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MONTED's Blog on Show Your Dick/Cunt

Los Angeles ...Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 17,Apr,14 23:57

I was feeling pretty horny and jumped online and found a place that I might find a cock or two. It was 24/7 sex shop and read a couple of reviews saying there were some gloryholes so thought that is a place to start.

It was a pretty quiet area and the shop was really well stocked with the normal porn videos, toys and all the stuff. The video booths were out the back and it was about 8pm and there were a few guys hanging around so made my way to them.

Put a couple of coins in pulled out my cock and started watching some gay porn.
It didn't take too long before a tap from the next booth and a finger came through the gloryhole to signal did I want to play. Well the finger was replaced with a nice 7 or 8 inch black cock.
The hole is big enough to have his balls come through as well so as I was able to suck on his red ruby knob I could play with his heavy black balls.

Damm I was sure enjoying sucking on his balls and cock. But I knew it couldn't last and started to tug on his cock more and you could feel he was about to explode. He then came over my mouth and I swallowed some of his cum as there was so much.

I cleaned him up and from previous experiences he leaves and that's it.

But this guy past a phone number through the slightly sticky hole. With his deep voice said call him. As the booths were quite big I asked him if he wanted to join me for a moment. I'm glad he did. Man what a huge guy. 6'4 about 200lbs and mid 30's. His name was Dawyne.
I ask him that I was an Australian and didn't know the area and suggested we get a drink and head back to my hotel room. I wanted to explore more of his body MMMmmmm and hope he'd enjoy mine. He said he couldn't tonight as he was married and was only out to get something and had to get back.

Now this was about 8 weeks ago and since then we have hooked up 3 times. Damm thanks to my company for supplying a free hotel to meet up with Dawyne. I know I'm there for work but the evenings are free.

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A visit to Steve's bathhouse....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 17,Apr,14 22:29

I entered the dark booth and dropped my bathhouse towel over the small stool. Facing in there was one gloryhole to the right and a pair in the left wall. I turned around and locked the door. Alone and naked in a dark black glory hole booth in a gay mens bathroom at 21 years old, I was hornier than hell. My long cock was rock hard so I slipped a condom over it so I could save my own load for later.

I opened my bottle of poppers and took several deep hits through both nostrils. My head was buzzing and my gut was hungry for cum. I spit into my hand and rubbed it into my hole while inserting one finger inside my gripping ass.

Soon a thick drooping cock came through the hole to the right. So I turned that way; one hand finger fucked my tight boy hole, my other hand guided the fat cock into my mouth. I sucked the head swirling my tongue around it before sucking the soft penis into my throat. I held it there as it grew in length pushing deeper down my throat as I added another finger to the one furiously thrusting into my clenching ring.

Soon the fat cock was to long to deep throat without gagging so I began to bob my head along it's veiny length. I slurped off the tip of the cock, spit on it and started to jack it so I could stop fingering myself long enough to take another hit of poppers.

Still stroking the thick long cock in front of me I wrapped my lips back around the head and sucked for all my slutty mouth was worth. I straightened my legs and stood bent at the waist so his long dick could fuck my slutty bi mouth and fill my throat fully with cum and cock. He pumped my throat a few times then his cock tensed and straightened.

Soon I was rewarded with a mouthful of sweet sticky semen. It filled my mouth and I kept sucking to make sure I got the last drops. I swallowed just a taste then let the rest of the soupy mix of sperm and spit ooze from my lips and down my chest and over my cock and balls.

The cock now spent was replaced with an open mouth, tongue extended. So I stood up and jammed my condom clad cock into the mouth and fucked it for a few strokes before I felt a hand grope my ass from behind me. I pulled out of the suckers mouth but it stayed, apparently to watch the show i was about to experience.

I turned around and the same hand that pinched my ass grabbed my cock and pulled me to the double hole side of the small booth. Instead of pulling my cock through the hole it let go and retreated. It was replaced with a huge half hard cock with a big studded leather ring around the base. It must have been three inches thick and five inches long at half chub. I immedietly started licking this beautiful meat all over when out of the corner of my eye I saw movement. Another cock had poked into my booth about two feet to the right of the one I was admiring. This new cock was already hard but was thinner than its partner.

I knelt between the two cocks and quickly throated the thinner one on the right. Bobbing all the way up and down the cock. I could feel it twitch against my tongue. So I moved back to the left and stroked the still sloppy thicker cock. The cock on the left barely fit in my mouth. I jammed my mouth over it stretching my lips and jaw and sucked and swirled my tongue all over it. Obsessed with the giant I forgot about the smaller cock I was stroking but was reminded soon by its owners fingers grabbing mine.

I took that as my cue to switch cocks again. So I took the slim cock all the way down and held my face against the plywood hole. It fucked my throat, fucking saliva and precum out of my mouth and down my neck. Suddenly the right hand cock pinned itself as far into my throat as possible and shot a spurt of cum straight down my throat. I pulled off and jacked the spurting dick all over myself and then it quickly withdrew.

So by then I'm covered in two huge slick loads and I'm rubbing the cum into my chest and lubing my cock with it as I jerk furiously and rip a few more huge popper hits. Then the huge thick cockring clad penis returned to my lustful attention.

My jaw was sore from sucking out loads but it stretched again over this big veiny monster. All I could think about was feeling this godly cock blast my mouth full of hot jism. So I sucked and licked and tongued like a seasoned whore.

Eventually my efforts paid off and the giant cock erupted between my lips. It spurted shots of thick sperm forever. Filling my mouth I swallowed the sticky mess but this guy would not stop cumming. He filled my mouth again with powerful thick spurts of cream and I proudly swallowed it around his throbbing cock. Swallowing the second half pulled the dregs of his enormous load from his huge balls and gushed sperm over my lips and smooth boy body. The mighty cock withdrew and I was left alone in the dark booth at the top of the stairs.

I took four long deep inhalations of poppers and then scooped cum off my chin and shoved cum slick three fingers up my ass and rubbed my prostate hard. My free hand sc****d sperm and spit from my chest and went to work on my own cock. Slick with three strangers loads my hand squeezed and stroked my steel hard rod over the condom.

So finally alone in the dark basically fist fucking my hungry boy hole, covered in strange men's semen and my own spit I reached orgasm. The condom I wore filled full of pent up cum as I kept jerking and spasming and moaning. I filled the condom to the brim and slowly came down from my orgasm, slumped in the corner on the sperm stained floor of the men's bathhouse. My fingers slipped from my still clenching hole. I carefully rolled the condom off of my still hard cock and poured it into my mouth, savoring my slutty flavor. I unlocked the booth door and stumbled down some stairs and into the showers.

I tried to wash the stink of male musk and sex and cum from my self but there isn't enough soap to wash away the slutty things I had just done. After the shower I dried and got dressed then checked out of the bath house. After composing myself I met up with some friends and watched tv for a while. None of them the wiser that I, a seemingly straight friend, had just swallowed the cum of three men and my own in a gay bath house. I smiled and laughed internally, secretly deep down wishing I could be sucking all of them off at that moment.

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Late office fuck fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 17,Apr,14 21:53

It is 10 PM already and I am working on my project in the office. There is only my boss left with me in his room. He is 29, tall, blond man, with dark blue eyes and curly hair. He has perfectly fit body and nice ass I could always see from his tight trousers. I have always fantasized of him sucking my cock and licking my ass, but never had caurage to go through.

The night was quite busy and I got very lazy. I could see Nick sitting in his room through the glass door between our rooms. He was staring at his computer and his lips was just perfect for my cock. I got horny, my cock became harder and harder and I could feel it on my legs and right there, I hear a call of my boss, wanting to see me in his room and fuck, I am with that hard cock, very much visible from my pants. I stood up and tried to cover my hard on with some files and went in his room.He was so hot in his suit, my cock got really crazy now. He starts talking and his sexy voice drives my body crazy. Then he stands up and bends over just in front of me to take his pen from the floor and I can see his sweet ass, I am so horny now. He is sitting on the table right next to me, so close, so near to my hard dick.I am trying to hold my errection, but I cant. He asks me to sit down on the sofa and have a talk and at that moment I see his look at my hard on and he smiles. I am ashamed and trying to cover it again but he goes on and asks if I want to have sex after the busy day. Then he goes on talking about his girlfriend, who is really bad sucker and stuff like that. I am getting crazy of his speech. Then he starts touching his cock giving me terribly hot look. I feel he is horny as well and wanna catch my chance right now. I am relieved and let my cock grow in my pants without covering any more. I am staring at his cock, growing in his trousers and he can see it. He is touching himself so sexy, aah, I want this man right now. Then I lose my mind and touch his cock, thats so hot men. I take my chance and unzip his trousers, touching his white undies gently.I am rubbing his penis and touching his lips,putting my finger in his mouth. Then I am taking off his pants and undies, ahhh, he is this big 23 cm fat cock down there, burried in blond pubic hair. Love his muscled legs and thighs, looks so hot.

I am so crazy now, I am kissing his cock and then, putting it in my mouse as long as I can. aaah, it feels cool, he is moaning and screaming with pleasure. His cock is so hard and hot, it fills my mouth and I cannot speak. Nick is getting crazy, he is pulling me down on the floor and sitting on my face with his huge wet cock, leading it in my throat directly without hesitation. He is now fucking my mouth so strongly my teeth hurts, but he does not stop. he is moaning and screaming, I can feel his huge cock crashing in my throat and on my lips and face. I can feel his big falls crashing all on my face and I love that. He is so handsome and hot and so strong, fucking my mouth without interruption and suddenly he screams so loudly and I feel his cum in my mouth. He is moaning like an a****l and shooting in my mouth as much as I can hold. His cum is so hot and salty, filling my mouth and I eat it like a hungry boy, I am sucking his cock out of sperm an touching his asshole with my finger. He is so exhausted and pleased. He sits on the sofa and thanks me for blowjob. He starts getting dressed, but thats not really in my plans. I am so horny and crazy to fuck his throat and hole.

I ask him to touch my cock but he resists, then I sit on his lap, showing my 25 cm hard fat cock, touching his mouth, I am getting crazy wanting his ass. and I am touching his naked asshole, massaging with my index finger. He is still resisting. Then I am putting my finger in his hole with its whole length and he screams. Now he realizes that he needs to pay for the blowjob and he resists, but I am stronger and manage to hold him down on the floor with his ass up in the air and I start licking his ass so strongly, he surrenders, he is moaning out of pleasure when I am putting my tounge in his tight hole. Now its all wet and looks so ready for my cock. He is still moaning out of pleasure of my licking and getting rock hard again, I am now kissing on his neck, grabbing his hairs and telling that I'm gonna fuck his ass right now, then I am kissing him strongly and with one strong move push my entire cock in his asshole. I can feel the tightness of first time ass for my huge cock making me feel unbelievably horny. Once I am totally in his ass, he moans so loudly and screams out of pain caused by first time fuck, but he is not resisting anymore. I start fucking him very strongly, hitting his prostate at once and make him scream like an a****l again. It feels so good, his white tight asshole and his beautiful body I am penetrating with strong and fast fuck. Every time I hit his hole he moans and asks me for more and I never stop. Then I am pushing him on his desk, fucking him in doggy style very passionatelly. I am giving him fuck and he asks for more that drives me crazy and I am fucking his ass so strongly now he cannot even move.

I am taking him out of his desk and pushing him on the glass wall of his room. I am standing just behind him and fucking him when both of us are standing next to the wall. He is just perfect size for me and my cock goes in and out so quickly that he cannot stop screaming loudly. I am holding his cock strongly and jerking it as fast as I can towards the glass wall, I am pushing his cock on the glass while fucking from behind. Feeling of cold glass on his cock head makes him moan even harder and louder and he is cumming again on the glass wall. The wall is full of his fat sperm and I am pushing him on the wall to make him filled with his own sperm and I am feeling I am close to cum as well and I am aaaaaaaah, cumming in his hot asshole right now, filling his hole with my hot sperm and aaaaaaah, thats so good, fuck yeah, I am still in him and shooting strongly in his hole. I am holding him to stand while getting last shots of my cum and then I take out my cock. He is filled with my cum, which is coming down from his hole. Then I am putting my finger in his hole and taking out my own sperm for him to taste now. He is licking my sperm and looking so exhausted after the long fuck we had.

He is now laying on the sofa absolutely naked and exhausted. I can see his hot ass and shoulders and blond long hair on his back, he is so beautiful now and a little bit over fucked.

I am getting dressed and leaving office and leaving my dear boss naked in his room, still feeling my cock in his virgin ass ....

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Herman Returns.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 17,Apr,14 21:51

A couple of weeks had passed since I met Herman, I still can not remember how we met or how we ended up in a hotel room and him having sex with me all night long.
But he did call and made arrangements for us to meet at another hotel, he said we were not going anywhere but just stay in and have fun.

I thought about not going, but when you are in college and it's the week end you don't want to stay on campus all week end. So I got the name of the motel and went to the room.

Herman opened the door with a towel wrapped around his mid section and a bulge in the center. 'Hi David glad you made it, let's not waste time. Go into the toilet and get changed. I'll be ready for you when you return.'

I went into the toilet and there was nothing but a towel and a jock strap. I put them on and as I exited the toilet I was shocked to see three other guys had came in and was in varying stages of undressing.

Herman announced 'there he is, the best piece of ass I've had in years.' I stepped back into the toilet, Herman said to me 'don't be shy, these are my friends I told you about. They all want to have sex with you after I told them about you. Now come on out and get comfortable.'

I came out and stood by the door and said 'Herman I thought that you and I was going to be here alone. I don't know if I can handle four men at once.' AS I looked around I saw that their penis was of varying sizes and all in different stages of erection.

The guy nearest to me chided 'don't be a wall flower, come on over here and let me get a feel of that ass.' I started to retreat again but he reached out and snatched the towel from my waist. I tried to snatch it back and he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him and tried to kiss me.

I managed to turn my head in time and he went to my nipples and started to suck them one at a time. All the while kneading my buttocks in his fingers. Herman came over and pulled us apart and passed me a cup and said here have a drink first and get to know the guys.

The cup had some type of alcoholic fluid, I sipped it and found it not to be too harsh. Herman took my wrist and led me into the center of the room and pointed out the guys and called their names. But for some reason I could not make out what he was saying and the room begin to get hazy.

My speech was slurred and I became some what unsteady on my feet, one of the guys said 'damn that was fast. I never seen it work so quickly.' I tried to speak again and begin to wonder what was happening.

Herman was by my side and whispered in my ear as he pushed me to my knees saying 'here you just need to get busy. Start by sucking my dick, open wide.' On my knees I looked up as Herman pushed his stiff penis into my face and said 'come on baby suck my dick now.'

I tried to shake my head, Herman pressed his penis against my lips and they parted accepting his penis into my mouth. Herman took hold of my head and begin copulate with my oral cavity. I could only look up at him as his penis worked in and out of my mouth. Spittle and pre-cum dripping from my lips, Herman stepped away and another guy took his place.

His penis was a little larger and he had to pull my mouth wider as he entered. I gagged as his huge head hit the back of my throat and he grind his hips into my face. I could not defend myself from their assault, one after another they came in my mouth till I had serviced them all.

I remember dropping to my hands and knees and coughing as their seed was expelled from my throat. They lifted me and laid me on the edge of the bed. My feet hanging off, fingers probed my anus and something was smeared into my anal orifice.

Herman got on the bed and pulled me up to his crotch and fed his penis into my mouth. He cradled my head and sternly said 'suck the dick baby, suck the dick for me.' My mouth was filled with his hardening penis as I tried to comply.

On of the other guys climb up on my butt and I felt his bulbous penile glans probing my buttocks. When my anal orifice was located he pressed against it till my outer muscle ring relaxed and allowed him entrance.

His huge head popped in and he sunk half his man hood into my bung. Whimpering around Herman's penis I tried to protest, Herman held my wrist and rocked back and forth sliding his penis back and forth in my mouth.

The penis in my butt pushed me forward as he sexed my behind. Herman grunted and flooded my mouth with his baby fluid, I coughed and gagged as he emptied his testicles of their substance. The guy in my bung rode me quickly till he too shot an enormous load of baby batter into my rectum.

As he pulled from my anus, Herman slid off the bed some one took hold of my ankle and another climbed on the bed and took my shoulders and turned me around till I was now stretched on the bed on my stomach. Some guy had pulled a chair up to the foot of the bed and nestled my head between his thighs and fed his rigid penis into my mouth.

He gripped the back of my head and started to undulate his hips. Another guy entered my bung with no mercy, he mounted my butt and rammed forward sinking his large piece of man meat three quarters of the way in. He slowly pulled back and forth, sliding his thick penile shaft through my anal muscle rings. All I could do was whimper as the two of them had their way.

When they had erupted and filled my bung and my mouth again they stood around whispering to each other. I tried to raise my head and move but i only managed to fall back to the bed every time I raised up.

I heard part of the conversation and something about 'let see if he can pull a fast train.' I could not make sense of what they were saying. Than one climb on the bed and mounted my butt and rammed his now rock hard penis deep into my well lubed bung hole.

I tried to fight them off to no avail as they would viciously attack my butt. One after another would mount me and ram his penis into me for ten or twenty lunges and pull out with out cumming.

I had no way of telling time and I got no rest, some would nap as others assaulted me. I glimpsed Herman smear his penis with a substance and come over to me and feed his penis into my mouth. He would try to push his penis as far into my throat as he could till I gagged and than he would pull back just enough and hold my mouth shut causing me to swallow.

After these instances my mind would spin and the room would twirl and the attacks resumed. I swallowed so much cum and had my putt filled so many times that I lost count.

When I woke Sunday morning, their was some other stranger that I had never seen riding my bung and panting like he had been working for hours. His penis was rock hard and I realized I was also panting and whimpering with each thrust of his hips.

Whimpering from the powerful sexual assault and my bung feeling like it had been penetrated by a telephone pole, I tried to speak. My mouth was full of cum and my lips caked with dry sperm.

The stranger finally rammed deep and grind his penis up in my bowels as he shot his load of sperm. He pulled from my bung and wiped his penis and said to me 'you really need to close your door if you gonna lay on the bed naked.'

He closed the door behind him as he left. I managed to pull myself together and stagger into the toilet and shower. As I re-entered the room I saw a note taped to the mirror. It read 'you're a damn good fuck, sorry we d**gged you but that's how we roll.'

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Emo twink get 20 yrs .....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 17,Apr,14 21:49

So, here it is. The next 20 years of my life in California Institution for Men Correctional Facility, aka Chino State Pen. I had no idea what was to come, never the faintest idea. Personally I thought I would get killed within a week's time.

You see, I'm not really inmate material. I eventually did become one but not as you would think like into one big bulky muscled tattooed thug. Instead, when I first walked into prison I was a 19 year old, 5' 1", 130 lbs, fair skinned curly red haired Emo twink.

Now, what is a nice cute androgynous lace and fishnet wearing bi-sexual white boy Emo twink like me doing 20 years in a hard core jail?

Fact is, I am innocent.

I was giving a friend of a friend a ride to the next town over. Going to his house to check out some music he had of a band who was playing in his town. I was to spend the night at his place and go to the concert the next evening with my other Emo friends.

I never met him before but being a friend of a friend, I trusted him to be cool. Besides he was a drop dead gorgeous black haired Emo twink with the bluest eyes I ever saw on a guy accented with black eyeliner, blue eyeshadow and a light hint of lipstick on his mouth. I wanted to make out with him so bad but I just kept driving and listening to his ipod on the car stereo. I was finding myself getting horny as we chatted about the band on the ride while I would look at him.

At one point the music stopped and we drove about 30 seconds of silence when I just broke out and told him I was in sooo love with his eyes. They were so beautiful and blue and I really wanted to make out him. He smiled and put a hand on my torn fishnet leg and said that he also was attracted to me and complimented my ear rings and piercings. It was night time, we still had 30 min ride to go and my little Emo dick got so hard when he put his hand on my leg, never removing his hand and gently stroking my stocking clad smooth hairless leg as the conversation started to turn sexual. He leaned over at one point and kissed my cheek. He told me that there was a large parking lot we can stop for a few mins and have a wank before we got to his house. I was lust ridden and agreed.

Within moments I see the lot and slowly pull into into. A few cars and trucks but generally empty. I park my car away from everyone and kill the engine and everything became quiet. We put some music on but real low, jumped into the back seat and started making out with extreme lust. He was a perfect kisser, soft velvet tongue and full lips. Yes, he was wearing lipstick I knew it cause I can taste the wax and the cherry flavor of it. I move my hand to his crotch and feel his hard cock. I was impressed with how big it was. Most Emo twinks that I have fooled around with have small stubby clitties like I do instead of instead of man sized cocks! I said that I wanted to suck him but he was already undoing my zipper on my shorts. He found my little hard nub under my black lycra panties and started playing with. I was in heaven. Within moments, I came right in his hand when he brought it to his lips and licked my cum of his black nail polished fingers. I kissed him tasting my Emo twinky cum on his lips and tongue. We stopped after deciding to wait another 5 min ride to his apartment and we would be making our own music in his bed instead of the back seat of my car.

He pulls out of his bag a small compact mirror checking himself out like chicks do and re apply his lipstick on that sexy mouth that I couldn't wait to kiss again. When he's done he leans over to toss his bag in the front passenger seat when unbeknownst to me, he sees through the front windshield a police car approaching our spot. Meanwhile, I was still a sexual mess completely relaxed in my back seat enjoying my cum stained panties and had no idea about the approaching police car. He opens the back door and jumps out and runs. For a moment I was like, 'What the fuck?' when I heard the familiar police siren.


In complete fumbling panic I try to compose myself but I was too late. The back seat was completely filled with the bright blinding light of a policeman's flashlight. The I hear him say, 'You in the back seat, get out of the car slowly and keep your hands where I can see them. FUCK, my cum stained clitty is hanging out, my shorts are down around my knees. If I try to fix my self at this point, I thought this cop just might think I'm going for a weapon and start shooting.

With great embarrassment I slide out the open door where my gorgeous dark haired lover ran off from. Stepping on the the parking lot's gravel pavement.
The cop complete ignores my appearance as if he seen worse than I actually felt but I was never the less, embarrassed as fuck. I have never been pulled over by a cop let alone standing in front of one with my shorts down my ankles now, exposed in my cum stained black panties and fishnet stockings.

He asked if there was anyone else in the car. I replied no. He asked if it was my car? I said yes. Then he asked why did my friend run when he saw the cops? I said I really don't know that I just met him. I don't think he believed me. From his perspective, we were two cross-dressing sissy freaks having gay sex. He asked me to pull my shorts up and keep my hands on the hood of my while he searched my car. He asked if the bag in the front seat was mine. I told him it was the guy who ran off. When I hear him babble in a panicked voice into his police radio all in police code.

He comes back to me now very alarmed with his gun drawn on me. What the fuck? Why does he have a gun on me? Within seconds as if there was a police station a minuets away, five police cars come screaming into the once quiet dark parking lot. More cops all around all looking on the ground with flashlights, looking in my car, asking me my name, who my faggot boyfriend is and why is there a bag in my car with a stolen 9mm and 10000 pills.

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First Time ....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 17,Apr,14 21:47

This story took place almost 10 years ago, when I was at University, and it is one of my first sexual encounters. At 21 I was still under the impression that I was straight - I hadn't quite figured out that Bi was an option and that I could enjoy girls and guys. Even though I watched gay porn I guess I was still in denial about it, and I had never acted on it. Aside from fooling around with girls a few years earlier, I was your average University virgin, not getting any and very horny and frustrated because of it!

After a couple of beers in the local Student Union Bar, I was heading back to my residence and I was feeling pretty horny. It was about midnight at this point and I knew that the computer room (yes, this was a long time ago before we had internet in our rooms!) would be dead quiet. I was right, and it was completely deserted. The restrictions were taken off the 'net at 10pm so it was always quite popular for folk going in to get their porn fixes and heading back to their rooms to wank or whatever. I was googling away looking at pictures of girls, and then I wandered to some hot free gay porn - I still remember it very clearly, it was a series of photos of 2 guys in a shower, one was on his knees sucking the plump dick of the other guy. I lingered over the pictures for a few moments, and that was when I was interrupted by the Student Rep who was an older student living in the Halls of Residence to 'keep an eye' on the younger students etc. I was totally busted and couldn't turn the screen off fast enough. He told me that I'd violated the internet policy by accessing inappropriate material, and that I would be fined and there would be some sort of follow up action. Being 21 and very naive I believed this to be true and was nothing but shame-faced and apologetic. He demanded that I follow him back to his accommodation so that he could file the paper work. I sheepishly followed him.

As soon as I walked into his room, his demeanour changed and he asked me if I liked what I has been looking at. Turns out I wasn't in trouble, and I'd been lured back to his room... only, I couldn't work that out at the time! I mumbled something about being horny and wanting to see some porn. Ah, the shame of it all! Now this guy was 4 years older than me, and even at 25 he looked like he was in his 30s. Over 6ft of broad man with thick dark hair, permanent stubble, and such sexy blue eyes. I, on the other hand, was a slender 21 year old, I still didn't have much stubble and barely any other body hair - it has since filled in! I always struggled to look my age and so I felt intimidated by this Adonis.

He grabbed me a beer and suggested that we hang out and chat for a bit. Conversation was steered towards the porn I had been looking at, and he told me that he was bisexual and had much more stuff that I could look at if I wanted to. It was at this point that he touched my thigh, I nearly jumped off the sofa in fright. Once I'd calmed down a bit, he started to rub my thigh and moved his hand up to my absolutely rock hard cock that was doing its best to break out of my boxers and jeans. All the time he was looking me in the eyes, to see how I would take it. My heart was hammering, and so when he leaned in to kiss me I was in no state to protest. I deep first kiss that tasted sweetly of beer and man, and I was kissing him back suddenly. And then more passionately with tongues. Fair to say that at this point I'd have done whatever he'd asked me.

Before long he'd masterfully taken off my jumper and t-shirt and as he took his top off I was trembling with nervous anticipation on the sofa. His chest was broad and he had a sexy covering of dark hair over his pecs and stomach - and his boxer shorts were just peeking over his jeans, showing where his hair continued. Feeling a bit bolder I explained to him that I was a virgin and this was my first time with a guy, and I didn't have a clue what I was doing. Seeming to know this (I practically had a sign on my head), he slowly undid my jeans and pulled them down, and then started to tease my cock through the fabric of my boxers. I was about to blow my load and I hadn't been directly touched at this point. Sexiest moment of my life. He didn't let me come though.

As he eased off, he undid his jeans and took them off, and stood before me. He was hard in his boxers, and he took my hand and guided it over his stiff dick. I slowly rubbed it, and as I went to take his boxers down he did it for me. And there I was, inches from my first delicious stiff dick. It was a perfect size, just over 6" and with two sweet shaved balls hanging down.

He asked if I wanted to try sucking it and I couldn't say yes fast enough! Suffice to say, the porn I'd seen to this point hadn't really prepared me for giving head, but it felt so amazing as his hard cock was in my mouth. As I began to suck like an amateur he moved himself to fit in my mouth it all seemed to fall into place and I felt like something missing was finally happening. It won't have been the best cock-sucking of his life but it was like an epiphany to me! His musk was driving me crazy and I was really doing my best to please him. After a couple of minutes he pulled out of my mouth and went back to my now painfully throbbing dick.

As he took my boxers down and I laid back to relax, he guided my stiff cock to his mouth and with a slip of his tongue, I was finally getting sucked off. Within about 40 seconds I was more than ready to come and he didn't ease off. I came into his mouth, so hard and heavy and he sucked every drop. And that was that, I was no longer a complete virgin.

I won't lie, it was a bit awkward afterwards - and completely on my part. There was a fine hard dick to be sucked but my head was spinning after finally getting what I wanted. I quickly put my clothes back on and made a slightly embarrassed exit from his flat. I must have wanked over it 6 times the next day, and it really wasn't long afterwards that I was knocking on his door again, and things progressed.

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Yearly Trip ......Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 16,Apr,14 23:47

Me and 3 of my friends from College and High School pick a destination every couple years and go spend 5 days away. This past year we decided on the Gatlinburg area of TN. I set up a 4br cabin rental for us that meets our requirements. Our requirements is they must have a hot tub, TV/DVD in all rooms, and a fridge for liquor and beer. We only watch porn and ESPN all week and drink like we are still in college. Jeff is 29 and married, Scott is 30 and married and Jay is 29 and married and is bringing a guy with him this year that is a couple years older than us but went to our same college. Since it was in Gatlinburg this year and I only live a hour away I went over Friday evening and checked into the cabin and started getting things ready. The guys send me money in advance to get the cabin, drinks, and porn so I had purchased everthing the week before so I could get the cabin ready as everyone arrived. The twist to the whole trip is really that I am bi and I have sucked everyones cock coming except the new guy and been fucked by Jeff but none of them knows that I have done anything with any of the other guys. It is kinda funny that they have all kept fooling around with me a **** but really they have all done it. Usually on these trips I get to do what I want sucking one or all of them off, but I wasn't sure about Jeff this year since he got married last year. Jeff would be the first to arrive since he lived in Nashville and Scott lives in ATL so he should be in next and Jay and the new guy are arriving on a flight from Chicago later tonight. I had stocked the fridge on the main floor and the one in the basement and put a choice of 4-5 porn videos in each room and started a video called Facial Whores #4. I was sitting on the couch watching the video when I heard someone pull up. I went to the door and found Jeff we greated each other and I helped him get his things into the loaft bedroom. I went back down to the main floor and Jeff said he was going to change into some comfortable clothes. As I said before I had sucked everyone off and fucked Jeff before and really enjoyed his cock, Jeff's cock was a really nice cock close to 9 inches and had nice size around also as close to a porn stars as I will probably every get to play with. As Jeff was coming down the stairs I noticed he had put on some shorts that a guy with his cock could barely wear he had no underwear on and the tip of his cock was sticking out as he walked. He grabbed a beer and sat down on the couch with his leg up on the couch giving me a view of his package. He was watching the porn and we were making small talk about what was going on the past year. I was trying to think of a way to ask about his marriage to see if I could play with his cock without being to strong. I noticed he was getting erect and his cock was out of his shorts making my mouth water. I asked how married life was and without missing a beat he said I haven't had a blowjob in almost a year and the bitch won't let me cum on her face. He was rubbing his cock a little then said I am going to go jerk off when he stood up, I said I can take care of that if you want. He said I was hoping you would offer. He dropped his shorts to the floor and I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth and slowly started sucking his cock. I was rubbing his balls with one hand and stroking his shaft with my other. He was moaning everytime I took his cock in and pressed it against the back of my throat. I was really wanting him to cum in my mouth but I knew he liked giving facials when I could tell he was getting close I pulled his cock out and positioned my face just below his cock with the head resting on my chin and started slowly stroking his shaft with both hands licking the tip some. He said moaning "I am going to cum" then he started spurting cum out onto my face covering my forehead to my chin I was still slowly stroking him when he reached down and grabbed his cock I opened my mouth and licked the cum off my lips and Jeff squeezed his cock getting a couple more drops our into my mouth. I got up and went to the bathroom and washed my face off and came back out and we both acted like nothing had happened I thinks that what I liked about it and all of them also. About an hour later Scott arrived so we all were watching porn and downing some beers. Jeff's phone rang it was Jay and he said they would be at the airport in about 1 hour they where on there last leg. Jeff volunteered to go pick Jay and the new guy up. Jeff was gone about 15 minutes when I noticed Scott was rubbing his cock thru his pants. I thought to myself I am pretty lucky going to get another cock to play with hoping Scott would give my a sign or hint. Scotts cock is like a short mushroom with huge balls his cock is only 5-6 inches with a kinda small shaft but a huge head. I always enjoyed sucking Scott off because of 2 reasons he always has huge cumshots and his favorite place to cum is in my mouth and he would get a little rough with me. He got up and said I am a little tired I think I might take a nap and went down the stairs to his room in the basement. I sat there for a couple of minutes then muted the TV and heard a TV on downstairs with some porn playing. I decided to go down and just check it out really hoping to still get a chance to play with some more cock. I got to the bottom of the stairs where the pool table was and looked over towards Scott's room the door was half open so I walked over to it and seen Scott standing next to the bed storking his cock. I walked on in and said you need a hand? He replied and said lay down on the bed I hopped on the bed and he guided me to lay on my back with my head laying off the edge and he walked over with his cock in my face and he guided into my mouth. He was slowly fucking my face, then he would pull out and put his balls in my mouth for me to lick and suck on then back to face fucking getting faster and faster. He was pushing his cock all the way in my mouth but I was taking it like a pro. I could taste more and more pre cum so I knew he was getting close when he stopped and laid down on the bed next to me I rolled over and started sucking him as he guided my head up and down then with a grunt and moan he started shooting a massive load in my mouth I kept sucking it swallowing just a little letting the rest drip out I kept sucking until he could handle anymore then licked some cum off his balls then went back upstairs. Later Jeff came back with Jay and his friend Kyle. Since we had a 4br cabin and 5 guys we decided to let me and Kyle share a room since I had the King bed on the main floor I was kinda excited hoping to get some new cock to play with. The first night I was in the bed already when Kyle came in and went to the bathroom for a shower when he was done he came out in a towel I was laying there trying to catcha look but not be to open when he dropped the towel and reached into his suitcase for some briefs. I noticed his cock was nice looking even limp it was rather long like Jeff's but had a huge head like Scott's. I just rolled over trying to think how to make my move. The next day me and Jay were the first 2 up and Jay asked if I wanted to take a ride up to a creek and waterfall I said sure so we left the other guys a note and got in my truck and drove about 3 miles to a trail head it was a short hike in only about .5 miles to the falls so we decided to go. When we got the falls Jay climbed up on a huge rock above the falls and stripped down jumped into a deep pool at the bottom of the falls he then teased me wanting me to get in so I stripped down and down in also. We swam around for about 10-15 minutes then got out and sat on the rock naked drying off for bit. I was again finding myself looking at Jay's cock thinking about sucking him when without warning he stood up and put his cock in my face. I said I was hoping you would offer. I took his semi limp cock in my mouth and sucked and let it grow in my mouth until it was pushing down my throat. I was sucking his cock and grabbing his ass pulling his cock into my mouth when he said "I am going to cum in your mouth take it all" I I had only been sucking his cock for about 2 minutes when he came I sucked it all down and squeezed his cock getting the last drop out. Jay asked do you want me to Jerk you off I said sure so I stood up and let Jay jerk me off until I came all over the rock we where on. We went back to the cabin and everyone was up so we made plans for the day and night. That night we decided to go to a local club and pick up some pussy (remember I am bi I like pussy too) We didn't want to drive so we decided to go down the street and take the trolley we were waiting on Kyle and Jay to get back to the cabin before leaving. They finally got back to the cabin and Jay was ready to go but Kyle said he needed to take a shower we made a plan to meet Kyle at the club in 2 hours so we left Kyle at the cabin. We got to the trolley stop and I realized I had forgotten my wallet so I told the guys I would meet them at later and went back up to the cabin. When I walked in the cabin I could hear the water running in the shower I slowly walked towards the Bedroom door and looked in and seen Kyle laying on the bed with his cock standing fully erect watching porn. I watched for a second and decided I would make my entry when he started to play with his cock. He reached down and grabbed his cock and I opened the door quickly like I was in a rush to get something. He stopped stroking his cock and was just laying there with his hands on his cock I said I forgot my wallet and walked over to the bed and sat down on the otherside and started watching the porn video which was one of my favorite "fuck my ass fill my throat" I tried to loosen him up a little with some small talk about how this is my favorite porn he said I like it too. I asked him if he likes ass fucking he said yes. We watched a little more when a little asian girl was getting her ass pounded hard and he started stroking his cock again. I figured now was my time to try so I reached over and grabbed his cock and started stroking it with him at first I could tell he was surprised then he realaxed and just let me stroke it by myself. I stroked it for a while then I slowly leaned over and licked the head of his dick. His cock was even more impressive fully erect about 9 inches not real big around but a huge head with nice shaved balls. I licked it for a little then took his head into my mouth and pushed it to the back of my throat. I had been sucking his cock for about 5 minutes when he cleared his throat and asked if I was willing to get a little freaky I pulled his cock out of my mouth and said I love to get freaky. He stood up next to the bed and guided me over to the edge I was getting ready with my head laying over the figuring he was going to face fuck me but he turned around and had his ass on my mouth and balls on my nose and said "lick my ass" I had rimmed a few guys and girls before so I started licking his ass after a couple minutes of him moaning he turned around and feed me his cock I was sucking on his cock and he was in a 69 position and started rubbing my ass with his fingers he slowly started fingering my ass I could tell he was wanting to fuck me but wasn't going to say it so I pulled his cock out of my mouth and asked "will you fuck my ass?" He quickly said yes and stood up I grabbed a bottle of lube of the night stand and rubbed his dick down good. I knew his big head would be hard to get in but would feel great once it is in. I leaned over the edge of the bed and he guided his cock to my ass the first couple of time he was almost in the he would slip out. Then he finally slide it in and went all of the way tried to run away but the way I was laying I could go anywhere so I reached back and tried to push him back a little. He stopped for a second then slowly started working his cock in and out of my ass I was getting relaxed and he was getting comfortable because his pace was getting quicker he was getting a strong quick pace and it felt so good my cock was rock hard. I looked back at him and he was really into it also watching the porn and was trying to fuck me like the girl in the video. He would stop and pull out and then slam it back into me making me moan. He then asked "where can I cum" and I replied where ever you want to. He was fucking me faster and then said I want to cum in your mouth. I looked up at the TV and the girl on the screen was taking a load in her mouth. He pulled his cock out and started stroking it as I dropped down to the floor at the edge of the bed and opened my mouth with my tongue out and kyle stood over me and placed his cock pointing into mouth and shot a huge load of cum. I just sat there and let him keep cumming then he said swallow it so I gulped it down and then sucked the last couple drops out of his cock. I stood up and started to walk out of the room when he said don't tell the other guys about this and I smiled and said you dont tell either and I will do it again.

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Lake House Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 16,Apr,14 23:44

Six months ago I started working at a new firm. In that time I made quite a few new friends, but no one more like me than Jack.

Jack and I had so much in common. We each loved fishing, hiking and swimming but I was still surprised when he invited me to his Famiy cabin on Lake Tahoe for the Memorial Day weekend.

I drove up a long gravel road to the Cabin and noticed that aside from his SUV mine was the only other car.

I didn't think much of it as I walked up to the door and rang the bell. After a few minutes and no answer I took out my cell and was about to make a call when I heard a shout.

"Hey you made it!" Jack shouted as he breached the water of the nearby lake.

"Oh there you are!" I said walking to the waters edge.

"Yeah I was just taking a morning dip, hold on I'll come ashore."

Jack started swimming to the shoreline and stood up to walk on shore. That's when I noticed he was not wearing trunks.

"Where's your swimsuit?" I asked.

Jack looked down at his nude form and smiled "I never wear a suit when I swim, I let my boys swim free!" he said lifting his arms and flapping them as if they were wings.

I tried to look away but for some reason my gaze fell upon his member. I was transfixed on the 8 inch dong as it swayed back and forth between his thighs. He passed me and sat down on a nearby bench.

"Want a beer?" he asked reaching into an ice chest.

"Sure." I said taking the Miller Long Neck from his hand.

I sat down next to him and took a sip of the brew. It's bitter cold made a shiver run up my spine.

Jack cocked his head back and let out a contentful sigh.

"It's so peaceful here, I love it!"
I looked down at his cock as it dangled off the wooden slats of the bench and could feel my own cock growing in my pants. I slowly moved my hand to his lap and gently wrapped my hand around the inviting member.

A smile passed Jacks lips as I began to tug on his cock. It became so think that my fingers could barely fit around it.

He opened his eyes and moved his hand to my crotch. He unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I was worried because at that point the slightest touch would've caused me to cum.

Luckly I held off.

I stripped off my clothes and we began to tug eachother with reckless abandon. I've had tug jobs from women before and they were often sloppy and unsatisfying, only a guy knows how to give a truly gratifying tugger.

I could feel my own cock throbbing, telling me I was gonna cum but nothing could've prepared me for the sheer f**** of my splooge. It shot out of me like a cannon, My body shivered with huge orgasm.

Jack came soon afterwards, he wrapped his arms around mine as ribbons of cum shot from his enormous dong.

As we sat trying to catch our breath I could tell it was gonna be one hell of a weekend.

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I Took Him Home....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 16,Apr,14 23:33

Nothing out of the ordinary usually happened at this bar. People came, they ate, they drank, they danced a little, and then they left. No big deal. That is, until a new owner bought the place and transformed it into a gay bar and dance club. Being in a gay friendly neighborhood of the city, it usually attracted a nice crowd.

Tonight, I was feeling good about it. I had on a new, tight fitting v-neck shirt, ripped jeans, and, just in case, my favorite pale blue thong. I grabbed my wallet, a thing of poppers, and I headed out for the bar. Something in the air made it feel like tonight would be my lucky night.

I walk in around 9 PM, and the DJ already has a fast dance song going. I quickly order a drink as soon as I walk in, and go to the dance floor, meeting the growing throng of people. I somehow find myself in the middle of the floor, and I just went with it. I had guys grinding on me, guys bending down in front of me, and few guys copping a feel. That kind of atmosphere always turned me on. For some reason, this new craze of dry humping on a dance floor instead of actually dancing was so hot.

It was right then that I saw him. As I was getting my ass felt up, I looked across the room to the bar and saw a man sitting there. He was a big, muscular man in a tight polo shirt and really short jean shorts. We made quick eye contact, but he turned away. I moved away from the massive sex clump on the floor, and had a seat next to this guy.

We struck up a conversation. He was really shy, but his voice was so deep and droning that I didn’t care. When he spoke, he hypnotized me. Finally, after a few drinks and some civil conversation, he asks me to dance. I was more than happy to let him loose on my ass.

We walked over to the dance floor, and I started going crazy again. It took him a little while, but eventually we were practically fucking on the dance floor. His hands were up my shirt, and I had mine around on his ass. I turned around to look at him, and just as I did, he leaned in and kissed me.

It was the best experience of my life. Our lips connected, and sparks flew. We disconnected after what seemed like an eternity, and he whispered in my ear “let’s go get coffee”. I was eager to go anywhere with this man. I gathered my things, and we walked out together. We walked into this small coffee shop on a street corner, grabbed a table, and started talking. Now, conversation seemed to flow. That deep voice of his kept on droning and droning.

Finally, I invited him back to my place. It wasn’t until we were walking there that I noticed what he really looked like. He was taller than me, more muscular than me, and hairier than me too. His muscles rippled in his shirt whenever he moved, and the pants he was wearing really showed off his bubble butt and his great bulge.

We got back to my place, we put our stuff down, and we instantly embraced and began kissing. It was even better than the first time. Our mesh of bodies moved into the bedroom, and he pinned me down on the bed. His lips began to travel, and before I knew it, he was undoing my pants, kissing my bulge through my favorite thong. Remembering the poppers in my pocket, I take them out, and take a big whiff. Then I offer him some. Now we were really in heaven.

He grabbed my thong and pulled it down so f***efully that I didn’t even feel it come off. He began to work his lips all over my rapidly growing cock. God he was amazing. The scruff on his face tickled me as he played with my cock head. Soon, he took my entire cock right down to the base in his mouth. He worked his tongue up and down the shaft, licking my head whenever he came up to it. It took all my self-control not to blow my load right down his throat.

He could tell that I was about to peak, and he got up from my cock. He pulled off his pants, revealing a huge, thick, hairy cock. My appetite was insatiable. I took his cock in my hands at first, and then shoved the whole thing down my throat. It was the best cock I ever had. It was thick, juicy, and was just the right length too. I worked his cock for about 10 minutes, and he still showed no sign of climax. I turned around, bent over the bed, and slapped my ass, inviting him inside me.

He quickly lubed up my ass and his cock, and then began to tease my hole with his throbbing cock head. I couldn’t take the teasing, so I leaned back a little bit and f***ed his cock inside me. The minute he entered me was a moment of pure ecstasy. I took another hit off my poppers, and I was off. The way his cock felt in my ass was amazing. I could feel it thrusting in and out, in and out. I got into the rhythm, and began to buck my hips to it. This helped him along, and after about 10 glorious minutes, I could feel him twitching, ready to cum.

He quickly pushed me flat onto my stomach and laid prone on my back, pinning me to the mattress. He went deep, and it hurt like Hell, bit I loved it. I struggled to get him off of me, but he was stronger than me and had me in his trap. He whispered to stay still, that it would be over in a few minutes. I stopped struggling and felt him slip in deeper. He blew his load. We collapsed together on my bed, and I fell asl**p in his arms.

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Biggest cock for me.... fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 16,Apr,14 23:30

I was a 26 yr old slim white bi boi. He was in his 40's and very masc. I walked in his door and we sat on the couch. We talked for a bit and I was very horny the whole time.

I slid my hand up his leg and rubbed his cock through his jeans. I could tell that he was hung and already hard. I got on my knees in front of him and pulled his pants off. His throbbing 10 inch long cock was also very thick and it was staring me in the face. I gently kissed and licked it up and down before I put it in my mouth.

He moaned and talked dirty while I sucked his hung cock for a few minutes. I loved his cock very much and before I knew it, he put me on the couch and took my clothes off quickly. He lifted my legs in the air and licked my tight ass. It made me very horny and I craved his hung cock badly.

He lifted my legs and slid it in slowly at first. After a few strokes he started to pound my ass. I was screaming in excitement as he pleasured my boy hole. He started stroking my cock as he fucked me. I loved the feel of him inside me and I wanted his cum to fill my hole. As I started to cum so did he. I could tell right away it was a big load inside me.

It made it even hotter that we came together. His cock was the best I ever had and I had to see him again. We still hook up from time to time today. His hung cock feels so great in my mouth and my ass. His loads are always big and gets me off big.

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Fantasy set up

Posted by MONTED at 16,Apr,14 23:27

Erik and Beth sat together, watching the scene unfold on the TV in front of them. They’d been married for 2 years, and had started watching hardcore porn together about a month before to jazz up their sex lives a bit.

There were two men and a woman having sex, and Beth was mesmerized. They had seen this in several other movies, but in this one the men were bi-sexual. They alternated between fucking the woman, and sucking on each other’s cocks.

Beth asked, “What do you think of that honey? You don’t see that everyday.”

“And I don’t want to see that everyday, it didn’t say anything about this on the box when I rented it.”

Beth’s hand slid into her panties, she found she was getting very wet.

“It looks exciting, we should try it,” she teased. “I have a friend at work who everyone says is bi, I could ask him over.”

“Maybe you could call your girlfriend Joanne over instead,” replied Erik. “I think that you just want to try a three way, from what everyone says Joanne would be more than willing.”

Beth laughed as Erik inserted his own hand into her now damp panties and let his fingers explore. She looked at the bodies on the screen and tried to imagine Erik and herself with another man. Erik’s fingers found her clit, and she suddenly found herself shuddering to an orgasm.

“Uh, oh God, FUCK YES,” she cried as Erik rubbed her harder. She ground her pussy against his hand and rode out the sensations that ran through her body. She collapsed against him and sighed, a smile played on her face.

“Well that was a surprise!” said Erik. “What’s gotten into you?”

“I’ve just been horny all day babe,” she lied. “Now I just want to suck on your dick,” she said as she quickly pulled his underwear off. Taking his cock into her mouth she found herself thinking about the scene in the movie, and vowed to make it happen in real life. As Erik started to cum, her plan started to take form.

Erik had always been devoted to her, and why not? She stood 5’ 11” tall, had a lean body that was sculpted by aerobics, and long flowing chestnut hair. She loved sex, and the two of them did it as often as possible. She knew that he wanted to have a three way with her and another woman, and she was open to that. The problem was to find a way to get him to have it with another man. “Enter, Joanne,” she thought.

Joanne was Beth’s best friend. They did a lot together; they shopped, went to the gym, and played tennis. Beth knew that Joanne was bi-sexual, but she had never tried anything with her, their relationship was platonic. She nervously dialed her number, knowing this was the biggest favor she would ever ask of anyone.

When Joanne heard the plan she quickly agreed. Erik had always interested her; he kept himself in great shape and had an easygoing personality that appealed to her. She could hardly believe that Beth had asked her to seduce him. They set it up for Friday of that week.

Beth hung up the phone and took a deep breath. Her pussy was tingling and she lay down on the bed and smiled as she touched herself. She found herself getting very wet at the thought of her plan, and the image of Erik and Joanne fucking bought her swiftly to orgasm.

That Friday night Beth called Erik and said she would be late getting home from work, but that Joanne would be stopping by. She asked him to entertain her until she got home. Erik agreed, telling her they would watch a movie or something until she got there.

Joanne arrived a few minutes later, lugging her gym bag. Erik let her in and asked how she was.

“I’m fine, but I really need a shower. I just had a great workout and I didn’t feel like showering at the gym. Is it ok if I do it here?”

“No problem,” replied Erik. You know where it is, holler if you need anything.”

Joanne smiled and headed up to the bathroom. She quickly stripped and started the hot water running. A couple minutes later she called down “Erik? Erik, are you there? Can you bring me a towel? I haven’t got mine with me.”

Erik went upstairs and grabbed a towel from the closet. He knocked on the bathroom door and said “I’ll just leave it here by the door.”

“Can you bring it in to me? I’ve got soap in my eye and I don’t want to trip.”

Erik opened the door and tried not to look, but couldn’t help it. Joanne was out of the shower and stood there completely nude, and dripping wet. The water glistened on her small but perfectly rounded breasts, her nipples were swollen and erect. He looked lower and could see that her pussy was completely shaved.

“Oh,” said Joanne, “I guess you’ve seen me naked now. I’m sure Beth won’t mind, she’s seen me lots of times at the gym. Say, I’m a little sore from working out, would you mind drying my back for me?”

Erik couldn’t pull his eyes from that delectable looking twat. “Um, ok, I guess.”

He stepped behind her and started to gently pat the water from her with the towel. When her back was done she turned and said “You may as well dry my front too, after all, you’ve seen everything already.”

Erik took a deep breath and continued to dry Joanne. He ran the towel over her tits, feeling the hardness of her nipples. She sat back on the vanity and lifted her right leg, lewdly displaying herself.

“Can you just dry my pussy for me too? It seems to be extra wet, I can’t put my panties on like this.”

Erik stared at the hairless piece of heaven in front of him, his cock already at full hardness. He looked down and saw that his sweatpants were wet at the tip of his straining dick. Joanne looked and saw it too.

“Oh dear, are you ok Erik? I didn’t mean to excite you like this, I mean, your not going to get blue balls or anything, are you?”

“Um, I’ll be ok, I’m really sorry. Sometimes my cock has a mind of it’s own.”

“Well, Beth won’t be home for a while…do you want me to take care of that for you? I’m actually kind of horny myself; I haven’t been with anyone in a while. I’d really appreciate it if you would let me finish what I started.”

She gazed into Erik’s eyes with a look of open lust. She knew it was all over for him right there. Stepping forward she got on tiptoes to kiss him, one hand slipped behind his back to pull him closer, the other cupped this hard cock.

They quickly went into the bedroom; Joanne climbed onto the bed and got on all fours with her head down on a pillow.

“Fuck me from behind Erik, that’s how I like it. Just shove it in now, I’m so hot for you my cunt just has to have you now.”

Erik quickly obliged, he pulled off his sweatpants and mounted her from the rear. His need was urgent, he buried his cock as deeply as he could, Joanne so wet that he slid in easily. With one hand he reached under her and played with her nipples. Joanne cried out with pleasure, and reached her hand down to play with his balls as he fucked her.

“What the fuck is going on!?” Beth was standing in the doorway surveying the scene in front of her. “Erik, what are you doing!?!?!”

Erik pulled out of Joanne, his departure accompanied by a loud “Slurrrppp” from the wetness of their fucking.

“Beth, I thought you were going to be late. I, um, I was helping Joanne with a towel, and, well, fuck, I’m really sorry honey. I didn’t mean for this to happen.

Joanne rolled over and winked at Beth. “It was my fault Beth, please don’t blame Erik. He’s just a man, you know how they are.”

Beth looked at Erik, he winced from how mad she looked.

“Please don’t **** me honey, I’ll do anything you say. I’m really sorry.”

That’s what Beth was waiting to hear. “You’ll do anything!? What the fuck do you think can make up for you fucking my best friend?”

“I don’t know! Anything you want.”

“All right then Mr. Two-timer. I have an idea for how you can make this up to me. I want you to see how it feels for me to get fucked by another man. Not only that, your going to do whatever I tell you to do while I’m fucking him. Any questions?”

Erik looked stunned, but there was nothing he could do. He just said “Ok, whatever you want honey.”

Beth walked over to the phone and quickly dialed while Erik and Joanne watched. She covered the mouthpiece as she talked, Erik couldn’t hear what she said. She hung up and looked to Erik again.

That was my friend from work, Greg. He’ll be over in 10 minutes; he’s always wanted to fuck me so now he’s going to get his wish.

“Do you want me to stay? I feel bad, I kind of started this whole thing,” said Joanne.

“Sure,” replied Beth. “It’s not really your fault, I blame Erik and now he’s going to pay for it.”

Erik couldn’t say anything. Beth told him to sit on the bed and wait for his punishment.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang and Beth ran down to answer it. She came back into the bedroom, followed by Greg. He was about 6 foot tall, brown hair and looked lean and muscular.

“Erik, this is Greg. He’s the one I mentioned before. You remember, the bi-sexual one. Here’s the deal – I’m too pissed off to get horny right now so I’m going to need something to put me in the mood. I think you giving Paul a blowjob will go a long way towards getting me ready. Paul, why don’t you strip so that we can get started?”

Paul quickly pulled off his clothes. He stood in front of the three of them, his cock hanging flaccid.

Beth sat on the bed with Joanne, and told Erik to kneel down in front of Paul. He slowly obeyed.

“Now, I want you to reach out with your tongue and lick the tip of his cock.”

Erik looked back at Beth, a pleading look in his eye. She responded with an arched eyebrow and said, “Well, what are you waiting for? It’s got to get hard before it can fuck me, make it hard.”

Erik looked back to the cock hanging in front of him. With a feeling of defeat, he extended his tongue out and gently licked the head of it. “Not to bad,” he thought. Hopefully this will go fast.” He licked again, and Greg’s cock began to respond, growing fatter and longer with each subsequent touch of Erik’s tongue.

“That’s it, your getting it hard now,” said Beth. “I’m going to make you my cocksucking bitch, that’s what you get for fucking Joanne.”

“Why don’t you make him suck the whole thing now,” asked Joanne. “It’s nice and hard, have him take it all in his mouth. He should know how to suck it, I’m sure he’s learned how to do it from all the times you’ve blown him.”

“Joanne’s right Erik, suck his cock now, just like I’ve always done for you.”

Greg’s cock was at full attention now, and pre-cum started to leak from the tip. Erik took a deep breath and parted his lips, just allowing the head to slip into his mouth. The pre-cum made it slide over his lips, and his tongue caressed the head as he started to suck. Greg carefully held Erik’s head, and with a groan he slid fully into Erik’s mouth and started to slowly fuck in and out.

After about a minute of this Greg was surprised to feel Erik’s hand come up between his legs and touch his balls. He moaned, and spread his legs a bit so that Erik would have easier access. Erik’s hand played with each ball, one at a time, feeling the weight of each and gently massaging them. Greg moaned louder, he was getting close.

“Look at that!” said Joanne. “Erik’s got his hard-on back! Looks like someone is enjoying his punishment.”

“Erik!” exclaimed Beth, “What’s going on? I’m going to have to come up with other ways to punish you if you enjoy this too much.”

Erik released Greg’s cock from his mouth, and sat back. He looked down at his cock, which was fully aroused and freely leaking pre-cum. He shyly said to Beth “I’m sorry babe, I didn’t realize I could get excited by sucking on a cock.”

“Well, lets see if you get excited watching your wife get fucked then. Get over here and undress me.”

Erik got up and walked to the bed, his cock waving in front of him. Beth stood and allowed him to remove her clothes. As he did, Joanne kept reaching out and touching his dick, spreading his wetness up and down the shaft, and onto his balls.

Once she was undressed, Beth asked, “Now, how were you fucking Joanne? Wasn’t she on all fours on the bed, with you behind her? I think that’s how you should watch Greg fucking me, but you should have a better view. Lay down on your back on the bed, with your head at the edge.”

Erik did as he was told, and Beth climbed over him so that her pussy hovered above his face, her legs on either side of him and her head over his cock. She looked over her shoulder at Greg and said, “Fuck me now.”

Greg stepped up behind her, that beautiful ass offered up for his glistening cock. He took hold of her hips, and wiped his wet dick up and down her labia lips. She was already quite wet, and Erik lying beneath them watched as his wife’s pussy spread and Greg’s freshly sucked cock slowly slid inside her.

Joanne came around the other side of the bed, and knelt down, legs on either side of Erik and looked into Beth’s eyes. She leaned forward and kissed her deeply, Beth responded by slipping her tongue into her mouth. Joanne reached down and found Erik’s soaking cock, guided it to her bare pussy, and sat down on it. It went in easily, she was very wet from viewing all the activity.

Erik moaned deeply as he felt Joanne settle down on top of him. He was carefully watching Greg’s cock slide in and out of Beth’s pussy, he could smell the aroma of their fucking.

“Erik, I want you to lick Greg’s balls when his cock is fully in me, and as he pulls out I want you to lick his shaft. Do it good, remember, you’re my little cocksucking bitch.”

Joanne giggled at this, and bounced up and down on his cock a bit. “You tell him, Beth. He’s lucky you let him suck cocks anyway, especially ones that have been in your cunt.”

Erik started earnestly licking Greg’s cock as he fucked Beth. As Greg plunged in fully, Erik sucked on his balls, taking them fully in his mouth. When he pulled out, he released his balls and fervently licked his shaft. He could taste both Beth’s pussy juices, and Greg’s cock juices with each stroke. He licked Beth’s clit, and she squealed and kissed Joanne urgently.

Beth started rocking back and forth, meeting Greg’s thrusts. “I’m getting close, but I don’t want you to cum Erik. I just want you to watch. Uhhh, God that’s good.” Greg ground deeply into her and Beth groaned louder, “UHHHH, fuck, it’s so fucking good! Can you see my cunt getting fucked Erik? OHHHH, fuck, God it’s so good, fuck, FUCK FUCK FUCK, I’m CUMMING NOW!” she screamed as Greg roughly grabbed her hips and buried his cock as deeply as he could. Her body shook violently, and she sobbed as Joanne grabbed a nipple with each hand and gently squeezed.

Greg exploded deep in her pussy, announcing it with a cry of release. He bucked against her, his balls clenching as his cum filled her. Greg lay beneath them, gazing at the spectacle of their amazing orgasms.

“Don’t pull out Greg, keep fucking me until your cock is soft,” said Beth. Greg obliged, and continued to slowly fuck in and out, as his cock slowly lost its hardness. Erik, lay there watching the deflating cock make a gooey mess of his wife’s cunt, and wondered what she had in mind.

Finally, he could enter her no more, and he slid free of her pussy. Greg stepped back, and Beth rolled off of Erik. Joanne had been slowly fucking him, careful not to let him cum, and she too dismounted.

Beth looked at Greg’s cock and said, “Look at that. It’s all covered with cum, and it’s not hard at all anymore. I think we need to do something about it, don’t you Joanne?”

“Yes, I definitely agree. I’d like to have that fucking me, but it definitely needs to be cleaned and re-excited. But, what can we do? I’m certainly not going to put that nasty cock in my mouth.”

“Well, how about we have my little cocksucking bitch do it for us? That way we can just relax and watch. Greg, I have another job for you,” Beth said with a sadistic smile. “I want you to clean up the nasty mess we made of poor Greg’s cock, and I want you to get it hard again so that Joanne can fuck it. Greg, why don’t you lay down on the bed?”

Greg lay back on the bed, his knees bent and spread, his dripping cock exposed. Erik got on the bed too, his own cock dripping from fucking Joanne, and aching for release.

“If you clean that up well enough, I might let you cum later,” said Beth. “Now, I want you to kiss that dick, make out with it and lick off all that cum. Make sure you get the balls nice and clean too.”

Erik made himself comfortable between Greg’s legs, and started to kiss and lick the cum from his cock. He took the limp shaft in his mouth and strongly sucked, tasting the after effects of their fucking. He licked his balls, and as the whole cock became clean, it also started to respond and grow hard again.

Beth and Joanne stood watching, almost hypnotized with lust at the sight of Erik so willingly performing and enjoying such lewdness. Joanne reached between Beth’s thighs and felt wetness running down them.

“You’ve got cum running out of your pussy Beth, do you want me to get that for you?” she asked. “Erik seems to be enjoying clean up duty so much, maybe I should try.”

Beth quickly lay down beside Greg and said, “So you want to clean up cum too? Well, that makes you my nasty little cunt eating bitch, now get to work.” She lay the same way as Greg, her knees bent and her pussy displayed, cum was plastered in and out of her, and now that she was on her back it started to run down the crack of her ass.

Joanne smiled and dove in, her face coming down onto her friend’s well-fucked twat. Her tongue darted in and out of her, tasting and cleaning up the cum. Beth grabbed her head with both hands and pushed Joanne’s face into her pussy even harder. She involuntarily ground her hips around as Joanne sucked, she groaned with pleasure as her friend grabbed her ass to help her grind.

Erik looked up from Greg to see his wife being eaten out by Joanne. The sight of it made his cock grow even harder, although he would have thought that impossible. His cock was completely coated in pre-cum, and it dripped off of him onto the bed. He licked his lips, savoring the last of Greg’s cum.

“Greg’s cock is all clean and hard again,” he said to his writhing wife.

“Greg,” Beth said between gasps, “Why don’t you fuck my cunt eating bitch from behind while she eats me. Erik, you can play with yourself while you watch.”

Greg quickly got behind Joanne and entered her. Joanne let out a muffled moan as she felt her pussy filled, and sucked even harder on Beth’s delicious cunt. Erik ran his fingers from the tip of his cock down to the base of his balls as he viewed the debauchery. He was extremely excited, and he was finding it hard not to cum.

After a few minutes of fucking, Joanne started to quiver and make sounds like she was going to cum. Beth was pushing her face hard into her pussy, and when Joanne started to shake, she released her head and grabbed her nipples, the same way Joanne had teased hers. Joanne raised her head and shouted “Oh fucking GOD, I’M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!”

Greg had hold of her by the hips, and plunged in and out for all he was worth. He felt his balls rise up, and he let go another load in Joanne’s cunt. He cried out and collapsed, exhausted from his second orgasm.

Joanne rolled off of Beth, and Beth looked over at Erik, who was still playing with his extremely wet cock.

“Lay down Erik,” she said, “It’s your turn to be the cunt eating bitch.”

Erik lay back on the bed, and Beth helped Joanne position herself over his face. Erik looked up to see Joanne’s bald pussy covered with cum lowering itself onto his face. It looked like Greg had exploded both inside and outside of her. “How could one guy have that much cum?” he thought. Joanne sighed as she felt his tongue reach up to lick her smooth pussy. She reached down and pulled her lips apart, letting a big drop of cum fall from her into Erik’s mouth.
“Oh, that was nasty,” said Beth. “That makes me want to fuck his cock while he sucks on you.”

Beth straddled Erik and took hold of his cock. She guided it to her pussy lips, and as she impaled herself on it, Joanne lowered herself and sat on his face. Erik let out a stifled cry of pleasure.

Beth rocked back and forth, her eyes closed as she toyed with her nipples. Joanne rode Erik’s face, wiping her wet slit all over him. Soon, Erik started to groan and Beth felt his cock jerking inside her cunt.

“He’s cumming Joanne, grind your pussy into his face harder!” Joanne did and Erik’s whole body started to involuntarily jerk as he released his load into Beth. He felt someone start licking his balls, and knew that Greg was returning the favor he had given him.

Erik, sated at last, went limp and lay under Joanne. Both Joanne and Beth rolled off, and Greg ran his tongue up his cock, savoring the juices. Erik quivered and smiled.

Beth looked down at her pussy and said, “Uh oh, I’m all messy again. Looks like I have one more job for you Erik, and then I think I’ll forgive you for fucking Joanne.”

Joanne and Greg helped Beth into position over Erik, who was exhausted but still more than willing to eat his wife out. As she lowered her sloppy cunt down and felt his tongue enter her, she sighed thinking things had worked out even better than she planned them.

Joanne said, “Hey, you’ve forgiven him for fucking me, but what if he does it again? You never know, he might try the same thing again.”

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Fantasy personal trainer

Posted by MONTED at 16,Apr,14 23:24

This story is about irony. I joined a gym because I wanted to be more physically attractive for the summer time.
I wanted to go to the beach and just watch a couple of girls turn their heads towards me as I walked by.

So I'm at the gym and the owner was this huge bald guy, about 50 year old, with muscles that could be seen from space. He was a really nice guy, showed me how to use the machines and gave me some good fitness tips.
We really hit it off and he spent a lot of time exercising in the machines right next to me, so we end up talking a lot. Every now and again I'd notice this group of 4 or 5 girls staring at me and him ... almost as if envious of the attention I was getting, but I never minded that, I've always assumed it was because I was a new customer.

Some time passed and he became my personal trainer without me even asking for it. I started to notice his hands would linger on my thighs and butt, but I assumed that was just his way off teaching me.
But this one time, I noticed a huge bulge in his shorts. I guess he must have been wearing tighter shorts then usual. I tried to ignore it, although it was hard considering the size, but what made it impossible to ignore was the fact he started to get incredibly close, to the point where I was feeling his penis touch my back.
This made me want to grope him, rip the shorts and stuff his penis in my mouth, which was a very weird feeling to have, I'd never had such a thought up until this point. In this dazed and confused state I forgot the right rhythm of exercise and pulled a muscle.
It was really bad and I had to make a huge effort not to yell some obscenities.
My trainer came to my rescue and took me to the massage room to take a look at my injury. He began to massage my leg and I guess what began as a massage to relieve me of the pain, gave way to a massage with the purpose of exploring my body.

There I was in this empty room with nothing but massage beds and this huge man that seemed to get boners for me.
My shorts were off because the injury was high up in my thigh and his hands going past my butt cheeks made me shiver.
I told him I had better lay on my stomach because it hurt more on the back then on the front of the leg, which was a lie, I barely felt any pain anymore.

I was wearing very tight and short, skin hugging briefs. My skin was greased by the massage oil he had applied. I began to feel my face get really red and I began to moan lightly.
I fumbled for his hand and when I found it I guided it to my butt cheek, he proceeded to grab it and fondle it over then briefs, but then pulled then off.
I was now butt naked and my trainer seemed to be very pleased, I could tell my the tent pitched on his shorts.

I was losing my mind with excitement, so I got up from the massage table and got on my knees right in front of him. I massaged his member over the shorts, but immediately felt the need to see it, touch it, taste it.

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Posted by MONTED at 16,Apr,14 23:21

It all started a few weeks ago while I sat in a bar after a long day of searching through the want ads.

"How's it going?" said the clean headed muscle man who sat down next to me.

"Not the best," I said, looking up from the paper. "I've been slogging around town all morning, looking for a job."

"No luck?" he asked, looking me over with ice-blue eyes.

"Not really," I said.

"Well," he said, motioning the bartender, "maybe I can take some of the sting out of that for you. Two more here, Ben."

I smiled and raised my glass, "Thanks."

"Anything to help a struggling young man," he said, raising his glass. "I'm Tom."

"I'm Leo," I said, smiling. "It's nice to meet you."

I'll leave you alone with your paper," said Tom, picking up his fresh glass and standing, "but if there's anything else I can do for you, please, let me know."

"Sure," I said, smiling, "and thanks."

He gave me a little wiggle of the eyebrows as he left, but I didn't pay any attention. I went back to reading my want ads.

"Better be careful with that one, son," said Ben, the silver haired bar tender. "He's got a monster in his pants and he loves to use it to break in the freshmen."

"A monster in his pants?" I said. "What do you mean?"

Ben stopped rubbing the empty glass for a second and put both palms on the bar, leaning down to look me in the eyes. "What kind of a place do you think this is, k**?"

The want ads hit the bar top as I opened my eyes wide and really took in my surroundings for the first time. The bar was quiet and dark in the heat of the day, but there were none of the familiar trappings of the bars in the town where I grew up. There were no posters of ring girls hawking their favorite flavor of yellow beer, no tired eyed waitresses scooping up empties off the table, in fact, there were no women at all.

"Wait a minute," I said, eyes going wide, "what kind of a bar is this?"

Ben smiled, letting a row of even white teeth split his beard, "You really didn't know, did you?"

"This really is," I said, my throat suddenly dry, "a gay place."

"It really is," said Ben, his smiled unchanging.

"And that guy over there," I hazarded a glance at Tom, leaning against a high top table, "he was..."

"Trying to pick you up?" supplied Ben. "Yup, that's exactly what he was doing. He'll be glad to know that his penchant for picking the curious straights out of the crowd is still working."

"Curious straights?" I said. "You mean me?"

"You're the only straight guy in this gay bar," said Ben, "so I must mean you."

"But I didn't know," I said, sputtering, "in fact, I think I should just leave."

"Come on, Leo," said Ben, you can finish your beer. "No one is going to bother you. Look, I'll even go ever and tell Tom your story. He'll think its funny, just like me."

"You sure," I asked, looking around myself with suspicious eyes, "I don't want to have a problem."

"Don't be silly, k**," said Ben, slapping me on the shoulder. "Finish your beer."

I took a nervous sip as Ben walked over to tell Tom and his buddies my story. I managed a weak smile when they looked over and roared with laughter.

Ben came back a few minutes later and said, "See, no worries. Tom thought it was hilarious. He also said he'd buy you another beer to offset the misunderstanding, if you'd like."

I looked over at Tom, who was watching me, and raised my glass, "Thanks again," I said.

"So?' said Ben.

"So, what," I asked.

"Do you want the beer, even if you have to drink it with a bunch of queers?"

"I'm not like that," I said. "I don't think any less of you guys for what you do, and I'm broke as flat as the pavement, so sure, I'll have that beer."

As Ben was pouring, Tom sidled up to me. "Sorry about the misunderstanding, k**," he said. "I just assumed that you knew where you were."

"I'm new in town," I told him. "I haven't gotten everything figured out just yet."

"That's no crime," said Tom, his big hand slapping me on the back.

"Thanks again for the beers," I said, slurping the foam off the fresh one that Ben had just sat down in front of me.

"No thanks necessary, k**," he said. "It's all part of the dance."

"What dance?"

"The mating dance," said Tom. "You really are new to all of this, or you'd already now how it works."

"Well," I said, "I've picked up girls before."

"You straight guys have no idea," said Ben, chiming in. "You chase around after a piece of tail all night, walk her to the door, and hope to get a kiss."


"Guys who met at the same time would have fucked before you'd been overcharged for dinner," said Tom, sipping at his beer.

"That fast?" I asked.

"You know how bad you want to fuck when you go out," said Tom, his eyes drilling into mine.

"Sure," I said.

"Just imagine if your date felt the same way."

"Wow," I said. "You guys must get laid all the time."

"We do alright," said Tom laughing, "and it's not just getting laid."

"It's not?" I said.

"Oh no," said Tom, it's a lot easier to get your cock sucked too."

"The girls back home never wanted to do that," I said, remembering how disgusted Mary Ellen had been when I asked her after prom.

"Some guys like to do nothing else," said Tom.

"Really?" I said, eyes far away as I sipped my beer.

"I've walked into a bar and had a stranger swallowing my joint within fifteen minutes," said Tom.

"Me too," said Ben, "and I didn't have to sent flowers the next morning either."

"Wow, you guys are lucky. I just moved here, and I don't have a job, so I can't even get girls to look at me. I haven't been laid in three months."

"Three months," said Tom, grimacing and adjusting his package. "I think I'd die."

"Me too," said Ben, "or at least go postal on some customers. I honestly can't imagine."

"So how long has it been for you guys," I asked, curious.

"Two days," said Ben, "but then, I worked a double shift last night."

"Depends on what you mean," said Tom.

"What I mean about what?" I asked.

"Well if you mean fucking, then it's been a couple of days, but if you count sucking, then it's been about an hour and a half."

"An hour and a half," I said, "and you're already hunting more."

"I just sucked a guy off and he didn't do me, so if anything it made me hornier."

I took another drink of beer and realized that I was picturing Tom with a dick in his mouth. Not only that, I was getting hard in the process.

"Was that your stock broker," asked Ben.

"Yeah," said Tom, rubbing the meaty bulge in the front of his Levis, "he loves to use my mouth. I just hope his wife never finds out."

"He's married?" I asked.

"Sure, k**," said Tom, his hand landing on my shoulder again, "straight guys do it all the time."

"They do?"

"Sure they do," said Ben, leaning over the bar, "either they've got a wife who won't put out, or they just like boys. Either way, lots of straight guys get sucked off by us fags."

"Wow," I said, taking another drink, feeling the conversation having a definite impact on my cock, which by now was fully hard.

"You ever seen two guys together?" asked Ben.

"No," I said, shaking my head. Tom's hand was still on my shoulder, and I found myself not wanting him to move it.

"Would you like too?" asked Tom.

"Who?" I asked, laughing. "You two?"

Ben stood up straight and looked around the bar, "I could probably sneak into the back for a few minutes," he said.

"I'm game," said Tom, standing and rubbing that growing bulge in his denims again, "are you?"

That was the question. I'd never thought about any of this before, but it had been so long, and it was right there in front of me.

"Maybe if I could just watch," I said.

"Come with me," said Ben, coming out from behind the bar and leading us back to the office.

He opened the door, "You guys make yourselves comfortable back here and I'll sort out the bar. Back in a flash."

The door closed behind him and Tom pulled his t-shirt over his head.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"He said get comfortable, Leo, and I'm never more comfortable than when I'm naked, are you?"

He had me there. I watched him rubbing his hands over his broad, hairy chest and felt my hands start to move of their own accord. Before I knew it I was pulling my shirt over my head.

"There you go," said Tom, moving closer, "you've got a very nice body." He reached out a hand and rubbed my chest. "Nice and firm," he said.

I was just getting ready to protest when he pulled away. As much as I wanted him to stop touching me, I wanted his hands on me more. I leaned forward when he pulled away, catching myself at the last moment before I would have fallen. Luckily, Tom had kicked off his shoes and socks and was taking down his pants, so he didn't see me.

I pulled off my shoes and watched Tom place his pants on the desk. I know my mouth must have been hanging open, because he had the biggest, thickest cock that I'd ever seen. It was at least ten inches long, and fat, like a sausage. He'd trimmed the hair around the base to draw attention, and boy did it. I immediately wanted to feel it in my hand.

"You like what you see?" he asked, smiling and taking his cock in his hand, giving it a slow stroke.

I snapped out of my reverie and looked away, "It's just so big," I said, kicking off my pants, sneaking another look at it. "I've never seen one like that."

"Yours is nice too," he said, nodding at my cock, now fully hard and dripping a steady stream of precum. "So shiny and pink, it looks very happy."

My cheeks flushed, I'd never imagined myself in this situation, cock hard from looking at another man.

Ben saved me from an explanation. He opened the door and smiled as he shut it. "Looks like you boys made yourselves right at home," he said, tearing his t-shirt over his head.

"We were just comparing cocks," said Tom, waving his whopper around like a snake, "the k** likes mine, and I like his."

"Yeah," said Ben, nodding as he kicked off his shoes and struggled to get his pants down, "couple of real nice specimens there." He stood between us, and as he said it he extended both hands and grabbed our dicks.

It was a surprise to feel another man's hand on my dick, but a good one. Ben's hand curled around my shaft softly, and then gave it a good stroke. My eyes closed in pleasure. I didn't object.

"Now Ben," said Tom, smiling as his meat was manipulated, "you know that Leo is just here to watch. I must insist that you unhand him."

My eyes opened and I watched as Ben's hand left my dick. "Sorry, Leo," said Ben, "what can I say? You've got a beautiful cock. I couldn't resist."

"Mmm-kay," I mumbled, barely able to breath.

"Here," he said, taking my hand and placing it on my aching joint, "you do it, while Tom and I get re-acquainted."

With that Ben turned to Tom and grabbed his huge cock with both hands, pulling him closer. Ben was no slouch in the dick department either, and their cocks met in the middle of their beefy bodies as they began kissing.

I gasped. My cock was in my hand and I was watching one of the hottest things that I'd ever seen. Tongues dueled in the low light of the office, cocks bounced and rubbed together.

"Suck my titties," said Tom, pushing Ben's head toward his chest. Ben was happy to do so, soon nursing at Tom's quarter sized nipples until they stood out from his chest.

Ben didn't stop there; after the tits were attended he quickly dove for Tom's cock. I moaned as I realized what was going to happen, and Ben looked up and caught my eyes, just as he sucked Tom's cock into his hot, wet mouth.

Watching that massive piece disappear into Ben's bearded face, and then come out all slick and shiny, was one of the hottest things that I'd ever seen. I spit in my hand and rubbed it over the tip of my cock, moving closer to them.

"Here," said Ben, pulling his mouth off of Tom's cock for a moment, "allow me." He moved his mouth towards my cock, and just when I thought he was going to swallow me, he spit. "Better mine than yours," he said before going to work on tom again.

I edged even closer, now standing shoulder to shoulder with Tom while Ben sucked him off.

"What do you think," said Tom, "pretty fucking hot, huh?"

"Hot," I said, trying to look everywhere at once.

"It's alright, k**," said Tom, throwing an arm over my shoulder and pulling me into his muscular body.

I melted then. I turned and opened my lips, closed my eyes, and felt Tom's tongue enter my mouth.

I'd never kissed a man before, but that didn't matter. I sucked on his tongue like I was born to it, pressing my naked body against his, feeling its warmth.

That's when I felt the best feeling I'd ever had. My gasp broke the kiss, and Tom was soon busy sucking on my nipples. I looked down and saw my cock reappearing out of Ben's greedy mouth.

"Sorry," said Ben, smiling and going back to work on Tom. "I know, I'm not supposed to touch, but your beautiful cock was rubbing my cheek, and I just had to have a taste."

"It's OK," I said, my cock following his face.

"What's OK?"

"You know what," said Tom, letting my nipples rest for a second, "he likes it."

"Really?" said Ben, sticking out his tongue and dabbing the sensitive spot on the underside of my cock head.

"Ben," said Tom.

"I want to hear him say it," said Ben, smiling maliciously. "I want him to ask me to suck his straight cock."

They both looked at me.

"Please," I said, fighting to get the sound out through a throat that felt like it was closing, "please suck my cock."

And the feeling came back. Ben, used to the enormity of Tom's organ, had no trouble with my six-incher. It vanished back into his bearded mouth as soon as I gave him permission.

Tom grabbed my chin and kissed me, his tongue exploring deep in my mouth. He pulled away and I let him, overwhelmed by the sensations that were flooding my brain. Then he knelt beside Tom.

"My turn," he said, taking my cock from Ben and swallowing it whole. His lips formed a perfect seal as he sucked me deep into his throat. Not to be outdone, Ben leaned down and began tonguing my balls. One by one he sucked them into his mouth, rolled them around, and then switched. Occasionally they would switch off, sharing for a few seconds, tongues kissing on the head of my pulsating prick, until one of them would take pity on me and swallow me again.

I could feel the pressure building in my balls, and knew that I was about to cum. I was just about to say something when I heard Ben say..."

"Well he's no one-minute wonder, I'll give him that."

"I think I know something that might help," said Tom, handing cocksucking duties back to Ben and moving pulling me forward. He placed his hand on my back, bending me over. I began to resist, but Ben's sucking mouth had me in a very compliant state. I was soon, just where he wanted me. Suddenly the best blow-job of my life took a backseat to what was happening around the back. I heard Tom spit, and then felt his tongue dig in to my tight little rosebud. I didn't think I could feel any more pleasure, but when he began eating my ass I felt like the top of my head was going to lift off. Everywhere my body moved was pleasure. Forward, I felt myself pumping into Ben's hot throat, and when I pulled back it allowed Tom's questing tongue to delve deeper into my ass.

I was sweating and moaning like a madman when I finally felt my seed start to rise. "I'm going to cum," I said, feeling the white hot cum boiling up out of my balls.

"Mmm-hmm," said Ben, sucking me all the way into the back of his throat and holding me there. Tom had another surprise, as he slipped two fingers into my spit-lubed asshole and massaged my prostate vigorously.

Then, I'm pretty sure that the top of my head did blow off. I bucked violently, but Tom kept the pressure on my prostate with his fingers, and Ben took every trace of my load in the back of his hot, grasping throat.

I could have gotten the guilts then. When the pleasure wore off, I found myself exactly where I was, in the back room of a gay bar with one man's mouth on my cock and another man's fingers up my ass. I could have run away, but I was I the hands of experts.

Ben released my cock from his throat, but he didn't give it up completely. He began sucking up every little drop of cum, cleaning my balls, all very tender. Tom pulled his fingers out of my ass, but had replaced them, once again, with his tongue. Whatever guilt threatened to wash over me was quickly swept aside by the intense pleasure that both men continued to give me.

"That was incredible," I said, as soon as I had regained the power of speech.

"I knew that you'd like it," said Ben, taking one last, long suck on my resurrected cock before standing and thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I didn't expect it, but was into it. I sucked on his tongue and tasted my own cum, salty and sweet. He drew back and I followed, wanting more.

"We've got a live on our hands here, Tommy," he said.

"I knew it the moment I saw him," said Tom, pulling away from my ass and standing behind me.

I could feel his cock rubbing against my leg, and took its silky hardness into my palm, stroking it slowly.

"That feels nice," he said, his voice a sexy whisper in my ear.

I was past thinking about straight or gay at that point, I was just hot. I dropped to my knees so fast that they slid on the carpet. I put my face up next to Tom gigantic tool, looked up into his eyes, and slid the head of it into my mouth.

It was so big that it almost chocked me. I could only get the head into my mouth, but the salty precum that streamed out of the tip was a constant reminder that I had a man's cock in my throat. The whole time he and Ben were looking down on me, coaching and giving pointers.

"Watch the teeth," said Tom, "cover them with your lips." Then, "Mmm, that's better. Ok, now pump the shaft with your fist, right, just like that."

By the time I felt Ben's cock tickling my cheek I was getting the hang of it. I switched off, taking his seven-incher deep into my throat and fighting off the gag reflex, all while stroking Tom's cock with my left hand.

"This one is a quick learner," said Ben, smiling down on me while I swallowed him.

"The best ones always are," said Tom leaning down and pushing my head away from Ben's lap. "That was great for appetizers," he said, "but I'm ready for the main course."

"What's that?" I said, standing, my hand reflexively going to cover my ass.

"Don't worry, baby," said Tom, patting me on the head. "I'm not going to put this up your ass. I'm going to put it up his ass."

Ben was obviously down with the program, because as soon as he heard those words he hopped up on the table and spread his legs wide.

"There's lube in the left desk drawer," said Ben, "and condoms, could you grab them for me, Leo?"

My fumbling hands found the items and offered them to my teachers, who were locked in a hot kiss.

"Thanks," said Tom. "Now, I'm going to show you how to fuck an ass, you ready?"

"Sure," I said, my cock fully hard again.

"First," he said, "stick out your finger."

I did, and it was soon covered in the slick, gel-like lube. As soon as my finger was slathered with it I was rubbing it across Ben's pink asshole, slipping and sliding across the sensitive nerve endings guarding his ass. I pushed with my index finger, and was surprised when it slid right in. I added another finger and another until I was jamming three fingers in and out of his clutching shoot.

"Very good," said Tom.

"Very, very good," moaned Ben, his eyes closed and his cock straining for liftoff.

"Now," said Tom, rolling a condom down the length of his huge tool, "even though Ben is nice and lubed up, always put a little on the head of your cock." He covered the latex with a thick coating of lube and then lined his cock up with Tom's browneye.

"You ready, Tom?" he asked.

Tom took a deep breath. "Fuck me," he said on the exhalation.

Tom smiled and pressed the head of his enormous cock to Ben's asshole. "Slide it in nice and easy," he said, exerting a little forward pressure.

Ben's face twisted in pain for a moment, and then, as Tom's length slid in, it lit up in absolute pleasure.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" asked Tom.

"God," said Ben, "it's like I'm being impaled. I love it."

Tom got about half of his monster up Ben's ass when he stopped and pulled back. "You have to go nice and slow in the beginning," he said. "That way your bottom can relax."

"I think that this bottom is about as relaxed as he's going to get," said Ben. "Give it to me."

Those words lit a fire in Tom's eyes. He slid his length almost all the way out, and then slammed it back in to its previous depth.

"Fuck yes," they both said together.

I was overwhelmed, watching these two big, beefy men fuck. My hands were everywhere, rubbing Tom's chest, stroking Ben's cock and bouncing his balls. Eventually it was too much. I lowered my head and began sucking Ben's turgid seven inches into my mouth.

He groaned, and I could feel his cock jump in my mouth. I looked up to see Tom smiling and really laying into Ben's ass. I smiled up into his eyes as Ben's cock disappeared into my throat.

"You sure you've never done this before," groaned Ben, closing his eyes, his hands squeezing his nipples.

"I'm sure," I said, rising up off his cock and rubbing its spit-slick head on my cheek, "but I'm not sure why."

Just then Tom started to groan. His thrusts became quicker and deeper, and his breaths became shallow and short.

"I'm going to cum," he said, slamming into Ben's ass.

"Do it," said Ben. "Fill me up."

That was all that Tom needed. He drove his tool deep into Ben's grasping ass and left it there. His face contorted in pleasure.

I felt the aftershocks of Tom's cum as his dick spas med in Ben's ass, which caused Ben's dick to jump and twitch in my mouth.

That was wonderful," said Tom, slowly pulling his meat out of Ben's ass and stripping off the full condom.

"It looked incredible," I said, between sucks.

"Care to find out for yourself?" said Tom, reaching down to grab my throbbing cock and give it a stroke.

"What?" I asked, nervous.

"Would you like to give his ass a try?" said Tom. "I know that he wouldn't mind."

"Far from it," said Ben, holding his cock by the base and rubbing it back and forth across my wet lips.

"I don't know," I said, rising to my feet, my rigid piece still in Tom's hand.

"Here," said Tom, "I'll make it easy for you. With that, he ripped open a condom, sucked my cock down his throat to make sure it was fully hard, and then rolled the thin latex sheath over the head and down the shaft of my cock.

"Fuck me, Leo," said Ben, looking up at me with hunger in his eyes. "Fuck my ass."

I couldn't believe that I was doing it, but his stretched asshole seemed to suck me in. Tom used two fingers to make sure that Ben's hole was ready, but I could tell by the way it gaped open that entry would be no problem. I began rubbing the head of my cock at the entrance to his hole.

"No teasing," said Ben, grabbing me with his legs and pulling me into him, "I want to fuck,"

"Holy shit," I said as the warm, tightness of Ben's ass sucked my cock in.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" asked Tom, standing behind me, tweaking my nipples and massaging my balls. "Tighter than your first piece of pussy, huh?"

"So tight," I said, "so hot."

"That's right," said Tom, "Ben here has the best ass on Colfax, and that's saying something."

Ben smiled at the compliment, but he really started smiling when Tom came to his side, leaned over and sucked his dick into the back of his throat."

That flipped the final switch in my mind. I felt my load break free of my balls, race up my shaft and deposit itself in the condom that covered the end of my dick. Ben's ass squeezed and contracted around me, milking every drop of my white honey out of my balls.

"That was amazing," I said, pulling my shrinking cock out of Ben's ass, just as he launched a huge load across Tom's face.

"It sure was," said Tom, smiling at me through the glaze of cum that Ben had deposited.

I turned, getting a little embarrassed, and began pulling my pants on. Tom wasted no time snaking his tongue up my ass and rotating it fiercely.

"Oh God," I said, grabbing a hold of the table to steady myself while he ate me out, "I thought we were done."

"We are, k**," he said between licks on my asshole, "but I wanted you to leave with a good memory, that way you'll continue your training sooner rather than later."

"I have a feeling," said Ben, standing and kissing me deeply, "that he'll be back real soon."

"Back," I said, leaning back into Tom's tongue, and closing my eyes, "who said I was going anywhere?"

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We wanked .....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 16,Apr,14 23:19

A friend of mine came back from Australia last week and came round ours for a drink. We were talking away and the wife asked me why I called him Big John, when he was smaller in height than me.Straight away I told her it was because of his cock, 9.5 inches and as thick as a baby's arm.Needless to say, she went very quiet for a while,but after a few more drinks she blurted out "go on then, show me".
Now John is actually gay and said he would need some stimulation to achieve full glory. The wife gasped when he took his flaccid cock out, as it was already the size of mine. She pulled on it, she sucked it but it was not getting any bigger.
After 10 mins of this,she turned to me and said "you do it".
Now, the only cock I have touched in my life is my own, but when the drink is in, the wit is out.
i have to say it did feel a bit weird at first, but when it grew to it's full effect under my inexperienced pulling, I did get turned on.( but not enough to suck it.......maybe another time).
The wife was drooling looking at it, and all her assurances that size doesn't matter flew out the window.It was the thickest cock I have ever seen.
We both sat either side of him, and shared the thick shaft as we pulled him off.
Luckily, he didn't come as much as I do, so I still have one trick left.
Of course when John had left, I was practically thrown to the floor and rid till I came, which was very very quick for the both of us.
Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your viewpoint, I now want to try sex with another man, but the wife draws the line at that ( so maybe when she goes on holiday later this month, i might get the chance).

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He was 18 and worked for me.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 16,Apr,14 23:17

He worked for me on the farm and we had become close. He was a tall slim boy, 165 pounds on a 6 foot frame. He was naturally dark skinned with native american heritage in his f****y and lacked body hair below his eyebrows. He lifter weights and with his lack of any body fat, every muscle in his skinny body was pronounced and outlined perfectly.
One day he asked me to teach him martial arts. "I'm, pretty good at wrestling but i dont know anything else about fighting at all, so unless i can get them on the ground, i get my but kicked." I told him that he needed more in the line of MMA training that was an all around defense. He agreed and began coming to my house after work.
We worked out for about a month in different techniques and he was a fast learner and a very strong k**. Im 6'3" and 190 pounds and sometimes he would man handle me a bit. One day we were working on the ground game and it involved me being on top of him and him trying to make a move and turn out to get an arm bar. Things changed.
As he was trying to gain control of my arm, l leaned forward and my chest was flat against his. He squirmed for a minute or two and then stopped moving. I had one thigh between his legs and the other leg spread out for balance. I felt this lump on my thigh. I said, "Whats wrong, are you giving up?" He just looked at me with his big brown eyes. I sat up with my thigh still against his bulge poking through his satin shorts. "Are you getting horny doing this", i asked him. He blushed and turned his face away. "I cant help it, ive always admired you and it just felt good."
I took my thigh from between his legs and sat up straddling him, sitting for minute in shock. I had never thought about it, but there we were, me on top of him, his blue shorts throbbing, every muscle in his six pack abs contracting as he breathed heavily. I laid down on top of his brown body placing my semi hard cock next to his and began rubbing them together. His arms came around me and held me close to him and i laid my head on his shoulder looking at him and we squirmed together feeling our muscles flexing and our cocks rubbing. I was soon hard.
He reached down and began working his shorts off and then took mine and pulled them to my knees and and finished kicking them off. I could feel the heat of his cock against mine and the slippery fluid on our skin that was coming from his head. He pulled my ass tight against him as he squirmed faster, thrusting upward and pushing into me. We were staring at each other and he kissed me, a few little peck at first and then he opened his mouth and pushed his tongue into mine. I moaned as i felt him throbbing against me.
He flipped us over so that i was on bottom and he now straddled me sitting up. He put our cocks together and began stroking them. Im 71/2" and his was a bit bigger and thicker and brown and hairless including his balls. He stroked them as he looked down at me and i looked up at him, taking my hand and rubbing across the ab muscles and up to his tight chest. The veins in his arms were popping out on his muscles as he stroked. "I want to know what it feels like to fuck you," he said rocking back and forth. "Are you sure?" "Im sure, ive never done it before and i want to do it with you."
I told him we needed to be wet and he jumped up and grabbed a bottle of massage oil from the shelf. "Will this work," and i nodded yes. He opened the bottle and began pouring oil on both of us and rubbing it in. He got to my cock and stopped for a minute, reached down and gave it a lick tasting the clear fluid that had built up. He put some of it in his mouth and worked it around, obviously his first time and then rubbed more oil me paying attention to my rectum. "Slide a finger in there," i told him and he did, then another finger.
I watched as his fingered me and rubbed the oil from his abs and chest down to his cock. He was glistening brown, every muscle seemed flexed and bulged as he moved. "Come here to me," I told him as i reached up and pulled his body down to mine, wrapping my legs around his waist. "Do It"

He moved the head of his cock to my ass and was clumsy at finding my hole. "Slow down and take it easy. Just rub it up and down the crack a few times and feel my hole." He did as he was told moving that thick head up and down my crack stopping briefly each time it passed my hole. Then as he stopped once, i pushed myself on him, his head penetrating the hole and my rectum form a tight ring between his head and his shaft. He groaned as did I with the penetration. His dick was large and swollen with excitement.
"Easy now, Not too fast," I told him as i felt his hips ready to shoot off to the races. I put my hands on his tight little ass and slowly pulled him up on me, feeling the shaft of his cock sliding slowly into me. His ab muscles rolled across my cock as he moved. He was breathing heavy and told him to relax. Slowly i kept pulling him in until he was about halfway. I tightened my ass around him and he gasped. I pulled away until i felt my sphincter grasping his head and then pulled his ass back to me, a little more each time until i had the full length of his cock inside of me. His bare balls laying against my ass were warm and as he laid there for a minute, they stuck to me with the layer of oil between us.
"Now fuck me," I told him. He was squeezing me tight, his warm body and mine almost one. I kept my hands on his ass keeping him from going too fast at first, feeling those cheeks tighten each time he thrusted down. He was afraid to push all of the way down as i gasped each time he got more than half way in with his thickness. He moaned every stroke to the new feeling he had found, the warmth of my inside against his cock. His waist was so small that my legs nearly wrapped around him twice as i pulled myself up to him.
He was throbbing, his head swollen bigger with each push, so i told him to go faster and i pulled myself against him, thrusting my ass upward to take all of his manhood inside of me. He was faster, breathing harder, the veins on his neck and upper chest and shoulders bulging out from the muscle. "Do it hard, all the way in,"I said whispered. He pounded me like he had done this many times and his mouth opened and he gasped. "Im going to come, what do i do?" he said excitedly as he kept pushing into me. "Come in my ass, let me feel you," I said and no sooner the words had left my mouth, i felt the head of his cocks expand and shoot the first big load into my ass. His entire shaft swelled as each time he pushed in hard and deep his deposited another load 8" deep inside me. "Oh my God," he cried as he shot the last of his 8 spurts in me and fell limp on top of me with his cock buried deep inside of me.
He layed there on top of breathing deep for a few minutes as i rubbed his back and ass. Trying to catch his breath he looked up and kissed me again. "Oh my God, that was more incredible than i ever expected. Ive jacked off before but ive never felt so big and came so much". I smiled at him and he managed to smile back. "What can i do for you now?" he asked. "What do you mean," I asked him. "Well i just shot the best load of my life, what do we do now for you?"
"Lay on your stomach." He laid in the floor on his stomach and i poured oil on his back and rubbed it in. I slid a couch pillow under his wait raising his ass in the air and spread his cheeks. I licked around his hole for a minute then pushed against it with my tongue leaving it wet. As i licked more, i took a finger and began massaging the tight little hole. "Relax, dont fight it" I could feel his hole twitching as he tried to relax and then tightened again over and over. At one point when he relaxed, i shoved my finger in breaking that ass cherry. He gasped a little but then seemed to relax more as i slid my finger in deeper. I found is prostate and began rubbing over it. "What are you doing" "Just relax and let it happen."
After about 10 minutes of finger play, i moved into position between his legs. "I dont know if i can do this," he said squirming as he felt my cock touch him. "If you cant, I'll stop, OK?" "OK"

I moved between his legs and rubbed his oil brown back as i worked my cock in the crack of his ass. I slid my finger in one more time to show him to relax as i entered him. I pulled my finger out and positioned my cock at his hole and applied gentle pressure. I could feel the resistance against my head as i pushed, "relax and let it go," i said. He twitched and groaned as i applied more pressure. I could feel his sphincter opening and closing as he tried. Finally i thrust the head through and shouted in surprise. His sphincter twitched rapidly around my head as it made its way through. I stopped at the shaft because my shaft is thicker than the head.
"Oh thats big, i dont know," He said with nervousness in his voice. I laid on his back, my stomach pressing against him and kissed him on the neck and said,"Relax, we'll do it slow." I slid maybe an inch more into him and then pulled it back to the head and he sighed. An inch more and then retreat each time i could feel his muscles twitching under me. Once i got in far enough to reach his prostate i began rubbing it back and forth and sideways. "I can feel that in my dick,"he said. I smiled so he couldnt see me. The more i rubbed the lees resistance i felt.
Soon i began entering him deeper, sliding across the prostate each time and feeling him push against me. I sped the rhythm up a little and he he moaned, not in pain this time, but in pleasure. I raised up on my hands and knees so i could watch his little body accepting me and feeling my cock swelling as his tight little hole massaged me. I could feel him rubbing his cock against the pillow and i slid my hand under him to feel his balls. I was about 3/4's of the way in when he decided he could do this and got involved.
I pushed myself in carefully again only this time i felt his ass come up trying to take more. Each time his ass came up in rhythm with me and he began breathing in and out with the rhythm. "Can you take it all?" He pushed himself up to his hands and knees and i grabbed his by the waist. I pushed in carefully one more time and he came to take all of me, all of the way to the balls so the mine were slapping his. "Oh God", he said and i asked if he was alright. "Yes, oh do it. do it hard." Of course i obliged his request and began fucking him hard thrusting deep to the balls with quick sharp thrusts. His tight ass was squeezing me so tight i knew i couldnt last long but he began pushing back against me tighter and tighter, faster and faster. I laid on his back squeezing him close to me, feeling his bicep on his right arm swollen with bl**d as he pushed hard against me. "Oh my God, i think im going to come again," he yelled and the thought of his purple head exploding made my head swell and ready to blow. "OH OH OH", He started crying and wrapped my hand around his cock and began pumping it. It was rock hard and throbbing already, the head the size of a golf ball ready to explode. "Come on boy, we'll come together."
He pushed harder and faster and then raised up laying back against me and i felt his cock swell and saw him exploding in big spurts of cum in front of us. This sent me into explosions of my own, buried deep in his ass. He squeezed me tight as his felt my jism in him and i pumped more and more into him as he shot come 5 feet away from us. I had my arms around his abs pulling him next to me as he finished and he reached behind his head to pull my head next to him. We stayed there for minute and then collapsed on the floor, me on top of him still buried in his ass, breathing heavily. My cock twitched for the next several minutes as if trying to pump one more spurt and with each twitch hed moan.
"I though that was supposed to be for you," He said still breathing heavily. "Believe me it was." "Well i think i was just as much for me again, did you see my cum shooting?" I giggled a little but not enough to cause him embarrassment. "Yes, you were quite a cum fountain and believe me, i did my share back here." "Oh i know, i could feel it and it felt so good i couldnt stop cumming until you did."
We went to shower together to clean up and get the oil and stuff off. With the hot steam and soapy lather, we couldnt resist another episode of mutual jacking off. The MMA lessons continue, but very differently than before. Each time is a new experience. He learns, and i learn too.

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Clothes Shopping fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 15,Apr,14 23:59

I had went shopping at the local mall that was near our college, I had on a pair of short pants a t-shirt with our logo and tennis shoes and socks. I dressed lightly so that I could try on clothes and not tire my self out undressing and redressing.

I was in the men shop and had tried on a number of clothes and was absent mindlessly staring across the into the other dressing cubicle. The curtain was parted and the guy in there was removing his pants, his cock was sticking out of his underwear and I noticed that it was semi erect and had a left handed twist to his penile shaft.

I was mesmerized by the sight of this cock and stared a little too long, the guy noticed me and begin to put on a show for my enjoyment. He slowly worked his cock into en erect state by masturbating very slowly.

He kept turning from one side to another as if he was adjusting his clothes while stroking his very solid cock. I was sitting down tying my shoes, my head resting slightly on my knee, suddenly he turned in my direction and snapped the curtain close.

I snapped my head up and stood quickly and exited the changing area, I stayed near the fitting rooms till he came out. I acted like I wasn't paying attention to him as he replaced his items and headed in my direction. He took position on the other side of the clothes rack, and as our eyes met he broke into a wide smile.

I smiled back as he winked at me and said 'you enjoy looking at a mans cock or are you out scouting. I looked at him in amazement muttering 'I...I...I...' He smiled and came around the rack and said as he nudged along 'it don't matter, let us get out of here I know just where we can go.'

Stunned I moved along with him in a trance like state, not protesting or resisting yet not understanding why I wasn't refusing to go with this stranger. We went into the parking lot, where he took better hold of my wrist and lead me to his car.

Opening the door he said to me 'hop in we going on a short ride.' I slipped into the passenger seat as he went around to the drivers side. As he started the car he introduced his self 'Im Carlton and you are...' I stammered 'Da...Da...David' Laughing he said to me 'Da...Da...David did you like what you saw, I hope you did cause we gonna have some ffffffuuuunnnnn.'

We went to the west side of the city to an apartment complex, parking in a space he exited the car. I stayed seated as he walked up to a door and fumbled for a key, looking back at me he nodded his head towards the door and mouthed 'come on'.

As I entered Carlton closed the door and led me to the bedroom, once in there he quickly removed his clothes. His cock was erect and hard with it's left handed curve, his cock head was a dark purplish black, his penile shaft was lined with veins that stood out like ridges along his cock shaft.

Carlton said to me 'well, now that we are here don't wait for an invitation get comfortable and climb in bed.' I stripped off my shorts and underwear along with my tennis and socks also my t-shirt and climb into bed along side Carlton.

Carlton reached over and took my hand and placed it on his throbbing cock 'here stroke this for me', he said. I slowly started to his throbbing member up and down as Carlton laid back on to his pillows.

I looked at his cock as I stroked it and wondered why it had a left curve to it. I tried to work his cock to see if it would get straight, looking back it was kinda foolish for me to think like that.

After awhile of stroking his cock I leaned over and enveloped the head of his cock in my lips and sucked on it rotating his cock head around in my mouth. Carlton moaned and lifted his mid section up to meet my greed mouth.

Carlton placed his hand on my forehead and said 'damn David, shit man your head is awesome. But I brought you here to fuck not suck.' He pushed my head away causing my lips and his cock head to make a wet smacking sound as they parted.

Carlton said to me 'I want you to trust me, I want you on your knees, your head on the bed and your butt stuck up in the air. When I saw you walk past the dressing room in those short pants, your tight little butt sticking out, I wanted to ride your ass like a jockey.'

I asked 'what type of lubricant do you have', he reached over into the dresser and produced a tube of lubricant. 'This is what I like to use, it's not oil base and want heat up, plus it has an anti insemination substance.'

Having not heard that I said bewilderingly 'why...', Carlton said 'I like bare backing, so get used to it.' I got into position, Carlton squeezed a copious amount of the lubricant into my butt crack as he knelt behind me. 'I'm going to apply some to my dick as well to make it easier to enter your sweet looking ass.

Once Carlton was through he slid his cock head up my butt crack till it encountered my anal opening. Poising at my anal opening Carlton pressed his penile head against my puckering bung hole.

The thought crossed my mind if I would feel his cock slid to the left as his penile head entered my butt. Bracing my self Carlton said 'take a deep breath now, I'm gonna ease it in a little at a time till you get used to it.

Carlton pressed slowly against my outer anal sphincter muscle ring till it parted and allowed his cock head to begin to penetrate. Slowly Carlton rotated his hips pressing against my butt hole till his penile glans slipped into my rectum. With a gasp I accepted his cock head into my anal canal.

Carlton said 'take a breath and relax, I'll let you get use to having my dick head in you butt'. I took a quick sets of breath and tried to relax as Carlton, true to his word, held back.

Carlton gripped my hips with both hands and softly said 'just relax let me fuck you gently, till you get use to having me inside this tight boi pussy'. I nodded my head quickly as Carlton begin to work his cock around in my butt.

Gasping for breath as he went further I struggled to accommodate Carlton's penile shaft. Moaning and groaning as Carlton went deeper into my anal love canal. Carlton was fabulous, as he slowly worked his rigid fuck tool into my butt hole.

I had maneuvered my feet so that they were hung across his ankles, Carlton sunk his man meat into my butt till his pubic hair was crushed into my butt crack. I was now moaning, groaning and grunting with each thrust of Carlton's cock.

For maybe fifteen or twenty minutes Carlton worked my butt till he stiffened and pulled my hips to him and grind deeply into my anal cavity. He grunted and I felt his cock explode and empty squirt after squirt of his sperm deep into my rectum.

Carlton laid down on my back and whispered 'lay down so I can fill this ass good'. I stretched out on the bed as Carlton maintain contact with me, as soon as I was prone out, Carlton slipped his hands over mine stretching my arms towards the head board and his fingers between mine.

As Carlton grind deep into my rectum he whispered into my ear 'David, this is some good pussy you git man. Tell me you gonna let me get this ass when ever I want it'. I moaned in passionate lust mumbling 'when ever you want it it's yours'.

Carlton kissed my ear and said 'I want it all the time I can get it. If you ain't got a steady fucker I'm gonna be your steady. And if you have, you've got to get rid of him today'.

I stayed with Carlton all day letting him fuck me when ever he wanted and even at one time begging him to fuck me before he took me back to my dorm.

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SEX IN A CELL....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 15,Apr,14 23:55

I never thought of myself as bi-sexual,not once even through my teens did i ever think of lads in that way,but it all changed when i got sent to prison on a shoplifting charge.9 months i got,and thats a bl**dy long time to go without sex,or even wanking off,cause when you share a cell its quite hard to do the latter.First week was fine,i was in a cell by myself,then this screw comes in one day to tell me im gettin a new cell mate,and true as his word,in steps this young guy,and i start to get a hardon,jesus he was good lookin,and very young and timid.I sat at the table in our cell,rolling a fag,and watching him strip off his shirt,he stood bronzed as the sun shone through the bars of our cell window.I knew i was goin to have to do something with this guy when lights went out,night came and there we were banged up,i told him that its ok to jerk off at night if he felt the urge,we all do it i said,i watched him strip down to his shorts and he got into bed,i knew from the way he spoke,he was not gonna invite me to his bunk,so i made my plan,i listened till i could hear him fall into a deep sl**p,i also realised he may wake up and call out or worse strike out.Earlier in the day,we had been at the workshop,i had lifted some strips of cloth,so i crept over to his bunk,firstly i tied his ankles to the end of his bunk,then did the same to his wrists,he did not wake untill i put the gag in his mouth,he went mad,i told him to lie still,and that noone would hear anyway,i pulled back his blanket,and ran my hands across his bare chest,his nipples were hard,i darted my tounge across each one,then my hand traveled down and into his shorts,i was now holding his thick hard cock,you want this i whispered in his ear,so i yanked down his shorts,and lowered my mouth onto his hard cock,i tasted his pre-cum,it was sweet,i began sucking,he writhed,his body shaking,i sucked and sucked,my hand massaging his balls,my other hand playing with each nipple,then i noticed he was not writhing to escape his bonds,he was pushing up toward me,he was enjoying it,i sucked and then would wank him,then go back to sucking him again,i could feel him close to cumming,and as true as any hot horny guy,his back arched,he thrusted upward,and i felt his hot milky spunk gush into my mouth,i swallowed every bit,i sucked untill i knew his balls were empty.He layed there exausted,and i removed his gag,instead of threats,i was told i could fuck him now,so i undid his restraints,and he got up and bent over the table,fuck me now he said,take me im your bitch,at that i stripped off,got behind him,i used some lotion on my cock and his anus,then rammed it home,i fucked and fucked his arse so hard,when i knew i was cumming i told him,he said let me suck you,and he did,my spunk filled his mouth,for the next 8 months we were lovers,he got released before me,but that was ok,you see thats how me and my partner met,we are still together today,and i love to remind him of the first time we met,everytime we make love,and he has just walked in now so im off to suck his cock.

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Fantasy...local Indian restaurant

Posted by MONTED at 15,Apr,14 23:54

It was a miserable wet evening and I had decided to scratch my planned walk on the seafront and work late. Now I was 8:30 p.m. and, too tired to bother cooking, I decided to drive to a local Indian restaurant on my way home. It was a place I had previously frequented every week, but a change of jobs had taken me to a different locality. For some reason on this night I thought to revisit after more than a year, even though it meant a circuitous route home that added a couple of miles to the journey.

The place had been redecorated since my last visit and now had a minimalist feel. The carpets had been replaced by varnished wooden floorboards. The lighting was modern too, with a subdued, warm feel and spotlights highlighting picures and statues. I noticed that the little alcove near the back, with its brass statue of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of good fortune, was still there. She was beautiful and well lit. The table at the alcove was free and so I sat there, where I had sat on dozens of occasions before, and as ever, I rubbed Laskhmi's belly and breasts for luck.

The restaurant was quiet, just three tables occupied - two tables were occupied by couples and the third by group of four businessmen. There groups were all eating main courses, and as it was getting past nine, I figured I might be the last customer.

The waiter arrived with a menu and wine list, apologising if I had been waiting. He was working the tables alone, I realised, and had been in the kitchen when I arrived. I glanced at him. He was about 20, a good-looking young man, but not Bengali like the staff here usually were. He looked Spanish, though southern Spain, with quite dark skin. He had that fairly short stature of the Spanish male, being maybe 5 feet 8 inches tall. His English was very good.

I ordered sparking water and a saag gosht with chapati and dhal. He brought complimetary poppadoms and diced carrot, onion and coriander with lime pickle and yougurt.

It was nice to be back in this cosy place with the soud of soothing, almost indolent Raga music being played on a sitar. I recognised the tune as Raah Bhairavi and smiled - it was Pakistani music; the restaurant was owned by Bangladeshi; but it was called Indian, and it seemed like my waiter was Spanish.

The meal arrived and I began to eat. As ever it was delicious. As I ate, I took in the music and the atmosphere, the sounds of conversation. The four men nearest to me were English I.T. specialists over in Dublin on a job. They were speking of the joys of Manchester nights out and the raunchiness of younger girls these days. They looked of a age where they would have daughters who were out partying in the Paintworks while they ate in this quiet restaurant. I smiled to myself. One of the couples were German, on holiday. The other couple were near the front and out of earshot. As I ate, each of these groups paid their bill and left. As I had guessed, it was just me in the restaurant by 11 p.m. as I sipped an after dinner complimentary brandy, the sitar music dreamily accompanying me.

I asked for the bill and the handsome young waiter obliged. I paid by credit card but gave him a cash tip. I knew most Indian restaurant owners kept half of the tips that were included on bills paid by credit card.

He smiled appreciatively, saying "Thank you sir".

I told him I had been here before and knew the drill. But as he smiled, it occurred to me, he is a good-looking fellow indeed, attractive in a homo-erotic way to a bisexual such as me. I decided to engage him in conversation and asked how long he had been working here.

"About eight months, I am a student at college here, so I work a few nights a week. Dublin is an expensive city."

I agreed and asked where he was from.

"Nepal" he replied. "Kathmandu."

Nepal, I thought. I chatted with him about life in Nepal. He spoke of how foreigners often thought the country was completely medieval with no rods cars or cell phones.

"National Geographic has a lot to answer for", I said. He laughed,

"Yes they stereotype us."

He asked if I knew much about Nepal.

I said that I had seen the documetary a few years earlier about an Irish poet called Cathal O Searcaigh, who visited Nepal regularly. A documentary maker had gone with him to Nepal on one of his visits to make a film about him for Irish television. It was called "A Fairytale of Kathmandu". But what had been intended to be a film about a poet gaining inspiration in the mountains of Asia became a sensation because the poet regularly had sex with teenaged young men. It seemed tha he was giving them gifts that helped them with their education.
The poet was openly gay and saw nothing wrong in this. In the film he had said that Nepali teenagers had a different culture of sexuality and that same sex encounters were quite common among young men. This desite the fact that Nepali law at the time outlawed homosexual acts between men.

"Have you heard of this film?" I asked.

"Yes but I did not see it. It caused a lot of newspaper headlines and that was soon after I came here to study."

"Is it true about young Nepali men?" I asked him. "Are they quite open about same sex relationships if there is a reward?"

My heart was beating faster and I could feel it thump in my chest. I felt my cock stirring in my suit pants, swelling with anticipation.

He looked at me, and his face lit up with a really beautiful smile.

"Oh yes sir, we like a reward. Even when we are far away from home."

"What is your name? " I asked him.

"Sagun" he said.

"Nice name, what does it mean?"

"Worship." he replied.

I smiled. "Worship.... well I came in here and rbbed Lakshmi's belly to worship her. I turned to the brass statue and rubbed it again, saying aloud

"Thank you Lakshmi, for the gift of Sagun!"

Sagun grinned, then moved quickly to the font of the restaurant to lock the door and close the blinds. He came back and said in a low tone:

"Chef is still here, but he will go in a few minutes. I will give you another brandy and tell him you want to stay late and I will lock up."

"When he is gone I will take you upstairs to the staff locker room."

He went to the kitchen to speak to chef and then went upstairs himself. I sipped my brandy, my erection deliciously pressing against my pants. After a few minutes, the chef came out from the kitchen and bade me good night. He too went upstairs but soon reappeared all clad in rainger for his cycle home.

Sagun came downstairs behind him. He had changed out of the waiter's uniform into a short sleeved red Nike shirt wth blck shoulders. and a pair of loose white shorts. He let the chef out and locked the door.

The Sagun was ready.

He took my left hand in his right, leaned towards me and kissed me lightly on the lips. His lips felt like velvet against mine, and my cock was instantly straining at the leash.

`That's lovely' I said

`How long have we got before you have to go home?'

Sagun poured us each a glass of brandy He took a sip, then put his lips to mine and shared his drink with me. I did the same and shared it with him and we continued until both glasses were empty. We were standing so close that I could feel his hardness against mine and it was all I could do to stop myself cumming there and then, but he sugggested we go upstairs and into the staff room.

I followed him upstairs, admiring his lithe brown legs as he walked. When we had kissed I realised that he had a very fit, toned body, and from the feeling when we pressed together, I was ooking forward to seeing my first Nepali cock.

The staff room was all brown wood panneled on the wall and there was a wooden built in bench seat along the wall. There were large white tiles on the floor.

"I want you to strip for me" I said, getting out my iPhone.

"I want to capture this moment" Isadi, showing him the phone.

"Okay" he said.

My phone battery was low after theday, typical iPhone, but I was able to take four pics as he stripped. As the battery died, my ardour was fully alive and I grabbed his cock roughly, kissing him hard on the mouth.

`Please' said Sagun `please be gentle. I am a gentle lover.'

I eased off the pressure a little and we continued kissing as my hands explored his toned brown body. I could feel his muscles under his skin and as my hands cupped his tight little ass, I could even feel the hardness of his fit buttocks.

Moving my hands around to the front, I admired the beauty of his shapely thick young cock, perfectly in proportion to the rest of his body. It was HARD as a bullet. I lowered myself to my knees and took him in my mouth. I had no difficulty in taking his full length in one, and as I did so his whole body bucked and he muttered something in his own language, but no translation was necessary. I could see by the look on his face that he was in ecstasy.

I continued to suck him until he said `Cumming soon but want you inside me first'.

Sagun had a tub of lubricant in his wash bag, and gave it to me. I kept this to hand as I turned him on to his stomach and lowered myself down on the floor. I spread his cheeks with my hands and ran my tongue down his crack. Sagun shuddered and moaned and I knew that he could not wait for long. As my tongue reached his hole he bucked again and as he did the tip of my tongue slipped inside him. He spoke again in Nepalese and then said

`Sorry, that was so good that I cannot form English words.'

I told him not to worry and took a fingerful of lubricant and greased his hole liberally. I then greased my cock and pushed the head to his hole. His breathing rate increased as I pushed gently and felt the head slip inside him.

‘AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!' he exclaimedm as he felt my girth strethc his snal sphincter to delicious tension.

I left things as they were for a little while until he became accustomed to me and then slowly, inch by inch slid the rest of my cock inside until I penetrated him deeply enough to press his prostate gland.

`Ahhhh, sooooo gooood' he sighed.

Very gently I started pumping in and out. Gently for me as well as him because I was already very close to climax. After a few minutes he whispered

`I want to turn over and look at you.'

Being very supple he raised one leg and swung it over my head, so that he could lie on his back without me removing my cock from his arse. He smiled up at me as I restarted my pumping and that smile almost broke me into pieces. He was absolutely gorgeous and even though it was around one a.m. the sun seemed to be shining every time he smiled. We were both very aroused and I seemed to be hitting his g-spot with every thrust.

`Oooh yessssss, cumming now' he said and so was I.

Within seconds I was filling Sagun's arse with my cum and moments after he shot half-a-dozen thick ropes of his semen up between us, reaching our chins. I licked some from him and he did likewise with me and we shared it with a kiss, gazing into one another's eyes.

`Thank you Sagun' I said `that was wonderful'.

He smiled his sunshine smile and replied `for me too'.

We lay in each others arms until we fell asl**p shortly afterwards. I woke an later and we were spooning, Nawang behind me with his hard-again cock resting in my arse crack. It was my turn to smile as he applied the lube and fucked me.

"Don't cum in my arse" I said. " Iwant to suck you and take you in my mouth."

He obliged, pulling out from his strenuous and delicious reaming of my arse to feed me his thick, raw, lube-streaked, cum and ass-smelling pole of muscle. I took it gratefully, divining every curve and vein with my lips and tongue, teasing and tasting him, nibbling at him with my teeth and pushing him down my throt until he groaned again and I felt the bucking motions of his cock head that told me his eruption was at hand.

I took the delicious creamy spurts of seed as they gushed into my mouth, savouring their thick salty sweetness on my tongue and teeth. I swallowed and sucked his glans greedily, wanting to eke every last delicious drop from the eye of his beautiful Nepali penis. I thrilled as he softened in my mouth, conquered once again.

"Beautiful Sagun" I said, kissing him with my spermy mouth. He kissed me back.

We kissed and fondled for half an hour and to my delight he was erect again.

"I have to go soon Sugan" I said, "but there is one thing I must do."

I led him downstairs to the dimly lit restaurant and down the back. I pushed the table where I had been sitting aside and took his hand. Holding hands, we faced the statue of Lakshmi. I took his right hand in my left and together we rubbed her belly and breasts.

"Thank you Lakshmi" I said.

"You brought me luck and worship in the form of Sagun. I know you ordained this night and brought us together. We have had two beautiful ejaculations each, but I ask you to give us both the strength for one more in your presence."

I looked at Sagun, whose eyes had grown misty with emotion and joy. I reached across and stroked his beautiful cock, feeling it instantly spring to full erection, as his fingers did the sam for me. We faced each other before the statue of Lakshmi, erections touching each other, head to head. I turned around and bent over, leaning on the table as he took me before the goddess. Then he withdrew and it was my turn. We showed Lakshmi how we fucked each other's arse in her honour and now, we faced her and side by side, we masturbated hard and furiously pointing our cocks at her feet. In unison, we moaned joyously as we spurted our final loads onto her feet.

We kissed deeply, then in turn, like catholics taking communion, we licked the mixed semen from her ringleted brass toes. swallowing it like the sacrament it was.

I left a hundred euro note at the foot of the statue, kissed Sagun one last time and left, telling him I would be ack same night next week.

I drove home, amazed after such a night to find that once again I was nursing one of the hardest erections ever and could hardly walk from the car to the house, where I had to give myself immediate relief thinking about Sagun..... and Lakshmi.

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Jennifer's New Boyfriend....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 15,Apr,14 23:52

Jennifer was any man's dream. At 20 she was the perfect specimen of a female, a petite woman whose blonde hair and blue eyes reminded one of her Viking heritage and lustful play in bed. And David was no exception when it came to appreciating her charms.

Their relationship had been a little lopsided from the beginning. Since he'd met Jennifer about four weeks earlier, she'd pretty much run his life for him. Telling him what to wear, and were they were going to eat, and what club they were going to go to in the evenings. David didn't really mind that she was bossy. If he really wanted to admit the truth, he'd have to fess up to the fact that her bossy ways secretly turned him on. He would never admit it out loud but a little bit of bitchiness was something he craved in a woman.

So it was no real surprise when Jennifer demanded that they stay home one Saturday night and mess around. David had expected that she'd want to go out on the town, but was pleasantly surprised that she wanted to be with him all by themselves.

It didn't take long before the young couple was in the throes of passion, with of course Jennifer making all the aggressive moves. Having made David strip buck-naked some time ago, it didn't take too much effort to get him to lie back on the couch and let her have her way with him. David loved it when she sucked him off.

She really knew what she was doing with her mouth and probably had, had a lot of experience doing it if the wonderful feelings she was giving him were any proof. David lay back and watched this lovely woman bobbing her head over his crotch enjoying the warm moist feeling of her mouth and tongue working him over.

It didn't take long before he felt himself ready to cum. David never told Jennifer when he was about to cum. It was one of the few things that he did to get 'even' with her for being so bitchy all the time. When she started to gag from his cum shooting down her throat he always felt a since of power over her. And besides, he didn't want her to stop and pull away, he wanted to make her swallow it.

True to form Jennifer had no idea when he was ready. That is, until she felt David grab her hair and he shoved his pulsing cock deep into her mouth. Then she began to gag as David unloaded gush after gush of hot sticky cum down her throat.

Jennifer knew why David always ended up **** her to take him and frankly she didn't mind it at all. She too had a ****, she liked to be dominated and this one little show of f**** from David never grew old for her. She only wished that he'd be more of a man and f**** her to do other things too.

Jennifer was the way she was because of her c***dhood experiences and couldn't help the way she treated David and for that matter all her previous boyfriends. She'd grown up in a very strict fundamentalist f****y whose patriarchal dictator father never let any indiscretion go unpunished.

Jennifer could never do anything right for her father and could never get away with anything. She was always being punished. This wouldn't have been too bad except that her perfect younger b*****r was always held up to her as the 'perfect' c***d.

When Jennifer was 13 and her b*****r sexually accosted her in her own bed one weekend when their parents were away at a religious retreat, she thought that 'this' would surely make her father realize that his son was less than perfect. She'd even let him f**** her just so she could use it against him.

But when their parents finally returned home Jennifer couldn't bring herself to tell her father about what her b*****r had done. She tried to, but her b*****r Jason was so confident about her not being believed that she lost her nerve.

That was the beginning of her i****tuous love life and her need to get even with any boy that was ever attracted to her, and many a male had been. With her angelic blonde good looks, she attracted them by the carload.

Finally Jennifer moved out on her own, but the visits from her b*****r didn't stop. At 20 she was used to being dominated by her younger b*****r, she was used to doing anything he told her to do. And now it even gave her a kind of perverse pleasure to do as she was told.

Over the past couple of years Jason had begun to get really kinky in his demands. Many nights when Jennifer was getting ready to go out on a date, Jason would insist that she fuck him several times. Sometimes only moments before the doorbell would ring. Once he was screwing her while her date was waiting at the door pushing the bell over and over again.

David had met Jennifer's b*****r and he didn't like him much, and Jason knew this. As a matter of fact Jason didn't like David all that much because he knew that David was screwing his s****r. It made him a little jealous to know that another man was getting into his pretty s****r's panties.

And that's exactly why what happened, happened.


That Saturday 'stay at home' wasn't arranged because Jennifer didn't want to go out on the town, or because she wanted to spend the evening in bed with David. That evening was arranged by her b*****r, and used to doing whatever Jason told her to do, Jennifer unquestioningly obeyed.

Earlier that afternoon Jason had a little talk with his older s****r, "Baby, I want you to get him tied down to the bed and I want you to have it done by 9 o'clock."

Jennifer nodded her pretty head obediently with a mounting since of excitement. 'What did her perverted b*****r have in mind this time,' she wondered silently. She obediently set about to do as she was told.


David was a little surprised when his girlfriend pulled out the nylon cord and whispered into his ear, "I'm going to tie you down to the bed so you can't get away, then I'm going to do really nasty things to your body and you won't be able to stop me." She looked deep into his eyes and then pushed away with a giggle and took first one hand then the other and tied them with a loop over the headboard.

A rush of adrenalin made David's heart race and his cock stand proud, throbbing in time to his heartbeat. He'd cum in Jennifer's mouth only five minutes before but this new twist was making him painfully hard.

As Jennifer was completing the knots at his ankles David heard the doorbell. When Jennifer got up 'naked' from the bed he quickly said, "Jenn don't answer that, c'mon I'm tied up naked on the bed, now's not a good time to be answering the door to some stranger."

But Jennifer just gave her boyfriend a long look before answering, "It's not some stranger David," and she walked out of the room.

David was frantic now, he realized that he was really tied to the bed and couldn't get loose. This was not good. Then he heard voices and struggled to look at the bedroom door to see who was there. 'What the fuck was Jennifer doing? Why would she let someone in while they were having sex?'

Then to his shock he saw Jennifer's little b*****r walk into the room.

"Hey Davy how's tricks?" Jason asked with a smile on his handsome face.

"What the fuck?" David yelled, his dick wilting and his face blushing bright red with embarrassment and humiliation.

"Don't worry Davy, we just wanted to try something new and exciting. I bet if you just relax you'll even enjoy it." Jason said and laughed.

Then to his unbelieving ears David heard Jason say, "Okay Jenny honey show me how you fuck him will yeah?"

Jennifer obediently walked over to the bed and stood beside her trust-up boyfriend. "He isn't hard any more Jason," she said with disappointment in her voice.

Jason grunted and came over to look. "You know Davy I can see why my s****r likes to fuck you so much. You have a nice body and that cock of yours looks like it'd be a pretty good size when it's hard."

Jason reached out and began to fondle David, massaging his limp cock and squeezing his nuts gently between his fingers. David just looked up at him then at Jennifer. Then in anger he said, "What the fuck are you doing? What are you a queer?" David instantly regretted his words when Jason painfully squeezed his balls in his fist.

"Ouch, oh fuck, please stop it, stop it, ouch!"

"Now Davy old friend, you'll be much better off if you just don't say anything else tonight. And to make sure that you don't get into any more trouble I'll just have Jenny love put something in there to shut that cake-hole of yours."

Jennifer silently picked up her discarded panties and with David struggling to try and avoid her she stuffed most of the material into his mouth. "Here Jenny love take this length of rope and tie your panties tight," Jason said.

David looked up at the b*****r and s****r, now wondering if he would survive this night. Jennifer was acting strangely, like nothing he'd seen before. Gone was the bossy, bitchy attitude and it was now replaced with a complete adoring submissiveness.

David could only watch as Jason walked up next to the bed and reached down for his dick again. David was determined not to go along with Jennifer or her queer b*****r. The last thing he wanted was anything to do with another man, and especially this fucking jerk, and now that included his weird s****r too.

But David didn't have a choice in the matter, he was tied to the bed and no amount of struggling would help him out of this situation.

Jason continued to stroke David's dick. Finally he said, "Well, it looks like Davy isn't gonna cooperate. Jenny love, help me twist Davy over and then I want you to crawl under him and fuck him for me. Get him really hard get him really horny for me baby."

David struggled uselessly as the b*****r and s****r twisted his body over so that his wrists and ankles crossed. He even tried to kick at them when Jason undid one ankle so that they could reposition his legs wide open again.

Then in a detached sort of why David lay quiet as his pretty girlfriend (the fucking pervert) crawled under him, pushing him over on his side then pulling him on top of her. All the time David was aware of Jennifer's b*****r watching them from behind.

Then Jennifer began to rock under him. At first the weird situation made it so that nothing she did could even remotely turn him on. But after a while his body began to betray him and his cock started to grow. And when Jennifer felt him growing she reached down between their crotches and positioned him at her soaking wet slit.

David flinched when he felt Jason's hand shoving at his cock. Then as Jennifer began to thrust up at him David could feel her b*****r's fingers feeling between his cock and her pussy as Jennifer pushed and pulled. It almost felt like Jason was jacking him off as his fingers moved in unison with Jennifer's movements.

David didn't want it to happen, but couldn't help himself, he was hard and no matter how much he tried not to, his body was responding to the stimulation that this b*****r/s****r act was performing on him.

Jennifer picked up the pace and David began to feel his excitement rise. He didn't want this to be happening but he had to admit to himself that he was fully aroused and the restraint and inability to stop them from r****g him was secretly fueling his lust.

David stopped daydreaming about restrained sex when he felt the bed jiggle. He tried to look over to see what Jason was doing but Jennifer held him around the neck and all he could tell was that her b*****r had climbed on the bed and was kneeling over them.

Then he almost vomited with fear and loathing. He felt Jason fumbling around near his butt. 'What the fuck was that queer pervert going to do now?' he wondered, trying to scream at them both. But only muffled moans escaped the tight gag blocking up his mouth.

'Oh fuck Oh god! The bastard's gonna fuck me in the butt! Oh fuck NO!' his mind screamed because he couldn't get much noise out around the gag.

David's eyes began to water as he felt the first searing pain of Jason's invasion of his rear hole. 'God,' he thought, 'it hurts so bad!' And it did. David could feel Jennifer's b*****r wiggling round on top of his back. He knew when Jason had worked his cockhead into his butt opening. 'Fuck it hurts,' was all he could think.

Jason was frantically trying to penetrate Jenny's boyfriend before she knew what he was up to. He realized that she might not like what he was doing. But Jason had been thinking about just this event ever since he'd met Jenny's boyfriend. David had that smooth hairless skin that always attracted Jason. Usually it was found on girls, but what the hell, he'd poke anything that appealed to him.

Doing a sandwich with Jennifer and David was what had been running through Jason's head for weeks now.

As he thrust home all the way to his balls he could hear the Wesson oil he'd used as lubricant squishing against his crotch and David's butt cheeks. It was so perverted. He could still feel Jennifer's valiant efforts to thrust up against David's cock, although she was now trying the lift two male bodies and wasn't being too successful.

David was screaming into his gag and jerking around trying to dislodge Jason's deeply thrust cock from his rear end. Finally Jennifer noticed the extra weight and the distress that her boyfriend had written all over his face. Then she noticed her b*****r who had just begun to hump into her boyfriend's butt.

At first Jennifer was shocked to see him screwing David's butthole. Jason had made love to her so many times before that the thought of his dick screwing a male butt made her feel like she couldn't ever let it back into her cunt again. But it also excited her, the dominant side of her came out when she saw the distress in David's eyes as her b*****r ****d him from behind.

Jennifer in a moment of inspiration rolled Jason and David over onto their side and scrunched down to take David into her mouth again. She was wildly excited by what her b*****r was doing to him. If the truth be known she had always been turned on by the thought of two men 'doing it' with each other.

David couldn't believe what was happening to him. His girlfriend was wailing away with her lovely mouth, keeping his dick stiff against his will, while her b*****r was fucking his butt. David could feel Jason's slimy cock penetrating him deep down inside. For a momentary flash he wondered if this was what women felt like when they were getting screwed.

The pain was pretty much gone by now. The sensations were more of a numb rubbing feeling as the nineteen-year-old queer boy thrust away in his butt. And with the hot moist mouth still working on his intensely ridged cock it wasn't long before David lost all control and began to cum with a rush like he'd never felt before.

As David jerked and squirmed relieving himself in Jennifer's mouth Jason could feel David's orgasm as his butt muscles tensed and relaxed with each ejaculation and this brought him to a head too.

Jason groaned as he came deep in David's asshole. David closed his eyes in disgust tinged with lust as he realized that a guy had just emptied himself in his bowels. But even that humiliation couldn't stop the pleasure that his own cum in Jennifer's mouth was giving him.


Finally it was over. Three bodies lay panting for breath, two loudly and one muffed through a gag. After a few moments Jason reached over, (Still firmly embedded in his lover's butt) and pulled the rope loose that held Jennifer's panties in David's mouth.

David didn't say a word. Even when Jason finally pulled his still hard dick out of his butt he just lay there.


Normally that would have been the end of Jennifer's relationship with her boyfriend. It had happened before when her boyfriend's realized that she was screwing her b*****r on the side. But in this particular case, after David had a chance to recover and realized how much fun that evening had really been. Well, let it suffice to say that instead of just Jason taking advantage of Jennifer's 'boyfriends' now there were Jason and David too.

And I'll bet you can imagine how much fun they had with Jennifer's new boyfriends from that day forward.

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Chinese Guy .....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 15,Apr,14 23:50

The other day I was on yahoo messenger hoping for a good cam wank, I had been on about ten minutes when I got a friends request and a message, like your cock been watching you. I accepted the friends request and opened his web cam. I nearly shot my load when I saw him, he was totally naked like me, a very cute chinese guy. He was about 24. black hair, glasses a bit geeky looking but cute, he had a massive hard cock it was about 7 inches and growing. He had big hanging balls as well. I told him wow I like the look of you and he said same here. I asked him where he was from shock of shocks not thousands of miles away but my town he was a student at the local uni. I asked him if he wanted to meet up and wank one on one. He said yes he would very much. He had never wanked with a guy one on one although he had done lots of cam wanking. I asked him whereabouts he was. He lived not far from me about ten minutes walk. I asked him to come round.
About ten minutes later there was a knock on the door and I answered he was there in jeans and a tee shirt. I had answered the door bollock naked because I knew it was him. He said wow, and asked if he could touch my cock. Yes of course, he rubbed it and put his hands under my balls. I unzipped him and put my hands in, his balls and cock were huge, he stripped off his clothes and stood there naked in front of me, his cock was rigid and must have been 9 inches, it looked even bigger because he was only about 5ft 6ins and quite skinny.
We sat down on the sofa and he told me he had never been naked with a guy before or even touched another guys cock, although he was making up for that as he was working my cock and bollocks. I was rubbing his. He asked me if he could kiss my cock yes please!! He knelt in front of me and began to lick my shaft and balls I then asked him to get on the sofa so I could lick his massive cock too. He was very keen. We began 69 ing
I was loving sucking his huge cock it tasted so good and mine being sucked as well I told him that I was soon going to shoot and he said me too. I felt the sperm welling in my balls as he sucked on my cock and then felt the build up and huge orgasm as my spunk shot into his mouth
He then started groaning and I knew he was coming to, my mouth was filled with hot jism, never had a guy cum in my mouth before but it was great. We both cleaned up and sat on the sofa, I put my hand on his cock and began stroking his nipples he was getting hard again already and me too
He said he had always fantasized about being fucked doggy style and I told him that could become a reality. I said I don’t have any condoms but never fucked a guy before, which was true, and he said he hadnt either so we said, lets do it all the way
He got on all fours he had a very cute bum and his balls and huge cock were hanging down, I put my hand on his balls and rubbed the shaft, wow, I got my cock and put the end by his holes ready to slide it in
Then I woke up !!!! ha ha

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