on him and even though I didn't think it was possible, he started fucking me even harder. I was seconds away and there was nothing I could do to hold back.

“Ohhhhhhhh that's it Billy, fuck me! Fuck me!” I said.

Billy almost screamed “I'm going to cum! I am going to blow'

“Fuck my ass Billy. Cum in my ass, fill me up!!” Just saying those words did me in, I exploded. Long thick jets of my cum blast out of my cock and covered my stomach and chest. The sensation of cumming while getting fucked without ever touching my cock was a new one, and beyond description. I was still spasming when Billy cried “Here I cum, here I cum. I am going to fucking fill you up!”

One last slam of his body and he was still. I could feel his cock convulsing inside my now well used ass. Spurt after spurt of his cream pumped into my ass as he twitched and pushed further into me. We stayed like that, frozen, for several minutes as we both caught our breath. Slowly he pulled his shrinking cock out of me and lay down beside me on the bed. I could feel the lube and his cum almost flow out of my ass. I tried to close my ass but it required more effort than I wanted to expend so I just lay there and let my open ass spill its contents onto the bed cover.

Eventually we got up and walked each other to the shower. We helped each other wash off while we caressed each others bodies. Even limp, his cock was impressive and I didn’t resist the urge to suck it in it's relaxed state. He was spent, so I didn't get much growth out of it but I didn't care. Neither did he. He let me suck and lick him under the shower until the hot water began to run out.

As I got dressed to leave he asked when he could see me again. “Whenever you want” I said. “I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of each other”

A quick pat on the ass and I was out the door and headed home. I couldn't wait for our next adventure and the feel of that beautiful cock filling me up

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Interracial encounter with my neighbor.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 20:06

I feel I should share this story but first, a little background information. It took place when I was 18, in my senior year of high school and at that point, I was a total virgin. I was 5’6, about a 120 pounds and entirely smooth on my body. My brown hair and brown eyes were the same shade of color. My white skin had a nice little all-over tan to it. I had a pretty feminine figure due to my slightly wider hips and small bubble butt that seemed to attract stares in the locker room at school. I had never done anything with anybody of either sex. At that age, I wasn’t entirely sure what my sexual orientation was. I thought I was possibly gay because I had never seen a girl that made me think about having sex with her. I did however; see guys that made me stir in my pants. I seemed to be particularly fond of older black men, which is exactly what my neighbor was. He was 6’2 and about 220 pounds of muscle. I used to peek through my bedroom window whenever he worked outside in his yard. Seeing his muscles move while he did yard work made me want to touch myself. His wife was out of town one weekend so he asked me to babysit his two **** while he worked all day. I happily agreed and this is the story of what happened that night.

I sat on the couch of Mr. Thomas’ house watching TV. I wondered to myself where Mr. Thomas was, since it was already 11:30pm and he had told me he would be home 2 hours ago. I didn’t really care though. The kids had already gone to bed hours ago and I had pants in the dryer. I had accidently spilled some tea on my pants a little while ago and so I threw them in the dryer. I didn’t have any underwear on so I just picked a pair of Mr. Thomas’ basketball shorts out of the clean laundry bin and slid them on. They were very big on me but I didn’t care. I was lost in my own thoughts when I heard the front door open. I sprang to my feet to see Mr. Thomas’ walking through the door.

“Hey Michael, sorry I’m so late. I went out with the guys from the job site for some after work drinks and lost track of time. It was a good stress reliever. Were the kids okay tonight?”

“Its okay Mr. Thomas. The kids have been in bed for hours and they were well behaved all day. Sometimes a guy needs to blow off some steam. Besides, I have pants in the dryer so I didn’t mind waiting. Sorry about stealing your shorts.”

“That’s okay.” He sat down on the couch and put his feet up on the ottoman. He was wearing work boots, blue jeans, and a wife beater under an opened flannel button up shirt. Even with his shirt on, you could still tell that he was a muscular man. “I’m surprised that those aren’t falling off of you. What happened to your pants?”

I sat down on the couch next to him. “I have them cinched up tight as they go but they still keep falling down all the time. I spilled some tea on my pants so I threw them in the dryer. Do you need these back?”

“Well no I don’t but if you don’t mind giving them back, I’m sure I can find something that fits you a little better. Just wear your shirt till I can find something.”

“Uuumm Mr. Thomas, I’m not wearing any underwear. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Just wear your shirt until your pants get out of the washer, it should be long enough to cover everything. We’re both guys right? It’s not like we haven’t seen all this stuff in a locker.”

My mind raced, was he trying to get me naked? Did he want me? No, of course not. He was a married man with two young ****. He didn’t seem the kind of guy that would be gay. I settled on he was just trying to get his pants back and that he didn’t want some neighbor boy free balling in his shorts. “Okay, I’m gonna take these off then.” I stood up off the couch, faced away from him, and slid off the shorts. I immediately realized that my tight blue shirt was not long enough to cover my entire butt. I just stood there in shock at my embarrassing situation with only ¾ of my smooth white ass covered before I could react by pulling my shirt down to almost cover the rest of my ass. “UUmm Mr. Thomas, I think I have underestimated the length of this shirt.” I turned my ahead around and thought I caught Mr. Thomas staring at my ass.

He snapped his head back as soon as I turned my head around and said,
“Well that’s okay. I’m sure I have something that fits you in my room. Let’s go take a look.”

“I’m so embarrassed right now. Alright, let’s go look.” I kept my ass to him and turned around to climb up the stairs that lead to his second story bedroom. As I climbed the stairs, he stayed 3 steps back and I could almost swear that I could feel him staring at me as we climbed the stairs. I kept my shirt pulled down as I skipped up the steps. “I’m so sorry, I don’t want you to see anything and get disgusted with me.”

He just smiled and said, “It’s okay Michael. I’ve seen man ass in the locker room before.”

I got to the top of the stairs and walked into his bedroom. “Alright, let’s get some pants for me so you don’t have to see my ugly white ass anymore.”

“It’s fine Michael. Not trying to creep you out but your ass isn’t that bad looking.” He walked over to a dresser and pulled out a pair of grey yoga pants. “These are my wife’s but you are about her size so these should fit. I hope these are okay.”

I replied, “These are fine, thanks.” I pulled on the tight fitting pants and was pleasantly surprised at how they felt. I liked the way that they hugged my ass and cradled my little package. I turned around and jokingly said, “How do they look?”

“They look fine on you. You have a feminine figure anyway so they hug your curves,” he said with a little wink and a smile that I took to mean that he was poking fun at me.

I laughed and said, “Well they do accentuate my hips and ass nicely. I might have to keep these.”

“Go ahead. She has plenty of pairs of those damn things.” He sat down on his bed, removed his shirts and started to unlace his boots. I was shocked at how smooth his dark muscular body was. I started to feel myself get a boner so I quickly turned away and acted like I was just looking around his room.

“This is a nice master bedroom you got here.” I looked back to see him standing up in nothing but his dark blue boxer briefs. I stared at his crotch and noticed how he had a large bulge. I quickly looked back up at his face. I don’t think he noticed me staring so I continued on. “Well you went full locker room real quick.”

“This isn’t full locker room. Full locker room is naked but I didn’t want to get naked with you in here and weird you out.”

I chuckled and said, “Alright well, I’ll get out if you feel uncomfortable.”

He replied, “Why would I be uncomfortable?” He dropped his boxer briefs and there it was. A glorious piece of large black meat and he wasn’t even hard. It was so big, so full of veins, and so smooth looking. “Hey would you go get me some underwear out of that dresser over there for me please? They’re in the bottom”

I pried my eyes away from his big swinging cock and walked across the room. I opened the drawer and bent over to get some out. I rummaged around in the drawer but couldn’t find any underwear. “Umm they’re not in here.” I looked around to him and thought I saw his cock getting a little hard.

“Oh sorry, they must all be dirty. Well, I’m gonna hop in the shower now. You can just watch TV in here until your pants get dry.” He then turned away quickly and walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open a crack.

I sat down on his bed with the TV on and started to think. He is amazing looking. Was his cock getting bigger because he saw me bend over in these yoga pants? Did he find me sexually attractive? Was he jacking off in the shower thinking about me? I heard the shower running and decided to wait a while. I had to see it again. I walked over to the door and peeked inside. In the mirror reflection I could see him pulling on his cock while he waited for the water to warm up. I started to get hard and rub myself through the thin pants. Suddenly, he looked up and said,”Hey could you hand me the towel off the back of the door?”

I jerked away from the opening in the door. Had he seen me? He hadn’t said anything so I assumed that I was in the clear, at least partially. My cock was straining at the seams of the pants and there was no hiding it. I grabbed the towel off the back of the door and lowered it so it would cover my crotch, and walked inside. “Here you go.” I tried to lay it down on the sink and walk out as fast as I could but he was too quick. He yanked the towel out of my hands and left me standing there with my erection.

“Well, well, well, what’s that all about? Are you gay? Do you like looking at my big black cock?”

All that I could do was stand there frozen. I mumbled, “uuhh sorry. I was thinking about some other stuff. Please don’t think I’m weird and tell everybody in the neighborhood.”

“Well now why would I do that? It seems that we can have a good time and nobody will be the wiser. Why don’t you touch my cock? See what a real man feels like. Your little thing barely qualifies as a penis. Go on and touch it.” With that, he put his large muscular hand on my shoulder and pushed me slightly to my knees.

I kneeled down before his chiseled dark skinned body and reached my hand out to touch his member. “I’ve never done anything like this sir.” I ran my fingers along the ring of his large mushroom shaped head, which elicited a twitch from his cock. I then wrapped my hand around his shaft and started to slowly and gently pump it up and down. I could honestly feel it getting slightly larger. I was bewildered by how large it was. My fingers could almost touch and I could easily put my two hands on his length with room for more. I looked up at him while I stroked his cock and said, “Am . . am I doing alright?”

He chuckled and then replied in a dominating tone, “Yes you are little white boy. How about you try sucking it now? Have you ever done that?” I nodded my head no. “Well then, today is a good day to learn. Work your tongue and do not use your teeth. If your teeth touch my cock I will slap you. Do you understand?”

I replied, “Yes sir. I’ll try my best.” I grabbed a hold of his cock and pointed it at my face. How I was ever going to suck this monstrous meat pole, I hadn’t the slightest idea. I stuck my tongue out and ran it along the head and all the way down his shaft. I then pointed it at the sky and ran my tongue from the base of his cock all the way to his head and circled around it. I took one last breath and decided to just go for it. I opened my mouth and slowly started to take it in. I wrapped my lips around the head and started to push it further and further into my mouth until I gagged. I had only taken a little over half of it and was wondering how anyone could ever deep throat anything like this. I started to increase my speed and bob my head up and down till I gagged. The feeling of his warm cock pulsing against my tongue was amazing. On the way up to the head, I would trace some of the prominent veins bulging against his cock skin with my tongue. I bobbed and gagged and slurped on his dark pole until my eyes started to water.

Suddenly, he grabbed the back of my head and told me to stop and go lay down on the bed. My heart was pounding in my chest as I did as I was told. He sat down next to me and said, “For someone that has never done that, you sure have some skills. Now let’s take this a little bit further.” He reached into his nightstand and pulled out a large bottle of lube.

I got wide eyed and timidly asked, “What exactly does that mean?” I knew what he meant. He wanted to fuck me in my ass. I was about to have a full on panic attack. How could he expect that thing to fit inside me? I had used my fingers on myself before but this was no comparison. His cock would split me in half.

“I’m going to fuck you.”

“Please sir, I’m a virgin. That thing won’t fit inside of me. It’ll break me apart.”

“Well that’s even better. I’ve never fucked a virgin white boy. Especially one with an ass like yours.”

My head started to spin. I had to get out of here. There was no way this could end well for me. I shot him a look and dashed for the door but he caught my arm on the way and threw me back on the bed. He stood towering over me with his massive hard cock staring at me. “Oh no, there’s no way that you’re gonna parade that little white ass in front of me and get away with it. I’m gonna make you worship my black cock.”
He leaned down and grabbed my arms and held them with one hand. I struggled against him but he was too strong. With his free hand, he reached down and pulled off my pants with one smooth motion. I managed to roll over but that was even worse for obvious reasons. With my arms pinned he reached down to the floor and grabbed a belt and bound my hands together with it. Now I just laid there on my stomach with my hands bound and nowhere to run. He grabbed my hips and pulled me onto my hands and knees. I heard a cap pop off of something and then felt a cool liquid on my ass. I couldn’t help but let out a small moan at how . . . good it felt.

“See? You like it. Now we can either do this the easy way or the hard way but the fact is, my black cock is going inside your ass.”

I pleaded my case with tears in my eyes one last time, “Please don’t! It will hurt too much.”

“You’ll learn to love it.”

I then felt him rubbing his massive cockhead around my tight pink hole. It sent shivers throughout my entire body. I felt an enormous amount of pressure and then a pop. The pain was indescribable. It felt like my ass was on fire and that I was going to be split in two. I buried my face in the sheets and started to cry. My fists clutched the bed like it was my only savior. He slowly pushed in and out, in and out. My tight hole expanded around his girth as he slowly moved inside me. As the minutes that seemed like hours passed by, I started to feel weird. His balls rested against mine as I realized he was all the way in. It felt like I was impossibly full. He withdrew and then pushed back in with a little more ****. He hit my prostate on the way in and I felt ready to collapse. The total feeling of everything was overwhelming. He started to slide in faster.

“Oh gooddd! That feels so good.”

“See white boy? I told you that you would love this meat inside of you. Tell me how much you love it!” He started to pound me rapidly, hitting my prostate with each thrust and driving me insane.

“OOhhh please fuck me with your big black cock! Oh my god! Yes! Fill me up! You feel so good!” His huge balls slapped against mine with every forward stroke and my dick was rock hard.

He suddenly pulled out and said, “You are going to ride me now like the bitch you are.” I had never felt so empty in my life. It was like a part of me had just disengaged from my body. All I could think about was how much I wanted that cock inside of me. I eagerly straddled over him as he laid down on his back. He undid the belt and tossed it aside.

As I used my hands to steady myself, I slowly lowered my ass back onto his throbbing cock. The head popped in and instantly I felt better. Before I could descend any farther on it, he thrusted upward. His cock slammed into my prostate on the way to, what felt like, touching my lungs. It knocked the wind out of me and I almost lost my balance.

“Now bounce on it boy.”

I positioned my legs and started to slowly rise up and down on it. I started to bounce up and down faster. His balls touching my ass while my balls where on his pelvis. My dick jumped up and down each time I bounced. I started to scream out, “Oh you feel so good. I love your big black cock. Ohh my ass feels so good.” He grabbed my ass and started to pull me down onto it. I kept bouncing and singing the praised of his dark pole. I then looked in his eyes and said, “Oh god I think I’m going to cum!”

“Me too! Take my black seed inside of you.” He then pulled me down on his cock as hard as he could and started to pulse. His large pulsing cock felt amazing inside of me and I came. It shot all over his chest and mine.

I just sat on top of him panting until his throbbing subsided and then rolled off next to him. As his cum ran out of me and onto the bed and my legs, he leaned up and smiled at me.

“I think you should stay the night white boy. Your pants probably aren’t ready yet and I have other things to teach you.”

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The best neighbor......Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 20:05

Martin stood in his kitchen, putting the finishing touches on a birthday gift for his next door neighbor, Melissa. He bought her a bottle of whiskey, real top shelf stuff, the kind she liked. He wrapped the box it came in within a sheet of green paper, her favorite color, and topped it with a golden bow. When he was finished, he spent the briefest of moments admiring his handiwork, before taking out a card and writing “To Melissa- The best neighbor a college **** could ask for. Thank you for helping me move in, and for everything since, -Martin.” He shoved the letter into an envelope and picked it up with the whiskey and made for the front door of his apartment.

Martin moved into his apartment at the start of the new school year. It was a three story building part of a complex that made each building look like a sea side home. The top floor, where he was moving, only had two apartments, one on either side of the hall. He was a senior in college, and finally felt compelled to move out of the house he had rented with three of his friends from school. They were still into parties and drinking, and while Martin couldn’t deny the appeal of a good party or a hard drink, he also knew that he was staring down the barrel of a gun called “reality.” In May, when he graduated, the trigger would be pulled, and he would be thrust out into the world to find a career, and a way of life. Wasting his last year in college drinking, partying, and skipping classes would not prepare him for this hard new reality.

So two of his friends helped him move. But his apartment was up three flights of stairs, and by the time the guys had moved all of the heavy stuff up the stairs, they had to leave. That’s when Melissa emerged from her apartment across the hall. A short brunette with a wide smile, Melissa helped Martin move the final few boxes up the stairs. In his apartment, she helped him unbox, and the two got to know each other.

Melissa was a college dropout, about the same age as Martin, who had left school when she got a job opportunity she could not resist. Martin was impressed that she was able to make it without a college degree. Martin was also impressed with her body. She was wearing short shorts and a too tight tee shirt with a low cut. Every time she bent over, Martin tried to sneak a peek down her shirt. Her breasts were perfectly sized for her smaller frame.

She learned all of the interesting stuff there was to know about Martin. He was a former football player, majoring in Political Science, and had no idea what he was going to do after graduation. Before Martin knew it, the two had completely unpacked all of his things, and his apartment was fully set up. Martin offered to take her out for dinner as a thank you. Instead, she invited him over to her apartment to eat.

Melissa made BLT’s for dinner. Whereas Martin’s apartment didn’t have cable set up, or food in the refrigerator, she had high definition dish, and a fully stocked fridge. When they finished eating, they sat on her couch, drinking beer and watching TV. After one beer, they were just chatting. After two, they had settled on a movie to watch, a romantic comedy which was a few years old. After three beers, she curled up right next to him. Martin waited until after the fourth beer, just to be sure he wasn’t getting his signals mixed up. That’s when she reached over, hugging his arm, and laid her head down on his shoulder.

They made out for about half an hour, and then moved over to her bed room. Once there, the two stripped naked. The foreplay was something out of Martin’s world. After he kissed her neck and breasts, she drifted down to his dick and blew him until he was right on the verge of cumming. Just then, she pulled up, whipping her hair over her shoulder in the most sexy possible way. “Condom?” she asked seductively.

Martin sighed. He didn’t have anything against wearing a rubber. But he had left his in the nightstand of his just recently unpacked room. Martin got up and began putting his pants on, but Melissa stopped him. She picked his pants up off the floor, fished his apartment key out of the pocket, and walked back into her living room. Martin followed, and watched as she opened the front door to her apartment, walked across the hallway, opened his door, and disappeared into his room. A moment later, she reappeared, and walked back, closing his door without locking it, and reentered her own apartment. Neither time when she walked across the hall did she look either way. Martin ogled her as she opened the condoms package. She put the condom on him with a stroke, and then grabbed him by the hand and led him back into her bedroom.

She ended up going back to his room to get another condom later in the night. As they were the only people living on the top floor, there was never any reason for anyone else to come upstairs. The only people who would walk in on them crossing the hall naked were each other. So the next morning, the two made a deal with each other. When either one was home, they kept their doors unlocked, and they would never wear clothes.

Now it was October. The leaves were falling outside, but the bitter cold of winter hadn’t quite set in yet. Martin was happy for that as he crossed the hallway, which was always a little closer to outside temperature than he preferred. He was dressed in their standard fare- nothing at all. He was polite enough to knock on her door this time. He loved to burst in on her to see what she was doing while nude. Once he caught her doing Pilates naked. Another time, around dinner time, he caught her cooking wearing nothing but an apron.

The unspoken rule between them was that if one caught the other wearing clothes while in their apartment, then punishment was in order. Usually, this meant some form of humiliation. Once, she caught him studying in gym shorts and a tank top. For that, he had to go through a drive through to pick up dinner with no pants on while she gave him ha hand job from the passenger seat. He had never been so glad in his life that he drove a truck with a lift kit. He sat about a foot above the takeout window. He ordered, paid, accepted the food, and drove away, all while Melissa jerked him off.

The time he caught her in her apron, he made her give him a blowjob on the porch. She thought it was cheating, but didn’t object. The porch had a wrought iron railing, so anyone who looked up to the third floor could see. Martin enjoyed watching people walking on the sidewalk below while he blew his load in Melissa’s mouth.

When she opened the door, he was pleasantly surprised to see her wearing clothes. Martin had just enough time to think “Looks like I’m getting a present on Melissa’s birthday,” before he also saw that she was wearing a shocked look on her face. Her face was a mixture of something between “Oh no, I knew I forgot something,” and “This is going to be bad.” Martin didn’t have time to ask her what was wrong before a voice from behind her within the apartment said, “Who is it, Mel? Is it Trish?”

Martin shoved the gift into Melissa’s arms and retreated from the doorway. Before Melissa could say anything, another voice, fast approaching the door, said “Does she need help with the food?” Martin hurried back down the hall to his door, but before he could get there, the door to the stairwell at the end of the hall opened, and a third girl entered the hallway, her arms filled with groceries. She gasped loudly. That drew the two girls from behind Melissa and into the hallway as well.

Martin could only wince as the girls surrounded him. He had thought that they would stay back, away from the pervert walking around naked. But they confounded his expectations by getting closer. They were smiling widely. Finally, one of them said, “So you’re the one Mel has been going on about. I didn’t think we’d actually see you tonight.”

Martin spun around and glared Melissa. They had never agreed not to talk to anyone about their arrangement, but he had always assumed that it was taboo. Melissa flushed and looked at the ground, while biting her lip. “Martin, this is Felicia, Patricia, and Alissa.” Martin looked at them each in turn. They were all about the same age as Melissa, probably friends from school.

Felicia was skinny with long brown hair, so long it almost reached her ass. She was fairly flat chested, and had a round face with big eyes. She was by far the least attractive of the three, but was still easily within the class of girl that Martin could go with.

Patricia set her cargo down in the apartment and returned to the hall. She was black, with medium length hair pulled into a ponytail behind her head. She had a larger chest than Melissa, and a larger ass as well.

Alissa was a cut above the other two. She was blonde with a huge rack, a perfectly round butt, and she dressed like she knew how sexy she was. She wore a black skirt and white blouse, and a devious smile that Martin saw and knew she was thinking no good.

Before he knew it, he was pulled into Melissa’s apartment by both hands. Once inside, the four girls started talking feverishly. “So, he’s your fuck buddy, eh Mel?” Trish asked

Before too long, he had learned that they all had nicknames for each other. Melissa was Mel, and Patricia was Trish. Alissa was called Ali, and Felicia was called Fel. Fel wanted to know how they had met. Trish appeared to have the dirtiest mind, because she kept reaching out and touching Martin, on the arm, the back, the chest.

Melissa loudly hushed her friends and then thanked Martin for his gift. She opened it and saw the whiskey and rushed over to give him a kiss. Before she finished kissing him though, Fel had ripped the box from her hand and opened the bottle. For the next half hour, everyone did shots while Martin sat on a bar stool. The girls had started to get used to a naked man being present in the drunken state. Even Martin was feeling less embarrassed as time wore on.

Then, Ali upped the ante. “So what are the rules exactly?” she said to Melissa.

“Well,” Melissa began, “Whenever we are home, we have to be naked, our days have to be unlocked, and if we catch each other wearing anything, we get… punished.” She said the last word with a curious smile on her face. She looked to Martin, clearly trying to say something with her mind. But Ali beat Martin to the punch in deciphering the look.

“Ahh,” Ali purred, “Mel is right. All four of us got caught with clothes on. Whatever will we do?” Ali then began to peel her clothes off. Melissa joined her after just a moment. Fel and Trish stuttered their objections at first, but then quickly joined. Before Martin knew it, he was living in a dream.

Ali’s clothes were the first to hit the floor. She had large, D-cup breasts with large nipples. She was definitely the curviest of the four, her waist was thin but her hips wide. She had shaved her bush so that only a thin landing strip was visible above her clit. Trish was the next to get naked. Her breasts were perky and soft, bouncing lightly as she hopped out of her pants. Her pussy was shaved clean, just like Melissa’s. Fel was the last to ditch her clothes. Her nipples were puffy and stuck out from her flat chest just a little bit. She was unshaven, but her bush was thin, so that Martin could still see her pussy.

“What now, neighbor?” Melissa asked seductively.

Martin led them all to the couch. He asked to make out with each of them. Fel was elected to go first, and she kissed him cautiously, but was clearly more into it at the end of the kiss than at its beginning. Trish went next. She kissed a lot more passionately then Fel, but not nearly as passionately as Ali did. Ali clearly was into the game they were playing, and was the most experienced kisser of the three.

When it was Melissa’s turn, she made out like she was trying to make a point. She straddled Martin and pushed up his chin so that he was looking up at her. When she finished, she gave his bottom lip a little farewell bite. She reached down and grabbed his dick, which had been pointing straight up against her stomach. She gave him a light tug and climbed off him.

Before long, the coffee table in front of the couch had been moved away, and the four girls were all on their knees in front of him. Melissa started blowing Martin first, showing the other girls how he liked it. Trish went next, and Martin had to try hard not to blow his load as soon as she started. All he could think about was how he had never seen a black woman naked before, let alone gotten a blowjob from one. Fel went next, and again she started slowly but got more into by the end. She had even started lightly playing with Martin’s balls before Ali tapped her on the shoulder and said “My turn.”

Martin didn’t last long for Ali. The blonde’s huge rack pushed into his thighs as she started to blow him. She took one of his hands and placed it on the back of her head, and made him grab a fistful of hair while she bobbed up and down. After he had a grip, she brought her hand down and started playing with his balls the same way that Fel had. With her other hand, she grabbed his free hand and placed it on one of her breasts. It was soft and definitely real, Martin thought.

Ali had no intention of giving his dick up for anyone else to finish. She began bobbing her head more aggressively, her lips tightening around his shaft. Before long, he announced his intentions to the room, “I’m gonna cum…”

Trish and Melissa both leaned in. Felicia even got a little closer. Just before Martin shot his load, Melissa whispered the words that put him over the edge to Ali. “You have to share his cum, Ali,” she said. “Trish and Fel and I all want some.”

After hearing that, Martin let loose the biggest load of his life. Ali couldn’t take it all without swallowing, so she backed off and let Melissa finish him off, but not before one rope of cum got over each of their faces. Ali turned to Fel, who gently licked the cum off Ali’s face and graciously allowed Ali to swallow the rest. Melissa gave a cum filled kiss to Trish, who then used a finger to scoop the cum off Melissa’s face and into her mouth. To Martin’s surprise, it was Fel who cleaned his dick off with her mouth, gently sucking the remnants of cum from the head of his dick.

Watching the girls divide up his cum kept his cock from deflating. The girls were ready for a break though, and so Melissa and Trish retreated to the kitchen while Ali and Fel joined Martin on the couch. Fel turned on the television and began flipping through channels. Ali curled up close to Martin, grabbing his arm to throw around her shoulders. Fel did the same. When Melissa and Trish returned with bowls of ice cream for everyone, they found Martin on the couch with his arms around both girls, and his feet up on the coffee table.

They all ate and giggled about what they had all done. “I can’t believe we did that,” Fel said. “People don’t do this kind of stuff in real life. This only happens in pornography.”

“Well,” Trish replied, “I’m glad we did this. This was way more fun than just sitting around watching Sex and the City or something.”

“So what else do you two do?” Ali asked Melissa. Melissa then recounted times where they had sex in both of their apartments, in her kitchen, his shower, and even once in the hallway. She told the stories about the drive thru, and the porch. By the time she was done, the other girls were clearly ready to use Martin to get themselves off. Even Fel was sitting on the couch slowly fingering herself.

Ali reached over to Martin’s dick and gave it a few tugs. “I just have to get this stud inside me,” she whispered to no one in particular.

The other girls laughed, except for Fel, who now had her fingers deep into her own pussy and was to distracted to laugh. Trish was exasperated with both of them. “I can’t believe you Ali. I’ve never heard you talk so dirty. And look at you Fel! You’re gonna cum all over Mel’s couch!”

Fel’s voice was shaky when she answered, “I c-can’t help it. I’ve n-never been this hor-ny.”

“Let me help,” Mel said, the seduction returning to her voice. She crawled over so that she was on her knees in front of Fel. She gently spread Fel’s legs and pulled her hand from her pussy. Then Melissa leaned in and started licking Fel’s pussy. As Melissa ate out Fel, Martin took his hand, still on top of Fel’s shoulder, and reached down to her right breast and started lightly rubbing it. As he did that, he took his other arm from behind Ali’s head, and reached that hand down to her pussy. He began to finger her, first with just his index finger, and then with his middle finger as well, while his ring finger flicked against her clit. Ali began to tremble as he played with her, and soon she laid her head on his shoulder.

As he continued to play with Ali, Martin returned his attention to Fel. She was trembling, on the verge of having an orgasm. Martin began lightly pinching her puffy nipple, and was pleased to hear the sharp intake of air from Mel when he did it. Ali began to shake as well. They were both close to coming.

Trish must have had enough of watching at this point, as she traversed the room and grabbed Martin’s cock. “What about me?” she inquired, “Doesn’t my pussy get something?”

Martin smiled, and replied “Both of my hands are busy, what have you got in mind?”

As Trish began to climb on top of Martin’s cock, a task made more difficult by the number of bodies around him, Ali whispered, “nooooo.” She clearly wanted his dick first. But it was too late, as Trish was already climbing up on top of him. Martin tried to make up for it by speeding up his hand motion playing with her pussy. Ali shuddered and began to convulse.

To his right, Fel was in the middle of a full-fledged orgasm. As She came, her legs began to jerk, and she grabbed Melissa by the hair and pulled her head back. Melissa’s face contorted with pain and confusion at first, but then she realized why Fel had pulled her head back so quickly. As Fel came, she began to squirt. She tried to cover it up at first, but a convulsion pulled her hand away from her pussy, and she squirted some on Melissa’s chest. Fel was clearly embarrassed, but Melissa was laughing while she got a towel from her linen closet.

While all of this was happening, Trish still had Martin’s cock in her hands, and was rubbing the head of his dick up and down her pussy lips. As Ali came on Martin’s hand, he asked Trish, “Do you want me to get a rubber?”

She shook her head no and whispered, “I’m on the pill. You can cum inside me as much as you want.” Martin had fucked girls on the pill before. He always still pulled out when he came, it was just personal policy. He only ever came inside a girl when he was wearing. But this time, he didn’t think that he wanted to pull out. He had never come inside a girl without a rubber. Tonight was a night of firsts.

His cock slid into her pussy. She was tight and wet and begging for more as she began to grind her hips against his cock. Fel was up off the couch now, on shaky legs while Melissa dried off the couch next to him as much as possible. She stared at Trish, a hint of jealousy in her eyes. She was still dripping with Fel’s cum, and so was Fel for that matter. When Fel thanked Melissa for making her cum, Melissa said, “I know how you can make it up to me.” She took Fel by the hand and led her into the bedroom. Soon, Martin heard the Shower turn on, meaning, he could only assume, that the two were in the shower now.

Ali was curled up on the edge of the couch recovering from her own orgasm, watching Trish and Martin go at it. Martin couldn’t help but feel himself about to come again. He warned Trish, who nodded her consent, and begun to ride him even more roughly. When came, he pushed his hips up into her, filling her up with his come.

“Good,” Ali said. “I want some.”

“Not yet,” Trish said. “He came, not me.”

Martin settled the argument with a proposition. “Get up, and sit on the couch.” He told Trish. She complied, although not sure where he was headed. “Okay. Ali, eat her out. I’m gonna fuck you doggy style while you do.”

Ali leaped off the couch to get into position, “Just one thing,” she said, “I’m not on the pill. You don’t have to wear a rubber, but you can’t come in me.”

By the time Ali was in front of Trish’s pussy, cum was already starting to leak down her pussy lips. Ali lapped it up with her tongue and started eating out Trish’s pussy aggressively. Martin got behind Ali and spread her ass cheeks apart. He thought briefly of fucking her anally, as he had never done that before, but decided not do. Instead, he slid his cock into Ali’s pussy, which was as wet and tight as any pussy he had ever fucked. He placed both hands on her hips and began driving his rod into her, making her moan as she ate out Trish.

Martin wasn’t sure how much Trish liked this arrangement at the beginning. She clearly wanted to cum with a dick in her cunt. But as Ali got going, she purred her assent, and even occasionally spoke. “Yeah, eat that black cunt. I’ve never had another girl eat me out Ali. You’re good. So goooood.”

Martin heard the shower turn off in the other room. He felt drawn in too many directions. He wanted to go into the bedroom and see want Melissa and Fel were up to now, but he couldn’t believe he would try and leave a threesome with two of the hottest chicks he had ever fucked. His dick made up his mind for him, as he started to feel himself get close to coming.

But Ali reached her orgasm first, she briefly pulled up from eating out Trish to moan loudly “oh god, oh god, oh god.”

As she finished, Ali went back to eating out Trish. Martin reached his own orgasm, and pulled out of Ali’s pussy. He had planned on cumming across Ali’s back, but had a better idea at the last moment. Instead, he stood up, took a quick step so that he was standing over Ali, and pointed his cock at Trish.

Trish saw what he was doing, but instead of leaning forward to take his dick in her mouth, she grabbed both of her tits, and said “Cum on me.”

Martin came for the third time. The first rope of cum hit Trish’s chin and neck. The second landed straight across her chest, as did the third. The fourth hit her stomach, and Martin was careful to let the last few drops land on Trish’s leg instead of the back of Ali’s head. Ali thanked him by licking up those few drops before returning to Trish’s pussy.

Martin stepped back, admiring his work. His come was all over the ebony beauty. Big thick drops of white cum stood out against her skin. Martin looked into the bedroom to see Fel and Melissa leaving the bathroom. Melissa’s hair was dry, it had never gotten wet. But Fel’s head was soaked. Martin was able to guess whose mouth had been on whose pussy while the shower was running.

Fel walked past him, giving his ass a little slap as she reentered the living room. She saw Trish’s chest, and giggled. “I wanted some more cum…” She went to the couch where Ali was still eating out Trish and began to lick the cum off of Trish’s chest.

Martin left the three behind and closed the bedroom door. He and Melissa were finally alone.

“I’m sorry I forgot to tell you I was having other people over for my Birthday,” she said.

“I just hope you have had as much fun at your birthday as I have.”

“Maybe not as much as you,” she replied, “but yeah, this is definitely a night to remember.

“Well,” Martin said, moving a little closer to her, “I think I have enough left in the tank for one more go with my neighbor.”

She smiled, sheepishly. Martin could sense something was wrong. She could tell he was about to ask, so she cut him off, “I was just thinking. What you and I have had, it’s something you’ve had now with all of my friends. It’s not really all that special anymore.”

Martin frowned, but he knew what she was getting at. “Well,” he said slowly, feeling his way as he went a step closer to her, “I’ve been thinking about that too, for longer than just tonight. The ‘friends with benefits’ thing is nice, but I wouldn’t mind something more. Unless, of course, that’s not what you want.”

Her smile got instantaneously bigger, and leapt into his arms. He had just enough time to think about how ridiculous it was making an exclusive relationship out of this night before she threw Martin down on her bed.

She made out with him and stroked him back to full strength. Then she said, “You know what, you might be the only person in the apartment who hasn’t eaten a pussy tonight.” She swung up her legs so that her pussy was upside down in front of his face. As he started licking her pussy, she began to blow him in a 69.

Martin had gotten much more aggressive as the night went on, and he didn’t lay off now that he was alone with Melissa. After a few minutes, he spread her ass cheeks apart with his hands, and took the index finger from his right hand, and gently slid it up Melissa’s ass.

She instantly pulled her mouth from his cock and gasped. He wasn’t sure if it was a good gasp or a bad one, but he decided to double down anyway, and began twirling his finger lightly inside her anus. She didn’t stop him, in fact she seemed to love it. She returned to his cock for a few minutes, before popping off him.

“I liked that,” she said.

“I thought you might.”

“I want you to do it again,” she pushed. “This time, with your dick.”

Martin nodded. They both got off the bed, and she bent over it. The bed was just tall enough and she was just short enough that she could do this without bending her knees. Just before bent over, she gave his cock one final lap with her tongue, sure to get it nice and wet for her ass. She pulled her cheeks apart for him, and he slip the head of his cock inside her.

He went very slowly. Her ass was the tightest thing he had ever put his cock into. After the head got in, she moaned. A few inches later, she moaned louder. By the time he got his whole dick inside her, she was screaming in ecstasy. He didn’t think girls really liked this kind of thing before, but Melissa was certainly into it.

A few minutes later, Martin heard the door open. The three girls were standing in the doorway, in various stages of dress. They watched curiously for a few moments, before calling out their goodbyes. Melissa was able to mumble something about “doing this again sometime,” but was unable to complete the sentence.

As the girls let themselves out, Martin pulled Melissa so that she was standing straight up. He reached around her hips to her soaked pussy, and began to finger her while he fucked her in the ass. With one hand, she fondled a breast, and with the other, reached behind his head, grabbing his hair. They came together, Martin shooting his cum deep into Melissa’s ass, while Melissa came all over Martin’s fingers.

She licked his fingers after he pulled them from her pussy, and in return, he picked Fel’s discarded towel off the floor and cleaned up his cum, which was now dripping from her ass. They kissed passionately, standing there in a long embrace. Then they kissed each other some more in the shower. After they dried off, they decided they wanted to go to **** together. Melissa’s bedroom was still in disarray, and so was her living room. So they walked together, naked, across the hall to Martin’s room and slept in his king sized bed.

The next morning, Martin woke up alone. He could hear Melissa clanging away in the kitchen, making breakfast. She had never made him breakfast before. He sat on the edge of the bed for a long minute contemplating their brief conversation about being in a relationship from the previous night. He thought about how they had slept together for the first time. Resigning himself to how different his life would be now, he pulled on some gym shorts and walked into the kitchen.

Melissa was still naked though. She smiled at him, reading his mind. “Something might be different, but not everything.”

Martin threw off his shorts and hugged her from behind as she cooked their eggs. “So what’s my punishment?” he quizzed.

“You’ll just have to find out.”

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You wanna touch it and see for yourself?.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 19:59

My very first experience started in a club called Passions. Now Passions was a famous gay club around my area and I would always go there at the end of the week. I've decided to bring a couple of my hoe-ish friends along so we can enjoy our time there. This week was full of work load and we all needed to dance all that stress off our shoulders. Anyways, we're in the club dancing, talking, gyrating on one another than we suddenly went our ways to talking to others in the club as well. That's when I met him. This tall buttery skin looking dude with his shirt off showing his impressive 8 pack abs. The sweat from his body gave off a luminous shine when the club lights were constantly flashing on him. He made his way to me on the dance floor and managed to move to the back of me. I was delighted to have such a good looking man behind me, though there were cuties all around, he was the cutest. So there we were dancing to Beyonce's Crazy in Love song be-bopping and sexy dancing on the floor and than he whispers something in my ear. " I think your sexy and I like this bubble you have on you, it makes me go crazy", he said very seductively. I smiled and turned to face him and saw his handsome face appear. "Oh do you now, how bad does it turn you on" I said with such a confidence. "Very bad, I can feel my dick growing. You wanna touch it and see for yourself", he said grabbing his crotch. Whatever he was grabbing seemed to be very impressive like his abs. It was long and was geared to his thigh. He motioned my hand to touch his dick that was trapped under his very nice looking jeans. There I felt a very large pole that just wanted to be freed from its compartment. I was deeply satisfied. " Why don't you come with me to the rooms in the back to get a better look see, by the way my name is Jason" he said. "Names Jay, nice to meet cha" I replied.

He grabbed my hand gently and we made our way to the back of the club. Passions had these rooms in the back just in case anyone wanted to fuck or whatever in private instead of the dance floor. Of course we had to pay for a room which Jason kindly did. We entered our room which was lightly decorated. The room was lit with redish candles that smelt like sweet roses and fruit. The furniture was black and it looked brand new. I thought to myself that Passions is really poppin' (which means great lol). I made my way to the bed walking very sexy so that Jason would see my tight ass. I peeked back a little to see his expression and I could tell he was very pleased. "Oh Fuuuck! I want you now" he exclaimed. He walked towards me and started to unbuckle his pants. I took this time to undress myself. I looked at how eager Jason was trying to get his pants off and when his did his large meat was poking out from his boxers. I was astonished to see such a big piece of meat. "Wow that's big, you must be proud" I said with a smile. "Hell Yeah, its a hundred percent real man wood. Thanks to my gene pool" he laughed. If I could guess he was at least 12 inches big. I couldn't wait to have that meat in my mouth. I was drooling just by the mere sight of it. He dropped his boxer now revealing all his glory. His big dick was completely at its full growth which was coming from a nice trimmed pubic area. I was admiring his greek god-like body and he was taking further steps towards me. His sexy abs still glossing from his sweat from dancing and how he had the sexy "V" that lead to his crotch. His muscular legs were covered with little black hairs and showed divine muscle cuts in them. There we were both naked just taking in the sights of one another, both of us very pleased. Jason leaned in and kissed me gently on my bottom lip in hope I would return the favor, which I did. His round full lips tasted so good in my mouth. Our tongues danced the tango for a while before we really got down to business. He reached around and grabbed my ass. I was at complete bliss when he grabbed me with such a passion. He was moaning and still kissing me while he was playing with my butt. I reached for his little butt and grabbed it and played along as well. The heat was stirring up and I could feel his big pole rubbing in between my thighs. "I wanna fuck you now" he said with such a lustful look. " Not yet lemme me get you even more warmed up", I said. I dropped to my knees in front of him and he grabbed his huge dick and slabbed it against my right cheek. He laughed a little and so did I.

There I was staring at the big dick that he had in front of me. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth up with joy and he entered himself into my mouth. The very girth of his dick stretch my mouth to its full capacity. I was enjoying it rather than dwell in the pain that I was experiencing. He began to thrust him self little by little stuffing more and more of his dick in my mouth. "ohhhh fuck yeah, just like that, use your tongue" he said. His head was bent back showing that he really enjoyed what's being done to him. I didn't have a gag reflect so having a dick all the way in my throat wasn't a problem. Little by little more and more of him was trusting in and out of my mouth. He loved my tongue game as it danced along his shaft and cock head. I stuffed my tongue in his dick slit and that drove him over the edge. I was tongue fucking his dick. I was amazed at how good I was getting on my head game. "Ohhh fuck yeah yeah yeah ooooooh fuck yeah keep doin' that" he exclaimed while his breathes were getting shallower. "You like that big boy, well how bout' this" I said and I reached for his big heavy ball sac. His balls were like the size of two large eggs encased within a silky warm sac. I licked his left nut and he quivered in excitement. " Awwww fuck do it again" he demanded. I licked his right nut and sucked it into my mouth and moaned, "mmmmmm". I played with his nuts a little while longer and made my way back to his engorged friend between his legs. I took him into my mouth once again and I felt both of his hand on my head. He looked down at me with a lustful look and said," I'm gonna fuck ya mouth, you ready". I nodded with his cock head in my mouth and braced my self for what was coming next.

He hold the back of my head and glided himself all the way into my mouth. All the way in and out his massive 12 inch dick invaded my mouth. It was like out of a porno scene I saw a couple days back. But I was the person having their mouth be violated with such a delight. I tasted a little saltiness and sweetness in my mouth indicating that some of his pre-cum was oozing out. It tasted yummy and I was eager for more. He continue to pump in and out of my mouth and quicken his pace. "Aw aw aw yeah baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he said in a delightful voice. "Your mouth does wonders ohhhh fuck I'm going cum". I grabbed a hold of his testes and released my grip on his dick with my mouth. I looked up and said, "Oh no your not, not in my mouth just yet". I got up off the floor and got on the bed. I was on all fours and told him to eat my pretty butt. He agreed and dove into my ass. His muscular hands parted my bubblious butt and he started to dart his tongue at my mangina(my ass-hole, I love calling it a mangina te-he). It felt so good. He swirled his tongue around and into my mangina with a aphrodisiacal vibe. I was loving his tongue game in my ass I couldn't believe this was happening. He grunted and moan ferociously as he was egging into my mangina. He had enough and got up. He walked over to his pants on the floor to take a little bottle of lube he brought. Obviously. He brought that because he knew he would get some and so he did. He also got a trojan condom as well and headed back towards me.

He turned me around and sat me up on the bed and handed me the condom. "Put it on with ya mouth sexy" he said with a eager look. So I opened up the extra large trojan condom wrapper and place the condom around my lucious lips. I grabbed a hold on his waist as he held his harden man wood with his right hand and he placed his left on the back of my head. With one motion he guided his engorged member into my mouth and throat having the condom wrap itself around it. He continue to fuck my mouth for a little while having it from the tip of his dick to the very hilt of it. I have never deep throat a large piece like that so much. I was very surprise that I still had feeling in my face after all that mouth fucking but I couldn't complain I was enjoying every bit of it. He finally took his dick out of my mouth and laid me on my back. He opened my legs and posted himself in between. He squirted a little lube on his dick and stroked off a little. He placed his dick on the very rose on my mangina and probed me for a little while. I clenched up a lot but managed to relax. His dick head popped into me and I screamed out. I sucked my teeth and said, "awwwww ohhhhhh be easy at first than you can ride me". He laughed and said," I'll be sure to do that". He continued to probe me and slowly enter more of himself into me. I place my hands on his abdomen to signal to even slow down more because it felt as if someone was parting my ass with the jaws of life. He complied and moved slowly. After about 2 to 3 minutes he was at least more than half way in my ass. I felt my insides squeezing his dick and trying to abort his invading tool from my body. The thought of his huge rod in me so deep sent my mind on a wonderful trip. My eyes were closed and my mouth was wide open. The pain and pleasure was mixing so well that I couldn't set my feelings on one but it felt wonderful. He was in me all the way now.

He pulled himself all the way out and pierced me again with his dick. I let out a quick exhale when he did that I was in disbelief but it felt good. He repeated this again but this time left his cock head in my mangina and thrusted himself all the way in me again. I was loving his entire dick inside me. Not wanting not an inch to be left out. I was able to open my eyes and saw him looking at me with a tasteful grin. A grin that signifies that he was enjoying every bit of it as well as I was. He placed his muscular arms under my legs with his hands grabbing my thighs and went to town on my ass. He fucked me hard and deep and wasn't planning to stop any time soon. I look down at my crotch and saw my own dick hard as a steel rod and dripping precum. I licked my own sweet nectar multiple times. The third time I went for my dripping liquid Jason stopped my hand and guided it to his mouth. His fat long tongue wrapped around my finger and he moaned as he tasted me. "Mmmm you taste so good" he said. "I know" I smirked. He continued to fuck me deep. After ever shove and pull he did he thrusted harder and faster than the next. My ass was on fire and it was splendid. I felt the veins on his dick **** themselves into and out my ass. It felt amazing.

He stopped and turned me around on all my fours. Once again I braced myself for the impact. In one motion again he placed his wet dick at the rose of my Mangina and thrust inward. My ass swallowed his dick with pride and held on to it. I was ready to put the back shots on him good. So there we were, him clenching onto my back and riding me like a fucking horse. I was bucking and twisting and booty bouncing. "Ohhhhhh fuck yea ohhhhhhh do that shit Jay ohhhhh fuuuuuuck" he screamed out in joy. So I continued to do so. I squeezed my buttocks and rode him like there was no tomorrow. I was laughing at him for making such girly but sexual noises. It only marked me as he was having the time of his life. Like if he hasn't experienced a good fuck for quite some time. But tonight was different tonight he was fucking me and he was enjoying even bit of it. I continued to pop my ass back and forth on his massive creature that was lurking in my love tomb. Than he let out a screech,"ooooooooh fuuccccccccccccccck yeah I'm gonna cum". He exit out of my ass and took the condom off with such a hurry. He stroked his dick with a passion, "oh fuck oh yeah oh fuck uh uh uh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk" he said. Squirt after squirt his huge dick let out ropes of cum that splatted on my ass. I was jerking my own dick and soon after I squirted as well. I felt 9 large droplets of cum he so kindly landed on my ass. The rest just oozed out of his prick. He was panting heavily and was laughing a little. "Why you laughing Jason", I said questioningly. "Ohhh man that was the best nut I ever had in a while and I'm laughing because I made a smiley face on ya butt with my cum streaks" he said catching his breath and slapping his dick across my ass. I laughed too because of his silliness. He wipe away a part of his cum smiley face on my back and licked his hand. "Damn I taste good, you wanna taste Jay" he exclaimed and had a lustful look. I nodded and he wiped off another part of the cum face on my back and motion his hand towards my mouth. I licked all three of his fingers and as I did I heard him moan in pleasure.

A few moments afterwards we got dressed and exchanged numbers. He said,"I really enjoyed myself tonight we should definitely do it again some time Jay". "Sure as long as you keep feeding that dick of yours the right stuff", I replied. He laughed and said I was a character. He kissed me on my bottom lip and walked out of the room but not before saying,"When I see you again be sure to be ready for double the trouble". He had a distinctive grin that notified me that he had something up his sleeve the next time we would meet. I wondered what it would be until that time came...

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Man Handled .....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 19:56

In 1991 I was a 22 year old that thought the money was in cocaine. I made good money at this profession but learned fast that people will turn on you in a heartbeat. It wasn’t long before officer friendly burst through the front door of my condo. My world turned upside down. I was able to get a sentence of 10 years and actually had to only serve 35% of that to be eligible for parole.

My prison time was to be spent in Monroe, Washington at the Monroe State Pen. This facility was really known for it’s sex offenders. At the time I was 5’-8” and 155lbs. I am German and Pacific Islander but looked Italian at the time. I heard rumors of **** in prison and needless to say I was nervous. I had a short stay but knew Monroe State Pen’s reputation for sex in jail. A lot of those guys were doing serious time there.

County jail was a piece of cake. No one gave you a bad time as far as butt sex. You had around 23 guys per cell. Now Monroe Pen. You would get a roommate. I had no desire to pack my shit and hoped I would get a cellmate who shared my same views.

The big day came when I was transferred and sent on my way to my new residence. I remember the guys all telling me about a big black guy named Bubba and that he would probably me my cellmate. I figured it was a myth and I would get someone more like me. As I was led to my cell, the inmates were relentless with their whistling and shouting. Woman always told me that I had a nice ass but was not enjoying the compliments from the guys. I finally made it to my cell and to my surprise, found out that I was the only occupant. It was a weight lifted off my shoulders.

That was short lived though during our yard time. Right away I was approached by the meanest and biggest black man I had ever seen. He wasn’t Bubba but went by the name of Jerome. He asked if I was straight or gay, I told him I was straight. Jerome explained that a good-looking guy as myself was going to be somebody’s bitch. He offered me the opportunity to be his bitch. He promised me protection and free drugs. I respectfully declined. For one my ass was, at the time, one way only. For another, Jerome stood about 6’-5” at around 325lbs and that was muscle. I did not want to meet his Johnson.

That evening the guards came to my cell, they informed my I was being moved to an occupied cell. My own cell was short lived. As we went up two levels we made our way to the end of the cellblock. At the end were 3 adjoining cells. I was led into the center one where Jerome greeted me. Turns out that Jerome had clout there. He ran the bloods and the cribs, which were the most feared gangs at that Penitentiary. Apparently he put the word out that he wanted me and no one was disputing it. I thought I was having it to easy up until that point.

Now I was very uncomfortable I knew what was up. Realize this, I was purely straight…this was never an option until that moment. Not that I wanted it to be an option; I really had no choice in the matter. I explained to Jerome that I had never done this before and wasn’t sure if I could. He told me not to worry. That was easy for him to say. That night during chow time Jerome stood behind me in the chow line. Every so often I would feel him push his hard cock right into my ass crack. He would push it into place and if I tried to pull away he’d just follow me continuing to press against me. It actually hurt a couple of times like he was trying to penetrate me through our jumpsuits. One thing was for sure this guy was hung.

After dinner we had free time. Jerome arranged for him and I to take our showers then with no interruptions. He said this would be a good chance for me to see what I will be up against. I told him that wasn’t necessary and that I would like to skip the shower. It was at that moment Jerome backhanded me sending me across the room. I came to on my back with **** coming out of my mouth. Jerome was sitting on my chest looking down at me. He grabbed my throat and began squeezing and yelling. “You will comply bitch! We aren’t dating here. You will suck and fuck when I say, where I say for how long I say starting now bitch!” With that he pulled out his cock, and while squeezing my cheeks together with his hand forced the head of it in my mouth. “You better suck it the same way you liked to be sucked bitch!” I twirled my tongue around it for a second then it got big fast. He pulled it out at that point seeing how it was getting wider than my mouth. I remember thinking how scared this guy was making me and how I just had a black mans cock in my mouth. Needless to say we went to the shower.

I felt dirty at this point. I actually felt a little sick with the thought of a mans cock in my mouth. Without saying a word, I disrobed and went straight to the shower. The idea of getting some quick alone time sounded good just then. I heard someone enter the shower and knew it was Jerome. I didn’t even look up, but just kept on rinsing. Jerome approached me from behind and said, “Sorry for doing you like that babe.” He then put his hands on my waistline and slowly pulled his body up against mine. I could feel his cock and balls rubbing against my backside as his hands caressing the sides of my buttocks. I thought to myself that this just isn’t right. Jerome was still talking reassuring me that this arrangement would be enjoyable for me as well as him. That I would get into rhythm and that he’d show me the ropes.

At that point he slide his hands to my front area and began to slowly stroke my cock. With the other hand he began to massage my balls. If that wasn’t enough he began to kiss my neck while licking my ear lobes. I couldn’t help it, my cock was instantly hard and I was enjoying being submissive to this black man. My body was reacting to his every touch. I quivered in delight with every area he explored on my body. All this stuff was new to me. Jerome started playing with my nipples and before I could even think I was hugging his head wanting him to bite them faster and harder. I was totally aroused. Jerome grabbed one of my hands as he slowly spun me around. He guided my hand to his big black shaft. Not only was this the first mans cock in my hand, but it was the biggest I had ever seen. I found out later that it measured at 10-1/4” inches in length and I **** you not when I say it is almost as wide as a soda can.

Jerome started moving his hips as I stroked his cock. I couldn’t believe that I was stroking another mans penis as he was stroking my 7-1/2”. Even more I was moving my hips with him as well. It was a hot situation. I never felt so turned on before. I never wanted to be the submissive one in a relationship, yet here I was so the girl and I was willing at that point to do just about anything. Jerome told me that he wanted me to jerk him off to completion. With both hands I started to stroke Jerome faster. I found myself wanting to make him cum. I got on my knees and with his cock floating in front of my face I opened my mouth and forced the head of his dick into it. It hurt my mouth because I had to open so wide. I could only take in about four inches. I just did what I enjoyed having done to me for oral. As Jerome grabbed the back of my head and pumped my mouth, I continued stroking with one hand and caressed is huge sack with the other. I heard Jerome saying,” That’s it baby, suck that black cock. Make me cum bitch! That’s it babe, oh ya, ooh ya, you luv this don’t you slut?” I looked up at him pulled my mouth off of his cock and to my surprise said, “ I love sucking your black cock, I want to make you cum.” Then I opened my mouth and Jerome continued thrusting into my mouth. After a couple more minutes I had to stop him. My mouth needed a rest. Jerome then surprised the hell out of me. He had me lay on my back. He told me that he could tell that in no time I would be sucking a mean cock. It was at that moment that Jerome wrapped his black lips around my cock. I felt my body go entirely limp. I couldn’t hardly move except my back arching as Jerome continued to give me the best blow job I had ever experienced.

I remember thinking this is how it feels to be the girl, I like this role. Just the idea that I can and will make this big black, mean ass, con, cum, and cum was a real turn on. This was my guy and I was his bitch. My mind was racing, as my body was tingling. Mean while I realized I was still stroking Jerome huge cock and that he had positioned it in front of my face. I again opened my mouth and took his cock. The smell of a mans sweaty balls was even turning me on. I started licking his nuts cleaning off the sweat. Jerome then jumped right up swung around grabbed my head and started to thrust fast into my mouth. I remember pushing away from him cause he had tried putting more then four inches in my mouth.

Jerome was huffing and puffing with a good rhythm as he continued thrusting his hips towards my face. He then started screaming, “I’m going to cum baby, I love fucking your white mouth, you suck good bitch. Wanna swallow daddys load? Want to taste your first bit of man juice?” By the way he was pumping and the things he was saying, I new he was coming fairly quickly. I released his cock from my mouth and asked if I could try that another time. Jerome was frantically stroking his huge member in front of me while I knelt before him. He answered me, “Ok babe you did good so I will cut you some slack. I am going to shoot this load on your face though. I want to be the first to come on and in you. With that I saw his face tighten up. Jerome grabbed my hair and put his cock right at my face. I closed my eyes and remember thinking, “oh my God, I am going to have a man cum on my face.” It was then that I felt the warmth of the pre-cum splatter and then I heard Jerome moan loudly as I was hit by the most cum I ever witnessed come out of a single man. It lasted a good 15 sec before Jerome dried up. My face was covered in cum. I grabbed a towel and quickly wiped it off. The thought of swallowing cum or having cum shot deep into my ass I hope is something I won’t have to experience.

On our way back to our cell from the shower I remember feeling mixed emotions. I felt dirty and disgusted. Not for just doing the act but enjoying it as it happened. I thought that if I could get away with giving Jerome hand jobs, it wouldn’t be so bad. Maybe I could explain to him how I felt and we could compromise. I thought a lot of irrational thoughts during that walk to our cell. I refused to look at the other inmates; I could feel their eyes piercing me. I felt so humiliated.

Jerome and I made it back to our cell. Jerome told me he had some gifts for me and to just wait for him. As I sat there on our couch, (yes, he had a couch in one of the cells) I was trying to come up with a way to ask him if we could not try the anal thing. Also, I wanted to tell him that I would not want any cum in me what so ever. Just the thought of the act made my stomach turn. Upon Jerome’s return, I noticed his knuckles were bleeding on his right hand. He was pretty pissed. I felt fear enter me just with his look of anger. He then began to almost yell, “ That motherfucker thinks I run a charity here. There is no finance plan here. Motherfucker want to play, motherfucker better pay!” As I watched him clean off his hands I felt the fear increase inside me. I decided this discussion could wait. The way I figured it, he probably wouldn’t try anything on the first night anyhow.

Jerome then said,” Hey baby get over here, Daddy’s got some gifts for you.” I got up and walked to him. He told me to reach into his right front pocket and what ever was in there I was to keep. I reached into his pocket and immediately felt his throbbing cock brush up against my hand. I could feel he was happy and I felt myself feeling aroused. I felt something else and withdrew my hand recovering a pill container. He told me to open it so I did. Inside of it was about an 8 ball of crack. He then told me to reach into his left pocket. As I did so I literally had to push his huge cock to recover what turned out to be a crack pipe. “That’s it a baby, Daddy's got you a glass dick so you can practice sucking as you smoke.” I told him that though I sold coke I had never smoked it. He told me that he guaranteed that not only would I like it but also that it would make me extremely horny. I thanked him and told him I’d try it later. Jerome then put his fist in front of my face and opened his hand. It was a pill. He proclaimed, “that’s fine but I want you to take this now, it’s ecstasy and it’ll loosen you up for tonight’s experience.” With that said, I took the pill immediately. Jerome then said he had business to take care of and that he’d be back in an hour or two. Thank God I thought. Maybe if I am asleep by the time he returns he won’t pursue what I think he’s planning to pursue.

With-in 20 minutes I was feeling pretty good from the ecstasy. It was my first time to take it and I was tripping pretty well. The TV was on but I was enjoying looking around and I just had to touch everything. It was a real trip. An hour had lapsed when I found myself lost in thought. I was thinking not only of where I was but to whom I shared residency with and why. I was bummed out for about two seconds and then started tripping on some Hustler magazines. Shortly after in walked Jerome with a fifth of Seagram’s Vodka. He asked how I was feeling. He turned to look at me and from the grin on my face he answered, “Looking like baby’s feeling good.” I replied, “Yep!” then thanked him for the E.

I sat on the couch and began watching the TV. Jerome brought me a glass of Vodka on the rocks with a can of coke. “ This is what you’ll be doing every day babe, not bad for prison life. Just understand this, the inmates here not to approach you about my business and I never want you to be sticking your nose into my business. You will be taken cared of and that’s all you need to know. One more thing if you ever cheat on me I will have the motherfucker involved clipped, and send you out like trash to the wolves and you will be on your own. I am sure the white supremacies would love to have their way with a nigger lover.” I was so high that I happily agreed and then downed the entire glass of Vodka in one serving. I remember thinking how ironic it was that he was talking about me cheating on him when I wasn’t sure if I would give into him.

Jerome got up from the couch and drew the curtains down as to close out the rest of the population. I began to feel a bit nervous. I was glad I was buzzing so well. He turned on the boom box , then proceeded to turn on his black light and a lamp with a red light bulb.
Jerome disappeared into the adjacent cell that we had (It served as a bedroom), and shortly retuned in nothing but boxer and a big canister, which turned out to be lube. He sat next to me and asked me to pull out the glass dick and crack. I obliged him and felt my heart racing. He had me watch him load the crack into the glass dick and explained that to start out he was going to hold and light the pipe and I was to suck at a slow steady flow. I did as I was told. I began sucking slowly. Jerome moved his mouth next to my right ear and whispered in a deep tone, “ That’s it, Suck it slowly baby. You know you want to feel big black daddy’s cock don’t you bitch? You will submit and we will fuck all night.” I had goose bumps all over my body. I was actually totally aroused. Just then the rush from the crack hit began. I felt my whole body tingling as I kept holding in the hit. As I exhaled I felt such a willingness to do anything.

As the last bit of smoke left my lips Jerome moved his lips to mine and before I had time to think our lips met. I was so into the moment that my only reaction was to close my eyes and return the kiss. His tongue penetrated my mouth and I began pushing my tongue against his. My whole body was limp as his hand moved down between my legs and began rubbing my cock as our tongues continued exploring one another. I began wondering if this is how women felt with us guys. I was lost in oblivion with this big black man on top of me making out. After a couple of minutes Jerome just stopped and stood up. He motioned me to do the same. I stood in front of him and he slowly turned me around until my back was facing. He began to nibble at my ear as he slowly pulled my shirt up and over my head. I was totally at his command and he knew hit.

Jerome slowly began pulling my pants down with my boxers. As they hit the floor I stepped out of them. He removed his boxers and their before me was the biggest, thickest cock I had ever seen. Jerome’s legs were as big as my whole body. My only thought was this man was going to crush me and split me wide open. Jerome began complimenting how petite and smooth I was. He told me that he was going to enjoy watching his cock sliding in and out of my tight ass. He led me into the bedroom cell where he had a full king sized bed. He told me to lay down on my back. He disappeared in the other room and returned a few seconds later with the black light, drugs and drinks. The music was still going but was left in the other cell. He had me take another crack hit, which I was more then happy to do. As soon as I began exhaling Jerome started to crawl on top of me. On the bed I could really tell that this man was one big man. I was half is size all the way around. I couldn’t help my body from squirming in anticipation, Jerome lowered his mouth to mine and with out hesitation I allowed his tongue back into my mouth.

I could feel his huge 10+ inches rubbing my crotch and stomach area. It was about the same circumference of a soda can and literally felt like a arm rubbing me. Jerome moved from my mouth and began to suck on my nipple. They too were erect and stood around a quarter of an inch, which apparently Jerome really loved. Every part of me he touched would make my body squirm. Before I knew it I was pulling his big head down on my chest as his mouth kept working my nipples. I don’t know if anyone else can relate but I was totally submissive during this experience. I felt that I couldn’t react if I wanted. Jerome had complete control of every inch of my body. I had never reacted this way to a woman’s touch yet here I was with this guy ready to do the unthinkable. It was about that point that I had my first thought that I wanted to be fucked hard by Jerome, my man.

Jerome made his way to my cock and started licking my balls. I was arching my back and squirming in total ecstasy. I never had my balls licked and sucked on before and it was fucking awesome. It was so forbidden but so fucking hot, I thought that he could do that for hours to me. All I knew was that I just wanted to be his sex toy to be used any way Jerome thought fit. Jerome had hold of my waste line as I was squirming in delight. He then said, “Damn bitch, you are into this.” “Ooh yes,” was all I could muster out and that was in a heavy whisper. Jerome then added, “ I know what this bitch wants, I bet you want that tight pussy eaten don’t you, you fucking little slut?” I wasn’t sure what that meant but I knew I wanted it. “ Yes Jerome! Eat my fucking pussy, take me like the slut I am!” I could hardly believe what I heard coming out of my mouth.

With that Jerome lifted my legs a spread them and without hesitation shoved his nose and mouth in my crack just below my sack. “ Oh my fucking god baby! Yes, Oh fucking yes, eat my pussy, ooh god Jerome fucking don’t stop! OOOOhhhh god yes!” I was almost screaming this and could care less what the other thought. I was moving around so much and had my legs wrapped around his head so tightly that Jerome got pissed. He escaped my grip and yelled, “ What the fuck bitch, you trying to suffocate my black ass?” “No!” I proclaimed, “I was just caught up in the moment.” “Moment Bitch? I’ll give you a mother fucking moment to get caught up in.”

It was then that I knew I was fucked. He looked pissed and I could see a big vein popping out of his forehead. I was never so scared then at that moment. Jerome pulled me to the edge of the bed. “ Well we will just stop mother fucking fucking around. It’s time that I shove my huge cock in you tight white ass!” He grabbed the canister of lube and poured a tremendous amount over my cock and balls and guided the rest with his hand and massaged the insides of my crack. I was so scared but still squirming in excitement. “That’s right bitch the free ride is over daddy’s here to collect.” With out any warning he suddenly shoved a finger inside me. It happened so quickly that when I felt the sharp pain my reaction was to grab his arm and try to pull my body away. I learned that that was not the thing to do. I remember a bright flash and it was lights out. When I came to I was sore on one side of my face. Jerome was still working my ass with his hand but it didn’t hurt as much. “ Sorry, bitch buts yous got to learn to treat the bread winner with respect. There are no free rides in the joint and wethers yous likes its or not, yous my bitch now and you will service my needs. Understand bitch?” “Yes.” I reluctantly said.

“ How’s that making your ass feel?” He asked as his hand was still fingering my ass. “Not as bad now.” I kept it short. “That’s good bitch, you were out for a couple minutes so I figured why stop I’ll just continue loosening up that beautiful tight ass of yours. You know so when I fuck you it won’t hurt as bad.” With that he smiled and began to withdraw his finger. I could feel the friction of my ass wrapped around a foreign object sliding out of me. Then it began to hurt and finally exited. “Good job bitch, you just had 8 inches in you.” With that he held up a rubber dildo the shape of a cock. “ That’s what was in me?” I asked. He nodded yes to me. “Time for me to fuck my new bitch.”

With that said Jerome poured more lotion on to me and onto his shaft. He lifted my legs spreading them until they were resting on his shoulders. I bit my bottom lip as he positioned the tip of his huge black cock against the entrance of my ass. I felt a rush of excitement through out my body as he positioned his arms on each side of my head. I looked deep into his eyes , “ You are allowed to moan, I know this will hurt. Believe me, you’ll get use to it.” With that I put each of my hands on his arms as to brace my self. My ass was dripping with the lube as he began to push his black cock into me , I tensed up and arched gripping ever so tightly onto his biceps. I continued staring into his eyes as I felt my ass tightly wrapping around his enormous black cock. “Ohhh, ouch, ouch, ouch, stop, stop, stop,” I pleaded. He did saying, “Relax your ass, and just let nature take over, you’ll be surprised how fast you will get use to it.” It was hurting so much; I felt my ass hole stretching to accommodate his huge cock. I felt every tiny movement of his penetration. I felt tears in my eyes as I squinted face do to the pain. Jerome saw this and put his head next to mine saying to me, “Your doing good, we are half ways there.” Then he positioned his head above and with one slow steady thrust of his hips began his final descent deep inside of me. “OOOOoohohhh!” I screamed as I drove my fingenails into his back.“Ooh Fuck Jeremy, Oh god it hurts.” He slowly pulled half ways out then then back in. I felt every painful movement of his cock exploring my inner depths. I swore I could feel his black cock pushing my stomach he was so far in me. I began driving my nails even deeper into his back as he began to pull out a bit farther that time then all the way back in.

It wasn’t more then a couple of minutes when his full length was all the way out then thrust all the way deep inside of me. It sent shock waves through my body especially as his balls slammed against mine. Jerome was in a push up position over my body. I was still driving my nails into his back as my head turned to the right biting his arm as he began to thrust faster. “ Oh god yes, yes fuck me hard with that black cock. Pound my tight ass. I'm yours Jerome, fuck me like I’ve never been fucked.!” Jerome began thrusting really fast and hard. My body was shaking as I was being pushed towards the headboard of our bed. I could hear our balls slapping together as I continued my dirty talking and moaning. We finally made it to the headboard and Jerome pulled out. “Damn bitch, you are fucking good!” He then had me get on all fours. I bent down and put my head on the sheets with my ass in the air. I felt more lube poured onto me and just wanted him back in me. I felt one big hand on my waist and then the tip of his cock pushing its way back in. I laid my arms above my head and grabbed the sheets tightly. There was a short sharp pain before the rest of his cock began to penetrate me. “OOOOOOhhhhhhhhh, YES! Oh Yes, Jerome. I love your cock in me. Fuck me babe. I don’t want you to ever stop, fuck me for ever with that black cock!” I felt his hand grab the other side of my waist and he pulled me as he thrust. I swear it went in even deeper. I buried my face in the bed and began screaming as he started thrusting ever so fast. My whole body was shaking from the shear **** of his thrusts. I would have to say at one point he was thrusting that cock into me at a rate of two thrust a second. At some point I realized that I was pushing back to meet every thrust. We both were thrusting wanting to fuck hard. I loved this big man fucking me. I loved the idea that I was the bitch and he was in control.

“I’m going to cum bitch!” “Not in my ass, not yet any way!” I screamed. Ok bitch and he was really pounding me hard and fast and holding my waist ever so tight. I kept thrusting my ass back towards him. We had perfect rhythm with sweat dripping from our bodies. All together our first fucking went straight none stop for almost a half hour. “ Ok bitch I’m ready to cum now!” Jerome pulled out from inside me and told me to turn around so he could cum on my face. Better then my ass I though so I did what I was told. He was stroking frantically and I could tell it was time. He suddenly grabbed my hair and said, “Change of plans, your swallowing bitch!” I opened my mouth and he shoved it in. It was a good six inches into my mouth when he grabbed both sides of my head and then I felt a huge warm sensation shoot down my throat and I just kept gulping until he released my head and collapsed. His cum wasn’t so bad and it brought us even closer. It’s something special when someone comes in you. At that moment I knew I was his bitch. I knew that in time I would allow him to cum deep inside my ass. Amongst all the first times I experienced that first day in prison. I ended it cuddled in the arms of my black male lover.....

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How I was caught off guard and not ready when the plumber came by....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 19:53

My experence with the new plumber that came to fix my broken shower and sink wasn't all he worked on that day! After putting a request to have my bathroom fixed to the manager at my apartment complex he came by and agreed to have a new shower stall put in. He told me that he'd call me to let me know when the plumber would be by to work on it so I could be ready for him. I was told that he'd be by at 12:00 noon the next day well the night before I got a lil drunk n horny! I watched some very nasty gay porn and took out some of my dildos that I loved using on myself while I watched the videos. Well next thing I knew I woke up to someone pounding on my door yelling out he was going to leave if I didn't open the door! Still a little buzzed and half asleep I jumped up put on my robe telling him hang on I was coming and answered the door. Sorry I'm here a lil early hope you don't mind. I was shocked and stunned to see this big muscular black man carrying a toolbox just walk right passed me and straight into my bedroom before I got his attention telling him not to go in but I was too late! He dropped his toolbox when he noticed my 2 favorite flesh like black dildos on my bed and my big screen TV still playing the video "I Want To Be Your BBC Bitch"! He just grinned at me "Come here you nasty lil white bitch boy"! I just froze right there at the door way as I looked at him grinning looking me up n down "I said to come here bitch I'll take good care of you and give you what you want"! I walked over to him as my body trembled with fear and excitiment staring into his dark sexy eyes "that right you know you want this BBC"! He didn't waste anytime taking me in his strong arms **** his tongue deep into my mouth with a passion while sliding his hand down to my ass squeezing it hard then slapping it hard a few times. It made me moan softly as our tongues danced together like there was no tomorrow then he slid 2 fingers in my ass pushing them deep he started to wiggle them making me push back on them! He broke our kiss "oh you like that don't you bitch" finger fucking my ass hard now he knew he could do anything he wanted to me! I started to kiss his neck while worked my ass good my hands went straight onto his big growing bulge to rub and squeeze it. I went down to my knees quickly undoing his pants pushing them down and he stepped out of them. His cock was on the side of my face as I looked up at him taking ahold of it "I love black cock" stroking it slowly! I lifted his thick shaft and started licking on his huge balls his musky cock scent filled my senses driving me wild for his BBC! I could hear him moan with pleasure as sucked his balls and stroked his cock he told me how good it felt and that I was a good lil bitch. I slowly wrapped my lips on the sides of his cock and worked up n down both sides coating it with my saliva really good. Holding it up I opened my mouth and licked around the tip of his dark shaft squeezing it as I stroked up getting a nice taste of his pre-cum that oozed out. I had to have his cock in my mouth so I slid my lips around his thickness taking more than half the first time! I took a deep breath before I went back down on him,he kept telling me"Thats it bitch yes show me how much you love my big cock"! I gobbled his cock down while he talked dirty to me like he did making me want it more. I let go of his cock and balls so I could grab his ass and shove more of it down my hungry mouth! He loved it like that and soon put his hand on the back of my head to help me take more of it! After about ten or so thrusts of him fucking my mouth and throat his cock started to swell up "OH YES I"M GONNA CUM" the first few thick wads shot out filling my mouth full of his cum,pulling his cock out he sprayed a few more streams on my face. I licked his still hard cock clean for him before he told me to turn around lay face down on the floor.I quickly did it and reached back spreading my ass apart wide for him "FUCK ME" I said like the slut I am for BBC. I heard him flick the cap up on the tube of lube "Are you ready for my cock" he asked lubing only his cock before I felt it pushing on my man-pussy. "OH FUCK YES FUCK ME" I said as he pushed his cock in me with steady forceful thrust sliding deep inside of me giving me almost 3/4 of his thick cock. Yelling out from the pain I felt he pulled it back a lil then thrusted right back in telling me how good n tight it felt around his cock! He kept working it in n out of his lil white ass he told me as the pain became more of a pleasure as I relaxed some. When he passed the second "lil tight muscle" he buried all of his cock inside of me balls deep! "oh my god yes yes yes" was what I said when this intense hot flood of pure pleasure came over me making my body tremble under the weight of his body lying on top of me while he held it deep inside me for a lil while. Whispering in my ear he told me that he was going to fuck me better n harder than I ever was before by any niggggas cock! Biting down on the back of my neck he started to pound n slam my ass like a wild man with his big thick black hard cock! Screaming out in pleasure as he fucked me like that I was in BBC heaven and he knew it was for damn sure I was his BITCH now! I even tilted up my ass some making it spread out a lil wider I thought at least. He fucked me like that for ever it seemed like to me as I was lost to the world loving and taking his cock inside of me. After 10 minutes of getting brutalized by his BBC he exploded every drop of his hot cum deep in my quivering well fucked asshole still gripping tightly on his beautiful black cock!

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Searching for Black cock.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 19:51

It was a cold night and Freddy was thinking of what he should do. His friends had called him earlier and asked him to go out but he didnt quite feel like he wanted to party. He felt different this night. He felt that something was missing in his life. Something that he really needed. Freddy was in his room and was bored so he got on the internet and starting surfing through some porn sites. He knew that his favorite kind of porn was interracial so he would always loved to watch girls get served by black cocks. He had got into this kind of thing since he was a young boy and for some reason he always loved to watch black guys fucking the brains out of sexy ass big titted thick thighed bitches. He always found it arousing and always made his little pecker jump. In time he noticed that it was no longer the hot women in the videos that made him horny, no sir. It was the big, long, thick, silky black cocks! He once heard the saying "once you go black, you never go back!" and now he finally knew why. He knew that no other kind of men could make him feel the way he felt at the site of a huge chocolate cock. As he masterbated hard to his favorite porn movies he would wish and wish hard to be able to feel what those women felt as those long silky cocks would stroke their tight little pussies. He would like to feel the way their insides would stretch as those long black logs would insert themselves into their deep assholes. He quickly began to develope the taste and hunger for black cock. Freddy was 18 years old and was a normal size guy in his pants, he was only about 6 inches, at the most, but he had no width! He knew that he couldn't satisfy women with his needle cock but he sure as hell knew that a black cock could please him. The next day he began to ponder where he could find a big black stud who would be willing to ravesh his asshole. He thought and thought of where he could possibly find another man willing to donate some chocolate to his tight little asshole. He quickly thought "the gym!" He knew that the gym had some gay guys and that they always met in the steamroom right about a few hours before it would close. So he got his bag and packed it with bottle of lube because he knew that if he were to find a sexy black man with a huge cock he was going to need it. He jumped in his car and began his way to the gym. as he got to the parking lot he got this thought in his head that questioned his hunger for big black cock. he thought "should i really do this?" "if i do this does this mean i'm gay? or am i just curious?" "fuck it! it's worth it!" he thought so he quickly grabbed his bag form the back seat and walked into the gym. He first walked into the locker room where he noticed that there was nothing but old men around with peckers as little as his. He wasted no time in there because he knew what he wanted and it sure wasn't 6 inches! As he made his way up stairs he noticed that there was hardly any blackmen present at this time. He looked everywhere and couldn't seem to find a gorgeuos black man. he thought he wasnlt gonna find one so he went to the second floor. Still, no luck. He even made his way to the third floor and still, no luck. He thought "dammit!, all that for nothing!." So he went back to the locker rooms where he was going to get his stuff to go back home, and then it happened... not one, not two, not three!, but 4 gorgeuos tall, bald, built black men entered the locker rooms minding there own business. They all were nicely shaped with hard-like-rock bodies and muscular arms and thighs. He noticed them walking in, and his heart began to pump with excitement. He notice the two in the front who had these huge bulges in the front of there swimming trunks and then it hit him. They were in the swimming pool, thats where he forgot to check! he coudlnt stop looking at them until he noticed that one of them caught him starring. He quickly turned back in embarrasment. Little did he know the guy that caught him looking began to approach him. He wasn't looking back when he felt someone tap him in the shoulder. He knew that it would be him so he turned slowly. "Hey!" said the stud. "what are you lookin' at? you see somethin' ya like? huh?" The other guys quickly turned and looked at him too. Freddy answered with fear. "s-s-s-so-sorry sir I thought I knew you." His legs were shaking because he didnt want to piss this guy off, but on the inside he wanted to let him know that it was his long thick cock that he wanted to see. The guy assertively said "well my name is Banana and if you see something you like, let me know!" He was wondering if he was being sarcastic or if he was inviting him to meet his black cock. As the stud began to walk back to his locker, he began to hope that they would take off their swimming trunks so that they can expose their black anacondas. As soon as he ended that thought he saw the trunks drop. He couldnt beleive his eyes as he was looking and starring hard at what was for him the first time he ever saw huge black cocks in real life! His little pecker was getting hard and he was feeling the hunger for the cocks that were only a few feet from where he was standing. His mouth began to water and he could almost taste the long thick chocolate cocks! One of the guys looked like he had a 14-inch cock, the other guys didnt stay behind with about 12 inches of solid chocolate each. He seriously couldn't stop starring and wondered what it would be like to suck the skin off of those long thick peckers. He was sitting down on the bench next to his locker when he overheard Banana say "hey guys imma hit the steam room for a lil' bit aight fellas!" As Banana told his friends, he looked over at Freddy and gave him a wink as to let him know that he knew what Freddy was looking for. Freddy felt a tingle down his spine as he watched the stud walk naked into the steam room. He quickly tossed his bag into his locker and took off his trunks and almost ran to the steam room. He knew that all the men walked naked in the locker rooms so he didnt mind walking around naked either. As he walked towards the steam room he noticed that he began to feel a little feminine. He entered the steam room and it was so hot in there that he could barely breathe. there was so much steam that he couldn't even find Banana inside. Then, a few seconds after he entered the room, he heard the voice that had made his little cock jump call out to him. "Hey lil' boy whats ya name?" Freddy answered in a nervous but excited voice. "F-F-Freddy" Banana asked Freddy "why are you here, you dont look like you work out, or are you just looking for something?" Freddy replied by saying "yes, thats it, im looking for something." As Banana heard his answer he took Freddy by the hand and showed him his massive 14-inch cock and said... "Well look no more Freddy, cuz i got what you need, now suck it!" Freddy's thighs felt like noodles at the sight of his already erect long, silky, thick black cock. He didnt even hesitate to get on his knees. He threw himslef at his cock and as he slipped it into his mouth he thought "so this is how it feels to suck real life chocolate cock" he was so happy to have finally get a black cock to call his own. He was all over his cock like a starving person on a 2lb. stake. He jerked and sucked his cock at the same time and he even spit saliva on his massive head so that it could go smoothly down his thraot. Banana was caressing his back as Freddy feasted on his massive tool. "MMMMMMM this is soo good, it makes me so horny!' Freddy said. "suck this big black dick you lil bitch!" Banana said. Freddy was having the time of his life as he tasted the long smooth shaft and stroked the leathery cock with both hands. He was jerking his cock so fast as he kept sucking it and deepthroating his 14-inch anaconda. He was making sure that he didnt miss a spot on his black long cock. Freddy covered Banana's whole cock with saliva and deepthroated it just like in his favorite porn flicks. He would remeber what the women in the movies would do and was sure to do the same on Banana. He was cupping his balls and squeezing them softly while tickling Banana's head with his hurricane toungue. "ooooh, its been a while since you sucked dick, huh. It feels like you missed doing this!" said Banana. "actually its my first time, and i loooove it!" Freddy answered. Banana was starring into his eyes, noticing that he wanted to insert his big monster into his asshole. Freddy couldnt take it anymore and began to beg Banana to fuck his asshole. "fuck me!' he said. "slip that big dong in my ass, give it to me!, fuck me hard i want it now! and i want every inch of it!" "fuck this blowjob shit, its good but not as good as getting fucked! so fucke me now!" Freddy was at a very horny point and he wanted it at that very moment. Banana told him "is this your first time with a black man? because if it is, im gonna change your life!" With no hesitation Banana picked Freddy up and bended him over just like he would to any young lady that was asking for it. Freddy was getting his thought about the lube he had prepared but it was too late now, and he was too fucken horny to run back to his locker and get so he just said "fuck it i want it now!" Banana spread Freddy's ass, cuffed his thick dong and slowly began to tamper with his asshole. Freddy began to feel it tickleing his asshole he could feel how wide it was, it had to be about 3-inches wide, it was soooo big. Justwhat he was looking and starving for. Freddy was moaning a bit and was getting turned on by Banana's slow tease. Banana stopped teasing him and slipped his dong right in. Freddy felt his asshole stretch and he let out a deep grunt as Banana was now showing him why "once you go black, you never go back" Freddy's asshole was hurting like hell but he didnt care. He was getting the fucking of a life-time and all he knew was that the pain would go away soon and the pleasure would come right after it. and not just any pleasure but black cock pleasure. "Ooohhhhh yessss! thats it fuck my asshole! stroke it! put that big black snake inside my stomach!" Freddy screamed. Banana began to pound his litle asshole and held a tight grip on his hips. Freddy's toes were so curled up and he was beggining to feel the pleasure that came afteer the pain. His eyes turned white every time Banana made his cock dissapear in his tight asshole. "You like that lil bitch, huh?, you like that long stroke?" "oh yessss! give it to me!, fuck me harder, slip it in my ass!" Banana couldn't beleive how good his doggystyle was working on this little ****. Freddy could feel Banana's hips slap his ass cheeks because Banana was now inserting all if his chocolate dong into his ass, He could feel the black leather pipe stretching his insides and scrambling his stomach. NOthing like he ever imagined. He wondered. "so this is how those women feel when they get fucked by those large cocks!" He was in a state of passion. He could feel every inch penetrating his tight little hole. Freddy then wanted to ride his big dick so he made him stop. "its my turn baby, lay down on the floor, let me show you how ii ride black cocks!" Freddy made Banana lay down and as he placed himself on top and slipped Bananas massive head into his asshole he began to scream! "oh yessssss this is even better! fuck me you black stud!" Banana began to thrust his cock upward as Freddy rode off like a rodeo cowboy. Freddy was feeling Banana's cock in deeper spots than before. He was taking it all in and he didnt care. Freddy was screaming from pain and pleasure at the same time. Freddy was riding him hard and layed down on his muscular chest and he was hearing his heartbeat and it had the same rythm as he stroked his asshole. Freddy felt so feminine and he loved it! Banana was gettting so turned on by the sight of this little curious guy He knew that Freddy loved his giant cock so he kept thrusting upward even harder an harder. " oh gawd yessss! fuck me! fuck me! make me cum!" Banana wrapped a tight grip around Freddy's waste with his arms for he was now going to give his fastes strokes. As he did, Freddy let out some loud screams. "Oooooohhh Fuuuuuuckkkkkk!, yesssssss thatsi tit just like thaaaaat daddy daddy! fuckkkkk meeee! whoaaaaaa!!!! it feels so fucken gooooood!!!" Banan was so turned on by Freddy's screams so he immediatley picked Freddy up. With his cock still inside Freddy's ass and his arms still wrapped around Freddy's waist he stood up and began to bounce Freddy in his long thick cock. Freddy fekt like the women in his favorite porn vidoes. "yes! yes! yes! like that daddy, make my ass cheeks bounce on your vicious one!" Freddy wrapped his legs around Banana to get a tighter grip. Banana was stroking hime hard and kept giving Freddy his medicine. Banana really wanted Freddy to feel his cock he was thrusting hard and everytime he stroked him he would feel his cock go deeper and deeper filling up his cornhole with his nasty magic stick. "oh! oh! oh! yesss! harder daddy harder! make me cum!" Freddy screamed. Freddy began to get chills on his thighs as he began to cum like a horny little slut. "oh yes, oh my gawd, it feels so fucken good, i love it i love it!!!" "here i go here it comes! oooohhhhh gawwwwd yesssss!!! im cumming im cuuuuummming! keep going, dont stop! i want to keep cumming! Freddy couldnt beleive that another man was making him cum! Banana was getting his head all the way into the deepest part of his sweaty wet ashole. "i want to cum again, and again, c'mon daddy make me cum 100 more times!' At this time Banana wanted to finish him off so he put him down in a missionary position spread his legs wide open and began to stroke away. Freddy immidieatley put his legs over Banana's shoulders. Banana, following what he wanted, gripped his thighs and began to pump harder on his helpless little tunnel. "is that your little cock getting hard?" Banana said as he noticed Freddy's little helpless cock that was hard as concrete. "jack me off Banana! fuck me and jack me off at the same time, c'mon daddy!" Freddy was in bliss with this action and felt Banana's tight grip on his litltle cock. Freddy was so into the moment that as soon as Banana jerked his cock a few times he began to shoot loads all over his stomach. He even got a few on his face. He didnt care he just licked it right off and kept getting served in his ass. Banana pumped like he never had in his life. He was giving this guy so much pleasure that he just wanted to give it his all. "Yes daddy fuck me! i can feel it in my stomach!, i can feel that big cock in my stomach!" "it feels sooooo goooood!" Banana was starting to get to his climax point. He couldn't handle it, the feeling was so good. He could feel his sack slapping Freddy's ass as he kept fucking him deep in his ass while jerking his little cock. Freddy began to cum again so he aggresively wrappen his legs around Banana's back. and as he let out a loud moan Banana knew that he was cumming again. "ooooohhhhh baby thats it! it feels so good! i came again!, oooh what an amazing cock! i just love your chocolate cock!!!" Banana was quickly coming to his breaking point when he began to pump so fast that Freddy almost had a heart attack from a pleasure overload! "aaaahhhhhh fuck me!! is that an earthquake?? no its you Banana how amazing uuuughhh it feels goood ooohhh your gonna kill me daddy! its so fast! but its soooo goood im lovin' it keep it going daddy fuck me fast!", Banana quickly replied "im gonna cum!, im gonna cum on your face!, and you better swallow it bitch!" "yesss!, give me that warm cum all over my face, give it to me!" Banana was stroking fast and Freddy was moaning like a whore! All of a sudden Banana slipped his
cock out of Freddy's ass and pointed it straight to his face then BOOM! Freddy's face was decorated with the sweat man juice that Banana had splurt all over his face and chest. Freddy grabbed Banana's now going limp cock and shoved it down his throat in and out. "slurp! slurp!" was the sound that Freddy made as he kept sucking the chocolate out of Banana's massive cock. "oooh yess thats it!" Banana said as Freddy began to slurp all the cum that Banana had provided for him. Freddy was licking his giant head with lightning fast speeds and Banana was feeling it. "dang, you got this shit down don't you?" Freddy replied "i was born to be a black cock pleaser! Freddy pointed Banana's cock upwars and began to take his balls into his mouth and nurturing each one with his long pointy toungue. "oooh fuck yesss!" Banana screamed. "do that shit lil bitch" Freddy was licking his shaft up and down with gratitude for the journey that Banana took him on. Freddy nibbled a little on Banana's cock just to tease him. Banana looked down at him and said. "This is how its supposed to be, two men getting what they want. One gets his ass streched another gets his cock pleased.." Freddy by then had slurped all the cum that was dumped on him and made sure that Banana's cock was sucked dry. He then looked up at Banana while still admiring his long, thick, silky chocolate cock and said "thanks for the fuck, i'll NEVER forget it! and i'll never go back!" "no problem!" repleid Banana, while slappping his now half-limp and dry cock on Freddy's lips.

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big black dick.......Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Apr,14 19:48

So, Im 24 years old got a little carried away one night on line. Ive been single for like 7-8 mo, working and going to school, not a lot of time to invest in a relationship. So, when I did finale get a 3 day weekend, I had nothing to do and 3 days to do it. I was chillin at home smoking some chris surfing the net. Im so fuckin horny, think to myself. Im checkin out adds on CL. Mostly fat teen mothers, looking for a baby daddy, and they make sure to say they don’t put out on the first date, on and on. …Oh, whats this section, MEN SEEKING MEN. Oh, what the hell, take a peek, I notice practically every add has a pic. Short and to the point. Dirty and detailed, leaving no question as to what they are looking for. Casual anonyms’ hook ups. Some talked about wanting to top, bottom, suck you off, get sucked off, ect. “we can do it in my car if you know a spot”….Shit, why cant the women’s adds be more like this. Between the meth and my dry spell and next thing I know, got a hard on. Now, I should say, Im not gay, but I have gotten a little adventurous a few times and jammed a couple of fingers or a hair brush up my ass. Even my ex girlfriend’s dildo. I knew when it hit the prostate, Id cum really hard. But, I would never think about asking a girl to do it to me. And another guy, totally out of the question….Ok, Im fuckin horny. Take another hit off the pipe and grab my lap top and head to my bedroom. Go to my favorite site, Ive been jacking off to the same movies they have up here, I want something new, I start thinking about the gay CL ads, “Hung black top, lookin to pound tight white ass” as the cursor drifts over the gay movies, wouldn’t you know, the first one I see, it’s a white guy bent over and a black dude mounting him. This is so hot, my heart is pounding, between the meth, and this new found genre in porn. OOH, speaking of that time with my ex’s dildo. When she moved out, I think I remember her leaving it here. (she left me for a black guy too!) How ironic, now I’m planning to fuck myself and pretend it’s a strange black man from the internet. I get up, lookin thru the closet, under a box, there it is. It a 6” straight smooth vibrator. I go to the bathroom and grab the bottle of KY under the sink, on my way back to my room, take another quick toke on the pipe, Im pretty fuckin high now, my heart is pounding with all the pleasure Im getting ready for. I get to the edge of the bed and put one leg up on the bed while Im still standing, smear a good amount of KY on my ass, lube the dildo and put it it, slides in easy enough, and then I let it set for a second and lay back on the bed. I start the movie and jack my cock, its getting hard, my ass relaxes a little and I start rocking on the dildo and its like an electric charge, from my ass to my entire body. Felt so fucking good, my heart started pounding as I thought to myself, I could just do it, I could e mail that stud on CL, hook up, no one will ever know. I started pounding that 6” dildo in my ass as hard and fast as I could, it was making a smacking noise and I was yelling into a pillow screaming as the more intense the pain, the greater the pleasure I felt. My ass got used to the dildo, It wasn’t enough. And all the lube I lost my grip on it and it sliped out. Fuck it, I thought to myself. Im going to do it. I wiped the lube off my hands and went back to CL. In the 30 mins I was gone, there where like fifteen more ads. Im taking my time, scrolling thru. Im lookin for a black top. And there he was.
The title “10” black dick looking to fuck tonight, cant host, must travel to you. If this ad is up Im still looking” I opened it, and there was a pick of huge black dick. I wanted it in my ass. I replied.
“cum and pound my ass, I live alone and can host” I was shaking so hard with excitement I could hardly hit send. That was it, I just invited a black man from the internet to my house to do as he pleases with me. Probably going to get killed, runs thru the back of my head…Oh, shit. 1 new msg in my inbox, he replied.
“well let me see what Im going to be fuckin” my heart was pounding out of my chest. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, as I went in the bathroom with my iphone, propped my leg up on the counter and spread my ass with one hand, while I shoot the pic in the mirror with the other. And hit send. I take another hit of meth while Im waiting for the reply.
“ok, we can do this. I want to make sure we are clear before we go ahead, a lot of you white boys think you be wanting a hung **** but before Im half way in they be screaming for me to stop, and I don’t like to stop once Im started. CAN YOU SERIOUSLY HANDLE 10 INCHES?”
Im so fucking high, what the hell, I reply “YEAH! You can come shove that cock all the way in, here is my address : 1234 main st. #112, the door is unlocked, come on in, Im naked and waiting” I almost drop the phone Im shacking so hard when I hit send.
The reality set in as I was going thru my draws looking for the condoms I had. And his reply “cool, Im on my way, be ready , I’l be there in about 20mins” I get naked, turn down the lights, I check and un lock the door, I sit on the chair in the corner, its about 1:30am. My apts are dead ass quite, I hear the rumble of bass and a car with a loud muffler idling up slow, my heart is really beating so fucking hard! I think to myself, I could still back out of this. I could lock the door and he will just leave. No, I knew I wanted it, I wanted to get my ass pounded by a big black dick….The foot steps come up to the door, and there he is, huge black guy walks in, I get up and walk to him, he shuts the door behind himself and starts taking off his shirt. I say, “hey, so my name is John” not really knowing how the usual conversations prior to this go..He said back “don’t give a fuck, get on your knees so I can handle my business” ok, so he obviously dominate! I do as he said. And as my knees hit the ground, a huge uncircumcised dick hits my cheek. It was fucking enormous! Looked like a mag light, easily 3-4 times bigger than the dildo. I opened my mouth, and I couldn’t hardly get my jaw around the head, but I went thru the motions, acting like Ive done this before. I didn’t fool him, he said “I hope you take dick better than you try and give head” at the same time he reached over and started working a finger in my ass. I pulled off his dick and said “put a condom on and fuck me!” as I crawled over to the table and grabed the KY and rubber, I hand it to him, and start putting the lube on my ass, I knew I would need a lot for this. He rips open the package and pulls it out, Im working like 3 fingers in my ass and just empting the bottle ok KY, and he sees the pipe on the table. “Let me hit this shit nigga” as he helps himself to the meth. Im jacking his now protected dick while he is hittin the pipe. And I lead him over to the bedroom and bend over the corner of my bed still jacking his huge dick. He takes another hit and sets it down on my night stand…..I feel the big mushroom head press aginst my ass as Im trying to guide him in. the head gets about half way, he pulls back and says “where that lube at? “ and I hand him the bottle, he put some on the tip of the condom, completely stretched to the max, and tries again. I open right up and he glides in my ass. I just start to think, yeah, I can handle this, as I look down and expect to see him buried balls deep in me…Not even close, just barly the head was worked in and he said “here we go nigga” and slamed that fucking monster in to the hilt. I couldn’t breath! I thought his dick was going to tear thru my stomach!! FUCK!! I screamed as he pulled back a couple inches (with 8 still in me) slamed right back inside. The electric full body orgasm just started to shoot thru me and the overwhelming pain became overwhelming ecstasy. He started giving me full long strokes and my ass excepted every bit, I started pushing back aginst him, when he’d bottomed out and I could feel his nuts against mine. He said “oh, ok, you want this dick?” I said back, “yeah, fuck that ass nigga” He pounded me harder, I lose all control and yell, “Yeah, fuck me!! Fuck me hard! This ass is yours anytime you want it!!” He pulled out, I looked back. “fuckin condom broke, you got another?” I knew I didn’t. “NO, JUST FUCK ME WITHOUT ONE THEN” Before I could finish the sentence the head of his dick was up past my belly button. Fucking black dick is rearranging my bowls! I think to myself, that’s the last thing I remember….I woke up, my apartment is bright, its obviously day time. I look at the clock, shit, Ive been blacked out for like six hours! I sit up and get a shooting pain in my upper abdomen, reminding me that it wasn’t a dream…I look down and there is dried cum on my stomach, chest , fuck, even my face! This dude must have fucked me a few times. Wish I could remember more. I look on the night stand, my pipe is gone, so is all the cash in my wallet…Fuck, that was intense last night! I think to myself……About six weeks have passed and I get a TXT message from him…………

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College Roomate .....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 22,Apr,14 22:40

When I was in college, I was lucky enough to be able to move off campus by my sophomore year, living with at least 4 other guys in a 2-bedroom apartment. We were a pretty stable group; three of us roomed together for all three years off campus. However, in my junior year, we had two new guys, they were friends, move in. One guy, Tim, was a real hunk who I secretly lusted after – and beat off thinking about – for most of my junior year.

Tim was much older looking than anyone our age, yet he was a year younger. He grew a heavy beard every day, and kept a mustache. His hair was dark, thick, and very curly. . (This was the early 70’s so the hairy look was in!). He was very attractive, with full lips, a wonderful smile, and I found his eyes to be very seductive – the first time I really knew what ‘bedroom eyes’ meant. He would often hang around the apartment in t-shirt and jockey shorts, treating me to many fantasies. His legs were covered in dark curly hair, and when he stretched, I was able to see his navel covered in dark fur as well. The jockeys were well-packed, and I wondered what I might see if ever I could catch him coming out of the shower.

I was not sexually active in college, though fantasized a lot. I tried to fit in, and hoped that others wouldn’t see me as gay; but how could they not? After all I was a theatre major, I never dated, and I never bought the current issue of Playboy. Tim hinted a bit about who I was seeing, that kind of thing, but I never felt comfortable enough to explore what he was getting at.

One Friday night, I came back to the apartment after a rehearsal, expecting no one to be there. The roommates were all going to one of the fraternity keggers and would be out very late. As I walked back to my bedroom, I passed Tim and Chuck’s room. Tim was there, on his bed, reading. He wore his usual outfit; white t-shit and tight bulging jockeys. I said Hi as I passed his room, and he called me back.

Sticking my head in his room, I asked why he wasn’t at the kegger, and he told me he had hurt his back playing basketball that afternoon. He had done a couple of joints in hopes of relieving the pain, but no luck. He reminded me that I knew how to handle muscle pulls (I had been a trainer/student manager for my high school’s football and baseball teams and had some first aid and injury treatment training, including massage). He asked if I would massage his back to relieve the muscle strain. What could I say? Here was a roommate, in pain, asking for help. But I wanted to touch him very much, and was afraid if I did, he would know I wanted him. Yet how could I say no?

I said Sure, and asked him to roll over. I knelt next to the bed and started to do a very chaste, dry massage through his t-shirt. He asked if it wouldn’t be better if he took off his shirt, so I said sure. He rolled back over again, and looked at me, his eyes showing he was pretty stoned, as he pulled the t-shirt over his chest. While his head was covered with the shirt, I quickly scanned his chest (drat! Not very hairy above the navel as I had expected/hoped!). Then he lay down again. “Roll over” I told him, and he did so. (I did not note then, but did remember later, that he never seemed to show any sign of pain, or muscle strain; he rolled back and forth pretty easily!)

As I continued the dry massage on his bare back, noting the hairs that sprouted on his back above his jockey waistband, he asked if it wouldn’t be easier with some lotion. He reached under his bed and pulled out a big bottle of Intensive Care; it was pretty well used (his JO lube I wondered?) I squirted some on my hands to warm it, and continued massaging his mid back and shoulders. “Where is the pull”, I asked. “Where does it hurt?” “All over” was his reply, so I continued on his shoulders and neck. “Lower” he told me, so I moved slowly down to the small of his back. “Even lower” he told me, and I knew that he wanted me to rub under his waistband, but dare I? It might mean he would know? (What a fool I was as a youth, right?)

I moved my hands to massage his lowest part of his back, but kept my hands on top of his briefs.” Wouldn’t it be easier for you if I pulled these down?” he asked as he did just that. Suddenly I was face to (face?) with his hairy bare ass cheeks! How my mouth suddenly went dry in a combination of excitement, anticipation, and fear. I knew he was seducing me, but I couldn’t believe it, and so I was reluctant to play along. I continued to try and act clinical; medical in my ministrations.

“Yeah,” he told me. “That’s close to where it really hurts. Push on it harder, and you can go a little lower.” My hands were now basically kneading his ass cheeks like bread dough. I loved the feel of my fingers on his hairy ass, and I knew I had gone past the point of clinical detachment. Something was going to happen, and I was a very willing participant. He was softly moaning, letting me know how good it was feeling, and I was loving it myself.

Then, he rolled over, looking me directly in the eyes. He caught me checking out his dick as he rolled over, the briefs tangled on his erect cock, covering it. “Yeah, that feels real good. But this needs some attention, too. Go ahead, take those off” he told me, indicating his briefs. I moved as if in a trance, and slowly pulled off his shorts, revealing a very thick, though not too long, and very hard cock. His dark black, curly pubes above his cock was like a Brillo pad, and I wanted to touch it all badly! “Go ahead,” he told me. “Touch it.” I reached my hand, still covered with some lotion, and touched his hard shaft. Slowly I put my fingers around it, and my fingers could not touch each other, it was so thick.

“Oh, yeah. That’s what really needs a good massage. But it’s a little dry.” I assumed he wanted more lotion on my hands, so I reached for the bottle, but he pulled it back. “No more lotion. You can kiss it and make it wet.” I stared at him, my hand now slowly jacking his cock, my nose smelling his sweat and desire in his crotch. He stared back and I knew it was ok, that we had gone so far that I might as well do it all, now. I leaned over and gently licked his shaft, covering the tip of his cock slightly with my tongue. “Oh, yeah, kiss it now.” I kissed the piss slit, and tasted his precum. I was totally intoxicated now, and I had to have it. I threw out the last of my innocent pretense and immediately engulfed his cock with my mouth. I sucked and moved up and down on that shaft hungrily. I had wanted this for so long, and now it was here.

Suddenly I was ravenous. I had waited for something like this – hot sex with a hot man alone in bed with no concerns for someone to interrupt us (prior to this, my sex life was anonymous glory holes or in dark back rows of XXX movie theatres). I swallowed his shaft, feeling up his balls and running my hand behind his balls to his ass. He seemed to really respond to my hand manipulations, and I was encouraged to lick down his cockshaft to his balls. There, licking over his sack, he told me to suck his balls, and I gladly did. I took first one, then the other into my mouth; laving him with my saliva. He lifted his legs so I could get them all, and I put his legs on my shoulders. Then I moved my mouth down between his legs, behind his balls, licking his hairy phrenum. I moved to his ass, and suddenly I was rimming that hairy hole, and he was almost screaming with joy, or lust. He told me to keep on doing what I was doing (did he think I was going to stop, suddenly?!) and I was jabbing his asshole with my tongue.

My hand had been jacking his cock while I was eating his ass, and I could feel precum dripping on my hand. I was suddenly hungry for that cum, so I put my finger on his hole while I moved my mouth back to his cock. While I swallowed his shaft again, and without thought, I slowly slid my finger into his asshole. I had not done this before, but I was inspired by my lust and his response. Well, he really did scream then, and not in pain. He loved my finger in his hole as I sucked his cock! He asked me to finger his hole, so I started to finger fuck him, as I sucked his shaft. His cock was rock hard, it was leaking precum like crazy, but he was not showing any signs of coming yet. With my finger hitting his prostate, it should have sent him over, but perhaps the stoned state he was in allowed him more control? All I know was that my lips were almost cut from the f**** of my pressure on his cock! My teeth were grooving into the backs of my lips from my sucking him.

Suddenly I heard Tim ask me to do something that almost scared me! “Put it in me, Dave” he begged. Since my finger was already in his ass, it dawned on me what he was asking! Here was this straight stud asking ME to FUCK HIM! I couldn’t believe it; and I had never done that before. But I wasn’t about to tell him that! I quickly pulled off his cock, and kneeled at his ass. I lifted his legs higher in the air, as they were already on my shoulders, and I used that Intensive Care to lube my cock and his ass. Slowly I put my cock to his ass hole, and I pushed. I was in!! He made no noise at first, then a hiss, then a louder noise! “Push it in all the way!” he asked, and so I did. I felt a hot, silky pressure on my cock that I had never felt before. As much as I loved getting my cock sucked, the exquisite pleasure of his ass on my cock was more intense, more erotic, and more blissful than any other feeling I had ever had.

I fully lowered my weight on Tim, and we were face to face as I fucked his ass. He pulled me close and next thing I knew we were KISSING! Again, I couldn’t believe how this straight stud was so into this! ‘How could this be?’ was in the back of my mind, but I kept on doing everything that felt so good! The heat of our bodies, the noise and the smell of our sex, the rhythm of the fuck itself was all new and intoxicating and total bliss. I knew I could not hold off any longer, and before I really had a chance to think I was shouting and shooting – my jets into his ass; my cum up his straight butt.

After I subsided, I pulled out of his ass, and his cock was still rock hard and more purple than ever. I moved so I could suck it once more, and this time he was ready to go for it. He rolled us onto our sides, and started to face-fuck; his cock slamming in and out of my mouth and throat. In this position, I could rest my head on the bed as he fucked my mouth and I cupped his balls. I felt some of my cum dribbling down onto my hand, so I stuck my finger back up his ass. It was loose, warm, wet. And I pushed my finger in hard, all the way to jam his prostate. The combination of that, and my sucking, finally sent him over the edge and I suddenly felt his balls tighten in the sack. Then he really roared out as he started to cum. His cum was bitter, acrid, sour, and hot. It was what I had worked for, and wanted, so it was terrific. I know he came a lot, and still he pumped his cock in and out long after his last shot had been swallowed. His cock finally started to soften, and I relaxed the muscles in my jaw – it was aching!

We both just collapsed on the bed; exhausted and spent. I was suddenly starting to worry about what would happen after this. Would he tell the other roommates all about this, exposing me as the fairy? Would he be immediately regretful and guilty for what had just happened, and perhaps become violent? I looked at his face, and saw a smile there, his eyes closed. He was breathing heavy, and I sort of froze to see what would happen next. Within a short time, I realized that nothing was going to happen; he was asl**p! Almost gratefully I slipped off the bed and out of the room, going into my room and shutting the door. I know sl**p did not come soon that night as I was too wound up from the excitement, and also the fear of what might happen the next day. I needn’t have worried so much, however. The next day when I saw him, he acted no different than any other first thing in the morning’s we had already shared. A smile, a “Morning” and off to the john for the morning piss. Nothing else was said as the day passed, nor did I ever hear from the other roommates that they knew. And, I suddenly felt empowered as I realized, “Hey, I fucked HIM!”

After junior year in college, the roommates situation totally changed. Two of the five dropped out. Two more, Tim and Chuck, joined the fraternity that had a house right behind our apartment complex. That left me, and I found a 2-person apartment in the same complex that I shared with a fellow theatre major.

My senior year was exciting, but I still did not have any sexual outlet. How I wish I knew then that the library restrooms had numerous glory holes that were very active! I only found this out years after graduation! I would run into Tim several times on campus, but other than a quick “how ya doing?” we had no contact. So it was a surprise the cold November evening just before Thanksgiving break when Tim called me.

I had just finished my mid-term exams; my roommate had already left on break, so I was hanging out alone, happy to have the grinding studies behind me for at least a full week. When I answered the phone, I had no idea who it was at first. There was a man on the other end who simply said, “So what are you doing?” Confused I asked who it was, and the man’s voice slurred, “I’ve got a nice hard cock for you!”

“Who IS this?” I demanded, feeling both excited and fearful. Who might know I wanted a hard cock? My heart raced when he simply said, “Tim”. In a brief conversation I learned that Tim’s frat b*****rs were all mostly gone, that he was alone in his room, stoned and horny. He wanted me to come over and have some beers with him, because he was lonely. I knew what this meant, and my cock was hard, my heart was racing and my mouth was totally dry. After the massage therapy of the prior year, Tim had made no mention that it had ever happened. I had convinced myself that he had been so stoned that he had no memory of it. Now I knew differently. It was being stoned that gave him the courage to act on his desires!

I agreed to come over right then, and I nervously walked the very short distance to his frat house. The fraternity was not really in a house, but rather a new apartment building in the same complex. It had the same layout as my building, so I easily found his door and knocked. I heard him tell me to come in.

Entering, I heard music playing in the background. The dark incensed-filled room was lit only by a streetlamp that came through the curtain in the living room, and from the hallway light. I could see Tim sitting on a couch, wearing only a karate robe that was in fashion then. When I closed the door, he told me to come on over and have a beer. I dropped down on the couch next to him and opened a can. Nervously I chugged quite a bit, while he just watched. So far, I had said nothing.

“So, how ya doing?” he asked, and I tried to get a basic – and boring – conversation going on midterms, studies being behind us, and leaving for home tomorrow. He didn’t want to have a conversation, however. He simply said, “My roommates are all gone” and simply opened the white cotton robe and pulled it off, dropping it to the floor.

He stretched out his legs, dropping a bare foot onto my crotch, and let the other leg drop to the floor – effectively shooting me his beaver, as it were. His cock was soft and floppy, hanging over his hairy balls. I gazed with lust at how his dark curly hair covered his crotch area, yet above his navel there were only a few stray strands. The contrast between the dark curly below and the white skin above was exciting. He lifted his cock to scratch his balls, staring me in the eyes, while his foot dug into my crotch again. “I’ve been thinking about how good your mouth felt” he told me.

I wasn’t going to wait for an engraved invitation, so I reached over and put his cock in my hand. It was hot, it was heavy, it was thick and starting to engorge. I slowly jacked my hand over his cock, cupping his balls with the other hand, as he grew harder, and I could hear his heavy breathing. “Yeah,” he almost whispered, “suck it. You need it too, don’t you?!” How could I argue with his logic? I leaned down and put his cockhead to my lips.

I kissed the head, licking all around it, then licked down the shaft to his balls. I loved the smell between his legs; funky, manly, sweaty. Very sexy. I loved the taste there too. His cock was now fully hard, and I went back to it, taking it into my mouth. I swore it was fatter and harder than I had remembered. Could he have been so d***k and stoned last time that he was not fully hard then? Whatever the case, his cock totally filled my mouth and I stretched my lips wide to suck up and down that thick shaft.

Now Tim stood up, and I quickly backed off his cock, not certain what was going on. “Don’t stop!” he said, pulling my head back to his cock. I leaned to his crotch as he stood in front of me, next to the couch. When he took my head and started to fuck my face I understood why he got off the couch. He was going to participate in this! Not just lie there and be done.

His hands were actually holding my head lovingly; he caressed my hair, my ears, my neck as he fucked my very willing mouth. Meanwhile I drew him even closer, pulling his ass toward me. I wanted a better angle, so without losing his cock, I kneeled on the floor at his feet. Now he leaned fully into me, his stomach on my forehead. He was murmuring sweet encouraging words as I sucked him deep into my throat.

My hands were caressing his hairy ass and his balls at the same time. My fingers on one hand were slipping into his hairy crack while the other hand cupped his hefty sack. I loved feeling his balls and ass while his cock was sliding in and out of my mouth! And to have him holding my head, making love back (in his own way) was thrilling too. But I was so confused at the same time.

“I’ve been thinking about how you ate my ass, and I want you to do it again,” he told me. He suggested we go back to his room, and I eagerly agreed. In his room, he flopped down on the bed, spread his legs wide and he told me to take off my clothes! Quickly I did so as I watched him jack his hard cock, noticing his eyes were watching me disrobe. Once nude, I quickly dove onto the bed between his legs, and started to lick his balls. His voice indicated me how much he enjoyed my tongue as I heard him tell me to do it more. I decided to give into my own lust and give him a full oral treatment, so I lifted his legs onto my shoulders and kept licking his balls as I pulled his crotch closer to my face. His encouraging noises let me know that I could suck each egg into my mouth, licking and tasting his ballsack. Then, as I started to lick behind his balls and towards his ass, he almost screamed in delight.

Lifting his legs higher, spreading them wider, I had perfect access to his hairy crack, and my tongue dug in, tasting his sweat, his funky and exciting Tim-taste. I eagerly stabbed his asshole, and I felt it widen as my tongue licked and poked. I was eating his ass, he was screaming and begging for more, and his legs wrapped around my head, pulling me closer. I could not have escaped (had I wanted to!). I alternated licking his asshole with probing it with my finger. I would run my finger up and down his wet crack, then I would poke at his hole, which twitched open wider and seemed to suck it in. So I pushed it in to the first knuckle. I heard him exhale in a hiss, and I knew he was into it. I continued to push in deeper, up to the second knuckle, then as deep as my finger could reach. I was hitting his hot button, and he was clamping down on my finger, making all verbal noises of ecstasy.

I was able to push his legs apart enough for my head to return to his cock, and while I slowly finger fucked his ass I swallowed his cock all the way to the root. He didn’t know which way to push or pull; he wanted my finger in deeper, and he wanted to fuck my face at the same time. Eventually we found a rhythm that allowed both!

After a while, my lips were almost numb from clamping down on his cock, my teeth biting into the inside of my lips. Tim showed no signs of cumming; his cock was hard and the veins popping. This stud was either so stoned that he couldn’t cum, or he was a man of great endurance. In either case, I was so busy with my hands on his ass and balls, and my mouth on his cock, that I could not jack my cock. It was hard and dripping!

“Oh fuck me Dave. Put it in me again!” he told me. Again, this turn of events almost frightened me. But Tim again led the way, lifting his legs in the air, holding them behind the knees, and baring his ass fully to me. I spit on my hand to wet my cock, and rubbed it with my precum. His ass was already pretty wet and loose from my earlier tongue and finger efforts, and without thinking about any other lubricant, I put my cock to his asshole, and pushed.

I was going in, I did not stop, and suddenly I was buried in his ass! “Yes,” he hissed, and pulled my ass up to him, dropping his legs around my back. His legs straddled my back as though he was in a saddle, but I was in his saddle! And it felt beyond description. Hot, moist, tight. I was thinking about lava, silk, and muscle, all from what his ass made my cock feel! I began a serious pumping now, pulling my cock back to the head, then afraid I would slip out, I pushed it back in again, up to the root. More sensations than I could even acknowledge, no less remember, came to me. I surrendered to these sensations and just fucked him. It was automatic, a****listic, instinctive. It was bliss.

This went on for probably a much shorter period of time than my memory tells me. Certainly I was more excited than I had been in a long time. Clearly I was inexperienced in control or prolongment of lust. I just know that the expression of drowning in your own passion as you cum is true; it DID happen. I was cumming, and I was shouting. I was pumping and I didn’t even think about Tim as I did; I just slammed and shoved it in and out until I had long stopped shooting.

It was when I felt my softened cock slipping out of his ass that I “came to” again, noticing Tim. His eyes were glassy, shiny, and there was a faint smile on his face. His cock was still rock hard, and I moved to take it into my mouth again. As I did, it revived him and suddenly it was his turn to get off. He rolled to his side, as I rolled with him, and soon I was face up on the bed with him straddling my face. He fucked me seriously now, hard and deep – I was choking a bit and trying not to gag. But I wanted him to fuck my face! I loved how he went from pussy to stud; from fuckee to fucker. His cock was pumping and sliding in and out hard. I was groping his balls, feeling some of my cum dripping out of his ass down onto his balls and my hand. Now his balls drew tight in his sack and I knew I was to finally get my creamy reward! As he shot – hard and frequently – I noted the strong almost unpleasant taste of his cum. By then I had tasted enough to know that this was a little different. I assumed it had to have been due to the grass, or whatever d**gs he was on. But I didn’t care. This was a hot, masculine, fraternity stud who I had just fucked, and now was sucking dry! What better way to end those mid-terms!?!

Post Script: I am saddened to say that while we parted sweetly that night (we even kissed and hugged quite a bit as we both recovered from our intense orgasms), this was our last session. I had hoped he might call me again some night when he was alone, stoned and horny. But I left campus in early January to begin my student teaching semester, and he never did call in those intervening weeks before I left. And today, convinced that he is married (more than once perhaps), I am also certain that there is a dildo or vibrator in Time’s bedroom that has been used by Tim, and perhaps even by his wife on Tim! Has he had clandestine meetings with other men to get the real thing? I sure hope so!

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Posted by MONTED at 22,Apr,14 22:37

On the way home from Ruth's, Charley said, "Dammit, I'm still horny." "How
could you be?", I asked. "If you don't believe me, just look", he replied.
He unzipped and pulled out that big cock and, sure enough, it was hard again.
"What does it take you to calm down", I asked. "Pull in here and I'll show you,
he replied. It was a strip mall with a 24-hour adult book store. I figured he
was wanting a stroke book, but he was to surprize me yet again.

He pulled out the vial of poppers, and we both took a big hit, and all of a
sudden I'm also hard and ready again. He said, "follow me" and I walked behind
as he went to the counter for a $10 roll of quarters and led me thru a dark
hallway to the back video booths. This was another first for me, and he ex-
plained you could get a blow job thru the 'glory holes' in the booths. We took
opposite sides of the aisles, and I went in, locked the door and sat down. The
little booth smelled of sex and kinda turned me on a little just being there.
I saw the hole and as I bent forward to drop some quarters noticed the booth
next door was empty. The video started up, and though there was a choice, all
of them were gay. I'd never seen two men together and I was mesmerized by the
way they were worshiping cocks. My dick got hard again and I pulled out to
stroke it when I heard someone step in next door.

I was nervous, but excited. A hand came thru the hole offering me poppers!
What the hell, I thought, and took a big snort in each nostril. The rush was
incredible and my dick seemed to pulse in my hand, growing larger and redder.
My neighbor then stuck two fingers thru the hole, beckoning my cock. Rising to
my feet, I stuck my dick thru and into a warm, wet mouth. It felt so good, at
first all I could do was stand motionless as the anonymous stranger licked and
sucked my dick. Soon I started thrusting in and out of that hot mouth, and I
could feel the back of his throat clenching on my cockhead. I came, shuddering, and fell back onto the bench, totally satiated.

I pulled up my pants and exited the booth and noticed something. All the booths
were open - no one was there except me and the guy in the next booth who had just sucked my cock. As I got to the end of the aisle, the booth door opened
and Charley walked out! I was floored, never thinking a pussy hound like him
would go both ways. Out in the dark parking lot I asked him, "was that you,
man?" "Yeah, he said, I wasn't k**ding tonight when I said I'd do anything."

"Sucking a cock is a great turn on", he continued, "Don't tell me you've never
thought about it." The tequila I'd d***k must've acted like truth serum,cause
I replied "Not til tonight when I first saw that humongous dick of yours."

"Good", he said, "cause I'm about to bust from drinking your cum in there and
I've been wanting to fuck your virgin mouth since the day we met." He led me
to the dark corner of the building and pushed me down on my knees while
opening his pants to let out his great big dick. He held the poppers under
my nose for another hit as I watched that huge cock sway in front of my face.

The rush I got made me want to suck that dick as much as I'd ever wanted pussy.
I had to open my mouth all the way just to get the head in, but it felt so good
I unzipped and pulled my semi-erection out to stroke while I sucked it. I
could feel a little more of his cock go in my mouth at each thrust. He held
the sides of my head in his hands and pumped in and out slowly. I let my saliva
lube his cock and tried to take it all, but it was just too big. I could only
fit 4 inches or so in my mouth, leaving about 6 more outside it. He like it,
though, moaning as I slurped away. My cock was hard now, the scent of his
cock and pubes making me wish I'd done this before now. I was horny as if I
hadn't come in a week, yet I'd come 4 times this long night.

He soon pulled out, and jacked it off, cumming on my lips and tongue as I licked
the head. "Goddam, that was good", he said, pulling me to my feet. He then
licked his own cum off my chin and lips. I was shuddering at the nasty horni-
ness of all this, still jacking off. He dropped to his knees and sucked my
dick until I came yet again, drinking it like mothers' milk.

"You are one serious horndog", I told him as he rose. "You've no idea", he
replied. We didn't speak again on the ride home. I was exhausted. As he got
out at his house he finally spoke. "We're fuck buddies now. Anytime you want
to drop a load you can call me. I thought about that all the way home. I knew
I should feel ashamed, hell, we beat up 'queers' in high school, but goddamn
what we'd done felt good, and between he and Ruth I felt better than I'd ever
felt. I slept for 14 hours straight.

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Two New Friends Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 22,Apr,14 22:31

Well it all started rather mundane, two men simple chatting about some thoughts, feelings and fantasies. These talks about sex then moved to some talk about experience and then on to what might happen if they had a chance to do something with another man. They seemed to get along and shared more personal information about themselves. I doubt either really thought it would ever become real, do to the fact that distance, relationships and schedules made it difficult to have a meeting. They had tried to sync schedules to meet for a coffee or lunch to meet.

Then a chance an opportunity appeared that they were both free and it looked like they would actually get to meet. Then as they realized that the discussions between them had been explicit and fantasy may become reality they worked to share with each other, potential misgivings and fears or was it shyness.

The day, or evening arrived both unsure who might back out, with William driving up towards Joe’s, only way this would become a real meet, was based on William driving to the vicinity of Joe’s and then placing a call to get the final directions. This was the last chance for each of them to back out of the real meeting. The evening was rainy and cool, as William drove towards Joe’s. Both feeling excited and nervous about actually meeting, and knowing that they had agreed that if they felt comfortable with each other they would progress to some intimate pleasure.

Placing the call as he neared the area, surprised and excited that Joe answered, he gave him directions to get to there, both sensing the excitement and nervousness. William walks to the door, and the knock arrives, seeing each other, smiling and shaking hands, Joe invites him in. Apologizing for his choice of TV show, small chitchat, introductions, and pleasantries, offering of refreshment, and then sitting on the couch, getting comfortable.

As they talked Joe, remembered he had a video that they thought would be fun to watch, so as they both turned the attention to the TV, watching the video and still chatting a little bantering about the movie, but very light. William looked over to notice that Joe was getting hard in his shorts and William was feeling a little tight in his jeans too. Joe noticed William rubbing his hardness at his crotch and says to William “Do you mind if I’m a little forward.” With that he reached over to rub on his hardening dick, feeling it getting hard in his jeans then started to undo the jeans, releasing the hardness from his pants.

Then William figures, what the hell as he pulled out his cock and got up and undressed, Joe doing the same. They then started stroking their cocks and each other’s cock a bit. William feeling that he really wanted to try a little cock to cock and so as Joe laid back on the couch he got on top and rubbed and stroked their cocks together. William was getting hot from the action, although it was a little difficult to be in that position. William took and wrapped his hands around the two of their cocks, enjoying the feeling and excitement. Then they pulled apart Joe taking his cock and stroking it, as William rubbed on his and then switching to rubbing each other’s. William was then beginning to feel his throbbing cock, and thought he could feel his friends in his hand too. William beginning to feel the started of his ejaculation, building in his balls and then moving up his shaft as the first shoot hit on the chest and stomach of Joe, he moved to take Williams load in his hungry mouth. Then as his cock began to really pump a load in the wanting and waiting mouth and began moving his hips to match the eagerness of his mouth. William feeling the pleasure of the strength of a man’s mouth taking him completely and drinking of his hot juice.

William not wanting to leave his friend holding his own, moved to get in a more comfortable spot, so he could offer some reciprocation. His enthusiasm helping him along hoping to return the favor of a release for Joe, hand wrapped around his cock and stroking it and massaging his balls for him. Joe showing him how he liked it down and rubbing himself too and reaching and touching for William’s placid manhood, touching his hairy chest. Yet Joe’s own excitement and pleasure was from the excitement of feeling another man in his mouth. They continued to play on the couch, William seeing and hoping that he would be able to release Joe’s cock, but as he felt his hardness and noticed the release of pre-cum he yet had Joe exploding for him. William sensing that he could just be nervous or also that he was maybe not stroking him as he might like, watched as Joe stroked it for himself and William offered a massage to his balls, hoping to stimulate him too.

As they played Joe’s hunger begin to get the better of him and was soon moving to the floor. Spreading William’s legs open his hand rubbing his manhood and then his mouth open and taking him. Joe’s mouth moving to share in taking the now hardening cock in his mouth and licking and sucking on his balls, testing his reaction to it, holding his hand around his cock and squeezing as he felt it get harder and harder for him. Joe and William both enjoying a more relaxed interchange of oral pleasure, each feeling and receiving the pleasure from what was happening. William watching as Joe concentrated on his whole crotch area, eyes meeting to see that each was enjoying what was happening. Joe’s strong hands rubbing against William’s body, feeling the hair along his legs and up on his stomach and chest. Pleasure was utmost important as it was joyous as they each enjoyed their role on this evening. Then each sensing a building in the groin, paces quickening, hearts pumping, cocks hardening as William looked down to see that Joe, mouth performing and concentrating on his cock, he had moved a hand to offer some additional stimulation. Joe sucking on his friends cock and stroking his own, this was incredible as they soon were exploding in ecstasy, as Joe once more felt the man juice of William rushing into his mouth.

As they sat on the couch next to each other their concentration was once again returned to the action of the Video, but each reliving the moments of experience they had just had. Joe and William both looking at each other, some talk and questions about how each was doing. Relaxing moment together, just two men sitting together although naked, just satisfied from sexual pleasures. Each talking openly and freely about whatever they wanted to, work, hobbies whatever. With the movie playing or was it the excitement and heat of the moments, passed each touching themselves and then sharing a touch with each other, relaxing stimulating and erotic. Joe, then finding himself again drawn to the crotch of William, and knowing or seeing it as challenge that it may not be able to get him to rise again for another working his cock with his mouth.

Enjoying the feeling of Joe’s mouth again, William finds himself hardening and stiffening under the stimulation. Joe taking in the pleasure and enjoyment as he feels him getting harder and harder, then he moves away leaning against the sofa back, suggesting to William to stand. William stands and as Joe then leans against the arm rest of the couch he reaches to pull William to his mouth, taking his cock and swallowing to the base. William watches at it disappears and finds he is swaying in and out of the mouth of Joe. Looking down on Joe, William can see that he is getting hard himself and then reaches to also stimulate him with his hand. William’s hips moving in motion as he slowly fucks the hot mouth, taking him completely, and stroking this cock in his other hand enjoying his perch. Joe then reaches around the back of him pulling on him to pump him deeper into his mouth. William catches on and offers what he can, hips swaying and driving into the hot and hungry mouth. Joe leaning back and taking it harder and harder from him, William’s legs feeling the building excitement again, pushing deeper and deeper, and harder and faster for a final explosion, as the both are moaning with pleasure. William’s legs weak from the pleasure and feeling the mouth of his friend draining those last drops and cleaning it thoroughly of his man juice.

As they relax on the couch for a few moments before the video ends and then move to the general talk and chatter that men have all the time, meaningless and light. It is getting late in the evening now and both tired and stimulated and satisfied they say good byes, but they don’t say it but they know there will surely be a next time.

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