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probably cum in ten or so minutes :(

Posted by sexandsex at 26,Jul,14 03:00

Photo of a schlong from sexandsex

was a good night, think I started 9:15

THE FINAL JERK OFF!! haah fuck

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more becuase YES

Posted by sexandsex at 26,Jul,14 02:28


Photo of a love wand from sexandsex

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new p[ic!!

Posted by sexandsex at 26,Jul,14 02:13

needs lighting help


as if anyone reads this. I jerk aoff baby!

jerk off for hours

been jerking to everything func more cum for more cum

Photo of a weasel from sexandsex

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still here!!! testing a thing

Posted by sexandsex at 26,Jul,14 01:08


more pics tonight, I mustve taken at lease a hundred!

Photo of a love wand from sexandsex

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still here loving it

Posted by sexandsex at 25,Jul,14 23:43

got all nigt to cum

lets go

I will fill it with ice cream and porn and beer and jerking my dick off and fuck

I'm going to bust asoe precum

and do that 4 tims then cum off my balciny!


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full throttle

Posted by sexandsex at 25,Jul,14 22:58

its me

allk night ok!

appreciate it, you!

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Quick pause

Posted by sexandsex at 25,Jul,14 21:41


For a bit

But I'll be back soon to beat my dick till it cums and cums

I don't want to stop cumming

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Hahahhaha oh god

Posted by sexandsex at 25,Jul,14 21:15



The penis is throbbing again

I like masturabitung. To Cum videos
Oh hello again. Here's my penis all

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Hello Everyone.

Posted by dragontiger1981 at 25,Jul,14 18:54

So I guess I'll start by saying hello.
I'm here to share experiences with people, check out the talent 'naturally' and hopefully find others sharing my interests.

For a while now I have been involved in PE (Penis Enlargement) training and due to stop starting, my goals would be made then disappear. Just like going to the gym, if you stop you loose the muscle. Same with your cock if your training it to get bigger.

My goal is to be 8 inches long X 6inches thick. This goal is achievable but it will take constant training, dedication, motivation and time.
During this journey I would love to meet other guys interested in enlarging their penis, and even just like at the gym organize training sessions if they are interested.
Would love to meet other veterans that have made and concreted their gains as I am an intermediate veteran in training.
So hit me up and I hope you are interested in my blog, I will be updating it after training and sharing techniques.

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Ethos in Purgatory

Posted by PoonLee at 25,Jul,14 17:55

Caught in the riptide I was searching for the truth There was a reason I collided into you Calling your name in the midnight hour Reaching for you from the endless dream So many miles between us but you are always here with me The feeling begins just like a spark Tossing and turning inside of your heart Exploding in the dark I find my way back to you In your hands In your heart It's whole universe

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help yourself

Posted by xmuemmelmann2005 at 25,Jul,14 16:31

hi, im here since some years , my second screen name. i ve done things that are right ive done things that are wrong, so im not a perfect example...BUT ... i beg you , pls upload pics that can create a aura of trust ! accused some that were worth of , accused some that werent !
I never would blame myself, cause i did what i did because of the right motives.

Best Regards Greg

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Posted by alexblue at 25,Jul,14 14:21

Don't hat3 the player,hat3 the game.....
But what do you do when the game is rigged by the players ?
Bribe the officials.....


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HORNY 24/7

Posted by hornyfox1 at 25,Jul,14 09:04


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I love kik

Posted by rickyb1992 at 25,Jul,14 07:53

I have had kik (Rickay92) for a few months now and I love it for the fact that it is easy to chat to people outside of Britain and talk about differences in our worlds as they are usually bigger than you'd expect. I also love sharing pics haha.

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Why this site is turning to shit

Posted by happy_guy at 25,Jul,14 01:24

Below is a typical example of why the site is turning to shit... It's typical of the stupid fucking cunts who are making fakes then buying them as their subs. If someone gets in and buys them first they delete them within 2 hours of creating them.

24,Jul,14 01:12 - You purchased member Aleria

24,Jul,14 02:35 - member Aleria deleted the profile, you lost the one as your submissive.

This member does not exist

How pathetic can they be... They need to get a life outside of this site... My advice is stop living with your mothers and find a real woman or man if that is your preference.

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TRUE STORY I got what I wanted

Posted by HornyLittleDick at 24,Jul,14 16:40

Well in my last blog post I though about letting my mum know my penis is still so small.

So my mum managed to send my **** a naked pic of me when she tried to send him some pic from the Internet she had copied over the Facebook chat. I was at the gym and she called me to get back ASAP because she didn't know how to delete it... She's obviously not good with computers.

It was a full body pic plus face with my penis soft. So I guess she got a good look at how tiny it really is.

Both have deleted the chat history and decided to ignore that but I'm sure one of them is gonna comment on it sometime in the near future.

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Thanks (again)

Posted by Ade59 at 24,Jul,14 16:03

Thanks for admiring my thick cock. More than 600 views of pic now. Makes me think about having a celebratory wank.

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Posted by rickyb1992 at 24,Jul,14 12:01

Recently my laptop was sent back to ASUS for repair. I thought my phone would be fine for uploading as I have pics on my phone. However, my phone can't distinguish the difference between the file name box and the upload box. Rendering me unable to upload. (stupid phone!) any suggestions?

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word of the day

Posted by 3rdtime at 24,Jul,14 11:31

Nip slip

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Posted by mydickpics at 24,Jul,14 11:06

i wounder if my parents know how much i just, becouse its almost all day cock in hand just going at it

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Idiot 14

Posted by happy_guy at 24,Jul,14 01:11

23,Jul,14 01:46 - Your submissive nata76 was purchased by Frenal6

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Sound like you ?

Posted by alexblue at 24,Jul,14 00:34

You have a need for other people to like and admire you, and yet you tend to be critical of yourself. While you have some personality weaknesses ,you are generally able to compensate for them. You have considerable unused capacity that you have not turned to your advantage. At times you have serious doubts whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing.

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Posted by mydickpics at 23,Jul,14 22:17

my older **** panties smell great tonight

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Let's Fuck

Posted by strokinlong at 23,Jul,14 21:58

I see you baby and you're looking so good
I got a feeling and I think that we should
Let's take it outside let's go for a ride
Let's do it whatever we want
Let's make it a crime let's do it in time
Let's do it wherever we want

Let's fuck

I wanna baby and I know that you would
I got it baby and I know that you're good
Let's do it for sin let's bring in your friends
Let's do it whatever we want
Let's do it for them let's do it again
Let's do it wherever we want

Let's Fuck

Let's go all the way
Let's do it all day
Let's do it whatever we want
Let's turn out the lights
Let's do it all night
Let's do it as long as we want

Let's fuck
Let's do it again
Let's do it whatever we want
Let's fuck

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What WE (wife and I) are looking for...

Posted by CTnSTP at 23,Jul,14 21:26

We are a VERY happily married couple, best friends, looking for a long term regular girlfriend.

This is NOT our first time doing this. We have had several long term GF's over the years who moved on to other things for various reasons but we are still close friends with most of them. We are fun loving, love humor, sarcasm and music and keep things light hearted as much as possible in this crazy world but we are very passionate about our country, the constitution and the future! We both smoke cigarettes and enjoy a drink now and then (usually beer) but otherwise D&D free. We are not spring chickens (he is 45 she is 39) nor are we ken and barbie (both on the "fluffy" side but not huge)! We are closet nudists and prefer to be nude whenever possible and appropriate. We are average people who are still very young at heart and love enjoying life in simple ways! We aren't rich and we don't have much but we make the most of what we do have. Our house needs a LOT of work and isn't the most presentable in the world but it's ours and we own it (paid in full) and working on it as we go. We have (large) dogs, cats and other ****. If any of these are a problem or you have allergies, you're not going to fit in.

We are looking for a local (southeast NC - Fayetteville/Lumberton areas) BI female... prefer late 20's to mid 30's but ANY legal age is welcome. If you are younger (18-25), you must act more mature and NO DRAMA!! We prefer white, Asian, lumbee or hispanic but open to all. We are not looking to move you in with us.. you keep your life, we keep ours. We just want to get together and enjoy each other's company both in and out of the bedroom as our schedules allow. We may just hang out, listen to music, have a few beers, joke around and just talk about life... we might sit and watch TV, a movie or the NASCAR race... we may do ALL of it and any of these can lead to passionate times together if everyone's in the mood. Whatever happens happens! Our house is like Vegas.. what happens here STAYS here! If you know and UNDERSTAND what "polyamory" is, but can also relate to the words of Aaron Lewis's song "Country Boy" that is a big plus! I can guarantee if you are honest, open and treat us with respect, you will get the same in return and the best of both worlds.. a man AND a woman who will treat you well! If you are into drama, play emotional games, are unsure if you want this type of relationship, whatever, move on. Life is too short to waste it on things like that.

Oh.. and if "u" think "ur" cool talking "2" us like this, we will NOT be a match. If you are going to talk to us, use full words and proper spelling

Does any of this appeal to you? If so, drop us a note telling us a little about yourself and we'll go from there. No one liners. Pictures welcome and we will send some in return.

Your turn!

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What I'm looking for...

Posted by CTnSTP at 23,Jul,14 21:24

I'm a very happily married 45yo bi white guy looking for a younger regular buddy and playmate for long term friendship. Yes, you read that right... I'm married. Yes, she does know and yes she is OK with it. She's bi herself (borderline lez), my best friend and fully supportive of my bi side. It was actually her idea for me to find a younger playmate that might be interested in a long term friendship both inside and outside the bedroom.

A little about me...

I'm 5'10, about 240lbs ("bear"), 5.5"-6" and cut, usually shaved and trimmed down below unless I go through a lazy spell and don't do it. I do have some body hair but not excessive and according to her, just right. I don't like too much hair on my partners and I prefer "average" (5"-7") size cut cocks. I tend to be dominant in the bedroom but have been known to submit on occasion. I'm vers and what I'm willing to do with my playmate depends on the mood at the time. I am NOT "out" and prefer to stay that way publicly but behind closed doors, I am sexually open and it would be great to have a guy friend I can be myself with!

I'm into normal guy things like hunting, fishing, shooting, NASCAR, etc. I classify myself as a "high-tech redneck" because I'm also into technology. Was a "hacker" back in the 80's but not nearly as "nerdy" now and a little behind on tech but still love it.

I'm looking for a guy that is typically submissive but flexible in the bedroom, is masculine in public and is willing to be involved WITHOUT being involved with my wife. She is NOT interested in sexual activities with other guys but does like to watch sometimes. So, she is OFF LIMITS in the bedroom. If you can't understand and agree to this limitation, move along. If you can and you are interested in what you've read so far, feel free to drop me a line. I am only interested in guys close enough to hang out and visit with. Southeast NC (Fayetteville/Lumberton areas) only please!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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My Sneaky Wife...

Posted by CTnSTP at 23,Jul,14 21:21

This happened a number of years ago so bare with me if it seems a bit fuzzy...

My wife and I have a completely open and honest relationship and we talk about everything. I knew she was BI (damn near lez) when we first met so after a few years I finally let her know about my BI curiosity and that there had been very brief and limited experimentation when I was younger but wanted to test the waters more. She had been encouraging me to experiment and was even trying to find me someone to play with but things hadn't worked out. Every guy she contacted to try to find ME someone, just wanted to fuck her. So, she had given up. Or so I thought...

At this time, we owned a home based internet services business. One day, a customer of mine who was also a friend needed to come over for some help on a problem he was having getting into his account on our server. I invited him over and when he got there, we went to the "office" which just happened to be in our bedroom at the time. We logged into the server and I showed him where his problem was and how to solve it. This didn't take long and when finished, we continued with small talk about various things in our lives. Somehow (I later found out my wife steered it this way), we ended up on the subject of sexuality and being bi. He was married too but came out to me that he was BI and had played a few times with guys and other couples. My closet curiosity took over and I started nudging the conversation to find out more about his experiences for my own future use. As we continued to discuss his adventures, I would occasionally mention what I was interested in trying if the opportunity ever presented itself and how we had been trying to find someone for me to play with but we hadn't had much luck. The entire conversation was a turn on for me and I was learning quite a bit.

Before I knew it, I still don't remember exactly how it happened or what lead to it... my wife was unzipping my jeans and pulling my half-hard and pre-cum covered cock out. She started going down on me right in front of him. He kind of leaned back in his chair (which was my office chair) and started rubbing himself through his sweat pants. I was pretty much in a daze at this point. Watching my wife go down on me with her talented mouth and watching another guy rub himself as he watched us. My mind was going a mile a minute!

Suddenly, he leaned forward in the chair and pulled his sweats down showing his nice average sized hard cock. This turned me on even more! After a few minutes of watching him slowly rub and jack his cock while my wife was polishing my own, he worked his way onto the bed on the opposite side from my wife and started rubbing my nipples with one hand and gently cupping my balls with the other. I was in extacy and thought I was going to blow right there! But, my wife, knowing my every twitch and movement, saw that I was about to cum so she stopped going down on me and just licked the shaft and kissed the head to allow me to back down some. This is one of her favorite things to do to me.. take me right to the edge and pulling me back numerous times before finally letting me cum... torturous!

Then it happened... in an almost perfectly timed move, my wife leaned back exposing my cock to the world and he leaned over and in one swift move, my cock was down his throat all the way. My eyes got big and my toes curled! This was the first time since my teen years that someone of the same sex had my cock in their mouth. I was amazed, confused, turned on... soo many emotions and thoughts were racing through my head. I glanced over at my wife and she had the biggest grin on her face and nodded to me to continue. It was on. I kicked my jeans off the rest of the way so I could spread my legs more and he could have full access to my cock and balls. He scooted up on the bed all the way and I realized I was nose to head with his nice cock. I nervously reached over to it and began to fondle and jack him slowly. This wasn't the first time since my teen years I had another man's cock in my hands but it had been a very long time and for the first time, the situation allowed me to do anything I wanted with that cock. My nervousness immediately disappeared and without realizing I was doing it, I leaned over and slid his cock into my mouth. We were in a 69 and going at each other's cocks like rabid ****. This lasted until I was again at the edge of exploding and my wife nudged him off of me so I didn't cum yet. They both fondled and rubbed me all over for a couple of minutes then my wife, knowing I was very unsure about swallowing cum yet, climbed on top of me to have herself a cowgirl style ride and take the BI play back down a notch. He continued rubbing my nipples and I occasionally went down on his cock again. I was soo over excited and overwhelmed that I quickly blew my load deep inside my wife's hot wet pussy which sent her over the edge and she started bucking like a wild bronco with her own orgasm. I was completely physically and mentally spent and limp as a wet noodle all over and our friend continued to stroke himself until he came as well.

After a few minutes to recover, my wife got up and went to the bathroom to get a warm damp rag to clean us both up as she always did. My friend just sat there rubbing his own cum into his shrinking and spent cock. My wife returned, cleaned me up then came the traditional kiss on the tip of my cock. She then handed our friend the rag and he cleaned himself up and started getting dressed. I slipped a pair of shorts on and walked him to the door.. not knowing what to say to him now that reality had set in. He looked at me as he walked out the door and smiled saying "talk to ya later tonight" and he was gone.

After the fact, my wonderful wife let me know that she hadn't completely planned the event but once she heard our conversation about being BI and experiences, she decided to give me every bit of help she could so I could have an encounter and see if I liked it... which I did. Since then, I have had a few experiences here and there over the years but none this intense. I still think back to that time when she helped me have my first real BI play time without worries or nervousness (that STILL interferes at times).

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The postman..............................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Jul,14 20:10

I was 18 years old and living at home with the parents. I loved it, often had the house to myself due to their work and enjoyed my time when they were away. This story involves our post man Ross. He had been our postman for as long as I can remember, and was friendly with us all. He was 51 years old, about 6ft tall, head shaved bald and sporting a white goatee he was a handsome older gentleman (I had wanked a couple of times as I spied at him from my bedroom window and wondered what was under those trousers). He had a stocky build and nice smile he handled himself well and you could tell years of lugging around a heavy postbag had kept him in shape well. He was divorced, I knew that as mum was friends with his ex wife, and he lived in the same village as us but alone. I would see him on mornings I was awake and say hi nothing more.

One afternoon I was walking towards my favourite toilet block (see previous stories) when I saw Ross coming out of them, I couldn't believe it. Was he just there using the toilets as normal or was he using them the same way I was intending too. I was so turned on at the thought of him possibly being interested in men I had to relieve myself in the toilet where he had just been. On my walk back home many things passed my mind but the main thought was that I had to find out if he was or not. I decided to try and flirt with him each morning to see where it went. A little more than just a "hi".

Over the next couple weeks I made sure I was around in the morning to greet him and as the times passed we started chatting a lot more. My parents were away one morning and I decided that would be the time I would really test his resolve and dangle the bait so to speak. It was a nice sunny morning and I was up early awaiting his arrival which was normally about 10am. The house was empty I put some gay porn on tv and started to have a little stroke excitedly and nervous about what may happen. I had on only shorts they were a little tight and left nothing to the imagination. I saw Ross approach our gate and knew this was it, I slipped my hard cock into my shorts, buttoned them up and made my way to the door, I opened it just as he was approaching. "Morning Ross" I said. He looked up and smiled "Hi Rob you ok?" it was then as he got close I saw him notice the bulge in my shorts. I played it cool and continued the talk "yea not bad at all, the folks are away so just enjoying some alone time as you do" I said smiling. He lifted his eyes and said "It must be nice, you will have all the ladies around" I let out a laugh and said "well I don't know about that to be honest" I saw his head move and could see he was looking over my shoulder into the house, I had purposely left the door open and the video on pause so he may catch a glimpse. I said "you ok Ross you seem a bit off this morning" He looked back and said "yea just a little hot today, couldn't trouble you for a drink could I??" My heart almost exploded out my chest (not because of that he often had a drink off mum but because it was an excuse to get him indoors) "sure mate, come on in and take that bag off it wont be helping at all" As I disappeared into the kitchen I heard the door close and his bag hit the floor. I shouted through "water or juice Ross?" he replied "water will be fine, thanks".

I poured him some water, reshuffled my cock still hard in the shorts and walked back through to the hall. He wasn't there, I walked turned and he was in the front room, back to me watching the tv, he had unpaused my video and was watching my gay porn. I took a deep breath and said "ah shit sorry, I should have turned that off, sorry Ross" He said "don't be silly its fine and horny" as I stepped into the room he turned and I nearly dropped the water, he had his cock hanging out of his zip, I stood there shocked, I didn't expect this quick. He looked and said "I know this was what you wanted you little tease, now get that massive hard cock out and come over here and see what you can do with this" I handed him his water, unbuttoned my shorts and dropped them to the floor, I was completely naked still rock hard. I dropped to my knees and shuffled towards him, he was drinking his water, I undid his button and dropped his trousers to the floor, he was going commando and his cock and balls fell out right infront of my face. He was still soft but I could tell he had a nice cock, well trimmed bush and nice set of balls. His cock was uncut and thick, I immediately grabbed it and give it a little wank, I looked up and saw him looking, I opened my mouth and placed his cock inside, I slid the whole thing in and licked his balls, I started to feel him hardening, he was moaning and unbuttoning his shirt. I pulled out and started to work his cock harder and harder, it growing the whole time. He dropped his shirt and stepped out of his shoes and trousers, I looked up and noticed his body was very trim and smooth, slightly tanned and well looked after. His cock was now fully erect about 8-9 inches long and a nice thickness to it, he grabbed my hair and said " I have always wanted this ass and I cant wait to have it, get my dick all hard and wet for me" I dived back on his cock and started to work on it. He was thrusting his hips the whole time, getting faster and faster, often pulling out and hitting his dick off my face.

After about 10 mins of hard sucking, he pulled out and said " get on all 4s on the sofa I want to taste that ass before I use it" I bent over the sofa as requested, he pushed my head down into exposing my ass even more, he give my ass a hard smack before diving into my ass like a hungry dog, he was tonging it really deep and spitting on it, then I felt a finger slide in as he sucked my balls and cock, he added a second finger and began to work my hole hard, every now and then slapping my cheek with his other hand. He pulled out his fingers and spat on his hand, rubbed it onto his rock hard cock and said "breathe son, breathe" I felt the tip of his penis on my hole and felt him push, he slid in slowly at first inch by inch until he was balls deep in me, I let out a moan. He said "yea take it son, work it in so I can fuck u hard" he slowly eased out and back in again a couple more times. After a couple minutes he said "ok lets go" with that he rammed his cock hard in, I screamed. That seemed to make him go faster as he started fucking my ass hard and fast just pounding on it. This went on for a couple of minutes before he pulled out and started slapping his hard cock on my hole, he rammed it back in again and continued to fuck me, pulling out every couple minutes slapping it on my hole and calling me a slut.

After what seemed like forever, he pulled out and sat in the arm chair, he said "come here and clean this cock" I got up and tried to walk over, legs were like jelly. I got on my knees in front of him and took his cock in my hand and dived on it, sucking and licking like my life depended on it, he was moaning loud and pushing my head down onto his prick. He said "how about you climb up here and give me a ride" I didn't need asked twice I climbed up and straddled my legs either side of him facing away from him, I grabbed his cock underneath and guided it into my hole nad lowered myself. He let out a moan and said "yea that's it, work my cock with that ass" I started to ride and rock on his cock, then bouncing on it, I was riding it hard and fast as he reached around and was wanking my hard cock, I started to tighten as I was going to cum and he knew this as he stopped he said "you are not coming yet!" with that he pushed me off him and placed me on my back, he pulled my legs up high so I was on my shoulders and my ass was in the air with my back leaning on the sofa base, he dipped his cock into my ass and started to pull it in and out, he grabbed my cock as he did and was wanking it hard, I was going to cum, and he said "open up I want to see you taste your own cum" no sooner had he said it then I started to cum moaning as he was fucking me deep, my cum fell almost perfect into my mouth, come on the mouth but mostly I didn't miss a drop, I had done it before to be honest. I licked my lips and smiled, he pulled out and brought his cock down to let me suck it. I cleaned him up as he poked at my ass with his fingers, "im almost there, but not quite yet, lie on your back on the floor" I moved into position and he came over pulled up my legs to his chest and slid his fat cock into my gaping hole, he started to fuck hard and fast and very deep, I kept moaning loud but that only seemed to encourage him. After about 5 mins he pulled out and said " im gonna cum, open wide" He came around to where my face was side on, and started to wank his hard cock, feeding me his balls to lick on and suck. He started to moan loud, I turned my head to catch his cum, as I did a big shot of cum sprang out and hit my chin and cheek, another hit my open mouth and with that he shoved his cock deep in my mouth, as he moaned loud and yelled out. He was wanking the base as I sucked him deep, I could feel shot after shot hitting my throat, he was saying "yea that's it take it all, swallow the lot slut" after about a minute he started to soften down a little as I sucked and cleaned him off swallowing and savouring every drop, he pulled out and leant over and give me a peck on the head. "thanks, for that. Just what I needed" he said. I lay there smiling and panting. He stood up and started to get dressed as I pulled on my shorts. We exchanged some small chat as he said "well I better get on, got more letters to deliver, when are your parents back?" "not for another 3 days" I replied. He smiled and said "I finish at 2:30 ill be back here at 3pm, be ready for more ok." with that he headed out the door. I closed it behind him and immediately took out my cock, I wanked it hard until I came right there all over the floor. I couldn't believe what had just happened. That was the first of many meets with that lovely gentleman.

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He moaned happily..........................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Jul,14 20:07

A few months ago I decided to go to a sex shop in South Jersey that was 30 minutes from my beach house. I was driving by when I saw it and, intrigued, decided to stop and have a look around. As I looked at all of the movies and toys they had, I noticed a small corridor to the back of the shop. My curiosity killing me, I decided to walk back there, noticing a bunch of booths lined up next to each other, with a few playing naughty sounds that I guessed were porn videos that other men were watching.
I decided to go into one of the booths and watch, just to see what the store had to offer. I popped in a few quarters and saw some very hot man-on-man action, and pulled out my relatively small cock to rub it a bit.
A couple of minutes into the movie, a man walks into the vacant booth next to mine, which I notice because of a small hole on the opposite side of the booth. Having a peek, I noticed that he was black, athletic, and had rather large hands. As I peeked through at him entering a few quarters, he pulled out a MASSIVE cock that was at least twice the size of mine, and it wasn't even erect! I was in awe and stopped watching my movie, moving my head closer to the hole just to get a better view of this man jerking his HUGE black cock. I'd never seen a big black cock in person before this, and the biggest I'd ever seen on another man was 7" on my white fuck buddy at college, but that was nowhere near the size of what this guy had in his pants.
After a minute or so of him jerking, I noticed him looking down at the hole out of the corner of his eye, noticing that I was watching him. He appeared to be in his mid-to-late-30s, judging by his face, and, based on his sly smile, he seemed to be getting a kick out of a young white teenager watching him jack his cock. Shortly after noticing, he moved towards the hole and stuck his dick through it as I backed away in a bit of fear before realizing that he was asking me to suck it.
Shocked, I waited a second, thinking about what to do. I was turned on, but did I really wanna suck this stranger's big black cock? As he wiggled his massive erection at me through the hole, I gave in, opened my mouth and began to slowly suck on my first big black cock. It was hard as can be, but I went up & down, sucking it gently to get a feel for it. I could hear him audibly moan through the wall as I got my mouth on it, and used my left hand to gently play with his massive balls while stroking him with my right.
I was somewhat stunned at the situation. I'd never been to a glory hole before, nor had I even seen one before, and here I was gargling on my first big black cock which is attached to a total stranger! After a minute or so of gently sucking and stroking him, I became mentally aware of the fact that this was really happening and became very aroused. As I got into it more, I started sucking & stroking him harder, almost delirious at the fact that this was happening. My tiny dick was rock hard as I sucked him, and after I few minutes I took my mouth off his dick and began sucking on his big balls while stroking him. Oh God, his balls were as salty as can be, but I was in cocksucker heaven.
He moaned heavily through the wall, and even began talking dirty while I sucked him. "That's right, suck my huge black dick, white boy." On cue, I took my mouth off his balls and started going down hard & deep on his big black cock, deep-throating it as far as I could before gagging. After that, the video on his side had stopped, and he abruptly left his booth.
Somewhat stunned and thinking it was over, I started jacking off my own throbbing dick, clearly in ecstasy at what had just happened. I thought to myself "Did I really just suck that black man's dick through a glory hole? Oh God, what a slutty thing to do! I can't believe how big that thing was. Will I ever do anything like tha–"
Just as I thought that, I heard a knock on my booth door. Startled, I pulled up my pants quickly and answered "occupied!"
A low voice responded "I know it's occupied, but I wanna come in and deal with that white cocksucker in person!" Oh shit! It was him! Rock hard, I opened the booth, let him in and locked it up quickly. He was much taller than me, with black hair and a serious look on him. I was stunned as I sized up this man in front of me.
"I'm slightly embarrassed" I said shyly, in an honest admission that I was somewhat nervous now that he was in front of me. I mean, it's one thing to suck off a random dick through a glory hole, but to have him in front of me? That added a little bit more pressure to the situation…
He laughed loudly, quickly responding "well, you've already sucked my dick, so hell what's the worst that can happen?" I stood there frozen, in a slight daze. Did I really need to freeze considering I've already sucked this man's dick and balls? I mean, he's twice my age and standing in front of me, but they're fucking huge and black I'd never been so turned on in my life.
Sheepishly, I responded "Well, I guess it's not every day I suck a big black dick through a glory hole… I guess I just didn't expect to see you in person." My tiny erection was throbbing. "I–"
Before I could get my thought out, he pulled down his pants to reveal his fully erect cock pointing directly at me. I stared at it silently, mesmerized. That cock was fucking huge. Suddenly, he was **** me to my knees, holding the back of my head and **** it down on his cock, making me suck it hard and deep. I moaned as my mouth was being shoved onto his cock, with him moaning in delight. My head bobbed on his dick for around a minute until I eventually gagged after it was f***ed almost all the way down my throat into my mouth.
After I gagged, he withdrew his gigantic black dick from my mouth and pulled me up by my shoulders, sticking a finger in mouth. "Suck it, bitchboy." I obliged, fully lost in the moment as he rhythmically inserted his finger into my mouth for me to suck on while squeezing my ass with his other hand. "What a firm ass you have…" he said, spanking my left ass cheek while I sucked on his index finger. As I moaned in ecstasy, he pulled his finger out of my mouth and started pulling down my pants. "Let's see what you have in there."
He pulled down my pants, revealing my tiny, yet throbbing erect cock. He laughed, rubbed my nut sack with his left hand and said "I had a feeling that you were hung like a little girl. Only bitches suck dick that hard!" I blushed, letting him caress my nut sack and belittle me in the booth. He moved his right hand to my ass and squeezed my left cheek hard, making me jump. He kissed my neck, making me surrender as he moved his left hand off of my nut sack towards my other ass cheek and began squeezing them both.
I lowered my right arm towards his cock and began stroking it while he squeezed my ass. He moaned in approval. "What a good little bitch you are" he said, making me blush scarlet again. He moved his fingers towards my ass crack slowly as I stroked him and, without notice, stuck one large finger up my asshole as he began fingering me. This f***ed me to let out a very sudden, loud moan that anyone who's had an object inserted into their asshole knows all too well.
"Calm down, slutty boy," he said very smoothly. "You're gonna have something bigger up there real soon." He inserted another two fingers up my ass, finger-fucking me hard and quick, my moans getting louder with each new finger being inserted. His three fingers were thicker than my fuck buddy's cock, and I'd never felt so submissive in my life. I moaned senselessly, letting him know how much I was enjoying his fingers up my ass as he fingered me harder and deeper… stretching out my tight little hole.
Suddenly, he pulled his fingers out and stuck them in my mouth. "Suck them, slut" he said, squeezing my ass to further enf**** his dominance over me. I obeyed, sucking on his fingers that he had just used to stretch out my ass, moaning as I tasted my own anal juices. Without warning, he pulled them out of my mouth and, using his other arm, grabbed the back of my neck, turned me around and pushed my body forward, bending my naked body over the seat in the video booth.
"Pucker that ass up, buttercup," he whispered commandingly into my ear, adding "because when I'm done, you'll have trouble sitting down for quite a long time." He spit on my asshole and rubbed around on it, making clear his intentions. I started breathing heavily, anticipating his long hard dick to be inserted into my asshole at any moment. He leaned over and, very slowly inserted his huge black cock into my little butthole, making me moan louder than ever.
He inserted more and more of his dick up my ass and made me moan louder and louder, making clear the joy I was getting from having his huge cock violate my tight white asshole. After thirty seconds of slowly inserting, he began thrusting and picking up the pace, groaning with each thrust, which was subsequently being matched by my moans, until he eventually started pounding my ass deeply at a slow tempo. I moaned louder than ever, overpowered by this man's big black cock.
"That's right, moan, bitch…" he said, picking up the pace, fucking my ass harder and faster, making me moan even louder. My little cock was on the verge of cumming, with the entire scene just overflowing into my brain. The glory hole booth… the stranger… the huge black cock in my asshole… and the now rhythmic sound of his cock pounding my ass was slowly but surely becoming all too much for me to handle, making my tiny erect dick spill cum all over the seat in the video booth, moaning in ecstasy as this built black stranger continued pumping his huge cock in my asshole.
"Typical little dick," he said, fucking me harder and deeper, his thighs smacking rhythmically against my ass while I moaned from the penetration. "Always cumming early. Oh well, here's a nice parting gift for you," he continued, fucking my ass as hard as possible while I felt a warm liquid slowly begin to stream into my asshole, with him sighing heavily, as if almost relieved while his cum filled me. He slowly removed his massive cock from my asshole, making me moan in relief as my hole finally got air.
Wow, what a fuck that was. I stayed bent over after he pulled out of me, his load pumped into my ass, unsure of what to do as he stood over me. As I tried to pull my pants up to get ready to leave, he smacked my ass, making me shout in pain as he pulled my hair. "Where do you think you're going, bitch?" he said, his huge erection pulsating against my ass.
I stumbled, unsure of what to say. "Um, I thought we were done since you came in my ass?" I quivered in fear, afraid that he wasn't done fucking me.
He laughed loudly, gave me another smack on my bare ass, **** my head closer to his by pulling my hair even more. He whispered in my ear "my pants are still down and my cock is covered in your ass juices. Don't you think you should clean that up, pin dick?"
I rolled my eyes downward, getting a glance at the huge cock that just pounded me. It was still erect, and had the moistness of my anal juices all over it. I reluctantly return to my knees, my ass in pain from the fucking it just received, and begin licking my liquid rectal extract off of his semi-erect cock.
He moaned happily, pulling my hair as I cleaned my ass fluids off his cock, holding in my urge to gag at the taste of my own shithole. "That's right, bitch. Clean your faggot ass juices off my cock!" I sucked on his huge black dick reluctantly, slurping my juices off of him like a terribly hot soup. He laughed happily as his cock got harder, making me realize my time as his whore was far from over…

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Yes, sir.............................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Jul,14 20:04

went through my mid-life crisis recently, but instead of buying a Porsche or a 800 inch flat screen TV or fucking my twenty-two year old secretary (although it was tempting) Instead I decided to get back in shape. I was an athlete in high school and college, but in my thirties work, f****y and neglect have added a few more pounds than I was proud to admit. So now in my early forties, I bought a year membership at a fitness club, knowing I was way too cheap not to use it if I paid for it.

I went after work a few times the first week but it was way too busy and by the time I got home it was almost seven...the evening already half gone.

So the second week I shifted to morning workouts. There were only a few people there and it was more of a relaxed atmosphere. By Wednesday, I was getting into a routine and I pushed myself to get to the next level. Unfortunately, my body ached and even after fifteen minutes in the hot tub I was kind of stiff and decided to hit the sauna.

I had been in the sauna maybe a minute when a well-built black man, probably in his late twenties, sat directly across from me. He was made like a football linebacker with tattoos everywhere. I didn't mean to look, but his legs were wide open, and his large black cock was dangling right in front of me. I had heard black guys were hung; but had never put any thought into it until the moment one was right in front of me. Even flaccid, it was bigger than mine when it was completely hard. I didn't mean to stare, but I was in such awe of its length and girth I couldn't take my eyes off it.

"You're new here," he said, distracting me away from his large package.

My face felt flush at the thought of being caught staring at a man's cock, but thankfully I could blame the hot sauna for my red face, and not my embarrassment at staring at his cock. I replied, "Yes, well I worked out last week after work, but found it too busy and I was too tired from the long day at work."

"It is much quieter here in the morning," he agreed.

"I am enjoying it much more," I answered, doing all I could to not be drawn back down between his legs, an invisible magnet seeming to be drawing me down. "Plus I feel more refreshed and energetic all day."

"It is a great way to start the day," he agreed. "What do you do for a living?" He asked.

"Banker, stocks and bonds," I replied. "You?"

Ignoring my question, he said, "That's a pretty stressful job."

"It can be," I shrugged, just as the door opened and another man walked in. He seemed surprised to see me as he stopped looking unsure.

"It's okay, he is new and doesn't know the rules yet," the black man said.

The mid-fifties man still seemed unsure what to do, which baffled me.

"Either in or out, cocksucker," the black man ordered, his soft friendly demeanour suddenly changing.

It was like watching something in slow motion. I know I had heard the words correctly, yet I couldn't quite accept I had. I stared as the older man walked over to the black man, dropped to his knees and took the huge cock in his mouth.

The black man continued talking as if he wasn't getting head in a sauna in front of a stranger, as if it was a natural every day thing. "So banking is a pretty stressful job. What do you do to relieve the stress?"

"I don't know, watch TV, read, work out," I shrugged and joked, unable to avert my eyes from the scene right before me.

"Sorry, what is your name?" He asked.

"Jim," I replied, "you?"

"Doug," he replied. "Married?"

"Yep," I replied, showing the ring, "twenty-one years."

"Marriage a bit stale?" He asked.

"It can be, like all marriages," I shrugged, answering all his questions for some reason.

"You suck cock, Jim?" He asked.

Pulling my eyes away from the blow job, unaware I was again staring, I stammered, "W-w-what?"

"Do you suck cock? Or are you just curious?" He asked.

"Sorry, I'm straight," I clarified.

"You sure?" He asked, implying I wasn't.

"Yeah, I'm sure," I replied, even as my cock began to harden, thankful I had put the towel over me when originally sitting down. "I should get going," I said, beginning to get up.

"Sit down Jim," Doug ordered, his tone instantly shifting again from friendly to authoritative.

For some unexplainable reason I obeyed, and I am not usually one who obeys orders.

"I just need to make sure you know the rules of the morning sauna, Jim," he said, his voice again friendly.

"I didn't realize there were rules," I said, trying to act casual during the very awkward situation.

He chuckled. "In the morning very few people come, although many that do come really come."

I didn't completely understand what he was saying, but did get the 'really come' reference as I watched the live gay act right in front of me, my cock betraying me.

"You see the morning ritual is a mixture of people working out and people getting worked on if you get my drift," he continued.

"I am catching on," I joked, my cock continuing its rise, even as I begged it to behave.

"I doubt you noticed but there are colours on the side of the door outside. Each has a specific significance. Blue means the sauna is currently empty, which it was when you first came in here. Yellow means someone is in the sauna but is actually using the sauna as a sauna like you were assumedly doing."

"Y-y-yes, I was, I mean I didn't know there were rules," I said, again desperate to defend my manhood.

"So I see," he smirked, seeing the tent growing under my towel. "Anyways, green means someone is waiting for a blow job, black means someone black is waiting for a blow job, purple means someone is inside waiting to give head, while orange means someone is inside waiting for some backdoor action."

"Oh my, that is pretty complex," I joked, continuing to act casual about the whole strange experience.

"Lastly, if you see red you are being warned that the sauna is in use like it is right now," he finished.

"I see," I said.

"Do you?" He asked, "It is important you understand the rules."

"It's pretty straight forward," I replied.

"Nice pun," he laughed.

"So I should just avoid the sauna, is that what you are suggesting," I said.

"Unless you want to suck, get sucked, fuck or get fucked," he clarified.

"I don't think so," I said, although I couldn't remember the last time I got a blow job. Looking at the older man bobbing up and down, I wondered briefly if gay men sucked cock better than women.

"I have heard that before," he said, a smirk on his face.

"Oh I am pretty positive. So these are some rather unorthodox rules," I said, before asking, "How do people know these rules and not end up walking in on a...situation?"

"Word of mouth," he replied, laughing at his own pun. "Of course, over time it gets a reputation. Kind of like Cohen's Pub for the ladies."

"What about Cohen's Pub?" I asked, which I knew by reputation was a sports bar in a seedier part of town.

"White sluts, usually married white sluts, who want black cock go there. The color of their nylons defines what they are into," he explained.

"Wow," I said, even as an image of my wife going to such a bar popped into my head, "apparently you learn something new every day."

"That we do," he chuckled.

"I need to get going," I said, trying to hide my now fully erect cock from being seen.

"Go ahead," he smiled.

I stood up, my tent impossible to conceal. "It was nice to meet you Doug."

"You too, Jim," I said. As I reached the door, he added, "When you change your mind I will be here same time, same place, but it is first come, first serve, and I stress the word serve."

"I am not gay," I re-confirmed.

"Either is Samuel here," Doug pointed down. "Are you, Samuel?"

"No sir," the older man replied, as he took the big black cock, which I got to briefly see fully erect, out of his mouth. Just as quickly, the black cock disappeared in the older man's mouth.

"You see, Jim, most white men like yourself are just a trigger away from becoming a cocksucker," he said, the words ludicrous and yet his tone confident.

"Trigger?" I questioned, curious about this theory.

"Yes, a key moment where the idea or opportunity to cross a forbidden line occurs. I imagine yours just occurred today," he said.

"How so?" I asked, even though I should have left right then and there instead of allowing myself to be drawn into this ridiculous theory.

"You are straight and have never had sex with a man, right?" He said.

"Correct," I nodded.

"It has probably never seriously even crossed your mind that you may one day crave a cock in your mouth, has it?" He continued.

"Agreed," I replied, continuing to stay firm, even as I continued to watch the older man bob up and down on Doug's big cock.

"And I imagine your sex life with your wife is predictable, boring and nowhere near frequent enough in your opinion," he said, sadly completely accurate.

"It is fine," I replied, not wanting to admit he was correctly pegging me.

"Fine," he chuckled, "that is a non-descript word if there ever was one. The reality is right now your cock is stiff and ready to shoot and you are in complete denial to the reason why."

"I'm in denial now?" I replied, annoyed by his smug assessment of me. Sure I was hard, and sure watching a guy with another guy getting a blow job turned me on, but that didn't make me gay.

"You will leave now pissed at what I said. You will go to work and do your daily blah routine, but in the back of your mind will be this," he said, standing up, his cock slipping out of the older man's mouth.

I stared at it against my will. It was so thick, so long, so dark and yet undeniably I was drawn to it. I had never in my life seen a black cock, nor had I ever in my life considered a cock to be juicy, yet there was no other way to describe his cock. My mouth salivated and my head got light, which I could blame on how long I had been in the sauna and not a sudden desire cock.

His cock swayed like a hypnotist's watch, unable to look away from his big black monster. "Ready to cross the line, cocksucker," he asked.

Being called a cocksucker pulled me out of my daze, even as a chill went up my spine. I was suddenly desperate to get out of there, I stammered, "I-I-I got to go."

He laughed as I rushed out of there, "See you soon."

I quickly got dressed and hurried out of the gym. As I drove to work, I tried to understand what had just transpired.

Why had I gotten hard?

I wasn't gay.

Why couldn't I stop staring at his big black cock?

I wasn't gay.

Why did my mouth water at seeing the full length and width of his juicy cock all wet with another man's slobber?

I wasn't gay.

Why had I just called a cock juicy?

I wasn't gay.

Why could I still see his cock so perfectly in my head?

I wasn't gay.

Why was my cock still straining to get free in my pants?

"I am not gay, I am not gay, I am not gay," I repeated to myself.

At work, I was able to focus on my work until the early afternoon when another co-worker, James, a younger black man, was in the bathroom when I was. I was taking a piss when he moved to the urinal beside me and pulled out his cock. The first thing that popped in my head was 'I wonder if he had a big cock too'. I desperately tried to finish urinating, but my eyes began to move to look down over the divider between the urinals and get an answer my question. Before I knew it I was staring at my co-worker's cock. As soon as I got a good look, which confirmed the rumour that black men are hung, I stared back at the wall. I finished peeing even as my cock began growing.

Back in my office, I cursed myself, praying he didn't notice me glance at his smaller than Doug's but still very thick and long cock. I locked my office door and decided to just jerk off. I figured once I shot a load, I could focus properly. It was like when I was in college and fucked an unattractive chick: I rationalized, while horny, a mouth is a mouth and a cunt is a cunt. However, once I shot my load in or on her, I was mortified by my lack of judgement.

I pulled my cock out, closed my eyes and began pumping. I usually stroked myself fantasizing about Janice my blonde big breasted twenty-two year old secretary, or Allison another co-worker who was a fiery redhead with the tightest ass ever, or Mrs. Walker, my daughter's long-legged English teacher. Yet, as my balls began to boil, it was Doug's big, juicy, black cock that popped in my head. Horny as hell, I allowed the fantasy to get me off.

"Come get your treat, cocksucker," Doug ordered, his big cock lying flaccid between his legs.

I walked over to him, dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth.

"That's it cocksucker, suck me the way your wife used to suck yours when she was young," he ordered.

Remembering when Susan used to deep throat cock suck and swallow, I bobbed hungrily taking more of his thick cock with each forward bob.

"Good boy," he moaned, as I took all his cock in my mouth.

I moaned back on his cock, excited that I was pleasing him.

My cum sprayed up in the air like a missile launch as my orgasm exploded out of me, an orgasm way more intense than any my usual quick stroke fantasies. I shook my head, quickly cleaned myself off and put my cock away.

Thankfully, having come, I again thought the idea of blowing a man was ridiculous; although I was embarrassed the idea got me off in the first place, I was once again able to focus on work.

That night at home, I vaguely listened to my wife, Susan, ramble on about her day, was reminded that my daughter's high school graduation was in a week and stammered when she asked, "How was your day?"

"I-I-I um fine," I answered, laughing at myself as I remembered Doug's definition of 'fine',

"You sure?" Susan asked, noticing me babble.

"Just a long day and my body is a bit sore," I said, which was true.

"Did you use the sauna after your workout?" She asked.

"Yeah for a bit?" I said, deciding not to tell her what I witnessed.

The rest of the night was normal. At bedtime, I tried to get some action with Susan, but she said she was too tired. As I lay in bed, I pondered if I should go workout in the morning. Deciding I would just avoid the sauna, I wasn't going to let some stranger change my routine which I had began to enjoy.


The next morning, I arrived at my regular time and worked out with only a couple others in the gym. Doug wasn't there, although I didn't recall seeing him working out the last time either.

My workout done, I was going to the locker room when, like a magnet, I was drawn to the sauna.

Walking towards the sauna, I saw a chubby black man from behind take the orange card out and put the red card in. My cock began to rise at the thought of what was about to happen in the sauna, as I tried to remember what orange meant. I pulled open my phone to check as I typed them all in yesterday out of amusement. He was going to be fucked in the ass by some guy! I shook my head at how surreal this all felt as I headed to the locker room.

As I headed to the locker, I felt a strange sense of disappointment even though I had no intention of going in the sauna. Yet, as I got dressed, an undeniable growing hunger filled me. My cock was again hard at the thought of what was occurring in that sauna right then. Once dressed, I decided fuck it; I went to the far bathroom stall to shoot a load, thinking a quick pump and shoot would get me focused on my work today.

I was furiously pumping my meat when I heard footsteps and then Doug's voice in the stall beside me. "That you, Jim?"

I froze. I considered lying, I considered not speaking, but in the end I answered, "Yeah."

"You jerking off?" He asked.

I stammered, "N-n-no."

"I think you are. I think you went to the sauna and saw it was being used and were disappointed. But it got you hard, even though you don't know why, do you, Jim?" He said, completely summarizing my current emotional state.

"No, I don't," I admitted, just as I noticed a hole in the panel between us.

"I know why," he said as his big, thick, cock snaked through the hole. "You crave black cock. You didn't know you did, but once you saw mine yesterday it is all you have been able to think about, isn't it Jim?"

I stared at it, now just inches from my face, looking even bigger up close. Like Pavlov's dog, my mouth instantly watered as if I was conditioned to salivate when I saw a juicy black cock.

"Did you masturbate yesterday after seeing my cock, Jim?"

"No," I lied.

"You're lying to me, Jim. I can hear it in your voice. Be honest Jim, you masturbated yesterday didn't you?" He asked again.

"Yes," I admitted, embarrassed.

"And you thought about my cock, didn't you, Jim?" he asked, his tone implying he already knew the answer.

"Yes, fine, that doesn't make me gay," I frustratingly answered.

"I never called you gay," he clarified, his cock staring me in the face. My mouth was watering as if his cock was a juicy steak.

"What else would I be if I sucked cock?" I asked.

"A straight cocksucker," he answered.

"That isn't gay?" I asked, moving closer to his cock to take a closer look.

"No, you are gay if you only suck and fuck men, Jim. You don't just suck and fuck men do you, Jim?"

"Of course not," I said, his logic making strange logical sense in my confused mind.

"I can feel your hot breath on my cock, Jim," Doug pointed out. "It's okay, Jim, I know what you want, what you need. Just go ahead, Jim. Get rid of the curiosity that has overwhelmed you since yesterday. Accept that you are hungry for black cock and submit to your natural born submissive desires," Doug said, his words somehow sounding logical.

I knew this was it. The moment that would forever change who I saw myself as sexually. The moment I stood up and walked out proving my straightness or the moment I leaned forward, crossed the invisible line of straightness.

"Now or never, straight cocksucker," Doug ordered. "There are lots of other white straight boys who would beg to be in your position right now."

Being called a cocksucker somehow turned me on. The thought of sucking his cock took over my every thought. I leaned forward, opened my mouth and took the thick, juicy, semi-erect black cock head in my mouth.

"That's it, Jim," he purred. "Worship my cock like you have craved to do since you first saw it."

Somehow the absurdity of his words soothed me. His dick in my mouth, I suddenly wanted to please him, to worship him, to be his good straight cocksucker. I swirled my tongue around his mushroom top, loving the rare times my wife would tease me with her tongue.

"Making love to my cock, are you?" He chuckled. "How long have you been holding back these repressed desires? You are obviously a natural born cocksucker."

Again his words were ridiculous, but all I cared about now was his juicy cock in my mouth. I took more in and marvelled at how it hardened in my mouth like magic. A sudden pride washed over me knowing his cock was becoming iron stiff because of my mouth. I only had maybe a quarter in my mouth and wondered if getting all of it in my mouth could even be possible.

He moaned as his cock became fully stiff which sent a chill of excitement up my back. I couldn't believe I was sucking a cock, a black cock, in a public bathroom and yet I couldn't imagine not doing it now. I loved the feeling of his cock in my mouth, it felt so natural so fulfilling.

"Do you like my cock in your mouth, cocksucker?" He asked a couple of minutes into my slow back and forth bobbing, as I attempted to adjust to taking more of him in my mouth.

I moaned my answer.

"Use words, cocksucker, I want to hear you tell me," he ordered.

Taking his cock out of my mouth, just long enough to answer, I replied, "I love it."

I instantly took his cock, glistening in my saliva, back into my mouth as he said, "Be more descriptive cocksucker, convince me you deserve the privilege of sucking my cock."

The word 'privilege' just added to the absurdity, yet in reality I would say anything he wanted now to get his cock back in my mouth. I was addicted already and my mouth seemed empty without his juicy meat between my lips. I replied, my tone pleading and submissive, "I love your big black cock in my mouth it is so juicy."

"Juicy?" He roared. "That is a new one. You really did just need a little push to cross the line, didn't you?"

"I guess," I replied, as I took his cock back in my mouth.

"You guess," he said annoyed, pulling his cock out of the hole.

I stammered, panicking as he moved away, "S-s-sorry, I mean yes."

"Do you still want my cock?" He asked.

"Yes, sir," I replied.

"How bad?" He asked.

"More than anything," I admitted, desperate to get back in his good graces, to get his big cock back in my mouth.

"Crawl under the stall and join me," he ordered.

I didn't even hesitate, understanding any sense of trepidation may hinder my chances of having his juicy member back in my mouth. I pulled up my pants, not yet having finished the task I had originally come in here to do and crawled under the stall wall. It was a tight fit and must have looked hilarious or pathetic or probably both doing so. In the stall with him, he looked down at me and said, "Are you my cocksucker?"

"Yes, sir," I nodded, his cock looking even juicier in its entirety.

"Beg to be my cocksucker, Jim," he ordered.

Hearing him use my name added another dimension to my submission, as he traced my lips with his cock head.

"Sir, please let me be your cocksucker and take your big, hard, juicy black snake between my lips," I said, the words out of my mouth seeming so distant from the real me.

"I expect my cocksuckers to be very obedient," Doug said, as he stroked his cock with his hand.

"Yes, sir, I will be a good cocksucker," I replied, my eyes never leaving his massive missile.

He pulled out his phone and said, "Get to sucking, cocksucker."

The thought of him taking a picture or a video of me sucking his cock frightened me, yet my hunger to have his cock in my mouth overrode common sense or the fear of what he may do with such pictures or video. So I opened my mouth and took his cock back in my mouth.

"Good boy," he purred, as I bobbed eagerly up and down on his cock. "You look so pretty with a cock in your mouth. This will be a very good video my straight cocksucker's first cock."

The derogatory compliment meant to humiliate somehow turned me on more, my own cock stiff and begging for attention, allowing the reality of me being filmed to seem irrelevant. I wanted to be a good cocksucker, a good boy.

"I expect you to practice until you can get all nine inches in that pretty mouth of yours," he continued, the thought seemingly impossible, yet a challenge I revelled in. I loved making the impossible possible, thus why I was so good at my job.

In response, I sucked faster, always being the kind of guy who wanted to be the best. I continued bobbing back and forth, slowly swallowing more and more of his cock. A couple more minutes of concentrated cock sucking and he asked, "Do you want my cum, my straight cocksucker?"

I moaned on his cock, the thought of tasting his cum somehow a turn-on, knowing it would be my mouth that got him off.

He pulled out and explained, as he stroked his beautiful cock, "Once you swallow my load you become mine. That means if I text you to meet me somewhere you obey, if I show up at your office to dump a load in your mouth, you obey. Over time I will train your ass for my cock, as all cocksuckers should also be willing to have their man-pussy fucked."

My mouth was open waiting to catch his cum as I listened to the extreme expectations. I never planned to obey them, never planned to have my 'man-pussy' used, I just wanted to taste his cum, to finish what I started, to have his cock back in my mouth, as I replied. "I understand, sir."

"Good boy," he purred, as he slid his cock back into my mouth and began pumping his cock harder into my mouth, literally fucking my face.

I just focused on not gagging and after only a few more strokes, he grunted, "Here it comes cocksucker."

Seconds later, I felt the first shot fill my mouth and eagerly I swallowed as more and more continued to shoot out of Doug's cock. I don't know what I expected cum to taste like, but it was nothing I could have imagined. It was almost tasteless, yet slightly bitter, warmer than I expected and gooey. Yet, as soon as his load had been deposited in me, shot down my throat and into my belly, I wanted more. I couldn't explain it, but I craved more.

Pulling out of my mouth, he said, his phone still out, "Tell me your phone number, cocksucker."

I gave it to him, knowing I should lie and never come back here, yet knowing I would be back again and again.

"Tell me where you work," he ordered.

I again gave him too much information, putting my marriage and career at risk for black cock.

"You work close to me," he said.

"Where do you work?" I asked, still on my knees, as he put his phone in his shirt pocket.

"The Eggerton building," he said.

That was a building across the street from me.

"You already want more, don't you?" He asked, as if able to read my mind.

"Yes, sir," I admitted, still staring at his still semi-erect cock.

"I could come by your work sometime today to deposit a load if you like," he offered as casually as if he were offering to drop off a coffee.

I knew I should say no, yet my mouth already watered at the thought of his cock back in it. I answered like a cum-hungry slut, "I would love that."

"I bet you would," he replied as he pulled up his pants his beautiful cock disappearing from view. "See you soon, my straight cocksucker."

"Yes, sir," I replied back absurdly.

He patted my head, opened the stall and left me there with my head spinning in different directions. Did I just ask him to come to my work and deposit a load? Did I give him my cell number? Had I actually crawl under a bathroom stall to suck his cock? Obviously, the answer to all these were yes and even though I was mortified by my conduct, my weakness, I couldn't deny I wanted more.

I was brought back to reality when I heard a voice ask, "Are you going to blow me or what?"

Looking up, I saw another black cock, this one smaller but still much bigger than mine, poking through a hole.

I should be getting to work my brain said, yet my body was already moving towards yet another juicy black cock.

One quick come and go I said to myself as I opened my mouth and took another black cock in my mouth.

I wasn't gay; I was just a white cocksucker.

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Posted by MONTED at 23,Jul,14 20:01

I've been an active bi-sexual man for most of my life. I knew I liked boys probably before I even had sex with girls, but that's a post for another day. What I knew I really wanted, at least since my teen years, was to be with a black man. I write this as a white male, one who grew up in a large city, befriended and knew quite a few black men in my youth, and the attraction was always there. I just could never get myself to act on it when I was younger, mostly out of fear of my upbringing, coming from a religious nutjob f****y. How crazy? I was married by my 20s and dying inside to have a stiff one in me.

Fortunately, my wife obliged some of my interests with a strap-on and support for multiple partners (for her), but it wasn't enough. Several years ago, low and behold, I joined a Yahoo adult group, for white sissy boys who love black men (and specific to the city I lived in). And from this group I ran into and began IMing a black man, I will call him Rod (to protect the identity of the parties involved), who lived in my neighborhood, just a few blocks down the road, to be exact. Poor Rod was married to a woman way more frigid than my wife, and he needed a blowjob badly. He hated the hassle of women, the psychology of trying to get them to bed, and his wife was not very supportive in satisfying his needs. He agreed to let me suck his cock, but on a few conditions. It could only be a blowjob, outside of his place, and nothing else (no kissing, no talking, sex, etc.). I agreed readily, since I wanted to suck his 8 inch cock the second he emailed a picture of it to me.

I met Rod in an alley next to where he lived at 10:30pm (his wife normally went to bed around 10pm). I told my wife I was going to the store, which was not a lie, since I was going to the store right afterward. As soon as I saw Rod in the alley, at the place we had arranged to meet, without saying a word I walked up to him, dropped to my knees, unzipped his pants, and took out his sweet cock and began sucking him. His dick was thick even flaccid, but it soon became erect, and it just kept getting larger in my mouth! I used my tongue like a lollipop, which I've always done with guys before, but this was different. Rod had the longest and thickest cock I ever had in my mouth, and damned it felt like he was stretching my mouth.

Taking a break from Rod's dick, I went down on his balls and began licking them, while stroking his cock. I could hear Rod responding, as he seemingly liked me licking his balls. I wanted to go for his ass, as I love to lick or caress a man's asshole during blowjob sessions (and the right guy, I love fingering his prostate to orgasm him at the moment he's cumming), but I knew I couldn't do that the first time out, especially if he's a married straight guy who doesn't want to think of the fact a white boy whore like me is sucking his cock. When I went back to sucking Rod's cock, I continued to play with his balls, and periodically rubbing between his asshole and scrotum, all the while wetting my mouth each time I sucked him (to create a louder sucking noise).

You see, I wanted Rod to hear me sucking his cock, so he knew he was getting something he didn't get at home. He kept moaning a little loader, even though I could catch him trying to quiet himself. I wanted to pop Rod's brains, but I decided to wait. Just when I thought he was going to cum, I took his cock out of my mouth and went back to his balls, except this time I kept my hands away (making sure he wouldn't cum in my hands). Rod was hard as a rock and he started grabbing my head, directing it back to his throbbing dick. That's when I decided to deep throat him. Oh, the difference between a white man and black man's cock became clear that moment. For the first time since I was in high school, I almost gagged on a dick. I couldn't believe it. I was going to pay him back, as I kept sliding my face deeper and deeper into Rod's dick, so that I was deep throating him.

Now, I could feel him about to cum. I knew it was going to happen. It's always a timing issue when sucking a man's dick and he's ready to cum. You have to make sure not to miss it. I let up on Rod's cock, putting my lips around only the tip, stimulating him with my tongue. As he came, I sucked the cum right out of his dick and down my throat. And god, did Rod cum down my throat. It was a motherload of cum, like his dick. And I suck-swallowed every drop without gagging. Rod's hands were firmly planted on my head, and his moans more audible than before.

When I finished, I got up, smiled, said 'hi,' and then left. And thus started what would become an off-again/on-again affair that would last over two years, the future details of which I will include in another post. Thankfully, I'll always have my memory of Rod and the first time I sucked his amazing cock. What a god of man!

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University Fun..........................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Jul,14 20:00

I was 18 and had was in my first year at University.
I had chosen to go into a hall and to my surprise found I was sharing a room.

My room mate was called Pete. He was a bit taller than me well muscled and very butch. We got on well and had lots in common. We both did alright with the girls and were both enjoying being away from home,

The only thing I missed was being able to slip into some panties and stockings or tights for a nice wank and to fantasise. I had being slipping into my mums panties for 7 years and occasionally stealing my friends mums or s****rs. I had not plucked up courage to buy my own so would be without any for a few more weeks.

I also thought having any in my room was risky given I shared with Pete.

One day my lectures were cancelled and I went back to the hall to get my gym kit as I wanted to go for a work out. I have always moved quietly and I walked to our roam and opened the door.

Standing in the middle of our room was Pete wearing a black basque, thong.stockings and high heels with a very hard cock in his hand.

We both looked shocked and I hurriedly closed the door. With his cock rapidly shrivelling Pete grabbed his dressing gown.

“OH god please don't tell anyone about this” he gasped. “I'm not a freak I have just always enjoyed dressing in women’s underwear. I'm not gay I just get off on it.”

He had tears in his eyes and I felt very sorry for him

“I won't say anything as long as you let me wear some of that sexy underwear” I smiled.

He looked dumbfounded.

“Look mate I love wearing too. I always felt odd and I've never seen another man like that. You looked hot”

Pete stared and went over to a trunk and opened it. Inside was a large collection of panties, bras, teddies and basques along with nylons and shoes and boots.

“bl**dy hell how did you get all this?” I asked

“My parents run a clothing business and having discovered my **** they have provided me with these and at home I have dresses and wigs.”

I looked at him thinking he was the luckiest bastard I knew. I could feel my cock getting hard.

Pete reached into the trunk a took out some red lace panties and matching bra and suspenders along with some lovely white stockings.

For the first time in my life I undressed in front of man and put on lingerie. I felt so good and Pete took of his dressing gown. He gave me some red sling backs which were a little big but it felt great.

We both had massive hard ons. Pete s was longer but mine thicker. We paraded in front of each other showing off our assess and cock. I found the sight of his hairy body in lingerie very arousing and he seemed to like mine.

Neither of us had ever been in this situation and we both confused and clearly excited.

Without speaking we both sat on our own beds and began stroking our cocks. God I felt horny. Before long we were both wanking furiously and the Pete began to shoot a huge load over his panties and stockings. The sight of this pushed me over the edge my cum exploding onto my feet.

We both looked at each other embarrassed,. Pete said he had lectures and I quickly got out of that sexy lingerie and dressed for the gym. I muttered and apology for the mess on the stockings and he said no worries,

I spent the afternoon at the gym confused, turned on and curious. Pete was out on my return and I changed and met some mates for a drink.

I got back at 12 and Pete was at his desk working. He was wearing sweats and turned to say hi.

“mmmmmmmmm” I stammered,” that was good but weird today.”

“look we are mates with an odd hobby. You probably thought you were the only one didn't you?”

“ I did.” I said, “my f****y are straight laced and things like this are taboo.”

“Let's enjoy our **** and have some fun it needn't go further than what we've done.”

I smiled at what he said but felt a pang of disappointment that we would not do more. I realised I wanted to touch him and feel him touch me.

Pete said “I left a pressie for you.”

On my bed was a bag inside it was a black lace baby doll nightie and matching panties. As I took the off Pete took off his sweats and slipped on a white silk negligee. I quickly stripped and put on the sexy outfit and became hard immediately. Pete was in his bed and I climbed into mine. We turned out the lights and I lay stroking myself.

“Are you wanking?” Pete whispered.

“yes”, I croaked

I realised Pete was out of bed and sliding into mine. I tensed as I felt silk on my bare skin and a hard cock nestling against my are as he spooned into me.

Without a word he started to stroke my rock hard cock I was in heaven.

“When I told you I wasn't gay it was half truth I'm bi and have wanted to touch you since I sneaked a look at you undressing. “He whispered into my ear.

I could not talk as I neared orgasm I just pushed hard into his cock and then came in a gush on his hand. To my shock I saw him lick my cum from his hand. Without thinking I turned to face him and kissed him tasting my own cum and feeling rough manly skin.

I began to stroke his hard cock and smiled.

I was looking forward to the next few months.

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My neighbour introduces himself..................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Jul,14 19:58

I had been living in my new flat for about 4 months, and until this particular evening, I had not even seen any of my neighbours. There were 3 other flats in my block, and because of my work patterns, it just didn’t happen.

I had decided to take a few days off, if only to finish unpacking the boxes that lay around the rooms, and had just sorted out the living room and kitchen when there was a knock at the door.

I opened the door to see an older gentleman standing there, thankfully holding 2 bottles of wine. He was about six foot tall, with greying hair, but looked quite trim for his age, which I estimated to be about 60 ish. (It turns out he was actually 62)

“Hello, my name is Geoff. I live across the hall there, and my wife and I thought it would be nice just to introduce ourselves.”

“Hi Geoff, I am John. Come on in. Where is your wife?”

“Oh, she works in the shop down the road in the evenings. She will be home about 10 ish.”

I showed Geoff into the now tidy living room, and offered him a seat.
“Shall I get a couple of glasses for that wine?”

“Sounds good to me.”

I returned with the two glasses. Geoff was sitting in my favourite leather arm chair, and I simply could not help but notice the rather big bulge in his grey trousers. It looked very big indeed.
Geoff leaned forward to fill the glasses with the wine, and I sat on the sofa to one side.

“It is strange that we have not met before John.”

“Yes I know. I work some strange hours, and lots of them, so you are the first person in the whole block that I have met.”

“My wife Sue, has seen you come and go a few times though, and she said you look very nice. She can’t wait to meet you too.”

“That’s very nice of her to say, I can’t wait to meet her too.”

“She wasn’t wrong either, was she John?”

“What do you mean Geoff?”

I glanced again at his bulge as Geoff made himself more comfortable in the chair.

“Well, if you don’t mind me saying so, you do look very nice John. Do you have a girlfriend or even a boyfriend, if you are that way inclined?”

“No I have neither unfortunately, and yes, sometimes I am that way inclined. I am bisexual. Is that a problem?”

“Not at all John, in fact I am quite pleased about that, I am Bi too. I am sorry John could I trouble you for a cloth, I seem to have some wine on my hands, and it’s a little sticky.”

got up and went to the kitchen, returning with a wet cloth for Geoff’s hands.
When I returned to the living room I got a little bit of a shock. Geoff was still sitting in the big leather arm chair, his hands along the arms rests, but totally naked! I looked at his still firm body, and my eyes were drawn down between his thighs, and the reason for the large bulge in his trousers earlier was obvious now, he was huge. Geoff’s cock was semi hard, hanging slightly over the edge of the chair, and even in this half woken state was a very good 7 inches long, and very wide I thought, shaved smooth and uncut, but with the large purple head protruding enticingly.

“Do you like what you see John, or have I got the wrong idea about you?”

My own cock started to twitch into life inside my boxer shorts, Geoff wasn’t wrong about me at all. I had only met this man 20 minutes ago, but had a very good idea of where this was going.

“Yes, I do like what I see Geoff, very much. You have a great looking cock.”

“Thanks. Any chance I could see yours too?”

I undid the buttons on my shirt, and threw it across the back of my sofa. Then I undid my belt, the zip, and button to my jeans, sliding them down my legs so I could remove my socks at the same time. My cock started to grow a little now as I dropped my shorts to the ground. I stood in front of Geoff some 3 meters from him, watching as he looked me up and down, his eyes opening wider as he looked at my now nearly fully erect 7 inch shaved cock.

“Let me have a taste of that sweet cock John, come here.”

I walked the short distance to Geoff, and stood beside him. He leaned forward and opened his mouth.
He licked my shaft, from my heavy full balls, to the tip of my engorged cock. He peeled back my foreskin with his lips as his mouth slipped over the head and I could feel his tongue move on the underside as it slowly continued further and further into his mouth.
I was waiting for him to gag, but he didn’t, not even when I could feel what was obviously the back of his throat.

He withdrew my hard cock slowly, leaving plenty of shiny saliva along its whole length, then greedily swallowed it length again. Geoff began to moan quietly, but I could feel those dull vibrations all the same.
A nice slow rhythm was being built up, Geoff’s hands softly pulling me forward into his mouth as they held my arse cheeks. He was letting me fuck his throat, the whole hard 7 inches disappearing with every stroke.

I looked down between Geoff’s toned legs, his own cock now fully hard, a full 9 inches of hard, shaved meat waiting for me to do what I wanted with it. I reached for it, and grasped it in my hand, it was as hard a iron, the veins bulged with the bl**d flowing through it making it ribbed for pleasure. Geoff moaned louder as I began to stroke the shaft up and down, revealing the large mushroomed head. Geoff stopped sucking.

“Help yourself to it if you like John.”

I moved from the side, and kneeled down between Geoff’s legs. From this angle his cock looked even bigger. I noticed the tiny bead of pre-cum at his cum slit as I pulled back the foreskin and placed my mouth over the head. It filled my mouth with very little room to spare, but I was determined to suck this hard cock as deep as possible.

I moved my tongue around until my saliva had built up in my mouth, then started to bob up and down, taking it a little deeper each time. It felt so good as it stretched my mouth. I could hear Geoff moaning as it went deeper and deeper into the back of my throat. I was very pleased with myself when I noticed that I could get a good 6 inches in without too much difficulty, my saliva dribbling down the shaft and covering his heavy ball.

“How would you like to feel me inside you John?”

I topped sucking and looked at Geoff.

“This thing would never fit inside me Geoff, no matter how much I would want to.”

“Have you got any lube? I promise to be gentle.”

As I stood up, I craftily rubbed my cock against Geoff’s, both twitching as I did. I knew exactly where the lubricant was, I had only put it there half an hour ago. I opened the draw and took the small bottle out, and went to stand in front of Geoff, who was stroking his cock in anticipation. I squirted some of the cold, silky liquid onto his cock.

“Don’t rub it in too much Geoff.”

I turned around so my back was towards him, bent forward leaning on my coffee table, and rubbed a whole handful of the liquid onto my tight puckered arse hole. I slid a finger, then two into my hole, trying to get as much as the lubricant inside me as was possible to ease the entry of this huge cock.

“Do you like Geoff?”

“Very much so, are you ready John?”

I had to think just for a second, he was massive, but I wanted to feel it inside me.

“I think so.”

I stepped back a pace or two, and stood with my back to Geoff. I placed a hand on each arm of the chair to support me, and slightly parted my legs. Geoff held his cock in one hand and parted my cheeks with the other. I lowered myself until I could feel the mushroom headed tip of this huge cock at the entrance to my body.
He began to gently rub the head around my hole, spreading the lube some more. He stopped, and I lowered myself, feeling the hard cock try to gain entry. As I relaxed a little I could feel the head slide in, stretching me to open as it did. Then I felt the magic ‘pop’, a feeling I love as I knew he was now inside me.

“Does that feel nice John? Would you like more?”

I looked over my shoulder at Geoff, then between my legs at the 7 ½ inches left to take in.

“I do want more. Ready?”

With this I started to slowly move up and down taking a centimetre at a time, easing this massive cock deeper and deeper, my hands, arms and legs supporting my weight as I felt my arse stretch to accommodate this well lubricated tool. The feeling was slightly painful, but intense, and very very pleasurable, every vein on his cock was triggering feelings of wanting to be fucked hard by my new friend.

Slowly, over 15 minutes or so, I had got to a stage where my strokes up and down were nice and long, and I had nearly taken the whole 9 inches. The lubricant moved Geoff’s cock in and out of my tight arse with ease, and we were both enjoying it immensely.

“John, can you turn towards me so I can stroke your cock? I want your cock.”

“Of course I can Geoff.”

I lifted myself off Geoff’s cock, turned around, and straddled him on the big armchair. He held his cock upright as I lowered my arse down onto him once more. This time it went straight in and straight up, all 9 inches, deep inside me. We both gasped as I started to pump up and down, getting faster, feeling the pressure build.

“I want to cum in your mouth Geoff, and it won’t be long.”

“Mmmmm, let me taste your juice John.”

I bounced up and down, harder and harder, until I knew I was going to cum hard.

“Cum in my mouth John.”

Geoff opened his mouth in anticipation, as I felt my balls tighten. I jumped off Geoff and stood on the armchair in front of him, pushing my hard cock into the open mouth. I pulled hard on my cock, filling Geoff’s mouth with hot sweet sticky cum. Geoff swallowed shot after shot of my cum, not wasting a drop, licking and sucking hard until I was drained.

I was still rock hard as I sat down again onto Geoff’s shaft, again, straight up with no hesitation. I bounced hard, enjoying the place I was in.

“I am going to fill your arse hole now John, is that ok? Do you want to feel me cum in you?”

“God, yes Geoff. Fill me, I want your mess inside me.” I replied

With that, Geoff moaned deeply and loudly. I could feel his cock tense, then shoot, deep into my rectum. I sat down hard so all 9 inches was held tight inside as he pumped what felt like 4 pints of hot cum into me. Over and over I could feel this massive cock shoot into me, 7, 8, 9 times. It felt great, hot and slimy shots of cum filling me up.

By the time we had finished draining each other’s cocks, we were both dripping with sweat and exhausted.

I prized myself off the now slowly softening cock, dripping some of Geoff’s cum down my thigh. I fell onto the sofa.

“I enjoyed that John. Did you?”

“Very much Geoff. Nice to meet you. You are welcome here any time, as long as I am in that is.”

“Next time I will bring Sue if you like.”

“You mean she knows about this sort of thing?”

“She started it John, she loves it.”

“In that case Geoff, I would love to meet Sue, and have you both over for drinks, and more.”

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Gay Bar...................................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Jul,14 19:48

I recently visited a gay bar in my area for the first time. I was a little nervous as its location wasn't exactly in the best part of town and that I wasn't sure if it was actually a gay bar or just a place being advertised as such but may be a place where one could be set up. After circling the club a few times I finally got up the nerve to park my car and go inside.

Once inside it seemed just like any other typical night spot with the exception of men talking, holding each other dancing kissing, drinking and it was the same for the women that were in the club. At first site I could feel butterflies fluttering in my stomach. One reason was the feeling of "who's this stranger, we've never seen him before". The other was the possiblilty of being seen by someone from the neighborhood. I looked around and it seemed as though nobody really cared who I was or where I was from. I soon realized that everyone was there to just have a good time and be themselves. There were people at the bar, dancing, playing pool doing just about everything straight people would do while in a bar. The only exception was that there were men with men and girls with girls doing these activities. I found a place to sit and just took in the atmoshpere. I started to relax and really began enjoying myself. Being it was my first time, I wasn't really there to try and 'hit' or pick up anyone but to see and be seen.

I walked up to the bar and ordered a Corona and shot of tequila then proceeded back to my chair. I was enjoying the sites and listening to the music that was playing. I saw a couple of guys dancing and some playing darts and few others sitting holding hands. There were women there sitting, dancing and one couple in the throes of passion. I have to adimit that I was getting slightly aroused watching all of this happening right in front of me. I decided to go back to the bar and order another Corona and shot of tequila. As I was walking back to my seat I noticed this guy looking at me. I got a little nervous because this never happened to me before. I sat down and even though it felt like five minutes, it was probably more like one when he came over and asked if he could sit. I invited him to sit and we began to talk. He asked had I been here before and I told him that this was my first time. He was very cool and personable. I told him that I was bisexual and that I had always wanted to come to a bar like this to see what went on. He told me that he too was bisexual and no one knew and he had been coming to this bar for quite some time and for the most part, everyone in the club was pretty cool.

We talked for about forty-five minutes or so then he said he had to leave. We exchanged numbers and before he left he got up and hugged me. I got a little dizzy because I didn't know if the next move was for him to kiss me, which I wouldn't have mind. I sat back down in my seat and listened to the music. After twenty minutes or so I decided to sit at the bar and have one more beer and tequila 'for the road'. I ordered and as I was waiting for my drinks another gentleman sat down beside me and said hello and told me his name (Carlos). I spoke back and he asked if this was my first time here which I replied yes. He then asked if I was enjoying myself and how long was I planning to stay. I told him that I was actually thinking of leaving soon as I finished my drinks. He offered to buy another round if I agreed to stay just a little longer.

As I was thinking about it he said, " come on, what else do you have to do? Let's have some fun and dance." He had this genuine smile on his face which caused me to say what the hell, that's what I originally came here for. We went onto the dance floor and started dancing. I have to admit that with the alcohol in me I had loosened up quite a bit and was honestly having a good time. We danced to a few songs then went to sit down. As we were sitting at the table and talking I felt his hand on my leg. I got a little light headed and felt my heart pumping faster. As he was moving his hand on my thigh he told me how much fun he had dancing with me. I told him that I had fun as well. Just then a slow song started playing and he asked if I wanted to dance again and I said sure why not. We walked onto dance floor and embraced and started dancing. As we danced, I began to feel his dick growing in his pants and pressing on my thigh. He started rubbing my back then his hands slowly moved down to my ass. By this time I felt my dick getting hard and throbbing and I pressed into his body so he could feel my bulge and how excited I was getting.

As we continued to dance, he whispered in my ear that he liked the feel of my dick. He then moved his hand toward the front and gave my dick a quick squeeze and moaned with pleasure as he did so. Then Carlos whispered in my ear, "I want to suck your cock." I said what?! And he repeated himself saying that he wanted to suck my cock. I didn't quite know how to respond at first. I think I asked him where did he plan to do this if I agreed to his request. I honestly thought that we would go to his place but he said he wanted to blow me outside in my car. I'm sure most people would agree that I was very aprehensive at the thought of getting head not only in my car but parked on a street in front of a gay bar. I contemplated for what seemed like an hour but he was very persistent about wanting to suck my dick. I eventually gave in and we left the club and walked to my car. We got in and he immediately went to undoing my pants and pulling my dick out.

I was so nervous at first that I couldn't get hard. I was so worried that someone would walk by may be call the police or in fact the police themselves would pull up. I guess Carlos had done this before because he was sucking me without a care in the world. I finally started to relax and enjoy Carlos and his sucking ability. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes while I was listening to him slurp and moan on my dick. I reached over and grabbed his ass then slid my hand down his pants and stroking his meat. He had a small dick and it was uncut but so stiff. As I stroked his dick mine began to get harder. He started moving head up and down faster rubbing my nuts in the process. I could feel his dick stiffening and throbbing. By this time my hips were thrusting hard and deep into his face and I could feel that I was getting close to busting a load. Carlos started to moan more as if he couldn't wait for me to shoot my wad in his mouth. He squeezed and rubbed my nuts and no sooner than he did that, I told him that I was cumming and I let go. I could feel my dick throb as I was shooting my cum deep into his throat.

I was still stroking his dick while he was swallowing the last drops of my seed. He sat up and took over stroking his dick and started rubbing his balls. I think he gave two or three good tugs and he let go of his man juice. He shot a nice stream of cum where some of it landed on the dashboard. I reached back and grab a towel that usually use for wiping down the dashboard. Carlos thanked me for letting him suck my dick and I thanked him back for sucking my dick and letting me cum. I've been back several times but haven't seen Carlos but hopefully we'll bump into each one day.

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I won't wait a second...........................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Jul,14 19:46

I had been horny all day, stuck at work and craving a hookup after. I decided to post a CL ad to find a top stud to have me over after work for a little fun. I met my boyfriend that way, so I had some success before. I submitted my post and waited 20 minutes until Scott emailed me.

Scott was a handsome black athlete from the local college. He was on the football team and was definitely built for it. He stood about 6'5", was just over 200 with a muscular build and sort of a shy face. He said he had a 9 inch cock he would love for me to see. In a heartbeat I sent him my number. I got dizzy just thinking about it; I had fantasized about doing it with a black guy since I was in my teens.

Pretty soon Scott texted me. "Hey you that white boy?"

"Yeah" I sent back "Is this that BBC?"

A couple moments passed and I received a picture of the biggest dick I had seen outside of porn. It was long like he promised, but it was also incredibly thick and the veins gave it this bumpy texture. I was shocked. After some small talk, he told me to come over after work and gave me his address. I readily agreed and watched the clock, anticipating the stud that was waiting for me.

He called as I was on my way and told me to park in the driveway. His roommates weren't home so we had the place to ourselves. The door was unlocked and he told me to come in and go downstairs. I went inside and went down to a bedroom and sat down. A few moments passed and Scott came in.

"Glad you could make it boy."

"Me too" I told him. "I couldn't say no when I saw your cock."

He smiled his brillant white smile and told me I wasn't just going to see it, but taste and feel it. I nodded quickly and he could see I was eager. He put on some music, pulled out a bottle of lube and extra large condom, and told me to get naked and get in his bed. I obeyed and he got in after me.

"Ok boy you know what to do. Get my dick wet."

Without hesitation, his cock was in my mouth. I could barely fit it in and he kept feeding me more. I took down as much as I could til I gagged, then he f***ed me down to his balls.

"Don't come up til I tell you to."

"Yes, sir"

I carefully and slowly ran my tongue across his balls. I felt him sigh deep as I took one in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. Then the same for the other. He had me doing this for what seemed like forever and then he pulled me up and put me back on his cock. I worked it for a few more minutes and then he said it was time. He got up and rolled the condom over his massive dark rod. As large as it was, it strained to cover him. After he lubed up, Scott pulled me to the edge of the bed and bent me over.

The pain was intense. My boyfriend is very well endowed and I handle him like a pro, but Scott's manhood felt like I was getting fisted. He was only halfway when I first cried out in pain.

"Got a long way to go, boy. Relax cuz I'm going all the way now"

With one stong thrust Scott broke my boy pussy open. He held all 9.5 inches inside me while I rested and let my body accept what was happening. I laid there and wondered how so many women and men love huge black cock. To me, it just felt like Scott was breaking my body.

Reaching over, Scott grabbed a towel and told me to put it in my mouth. He liked when I whimpered but he told me I was not going to complain while he enjoyed himself. I nodded and mumbled "Yes sir". He started thrusting slow but gaining speed, each one as strong as the first. I could feel myself completely gaped out at this point. He pulled out and spit in my hole, and drove his black cock to the hilt again. I was numb by now and accepted the entire length with no resistance.

He continued to pound away on me for half an hour or so and out of nowhere he yells. I could feel his balls tense and this warm pressure filled my body. He pulled his dick out of me and I could feel his thick cum running down my thighs.

"I thought you wore a condom!" I snapped angrily, but looking back I could see the fragments of it hanging from his manhood.

"Sorry. But good job boy. Now you gotta go."

I toweled off and got dressed quickly. After I semi awkward exchange, I got in my car and left. I could still feel his seed running out of me when I got home. I was completely sore, but I was satisfied. I had taken this biggest cock I had ever seen, and it even bred me. I love my boyfriend, but if I get another chance to take a black cock, I won't wait a second.

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Posted by MONTED at 23,Jul,14 19:43

This is a true story that took place just as I graduated from High School. I grew up in a small town, and there wasn't a lot of diversity. I had a very thin, smooth body, and long flowing hair that went halfway to my ass. In those days, I thought I looked like a rock star, and so did the girls. I did pretty well. I met a lot of girls from a town about 20 miles away, and I didn’t have a car. But back then you could count on getting a ride if you hitchhiked, and I did so to hang out with the girls, often. And that’s how it all started.
I was dressed in a pair of jean shorts, sneakers and a tank top, wandering along a back road, when an older Lincoln came along. I put out my thumb and the car came to a stop just beyond me. I opened the door and behind the wheel was an older Black man, well dressed with grey hair. He was smiling, but his smile quickly faded as I jumped in. He introduced himself as Carl. As we drove, he said that at first he thought I was a girl, and he was hoping for some action. We laughed about it, and he told me that if I wore the right clothes, and maybe a little makeup, I could probably pass for a girl…and that thinking about it was making him hard. That seemed weird to me…and yet I was somehow intrigued, deep down. He kept looking at me for a reaction, but I just stared straight ahead, with my mind reeling about what might happen. It didn't take long to find out, either. He reached over, and took hold of my hand and slowly guided it toward his crotch. I felt like I was on a fast roller coaster, and I kept staring straight ahead….allowing my hand to be moved until it finally found its way into his lap. He squeezed my hand around his cock, and I could feel the enormous girth and length. I couldn't pull away…even when he let go of my hand and let out a sigh. I just sat there, still looking ahead, with my hand wrapped tight around that bulge and frozen. “Play with it.” Was all he said, and I finally slowly glanced down at his lap, and began squeezing it and rubbing back and forth. I could feel it throbbing and jumping in my hand, through his pants. He turned down a back road that led to an old train bridge, and again, the butterflies hit me hard. I knew this was about to go WAY further, and I couldn't seem to speak or question it. It was like I was in shock, or something. He pulled the car back into a spot between a couple of bushes, and turned off the ignition. My heart was racing a mile a minute, and I actually felt dizzy. He just sat there, quietly looking at me, for a while. I was still rubbing the monster in his pants, and he was enjoying it. Finally he reached down and started to undo his belt. The feelings just kept intensifying, and my brain was spinning. He sort of pushed my hand away, and pushed his pants all the way to his ankles. I was just looking straight ahead, still. He slid the big bench front seat back, and flipped up the console, then took my hand again, and placed it on that cock. As soon as I felt the bare skin in my hand, realized that I was as hard as a rock, and became aware that I was drooling precum so much that my underwear was getting very sticky. As I began to slowly stroke his cock, I slowly turned to look at it. It was jet black. He was uncut and the foreskin hung well past the huge head. He was only about half hard, and it was already twice the length of mine, and so thick I couldn't squeeze it hard enough to touch my fingers together. His nuts hung down in a huge sack like two coconuts. I was in a complete trance…tunnel vision…as I slid the foreskin back and forth watching that enormous head peeking out, then disappearing again into its tunnel. “You like it, don’t you?” he said. I was too entranced to answer. I just kept slowly moving my hand up and down the length of it. He reached over, and placed his hand on the back of my head. It sent lightning bolts up and down my spine, as I felt him slowly gathering my hair in his hand. I knew what was going to happen, and I didn't make any effort to resist, as he began pulling my head toward that huge tool. It seemed to take forever to lean onto my side on that big Lincoln seat, and I instinctively pulled the foreskin back to reveal the entire bulbous head, and saw the glob of precum oozing out of that slit, as I opened my mouth and took my first cock. I actually came in my pants as it slid into my mouth. I was trembling, and it was like an explosion in my head, as I tasted that salty ooze and felt the shaft stretch my mouth wide. I took him as deep as I could go, and still had both hands wrapped around it. I was WORSHIPING IT. I jacked and licked and sucked on that monster cock like there was no tomorrow. He was moaning and holding my hair and began getting more f***eful at moving my head up and down. I realized that even though I had cum in my pants, I was still raging hard, and was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. I kept my eyes open the whole time…watching those huge nuts come close to my nose, then having my head pulled back, and then shoved back down again. There was a constant salty taste from the copious amounts of precum snot that was drooling out as I tongued his piss slit, and I could see that huge sack start to tighten, and shrivel up. I knew what was coming. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do…but it didn't matter. He was in control, and I was going to do whatever HE wanted. And he wanted me to take that hot load of Black Man cum in my mouth. He was grunting and breathing hard, and bucking that cock from my lips to my throat, slamming it against the back of my mouth, when I felt the first blast. With the size of the cock fucking my mouth, and the quantity of cum that hit my throat, there was simply no room left. I had to swallow, and fast. And that load was replaced immediately with another enormous spurt…and another…and another. I realized that I was cumming again, too. And I was in Heaven. When he removed his hand from the back of my head, I stayed face down in his lap, squeezing the last drops of his load from his cock, as it went flaccid in my mouth. I didn't want to take it out of my mouth. It belonged there. But I eventually licked what little bit of potent sperm that had escaped off of his sack, and licked and sucked at his slit, and nibbled and sucked on the foreskin for a while.
As I finally sat up, he pulled up his pants and asked me if I liked sucking that Black cock. I nodded yes, my head still reeling about what just happened. He told me that he still though I looked enough like a girl to pass as one. Then he asked me if I would put on some girls clothes if he could get me some. I never considered such a thing, but I simply nodded my agreement for some reason. He smiled and started the car and started to drive. “I am going to make you my girl.” He told me, and he pulled me close to him and wrapped his arm around me. I just sat there feeling his sperm churning in my stomach and tasting the salty residue in my mouth, as we drove. “Play with Daddy’s cock again.” He said, and my hand instantly and impulsively took hold of his bulge once again. I knew there was no turning back. I didn't know at the time how much further it would go. But I knew that, for now, I was his cocksucker, and he owned me.

As Carl drove with his arm around me, and me stroking his meat through his pants, he told me that a year ago his wife had died, and that there weren't many Black women around, and the white girls didn't like him because he was older. So his plan was to make do with what he had. He would just make me into his white girl. It was pretty shocking, and scary to me. I wasn't sure how far I wanted all of this to go. But as he pulled into the Adult Bookstore parking lot, he took me by the face and made me look into his eyes. “Are you serious about this? I don’t want to be wasting my time!”
I had no idea what to do or say…but I nodded my agreement. It was as though someone else was in control of my body now, making me respond. “Wait here!” he said, pointing his finger in my face.
He was in the bookstore for about 20 minutes, and finally returned with a fairly large bag, which he tossed in the back seat. He said we were going back to his place, and started the car. Again, he put his arm around me and growled, “Get on that dick.” I immediately returned to my duty of rubbing his crotch. “I sure hope you like getting fucked.” He said. I told him that I never tried it. That was MOSTLY true. No one had ever fucked me, but I had shaved a dildo up my ass a few times when I was jerking off, and I liked it. “Well, don’t worry. I’m going to break you in GOOD!” he told me. Again, the feelings of anxiety were flooding through me. He told me that he liked the fact that I didn't talk much….that I should only talk when it was necessary. The fact was, I didn't talk much because I was just m*****ed by this Black man, and he was making me his GIRL….I was too IN SHOCK to talk a lot.
We arrived at his house. It was a small place, but nice, and in a secluded location. I was happy that no one I knew would be anywhere nearby, as we walked to the door. Once inside, Carl took the bag and went into the bedroom, saying “Sit” as he closed the door. I sat on the sofa, and waited, nervously.
After a few minutes, Carl returned and told me to go in the bedroom and get ready. He had laid my “things” out for me on the bed. He leaned into the doorway and said, “Let me know when you are ready.” And closed the door.
Carl had bought a nighty, a garter belt, and some stockings. I stood there, in shock, staring at the lingerie, wondering if I should climb out a window and run away. But my hands weren't cooperating with my brain, and I started removing my clothes. I put on the lingerie, and put on some lipstick that he had also left for me. I looked at myself in the mirror. Two things occurred to me at once. Carl was right…I did look a lot like a girl. And I felt very aroused and ashamed that I was being transformed into a girl for a Black Man’s pleasure. My cock was so hard that it was straining to jump out of my panties, and was leaving a dark spot where the precum was oozing through. I was standing there, looking at myself, wondering what would happen next . “What is taking so long?” Carl shouted. “Just a minute.” I replied. I couldn't believe this was happening.
I pushed open the door and slowly stepped out, my head down, looking at the floor, feeling ashamed and emasculated…yet excited. Carl was sitting in a recliner, nude. His massive cock lay across his leg, flaccid, and his enormous balls d****d down to the cushion of the chair. I saw his cock twitch as he looked at me. “Turn around. Let’s see you.” He said, and I did a little spin. He smiled and shook his head. “With just a little work, you are going to make a fine woman!” he said. I felt dizzy. “Now get your ass over here and get on your knees in front of my chair.” I moved to him and lowered myself to my knees.
“You want that big dick in your mouth again, don’t you?” He started to stroke his cock, and I watched as the foreskin slid back and forth over the head. “Yes, I do.” I muttered. Carl leaned forward, grabbed my hair and pulled my head to his cock, holding it inches away from my lipsticked mouth. “Tell me you want to suck it.” I hesitated, and he started slapping the head of his cock on my chin. “TELL ME!” I looked up into his eyes knowing how pathetic I must appear and said, “Please let me suck that cock. I need to suck it now!” Carl pulled back his foreskin, put the head against my lips and f***ed my mouth down over it. Once again, I was jacking, licking and sucking that huge slab, and I was loving it. I could feel myself on the verge of cumming, and was moaning and slobbering all over that beautiful cock, lost in my own world, and Carl said, “Whatever you do, DON’T CUM!” I wasn't sure if I could control it, but I fought it as I sucked. Carl f***ed my mouth to his balls, and I sucked and licked them…I had them dripping with my spit. Then he lifted up his legs and pushed me down even further. This was different. I knew what this old Black man wanted. He wanted me to lick his asshole. And even if I didn't want to do it I was going to. I placed my tongue on it, and he started jerking my head back and forth, making me rim him. By now my cock was jutting out of my panties, and the drool was clear to the floor in a puddle. Carl jerked my head away from his asshole and stood up. Keeping hold of my hair, he led me, on my knees, to the bedroom.
Once at the bed, he pulled me to my feet and told me to get on the bed on my elbows and knees. Now I was scared. Very scared. How did this happen? I am in stockings and a garter belt, on my elbows and knees on the bed of a Black Man I just met, and I am waiting for him to violate my asshole with his huge cock. I hadn't even considered how I was going to take all of it before. The dildos I had used were tiny compared to him, and they hurt going in. But it was too late. Carl was behind me He had pulled my panties down a bit, and was dripping lube onto my asshole, and all I could do is submit to him.
He put his cock against my asshole, and I tensed up. He slapped my ass, and said, “Relax Bitch! I’m going to be gentle.” He put pressure against me, and worked it around, and dripped more lube on his cock head and my asshole. I felt myself give way, as I relaxed and the head stretched it’s way into me. It was painful. But I told myself that I promised to be his girl, and I had to take it. He started rocking back and forth, sliding more and more into me with every few strokes. Eventually it became tolerable, and the expression on my face must have changed, Carl saw this, and told me, “OK…get ready.” I braced myself and Carl slid the rest of that monster up into my guts. I swear it went into my stomach. He immediately began slowly stroking me, pulling it out to the tip, then sliding it back in to the balls. I was moaning, and going crazy, grabbing the sheets and squeezing, as he plowed that ass. He made it HIS ass. His property. He fucked me for a long time before he flooded that hole with his hot sperm. I could feel the heat hitting my worn out insides as he sprayed blast after blast of his thick nut juice into me….and I came. I came HARD. Carl pulled his spent cock out of my raw ass, and lay next to me with his arm around me. I just stayed on my stomach, feeling like you could drop a bowling ball into my asshole. I had my belly filled with Carl’s seed from both ends, today. I spent the night in Carl’s bed, still wearing my new lingerie. He woke me up and had me suck and fuck for him twice more by morning. Both times, he pulled out and made me eat his sperm.

After the long night, we slept in late, the next day. Carl made me suck his cock again, and of course, I enjoyed it. He said he had some things to do and that he would drive me home, so that I could rest, and that he would be picking me up again that evening. He drove me home with his arm around me, and of course, he had me play with his big cock while he drove. He dropped me off in front of my parent’s house, and told me to be ready about 6. I nodded, and walked into the house. I knew I probably smelled like cum and sweat, so I went directly to my room. I thought about what I had done. I thought about how humiliating it was, and how ashamed I was. And now Carl knew where I lived. He could ruin my life if I didn't keep my promise. I felt like crying. But oddly enough I was also hard, just thinking about it. I took a shower and lay down on the bed. I took a hand mirror, pulled my legs back as far as I could and looked at my ass. It was still stretched and loose from the poundings Carl had given it the night before. I slid my finger in, and it was sore and swollen. But it felt good, in a weird way. For the first time in this whole ordeal, I thought about how I was always very attracted to women, and never really thought about doing anything “gay”. And now, all of a sudden, I was a little bitch for this old Black man.
I did all of the things I needed to do around the house, so that I could leave quickly when Carl arrived. I didn't want anyone being suspicious, and wanted to leave in a hurry. My parents had gone to some friend’s house, and I noticed my mother’s shoe collection, piled in the closet. She was a secretary and always wore high heels. I tried a pair on, and they fit pretty well. So, I looked through the pile and found an older pair of open toed ones with ankle straps that she never wore, and stole them. If I was going to be Carl’s “girl” I may as well go all out. I was fighting with myself internally about why I was so afraid, and yet so eager.
Carl got there right on time and I ran to his car as fast as I could. “Excited to see me?” he asked. I nodded. Actually I was just in a hurry to get in the car before anyone saw me. “What have you got there?” he said, looking at the bag I had brought with me. I handed him the bag and he opened it, and looked at the high heels I had brought. “GOOD GIRL!” he said. “You can leave them on while I fuck you, just like in the movies!” He told me that he had bought some makeup for me, and that I would have to learn to apply it. He was telling me all about his day as he drove, but I was only paying attention to doing my task of rubbing his crotch.
When we got to his house, he had me go into the bedroom and put on my outfit and try some makeup. I did my best, but it wasn't great. I looked like a cheap whore who had been used all night, but I did look like a girl.
Then he got out a Polaroid camera and a bunch of boxes of film. He had me pose in various positions...some very nasty. He took pictures of me sucking his cock, and looking over my shoulder with his cock in my ass.
Carl had me fuck in many different positions. Doggie style, on my back, riding him, laying on my side. I realized that I liked being on my back the best. I was able to wrap my arms and legs around him and it turned me on to see my high heels in the air while he pounded me. After filling my ass with his nut juice, he had me lay on my back and took pictures of his sperm drooling out of my gaping hole. Some were close ups, others included my whole body and face. He rolled me over on my stomach and lay on top of me. He had me pinned beneath him, his cock pressed against my ass crack. He took the pictures and held them in front of me, and slowly went through them. As I looked at them, I was again ashamed of myself, and yet highly aroused. There I was,dressed in a nighty, a garter belt, stockings and high heels, posing like a girl, sucking, and being fucked by his Black cock, and I was obviously enjoying myself in the pics. When he got done sorting through them, he leaned down and whispered in my ear, “You wouldn't want your mom and dad to ever see these, would you?”
I was instantly horrified. “NO!” I said, and started to panic. “Well then, you’ll want to keep me drained”, he said. He got up and went to the closet and showed me a small but sturdy safe, and opened it and placed the pictures inside. “Please don’t!” I begged. But Carl pushed the door shut and spun the tumbler. “All safe and sound!” he said. “I’ll bet you’d do just about anything I wanted right now, wouldn't you?” I felt a little sick. “But Carl…” I started to stammer. “WOULDN'T YOU?” he yelled.
After a short silence, I answered, “Yes….anything”

There was no getting around it, now. Carl had total control over me with those photos, and I knew it. So many things could go wrong. Carl told me to clean the house before the football game started. He sat in his recliner and watched as I performed chores. It was hard to concentrate because, not only was I scared about the pictures, but Carl’s enormous cum load kept dribbling down my leg. It felt like there must have been a quart in there. After I had finished, Carl told me to shower, and to work on my makeup. He said it was going to be VERY important that I did it well enough to pass as a female. He told me I was to wear the nylons and garter belt and panties, and told me there was also a skirt and top that he bought at the bookstore that I hadn't seen yet. I asked what was going on, but all he would say is, “You earning those pictures. If you want them so bad, then you had better just do as I say…understand?” “Yes.” I replied in total defeat.
I took my shower, put on the outfit I was to wear. The skirt was black with red accents, and the top was a tube top, but had straps, also. I stuffed some toilet paper into the top to make it look like I at least had tiny tits. I sat in front of the mirror trying to do as good a job as I could on my makeup. After a while, I did pretty well. I showed Carl, and he made a few suggestions and adjustments, and I was pretty impressed at how well I pulled it off. He told me that a friend often came to watch the game with him. He was going to introduce me as his new friend, and I would be serving them drinks. And that this would be a test to see how well I could pull it off.
Carl sat in his recliner and had me practice licking and sucking his big nuts while he stroked his shaft. His heavy balls would barely fit in my mouth, and he liked them sucked and pulled hard. After about an hour, he said he was going to cum. I was happily waiting to have him pump it down my throat, but he pushed me away and stood up, and shot his seed all over the floor. I was disappointed, to see him waste it. It was my REWARD! Then he pointed to the cum and said, “Lick it up, girl. No hands!” It was sheer humiliation, but I got on my hands and knees and cleaned up the mess with my tongue. Although it was demeaning, I did, at least, get to savor it more than when he shot it right into my throat.
In a while the doorbell rang. Carl told me to get it. As I went to walk, he grabbed me by the arm, and said, “You better make him believe you are a female. Keep that little cock of yours from getting out of your panties!” I nodded.
I opened the door, and there was a somewhat chubby older white guy. Not very attractive. He seemed shocked when he saw me instead of Carl. I motioned for him to come in, and Carl introduced us. He told the man (Ed) that my name was Jean. And I was a friend he had met. Carl and Ed sat down and the game started shortly after. I served them beers and snacks, on command, and mostly stayed in the kitchen. I heard them talking about me, but they were keeping their voices down. I wasn't sure what they were saying. They were laughing and joking, and I heard Carl clearly say, “I’ll bet you $100 she will if I say so!” “You’re full of shit!” Ed laughingly replied. Carl yelled for me to come into the living room. He had me sit down on his lap and said, “Jean, I was just telling Ed, here, that you really liked to suck cock…and that you have been sucking my cock.” My face was beet red, and I was again having those anxiety attacks. “Tell Ed…You suck my cock, don’t you?” I was mentally a wreck and was just sitting there, breathing heavily, but Carl poked me in the back, snapping me out of it. “Y…Y…Yes I do.” I managed to stutter. “See! I told you!” Carl said, and Ed just shook his head in disbelief. “If I told her to suck YOUR cock, she would, wouldn't you?” I looked at Carl, very shocked. I did not want to suck this guy’s cock. Carl looked at me with a bit of anger in his eyes. “Do I have to repeat the question?” he asked. Knowing I was under his control, now, I just said, “If that is what you want.” Carl patted me on the back and said, “It is. Crawl on over and suck Ed’s dick.”
Ed was like a k** at Christmas, and stood up and took his pants off as I crawled across the room, completely humiliated, to suck this man’s cock. He sat down on the sofa and I crawled up between his legs. He had a gut, and was somewhat hairy, and his cock was only about 6 inches, at best. It was thin, and hard as a rock, and drooling already. He did have very large balls, though. Carl yelled, “Suck it like a pro, girl. I want this to be the best head that Ed has ever had. And if it isn't, I am going to be very angry.”
I just wanted to get it over with, but now I was expected to give this guy a porn star blowjob. I felt kind of ill, but I took his dick in my mouth and started doing my job. Now Ed was breaking into a sweat, he is breathing heavily, and he asks Carl, “Does she swallow?” “YES…She DOES” barked Carl. Within 5 minutes, Ed grabbed my head and held on tight, His cock was a lot smaller than Carl’s but he sure shot a huge load! Probably been storing it up for a while. I was somewhat disgusted, but I looked at Carl, then licked the few escaped drops of cum from the sofa and then returned my gaze to Carl. I wanted him to be proud. “I think you should keep sucking.” Carl said. I looked at him, my eyes widening. Carl just snapped his fingers. Although I wanted to run away and cry, I took Ed’s deflated cock into my mouth and started to work on it. I knew it would take forever for him to get hard and cum again, but I kept sucking, licking and jacking…and pretending to like it…until he eventually grabbed my head and fed me another load. “You can go back in the kitchen, Jean.” Carl said. I went in and actually had to fight back tears. But at the same time, I wanted Carl to make me suck HIS cock. I listened to them talking about what a slut I was, and how I loved to suck…I drank a beer to wash the taste of Ed’s cum out of my mouth. At that time, I knew I only wanted Black cum in my mouth. Even if I did have to blow other men to make Carl happy. But at least I had passed myself off as a female, and Carl was happy. After the game, when Ed left Carl took me to the bedroom and made me his bitch….all night long. I fell asl**p filled his sperm and happy, wondering what would come next.

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Blacked at the Gym........................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Jul,14 19:38

I had known Aaron for sometime. We went to the same college, had him some
classes, were study partners, but that was the extent of the friendship.
It was by complete coincidence that we ended up at the came company in
Columbus. I was single and pretty happy at it, but Aaron had married some
cute BBW that was nearly a complete bitch. He, often, would lie to her to
come and hang at my place. I did not mind. It was not like I had a
revolving door of tail coming and going, but if I did he would duck out and
go work out at the gym he and I belonged to. I stood nearly 6 foot tall
with blond hair that I kept trimmed close, I kept myself in good shape and
sported a nice 7 inch cock. Aaron was just a tad shorter than me, he was
in decent shape but had a bad habit of carrying a few extra pounds.

I had been bi since college, I was a top preferring get head than give it
and I had fucked just one guy and that was when I was in school. I tended
to prefer pussy over cock, but any port in the storm. Well, one night
Aaron and I were working late and we made plans to head to the gym after we
got done. It was a pain in the ass project and it was being difficult and
I knew I would either want to jerk off or work out after I was done and if
I could do both that would be great too.

We finished the project enough to call it a night and he asked if were
still going to go to the gym and I told him yeah. I needed it. We hit the
gym about 10 and the place closed at midnight. We changed in the locker
room and headed out to the floor. We and a couple of black k**s were the
only ones there. They looked like college k**s as a large Ohio college was
just up the street. We worked pretty close to campus and I did not mind, I
liked getting young pussy from time to time.

The k**s, ranged in age from 19 to 22, there were 5 of them and they all
looked cock strong as shit. They worked on a couple of benches daring the
other to lift more and more. Aaron decided to work back and bis. I
noticed Aaron paying a little more attention the black k**s than I thought
he should. I noticed one or two would look his way and he would turn away
and kind of blush. I had a great workout, but he was distracted by the
black guys. I told him to go ahead and take off. I was going to keep
working out as I knew I needed it. He assured me he was fine, but it was
not much longer after the black guys knocked off and headed to the locker
room. So, did Aaron.

I probably worked out 20 more minutes. I realized that no one had left the
locker room and even the guy, who happened to be black, was not at the
front desk. It was about 1130, and I saw he had put up the closed sign and
the doors were locked. I thought it was strange, but it was a dead night
in the gym. I looked around the gym and not a soul was around. I grabbed
a towel and walked into the locker room. A couple of the black k**s were
standing there naked talking. I nodded and moved past them. They kept
talking and even chuckled as I opened my locker. We were in the same row
and they were very open and brash. They each sported some of the hardest
and largest cocks I had ever seen.

I changed and moved past them to go to the shower. I had to conceal my
growing cock, and as I moved past them. They turned to follow me. They
stayed behind me a fee feet. It made me nervous, but I pushed it to the
back of my mind. I opened the door that led down the short hallway to the
steam room and shower. I looked around for Aaron, but he was not in the
shower area. I decided that he must have been out in the whirlpool, but I
wanted a steam bath. I opened the door and the steam rolled out along with
a deep moan. I shut the door behind me to keep the steam inside. I
immediately got an eyeful of Aaron with two of those black cocks stuffing
him at each end.

I stood there frozen in the hot and steamy room. One of the black guys was
jamming his massive cock in and out of Aaron's ass, as Aaron swtiched from
cock to cock in his mouth. The blacks k**s were just as studly naked as
they were clothed and working out. They paid me little attention, but
behind me I could hear the door open and the rest of the guys joined us in
the steam room. I stood there transfixed at the hot scene before me. My
cock was so hard as Aaron never acknowledged my presence in the room. The
three that just joined us just looked at me as if they were expecting me to
just drop to my knees before them. I had just a moment to run or do it.

My mind was made up for me when one of them moved to me and pushed me
forward onto my knees on the hard tile floor and another shoved his hard
cock in my face. I opened my mouth and he slid it in my eager mouth. I
could feel the one that just pushed me down rimming and fingering my ass
trying to open me up. I tried to keep him from pushing into me, but that
was met with a hard smack to my ass. I was lost in lust watching Aaron
suck the massive cock and getting fucked by the equally larger cock in his
ass. I soon felt a cock against my ass and he started to push into me. I
gasped and pulled away from the cock in my mouth and asked him to go slow.
I never been fucked before. . He told me to shut the fuck up and take it.
Aaron switched cocks in his mouth and I did the same. He was fucking and
sucking 3 of the 5 from the workout area and I had the other two plus the
k** that was working the front door.

I switched back and forth between the two cocks in front of me just as
Aaron was doing next to me. I took the fucking in my ass like a champ. It
hurt like hell and I would not wish the pain on my worst enemy, but I was
starting to get into as the pain subsided and what surprised more than
anything else was the fact that I was starting to fuck back.. I moved my
ass back and forth and up and down to meet his hard thrust into my tender
virgin ass. I jerked the cock that was not in my mouth with my free hand.

One of the k**s, exclaimed that it looked like they got themselves some
regular pussy bois. I was really sweating bullets with the steam and
massive cocks in me,and Aaron was now on his back on one of the tiled
benches with a new cock in his ass and still one in his mouth. The k**
that just finished fucking him left the steam room as the guy in my hole
was jackhammering me with all his might, but the slick floor was making it
hard for him to get some good leverage. I pulled the cock from my mouth
and asked if we could go into the shower area as it was coller and I
assured him he could get me better there. He pulled his thick dick from my
hungry ass. I almost cried for him to put it back in me.

They led me into the showers turning a few of them on to create a little
warmth in the area. He laid me back on one of the benches. He pulled my
legs open and offered my ass to one of the cocks that I had been sucking.
He told them he did not want to cum too soon, he wanted to enjoy my body as
much as he could. I was almost afraid I was going to be there all night.
The new k** had a nice size cock, but was a little smaller, it made it
eaiser. I wish he would have gone first, but whatever, I was glad that it
was there now.

He slowly pushed his cock in me, taking time that the other did not. He
straddled my chest and stuck his 8 inch coal sausage in my face. I opened
my mouth and let him like I had a choice. They both pumped their cocks in
me and I drove their thick dark meat into my creamy white body. I was
being ravaged by black cock. At that time, Aaron being led by one of them
out of the steam room and laid next to me on the shower floor. They all
laughed that it was getting too hot in there for them. Aaron took what I
thought to be his 3rd cock of the night as the other k** walked away. I
was on 2nd one, but still no one came in me yet. That all changed as my
cock exploded covering my stomach and back of the k** straddling my chest.
The black cock in my hole erupted shooting his thick good deep in my
bowels. He held my ass tight making sure I did not lose one drop.

He pulled out of me and I could feel his thick cum run down the crack of my
ass, but luckily the k** that was feeding me his cock took his place in a
flash. He licked and rimmed my cum filled hole licking up the precious
goods from my eager slit and even that of mine that I shot all over my
stomach. He did it was such fervor it made me question he true sexuality
and he that just may be gay. Like I was in a position to judge with the
3rd cock of the night about to enter my tight hot hole. .

Aaron was getting a long deep dicking, he held his legs up to give his anal
invader all the space he needed. He begged for more cock. He was nearly
speaking gibberish tween the hard heavy pants of lust and telling his dark
lover to fuck him harder and deeper. He was begging for more hot cum to be
dumped in his ass. He was like a man possessed for BBC, and I was surely
following along right behind him. I held my legs wide for a hard fucking,
and I wondered out loud why did I wait so long for it. My black ass fucker
jackhammered my tender ass. I pulled him close to me and we kissed with
his tongue invading my mouth. He shoved me back and raised my ass off of
the bench to get as deep as he could in my hole.

I could feel his cum flood me. His white hot swimmers rushed into my ass
trying to breed my hot male pussy. I even whimpered when he pulled his
black cock from my hole. I laid there in complete bliss as I watched Aaron
get deep dicked by his third cock of the night. He was now on all fours on
the hard tile floor. His face distorted in a weird smile of both pain and
pleasure. I rested for only a moment when my first cock of the night came
back and told me it was time to finish him. I sat up on the bench and
inhaled his manliness, swirling my tongue and mouth up and down and all
around his thick black shaft. He grabbed me by my hair and fucked my face
with his powerful cock. I wanted to swallow his load, but he wanted to
finish fucking my tender male pussy;.

He roughly pulled me to my feet and led me down the hall to the massage
table. He laid me face down and he climed on top of me. One of the guys
that fucked Aaron joined us in the room. He slipped me his cock through
the face hole of the massage table like it was designed for me to suck cock
there. He slid his cock in my ass and told me he was going to add his junk
to my ass and he was going to breed me like a little bitch. He slammed his
massive cock in me. I moaned and breathed hard as he speed drilled my ass.
I was in shock of his speed and roughness that he slammed into me. The cock
in my mouth was so hard and I did what I could to give him all the
attention that I could, but he soon got frustrated and left me alone with
that long dark shaft drilling in and out of my ass.
He roughly pulled me to my feet and led me down the hall to the massage
table. He laid me face down and he climed on top of me. One of the guys
that fucked Aaron joined us in the room. He slipped me his cock through
the face hole of the massage table like it was designed for me to suck cock
there. He slid his cock in my ass and told me he was going to add his junk
to my ass and he was going to breed me like a little bitch. He slammed his
massive cock in me. I moaned and breathed hard as he speed drilled my ass.
I was in shock of his speed and roughness that he slammed into me. The cock
in my mouth was so hard and I did what I could to give him all the
attention that I could, but he soon got frustrated and left me alone with
that long dark shaft drilling in and out of my ass...

The k** fucking me laid across my back and fucked me like I was a girl, but
I was on my stomach and he was fucking my now well fucked ass. I had the
cum of his two friends deep in my bowels and he seemed determined to add
his. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks apart to allow him great and
deeper access to me. He raised himself by his hands and drilled his thick
cock in my ass. He kept repeating that he was going to breed my white ass
and that he and his friends were going to be fucking me and Aaron a lot
more. When he said Aaron's name, I got a thought that this may have all be
set up, but how would have Aaron had known I was bi. I kept it to myself
and told no one.

He doubled his speed fucking and I did not even know that was possible. He
hammered my ass hard and harder. I cried out as my cock erupted underneath
me on the table. My ass spasms set him off and he filled me with the 3rd
load of hot sticky cum of the night. He pulled out of me. My ass felt
empty and I could feel the cum leak from my ass and down my crack to the
table. I had three cum loads in my ass. I wished I was limber enough to
lick my own hole and felch my own ass, but that was not to be. I think I
must have dozed for all of a moment, because I did not hear anyone come
into the massage room, but I was jolted awake.

I craned my head around to see who was licking and rimming the cum from my
ass and table. It was Aaron bent over the table getting fucked and licking
the sticky goo from me. He was getting his ass nailed from the last guy
that just fucked me. Wow, I thought at this guy for being able to fuck me
as hard as he did and then fuck Aaron as hard as he is. I was, also, glad
to be having someone treat my ass with some tenderness after the fuckings I
just took. It was short lived when the cock I had sucked earlier came back
in the room and pulled me away from Aaron and off of the table. He bent me
over the tale and slid his thick dark meat into my ass. I was next to
Aaron, we were each getting fucked by our 4th cocks of the night.

We were both bent over the massage table on our elbows when another one of
the cocks that had been in me came back in the room. He told us the others
had gone for the night and that we should be getting out of there soon as
the cleaning crew comes in sooner or later, but he saw Aaron and as close
as we were. He got up in the massage table and put his cock between us and
ordered us both to suck his cock. He wanted to cum one more time and down
one or both of our throats would be great. Aaron dove straight for his
nuts, and I slid down his thick hunk of meat. He had fucked me earlier and
I was determined to make him cum down my throat a second time. I bobbed up
and down and I tried to jerk him a little, but he wanted my mouth on his

The guy fucking ass was power drilling me with hard stride pushing and
puling me back and forth. It made it easier to suck the cock than I
thought. The guy in Aarons full bum was getting closer and closer to
cumming. The dill hammer in my ass had to be getting closer as well. He
would slow down long enough to let himself cool down and then he would
re-double his efforts and pound my ass. Aaron moved up and was sharing
more of the cock with me. We slid our lips back and forth the thick cock
till finally our moths met and he slipped his tongue in my mouth. I let
him control the situation as best an I could, but the stud we were sucking
was not ready to let us go just yet.

The cock in Aarons ass I came with a yell and cry of victory as he
unleashed a hot torrent of cum loose in Aaron. The guy in my ass came
nearly a split second later filling me up again. He came with such power
that I unleashed my load on the table as I did earlier. They both pulled
out and made the other of us clean their cocks. I sucked and licked the
guy that had came in Aaron and Aaron did like-wise for the one that was in
me. They both left and I could hear the showers turn on. That left just
Aaron and I with the cock that we were sucking. He placed Aarond side by
side and he took turns fucking our asses.

He would drill into Aaron for 5 to 10 good hard pumps and then do it to
mine. Meanwhile, Aarron and I resumed our kissing with him taking the more
dominant position with his mouth on mine and his tongue in my mouth. My
mind reeled as it was starting to look as if I was going to be sub in this
whole adventure. I was not sure I was ready to do that as I tried to take
over, but Aaron was not ready to let me as the guy pulled from Aaron after
jack fucking Aaron and I for several turns. He announced that he was going
to cum and he shoved me to my knees and Aaron came with me as the black
k**s jerked his love lave all over mine and Aarons face.

When he was done, he just left the room and I fell back on the floor
completely exhausted and my mind trying to grasp what had happened to me
and us that night. Aaron just smiled at me and told me we would talk
later, but we had to get out of there soon and he had to get home or the
wife would kill him. I stood to go show, but my legs felt weird. Aaron
just laughed and told me I was spending too much time on my back and knees.
I gave him a scorned look and he led me to the shower.

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Posted by MONTED at 23,Jul,14 19:36

I read an add for a gym that boasted twenty-four hour access six days a week, Tuesday thru Sunday. The price was durable and I figured that at least I would stay in shape, I had noticed that my stomach was beginning to protrude over my belt and I wanted to keep my trim line figure.

It was about night time one Tuesday that I entered and met with the front desk clerk. I was giving a set of rules, regulations and assigned a locker after paying for the first week. One of the rules was to shower before entering the work out area(sic) and be respectful of others that are already into their routine.

The first few nights were great I would arrive about the same time and go through my routine and shower and leave. Friday night I went out on the town and on my way home I decided to stop off at the gym. Checking my watch I noticed it was well past one in the morning and since I had no work for Saturday I could work of the nights adventures and sl**p late.

I entered the shower and found I was all alone, once in the work out area there was a couple of gentlemen that was in their late fifties or sixties. On was on the elliptical and the other was on the thread mil, as I passed them I nodded and smiled as I went into the weights area.

I paid them no mind as I wanted to have time to myself and worked up a good sweat, after the weights I went over to one of the video areas and pulled up a yoga session. Never done yoga before so I thought it would be fun to check it out. After about an hour of stretching and bending I said to myself '...enough already...!

I gathered up my things and headed for the shower, only one of the elderly gents were still working out and as I entered the shower I saw the other with his back to me lathering up. I moved to the far end of the shower admiring the guys body and wondering if I could stay in such good shape.

I stepped under the shower head and was caught up in the feel of the water over my body and started to lather up as I turned I saw that the elderly gent was facing me as he washed his hair. His chest was taught and no flab was to be seen what got my attention and held it was his enormous tube of man meat.

He was semi erect and hung almost to his knees, he had to be ten to twelve inches long and as thick as arm above my wrist. I had no ideal that I was in a trance until I heard the other gent call out '...hey Fred, you've got your self a fan...' Fred rinsed his hair and looked around at me as I tried to avert my eyes.

Fred replied '...well, well, well what have we here...' It was then that I understood that Fred was coming towards me as his companion peeked out the shower door. Not knowing what was about to happen I stepped back as Fred got closer, Fred reached out his hand and took hold of my flaccid penis and tugged at it saying '...a little thing like this isn't any good is it boy...'

I tried to knock his hand away only to find out that he had a better grip than I thought. As I struck his wrist he yanked my man hood and I almost went to my knees. Only reaching out to steady myself against his huge chest kept me from falling.

Fred called out '...we good here Glen...' Glen answered back '...yeah the clerks out in the parking lot...' '...Keep an eye open for me...' Fred asked and Glen answered '...long as you do the same for me...' and giggled.

Fred looked at me saying ' like looking at my dick boy. Well...don't you want to feel a real mans dick...come on reach out and stroke a real dick...' I tried to step away as I shook my head only to have Fred pull me to him by my penis. I had to raise my arms between us to keep our body from touching as Fred said '...Don't make an old man ask you's no fun in that...reach down and feel a real mans dick, now son...'

Not knowing what to do I looked around Fred's body to see what Glen was doing. Glen was still standing in the door way looking towards the front of the building. Timidly I slowly lowered my right hand and slid across Fred's hip to his crotch and grasped his throbbing tool. Fred smiled and said '...there, there, now stroke it slowly just like you do do jack off from time to time don't you...we all do it once and a while...'

I could not close my hand around his massive tool as I slowly slid my hand to his tip and back to his testicles. Fred smiled and said ' can hold it tighter then that you want hurt me...I know you want...' As he spoke he adjusted his grip to include my testicles, which he gave a slight squeeze to.

I flinched and released his penis and grabbed his hand that held my genitals, Fred snapped '...I've got this, you worry about what I told you to do...' again his grip tighten. I let go of his hand and took hold of his penis again, I wanted to look down for I thought that it had grown since I let go of it.

I slowly began to stroke his gigantic tool once more and felt it throb fiercely in my grip, Fred smiled at me and loosened his grip saying ' catch on real quick, don't you boy...Glen, where's that clerk...? '...He's at the far end of the parking lot picking up've got plenty of time...' Glen answered. Fred responded '...I want be long, you'll be able to get in on this too...!

Fred said to me '...I like young boys that like big old dicks, it makes me feel young when I can bust a tight little asshole and hear you moan...' I stopped and tried to step back as Fred gripped my genitals tighter this time he gripped me so hard that I grabbed his hand with both of mine and cried out in pain.

Glen called out '...about time you got down to business...' Fred answered ' patient old fart we ain't got started yet...', '...then take your time be don't forget about me...' said Glen. Fred slid his other hand up my torsos and twisted my right nipple saying ' we going to get busy and make each other happy, you'll be happy if I let your balls go, want you...? I nodded my head in agreement as he continued '...well Glen and me wants to be happy too....'

I was now trembling from pain and fear as Fred released my genitals and roughly twisted me around and slammed me against the shower wall. Fred laid his body against my back and slid his huge penis up between my buttocks and begin to grind against me as I tried to get away from him.

Fred said to me '...the best way to do this is for you to get up on your tip toes as I bend my knees. If not it's gonna hurt like hell but I'll still enjoy it...' Fred reached up and turned the shower head down do that the water flowed over our combined bodies. Taking the soap from the recess he lathered up our smashed bodies and down my butt crack and also his enormous penis.

Fred bent his knees and his massive tool slid down my butt crevice till it made contact with my puckering little anal opening. I cried out '...SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEE....'; Just as I did that Fred hunch up and his massive head popped into my bung hole. I tried my best to get up as high as I could on my tip toes, but Fred was taller than six feet and my toes were barely on the floor from the impalement already.

I begin to beg and blabber '...please mister, please, don't do me like this, let me go I want tell know one, I want tell a soul...! Fred grunted saying '...too late for that now boy, I'm gonna bust a nutt in this ass and then you gonna take care of my friend Glen...'

For about five to ten minutes Fred hunched up into my butt driving his massive sex tool deeper and deeper up into my bung till he grunted and grind into me and I felt his massive tool throb and twitch and a warm feeling in my bowels as Fred erupted and filled my anal canal with his seed.

Fred held me there against the wall till he had emptied his testicles and he pulled his still erect penis out of my busted bung hole. I was so weak I slid down to the floor as copious amounts of Fred's sperm leaked from my anus. Fred washed his penis quickly and called out '...come on Glen, I got the boy all opened up for you and he's waiting for you...'

Glen answered back '...well it's about time, that clerk just went towards the dumpster...' I was getting up on my hands and knees to get off the floor when Glen reached me. Grabbing both my hips Glen said '...where you think you going, we ain't finished here yet...'

I tried to scurry away only to have Glen yank my ankles and make me belly flop to the shower floor. For an old man, Glen was mighty quick, before I could recover, he had mounted my butt and was ramming his tool into my extremely sore bottom. I cried out in pain as Glen was fatter than Fred and his penis was much larger.

Smashed on the shower floor under Glen was no picnic, Glen rammed into me as if he was on a bed and his massive sex tool stretched my anal opening to it's ripping point. With not a word, only grunts and groans, Glen went about riding my butt like a mad man. tried as best as I could to get from under him. When this didn't work I surrendered and tried to keep from getting scuffed up from the floor till he shot his load.

Fred Called out '...hurry up Glen, that clerks headed for the front door...' Gen answered '...if you didn't fuck so long I'd be done by now. Hush up and let me make this bitch cry...' Glen raised up and lifted my hips up till I was on my knees. Glen pulled my hips back till my calves were under them and he entered my bung hole once again. His penile glans was twice the size of Fred's and I was afraid that Glen was going to rip me apart as he pushed his rigid tool past my outer sphincter muscle ring.

Fred called '...Glen, he's in the building wiping down the windows better be quick...' Glen said nothing, just kept ramming into my bung. For twenty minutes or so Glen rammed into me until I felt his tool explode and what felt like a gusher unleashed inside my bung hole. Glen shot so much fluid into my tightly stretched bung that it squirted out around his massive penile shaft.

Glen pulled out spraying his substance across my back as Fred came hurrying over lifting me to my feet and standing me under the farthest shower head. I could barely stand as I saw the clerk walk pats to shower door as if nothing had happened. Glen and Fred was on opposite sides of the shower room as if they were showering.

The clerk made his way back past the door again and glanced in as he passed, I could barely raise my arms as he went by so fast. I fell to my knees and Glen went to the door, Fred came over and pressed his flaccid penis to my lips and said ''re one good fuck now give me a little head so I can come once more. Too weak to resist I barely parted y lips before Fred grabbed my head and face fucked me till he shot another load.

Glen and Fred traded places as I was coughing and gagging, Glen's penile head was so large he could not get my mouth opened wide enough. He said '...suck and lick the sides of my dick, put your hand up on the other side and make me come, hurry up...' I did as he said and as soon as started to shot he twisted around and stuck the tip of his penis into my mouth. Glen shot such another massive load that as I gagged his substance sprayed from my nostrils across his shaft up his crotch as he held me tight.

When he was finished he let me slip to the floor as he stepped over me under the shower head and Fred dried off and left the shower. When Glen was finished he too exited the shower as I tried to get to my feet. seeing that I couldn't I managed to crawl to the shower door just as the clerk came by. He stopped and looked back at the door as I heard the chime and he knelt down to me saying '...did they hurt you bad, you gonna be alright...'

The clerk helped me to my feet and took me over to a bench as I sat there he got towels and dried me off and said ' better lay down and let me see if they busted you up bad. Them same guys hurt another young guy about a month ago. Lay on your side let me take a look...'

I laid on my side as I felt the clerk part my buttocks and say '...well, they did tear your butt hole a little, but it'll heal. There's a lot of cum leaking form you though, turn on to your stomach and I'll try to sooth the pain.

Painfully I turned over to my stomach and laid there as the clerk went away and I heard him coming back. Before I knew what was happening, the clerk mounted my butt and slid his penis into my aching bung saying ' sense letting all this cum go to waste. It makes a good lube for a small dick like mine...'

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Off the Pond.....................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 23,Jul,14 19:32

“Wanna take one last swim?” He smiled and replied “Sure!” We’d been on the pond all day. Well, maybe not literally on the pond. We’d been in and out of the cabin, in the kayaks and we’d been swimming a few times. Everyone else had gone home. Why he stayed, I don’t know. But I was pretty happy about it, feeling kind of horny and I’d fantasized about his cock for a very long time.

We both got up from the fire. He started into the cabin. I asked “Where you going?” He turned to me and stared. “I’m just gonna strip. It’s dark. I’m too lazy to go back in and change.” He stared at me for a moment. “Uh, ok.” I turned and walked to the end of the dock and took off my clothes, my back to the cabin. He walked out and stood behind me, I could feel the dock shake as he got close. He was shy. Can’t blame him. 24 years old and me twice his age. He’d been in the service, just returned home this summer. His hair was still really short.

With my clothes laying on the dock I dove in. Swam underwater for a few feet, then came up and shook my hair out. I turned to the dock. He was just taking off his socks. His dick hung long, it looked like he might be a little aroused. He stood up, walked awkwardly to the edge and dove in toward me. He misjudged a little and brushed against me as he rose out of the water. We were face to face.

“I’m sorry!” Embarrassed. “Don’t worry man.” I turned and swam toward the raft. He followed. We both dove from the raft a few times, I went first and he followed. But after a few dives I waited. “You go first this time, I have to catch m breath.” He dove in. I waited until he came up, then I followed. I made sure that I brushed against him before coming up, my hand across his dick. When I came up we were again face to face. We smiled and swam to the raft. By the time we got there he was stiff.

On the raft I asked “Got a girlfriend?” “No.” “Must have had a lot of girls while you were in?” “No.” He acted self conscious, maybe because his hard on was front and center. He turned and dove back in. I waited agin, the followed when I saw where he came up. I brushed against him again and rose to the surface, face to face. “In the service I realized that I like guys.” Both treading water, I worked my way toward him. “I’m a lot older than you. Do you think you could like me?” He smiled. “You saw my stiffy, right?” The game was on.

I kissed him on the lips, he returned it eagerly. We groped a little, the best we could treading water. “Let’s go in” I suggested. We wrapped towels around ourselves, discreet on the dock and on our way into the cabin. People on the pond watched sometimes. I ran around the cabin and pulled the blinds. The propane heater was on full blast and there were still hot coals in the wood stove. I threw on a couple logs. He was drying off in front of the stairs to the bed loft. I was nearly dry from running around. He was drying his cock and balls when I joined him.

“Let me.” I lowered to my knees. His cock was very stiff and pretty. He was cut with a thick long shaft that tapered to a smaller head. He was hairy, but just around his cock and balls and his armpits. Smooth everywhere else. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and took a long close up look as I stroked him gently. I pointed it toward his navel and kissed his balls, took them each into my mouth one at a time and savored his salty skin. I licked the bottom of his shaft, running my tongue flat up and down along him from his glans to his balls and back. He whispered “lets go upstairs”. I stood. He took my hand.

He pushed me to the bed and as I turned to my back he went to my cock. He was eager all right, wasted no time taking my shift between his lips and sucking me hard. I could tell he wasn’t very experienced, or maybe just nervous. “Slow down. Take your time. Enjoy it.” He did. He went for a few minutes before he stopped and asked “What happens when you cum?” “That’s up to you.” I replied. “If you want to take it in your mouth, that’s ok. If you don’t, that’s ok too.” He stared at me for a few moments while he gently stroked my shaft. I added “I want you to cum in my mouth.” He stared. “Not sure I’m ready for that.” I said “It’s ok, whatever you feel when the time comes.” I added “how about we 69?” He liked that idea.

With each others cock in our mouths we went to work. He seemed to follow my lead doing almost the same things I did but just a little after. Me, I like to work slow and mix it up. Gentle lips, deep throat, tongue, work his glans some, kiss it, stroke it, down deep for a while. You get the picture. His cock was divine. Silky soft skin over one of the hardest shafts I’d ever had in my mouth. I wasn’t sure that it cold get any harder. I wondered how I’d tell when he was going to cum. I didn’t care, really. I was just enjoying his cock too much to care. And he was having fun too, after a few minutes he started to get creative on his own. He was a good cocksucker, I had all I could do to concentrate on him. We’d been working at each other for quite a while when he suddenly stopped, moaning differently. He was there. I didn’t have much warning. His pelvis jerked at me pushing his cock deep into my throat. I gagged a little and pulled my head back just in time for the rush of semen. He was loaded, his cock pulsed over and over and he just kept pumping it into me. It spilled from the sides of my mouth, slippery sweet salty heat.

I kept at him until I was sure he’d finished, then lapped it up from everywhere on him I could find it. He was completely out of breath, laying back with my cock in his hand. It took him a moment to realize that I hadn’t finished. He whispered “sorry” and went back to work. His orgasm had been so sexy that it didn’t take me long to get there. When I knew it was close I told him “I’m gonna cum”. He took me deeper, tightened his lips around my shaft and worked me faster. When I came he didn’t react. He just took it, slowing done as the last few spasms came and went and my cock began to go limp.

I came to him. We held each other for a while silently, my head against his neck and shoulder. I kissed him softly. He sighed and kissed me back. I reached back down and took his flaccid cock into my hand. I stroked gently. He looked at me and grinned. He began to stiffen. “Have you ever fucked anyone’s ass?” He was silent. It was going to be a long night.

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Posted by mydickpics at 23,Jul,14 19:23

i might enjoy being blown in a public bathroom

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