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Cock Chopping Group

Posted by a3638670 at 23,Sep,14 14:09

New group for anyone interested in cock chopping


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Why and what I post

Posted by spooky at 23,Sep,14 13:26

I love to show the cunts and tits of the women I fuck. I always have a camera with me when I fuck. I like to be sure that when I pose a woman that when I post the photo that it shows off her cunt as best as possible. When I stick my cock in their cunts I like to be sure that the photos and videos I take show the best possible image of their cunts and my cock inside them. I love people seeing my cock in lots of different cunts. I love everything about a woman's cunt. I love how they look, feel, smell, taste, how they feel inside my mouth and how their cunts feel wrapped around my cock. Women's cunts are to be loved and worshiped and fucked over and over again. I love filling cunts up with cum and I love showing those cum ozzing cunts to you.

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Girls - give me your comments & vote on my pics please

Posted by tomas1 at 23,Sep,14 08:09

Ladies only invited to leave their thoughts on my cock, If any of the pics particularly appeal to you, what pics you would like to see, and most of all what you'd like me to do to you.

Add me to your friends and I'll add you so we can view each others pics in original size. I'll comment on your material.

I don't deal in insults; just positive, though often filthy, compliments.

I'm just here to look, comment, fantasise and wank over you. If you see that as a compliment, then I guarantee it's coming from a sense of fun and nothing more.

I genuinely respect you girls, but really want to get dirty with you by knowing your thoughts and needs.

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Posted by MONTED at 22,Sep,14 22:06

Two years ago Tate's college football team defeated their main college rival by a score of 21 to 17 in winning the conference championship giving them a 12-0 season. Te players, coaches, cheerleader squad and supporters went to a convention center for a big celebration party. It was Tate's last game as he was a graduating senior.

Around 10 PM with the party in full swing, Tate went over to Riley, a sophomore and the captain of the male cheerleader, to thank him for their support.

"Hey, Riley, thanks for the huge boost that your squad gave us today in helping us win. You really got the home crowd stirred up. You did a super job and thank you."

"Oh Tate, you are welcome. You guys played a hell of a game. It made it easy for us to rally the crowd. We are going to miss you next year as you are a heck of a hot stud."

"Oh Thanks, Riley! Why I did not know that you thought of me as a hot stud. WOW, thanks."

"Tate, man, you are some hunk. Oh fuck, I see that my comments have stirred a big budge in your pants. But I mean what I said. This is giving me a hard on also as you can see a bulge in my pants. You have made me horny as hell. I have got to get out of here before I get embarrassed from my rock hard cock."

"Yes, Riley. lets get out of here before we both shoot a load. I had no idea that I turned you on. Thanks for telling me. Are you coming on to me? Are you Gay?"

"Hell, yes, I am Gay and always horny. You have made me horny ever time I see you in that football uniform and those tight pants that show off that sizzling hot ass. You are so sexy. I have dreamed for the past two years of getting into your pants. I want us to fuck. I have masturbated numerous times dreaming about sex with you."

"WOW, Oh Shit what a coincident. I too am Gay and I get hard as a rock when I see your tight body in those cheerleader uniforms. You have gorgeous legs and ass. I too have masturbated many times after a game remembering your hot performances on the sidelines."

"Gee, Tate, lets go and get out of our clothes and get it on. I am so hot for your handsome body and what appears to be an awesome cock. I love those sexy eyes."


We left the party and took Tate's sports car to his apartment. I had caught a ride to the party with my roommate. Tate prepared us a gin and tonic. After a couple of drinks, we were somewhat buzzed and now lusting after each others' hot body.

"Tate, buddy, lets slowly undress each other so we can see each others' sexy body and cocks."

We took turns pulling off each others' dress shirts, undershirts, got out of our shoes, took off our socks, unzipped and pulled off our buddies pants and stood gazing at the big bulges in our briefs. We both now had big wet spots in front of our briefs from the seeping seminal fluid from our open piss slits.

Tate took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. He threw me on the bed on my back, jumped on top of me as our wet briefs made contact as well as our rock hard cocks in our briefs. As Tate began humping me, I grabbed his tight buttocks and pulled them close against my crotch. We began to feel the wet briefs rub together as Tate sped up driving his wet crotch harder and harder into my aching cock and crotch.

Soon he began to kiss me. Before long, we were French kissing as out tongues swirled around each other and we also sucked on our buddies' tongue. It was sloppy and hot. We could smell and taste the gin tonic on our breaths. We were so turned on from the slurping and gulping as well as the hard humping that we were near coming.

After about ten minutes of unbelievable steamy sex with sweat pouring off of us, Tate moved down to my crotch with his mouth as I spreadeagled my legs. He began sucking on my wet briefs. I felt his tongue lick up and down my briefs that covered my huge hard on. He was licking my cock through the wet briefs. I was in total ecstasy.

Soon he reached back and slid his briefs down his legs and off. Then he put his thumbs under the elastic of my briefs and took them off. We were now butt naked and we could see our buddies hot bodies and huge pulsating cocks. I sprouted an 8-inch cock and Tate was featuring a huge 9-inch cock.

Tate was a gorgeous 6-foot and 2-inch tall stud; weighed 185 hard pounds; dark black hair; brown eyes; smooth hairless body except for a treasure trail of black hair from his belly button to his dark pubic hair; his arms were as large as my thighs with rock hard grape fruit sized biceps; rock solid hairless thighs and legs; and a beautiful 9-inch circumcised cock that stood straight out with a big thick shaft and purple v- veins running down the shaft to the base that was filled with ****. The cock head was shinning from the leaking seminal fluid.

Tate glared at my body that featured blond curly hair that circled around my head and down to the back of my neck along with bangs just above my eyebrows. He peered into my deep blue eyes; I stood 5-feet and 9-inches tall; weighed 155 pounds; slim chiseled body; hairless body except for my crotch pubic hair and underarms; and a big 8-inch cut cock with a 6-inch round shaft; and my balls were above average and hung low.

"Riley, lets get into a 69 position."

We began to spit on each others' huge cocks, licked up and down the cock shafts, licked and sucked on each others' hot balls, ate each others' ass as we thrust our tongues into the assholes, and fingered our buddies' asshole. We then took our buddies' cock deep into our throat as we began a long series of deep-throating the cocks. The blowjobs became very sloppy and wild as we went up and down with increased speed on the hot cock in our mouth. The smell of man odors was exotic and ravaging to our aching cocks.

After a long time of sucking and kissing in the 69 position, Tate got flat on his back on the bed and had me put my ass on his chest and he directed: "Riley, please drive that big wet cock of yours down my throat. I want you to face fuck me. I love sucking cock."

I kissed him with several big wet sloppy kisses and made him more hunger for my cock. I plunged my cock to the back of his throat and began a long series of fucking his mouth while using my hips to drive hard in and out of his sexy mouth. I felt my balls gather a huge load of my white thick semen that would soon be flowing down his throat. If he only knew what a river of warm cum that he was about to receive, he might have asked me to pullout. But I was in no mood to stop as i was overtaken with lust.

My pubic hair was tickling his chin as I drove in and out with greater speed. I had never fucked any mouth as forceful and rough as I did Tate's beautiful mouth. His overheated cock was jerking wildly at my back. I reached back and began jacking him off as I continued to face fuck him. His cock was feeding my hand a good supply of precum. I must have face fucked and jacked him off for some 7 minutes when I went over the blue line. It was now too late as my balls and cock took charge. I began to grunt as did Tate. His ass came up to meet my hand on his cock, his toes curled as did mine.

Then it happened. My nuts tightened up against his chin, my cock head swelled even more, my cock piss slit opened and I drenched his mouth with the biggest load of warm cum ever to flow from my balls. He gagged as he could not swallow fast enough to catch all the river of my hot cum.

When I was spent, I pulled out and kissed him to share the cum meal. I jerk my cock to give him the last drops of my juice.

When Tate recovered from all the cum, he said: "Oh my god, what a great cock and supply of cum you gave me. Thanks. I love eating cum. I am now going to pay you back. I am going to fuck that gorgeous pink ass of yours until you beg for mercy. My huge cock is going to rip you man pussy apart. You are now my bitch."

I got on my back on the bed, put my legs in the air as I became spread-eagle, held my ass cheeks apart with my hands, had Tate put a big pillow under my ass, he lubed my ass and his pulsating ass, and he entered my now very available open ass. His huge cock instantly filled my ass to the brim. I felt his wet slick cock rub against my soft ass walls, rub past my prostate and plunge deep into my enter ass. His hot wet cock against my ass walls was awesome. He began to thrust in and out as he used his very athletic body to drive deeper and deeper into my man pussy. My experienced tight ass could barley accommodate his monstrous cock. The pain at first was so severe but soon my ass adjusted to the most pleasurable fuck of my life. His cock felt terrific as it filled my hole over and over.

"Oh Fuck, Oh my god, Oh Shit, it feels so good. Yea, give me that big snake, Harder, harder, and harder. Make me come again. I love your cock in my ass. Make me your bitch. Don't stop. Fuck me, fuck me. Oh, yea, it feels so great. Dump your huge load in my ass. I want your seed, Baby."

Tate fucked me for the longest time. He had great staying power. But then I felt his cock swell inside me, his balls tightened up against my body, his faced became drawn as **** ruched in to his face and he let out a loud grunt. Then all hell broke loose as he filled my ass with burst after burst of very hot thick cum. I was soon drenched in his lovely juices.

He pulled out after he was spent and fingered my ass to collect his seed that he feed my mouth. We kissed and I sucked on his cock to get the last few drops of his cum.

We embraced as our hot cum soaked sweaty bodies were intertwined.

"Riley, I love sex with you. Can we get together for sex often for the rest of the year, suck and fuck?"

"Oh yea, man lets fuck often. You are the hottest stud on campus. I love your cock and love you fucking my ass."

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In The Park

Posted by MONTED at 22,Sep,14 21:59

I turned into the lane leading back to one of many picnic areas when I heard the short, whining blast of the siren. Okay, I was going too fast but the speed limit was twenty miles an hour, for chrissakes. My pickup wouldn't even go that slow. I watched in my rear view mirror as the park ranger got out of his vehicle and I suddenly didn't mind being stopped, but I couldn't afford a ticket. I wondered if park rangers even issued tickets.

He was packed into his uniform like GI Joe, pants that fit snugly but not too tight, massive thighs bulging inside the pant legs and the tan material stretched around a very noticeable bulge at his crotch. I was surprised to see a weapon on his belt; but maybe he needed it to shoot rabid ****. His upper body seemed to explode up from his waist, tapering up to wide shoulders and thick chest that pressed against his uniform shirt, as did his arms. His walk was a sexy saunter coming up beside my pickup.

He didn't ask for my license and registration. Instead, he leaned down and asked, "Do you know how fast you were going?"

"Not exactly, but I know I was going over the limit," I said.

"Well, that argument's out of the way," he said.

If his looks didn't make me cream my shorts his voice almost did. My godd, how could anybody be such a total package!! I watched his hand reach back for his pad; huge hand, with thick, muscular fingers.

"I'll need your driver's license for your personal information," he said.

I dug it out of my wallet. He took it but held it loosely in his fingers. "You look like a decent ****....I'm going to give you a choice.... you can follow me back to the station house, or we can pull on back in the picnic area and take care of this."

Station house? Did they have a station house in the park? And what'd he mean by taking care of it; was he wanting a bribe not to write a ticket? When I didn't answer him right away he went on. "You see, if I take you back to the station house, there's all kinds of nuisance paperwork that'll have to be filled out. I would rather avoid that and I'm sure you would too."

"I'm not sure what you mean by.....taking care of it," I said, rather timidly.

"Well, if I start writing you a ticket, taking down all of your personal information, I can't void it without a lot of paperwork explaining why I voided a ticket."

"I'm sorry, I......I still don't understand......"

His voice was suddenly stern. "I'm not really good at drawing pictures, and I'm not really big on patience," he said as he straightened and moved closer to my truck, and I heard the pad laid on the roof of my truck. He was a tall guy and when he cocked one boot up on the running board his midsection was framed in my open window. He kinda pressed it against the opening and suddenly I caught on. He wanted a bribe all right, but not a money bribe. I panicked and quickly brushed my hand over the bulge in his pants, hoping to stop him from writing the ticket. It worked. He drew back from the window and bent down.

"We can take care of it, like you said, if you'll still let me," I said.

He handed back my license. "Pull on back in the woods as far as you can."

My heart was in my throat as I started my truck and drove along the winding road. The trees blocked out the noonday sun in the picnic area and I drove to the far end and parked in front of a table. There, I waited, watching his official vehicle coming into the area. I wasn't sure I could do it. He hadn't said how we were going to take care of it, but I was sure it would involve sex. He was sexy as fuck, and perhaps he'd detected something in me. He parked his vehicle parallel to my truck, blocking it from view, then got out. Fuck, I thought, as I watched him walk toward me. Godd, he was gorgeous!! He pulled his pad out of his rear pocket and showed it to me through the open window.

"Just to show you that I never started writing the ticket," he said.


"It's okay," he said unzipping his pants. His big fingers dug in his fly and drew out his cock. Framed in the gaping fly and a flurry of dark hair, it was the most beautiful cock I'd ever seen in my life. He pressed against the window and there it was, hanging inside my truck.

I hadn't actually seen that many cocks up close.....I was pretty new to the man-sex scene......but this was what all cocks were intended to look like. I leaned in and brushed my face against it, taking in the masculine aroma of him; a mix of clean-body male musk and deodorant or body splash. I breathed it in. Then I kissed the head that protruded almost menacingly from a generous collar. I felt it pulse against my lips.

His hand reached through the window and held his cock out across the palm. Fuck, his hand was so sexy! He didn't want to mess around with foreplay, he wanted his cock sucked. I put out my tongue and sucked the head across it into my mouth. At the same time I took hold of his hand and explored his thick, muscular fingers. I sucked him to hard in no time and he began fucking my mouth. I twisted around in the seat to face him more and reached my other arm through the window to reach his butt.

His cock was soon pushing against my throat and he put his hand around the back of my head to hold it tight while he pushed harder and harder against the opening of my throat. I managed to fight down the gag reflex when he shoved through the tight opening, but my eyes watered. I thrilled to the feel of his round, hard ass clenching in my other hand.

After a few minutes he pulled back and stepped away from the window and opened the door.

"We need more room so you can get to it," he said as he undid his belt. "You're fuckin' well; I want take full advantage of it."

I turned in the seat and slung my legs out of the truck. He shoved his pants and shorts down to mid-thigh and moved up between my legs, cock in hand. I opened my mouth and he shoved it in, his hands around my head again to hold me in place.

"OH, fuck yeah," he moaned as he fucked my throat.

The sight of him bared from the waist to mid-thigh was enough to make me forget about choking. I clasped one hand around his now-bare butt and felt the growth of soft down. I explored his hairy thighs with my other hand, and cupped his balls.

"Don't know how you learned to suck cock so good at such a young age, but you had a good teacher," he said.

His voice sent chills through me. I slid off the edge of the seat to my knees on the ground. I wrapped my arms around his massive thighs and held myself tight against him. He took my cue and pulled my face hard against his loins, sending his huge cock plunging into my throat; so far I thought it must reach into my stomach. Dear God, I thought, if I die like this I will die happy.

I ran my hands up and down his thighs then reached around to clasp his butt. It was like warm bowling balls, dusted with soft down. I squeezed and kneaded the hard muscles and dug my fingers in the crevice. They were so tight and muscular that I couldn't pull them apart till he relaxed them, which he did every few strokes. I was gradually able to touch his hairy hole and felt it clench against my fingers.

"Ohh, fuck yeah, your fingers feel good back there," he said, and after that he let me have free access to his hole. But he stopped me when he felt me pushing too hard with the tip of my finger. "That's a no entry," he said. But then he pulled away from me and turned around with his butt facing me.

I leaned in and kissed all over both sides, then began kissing the slopes of his ass crack. When I dragged my tongue in the crack he bent over and I dove in. I pressed my face into the valley of his butt and licked and tongued his hole hungrily.

"Ohhh, shit, man, I had this done to me once before but it wasn't anything like this."

I took hold of his hips and pulled his butt back tight against my face. I could feel his asshole quivering and clenching, more loosely now and I stiffened my tongue to drive the tip through.

"Ohh, you wanta tongue fuck me. That's okay, just no fingers," he said as he pulled his butt apart for me.

I dug my fingers deep in the crevice and pulled his hole open. I heard him choke and swallow his outcry when I drove my tongue through his hole. He went a little bit crazy, twisting his butt around and riding my face. I held him as still as I could to give him the full pleasure of my tongue inside him. He caught on and quieted down a bit and I reached between his legs for his balls and his cock. He was quivering hard and dripping precum. I used it to lube his cock for my hand strokes.

I quickly reduced him to a whimpering state that probably would not have done him proud back at the station house. At times he sounded almost like he was sobbing. I was loving it, slobbering over his awesome butt and stroking his thick cock.

Then suddenly he straightened and turned around, cock in hand and aimed at my face. "Take it, I'm about to cum!" he gasped.

I gave him my mouth to fuck to the end and he did that brutally.

"You're getting' my load," he warned, his voice shaky.

I nodded frantically, hoping I would get it in my mouth and not down my throat. I wanted to feel it shooting in my mouth so I could taste it and savor it and swallow it on m own rather than have it shot into my throat. At the end his legs were shaking so bad that he had to concentrate on standing up and I was better able to control his thrusts. He grabbed hold of the top of the truck cab and the door to keep his balance while I finished him off.

Suddenly he was spurting ropes of thick cum into my mouth. I dry swallowed as my mouth was filled with the warm nectar. He quickly filled the bottom of my mouth and flooded my tongue and my taste buds were treated with the sweetest man juice I'd ever had. I wondered about his diet to have such wonderful tasting semen. When there seemed to be no letup I began to swallow in small gulps. It was thick going down.

Suddenly his cock slipped out of my mouth and he white washed my face with cum. It splattered and clung to my face and neck like glue. He let me guide his cock back to my mouth and I sucked him to a finish that left him drained. As his cock was going down it seemed to drain the strength out of him. He managed to shift around and lean against the side of my truck. His cock pulled out of my mouth with a lout slurping sound and fell with a soft smack against his thigh. He leaned there, gasping for air.

Holy shit, ****!" he gasped.

I stood out of the truck and stood in front of him; I wanted him to see me swallowing his cum. He smiled, then laughed when he saw me.

"That taste good to you?"

"It tastes wonderful, and there's so much of it."

"Felt like there was tank load. I don't remember cumming so hard in my life. And I never came from somebody eating my ass. That was fuckin' unbelievable."

I dropped to my haunches and sucked his cock in my mouth to drain and clean him. It was easy to suck his rubbery meat into my throat and press my face lovingly in his pubes. I even licked his balls as I did so.

He put his hands on my head and shoulder, more gently now.

"You're fuckin' somethin' else, ****," he said. "You come out here often?"

I eased back off his cock and stood up, wiping my mouth with the back of my hand.

"Yeah, couple of times a week."

"That oughta be just about right," he said as he was pulling up his shorts and pants. "My girlfriend puts out two or three times a week, you can fill in the gaps. I gotta have sex every day or I feel like I'm gonna explode."

"How many days' load was that?" I asked.

"Hell, not a full day. More like... let's see... more like twelve or fourteen hours."

"Damn, I'd like to see a load that's built up for a couple of days."

"We can do that," he said as he was tightening his belt. "Day after tomorrow, same time and place?"

"Yeah, that'd be great."

He took his pad from the top of my truck. "How old are you, anyway?"

"Does it matter?"

"No, I guess it don't. Just curious."

"Well, I'm 21 if that's what you're asking," I said.

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Gone Fishing

Posted by MONTED at 22,Sep,14 21:08

I sat on my favorite spot by the lake. Most of the time people came down there to fish but since I couldn't stand the sight of the poor fishies gasping for air, I mainly just walked around and sat and took in the beautiful view. I had found some pretty interesting stuff while I went for my walks. A discarded Playboy magazine that was all warped and moldy from being left out in the rain too long. A used condom. I knew people often came down here for things other than fishing. I had hoped to come across a hot, young stud laying on the ground with his pants around his ankles, jerking off while he looked at a porno mag. No such luck.

One day I was sitting by the lake watching as the setting sun cast shimmering sparkles on the water when I heard the growel of an engine. I looked up and saw a huge pickup comming twords me. It parked a little ways away and stopped. I watched as the driver side door opened and the hottest guy I'd ever seen climbed out. He was in his early twenties with short brown hair, brown eyes, lean, athletic build. He was dressed in a black t-shirt with some logo on it, baggy jeans and flip flops. He smiled when he saw me sitting there.

"Hi!" he exclaimed pulling his pole and tackle box from the truck bed. "Mind if I join you?" he asked. I smiled and nodded. He sat and placed his pole and box next to him. "Fish biting today?" I shrugged. "Don't know. I don't really fish." He smiled and nodded. "I'm Caleb" he said offering me his hand to shake. I took it and felt his long fingers wrap around mine. "Stephen." Caleb picked up his pole and baited it before casting it into the water. "I like to come here often. You know, get away for awhile." I nodded. "My wife doesn't like fishing either." I felt myself deflate a bit. I had hoped he might be single and interested in fooling around but I wasn't holding my breath. I'm not exactly the type of guy who inspires desire and lust in other guys. Standing a little over 6ft with dark blond hair, green eyes and a chunky build, I think I look rather plane.

Caleb and I talked while he fished. His wife and him didn't have any kids. They had been fighting alot. "Sometimes I get so freakin horny I come down here, sit in my truck, roll down the windows and jerk off." I didn't really know why he admitted something so personal to me but it filled me with excitement at the direction our conversation was turning. He looked at me oddly with what I assumed was pure and undiluted lust. "You ever jerk off with another guy before?" His question suprized me. "Pardon?" He smirked. "You heard me." I smiled shyly. "No, I've never jerked off with another guy before." He smiled. I watched as he put down his pole and groaped his crotch. "I got half a woodie in here, wanna jerk off with me?" I felt my pulse quicken and heat rise to my face. I wanted to but I made a rule never to get involved with married guys. "I'd like to Caleb but you're married." I felt his hand on my thigh. "Come on, What she don't know won't hurt her!" I looked down at his hand which was slowly making it's way to my crotch. I wondered how big his cock was? My own was a meager 5 inches. I snapped out of my carnal thoughts.

"Caleb, I really don't think that'd be such a good idea." He seemed dissapointed. "If you were single and I thought there could be a chance, I'd love to fool around but the fact is, you're not single." He nodded. "I'd better go. He stood and put his stuff in the back of his truck. "Just so you know, I would'a fucked you good!" he said with a smirk before getting in his truck and driving off. After that, I couldn't stop thinking about my encounter with him. Had I done the right thing in reffusing him? Was my one and only chance to have hot, steamy sex with a hot stud staring me in the face and I missed it? A few days later I was in my usual spot when he drove up.

"I was hopin I'd find you here!" I smiled. "Oh? Why's that?" He sat next to me. "I've got some good news. My wife and I are splitting." I frowned. "How's that good news." Caleb smiled. "Don't you see? That means we can be together." I felt anger rise up within me. "Did you throw her aside for me?" Caleb looked down at his sneakers. "It's been over for awhile now, I just haven't been able to say so." I nodded. "I'm sorry things didn't work out." He shrugged. "I think I've known I liked guys for awhile now but felt like I owed it to her to keep the relationship together. It didn't really come as a shock to me when she told me she was seeing someone else." I nodded. I stood. "I live just up there" I said pointing up the road "Wanna come in for some coffee?" Caleb smiled and nodded. I climbed up into the passenger side of his truck and we drove to my place. I live in a modest ranch style house with a few acers and a garden out back. Caleb nodded his head when he got out. "Nice!" I smiled. "It's not much but it's home". He followed me inside. "Wow! you got a nice place." I smiled. "I'll go make some coffee." I started the coffee and when I went back into the frontroom he was sitting on the couch. I thought he was laughing to himself about something but when I saw his face, I knew he was crying. I sat down next to him. "What's wrong? Talk to me." He sniffed and looked at me. "I feel like such a asshole!" I smiled. "You tried to make it work and when it couldn't, you made a clean, amicable break right?" He nodded. "Ok, there was nothing more you could have possibly done." When he looked up at me again, it was like he was seeing me for the first time.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since we met." I smiled and felt my face grow hot. I knew I was blushing. "Really?" He nodded. "Sometimes, when I showered, I would jerk off thinking of you in there with me." I giggled. I had never had a guy as hot as Caleb say something like that to me before. He smiled when I told him so. "Well, get used to it baby!" He moved closer. "I don't want to do anything to make you feel uncomfortable but I would ask one thing." I nodded. "Can I kiss you?" My heart skipped a beat. Again I nodded. He placed a hand on my neck and pulled me against him. When our lips met, I felt an electric shock of passion and excitement course through me. I felt his tongue press against my lips. I parted them and felt his tongue slip in against mine. When we parted, he was smiling.

"I've wanted to do that ever since we met!" I smiled. "I've wanted you to do that since we met." Caleb's brown eyes sparkled. "Wanna go out to dinner? I'll pay!" I laughed. "I never could say no to a free meal." We went to a Chinese restaraunt. For the first time in a long time, I felt happy. When we got home, I made some fresh coffee and we sat and watched a movie. Caleb cuddled against me. When the movie ended he turned and smirked at me. "Well, the movies over, now what?" I smiled and shrugged. "Don't know. What do you wanna do?" He grinned. "Oh, I could think of a few things we could do." I frowned. "I don't know if I'm ready to go there yet." His face registered dissapointment. "What's the holdup? I want you and I know you want me too." I nodded. "I do, very much but I've never been naked with another guy before and I'm just scared that when you see me naked, you might run for you're truck in terror." Caleb laughed. "It can't be that bad!" I smiled. "I'm not like most other guys. What I mean is, I'm alot smaller than you're probably used to." Caleb looked at me with his sexy brown eyes.

"Hey, I don't care about any of that. If you wanna wait, we'll wait." I smiled. "I do know something I can do to make it up to you though!" he smirked. "Oh really? What?" I knelt between his legs and smiled up at him. He was so handsome and sexy, I was finding it hard to accept that the hot stud before me was actually there. I put my hands on his thighs and began massaging them. He smiled. "Keep doing that and you're liable to make me really hard." I smirked. "That's the plan."

I couldn't really believe it! Here I was sitting between the legs of probably the hottest guy I'd ever met. I was about to see him completely naked for the first time and couldn't wait. We had met about a week ago at the local fishing hole by the lake. I usually went there just to sit and take in the beautiful scene. Now here I was about to suck Caleb's cock. I felt excited and nervous all at the same time. I knew he wanted more than just a blowjob but I didn't know if I was ready for him to see me completely naked. His beautiful dark eyes sparkled as he looked down at me. I began massaging his thighs. "Keep that up and I'll be rock hard!" I smiled. "That was the plan." He smirked. I watched as he lifted his shirt over his head and placed it on the couch next to him. His chest was smooth and sculpted with two perfect, dime size nipples. His stomach was flat and ripped. He had a nice golden "farmers tan". He began unzipping his pants but I stopped him. "Allow me." I untied his shoes and slid them off. His feet in his socks were long and beautiful. I'm not really one of those guys who has a "foot fetish". Caleb's were nice though. smooth skin and long toes. I massaged them a little. He closed his eyes and smiled. "I couldn't even get my ex-wife to do that." I smirked. "Let's not mention her ok?" Caleb smiled. "Oh yeah. Sorry."

Slowly I unzipped Caleb's pants. Being single and alone most of the time had given me time to think about various techniques of pleasing the man I was with. I wanted to give Caleb as much pleasure as possible but I also wanted to make the first time he came memorable. He raised his narrow, bony hips off the couch as I pulled his pants to his ankles. I pulled them off one leg at a time and threw his jeans behind me with a playful smirk. "I'll need those again." he exlclaimed. I raised my eyebrows. "Not to soonly I hope." He wore a pair of grey cotton boxerbriefs. I could already see the tent in the pouch. I was making him hard! "Good" I thought to myself. I scooted closer and smiled up at him. "What are you thinking right now?" Caleb laughed. "I'm thinking how much I wanna rip you're clothes off, bend you over this couch, stick my fat, hard cock in you're beautiful ass and fuck the hell outta you!" I laughed. "We'll get there. Don't worry." He nodded. "I'm not." I reached up and placed my hand on the pouch of his boxers. I could feel the hardness of his cock in the soft cloth of his underwear.

Slowly, I began massaging his semi hard pole. He sat back and closed his eyes. "Yeah, play with my cock!" he moaned softly. I hooked my fingers in the elastic waistband of his boxers and slowly pulled them down. I saw the V shape of his pelvic bone and the beginning of his dark, curly bush. Pulling a little farther down, I saw where his cock extended from his groin. Smiling I gently kissed it and licked it. His skin felt soft and smelled clean, like soap. I couldn't wait any longer. I had to see it. I yanked his boxers down and watched as his cock flopped out and smacked against his stomach. He giggled. I couldn't say anything. I was too shocked. I had hoped Caleb's cock would be big but damn!!! It was long and thick. 10 inches at least and thick as a cucumber with a pink, mushroom like head. His balls were smooth and fleshy. They were the size of two extra large eggs. Like Dr. Evil said, "looks like two eggs in a hankie!" My mouth watered.

"Damn! What the hell do you feed that thing!" I asked. Caleb laughed. "My trouser snake loves manass!" I laughed. "Oh really?" I had made up my mind then and there to let Caleb see what I looked like naked. I stood up and pulled my shirt over my head. "What'er you?" he started to say but I shh'd him. "Just enjoy the show." I slowly unzipped my pants and pulled my undies off. My own 5 inch cock stood out like a hard roll of quarters. I stood there and smiled. "Well, what do you think." Caleb smiled. "Come here!" I sat down next him and the next thing I knew, he was laying on top of me pressing his lips to mine. I could feel his semi hardness as he lay against me. "I can't tell you what this means to me baby!" he said placing one hand on my cheek. I smiled. "Just be gentle." He smiled. "Don't worry, I'm driving now!" He kissed me and I felt his tongue slip past my lips to dance with my own like two horny, slippey eels. I moaned softly and placed a hand on his smooth, firm asscheek as he moved against me, grinding our cocks together.

After a few minutes of making out, he sat back on his haunches. His hard cock poking out right at me. "You ready for me to rock you're world?" I giggled and nodded.

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Rock Band's Wild Sex

Posted by MONTED at 22,Sep,14 20:51

When I heard that my favorite rock band staring the famous 19-year-old teenage throb "Mack" was coming to town, I called the box office to get some tickets for me and my fellow bellhops. I was crushed when I was told that the concert had been sold out for months. What a bummer! Then I got really excited when I learned that the band and its crew were booked to stay at our hotel.

On the Friday before the concert, I checked in for work at noon for my eight hour shift as a bellhop. Around 8 PM as I was finishing my shift, I was called to the main check-in desk and the nice lady behind the desk said: "Cody, please take these suitcases up to room 1515." I had no idea who was registered for that particular room; however, I knew that suite was always reserved for very famous and wealthy people. Oh could it be one of the rock stars?

As I rang the doorbell, I became very nervous with clammy hands, small beads of sweat on my brow and quivering all over. I was just a 20-year-old twink that weighed 145 pounds, stood 5' and 7", and had only a high school degree. I wore a well-trimmed blond butch haircut with light blue eyes. I was self-conscience, shy and had no experience with girls unlike those hot rock stars although my friends said I was a really cute blond twink.

When the guest opened the door, my legs instantly became like rubber and I began to stutter, as I could not believe my eyes. There stood the voluptuous rock star "Mack" wearing only a tight pair of blue shorts. Oh holy shit, he had long wavy blond hair down to his shoulder blades with hot bangs; the deepest blue eyes; tanned hairless smooth chest, stomach and legs; looked to be about 6-feet tall; weighed around 175 pounds; very ripped body; and wow, he had a big package between his legs. It was obvious that he worked out to be able to do a three-hour concerts night after night.

As I just starred at him motionless, he said: "Well bellhop, are you going to just stand there or are you going to bring my suitcases inside so I can give you a tip? Have you never seen a rock band performer before?"

"Oh Sir, forgive meeee, Aaaaaa. I have all your CD's. You are my favorite musician of all times. I never thought Aaaaa I'd ever meet you. I just dreamed of being present at one of your concerts. Unfortunately, the concert tomorrow night is sold out. I could not get tickets."

"Well, once again are you going to come in with my suitcases?"

I managed to compose myself and put the suitcases in the room. He handed me a $50 tip. WOW, that was the biggest tip I had ever gotten as a bellhop. He must have been loaded with money.

"Gee, Sir, thank you so much. You are so generous. Could I beg your patience just long enough to get your autograph?"

"What is your name, young man?"

"Sir, my name is Cody."

"Well Cody come over here to the desk and I'll get a pad for my autograph and stop calling me Sir, my name is Mack. By the way, would you like for me to give you and your buddies some tickets for tomorrow night's concert?"

As I glowed with excitement, I said a big YES. After Mack gave me his autograph, he put his arm around my shoulder and smiled. The touch of his hand on my body by my idol caused me to loose complete control as my best asset, an 8-inch thick cock, swelled to its maximum in a record time. My hard boner began showing through my very tight bellhop uniform. My face turned **** red as Mack observed what had just happened.

"Hell, look at you Cody. I just touched your shoulder and it is obvious that your animal instincts have taken charge. You want me, don't you? You are just like many of my female and male fans. You want me to fuck that bubble ass. I find you really cute and hot. Come over here to my bed and let me undress you. You're really hot in that bellhop sexy uniform. Man, your cock looks so big. I bet you are so excited that a teenage throb is about to have sex with you? I bet you want me to suck that big cock and you want to suck my big cock? I'm bi-sexual. I like fucking both males and females. This is your lucky day. Look at my 9-inch steel hard cock and ready to fuck you. I became dizzy and I felt like I was about to faint. Was I having a wet dream? This could not be happening to me. To be fucked by my rock star idol was not possible. But it was happening.

We got undressed and headed to the shower. Mack had movie star qualities making him the most voluptuous and sensuous being on the planet and I was going to experience his delicious meat any moment. I'd never been more hormone-driven and horny.

Mack and I began lathering each others' smooth bodies as the warm water ran down our bodies. We ran our hands up and down each other from head to toe. Soon we took turns jacking off each others' steel hard cocks with our soap covered hands. The feeling was so sensuous. The touch of Mack's hand on my steel hard cock sent chills up and down my spine. I was about to come but I did not want to shoot my load before we had an erotic fucking in bed.

We toweled off and returned to the bed. Mack had me lie down on my back, close my eyes and I felt his warm body lie down touching my side. He started the most erotic foreplay. He began kissing my forehead, soon he kissed my closed eyes, nibbled and pulled hard on my nipples, licked up and down my armpits until the hair was soaked, softly touched my lips with his wet lips, parted my lips as he plunged his tongue deep inside my throat, kissed and licked down my chest and stomach, sucked hard on my inner hot thighs, took my balls in his hand and sucked on them, licked down my legs and finally sucked on my toes. The sensual gratification of his great foreplay had my swollen cock thrusting back and forth on my abs. I was thrashing back and forth all over the bed in pure pleasure.

Mack moved up to my crotch with his big pink lips, spit gobs of spit on my pulsating purple cock head and began to take my cock down his throat inch by inch until he had all eight inches deep in his throat. As he sucked and bobbed up and down on my leaking cock, he put his hot body up against my side and drilled his rock hard 9-inch tool into my hip. He sucked my cock and drilled his burning hot cock into my hip for some ten minutes. I experienced pure nirvana. This rock star had to be the best cocksucker in the universe.

"Oh Holly shit, yea suck my fucking cock. Your cock drilling my hip feels like a hot poker and your wet pre-cum is wetting my leg. Oh Fuck, I'm about to shoot my load. Do you want it now?"

Mack pulled off my cock and said: "No not yet. I promised to let you suck my big cock. Let me get on my back and you come down on me."

I grabbed his homogenous cock at the base, squeezed it hard and began licking up and down the thick shaft, as Mack bucked his hips up to meet my pleasuring his boner. After several minutes of licking and sucking his manhood, I began to lower my mouth on the most beautiful cock I had ever seen. Soon I was bobbing up and down that perfect cock as if it was a sweet lollypop. I felt the big cock piss slit widen and leak the most sweet pre-cum I'd ever tasted. The juice coated my tongue making me even wilder as I sucked this champion tool. Finally Mack pushed me off and said: I cannot come until I get to fuck that bubble pink pulsating ass of yours. It looks so hot and even smells better. My cock is throbbing with anticipation of exploring that pussy boy ass. I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful rosebud. Get ready to take my giant dick up that big man pussy. Are you ready for me?"

"Hell yea, I cannot believe my good luck. I'm actually going to have my rock star idol's cock up my ass. Oh, please fuck me."

It was obvious that this rock star was always ready for a good fuck. He got a bottle of lube, poured it on my ass, lubed his cock and put my legs up on his shoulders.

He took his wet cock head and rubbed it up and down my ass crack making me wild with lust to be fucked. I then felt his cock head began to push past my

outer ass walls and drive inch by inch into my inner ass. I eagerly took what he had to offer---a huge dick deep inside me. He began a long series of deep thrust into me and would then pull out partially before another deep thrust. He slammed my ass, as he seemed to turn into some kind of wild ****. He fucked me harder and harder. It was a very rough fuck. Mack had become primordial with his lust for my man pussy. He started grunting and began a rapid breathing cycle. He pounded and pounded my now sore ass as he used his hips and legs to give me the fuck of my life.

When his cock discovered my prostate, he thrust his cock across my prostate that produced the greatest pleasure and hot massage of the G-Spot. I yelled: "That's it. It feels so great. Come inside me. Give me your seed."

This provocative talk put Mack over the edge. His balls tightened and began spasming as his balls pumped loads of his semen up into his cock and out into my ass. I felt multi-spurting goo deep in my ass. He had a huge load that filled my ass to the brim. He used his slick cum to continue thrusting his slick cock deep inside me. Finally, he was exhausted and he withdrew his softening cock.

He went down on my ass and sucked his cum into his mouth. He then kissed me and we had a cum meal.

I begged Mack: "Baby, I need to come. Help me come."

He took his cum covered mouth and tongue and went down on my aching cock. He began to give me the hottest blowjob. I was so turned on that in a few seconds, I unleashed a huge load of my juice down his throat. When he came off my cock, he again kissed me as we shared the thick warm cum.

Then I got a huge surprise. Mack went over to the phone and called his drummer Dirk and said: "Dirk, get over here to my room. I have just fucked the best man pussy of my entire sex life. Do you want a piece of the best gay man's ass you will ever have?"

In about two minutes, there was a knock on the door. mack let in this gorgeous redheaded 6' 4" tall hunk who appeared to eight about 195 pounds with muscles all over his body. He was dressed only in a pair of gym shorts. WOW, what a body and he had a huge bulge in his shorts that looked like a horse cock. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes.

As I was still on my back with cum seeping out of my ass, big Dirk came over to the bed and began to lower his gym shorts. Hell, man that was a big cock. He was going to take my ass regardless of what I said. I saw in his eyes the most horny look I had ever witnessed. Gee, it was so hot. I was about to be fucked by this hunk.

As I lay on my back with Mack's semen still oozing out of my ass, the band's drummer, big redheaded 27-year-old Dirk, had been invited to Mack's room to take up where Mack had left off.

"Dirk, this 20-year-old twink's ass is the best man pussy I've ever had. It is so velvet-like soft, the ass channel is so deep for driving a big cock like yours and mine to the cock's base, the muscled pink ring around the entrance to his ass is big and thick and I loved his strong ass muscles when they gripped my throbbing cock. You'll never have a better ass fucking. Man, go for it."

Big hunk Dirk wearing only a pair of gym shorts moved toward the bed and me. His horse-sized tool had escaped his gym trunks. Holy shit, it was long and thick with the smooth shaft circumference about the size of a large beer can. I learned that he had a whopping 12-inch cock. His cock was dripping the thicket's pre-cum that I had ever seen. The front of his gym shorts already had a wet ring from the oozing semen fluid. Man I wanted this hot drummer to fuck me. I could not believe my good fortune. My bellhop buddies would never believe this steamy sex story.

I began bucking my hips as I starred into his gorgeous hazel eyes of this yet another hot rock star. I inserted one of my fingers up my ass, took it out, sucked on it and smiled to encourage Dirk to get down and dirty fucking me.

Dirk threw off his gym shorts, pointed his horse sized cock at me, got on the bed, drove a couple of his fingers up my ass, collected Mack's semen and began rubbing his cock with the cum. He used the thick white cum as lubrication to wildly jack off making his cock steel hard before entering my ass. Man, he caused his cock to swell until it looked like a baseball bat.

"Hey man, do you want to fuck my ass? Hell, I've never seen such a long and thick cock. But I want your cock deep inside me. You have me horny as hell. Mack just fucked me raw and now having your monstrous cock drill me, I could die a happy man."

This invitation drove Dirk into a state of carnal bliss. He threw his naked body on top of me and began to wildly hump. I felt my spent cock surprisingly come back to life. Soon I was as hard as a steel pipe. I'd never had such s quick recover of my favorite tool.

Dirk and I began to buck as if we were both wild bulls. Our cocks slide across each other with Dirk's cum covered shaft wetting both of our crotches and pubic hair. The wet feeling and smell was so arousing. Would we come before Dirk invaded my welcoming ass? I had great staying power, as it had only been a short time since I had the fun of emptying my nuts. But how about this redheaded hunk, could he last?

He smelt so manly. There seems to be such a special scent of men with red fuzz and especially the feel of the red pubic hair. It was just my favorite type of guy. He had a beautiful bed of thick pubic hair. As we humped, I felt a tingling from our wet pubic hair rubbing together.

After some five minutes of humping, Dirk moved his big throbbing cock up to my mouth as he sat his ass on my chest. He used his cock to part my lips. He slowly began to drive his big tool all the way to the back of my throat. I could hardly breath as my mouth was stuffed with this gigantic dick. I began breathing through my nose. I could not speak but only grunt a signal of pleasure and approval. Dirk's cock felt so slick, soft and warm. Soon I was swallowing a good supply of his pre-cum leaking from his cock's piss slit.

After a minute, he lifted his ass off my sweaty chest, bored his knees into the bed, moved his body forward as he drove his cock deep into my throat. He began a long series of hammering my mouth. He fucked my face like he was never going to have the opportunity again for a guy to give him a blowjob. I sucked hard on his dong and used my tongue to drive him crazy with lust. I wanted that python to get rock hard and then fuck my ass until I could not walk normal for a week. This evening had to be the best fucking experience a guy could ever have. Every animal instinct in me wanted to have my ass fucked by his huge cock all night. I had never wanted man sex more.

After some five minutes of the hottest blowjob possible, Dirk pulled out of my mouth. He took time to French kiss me as we once again went wild humping.

Nineteen-year-old Mack, whose cock was again hard as steel, began lubing his own cock, started jacking off and handed the lube to Dirk.

Dirk put me on my stomach, put a pillow under my crotch to lift my ass up for a better angle and entrance to my asshole for his aching cock.

"Dirk buddy, you need to lube Cody's gorgeous ass, lube your own cock and drive that snake of yours into that man pussy. I know you are a true-blooded 27-year-old gay man and have no interest in fucking a woman's pussy. And although you have fucked many guy's assholes, I tell you, this will be the best man pussy you have ever had. It never gets better than this. Now fuck that little gay bitch."

With that encouragement from Mack, Dirk soaked my ass with the lube, ran his finger deep into my ass with the lube, poured gobs of lube on his long cock, jerked his boner to spread the lube, and thus driven with uncontrollable lust, thrust his cock into my ass. Man it hurt to get all that cock in me with one thrust.

Dirk began a wild grinding of my ass. He used his years of experience fucking man pussy to move his dick in and out of my ass like it was a piston in a car. WOW, he was good at fucking ass. His cock touched and rubbed against ever each of my inner ass walls and massaged my prostate (G-SPOT). The fuck was beyond ecstasy. We both were grunting and moaning that could be heard for some distance. Mack too was making loud sexual sounds. Mack began to pant as he masturbated.

Before long lust over took Mack. He got on the bed above my head, lifted my head up and drove his recovered cock down my throat. I began to give Mack a wild blowjob while Dirk drilled my ass. I had very big pulsating cocks in both of my holes (mouth and ass). I felt my once again hard cock rubbing against the silk bed sheets. We were grunting, experiencing heavy breathing, moving all over the bed and ready to shoot a huge load. The bed was screeching from all the fucking and sucking.

We were so turned on and in total heat that we did not care who heard us. Soon there was laughter coming from the joining room where the other five band members had gathered. They unlocked the adjoining door and all five hot rock stars came into Mack's room. They began to cheer us on as I was getting my ass pounded by Dirk while I was bearing down on Mack's big juicy cock in my mouth.

In a few minutes, the five guys dropped their pants and shorts. They started a circle jerk off. The room reeked with hot men;'s smelly testosterone, sweat and hormone building energy. Eight hot studs produced hot sex odors appear with all the lust and pre-cum oozing.

The sex scene was now so hot that I felt Dirk's balls tighten, his cock head swelled, his penis twitched and he released a volcanic flood of his sperm into my ass. When the guys became aware that he had shot his load, they got up on the bed on each side of me, began rapidly masturbating and soon they took turns dumping their hot seed all over my ass and back. When they were all finished, the scene set off Mack as he shot a massive load of his cum down my throat. All the guys then got down and used their tongues to suck up all the cum on my body until I was as clean as if I'd just come out of the shower. They turned me over and took turns planting hot kisses on my lips. The smell and taste of each guys was incredible.

They took turns sucking my cock. My cock became coated with the cum from their mouths. When Mack's turn came to suck my cock, he set me off, as I dumped my load of semen down his throat. Mack was such a hot stud. I think I had fallen in love with him.

The five other band members introduced themselves to me; we took a shower together and went out to dinner. During dinner, I learned that all of them were devoted gay fuckers except Mack who was bi-sexual. This was a truly gay band. I hoped that we would have another fuck session the next night after the concert. Maybe I could invite eight of my bellhop friends to make it an even number of guys for a hot orgy. We could pair off in eight couples. WOW, would that ever be hot?

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"The Club"

Posted by dick21 at 22,Sep,14 20:29

The music was thumping and people were dancing as the wife and I crossed the threshold of the new club in town. This is not a normal venture for us but the wife and I grew tired of hanging around the house or visiting with the same people over and over again. Honestly I liked hanging around the house but the wife just had to go somewhere for some fun. Of course she found a table just off the dance floor so she could see the people dancing and having a great time. After settling in and giving our drink order the wife and I scanned the dance floor seeing the moves that were new as opposed to what we knew in high school lol. 
My immediately found a young Mexican girl moving by herself on the dance floor. She was about 55 maybe 125 maybe a little less. Of course she had large thick breasts that fought hard against a low cut halter beneath a black blouse with the buttons open. Her movements were fluid and sensual her ass was shapely and enough of it to go around if you know what I mean. That is what amazed me about her, though she had large breasts and semi wide ass that stuck out intensified by the tight black slacks she was wearing, her waist was tight, she had an hour glass figure with the weight in all the right places. I realized I was staring so I quickly looked away not wanting my wife to see my attraction, but to my surprise my wife was looking at her also. My wife had auburn hair and the skin complexion to match. It wasn't hard imagining the two ladies together and the contrast between their skin tones not to mention the girls long black hair the thought of it put me on the path for a raging hard on. The Mexican girl swayed and moved around the dance floor taunting both me and my wife with her sensual eyes and seductive shape. ", That girl is so sexy why is she dancing alone?" my wife asked while her eyes followed the girl's every movement. ", Don't know maybe she is waiting for someone to join her," I suggested. My wife looked at me and smiled, I knew automatically what that meant. As I stood the music suddenly softened and the lights dimmed slightly. I couldn't believe I was doing that but I walked toward the girl, she smiled at me and we walked into each other's arms. Her lovely perfume washed over me and my hands enjoyed the feeling of her tight waist even though I wanted to reach down a get two handfuls of ass lol. I looked at my wife who returned my glance with a smile, not a cute smile, that sexual smile you guys know what I am talking about. My wife's smile threw me for a loop this was way out of her normal self and I was going to ride as far as I could. I told the girl my name and her name was Maria. ", Is that your wife?" Maria asked glancing at my wife and then returning her dark eyes back to mine. ", Yes it is," I replied holding the girl closer to me. ", She doesn't look mad that you are dancing with me," Maria pointed out. ", She wanted me to dance with you," I said with a smile and the Mexican girl smiled at me and then my wife. ", Your wife is pretty," the girl said and then the song ended and reluctantly I let her go and returned to the table. To my surprise the girl followed me to the table and introduced herself to my wife and they shook hands while smiling and gazing into each other's eyes. I don't have to tell you what I was feeling watching this unfold in front of me. The girl sat at the table and the wife and Maria told each other how beautiful they were, I was glad to be sitting at the table lol.
Before I knew it we were all in the car driving back to house. The whole way I was excited and restraining not wanting to ruin at least a good jack off session thinking about them being together.
Arriving at home my wife quickly poured some wine and they started talking at the dining room table. Maria was 24 still attending classes at the local college. While she talked my wife noticed her tattoo of a butter fly on one of her left shoulder. Maria happily removed her blouse showing us her tattoo and those lovely firm breasts of hers the cleavage looking like a ravine between two mountains. My wife reached out and touched the butterfly almost making me blow my load right there. “Do you have any other tattoos?" my wife asked after taking her hand off the butterfly. Maria smile that smile as if she got caught doing something naughty. Maria hesitated then stood up turned her back to us unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down. On the right side of her lovely ass was a jalapeno we were all silent from the gasp both my wife and I experienced having the Mexican girl expose her round ass to us. My cock was raging hard wanting almost demanding satisfaction when my wife reached out with a shaking hand and touched the Mexican girl's plump ass. That was a moment for me, never thought I would have ever seen that, I thought about it a lot lol. My wife ran her hand across the tattoo then with both hands squeezed each cheek making the girl moan and me gasp holding back the cum that wanted to shoot out of my cock. My wife eased Maria's slacks off and placed them on a chair next to the table. I watched intently as Maria stepped in front of my wife and then lay across the table exposing her ass before my wife. My wife first kissed the tattoo then moved slowly across the rest of her ass kissing and licking softly making Maria sigh and moan quietly. This was all new to me never had my wife expressed her liking this with another female. Maria suddenly rolled over she looked at my wife while exposing her pussy to my wife, it was a moment, I couldn't believe it. Maria up on her elbows watched along with me as my wife ran her hands up Maria's inner thighs and then placing them on either side of her pussy spread it slowly exposing her wetness and stiff clit. Maria pushed her hips upward moving her pussy closer to my wife who was gazing at Maria's pussy with attraction. I reached up and pulled down her halter top releasing her large tits and yes Maria had large dark nipples the kind with the bumps on them omg that was hot. My wife leaned in and ran her tongue across the wet pussy Maria moaned loudly and then I grabbed her left tit making her moan again. My wife licked and sucked on Maria's pussy while I played with her tits before sucking in one of her dark nipples. I had had enough, stepping back I pulled my pants my cock was sticking straight out and very hard. My wife reached out and grabbed my dick and said," I always wanted to lick pussy and suck cock at the same time," and her mouth swallowed my cock with lust and without restraint. I grit my teeth holding back my cum while enjoying my cock being sucked as well as watching my wife lick pussy and suck my dick. ", I want to watch you fuck her," my wife whispered seductively. I looked at Maria and she smiled and spread her legs wider. As I stepped between her legs my wife ripped her clothes off exposing her large breasts with medium pink nipples. The contrast between the pairs of tits was amazing so exciting and sensual. Maria was tight and called out loudly as I slid into her pussy slowly. My wife watched while touching her wet pussy then she leaned over and kissed one of Maria's nipples that was so sexy seeing that, I moved in and out faster and harder and Maria moaned her sex song for me while my wife kissed Maria squeezed Maria's tits and pulled on Maria's nipples. Sliding my hands beneath Maria's thighs I raised her a little and my cock moved all the way in making Maria cry out and moan as I really started to fuck her hard. My wife lowered a nipple into Maria's mouth and Maria sucked on it and moaned while I fucked her. ", Maria loves your cock," my wife said with a smile, that naughty smile, causing me to pull out and shoot my load all over Maria. My wife smiled with excitement then rubbed my juice into the belly of the Mexican girl as I watched with amazement, never knew this side of my wife.

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"Dillin Speaks"

Posted by dick21 at 22,Sep,14 20:28

I had a girlfriend in high school who wanted me to tie her up, and when I did it was amazing, nothing happened because we were young, but seeing her supple body of youth bound and controlled it drove something deep inside of me. Something that would lay dormant for years until recently.
I am a writer of sorts, not a successful one… lol, none the less I am a writer but had trouble writing romantic scenes because I was writing from the male perspective which in most cases doesn't work. So I searched the web and found some lovely ladies to help me and help me they did. Writing with them was not only amazing but helpful as I pictured images from their perspective. In doing so I also found a few that preferred sex on the rougher side. There were several that delved into bondage, dominant and submission. It was high school all over again. Only they were not high school girlfriends they were wives, business woman, and such, not girls wanting to try something new. I was shocked by the number and yes excited because it had risen to the top again. That feeling and yearning had reappeared in my life. Words were written between me and the women words of lust control and satisfying my needs as a dominant. 
I would travel to some of the sex shops in town taking pics of leather and lace for a woman I was writing with on line. By the way, the people in those shops were very helpful in my quest to make my web slave happy with the pics I sent her of different styles of outfits. Anyway, so I was travelling shop to shop using my phone to take pics. While doing so in one of those shops I was approached by a Mexican girl who was about 25. 5 foot 4 inches about 135 to 140 large ass and tits with a slim waist raging hour glass figure with long straight black hair. I didn't know if she was pretty, because when she stood before me her head was down her eyes staring at the floor. Something clicked inside of me, like someone just flipped a switch. ", Turn around and show me your ass," I ordered before I even had a chance to think about what I was saying. The Mexican girl wore tight black jeans, you know what I am saying guys you have seen a girl like her. To my surprise she turned her back to me and bent over showing me her tight large ass right there in the sex shop. ", Do you like my ass master?" she asked in a quiet sexy voice. ", I don't know I haven't seen it yet," I replied again without consulting rational thought. ", When do you get off?" I asked directly. It was more demanding than asking and she ate it up. She told me and after looking at the clock I had two hours to wait. ", I will come for you later," were my last words and I left the shop abruptly, not because it was part of the bravado, because I wasn't sure what I was doing. Shaking my head while admonishing myself I got in my car and sped out of the parking lot. Determined I was going straight home and forget such things, I found myself renting a room downtown in a nice hotel. I did go by the house only to pick up a few things that I would need. I was surprised by the things I found that would add to the bondage experience. There were a few questions I asked myself, but in the end I went with it tired of the same life day in and day out. On my way out the door my eyes spotted a belt. An old cracked belt I had hung on to even though I never wore it. 
2 hours later I was sitting in the sex shop parking lot waiting for her. I didn't even know her name and she didn't know mine but when she exited the building she saw me waiting outside my car and walked right up and got in my car without a word. I got behind the wheel hit the highway and sped downtown all the while there were no words spoken. She didn't look up at me when I looked at her she looked down as if she was not worthy. I wanted to reassure her, but my mind wouldn't allow it. I was in the zone and I was waiting for this for a long time. 
The room was large and I made sure the air conditioner made the room cold when we walked in. My heart was pounding as I closed and secured both locks on the door. Turning around I found the girl standing in the middle of the room staring straight ahead careful not to make eye contact with me. I walked passed her without acknowledgement and sat down on the chair by the sliding door leading to the balcony. Once settled in my seat," take your clothes off," I ordered and the girl slowly took her clothes to my amazement. First she pulled her shirt off exposing a bra having trouble containing her large thick breasts which once released sprang forward with a slight sag with large dark hard nipples that alone made my dick hard. Reaching down she unbuttoned her pants and peeled them off her shapely hips and big ass leaving nothing but very tight bikini underwear. ", Turn around and take your panties off," I ordered and she complied exposing a ripe thick shapely round behind omg!!!! It took my breath away and then I slowly rose to my feet. I walked around the girl staring and touching her lovely body. Again she remained staring forward restraining the excitement she was feeling at that moment. My hand went right for her ass touching and squeezing for my pleasure and then I gave it a slap and she sighed quietly. Grabbing a rope I bound her wrist in front of her and then laid her face down on the bed with her feet resting on the floor making her stick that lovely ass of hers out. Securing another rope to the one binding her wrist I tied that rope to the leg of the nightstand. Standing back and looking at her it was high school all over again.

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"Dillin Speaks 2"

Posted by dick21 at 22,Sep,14 20:27

Standing up I gaze down at the girl and heard her heavy breathing. I was sweating so I pulled off my shirt and grabbed the belt, the last item I grabbed which was an afterthought at best, I grabbed it first. Bending the belt in half I snapped it while staring at her and the girl jumped with every crack not knowing if it was the time the leather would be lashing her ass. Then I wound up and the leather slashed across her ass, not hard just a sting that caused her to arch her back and moan deeply for me. I almost came but held it and lashed her again gaining a moan loudly and with more passion and I reached out and touched the mark it left and squeezing her ass made her gasp with the sensitivity. ", You please so much," I said before smacking her ass again and she moaned louder knowing that was what I wanted to hear. After a couple more lashes I dropped my belt and fell to my knees and kissed the marks that the leather left on her beautiful ass. My hands spread her ass and she moaned deeply as my tongue licked her ass. I licked her ass for several heated moments, moments that she raises her hips shoving her ass in my face while my tongue eventually slid in her ass. She cried out as she orgasm for me, I stood up and took my pants down my cock was harder and longer than ever before dripping with excitement as my eyes stared at her ass. ", Spread your legs," I ordered and she complied with a gasp. Leaning down I slid my cock in her, we both cried out in pleasure. She was so wet but snug against me as I slid all the way in. I reached up and grabbed her hair and pulled back. Between her wrists being tied and me pulling her hair she was held in place, she couldn't move at all. I moved in and out slowly at first each of his moaning and groaning from the feeling of her pussy swelling and contracting around my cock. I fucked her harder and faster the girl moaning and me groaning for several minutes me slapping her ass along the way. Until I felt it coming, pulling out at the last minute I came all over her lovely ass causing her to moan and sigh with pleasure. I got dressed, untied her gathered my things and shot out of the hotel room. She was my first; never saw her again, but for me it was just the beginning.

Sorry to make this a two part but it was too large for one section. Hope it isn't too rough for you, but thank you for reading and always if you want more let me know.

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"When I Go, I Go Big!"

Posted by dick21 at 22,Sep,14 20:11

So the day had come. I had made a bet and lost, there were only 3 rules for the weekend
1. I was to be used for both of their pleasure, however they wanted it
2. I would wear nothing, bring nothing, and have nothing to wear in my car for the entire weekend

I admit, I was nervous. My ass was virgin and ive never even sucked another mans cock, plus here I was driving totally naked. Thank god it was only a couple miles of backroads were I wouldn’t meet much traffic but still…….nervous.

But I was also pretty turned on, I was driving at about half staff and the thought of being used for someone elses pleasure was very exciting.
I came up to the driveway and turned off the road. The house was still out in the sticks but you could see it from the road,especially the big deck.
I turned off the car and took a moment to collect myself, then I got out totally naked and walked to their door, my semi waving in front of me in the cool air
I knocked on the door. He opened up with his pants unzipped and his belt unbuckled. I kneeled on the welcome mat and took him in my mouth, I was pleasantly surprised that he wasn’t terribly large.
I sucked him lightly using all the things that had been used on me over the years and massaging his balls. I heard footsteps on the deck coming from the side door.
“Started without me did you?” said the wife and came up behind me. She took my hands of her husbands cock and pulled them behind me. I felt cold metal as the handcuffs were put on, and her hands traveled down to my ass to start fingering me thankfully with some lube.
So here I was, a bi virgin til a couple minutes ago, kneeling totally naked on a welcome mat, hands cuffed behind my back, a cock in my mouth and his wife fingering my virgin hole. When I go…..i go big apparently lol
He started to get a bit rougher, ramming his cock in my mouth and grabbing the sides of my head, it wasn’t long before I felt his pubic hair tickling my nose. Down below the wife had moved onto 2 fingers and was stroking my half hard cock in the same rhythm, it was almost overwhelming!
He pulled his rock hard cock out of mouth and pulled me to my feet. Over to the railing facing the road he led me. He bent me down so my chest went over the railing and the wife nealt in front of me. In one motion she buried herself on my cock, I thought my knees would give way but he had his hands around my hips holding me up.
I felt is cock questing around for my asshole and suddenly he was sliding in slowly. During this the wife was giving me the best blowjob I had ever had in my life and I knew I wouldn’t last long.

I looked out at the road to try to destract myself. It was full dark now and I could see cars driving along the road headlights on……was it my imagination or where they driving by slower???? It couldn’t be I thought, there was a bit of ambient light on the porch but surely…..they couldn’t see?

Soon it didn’t matter though, he was ramming into my ass pretty hard now, driving me deeper and more violently into his wifes mouth. I couldn’t hold on much longer when I felt him pull out and cum all over my ass, back and handcuffed hands and I blew my load deep into her mouth, cumming what felt like buckets.

Well….thats the first half hour down of the weekend, wanna hear more?

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"My Surprise"

Posted by dick21 at 22,Sep,14 20:11

You tell me your coming home and to be ready for you, just a chemise nothing else. I get excited, your surprises are always a anticipation that makes me wet..... You come in and pull me to you kissing me slow and deep, always taking my breath away. " are you ready for your surprise "? You ask me, I am I tell you. You pull a blindfold out of your pocket and tie it around my eyes. You take my hand and lead me to the bedroom and lay me down on the bed, you gently pull my chemise off, your hand slides down my body, gently grazing my nipple tracing down my stomach to my pussy, your fingers slide in and you feel the wetness already gushing out of me..... You lean down and whisper in my ear " ready". I gasp with anticipation not knowing what you are going to do. I feel lips , soft lips touching my pussy....... Not yours, a gentle tongue slowly moves across my clit making me throb, lips push down on my pussy gently sucking, sending waves through my body, I feel wetness welling up wanting to release...... You lean down and say to me, " Her mouth feels good on your pussy doesn't it baby" this sends a whole new rush through my body knowing there is a girl licking my pussy...... You put your cock to my lips and lightly tap my lips with it " open up " you tell me. I feel your cock push into my mouth, you **** it all the way in almost choking me, I feel your hand on my face, you tell me " come for me baby, come in her mouth I want to see your pleasure" you take your cock out of my mouth and come down, and kiss me just as a wave runs through my body and I feel myself explode, I feel her mouth sucking up very bit of my juice. You grab my hair and pull me up, you bring me in close and guide me around the bed you tell me to get on my knees, you turn me around and I feel you kneel behind me, your arm goes around my waist, the other hand goes in my hair. You push my head down till my mouth is touching her pussy. You lean in close and say to me " suck her pussy baby, if you make her cum I will fuck only you, but if you don't I will fuck her and make you watch" I slowly drag my mouth across her pussy, your hand slides down from my waist and I feel your fingers push up in me, I bring my hands up so I can spread her pussy and make her cum quicker, I want your cock in me and know I have to make her cum to get it. Your fingers are making me want to cum again, I feel your hard cock throb against my ass. I feel her buck up against my mouth as she cums, you pull me back and say " I knew you could do it, I know how much you want my cock inside you. You pick me up and put me down face first on the bed, you pull my ass up so you can rub your cock against my pussy, I feel her hands slide over my ass, she spreads my pussy so you can get all the way in. I feel her mouth and tongue moving over my ass, I feel your cock harden and your thrust getting harder...... You pull out and shoot your cum all over my ass, I feel her mouth licking it up getting ever last drop. You tell her to leave, and come back to where I am laying , I feel your hand move to my breast and you pinch my nipple hard, it makes me whimper. You come down and kiss me removing the blindfold, you look at me and say " that was your pleasure baby, now it's my pleasure and your pain" you grab my hair and **** me down to suck your cock, I quickly make you hard again. You push me off you and grab my ankles and drag me to the edge of the bed, you flip me over and hold me down with one hand in the middle of my back. You slap my ass hard and run your hand down and slowly drag your fingers across my pussy " it's going to be a long night" you tell me. I know it will a long sweet torturous night........ I'm so wet again.

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"The John Holmes Model"

Posted by dick21 at 22,Sep,14 20:11

My wife and I have been married for quite a few years and our sex life was kind of slowing down. It became predictable and kind of boring. So I started to buy some sex toys to maybe heat up the bedroom. I figured I would go slow and buy just a small vibrator. Six inches long and fleshy cream colored. It is the same size as me an average Joe 6 inch cock. The average every day hard plastic job with the speed dial at the end. The sex life perked up quite a bit and after a few months I figured it would be a good time to try something a bit larger.

We went for a weekend away and I figured I would surprise her with a new dildo, The John Holmes Model.

I had my wife take a nice hot bath and soak before I gave her an erotic massage, before we had sex that night. I had heated up some KY and set it on the night stand. I had her lie on her stomach and I started to rub the muscles in her neck and shoulders and slowly worked my way down her back, and to her legs. A good rub down always preceded some great sex. As she started to relax from my rubbing her the right way, she was feeling more comfortable and horny. I could tell by the way she was moving her hips up and down.

I began working two fingers slowly in and out of wifes moistening pussy. I wanted to kiss her down there at her womanhood, and tease her. I grabbed the small vibrator from the under the pillow, as I rolled her over onto her back. She had a very lustful look I her eyes.

I started to hold it to just above her clit, and turned it to the lowest speed. A small moan escaped her mouth. I turned the vibrator onto full speed and pushed it inside of her a little bit.

My wife's moans grew much louder when I turned up the speed. Excitedly, I pushed the vibrator a bit deeper into her now wet pussy and turned up the power some more. "Oh fuck," she whispered faintly. "Oh shit, oh fuck..."

I told her I had a surprise for her and asked her if she was ready. A bit nervously, she said yes, and I reached beside the bed and grabbed the John Holmes Model. Holding it up I asked her what she thought.

"It's fucking huge," she gasped at the size of it. All 12 and ½ inches with a suction cup and a set of balls too. I kissed her pussy and asked her if she wanted to try it. . "Just go slow." She said," I don't think it'll fit though."

I was thrilled, to try it on her.

For the next few minutes I licked and teased her pussy. After a few more minutes of stroking and probing I could tell it was time to go to work. I poured a liberal amount of the hot KY onto the new dildo and stroked the shaft of it to make sure it was completely covered. I must say I was really amazed how big it felt in my hands. I could only imagine what it would be like to have a cock that size. I was a bit concerned it would be too big for her and I would not get to bury it inside of her pussy. 

I began to push the wide tip into her tight hole tenderly... 

I slowly rubbed the head of the dildo against her clit. She moaned a little more as I teasingly slid the head into her. She gasped, "Oh" and was quiet for a second as I let her pussy stretch to accommodate the fake John Holmes cock. I spent several minutes working the dildo between her legs, gently pressing it slightly into her, and then pulling it out and across her clit to moisten both the thick dong and the skin of her pussy. Every second or third stroke I pushed just a bit farther on the dildo. Two, three, four inches, and she was aching for more. 

Slowly I started to fuck her with that big fake cock, sliding it in and out of her stretching pussy. I loved seeing her body squirm. It was really turning me on knowing she was in ecstasy. She was getting more and more worked up and had begun to moan more and more loudly. "Ohhhhh shit, its sooooooo thick". Her pussy was stretched almost to the limit, trying to take in the huge cock, and I kept pushing, spreading her legs wider. Five, six, seven inches, went into her and it seemed she was stuffed to the limit. Her eyes were glued on the cock as I slid it in and out of her pussy a few more times. She was transfixed as I slid its entire length in and out of her swollen pussy. I could tell by the glazed look in her eyes that she really liked it. I began to move it, slowly working it in and out, fucking her with this monster cock. I saw her mouth utter the words "Oh fuck" as she had taken in at least nine inches of the rubber giant and it didn't look like she could take much more. She began slowly pushing it in and out, coating the huge toy with her womanly wetness.

I continued fucking her with the dildo, sliding its entire length all the way in and out. Burying it deep inside of her became easier and easier the more I fucked her with it. I loved watching her pussy lips stretch around the shaft, squeezing it. She said I could tell she was very close to coming. Again I slowly started rubbing her clit and at the same time slid the dildo about half of the way in and out. "Ohhhhh shit, its sooooooo thick" "Ohhh that feels so good" she moaned "I am so full". Her moans grew increasingly louder. "Fuck me harder" she said aloud ... Finally, she came with a loud cry.

I'm so turned on I couldn't think about anything but thrusting that thick dildo into her hot pussy. I was stunned as her pussy has swallowed the huge fake cock.

"Does it feel nice to be so full of hot cock?" I asked.

"Ohhh yessss... Ohhh god yes... OH GOD" she moaned.

Her head kept rising off the pillow and her stomach muscles tightened with each inward thrust. She was starting to jerk her hips to meet the thrusts of that big thick dick. I really did wonder if I had made a mistake and her eager beaver had been ruined for my 6 inch cock after stretching so wide for the dildo. Grabbing the dong from my hands.

She suddenly got up on her knees. She placed the base of the toy on the mattress and her hands on her knees, lowering herself even further onto the giant fake cock. She rocked back and forth, her big boobs bobbing up and down. She rubbed her clit furiously and narrowed the distance between her pussy folds and the rubber ball sack. She had almost run out of room on the toy when another orgasm overtook her, clearly much stronger than the first. After a few seconds she started to convulse moaning "ohhhhh god... ohhhhh god". . I love that huge cock... fuck me...oh good! FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING ... YYEESSSSSSSS!!!!" Her hot wet pussy was exploding with a tremendously strong orgasm.

The dildo had reached previously untapped sensual places and was driving her wild. She was so into what she was doing that she pushed the full 10 inches of fat rubber dick into her pussy, again and again. I loved the look of that giant toy stretching her pussy to its absolute limit. Her body convulsed in pleasure and as she quivered the dildo began to gradually slide out of her and onto the blanket beneath her. Her pussy was temporarily gaping from the dildo's girth.

Then she fell over in an exhausted heap. I found myself staring at her ass and exposed pussy, which continued to spasm, slowly pushing the toy of out of her and onto the sheets

I murmured. "I take it you liked your present!"

"Oh Yesssssss" she purred "but lets wait awhile for a repeat performance. I have to let my pussy shrink up or I won't be able to feel your cock again."

I have read all about how size matters and bigger really is better, and I thought it was a bunch of bull. Little did I realize?

I was wondering if I turned myself into an accidental cuckold?

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Broken internet

Posted by MONTED at 22,Sep,14 20:02

"She left", he dropped the bombshell. "Where to", I asked, pretending not to understand the weight of his words. "Her parents, her ****, the mountains, who knows.." he answered, his voice trailing off.

"Who fucked up?" was all I managed. He just looked at me, seemingly not seeing me, as if he was focusing on something behind me, maybe nothing at all. Sighed. "Well I'm going to shower quickly, shout if there's anything, I'll leave the bathroom door open." And with that he turned around and left me in his study.

And there I stood. I barely knew this man, this neighbour of mine. Yes I've known him for years, but I didn't really know anything about him. I knew that he was married, that it was the second marriage for both of them, that they had no kids, that they were both fitness fanatics, that they ran a small sporting equipment manufacturing business from home, that they fought a lot... But that was that. I haven't been in their house too many times, we weren't friends, just friendly next door neighbours. And here he just told me that one, his wife left, no surprise there considering how they fought, and two, he was going to have a shower with the bathroom door open, while it was only me and him in the house. And that would be a problem for me as I've been lusting after him since the first time I saw him many years ago.

See, I decided to start an online course that would help me in my job, and it's been hectic. The course, which I thought would be a breeze, turned out to be way more difficult than I anticipated, my job was keeping me real busy during the week, and to make matters worse, my internet connection was down since last night. So I couldn't download any of the modules or notes I ordinarily would have, and was in a predicament as to what to do. Which is how I ended up in this man's house. I ventured into the street, knocked on his door and asked if I could spend a few hours in his study, knowing that he also had an internet connection. Only it didn't pan out as I anticipated. Of course he wasn't home when I went round, and just as I was leaving he came sauntering down the street fresh from a morning jog.

I stumbled over my words, explaining why I was there, suddenly feeling guilty for trespassing even though I did nothing of the sort, and not being able to keep my eyes off his perfect, glistening body. Those muscular legs in the trainers, the perfectly formed thighs in a very short pair of running shorts, the bulge between them that drew my eyes to it, the perfectly proportioned upper body in the sleeveless workout top, his shoulder length hair, normally well kept, now streaked across his forehead from the sweat, I nearly came in my pants. Of course I can help, he said, come in, and with that he opened the house and went in. I was thankful for the packet of documents I had in my hands, as I could lower them to hide the raging hardon that I was sporting, especially since his perfectly muscled ass in those short shorts seemed to wink at me with every step he took.

"This is the study, do what you need" he announced, before ripping off his top and taking off his trainers right there before me. And then dropping the bombshell of his departed wife. So I figured I'll just do what I need to do, and get out of his house before he notices my lust and decide to beat me up. Hell I didn't know what he was like. For all I know he was a raging homophobe who'd get mad beyond measure if he caught me checking him out! So I sat down at his computer and switched it on. And of course was met by a screen asking for the password. Now I could've sat there and guessed passwords until I was blue in the face or I could've waited for him to get out of the shower. But I didn't hear water running yet, so I figured I'll shout the help he had offered earlier. I stuck my head out the study's door, and called him in the general direction he went off in. And there was no answer. So I ventured further into his house, calling his name and stating the reason for my dwelling in his house as far as I went. No answer. Got to a room which I assumed must be his bedroom at the end of the hallway and knocked. Still no answer. So I went in. And there he was, sitting on his bed, as naked as the day he was born. "I. I'm sorry, I stammered" retreating my steps, but he looked up, only noticing me then, and smiled. "No worries man, how do I help?" By inviting me onto the bed with you, I thought, but instead I asked for the password to his computer. "Oh", he said, "It's bigdick12, named after the inches in my pants. When I'm hard, of course." I swear I must've blushed all shades of red after that admittance, but was out of that room faster than my legs could carry me.

Fuck, I thought, I'd love to see that supposedly big dick of his with the 12 inches, pity he was sitting sideways when I went in and I couldn't catch even a small glimpse of it. Well, at least the password worked and I was in, and soon after I heard the shower running. Now I'm no voyeur, but the fact that he didn't mind me seeing him naked, although sideways, the admittance that he had a large cock and the fact that he mentioned leaving the bathroom door open, made me really want to see him in the shower. So I devised a plan. And decided to log out of the computer again, and then go back to his room pretending that I didn't know if I should spell bigdick12 in smalls or capitals. Heart beating in my chest, I logged out and started on the now more familiar path down to his bedroom. Only this time I didn't call out or knock. I just walked in. And he wasn't in the bedroom, which meant he was in the bathroom. So I walked even further. And then saw that the mirror on the dressing table had an unobstructed view of the shower around the corner. And that the shower had a glass door, and that the object of my fantasy was slowly soaping up that amazing body of his.

My throat went dry instantly, as I checked out his sculpted back, his muscled ass, and his hands slowly roaming over his body. I couldn't help it; I rubbed my own hard dick through the fabric of my jeans. It was so erotic watching him, knowing he couldn't see me watching him, and I couldn't help it either, but I took out my dick, and started to rub one out. When he turned around, I had to stop touching myself lest I cum all over his bedroom floor, but still I couldn't turn away. I stared, transfixed, at how lovely his abs were, his small nipples, his beautiful uncut cock, his low-hanging balls, his hairless body, that small patch of brown hair around his pubes. There was no way I could go into that bathroom now in the state that I was in, so I stood still where I was, watching him showering, then rinsing off, and almost forgot to get out of the room when I saw and heard him shutting the water flow.

Wow, I thought, I would lie down for that man and make him do things to me I never would allow anyone else, when I was safely back behind the computer. I just logged in again and tried to get to the website I was supposed to be on, trying to get what I just saw out of my mind. "Did you come right?" he suddenly asked, right behind me. Startled, I swung round to see him standing there, still wet, with just a towel wrapped around his lower body. "Yes, yes, thanks", was all I could say. "Doesn't look like you've done much while I was in the shower, since you're still on the login page" he said, and I swear I could hear the smile in his voice. But with that he was out, shouting to follow him to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

So I followed. Like I said, I would do funny things for that man. "We both did." He said. "Did what?", I asked. "Fucked up." "How do you take your coffee?" "Milk. Two sugar. You want to talk about it?"

We were having two conversations at once, and even though it was only the two of us in his large house, I was getting confused. "Let's go out to the patio in the back yard and I'll tell you about it", he said, coffees in hand, still wrapped in the towel. Again I followed.

His patio was lovely. Open to the early morning sunshine, but blocked from the view of nosy neighbours by tasteful wooden screens and plants. Apart from the small table and chair combo, a very large, very inviting daybed was also on it. "Well this looks beautiful", I exclaimed, "especially that lovely bed." Fuck, I thought again, get your mind out of the gutter. Why couldn't you rather comment on the wooden screens! "Thanks", he answered, "I've had many an unbelievable fuck session on it before, out here in the open. You should try it out some day." And I blushed another couple of shades of red. "Me and my big dick", he murmured, as if to himself.

Sitting down I resolved to have my coffee, not talk about sex, and download the documents and then really get the hell out of his house. "She fucked her trainer at gym." He said. I didn't answer. "Of course I could immediately sense something had happened, I go to the same gym. I wasn't upset that she fucked someone else, we have, uhm, had, an open relationship, but I was upset that she fucked him. And I was upset with him for fucking her, since I've been fucking him as well." This bit, of course, I did not expect. "It was the first time we had had the same person and that made me think that maybe this open relationship thing wasn't such a good idea. So we talked it out, and decided to live monogamously. But that only lasted a couple of days, before we both had the trainer again, on separate occasions, and then we talked some more, and decided that since we were fucking the same guy, we should have a three-way. Which we started doing, and that's when the trouble started. See, I was comparing myself and my fucking of her with how he fucked her, and she was doing exactly the same thing. Also, I was apprehensive of having him fuck me in front of her, and he was apprehensive about the same thing, and the one time she actually did convince him to allow me to fuck him in front of her, she got so very, very, angry saying that it's obvious to see on my face that I enjoy fucking him more than I enjoy fucking her. And that, my friend, was the beginning of the end. Two weeks later she left both of us. And I haven't seen the trainer since, and really don't want to again either. He'll just remind me of what I lost, and I'm worried that I'll be so thankful for that, that I'll stick around believing he's what I wanted all along when I full well know that he was nothing but a bit of fun and she was the biggest mistake I ever made. I need to move on, find someone new."

"Wow", I eventually said. "That was quite the revelation." "Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable", he answered, "it's just that I haven't spoken to anyone about it and telling you just now makes it all feel very real for me, which is a very good thing since I've just come to realise how I feel about them both when I said that he was just fun and she was a mistake, and I eventually realised that I need to move on. There's a life out there that needs to be lived." "In that case, I'm glad I could help", I smiled.

"I love this sun!" he said, and got up to stretch out. Only his towel got hooked on the armrest of the chair, and stayed where it was while he was going elsewhere. Revealing all his naked glory,his beautiful dick and his perfect ass. I could see that he was self-aware, but was intent on not getting embarrassed. "Never mind my nakedness, you continue with what you're doing while I bake here. Besides, it's not like you haven't seen my goods before." "It's your house", I said, "and I couldn't see your penis when I came into the room." "Not the first time." he answered. And I blushed again. I realised he knew I was there a second time. Looking straight at me, he stated: "If a mirror reflects the bathroom into the bedroom, it probably reflects the bedroom into the bathroom as well, you know?" There was no use denying it. He knew I watched him in the shower. Walking towards me, taking my hand and placing it on his washboard stomach just above his now rapidly expanding dick, he said: "Now get that cock of yours out again and let's lie down on this daybed you admire so much."

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A marine surfer

Posted by MONTED at 22,Sep,14 19:45

So, I've just moved to a small Southern CA town along the coast and know nobody. The good thing was, I could walk across the street and look down the cliffs and see the beach. This is the beach where marines from Camp Pendleton and surfers go.

I'm 34, 5'9", well built, brown hair, hairy chest and good looking. Gay but very inexperienced since I'd convinced myself until just 6 months ago that I was straight.

So, one evening after I'd eaten I had a couple beers and was feeling pretty good. I took my two Dalmatians and headed for the beach itself. The sun was just setting and would be dark before long but I noticed a nice moon showing it's face on the horizon.

It was early April and the temps were about 75 this time of day.

As I approached the beach, I was very surprised to see the beach was totally empty as far as I could see, with one exception. The silhouette of a young man with a nice body was just out of the water and beginning to dry off to change from his surfing experience. So, I managed to coax the dogs over to one side and went to the water's edge and keep them away from him. You never know if others like dogs as i do. They had other ideas. They ran right over to him wagging their tails and wiggling fiercely. The guy was 5'10, dark hair, very well built and seemed to be in a good mood as he reached down to pet my dogs and looked up to smile at me.

I noticed him yelling something at me and couldn't hear him, so decided to go back in his direction and to corral my dogs also.

I finally was able to hear him say "Cool dogs, man!"

I smiled and said thanks. ( very relieved he wasn't upset that my dogs approached him) Then asked him how it was out in the water, as he finished drying off his wet suit and then began to remove it right there in front of me.

He said he doesn't get out here as much as he'd like but it was pretty good and he's all riled up now from surfing.

I mentioned I was new to the area and then made up a story and told him that I had been planning a party for some friends in LA who were coming down but one had an accident and they entire crowd was going to reschedule. "Now I have all this beer and liquor at my house with nothing to do." Then asked if he would be interested in coming up to my place and help me get rid of some of that alcohol. He said yes very quickly.

So, he's still removing his wet suit and I get to see his incredible body and he doesn't seem to mind me looking either. Once off, he dried a final time and then put on a pair of tiny running shorts with no undies, his tennis shoes and we were off to walk back to my place.

We talked all the way. He was 18, farmer and wrestler in HS and has just finished basic training and has a couple weeks before he goes into his post. Because of the time of year, he didn't want to go home or he'd be put to work and just decided to try and figure out an alternative plan.

His girlfriend didn't even know he had this time off. So, we got to my place and he asked if he could take a shower. I said yes. and again watched as he removed his shoes and shorts to reveal his incredible physique. He jumped in the shower and claimed this was the coolest shower he'd seen. ( It was a large 2 person marble shower with floor to ceiling glass on the outside looking into a well manicured garden area. Quite attractive. So I made my way into the bathroom to talk to him while showering. I brought him his beer and he just chugged it straight down, so I went and got 2 more for him.

He said he was beat from surfing and now had so much to decide.

He got out, dried off and just put his tiny shorts on without even his shoes. We both sat on the sofa as i turned on the TV but walked outside to look down the hill at the beautiful sunset over the ocean. As we turned to walk back inside he noticed I had a nice hot tub over under the tree that also sported the same incredible view.

I asked if he'd be interested in that later on and he jumped at the chance. So I went to turn it on and let him know it would be an hour or so.

Inside we watched some tv and I finally asked him if he would want to stay here with me for a couple weeks until he made a decision he could live with. ''Sure!!'' he said excitedly and thanked me profusely.

"You sure are a nice guy, the way you talked on the beach, invited me up here and now offered me a room for a while. I told him he just seemed nice, trustworthy and in need. (what I really meant was, this would give me many opportunities to see him naked I'm sure)

I told him, "Before you make a decision, you gotta see what I have to offer you" and took him back to my bedroom which had a small side area added on with windows - like an extension for an office or something. "It doesn't have any doors to close and no privacy to speak of". he didn't care at all. "you've already seen me naked and if I ever jack off, I'll just turn and face outwards - that will be my privacy" and laughed.

After a couple more beers, it was finally time to go hit the jacuzzi. It was steaming and bubbling and he just stood at the edge and slipped off his shorts automatically. So I just did the same.

Because everyone wants to look out over the ocean, everyone always sits on one side of the hot tub. This was no exception. We were naked, side by side and joking about things when I heard him ask if I was hard. "i'm hard as a rock with this hot water and bubbles hitting me. Are you, too" and he reached over to grab me.

"Wow, you are huge!'' he said. So i reached over to grab his, and was amazed to find that the beautiful organ I'd admired several times already was now at full mast and was at least 10inches long and quite thick as well.

I really didnt' know what to do or say for a couple minutes but both of us kept fondling the other.

Just about then, he removed his hand and said, "listen, i'm not gay and don't think you are either, so maybe we should cool this stuff". I agreed and pulled back as well. this way I could massage my own throbbing cock.

After about a half hour, we decided to go back inside. Once inside, he said "listen, if I do move in here for a while, I don't want that to happen again, but if you're up for it, I really do like to be watched when I jack off".

I lit up and agreed to that whole heartedly. With that, he shucked off his tiny shorts again and put a porn tape in the vcr. he sat on the floor leaning against the wall while I just sat on the sofa watching him. he got real hard really quick and didn't mind that i was beating off also.

He was going for quite some time when all of a sudden, he jumped up, sat on the sofa next to me and said he was about to come. "If you're interested, you better go for it now" and pointed to his erect cock.

I leaned over and began licking it just as he shot what seemed like a 3-4 min fountain of cum. So much I couldn't even take it all and it was everywhere. I ended up shooting about the same time.

"Hey man, thanks a lot for that" he said. "Never done that but always wanted to" and smiled.

He ended up staying with me for almost 2 weeks when he received his orders that he would be shipping out sooner than he'd expected. He had me as an 'audience' every evening and most of the time offered me the opportunity to help him finish. When home he never had any clothes on at all.

We kept in touch through mail for a few months, but then lost contact info as I'd moved again also.

But that one single trip to the beach that night was such a good idea.

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first 24

Posted by anno66 at 22,Sep,14 11:12

So... first 24 pics are posted... ... tell me what you think... and what you like to do with it...

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Posted by Aldaren at 22,Sep,14 10:41

I received a PM today urging me to add some pictures...
The guy was kind enough in his request and having pictures up does have benefits; so, why am I this hesitant to do so?

Yes, I know i should upload at least one.

No, it's not a big deal.

Why not just drop my pants and take a quick selfie?

Am I just lazy? Or shy? Self-conscious?

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Posted by menel100raquel200 at 22,Sep,14 09:40

menellyn wont be posting nude pics for a while she says. she erased all her nude pics on the computer

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old pics?

Posted by menel100raquel200 at 22,Sep,14 09:36

does anybody have a copy of our old pics? we'd love to repost them here

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Purpose of this site.

Posted by jayman72 at 22,Sep,14 09:03

I was under the impression that this site was a celebration of male and female private parts of all shapes, sizes, colors, etc and not a place for fake or photoshopped big cocks. But you if actually have a big cock, I think it is great to be proud of it and show it off, I know I would. But this business about that guys should not be on this site because they have a small cock is nonsense. I personally appreciate all sizes of cocks on this site. Funny thing is most of the so called small cocks aren't actually small. I come here to enjoy all cocks, big, small or inbetween. If I wanted to see just big cocks, I would look at actual internet porn. I come here to see real people like me. Be proud of your cock. Show it.

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Posted by suckitandsee at 22,Sep,14 07:42

For some reason known only to themselves, certain persons keep asking me to comment on their pictures as they piss!

Watching someone else pissing or crapping really turns me off, big time!!

Likewise someone wanting a comment on their arsehole, it is the last place I would look for any titillation!

Seeing all the lovely sperm erupting is heart-warming and very pleasurable!

I am happy to write something about sperm but if you feel the need to piss on-camera, please count me out!!!

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Yes I'm a size queen

Posted by TopHeavyKat at 22,Sep,14 06:31

Just like how some men have to have a woman with big tits, I need a man with a big cock. I'm not justifying it - it's just how it is.

Yes, it is true that it's what you do with it and not how big it is - but well I choose to have both.

I love laying a large cock across my face, gagging on it, feeling it's massive length slide into me and that awesome nervous excitement as I position my ass hole above one and sit down - not knowing how the hell my body is even capable of taking it.

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Posted by realwanker at 22,Sep,14 05:50

Fondling and stroking myself in front of the laptop this morning looking at some fine cocks, getting hornier by the minute!

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Me - straight guy. If I'm awake I'm horny.

Posted by JollySailor at 22,Sep,14 05:34

Hi. Just an ordinary straight guy, not at all interested in guys other than as drinking buddies. I love women, love sex with women. Can't get enough. Love fucking pussy, eating pussy, all oral, fucking tits, ass, handjobs, blowjobs, cumming for and over willing women. Love making women cum. Love watching and hearing a woman cum and doing to her whatever she wants. Also just like plain cuddles, kisses and laughing a lot. So thank you ladies for being great XX

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About ME

Posted by sxxxyred at 21,Sep,14 18:38

43 year old African American woman


In a relationship(So the dick part is covered)

Loves all things about the female body, tits ass pussy you name it!! Like lingerie and masturbate everyday at least 3 times a day.

Love my toys
Nipple fetish

Race does not matter

Would like to flip pics and sexy nasty emails with freaky likeminded WOMEN!!

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"Perfect Night"

Posted by dick21 at 21,Sep,14 18:07

My perfect night with you ..... Tell me to dress up, wear a dress and meet you at a restaurant....... I get dressed and put on one of my favourite dresses, thong panties and heels ...... You are waiting for me at the restaurant, a little booth in the corner, you get up and let me slide in beside you, my ass grazing your hand as I slide in. You order drinks for us and when the waiter leaves you run your hand up my leg to my pussy and you gently brush your finger across my clit making me instantly wet, you lean in and tell me it's going to be a long night, your hand still up my dress you kiss me soft and slow making me even wetter, the waiter comes back with drinks , you tell him to come back in a bit for our order we need some time....... I feel your fingers pushing into me, I gasp , your going to make me come right there , this excites you........ "'Your wet pussy makes me hard " you tell me... I run my hand over the front of your pants feeling your hard cock, and lean in to kiss you...... Your teasing me , and I want more.....our dinner arrives and you make it very difficult for me to eat, your fingers teasing me never going far from my pussy...... You are torturing me, the look in your eyes tells me how much you love it....... We leave the restaurant, you take my hand and keep me close to you, you lead me to a hotel and you go check in, we get in the elevator to go up to the room , you corner me and kiss me long and deep your hands sliding down over my ass, you know I want you deep inside , but you have other plans...... Once inside the room you pull me close to you, pulling my dress off, you pick me up wrapping my legs around you and take me to the bed....... You lay me down and kiss me again, heat rushes through my body, you work your way down my body, gently biting my nipples, lips brushing across my stomach, I feel you pull my panties off , your hands with fingers spread dragging across my hips gently tracing their way down my pussy...... This takes my breath away, you look up at me as you flick your tongue over my clit, mouth pressing hard to my pussy making me instantly wet, fingers sliding in pushing up on my gspot, soaking you.... You rub my juices all over my pussy with both hands gently dragging your fingers across my pussy lips...... I want you inside me, but you just continue to suck gently on my pussy bringing me to the edge again...... You stop, not letting me come again, pushing your fingers in and making me soak you again with my pussy juice..... Your mouth goes back to my pussy sucking and pulling at my pussy , you feel my orgasm coming,,.. And tell me.... "That's it let it all out, I am going to fuck you all night" I come all over you , my pussy is soaked, you come up and kiss me letting me taste my pussy on your lips. I want you I tell you. I push you off me and go to the edge of the bed, I get up on my knees at the edge of the bed, only my heels left on me I spread my legs as wide as I can get them so my ass is perfect height for you, you run your hands up my legs starting at my ankles, up the backs of my legs to my ass, you step in so I can feel your hard cock grazing my pussy. Your hands sliding slowly over my ass, I feel you push your cock in just a inch, you know this drives me crazy and you love to tease me........ I want all your cock in me right now and push back to get your cock but you stop me, telling me "no". Please I beg....." No just relax and enjoy it baby" I do as you tell me, I feel the waves of orgasms coming over and over, it isn't stopping I feel the rush it's making me dizzy, I beg you this time not to stop what you are doing, again and again I come while you tease my pussy hole with the top of your cock, my legs are shaking I can't take anymore, you push me further on the bed and push me down ass up in the air, just enough so you can get your cock in, you whisper in my ear " put your legs together" I do what you tell me, and your cock hits my gspot this way I feel the pressure building and I need to release, I soak your cock and balls with my pussy, your cock gets harder....... You roll me over , pulling my legs up so my heels are on your shoulder, you push hard into me, the wetness excites you,, I grab my ankles and spread my legs so you can get deeper in, I feel the wetness with every thrust, you pull out and grab my ankles and pull my to the edge of the bed, you put my legs together and hold them up so you can fuck my wet hole, you stare down at me , telling me to come again, hands running up to pinch my nipples , you let my legs down and push me up on the bed, coming down on top of me, slowly grinding into me, kissing me, hands in my hair, body pressed tight against mine, I wrap my legs around you needing to feel you come, I feel your cock Hardening pushing against my pussy, you come deep inside,,,, you kiss me as you move away, you tell me " don't move that was just the start, we are going in the hot tub next and I am going to fuck you for a really long time in there" .......

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"Anal Is Awesome"

Posted by dick21 at 21,Sep,14 18:07

It had rained during the day so here it was 3 in the morning and even with the air-conditioning running it was so humid that I couldn’t ****. Okay so that wasn’t the only reason I couldn’t ****. I was horny as hell and I shouldn’t be. Dave and I had wild sex for over an hour around 10. He fucked my ass and mouth and pussy and I lost count of how many times he had made me cumm. I snuggled to him and was fast asleep and an hour later I woke up with my pussy on fire. I have gotten myself off twice since then. Once with a big blue dildo that I used regularly when Dave wasn’t around.
Let me tell you abit about me. I am Lisa. I am 43. I have long dark hair, 5ft 6 122 pounds 38D and shaved. It was about 10 years ago that I finally acted on it. I told him I was mad about him and he admitted he thought I was sexy. A few beers later we were fucking for the first time. It was so much better than I had ever imagined and he was A LOT bigger than I had ever imagined or been with. I masturbated regularly thinking about him. Even when I was married. You’re probably asking yourself so what’s the big deal. The problem was that he is my cousin. He is 5 yrs older than me and up until about 3 weeks ago we lived 400 miles apart we would get together at least once a month for a weekend for several years. Then 3 weeks ago he suggested that I retire and move in with him. He is financially secure enough that I wouldn’t need an income. He retired 3 years ago. I can’t explain why but now the sex is more passionate and hotter and 3 or more times a day. I am doing things that I had never imagined I would ever do. Things like getting naked as we drive down the freeway and masturbating and giving him a blow job. Until him no one had ever seen or knew that I masturbated.
Anyway back to the story. I got up to get a glass of water and when I walked back into the bedroom I saw him lying on the bed. The blankets were down and I could help but notice his beautiful cock. It was laying on his left thigh. He is very well endowed. It’s about 9 inches when soft and grows to about ten and a half when hard and it’s so thick I can’t close my hand around it. I didn’t realize at first but my left hand was pulling on my nipple and my right was rubbing my clit. I knew I wanted that cock in me again.
I softly got back in bed and had my mouth just inches from him cock. I lightly licked just the tip. He didn’t move so I licked it again but just abit harder. I saw his cock twitch I licked the entire head and softly cupped his balls. He moaned and his hips moved. That’s all I needed and I sucked him deep into my mouth. It took a while in our relationship before I was able to take even half of him but now I am able to deep throat him and I love it. I could still taste my pussy on him and that only encouraged me. I felt his hand in my hair and his other hand was spreading me so he could finger my dripping pussy. Almost instantly I was cumming. I rolled on my back and told him to fuck me. I spread my legs and lifted my pussy to meet his cock. I grabbed hold of it and guided him into me and once he was all in my I locked my legs around him and just rocked my pelvis making his cock rub all of the inside of me. He stood at the edge of the bed without him coming out of me. This cause me to be raised even higher. I felt his cock rubbing inside of me and again I started to cumm. I locked my legs even tighter. It wasn’t done intentionally but I could tell It was tight. I was him suck his stomach in. He reached down and put his arms around my waist and lifted me. I kissed him hard and passionately as his cock pounded in me as he held me off of the floor. I was biting his lower lip when we slammed against the wall. I was cumming over and over and I couldn’t believe how hard he was fucking me and holding all of my weight at the same time. I was cumming so hard that I couldn’t catch my breath and I unlocked my legs. I didn’t move and that’s when I realized he was holding me up by my ass. Through breaths I told him I wanted him to fuck my ass. I reached down and took him from my pussy. He moved away from the wall as I held his cock to my ass. As he shoved his big cock in my ass I relocked my legs around him. I leaned back with only my head on the bed and he fucked my ass. My ass was stretched wide and it felt wonderful. I kept saying over and over “Give it to me” I wanted to feel his cumm fill my ass. He pushed deep in e and stoped and groaned and I felt each throb of his cock as his hot cumm filled my ass.. He left his cock in my ass for about 5 more minutes before pulling out. He lifted me onto the bed and snuggled to me. In a few minutes I was sound asleep.

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"Naughty Ex Wife"

Posted by dick21 at 21,Sep,14 18:07

I’m new to this site but I’ve wanted to post some of my past sexapades with my ex-wife whom we will call Joanne. First a little bit about me, clean cut, nice looking I play a lot of basketball and try and stay in shape. I’m five foot nine and I always had questions about my cock size. Flaccid I am only about 3 inches luckily I am a grower and when hard it’s about 7 inches but it didn’t help that In wank magazines and pornos those guys are hung like horses. I was always conscience of that and It affected me in bed, used to be I’d get so worked up when I hooked up with someone I would get too and excited and blow my wad about 10 minutes into what I will call my poor lovemaking stage of life. My first wife enjoyed sex up until our son was born and then it all ended. After the divorce I had a pretty lame dating life for the first few years. Now I will say that I had a few women comment about taking it easy with my cock and I always figured they were just trying to be nice. There was one girl who had pussy farts and she was so embarrassed, she said that never happened before and I believe it is due a woman fucking a guy that is bit too big for her. I will say that I get rock hard and my ex mentioned that on a number of occasions, there were times where I would just lay there like a human sex toy, she was (and is) so fucking naughty. Enough about me let’s move on to my ex Joanne she is a fricking nymphomaniac, the woman loves sex, she is an exhibitionist, bisexual cock worshiping pussy licking whore, god did we have fun. I knew her a bit right out of high school, she used to waitress at one of the bars I went to because I went to school with one of the bartenders. My roommate at the time was in love with her and would have gave his left nut to go out with her, me I knew she was too much work at the time. At the time she stood about 5 foot 2 inches tall, petite, brunette hair with oversized boobs for her size, nothing huge but they stood out and she had a tiny ass with very muscular legs, which she still has today. When I say she was too much work I mean she was early twenties, recently divorced and had guys all over her, one thing I don’t do is chase, if it’s going happen it’s going to happen, nothing worse than seeing guys making jackasses out of themselves in order to get a date. Let’s get more up to date, at the time we met again I was 35 and she was 32. I went out with my boss to a local club that I really didn’t care for but he claimed he was there the week before and the women where fucking knockouts. As the night went on I noticed a tall leggy blonde in a pair of CFM boots and cute little brunette with a naughty little school girl plaid skirt on and some not so obvious CFM boots on. For the record her skirt ended up in the play drawer and I would pull it out here and there. Oh I should also mention she never wears panties, can’t stand them. In fact after we got reacquainted and ended up at her girlfriends house for an after party with me and a different buddy of mine I asked her if she had any other tattoos than the one above her ankle, she preceded to lift her skirt up and I stopped her being the gentleman that I was but boy did I want to see this other tat. Sure enough about 5 minutes later she showed me her tattoo just above her neatly trimmed pussy, at which time her friend and my buddy came walking around the corner and busted us. It wasn’t long after this we ended up in the basement and we started to fuck. Now I could lie and tell you some story about the wild sex we had, truth is we both got high (thanks to my high-on buddy) and it made her sort of dry and I never was a big pot smoker. She mentioned to me that she loved to suck cock as she got older (and boy did she) but due to dry mouth I didn’t get my dick choked on. Sex was okay that night but there is one thing I regret, I went upstairs to look for some lube (being drunk I didn’t bother to put clothes on and I walked in on her friend riding my buddy. To this day I wanted to walk up to her and have her suck my cock, I chickened out, she ended up marrying one of my buddies that my ex set up with, probably a good thing I checked myself at the door. We ended up meeting about a week later and went back to my apartment we fucked for a good 5 hours, for whatever reason I figured out that if I came to close to cumming and stopped myself I could go for hours, It was also at this time that I switched from drinking beer to flavoured vodka which I know had a lot to do with it, I used to get so tired with beer. That first year we were together I shit you not we had some form of sex every day except maybe 2 weeks and that includes a trip to Vegas for me. And it wasn’t wham bam thank you man, it was hours and hours. I finally figured out that the key to great sex was focusing on pleasing your partner not getting off yourself. I would get rock hard and I was the perfect size for her, I would hit her G-spot knowing that it would be a matter of minutes, there were some nights she would get of 6 of 7 times. The other thing I had going for me is I’m great at dirty talk, she is very visual and all I had to do is start whispering in her ear about any cute girls she wanted to bring home with us and what would I do to them. Unfortunately we never ended up in a threesome, I blew that one but that is another story which I will share with you later.

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Angry face on profile

Posted by DiamondCock! at 21,Sep,14 13:38

I have an angry face on my profile because I won't talk to guys and I don't measure my cock for them.!!!

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Young man who is fucking older women constantly =)

Posted by Adaam474 at 21,Sep,14 07:08

A healthy, athletic good looking guy who has a thing for older women! big dick pretty boy willing to do everything

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The tables were turned..

Posted by phoenix at 21,Sep,14 03:55

The day started well enough with an invition to pop around and visit an old friend. I had planned to eat her out, and then have my way with her. She is one of the women on my page. Anyway, things got out of hand, and she had her way with me.
Started with a smallish butt plug, then, a glass one with a fucking huge knob that I couldn't take. Then she gave me the rubber one all lubed up and warm. It went in with a push at first that hurt a little. But then it was magnificent .
She really worked me over good. I was on my side at first, them she made me get on my elbows with my lubed arse in the air.
It went straight up easily all the way this time. All seven long inches. Up to its balls.
I sat on it on her bed and gently rocked like I was sitting on a person and then I knelt up and reached around and took control myself. It felt beautiful. ML wanked my oily cock at the same time.
I had my eyes closed, but she said that cum was flying everywhere .......
Fuck it felt good.
It was strange that I had intended to fuck her, but, the reverse occurred ..

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For boys

Posted by Raysteve at 21,Sep,14 00:35

Sorry i m not gay r interested in boys. So plz dont disturb.

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For girls

Posted by Raysteve at 21,Sep,14 00:34

I like slim bodies nd perfect shapes. I would like to roleplay, sharing pics nd videos, no face exposures. I would like to wank for people who ask me nd if they treat me like a slave nd comment my pics sexily or hot ill do anything for them even a fuck without a gap for a whole day.

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About myself

Posted by Raysteve at 21,Sep,14 00:30

Hi guys and girls especially girls. I am 6 ft tall, black hair, brown eyes, nd sexy ass. I am a ladies man. I would love to do everything with woman. Guys plz dont send u r dick pics nd ask me how it is or expecting me 2 reply u.

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"Business Trip"

Posted by dick21 at 20,Sep,14 19:40

It was a typical business cocktail party. People from all over the country that we see two or three times a year. Everyone is happy, yet looking to see who else they need to talk to because they might miss someone more important. There were a few familiar faces, and some that I always look forward to seeing, but for the most part I didn't want to stretch this out any longer the nessacery. 

My wife was able to join me on this trip which was a nice change of pace for both of us. For this party she wore a sexy black cocktail dress that showed her body well. Shiny black high heels accented her strong sexy bare legs. As always when she goes out she took great care to make sure her hair, make-up and everything else was perfect! My wife is late 30's, pretty with curly blonde har big pretty eyes. I was happy she was going and horny about having sex with her later. Little did I know the whole story. 

After the cocktail party we left with a group to go and listen to a band at an outdoor bandstand. My wife was dancing with some of the ladies while the guys were all drinking, a lot! When my wife took a break she was standing beside me and whispered "you know I'm not wearing anything under my dress!" I was instantly hard and started kissing her and slid my hand under her dress to see if she was telling me the truth and to feel her shaved smooth pussy. She was already very very wet. We made out as the others continued to drink for a while then we decided we needed to grab a cab to the hotel. 

Inside the cab I instantly had my fingers inside her as she spread her legs wide. If the cab driver didn't know what we were doing I'd be shocked. Sitting a foot away from her he was so close to the wettest hot pussy and he couldn't touch it. 

At the hotel we went directly to a semi quiet bar, and found a round corner booth. As I went for drinks she slid her dress up over her legs almost to her waist And sat back waiting for me to return. This gave me easy access to finger her again. We drank our drinksand talked as I buried my face between her legs, then slid her dress down over her chest enough to suck her hard nipples. As we were talking and making out she said to me "we could be swingers you know". I almost came in my pants! She was making me so hot at the thought of her even saying that. As people moved around the bar we continued playing in the corner. 

Again we wanted more action. She said come with me as she left the bar. We grabbed another cab, this time it was a van, she went directly to the rear set, pulled her dress up as I crawled in beside her. She put one leg on top of my lap and spread her legs wide I told her to finger her pussy so the driver could watch too. She smiled and started rubbing. She told the driver we were going to the Green Door! I couldn't believe it. 

As soon as we arrived at the club she led the way asking the staff for directions to a private room. The rooms aren't really private, they just are not as public as some areas. 

As soon as we were in the room she pulled her dress off and stood there naked while I unzipped my pants. She moved to the bed and we were fucking before I had all my clothes off. We stopped long enough that I could strip and she got on top of me and was riding me hard. While she was riding me she was rubbing her hands over her chest and squeezing her nipples. It was so hot to lay there and watch. 

Just then a man came in to watch the show. He stood about two feet away and remained silent. We were fucking as he was rubbing his hard dick under his pants. More people were watching from the open curtain door. There were two or three couples looking in and talking about us having sex. The guy inside the room was trying to open his pants as we changed positions and she moved to lay on her back. The bed was soaked from her wet pussy, she was dripping wet. He wasn't leaving the room because he was fixated on watching my wife getting fucked so hard for so long. Her moaning loudly mixed with the sound of her juices as we had hot sex must have been a hell of a turn on for him and the others watching. 

People came in and our of the room while we continued to have sex. For a while I slowly licked her pussy and sucked her nipples. I wanted them to see everything. I eventually got back on top of here and kept pushing until I came inside her. As we finished and laid there our watcher faded out of the room. 

We dressed and walked out as other couples were having sex everywhere. Another man who was coming in asked if we wanted company. As we were leaving we met our watcher in the hallway he smiled at us saying "that was hot"!

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"Business Trip - Next Morning"

Posted by dick21 at 20,Sep,14 19:35

This is a continuation of a story about a business trip where due to a mix up on rooms, my secretary and I ended up sharing a room with two queen beds. During the night I had caught glimpses of Julie’s luscious body and had stroked myself while watching her **** in the other bed. She woke up and went to the bathroom and brought me back a warm wet towel so somehow she must have known what I had done. However, we each went back to **** with nothing more happening.

Even though I had been so tired the night before, I woke up early the next morning. Julie’s bed was empty. I got up and went to the bathroom and still did not see any sign of her. I began to worry that she had been embarrassed and left during the night. When I went out to the living area of our suite, I saw her standing on the private terrace looking at the sun rising over the desert. She was only wearing the same sheer night gown and thong panties that she had worn the night before but the terrace had a waist high wall around it so no one below could see her. I was wearing only a pair of boxers. I joined her on the terrace and said “There you are. Good morning.” She said “Did you get back to **** last night.” I said “Yes. Thank you for the towel. I’m a bit embarrassed.” I stood beside her enjoying the view of the sunrise. She said “Don’t be. I hope you don’t mind that I was secretly watching you while you stroked yourself. What were you thinking about?” I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her towards me and said “You.” As I did this I looked down. Pulling her toward me had caused her nightgown to bow out and I could see her entire left breast. I immediate began to get another erection. She said “Good.” We stood there in a somewhat awkward silence enjoying the view; she looking at the desert, me looking at her breast.

I let me arm around her slide to her waist and then lower until my hand was under her nightgown and resting on her bare ass. She snuggled closer to me and said “This is nice.” I realized that my rising cock had now slipped out of the front of my boxers but I couldn’t think of a way to slip it back in without calling attention to the problem. While trying to figure a way out of this, I felt her hand slowly reach for and grab hold of my penis. She said “I see someone has woken up and wants to play some more.” I could not believe this. Here I was with my hand on the naked bottom of my sexy secretary, staring at her exposed breast and she with her hand stroking my cock.

I wasn’t sure where this was headed so I step behind her and wrapped my arms around her and said “Julie, I don’t want you to do anything that you might regret later on.” She did not respond except to push her behind back into me. My hard cock slipped in right above her ass checks and she began to move up onto her tiptoes and down so that her ass was now stroking me. My left had moved down between the front of her legs and my right hand slipped inside the top of her nightgown. Her breast was firm with just a little bounce to it. Through her panties I could feel a small patch of public hair and further down two very engorged pussy lips. Her panties were already wet through. She moaned when I began to roll her thick nipple between my fingers and pushed her pelvis into my hand. She put her hand inside her panties and began to finger herself. With my hand on top, I could feel as she circled her clit and put one or two fingers inside her. Watching and feeling her masturbate while rubbing my dick on her ass and fondling her breast was extremely exciting for both of us. She began breathing harder and I felt her body quiver as she came. I did not last much longer and soon exploded sending my cum all over her back and ass. 

I said “Wait here.” and I went into the bathroom of a wet hand towel. Went I returned, I used the towel to wipe my semen off her back and bent down to do the same on her ass. I gently kissed each butt check and could smell her musty sex. I was ready to spend the rest of the day exploring this body when Julie broke the mood and said “We really need to get over to the convention.” I said “sure” but with obvious disappointment. Julie said “Don’t worry; I don’t think we need to be getting a 2nd room.”

At the convention my mind was elsewhere but Julie had customers eating out of her hand all day. She was a natural at sales and her good looks certainly didn’t hurt. We ended the day with a record amount of new sales leads and orders.

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"Business Trip - The Payoff"

Posted by dick21 at 20,Sep,14 19:34

This is part 3 of a story about when my secretary and I accidentally ended up sharing a room at a business convention. The convention was going well. The room situation had led to sharing some fondling and each watching the other masturbate but we had slept in separate beds and I had not seen her naked. I needed to meet a client for a drink at the bar and Julie said she was headed back to the hotel for a nice bubble bath. I told her I would be back by 7:00 and that she had earned a nice night on the town.

When I returned to the hotel, the door between the living area of our suite and the bedroom was closed. I opened the door and saw that Julie was asleep in her bed. I took off my clothes and stepped into the bathroom to take a quick shower. I wrapped a towel around my waist and was about to return to the bedroom when the door opened and there Julie stood stark naked. She said “I thought we should stay in tonight.” I did not speak but just devoured her with my eyes. She was petite but with large natural breasts; a healthy C-cup with just a little sag to them. Her left breast was slightly smaller and just a little higher but in a way that just made her look natural. She had wide hips but well-toned legs with just a small patch of pubic hair. Her legs were spread just wide enough that I could see her pussy lips between her legs. 

I dropped the towel and walked toward her. My arms circled her and pulled her close. I could feel her breasts and hard nipples against my chest and she wrapped her legs around my right leg such that I could feel her wet pussy on my thigh. We kissed deeply. She smelled of a rose bubble bath. I walked her back and laid her down on the edge of my bed. My lips moved down to her neck and then the top of her breasts. I kissed and licked all of her left breast including my favourite part, the underside, and saving her nipple for last. When I got there her nipple was dark and hard and at least as big as the end of my little finger. Her areolas were about 1” wide with little bumps. I licked her areola and then sucked on her nipple. She moaned loudly. I gave her right breast the same loving treatment before moving to her firm stomach and belly button. She raised her hips in a sign that let me know she wanted my attention lower down. I kneeled on the floor and kissed her soft inner thighs and slowing moved up to her sweet smelling pussy.

Her pussy was smooth and soft and hairless. Her lips were swollen and glistened with juice that was seeping out of her. I licked her lips and then used a finger to open them to expose the bright pink within. I pulled the hood back on her clitoris and dove in with my tongue and mouth sucking and flicking her clit with my tongue. She arched her back which both spread her wide open and pushed herself toward my mouth. I inserted first one finger and then two inside her and with my index finger with just began rubbing her g-spot while still licking and sucking her clit. With this she began to moan loudly and came. I let her relax and when she caught her breadth she said, “What were you doing, I have never come that strongly before”. She then said the magic words I had hoped to hear “I need to have you inside me.” With this she slid up the bed and spread her knees to the side. I moved onto the bed taking in all of her exposed nakedness. As my I moved up, I slowed when my penis came in contact with her. At first just the head was enveloped in her wetness, and then I slowly moved forward and then backed off a little. Each time, going a little deeper and spreading her. I am not all that long but am somewhat thick and obviously thicker that she was used to. Finally, I was completely inside her and I could feel her all along my penis. I said “that’s very nice.” We lay there for a while with her catching her breadth and me enjoying the feeling of being one with her. I was gently playing with her breast and nipple. Slowly both of us began to clench and grind our pelvic areas together. Before this went very far, she giggled and asked “can I be on top.” I laughed and said “I think you earned whatever you want.”

I rolled over and lifted her on top of me but in doing so I came out of her. She knelt above me and I could watch as she guided and penis and slowly lowered herself back onto me. She immediately began to raise and lower herself which felt wonderful. In this position, I could see her beautiful face and bouncing breasts. Her nipples were so hard and extended. I shot a huge load of cum into her and she began to orgasm again. When she was done she lay down on my chest. I could feel those nipples pressing into me. I was really glad that we had ended up sharing a room and knew that for the rest of the trip we would be sharing the same bed.

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Posted by menel100raquel200 at 20,Sep,14 15:01

we had a prob with resetting the account menyl00. menel also erased a lot of pics from the hard drive.. but were back now

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"My Wife Served Lunch Pt 2"

Posted by dick21 at 20,Sep,14 11:11

In the first part of this story I allowed my friend to get very familiar with my wife’s body. Afterward Tracy suggested since they actually didn’t fuck we should invite him back to complete my fantasy. However, once the passion of the moment died down she was having second thoughts. She enjoyed the sex but was worried about what it might do to our marriage. I told her we both have concerns that any married couple might have contemplating doing something like this. We talked about it at length and the conclusion was we loved and trusted one another so it shouldn’t be a problem. I wanted to watch her fuck him. She was fascinated with the idea. It was decided, we were going to do this!

I talked to Scott and asked if he was interested in having her a second time. He said ever since that day, the only thing I have thought about was eating her pussy again and getting a chance to fuck her. You know I want to but I’m not sure she wants this. I saw her mad and I don’t want to do anything to get on her bad side. I replied you need to come and find out yourself. He said when do you want me there? I told Tracy what he said and she replied let me initiate the sex when he gets here.

When Scott arrived she greeted him and invited him to have a seat. She said I’m sorry for getting angry after our last sexual encounter. I wasn’t mad at you and intend to make up for it today. He glanced at me and I said don’t look at me, she’s all yours, enjoy! She immediately sat on his lap and passionately kissed him. He kissed her back and felt her breasts. After kissing awhile she stood and led him to the bedroom. I followed and sat quietly in a chair. Once in the bedroom she undid the shoulder straps of her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stood in front of him only wearing a pair of lacy panties. Dropping to her knees, she undid his pants and pulled them with his under ware to his ankles. She held his cock and slowly jacked him off for a few moments then placed it in her mouth and began to pleasure him. She could take a cock down her throat without gagging so was able to swallow him to his balls.

While she was sucking his cock he removed his shirt and kicked off his shoes. With her help he stepped out of his pants and under ware. He placed his hands on the back of her head and pumped into her mouth for awhile. Ending the blowjob he helped Tracy to her feet and removed her panties. They moved to the bed and he put her on top of him positioned so they could both have oral sex. They ravenously sucked and licked each other’s genitals for quite some time. As he was eating her he work his finger up her ass which drove her wild and she had an orgasm. Once it subsided she climbed off and said I want to fuck!

Mounting him she inserted his cock and lowered herself until it was completely buried in her pussy. Once impaled, she bucked on him wildly. As she rode him he watched her little tities bounce up and down. She continued until he slipped out of her. Quickly she reinserted him and began to grind her pussy on his cock. While grinding she looked into his eyes and started talking dirty. It shocked me how vulgar she was getting. Eventually he grabbed her tits and pulled her down to him. She extended her legs back to lie flat on top of him and kept his cock inside her. He grabbed her ass and said a dirty girl like you needs to be spanked. He began slapping her ass hard enough to make it red. I have never spanked her before and was surprised she allowed it. With each slap she would whimper and push her pussy down on him. He quit spanking and rolled them both over so that he was now on top. She raised her legs and wrapped them around him. As he pounded into her she moaned and begged to be fucked harder. I was impressed with how long he managed to last. The fucking seemed to go on forever.

As I watched him have sex with her I became jealous but at the same time extremely turned on. I undid my pants and pulled out my erect cock. Tracy turned her head and looked at me. I held my cock and she shook her head yes. We continued to watch each other as I stroked myself and he fucked her. A look of ecstasy appeared on her face as she had another orgasm. Before her body stopped shaking Scott climaxed and emptied into her. She unwound her legs but he remained on top for a little while longer. He raised his head and gently kissed her on the lips then said thank you. He added you are one of the best fucks I ever had!

He climbed off but when he tried to get out of bed she stopped him. She said you’re not going anywhere yet. She got on her hands and knees, turned to me and said I want you to fuck me up the ass as I suck him. She put her head on his lap then lowered herself and raised her ass to me. Seeing her beautiful ass before me I couldn’t resist. I delivered numerous hard stinging slaps across it. I told her the spanking was because I finally realized she was really a whore. She squirmed and squealed with delight. When I stopped, it took a few moments to work the head of my cock into her ass. Once the head was in I spread her ass cheeks and pushed hard into her. She groaned then put Scott’s cock in her mouth. Because of my arousal and the tightness of her ass, I was only able to pump into her for several minutes before I started to cum. When I finished and pulled out she collapsed to the bed. Scott and I got dressed. I walked him to the door and he thanked me for sharing her. He added, she is one great piece of ass and I would love to do her again! I told him not to push it and be happy you had her today.

Back in the bedroom Tracy was still in bed. She said that was great but my ass really hurts! My sexual desire was insatiable and I can’t believe how comfortable I was fucking him. She added I hope you know it wasn’t because I have a thing for Scott because I don’t. In fact he is not appealing to me at all! Having sex like that was thrilling. I replied I know that’s why I wanted you to do it. I then said I couldn’t believe he lasted so long considering how obsessed he was with fucking you. She laughed and said that was because he had already got off in my mouth during the first blow job! I wasn’t going to let him leave this time without fucking me so I made an effort to get him hard again. My effort paid off because he sure fucked the hell out of me and I loved it. I told her I loved watching and thanked her for making my fantasy happen.

Tracy got a smile on her face and said I have a fantasy too! I asked what and she replied to fuck another man then have you eat me. I said there is no way I can do that! With a pouty look of her face she said please. Then added it’s only fair! She had a point so I reluctantly crawled between her legs and began licking. Her pussy was quite sloppy but I was determined to fulfill her fantasy. She insisted I suck hard on her vaginal hole. When I did, a large quantity of his sticky cum slid into my mouth. I tried hard not to gag. I wondered how could there still be this much cum in her. I quickly spit his load on her thigh and wiped the remaining strands from my tong and lips. I continued licking her pussy as I watched my own cum seep out her ass. Eating her cum soaked cunt was totally disgusting but the look of contentment on her face made it worth it!

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Where are all my sexy ladies???

Posted by sxxxyred at 20,Sep,14 10:54

Show yourselves.....

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