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By boyforsex at 21,Apr,10 05:17

I saw my mother?s asshole today. She was out by the pool using the outdoor shower, thinking she was alone and when she bent over to wash her legs I could see every inch of her ass crack and her hot, tight, sexy little asshole. It was right there and then that I decided that I was going to suck her asshole, butt fuck her and make her eat my sperm? and it would be tonight.

At dinner I was prepared to slip an ecstasy tablet I had in her drink when instead she asked me for an aspirin for her headache. I gave her the X and told her the coach had given it to me for a sore ankle and it would help with her headache as well. She took it and leaned back in the dining chair and I began to rub her neck, slowly waiting for the X to kick in. It didn?t take long and I was soon reaching into her shirt to rub the tops of her big D cup tits and she didn?t try to stop me. Getting braver I reached into my mother?s bra and took each of her tits and nipples in my hands and gripped her tight as I covered her mouth with mine and gave her my tongue. She stood up and was on fire, loving me like I was her husband and not her son. With my tongue in her mouth I inched my hand into her shorts and began massaging her hot hairy vagina and she was dripping wet. I reached around to her back and put my hand on her ass for the first time and entered my mother?s asshole with my finger. That was all she could take. The ecstasy, the kissing and feeling up she was getting and she whispered in my ear ?take your mother to bed?. and mount me!? I stripped my mother naked and literally threw her on the bed? it was go time. I turned her over and spread her ass cheeks and put my tongue on her asshole. I sank my tongue all the way in and I sucked my mother?s ass like a mad man until she came. Then just like she asked, I mounted her from behind and began to give her my stiff, hard as a rock cock all the way up her very wet asshole and I fucked her ass until we both came again? I ejaculated all the way in my mother?s ass. I lay there, both of still naked, when my wife walked in. She saw it all, my cock was still stuck in mother?s ass, and cum was pooling down her legs and on my wife?s sheets. I did not care. I pulled out and while she stood there in shock, I pulled mother around and instantly began to fuck her vagina. ?Oh my god?, stop it? my wife said, but my mother didn?t want to stop and neither did I. What happened next you will never believe!

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By #33108 at 21,Apr,10 15:32 Hide
I would love to see her ass also
By boyforsex at 23,Apr,10 05:39 Hide
My mother wants your big dick! She wants you to fuck her in the ass too, I asked her.
By Yoghan at 08,Feb,14 16:02 Hide

By curiousstraight at 27,May,12 15:13 Hide
post sum pix of ur sexy mom u nauty boy love the stories i jekedoff and came alot thinking of u and ur mo

By #103985 at 17,Sep,10 06:48 Hide
That is so fuckin' hot. I love how you say you sucked on her asshole. I bet your mom has a beautiful but dirty butthole that also needs my mouth on it to suck, kiss and slobber on. Let me know.

By COCKSUCKERSLUT at 21,Apr,10 09:22 Hide
By boyforsex at 23,Apr,10 05:40 Hide
do you want to sodamize my mommy?

By adk7 at 22,Apr,10 01:38 Hide

By #13162 at 21,Apr,10 12:47 Hide
my dads the pope
By #48558 at 22,Apr,10 04:00 Hide
These days the pope could be your aunt.

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