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what I am here for.

Posted by touchme at 02,Aug,14 03:30

Hey guys, I love cum shots. I can't get enough. Thanks to all who share that intimate moment. If you got em, I'd like to see it dripping, shooting, or just puddled on a table. Hope you understand how much I love this site.

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Sexy Chat

Posted by bdone at 02,Aug,14 02:57

Read from the bottom up!

Aug 2, 02:46 marko_k: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Aug 2, 02:45 bdone: your dirty little bitch to serve you...
Aug 2, 02:45 bdone:
Aug 2, 02:44 marko_k: hug me now, and cuddle with me
Aug 2, 02:44 marko_k: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Aug 2, 02:44 bdone: you're welcome sir, here to serve you...
Aug 2, 02:44 marko_k: love you
Aug 2, 02:44 marko_k: thank you for make me cum
Aug 2, 02:44 bdone: I try to catch it all...
Aug 2, 02:43 marko_k: it was so good
Aug 2, 02:43 marko_k: I cum , shooting a huge load ,ohhhh, thick and sticky, really huge today,still dripping from the slit
Aug 2, 02:43 bdone: give it to me sir
Aug 2, 02:42 marko_k: oooooooooooooooooooooo
Aug 2, 02:41 bdone: I beg for more...
Aug 2, 02:41 marko_k: you will feel my orgasmic twitch in your mouth
Aug 2, 02:40 marko_k: i give you all my fresh hot seed
Aug 2, 02:39 bdone: mmmmm, give it to me sir
Aug 2, 02:39 bdone: yes sir, my please, I want them in my mouth
Aug 2, 02:39 marko_k: suck me good now, i will cum in a minute
Aug 2, 02:39 marko_k: caress my balls
Aug 2, 02:38 marko_k:
Aug 2, 02:38 bdone:
Aug 2, 02:36 marko_k:
Aug 2, 02:36 marko_k: you makes me so hard, i'm jacking like crazy
Aug 2, 02:35 marko_k: want to cum deep in your mouth
Aug 2, 02:35 bdone: More, more...
Aug 2, 02:35 marko_k: ooo, yes my baby!
Aug 2, 02:34 bdone: then push deeper sir...
Aug 2, 02:34 marko_k: want to feel your chin on my balls
Aug 2, 02:33 bdone: yes, give it all to me
Aug 2, 02:33 marko_k: moan for me
Aug 2, 02:33 marko_k: then i face fuck your mouth
Aug 2, 02:32 bdone: Yes, **** it on me...
Aug 2, 02:32 marko_k: grab me for my ass and take all my uncut unprotected cock in your mouth
Aug 2, 02:30 marko_k: mmmmmmmm
Aug 2, 02:30 bdone: yes, sir, I will go slowly...
Aug 2, 02:29 marko_k: My shaft is very sensitive under the head so when your tongue starts down to my balls I will moan with pleasure.
Aug 2, 02:28 bdone: of course sir, my pleasure
Aug 2, 02:28 marko_k: want to feel your warm lips on my red cockhead too
Aug 2, 02:27 bdone: and I you sir
Aug 2, 02:27 marko_k: want to make you happy
Aug 2, 02:26 bdone: You are so good to me
Aug 2, 02:26 marko_k: want to take you to the haven
Aug 2, 02:25 bdone: I love your tongue...
Aug 2, 02:25 marko_k: While I lick and suck your cock I can taste the first precum cuming out your sweet slit
Aug 2, 02:24 bdone:
Aug 2, 02:24 marko_k:
Aug 2, 02:24 bdone: good, my pleasure sir
Aug 2, 02:23 marko_k: mmmmmmmmmmmm, you makes me hard
Aug 2, 02:22 bdone: I lean back and give you full access...
Aug 2, 02:21 marko_k: ooooo, I suck your cock harder, doubling my efforts to give you all the joy and pleasure I can.
Aug 2, 02:20 bdone: You are in control...
Aug 2, 02:20 marko_k: My tongue loves the feeling of your hard and throbbing cock in my mouth. I can see and feel your balls drawing up towards
your body and I sense that your getting close to cumming for me.
Aug 2, 02:19 bdone: It is quite nice...
Aug 2, 02:19 marko_k: want to taste your sweet precum first
Aug 2, 02:18 bdone: it's building....
Aug 2, 02:17 marko_k: hope you have a lot of hot cream for me
Aug 2, 02:17 bdone: yes please sir
Aug 2, 02:17 marko_k: i lick your balls too
Aug 2, 02:16 bdone: Mmmmmm, yes...
Aug 2, 02:16 marko_k: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm then I put your cockhead between my lips, taste you, and suck you
Aug 2, 02:15 bdone: I'm yours.....
Aug 2, 02:15 marko_k: ooo, yees then I want to jerk you off, kiss your cock, lick your cock up and down
Aug 2, 02:14 bdone: Sounds good to me
Aug 2, 02:13 marko_k: I wished I could touching and caressing your hard hot cock.
Aug 2, 02:12 marko_k:
Aug 2, 02:12 bdone: Thanks!
Aug 2, 02:11 marko_k: YUMMY hot COCK dude! yeah wish to do something hot with you together

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Hi there

Posted by bdone at 02,Aug,14 00:21

Hi new here.

On a few sites as I love showing pics of myself. Love playing and jerking for you (sub) and always keen for picture requests.

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Posted by Lickitbb at 01,Aug,14 23:51

Hey guys, out of curiosity comment how long you last when masterbating

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Posted by mimibutch at 01,Aug,14 20:08

Any women interested in bumping cunts. I know I am. It's been way too long since I rubbed against another woman, kneaded her titties, made her come with my fingers and my tongue. Anyone out there?

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the idea behind these photos ...

Posted by vertigo377 at 01,Aug,14 07:56

Also, was steckt hinter dieser Seite ausser dem Spass am geilen Foto ....: Intelligenter Bi-Mann (45/schlank/186/85) in fester, ungeouteter Beziehung lebend sucht Ebensolchen fuer den Aufbau einer erotischen Freundschaft und Auffrischung alter Leidenschaften, mag es eher soft. Alter bis max.50 und aehnliche Masse bevorzugt; dickere Herren, Opas, ONS und Notgeile zwecklos; gerne Anfaenger und Neugierige, ich habe Zeit; nichts muss, schon garnicht sofort, aber vieles kann ... vielleicht 'ne geile Fotosession für diese Seite? ... ansonsten zaehlt die Sympathie und kompatible Vorlieben, freu mich auf jede ernstgemeinte Nachricht. Area MS/HAM/GT

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Posted by Pussyfister at 01,Aug,14 06:20

Any one willing to trade picks for points pm me pls

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am i a dirty old man

Posted by dgraff at 01,Aug,14 05:56

am i a bad man because i like young men i love the smooth texture and the energy they posses i have been with men my own age but they dont have the energy i like to be naked and hard all day with a partner not just an hour and done

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E Stim: Looking for someone to play with.

Posted by paradiseestim at 01,Aug,14 04:55

I am a straight but curious guy, in a relationship with a great girl. I love E stim and have always wanted to play with another cock. If you want to know more about E Stim or want to chat or share vid or pics then leave a message. I live in Somerset. Sometimes you just have to get off on more than just women I guess.

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About me

Posted by countryboy123 at 01,Aug,14 01:20

Just a normal 19 year old living in the outskirts of New York. I am Bi with a 19 year old 5"5 ginger girlfriend named Ali. She does not know I am Bi but she has had a threesome with another girl at a party named Lindsay. Ali is a goddess for cock with her DDs and craving for deep throats and titty fucking. She is also getting into anal so I have fucked my guy buds at parties and went home with her I love showing her and myself off and have a fantasy about her being fucked by another guy as she watches me jerk off in the corner to her being defiled in front of me. Me myself am 6 foot with 7" cock and I love having my little tight butt rammed into the bed by a hot cock.

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Looking for fun

Posted by oilboi691 at 31,Jul,14 22:29

Are u in the Edmonton area and looking to play. Send me a private msg and let's see where it goes

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any sexy girls on here like sucking cock?

Posted by bigcocky1111 at 31,Jul,14 22:08

I was just wondering if u girls enjoyed it

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Old Light

Posted by _avg_ at 31,Jul,14 21:34

Come bail me out of the state I'm in
The drinks I've had are no match for the truth
The crowd down here put it's teeth in us
But the cure's more dangerous than the venom is
So we leave it in
And we do those things that make us forget that we're dying here
But we're dying here

So love your blood while you can
Let it warm your freezing hands

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Video Arcade........................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 31,Jul,14 21:05

Crazy traffic on a SoCal freeway fored me to take a detour through the OC. I stopped in a convenience store for something to drink and noticed an adult video store across the street. On this particular night I wasn't thinking about sex, but seeing all the cars in that parking lot made me want to check it out and see what the big deal was. Deciding to make a quick detour on my commute, I rolled into the parking lot behind the store. There were 3 or 4 doors, and I quickly found out that you had to first enter the middle door and purchase a video card. This part of the store had a counter, the typical racks of DVD's and toys, and a few unimpressive viewing booths. These booths were had maybe 4' high walls and no privacy. I asked the counter guy which if there was more to the store and he told me to exit and reenter at one of the two other doors outside.
I decided on a door, put my card in the slot, and got buzzed in. The room had a center aisle and and 6-8 booths on either side. The booth walls looked like office cubicles and stood about 5' high. At least these were fully enclosed and as I strolled down the aisle the faces popped up from the booths. There were guys of all ages in here, with some brazenly standing between booths just looking over at whomever was inside. I found an empty booth and popped my card into the machine. As I scrolled through the videos, there was a good selection of gay, straight, and shemale porn. It didn't take long for me to find a cute ladyboy video and I pulled out my cock and started stroking. Just then an old dude in his late 60's walks into my booth and drops to his knees begging for my cock. I kindly told him no thanks and realized I should at least be a little careful around here. He didn't move so I just walked over him and went into the next empty booth. I'm an older guy myself, 40's, white, 200lbs with a thick 6" and I'm conveniently bisexual.... but I'm never in the mood for pushy people who don't get the hint.
I found my ladyboy movie in the next booth and watched a few minutes. It was then that an asian guy peeked into my booth and saw what I was watching. He asked me if I liked asian cock and I smiled. He told me that he knew all the guys in here tonight and that it was safe to play. I was starting to feel pretty crazy so I didn't stop him from entering my booth. He told me that he was running late and he needed to cum before heading home to the wife, so i licked my lips and dropped to my knees. His cock was amazingly long and thin, whith a nice full head dripping with precum. I could tell he'd been stroking for awhile since he had that cummy taste all over himself. He grabbed my head and fucked my mouth slowly then sped up.... he told me he was going to shoot and boy he sure did. I swallowed as much as possible but as he pulled out he shot more on my face. Now I was the one on my knees unable to get up. My new friend zipped up and asked me if I wanted more cum tonight. I said yes and he told me to beg for it. At that he told me to take off all my clothes and lay on the floor. There wasn't much room in there but I was now a little cum d***k and pulled off my shirt and pants. He warned me that if I heard the outside door open, I should get dressed quickly, but until then I should lay there naked on the cold floor and wait for more cock. As he left the booth I could hear him whispering to other guys that there was a hot hungry new guy naked in here......
It only took a minute for a young mexican guy to stand above me and pull out his brown uncut cock. He pulled me up to my knees and fed me his meat. As I slobbered on him I realized there was another guy behind me reaching down my back to my exposed round, white ass. I looked back and told him that I wasn't sure I wanted to fuck today but he told me that he would do anything he wanted with me. The mexican cock in my face looked so good and since it was attached to a rather large guy, I started to feel kinda uneasy about my situation.
To make matters worse, I heard that outside door opening and figured the guys around me would hurry out of the booth. Instead they just told me that everything was ok and to just go along with it. I was on my hands and knees with one cock in my mouth and another working it's way into my ass when I glanced up and saw 4 or 5 faces looking over the wall into my booth and watching the 3 of us go at it. After a few more minutes the guys on me switched places and I was taking that brown dick deep in my ass. He shot his load inside me and moved up to wipe his cock on my face. Just tehn teh other guy started to blast on my face as well but i slurped up and swallowed as much cum as I could reach. The guys quickly got up and left, laughing and saying "ok, who's next?" I decided to get my clothes back on and sat there in the booth for a few minutes catching my breath...
I was still crazy horny since I hadn't shot yet, so I found punched a few buttons on the machine and figured I'd knock one out and hit the road. Unfortunately the cleaning guy decided to come in with his mop & bucket so it was no-play time. Oh well, I headed for the door and laughed as I saw how much of a mess was made in my booth. I hope that cleaning guy has a good mop!

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Trucker Sex

Posted by MONTED at 31,Jul,14 21:03

t was almost 4am. I had been sitting in this rest area on I-40 all night. I was horny when I arrived, and, now, even more so. Nothing had been going on, and I had decided to leave several times, but just as I started the pickup, another truck would pull in, and I would think, “This is it.” Each time I had been wrong. I decided that I would get out, smoke a cigarette, and, if nothing happened by the time I finished, I would hit the road.

The rest area made a big circle; the ramp back to the interstate almost kissed the ramp off of it. I had parked near the on ramp, so I could see what was coming and going. I had only taken a couple of drags, when another big truck pulled off the interstate. I waited for the whoosh of the air brakes. When it didn’t come, I turned to watch the curve for head lights. Suddenly, the truck appeared with only the running lights. There was plenty of room in front of my pickup and on the opposite side of the road, but the truck chose to park behind me. This did not appear an easy task, as he would have to parallel park into a spot that barely accommodated his long nose Peterbilt and 52 foot trailer. I was surprised at how quickly he managed to put the rig where he wanted it. Finally, the whoosh of the air brakes.

I stood there, cigarette in hand, watching, waiting, anticipating the trucker’s exit from the cab. It seemed like it took forever.

At last, he climbed down from the cab and swaggered back between the rig and the trailer. By his stance, it appeared that he was taking a piss. When he finished, he stepped out and took a long, slow look around.

I stood there, the remainder of the cigarette in my hand, willing this trucker to send me some kind of signal. I took another drag off of the cigarette, bringing the cherry down to the filter. I tossed the butt to the gravel and ground it out with my boot. It was late; it was time for me to admit that it was not going to happen tonight. Before I opened the door, I took another look at the trucker.

While I was walking from the back of my pickup to the door, he had started sauntering towards me. Instead of opening the door, I leaned against the bed, resting my arm on the rail, waiting for him to come closer.

He stopped at the rear of the pickup. In the still darkness, his voice seemed to boom, “Hey, boy, you out givin' blow jobs?”

I swallowed hard and replied, “Well, that’s not exactly what I’m looking for, but I suppose I could.”

“Come on back to the truck, I don’t want the whole place to see what’s goin' on.”

As he turned and walked back to his truck, I followed. He crawled up into the cab, over the seat, and into the sl**per; still, I followed. As he pulled off his boots, he said, “I like to get naked; you can do the same, if you want.”

Immediately, I started pulling off my clothes; it didn’t take me long. When I finished, he was pulling his t-shirt over his head, still clothed from the waist down.

“Damn, boy, either you’re in a hurry or you want it pretty bad.”

“A little of both. I’ve been up here since nine o’clock, and I haven’t had any luck.”

“Well, your luck’s about to change.” With that, he pulled down his jeans and briefs in one motion. His semi-hard cock, curving slightly downward, pointed out in front of him over his low hanging balls.

I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock into my mouth. I grabbed his ass and pulled him to me, **** his cock into my throat.

The trucker moaned as he grabbed my head and held my throat around his cock. He ground his pubic hair into my nose and his nuts into my chin. Just when I thought I was going to choke, he pulled back. Slowly, he started fucking my face.

“Get your rhythm, boy, then we’ll get serious.”

I adjusted my breathing to his fucking. When he noticed that I had gotten my rhythm, he began to fuck faster.

“Yea, boy, suck my cock.”

His cock was sliding through my lips, over my tongue, and down my throat easier than any cock had I had ever sucked before. Even though a blow job was not why I had come here, this fucker was turning me on. I reached down between my legs and began playing with my balls, occasionally running a finger across or around my ass hole.

“Yea, suck that big cock. You like cock? Tell me how much you like cock, boy.” The trucker pulled his cock out of my mouth so I could answer.

“I love cock. I’ll take cock anyway I can get it. Give me your big trucker cock.”

“Say, “Please,” he teased, as he shoved his cock back into my throat.

As he continued to fuck my face, I massaged his cock with my lips, tongue, and throat. I had waited several hours for this cock, and I was determined to do my best.

“Fuck, boy, that feels real good. You take it up the ass?” Again, he pulled his dick out of my mouth for my answer.

“Yes, sir, I do. That’s what I was really hoping for.”

“Crawl up there on the bed.”

I crawled onto the bed, my body stretching across the width of the sl**per. “Is this where you want me?” I asked.

The trucker grabbed my ankles in his strong hands and twisted me so that I was lying across the mattress. As he rolled me over onto my stomach, he said, “The truck don’t rock so much this way. Get on your hands and knees.”

I followed his instruction.

He spit onto my ass, then into his hand, and rubbed it over my ass. He pushed the head of his cock over and around my eager hole, teasing me.

“You ready for it, boy?” the trucker asked.

“Yes! Fuck me, please. I gotta have that cock in my ass.”

“You want my cock in your ass?” he asked.

“Yes, please, fuck me with that trucker cock. I want you to fuck my ass good.”

“You want my cock in your ass right now, boy?”

“Yes, now,” I hissed through clenched teeth.

He placed both hands on my waist. As he yanked me towards him, he rammed his cock into my ass, past my sphincter, into my guts. It felt like my insides were on fire. I tried to wiggle away.

His grip was firm; he followed me with his cock. “Where ya goin’. I thought this is what you wanted? You said you wanted it; I’m gonna give it to ya.”

As I braced myself against the back of the sl**per, the trucker pulled me back to the edge of the mattress. “That’s it, boy, brace up for a good, hard fuck.”

This time, he did not allow me time to get my rhythm; he started slamming his cock into my ass. Using my hips for leverage, he pulled my ass to him with as much f**** as he pushed his cock into me.

“You wanted a good fuckin’, boy, now I’m gonna give ya one. Take that big cock. Tell me how much you like it.”

“Yeah, fuck me. Fuck my ass. I love your cock you in my ass. You can fuck me any which way. Do whatever you want, just don’t take that cock out of my ass.”

“What if I do this,” he said, as he pulled his cock all the way out, then rammed back into me.

“Fuck, yes. Use that ass! Fuck it good.”

“That’s a good little whore. You’re just a truck stop whore, aren’t ya, boy.”

“Yes, sir. I’m a truck stop whore. I love trucker cock in my ass. Fuck me! Fuck my ass with that big trucker cock! Fuck me!”

“Oh, yeah, dirty little truck stop whore. You can’t get enough of this cock, can ya?”

“No, sir. I want it; I want your cock deep in my ass; I want it all. I want to feel your balls slapping against my ass. Fuck me! Fuck me!”

The trucker began pounding into my ass, whiplashing my head into the back of the sl**per. He raised one foot onto the edge of the bed for better leverage.

“Oh, that’s a hot little fuck hole, boy. Feel this big cock stretchin’ that little hole? That’s what you want, isn’t it, boy?”

“Yes, fuck my hole. Stretch it out; ram that big trucker cock up my ass.”

He continued to hammer at my ass, his balls slapping against me. I found myself slamming back to meet him. I was almost yelling, “FUCK ME! FUCK MY ASS!”

“Take it, boy; take this big trucker cock. Your hot little ass loves it. You can’t live without can, ya, boy?”

“I can’t. I’ve gotta have it. Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass, and don’t stop.”

I could feel his sweat dripping onto my back and ass, mingling with my own, running down my legs and arms, and dripping off my belly and balls. His cock was sliding in and out furiously in long, frantic strokes.

“You ready for a big load, boy? I’m gonna shoot a big load up your horny ass, boy.”

“Yea, give it to me. Shoot that big load.”

The trucker pulled completely out, then, rammed his cock back into ass, his balls slapping against me. Again and again, he pulled all the way out, then rammed full f**** to the hilt.

“Fuck me! Shoot that big load up my ass. Give it to me; I gotta have it.”

The trucker put both hands on my shoulders. He reared back, pulling my ass to him as his hips pushed his cock deep into my ass. He began to jerk and convulse as he shoot his load into my guts.

“Yea, here it cums, boy. Take it, take that big load. Here it is.”

He pushed his cock deep into my ass, pulling back on my shoulders. I could feel his cock pulse with every shot. With each shot, he would push harder into me, although I could feel his balls, pulled tight against him, already rubbing at my ass.

“That’s it, fill my ass full of trucker cum. Give it to me. Give me that big load.”

“Take it, boy! Feel my big cock filling your ass with cum! Feel that cum running out your ass! That’s a real trucker load, boy!”

The trucker leaned over me, placing his hands on the mattress, his chest and stomach solid against my back. A couple of more convulsions, then he just rested there.

“Mother fucker,” he sighed, “You’re one hot little cock whore. I haven’t cum like that in ages.”

“I haven’t been fucked like that in ages,” I replied. “It was well worth the wait.”

“Happy to oblige,” he grinned.

As I crawled out of his cab, he called after me, “Be careful out there, and keep a watch out for me. I come through here all the time.”

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Roomate's Dad................................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 31,Jul,14 21:02

My first man to man experience was with an older man, and I had continued to be turned on by older men, rather than the guys my own age. When I met my roommate’s dad, I was totally hot for him.

I had never talked to Devin, my roommate, about my attraction to men; he had no idea. Although Devin and his dad looked almost exactly the same, I was never sexually attracted to Devin. We had become very good friends, and I accompanied him to his parents on several occasions. When his parents were in town, I was always included in everything they did.

Don had played every sport in high school and had stayed in top form. He was 38, but was in better shape than most guys my age. He was about 5’9” and had a rock solid build. From his fingers, across his large hands, over his forearms and biceps, to his broad shoulders was covered in dark, coarse hair. And it didn’t stop there. From his shoulders down his back and across his chest and stomach to his thick meaty thighs, ample calves, broad feet, and his thick toes was also covered in fur. Even his knee caps were hairy! Don was very fond of wearing baggy sweats that he had cut off into shorts, about mid-thigh length. Every time I looked at him, my cock would start to chub.

I had gone home with Devin to help him and his father install a brick patio in their backyard. We arrived fairly early Friday evening, and went straight to work. Don was wearing a pair of his shorts as we worked, and I loved the way they would snug up on his ass when he bent over. I couldn’t help but wonder if his ass cheeks were also covered in that beautiful dark fur. It was difficult to concentrate on the work.

We worked until after dark, then we all hit the showers. We were pretty much exhausted, so we turned in early. We would start again before sun rise.

As expected, we started early Saturday morning. It was pretty warm, but we stuck with it. Just before sundown, we finished spreading the sand into the cracks between the bricks. We sat on the new patio and had some iced tea before we cleaned up and had dinner. After dinner, we all watched a little television. We were all pretty tired again, so we ended going to bed before the news came on.

After lunch on Sunday, Betty, Devin’s mom, was going to take Devin’s s****r, Cindy, to the mall. Betty asked if Devin and I would like to go. Devin was gung ho for it, but I elected to stay at the house and watch basketball with Don.

We had been watching the game for awhile when Don got up to get another glass of tea. He rose very slowly out of his recliner, placed both hands on his lower back, pushed his hips forward, and stretched. I couldn’t help but steal a glance at his crotch. As his hips moved forward, the fabric of his shorts tightened on his crotch, and I could see the outline of his cock and balls. His cock looked average length and above average girth, and his balls were large low hangers. My dick went half hard instantly!
“Man, I’m gettin’ old,” he said. “I’m really sore.”

“It looks like it,” I replied. “You want me to get that for you?”

“I’m not that old,” he laughed as he strode toward the kitchen.

“Think I’ll just stretch out here on the carpet for a minute,” he said when he returned. “My back is killin’ me.”

He gingerly lowered himself to the floor and stretched out. My eyes darted from the television to Don’s body constantly.

“I just can’t get comfortable,” he said as he rolled onto his back. He raised his arms above his head and stretched.

My eyes immediately zoomed to his crotch. I thought this man was a god!

“Damn,” he grunted, “that’s not any better.” And he rolled back to his stomach.

We watched the game in silence for a few minutes. Then Don asked,” Didn’t Devin tell me that you’re a trainer for the athletic department?”

“Yes, sir, I am,” I replied.

“Are you the one that gives the players a massage when they have sore muscles?”

“Yeah, that would be me.”

“Would you mind rubbin’ my back for a bit? It’s stiff as a board.”

“Sure,” I replied, maybe a little too enthusiastically. My hands were shaking at the prospect of touching his body.

He pulled off his shirt and settled back onto the floor, face down. He raised his arms above his head and kind of wiggled to settle into the carpet.

“This will help you relax more,” I stated as I brought his arms back to his sides, his hands at his hips. “Where is it the sorest?”

“Lower back”

I immediately went to work on his lower back. I could feel the tightness as soon as I touched him. I also felt a bolt of electricity shoot through my body.

I worked on his lower back for a few minutes, relishing the feel of his hard muscles and coarse hair. But my hands would not glide over his skin as smoothly as they did with guys at school.

“Do you have any lotion or oil?” I asked. “It’ll make my hands move better, and won’t pull your hair.”

“There’s some sun tan oil in the bathroom,” he said. “Or, I think there might be some baby oil in there, too. I can get it.”

“No, that’s OK; you stay put,” I told him.

I returned with the baby oil and squeezed a generous amount into my hands. It made a world of difference.

“Oh, that feels good,” he groaned.

I worked on his lower back for a couple of minutes. I then filled my hands with oil again, and took one of his hands in mine and started massaging his fingers and hands, working my way to his shoulder. Then I did the other hand and arm. After that, I applied more oil, and I worked his shoulders and upper back, gliding my way down to the top of his shorts. All the while, he is telling me how good it feels.

When I get to his waistband, I add more oil to my hands. I lift his leg and begin pressing into the ball of his foot, working my way to his ankle, calf, and thigh. When I reached his upper thigh, I moved to his other foot and leg. I was so turned on, but also very nervous. My cock was a little less than half mast, and I was sweating profusely. He continued to tell me how good my hands were.

“OK,” I said, “This side’s done. Let me get a towel so you can roll over and I’ll get the front.”

I spread the towel next to him, and he rolled over onto it. I again filled my hands with oil. This time, I started at his hands and up to his shoulders. From there, I moved to his pecs and started working my way down to his waist. When I reached his waistband, I re-oiled my hands and went to work on his feet. This time, when I got to his thigh, I pushed the leg of his shorts up to go higher on his thigh. His shorts were bunching up and getting caught on his thigh.

“Hey,” I announced brazenly, “pull these off and we’ll finish up.”

Without hesitation, he pulled his shorts off, revealing a pair of tiny navy bikinis. It almost took my breath away. I could see the outline of everything, enough so that I could tell he was uncut. I could feel the sweat bead on my forehead and back.

“Roll back onto your stomach,” I instructed. As he rolled over, I drank in the sight of his fur covered ass. I was in heaven!

I began on his lower back again, able to go much lower than before. I went right down to the top of the crack of his hairy ass. Then, I skipped down to his thighs. As I worked my hands up his thighs, I intentionally grazed his nut sack. He didn’t flinch. I continued to work his thighs for another couple of minutes, grazing his nuts as often as I could.

“OK, now spread your legs,” I instructed as I moved in between his legs. I placed a hand on each of his thighs, and began moving upward.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” he croaked.

I rubbed all the way up to his scrotum. Both thumbs grazed his nuts on my way to his hairy ass cheeks. I massaged and kneaded his ass cheeks, as I continued to sweat. I couldn’t believe I was getting to touch this incredible man.

“OK,” I said, “Roll over.”

Again, he rolled to his back. I could barely breathe as I moved back between his legs. I started working his abdominal muscles, and went all the way to his waist band. Then, I skimmed down to his thighs, letting my fingers brush over his cock. I thought I saw it pulse.

I placed a hand on each thigh, and moved up to his groin. Again, I grazed his nuts as I moved to his hips. After his hips, I leaned over him and began rubbing from his pecs down to his waist. As I stretched over him, his cock was right in front of my face. Each time my face was close to his cock, I would breathe out heavily, wanting him to feel it.

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Black Experience.......................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 31,Jul,14 21:01

I was at Sam's Club and it was early afternoon. I parked near the back of the parking lot like always to avoid accidents and I didn't mind the walk to the front door. Like a million times before I was going over the list of items I needed in my head when suddenly I hear someone say, "Hi". I turn in reaction and say "Hi" back. Standing next to me was this ruggedly handsome black man pushing a his cart toward the entrance. He smiles at me and asked me something like, "Busy day at work?" or something of that nature and I replied "No, just came to pick up a few things for my office." I slowed my pace when I noticed that he was at least a foot taller than myself, he started talking again. He was HOT, I could tell he had a nice body under that flannel shirt. Then I noticed that he was checking out my ass. I watched his eyes undress me then look back into my eyes and smile. I do have a nice big, round bubble ass. My heart began to race. Was he really into me? What was I going to do? We came to a halt and kept chatting a few seconds and he explained that he just had to run into work for an hour but was now off for the afternoon. He then asked me where I lived and I pointed to the general direction. He WAS trying to pick me up! Then stepped closer and he asked me if I was too busy to spend some time at my place. He said he would like to come over to my place or something like that. I told him, as casually as I could, "sure, that would be cool" and asked "when?" at which point he got a little closer and said, 'is now ok?' I looked up into his dark brown eyes and I swear he could hear my heart pounding! "Sure, just follow me.", I replied.

As soon as I got in my car my hands were shaking with nervous excitement. What the hell was I doing! I had always fantasized about black guys but was I really going to bring this random, yet sexy black man to my home? What was I doing? It was surreal. Up to this point I had only been fucked once but had given several blowjobs, which I loved. I LOVE the feel of a mans hard cock in my mouth. I reversed my car and he was now behind me. The drive home seemed like an eternity. I kept thinking about speeding off, or pulling over and telling him I changed my mind, something. Before I could, we were at my apartment complex. I showed him where the visitor parking was and told him I would be over as soon as I parked. Walking to meet him was nerve wracking. My legs felt weak and shaky like they could give out at any moment. We had exchanged names in the parking lot at the store, his name was John and for some reason I told him my name was Alex. As soon as I walked around the corner of the building there he was, waiting for me at the security entrance. "John!" I called out. "Alex, that was quick", he chuckled. I quickly unlocked the gate and let him pass. He smelled great. I just remember wanting to put my hands all over his body. We made our way to the elevator and shuffled in. The elevators were small, they could only fit maybe 4 people comfortably. I was prepared to start some small talk when he suddenly wrapped his large hand around the back of my neck and pulled me closer. Our lips met, he was kissing me passionately, deeply. My hands found their way across his chest and wrapped around his back. "I have never been with a black guy" I blurted. He just looked downward at me, smiled and told me it would be "So that big ass must be tight, huh?".

We got to my door and I unlocked it and let him in. As soon as we were in I turned to lock the door and felt him press his weight against me, pushing my chest against the door. He was kissing my neck, I could feel his enormous black cock rubbing against my bubble ass as he dry humped me and felt my body. I was moaning slightly. I was completely turned on. He started whispering in my ear about how much he liked my ass and how with an ass like mine I have never had a black lover. He turned me around to put his lips on mine. While kissing me his hands slid down to my ass and he grabbing handfuls. My hands were exploring his firm body,feeling his tense muscles and finally pulling at the button of his jeans and unzipping him. "Oh, you want that dick, huh?" he said. "Maybe" I replied. He then put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me downward until I was on my knees before him with my back still to the door. I began kissing his abdomen above his waist band and with my tongue I started going further down. I pulled his underwear down with my right hand and gripped his cock with my left. It was large and it was thick and it wasn't even fully erect. I remember enjoying the softness of the skin in my hand, and how much it weighed, also the contrast of color. His dark cock in my white hand. I looked up at him, he was watching me as I began to take his cock into my mouth. "Go ahead, suck that dick.", "Mmmmm, you like that black dick, huh?" he groaned. "Ummmmm, Hmmm." was all I could muster with such a large penis in my mouth. I began cupping his balls with one hand and stroking his cock into my mouth with the other. My mouth was watering so I was able to take more of him in, soon I was more than half way. He was big, about 9 inches or more and thick. His cock was steadily growing more firm and thick in my mouth. I could smell his musky scent, taste his cock skin and feel it pulse on my tongue.

I increased my pace and soon his cock was easily pushing the back of my throat. His balls were large and pendulous. I needed to suck on them so I pulled him free of my mouth and licked my way down his shaft to his scrotum. I put his testicle in my mouth and gently began to suck on it, then the other. "Fuck yeah. You're a good little white boy." he stated. "Come here, let me fuck that pretty mouth." he said as he grabbed my head and jabbed his big black cock back in my mouth. Almost immediately he was gagging me with his cock. Pulling my head closer to him and fucking my throat. "Take it, bitch! Suck my black cock! You like that don't ya? You like sucking black dick!" I couldn't answer. All I could do was try to keep from gagging as tears ran down my cheek and I kept sucking his cock. Then I came to the realization that he was going to cum soon and he was going to cum in my mouth. That is not a problem, but I had never swallowed cum before. Just could never do it. I always spit. The way he was fucking my mouth, he was going to cum down my throat. Soon enough he was giving more powerful thrusts while fucking my mouth. "Fuck yeah! Yes! You ready? You ready for my cum??" he said. I was ready for his cum, I knew I was going to swallow hsi seed. I wanted to swallow all his cum. I had this enormous black cock in my stretched mouth, he was holding my head tight and the back of my head was against the door. Suddenly I felt the first squirt of pre-cum then immediately after he let out a groan and the back of my mouth had a warm, thick liquid sliding down my throat. It really wasn't that big of a deal, it was almost instinct. I just kept swallowing his cum and he kept thrusting his cock into my mouth until his balls were on my chin and my nose buried into his jet black pubic hair. He let go of my head and began to relax. I kept his cock in my mouth and gently sucked, pulling it out to suck the head and flick the tip with my tongue. Licking and swallowing all the thick ribbons of his sperm. I quickly recapped in my mind, 'This is the first time I have ever done anything with a black guy and here I am swallowing his cum.' Somehow it just felt right though. Like this is what I was meant to do, pleasure sexy black men. I took his slightly hard cock all the way down again, taking in his musky smell and feeling his pubic hair tickle my nose. I knew I wanted more.

He helped me up, my knees were stiff from kneeling on the hard, cold tile. I hadn't even noticed until now. He was leading me by the hand to the bedroom. He wasn't finished with me yet. He sat me down on the edge of my bed and grabbed the lubrication on the bedside table. I always kept lube there, I am always horny and jack off a lot. "You never been fucked by a black man?" he asked. "No" came my simple reply. "You jack off about black men fucking your white ass?", he asked. I looked him in the eyes and said, "yes, all the time." "Well you are gonna get some black dick today. I wanna breed your pretty white ass.". I then told him that I had only been fucked once and we used a condom. "I want you to take my seed. I want you to feel my cum in your ass.". How could I say 'no'. He knew I wanted that too. He knew I was powerless against him. He knew I wanted him to breed me, fuck me, and own my white ass.

"Come here", he said as he picked up my legs put them up in the air, my feet parallel with the ceiling. My ass was at a perfect angle for his cock. He rested my legs against his chest. My white skin against his dark chest was incredible. He grabbed the lubrication and started stroking his already hard again cock then started fingering my white boy pussy. I could feel his thick finger enter me, then a second finger. I let out a whimper. I kept looking up at him, at how beautiful he was and kept thinking about how much I wanted him inside me. "Please be gentle.", I said. "Don't worry, I will. I want you to enjoy it." he replied. At which point he grabbed his cock and started to guide it in me. It was huge in comparison to my first and only other cock that fucked me. He applied gentle pressure, I could feel it pushing at my very tight hole. I looked up at him as he pursed his lips and applied more pressure. Suddenly there was a shock of pain. Like fire almost. I wanted him to stop but knew I also wanted him to continue. I needed his cock in me, I needed his cum in me. I clinched my teeth and let out a whimper. The head of his giant black cock was in me. He let it stay for a second, he let my muscles relax. Then he began to apply more pressure. He added more lubrication and continued to insert his black cock into me. I could feel him filling me. I could feel the weight of his dick inside me, I could feel him stretching my ass open. Then he began to slowly pull out only to reinsert. Now he was fucking me. His cock wasn't even all the way in at this point but with each powerful thrust he plunged deeper. Soon he was fully inside me, fucking me, owning me. It felt so good, I couldn't help but moan and tell him how good he felt. How much I loved his black cock. He began to fuck me faster with deeper thrusts. I could see the sweat glisten on his chest and brow. At this point I began to ask him to "Fuck me! Please fuck me! Oh my god, fuck me harder!" and he did. I could hear his balls slapping against my ass as he began to pound me, he was grunting and groaning while holding my legs tight to his chest. Suddenly he stopped, pulled his cock out of my gapping hole and told me to get on my hands and knees. He wanted to fuck me doggy. "I want to see that sexy round ass when I fuck you!" I immediately did as I was told. I put my face down, ass up and arched my back.

As he began to push his cock into me, he slapped my ass, hard. I let out a yelp at which he said, "Take it, bitch! This ass is mine." I was not about to argue with him because I knew he was right. I knew my ass belonged to him. With one powerful thrust of his hips his cock was buried deep in my ass. All I could do was bite into the pillow as my hands grasped hard at the sheets. His strong hands were gripping my hips and pulling me back towards him. He was fucking me hard. He was fucking me rough. He was letting me know that I was nothing but his fuck toy and I loved it. I quickly grew more accustomed to his thrusts and started rocking my hips to meet his thrusts. "Yes! Yes! Oh my god, Fuck me!! Fuck meeeee!!" was what I was saying before asking him to "Fuck me harder! Fuck my white ass! Fuck me with that black cock!". He was silent except for his grunts and heavy breathing. I could hear his balls slapping against my skin as he punched his cock into my ass. Now he pushed me flat on the bed, his cock still deep inside me pumping my ass. His hands on my shoulders pressing his weight against me. I could feel his sweat trickle onto my skin. He then lay flat on top of me, his wet skin against my back, his hands on my head. I could feel his hot breath on my ear. He quietly began to speak into my ear, "You like that? You like that dick in your ass?". In total ecstasy all I could do is mutter "Yes, I love your cock in my ass. Please keep fucking me, please!" At which point he again began to increase the power of his thrusts only to make me whine louder. "I own this ass don't I bitch!" he grunted. In a high pitched of ecstasy I moaned out, "Yes! You own my white ass! You own my ass!". "You ready for my cum? Huh? You ready for me to own your fucking white ass?". "Yes! Fuck me! I want your cum! Fuck me!". "That's right, bitch. I own your ass. You hear me, bitch?". "Yes! You own my ass! I'm your bitch!". What else could I say. He was right. I was his white bitch. He fucked me so good I knew he owned me. I knew I was helpless against him. His pace increased and I swear I could feel his cock get even harder and thicker as he shot his load of cum inside me with a loud groan. At that point I came too, my mouth agape with only the sound of exasperated breath. More slower and deep thrust as he filled me with his black cum. He had bred me. Black bred me and I loved it. I knew from that point on I was nothing but his submissive white bitch.

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Camping trip................................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 31,Jul,14 20:57

This happen about three weeks ago while i was camping in the Sequoias. I was on a ten

day camping trip and was on my sixth day there while going back to my camp I looked

around an saw two older guys setting up their site. I smiled and kept walking. Later I

was chopping some wood to get my fire ready when I heard a voice say looking good

chopping that wood, as I looked up it was the to older guys whose names were Jim and Mike they were both smiling as I looked their way and replied "come by later and I

will show you how to chop some real wood". They both smiled and laughed and said they

would return later. As I made food over my fire and popped open a beer to relax I

heard foot steps behind me, it was Jim and Mike. I smiled and offered them a drink but

they had their own. They sat down and we started chatting getting to know each other

. the sun was going down and between my fire and lantern we had plenty of light also

nobody was camped next to me so we had plenty of privacy. As we chated the subject

changed to sex and Jim reminded me that I was going to show them how to really chop

wood I smiled and began to remove all my cloths and said they should do the same, as

we stripped and sneaked peeks at each others bodies and cocks we moved closer and

began to fondle each other and kiss. I dropped to my knees and told Jim it was time

to show him my wood chopping skills as I sucked his cock and licked his balls until

he was rock hard with an impressive 8 inch cock Mikes cock was equally big. I looked

up to see Mike and Jim kissing and Jim stroking Mike's cock. I stopped before Jim came

and stood up as Mike suggested we move to the table. Jim sat down as I stood above

his head so he could suck my cock and Mike dropped down to suck on Jim's cock. So

there we were under the stars sucking each others cocks it was perfect. soon Mike

stood up and put his hands on the table sticking his ass in the air for one of us to

fuck, so I grabbed some lotion and greased him up good then slide my pre-cum dripping

cock deep into his ass and he let out a low moan. Jim moved under Mike so he could

get a better look and lick my cock as it slide into his friends asshole. I was really

pounding Mike's ass good as he was moaning louder, the Jim wanted in on this and asked

for his ass to get fucked so he laid down on the table with his legs in the air as I

removed my cock from Mike's ass I moved between Jim's legs and shoved my cock into

his asshole, as Mike slowly slid into mine. So there we were on the table at night in

a great threeway fucking each other so close to cumming as we were moving faster.

Suddenly Mike grunted and shoved his cock deep into my asshole as he let go of what

seemed like an endless stream of sticky cum filling my ass as he continued fucking me

which set me off as I unloaded into Jim's hot ass. As we rested for a bit Jim said we

should go into my ten to be a little more comfortable, which we agreed on. so we

picked up our cloths and moved inside after I put out the fire and turned off my

lantern. As we laid there we started touching and foundling each other again getting

us horny again, as our cocks regained their strength so Mike and I got into a 69

position as Jim had to decide which asshole to fuck first, I was the lucky one as

he slide in to me nice and easy at first the started moving faster until his balls

were slapping my ass and balls as he held my legs in the air so he could get in deep

as I moaned loud and Mike sucked harder as I sucked on Mikes yummy cock.I came first

in Mike's mouth as he drained every drop of cum from my cock then he came in my mouth

filling my tummy with hot cum, by this time Jim was fucking Mike's ass deep and hard

as he started to moan and grunt until he shot his hot load into Mike's asshole, ad as

we stayed that way for a little bit Jim's cum started to drip out of Mike's asshole

so I started fingering his ass so I could get Jim's cum out as Mike's asshole he

moaned as I rimed his ass until i got every last drop then shared it with both of

them. we went at it for hours switching positions fucking and sucking each other until

we were spent and fell asl**p in a sticky cum soaked sexy mess. We woke up in the

same positions we fell asl**p in we smiled at each other and to our surprises we all

had morning wood so we giggled and said these must not go to waste so we got in a

chain to suck each others cock at the same time, until we all came in one big orgasm.

Mike lifted his head and said, that was the best breakfast ever" we laughed as we

laid there for awhile until it got to hot to stay in the tent. we got dressed and said

our good byes as we hugged and even groped each other as we laughed and headed to the

restrooms and we all went into one stall and stood there and peed then came out and

they headed off to their camp site and I went to mine. This was the best camping trip

I have ever had, I hope I have more like this.

I hope you enjoyed another chapter in my life. Please leave comments and if you would

like to add me please do.

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Older lover...............................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 31,Jul,14 20:54

I open the door to our suite, laden with packages. You are sitting at a table in the middle of the room, with three other men, playing cards. My expression is a mix of surprise and dismay.

"Hi Babe. Umm, what's up?" I ask carefully.

"I'm playing cards." You don't even raise your eyes to look at me. "We had plans to go out tonight, didn't we?" I ask, with no trace of doubt in my voice.

"The plans changed," and again, you don't turn to look at me. I walk to the bedroom and slam the door shut. At the table, one of your buddies makes a low whistle, and says "You're in trouble now" and the others chuckle in agreement.

"You think so?" you reply, in an even and unconcerned tone. "Oh yeah, the only thing you'll get tonight is a hard time." And they laugh.

After about 15 minutes, I emerge from the bedroom, dressed in a jogging suit and I walk to the kitchen. I am ignoring all of you. I grab some fruit and some water, and turn to go back to the bedroom. "What are you doing?" you ask, still concentrating on your cards. "I'm going to take a bath and watch a movie, "I reply, with a f***ed smile and a cool tone.

"Would you bring us some beers and order some sandwiches from room service?" you ask, and you turn to look at me, with no trace of emotion.

"Of course, babe, whatever you want," I answer, with just the faintest trace of sarcasm. I put the plate down, go to the kitchen and return with the beers. I put them in the middle of the table and then go to a corner to place the call to room service. I walk back to my food and return to the bedroom.

"Damn," says one of the men, "you've got balls. My wife would kill me if I ever pulled a stunt like that." The others nod in agreement.

Your mouth curls into a slow smile and you say, "She knows who's the boss." "Sure she does," says the other guy, and they all laugh.

There is a knock at the door, and you make no move to get up. There is another knock. I open the bedroom door, and with my hands on my hips, give you a steely stare. You do not acknowledge me, and I look as if I will explode. But I take a deep calming breath, and go let the waiter in.

He pulls the trolley up next to your table and removes the plate covers. "Shall I serve you gentlemen now?" he asks. "No, that won't be necessary," and you sign the check. "Madam, will that be all?" he asks, looking at me. I smile and shake my head and he exits the room.

I turn to go back to mine when you say, "Where do you think you are going?" To take a bath and watch a movie," I answer, in a tone one uses with an annoying c***d. My tone has made you put down your hand and turn to me. "Not until you've served us." I nod ever so slightly and walk back towards the table. "And not in those clothes." You re-focus on the game, but not before looking up at your partners and saying loudly, "Put on something I like." And there is a rather smug smile on your face.

Ten minutes later I return to the room, wearing a slinky grey dress with a silver beading on the halter-top, and very high heels. I walk towards the trolley and pick up one of the plates. I offer it to one of the men, and he sheepishly takes a sandwich. I walk to the next man, but before I can reach out with the plate, you clear your throat rather loudly. I look at you and you make a downward nod with your head. My eyes flash, but as I serve the next man, I bend over deeply and the dress falls away from my body, exposing my cleavage. "Better," you say, but you are looking at your cards. "Anything else?" I ask, and you say, "We need some more beers."

I walk back to the kitchen. At the table, one of the guys says, "I can't believe she did that. She changed clothes for you. You've got her well-trained." Without making eye contact, you say, "not yet. But I'm working on it." "You're one lucky dude," says another. "If I had a woman that hot, I wouldn't ask her to change, I'd ask her to strip," and they all laugh in agreement.

I return with the beers and put them on the table. Before I can leave, you say "Take off that dress." I turn to walk to the bedroom, but you grab my wrist, and say "Here. Take it off here."

I stand where I am, looking straight into your face. I am regarding you with ice-cold rage. You let go of my wrist, and make a small nod towards the ground. I reach up behind my neck and untie the straps. My dress falls to the floor. I stand there next to the table, wearing a black half cup bra, a black thong, jarretelles and black stockings.

One of the men actually drops his cards and quickly moves to pick them up. But no one saw that, they were all looking at me, then at you, and then back at me. "Serve us some pretzels and then you can go. Gentlemen, I'll call and raise $200." I make one last round of the table with the basket of pretzels, stop to pick up my dress, and then go back to my room.

The men are regarding you with admiration and amazement. When they finally are able to talk, they all have pretty much the same question, how do you do it? "I told you, I'm training her," you answer, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "Training her to do what?" is the unanimous reply. "To be my slut, of course."

The game continues, but the men are so distracted that they begin to lose badly. "I really can't concentrate now," says one of them, the younger one. "I gotta get me one of those," he adds, in jest. The others nod in agreement.

"You find her desirable?" you ask. "Are you fucking k**ding me? My dick was so hard I thought I'd have to go into the can to relieve myself." "Yeah," says another. "It's so distracting, it ain't fair. In fact, I'd almost call it cheating," he adds, tipping back in his chair and daring you with his look.

"Gentlemen, I can't have you saying things like that," you reply, in your best macho voice. "Tell you what: to make it interesting, we'll play for her. Whoever wins the next hand...gets to have a taste of her. You guys good with that?" They look at each other as if they are conspiring to throw spitballs at the high school gym teacher, and then muster up the manhood to say "Deal."

"Hold on a sec," and you rise from the table and go to the bedroom door. You knock and say, "Come out here and watch this game, please." I open the door and follow you back. You pull up a chair for me and point to it. I sit down, cross my legs, put my hands on the arms of the chair and look less than thrilled.

The cards are dealt, and to save your reputation, and to satisfy your wants, you fold early. The others bet fast and furious, and when the young guy wins, he's absurdly pleased with himself.

"Diane, take this gentleman back to the bedroom with you." I make no move to stand. "Now."

I rise slowly and the young guy springs to his feet. He follows me like a puppy and turns to close the door after we enter, but not before he casts a questioning look your way. You smile calmly and turn back to the game. The two remaining men look at you as if you're another species. But their pulses are racing...

In the room, I turn to face him. I say nothing.

He looks slightly uncomfortable, but manages to say, " won the hand...and the...I mean your husband...well he said I can taste you." With the last words, he casts his eyes to the floor.

I walk to the bed, sit on the edge, and unstrap my shoes. I slowly let them fall off my feet as I lay down on top of the bed. He moves nervously towards me, and crawls towards the center of the bed. He begins by kissing my lips, slowly at first, and then **** his tongue into my mouth. He pulls back and tries to gage the look on my face. I look back at him with a steady gaze.

He moves down and tugs at the bra, just enough to expose my breast, and begins to move his tongue around, as if he's licking an ice cream cone. Then he runs his tongue around my nipple. He sucks on it, while squeezing the other one with his fingers. He keeps this up until I involuntarily moan. He stops, looks up at me, and then smiles while he moves down my stomach with his tongue.

He runs his finger around the top of my panties, and then with extreme care, he pushes them down to my thighs, all the while keeping his eyes on my face. He lowers his gaze and kisses my bald mound a few times and then pulls my pussy lips apart. He begins by lightly running his tongue up and down, encircling my clit as he goes. His tongue moves faster and faster, and then he stops and sucks. He sucks hard. I arch my back and he thrusts his tongue deep inside me. He moves it around for a while, and then goes back to my clit until I cum. I lower my body to the bed, eyes closed. He's leaning over me, unsure of what to do. So he merely stands up and walks out, but not before looking over his shoulder. But I remain still.

He returns to the table and grins in satisfaction. "Tasty...very, very tasty."

The others shake their heads slowly in disbelief, but you only say, "Glad you liked her."

The game resumes; the stakes are higher, the beers go down faster. One brave gentleman makes a shy suggestion: how high would the stakes have to be to fuck her?" You pick up your bottle and empty it. You put it slowly down and say, "a couple thousand, at least."

The hand is long and hushed. The pot on the table is up to three thousand when you draw to an inside straight. The game is yours. The others throw down their cards in disgust.

"You know gentlemen; a good host never disappoints his guests. Why don't you join me?" You stand, but they remain seated. He couldn't possibly be serious is the silent thought in their heads. But you wait and say, "well, if you'd rather not..." and make a move to sit down. They clamber to their feet and you all walk single file across the room.

You knock on the door, but there is no answer. You open the door and look around. The room is empty. You cross to the bathroom door, which is slightly ajar. I am luxuriating in the bath, champagne in hand.

"Come out of the bath and get on the bed, please," you said in an almost businesslike tone.

I walk into the room, tying the towel around me as I do. "You won't be needing that," you say, almost kindly. I drop the towel on a chair and go to the bed. I lie down.

"Come on in. She was just getting ready for me."

"What are they doing here?" I say with genuine shock in my voice, and a touch of fear.

"We played for you, and I won," you answer, in a patient tone, as if talking to a young c***d. "But it seemed..." and you look towards the door, "it seemed downright rude not to include my guests."

The men hesitate briefly, but walk to the foot of the bed. You unzip your jeans and step out of them. You begin to caress my wet body, running your hands up and down the length of me, as if you were a young man, waxing his very first car. You run your hands up the inside of my thighs and then pull my pussy lips apart with your spread fingers. With the other hand, you run a finger up and down. You shake your head in disappointment. "Babe, you're not wet. Don't you want me?"

"Not like this," I hiss, and start to sit up. You push me down roughly on the bed. "Lie back and be quiet," you say, very sharply. I listen and obey.

You smile towards your guests and say, "I like my women wet. Very wet." And you look at me and say, "Spread your legs." Again, I do as I'm told.

You pull my lips apart and I'm even more exposed than before. And then you turn back to your little audience and say, "I think I'll show you something I've been training her to do." You look back at me and say "You know what I want you to do, don't you?" I remain silent. "Answer me," you demand. I whisper something inaudible. "Louder. They can't hear you." "Squirt," I say, and my breathing gets fast and shallow.

"Good girl," is your reply and you begin to massage my pussy. But I don't relax and you stop for a moment. You reach into the nightstand and grab a tube. You squirt it all over your hand. It drips to the bed. With no pause, you shove your fingers in deep and begin moving them in rapid motion. In seconds I am writhing on the bed. My head shakes from side to side and I begin to scream. You continue grinding my G-spot and then my head rises off the pillow and one last desperate yell escapes my open mouth before the juice comes shooting out. It comes with such f**** that it almost reaches your face. You stop and look with satisfaction at the puddle of liquid on my belly and on the bed. Then you look at your guests and see the stunned looks on their faces...and the envy in their eyes.

You remove your fingers and rub your hand in the juice. You then rub my face and hair, saying, "That was fantastic. You are learning well, my little nymph. Now you know what I want next, don't you?" "Please," I beg, "not now. Not like this." "Don't ever say no to me again" you bark.

You pull me up and practically throw me down again, into a kneeling position on the side of the bed. You grab my hair, pull my head back, and shove your hard, very hard dick down my throat. You thrust and thrust, all the time looking down at my head, smiling. And then your breathing speeds up and you push yourself even deeper in my throat till you feel that you can't go any farther. You cum in several f***eful bursts, and on the last one, you pull out and cum on my face. You stand still for a minute, trying to get your breathing back to normal.

Once you do, you look down at me and say, "What happens when you say 'no' to me?" I look up at you with pleading eyes, but say nothing. "What. Happens." And you lean low over me and sound like a soldier. I swallow hard and in a weak voice say, "Anything you want."

"That's right." You reach under the bed and pull out the restraints. I start to struggle, but you overpower me. You tie my arms. Then you order me to spread my legs. I close my eyes and do as I'm told. You fasten the ropes around my ankles.

You stand up and look at your guests. "Gentlemen, I think it's only right that I share with you."

They eagerly undo their belts and shed their pants. One by one they take turns fucking me, all the time my eyes are tightly shut and I'm protesting "No. No more. Please, it's too much."

You stand next to the bed, quietly watching while I have orgasm after orgasm. You are enjoying yourself to an unimaginable degree.

After the bed stops bouncing and the guests have been sated, they follow you out of the room as they came...single file. As they head towards the door, they look at you with unbridled admiration. It's as if they are extras in a Hollywood film...and you are a kinky Warren Beatty. The door closes and you walk slowly back to the bedroom.

I am still lying there, eyes closed, not making a sound. You look at me while you untie the ropes. I open my eyes and sit up. I bite my lower lip and say, "so how was I, babe?" with a very coy look on my face. "You? You were unfuckingbelievable."

A huge smile crosses my face. "I know!!! I am good, aren't I?" I put my hands up for a high five, and we clap hard. "And how about the part where I slammed the door?"

"You should have seen the looks on their faces. They thought I was a goner." "And the looks I shot you. I can be so evil." I regard you seriously for a second and then burst out laughing. "I should have been an actress," and I throw my arms around your neck.

"No, you were meant to be my nymph," and you squeeze me tight. "You are a dream come true, do you know that?"

"Why, yes. Yes I do." I am on the verge of saying, I told you so, but I resist. You take me in your arms and we fall back onto the bed. You are ecstatic. You cannot stop smiling. "Okay, so you've made my fantasy come true. Now what can I do for you?"

I take your face in my hands. "Really? I you even have to ask?" We both start laughing and disappear under the covers.

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Wakey wakey

Posted by alexblue at 31,Jul,14 17:47

Hobbesian trap....
Lack of lateral intelligence increases the doubt in one's mind,creating a distrust of all things new...
The wonder of what people may think of one who is proclaimed to be noble.....Is destructive...
Always aligning yourself with those of wealth ,you sneak around in stealth,all that lying is bad for your health.
It is plain to see you picked the wrong wealth....
A wealth of knowledge will always outweigh the knowledge of wealth....

Jeez,where do I come up with this shit....

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First time giving head to someone who was asleep

Posted by lookn4funcock at 31,Jul,14 14:55

I had been craving cock for a few days. I have a friend who has been feeding me his cock for nine years. When I looked into Hector's room, he was sleeping soundly in the nude. His cock and balls look so good to me. IA am in love with Hector's cock and find it irresistible. I crawled up close to Hector, took his cock in my hands and began sucking Hector's cock.

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love getting a massage

Posted by luckymeohyea at 31,Jul,14 11:03

how manny of you enjoy massages , for me getting a massage on my bed while hubby is down stairs.

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Formby dunes, sex with ex and a stranger

Posted by rogery at 31,Jul,14 08:50

a few years ago me and my ex girlfriend decided to go to the beach. it was one of the rare nice summer days we had and it was hot, so we went in the dunes and sunbathed for a while, eventually we decided to get naked. we thought what the hell no one can see us so we did it.

We started egging each other on and dared each other to walk to the sea front which is over a 250 metres away. She upped the stakes by saying that she would lead me there and back by the cock! I was nervous because we were far away from the nudist section and they are restricted at the best of times as to what you can do. Anyway there was only a few adults there so we went for it. it was such a turn on that i had a big erection and she made us slowly walk there and slowly walk back, with anyone nearby clearly able to see what was happening. we made it back and laughed about it but were both really horny and wanted sex.

I told her to suck me off first otherwise i wouldn't have lasted 2 mins! I came she swallowed and we had a 10 minute break and then we started to fuck. I bent her over on her hands and knees doggystyle and start fucking her and pulling her blonde ponytail which she loved, and sticking a finger up her ass which always eventually made her cum, it wasnt long before i noticed a guy watching us from over the dune. I carried on fucking and my heart was pounding because it was so horny, so i told my ex to not look straight away but someone's watching.

She moaned "what!?"(still fucking)she couldn't believe it either but she said "don't stop!" fuck me it made me even hornier, i said to her why don't we ask him over to watch? (still fucking at this point) she glanced back with another moan and said ok, she was pretty freaky sexually which was fine by me. I looked at him and waved him over. He ducked down thinking he'd been busted and that i was going to kick his ass, he eventually popped back up peering through the dune grass, and my ex still on all fours being fucked balanced on one hand and waved him over, he slowly got up and came over the ridge. we had only seen him from the waist up, and now realised he was nursing a rock hard chubby 5 incher from his pulled down shorts. He said nothing and slowly walked over. His cock looked great, curving upwards like a stubby banana, he started wanking and watching from a safe distance watching intently. I was getting close and so was my ex to cumming, my ex was watching every stroke of the guys cock and so was i, kelly my ex started moaning louder and came on my cock, the guy looked like he couldn't control himself any longer, i just said "whoa don't cum yet, I'm not ready" Kelly said still catching her breath "yeah slow down, don't cum yet" smiling at him, he slowed down and his cock looked ready to pop, I was near to cumming so I said to him come closer, he took a bit of persuading but he came closer, every step took him a bit closer to kellys face, I said to kelly "let him cum on you", she looked back unsure but i smiled and reassured her, fucking ever harder, I wanted to cum on kellys ass and I'd let him have her face and back. "you ready?" he just nodded biting his bottom lip and started really wanking hard. Kelly suddenly reached up and smacked his hand away and started wanking his cock for him and then licking his balls so his cock was pointing over her shoulder, I pulled out and spurted the most cum i think i've ever shot on her ass back and back of her head, some hit the top of the guys thigh! And thats all it took, the guy moaned really loud and blam!! I can honestly say I've never seen so much cum in all my life, he spurted kellys face, mouth, some went in her eye so she redirected it over her shoulder (still pumping him) so it hit her back,top of her ass and on my belly and legs. The guys legs nearly gave way.

We all sat down to catch our breaths, after a couple of minutes, kelly says "i need a piss" she'd been drinking water all afternoon, so had I but i was ok. "you" she says looking at the guy, "take your t-shirt off" the guy had no shorts or shoes but had left his t-shirt on . he did as he was told, "lie down there" pointing at a flat patch of sand. "What you doing?" She smiled at me and said "shut up and lie next to him", i saluted her sarcastically and did as i was told. She kicks my left leg to the side and this strangers right leg to the side, so my right leg and his left leg are together and stands right over us with one foot near each of our balls, i hadn't noticed that the other guy had started wanking again, kelly parted her lips, and starts frigging herself over us, and starts fingering her ass, quickly making herself cum again  no sooner does she cum then she parts her pussy lips again and without warning, piss is gushing down on me, she sways her hips so we both get splashed with loads of piss, and thrusting her hips forward so we get covered from head to toe. I liked golden showers, and she done it for me before but i wasn't expecting it now! the other guy moaned and i realised he was close to cumming again. Kelly aims her piss at the tip of his cock. This guy had obviously never seen as such action and had never expected to be invited this close, or even allowed to watch. He must have been in heaven, it was pretty damn horny for us to. kellys piss subsided and she wiped her pussy dry with the guys t-shirt! . He was ready to cum again, Kelly kneels down and grabs my arm and drags me down and makes me do the same, "come here" she says to him, He gets up with his hard on waving around and she starts wanking his cock in front of us, before i could say or do anything, kelly puts her other arm around me and holds me close whilst still wanking this guy, and he cums with an almighty gush again! spraying me, kellys face and tits, then back into my face again. Then with the cum in her mouth and on her face she french kisses me with cum dribbling down my chin and hers and making me lick it off her nipples. He got up got dressed said thank you and left! Kelly looked at me and did a naughty laugh, coz it was so wrong but it was so fucking horny, and told me that was a big fantasy of hers, if only she had told me sooner!. I have never experienced anything like it before or since. If someone is watching you fuck, let em join in or watch, unless they're pig ugly or wierd      

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Married Friends......................................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 31,Jul,14 07:32

It was late at night, last fall. I was walking up to their house and my heart was pounding. The lights were on and I had already walked by the house once. 'Would I ring the bell?' The excitement was racing through my body and I had an erection that wouldn't stop. I would really regret not walking up there.

I put my foot on the step of their porch, stood in front of the door and took a deep breath. Without thinking I pressed the doorbell. I couldn't back out now without fleeing in terror.

I heard footsteps down the hallway and Debbie opened the door, wearing only black lace underwear. She was fantastically beautiful with long dark hair, a curvy waist and her nipples were smooth round circles that began perking up in the breeze. She gave me a smile and I was hooked. I thought 'Wouldn't the neighbors see her?'

"We are so glad that you are here. Are you ready to join us?" she said and I stepped into their house.

"Absolutely, you look stunning" and I meant it. She grabbed my hand, and turned around to lead me away. She was wearing a g-string and her botKeith was well curved and incredibly enticing. I throbbed harder and I was afraid I wouldn't last the evening.

She led me to their living room where Keith was sitting fully dressed in nice slacks and a t-shirt. He stood up and was taller than me by about 1/2 foot, likely he was 6'3 compared to my 5'9. He had blond hair, blue-eyes and a friendly and open smile. "We weren't sure if you would show up. We are very glad you did. Would you like something to drink? Gin and tonic? Rum and coke? "

"Gin and tonic would be great. You are both gorgeous. I am glad that I came"

"I'll be right back. Why don't you two sit down." Keith said

He motioned to a black leather couch. Debbie, still holding my hand, drew me to the couch. Before we sat down, I started stroking her arm and leaned forward to caress and kiss her neck. She leaned into me and threw her arms around my neck. Her whole body was warm and soft against me and she could feel my hard cock against her belly.

My heart was racing again and I slid my hand down her back to her bare botKeith while nibbling on her neck. Her whole body tensed and moved against me. She was sensual, sexy and she was ready. My hand caressed her botKeith and then along the line of black lace. Her belly was smooth and flat and my hand glided down. She opened her legs and hummed and I glided down and began rubbing her clit through the fabric. She was already hot.

"Wait a moment. Let's sit down." She pulled me onto the couch and she began running her hand on my leg and every other stroke she would glide up and outline my cock. "You seem ready, will you last for us?"

Keith came in and handed me a drink and gave me a smile. "Seeing the two of you standing there was incredibly arousing."

"You said this is your first bi-sexual experience. We can take it slow and at your pace. Only do what you are comfortable with. The most important part of the lifestyle is that everyone is comfortable and enjoying themselves. Is this your first time with a couple?" Keith asked.

"Yes this is my first time with a couple, but not my first threesome. I have had a lot of fantasies about being with a couple and know what I want to do with both of you." I said.

“Who was your threesome with?" Debbie asked.

"With my girlfriend and another woman. It was an amazing experience." I grinned in remembrance.

"I love the feel of another woman as well, but my favorite is having two men. I love pussy but cock is so much better. Keith why don't you come closer." Debbie beckoned him over. I had a feeling she was in control and had been planning out how to approach involving me with her husband.

He came and stood in front of us. He was tall and I could tell that under his clothes he was fit and well built. He also had a very distinctive bulge in front. Debbie reached out, caressed his cock and unzipped his pants. In one motion she pulled down his pants and his underwear and out sprang a cock like I had never seen before.

"Wow!" I exclaimed involuntarily. He was 9 inches long, but what was amazing was that the head of his penis was so engorged that it was the size of a small apple. I had never seen anything like it. His shaft was a comfortable diameter and the head of his cock seemed very real, very present and less than a foot from my face. My whole heart started to race and I swear that I could smell him and feel the heat of his cock hitting me.

Debbie reached out and grabbed Keith's cock. She pulled him closer and then encircled the head with her mouth. I could hardly believe the way her beautiful smile encircled that large head and filled her mouth. She pulled off and licked him and then dove down and engulfed about 5 inches of his cock. She started sliding up and down his cock. Keith was moaning above us.

It was the most arousing and sensual experience I had ever had, seeing her suck him from that close to my face. I came to take part with them, so I reached out my hand and touched his leg. Her eyes shifted from her husband to my hand. She pulled off his cock and smiled at me. His whole cock glistened with her saliva.

"Do you want to taste it?" She purred and then kissed the tip of Keith's cock.

'What do I do now?' I thought. 'I can never take back that I would have sucked a cock.'

She took his cock back into her mouth and kept her eyes fixed on mine. I could practically taste Keith's cock from the way she was savoring and tasting it. My hand caressed his thigh and I scooted closer to Debbie.

"You want to. Come on and taste it with me" Debbie said as she pulled off him again. His cock glistened and beckoned to me.

That was all I needed. I leaned forward and licked his cock head. Wow. What an unexpected feeling. It was so smooth and so soft and so hot all at once. I kissed the top and then I opened my mouth and slid Keith's cock into my mouth. Wow again. The size of his cock head filled my mouth and I could feel him pulse inside of me. I felt the ridge pass my lips and my lips went around his shaft. I had him completely in my mouth. I pulled back up and ran my tongue up the shaft at the same time and heard Keith groan and pulse again in my mouth.

"Doesn't it taste good? Cock is one of the best pleasures in the world. I can never get enough" Debbie whispered in my ear and nibbled on the side of my neck. I groaned in my ascent and pleasure. My groan triggered another spasm in Keith and I began to slide my head up and down his cock. With each up his penis would throb in response, with each down he would groan in reaction. I used my tongue and my lips and his responses intensified and thrilled me. He moved his hips forward and his cock would slide farther in. I wanted more. The taste was sensual and incredibly arousing. 'Why had I waited this long to try this?'

I pulled up to the top of his cock and felt the swell of his large glans leave my lips. I wanted more of him in my mouth. Debbie moved in next to me and started licking, tasting and gently nibbling on one side of Keith’s cock and I leaned forward and licked on the other side. Keith’s whole body started to shake and shiver. “That is amazing.” He exclaimed. It was incredibly arousing to be sucking on Debbie’s husband with her, our tongues would meet and feeling his excitement was incredibly arousing. Debbie reached down and grasped my cock and started sliding her hand over my pants. I wanted to cum with just that touch. Keith was groaning and we continued to race out tongues from the head down to the base. I would take the head in my mouth while she would lick up and down the shaft. Then I would lick while she would suck.

Keith’s cock started to ooze pre-cum. Debbie reached out and guided his cock back in front of my lips. “This is the best part.” She cooed. I opened my mouth engulfed his head again. He was salty, sweet, and slick and I could feel the bl**d pulsing in the head of his penis. He moved his hips forward and he rested his hand on the top of my head. His cock thrust into my mouth. ‘Oh my God’ I thought. ‘That is so hot.’ Debbie grabbed my throbbing length in her hand and rubbed her other hand across my back.

Keith pushed deeper into my mouth. The head of his cock was touching the back and he was continuing to thrust and push my head down gently with his hand. I relaxed the back of my throat and took a deep a breath. I wanted all of him. His cock slid in again until it was resting at the back. He moved back and then pushed forward again. I felt his cock head push past and I moved my head forward and down. It slid in, hot and large, pulsing and fabulous. His whole cock was buried in my mouth and throat. My heart was pounding and adrenaline pumping. I felt the tips of his pubic hair brush my nose and I could smell the deep, and satisfy musk of him. I moved up and down a few times. His whole cock being fed to me inch by inch. I slowly slid up, letting my tongue and lips tighten on his shaft. His shaft was smooth and soft with a hard core and all of him was heat. He pulsed and pulsed in my mouth, and little streams of pre-cum sprinkled my taste buds. That was a taste I could love. I inhaled a deep breath and smiled at Debbie.

“He just took my whole cock in his mouth. That is fantastic” Keith groaned. “I saw” purred Debbie at me. Keith reached down and guided my head back to his cock. I opened up and he entered. My mind completely vanished. He pushed his cock in. I moved my head up and down. His hips moved and I followed and rode his sensations. I could feel the pulses grow. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. More than anything, I wanted his cum. I moved faster and took him in deeper, matching his desire. Keith started crying out and I sucked and stroked. His large glans swelled even more. His shaft started pulsing uncontrollably. It was a blast of fire into my mouth, creamy, salty and sweet and hotter than I anticipated. I swallowed the first one and slid gently up and down and felt the second and third and forth blasts. Each brought a drop of liquid fire. I held him in my mouth and could smell only man. I purred and Debbie laughed next to me.

I took my mouth off Keith. “That was not how I was expecting to start the evening. I thought it would be with you first.” I said as I grinned at Debbie. I shivered with pleasure at the memories of the last few minutes. Keith sat down and lay back completely drained.

“That was your first cock?” she asked in surprise.

“Yes it was and I would gladly do it again. I have been dreaming about doing that and only practicing with my wife’s dildo for a long time”

She was still grasping my cock. “It’s my turn now” she said.

Debbie’s reached out and guided my hand to her pussy. She was burning hot and completely soaked through the black panties she was wearing. I began to rub gently and I could feel her excitement building. I moved the panties aside and her shaved pussy was a wonderful site. The smell of her was heady and very aroused. I slid two fingers into her. She thrust her hips down and she groaned. In only two strokes her whole body started shaking as she came. She took out my fingers and stood up.

“Okay. It is time to go upstairs” She reached down and grabbed my hand again and then she reached down and grabbed Keith’s.

We headed to the stairs. My cock was throbbing. I could taste man in my mouth and smell woman on my fingers. I still had so much more I wanted to do. As I was walking up the stairs I realized that their house had no curtains anywhere. ‘Did their neighbors see that?’ I didn’t care.

Candles were lit on the bedroom wall. A king sized bed filled the room, no curtains hung from any of the windows and most of them were open to let in the night breeze. Outside I could hear what sounded like a party in the neighbor’s yard. ‘Did couples really live like this?’ Their inhibitions were very low. Debbie pulled us into the bedroom.

“I am amazed at how open you both are with sex.” I said as I glanced at the open windows.

“We do a lot more than this.” Debbie grinned wickedly and turned to Keith. “Do you remember when we were at the pier and you entered me from behind? There was 30 people trying not to watch us from the next pier over. One man walked over to us and as soon as he came close enough I reached out and started stroking his cock, zipped down his zipper, pulled out his cock and started sucking on him in front of everyone. I started orgasming immediately. Everyone was trying not to watch us. You thrust wildly into me, while I sucked his cock.”

“I remember very well” Keith said and his cock started to stir again with the retelling. “That man probably came to stop us and I think he was completely taken off guard when he joined us. He came heartbeats after you and I did.”

My cock was standing out stiff in front of me and I was pulsing from the bl**d coursing in my body. I could hardly believe how I ended up here tonight with such a gorgeous and adventuresome couple.

“It looks like you need some help with that. Why don’t we get comfortable on the bed. I want to feel your cock inside of me and I think you do too.” Debbie said as she crawled sexily on to the bed. She looked over her shoulder at me and wiggled her gorgeously curved botKeith. The lips of her pussy were so swollen they were eating the g-string of her black panties and I wanted them to be eating me.

“Take your clothes off and join me” She commanded. She reached back with her fingers and pushed aside the lace and started stroking her clitoris. Her pussy was glistening and she was already moaning. I undid my shirt while Debbie looked back over at me. Her eyes blazed and then simmered as she concentrated on rubbing her clit. My shirt dropped to the floor.

Suddenly, I felt a hand reach around from behind me and undo the button of my pants. Keith unzipped my pants and ran his hand over my cock in my boxer briefs. I wasn’t expecting it and was very surprised. He pulled my pants and underwear down and then reached around and grabbed my cock in his hands. I had almost forgotten he was there and I had not expected him to have such a firm grip on me. “Debbie wants you inside her. I want to see you fuck my wife on our bed.” I looked back at Keith. His cock was at full erection again. My mouth tasted salty and tangy from his cum and he already seemed ready to go again. Incredible.

Debbie watched her husband undress me. Her body was shaking and quivering again and I thought she might have cum again. Keith released my cock and I crawled onto the bed. Debbie’s scent was heady and wild. The lips of her pussy swelled even more. My hand stroked her botKeith and then caressed her back. I ran my fingers under her underwear and then slid them off. My cock was pulsing with my heartbeat. I bent my head down to the small of her back and kissed her. She pushed her hips back into me. I licked my way down her back and then buried my tongue in her delicious pussy. “Oh yes” She cried. I sucked gently on one of her pussy lips. She was hot and juicy and very, very aroused. I ran my tongue back into her waiting pussy again and then licked back to her throbbing clitoris. “Yes keeping licking me” She called.

I felt the nub of her clitoris under my tongue and pulsed my tongue around it. I licked her slowly and sensuously. Her taste excited my taste buds and the scent from her pussy filled my senses. I lapped at her clitoris and then ran my tongue back to her pussy to dip in and then back to her clit. Her arousal was accentuating her taste and I stroked my tongue to her movements. Her back arched. Her hips lifted up. Her body started to shake and cry out as she shoved her pussy hard against my tongue and mouth. I throbbed my tongue on her and in her. Her body tensed and she quivered again. She came on my tongue with a short, hot pulse of fluid and called “Your licking is incredible”. My cock was stretched and filled and was pulsing underneath me. I felt my own pre-cum leaking out.

“She tastes great doesn’t she? She is the only woman I know to squirt when she cums. ” Keith called. He had moved to the foot of the bed and had been watching me lick his wife with a very mirthful grin on his face. “You need to take care of that,” he called as he looked at us.

Debbie crawled around and turned her beautiful brown eyes on me. “You’ve done a wonderful job with your mouth on us. Now it is my turn, but I think Keith needs to join us too.” She beckoned him over. I savored the combined tastes of Debbie’s delicious flavor with Keith’s salty and tanginess. The back of my throat felt strangely numb and tingling at the same time from where I think his cum had landed.

Debbie gazed into my eyes and then bent down and engulfed the head of my cock. Fire raced from her mouth down the whole length of me. “Oh yes” I groaned. My whole body responded instantly. Every nerve started firing. All I could feel was her mouth pulse around me. She began to purr again. Her whole mouth and throat vibrating around my cock. Wow. That was an incredible feeling. I barely registered that Keith had crawled onto the bed and entered Debbie from behind. Except that each of his thrusts caused Debbie to engulf my cock fully and completely. She eagerly ate my cock to the base running her tongue around my cock while she kept me fully engaged in her mouth. She stared up at me with her gorgeous eyes and savored the way I tasted. Each purr sent shivers through my body. I felt the first wave come from deep inside me. She got hungrier and sucked my cock in farther with each push from Keith. I held onto the feeling coursing through me. Another wave came up from my cock and I held it. Debbie groaned and I began to cry out as I could feel my cock explode again and again inside of her. Debbie released my cock and she cried out again too as she shook with another orgasm. “Yes. I love cock in my mouth and in my pussy at the same time”. I lay down on my side and felt my orgasm drain out of me.

Keith continued to stroke into Debbie. His huge cock glistened with each stroke out. His eyes gleamed as he watched us recovering. He grabbed Debbie and then slowly flipped her on to her back. His cock stayed deep within her.

I lay on my side and started to become aware of where I was again. Debbie lay on her back and my head was resting near her hip. Debbie’s legs were spread far and Keith was stretching her pussy wide with his cock. The interlocked pussy and cock were less than a foot from eyes. It was fascinating. I had never seen two bodies grinding together from so close. It was very arousing. Debbie’s whole body would tense, push and move around Keith with each of his strokes. Keith’s cock seemed to disappear and emerge with incredible power and ease. I was engrossed watching their two bodies sync up and move together.

Debbie reached down and started stroking my leg and I could feel my own arousal coming back already watching this couple fuck. I stroked my hand on her side and over her breasts. I eased up from where I was laying. Keith rose off of Debbie by his arms and I began to run my tongue over her nipples. Her breasts swayed from Keith’s thrusts and I licked and stroked her skin. Keith would push and Debbie started to moan with my sucking and licking. I started licking down Debbie’s body to where the two of them connected. Keith eased back and I leaned in farther.

I started licking Debbie’s clitoris while Keith’s thrust into her. I could feel Debbie starting to thrash under us and my own cock was growing again. I licked farther down and I placed my tongue at the entrance to her pussy. My tongue brushed along Keith’s cock with each stroke and I could taste the deep flavor of Debbie mixed with the slick hard taste of Keith. “That is wonderful” called Keith and I ran my tongue back to Debbie’s nub. As my tongue worked on her she shook and came again. I eased back down again to the juncture and ran my tongue on Keith’s cock. He eased out of Debbie and then pushed his cock into my mouth. I swallowed him eagerly feeling again the hard urgency and smoothness of his cock. He stroked out of my mouth and then back into Debbie.

I licked my tongue on his shaft and thought ‘I want to suck his cock, please have him do that again.’ Keith reacted to my licking and placed his cockhead in my mouth again. He stroked in and out of my mouth. The head of his cock flared in my mouth and I nibbled and sucked on the silky head. He pushed in and I ran my tongue along his shaft. He pulled back and entered Debbie again. I really loved the feeling of having cock in my mouth. He was hard and smooth and it felt great to have control over his reactions. I returned to licking Debbie’s clit. It was also wonderful to be licking her pussy at the same time. Debbie moaned and ground her pussy against my tongue and Keith’s cock. My whole body was aching again with excitement. I licked down to Keith’s cock again and I tongued his shaft while he entered Debbie. Keith was beginning to shake and grunt. He slid his cock out of Debbie and into my mouth again. I could feel his cock pulsing again and I could taste tiny amounts of pre-cum. He pushed urgently deep into my throat again and I could smell the combined headiness of Debbie with the muskiness of Keith. I used my lips and tongue as he slid in and out. His pulsing was driving me wild and I began to hum and groan too. “Your making me cum again.” He groaned.

Keith paused deep in my mouth. Pulsing and pulsing with the beat of my heart, his, and Debbie’s. A steady stream of cum was leaking onto my tongue. I didn’t move. I could tell he was trying not to cum yet. Then slowly he withdrew. He left a trail of strong, but tasty cum across my tongue and on my lips. The head of his cock slid down out of sight and then he thrust deep into Debbie again. She groaned and I continued to lick her pussy and his cock at the same time as he began uncontrollably thrusting in and out. With a last final push he came inside of Debbie. Debbie thrashed again under my tongue.

Debbie, Keith and I lay there entwined on their bed. My cock was throbbing but their pleasure had been intense. Debbie eased up from the bed. “Excuse me. I need to clean up.”

Keith said “Thanks for easing off and following what we wanted. That was a great orgasm for us. Do you smoke pot?”

“Sometimes” I responded. “I think it can help enhance sex.”

“Let me go and get some”

I heard the shower running. I lay on the bed with my cock still throbbing and thinking back over the evening so far. ‘What an incredible night, much more than I expected’ I thought.

The shower turned off and Debbie eased back into the room. “He left you alone?” Her body still glistened from the shower and her beautiful figure and face kept me fully aware of her presence.

“He’ll be right back” I said

Debbie walked across the room and sat on the bed next to me. She ran her fingers down my chest, over my abs and down to my cock. She gently grabbed it and squeezed. I smiled at her and moaned in response. She licked her hand and then grabbed a hold again. Her slick hand eased up and down my cock. The motion almost pushed me over the edge with just her touch. “Hold on. I still want you inside me” She whispered. She leaned forward and started sucking on the side of my neck while she continued to stroke my cock slowly. I could feel myself moving in time with her strokes and my cock was aching to cum. She breathed in my ear. She stroked my cock. Her hand lay on my chest and she pinched my nipple. Gently and then hard. Pleasure raced from my cock and my nipples and I moaned again. She nuzzled into my neck again. I felt a mouth go around my cock. Hot and firm. The tongue ran the length of my cock and stopped at the top to lick the pre-cum from my head before sucking the whole shaft down his throat. I looked down. Keith was sucking my cock and Debbie was nuzzling my neck and pinching my nipples. This couple was sending amazing sensations through my whole body. “I am going to cum.” I called out and could feel my body and cock tensing. “Hold on” Debbie called again and both of them stopped what they were doing. My whole body jerked from the sudden loss of touch. My cock throbbed uncontrollably, “Nooooooooo.” I called in pain and frustration.

“Don’t worry she said. We’ll take care of you.” Debbie said as she ran a finger along my side. She reached over to the side table and grabbed a condom. “I want you to cum inside me” She opened the condom and rolled it down my throbbing cock. Her touch almost set me off.

Debbie straddled me and eased my cock to her waiting pussy. I slid easily and eagerly in to her. Her pussy was on fire as she engulfed me. She was tight and I could feel her clench around me. Then she rose up and down on my cock. My body was already a raging fire from her strokes and Keith’s sucking. I rose to meet her thrusts. I let my body ride with her. I was building and building again. I looked toward Keith and he was watching us entranced and stroking his cock. I motioned with my hand for him to come closer.

He walked over to the head of the bed. His cock was at full attention. The head was enticing and I opened my mouth. Keith slid his gorgeous cock into my mouth again. The head was so big and delicious, soft and velvety. Keith thrust forward. His head slid deeper into my mouth, the shaft brushing my lips. He eased back and then forward again, nudging the back of my throat. I took a deep breath and I opened up the back of my throat. His cock slid all of the way in again, down my throat. He pulled back and pushed in again. His pubic hairs brushed my nose and I could smell the headiness of Debbie’s pussy again. Debbie was grinding on my cock. Keith started grinding into my mouth. I couldn’t hold back any more. I sucked and swallowed Keith’s cock and I thrust my hips up and my cock into Debbie. I pushed again. And again. Her pussy engulfed me and she eagerly watched me sucking on Keith while she rode me. “You love his cock. Don’t you?” I nodded and groaned. “I love yours inside of me and watching you suck my husband at the same time is wonderful.” She reached down and pinched my nipple again. That was it. I lost total control. My whole body orgasmed. Wave after wave of pleasure hit me and I shot my cum into Debbie. Debbie screamed out loud as she began to cum and as she milked the cum from me with her pussy. Suddenly Keith thrust forward into my mouth and he started pulsing hot cum across my tongue and down my throat. I sucked and swallowed it all. We all stayed that way for a dozen seconds. Keith’s cock softening in my mouth. My cock softening in Debbie. Debbie unclenching around me as she lay with her head on top of me.

Keith eased out first and the lay down on the other side of the bed next to Debbie. I lay there. Dazed and stunned by what had taken place tonight. My mind and body was giddy with everything we had done.

“I guess we didn’t need the pot” Keith laughed. Debbie chuckled next to him and I groaned.

“We are so glad that you came tonight.” Debbie said as she stroked me chest. She eased of the bed and stood up. I could tell it was time to go. “Would you like to take a shower before you go?”

“No. I’ll take one at the hotel.” I said. I reached down and pulled my clothes on from where they were laying on the floor.

“This was an amazing night tonight. You met and exceeded our expectations” Debbie said “We had wanted to do one other thing tonight, but I think we can leave it to next time. I really wanted both of your cocks in me at the same time. It is the hottest and most intense position for a woman. It hits all of the right spots simultaneously.”

“We hope you will be a regular guest.” Keith said

“You are both beautiful and amazing. Thank you. I would love to come back again.” I said.

I started walking down the stairs. Debbie and Keith followed behind me naked. I was in such a daze that I opened the door to the closest rather than the front door. Debbie and Keith both laughed and I grinned.

Debbie came and stood in the door naked and waved good-bye. ‘What did the neighbors think?’

I walked out into the fresh air. The night was crisp and clear. The stars were out overhead. I stumbled my way to my car. I got in and started driving. I replayed images again and again. I didn’t realize I was going the wrong direction until 30 minutes later. An hour later I found myself at the hotel somehow. I turned on the shower and slowly washed away the smell and taste of Debbie and Keith. I hope I can get back to see them soon. I want to find out what Debbie meant in her last comment.

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word of the day

Posted by 3rdtime at 31,Jul,14 07:29


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Hotel Fun..............................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 31,Jul,14 07:28

I was out of town staying at a nice extended stay hotel and i posted for a M2M encounter on a local site. Harry responded but only sent me a cock pick and a phone number. The picture of his cock really turned me on. It was a little bigger than average. Smooth and straight and a nice purple head. I called and he wanted to sent up an anonymous scene. He was pretty insistent and I agreed. He then gave me a list of directions to follow. He told me he would be at my hotel room in 30 minutes.

I followed the directions. Showered, dried off, then put a blanket on the floor, and then I lubed my ass. I went over and slightly opened my hotel room door. Then turned out the lights, knelt in the middle of the blanket, and put my blindfold on.

I waited and waited. It seamed like a very long time, but I finally heard the door open and close. My heart raced as I could hear someone walk over past me. He went into the bathroom and I could hear the fan come on and him undressing. The fan turned off an I could hear him walk up to me . Next I felt his cock head at my lips and I opened my mouth wide, His cock was already hard as a steel pole. At first, He let me go at my own pace as I bobbed up and down on his cock. He then grabbed my head and picked up the pace where he was now controlling the tempo. Each stroke got deeper and deeper. I gagged and he pulled his dick from my mouth and the he shoved it in deeper. Gargling sounds were coming from my mouth as I let him fuck my mouth. He pushed deep in my mouth one last time. As I gagged he pushed deeper. Until I f***efully pulled away.

Harry then pushed me on to all fours and got behind me. He rubbed his cock in my crack until he found my tight asshole. Harry then pushed it in slowly. Arrrggg. It hurt pretty bad but he kept pushing until his hips pressed against my ass cheeks. I was breathing fast from the intensity of the penetration then Harry started to fuck me. Within a couple of strokes he was fucking my ass very hard not giving me a chance to get used to his wonderful cock. I was making all kinds of noises and grunts as he fucked me hard. I could really feel him inside as he would fill me up then pull out. He then pulled out all the way with a small pop. Relief came to my sphincter for a minute or so as Harry took a break.

Harry then pushed is hard dick back into my ass. This time the strokes were slow and deliberate, even pulling all the way out and the in slowly. I could really feel my sphincter open and close as here fucked me. After a few very enjoyable minutes of this fucking Harry started to pull all the way out and slam his dick in me hard. I grunted each time as discomfort returned to my ass from the hard strokes. Finally he started to fuck my ass hard and fast. I knew he was getting close then he pulled out and pulled me up on my knees. He tried to push his cock into my mouth but I resisted. He said "You told me you did this before now I want you to do it for me". I gave in and opened my mouth and tasted my ass and his dick. Immediately he was fucking my mouth and I felt his hands stiffen on my head. He grunted and filled my mouth fill with his sweet pungent cum. I milked his cock dry and he had me lick the entire cock clean.

I was instructed to lay on my back and jerk off. I willingly complied and within a minute or so I was spraying cum on my stomach. Harry had me lay there with my cum on me and blind folded. Harry dressed then left. As he left I popped up and looked out the window to see if I could see Harry. But it was to no avail.

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BBC Throat fuck......................................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 31,Jul,14 07:25

Today I went across town and got on my knees to get fucked in the throat with a huge black cock. I find it most gratifying.

When my bull opened the door to his apt., he was buck ass naked. I stepped in a reached over and lovingly fondled his huge black club. As his red-painted door latched,I gently teased his balls. He smiled and led me into his living room, where he had the interracial porn all cued up.

He had my knee pillow all ready on the floor in front of his chair. I got the poppers and the pair of stolen panties I like to douse with the poppers and sniff. You guys should try this, you get a way bigger kick from the poppers when you inhale the vapors from a cloth (or your niece's stolen panties).

I hit my knees and got down low. I licked his shaved balls ever so gently, making sure to give love to every wrinkle and crevice of this gorgeous nut sack.

His great cock was good and hard like wood. I rolled a condom over it, and went to town. I shoved it all the way down my gullet right off the bat. Leaving it there while I made little gag sounds like, "gakktttppp..." and "ccchoaktttttt...!" I used my voice to coo and show little submissive "Thank you Massuh for the huge black dick...gakktttppp...ccchoakttttt...mmmm..." Because I know the millions of super-sensitive nerve endings in that cock, are very sensitive and can REALLY feel the vibration of my man-voice.

Within a few seconds, my massuh ordered me to stop, and said he did not want to cum yet. I eased off his cock, and licked his huge smooth ball sack while I looked lovingly into his eyes. His heightened arousal was obvious as his chest heaved, and he began breathing like a stud horse in heat.

I sucked the head, and ran my tongue all around, and around and around it, as my hands wet my niece's panties with the poppers and rolled them up with the dampened area right in the middle. I breathed in the vapors of the Locker Room.

That shining throbbing cock took on new beauty as my heart pounded. Once again, I lowered my mouth-pussy all the way down his cock and milked the head with the spasming entry to my fuck-gullet.

I quickly slid my head all the way off the shaft, very quickly. This leaves huge gob-stringers of throat mucus and slobber, which he quickly smears all over my handsome face with that big meat bat.

By this time, I am blowing snot bubbles and gasping for breath. I gasp in a few big breaths and go all the way down on that cock again. I feel it go past the curve in my throat, and it opens up for the throbbing cockhead, dripping inside its raincoat. I gently milk the huge cock with my throat muscles. I have practiced this throatfuck for months and months!

I look up into his eyes and they are rolling back. I pulled my skull off his cock, and did some more poppers. He reached for them and I thought, "Oh, shit...!"

He did a long draw from the Rush bottle, then some for the other nostril, and held it. I looked into his eyes with that cock in my throat, and I saw them start to water, then got very red.

My Bull grabbed my head and started to fuck furiously as the poppers hit his system. He was shoving that pork loin in and out so fast, I slobbered foam and begged for more, gagging "I luh it, I luh it...!" around this huge shiny meat stick. He pulled my head up and down at blinding speed, in and out, in and out...

Stopping a couple times with the throbbing shaft just touching my lips, teasing me, not letting me have my prize. He plunged the root violently in and out of my throat until he screamed and stood up, yanking the condom off, jacking a few stroked then spraying all over my waiting, upturned face. Gobs and gobs of goo spilled onto my glasses and down my nose, and my gasping breaths made small little nostril bubbles in the great pool of jiz adorning my face.

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responding to PM's

Posted by Deviant910 at 31,Jul,14 07:03

Putting in text, check the box and the send comment box dissappears, anyone else experience this and suggestions on how to fix, thanks

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Walk on the Beach ......................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 30,Jul,14 21:29

I was on vacation at the beach and went to the one and only adult novelty and movie store on the island. There was no arcade so I cruised the videos spending quite a bit of time near the bi and gay sections. After about a half an hour this 6-0, a heavy set man came up next to me and started to pretend to look at the vids. He must have been in his early 40s, was married like me, full head of brown hair, tats all over his arms. I figured he was in construction from the logo on his shirt. I asked him what if he was finding anything he liked. He looked at me and with a serious tone said he liked my firm ass. He then told me to accompany him for a walk on the beach. His very forward manner turned me on and I followed him out of the store.

It was dark out and he did not say much. I tried to strike up a conversation, and he told me he was interested in fucking my ass and not talking. With that I got a bit nervous but kept following because I get turned on by dominate men.

We walked for about 5 minutes and came to a life guard stand, he looked around and said this would do. “Get on your knees and suck me hard” he commanded. I immediately dropped to my knees and he positioned himself in front of me. He let me do all the work to pull his dick out. I unbuckled his belt, undid and unzipped his shorts and pushed his shorts and underwear down exposing his uncut, hairy cock and balls.

I took his cock into my mouth enjoying the feel of his dick getting hard from my sucking, and licking. I used a hand to stroke his lengthening shaft to pull back the foreskin to lick his glands. He moaned his approval as he became fully erect. He was a nice thick 7”. I had not been sucking him long when he told me it was time for him to fuck my tight ass. He told me to drop my shorts, bend over, grab the crossbeam of the life guard stand and not to complain. He spit on my hole and used his cock to rub it around

I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks as I grabbed the cross beam with anticipation. He pushed in and met a resistance of my tight inner anus. Then he grabbed my hips and pushed his dick in my ass. It hurt like hell as his raw penetration shot waves of pain through my loins. I breathed deeply to deal with the pain and he started to thrust back and forth taking longer strokes each time. He said “damn your tight ass feels great” and he continued his assault on my ass.

Before long, he was taking long deep strokes into my ass as I grunted. Soon the pain was augmented with the pleasurable fullness sensations as he fucked me deeply. I felt his hands grab my hips even harder as he quickened his pace. His hips started to slap my cheeks as he fucked my ass really hard and deep. I thought he was about ready to cum, but kept on fucking me like a machine. My ass was really getting a work out as this stud kept his fast, hard, relentless fucking of my ass for what seemed like an eternity. My ass was not only still in pain but also getting sore from the raw ass fucking from I was receiving. Then, all of a sudden my new friend grunted “fuck!” and pushed deep into my ass and shot his hot gooey cum. He rocked back and forth for nearly a minute before slowly pulling out. “Damn”, he said, “ I haven’t cum that hard and long for long time.” After he pulled out I realized how sore my ass was and pulled up my shorts. He walked one way and I walked with my cum filled ass the other.

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On The Rocks..................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 30,Jul,14 21:25

When I was eighteen and in my last year of high school, I was cruising around on a Saturday morning down at the city park. The park makes its way along the river that runs through the center of my home town. Following the river, there=s a drive that continues from one end to the other for about 7 miles. Along the way are several picnic tables, bathrooms, playgrounds, and a golf course. One, kind of deserted area, towards the easternmost end and between the road and the river, city work crews have discarded a large heap of leftover granite boulders that were used in building a dam downstream. A path snaked its way from the parking area to the river bank, putting the rocks between the road and completely blocking the view of anyone driving in either direction.
This one Saturday, I noticed a green, Chevy step-side pickup parked by itself in the lot, but there was no one in the truck. I had seen this truck a few times before and had noticed a really good looking man behind the wheel. I could make out that he was about 40, balding, reddish-blond hair, thick mustache, and had a nice beefy build. I had seen him once or twice exiting one of the three bathrooms along the park road. I always seemed to get there just a few minutes too late. He would leave the bathroom, get in his truck and be gone, never lingering or appearing to cruise the park. So that day, I parked my truck, got out, and made my way through the brush, following the little path that edged the river.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I got to the big rock pile and found him lying naked and face down on a big flat slab of rock on top of a beach towel. His body was fucking awesome to behold. His legs and buns were covered in glistening blond hair that sparkled in the noon-day sun. The rest of his body was equally hairy and very muscular. He had his legs spread allowing me a perfect view of his balls and ass crack. I stepped on a twig and he quickly turned around to see who was there. Without saying a word, he just turned back around and lay his head down again, closing his eyes. Since he didn=t seem to mind, I just had to get a better view.
I found a way to get up to the rock right next to where he was sunbathing and asked him if he wanted some oil put on his back. Again, without speaking he reached over and handed me a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic tanning lotion; the kind that smells like fresh coconut. His body was already well tanned and had no tan line at all. I thought to myself, "How many times has this hunk been out here and I've missed seeing him?" My hard dick was straining in my Wrangler jeans as I squirted some lotion, already warmed by the sun, onto his muscular, strong thick back. He moaned softly at my touch.

Now, I'm a big, husky, west Texas bear of a man and always have been. In high school, the coach was pissed off at me for not playing ball, but my dad wouldn't even let me think about it. It was just understood that I'd be working for him after school everyday. So, I have pretty good sized, strong hands. I was doing more than just putting oil on this bathing beauty. I was giving him a damn good massage. I worked on his back, shoulders and arms and starting working my way down. I skipped over his ass and went for his calves and feet first. I rubbed those thick furry legs and bent down to get a nice whiff of his ass. He kept his eyes closed the entire time. I moved up on his meaty thighs and was really enjoying the feel of his flesh in my hands. His natural smell and the oil were making me really horny. Finally I took the risk and grabbed his ass with both hands, rubbing oil all over his bubble butt. His ass was as hairy as some guy's chest and I was having a great time feeling it.
He tensed up and relaxed his gluts over and over while I was feeling of them. I let one finger slip in between them. He didn=t react so I spread them apart and dove in with my full face. My tongue went right into his hole. When I did, he let out a moan and lifted his ass to meet my face. That was it! I went to work on this butt with all the gusto of a starving man. I was licking him from his balls to the top of his crack. He reached back with both hands and pulled his buns apart making his hole totally open for me. I stopped only to let my aching dick out of my jeans. My face was covered in my own saliva, the tanning oil and the sweat of his ass crack. He must have enjoyed this, because he moved back and forth to put my tongue right where he wanted it. There's nothing I like better than chowing down on a nice hairy MAN ASS and this man was fucking hot. He enjoyed my tongue as much as I liked rimming him. I was rubbing his back and legs while my tongue was working that hot hole.
He arched his ass up into the air and pushed his dick back towards my mouth. I turned over and lay down underneath him allowing him to fuck my face as much as he wanted. He took total control and slowly started fucking my mouth. He had about 7 thick inches with a nice foreskin covering his large, wet cockhead. Only one thing makes me hotter than a nice ass and that's foreskin. I opened my mouth and let him fuck me as hard, deep and fast as he wanted. He thrusted that big fucking dick in and out of my mouth pushing it all the way in until his bush was all over my face and his dick was way down in my throat. I loved this and squeezed his cock with my mouth. He let out a moan and I felt his dick swell up and get harder. Then all of a sudden he pushed even further in and started to shoot. I couldn't even count the number of spurts that erupted from his rod. I just enjoyed feeling his cock jump with each shot of cum.
I was beating off like crazy, just about to cum when he reached back and grabbed my dick with one hand. He turned around, planting his butt hole right on my mouth as he leaned over and sucked my meat all the way down his throat. That was it for me; I started shooting and emptied my nuts into his mouth while he ground his ass on my face. After I came, He lifted up a little and squeezed out a couple more drops of cum from his fat dick and dumped them in my mouth.

Then he said, to me, "I'm glad you came along boy! I needed that. I sat up and looked into his startling blue eyes and simply said, "Yeah, me too!" I zipped up my jeans as he wiped my spit off his ass and balls and laid back down, this time face up. He put on a pair of mirrored sun glasses and I realized that he was one of our small town's two motorcycle cops. I looked at him, not able to see if he was looking at me, but I'm sure if he did the look of fear was clear on my face. He grabbed his softening cock and squeezed up another final drop of cum to the tip. He waited while I bent down and licked it off. Then he said, "I'll see you around." I walked away from the rocks, river and red-headed hunk, thinking to myself. "I sure hope you do."

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FIREMAN AND HIS HOSES..................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 30,Jul,14 21:22

A while back I was attending a convention in one of the best convention cities in America, San Antonio. Now, say what you want about the Alamo City, but I love good ‘ol San Antone is one of my favorite places. It’s mixture of Latino culture and military bases has made San Antonio a nice melting pot for Texas. In the past 15 years the city has ballooned and is bursting on all sides. The gay life here is hit and miss as far as I’m concerned; probably due to the born again ravings of a local wanna be Tele-Evangelical jerk.
That being said, I still love to come here and whenever a convention comes up and enjoy the river walk and the great eye-candy. I was attending one of these national conventions one year when I met this unbelievable, honest to God, San Antonio Firefighter. It was a large convention with over 7500 attendees so the police f****, which was handling security, called in the assistance of the Firefighters. I waved hello to a real hunky daddy type, dressed in a Firefighter’s uniform as I entered the building. He grinned and said hello back. The first day of the convention was bright, cool and sunny, real Chamber of Commerce weather. The conventioneers were still registering and I joined their ranks, eager to get in and browse the multitude of exhibits. It was about 10 a.m. on a Wednesday and I was in serious need of relief from the three cups of coffee I had with breakfast.
I finally got my convention badge and was headed through the exhibit hall to the old bathrooms on the opposite side of the building. Not many people headed used these and once in a while you could find someone cruising in there. I was in luck! I stepped up to the urinal next to a thick and stocky mature Hispanic man in uniform. I knew he wasn’t a cop but I also knew this wasn’t a maintenance man. I look over on his shoulder to see a patch that said “SAFD”, embroidered in gold thread against a blue and gold star. Looking up I saw the profile of a really handsome face with salt and pepper hair around the temples, ears and neckline. I thought to myself that this was that hot fucking Papi I had seen at the door!! When he stepped back from the urinal I thought he was going to shake it and zip up but instead, he stepped back and took his big fat uncut cock in his hand and pulled the skin back and forth. I was looking down at his dick. When I looked up he was grinning again and looking me right in the eyes. He had a pearly white smile framed by a thick, black, bushy mustache. I know I turned eight shades of red as I was caught staring at his cock. Just as he was about to speak, someone walked through the door. He zipped up and was gone in a split second, but not before I noticed a thick gold band on his wedding ring finger.
Outside the bathroom, he was nowhere to be seen. I walked through the exhibits looking more for him and less at the array of products and services being offered. Finally, I gave up and headed off, late to the first major session. The convention center is in the heart of downtown and on the famous river walk. The size of the convention dictated that every available space in the CC and the adjoining hotel were being utilized. At lunch, I ran into some friends and went over to the adjoining mall to grab a quick bite. Excusing myself from the group, I said I was eager to go back to the exhibits and find something that had caught my eye earlier. My luck was up as I spotted him on my way into the building. My heart was beating and I was starting to feel warmth spread to my crotch as I looked at him from a distance. He was thickly built, about 6' tall, had hairy, muscular forearms and was wearing a dark blue button down shirt and dark blue slacks with a thick black belt and black roper boots. I don’t know why I got turned on looking at that belt and those boots but they added a certain amount of masculinity to him.
He watched me out of the corner of his eye while I walked past him and two other uniformed men. They were making sure everyone who entered the building was wearing the appropriate badge. As I past him I just nodded my head and said, “Hello again.” All three of them said hello back and I thought to myself how friendly San Antonio was becoming. I continued on down the walkway and turned back to see “my special” firefighter and his two buddies looking back at me as I went into the exhibits. I wandered around for while then went back to the bathroom just to check. Finding it empty, I took a leak and finally went on to the next session of the convention. It was about mid-afternoon, there was a keynote address going on and I had lingered too long at the break so I didn’t want to enter into the main auditorium. I knew from prior conventions that hardly anyone uses the balcony seating area and I could sit up there and even take nap if I wanted.
I took the elevator up and guess who was in the lobby in front of the balcony doors!! I just grinned and said, “Damn, I just keep running into you, don’t I?.” He just laughed and said, “Yeah, it does seem that way. Where are you from?” “Dallas,” I told him. We made some other small talk and I complimented him on the city and all it had to offer. He thanked me and told me he had been a firefighter here for 24 years, since he was 25 years old. I did the math in my head and my dick went hard almost instantly thinking about this hot 49 year old, married daddy standing here with his thick uncut dick only a couple of feet away behind that thick black belt. He said, “Come on in here, let me show you something.” I followed him like a puppy. We went into the darkened and deserted balcony where it was about 10 degrees cooler than it had been in the lobby. I remarked, “Man, it feels great in here.” To which he said, “Yeah about this time of day this is a great place to catch a nap.” I laughed and confessed that I was thinking the same thing on my way up here. He opened the door to the sound control booth with a key he had and said, “Look here.” The booth was against the back wall of the balcony and had darkened glass on three sides making it impossible to see into it unless the inside lights were turned on. During large “road shows” the sound would have been run from this location.
We went into the darkened booth and it was just light enough to make out a sofa against the back wall. I said to him, “Damn, you really do know where to come for a nap, don’t you.” He laughed and looked at me square in the eyes, and said, “Is that what you want to do?” With that, he reached down to loosen that thick, black belt and as he undid his belt and pants, he looked at me and said, “I could tell this morning, when you walked in and looked into my eyes that I was going to enjoy the day.” I said, “You’re pretty sure of yourself.” To which he replied, “I’m sure I like big husky boys like you and I know you want me.” He reached over to me, lifted my shirt off and started to play with and pull on my nipples. He said, “Me gusto mucho tus chi chis baby, I love to suck on these things.” “Oh fuck,” was all I could say as I felt his mustache brush against my pencil eraser nipples and as his mouth swallowed one whole.
He was flicking his tongue around nipple which was making my dick drip with precum. As he did this, I leaned down to kiss his neck and ear. I don’t know about you, but the back of a mature man’s neck is one of the sexiest fucking things in the world to me. I find myself looking at men and their necks to see if there is any hair coming up from their backs and it makes me hot. The Firefighter had a nice crop of hair there that had been trimmed about a month ago and was growing in nicely. I licked and kissed at his neck which made him suck more aggressively on my nipples. With one of his meaty hands he was playing with the other, mumbling to me in Spanish the whole time. I could feel his hard dick rubbing against my thigh as he played with my tits. The more I kissed his neck and ears, the harder and more aggressive he became. I reached over to lock the door, pretty comfortable and confident that no one could get in or see in.
I broke away and got down on my knees in front of him. His belt and pants were undone, but not pulled down. I finished the job and found a nice, white pair of jockey shorts under the uniform pants, bulging from his hard dick. His legs were thick and strong and lightly covered in soft black fur. I grabbed his legs in my big hands and rubbed them while I pushed my face into his briefs. With one hand, I then reached up to feel under his chest. I had to know if he had the hairy chest I was hoping for. To my delight and amazement, his whole belly and chest were both covered in this black, curly hair. My cock starting leaking seriously as I rubbed his hairy belly. This mother fucker was hotter than hell.
He looked down at me and grinned saying, “You really like what you found here, don’t you?” I just smiled and kissed some more on his briefs, feeling the heat of his hard dick through the white cotton material. He took the waistband with both hands and pulled them down unleashing an eight inch, uncut, one-eyed beauty. It was darker than the rest of his cinnamon colored skin and the silky skin hung over the end even though it was rock hard. I stuck my tongue into his foreskin as he moaned and leaned back on to the sound board. He gently caressed my face and ears, feeling my beard and mustache as I tongued around his dick head. Feeling his big strong hands on me was making me hotter and hotter by the minute. Finally, I opened up and swallowed his dick all the way down. “Ay Chinga,” he yelled out, as he thrust his dick all the way into my mouth, stretching me to my limit. I felt his thick, black bush against my face and inhaled deeply to savor his masculine scent. He had both hands on my head and was pumping his cock in and out of my mouth with long, deep strokes. “You are one hell of a cocksucker, boy,” He said to me as he moaned deeply.
He reached down and grabbed my face, looked me in the eyes and pulled me up to him. The next thing I know, his tongue was in my mouth wrestling with my own. With both hands he reached down and grabbed my ass, pulling me tightly into him. He kissed me hard and strong; like everything else about him, masculine and sensuous at the same time. He started working his way down my neck and next to my chest. I felt him move down and down until he grabbed my dick and put it into his mouth. He moved back to sit on the old sofa against the wall, pulling me with him. He grabbed my pants and pulled them all the way down. He was tonguing my dick and hand both of his strong, meaty paws on my ass. He was kneading my ass like two loaves of bread and sucking my dick all the way down his throat. I reached down and grabbed his face, feeling contrast of his smooth, brown skin and his thick head of hair. He turned me around and began to rub his bushy mustache all over my cheeks.
The next thing I know, he’s kissing all over my buns. He growled up at me, “I wanted to fuck your big, chunky ass as soon as I saw you today.” I turned around and said, “I don’t know about that man; I don’t get fucked too much.” He stood up and with a grin on his rugged face said, “Maybe not, but you want me to fuck you, don’t you?” I looked back at this fucking fantasy in front of me and said, ‘Yeah, I want that fireman’s hose up my ass.” He kissed me hard, thrusting his fat tongue into my mouth while he reached around and fingered my ass. He sucked on my nipples some more and I reached down to lift his shirt off. When his arms went up and the shirt came off, a nice whiff of his natural scent hit me stronger than any poppers.
I went for his armpit and started licking the thick black fur there. “Mmmm, yeah, boy, lick me good,” he said. I wanted to lick and kiss this man all over, so I got down and grabbed one of his boots. He looked down at me and said, “What are you doing?” “I want to see you naked, man,” was my reply. He grinned and said, “I’m all your’s biggun, my wife is out of town this week.” I looked up at him and said, “Then, let’s go to my hotel room and really have some fun.” He smiled at me and said. “I was hoping you would hurry up and ask me.”
We buttoned up our shirts, pulled up our pants and kissed again and again; both of us with rock hard dicks straining to break free. Finally, he said, “Where are you staying?” I said, “Over at the Marriot River Center across the street.” He said, “Good, that’s where I parked my truck this morning. Now I won’t have to move it.” “Not until this convention is over,” I thought to myself. We came out of the sound booth and immediately noticed it was dark and quiet in the auditorium. We looked at each other and laughed out loud, realizing that we had spent almost an hour in there playing around with each other.
He turned and locked the door again and I followed him out to the elevator. On the ride down he was standing next to me and reached behind my back to run his hand down the crack of my ass. The place appeared to be pretty deserted. Stepping out on the ground floor, we ran right into the two other Firefighters. Both were Latinos and looked younger than my new found friend. One of them said, “Miguel, where you up there taking a nap in the balcony all afternoon?” He laughed out loud with his hearty deep voice, saying, “Who told you about my little lugar de siesta?” The other one said, “You showed me that sound booth once before, remember Capitán?” I knew my face was beet red by then as all three of them were laughing and teasing each other with some inside joke. Miguel, turned to me and asked, “Hey, you want to have a little a party in your room?” I was more than surprised as I looked at both of these two younger studs standing here next to this hunky, mature FireBear.
One was shorter than the other; about 5' 8" and about 230 lbs. He head was shaved bald and he had a thin mustache on his handsome chunky face. The other one was taller and from his build had spent some time in the gym. He was about 5' 11" and 200 lbs. of muscular macho man meat. His handsome face, with is angular Aztec features, was clean shaven and a beautiful shade of caramel. He was grinning from ear to ear and laughing with his fellow Firefighters at the thought of what was in store for us. I looked from man to man, noticing the healthy bulges in the pants of all three of them. Miguel, turned to me and said, “I want to introduce you to my two smart ass rookies, Ricky and Juan.” I reached out my hand and introduced myself saying, “Nice to meet you both, my name is Steve.” Miguel then took charge and said, “Let’s get some beer and head up to your room.” Ricky said he knew where he could get some cold beer and meet us in the room. I told him my room number and we split up. Juan, Miguel and I walked over to the hotel and a few heads turned seeing the three of us make our way through the lobby to the elevators. We got into the elevator just as it emptied and the doors closed leaving us alone. Juan turned towards me and put my hand on his pants, allowing me to feel his already growing cock. He laughed as Miguel grabbed my ass and gave me a good firm squeeze. The doors opened too soon and we walked down to my room.
Upon entering the room, I went to turn the A.C. down because I knew it was soon going to be pretty hot in there. The two Firefighters were talking in Tex-Mex about how they enjoyed conventions coming to town and giving them a chance to have some extra-ordinary fun. I kicked my boots off and walked over to Miguel, the older of the two and started to unbutton his shirt. He stood there smiling and rubbed the top of my buzzed head. Juan walked up behind me and was rubbing his crotch against my ass. I could feel his hard dick through both his pants and mine. He leaned forward and kissed my ear saying as he did, “I’m gonna fuck your chunky white ass baby. You’re gonna beg for my big mescin dick.” Miguel laughed and said, “Are you ready for this?” I smiled and said, “I’ve been ready for this all day.” I found a white muscle t-shirt under his uniform with dark hair sticking out on all sides. He had a thick five o’clock shadow coming in with little hints of gray here and there. Behind me, I heard Juan’s boots come off and his pants hit the floor. I turned to see his strong brown legs, lightly dusted in dark hair. He had on white boxers and white athletic socks. Miguel sat on the bed and lifted up on leg and then the other, for me to pull his boots off. He too was wearing white athletic socks. Then I pulled his pants off, once again savoring the sight of his thick, fur covered thighs and the smell of the leather coming from his feet. I put his and Juan’s pants over the back of the desk chair. Then I stripped down to my briefs, t-shirt and socks, just as Ricky knocked at the door and yelled out, “Room service!”
Juan opened the door and Ricky walked in, exclaiming, “Fuck, you guys start without me or what!?!” Miguel answered his, “Seas tranquilo, Rico, we just got comfortable and you should do the same thing.” Miguel and Juan reached for a beer while I reached for Ricky. I rubbed on his shaved head with one hand while I reached down and unzipped his pants with the other. “Ay, chinga, joto, you don’t waste any time, do you?” I looked at him and laughed saying, “Who are you calling queer? Your dick sure doesn’t seem to mind.” The three of them laughed and Juan said, “I know that’s right, Ricky, you take it wherever you can get it, puto.” Soon I was on my knees in front of him, with his hard dick in my mouth. I caught sight of Juan sucking on Miguel’s prize winning meat out of the corner of my eye.
Ricky stepped back and said, “Fuck, man, you’re going to make me cum too soon. I need to get out of these clothes.” I said, “Sorry, Ricky, I just couldn’t resist getting into your pants. That bald head was driving me crazy.” He grinned, “Yeah, that’s what the women tell me too.” “What women? ” we heard Miguel laugh from the other side of the room. Ricky stripped off his shirt and pants to reveal a nice thick chest with a little hair running between his pecs and down into past the elastic of his black boxer briefs. He was a fucking hunk in his own right, looking like a pro wrestler with his stocky, muscular build. He had the traditional USMC tattoo on his right bicep. I stood up, walked over to Juan and got behind him. I knelt down and took in his nice muscular ass. I spread his cheeks open to reveal his pucker and dove in the everything I had. I wanted to stick my tongue all the way up his ass. He moaned out loud when I hit pay dirt and swallowed Miguel’s cock to the hilt. Ricky, walked over to the side of the bed and put his thick fat dick right on Miguel’s face. Miguel turned, opened his mouth and sucked it in. I’m sure the four of us would have made a great movie together.
Miguel was the man in control of everything here. He was the Captain of the Firehouse and clearly was accustomed to calling the shots. He told Ricky to get behind me and get my ass ready for the three of them to use. I admit, I was a little apprehensive about taking these three hot chorizos up my ass but then again the thought of it was enough to make me give it a try. Ricky, got behind me and started kissing my cheeks, sending shivers up and down my spine. I could feel the fine hair of his mustache brushing against my ass. He slowly worked his way between my buns and stuck his tongue in my hole. Miguel moved in front of me and said, “Have some more of this meat, baby.” I looked over and Juan was standing beside the bed, jacking off. I grabbed his dick and pulled him towards me, putting both his and Miguel’s uncut dick heads in my mouth. I was having a great time licking and sucking on their foreskin. Juan’s was tighter and I had to pull it forward with my hand.
While I’m doing this, Ricky was having a hell of a great time working on my ass. He was back there slurping away, eating my hairy hole with all the a****l lust he had inside him. Miguel laughed at him and said, “Damn, Rico, you act like you didn’t have any lunch today.” Ricky answered back, “I’m just getting this big chunky ass ready for us all to fuck it.” I thought, “Oh shit, this is going to be fun.” Ricky stood up and pushed his thick uncut “chile” against my hole. I love uncut cocks. Their extra precum makes getting fucked feel even smoother. He pushed it in slowly while I swallowed Juan’s big meat to the hilt. Miguel surprised me and stuck a bottle of poppers under my nose and helped me take a nice long hit. Ricky was all the way in and Juan had grabbed the back of my head and was fucking my face. Ricky started rocking back and forth, taking control of my ass. He reached up and grabbed the top of my shoulders, pulling me to him and pushing his fat dick further in.
I was in a position, heretofore I had only fantasized about. I had one hot chunky Latino pounding my ass and a muscle bound macho man fucking my face. Ricky started humping me harder and harder, slapping my ass once in a while. I looked up at Captain Miguel’s face and saw that the glazed look of Man Lust had taken over. He got up and went around behind Ricky, knelt down and went to work licking Ricky’s balls and eating his ass. “Ay, Capitán, you’re going to make me shoot my leche into him if you keep doing that.” Miguel answered back, “Isn’t that what you came up here to do, Puto?” Ricky just pounded my ass in short, hard thrusts.
“Get him ready for me, Rico, I want to fuck that hairy ass too,” Juan yelled out as I was licking his balls. I looked up at his 8 to 9 inch ball bat and thought, “there’s no fucking way!!” Ricky was getting hotter and hotter and Miguel had reached under and was stroking my hard dick. Finally, Ricky yelled out and pumped his load deep inside of me. He kept pumping until his breathing calmed down and when he pulled out, Juan slid his whole cock at one time up my ass. I swear I was seeing stars. I thought it was going to cum up and out of my mouth. Juan, turned to Ricky and said, “Oh yeah, Rico, your cum has this ass nice and wet for my big dick.”
Miguel, had taken off all his clothes and was standing beside the bed. I moved to lay on my back with my head over the side of the bed. This allowed Miguel total freedom to fuck my face and Juan lifted my legs up and thrust his cock all the way home. He was fucking me like a cheap whore, cussing at me in Tex-Mex slang. My dick was rubbing on his stomach hair as he pounded my ass. Miguel stepped up and put his whole dick, all 8.5 inches into my mouth, slowly letting me swallow the whole thing. Finally, I could feel his thick black, musky bush against my nose. I squeezed his cock with my throat and mouth and he let out a loud moan. Ricky was watching the three of us while drinking a beer. He cane around and started to lick on and nibble on Miguel’s nipples. I looked up to see the two of them kissing each other. I think Ricky was sharing a mouthful of beer with Miguel. Damn, what a hot sight that was. No one would ever think that these two hunky firemen would be standing here buck naked and tongue fighting with each other. Miguel’s cock was getting harder and harder and Ricky’s was coming back to life.
Juan was in the “zone” and on the verge of shooting. Ricky went around to him and grinned at me saying, “watch this, he really gets off when you do this.” He reached down to Juan’s balls, grabbed them both and pulled down hard. Juan yelled out, “Ay cabron! I’m going to cum.” and I could feel his cock throbbing as he shoved it all the way in. Ricky let go of his balls and Juan slowly pulled out. “Damn, baby, you got a tight ass,” Juan said as he wiped the cum off his dick. “I’m going to fuck you again in a minute.” I looked up at Miguel who was enjoying my throat while he played with my nipples. He smiled down at me and said, “I’ll bet you didn’t think you were going to have a night like this did you Stevie?” All I could do was moan with his big dick tickling my tonsils. Miguel backed away from me and said, “I think its my turn to take a ride on your ass now.”
He made me lie down on my stomach and put both legs together. Then he straddled my ass and let his cock rub against my hole; back and forth as he got it slimy from the two loads that were oozing out. Slowly he let it slide inside of me, while he kissed the back of my neck with his lips and thick ‘stache. I could feel his hairy chest on my back as he laid down, his full weight on top of me. He reached around and grabbed both of my tits and pushed his cock all the way in. Then he would pull almost out and slide it back in all the way. I knew this was going to be great. This was a man who knew how to fuck for both of us to enjoy. With every stroke, he hit my prostate sending chills and sensations all through me. I looked over to see Ricky on his knees in front of Juan, sucking and licking on his big dick. Miguel was starting to go faster and breath heavier. He was whispering in my ear, licking it as he did, “I wanted to fuck you as soon as I saw you this morning, baby. Do you like my big meat in your ass?” I moaned back to him, “Miguel, this ass is all yours. I’ve been waiting for you to fuck me all day long.”
With that, he became more and more aggressive. He was pulling almost all the way out and then shoving it back in. Over and over he thrust into me. Suddenly, he flipped me over, put my legs up on his shoulders and shoved his dick back in. In this position, my cock was rubbing right between his muscular, hair covered pecs. The feeling was awesome as my dick rubbed against his chest hair. He leaned down and kissed me full on the mouth and pushed as hard as he could, his balls slapping against my ass. Now, Juan and Ricky were standing beside us, both of them jacking off. I motioned for them to come closer and they put their cocks right next to my face. I could turn from one to the other and lick or suck either one. Miguel was breathing hard and fast, fucking me harder and harder. Suddenly Ricky started to shoot off all over my face and my cock erupted against Miguel’s chest. Juan shot off, adding his cream to Ricky’s and Miguel yelled out and slammed into me, shooting a full day of cum into my ass. I know my ass was squeezing his cock as my own dick continued to shoot. Juan used his hard dick to push that cum into my open mouth and Miguel bent down to share some of it with me as we kissed again.
All of us were pretty spent and collapsed on the bed. Miguel’s dick softened and slipped out of me but he stayed on top, my cum rubbing between us. I looked over to see Ricky and Juan kissing each other. Miguel kind of growled in my ear, “Are you staying for the whole convention? I looked up at his dark brown, deep set eyes thinking about how incredibly handsome he was and said, “You’d better believe it Papi, but only if you’re going to stay with me.” He said, “You couldn’t keep me out. I’m a Fireman and I have keys to the city.” I just laughed and kissed him, holding him tight. Ricky and Juan got cleaned up and dressed to go home to their wives, but Miguel, as promised, stayed the night. The four of us got together every night of that convention. I was sorry to see it come to an end, but soon I found an annual convention in San Antonio and I always ask for the same room. Miguel and I have stayed good friends over these past f******n years and I must say that like a fine wine, he has improved with age. The only difficult thing is that he keeps bringing over these young rookies with their huge hard dicks and insatiable sex drives!!

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mesmerized by the smell and taste of his cock and the feeling of it
sliding in and out of my mouth, and all I wanted was more! "I got
more black dick for you if you want it", he said. "Yes, I want more
black cock", I said as I was still licking his semi-hard cock,
sliding my tongue up and down the sides and wishing I could taste his
balls that were stuck on the other side of the hole. "Meet me in the
bathroom in five minutes and I'll give you all the black cock you
want." When he said this, he slid his cock back through the hole and
I was left on my knees with my mouth wanting more.
Still in my frenzy of cock and flushed by the new experience of
sucking black cock, I got up and went to the bathroom. I had to go
through the screening room to get to the bathroom, and two guys
watching the movie looked over at me as I came out of the gloryhole
place. They obviously knew what I had been doing, because they had
probably seen the black guy walk out before me. When I reached that
bathroom, I looked in the mirror and saw that I had some streaks of
cum on my chin and hair, and then it struck me, I had just sucked a
black guy's cock in a movie theatre and he must have cum so much and
with such f**** that I had not even noticed the cum on my face! If I
hadn't come to the bathroom, I would have walked outside like this! I
started to come out of the cock haze I had been in and started to
clean up. I was getting a little nervous again but all I could do was
think about what I had just done. I could not get that cock out of my
mind. The thought of it was making me stay hard as a rock in my
pants. I was going over the scene in my head in detail, I was almost
consumed with the idea of the cock I had just sucked and also
confused and nervous. I had almost forgotten I had said I would meet
the guy in the bathroom, and then the door to the bathroom opened.
Three black guys walk in. One guy was in his late thirties or so and
well built, the other two were younger, maybe late twenties or early
thirties and they were all well built. "This is the cocksucker I was
telling you about", said the older first guy. He was obviously the
guy I had just sucked. "This bitch just sucked the hell out of my
dick and wants more cock, and he loves black cock", he said with a
smile on his face. I just stood there in a bit of shock. This guy had
just walked into the bathroom with two other black guys and he was
calling me a bitch and a cocksucker and saying I loved black cock, I
couldn't believe what I had gotten myself into! "He swallowed all my
nut and licked my dick clean. You should have heard this bitch
moaning on my dick! We got ourselves a white cocksucker that likes
black cock." They laugh as he says this. I start to get embarrassed
and nervous, but my cock is rock hard. "Look at this cocksucker, his
dick is hard as a rock just thinking about sucking more black
cock!" "Let's give him some, then", says one of the other guys. The
two younger ones start to unzip their pants and move towards me. I
stay frozen in place, not sure what to do, but the sight of their
cocks dangling in the air and walking towards me is mesmerizing. I
can't take my eyes off them. They dangle obscenely in from of me,
large and throbbing, two black cocks ready for sucking. "Let's go,
bitch, start sucking", says one of them. I just drop to my knees in
front of them and grab one cock in each hand. As I lick one of them,
I massage the other with my hand. I trade off from one to the other,
licking the heads and the shafts of their cocks until I start to suck
them in turn. I notice that one of the guys I'm sucking has huge
balls and I think of the amount of cum that they must hold. I raise
his cock up and begin to lick and suck at his ball sack. They are
both moaning and making lewd comments about me. The older guy is just
watching and smiling. "Suck that dick, cocksucker. Suck it good,
bitch. Eat that black dick!" as they get hotter at the feeling of my
sucking, they begin to grab my head by the hair and pull my head
towards them, **** me to take more of their cocks, guiding me from
one cock to the next. As I suck one cock deep, the other one is
rubbed across my face and placed on my head, resting there like some
sort of obscene hat, the balls pressing against the side of my face
and my ear. They two guys I'm sucking are laughing at the sight of
this, "Look at this cocksucking bitch! You love black dick all over
you, don't you, bitch? Look at me when I talk to you cocksucker!" I
look up at them with a cock still in my mouth and they laugh at the
sight. "You love black dick, don't you?" as I try to answer, the one
asking presses my head towards his cock and all I can manage is a
moan. They laugh more. I am now switching from one cock to the other,
saliva and precum all over my face, neck and hair. I am impregnated
with the smell of their cocks and balls all over me. I suck and moan
furiously from one cock to the next, back in my cock daze and wanting
them to come in my mouth and on my face. As I suck on their huge
cocks, I massage their balls with my hands, one on each ball sack, I
can feel them boiling up to the braking point and know they are going
to cum all over me like crazy. "Oh fuck, swallow that cum, bitch",
says the one who is in my mouth as he explodes. I try to swallow all
I can as he keeps cumming. He pulls out of my mouth and as I go to
suck the other one, the one with the really big balls, cum drips out
of my mouth and down my chin, a trail of cum hangs from the tip of
his cock to the side of my face when I take the other one in my
mouth. I start to suck hard, wanting him to cum also. While I suck,
the one who just came smears the side of my face with the leftover
cum from his cock. I'm covered in cum now. "Look at that cocksucker.
This bitch is hungry for black cock, can't get enough cum. You nasty
ass bitch full of cum on your face!" He slaps my face with his cock
as he says this. I just close my eyes and keep sucking the second
cock, waiting for the eruption of cum from those huge balls. "You
want my nut, bitch?", asks the second one. "Mmmmm, mmmm", is all I
can manage as I suck and look up at his face. I can feel his balls
shifting in my hand and I know he is getting ready to cum. I suck as
hard as I can. "I'm gonna fill you with cum, faggot! Eat it all,
bitch. Ahhhhh!", he says as he cums glob after glob in my mouth. He
pushes my head back and takes his cock out of my mouth and continues
to shoot loads of cum on my face. I open my mouth but he shoots past
it so that I am hit by hot and thick strings of cum across my face,
from my forehead to my chin. "Lick it up cocksucker. Man, you was
right, this bitch is a real cocksucking faggot. You love black dick,
don't you, faggot?" when I don't answer, he pulls my head back by my
hair. "I said, you love black dick, don't you faggot?" "Yes, sir, I
love black cock", I respond feebly. They laugh as I continue to suck
and lick and clean up all the cum on their cocks.
The older guy, who has been watching this spectacle all along
says, "I told you this bitch was a real cocksucker. Look at his
pants!" They all look down, including me, and realize I've creamed my
pants, a huge cum stain emanating from my crotch area. "Damn! This
bitch gets off from sucking dick and eating cum and he didn't even
touch himself!" says one of the younger ones. "That's the sign of a
true cocksucker" comments the older one. "I told you we found
ourselves a real cocksucker, a white boy that loves the taste of
black cock in his mouth! This bitch can't get enough black cock now."
They laugh again. I am left embarrassed and exhausted, kneeling on
the floor of a bathroom, covered in the cum of three black men. As I
try to wipe some of the cum from my face, I remember the warning the
internet guy gave me about black cock.

Kneeling on the floor of the bathroom with my face
covered in the cum of three black men, I realize that
the warning the internet guy had given me about black
cock was true. I was becoming addicted to black cock
already! I had cum in my pants just from sucking their
cocks, I had not even touched myself once!

The two younger guys zip up their pants and as they
get ready to leave, they comment to the older guy,
"Man, you got a good cocksucker here! This bitch is
good. You gotta let us use his mouth again!" they
continue to make lewd comments about me as they shake
hands and say their goodbye's. They leave and I'm left
in the bathroom on my knees with the older black guy.
As I try to wipe some of the cum off my face, he turns
and looks at me. "Yeah, you can't get enough black
cock now, can you? You a real cocksucking bitch. You
need black cock all the time, don't you? As he said
this to me, he unzipped his pants and revealed his
huge black cock, semi-hard and dangling in front of
me. I couldn't keep my eyes off it! He walked up to me
and dangled his cock in my face, moving his hips
slightly from side to side so that his cock swung in
front of me, sometimes gently touching my lips and
nose with the tip of his cockhead as it swung by.
"Yeah, you love this cock in your face, don't you,
bitch?" I just stared at his cock, mesmerized by the
swinging motion of this obscene pendulum, his words
penetrating into my brain. It was like I was being
hypnotized by his cock and his words. "You gonna take
this cock all the time. You gonna be my bitch from now
on. When I call, you gonna run and service my cock and
eat my nut. You're my private cocksucker now."
Everything he said seemed true and inevitable at that
moment. My head was still spinning from the excitement
of sucking black cock, my face covered in cum, his
cock swinging in my face, grazing my lips and nose,
the musky smell of his cock penetrating directly into
my brain as it dangled in front of me. I was starting
to get hard again, and all I wanted was to suck him
again, then and there. I couldn't take this much
"You want this dick again, don't you cocksucker?"
I looked up at him and said, "Yes".
"You want to suck my cock and swallow my nut, don't
"Yes," I answered.
"You want to be my bitch and take black cock, don't
"Yes, I want your cock", I said, increasingly
desperate to suck his cock which he continued to swing
in front of my face, teasing and taunting me.
"I know you do, bitch, but not here. I live a couple
of blocks away, we can chill at my place and you can
have all the cock you want". I got nervous at this
suggestion. One thing was coming to a gloryhole to
suck cock, another was to go to some stranger's
apartment! I must have shown the doubt on my face,
because he noticed it immediately.
"If you want more cock, then you gotta come to my
place. You know you want this cock, bitch. You know
you can hardly stand it in front of you. You want to
feel it sliding in and out of your mouth, don't you,
bitch? You want this black cock filling your
cocksucker mouth and pumping your throat, don't you?"
As he said this, he swung his cock closer to my face,
touching my cheeks with it, and sliding his cockhead
across my lips. He was driving me wild with desire,
and he knew it. He was taking advantage of my lust and
seeing how far I would go for his cock.
"I'm going home, if you want this cock, you will
follow like a good cocksucker." He pulled his cock
away from me and started to put it back in his pants.
"You coming?"
"Yes", I blurted out desperately, not wanting him to
leave without me. He smiled knowingly. He knew I would
take the bait and follow him home. He could see the
hunger in my eyes.
"I just need to wash my face first", I said meekly.
"No! Leave it, bitch. No one's gonna see you, and if
they do, they already know you're a bitch for black
cock. Why else would you come here?" I stood there
shocked at his suggestion that I walk out of here with
cum all over my face! I don't think I had any globs of
it on me, but it was sure smeared all over my face and
in my hair. The smell of cock, cum and balls on my
face was powerful.

He suddenly grabbed my arm and started to lead me out,
"C'mon, bitch, let's go". I let myself be led out by
the arm, his powerful hand grabbing me tightly, his
commanding presence making me follow. We walked out of
the bathroom and through the dark theatre, there were
only a couple of guys there, and they only turned
their heads towards us for a quick glance. But as we
neared the doorway, my heart began to pound in my
chest. What the hell was I doing? I was being led out
in public by a big black guy. We were going out into
the street and I had cum all over my face! As we
approached the door, I could hear the black guys that
had been standing in front of the theatre. They were
still there, joking and smoking and killing time. I
knew they would remember me because they had made
comments about me when I went in. As we walked through
the door into the night air, I looked down at the
sidewalk, too embarrassed to look the guys hanging
outside in the face. As we passed them, I could hear
snickering and laughing, and as we crossed the street,
I could hear wooping, loud joking and laughing. "He
got some black dick all right! Faggot got a face full
of nut! That bitch going home for more! Give that
pussy up, whitey", they yelled across the street at
me. They were so loud! But I couldn't do anything
about them. All I could do was look down in shame, my
face red with embarrassment. If they could see the cum
on my face, everyone could! Luckily it was really late
and there didn't seem to be anyone else around. We
finally turned the corner and I was out of their

The black guy looked back at me and said, "I told you
they already knew you were a bitch for black cock.
Even if you had washed your face, they would still
know you were a cocksucker. They could spot a white
bitch like you a mile away! You love black cock and it
shows on your face, whether it's covered in cum or
not!" His words hit me like a sledgehammer. Was I that
obvious? Was it true what he was saying? Could they
all tell I liked to suck black cock? I hadn't realized
that by coming here I would be exposing myself so
publicly! Did I want black cock so badly that I was
willing to humiliate myself in public? Maybe he was
right, I was just a white cocksucking faggot ready to
be used for black cock. As we walked up the steps to
the front door of his apartment building, I remembered
the warning about black cock. I remembered how they
guy on the internet had warned me that there were
white guys who became addicted and put themselves in
compromising situations just to satisfy their lust for
black cock. To my surprise, I was obviously one of
them already.

We walked up the stairs and into a third floor
apartment. It was spare but clean and well kept. The
black guy locked the door and turned to me. "Get
undressed, bitch. I want you to take a shower and wash
all that cum off your face. I want you clean for my
dick." I hesitated. I had not planned on getting
undressed, especially to suck his dick. But I was
covered in sticky drying cum and the thought of a
shower was welcome.
"Let's go, bitch. I said get undressed! I don't have
time for your bullshit", he said in a commanding
voice. I started to slowly undress in the middle of
the room, feeling embarrassed but aroused at the
thought of doing it in front of him. As I took my
clothes off, he was rifling through a box on the
table. He turns around and throws something at my
face, saying, "Put this on after your shower. I like
my bitches to wear this." I stood there completely
naked holding some type of underwear. It was a cross
between a thong and a jockstrap. There was a pouch
with a rubber cock ring attached to the inside of the
pouch and a thin black waistband. There was nothing to
cover or go over the ass, not even like a string thong
or a jockstrap. The whole thing was held up by the
waistband at one end and the cock ring under the
pouch. My ass would be completely exposed!
"Stop looking at you new clothes, bitch and get in the

I went into the bathroom, laid my new clothes down and
started to shower. I have to admit that the hot water
felt good on my cum covered face and hair. As I
washed, I suddenly hear the sliding shower door open
and I see him standing there totally naked! He had the
body of a god! Black, muscular and defined, his cock
still semi-hard and both his cock and balls were
shaved. He was a hot black stud!
"Move over, bitch", he says as he gets into the shower
with me. He grabs the soap from the dish and starts
washing my back. "I like my bitches good and clean".
He suddenly moves his hand down to my ass and starts
to clean there. He soaps up his hand and slides it
between my ass cheeks, soaping me up good. I jump at
the sensation. I had never had anyone touch my ass
before, and much less a big black guy! "Calm down,
bitch! Don't act stupid. Open that ass up so I can
clean it good", he commands as he slaps my ass hard. I
reluctantly bend my body slightly forward and stick my
ass out a bit, giving him better access. "That's good.
I like my bitches nice and clean. A white bitch like
you will learn to like being cleaned by her stud". As
I feel his soapy fingers slide past my asshole and rub
my ass crack I let out a little sigh. The combination
of his feeling and rubbing my ass and hole and his
making lewd comments and referring to me in the
feminine, made me get hard as a rock. As one hand
fingered and massaged my ass, his other hand started
to lather my chest, playing with my nipples and
squeezing them between his fingers. I started to moan
softly, "Oh god, Oh god", I said.
"Yeah, I know you like this. All my bitches like their
pussy getting rubbed." I was starting to get hotter
and hotter. His hands and fingers on my body and his
lewd comments about me being a bitch and a pussy
almost made me cum! He suddenly slid a finger in my
asshole and I let out a long moan as he slowly slid it
in and out of my ass.
"Yeah, that pussy feels good, don't it? I knew a
cocksucker like you would like this. All of you white
cocksuckers are the same. You act like a man with your
white girlfriends, but then you're a bitch for a black
cock. You give it up for a black stud."
As he said all this, he slid his fingers in and out of
my ass, circling my hole and making me wild with
pleasure. I had never felt anything like this before.
Between his finger in my ass and his other hand
playing with my nipples I was ready to explode.
"Oh, god, you're going to make me cum, I'm going to
cum!" And I did. I shot a huge load at the shower
wall. He pulled his finger out and continued to wash
my ass and back. I just stood there with my ass out
and my hands resting on the opposite shower wall
catching my breath.
"Now you're going to clean your stud up real good. I
like my bitches to lather me up and wash me. It's
going to be part of your job as my bitch". I grabbed
the soap and started to wash his chest and arms, then
down to his stomach. I finally reached his cock, I
took it between my soapy hands and massaged and washed
it good, making sure to soap his balls up as well. He
started getting hard and I was finally able to get a
good look at the hard black cock I had sucked earlier.
It was cut, straight and when hard, it stuck directly
out in front of him. The whole scene was incredibly
erotic. I was massaging and cleaning a huge black cock
attached to a muscular black stud with big shaved
balls. I wanted to continue doing this for ever.
"Don't forget my feet, bitch", he said. I got on my
knees in front of him and started to lather up his
muscular legs. It was hard to concentrate with his
rock hard cock pointing straight at me, sometimes
hitting me on the head as I tried to wash his legs and
feet. I waned to suck his cock again, but I knew I had
to do what he told me. "Good job, bitch. This is going
to be one of your regular duties. Making sure I'm nice
and clean, you understand?" I look up at him, past his
hard cock and respond, "Yes, sir".
In a matter of hours, this black stud had taken a
pretty regular white guy and turned him into a black
cock addict. I had sucked three cocks, I had gone out
into the street with my face covered in cum and
obviously at the command of this black guy. People had
seen me and made fun of me. I had gotten undressed and
showered with this black guy. I let him finger fuck my
ass and I had a huge orgasm, and now I was washing his
feet, kneeling in front of him in his shower, looking
up past his hard cock and all I wanted to do was to
suck him again.
"Can I please suck you cock, sir?" I asked
submissively. My lust for it making me act like a
complete whore, begging for his cock!
He smiled, but said no!
"Yeah, I know you want this cock, bitch, all bitches
do, but not yet, I want to see you in your new clothes
We got out of the shower and he grabbed a towel and
left the bathroom. I was left to dry myself and put my
new clothes on. I put the pouch on by getting into the
waistband and then fitting the cock ring around my
cock and balls. They were now snugly held in the pouch
and my ass was completely exposed. I looked and felt
like a bitch! This guy was turning me into his bitch.
I finally came out of the bathroom and saw him on the
sofa with his legs open and his cock hanging lewdly
between his legs. "Let me see you in your bitch
clothes. Come over here and show me what a bitch you
are". I stood in front of him and turned around,
showing him my pouch and exposed ass.
"Yeah, you look good, bitch. This is what you wear
whenever you're here. I want you out of your street
clothes and in your bitch clothes as soon as you get
here, understand?"
"Yes, sir", I respond.
"Go to the kitchen and get me a beer, bitch, I'm
thirsty." As I walk past the sofa where he's sitting,
he slaps my ass hard. "Hurry up, bitch." I hurry back
and hand him the beer.
"Turn on the VCR and start sucking my cock." I turn
the TV on and hear a porn movie. I walk towards him,
kneel in front of him and start to lick his hard cock.
"Yeah, that's good, bitch. This movie is about white
bitch faggots like you that like black cock." I could
hear it was an interracial movie with a black guy
fucking a white guy. As I hear the grunting, panting
and fucking on the movie, I start to really suck his
cock. It's making me hot as hell again, but I notice
that the cock ring and the pouch are constraining my
dick, and I am only able to get semi hard. As I suck
his cock and lick his balls, his voice and the voice
of the black guy on the tape intermingle, "Yeah,
that's good, suck that cock. Suck it good, bitch". At
the same time, my own moans are intermingled with the
moans of the white guy on the tape.
"Show me your ass, bitch", he commands as I continue
to suck him. I get on all fours in front of him, my
mouth on his cock and my ass in the air pointing
towards the TV. I can feel his hands caressing my back
and ass. His fingers grabbing my ass cheeks and
spreading them open obscenely. "Yeah, this ass is
getting fucked good tonight!" As I continue to suck
his cock, he fingers my ass and feels and massages my
ass cheeks. I'm getting hot as hell again and loving
the fact that he's playing with my ass. I begin to
moan with pleasure even with his cock still deep in my
mouth. As he pulls my ass towards him with his hands,
he buries his cock deeper into my mouth and I'm stuck
with my face in his crotch and my ass in the air being
held firmly by his hands and his fingers in my hole.
"I'm gonna fuck your bitch ass good tonight. Gonna
shove my black cock in your white pussy and make you
my bitch. You want that, don't you, bitch? You want to
be a black man's bitch, don't you faggot." All I could
respond with was loud moaning, "Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmm." I
wanted his cock in me so bad now, I didn't care what
he said or what he called me. He let go of my ass and
grabbed my head by the hair, pulling me off his cock,
leaving a trail of saliva from his cock head to my
"You want to be my bitch, don't you? You want me to
fuck your white bitch ass and turn it into a pussy,
don't you?"
"Yes, please fuck me, I want your cock in my ass.
Please fuck me. I want to be your bitch!" I couldn't
believe what I was saying, but at that moment, all I
wanted was for him to fuck me good. All I wanted was
his cock in my ass and I didn't care what I had to say
to get it. He gets up from the sofa, leaving me in the
same position, my ass in the air and my head resting
on the sofa cushion. I feel him slap my as hard as he
moves past me, "Open that ass up good, bitch!" I
comply by sticking my as out towards him as much as I
can. I then feel his hand rub lube all over my ass and
asshole. I'm pretty slick and slippery now. I hear him
get into position on his knees behind me and I feel
his cock head at my hole. "You ready, bitch? You're
gonna get what you came for, one hard black dick up
your ass." He starts to push his cock into my ass. I
push back to open up and he starts to slide in
smoothly. As he pushes inch after inch of his cock
into my asshole, I let out a long, deep moan of
pleasure. My face buried in the sofa cushion and my
hands grabbing onto the sofa for support. With his
hands tightly on my hips, he slides his cock slowly in
and out of my ass sending waves of pleasure rippling
from my asshole through my whole body. I then feel his
balls pressing against my ass and I know he is in all
the way.
"Oh, fuck yeah. You are one tight bitch. I'm gonna
fuck that ass good, bitch. I'm gonna turn it into a
pussy for black cock, bitch." He pounds my ass as he
says these things to me. I can feel his cock sliding
in and out of my ass and his balls slapping on my ass.
I can feel his sweat dripping on my back and ass from
all the exertion of the pounding he is giving me. I
can hear the rhythmic slap, slap of his thighs and
balls as they hit my ass on his way in. I hold onto
the sofa and bite into the cushions while moaning
wildly with pleasure. My cock straining in it's ring
and pouch but ready to explode.
"I'm gonna cum in that pussy, bitch. I'm gonna fill
you with my nut. You are my fuck bitch now." He begins
to pound harder and faster and I know he is ready to
cum. As he speeds up his fucking, he makes me ready to
cum also. Suddenly, he pushes his cock deep inside me,
pulls back on my hips and says, "Take it, bitch. Take
my cum," and I feel his cock explode in my ass and
fill it with his cum. At this point I begin to cum in
my pouch, unable to resist any longer.
He slowly pulls his cock out of my ass and I'm left
exhausted on all fours with my ass dripping his cum.
I remain on all fours as I try to catch my breath from
the pounding I just got. I had never been fucked in
the ass before and it had been a wonderful experience.
I was surprised that it did not hurt that much at all.
On the contrary, it felt incredible! My arms and head
rested on the sofa cushions and my ass remained up in
the air, his cum now dripping from my asshole and down
my left leg. I was exhausted and I could not believe
what I had done that night. In a matter of hours, I
had sucked three black guys and now I had been fucked
in the ass like a two bit whore. I heard him moving
around in the bedroom or the bathroom, I was too tired
to look and still focused on the new sensation in my
ass. It's as if I could still feel his cock in me, my
ass was still open wide and it was taking some time to
return to normal after having been stretched by his
big black cock. I hear him walk into the room and I
feel a hard slap on my ass. "You liked that big cock
up your ass, didn't you, bitch? I knew you would.
Can't get enough black dick! Don't worry, I can get
you all you want!" I didn't say anything, still
catching my breath and remaining in the same position,
with my ass sticking out in the air, dripping cum.

I hear him pick up the phone and begin to make a call.
At this point, I knew I needed to make a decision, was
I going to end this night now and get out before it
went any further, or was I going to give in to my
apparently insatiable lust for black cock? Part of me
wanted to go home now. I had experienced an incredible
night, but I had already gone way further than I had
planned when I went into the gloryhole. I was just
supposed to suck a black cock, not three, and
certainly not get fucked! But there was another part
of me, the one that did not heed the warning about
black cock and who was now wanting to submit to it
completely. There was a part of me that was not yet
satisfied and wanted more! This part of me wanted to
continue to be used and be a bitch to black cock, and
this part of me was apparently directly connected to
my ass and mouth, because I could still feel the
sensations of his cock in both and I knew I wanted
more. I remained in the same position, without moving
or saying a thing, my asshole still throbbing from the
fucking. It wasn't throbbing from pain, it was
throbbing from excitement, it was throbbing for more
black cock! The throbbing in my asshole made my
decision for me, I was going to stay and get more
cock. I had now let my asshole make the decision for

"Yo, wassup! Yeah, come on over, I got a new white
bitch who loves black cock. No, a white boy bitch. You
should see this faggot, I just fucked his ass and he's
still on all fours with his ass sticking in the air
waiting for more! You can fuck all you want! OK." His
voice trails off as he walks into the bedroom and I
begin to get excited listening to his conversation and
thinking that he's inviting someone over to fuck me! I
have no idea who this could be, but I know it's a
black guy and he's coming over to fuck my ass. I feel
like a complete whore, but this feeling is part of the
enjoyment. I realize that I'm getting off on being
treated like a whore and talked about that way. I had
gone way beyond putting myself in compromising
positions, like the guy from the internet had warned
me about, I was turning into a bitch for black cock
who was letting his throbbing asshole make the
decisions for him! I couldn't believe how fast I had
degenerated into decadence! My lust for black cock was
so powerful, it was taking over, all I wanted was

"OK, bitch, you gonna get what you want. I got a
friend coming over who's looking to fuck hard. You're
gonna like him!" He slaps my ass again as he says this
and I feel my nipples starting to get hard from the
feel of his hands on my ass and the thought that I'm
getting fucked again by another black guy. "Let me
clean you up a bit, bitch." While remaining in the
same position, he gets a damp towel and wipes his cum
from my ass and legs and he starts to clean my
asshole. I start to get excited at the feeling of the
towel massaging my ass, and I think he knew that it
was making me excited and he was doing it on purpose
to get me ready for his friend. Suddenly, there is a
knock at the door and he goes to open it, my heart is
starting to pound now at the thought of what is about
to come. I hear them exchange greetings and I hear
that the new guy is called Davon, I still didn't know
the first guy's name despite the fact that I sucked
him and he had fucked me for the first time! Upon
seeing me Davon says, "Damn, man! This bitch is ready
to go! I'm gonna fuck that ass good!" As he says this,
I turn my head to look at him and I notice that this
guy is huge! He is one of those linebacker black guys,
tall and big and although strong and muscular, not
hard and defined like the first guy. I felt tiny next
to this guy! "Can I use your room, man, I wanna fuck
this bitch on the bed?", Davon asks. "Yeah, go ahead,

"C'mon, bitch, we going to the bedroom", as he says
this he reaches down and slaps my ass once and then
squeezes my ass cheeks, his hand is so big my entire
ass can almost fit in it! "Yeah, this white boy got
some nice ass, man. I'm gonna fuck that ass good!"
Davon keeps feeling my ass with his hands the whole
way to the bedroom. The feel of his big hands
squeezing and feeling me up and the heat emanating
from his huge body walking behind me start to make me
hard again. As we enter the bedroom, he closes the
door with his foot and we come to a stop at the foot
of the bed. I can feel him standing behind me and
getting close to me. He slides his hands from my ass
cheeks and around my hips, feeling me up all the way.
His body now pressed up tight against my back, I just
stand there as he reaches forward from behind me and
begins to slide his hands all over my body. "Yeah,
baby, I'm gonna fuck that ass good tonight. I haven't
fucked a white boy in a long time. I'm gonna make your
ass feel good, baby." His hands were now feeling and
rubbing my entire body as he said this. He was making
me incredibly hot and I was starting to moan a bit. He
pressed his hips close to my ass and I could feel a
bulge and knew he was getting hard inside his pants.
"OK, baby, turn around and take my clothes off." I
turn and look up at this massive black guy and I see
lust in his eyes. As I start to unbutton his shirt, he
puts his hands on my chest and starts to massage and
play with my nipples. "Yeah, baby, I'm gonna fuck you
good tonight. You like it when I play with your
titties, don't you?" I nod as I remove his shirt and
see that he is huge. He's muscular but has a bit of
extra weight on him. Everything about him is big and I
can't wait to see his cock. As I remove his clothes I
run my hands along his chest and stomach and finally
reach down to his pants. I grab his crotch and start
to rub it, it's already getting hard and I can tell
it's big like the rest of him. "Yeah, baby, Davon
gonna give you that big dick you want." I keep feeling
and rubbing his crotch as he continues to pinch and
rub my nipples. We remain that way for a moment,
enjoying the feeling we're getting. Davon is very
different than the first guy, he calls me baby and is
more erotic and seems more concerned with making me
feel good also. "Take my shoes off, baby", he says. I
kneel in front of him and take the shoes off his huge
feet. When I'm finished, I look up at him towering
above me and past the enormous bulge in his pants. I
reach up and undo his belt buckle and begin to undo
his pants. My lust for his cock is growing by the
second. I want to finally see it, but I'm almost
afraid of what I'll find! "That's it, baby, keep
going, come get your big black dick. You know you want
it." He can obviously see the lust in my eyes as he
looks down at me, kneeling at his feet and reaching up
to get to his cock. I slide his pants down and see a
huge bulge inside a jockstrap. I notice his big, thick
thighs and ass and get even more excited thinking of
them thrusting that cock into my ass. I know his cock
is going to be big! I reach up and grab the waistband
and pull his jockstrap down and a huge, fat,
throbbing, semi-hard dark black cock pops out. I'm
almost taken aback by the size of his cock. I've never
seen something so fat and black! I just stare at it.
"Yeah, baby, you gonna get a big black dick tonight!
Don't be scared, baby, you can take it." He puts his
hand on the back of my head and pushes my face towards
his cock. "C'mon, baby, open up and suck it." I begin
to lick his cock as I try to take a moment and gague
how I can suck this thing! I notice that he is nice,
calling me baby and all, but he knows what he wants,
because he continues to hold my head to his growing
cock. "C'mon, start sucking, baby. Davon wanna feel
his dick in your mouth." I open my mouth and try to
take as much of his thick cock as I can. I can only
manage the head and a little bit more, the rest is
just too big! I grab his cock shaft and begin to suck
his head in earnest, sliding it in my mouth as much as
I can, opening my mouth as far as it will go. I begin
to slobber all over his huge black cock as the musky
taste makes me hot as hell. "Oh, yeah, that's good,
baby, suck that cock good, I know you want it." I grab
on to his legs for leverage and with his hand still on
the back of my head, he guides my mouth back and forth
on his cock. This is making me very excited, his sheer
size and presence, directing all my moves, makes me
want to please him more and more! I start to moan
loudly as I suck furiously on his cock. "You like it,
don't you, baby?" I let his cock pop out of my mouth
for a second, saliva dripping from my mouth to
respond, "Yes, I love your cock!"

"That's good, baby, take it all, you can have all you
want. Davon gonna give you his cock and stuff you full
of it." I slide my tongue along his shaft and start to
lick his equally huge balls. They are tight against
his body, but big and also shaved so I can really
lick, mouth and feel them. I open my mouth around
them, one at a time, swirling my tongue around those
huge, tight balls. I can tell he likes it by his
moaning and comments. "OHHHH, yeah. I know you want
that nut, baby, but I'm gonna nut in your ass
tonight." As I start to suck his cock again, he says,
"OK, baby, I know you like to suck my dick, but I
wanna fuck that little white ass, let's get on the
bed, baby. Show me that nice little white boy ass." I
let his cock pop out of my mouth again, almost out of
breath. It was hard work to suck that thing, but I
wanted to keep going! I wanted to taste the cum that I
knew would fly out of those huge tasty balls. "I love
your cock!", I said, as I licked it one last time
before getting up to go to the bed. "And you're gonna
get it all, baby, but Davon needs to fuck some ass
tonight. C'mon, get on the bed and show me some ass,

I get on the bed on all fours with my ass towards
Davon. I try to stick it out and open it as much as
possible to give him a good view. "Oh, yeah, baby,
that's some fine ass! I'm gonna fuck that ass good
tonight, baby." as he says this, he's grabbing my ass
cheeks with his hands and rubbing and feeling my ass.
I can tell he's getting more excited by the sight of
my ass sticking out for him and waiting for his cock.
"That is some fine white boy ass you got there! I'm
gonna fuck your boy pussy good, baby!" As the says
this, he continues to rub, feel and squeeze my ass and
all this is making me incredibly hot. My cock is hard
and straining in my bitch clothes. Then I feel
something I didn't expect. I feel his mouth and tongue
on my ass cheeks, play biting my ass and licking my
cheeks. I start to get more and more excited by this!
Then I suddenly feel his tongue slide against my
asshole and I let out a long, deep moan. His tongue
starts to swirl and lick and dart in and out of my
hole and he's making me wild with excitement! I had
never experienced something like this before. I start
to moan loudly now. "Oh, god, don't stop, that feels
so good!" He continues to lick and slide his tongue
past my asshole, making me wild with pleasure and
desire. He finally stopped and I knew what was coming
next. His rimming left my asshole throbbing like crazy
and I was ready for cock, I wanted him to fuck me
good! As I remained on all fours on the bed with my
throbbing asshole exposed to him and waiting to be
penetrated, I hear that he is lubing his cock up. I
feel him smear some lube on my ass and hole and I'm
dying of anticipation!

"You ready for my dick, boy? Cause I'm gonna fuck you
good tonight!"
"Yes, fuck me!" I respond breathlessly. I open my ass
up as much as possible, knowing that Davon's cock is
so think that it's gonna hurt to get it in, but he had
done a good job of lubing me up and getting my ass
loose and throbbing in anticipation. He knew what he
was doing! I feel him get on the bed behind me, his
weight making the end of the bed creak and create a
deep depression under him. I feel his cock head at my
asshole and he grabs my hips and slowly starts to push
it in me. I push out as much as I can and try to open
my asshole as much as possible to help him slide in. I
let out a moan and a small whimper, because Davon's
cock hurts as it goes in, it's just so fucking fat! As
he pushes in, he adjusts his cock a bit before he
continues, but he is sticking his cock in my ass
pretty steadily. The more it goes in, the more I moan
in pleasure and pain. I'm already starting to get used
to the size and I begin to enjoy the sensation. I then
feel his balls against my ass and I know he is in all
the way. I'm not sure how I took that huge cock in my
ass, but it was feeling good. He starts to slide it in
and out of my ass and I can hear his meaty, sweaty
thighs slap against my ass. Every time he pushes in
all the way, I moan loudly in pleasure. "Oh, yeah,
baby, you got a tight ass. I'm fucking that ass good.
You taking my big dick good, bitch. You a real white
boy bitch, you taking my dick like that." As he says
all this and hears my moaning, he is getting himself
more excited and sweaty, and he begins to pound my as
harder and harder. The f**** of his huge body makes me
jolt forward with every thrust, he is so much bigger
than me. He suddenly grabs my head by the hair and
pulls back as he thrusts his cock deep into my as.
"Yeah, take that dick, bitch. Take that black dick up
your ass! Open that bitch pussy up! Take that dick,
bitch!" He repeats this as he pounds that cock into my
ass and pulls my head back by the hair. All I can do
is moan loudly as this huge, sweaty black man ploughs
his huge cock into my asshole. He lets go of my hair
and I feel him press his body against my back, putting
all his weight on me. He is too big and heavy, and I
begin to collapse forwards onto the bed and I end up
lying on my stomach with my legs wide apart and my
feet pointing towards the ceiling as he continues to
pound my ass and lie on top of me. I can feel his
breath on my neck and his weight on my body. He is
only moving his hips up and down as he pounds my ass
into the bed. "Oh, god! Oh god!", I moan with my face
against the mattress. "Oh, yeah, bitch, I told you I
was gonna fuck that ass good! You know you like it,
bitch. You know you like my black dick up your white
boy pussy!" As he said this, he nibbled on my neck and
ears and grabbed my head between his hands and stuck
his fingers in my mouth. I sucked his fingers and
slobbered all over them as he continued to fuck me
silly. I was completely unable to move under his
weight. He had me pinned under him in some sort of
obscene wrestling hold, his cock deep in my ass and
his hands holding my head with his fingers in my
mouth. I felt helpless but I also felt free, I had the
feeling of letting go completely to my desires, I was
being totally fucked! All I had to do was enjoy the
ride. I didn't need to be embarrassed about anything,
I was free in my lust and desires. I had let go and
indulged in my black cock lust. "Oh yeah, bitch, I'm
gonna fuck you good. I'm gonna fuck that ass all the
time. You love my big dick up your ass, you my little
white bitch boy. Gonna fuck you good!" He was getting
more and more worked up. I could feel the sweat coming
from both our bodies and I knew he would blow a load
soon. We were both revved up and starting to get ready
to cum. The feel of his heavy body on top of me, his
manly, sweaty smell, the feel of his cock thrusting
into my ass, his breath on my neck and his fingers
obscenely shoved into my mouth, wet with my saliva was
too much for me. I started cumming with a loud moan. I
came like crazy into the sheets.

Davon suddenly takes his fingers out of my mouth and
pushes his chest up off my back. He starts to thrust
his cock into me hard and I know he's getting ready to
cum. "I'm gonna cum in your ass, bitch! Take my black
cock up your ass, bitch! Take that dick, bitch!" As he
says this, he starts to cum in my ass. I can feel the
spurts of cum inside me. There is so much coming from
his huge balls that it already starts to come out of
my ass as his thrusts slow down. When he's finished,
he falls back on top of me and rests his head on mine.
I have his full weight on top of me, but I am not
crushed, it's a good feeling. His cock still in my
ass, we lay there and I begin to fall asl**p.

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Hook up.......Gym Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 30,Jul,14 21:19

I ended up at the gym late the other night to try to get in a quick workout before I went home. The owner was busy doing his end of the day paperwork, I've never been there that late. There was only one more guy working out, he was pretty good looking and I couldn't help but check him out, especially when on his back doing bench presses, his back arching, legs spread apart and his large package in his pants seemed to be calling out to me. I couldn't be 100% sure but I thought he was wearing panties, unless it was his outfit and lighting making them look pink under his shorts. He finished his workout and headed for the showers. I hurried up and finished my workout cutting it a little short and made my way to the locker room also. He was already in the shower and his clean clothes were layed out next to his locker, the baby blue lace panties caught my eye and I immediately got a raging hard on. I stripped down and peeked into the shower, he was all soaped up and stroking his long slender cock. I thought JackPot! I headed into the shower room so he couldn't help but notice me. I could tell he was embaressed and I told him not to stop because of me. I think he felt better when he seen my hardon which I started to stroke. I soon removed his hand from his cock and grabbed it then statrted to jack him off while I slide behind him and dry humped his ass crack. After a minute or two I spun him around got down on my knees and swallowed his prick while I grab his ass cheeks and gave him an amazing blow job. I massage his ass cheeks and then insert one finger then two, while I'm finger fucking him and sucking, he starts to moan and groan with pleasure and I know it's about time. I release my lips and start stroking, he starts shooting streams of cream all over my face and in my mouth. So much cum, I caught most of it as the rest gets washed off by the running shower. We rinse off and head to the locker room, him with a limp dick, and me with a cock so hard you could pole vault with it. He invited me over to his condo where he would return the favor. When we got there he went to his bedroom to change. After about 15 minutes he came out all made up wearing the cutest little shear baby doll with matching G-string, while his now erect cock poking out of his panties. I had already stripped down to my pink satin string bikinis and rubbing the pre cum over my cock making it nice and slick. He came over to me and led me to the couch, sit me down knelt down between my legs and licked, rubbed and began to suck my cock. Before long he was deep throating me balls deep. He was enjoying this as much as me. I was so turned on by his apperance and the way he was taking charge of my cock, I came so hard it flooded his mouth so much that a lot of cun ran out his mouth and down my shaft. He swallowed what he could then went to work licking up the rest. After a long cummy kiss he was ready to release another load, this time up my ass. I sat him down on the couch and started to lick and suck his cock again until it was good and slick all the while fingering my ass to get it ready. He lubbed up his cock and then I sat down on his member. It slide in easy and smooth because it isn't fat, but it sure is long. It felt like it was going to end up in my throat. I started grinding on that cock like no tomorrow. It's so long that he can't pull out to get a full stroke. We head for the floor, me on all fours and my long rod lover plowing me from behind. His full length disappearing in my ass as he thrust forward and back while I match the rythem rocking forward and back. By now my cock is rock hard again but I can't get a grip on it, and he's consentrating on the fabulos job his cock is performing which seems to last forever. My cock has now been so hard for so long it's painful and in need of release. I beg him to stop so we can try another position. He slides out and I wipe clean the lub from his cock. We then fall to the floor in a 69 position. We must have been a sight, two sissies in sexy panties stuffing their mouths with cock. I can only go down about 2/3 before I gag on him but I can tell he's liking what he's getting. He's pretty good at sucking cock too, my balls are slapping his chin and that is a wonderful feeling. He starts to moan and rock his hips more, releases my cock from his mouth and I know I'm about to be rewarded for a B'job well done. As he starts cumming I wrap my lips tight and start stroking and sucking like a straw. He fiilled my mouth and it shot down my throat. He then went back to handeling my cock. Back in his mouth went my cock, as he went back to licking and sucking and fingering my ass. Still with lub up there he can put three fingers up there and it feels like a short fat cock. With the massaging my ass is getting and the sensation of his lips around my cock, I can't hold back and tell him I'm going to cum. He starts stroking my cock with his mouth open wanting me to unload in there. As I do he starts to squeil like the little sissy he is. So excited he swallows what lands in his mouth and wipes the rest from his face into his mouth. What a slut! Which is just exactly what his wife trained him to be. He must have called her when we lleft the gym telling her that he was bringing me home. She had been watching ever since we got to their place and she was looking forward to using her strapon on me. She's dressed up in a bright red silk thong and matching pushup bra, but what really made the outfit was the 10" dildo she had strapped on. After stroking my pantied covered cock and fondeling my ass, she has me down on all fours and after moving my panties to the side preparing my ass for the rimming it's about to receive, she gently eases that realistic monster past my ring and up the canal streching my ass to it's maxium opening. She holds it there for a few seconds so I can adjust to it. I close my eyes and gasp, but my mouth is filled with her husband's long slinder cock. Now as she pumps my ass from behind picking up speed, I'm engaging his beautiful cock as it slides down my throat. With every thrust from behind she gets a massage on her clit from the base of the strapon. She starts pumping faster taking shorter strokes. I thought she was going to rip me a new one, but she finally came hard pushing the dildo all the way up and taking short pulsating strokes to exite her clit. While she colapses onto my back I'm greated with his hands gripping the sides of my head so he can fuck my face. A minute or two then he blows another load down my throat, this time I didn't spill a drop. Now it's my turn, I take the strapon from her and slide it up his ass and leave it there while he gives me a blow job and I eat out his wife's pussy. When she creams my face with her pussy juice I place her on all fours and fuck her up the ass, when I'm about ready to cum, I have them line up next to each other so I can cover both their faces with my cum. I took turns with each shot as they would try and catch it in their mouths as I jerked off. They licked each other clean and we called it a night. What a work out.

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Taking black cock..................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 30,Jul,14 21:16

I love black bodies and cocks. Something real special about them. Maybe lots of things. The sizes are legendary. Muscular, wiry-haired bodies - underarms, chests, bellies, pubes, buttcracks. Loads of hot, creamy cum.

I was watching a vid about a white guy in a fuck club with five black guys. I envied him so. Got so horned up I decided I had to go get me some right now, this night. I had heard of an all-black club - a bar - in the rural countryside and determined to go find it. That was not much of a problem.

It was the only building on a lonely stretch of road near the coast. Nothing elaborate, just a wooden building with a big, gravel, sand and shell parking lot. No exterior lights, shaded windows. I parked my van at the end of a row of other vehicles.

Went into the club and straight to the bar like it was home. The club was busy. About a dozen guys, three hot looking women. A small elevated dance floor with a couple of poles at each end. A honey, naked as the day she was born was doing her stuff to one of the poles, then across the floor in many postures, lots of hand touching of herself, to the other pole, to the edge of the stage, back, all around to the beat of the music.

I noticed right away most of the guys were ignoring her. The club women weren't getting much attention either. One was at the bar between a couple of guys, obviously pumping them for drinks and offering her wares. The other two were at tables; one sitting with three guys, the other with two guys.

The bar served only beer and mixers for BYOB customers. Several bottles were in view - brandy, some flavored, gin, vodka, whiskey. I perched on a bar stool with one on either side of me and ordered a Bud. As I drank my beer I turned to watch the dancer, my legs apart, package on display, lips and tongue working the head of the beer bottle.

Didn't take long. A middle-aged guy came to the bar on my left hand side as I faced the center of the room, still watching the dancer. He stood beside the stool, close to me, close enough I could smell his nice cologne. He leaned on the bar and ordered a Sprite (tm). When the glass of ice and bottle of Sprite was served, he poured two fingers of vodka into the glass and topped it off with the bubbly, clear soda. Took a drink, then turned to me.

"You looking for some pussy, man?" he asked. "Like that black girl?"

Smiling at him, I answered, "No sir, not, but she is okay."

"Whaddaya want then, man?" he grinned back at me. "We don't get white dudes in here much."

"Well, I guess a good answer is, I want what the ladies in here want," I answered.

"Alright," he said. "You ain't no more subtle than me. Let me buy you a drink." Without waiting for my answer, he ordered another set up - a glass with ice and a Sprite. The bartender brought it over. My benefactor poured the two fingers of vodka from his bottle. I added the Sprite and took a swallow.

He let his hairy arm brush against my arm between us. "I ain't got much time, man. I got a bitchy wife at home, her mother and a houseful of k**s. You wanna get what you came to get now?"

"Sure," I said.

"So let's go to the john," he suggested, dr****g his arm around my shoulder.

"I have a better idea," I countered, "let's go outside to the parking lot. I have a van with a mattress in the back."

We gulped down our drinks, sat the glasses on the bar. I got off the stool, picked up my bottle of beer. We walked out his arm around my waist. Everyone appeared to be going on about their business or pleasure, but they were looking, trying not to be obvious about it.

At my van on the end of the row in the dark parking lot, I sat my beer on the top of the van near the lift up back door. We dropped trou' pulling them off over our loafers, sockless. Neither of us was wearing underwear. Even in the dark I could see his black meat was just what I wanted. It hung half way to his knees, thick, a big, well-defined, circumcised head.

Our trousers held in one hand, his and mine, I reached, grasped his cock and felt its circumference. Yes, this is what I wanted, as my hand felt his hairy ballsack, the big nuts in his wrinkly pouch. His cock slit was leaking slimy pre-cum already. I stroked his shaft milking out his pre-juice, smearing it over his knob and down his veiny stalk. He spread his legs, taking a wider stance.

"Unh huh unh," he cleared his throat. "What you want to do?" he asked.

Explicit, I answered, "I want to kiss, lick, suck your nipples; lick your belly; tongue your navel; kiss, lick, suck your big cock; mouth your balls. I want you to fuck me, cum in my mouth."

"Well we ain't doin' it out here in the open," he said, as I continued sliding my hand up and down his stiffening pole glistening with his slick, still flowing juice.

"I know," I said, and let go of his hardening tool. I opened the lift door, threw my trousers inside the back of the van and crawled in onto the mattress giving him a good view of what he would soon be fucking. I rolled onto my back watching him.

He got into the van. His cock no longer dangled. It stuck out upright, his balls hanging. He laid beside me and put an arm over me, his cock pressed against the side of my leg. He lifted a leg over both of mine, shifting his wet cock to the top of my leg, brushing against my hard and pre-cum wet dick. Much to my surprise he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, searching for my mouth. I kissed him on the lips, took his tongue inside my mouth, gave him my tongue. He grasped my cock, stroked it. I did his. We kissed, stroked for several minutes.

He nuzzled my neck with his mouh, us still stroking, fondling nuts. Kissing, stroking, fondling nuts, nuzzling necks. I realized he was not going to just fuck my mouth and ass. We were making love, hot, sweet, sensuous, tingly, mindbending love.

He kissed one of my nipples, licked it, sucked on it, went to the other one. Kissed, licked down my chest to my stomach, stroking me still as I stroked him, and he tweaked a wet nipple, rolled it between his thick thumb and forefinger, the other. Tongued my navel. I was breathing hard, humping up and down, gasping, trembling it felt so good.

He kissed my cockhead, right on the slit, tongued off the flowing pre-cum, took the crown in his mouth, licked and sucked; went right down to my pubes on my 6.5" hard, throbbing cock, massaged my balls. He worked his head up and down. I moved with his mouth, humping my hips up and down.

"Oh, oooh, unh, oooooh, I'm gonna cum," I moaned.

He squeezed my nuts gently but firmly, slurped up my cock and let it snap back against my belly with a wet smack.

"Unh uh, no, not yet, baby," he said in his deep, gravelly voice. "Later. My turn now."

He lay back beside me. "Get over on me and do me. Do what you said you wanted. Make me feel good. Get me ready to take your sweet ass."

An invitation to worship his strong, muscular, black, wiry-haired body, his big cock, balls. Like I needed it. I rolled to him, kissed him on the mouth, tasting me on his lips and tongue when he slid it along my tongue, swabbed the inside of my mouth. Stroking his cock, feeling his balls, I went down over his neck to a nipple. Kissed, licked, sucked it, the other one, back and forth, in between them on his chest hair. I kissed, licked down his body to his navel, had to move his long, wet, hard cock to the side. Tongued his navel for a while. Worked my tongue down his treasure trail into his wiry pubes, licked the pre-cum drooling from his cockslit, tasted it, kisssed his helmet, wrapped it in my lips, tongued more pre from his wide cock eye, gently fondling his balls, brushing a fingertip on his perineum, pushing more pre-cum up his long shaft over my lips, onto my tongue, slurping it.

I worked my lips down his slimy rod inch by inch, writhing my tongue on the thick-vein along the underside of his hard cock to take more in my mouth. The bulbuous head touched my throat entrance. I felt with my fingers at the base of his shaft. There was still at least two, maybe three inches beyond my tightly clasping lips. I milked his pre-cum onto my tongue, into my throat, but I could get no more of his long, thick cock deeper into my throat.

We were at my cock limit in my mouth. Still massaging his big nuts in their wiry-haired sack, feeling his nipples, rubbing his chest, rippling muscular stomach, I clasped my lips tight, concaved my face cheeks and slid my mouth up his shaft until only the head was between my lips, his slit feeding me more of his slick, lubricating, tasty juice. Hands, mouth working slowly, lovingly I sucked his big cock.

He put his big hands gently on the sides of my head, face and rocked slowly up and down with my mouth movements. We were fucking his cock, my face together. I was loving the feelings, tastes, sounds, smells. Hard cock, veiny, slimy pre-cum, wiry hair, big but gentle hands on me, tasty juice, slurping squishing, cum odor, crotch musk, our mingled sweat.

I reached into the glove box along the side wall of the van, fished out a bottle of Astroglide(tm), and my amyl nitrate poppers from Canada - the good stuff. Still sucking his cock, feeling him with one hand, I gave him the bottle of Astroglide. He lubed his fingers with it. I kept sucking, sweat dripping off the end of my nose, face, chin, sweat sheened on both our bodies.

I positioned myself, legs open wide, his cock rotated in my mouth as I sucked, sucked, bobbed my head up and down. He slid his middle finger up and down my asscrack, lubing it. He pressed with his fingertip. I opened the bottle of poppers and took a hit in each nostril, concentrated on relaxing, letting his finger into me. In it went, slowly past my sphincter, pause, deeper, deeper. His hand pressed to my splayed open crack, finger as far as it would go up in me.

He wriggled his finger, opening me more. He pressed the tip on my prostate. I felt like I was pissing, exuded so much pre-cum it stringed to the mattress on the floor of the van. I moaned.

"Oh, yeah, baby, moan on that big cock," he grumbled. "Feels so good," he praised me. He pressed again, another string of pre-cum, again, again, again.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh," deep in my throat. Pre-cum flowing, steady, cockhead tingling, dick lurching up and down, throbbing, throwing the strings of pre-cum back and forth.

"Oh shit!" I mumbled with his cock in my mouth.

"You ain't shittin' honey," he said, "it's going the other way in that ass now."

He eased his finger back, slid his index finger with his middle finger.

"Oh, oooh, yeah," I breathed thickly mumbling again filled with his long, fat cock.

"Umnh huh," he agreed. "Talk to it. Talk on it."

"Fuckth," I gurgled, slimy pre-cum, saliva dripping from my mouth onto his cock and pubes.

"Yeah, more," he urged me, now with three fingers - middle, index and ring - sliding back and forth in my opening hole, spreading me.

"Hmmmmmnnnnnnnnh," I hummed on his cock.

"Oooooooh, unnngh, the best," he grunted. His cock thickened, lengthened, throbbed in my mouth, a blob of creamy, thick cum shot onto my tongue, coated the back of my throat.

He pulled his cock out quickly, leaving my mouth empty except for the wad of cum gurgling in my throat. I hacked it up onto my tongue, tasted it, opened my mouth showing it to him, then swallowed deeply relishing the taste, feel of the oyster sliding down my throat.

"Umnh," he moaned, "that was close. We gotta fuck now."

"Oh yeah, how do you want me?" I asked.

"On your back, baby, legs up and wide. I want to watch your face as I put it in your pussy hole," he instructed me.

I rolled over onto my back, spread my legs, lifted them, bent my thighs back, and opened my cheeks with both hands, breathing slowly.

"Just put the head on my hole," I pleaded. "Let me get ready for it, then when I say, go slow. You are so big."

He sat between my legs grinning down at me. "This is gonna be so good," he said. "I know you got a good, tight cunt for me. So tight on my fingers, all of them as you opened some."

He fumbled around some for his trousers as I lay there fully exposed to him. I rubbed my lube slick, crinkly assfolds, watching him. His hand came out of his pants pocket with a condom - a magnum. He ripped open the foil, tossed it aside, checked the latex ring for the right direction of roll, capped his mushroom crown with the rubber, and worked it down his shaft.

He seated the end of the roll against his wiry-haired cock base, stretched out the reservoir nipple end to be sure it was at max for reception of his cumload. He squirted a big string of the Astroglide onto the top of his rubber-covered cuntpleaser and a handful into his cupped palm. He massaged the lube all around his shaft, then smeared the excess into my crack, concentrating on my crinkled asshole.

He slid his slick middle finger into me, checking to see if I had closed too much. He wriggled the finger around, prepping me for his monster cock. It looked even bigger to me now. The cock I had just sucked, the cock that had just fucked my mouth, gave me just a sample of the cum he was going to deliver to me - his babymaking batter.

I trembled in anticipation more than reluctance, fear or any other emotion other than the love of a big black cock fucking my ass. He eased his finger out of me.

"Ready, baby?" he asked.

"Umnh huh," I agreed, "but just put the head against me. Let me tell you when to put it in."

"Ok," he grunted smiling down at me. He guided his thick knob to my hole.

I let my asscheeks close on it, held it there. I took double hits on the poppers, each nostril.

He took the bottle and did hits too, his cock still wedged right at my pussy door.

I did two more popper hits, capped the bottle and laid it on the mattress.

"Ok, now," I said.

"Now?" he asked.

"Now," I said.


"Now, please."

I shifted my hips, rocked them, lifted them and seated myself on my spine, ready.

He pushed forward.

"Unnngh," I grunted."

"Aaaaaah," he moaned.

"Unh, ah, aaah, oh yeah," I agreed.

The knob was in me. My hole was breached.

He put a hand on my chest, the other on one of my buttcheeks.

I rocked just a bit, up, down, side to side, up, down.

His long, fat cock slid right up into me, the thick head making way for his big shaft.

"Unnnnh, unnnh, ungh," I grunted.

"Okay, baby?" he asked, pausing, resting over me, taking my cock in his hand and stroking it slowly.

"Okay," I grunted.

"More?" he asked.

"Yes," I breathed.

He smiled and pushed.

"Umnh, honey," he said, "what tight, good pussy."

"Aaaaaah," I breathed, smiling up at him. "Fuck me. Fuck my slutty cunt. Fuck it good."

He pulled back slowly, pushed in, back, in, back, in, with each stroke more of his long cock went into me, deeper, deeper, the head rubbing over my prostrate, my pre-cum flowing again. He stroked my cock, leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth to take his tongue, give him my tongue.

He bottomed out, his wiry pubes pressed against my ballsack, his balls resting in the crack of my lube-slick ass.

"Oh, sweetie, you took it all," he said. "My tight ass bitch can't even do that in her sloppy twat or up her ass, and she won't suck me at all.

"Oh yeah, fuck me," I pleaded, humping my hips up and down. "Fuck me good, hard with your big black cock. Make me your bitch, slut, whore."

Like he needed an invitation at that point. He started sliding his cock back and forth in me. I rocked my hips up and down to meet his increasing thrusts.

He stroked my cock. Kissed me, sucked my titties. Fucked me. We fucked together.

I started cumming through his stroking fist onto my belly. My ass clenched and relaxed, clenched and relaxed on his pistoning cock.

His cock thickened, lengthened, throbbed, jerked. I could feel the cum filling the rubber, the heat of it, heard the squishiness, felt and smelled our sweat together as I moaned and writhed, begged him to fuck me more.

Thrust, pump, jerk back, thrust. He slammed into my pussy, jetting out more wads of cum with each drive to the hilt up my twat.

He let down on top of me, his long, fat cock still up me, all the way, throbbing, flexing.

"Ummmmmnh, oh yeah, so good," I moaned. "Pull it out, let me suck you, taste your cum, clean your beautiful cock."

"Squish, plop," his cock slid from my hole. My cunt stayed open, gaping. Some juices ran into the crack of my ass onto the mattress.

He got up on me, sat his big butt on my chest, peeled off the full condom, and fed me his cock. I kissed, licked, sucked it, cleaning him, tasting his cum.

Rolling his cock out of my mouth with a hand, I grinned at him, his cum coating my lips, chin, tongue, and said, "I want it all. I love your cum."

He laughed, upended the rubber as I held my tongue out like a little bird being fed by the mother or father bird. He poured the cum out of the rubber into my mouth. I took all of it, rolled it around on my tongue, tasting it, chewed on it, swallowed some. Opened my mouth, showed him the white elixir on my tongue, closed my mouth and swallowed, once, twice, three times, gulping his sweet jism into my stomach. Licked my lips. He leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, tasting the remnants of his cum, swapping spit with me, so I could have another taste too.

"Sorry, baby, but I gotta go," he said.

"Okay," I said. "We can meet again, yes?" I asked almost begging, pleading.

"Sure honey, you got one fine mouth and ass. I love fucking you."

We got out of the van. Put our trousers back on. I took a swallow of the beer, offered the bottle to him. He took a swallow and passed it back.

We walked back into the club arms around each others waist, flushed, freshfucked, grinning, happy, my ass still gaping, the taste of cum in my mouth, smell on my breath, licking my lips.

As we entered the club, the dancer was on the edge of the stage taking a long, thick, black cock in her wire-fuzzed pussy, her ample tits bouncing as she was fucked and fucked back onto the cock. The woman at the bar was on her knees between two of the guys sucking one cock, then the other, jacking them. The cunt with the three guys was airtight on top of their table, big, black cock in her mouth, ass and pussy. The other woman was being double-fucked, fore and aft, in her mouth and ass.

The bartender was stroking his cock behind the bar. The other five guys solo or in pairs were gathered around the sucking fuckers, stroking their long, thick, slimy poles. A couple of them were stroking each other. One guy was on his knees sucking another. All were buck naked, clothes on tables, chairs, the floor.

Ike and I paused just inside the doorway. He took me in his arms and we kissed. The room erupted in cheers as the single guys stopped beating their meat. They came to Ike and me, gathered around us and started asking Ike questions as if I wasn't even there.

"Good white pussy, Ike?"

"He suck good man?"

"Got a cock on him or a weinie?" The others laughed.

"What does he like most, Ike, big black cock in his mouth or ass?"

"Ike, we gonna get a chance at him or is he your new bitch?"

Ignoring them at first, Ike kissed me again. I kissed him back as we stood our bodies pressed together, arms around each other, my cock growing hard again against his big erection.

"Man, I gotta go," Ike said. "See you again another night?"

"Sure, Ike," I answered. "You have my number. Call me. You can come to my place anytime you like, or I'll meet you here."

"Well you be careful with these horny fuckers. They ain't got no manners and all their brains are in their smaller heads," Ike warned me.

I turned from Ike, still holding his hand as he moved away and left me with the other men. Ike waved to me at the door. I returned his wave and went to the bar for another beer. The bartender wiped his hands on a towel and handed the bottle to me unopened with the hand he had not been using on his cock. Then he tossed a bottle opener to me. I opened the bottle and took a swallow, tasting both beer and Ike's cum in my mouth. The guys closed around me as I sat on a stool, my back to the bar, watching the women sucking and getting fucked.

The tallest of the men, with the broadest shoulders, a narrow waist, strong looking legs, and muscular arms put a hand on my thigh. "So what about it, whitey, you got all the black cock you want tonight?" he asked.

Lowering the bottle from my lips and licking them, I smiled at him. "No," I said.

"Alright," said the guy to my left, putting his hand on my other thigh, then fondling my package. "He's hard guys. Guess he does want more."

"Yes, I do," I said.

An arm d****d over my shoulder, mouth dropped to my neck nuzzling it, a pink tongue licking my ear. "Ummmh, tasty," the man said.

A big black hand massaged my chest, tweaking my nipples. "Even his titties are hard," this man said.

"Regular little white bitch, ain't cha," the fifth man said, unzipping my pants as the tallest guy and the one to my left worked on my thighs - the tops, insides, opening my legs.

The fifth man fished out my cock - an easy task since I was not wearing underwear.

"Look at this," the man said, "the little bitch is lubing for us. She's hot."

Thick lips brushed my cheek, closed on my mouth, kissed me. A warm, wet tongue delved into my mouth. I responded by tonguing back, curling our tongues around and around. I felt a tongue lick the slick pre-cum from my slit, circle my mushroom crown, lips close over it, mouth moving down, sucking, slurping.

"Hey!" the bartender said, "Ya'll take this shit to the back room. He handed a key on a ring with a wooden stick to one of the men.

Squeezing my thigh, the big man said, "Let's go baby. We'll give this body of yours a real working over, all the black cock you want or can handle, maybe more," he chuckled.

I moved off the barstool, stood, chugged my beer and followed the man with the key to a door beyond the far end of the bar. The other four men were close around me as we waited for the man to unlock and open the door. We walked into a dark room. The key man flicked a wall switch, and a dim light illuminated the room.

The door was closed, but not locked. The men started undressing. I followed suit. Once we were all naked, the big man led me to a bed with no headboard, covered by a single sheet over a plastic undersheet that crinkled when I sat on the bed.

"Well before we stretch your mouth, fill your gullet with cum, and tear you a new asspussy, sweetheart, let's get to know you. I'm Elroy," the key man said.

"Will," I answered.

"Lamont," said one of the men.

"Arch," the big man said.

"Bo is good for me," said another. "Yeah, call me Bo."

"Damon," said the fifth man.

Damon sat beside me, took my erect cock in his hand and stroked it.

Bo sat on the other side of me, and fondled my balls.

Lamont went for my chest, rubbing, then kissing, licking, toying with my nipples.

Elroy put the key on the nightstand beside the bed. He knelt on the bed behind me and went to work on my neck, ears and face cheeks with his tongue and mouth.

Arch had disappeared for awhile, then he returned with a jar of variously colored condoms, a bottle of my favorite lube - Astroglide (tm) - the warming kind, a box containing six bottles of poppers, and another box with a top on it. I learned later, Arch had set up three hidden video cameras while he was away. Also that the covered box contained a medium baggie of coke, and a pile of pre-rolled joints.

Elroy pushed on my back, urging me onto a pillow that Lamont tossed on the floor. Bo and Damon released my cock and balls with final squeezes and tugs. Elroy and Lamont sat in the gap I had left between Bo and Damon, and to the right of Bo. Arch lit a fat joint, inhaled, held his breath and passed it to Lamont. Lamont took a hit, passed to Bo, Bo to Elroy, Elroy to Damon, Damon to me. I handed the joint back to Arch. He had left again and returned this time with a couple of bottles of whiskey, a 12-pack of Coca-Cola (tm), and six glasses of ice. He sat all that on a folding table near the foot of the bed, but off to one side.

"Suck 'em," Arch ordered me.

On command, Lamont, Bo, Elroy, Damon opened their legs wide giving me access to their cocks - hanging half erect, stiff jutting up or sticking straight out under their pendulous weights of length and thickness, and their balls in hairy sacks over the edge of the bed between their thighs. The joint, then another one lit by Arch made the rounds. Arch made sure I got a couple of hits - one before I felt Lamont's cock and kissed the circumcised head, another as I moved from Lamont to Bo's long, fat, uncut cock.

I stroked Lamont's thick shaft. Then I leaned in to kiss, lick and suck on his knob, locking the flesh behind his helmet with my lips. Once I had enough of Lamont's rod in my mouth to slide it over my tongue, press it against the roof of my mouth and concave the insides of my face cheeks along the side of it, I stroked Bo and Elroy, keeping Bo hard and leaking, bringing Elroy to a full hard dripping erection.

Then on to Elroy in my mouth. I work Elroy's black foreskin back until his pointed, pink cockhead oozing slimy pre-cum emerged. Bo in one hand, Damon - another uncut cock in my other hand. Bo stroked Lamont. The pattern continued, slick, hard, long, thick, black cock in my mouth and hands when I could reach two of them. The guys stroking the ones I could not suck or stroke.

Three fat doobies done among the six of us by now, I heard snorting. I glanced around, cock in my mouth to see Lamont sniffing white powder up his big nostrils with a rolled $100 bill off a rectangular mirror, then Bo, me, Elroy, Damon, Arch who was preparing and passing the goodies for us to use. Arch smeared up a line on one of his thick fingers. He massaged it into my gums, the inside of my mouth.

With the mj and coke, my head was reeling, numbness in my mouth, my already wild, horny state elevated. I was sure the other guys were feeling much the same as their hard cocks flexed, pulsed and drooled pre-cum into my mouth. Arch had made drinks for them in the glasses, and they drank and snorted more as I sucked, stroked their cocks in turn and fondled, kissed, licked, mouthed their balls.

I could see glancing sideways, Arch passing from one to the other of the men, replenishing their supplies and feeding one after another his massive uncut cock. My cock was hard as a steel rod, balls swaying as I rocked sucking, kissing, licking them. My mancunt twitched, even leaked a bit of musk between the cheeks of my ass, down through my cleft over the insides of my buttocks and thighs.

Arch knelt behind me. He spread my butt cheeks with both hands, peered at my crinkled hole. He leaned in and kissed, tongued it, tasting me. I shuddered, my cock throbbed, lurching up harder.

"Ummnh, oh, yeah," I moaned with a cock in my mouth, one in each hand.

Arch ran a lubed finger up and down my ass cleft. He rubbed the tip against my puckered fleshy ring.

"Unh, huh, oh, yessss," I hummed on the next cock pushing close to the back of my throat.

Arch pushed his finger into me. He finger fucked my hole with his one middle digit for awhile. Pulled out and added another with more lube. I kept sucking and stroking cock. Hands felt my shoulders, arms, chest, nipples, neck, face, cock, balls. A tongue and another mouth slobbered on my neck and ears - the outside, inside. Arch added his ring finger with still more lube to his middle and index finger in my pussy, stretching, relaxing, lubing me. I was tingling and shuddering all over, trembling in anticipation of what I knew was coming soon.

Arch spread one of my cheeks aside, Lamont the other one, the two of them opening my cleft. Arch eased his big fingers out of me. My hole stayed gaped open. Arch put the Astroglide (tm) bottle against, then just a bit inside me. He squeezed the bottle, filling the bottom barrel of my rectum with the lube, smearing it all over my soft before puckered now rounded opening, lubing my harder sphincter good.

"She's ready guys," Arch pronounced. "Her pussy wants black cock now."

The men got off the bed and arrayed themselves by cock size - length and thickness - all longer and thicker than my 6.5x5" cut cock. Lamont laid on his back on the bed, his slick, hard cock jutting up - 8x5" I guessed.

"Get on him," Arch told me. "Stick his cock in you and ride it."

I mounted Lamont with my legs outside his. I squatted over him. He opened my cheeks. I grasped his cock and guided it to my hole. The tip touched me. I eased down.

"Unnnh uh, unnh," I grunted.

Arch handed me an open bottle of poppers. I took a hit in each nostril. Felt the warmth spread from my chest, through my nipples, down into my stomach, to my groin, thighs. My anus relaxed. Lamont's cock passed my sphincter. I sat right down on it slowly taking him inside me inch by inch until I was pressed against his wiry-haired pubes, my cock between us, leaking pre-cum onto our bellies.

"Oooh, fuck," I said.

"Yes, fuck," Arch said, "fuck youself on Lamont's cock. Ride it bitch." He slapped me hard on the ass.

I slammed down driving more of Lamont's shaft into me, jerked up, sat down, up, down, up, down, I fucked as Lamont thrust up to meet my movements.

Bo held my face. I opened my mouth and took his cock - the next in size - as deep as I could until my throat relaxed more. Damon put his cock in my left hand; Elroy his in my right hand as Lamont and Bo held me up so I did not have to support myself on my hands, only on my elbows. Four big black cocks working for their pleasure in and from my slut body.

Not to bore any readers of this story with the routine of sucking and being fucked by five big, black cocks one after the other in a merry-go-round of hard slimy dicks using my hands, mouth, asspussy, even my armpits, working their balls, nipples, navels, assholes on my lips, tongue and mouth, I will leave off of all that. I will, however, describe in the next segment some of the more unusual, perverted ways these guys used me for their pleasure and mine.

After Lamont, Bo, Damon and Elroy in order of size - length and thickness - had a turn in my hands, mouth and asscunt, Arch got me on my knees, chest down against the now sweaty, pre-cum and cum-stained bedsheet. He worked his 10-11x8" cock into me going deeper and spreading me wider, of course, than the other four had done. Arch was a slow, gentle lover. He fucked me until I came - for the fourth time, all the while in between cumming, drooling my pre-cum on me, one or more of them, and me shooting off on us.

I thought Arch was going to cum as my ass as spread as it was clenched and released on his thick shaft as I shot my load. Arch did not cum though. He turned me over, his cock buried deep in me, laid me on my back and smiled down at me until he brought me to even a fifth cum. Then he unloaded his heavy balls into my twat, filling the condom he was wearing with bolts of cum as his cock throbbed and pulsed in me. He was sucking my nipples, kissing me as he fucked me in the missionary position, and as the others had done, stroked my cock and fondled my balls while deepstroking me with his big, hard, black cock.

While I was being fucked by Arch, as had been the case with the others, they kissed, licked, sucked and fucked each other, in pairs, threeways. All of them wore rubbers when fucking my ass, out of some kind of respect I suppose or from not knowing me as well as they knew each other and how safe, disease-free they were despite their so active sex lives. They went bareback with each other.

Once as the night went on, Lamont had me mount him again. Well seated up my cockpleasing asscunt, he held still while Bo joined him, slowly sliding his cock alongside Lamont's in my overstretched whore twat. Arch added to this by fucking my face, and both Elroy and Damon let me use my hands stroking them. Whoo, yeah, five at a time.

They laid me on my back on the bed, legs up high, widespread, head d****d over the other side of the bed. Then they took turns fucking my mouth and manhole, moving around, using my hands and armpits as they wished. Arch got his long rod all the way down in my throat in this position, and I did not gag on it. Breathing through my nose, I did drool a lot of his pre-cum and my saliva over my neck, chin and face, but that was okay. I was so pleased, as was he, to take all of his cock in my face, down my throat and receive his cum right into my by then overfilled stomach.

The bartender came in and had a go at me, both in my mouth and pussy. So did some of the other guys who had been fucking, had stopped, or finished fucking the women. They all smelled of the perfume, cologne of the woman or women they had been with, and their cocks tasted of pussy cream, man cum, and assmusk.

I rimmed lots of ass during the course of the evening as well as mouthing balls and sucking cock, nipples; tonguing navel, armpits; kissing, licking buttcheeks. The little room reeked of sweat, cum, all the odors of hot sex. The sheet was stiffening with dried cum, and glaze, even some oozy drips from the last balls emptied into or on me were covering my body from my head to my toes.

These perverted fuckers gave me a tongue bath with all their tongues, getting into every crevice of my body, licking off the glaze and slurping up the juice. Then we went to a big shower and bathed together with particular attention to our cocks, balls and asses. Toweled and dressed we went back into the bar. The sun was coming up. My mouth and ass ached, good aches, well-fucked aches.

As we capped off the night and morning with bl**dy Marys, the bartender told me anytime I wanted to return for more fun, my drinks were on the house. Even meals he said. I laughed and said, "The protein liquid diet is good enough for me in the food department, but I'll take you up on the drinks. All of us bidding one another a good night and day I went home to sl**p off the buzz and the sucking and fucking. I dreamed of the events, but that was unnecessary, Arch had it all on tape.

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Turning my friend Bi......................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 30,Jul,14 21:14

I have only been bisexual myself for some 8 months, but what happened last night turned my friend too.
A few of us went out to the pub to have a few drinks. One of the lads, Paul, had come out too, someone I hadn't seen for about a year or so, which was nice. I wouldn't say he was a close friend, just someone who I had always got on with, and enjoyed being with. He was a little younger than me at about 32, and pretty fit looking.

We had all had quite a few to drink by time we decided to call it a night, but Paul asked Phil and I if we would like to go back to his for a few more. Phil declined as he had work today and needed to be up early, but I said yes, why not.

We stumbled through his front door, and headed for the living room. I sat down in a large arm chair, and Paul went to get a couple of beers. He came back in, passed me a bottle, then sat opposite me in the other arm chair.

We started talking about girls, and he mentioned how unlucky he was at pulling them. Paul is not what you would call ugly, but perhaps lacked a little confidence in the chat up lines.
I asked him, quite bluntly, if he had ever tried his lines on a guy instead. He spat his beer out and looked straight at me in horror.

"oops!! It's out now then" I said

"What do you mean it's out now?" My face turned red, I could feel it.

"I'm bisexual Paul." I said. "I like cock!"

"What's it like, you know, sucking a cock?"

Paul was very inquisitive, which was good. I thought by his reaction at first that he wanted to hit me.

"Well, I like it. I like to feel the hardness on my tongue, and see the reaction of me sucking hard, I play a game with myself to see how much I can take of it down my throat."

"What about when the guy cums, what do you do with it?" Paul asked.

"I do inevitably swallow some, but I like to be sloppy with it, and spread it around his cock and balls with my lips and my tongue."

I looked over to Paul, and could see his cock had grown in his jeans.

"Is that your cock getting hard Paul?" I asked.

"Em, yes it is." He looked embarrassed at my noticing his bulge.

"Does it interest you Paul?"

"Well I have thought about it once or twice, but never had the guts to try it for real."

I was getting a little hard myself, feeling the twitches of my own cock in my shorts.

"Would you like to try it Paul? I mean, if you don't like it I will not tell a soul, promise."

"I'm not sure......maybe"

"What about if I suck your cock first, will that relax you?"

"Possibly, I just don't know."

At no stage had Paul said no, or shown disgust at my suggestions, so I thought I had nothing to loose.
As I got up from my chair and walked towards Paul, he placed his beer bottle on the table.
I knelt between his legs and undid the zip and button on his jeans. His breathing was a little heavy, and he started to sweat.

"Calm down Paul, just enjoy it, I am sure you will."

He relaxed a bit as I tried to pull his jeans and shorts down in one go. Paul raised himself so I could pull them away. As I did his massive cock sprang back, fully hard with the bl**d coursing through the prominent veins.

"bl**dy hell Paul, you're huge!!!"

"Thanks mate. Are you really going to suck it?"

I didn't answer him. I stuck my tongue out and licked from his balls, up his 8 inch shaft, to the shiny purple head. For a moment I flicked his cum slit with the tip of my tongue, then quickly engulfed the head with my mouth, pushing down hard on his cock until I could feel the tip in the back of my throat. I withdrew his cock sucking as I did.

"Oh my fucking god, that is awesome. I never knew it would make me feel like this."

"Do you want me to stop, or carry on Paul?" I asked.

"Oh carry on, suck my cock all you want. I want you to make me cum."

I circled the head of his cock with my tongue, then sucked his length, or as much of it as possible, into my throat. I built up a rhythm, bobbing my head up and down his shaft, my saliva dribbling down to his hot, full balls, my hand gently squeezing them as it did.

"I think I'm close to cumming." Paul said.

"Not yet you don't." I said, stopping the sucking on his very hard cock.

"Why? What's wrong?"

"Nothing is wrong, but I think you need to try it now."

"I don't think I can."

"It's easy. Open your mouth, and close your eyes Paul, you will enjoy it."

I stood up and removed my own jeans and boxer shorts, releasing my own hard, hot cock into the cool air.
I placed the palm of my left hand on Paul's smooth shaved cheek, gently turning his head towards where I was standing beside his armchair, his mouth open, and eyes closed.
I grasped my cock with my right hand and guided it towards his open mouth. It closed as the head of my cock touched his bottom lip, but tentatively opened again. The head of my cock sat on his lip for a moment, as if he was unsure as to what to do next.

"Is that ok Paul?"

"Yes." Paul whispered.

"Good. That's my cock on your lip, why don't you use the tip of your tongue to feel it a little more?"

With that, Paul flicked the head of my cock with his wet tongue, still sitting on his lower lip.

"Would you like some more in your mouth?" I asked.

"Mmmmmmmmmm." Paul moaned as I started to slide my cock slowly into his open mouth.

Paul closed his mouth around my shaft. He didn't have a great deal in there, but I could feel his tongue moving around, and the gentle tell tale feel of pressure as he began to suck. It felt very nice indeed.

"Is that nice Paul? Would you like me to fuck your mouth for you?"

"Mmmmmmmm." Paul moaned.

I placed my hand on the back of his head, and started to build up a little rhythm, not wanting to f**** too much of my cock into Paul's mouth, all the same, he seemed to enjoy my cock going slightly deeper with each thrust. The surprise came when he placed a hand on one of the cheeks of my arse, and actually started to pull me into him, moaning deeply as he did so.

I looked down at Pauls still hard cock. It looked massive, and had a shiny bead of pre-cum glistening on the head. This gave me the feelings that I wanted to explode, and soon.

"I'm going to cum Paul."

Paul stopped, and withdrew my cock from his mouth.

"I'm not sure if I want to go that far just yet. Can you cum somewhere else?"

"Ok! Keep sucking until I pull out."

Paul almost greedily shoved my cock back into his mouth, and let me fuck it until I could feel the pressure build.
I started to cum, and I know for sure Paul tasted the first shot of pre-cum, but I pulled from his mouth and continued to empty myself over Paul's cock. Just for a second he looked horrified, but then smiled as he felt my hot sticky load spread over his shaft and balls.

"I'm not finished yet Paul, and you certainly aren't."

I knelt between his legs once more and used my tongue to lick my cum up Pauls shaft, with my hands massaging it into his balls. I greedily gobbled his cock into my mouth and started to pump my head up and down, tasting my own seed, and knowing that his would be in the mix shortly.
I slurped at my cum and saliva coating this huge cock, Pauls moaning getting deeper and faster as the tempo of my sucking increased.

"Oh god, I'm cumming!!!!" Paul shouted.

I could feel his balls tighten, and his shaft start to throb as I placed both hands around it, pumping his shaft, my tongue licking the head.

I placed my mouth so that every drop shot into my mouth, then back onto his cock, they were long hot streams of sweet salty cum hitting my tongue. I continued to suck, and stroke his cock for him, rubbing my saliva, my cum and his own cum into his shaft and balls until I could feel no more, and Paul had relaxed.

I looked up at Pauls face.

"What do you think then? Would you do it again?"

"Fuck ye! Thanks for the introduction. Oh, and by the way, I tasted your cum! Next time I want more than just an accidental drop, ok?"

"My pleasure, any time."

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An attempt to explain why I love cocksucking

Posted by ballbouncer at 30,Jul,14 14:07

Nothing feels as good as making love to a cock. Most cocks I make love to are hard and throbbing. They cannot wait to get in my mouth. And my mouth is eager to oblige. On all too rare occasions, for me, I have before me a soft, limp cock. Using only my lips I get the cock into my mouth and suck and suck while pulling with my head. It is the most remarkable feeling to experience a cock growing and growing from a small mouthful into a huge throbbing cock that no longer fits in my mouth. I try to deep throat but can only do so for mere seconds. Then, when I feel the cock begin to pulse and throb with an impending explosion of cum, I drive my lips harder and harder, faster and faster, till I ge the reward I crave: Delicious, warm cum erupting for my oral pleasure.

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Posting and Playing

Posted by luv2shave at 30,Jul,14 13:04

I've recently posted a group of pictures - as you can see. Whenever I post a picture I play with my nipples while waiting for the upload. As soon as I hit the "upload" button, my fingers go to my nipples and rub them. I tell myself that I can't stop until I see the picture on the screen. Some of them take a while! The longer the better! Sometimes I use fingernails instead of fingers. It's a nice variant. Try it sometime!

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Educated Modulate

Posted by PoonLee at 30,Jul,14 12:58

Just to be here To feel There's been too much pressure in the border I need to calm down
Just breathe here Oxygen and out
Out of my head Out in the air Feel all
Stop and slowly shock When we're to give Start the engine To see the remiss The homing sound And just like live wires We all need plugging in
We parted from the heart We expire We got a life too low
And just lay there where we only forget

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hope yal like my body

Posted by longthicknready at 30,Jul,14 11:55

hi everyone im new to this and to a lot of other things I have discovered my biside or it was discovered for me and I never thought I would be like this but I am enjoying it a lot even tho I have been made to dress in lingere and do photo shoots and other things mmm I am very much just enjoying my new found sexlife hope yal like!

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word of the day

Posted by 3rdtime at 30,Jul,14 07:23


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