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Favourite fantasy

Posted by dave691957 at 16,Apr,14 04:27

The fantasy I have that turns me on just thinking about to be fucked by a bloke wearing stockings...ive never wanted to wear them, although I suppose I would if the siruation was right...even better would be to be fucked while I was fucking a takers?

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Toto, "Africa"

Posted by mydork at 16,Apr,14 03:27

Who likes that song?

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Idiot 4

Posted by happy_guy at 16,Apr,14 02:00

15,Apr,14 10:59 - Your submissive dirtyslut was purchased by qrac

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Idiot 3

Posted by happy_guy at 16,Apr,14 02:00

08,Apr,14 04:34 - Your submissive youngindian was purchased by pdavies1990

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Idiot 2

Posted by happy_guy at 16,Apr,14 01:59

03,Apr,14 22:28 - Your submissive funforu was purchased by oraclealpha

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Clothes Shopping fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 15,Apr,14 23:59

I had went shopping at the local mall that was near our college, I had on a pair of short pants a t-shirt with our logo and tennis shoes and socks. I dressed lightly so that I could try on clothes and not tire my self out undressing and redressing.

I was in the men shop and had tried on a number of clothes and was absent mindlessly staring across the into the other dressing cubicle. The curtain was parted and the guy in there was removing his pants, his cock was sticking out of his underwear and I noticed that it was semi erect and had a left handed twist to his penile shaft.

I was mesmerized by the sight of this cock and stared a little too long, the guy noticed me and begin to put on a show for my enjoyment. He slowly worked his cock into en erect state by masturbating very slowly.

He kept turning from one side to another as if he was adjusting his clothes while stroking his very solid cock. I was sitting down tying my shoes, my head resting slightly on my knee, suddenly he turned in my direction and snapped the curtain close.

I snapped my head up and stood quickly and exited the changing area, I stayed near the fitting rooms till he came out. I acted like I wasn't paying attention to him as he replaced his items and headed in my direction. He took position on the other side of the clothes rack, and as our eyes met he broke into a wide smile.

I smiled back as he winked at me and said 'you enjoy looking at a mans cock or are you out scouting. I looked at him in amazement muttering 'I...I...I...' He smiled and came around the rack and said as he nudged along 'it don't matter, let us get out of here I know just where we can go.'

Stunned I moved along with him in a trance like state, not protesting or resisting yet not understanding why I wasn't refusing to go with this stranger. We went into the parking lot, where he took better hold of my wrist and lead me to his car.

Opening the door he said to me 'hop in we going on a short ride.' I slipped into the passenger seat as he went around to the drivers side. As he started the car he introduced his self 'Im Carlton and you are...' I stammered 'Da...Da...David' Laughing he said to me 'Da...Da...David did you like what you saw, I hope you did cause we gonna have some ffffffuuuunnnnn.'

We went to the west side of the city to an apartment complex, parking in a space he exited the car. I stayed seated as he walked up to a door and fumbled for a key, looking back at me he nodded his head towards the door and mouthed 'come on'.

As I entered Carlton closed the door and led me to the bedroom, once in there he quickly removed his clothes. His cock was erect and hard with it's left handed curve, his cock head was a dark purplish black, his penile shaft was lined with veins that stood out like ridges along his cock shaft.

Carlton said to me 'well, now that we are here don't wait for an invitation get comfortable and climb in bed.' I stripped off my shorts and underwear along with my tennis and socks also my t-shirt and climb into bed along side Carlton.

Carlton reached over and took my hand and placed it on his throbbing cock 'here stroke this for me', he said. I slowly started to his throbbing member up and down as Carlton laid back on to his pillows.

I looked at his cock as I stroked it and wondered why it had a left curve to it. I tried to work his cock to see if it would get straight, looking back it was kinda foolish for me to think like that.

After awhile of stroking his cock I leaned over and enveloped the head of his cock in my lips and sucked on it rotating his cock head around in my mouth. Carlton moaned and lifted his mid section up to meet my greed mouth.

Carlton placed his hand on my forehead and said 'damn David, shit man your head is awesome. But I brought you here to fuck not suck.' He pushed my head away causing my lips and his cock head to make a wet smacking sound as they parted.

Carlton said to me 'I want you to trust me, I want you on your knees, your head on the bed and your butt stuck up in the air. When I saw you walk past the dressing room in those short pants, your tight little butt sticking out, I wanted to ride your ass like a jockey.'

I asked 'what type of lubricant do you have', he reached over into the dresser and produced a tube of lubricant. 'This is what I like to use, it's not oil base and want heat up, plus it has an anti insemination substance.'

Having not heard that I said bewilderingly 'why...', Carlton said 'I like bare backing, so get used to it.' I got into position, Carlton squeezed a copious amount of the lubricant into my butt crack as he knelt behind me. 'I'm going to apply some to my dick as well to make it easier to enter your sweet looking ass.

Once Carlton was through he slid his cock head up my butt crack till it encountered my anal opening. Poising at my anal opening Carlton pressed his penile head against my puckering bung hole.

The thought crossed my mind if I would feel his cock slid to the left as his penile head entered my butt. Bracing my self Carlton said 'take a deep breath now, I'm gonna ease it in a little at a time till you get used to it.

Carlton pressed slowly against my outer anal sphincter muscle ring till it parted and allowed his cock head to begin to penetrate. Slowly Carlton rotated his hips pressing against my butt hole till his penile glans slipped into my rectum. With a gasp I accepted his cock head into my anal canal.

Carlton said 'take a breath and relax, I'll let you get use to having my dick head in you butt'. I took a quick sets of breath and tried to relax as Carlton, true to his word, held back.

Carlton gripped my hips with both hands and softly said 'just relax let me fuck you gently, till you get use to having me inside this tight boi pussy'. I nodded my head quickly as Carlton begin to work his cock around in my butt.

Gasping for breath as he went further I struggled to accommodate Carlton's penile shaft. Moaning and groaning as Carlton went deeper into my anal love canal. Carlton was fabulous, as he slowly worked his rigid fuck tool into my butt hole.

I had maneuvered my feet so that they were hung across his ankles, Carlton sunk his man meat into my butt till his pubic hair was crushed into my butt crack. I was now moaning, groaning and grunting with each thrust of Carlton's cock.

For maybe fifteen or twenty minutes Carlton worked my butt till he stiffened and pulled my hips to him and grind deeply into my anal cavity. He grunted and I felt his cock explode and empty squirt after squirt of his sperm deep into my rectum.

Carlton laid down on my back and whispered 'lay down so I can fill this ass good'. I stretched out on the bed as Carlton maintain contact with me, as soon as I was prone out, Carlton slipped his hands over mine stretching my arms towards the head board and his fingers between mine.

As Carlton grind deep into my rectum he whispered into my ear 'David, this is some good pussy you git man. Tell me you gonna let me get this ass when ever I want it'. I moaned in passionate lust mumbling 'when ever you want it it's yours'.

Carlton kissed my ear and said 'I want it all the time I can get it. If you ain't got a steady fucker I'm gonna be your steady. And if you have, you've got to get rid of him today'.

I stayed with Carlton all day letting him fuck me when ever he wanted and even at one time begging him to fuck me before he took me back to my dorm.

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SEX IN A CELL....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 15,Apr,14 23:55

I never thought of myself as bi-sexual,not once even through my teens did i ever think of lads in that way,but it all changed when i got sent to prison on a shoplifting charge.9 months i got,and thats a bl**dy long time to go without sex,or even wanking off,cause when you share a cell its quite hard to do the latter.First week was fine,i was in a cell by myself,then this screw comes in one day to tell me im gettin a new cell mate,and true as his word,in steps this young guy,and i start to get a hardon,jesus he was good lookin,and very young and timid.I sat at the table in our cell,rolling a fag,and watching him strip off his shirt,he stood bronzed as the sun shone through the bars of our cell window.I knew i was goin to have to do something with this guy when lights went out,night came and there we were banged up,i told him that its ok to jerk off at night if he felt the urge,we all do it i said,i watched him strip down to his shorts and he got into bed,i knew from the way he spoke,he was not gonna invite me to his bunk,so i made my plan,i listened till i could hear him fall into a deep sl**p,i also realised he may wake up and call out or worse strike out.Earlier in the day,we had been at the workshop,i had lifted some strips of cloth,so i crept over to his bunk,firstly i tied his ankles to the end of his bunk,then did the same to his wrists,he did not wake untill i put the gag in his mouth,he went mad,i told him to lie still,and that noone would hear anyway,i pulled back his blanket,and ran my hands across his bare chest,his nipples were hard,i darted my tounge across each one,then my hand traveled down and into his shorts,i was now holding his thick hard cock,you want this i whispered in his ear,so i yanked down his shorts,and lowered my mouth onto his hard cock,i tasted his pre-cum,it was sweet,i began sucking,he writhed,his body shaking,i sucked and sucked,my hand massaging his balls,my other hand playing with each nipple,then i noticed he was not writhing to escape his bonds,he was pushing up toward me,he was enjoying it,i sucked and then would wank him,then go back to sucking him again,i could feel him close to cumming,and as true as any hot horny guy,his back arched,he thrusted upward,and i felt his hot milky spunk gush into my mouth,i swallowed every bit,i sucked untill i knew his balls were empty.He layed there exausted,and i removed his gag,instead of threats,i was told i could fuck him now,so i undid his restraints,and he got up and bent over the table,fuck me now he said,take me im your bitch,at that i stripped off,got behind him,i used some lotion on my cock and his anus,then rammed it home,i fucked and fucked his arse so hard,when i knew i was cumming i told him,he said let me suck you,and he did,my spunk filled his mouth,for the next 8 months we were lovers,he got released before me,but that was ok,you see thats how me and my partner met,we are still together today,and i love to remind him of the first time we met,everytime we make love,and he has just walked in now so im off to suck his cock.

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Fantasy...local Indian restaurant

Posted by MONTED at 15,Apr,14 23:54

It was a miserable wet evening and I had decided to scratch my planned walk on the seafront and work late. Now I was 8:30 p.m. and, too tired to bother cooking, I decided to drive to a local Indian restaurant on my way home. It was a place I had previously frequented every week, but a change of jobs had taken me to a different locality. For some reason on this night I thought to revisit after more than a year, even though it meant a circuitous route home that added a couple of miles to the journey.

The place had been redecorated since my last visit and now had a minimalist feel. The carpets had been replaced by varnished wooden floorboards. The lighting was modern too, with a subdued, warm feel and spotlights highlighting picures and statues. I noticed that the little alcove near the back, with its brass statue of Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of good fortune, was still there. She was beautiful and well lit. The table at the alcove was free and so I sat there, where I had sat on dozens of occasions before, and as ever, I rubbed Laskhmi's belly and breasts for luck.

The restaurant was quiet, just three tables occupied - two tables were occupied by couples and the third by group of four businessmen. There groups were all eating main courses, and as it was getting past nine, I figured I might be the last customer.

The waiter arrived with a menu and wine list, apologising if I had been waiting. He was working the tables alone, I realised, and had been in the kitchen when I arrived. I glanced at him. He was about 20, a good-looking young man, but not Bengali like the staff here usually were. He looked Spanish, though southern Spain, with quite dark skin. He had that fairly short stature of the Spanish male, being maybe 5 feet 8 inches tall. His English was very good.

I ordered sparking water and a saag gosht with chapati and dhal. He brought complimetary poppadoms and diced carrot, onion and coriander with lime pickle and yougurt.

It was nice to be back in this cosy place with the soud of soothing, almost indolent Raga music being played on a sitar. I recognised the tune as Raah Bhairavi and smiled - it was Pakistani music; the restaurant was owned by Bangladeshi; but it was called Indian, and it seemed like my waiter was Spanish.

The meal arrived and I began to eat. As ever it was delicious. As I ate, I took in the music and the atmosphere, the sounds of conversation. The four men nearest to me were English I.T. specialists over in Dublin on a job. They were speking of the joys of Manchester nights out and the raunchiness of younger girls these days. They looked of a age where they would have daughters who were out partying in the Paintworks while they ate in this quiet restaurant. I smiled to myself. One of the couples were German, on holiday. The other couple were near the front and out of earshot. As I ate, each of these groups paid their bill and left. As I had guessed, it was just me in the restaurant by 11 p.m. as I sipped an after dinner complimentary brandy, the sitar music dreamily accompanying me.

I asked for the bill and the handsome young waiter obliged. I paid by credit card but gave him a cash tip. I knew most Indian restaurant owners kept half of the tips that were included on bills paid by credit card.

He smiled appreciatively, saying "Thank you sir".

I told him I had been here before and knew the drill. But as he smiled, it occurred to me, he is a good-looking fellow indeed, attractive in a homo-erotic way to a bisexual such as me. I decided to engage him in conversation and asked how long he had been working here.

"About eight months, I am a student at college here, so I work a few nights a week. Dublin is an expensive city."

I agreed and asked where he was from.

"Nepal" he replied. "Kathmandu."

Nepal, I thought. I chatted with him about life in Nepal. He spoke of how foreigners often thought the country was completely medieval with no rods cars or cell phones.

"National Geographic has a lot to answer for", I said. He laughed,

"Yes they stereotype us."

He asked if I knew much about Nepal.

I said that I had seen the documetary a few years earlier about an Irish poet called Cathal O Searcaigh, who visited Nepal regularly. A documentary maker had gone with him to Nepal on one of his visits to make a film about him for Irish television. It was called "A Fairytale of Kathmandu". But what had been intended to be a film about a poet gaining inspiration in the mountains of Asia became a sensation because the poet regularly had sex with teenaged young men. It seemed tha he was giving them gifts that helped them with their education.
The poet was openly gay and saw nothing wrong in this. In the film he had said that Nepali teenagers had a different culture of sexuality and that same sex encounters were quite common among young men. This desite the fact that Nepali law at the time outlawed homosexual acts between men.

"Have you heard of this film?" I asked.

"Yes but I did not see it. It caused a lot of newspaper headlines and that was soon after I came here to study."

"Is it true about young Nepali men?" I asked him. "Are they quite open about same sex relationships if there is a reward?"

My heart was beating faster and I could feel it thump in my chest. I felt my cock stirring in my suit pants, swelling with anticipation.

He looked at me, and his face lit up with a really beautiful smile.

"Oh yes sir, we like a reward. Even when we are far away from home."

"What is your name? " I asked him.

"Sagun" he said.

"Nice name, what does it mean?"

"Worship." he replied.

I smiled. "Worship.... well I came in here and rbbed Lakshmi's belly to worship her. I turned to the brass statue and rubbed it again, saying aloud

"Thank you Lakshmi, for the gift of Sagun!"

Sagun grinned, then moved quickly to the font of the restaurant to lock the door and close the blinds. He came back and said in a low tone:

"Chef is still here, but he will go in a few minutes. I will give you another brandy and tell him you want to stay late and I will lock up."

"When he is gone I will take you upstairs to the staff locker room."

He went to the kitchen to speak to chef and then went upstairs himself. I sipped my brandy, my erection deliciously pressing against my pants. After a few minutes, the chef came out from the kitchen and bade me good night. He too went upstairs but soon reappeared all clad in rainger for his cycle home.

Sagun came downstairs behind him. He had changed out of the waiter's uniform into a short sleeved red Nike shirt wth blck shoulders. and a pair of loose white shorts. He let the chef out and locked the door.

The Sagun was ready.

He took my left hand in his right, leaned towards me and kissed me lightly on the lips. His lips felt like velvet against mine, and my cock was instantly straining at the leash.

`That's lovely' I said

`How long have we got before you have to go home?'

Sagun poured us each a glass of brandy He took a sip, then put his lips to mine and shared his drink with me. I did the same and shared it with him and we continued until both glasses were empty. We were standing so close that I could feel his hardness against mine and it was all I could do to stop myself cumming there and then, but he sugggested we go upstairs and into the staff room.

I followed him upstairs, admiring his lithe brown legs as he walked. When we had kissed I realised that he had a very fit, toned body, and from the feeling when we pressed together, I was ooking forward to seeing my first Nepali cock.

The staff room was all brown wood panneled on the wall and there was a wooden built in bench seat along the wall. There were large white tiles on the floor.

"I want you to strip for me" I said, getting out my iPhone.

"I want to capture this moment" Isadi, showing him the phone.

"Okay" he said.

My phone battery was low after theday, typical iPhone, but I was able to take four pics as he stripped. As the battery died, my ardour was fully alive and I grabbed his cock roughly, kissing him hard on the mouth.

`Please' said Sagun `please be gentle. I am a gentle lover.'

I eased off the pressure a little and we continued kissing as my hands explored his toned brown body. I could feel his muscles under his skin and as my hands cupped his tight little ass, I could even feel the hardness of his fit buttocks.

Moving my hands around to the front, I admired the beauty of his shapely thick young cock, perfectly in proportion to the rest of his body. It was HARD as a bullet. I lowered myself to my knees and took him in my mouth. I had no difficulty in taking his full length in one, and as I did so his whole body bucked and he muttered something in his own language, but no translation was necessary. I could see by the look on his face that he was in ecstasy.

I continued to suck him until he said `Cumming soon but want you inside me first'.

Sagun had a tub of lubricant in his wash bag, and gave it to me. I kept this to hand as I turned him on to his stomach and lowered myself down on the floor. I spread his cheeks with my hands and ran my tongue down his crack. Sagun shuddered and moaned and I knew that he could not wait for long. As my tongue reached his hole he bucked again and as he did the tip of my tongue slipped inside him. He spoke again in Nepalese and then said

`Sorry, that was so good that I cannot form English words.'

I told him not to worry and took a fingerful of lubricant and greased his hole liberally. I then greased my cock and pushed the head to his hole. His breathing rate increased as I pushed gently and felt the head slip inside him.

‘AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!' he exclaimedm as he felt my girth strethc his snal sphincter to delicious tension.

I left things as they were for a little while until he became accustomed to me and then slowly, inch by inch slid the rest of my cock inside until I penetrated him deeply enough to press his prostate gland.

`Ahhhh, sooooo gooood' he sighed.

Very gently I started pumping in and out. Gently for me as well as him because I was already very close to climax. After a few minutes he whispered

`I want to turn over and look at you.'

Being very supple he raised one leg and swung it over my head, so that he could lie on his back without me removing my cock from his arse. He smiled up at me as I restarted my pumping and that smile almost broke me into pieces. He was absolutely gorgeous and even though it was around one a.m. the sun seemed to be shining every time he smiled. We were both very aroused and I seemed to be hitting his g-spot with every thrust.

`Oooh yessssss, cumming now' he said and so was I.

Within seconds I was filling Sagun's arse with my cum and moments after he shot half-a-dozen thick ropes of his semen up between us, reaching our chins. I licked some from him and he did likewise with me and we shared it with a kiss, gazing into one another's eyes.

`Thank you Sagun' I said `that was wonderful'.

He smiled his sunshine smile and replied `for me too'.

We lay in each others arms until we fell asl**p shortly afterwards. I woke an later and we were spooning, Nawang behind me with his hard-again cock resting in my arse crack. It was my turn to smile as he applied the lube and fucked me.

"Don't cum in my arse" I said. " Iwant to suck you and take you in my mouth."

He obliged, pulling out from his strenuous and delicious reaming of my arse to feed me his thick, raw, lube-streaked, cum and ass-smelling pole of muscle. I took it gratefully, divining every curve and vein with my lips and tongue, teasing and tasting him, nibbling at him with my teeth and pushing him down my throt until he groaned again and I felt the bucking motions of his cock head that told me his eruption was at hand.

I took the delicious creamy spurts of seed as they gushed into my mouth, savouring their thick salty sweetness on my tongue and teeth. I swallowed and sucked his glans greedily, wanting to eke every last delicious drop from the eye of his beautiful Nepali penis. I thrilled as he softened in my mouth, conquered once again.

"Beautiful Sagun" I said, kissing him with my spermy mouth. He kissed me back.

We kissed and fondled for half an hour and to my delight he was erect again.

"I have to go soon Sugan" I said, "but there is one thing I must do."

I led him downstairs to the dimly lit restaurant and down the back. I pushed the table where I had been sitting aside and took his hand. Holding hands, we faced the statue of Lakshmi. I took his right hand in my left and together we rubbed her belly and breasts.

"Thank you Lakshmi" I said.

"You brought me luck and worship in the form of Sagun. I know you ordained this night and brought us together. We have had two beautiful ejaculations each, but I ask you to give us both the strength for one more in your presence."

I looked at Sagun, whose eyes had grown misty with emotion and joy. I reached across and stroked his beautiful cock, feeling it instantly spring to full erection, as his fingers did the sam for me. We faced each other before the statue of Lakshmi, erections touching each other, head to head. I turned around and bent over, leaning on the table as he took me before the goddess. Then he withdrew and it was my turn. We showed Lakshmi how we fucked each other's arse in her honour and now, we faced her and side by side, we masturbated hard and furiously pointing our cocks at her feet. In unison, we moaned joyously as we spurted our final loads onto her feet.

We kissed deeply, then in turn, like catholics taking communion, we licked the mixed semen from her ringleted brass toes. swallowing it like the sacrament it was.

I left a hundred euro note at the foot of the statue, kissed Sagun one last time and left, telling him I would be ack same night next week.

I drove home, amazed after such a night to find that once again I was nursing one of the hardest erections ever and could hardly walk from the car to the house, where I had to give myself immediate relief thinking about Sagun..... and Lakshmi.

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Jennifer's New Boyfriend....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 15,Apr,14 23:52

Jennifer was any man's dream. At 20 she was the perfect specimen of a female, a petite woman whose blonde hair and blue eyes reminded one of her Viking heritage and lustful play in bed. And David was no exception when it came to appreciating her charms.

Their relationship had been a little lopsided from the beginning. Since he'd met Jennifer about four weeks earlier, she'd pretty much run his life for him. Telling him what to wear, and were they were going to eat, and what club they were going to go to in the evenings. David didn't really mind that she was bossy. If he really wanted to admit the truth, he'd have to fess up to the fact that her bossy ways secretly turned him on. He would never admit it out loud but a little bit of bitchiness was something he craved in a woman.

So it was no real surprise when Jennifer demanded that they stay home one Saturday night and mess around. David had expected that she'd want to go out on the town, but was pleasantly surprised that she wanted to be with him all by themselves.

It didn't take long before the young couple was in the throes of passion, with of course Jennifer making all the aggressive moves. Having made David strip buck-naked some time ago, it didn't take too much effort to get him to lie back on the couch and let her have her way with him. David loved it when she sucked him off.

She really knew what she was doing with her mouth and probably had, had a lot of experience doing it if the wonderful feelings she was giving him were any proof. David lay back and watched this lovely woman bobbing her head over his crotch enjoying the warm moist feeling of her mouth and tongue working him over.

It didn't take long before he felt himself ready to cum. David never told Jennifer when he was about to cum. It was one of the few things that he did to get 'even' with her for being so bitchy all the time. When she started to gag from his cum shooting down her throat he always felt a since of power over her. And besides, he didn't want her to stop and pull away, he wanted to make her swallow it.

True to form Jennifer had no idea when he was ready. That is, until she felt David grab her hair and he shoved his pulsing cock deep into her mouth. Then she began to gag as David unloaded gush after gush of hot sticky cum down her throat.

Jennifer knew why David always ended up **** her to take him and frankly she didn't mind it at all. She too had a ****, she liked to be dominated and this one little show of f**** from David never grew old for her. She only wished that he'd be more of a man and f**** her to do other things too.

Jennifer was the way she was because of her c***dhood experiences and couldn't help the way she treated David and for that matter all her previous boyfriends. She'd grown up in a very strict fundamentalist f****y whose patriarchal dictator father never let any indiscretion go unpunished.

Jennifer could never do anything right for her father and could never get away with anything. She was always being punished. This wouldn't have been too bad except that her perfect younger b*****r was always held up to her as the 'perfect' c***d.

When Jennifer was 13 and her b*****r sexually accosted her in her own bed one weekend when their parents were away at a religious retreat, she thought that 'this' would surely make her father realize that his son was less than perfect. She'd even let him f**** her just so she could use it against him.

But when their parents finally returned home Jennifer couldn't bring herself to tell her father about what her b*****r had done. She tried to, but her b*****r Jason was so confident about her not being believed that she lost her nerve.

That was the beginning of her i****tuous love life and her need to get even with any boy that was ever attracted to her, and many a male had been. With her angelic blonde good looks, she attracted them by the carload.

Finally Jennifer moved out on her own, but the visits from her b*****r didn't stop. At 20 she was used to being dominated by her younger b*****r, she was used to doing anything he told her to do. And now it even gave her a kind of perverse pleasure to do as she was told.

Over the past couple of years Jason had begun to get really kinky in his demands. Many nights when Jennifer was getting ready to go out on a date, Jason would insist that she fuck him several times. Sometimes only moments before the doorbell would ring. Once he was screwing her while her date was waiting at the door pushing the bell over and over again.

David had met Jennifer's b*****r and he didn't like him much, and Jason knew this. As a matter of fact Jason didn't like David all that much because he knew that David was screwing his s****r. It made him a little jealous to know that another man was getting into his pretty s****r's panties.

And that's exactly why what happened, happened.


That Saturday 'stay at home' wasn't arranged because Jennifer didn't want to go out on the town, or because she wanted to spend the evening in bed with David. That evening was arranged by her b*****r, and used to doing whatever Jason told her to do, Jennifer unquestioningly obeyed.

Earlier that afternoon Jason had a little talk with his older s****r, "Baby, I want you to get him tied down to the bed and I want you to have it done by 9 o'clock."

Jennifer nodded her pretty head obediently with a mounting since of excitement. 'What did her perverted b*****r have in mind this time,' she wondered silently. She obediently set about to do as she was told.


David was a little surprised when his girlfriend pulled out the nylon cord and whispered into his ear, "I'm going to tie you down to the bed so you can't get away, then I'm going to do really nasty things to your body and you won't be able to stop me." She looked deep into his eyes and then pushed away with a giggle and took first one hand then the other and tied them with a loop over the headboard.

A rush of adrenalin made David's heart race and his cock stand proud, throbbing in time to his heartbeat. He'd cum in Jennifer's mouth only five minutes before but this new twist was making him painfully hard.

As Jennifer was completing the knots at his ankles David heard the doorbell. When Jennifer got up 'naked' from the bed he quickly said, "Jenn don't answer that, c'mon I'm tied up naked on the bed, now's not a good time to be answering the door to some stranger."

But Jennifer just gave her boyfriend a long look before answering, "It's not some stranger David," and she walked out of the room.

David was frantic now, he realized that he was really tied to the bed and couldn't get loose. This was not good. Then he heard voices and struggled to look at the bedroom door to see who was there. 'What the fuck was Jennifer doing? Why would she let someone in while they were having sex?'

Then to his shock he saw Jennifer's little b*****r walk into the room.

"Hey Davy how's tricks?" Jason asked with a smile on his handsome face.

"What the fuck?" David yelled, his dick wilting and his face blushing bright red with embarrassment and humiliation.

"Don't worry Davy, we just wanted to try something new and exciting. I bet if you just relax you'll even enjoy it." Jason said and laughed.

Then to his unbelieving ears David heard Jason say, "Okay Jenny honey show me how you fuck him will yeah?"

Jennifer obediently walked over to the bed and stood beside her trust-up boyfriend. "He isn't hard any more Jason," she said with disappointment in her voice.

Jason grunted and came over to look. "You know Davy I can see why my s****r likes to fuck you so much. You have a nice body and that cock of yours looks like it'd be a pretty good size when it's hard."

Jason reached out and began to fondle David, massaging his limp cock and squeezing his nuts gently between his fingers. David just looked up at him then at Jennifer. Then in anger he said, "What the fuck are you doing? What are you a queer?" David instantly regretted his words when Jason painfully squeezed his balls in his fist.

"Ouch, oh fuck, please stop it, stop it, ouch!"

"Now Davy old friend, you'll be much better off if you just don't say anything else tonight. And to make sure that you don't get into any more trouble I'll just have Jenny love put something in there to shut that cake-hole of yours."

Jennifer silently picked up her discarded panties and with David struggling to try and avoid her she stuffed most of the material into his mouth. "Here Jenny love take this length of rope and tie your panties tight," Jason said.

David looked up at the b*****r and s****r, now wondering if he would survive this night. Jennifer was acting strangely, like nothing he'd seen before. Gone was the bossy, bitchy attitude and it was now replaced with a complete adoring submissiveness.

David could only watch as Jason walked up next to the bed and reached down for his dick again. David was determined not to go along with Jennifer or her queer b*****r. The last thing he wanted was anything to do with another man, and especially this fucking jerk, and now that included his weird s****r too.

But David didn't have a choice in the matter, he was tied to the bed and no amount of struggling would help him out of this situation.

Jason continued to stroke David's dick. Finally he said, "Well, it looks like Davy isn't gonna cooperate. Jenny love, help me twist Davy over and then I want you to crawl under him and fuck him for me. Get him really hard get him really horny for me baby."

David struggled uselessly as the b*****r and s****r twisted his body over so that his wrists and ankles crossed. He even tried to kick at them when Jason undid one ankle so that they could reposition his legs wide open again.

Then in a detached sort of why David lay quiet as his pretty girlfriend (the fucking pervert) crawled under him, pushing him over on his side then pulling him on top of her. All the time David was aware of Jennifer's b*****r watching them from behind.

Then Jennifer began to rock under him. At first the weird situation made it so that nothing she did could even remotely turn him on. But after a while his body began to betray him and his cock started to grow. And when Jennifer felt him growing she reached down between their crotches and positioned him at her soaking wet slit.

David flinched when he felt Jason's hand shoving at his cock. Then as Jennifer began to thrust up at him David could feel her b*****r's fingers feeling between his cock and her pussy as Jennifer pushed and pulled. It almost felt like Jason was jacking him off as his fingers moved in unison with Jennifer's movements.

David didn't want it to happen, but couldn't help himself, he was hard and no matter how much he tried not to, his body was responding to the stimulation that this b*****r/s****r act was performing on him.

Jennifer picked up the pace and David began to feel his excitement rise. He didn't want this to be happening but he had to admit to himself that he was fully aroused and the restraint and inability to stop them from r****g him was secretly fueling his lust.

David stopped daydreaming about restrained sex when he felt the bed jiggle. He tried to look over to see what Jason was doing but Jennifer held him around the neck and all he could tell was that her b*****r had climbed on the bed and was kneeling over them.

Then he almost vomited with fear and loathing. He felt Jason fumbling around near his butt. 'What the fuck was that queer pervert going to do now?' he wondered, trying to scream at them both. But only muffled moans escaped the tight gag blocking up his mouth.

'Oh fuck Oh god! The bastard's gonna fuck me in the butt! Oh fuck NO!' his mind screamed because he couldn't get much noise out around the gag.

David's eyes began to water as he felt the first searing pain of Jason's invasion of his rear hole. 'God,' he thought, 'it hurts so bad!' And it did. David could feel Jennifer's b*****r wiggling round on top of his back. He knew when Jason had worked his cockhead into his butt opening. 'Fuck it hurts,' was all he could think.

Jason was frantically trying to penetrate Jenny's boyfriend before she knew what he was up to. He realized that she might not like what he was doing. But Jason had been thinking about just this event ever since he'd met Jenny's boyfriend. David had that smooth hairless skin that always attracted Jason. Usually it was found on girls, but what the hell, he'd poke anything that appealed to him.

Doing a sandwich with Jennifer and David was what had been running through Jason's head for weeks now.

As he thrust home all the way to his balls he could hear the Wesson oil he'd used as lubricant squishing against his crotch and David's butt cheeks. It was so perverted. He could still feel Jennifer's valiant efforts to thrust up against David's cock, although she was now trying the lift two male bodies and wasn't being too successful.

David was screaming into his gag and jerking around trying to dislodge Jason's deeply thrust cock from his rear end. Finally Jennifer noticed the extra weight and the distress that her boyfriend had written all over his face. Then she noticed her b*****r who had just begun to hump into her boyfriend's butt.

At first Jennifer was shocked to see him screwing David's butthole. Jason had made love to her so many times before that the thought of his dick screwing a male butt made her feel like she couldn't ever let it back into her cunt again. But it also excited her, the dominant side of her came out when she saw the distress in David's eyes as her b*****r ****d him from behind.

Jennifer in a moment of inspiration rolled Jason and David over onto their side and scrunched down to take David into her mouth again. She was wildly excited by what her b*****r was doing to him. If the truth be known she had always been turned on by the thought of two men 'doing it' with each other.

David couldn't believe what was happening to him. His girlfriend was wailing away with her lovely mouth, keeping his dick stiff against his will, while her b*****r was fucking his butt. David could feel Jason's slimy cock penetrating him deep down inside. For a momentary flash he wondered if this was what women felt like when they were getting screwed.

The pain was pretty much gone by now. The sensations were more of a numb rubbing feeling as the nineteen-year-old queer boy thrust away in his butt. And with the hot moist mouth still working on his intensely ridged cock it wasn't long before David lost all control and began to cum with a rush like he'd never felt before.

As David jerked and squirmed relieving himself in Jennifer's mouth Jason could feel David's orgasm as his butt muscles tensed and relaxed with each ejaculation and this brought him to a head too.

Jason groaned as he came deep in David's asshole. David closed his eyes in disgust tinged with lust as he realized that a guy had just emptied himself in his bowels. But even that humiliation couldn't stop the pleasure that his own cum in Jennifer's mouth was giving him.


Finally it was over. Three bodies lay panting for breath, two loudly and one muffed through a gag. After a few moments Jason reached over, (Still firmly embedded in his lover's butt) and pulled the rope loose that held Jennifer's panties in David's mouth.

David didn't say a word. Even when Jason finally pulled his still hard dick out of his butt he just lay there.


Normally that would have been the end of Jennifer's relationship with her boyfriend. It had happened before when her boyfriend's realized that she was screwing her b*****r on the side. But in this particular case, after David had a chance to recover and realized how much fun that evening had really been. Well, let it suffice to say that instead of just Jason taking advantage of Jennifer's 'boyfriends' now there were Jason and David too.

And I'll bet you can imagine how much fun they had with Jennifer's new boyfriends from that day forward.

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Chinese Guy .....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 15,Apr,14 23:50

The other day I was on yahoo messenger hoping for a good cam wank, I had been on about ten minutes when I got a friends request and a message, like your cock been watching you. I accepted the friends request and opened his web cam. I nearly shot my load when I saw him, he was totally naked like me, a very cute chinese guy. He was about 24. black hair, glasses a bit geeky looking but cute, he had a massive hard cock it was about 7 inches and growing. He had big hanging balls as well. I told him wow I like the look of you and he said same here. I asked him where he was from shock of shocks not thousands of miles away but my town he was a student at the local uni. I asked him if he wanted to meet up and wank one on one. He said yes he would very much. He had never wanked with a guy one on one although he had done lots of cam wanking. I asked him whereabouts he was. He lived not far from me about ten minutes walk. I asked him to come round.
About ten minutes later there was a knock on the door and I answered he was there in jeans and a tee shirt. I had answered the door bollock naked because I knew it was him. He said wow, and asked if he could touch my cock. Yes of course, he rubbed it and put his hands under my balls. I unzipped him and put my hands in, his balls and cock were huge, he stripped off his clothes and stood there naked in front of me, his cock was rigid and must have been 9 inches, it looked even bigger because he was only about 5ft 6ins and quite skinny.
We sat down on the sofa and he told me he had never been naked with a guy before or even touched another guys cock, although he was making up for that as he was working my cock and bollocks. I was rubbing his. He asked me if he could kiss my cock yes please!! He knelt in front of me and began to lick my shaft and balls I then asked him to get on the sofa so I could lick his massive cock too. He was very keen. We began 69 ing
I was loving sucking his huge cock it tasted so good and mine being sucked as well I told him that I was soon going to shoot and he said me too. I felt the sperm welling in my balls as he sucked on my cock and then felt the build up and huge orgasm as my spunk shot into his mouth
He then started groaning and I knew he was coming to, my mouth was filled with hot jism, never had a guy cum in my mouth before but it was great. We both cleaned up and sat on the sofa, I put my hand on his cock and began stroking his nipples he was getting hard again already and me too
He said he had always fantasized about being fucked doggy style and I told him that could become a reality. I said I don’t have any condoms but never fucked a guy before, which was true, and he said he hadnt either so we said, lets do it all the way
He got on all fours he had a very cute bum and his balls and huge cock were hanging down, I put my hand on his balls and rubbed the shaft, wow, I got my cock and put the end by his holes ready to slide it in
Then I woke up !!!! ha ha

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Fantasy with the Boss

Posted by MONTED at 15,Apr,14 23:49

I arrived to work to find out that my boss wanted a meeting to discuss my future with the company. I wasn't sure if this was good or bad. My boss, Erica, is a very beautiful woman. She is hispanic with bronze skin. She resembles Eva Mendes and is about 5'7" tall, 130 lbs with great curves. She always wears tight skirts and blouses. I entered her office and she told me to sit. After talking for about 20 minutes I was thinking this is good because I would have been fired immediately.

She then asked me how dedicated was I to her and the company. I said very dedicated and that I love working here. She told me to prove it I have to service her. I wasn't sure what to say or do. After a moment of silence she said "well"? So I replied OK. She instructed me come over to her and get on my knee's. I did so. She stood up in front of me, unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. I then noticed that she had an unusual mound in her panties but I continued.

I slowly pulled down her panties and revealed she had a cock tucked in between her legs. She was completely shaved. I become even more excited than before. I didn't hesitate at all. I started the rub her balls and cock gently. She leaned forward and rubbed her cock on my face. She smelled great, like the lotion from Victoria ****'s. She looked down at me and told me "prove to me how loyal you are and suck my cock."

I opened my mouth and took her cock in. As I was sucking and her cock was getting hard I started to rub her balls and tickle her asshole. I could not believe this was happening. She placed her right hand on the back of my head and began to pump her in and out at a faster pace. My spit was starting to build up on her cock and was dripping to the floor and all over me. I started to worry that her secretary could hear the slurpping. My jaw started to get tired and just at the right time she pulled out.

She sat in her chair and instructed me to lick her asshole and balls. I did not have a problem with that order at all. I eagerly complied. I couldn't help but notice how good she tasted. She had a lot of semen coming from her cock. It was salty tasting but not overwhelming. The mix between my saliva and her semen made her cock glisten. She had very nice cock. It was about 7 1/2 inches long and thick with perfectly hanging balls. I must have licked her ass and sucked on her balls for an eternity while she stroked her cock. I couldn't believe her didn't come yet.

Just then she told me crawl under desk. After I did she rolled her chair up and told me to start sucking it again. I eagerly took it into my mouth again. I just wanted her to come in my mouth so bad. While I sucked her she message her secretary to send in her next appointment. She told not to stop sucking her before she walked in the office. She walked in and sat down. I was worried that we would be caught. I continued to suck her cock. I was able to keep the slurping quiet. It was long before her balls started to tighten up. I knew she was about to come. I knew we would be discovered in she moaned out loud.

Before I could be anymore concerned with her moaning she began coming. I was so excited I thought I would come in my pants. She came with very hard spurts of come that hit the back of my throat and caused me to gag. I had to pull her cock out. This caused her come to shoot on my face and chest. Her come thick and white and very salty but tasted great. My gagging relfex was the surprise of how f***eful it was. I knew we were busted then because she moaned very loudly. When she finished she handed me a cloth, told me to clean myself and her and to come out from under her desk.

After I came out and stood up I turned to she a beautiful blond. The blond told me good job. I knew that she knew what was going on before she entered. Erica then told me she had read my profile and this was her way of fullfilling my fantasy. She told me to turned around and meet her friend Jessica. By the time I turned around Jessica had taken off her skirt to reveal she is a shemale as well. Erica told me I was going to give Jessica a blow job while she watched. I said OK.

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Posted by Meandick at 15,Apr,14 17:12

A bit pointless but yesterday I had the biggest cumshot ive ever had. I was lying there just pumping my cum out on to my stomach it felt like it was never ending.

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Ah! It was good!

Posted by luv2shave at 15,Apr,14 15:52

Oh, the sex with my beloved last night was good!! After a day and a half of basically keeping myself hard with orgasm denial, I was more than ready. I even had a nice mutual masturbation session with a friend here on Show Your Dick on Sunday afternoon. No cumming, just stroking and showing.

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Posted by transcunt at 15,Apr,14 05:00

my cunt is hungry today

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body art

Posted by Jeni-Talia at 14,Apr,14 21:50

hello take a gander at my body art and enjoy, if you have something in mind let me know and I can render a drawing also i like to manipulate genitals pictures into art if your intrested send me a message and and ill be happy to make something

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First Time In a long time

Posted by Reg_Dick at 14,Apr,14 21:05

I'm going for a "run" with a random guy i met of craigslist.
I haven't done anything with a guy in years and i'm nervous.
I hope it goes well but i really don't know. WISH ME LUCK

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An honest question

Posted by br549dick at 14,Apr,14 14:25

After scrolling through my pics, do you find my erect cock:

1 - small
2 - medium
3 - large

And would it bother you that I have no balls, real balls?

I am honestly curious. I've always thought myself on the smaller side, not that I compare myself to anyone, but it's kinda difficult not to do so.


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good fuck

Posted by connor212 at 14,Apr,14 02:59

Nothing like getting all the friends togeath for a good gang bang. Mmm the taste of cock is still in my mouth and my ass hole still wide after being fucked. Who else loves a. Bukkake? Yummy I LOVE CUM

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Yardwork Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 23:17

I decided to cut the grass one hot day and since it was hot out, thought I would wear my overalls with no clothes under. Naked under my clothes so to speak. I was cutting away and could feel my naked skin on the overalls cloth, it was arousing. My precum started to flow and my cock had swelled a bit. I started to think about the guy a few doors down who's single and doesn't seem to have any girlfriends. is he shy? gay? Hmmm that got me to thinking what if he came over while I'm cutting the grass and asked to borrow a tool. I'd stop cutting and he's say he needed this tool and do I have one he can use for a few days. OK lets go check in the shed and see what I've got. We were in the shed and looking though my boxes of stuff, and couldn't find what I knew was there someplace. We're both looking side by side then as I was looking up on a shelf I felt his hand go through the slit in the side of overalls. Maybe it was gaping open and he could see only skin, a dead giveaway of my nakedness underneath. I felt his hand go directly to my cock which jumped and instantly started growing before I could say anything. He said, 'nice', can we go further? I was almost speechless, so aroused by his hand which was now slowly jacking me off. I had fantasized and dreamed of sex with a guy for a long time. He kept his hand moving and asked again, can we go further?, by now I was so turned on, my cock was rock hard and there was no turning back. I mumbled ok, and he started to unbutton my coveralls, in a few seconds they had slipped to the ground and I'm standing there naked, he slowly gets down on his knees , takes his hand off my cock and puts his mouth on it, first licking the huge drips of precum. He sucked slowly and gently, continuing until I came hard in his mouth, he swallowed it all, then said, maybe we can check for tools again sometime and quickly left. It took me a few minutes to realize what had just happened and I was still so turned on...

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Big black master....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 23:15

About a year ago, I was in serious debt to this huge black guy, he told me if I became his bitch, he would end the debt, before I could even answer, everything went black.

Next thing I knew, I wake up in a basement, hands and feet bound staring up at him. He stood about 6ft 1, at least 20 stone and had a dick which was easily 12 inches long and 2 or 3 inches wide when erect. I was naked and cold on the floor. He shouted, "get on your fucking knees!". I quickly rushed up, he laughed to himself. Now, put this on. He attached a leash around my neck, "now, you're my bitch" he authoritatively said. He was wearing a leather thong with leather straps around his huge belly and smooth man boobs. He clutched the leash in one hand and stroked his massive cock with the other, which wasn't erect yet, even in this state, it was a solid 5 inches by 2 inches. He turned and walked towards a chair in the corner, "crawl" he growled as he dragged me along towards it. I stared up at his huge, firm ass as I crawled. He turned around and plopped down onto the chair, spreading his legs and allowing his cock to flop fully down. I was on my knees about 2ft from his cock, he said "come here and get a whiff this, bitch". Panic set in, I didn't want this, I tried to restrain but he was too strong and pulled me towards him. I pleaded and begged "please, no, don't do this I will pay you the money please" he laughed louder and louder as I begged "keep begging bitch, it's just gonna taste all the sweeter". I was now only a few inches from this monster, he grabbed my hair and shoved my face into his floppy cock, making me sniff under his balls, all over the shaft and all around. The thick manly musk filled my nose, I tried to pull my head back but he held me there firmly. He slapped it against my face, that warm, meaty, greasy cock. I begged him again, "please, let me go" "Not a fucking chance, bitch, you're gonna be on my dick the rest of your pitiful life".

He pushed me onto my back, I spluttered for air and to try and relieve myself from the stench of his sweaty cock and balls. He reached down from behind the chair and produce a bottle of body oil. He squirted it all over his huge belly, tits and cock, gripped the leash once again and pulled me into his cock. "Look at me" he shouted. I looked up, with his cock resting up against my left eye, "rub this all over me with your hands, slave".

I begged him again, whimpering "please don't make me do this, I want to go home" "This is your home now bitch! you're my new gimp! whenever I need satisfying, your tight little ass is mine for the rest of your days!". He laughed at the horror on my face, i began to rub the oil over his huge, floppy tits, he sighed "thats a good boy", I got to his big hairless black belly, he grabbed me by the back of the hair with both hands, "I think your face can rub this in". He violently rubbed my face all over his belly, spreading the oil, then slowly pushed me down to his cock. I held it in my hands, It was so heavy, I began to rub it, "like that don't you bitch!" he shouted. I truly didn't but feared if I disagreed he would do something terrible to me. He stood up, your face as a lot of oil left on it, slave, he turned around, rub it into my big black ass. He put the leash between his legs and bent over, "Please god no!" I shouted, Laughing again, he pulled me into his ass, My screams were muffled out. "Bet you love that smell too slave, don't you? I purposely didn't wipe today just for you" "NO!" I screamed as he laughed even more.

He threw me back down on the floor, he sat back down. I looked up at him, his cock was getting bigger. My eyes widened, "ever had a dick up your ass before slave?" "No, please, I don't want it up there!" "ahahahaha" he stroked his cock over and over until it was fully erect. "Im gonna put you on this and parade you around slave, I will be inside you and I will own you.
I turned around to crawl away, "no i shouted, I wont let you!" he laughed, with straining me on my leash. I like it when they try to run, do you know what happened to my last slave? he disobeyed me too much, now he spends all day in a small cage, in a gimp suit. Whenever I let him out, its for an hour during which I am sat on his face.
Now, get back here, he grabbed my ankles and pulled me towards him. No! i shouted, he sat on my legs rubbing his huge cock between my tight chubby cheeks, you feel that bitch? I continued to try and crawl away with my hands but there was nothing to grip. I felt his huge hand slam down on my left bum cheek, then the right. He covered it in oil, "Just like greasing a pig". Now, get ready boy, here comes the pain.

He hunched my ass up, gave it a huge slap, then I felt him enter me. His bellend was so warm, and it just kept going in, it felt like it never ended, and it hurt so much. Please! no! no more! thats it bitch, scream, beg for mercy!! it just makes me harder! he pounded into my ass for a solid ten minutes, then turned me over and crawled up to be sat across my chest. He flopped his dick across my face. Now listen to me bitch, you're mine, I own you. Now, kiss my balls. No i pleaded, He flopped them on my closed mouth, Kiss them or I will fuck your ass for the next 5 hours straight!. I kissed each ball, now, kiss my bellend, I did. Good boy. he got up, turned around then crouched down, I stared into his big black crack, now, im gonna sit on your face, you're gonna lick my dirty asshole clean. I will allow you to breathe when I say. Understand? "yes" I submissively responded. Yes what? he shouted. you will call me master, do you understand? yes master. he sat on my face, it was hot, sticky and smelly, after 15 seconds i became short on air, I tried pushing him off, kicking my legs frantically but he stayed put. lick my ass white boy and ill let you breathe!. I did, I licked his warm ass hole, it was disgusting but I had too.
he got off, i gasped and panted for air. Now, he grabbed my in comparison tiny cock, this is mine too. I control your orgasms now. understand? yes master.
he sat down in the chair, cock fully erect, come and sit on this. I walked towards him, my unerect cock swinging as i walked, I watched his eyes follow its movement. I turned around and sat down, the feeling of his huge cock sliding inside of me made me cringe my face up. I reached his balls. All 12 inches were inside. Theres a good bitch, now, stay sat there while I wank you off, and if you cum, there will be hell to pay. He was wanking me off furiously, I think he wanted me to cum just to hurt me more, I groaned and sighed trying not to be aroused and finish but I couldn't handle it any more, PLEASE GOD NO IM GOING TO CUM!! I shouted as I released. You fucking bitch, I told you not to! please master, Im sorry , he threw me off his dick. Lick it up! Now!!! you dirty bitch.

he threw me over the back of the chair, spread my legs and gave me the hardest fucking i could imagine, I screamed, have mercy but he kept going, now, im gonna release inside of you bitch, and you're gonna love it!!! no, dont do it! aahhhhh i screamed as he did, it just kept coming i couldnt take it, i squirmed and wriggled but couldnt get off his dick, he laughed, ooh yea wriggle more bitch, it just shows how much you're mine now!!
he pulled out, now clean my cock off he shouted, thrusting it into my mouth, i gagged and swallowed, the taste was terrible.

he put me on my back, sat on my face and pulled my legs over, he spat in my asshole and licked it and spanked me, at least 100 times. making me thank him for every one. He wanked me off again, it hurt so much.

he dragged me back over to his chair, where he sat down and I sat on the floor, with my head between his legs. he flopped his cock on top of my head, i felt his juices dripping onto my chest and over my face.

I like you, bitch, you'll be a good slave to me. now, say thank you to my cock. i thanked it. Kiss it, I did, good boy. he said, walking towards the door. I'll see you tomorrow for round 2.

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Camping Trip .....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 23:13

I am 26 year old white bi sex guy. I usally go camping a couple times a year with some friends which is mostly a drinking fest. This spring we decided to go to a local state park in my friend Todd's pop up camper. It was Todd, Shane, and myself and we planned to stay for 9 days. Todd is a str8 guy and Todd will sometimes play bi if no one knows. I am a little more open with love of sex no matter with who.

The first night we where camping we had way to many drinks and the next day was rough that evening Todd and Shane decided to go to the bath house and shower to go into town to a local bar. I decided I would just stay at camp and take a nap to recover from the night before. I was in the camper sl**ping when I heard a truck pull up at the site next to us I looked out the window and noticed a white guy in his mid 50's by himself. I listened as he was working to level his rv when I figured I would get up and give him a hand. I went out and introduced myslef and he said his name was Steve I helped him get the rv leveled and hooked up and told him if he needed anything to just come on over. I was soaking wet with sweat after helping him so I went back to our camper to cool down a bit before I showered. I almost had feel asl**p when I heard a knock at the door I opened it up and it was Steve he had a bottle of water he offered and told me thanks for helping. I replied it was no problem at all and asked if he wanted to come in. He came in and sat at the table and said it is hot in here and I agreed the pop up AC was not great but still better than outside. He offered me to stay with him in his RV it was alot cooler I eagerly said I would like that if he had the room. He said it was just him so he had plenty of room. He got up and started to leave and said he was going to the bath house to shower I said that sounds like a good idea I was going to get my things ready. I was about to leave when my phone rang and held me up about 5 minutes. When I got to the bath house it has 3 showers and Steve was getting in the middle stall and someone else was in the front stall so it only left the handicap stall in the back corner. It was the best stall to get because it had 2 shower heads and 1 seat and 2 benches in it. I got naked and cut the water on and waited for the water to warm up from freezing it was not warming up when I noticed the hotwater valve was closed. The stalls are made from blocks and the wood seats and benches are attached to the walls. I climbed up on the bench to reach the valve when I turned the valve on I glanced over into the middle shower and saw Steve washing off. I eased back a little to stay out of site but still watch as he washed his body. He turned towards me a little showing me his cock and I was shocked at his cock it looked like a porn star's cock. I have 7" and it made me feel small and it was limp. It was hanging mid thigh with soap and water running down it. My bi side took over as my cock got rock hard I started stroking it slowly and kept watching Steve's cock he reached down and grabbed it and I looked at his face and he was standing there with a smile looking right at me. I hopped down off of the bench and got under the water spraying and was hoping he was not offend. I heard the water shut off on Steve's shower and I just stood under the water kinda embarrassed to step out so I decided to just stay in the shower until he left the bath house. I was standin with my head up against the wall when I heard the shower door close I turned to get out of the shower when I noticed the door closing was my shower door and Steve was standing with a towel wrapped around him in my stall. He still had the same smile on his face as he dropped his towel on the floor and said you can use it for knee pads if you want. I was instantly relieved and super horny I reached down and grabbed the towel and folded it and dropped it to the floor and go on my knees. Steve walked slowly into me so I could grab his cock and press to my lips. I kissed the head and shaft a few time before I started to lick it. It was getting even bigger and harder as I licked it. I then opened my mouth as wide as I could and took his cock into my mouth. Only the head and 3-4 inches would fit and I was not even half was down. I kept sucking his cock as he grabbed the back of my head and gentle guided my head to take him in and out of my mouth. I took my hand and rubbed his balls as I sucked him. He was hard as a rock and I was slowly sucking and rubbing when he pulled out his cock and started slowly stroking it. I kept putting my mouth over his head and licking the pre cum when he said don't worry I will feed you. I smiled and went down to his balls and started licking and sucking on them, he put one leg up on the bench giving me room to slide under and rim his ass. I could tell this was new for him he was a little jumpy at first but relaxed quickly and moaned as I rimmed him. He was stroking his cock a little faster so I decided to check to make sure I didn't miss any cum so I took his head into my mouth as he stroked and I started rubbing his ass with my finger and fingered him a little when he moaned loudly and started cumming in my mouth I sucked it letting the cum flow out of my mouth down my chest. I squeezed his cock and got the last bit of cum out and swallowed it down. I got up and Steve asked if I was still going to stay with him this week and I said yes.

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Fantasy Visit

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 23:11

I was sitting outside a burger stand on a spring day eating lunch. The other tables were full and since it was just me, I didn't have a problem offering space to another customer. It was a way to meet new people. This particular time a man on a bicycle was looking to sit so I invited him over. We made small talk and talked about the possibility of hanging out as he was on his way to work. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to keep in touch and make plans.

Since Dane lived some miles away he wanted to bring his bike on the train(He rode his bike to the train) As it happens I am notorious for running late so as I am getting out of the shower Dane calls to say that he is at the train station and will be at my apartment in 15 minutes, he gets there in five. Embarrassed I open the door in a T-shirt and boxers and invite him in apologizing for my state of dress. After giving the tour (It's a small place) Dane says "Well, finish getting dressed!" Now I'm really embarrassed and I'm starting to shake from nerves as I'm buckling my belt. Dane sees this and puts his hands on my shoulders and then puts his arms around me, I return the hug as it feels nice to be held.

He asks me if I like movies and if I have a VCR. I ask him what kind of movies he likes to which he replies all kinds. Ambiguous. I tell him I don't have a VCR and ask what he brought with him. He tells me it's a shame because he had an adult film with him. I then told him this was no problem since I could access the internet and bring up X=Hamster and we could watch whatever he wanted.

The buffering was murder, after a few minutes I gave up. Apologizing again I looked at him he had a bulge forming down his thigh. He reaches over to me as I touch his cheek. His chin feels like fine grade sandpaper. He leans in and kisses me gently on the lips. I kiss back, undoing his button and zipper to find no underwear just 7 inches of firming penis. before I can take it out he says "I want to see it" and undoes my belt and jeans and takes out my 6 inches. I asked him "why did you make me get dressed if this was going to happen?" "Propriety" was my answer as he got down on one knee and engulfed my cock with his warm wet mouth. He extended his tongue to my scrotum. I pulled him off of me and said "Let's do this right" So we got undressed and into a 69 position. I put his smooth shaft in my mouth and slid it in and out. He moaned and resumed sucking my length little as it was. As he was sucking me I felt his Upper lip trying to take in my balls. "It feels like you're trying to swallow me" "that's because I am" No one had ever put this much effort into trying to make me feel good. I slid his thin erection as far as I could and brushed the area between anus and scrotum, wanting him to feel as good as he was doing to me. He stopped me and rolled me on my back. Taking some nearby lotion he rubbed some on me and then his ass and proceeded to push my head through his opening and tried to ride me. The only problem was I wasn't that into anal sex at the time so I started losing my erection. At that he got off me and started sucking me again this time with his tongue on the underside of my shaft. his cock lay between my feet as I stroked it. He moaned with my penis in his mouth lips pressed at the base. I warned him of my impending eruption to which his response was to press down harder and tickle the sides of my cock with the tip of his tongue. The "moment" came with every muscle in my body seizing, my left leg bending up, explosions and flashes of light going off in my head, sweat pouring off like a river. My orgasmic discharges couldn't get out of me fast enough before being pushed out of the way by another. As the pulses subsided and the world came back into focus I looked down and Dane slowly raised his lips off my still throbbing organ, Not so much as a drop of come or saliva was let loose only to be spit into the garbage pail. In a worried voice Dane asked "Are you all right? You had me a little worried" Taking a deep breathe I said I was fine.

"Good, I want to make you come again"

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More Than Just My Cable TV....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 23:10

Television sucks. I've had more fucking problems with cable television than it's worth. I don't know why I keep it, but here I am again, waiting for the cable repair man to show up. Bored, and when I'm bored I start getting horny. I'm sitting on the couch waiting and I start playing with my nipples. Flicking, making circles with my fingertips, squeezing. My cock is starting to come alive when the doorbell rings. Shit. Interrupted by the fucking cable guy. I get up and open the door. Surprise, he's kind of sexy. He's young, maybe 30, 35. He's slight, maybe 5 ft 8 or so, and no more than 135 pounds. And his dark skin looks flawless in the morning light. I must have looked like an idiot staring at him with my mouth open. "I'm Charles, I came to fix your cable."

I led him to the television cabinet. He turned the box and the TV on and began changing channels to recreate the problem. Indeed it was tiling, badly. It was only then that I realized my horrible mistake; I had left one of my porn movies in the DVD player and the DVD case was laying next to the cable box…in plain sight. Worse, it was one of my favorite classic gay movies: "The Bigger The Better". Now I'm NOT in the closet, but I'm still not comfortable flaunting my sexuality, especially to a complete stranger!

"I think I know what the problem is." Charles broke the silence. "Your signal is weak. I'll check the connection and cables outside. Give me a few." Out he went. I scurried to get the DVD out of the player, into the case and the case back into my bedroom with the rest of my collection. Charles coming back in when I came out from the bedroom. "I think it was your splitter, I replaced it. Let's see if that worked." He turned on the TV, changed channels a few times. The picture was clear, no tiling. "Looks like that was it." He paused and looked at me. "I planned an hour for this stop and it only took a few minutes." He looked down at the stand where the DVD case was a few minutes ago, and then looked back at me. "I hope I'm not being too forward, but I noticed that you have a copy of "The Bigger The Better." Silence. I didn't know what to say. Charles once again broke the ice. "I love that movie, it's one of my favorites. Rick Donovan's cock is so sexy, and when he fucks Peter North I can't help but get hard." Oh my god! Charles is gay too…

We looked at each other in silence. I was speechless. My heart was pounding. Charles to the rescue. "I prefer top. How about you?". Smiling. I swallowed and replied "Bottom". Another few seconds of silence. "Like I said, I've got some time. You're kind of sexy, and since you're a bottom and I'm a top…" Charles lay his hand gently on my shoulder. My heart was coming through my chest…and my cock was starting to press against my pants. I smiled and that was enough. Charles came to me and we kissed. Oh what a wonderful kiss! Soft and full, warm, wet. We pressed into each other, pressed our crotches together. While our tongues danced around each other I could feel how stiff he was as well.

I rubbed his manhood through his pants. It felt huge. I couldn't wait. I went to my knees. I unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his pants, slid his zipper down, slid his pants to the floor. His cock was straining against his jockey's. Now it might have been sexier to tease him a little, maybe play with it through the jockeys, kiss it, take my time. But I couldn't wait. I slid his jockeys down and he sprung free. And let me tell you, it was gorgeous! Thick, long, uncut, veined beautifully. Rick Donovan has nothing on Charles.

I pulled his foreskin back, kissed his head and ran my tongue around his glans. Charles was already hard as a rock. I could barely get my mouth around it, but I wanted him badly. I slid my lips over his glans and down his shaft as far as I could. He moaned. I slid back across his glans, stroking his shaft with my hand at the same time. My head was spinning. Charles was groaning. I worked him for what seemed like an eternity as he gently stroked my face, neck ears. He had stamina, he simple wasn't going to cum until he was ready.

I was lost in the moment when he whispered "Would you let me fuck you?" I stopped and stood. I kissed his beautiful lips and gave hime my soft tongue. "I would love to have you inside me!" I took his hand and led him to my bedroom. I took my KY out of the nightstand drawer, set it on the bed. We stripped. His body was perfect; thin, muscular, and nearly hairless except for the small perfectly groomed patch that he kept just above his cock. I kneeled on the bed, squeezed some KY into my hand and gently rubbed it onto his shaft. His erection returned quickly. He glistened. Charles put his hands on my shoulders and turned me toward the bed. Doggie style. He squeezed a little KY onto his fingers and began massaging my ass. One finger in gently, then out. Again, and again. Then more KY and two fingers. He was very gentle. "Your ass is perfect, so smooth and sexy. I love the way you keep it hairless. You're really tight though. Are you sure this will be OK? I don't want to hurt you…" I replied breathlessly "I want you inside me. Take your time, be gentle. It'll be fine."

He didn't hesitate. He pressed his stiff cock against my ass. He rubbed it over my sphincter a few times and then began to press. I relaxed. He pressed gently. "You can press harder baby…" He pressed. His head began to slide in. I relaxed more. His head slid in further. Oh my god it felt wonderful! He pulled out and put some more KY on both of us. "Ready?" "Yes!" He pressed it against me again, I relaxed. It slid in further, still not quite all the way. He paused. "It feels really good Charles, please put it in me!" "OK, I'm just afraid I'm hurting you…" "No baby, it feels really good…fuck me please!" Charles pressed into me again, I relaxed. His beautiful big cock slid past my sphincter muscles and slid deep into me. It took my breath away. Oh my god it felt so good. He paused again. "You OK?" "Please fuck me Charles, fuck me gently!"

Charles began sliding in and out of me, very, very gently, very rhythmically. Always bringing his cock just to the point where he felt like he was going to slip out, but never slipping out. We rocked together. My head spun, my ass was full and I was loving it. Charles was moaning, rocking slowly, hands stroking my back, my sides, my ass. His balls gently slapping me. Sweating. Moaning. Filling me. Oh my god I hoped it would never stop.

Charles pulled out of me. "roll over on your back…I want to kiss you when I cum." I did as Charles said. I raised my legs and rested them on his sweet, sweet shoulders. He slid back into me gently, slowly, deeply. He paused, leaned in and we began to kiss. Soft sweet kisses, tongues dancing with each other. Wet. He began rocking. I played with his nipples. He moaned. Kissing, rocking, moaning. I could feel him stiffen, he was getting close. His sweat was dripping on me. Rocking, he felt so good. Kissing. Tongues. Nipples. Stiffer. Stiffer. He tensed. He bit my lip. He kissed me harder. Deeper. Moaning. Stiffening. Throbbing. He spilled into me. Oh my god! Hot, throbbing, his semen filling me. We kissed harder. He began to slow, his kisses became gentler. He gently laid his full body on me. We fell asl**p in each other arms.

Charles always makes time when he's going to be making calls nearby. We see each other at least once a week. And we fuck with the same passion that we had the very first time. As time has gone on we've changed roles a few times. He loves to suck my cock, and he loves to let me fuck him once in a while. I even keep a few toys that Charles likes in my drawer; nipple clamps, anal beads, you know, some fun stuff. And a few lacy things, because Charles likes to dress me up now and then, and man he makes me feel sexy when I'm dressed up! Love? I don't know. But Charles is the most gentle, sweet man that I know. And that cock of his! I get hard just thinking about it baby.

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Fantasy Steam

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 23:07

Evan and Sara pulled their car into the winding parking lot. The health club was attached precariously to the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean, and the parking lot wound around beneath it. At first it looked as if there were only five or ten cars there, but as they rounded each turn a new little alcove of spaces revealed that the lot probably held closer to 40 or 50 cars. The fog blocked out the setting sun and slicked down the trees.

They walked into the dimly lit lobby. Huge candles burned everywhere and some kind of bass-heavy music throbbed from hidden speakers. A young man at the front desk used a futuristic looking phone to call a personal trainer down from the office. She was a woman in her late 20s with dark black hair and blue eyes. Her name was Alexis and she was going to take the couple on a tour of the facilities.

They walked down a long hallway lined with closed doors. At the end, they found themselves in an expansive weight room. Exercise equipment of every imaginable variety filled the room. One wall was all window, looking out toward the fog shrouded ocean. Although a hundred people could have been lifting weights in the room all at the same time with room to spare, there were only two or three people working out. A large, well muscled man grunted under a stack of weights in the corner. A girl of about 18 in a skimpy outfit was strapped into some machine that spread her legs wide apart.

Alexis led the couple to the swimming pool, the aerobics gym, the basketball court, the racquet ball chambers, and the massage therapy offices. Although it was just after work on a Thursday and the club should have been full of people working out, they found every room and facility to be almost empty. Alexis explained that most people came for the bath facilities and offered to show them to Evan and Sara.

They entered a richly appointed changing area. Every surface was covered in dark wood and glass. The floor had a deep shag carpet that threatened to swallow their shoes. Men and women stood side by side, silently changing out of their work clothes. Without fail, every one of them was startlingly attractive. A taught blonde women stood next to a young Asian woman who undressed next to a buff black man who chatted quietly with a man next to him that looked like the famous statue of David. The same music from the lobby pumped through the walls. The air was heavy and moist.

Alexis led the couple over to an empty row of lockers. She explained that while the changing room was co-ed, the bathing facilities were, she hesitated...separated. Without out a hint of shyness she began to take off her track pants and sweatshirt. When she removed her sports bra the couple saw that her breasts were quite large. When she removed her white cotton panties they saw that she was completely shaved. Evan and Sara began removing their clothes and Alexis hung them up in an empty locker. Since she would have to go with Sara into the ladies portion of the bath area, Alexis called over the black guy, whose name was Darrel to help Evan out with this part of the tour. Alexis took Sara by the hand and led her through a beaded curtain and then disappeared into the steam. Darrel motion his head toward another curtain on the opposite side of the room and then followed Evan as he too disappeared into the steam.

At first Sara thought she was in the rain forest somewhere. Giant tropical plants were everywhere in front of what looked like windows facing the ocean. The same huge candles from the lobby provided a warm glow. Artificial waterfalls ran down the wall and into a big drain at the center of the floor. Sara realized they were in a large complex of shower rooms – or rather one big room with many nooks and crannies. When Alexis led her near the waterfall she felt the warm water wash over her bare feet. Shower heads stood on free standing poles throughout the room. Under each one were three or four naked women. In fact, the room was packed, explaining why the rest of the club had been empty. Alexis led Sara by her hand through the maze of wet, naked female bodies. Through the steam she could see the women caressing each other, rubbing soapy hands over each other’s belly and thighs. Sara heard low moaning coming from all corners of the room.

Alexis guided Sara to a line of foam benches that bordered a long, bubbling hot tub. On the other side of the tub Sara saw a mirror image of the steam baths she had just walked through, only it was filled with wet, naked male bodies instead of women. She saw Evan getting his back washed by two body builders. She went toward him but was stopped by some kind of netting just beyond the hot tub. Alexis explained that this was what “separated” the two steam baths. You could look, but not touch.

Sara saw two men just beyond the net lathering up their hands with soap. They reached down and grabbed each other’s cocks and began to stroke and rub their dicks together. Sara felt her face flush and her pussy get damp. Alexis came up behind her and pressed herself into Sara’s back. Sara could feel her big tits rubbing against her and her slick, shaved pussy being pressed into her ass crack. Sara leaned her head back onto Alexis’ shoulder and Alexis wrapped her arms around Sara. “Do you like what you see?” she asked. Sara responded by guiding one of Alexis’ hands to her small, pert titties and the other down to her fuzzy blonde snatch.

On the men’s side, Evan’s new friends were now on their knees in front and back of him. One had his stiff, wet dick in his mouth and was sucking and licking it like a popsicle. Evan grabbed the sides of his head and fucked his mouth slowly. The guy behind him licked at his anus and fondled his balls. Evan said, “Oh yeah man, suck my hard cock. Lick my shaft.” The man behind heard Evan talking dirty and slid his tongue deep into Evan’s butt. Evan groaned.

Looking over to the women’s side he saw Sara surrounded by naked women. Alexis was behind her massaging her boobs and kissing her neck. Two other girls, a short Asian beauty and a cherubic redhead were alternately kissing her lips and nipples. As Evan felt the muscle man’s tongue slide over the head of his cock, he watched as the three girls moved together for a very wet three-way tongue kiss. He noticed then that another women sat on a stool at their feet. Her hands clutched at Sara’s hips and her face was buried in her crotch.

Alexis whispered in Sara’s ear, “Do you like that girl’s tongue in your pussy? Do you like her lapping up your warm cunt juice? Is she licking your hard clit? Tell me...”

Sara whispered back, her breath heavy, “Oh god her tongue feels so good in my vagina. And your hands on my tits. I love watching Evan getting his cock sucked by that guy. I want to touch your pussy Alexis.”

Sara reached back and slid a finger into Alexis’ moist cunt. She ran it along the length of her slit, touching her anus and then up to her clit. Alexis moaned and bit Sara’s ear. All around them naked women were in groups, fondling, touching, and licking each other. The moans had gotten louder and some women were already screaming in orgasm.

The man licking Evan’s asshole stood up and hugged against him. “I want to fuck your butt, dude.” The other man continued to slurp his cock and Evan didn’t even open his eyes. He simply nodded “yes” and concentrated on the blowjob. The other man grabbed some astro-glide from one of the many bottles placed throughout the room, and squirted it down Evan’s buttcrack. The man sucking his cock stood up and told Evan that he wanted to be fucked in the ass too. He grabbed the bottle of lube and rubbed it all over Evan’s hard cock. Evan moaned in pleasure. The man gripped Evan in a tight embrace, reaching around and grabbing his ass cheeks. He spread them wide and the man behind Evan stepped forward and placed the head of his cock against Evan’s anus. Evan could feel the man’s dick going into his butt as his dick rubbed against the dick of the man hugging him from the front. When Evan felt the back door man’s balls pressed against his thighs, he turned the other man around and bent him over.

Sara and Alexis had now made their way over to the foam benches, bringing the Asian girl and the plump girl with them. They all made out for a while, feeling each other up and fingering each other’s wet pussies. Then Alexis laid Sara back on the bench. She stood over Sara’s face, her pussy inches from Sara’s mouth. Sara pulled her down f***efully and lapped at Alexis’ shaved, wet cunt. Alexis bent over so that they were in a tricky 69 position. She licked at Sara’s pussy and motioned for the Asian girl to come help. Together they used their two tongues to lick and suck her cunt, stopping every once and a while to tongue kiss each other. The red head got behind Alexis as she and Sara gave her cunt the same treatment. While Sara licked Alexis’ clit and stuck her tongue in her pussy, the chubby red head licked Alexis’ asshole and suckled Sara’s tongue when it wasn’t in Alexis’ snatch.

As Evan began to get butt fucked by the first of the body builders, he grabbed the hips of the second and steered his cock up his butt. They soon found a rhythm so that as Evan pulled out of the guy’s ass, the guy behind him rammed his cock up Evan’s butt all the way up to his balls. This guy said, “Oh yeah! My cock feels good up your tight ass! I’m gonna fill your ass with my hot cum!” All around them other naked men were stroking, sucking and fucking each other with wild abandon.

As Alexis and the Asian girl lapped at Sara’s blonde cunt she could feel a climax building. She buried her face in Alexis’ pussy. Alexis screamed, “Oh god Sara honey! Fuck my pussy! Lick my cunt! I’m gonna come on your face! Fuck me!” The red head stuck her tongue in Alexis’ ass and she came on Sara’s tongue. Feeling Alexis’ wet come on her lips brought Sara to the edge and she came wildly. “Oh lick me! Lick me! Fuck my hot cunt! Yes!” she screamed as the two girls’ tongues fucked her pussy.

Evan leaned over the guy he was fucking and said, “Oh dude! I’m about to cum. Oh yeah! I’m gonna cum in your ass!” The guy said, “Oh yeah, fuck my hot ass! Shove your cock all the way up my butt! Fill my ass with hot cum!” Evan came in giant spurts, his cum dribbling out of the body builder’s ass and onto his balls. Just then the guy behind him grabbed Evan’s hips and drove his shaft all the way up Evan’s asshole. Evan felt his anus fill with cum and then it ran down his leg.

When all was said and done the clean up was easy. They were already in the shower. They sat for a while in the hot tub, and then left for the changing room.

Outside the air was cool and fog was dense like steam. Evan and Sara held hands as they walked to their car and then drove off into the dark night.

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Fantasy In The Car

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 23:05

I remember a particular incident that happened many years ago with married friend that I had known for many years but never in a sexual way.We were in his car and travelling quite a distance to buy plants from a specialist nursery,long before the days of garden centres.The talk eventually got round to sex, as it often does between men and after a while he asked me what I thought about sex between men.I had to be very careful before I answered as my wife and I had known him and his wife for many years and apart from the usual sexual banter that happens with couples with nothing serious intended.
After so many years it is difficult to recall the actual details but I do remember saying something about being wanked by someone was a thing I often thought about.
Robert said that was something he too thought about,but didn't want a man to touch him. I think I said something about I wouldn't mind if he wanted to wank me.After the usual reassurances that it was to be kept strickly between ouselves and me assuring him that was obviously something I would never tell anyone about, (and here I am telling you) we eventually turned down a lane to find a secluded soon as we stopped Robert said what do we do now.So to give him a bit of encouragement I lifted myself up and pulled my trousers and underpants down to my ankles and laid back in the seat.Looking very embarrased he reached over and held my cock.God i almost came right then.Almost lying so that his face was close to my cock and he wouldn't have to look at me he began to wank me off. It was fantastic and within a very short time I was shooting my spunk all over my belly Robert was loving it and he continued untill he'd milked every drop from me.This happened a couple of times after that but the first time is the one I hold in my memory.

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Fantasy Carpenter

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 23:02

I was just eighteen, fresh out of high school when I
landed my first real job working for a small construction
company. The work required me to spend a lot of time away
from home, which was a new and exciting experience.

Dean, the owner of the company, was in his mid—thirties.
He had a body that was like a rock and a handsome face. He
gave the outward impression of being someone to reckon with
if you dared cross him, but deep down he was as gentle as a

Dean was the kind of boss who worked right along with
his crew. I guess, because of my age, he saw me as being
someone who needed some nurturing, and being the fatherly
type, took me under his wing.

When ever we were on an away job, the crew stayed at a
nearby motel, but Dean insisted on staying in the small
trailer he always brought to the construction site.

Concerned about the bad habits I might acquire if I
spent too much time alone with the rowdy, more experienced
men, Dean insisted that we bunk together. I thought he was
being overly protective, but he was the boss.

After just two days on the job, the shower went on the
blink. The guys offered to let us shower at their motel, but
Dean being the resourceful type, assured them he already had
the problem solved.

Shortly after dark, once the site was abandoned, Dean
strung a garden hose around behind the trailer. “Whose going
to be first?” He asked, tossing me a towel. I guess he must
have detected my expression of apprehension. “You hose me
down first,” he volunteered. “Hell, I ain’t shy.”

It was night, but the ample moonlight allowed me to make
out the detailed features of Dean’s huge muscular body. When
he was ready, I directed a fine spray over him, discreetly
checking him out.

There was something about seeing him naked that made me
feel strangely warm inside. I f***ed my eyes to look away,
but they insisted on returning to the shadowy image of his
soapy thick cock.

Dean shivered as he dried himself. “Well, unless you’re
sl**ping outside, you’re next,” he said. “The water’s cold,
but it feels great.”

I was reluctant, but began taking off my cloths. I
stripped all the way down to my briefs before hesitating.
“It’s just you and me, k**,” said Dean. “There’s not another
soul around.”

Taking a deep breath, I hooked my thumbs over the top of
my briefs and peeled them off. Dean immediately turned the
hose on me, dousing my sweaty body with the refreshing spray.

Hurriedly, I ran the soap over my wet skin, working up a
good lather that cascaded down my body like a sudsy
waterfall. A couple of times I looked at Dean and was
stunned by the way he was leering at me. I’d never before
had anyone study me with such intensity. Dean’s searching
eyes made me uneasy, but they also excited me, enough to make
my temperamental, young cock restless.

Dean’s attention appeared to be glued to my semi—erect
cock, which only teased my organ to show off even more. As
the last of the grimy froth dripped from my tightly
contracted nuts, Dean turned off the hose and stood staring
shamelessly at my sizable, full blown hardon.

He shook his head, smiling. “I was just trying to
remember what it was like to be your age,” he said, reaching
out to give me a playful pat on my ass.

His innocent gesture gave me goose bumps, I was excited
beyond belief. His hand had touched my naked ass. I
suddenly found myself wondering what it would feel like to
have him grab my wagging stiff cock.

Christ, what was I thinking? What was happening to me?
I tried to get him off my mind.

It was a hot night. The inside of the trailer was like
an oven. Getting to sl**p wasn’t going to be easy. As I
laid on top of the covers, wearing only a pair of jockey
shorts, I drifted into a state of fantasy. It was a fantasy
as steamy as the night air; an erotic vision that triggered a
massive erection.

A space of four feet separated my cot from Dean’s, but
it felt like he was lying right beside me. I could feel the
heat radiating from his muscular body, passionate heat that
was about to drown me in my own sweat.

A security light cast a dim, amber glow through out the
interior of the small trailer. I could see Dean resting
peacefully. I needed to jack off in the worst way.

I turned onto my side facing away from Dean. The head
of my stiff, eight-inch cock was poking out over the elastic
of my briefs, dripping for attention. Reaching down, I
affectionately pinched the spongy knob smearing the gooey sap
that leaked from my piss hole between my thumb and fingers.
I pulled down the front of my shorts and began to slowly
stroke my rigid slab of teenage meat.

“Does that feel good?” Dean’s words shattered the
silence like an explosion, causing me to nearly jump out of
my skin.

I immediately let the front of my shorts snap back up,
but they failed to conceal the full length of my pulsing
tool. In a rather lame attempt to hide my self indulgence I
yawned and looked over my shoulder. ....... .what?”

Dean was now sitting on the edge of his cot staring at
me. I was embarrassed, but I tried not to let it show.
Cramming my tormented prick down inside my underwear, I
rolled onto my back hoping not to arouse any further

Dean reached for the switch on the wall and we were
suddenly bathed in a harsh, revealing light. “You know,”
Dean said, gazing lustfully at the sizable bulge straining
against the crotch of my briefs, “for your size, you sure
do have a big cock.” I knew he was referring to the fact
that I was only five feet nine inches tall and weighed all of
a hundred and thirty pounds.

I felt my face glowing red and hot. Dean shook his head
and smiled knowingly as I pulled up the sheet to distort his
view. “I can always go outside and have a smoke if you want
to finish taking care of business,” he said.

“I -- I,” I couldn’t even speak.

“Better yet,” he said, coming over to sit on the side of
my cot. “Why don’t you let me help you take care of

I laid paralyzed as he tossed back the sheet and pulled
my underwear down around my knees. The stiffness afflicting
my quivering young cock had not subsided in the least, if
anything, my cock had gotten even harder.

I moaned as Dean’s fingers slid up the insides of my
down covered thighs, pausing as they reached my swollen nuts.
My head spun as he gently rolled my aching bangers with his
callused fingers.

“My God, boy, you’re so full of juice you’re damn near
ready to pop a load.”

Sweat streamed down the sides of my face as Dean locked
a fist around my pulsating cylinder. It took my breath away
when he squeezed my shaft until the head of my dick was
stretched so tight that it seemed to glow in the harsh light.

Wetting his lips with his slippery tongue, I could see
that he thirsted to sample the single drop of shimmering pre-
cum that had emerged from my piss hole to fill the shallow
well at the tip of my organ’s bloated crimson crown.

“Mmmmmmmm....nectar of the Gods,” Dean sighed softly,
bending down to take my succulent knob between his slobbering
hungry lips.

I closed my eyes, listening to him grunt and groan with
satisfaction as my sticky sap washed over his hot, wet
tongue. My entire body trembled as Dean stuck the tip of his
tongue into the slimy slit of my piss hole. My organ lurched
ruttishly as he lapped greedily, slowly moving his talented
mouth further and further down the shaft of my pulsing organ.
I watched with utter amazement as he greedily consumed the
entire length of my cock.

I could keep silent no longer. “Oh fuck, that feels so
good,” I panted. “I’ve never had a blow job before.”

Dean snaked my thick wad of meat out of his sweltering
gullet. “I take it then that you approve?” He said,
flicking his tongue up and down the tubular underbelly of my
rigid organ.

“Oh God, yes! Please don’t stop. Suck my dick some

“You know,” he said, wiping the drool from his chin, “I
might be persuaded to do just that, provided you’re willing
to return the favor.”

I looked down between his huge, hairy legs and stared at
the enormous, elongated bulge tenting out the leg of his
baggy boxer shorts. “I don’t know,” I said.

“It’s either that, or you let me fuck your sweet, little
ass,” Dean said, slowly pushing my legs into the air so that
he could scrutinize the tempting contours of my tender butt
more closely. Truth is, I was so fucking horny I was willing
to do almost anything.

Gently, Dean began caressing my ass, filling me with
overwhelming curiosity. I drew my knees up against my chest
urging him to explore further. He ignited a fire inside me
when he pulled the muscular cheeks of my smooth buttocks
apart, making my small, pink pucker vulnerable to his

Slowly Dean sank down onto the cot and buried his face
in the crack of my ass. I nearly shot my wad when he crammed
his thick spiky tongue deep inside my musky asshole.

Spit soon saturated the crack of my ass and a single
finger pierced the wispy halo of man fur that surrounded my
flexing anal orifice. I shivered uncontrollably as his
invading finger wiggled its way into my spastic rectum.

“Damn, you’re tight,” Dean sighed, easing a second finger
up my twitching butt.

I had fingered my bunghole a few times while jacking
off, but it had never felt like this. Dean’s thick fingers
felt so wonderful inside me, I heard myself whimpering with
ecstasy, begging for more.

The tips of his embedded fingers raked over my internal
reservoir of semen and I could resist him no longer.

“Okay,” I said weakly. “You can fuck me, but you have
to promise to go slow, and to stop if it hurts too bad.”

“You got it buddy boy!” Dean said, slipping off his
underwear as I did the same. His cock was not as big as
mine, but it was still an impressive tool. The thought of
having something that size up my ass had me sweating bullets.

Rising up on my hands and knees, I watched anxiously as
Dean sheathed his veiny lance with a lubricated condom,
After taking position behind me, he eased the head of his
dick between my butt cheeks and engaged my resistant rim of
anal muscle.

My fingers dug into the bedding, knotting into tight
fists as the massive head of his steadfast hardness burst
into my virgin hole. I howled with agony as his entry sent
shock waves riveting down my legs and up my spine. A final
jolt of searing pain surged through my manhood as he
smothered the entire length of his bony flesh deep into the
warmth of my quivering asshole.

“Christ, you’ve got a snug little butthole,” Dean
panted. “I haven’t had a piece of ass this tight in years.”

I moaned torridly as his tempo increased, rising to a
fevered pitch. The discomfort had vanished, passion now
filled me, as raw and as urgent as any I had ever felt.

Dean grunted, slamming his man-rammer deep into my ass,
rotating his hips to make his organ wiggle around inside me.

“Ohhh, yeahhhh, bang my boy-box. It feels great,” I said
hoarsely. “I never thought that doing it with another guy
would be anything like this, so erotic.”

“So you like getting fucked, do you?”

“Oh yeah. I love it.”

Dean snickered smartly as if he had known all along that
I would. “Being such a pretty, young boy, I had a feeling
you were hot to be screwed.”

Dean was panting hard. I could feel his hairy balls
contacting as they slapped wetly into the valley of my gaping
butt crack. He was close to coming, his manly load was
churning, boiling up for release.

Grabbing hold of my hips, Dean road me hard, thrusting
his steely cock inside me and holding it there. His orgasmic
organ jerked so violently I thought it was going to lift my
impaled ass right off the bed.

I gasped as Dean pulled his trembling dick out my
flexing bunghole. I immediately rolled onto my back and
started stroking my sappy prick.

“That’s it,” Dean cooed, tearing off the slimy rubber,
frantically yanking his cock. “Beat that fucking piece of
meat. Yeahhhh!”

He huffed passionately as the searing white heat of his
pent up load spurted across my bouncing nuts. Strands of
creamy cock juice trickled down my balls to fill the crack of
my aching reamed ass. Dean’s mouth gaped lewdly as his raspy
breath faded from burning desire to blissful contentment.

A final drop of milky semen oozed from his strained piss
hole as he dove between my gaping knees to bury his face in
my steamy crotch. His slippery tongue saturated my nuts with
spit as he lapped up his spent wad. Squirming feverishly, I
shoved my dick in his face, longing to feel his hot mouth
consume me.

“Oh yeah, suck my dick!” I cried. “Take it down you
throat like you did before.”

As his sensuous mouth closed around the shaft of my
cock, I thrust my ass up off the cot, driving the soggy knob
of my thick fuck muscle against the back of his throat. Dean
groaned as his slobbering lips matted my pubic fur with his
escaping drool.

I dug my fingers into his thick, black hair, fucking his
mouth with a flurry of savage thrusts. My ejaculation was
emanate. My aching balls contracted to form a satiny pouch
beneath Dean’s bristly chin.

My cock jerked as it slid from Dean’s mouth. “I’m gonna
cum!” I groaned in a fit of lustful insanity. “Please, jack me off!”

Dean seized my cock, his tight fist hammering away at a
frenzied pace. My entire body was covered with a torrid
sweat as I wiggled and squirmed, bucking against the sensual
thrusts of his pumping hand.

A whipping rope of semen launched through the air
landing on my chest, another splattered across my lips. The
taste of my own cum triggered a third and fourth volley of
gooey jism. By the time my ejaculation had subsided, my
entire torso was saturated with pools of shimmering white
cock cream.

From then on, by day Dean was my boss and by night, he
was my lover.

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my new jockstrap........Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 22:59

So last week i bought a new and very sexy jockstrap and I needed badly to break it in. I put it on as soon as I got back from the store and It made me so horny. Besides the fact that i hadn't had good cock in quite some time, the new jockstrap made my normally hungry hole even hungrier. All day i fantasized about bending over in my new assess undies and feeling a big, sweaty nut sack slapping against my ass and a nice hard cock loosening my poopshoot.
Hard and horny i went looking for a big cock to break me and my jockstrap in. I went to a few bars in dupont circle, but i was mostly hit on by older white men who i knew wouldn't be able to satisfy my cock craving. I got back late, and alone, and resigned myself to the fact that i would be spending the night alone. Then i remembered! The guy who i used to mess around with when we were k**s had grown into quite a sexy guy. I immediately sent him a text, which read only "wanna fuck." He immediately replied that he would and i went to his house, my cock dripping precut as i thought about his hard cock fucking my tight hole.
when i arrived we went to his room and i immediately pulled his pants down. His soft, thick, long cock hung heavily over a pair of low hanging nuts. I knelt and began licking and sucking his cock, feeling it become engird inside my mouth, until he was rock hard and ready to ride me. I told him that i couldn't wait any longer and he went to get a condom. I told him that i trusted him and that he didn't need to wear one if he didn't want to. I knew it was risky but i couldn't help it. I needed to feel his seed inside me.
First, he lay on the bed and i squatted over his huge cock, sliding it into my wet hole as both of us moaned in please. I slowly rode him, feeling his throbbing dick slide in and out of me. It was so deep, and every time he penetrated all the way into me he grunted. Next, i told him to fuck me from behind in my new man panties. He told me that he was going to cum fast because he hadn't cum in a week, and i told him to cum inside me when he did.
Thirty seconds later he told me he was about to cum and i bucked back against him, feeling his legs tense up as he came to climax. He moaned and grunted as he bred my dripping hole, pounding me into the bed as he came. I grabbed his ass and pulled him toward me and told him to plant his seed deep in my ass. "Gimme that fucking seed." "Breed my fuckin ass you stud."
He stayed inside me for a few moments, sweating and panting over me. As he withdrew his cock from my smooth hole i could feel his hot semen dripping out of me and down the back of my nuts before dripping off the tip of my cock. I stuck my ass in the air and let the rest of his juice drip back into me and deep into my slutty butthole.

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Fantasy....Bi curious while Swapping Wives

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 22:57

Me and My Wife were always open sexually and would always talk about experimenting with other people or friends, And one night at a our friends house we got what we asked for and more... Friday was finally here after working all week and I was ready for a drink or five, My wife had called me on the way home and said our good friends Bob and Jenny invited us over to there house for drinks, a bonfire and just to sit around and have a good time. I am 22 my wife is 19 and our friends Bob is 30 and his wife Jenny is 28.

After work about 7pm me and my wife swung to the liquor store for plenty of booze and headed over to there place, We got there Jenny met us at the door and Bob I could see out back when we pulled up getting the bonfire going. My wife and Jenny went inside and I went around back to see if Bob needed any help. Bob was a good friend of mine and part of that was me and him had the same mind when it came women and sex we would always talk about what our wives started doing in bed and what positions were good and even sometimes what our wives fantasies were.(We did this when the wives weren't around obviously) After sitting out back awhile and having a few beers around the bonfire while the wives were inside catching up Bob had said "Your wife looks very fine tonight, that midriff top really shows off her tits" I smiled and said "I know" I wasn't get angry because me and him would compliment each others wives all the time.While I went into the house to get more beers I noticed Jenny bending over in the kitchen and noticed she had a pink lace thong and when I got back outside I mentioned to Bob that Jenny had an amazing ass, he smiled.

After an hour of mosquito's eating us up outside we went inside where the wives were sitting in there living room watching a movie on two separate couch's and were already pretty d***k, me and Bob sat next to our wives and after about five minutes Bob told his wife Jenny "Why don't you go sit over by Mike(Me) and let Amanda(My Wife) come sit by me" the girls looked at each other and giggled and and that switched places, Jenny sat on the couch and scooted closer to me and put her hand on my thigh and Amanda went and sat with bob who put is arm around her and immediately was staring at her breasts. I started kissing Jenny's neck while my left hand went under her shirt and started squeezing her breasts while Bob was making out with Amanda while doing the same after awhile Bob asked me to come sit next to him on the couch and the the girls stood in front of us and started making out while taking each others tops and bras off while making out, then one would stop to lick and suck on the other ones tits and than would switch. After ten minutes of watching Bob started unfastening his belt and pulled his pants and underwear off and started stroking his dick which was about 8 inches and very thick and he told me to do the same and I did, than he looked at the wives and told his wife to suck my cock while my wife sucked his and they both got on there knees in front of the couch and started sucking, my wife was very good at giving head and I saw Bob was enjoying it, moaning and setting his hand on her head and **** his cock all the way down her throat making her gag each time. His wife was very good but not as good as mine. Switch he said after awhile and they did.

After awhile of back and forth he told the wives to sit on the couch and me and him got on the floor eating out each others wife and than our own switching back and forth while they sucked on each others tits while we did it. Bob got up and said we should all go to the bedroom, we got in the room where they had a king size bed in a small room but it worked. He told my wife bend over the foot of the bed rail while keeping her feet on the floor he had me sit at the head of the bed facing my wife as she was bent over, he told his wife to suck me while I watched my wife getting fucked. His wife curled in the middle of the bed with her head in my lap and started sucking while He slid his cock in my wife and she whipped her head back and let out a loud moan while he grabbed onto her hair she had in a pony tail and pulled her head as far back as it would go and started pounding her hard, with each thrust she would let out thunderous grunts after awhile she said I'm coming and he body started shaking as she Bob pounded harder and harder till she came hard. He pulled out of her and and switched, His wife bent over the bed while they got on the bed, I bent down and started licking his wife's pussy to get is nice and wet while my wife started sucking bob on the bed. I stood up and slid the head of my cock in her slow while she let out a loud moan and I slid it in very slowly till my stomach was pressed against her ass, she said "It's sooo deep and she was going to cum" while I was all the way in her I pressed as hard as I could to get as deep in her as possible and started gyrating while she let out a scream and I could feel her cum all over my cock while she stared into Bobs eyes.

After awhile of switching back and fourth Bobs wife had to leave for work she was an overnight nurse, Me and Amanda asked Bob if we should head out too and he said no it was alright if we stayed and His wife smiled and said "You guys stay and have fun, Ill just have to catch up next time" So she left while me, my wife and Bob stayed in the bedroom. Bob looked at us and said what should we do now and my wife looked at me and said "You always said you thought you were Bi curious (which I was I had just never done anything with a guy) wanna give it a try?" I said OK. Bob sat at the edge of the bed and my wife got on her knees in front of him and looked at me and said come down here as she patted the carpet, I got next to her sitting on the carpet and she looked me and said "I'll go first" and she started sucking him while he had one hand on her head and his head to the ceiling moaning every time she went all the way down on him, after awhile she stopped and looked at me and said "go ahead" I got positioned in front of him grabbed the base of his shaft with my hand as I was slowly sliding the head of his big cock in my mouth he put his hand on the back of my head and started shoving my face down on his cock, every time I gagged which he seemed to like. My wife was watching and fingering herself as I sucked his cock, he seemed to like it cause he was moaning as he did when my wife was doing it. He looked at me and said "Lick my balls" I was stroking his cock above my head as I licked his balls and he really started moaning loud. Me and my wife went back and fourth sucking him till his cock was rock hard. My wife got up and Bob told her to lay in the middle of the bed and for me to bend over the side and start eating her out. I did so, I knew he was going to fuck me and I was trying to brace myself for it cause he was very big. He went into the bathroom and got his lube and came out and was lathering his cock while I was licking my wife's pussy. I felt him place the head of his cock against my asshole and he told me to "try and relax and don't tense up" I did what I could but I felt him enter my ass and immediately let out a thunderous groan. He eased it in at first but than started pumping faster and faster, My attention wasn't eating my wife's pussy anymore but the huge cock I had slamming my ass.

I felt like I was gonna pass out from the pain but at the same time it felt really good. My wife was looking at him telling him to "fuck him harder" and he did. she held my face so I was looking into her eyes and she wiped away the tears I first had when he put it in. He was moaning loud as he pounded my ass. He pulled out of me and I sighed in relief but a part of me wanted him to keep going. He told my wife to bend over next to me and she did, I heard him lube up his cock again and soon he was sliding his cock in my wife's ass, she let out a louder scream than I did and she grabbed my hand tight as he started pounding her ass, she shot her head up and I noticed her eyes rolled into her head and her mouth wide open but she didn't make a noise. He pulled out of her and she slammed her head to the mattress and was saying "ohh my god" over and over and as I looked at her recovering he slid his cock into my ass again and started pounding again I was moaning and trying to pull my body forward but couldn't cause of the side of the bed. my wife got on the floor under his cock and was sucking my cock as he pounded my ass. He started grunting louder and louder she he said "I'm gonna cum who wants it?" I was unable to speak with him balls deep in my ass so my wife immediately said "Cum in his ass". He started thrusting faster and faster till he slammed it all the way in as fast as he could and I could feel my ass get warm as he shot load after load into my ass, he pulled out and my wife said my ass was gaping and she could see the cum starting to ooze out, as it did he put his cock under my ass as I was bent over and my wife started putting her ring and middle finger in my ass and was scooping the cum out and was slathering his cock with his cum out of my ass till his cock was covered with cum, he sat at the edge of the bed and my wife said "suck it off" I bent down and slid his cock into my mouth tasting all the cum he had shot into me. We got up and got dressed my wife looking at me and said "You had fun?" and believe it or not I had. As we walked out the door my wife looked at bob and said "Same time next weekend?"

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My Wife Erica And Our Friend Jack

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 22:55

I guess like a lot of guys my college years were marked by chance occasions with other men. Awkward glances in the lavatory turned to smiles, which then turned to more than that. Often these trysts were consummated in the bathroom stall, Occasionally they would drift back to a dorm room or apartment, but never did these entirely sexual encounters lead to anything I considered a relationship. So it is not surprising that I never considered myself to be gay. Certainly, I had never had a revelation, or any moment of seeing the light, where I knew I liked men, as many of my gay friends have suggested should happen. My attraction towards women never wavered. The sex I had with men was entirely separate from the sex I had with women. It was almost as though I were two separate people, a strong dominant top with my girlfriends, and a submissive, girly, little thing with the men I met in bars, restrooms and us station platforms. I thought I was free to choose between men and women as I saw fit. Seeing the difficulties my gay friends had with their lives, I chose women. When I met a wonderful woman, I decided to marry her, and live a life that the outside world would see as normal.

Our married life was pleasant enough. I loved my wife a great deal, and we communicated well, always doing our best to resolve issues in the relationship before they grew out of hand. I trusted my wife with some pretty intimate details about myself, but still, I kept my biggest secrets from her. I never divulged the details of my college trysts, and I certainly never explained to her what turned me on about being with a man. I guess its nothing special - a lot of men have sex with other men and likewise have great and satisfying sex with women too. I admit it though, I was embarrassed by my urges. I was embarrassed, because when I was with another man, I wanted more than anything to act like a girl.

Our first year of marriage was normal enough. As newlywed elation drifted into the routine of daily life, I found myself thinking of my old fuck buddies, and how I wouldn't mind having a go every now and then. I repressed most of these thoughts. I didn't want to jeopardize my marriage, and didn't want to do anything that would put my wife at a health risk. For all I knew, my **** would be safe forever.

It was around this time that I started having fantastically vivid dreams at night. In these dreams I was a wife or a stripper or especially a young college co-ed. The girl I was in my sl**p was like my alter ego. She was strong and clever, with a quick wit and a wicked tongue.

I thought I could go on like this, if not forever, then at least for the foreseeable future. Little did I know I had been talking in my sl**p.

My wife and I had a mutual friend, Eric. Eric worked as a fundraiser for the large charities of our city. This was the perfect job for him as his powerful charm, imposing presence, height and masculine build lent him an air of total authority. It was easy to see how Eric charmed old society women into writing large checks for whatever cause or artistic endeavor he was pushing at the moment.

My wife and Eric had been spending an inordinate amount of time with each other that season. My wife was putting together her notes for a biography she was working on, and Eric was helping her target those notes towards potential publishers and charitable foundations. It was not unusual for me to come home from work to find them hunched over the coffee table studying old manuscripts and sharing inside jokes. Often my wife and he would put their work aside and the three of us would spend long hours talking and laughing, drinking coffee and flirting with each other in a ever increasingly ambiguous way. I became a little uncomfortable with the number of late evenings Eric was spending at our house, but put these thoughts aside. A relationship is nothing without trust after all. More than that, I could not deny to myself the increasingly erotic feelings I was experiencing as I observed my wife's closeness with this man. I found myself dreaming of them together, of her kneeling in front of him with his large cock in her mouth. In these dreams he was laughing at me, telling me to get on my knees to watch my wife up close. I often woke from these dreams with a start, the image of Eric's hard penis burned in my memory.

One evening I returned home from work to find them already slightly d***k. My wife's face was flushed, and one of the straps of her dress had fallen off her shoulder. To my sober eyes, it seemed as though the hem of her baby doll was worked a little too far up her smooth thigh and unusually bunched around her crotch. I stood in the doorway absorbing the moment. Eric, and my wife stared blankly at me, their eyes a little glazed from the gin they had consumed, as the silence began to consume us.

"Darling, you're home! Well don't just stand there, come and have a drink with us." Smy wife finally said patting the couch between her and Eric. I didn't know what to do. On the one hand, I knew I had just caught them in the midst of an affair, on the other, my wife looked so beautiful, and Eric so handsome, I admitted to myself that the thought of them together was making me aroused. I figured there would be enough time to untangle this mess in the morning. In the meantime I would sit, let my wife pour me a drink and wait to see what would unfold.

The three of us all readily drank, and my wife ensured our glasses were never empty. Her behavior grew more and more provocative, and Eric seemed to revel in manly control of the situation. He reclined on the couch and d****d his arm behind me and my wife. The ambiguous flirting became intense and I felt myself grow more and more shameless. I was acting coy, impetuous and cute. In a word, I found myself acting more and more girly as the night wore on.

"All right" my wife said. "Enough joking around. All this liquor has gone to my head. It's time for some fun. I want to reveal my sexual fantasies."

I was too d***k to be shocked really, but I was surprised. My wife was an extremely open and sensual, but she always maintained her decorum among company. The way she had said 'sexual fantasies' with her mouth open an her wet lips pouting left no doubt as to the fact that she intended to live them out after she revealed them. Eric and I waited in anticipation.

"I have always wanted to watch two guys get it on. You know - Fucking. There I said it."

"Oh, come on!" I exclaimed. "Just what are you trying to drum up here." I protested falsely.

"Don't play stupid with me." She said. "I hear you talking in your sl**p. Eric, would you like to know what my husband really wants? Would you to know what he really fantasizes about?" Eric was grinning in a bemused sort of manner. It was clear that he already knew what she was going to say. He shrugged, the humiliation was for my benefit and my benefit alone.

"My husband wants to be a girl! What do you think of that? But even better, my husband wants to be your girl." With that she picked up my hand and to my amazement placed it on Eric's lap.

The surprising thing was that Eric's penis was hard. My wife was really d***k, and I could tell she was turned on to the point of desperation. She whispered in my ear. She started cooing about how much I wanted it, and how it was OK, how she was dying to see me do it. Then she unzipped his pants and started pushing my head towards his cock, and I couldn't resist.

I was in. I had gone since college without a man, and I just needed to suck on that cock. Eric was really into it, his cock got fully hard almost immediately and I bobbed my head up and down on it greedily. I was surprised how quick the whole thing went. Eric grabbed my head, holding me by the hair, arched his hips and came in my mouth. I looked up licking my lips.

"That was fun." I said a little d***kenly. Not knowing what to expect.

"Oh no!" my wife yelled. "You think you're gonna get away that easy. You think you can just tramp around like a little cock sucking whore, and get away with it? Eric read this." She said handing him that week's copy of 'The New Yorker'.

"You little girl . . . You are coming with me." she said leading me into the bathroom, by the hand.

She told me she had figured out that I was a sissy by the way I always read her fashion magazines. When she had discovered her panties missing, it confirmed her suspicion. She had decided to give me a treat, she was going to treat me like the bitch that I was. I had to admit that she was right. d***k as I was, I didn't have I in me to protest. She was right, I did always wish I was a woman. I desperately wanted to be, I mean it would be so much fun to flirt and tease. I'm not very big, I'm only 5'7" 128 lbs., I'm very thin and androgynous looking. I have almost no body hair, and I enjoy wearing my strait black hair long, almost cut in a girlish bob. I can pass for either a man or a woman depending on my dress, but I've never really tried to look like a woman outside of the house. It is obvious to almost everyone who meets me what a sissy I am. Even my wife is stronger than me.

She started taking outfits from her Armoire, singing out to Eric "Oh you're going to love her in this one." She did ask me which outfit I liked best, but it was clear my feeling didn't matter. She had it thought out, she knew what she wanted me to wear.

She put me in a little, black, pleated mini-skirt. It certainly wasn't skin tight, but it was definitely on the short side. I was the type of skirt a woman wears when she wants to show off her ass when she beds over. She had me put on white lacy panties and garters and white ribbed cotton stockings and these Catholic girls school shoes she had bought at the thrift store. On top I wore a tight youth size T-shirts with a star on it so I could feel how hot it felt to wear a tight shirt. Over that I put on a black cotton button up sweater.

By this point, d***k and turned on, I did feel like the little my wife wanted me to be. Needless to say we were drinking gin this whole time and laughing, and my wife was cooing about how pretty I looked any how she wished she was a guy so she could fuck me herself. I was trashed and totally uninhibited and to be truthful I really wanted to get fucked like I was a woman by that big stud in the living room. I mean he was big, and I wanted him, there was no way around the feelings. My wife must have seen me looking at him, as his framed filled the bathroom doorway because she slapped me.

"Not yet you little slut, I haven't done your makeup or your hair yet." All I could do was smile like a little tramp.

My wife sat me on the toilet bowl and pushed back my head , she pulled my hair into little pig tails, and started painting my face, It felt so sexy, I can't describe it.

On my lips she put cheap, pink, lip balm, the kind a thirteen year old girl would wear. On top of it, she rolled "kissing potion" a glossy lip product marketed to junior high school girls. When she was finished my lips looked shiny, full and wet. She painted my eyes with a silvery eye-shadow, with some hints of dark, and a thick black liner around my eyes. On my cheeks she applied only blush. She didn't need any foundation as I am naturally pretty fair skinned with out a lot of facial hair. As I had just shaved that morning, I didn't have any hair to hide.

We were giggling and having a ball and my wife was helping me use my voice to sound like a real girl instead of a cheap, male imitation of one. When I looked in the mirror, I a great deal like a woman. I had to admit there was something sexy, even hot about me, even though my chest was a bit flat. Eric stumbled into the bathroom, staring as much at my wife, her tank top barely concealing her large firm tits, as he was looking at me. To my amazement, he was also looking at me.

I walked over to him and put my arms around his neck. He was so much bigger than me. I lifted one leg, bending it at the knee like a woman would. I really felt sexy. I felt like I was a cute women from the fashion magazines. My wife was taking pictures, and she looked at me as if to say 'There's no turning back now'. I didn't want to turn back. I licked my lips and waited for him to kiss me. I felt vulnerable, like a **** year old girl. I wanted to loose my girly virginity but I was still a little scared.

Eric held me with those huge strong arms, pulling me to him, his desire rising in him. I felt his hard cock growing and pressing into my stomach. He went to kiss me, but I said, "Stop." My wife and he looked at me, puzzled. "I don't want you to mess up the make up". I said giggly nervously.

Eric pushed me to the floor. I bent down on my knees feeling the bathroom tile through my stockings, I could only look up at the big stud with wide eyes my freshly painted lips pouting and waiting. My wife was watching. I could tell she was feeling edgy, and she started to touch herself through her jeans. I knew I was about to get what I had wanted for a long time.

"Take my cock out, pussy boy." Eric said, and I obeyed. I unzipped his pants, removing his thick, meaty penis. His dick was half full with bl**d, heavy and hardening in my little girly hand. I eased my little fist around his thick shaft easing the flesh up and down over the bone. His pink mushroom head was right in front of my lips, and I couldn't take my eyes off its beautiful shape. I wanted it too badly. I needed to have it, to play with it like a girl would, and to be played with as only a girl can, by the man who owned it. I wrapped my pink painted lips around that beautiful cock, loving the feeling of that piece of meat in my mouth, the feeling of a man fucking my little faggot face. I blinked my eyes as I looked obediently up at Eric, his cock filling my mouth, stretching my lips. I was his girl to use.

I'm getting hard right now thinking about it, but at the time my little girly dick was rigid against the sharp lace of my panties. I felt joyful like a whore who needs cock and has just been allowed to play with the boys for the first time. I wanted to get dirty, and get used like the little pussy I was. Eric started to moan. I was sucking him good, running my tongue over the sensitive underside of his cock head, softly stroking his balls with my left hand and working his shaft with my right.

My wife said, "Don't let him cum, you sissy faggot. I want you to get fucked. Don't you want to get fucked like the little panty bitch that you are?"

To be honest, I hadn't really considered letting a guy fuck me until that moment. Sure I had fucked around with men before but it had always been limited to a few hand-jobs and lots of fellatio. As the fun had started that night, I thought I would dress up, suck his cock, and that would be it all. I my mind, I hadn't envisioned my ass getting fucked. With the idea planted in my mind, I found myself blushing because more than anything I realized, I wanted Eric's hard cock in my ass.

I knew I had been k**ding myself when I got married. I thought I was a man, but my wife had made me see just what a little, sissy, cock-sucking, bitch I really was. From now on I would be used by men. I would exist to suck cock and get fucked, and that's how I wanted it. I wanted to get fucked like a bitch, have my little pink perfect asshole used like it was a pussy. Right then, I wanted Eric to fuck me and call me the names I deserved to be called; whore, tramp, slut, faggot cock-sucker, sissy, pussy - Bitch. I was all those things, and I liked the feeling. I couldn't wait for him to slap my ass and use for his pleasure.

My wife instructed my to get on the bed on all fours and stick my ass in the air, she was really hot, stripped down to her panties and tank-top. She had one hand jammed against her pussy, as she massaged the cheeks of my ass with the other,. I heard her voice coo what a nice little girl I was, what a pretty ass I had. Almost brutally, she pulled my white, lacy panties to my knees. I was constrained by them, my panties stretched against my knees, but still my ass was bare and open. My wife sc****d her finger nails across my balls giving me a chill throughout my body.

"You're gonna get fucked now little girl, and your gonna love it!" My wife whispered in my ear, still touching her clit with her free hand.

She pulled the cheeks of my ass apart and put a drop of spit on her finger ramming my little virgin ass-hole with it, getting me ready for my man. Meanwhile Eric was getting impatient. He started saying how bad he needed to fuck my tight little ass, how he wanted to split my "cunt" in two. This time I was shocked. I knew Eric was going along with our fun, but I never expected him to speak like that. I started to get a little scared. I thought I might be in over my head, but I knew there was no backing out at this point.

My wife loved me, but she was so turned on, she would let Eric **** me against my will before she would call her fun off. Even though I was frightened I didn't want it to end. I felt so horny on the bed, spread out on all fours with my sexy ass in the air, that big man about to fuck me like a girl! I couldn't help it I started wiggling my ass like a cunt, begging for Eric's cock despite my wife being there.

"Please fuck me!" I begged, "Please give me that big hard cock in my hole, I'm such a bad girl, I deserve it." I said, giggling at how absurd I must sound. My wife was too turned on to laugh. Her panties were off now, and she was touching her little trimmed pussy. She started to yell.

"Yes you little bitch, you want get fucked like a girl, you want that big cock in your ass. I thought I married a man, but what I really married is a little fucking, fagot, pussy-slut of a girl. God you bitch, take your hands and spread those ass cheeks of yours. Beg that stud to fuck you like a woman."

And I did, my face pressed into the bed as I held my ass apart, desperate, almost crying to be fucked.

Then I felt it. I felt the huge head of Eric's hard penis pressing at the tight pink entrance of my asshole. Then, he was pushing his cock into me, almost splitting my hole as he worked it into me. It hurt, but the hurt only made it better. I was getting fucked like a girl something I didn't think was possible. His tremendous hard cock filled me up and then he was fucking me good. I didn't really scream as much as cry with exultation. It felt so good, and when I thought it couldn't feel any better, my wife f***ed her head under my waist and started sucking me, every so often licking my ass hole where the big stud fucked me.

I felt the cock in my ass get harder and I knew he was getting ready to cum. I yelled "Wait for me baby, wait" just like I was a woman because I could feel myself getting near but I didn't want him to cum first.

I fucked my wife's face furiously all inhibitions gone and I felt my orgasm rising in me. Then I felt the cock pull out, hurting in the most excruciatingly wonderful way. Eric slapped my ass just to show me he was in charge, then he grabbed my longhair and pulled my face into his cock, hot and fresh from my ass. I sat there for a second, all thoughts gone. The room was silent until Eric began to shoot.

"Yes you hot faggot bitch." He screamed as his hot cum splashed against my face, coating me like a porn starlet. My own cum came as Eric rubbed his softening cock over my sticky cum coated lips. All my inhibitions were gone, I was now a panty bitch for life.

I don't know what else to say. I touched my ass and rubbed some of the cum from my face over it. I felt dirty and sexy, my fingers touching where my asshole gaped open like a pussy after a good fuck. My wife kissed me her mouth full of my cum. She wanted me to me drink it and I was only too happy to do to so. Eric held his cock, a little softer now, but not flaccid by any means, in my face, and I cleaned it for him lovingly. My wife and I gave him a knowing look. He took the hint and gathered his things and left shortly after.

Since that night, the three of us have become sort of thing. If Eric asks I will let him fuck me whenever wants, whether my wife is there or not. Often, Eric makes me dress up and suck his dick to get it hard for him, and then makes me guide it into my wife's pussy for him. Often my job is to lick them where they join and clean his cock and her pussy when they're done. I suppose there are other nights too, when I'm not around that Eric fucks my wife and the two of them laugh at what a pathetic little cock sucking sissy I am.

Still, our best nights, are those when we pull out the gin, and my wife starts rambling on again about her fantasies, and her dares. And you know what? I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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Fantasy the steam room

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 22:53

some years back i was going to the gym almost every day and you get the same people at the same time .. i had a guy checking me out and me him.. i went into the steam room and could not see that this guy was already in there.. i sit near the front not far from the door but on the first row.. he is in the top row just behind me and moves his foot to touch my ass.. a little startled i turn and see his leg next to my arm and can see it is a very dark black man.. i did not get up or move and he increased the pressure with his foot.. which is now under my ass and moving his toes working further and further under my ass... now his foot is under me and his leg is tight up against my back.. so i lean into his leg and rub my ass up and down his foot.. now his other leg goes over my sholder and he pulls me back with a lift of his foot and his hand... he leans forward and starts to pinch my nipples and rub his foot under my ass till he is rubbing my balls with the top of his toes and foot... i start to kiss and lick his leg and work my way up and down his thigh to his calf and then up to his upper thigh till he pushes his pelvis forward and i now have his naked balls and dick in my face and he has a hold of my head pulling my face tight againt his huge hairy nuts.. and his dick is rubbing up and down my face and covering my nose and eyes.... i open my mouth and in go his balls.. well one of them.. at a time cuz they are pretty big and hard to fit both at the same time.. then he pulls back some on my head and moves his dick into my mouth... nice fat one ... with one hand he reaches down and starts working on my balls and pulling on my dick... i am sucking as much as i can and trying to relax and not gag... but this is a real mouthful.. and with all the excitement i am having to pull back and as i do he pushes forward and pulls on my nut sack.. my mouth is opened with a huge gasp of part pain part pleasure... and i have to breath so i do so real fast and then it is back down the throat with his dick... it took what seemed like quite some time for him to release his grip on my head and balls.. but he sooon moved to my level and then started to work on my ass instead of my head with his one hand and keeping a good strong grip on my balls he manuvered me into a new position with his fingers working my ass probing my hole and pulling on my balls... it was quite a bit rougher than i was used to and yet i was not sure i really wanted to get away...he leans into me and starts to suck my dick and then moves towards my ass and before i know it he has his face buried deep and his face is pushing my ass wide open so he can cram his tongue deep deep into my hole...i had this done to me before but not so f***efully and wow was he taking charge and i was like puddy in his hands... well he is pushing my face down into his towl (i guess to make sure i dont get to and before i know it he is rubbing his hard dick up and down my very wet crack.. so wet i can feel his spit running down my balls... i am so turned on by his ass eating that i am just laying there enjoying it and letting him have his way with me ... the head of his dick is in me before i relize he has stopped eating my ass and he has both hands on my hips and is starting to grind in small circles and press his dick in further and further ... no pain he is going slow enough for me to adjust and is balls deep in no time and does this really hard grind with all his weight and feels like he is trying to cram his balls and more into my ass and then he pulls back slowly then the same grind back in... i am so hot by now i dont want him to stop and i am noticing i am even pushing back with out him pulling me back onto his dick like before and he is grabbing my balls dick and shoulders and licking my neck (this drives me wild .. almost as much as his eating my ass did) and kissing up and down my neck back.... we are getting a pretty good thing going now and he has changed his position to more on top and pushing down.. almost sitting on my ass and i am lifting my ass up to meet his down thrust till his balls are slapping my ass and balls with each and every thrust i can feel his balls hitting harder and harder and this must be driving him into his final thrusts before he dumps is hot load deep into my ass... or so i thought... he pulls out and finishes his load on my back and then moves to my face and is still pumping his cock with his hand and lets another jet hit my face and then stuffs his dick deep into my mouth and then grabbs my head with both hands and starts to pump again only this time he is telling me to suck like a good bitch cuz i am busting another nut down your throat... and so he did.. i am covered in cum.. my ass has cum dripping down my balls and thighs.. my back, face and my throat has just been used ... he is telling me how hot i am and that is a weeks worth of his seed.. and he has been watching me work out every day and goes home each night thinking about my ass and how much he is needing to fuck the shit out of me.... i am winded and yet still very dick has been leaking a constant stream of sticky stuff and there is a small puddle... he smeers his dick all over my face and tells me i look so hot covered with cum... and then tells me we will be doing this next time at his place so he can really fuck me good all night.. cuz "i am one of those guys who needs to cum many times to be satisfied"... he leans down kisses me as he is licking my face and then wipes my body with his towel and takes my hand and pulls me up and into his arms and presses his body into mine and tells me after he gets horny watching me work out tomorrow night we are going to his place.. to shower and plan on spending the night... and plan on getting fucked alot.. cuz watching me work out and bending over and all that in my tight pants get him so horny that will need to nut alot to be able to sl**p... and boy was i ready for tomorrow... mostly the same thing happened only alot more of it and my ass was sore and i ended up staying the whole weekend... monday was rough and i had cum dripping out of my ass for some time ... he told me he did not want to waste his seed on my mouth he was saving it for my ass...we both laughed on that one but i dont think he was joking so much as laughing at me ... it seemed he liked a good bj to get aroused and semi hard.. but he mostly just liked fucking and ass was his favorite...he would say pussy is good for having babies.. but ass is for fucking... we stayed together for some years till i relocated..

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The Sunset.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 22:42

My buddy picked me up from the airport. We have spoken over the web hundreds of times and have talked over the phone a lot as well. We decided it was finally time to bring our friendship to the next level and meet.

Seeing him for the first time, even though I've seen so many pictures, it's still hard to put his voice to his face. He has quite the manly figure, which is understandable since he told me he works out at least 5x a week.

He picked me up in a work truck that something with "meats" on the side of it. The rest of the words were all faded. It also had the big freezer storage box on the back of the truck.

"Sorry 'bout the vehicle." Riley stated. "My car had to get some repairs done so I borrowed this from work for the weekend."

"No worries, it'll do I'm sure." I replied. He walked around to the front of the truck to get to the driver's side. While he walked, I couldn't help notice the way his butt looked in the jeans he was wearing. I'm not gay, but for some reason, I couldn't take my eyes off his gorgeous tight bottom.

I hopped in the passenger side of the truck and threw my duffle bag high in-between the two front seats.

"So Mitch, I have a great weekend planned for us! Are you ready to rock?!" He pierced at my eyes with excitement in his.

"Oh for sure! Its been so long since I've had a vacation! I cannot wait! What's first on our agenda?" I had been looking forward to this trip, to finally get out the office. Its been way too long since I've had some good old fashioned fun.

"Well, its going to be dark soon, we'll be hitting some clubs. But, I thought I should show you the incredible sunset of this place! I'm sure you'll never experience one like this one before." He grinned at me.

"Sounds good to me. As long as you promise me a good time especially with some alcohol, maybe some girls, I'm really up for anything!" I matched his grin.

"Anything eh?! Hehehe, I like the sound of that..." With that said, he started the truck and pulled off into the lane. About 15-20 minutes later of catching up together and different bends in the road, we came to a little wooded area. We made our way through narrow curved roads that had different campsites on either side. Finally, there was a clearing up ahead.
We rolled up to the edge of a hill that was quite a ways up from the town, as you could see all of it down below. Riley turned off the truck and I couldn't help notice also how much he filled out his shirt with perfectly sculpted muscles, as he relaxed into his seat and took off his seatbelt. I followed his lead, took my seatbelt off and got a bit more comfier in my seat. Riley had left the music on and turned it up a bit louder, so we mostly focused on the sight in front of us.

"Well there you have it! The most perfect sunset you ever see I'll bet!" He smirked.

I was quite impressed. The beautiful colours it gave off, highlighted all of the glass in the town down below. I must have been really enthralled in the sunset and music that I didn't hear something move behind my head.

Next thing I knew, Riley was jumping out of his seat, lunging towards me, grabbing my hands and pushing all of his weight onto my body. Before I could ask what on earth he was doing, a hand reached around the side of my face from behind me with a cloth, put it to my nose and mouth and the sunset started to fade to black as I ****.

Suddenly, I woke to a small chill running across my body. I opened my eyes and there was an orange light pointed at my face. I blinked a few times to allow my eyes to adjust and realized the light was strapped around my torso, pointing up towards my face. Looking down, I could see my little button nipples hard as rock. I knew I was completely naked.

I tried seeing if I could see anything past the light to "out there", but it was just as black. My legs were spread and when I attempted to move them, I could move about an inch or so, but some sort of straps were holding them in place. Same went for my hands. They were stretched high above my head, strapped in.

"Riley?! What are you doing?! Is this some sort of stupid joke!?" My voice echoed a bit, making me believe I was in the back of the truck in the cool meat locker.There was no reply.

I stood there peering into the darkness for what seemed like ages, but probably only was a minute or two.

"Is anybody in here?!"

Finally, I heard a soft patter of feet on the cement floor. Then a warm touch of hands placed themselves on the tops of my thighs. They lightly started to fun them slowly up and down my thighs, making me shudder a little bit as that has always been a turn-on for me.

I looked down to see if I could see my enticer,but my gaze was only met with the light again and failed to see anything past it.

Then this someone supped their hand around my penis that surprisingly was already starting to get aroused. I could feel their heat which made my cock grow even faster. I would say I'm fairly average in size when it comes to my cock. Against my body though, it looks a bit bigger and longer since I'm so stocky.

My senses finally came to me and I started to step back, but my feet were caught on the straps.

"Whoa, whats the big....." I couldn't finish the sentence as someone put their body against the back of me and trapped my mouth with their hand.

Instantly I knew this man was naked as I could feel his boner poke me against the left side of my bum cheek. I could also feel his pubic and chest hair against my body. His heat sent more chills through my body. Was this Riley?!

My attention was drawn back again to my groin. By now my pecker was at full attention and this someone was rubbing their hand along the full length back and forth, back and forth. My balls were squeezed with one hand as the other still stroked my cock, which made me moan. My moan was still stifled by the male hand.

Then, I could feel the heat of a mouth near the head of my penis. I waited in anticipation thinking that it has been too long since I got sucked off, or any kind of action for that matter.

The lips kissed me a few times on my bulbous head that is aching in delight. Then, the moistness of it's tongue lashed out hungrily as it started to make my heart pound in my chest.

Besides the sounds of my heartbeat in my ears, all you could hear was the sloshing of the tongue and mouth hungrily sucking my steel hard cock.

The hand was stroking harder now, staying in a steady rhythm with the mouth. The other hand was still playfully cupping and squeezing my balls now and again.

I felt the man move from behind me, shifting his weight a little that made his body press harder against me. I could feel his cock slide between my buttcheeks, making me clench them together.

"No worries Mitch." Breathed a shallow voice in my ear. "That will come later. Just pay attention to your own cock and body for now." Now, I knew it was Riley! What is going on?! So many thoughts were flying through my mind.

I was brought back to reality when Riley's thumb and index finger started to pinch my right nipple. I hated it knowing it was he who was doing that, But I've always loved my nipples getting tortured, that I puffed out my chest to signal for him to do it more to me. He knew all of my turn-ons as we talked about what we love our women to do to us.

The pleasure was starting to peak as the mouth started to deep throat my 8" and go harder and faster. All of a sudden it was too much for me to take with my nipple being tortured and my cock being ravished that my orgasm rippled through my body and the mouth took every last drop of my cum. The hand released from my mouth as I let out my grunts and groans of pleasure. Oh wow that felt so good, I thought to myself.

"This is just the beginning," whispered Riley into my left ear, making me quiver with worry and surprisingly, excitement.

The hand still rubbed my now dangly cock. Riley backed off of me that I no longer could feel his cock or body heat.

Then a beautiful woman's face and 2 Double D breasts with very perky nipples appeared in the light. Smiling so sweetly, the 20 something woman licked her lips and leaned into me, she pressed her lips onto mine. She fully embraced me, running her hands through my short, brown hair. Her tongue pierced through my lips and met mine. I could taste some of my cum from her mouth and it made my cock twitch again.

She wrapped one leg around my waist and started to put her very wet pussy onto my dick that was starting to stiffen again. SHe humped it slowly, driving me wild with excitement.

She broke the kiss to grin at me and asked, "Would you like to suck one of my breasts?!" I nodded with a lot of f****. Those tits needed to be ravished.

I could feel the restraints hanging from my wrists loosen a bit that I was able to dip my body a bit to get a big juicy mouthful of her luscious tit. I hungrily sucked and played with the nipple with my tongue. I then came up for air a bit and teased her nipple with my teeth. This made her quietly squeal in delight. I then switched to the other breast and did the same thing.

"Oh! You were a hungry boy weren't you?!" She teased in between moans.

I nuzzled my nose in between those Double D's and budged them side to side, enjoying the bouncing of the tits against my face.

By now, I was fully erect again, which she noticed right away.

She disappeared from the light and it sounded like something large was moved against the floor, like a chair or something. Then, I could feel her wet pussy again lightly against the tip of my cock.

There was another sound of something moving and my arms were grabbed on either side and moved down to my sides. Then the hands let go. I tested to see if I could move them forward to touch her, and I had success.

I lightly touched her firm, smooth buttocks and guided my hands around and down to the very inside of her bottom buttcheeks. From this advantage with my hands I was able to bend down some that I could lean the lower part of my abdomen on the top of her butt.

I traced my fingers around her glory hole of her butt and moved along to her already dripping wet pussy. I traced her outer lips with my two fingers and heard her lightly moan. I moved on and found her hard clit which I stroked a few time with my fingers.

By this time, even though the circumstances I was in, I didn't care anymore about trying to get away. I just wanted to screw this pussy until I had no more juices left in me!

I took my two fingers and slid them into her warm hole, with pussy juices flowing onto my fingers. SHe moaned even louder. It was too much, I needed to have my cock inside of her right now!

I grabbed my cock, found her slit and with one good thrust I pushed against her lips and penetrated her. I started long, deep strokes at first, then I started to get faster and faster. I could feel the heat of my pleasure starting to rise and my breathing was getting harder. I had my hands cupped around the sides of her ass, pulling her sweet pussy against me, meeting my hard thrusts.

Then a warm manly man reached around me and touched my stomach stopping me from moving.

"Stay in her." Riley ordered. His hand moved from my stomach to around to the middle of the back and pushed me forward, resting a lot of my stomach on top of her.

I tried moving my hands, but they were once again tightly strapped into my sides this time, probably against the light that was strapped just under my chest. I heard something squirt, like something coming out of a bottle and immediately the alarms in my head started going off.

I felt something cool, like gel, being rubbed into my anus. "Oh please don't!" I begged.

"Don't you worry, I'll go slow and I promise that you will enjoy it." Riley said as he stuck a finger into my hole.

The girl started to rock back and forth onto my cock again stat it took my mind off a little of what was being done to me from behind.

Riley now had 2 fingers in my hole. I was getting nervous as I've never had anything in my hole, let alone his 10" dick he has told me about!

After a bit more probing with fingers, I could feel the flesh of his penis being pushed against my hole and I could feel some more cool gel being rubbed all around it. He worked his way slowly into my ass which was painful, but still my pleasure was there from the girl rocking on my cock.

With a grunt, Riley was all the way in. I couldn't believe it! I could feel his balls dangling between my legs and his bottom of his body was fully against me. He reached around me and put his hands on the outside of my hands that were on the side of her ass.

He pulled out but not all the way, then rammed himself in which pulling the girl onto my dick with such f**** that I thought I was going to pass out from the pleasure and pain.

He started a rhythm that was f***eful yet slow. Then gradually he started to build up speed. I was actually starting to enjoy what was happening to me and was able to bring myself to go with his rhythm.

All three of us were groaning and breathing hard, and it was all in unison. I could feel Riley's hot breath close to my neck. In the heat of the moment, I straightened up a bit making Riley's grasp on my hands lose it's grip, but it made his body be fully against mine. He got the hint and started to kiss my neck hungrily and started to tease both nipples with his thumb and pointer fingers. I took charge of pulling the woman onto my manhood, making her scream with more pleasure.

All three of us seemed to be getting close as our noises were intensifying. She was the first to bubble over the edge and I could feel her hot pussy juices splash all over my dick as well as her pussy spasming against my dick, making it nice and tight in there.

Then Riley grunted really loudly and he stiffened up. I could then feel his dick pulse inside of me, shooting his hot cum filling me full, filling a void I never knew I had.

With one last pinch of the nipples I came, flooding the poor girls pussy with stream after stream of cum. I collapsed on top of her and Riley collapsed on top of me pinning me between him and her with the flashlight and I in between.

I could still feel him twitching inside me and her pussy still slightly spasming around my cock as I fell asl**p from exhaustion.

I woke up back in the passenger seat fully clothed. It was now dark out. I turned to look at the drivers seat expecting no one there, but there was Riley watching me intently.

"D-d-d-did I fall asl**p?" I questioned.
"Yes, you did."
"Was that all just dream..."

I murmured under my breath, but I must have said it loud enough that when I looked at Riley again he had a big grin on his face and was dangling a few straps in the air.

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Big Black Cock at the Gym.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 13,Apr,14 22:40

It’s lower body day today at the gym. I did the usual for my legs: leg curls, leg presses and getting on the treadmill for an hour. It was a typical workout day except for the naked older black muscular man who just walked into the restroom with me.

I’m washing my hands as he walks in. He’s completely naked and really muscular. There’s sweat dripping from his beautiful body. He’s about 6’3" (and he’s not even wearing shoes), he’s ripped and has a very well-built chest. He looks like he’s in his mid 40s.

I’m assuming he’s naked because he’s about to go take a shower.
He soon finishes his business. Looking at him through the mirror in front of me as I pretend to keep washing my hands, I can see him still standing in front of the urinal, standing two feet away from it. His long thick uncut black cock is sticking straight out, fully erect. At this point, I doubt he was even emptying his tank...

The black man notices me staring at his erect cock through the mirror and he turns to me, smiles cockily and asks, "You like this big black dick"? He then starts stroking his meaty black cock, pulling the foreskin back and forth. The pink head is shiny with pre-cum.

It’s an overload of sexiness for me. Sweat dripping from his beautiful muscular black body, his big thick uncut cock leaking pre-cum, the way he’s stroking it...

I turn around slowly to look straight at his erect member. "Yes," I say, unable to take my eyes off of his throbbing manhood, "I like that big black cock". The black man smiles again and continues his slow strokes.

I’m so glad there’s nobody else in the restroom right now. I’ve never had big black cock before, so is this my chance to finally get some? Will this attractive black man let me suck him off? Will he fuck my hole? I’m really hoping it’s both, because this man is fucking beautiful.

He has long muscular legs, thick beefy thighs, great tight abs and a massive chest. His arms are huge too, as well as his immense package. He has closely cut hair, a salt ‘n’ pepper beard and gorgeous full lips. Every beautiful inch of this man is glistening with sweat.

The man winks at me and nods toward his cock. I walk slowly towards him and rest on my knees, staring up at him and his thick black dick.

His meat is even larger up close. It looks like it’s at least 11 inches long and it’s as thick as a soda can. He puts his hands on his hips and moves forward, putting his uncut monster mere inches from my face. "Well?" he asked, swinging his meat left and right.

As it swings in front of me, an urge comes over me, an urge that needs to be satisfied. I need his huge black cock, and I need it now.

I lunge forward, putting my lips on the pink head of his cock, stopping it from swinging any longer. The black man pushes his dick forward further into my mouth, and moans softly. The taste of his big black cock covered in pre-cum is exquisite.

It’s impossible to suck him all the way down though, so my lips are stretched around his dick. I pull away from his cock and lap up the dripping pre-cum from his cock and look up at him and exclaim, "It’s fucking huge! Wow!"

The black man laughs heartily and I start stroking his thick cock. I look closer at it and see thick veins spread throughout. I push his foreskin back and see a drop of fresh pre-cum ooze out of his slit. I lap at it hungrily.

"So, you like big black dick, huh?" he asks me, as I continue licking and savoring his thick veiny meat. I look up at him with his cock-head in my mouth and say, "mm-hmm!" He laughs again.

I continue sucking and slurping on his cock, occasionally licking and sucking on his big low-hanging nuts. I’m loving every inch of his thick black meat, sucking the precum out of it and trying to stick more of his thick manhood in my mouth.

Finally he pulls his beautiful cock away and motions for me to follow him. I stand up and follow. He leads me to the showers with his big black dick seemingly leading the way.

We stop in front of a shower stall, and he pulls the curtain to the side. Have I mentioned how much I love the privacy in the shower stalls in this gym?

He steps inside and I follow after him. He closes the curtain and wraps his muscular arms around my waist, pulling me close and squeezing my ass cheeks. It feels so good how he’s working my ass, his big hands rubbing and squeezing...

"You ever been fucked by a big black dick before?" he asks, while starting to kiss my neck softly and breathing heavily. I almost have a hard time answering due to his hands and lips stimulating me.

He continues to kiss my neck and rub my ass as he pushes his big thick cock against my average-sized one. I’m really turned on by the size difference between my 6 inch cock and his thick foot-long monster. His big veiny black dick is so masculine, ready to fuck. I need him inside of me...

"No," I answer finally, "I’m a virgin."

He pulls away from kissing me. "Oh yeah? I’ll be gentle with you then, baby... at first," he says lustfully while winking. He turns me around and I put my hands against the wall. He positions my ass so that it sticks out, perfect for him to start fucking me.

He then gets on his knees behind me and starts gently massaging my asshole with his fingers. He circles my hole with it softly, getting closer to my entrance with each motion. With every twirl of his digit, my tight hole relaxes more and more.

The muscular black man reaches up and turns the water on, covering us with hot water and washing away our sweat. Mist fills the shower.

He then reaches for a small bottle of lube that was hidden away in the corner of the shower stall and squeezes a small amount of lube onto his hands. He sticks his slicked up finger in my hole and swirls it around and rubbing my prostate, causing me to moan.

My sexy master grabs my stiff uncut cock and starts stroking me as he finger-fucks my asshole, making my cock ooze pre-cum. He sticks a second finger in my hole and finger-fucks me some more, and then a third finger.

Soon I’m ready for him to fuck me.

He stands up behind me, and I can feel him put his thick cockhead at my entrance. The head is right at my hole, ready to enter me. “Are you ready to get fucked?” he asks.

I nod.

With that, he puts his hands on my waist and pulls me closer to him and pushes his cockhead into me slowly. His slicked-up cockhead is right at my hole, already starting to stretch it open for the rest of his meat.

He’s working his thick black cock into me, slowly stretching me.

The black man inches his thick cock into my rectum an inch at a time, allowing my hole to get used to it before he enters me further. It’s uncomfortable for a few minutes with every new inch, but after a while, the discomfort turns into pure pleasure.

Soon, he’s halfway inside of me. The discomfort of being stretched so much by his big thick black cock has subsided, and he’s starting to push it further into me.

Suddenly, we hear some noises. Another gym member and his buddy are entering the shower area and they’re babbling about their motorcycles. “Shh, let’s try to keep quiet,” the black man whispers into my ear, still working his thick meat into me. I nod and push my ass back onto his cock.

The men outside are still talking and my penetrator is still working on getting his huge black cock into me. It’s only a couple of inches left until he’s buried completely in my hole. I feel so filled with his big uncut black dick, and it feels so fucking good that I can’t help but let out a quiet but long and pleasured moan.

“Did you hear that?” one of the guys asks the other. The black man covers my mouth with his large hand and finishes shoving his cock into my hole. At this point, I don’t even care about being heard. My sphincter is throbbing with lust, wrapped tightly around his big black dick. He’s fully erect and throbbing inside of me, each throb stimulating my prostate, causing me to leak even more precum than before.

“Must have been nothing. Anyway, so the other day...” one of the guys trails on. The black man pulls out slowly and then reenters me, filling me up with his thick cock once again.

My sexy master is really picking up the pace now, pulling all the way out, then all the way back in. It’s no long a struggle to get him inside of me. Soon the guys leave, and it’s back to just the two of us fucking.

He removes his hand from my mouth and kisses me, “Sorry for covering your mouth like that. Just making sure we wouldn’t get interrupted,” he says, still fucking my hole.

“It’s fine, just please, please keep fucking me,” I moan in response.

“For how long?”

“I don’t care; just don’t stop... please...”

The man then starts pounding me faster and harder, each deep stroke sliding along my prostate and making me drip more. Soon, I can hear slightly sloppy, wet slapping sounds coming from my ass as he enters me again and again. His big thick black cock is turning my asshole into nice wet cream pie.

He’s moaning and breathing hard into my ear, and I’m moaning and panting with him. We no longer care if anybody hears us; we’re both going to cum no matter what.

His thick cock is really reaming my now well-worked and stretched hole, and I’m starting to feel exhausted from the overload of pleasure.

I’m being pounded really deep and hard, and I can tell my top is close to busting his nut. He’s panting really hard as he slams into my bowels, pounding my creamy wet hole.

Finally, a few last quick deep thrusts followed by one final thrust, and he cumming inside of me. He lunges forward and pulls me closer, getting in really deep and seeding my insides. I can feel his big thick cock throb and shoot inside of my worked ass, and soon I start ejaculating too. His thick cock put so much pressure on my prostate that I just had to bust.

My throbbing sphincter is massaging his thick cock too, coaxing out more of his hot load into my cum-sloppy entrance. “Aww, yeah,” he moans happily as his motions slow down.

Soon he stops completely and just stays inside of me, still fully erect and throbbing.

“So, how’d you like that? Your first big black dick,” he asks, slowly starting to fuck me again. Our breathing has gone back to normal, but his cock is still hard.

“I fucking loved it. It was fucking amazing! Thank you,” I tell the man, pushing my ass back onto his meat. We stay like this, slowly fucking, for a few minutes until he pulls out.

“Just one last thing. Push that load back out for me. I want to see it,” he tells me, squatting behind me and coaxing my legs apart. I raise my ass for him and he puts his hands on each cheek, spreading my ass and exposing my creamy hole.

“Come on, push,” he urges.

I push, and I can feel his warm load dribble out of my hole. “Yeah, fuck yeah...” he says as it oozes out of me slowly. Then he sticks his tongue against my balls and licks upwards, licking up all of his cum, swirling it around my hole. It feels fucking amazing.

His long tongue darts in and out of my hole, making me moan in pleasure. He gives me a couple of long licks before he stands up and turns me around. He pulls me closer and puts his full lips against mine, opening my mouth with his warm tongue, letting me taste his cum.

We make out like this for a few minutes, our tongues sliding against each other, until he finally pulls away. “We’ve got to do this again some time. My place?” he asks, grabbing my ass one last time.

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First timer

Posted by Westmids69 at 13,Apr,14 17:29

Never been with a guy but I've always wanted to be naked with one and see what happens, 69 sounds mmmmmmm. Ain't into lavs or car parks, would be nice to meet a nice guy somewhere safe and discreet to properly explore each other. Ain't easy meeting the right guy, ain't like pulling women, pick the wrong guy and get a broken nose lol.

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In Need!

Posted by luv2shave at 13,Apr,14 15:34

I need a fuck so badly! I jacked off a week ago and haven't had any action since. Well, ok, I masturbated most of yesterday, but I wouldn't let myself cum. I plan to fuck tomorrow evening, and I'm only going to stroke, and stroke, and stroke until then. No cumming allowed until inside my wife! I did take a 20mg cialis yesterday, and I'm really enjoying being hard a lot. I'll take 10 more mgs tomorrow in preparation. Then, I intend to blow really big! Right after I suck my wife to a mind blowing orgasm!

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When will it ever end?

Posted by Indiandong at 13,Apr,14 13:14

I am feeling so down in the dumps over the last two weeks I was swindled out of so much money by someone I trusted and lost my job all at the same time. I trusted so much that I would have been supported and helped by the divine through all of my tribulations, instead, I feel abandoned, betrayed and so lonely. Everyone in my life expects me to just get over all of these losses, I guess I would too if I were still sitting in pretty jobs and having perfect relationships. I guess some of us are supposed to lose, and lose badly in life no matter how good or caring we are. I guess there is no man in the sky who answers our prayers or makes sure that no harm befalls those who have entrusted themselves into his care. Its just so sickening how my life has never worked out at all.

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The laptop is back

Posted by Blaine25 at 13,Apr,14 11:54

Got the ol'laptop back up and running again, it's been quite a long wait but it's back lol. So if any woman or couple wants to send me a picture or video to either pose with or cum tribute then just comment on my page or drop me an inbox message please, and I will get to you with the request asap

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What a way to make some money......Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 12,Apr,14 22:38

I was in a certain bar not far from my college, it was known for it's same sex clientele. I was a the bar sipping on a mixed drink when I over heard a nearby conversation 'man I swear, I ain't never seen such a thing in my life. And wanted me to let him stick it up my butt. Man, I asked him are you crazy? He looked at me and said he would pay five hundred dollars to who ever would let him fuck them bare back'.

I pretended not to pay much attention to the two of them, as the evening wore on I kept my eye on them. The prospect of five hundred dollars was like an aphrodisiac to horny guy like myself. And the thought of having a huge cock to go with it perked my imagination.

It was closing time when the two of them finally separated, I went after the one that was telling the story. I caught up to him as he was entering the parking lot. Suddenly he swirled around and confronted me saying 'what the fuck is a slut like you following me for'?

I looked him straight in the face and said 'it's the only way to find out if the tale you told was true or just a fantasy'. He looked me up and down and said 'you couldn't take as much dick as I saw tonight. It would split your ass open. HA,HA HA HA HA HA HA HA,' he laughed

I said to him 'I saw the size of your cock and it's too small to even be considered so good-bye'. As I walked away he called out 'if you think you can handle it I'll take you there, one condition, I get to watch nothing more. I just want to see you take that monster'.

I kept walking away then stopped and turned, he was still standing when I called back 'meet me here Friday, just you and me are going'. He waved his hand and walked away laughing to his self. I wondered if he was telling the truth or just trying to get some sex.

Friday night came, I went to the bar about ten o'clock. He was standing out side under the street light. I recognized him first and walked slowly pass, he said in a soft voice 'good thing you chicken out, you couldn't take it any how.'

I stopped and looked him in the eye saying 'money talks bull shit walks'. He looked at me and said 'if you suck him off I'll give you one fifty dollars, but you'll have to do me also'.

It was close to twelve when we reached the nice little ranch house, it was in a nice neighborhood, with well maintained yards. We walked up to the door, he rang the bell and the door opened. There stood huge giant of a man, at least seven feet tall and thin as a board. 'Well Hap, what have we here?' Hap looked at him and said 'this is my best friend David, he's going to take care of that problem we talked about the other night'.

The giant stepped to one side and said come in, let's here the bull shit.' We entered and went into the living room, the giant introduced him self 'I'm Troy, did hap tell you what you have to do'. I answered 'you want to fuck some one for five hundred dollars'.

Troy laughed and looked at Hap 'you didn't tell him all of it did you?' Hap looked at me and back at Troy and said 'all he gets is five hundred dollars, I get the other two as a finders fee.' Troy laughed again and asked me 'is that alright with you?' I answered it was and Troy stood and said 'you better see what you have to take up your ass till I bust my load.'

Troy undid his belt and dropped his pants, as he stood back up I saw what appeared to be another leg swing between his thighs. I've never seen a cock so long in all my life, even Harry's cock was not nearly as long. It was just hanging like a broken limb.

Troy said to me ' in that box on the table is seven hundred dollars, as far as I am concerned it's all yours if you let me fuck you till I come in you tight little ass hole. If I have to pull out cause you can't take it, you don't get paid. If you wan t to share with Hap, that's up to you. Hap knows I don't play games, your money is your money, if you please me.'

I was transfixed by the size of this monster of a cock that just swayed back and forth so slowly. I asked 'how do you want me?' Troy answered 'I want you bent over my little chest here, It's made just for this occasion.'

I stood up and started to undress, I noticed a tube of lubricant and asked 'can I use as much of that as I want.' Troy answered 'I insist that you not only oil up your little ass hole but slick my dick down with as much as you feel the need to.'

I applied a generous amount to my bung hole and knelt before the majestic monster of a fuck tool. As I begin to stroke the tube of man meat it started to come alive. It was like a snake that had been dormant, it throbbed and stiffened with each lubricated stroke of my hand.

I left the head clear on purpose, as his cock harden and stiffened, I moved closer and licked the head of this massive piece of man meat. I was enthralled by the immense size of the appendage I held. The cock head was the size of a golf ball and an angry fiery red. The shaft was as black as the darkest night, with out a star.

I cupped Troy's balls and parted my lips kiss/sucking his cock head into my oral cavity. Troy suddenly reached out and gripped the sides of my head in his giant hands and gently held me in place as he gyrated his hips. I sucked gently yet purposefully on his throbbing cock.

I could feel copious amounts of pre-cum ooze from his massive cock and fill my mouth. I used that along with my saliva to moisten and lube his cock head. Once his cock was as stiff as I thought it could get.

I turned to the chest and eased up and over it, I looked and saw grips at the base of the back of the chest and I grabbed hold. Troy took his feet and spread mine very wide apart, Troy inched his cock into my butt crack with extreme caution. Once his cock head touched my anal opening I trembled in fear and anticipation.

Troy slowly rotated his cock head around my anus with his hand till I relaxed enough to allow his cock tip to penetrate my pucker outer anal sphincter muscle ring. With a hunch of his hips Troy sunk his cock head pass my outer muscle ring and into my inner anal sanctum.

I gave out a small yelp as his cock head entered my rectum, as Troy started to work his cock around I began to whimper from pain and passion. Troy took his time getting me ready for the main course of the session. Slowly he increased the speed of his intercourse till he was working about a third of his cock in and out of my bung hole.

I was whimpering and moaning with each movement of Troys monstrous cock, Hap was sitting in a chair stroking his cock furiously, watching Troy work his enormous fuck tool in and out of my butt. Troy said to me in a soft harsh whisper 'so far it's just been fun. Now you start to earn your money. I want you to know though, that by now the rest would be begging me to stop. I want to see if you are gonna earn your money.'

I gripped the handles of the chest in my hands and braced myself for what ever Troy was about to do. Hey when you are broke and need money you do what you have to, I can fuck anytime. But to have a huge cock and get paid I can have fun and make money at the same time.

Troy held my hips in his huge hands and started to pull his cock back and forth. Sinking more and more with each thrust, I was struggling to keep from crying out as Troy slammed into my bent over body. Yes I was whimpering like a little lost puppy as Troy worked my butt.

It got to the point to where I was actually crying uncontrollably from the sexual onslaught. Finally Troy's thighs begin to strike the back of my thighs and I cried 'it's almost over'. Troy grunted as he continued to sex my butt 'not till I shoot my load up your ass it ain't'. I tried to grip his cock with my anal muscle, and to work my butt around to meet his thrust.

It seemed like hours that Roy was stuck up my butt hole, in actually it was only about fifteen minutes. Ten minute more Troy cried out 'I'm coming, I'm coming. Lawd a mercy I'm busting my nutt deep in this bitches ass'.

Troy was now slamming into me with all his might, my toes barely touching the floor. Troy was gripping my hips so hard that his finger nails were digging into my flesh. Troy pulled me to him as he lunged deep in to my butt, I could not help it I screamed like a little bitch being fucked for the first time.

I felt fluid streaming down my legs and air escaping from around his massive cock lodged tight in my butt. My entire body was trembling violently as Troy continued to empty his entire load of spunk. It took nearly ten minutes for Troy to stop squirting his load and for it ti drain out of his semen tube.

When Troy did pull from my anus I slid back off the chest into a heap on the floor. I looked up at Troy and at his now flaccid cock. It seemed to be some what longer now than when we started.

Troy walked over to me and his cock was swing across my face, 'go ahead and kiss my cock. I ain't had a fuck like that in a long damn time, you've earned every bit of that money. It's all yours, Hap ain't getting none of it, right Hap!' Hap answered surely 'right Troy anything you say'.

I kissed/sucked Troy's huge limp cock, Troy reached down and helped me to my feet. He handed me the box and I looked inside and found seven one hundred dollar bills. Troy said 'the toilets down the hall to the left go get cleaned up'.

Once I was ready I re-entered the room, Hap was jacking Troy's cock as I entered and didn't stop till Troy shot a huge stream up into the air. Troy said to me 'Hap is going to take you back to the club, anytime you want to come back let Hap know. You want make nearly as much but I'll give you some thing worthy if you let me come again in your butt'.

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He approached me on the subway........Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 12,Apr,14 22:34

He approached me on the subway; me in my mid-20s, innocently gazing out the window. Perhaps a little too oblivious of the tight short shorts I was wearing at the time. He came over; not very attractive, in his early 60s possibly, but barely restrained in his attraction to me. He sat by me, and out of the corner of my eye I could see him eye my thick lips, followed by a slow descent to my crotch. He started talking to me, asking where I lived, if I had a girl or boyfriend, etc. I was offput by this, especially by someone considerably older than I was, but responded minimally. At the same time, while I was a little leery of his approach, I still felt myelf oddly turned on. There was something ultimately very hot about knowing someone wanted to openly fuck you and suck your cock. We got off at the same spot and, I think to his surprise, I didn't bolt ahead or avoid him. He didn't have much to say except very blunt things like "You're very cute" and "Would you like to come to my house". I still felt a little reluctant to give in, and really didn't know if I in fact was horny enough to have sex with him. I was very close though. I hadn't had sex with someone in a while, and had gotten used to evenings watching the usual stack of gay porn tapes; rewatching my favorite cumshots until my tv screen was pretty much glazed. So I thought, on one end, here was an invitation; even if it was not the most attractive guy and, on top of that, someone close to three-times my age at the time. I told him I couldn't come at that moment, but asked for his number. I could see the old horny dog just about have a heart attack. How many times he must've tried with other young men who probably told him to fuck off. Never did he dream that one day he'd even get this far. He gave me his number and we parted. By the time I got home, I realized that I really couldn't be that desperate and threw his number in the garbage. Later that evening, after my roommates had went to sl**p, I was about to do my usually venture into the livingroom to watch porn and jerk off, when I realized that it would be too hot to pass up going to this old guy's house. After all, he was probably already jerking off at the thought of me sucking his old wrinking cock, fucking his asshole, and my cumming like a fire hose. I urgently rummaged through the garbage to find his number and immediately called him. He didn't even know my name but knew who I was. He gave me his address and I came over. I made it a point to wear my tightest jeans and no shirt under a denim coat and wore a bandana. He let me in and asked me to sit down. He instantly wanted to jump me, but I told him to sit next to me...and watch. I pulled out my bulging cock and basically did my best Jeff Stryker; I started to dirty talk him and taunt him with my youthful pulsating body, slowly stroking my cock... He started to jerk off himself. This went on for minutes, while I breathily said; "You like my big cock? Huh? You like my big fucking cock? You wana' fuck me, old man? Huh? You wana' fuck me and suck my big hard cock?" I was so fucking excited that I sprung up, took off my clothes, rested my one-leg on the couch arm and started jerking my throbbin cock right in his face and fingered my asshole... "You wana' fuck me? Huh? You wana' fuck me and suck my cock, old man? HUH?!" Our moans were loud and intense, which I'm sure all the neighbors could hear. I even looked out his living room windown to notice that several people were looking in from the street, absolutely shocked, which only made this hotter... I screamed and moaned and jerked off my cock faster and faster and faster and faster..before I felt everything that had been built up since our fateful subway exploded out of me; my wad shot over the couch and against the window. Eight or nine strokes later, and I still hadn't expended all the cum inside me... By the time I finished, the old man had already cum all over his pants, and was trembling with joy, gazing at my sweaty naked body and my dripping cock. I panted for several minutes...before washing my cock in his sink, putting on my clothes...and leaving. I went back a few more times, and it was always thrilling, but that first time was like nothing I'd even experienced. It was fucking hot.

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Bad Cop.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 12,Apr,14 22:32

One of my fantasies was to have sex with another man. preferably a hot black guy who was either a body builder type or could be my daddy. Someone who looked like Bobby Blake. Leanne my girlfriend talked with me about it. She commented she didn't care and thought it would be kinky for us to try it. We met a hot daddy through another website. Him and his partner were in a open relationship. On his profile he listed himself as a cop. Hot! I asked he would like to do something with me and my girlfriend. We arranged to meet after I got better from my illness (read previous story).

Leanne drove us to their house which was close by. We kicked back before his partner left. Him and his partner were in a interracial relationship like Leanne and myself. His partner was Puerto Rican heritage. I explained I was a white Latino and that Leanne was Chinese. His partner left for work and we headed inside.

Once inside we decided we'll have fun role playing. Since he was a cop we can have him arrest me and do what he wanted with me sexually. Leanne would participate, but she thought it would be fun to watch me. He put on his cop uniform and Leanne and I stripped naked. He took Leanne to the foot of the bed. She would be playing the judge, he would play the cop and I'll play the criminal. We squared off as he taunted for me to come forwarded. He took me down face first and handcuffed me. Spanking my ass hard till it was pink. He yelled in my ear "white boy! You have been caught by the black man and it's now time to serve your superior. Do as I say and I'll make it easy for you. Fuck up and well you'll see." He led me to Leanne at the foot of the bed. With his hand grabbing me by hair of my head he f***ed me to kiss her feet as I was laid face down in from of her. Leanne stated to speak "John you're here because this officer has caught you naked in his bedroom. How do you plead?" I said not guilty! He pushed his foot on my back and pulled me by hair. I screamed okay I'm guilty your honor. Please! Have mercy on me! "John, since you have admitted your guiltiness. You're order to serve him sexually at my feet." I can hear him rub his hands together as he said "alright! I have my very own bitch boy to fuck!" He positioned me on my knees facing his crotch. He unzipped his pants to show me his uncut big black cock. Grabbing me by my cheeks I knew he wanted me to suck his dick. I opened my mouth wide. His cock going into my mouth. I can taste the sweat off his dick. Sucking and using my mouth muscles I did my best to give him oral. Leanne was playing with herself watching us. It was hot seeing my girlfriend simply watch us. Monitoring us to see how we were doing. He begin to push his dick deeper in my mouth in order to make me gag. I could feel his dick going down my throat. I choked on his cock. He pulled out with slobber on my face. He slapped me with his dick and again f***ed me to eat his cock. I loved how he fucked my face. His huge dick that was thick and long going down my throat. I can hear him moaned as he fucked my face. He pulled out to have me suck his balls. Juicy black balls that were sweaty. Pushing me to the ground again. He positioned my ass in the air. Leanne had her eyes glued opened at me and him. He undressed. Using lotion to lube me up I can see him playing with my ass before he fucked me. He grabbed my ass with both hands and put his dick inside my ass. I instantly felt his big dick in my ass. As he went deeper inside my ass. It was great. He playfully smacked my ass when he was fucking my brains out. Leanne put her feet on my back. Her cold soles felt great too. She begin to have to me kiss her feet. She was playing with herself. It turned me on and I begin to eat her out while he fucked me in the ass. Now I know how Leanne felt. He started to grab my cock to play with me as he fucked my ass. Playing with my johnson and balls felt kinky. He leaned forward to kiss me. The taste of his lips and Leanne's pussy tasted great. Leanne asked "John! Are you having fun?" I nodded yes in reply. Daddy wanted me on the bed. He laid down next to Leanne and brought me up on the bed. He took of the handcuffs and laid down on his back. His cock was so huge I felt like a k** in the candy store. Using my hands I grabbed his cock to suck him off. Leanne positioned her feet against his cock. My baby knows how to spoil me. I would suck his cock and her toes at the same time. By this time we were all dripping with sweat. I crawled on top of him and begin to rub my cock against his cock. Felt so good and Leanne would kiss me like crazy. I asked if he wanted to cum on mine and Leanne's face? He said sure if I came on his cock. On my knees I masturbate my cum on his black cock as well Leanne's feet. Splashing white cum on his black dick Leanne's small feet. "Oh! God! That felt great!" I said. Leanne and I got on our knees for him to cum on our face. He blasted our faces with cum. Both Leanne and I caught the cum and kissed. We're a close couple. What can I say? We laid down together and just talked the remainder of our visit. It was a great time and Leanne and I will continue to visit my hot black daddy.

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gay neighbors......Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 12,Apr,14 22:31

Years back when i was first out of university i rented a basement appartment. After being there a few months i got to be friendly with the neigbors especially bruce and rick. they were openly gay and very nice guys. i would go over theor house after work some nights and watch tv, and have a few beers. One evening the good times ran a bit late and we all had too much to drink rick offered me to stay the nigh if i didn't feel like going back to the apartment. I agreed as we were all having a good time. a bit later the conversation turned to sex. first ny bruce and tick asking what happened to that girl and things like that. since we were all lose i offered details that i normally wouldn't share. like she didn;t give head and what not. one thing led to another and bruce asked if i had ever gotten a blow job from a man. i said no and noticed that rick was rubbing bruces bulge. i asked about their sex life and they started to share. as they did they began to put more of a show on for me. Rick pulled bruces cock out and began to stroke it. he was explaining how there was really nothing like having the control of a mans cock. with that he leaned in and started to give bruce a blow job. i could see bruces cock slide in and out of ricks mouth slowly. Bruce suggested is sit next to him. I sat next to hime never taking my eyes off of the ricks greedly slobering. i could see rick rollong bruce;s balls with his hand. Bruce said "why not free show us what you have". I felt a litle hesitant due to the friendship but was too excited to deny my urges. I took my cock out and before i knew it. Rick had moved off the sofa onto his knees between me and bruce. he stopped sucking bruce and took my engorged cock in his mouth. It felt like warm silk and i knew i wasn't going to last. while rick buried my cock in his mouth he kept jerking Bruce. We both could not take the sight and i heard bruce begining to buck and moan. he shot his load and dribbled on ricks hand. that was all i could take. i blew my load and Rick swallowed every bit.

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