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hi all

Posted by bendover at 23,Apr,14 11:38

we have changed our pictures to include all our loves not only me wearing female underwear nylons heels etc but cock and ball abuse ie pumping and saline injections plus her pussy clit and nipples , we are a family and all enjoy sexual pleasures hope you will chat with us and explain your kinky side , Bob and Bee

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I want cum over my ass

Posted by PriscillaAss at 23,Apr,14 09:09

I love showing my ass for all you horny cocks. I love them all. Big, small, black......

Please show me



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Posted by randyowens at 23,Apr,14 08:59

I am just getting out of a bad relationship and wanna show off a little and get alittle wild check me out

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Posted by cockonebigone at 23,Apr,14 07:42

I am hoping to find a boyfriend ... someone that i like and think is hot with (hopefully) a nice big dick... ...nice dick in general is more important than big... big cock is an enormous turn on though...

i wanna fuck someone a few different times and like it still, and do it in all different positions, combinations

i just want a boyfriend.

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Who Am I?

Posted by bootyhasyoulike at 22,Apr,14 23:47

A slut, pretty much. I'm just looking to make people blow loads and squirt like hoses.

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College Roomate .....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 22,Apr,14 22:40

When I was in college, I was lucky enough to be able to move off campus by my sophomore year, living with at least 4 other guys in a 2-bedroom apartment. We were a pretty stable group; three of us roomed together for all three years off campus. However, in my junior year, we had two new guys, they were friends, move in. One guy, Tim, was a real hunk who I secretly lusted after – and beat off thinking about – for most of my junior year.

Tim was much older looking than anyone our age, yet he was a year younger. He grew a heavy beard every day, and kept a mustache. His hair was dark, thick, and very curly. . (This was the early 70’s so the hairy look was in!). He was very attractive, with full lips, a wonderful smile, and I found his eyes to be very seductive – the first time I really knew what ‘bedroom eyes’ meant. He would often hang around the apartment in t-shirt and jockey shorts, treating me to many fantasies. His legs were covered in dark curly hair, and when he stretched, I was able to see his navel covered in dark fur as well. The jockeys were well-packed, and I wondered what I might see if ever I could catch him coming out of the shower.

I was not sexually active in college, though fantasized a lot. I tried to fit in, and hoped that others wouldn’t see me as gay; but how could they not? After all I was a theatre major, I never dated, and I never bought the current issue of Playboy. Tim hinted a bit about who I was seeing, that kind of thing, but I never felt comfortable enough to explore what he was getting at.

One Friday night, I came back to the apartment after a rehearsal, expecting no one to be there. The roommates were all going to one of the fraternity keggers and would be out very late. As I walked back to my bedroom, I passed Tim and Chuck’s room. Tim was there, on his bed, reading. He wore his usual outfit; white t-shit and tight bulging jockeys. I said Hi as I passed his room, and he called me back.

Sticking my head in his room, I asked why he wasn’t at the kegger, and he told me he had hurt his back playing basketball that afternoon. He had done a couple of joints in hopes of relieving the pain, but no luck. He reminded me that I knew how to handle muscle pulls (I had been a trainer/student manager for my high school’s football and baseball teams and had some first aid and injury treatment training, including massage). He asked if I would massage his back to relieve the muscle strain. What could I say? Here was a roommate, in pain, asking for help. But I wanted to touch him very much, and was afraid if I did, he would know I wanted him. Yet how could I say no?

I said Sure, and asked him to roll over. I knelt next to the bed and started to do a very chaste, dry massage through his t-shirt. He asked if it wouldn’t be better if he took off his shirt, so I said sure. He rolled back over again, and looked at me, his eyes showing he was pretty stoned, as he pulled the t-shirt over his chest. While his head was covered with the shirt, I quickly scanned his chest (drat! Not very hairy above the navel as I had expected/hoped!). Then he lay down again. “Roll over” I told him, and he did so. (I did not note then, but did remember later, that he never seemed to show any sign of pain, or muscle strain; he rolled back and forth pretty easily!)

As I continued the dry massage on his bare back, noting the hairs that sprouted on his back above his jockey waistband, he asked if it wouldn’t be easier with some lotion. He reached under his bed and pulled out a big bottle of Intensive Care; it was pretty well used (his JO lube I wondered?) I squirted some on my hands to warm it, and continued massaging his mid back and shoulders. “Where is the pull”, I asked. “Where does it hurt?” “All over” was his reply, so I continued on his shoulders and neck. “Lower” he told me, so I moved slowly down to the small of his back. “Even lower” he told me, and I knew that he wanted me to rub under his waistband, but dare I? It might mean he would know? (What a fool I was as a youth, right?)

I moved my hands to massage his lowest part of his back, but kept my hands on top of his briefs.” Wouldn’t it be easier for you if I pulled these down?” he asked as he did just that. Suddenly I was face to (face?) with his hairy bare ass cheeks! How my mouth suddenly went dry in a combination of excitement, anticipation, and fear. I knew he was seducing me, but I couldn’t believe it, and so I was reluctant to play along. I continued to try and act clinical; medical in my ministrations.

“Yeah,” he told me. “That’s close to where it really hurts. Push on it harder, and you can go a little lower.” My hands were now basically kneading his ass cheeks like bread dough. I loved the feel of my fingers on his hairy ass, and I knew I had gone past the point of clinical detachment. Something was going to happen, and I was a very willing participant. He was softly moaning, letting me know how good it was feeling, and I was loving it myself.

Then, he rolled over, looking me directly in the eyes. He caught me checking out his dick as he rolled over, the briefs tangled on his erect cock, covering it. “Yeah, that feels real good. But this needs some attention, too. Go ahead, take those off” he told me, indicating his briefs. I moved as if in a trance, and slowly pulled off his shorts, revealing a very thick, though not too long, and very hard cock. His dark black, curly pubes above his cock was like a Brillo pad, and I wanted to touch it all badly! “Go ahead,” he told me. “Touch it.” I reached my hand, still covered with some lotion, and touched his hard shaft. Slowly I put my fingers around it, and my fingers could not touch each other, it was so thick.

“Oh, yeah. That’s what really needs a good massage. But it’s a little dry.” I assumed he wanted more lotion on my hands, so I reached for the bottle, but he pulled it back. “No more lotion. You can kiss it and make it wet.” I stared at him, my hand now slowly jacking his cock, my nose smelling his sweat and desire in his crotch. He stared back and I knew it was ok, that we had gone so far that I might as well do it all, now. I leaned over and gently licked his shaft, covering the tip of his cock slightly with my tongue. “Oh, yeah, kiss it now.” I kissed the piss slit, and tasted his precum. I was totally intoxicated now, and I had to have it. I threw out the last of my innocent pretense and immediately engulfed his cock with my mouth. I sucked and moved up and down on that shaft hungrily. I had wanted this for so long, and now it was here.

Suddenly I was ravenous. I had waited for something like this – hot sex with a hot man alone in bed with no concerns for someone to interrupt us (prior to this, my sex life was anonymous glory holes or in dark back rows of XXX movie theatres). I swallowed his shaft, feeling up his balls and running my hand behind his balls to his ass. He seemed to really respond to my hand manipulations, and I was encouraged to lick down his cockshaft to his balls. There, licking over his sack, he told me to suck his balls, and I gladly did. I took first one, then the other into my mouth; laving him with my saliva. He lifted his legs so I could get them all, and I put his legs on my shoulders. Then I moved my mouth down between his legs, behind his balls, licking his hairy phrenum. I moved to his ass, and suddenly I was rimming that hairy hole, and he was almost screaming with joy, or lust. He told me to keep on doing what I was doing (did he think I was going to stop, suddenly?!) and I was jabbing his asshole with my tongue.

My hand had been jacking his cock while I was eating his ass, and I could feel precum dripping on my hand. I was suddenly hungry for that cum, so I put my finger on his hole while I moved my mouth back to his cock. While I swallowed his shaft again, and without thought, I slowly slid my finger into his asshole. I had not done this before, but I was inspired by my lust and his response. Well, he really did scream then, and not in pain. He loved my finger in his hole as I sucked his cock! He asked me to finger his hole, so I started to finger fuck him, as I sucked his shaft. His cock was rock hard, it was leaking precum like crazy, but he was not showing any signs of coming yet. With my finger hitting his prostate, it should have sent him over, but perhaps the stoned state he was in allowed him more control? All I know was that my lips were almost cut from the f**** of my pressure on his cock! My teeth were grooving into the backs of my lips from my sucking him.

Suddenly I heard Tim ask me to do something that almost scared me! “Put it in me, Dave” he begged. Since my finger was already in his ass, it dawned on me what he was asking! Here was this straight stud asking ME to FUCK HIM! I couldn’t believe it; and I had never done that before. But I wasn’t about to tell him that! I quickly pulled off his cock, and kneeled at his ass. I lifted his legs higher in the air, as they were already on my shoulders, and I used that Intensive Care to lube my cock and his ass. Slowly I put my cock to his ass hole, and I pushed. I was in!! He made no noise at first, then a hiss, then a louder noise! “Push it in all the way!” he asked, and so I did. I felt a hot, silky pressure on my cock that I had never felt before. As much as I loved getting my cock sucked, the exquisite pleasure of his ass on my cock was more intense, more erotic, and more blissful than any other feeling I had ever had.

I fully lowered my weight on Tim, and we were face to face as I fucked his ass. He pulled me close and next thing I knew we were KISSING! Again, I couldn’t believe how this straight stud was so into this! ‘How could this be?’ was in the back of my mind, but I kept on doing everything that felt so good! The heat of our bodies, the noise and the smell of our sex, the rhythm of the fuck itself was all new and intoxicating and total bliss. I knew I could not hold off any longer, and before I really had a chance to think I was shouting and shooting – my jets into his ass; my cum up his straight butt.

After I subsided, I pulled out of his ass, and his cock was still rock hard and more purple than ever. I moved so I could suck it once more, and this time he was ready to go for it. He rolled us onto our sides, and started to face-fuck; his cock slamming in and out of my mouth and throat. In this position, I could rest my head on the bed as he fucked my mouth and I cupped his balls. I felt some of my cum dribbling down onto my hand, so I stuck my finger back up his ass. It was loose, warm, wet. And I pushed my finger in hard, all the way to jam his prostate. The combination of that, and my sucking, finally sent him over the edge and I suddenly felt his balls tighten in the sack. Then he really roared out as he started to cum. His cum was bitter, acrid, sour, and hot. It was what I had worked for, and wanted, so it was terrific. I know he came a lot, and still he pumped his cock in and out long after his last shot had been swallowed. His cock finally started to soften, and I relaxed the muscles in my jaw – it was aching!

We both just collapsed on the bed; exhausted and spent. I was suddenly starting to worry about what would happen after this. Would he tell the other roommates all about this, exposing me as the fairy? Would he be immediately regretful and guilty for what had just happened, and perhaps become violent? I looked at his face, and saw a smile there, his eyes closed. He was breathing heavy, and I sort of froze to see what would happen next. Within a short time, I realized that nothing was going to happen; he was asl**p! Almost gratefully I slipped off the bed and out of the room, going into my room and shutting the door. I know sl**p did not come soon that night as I was too wound up from the excitement, and also the fear of what might happen the next day. I needn’t have worried so much, however. The next day when I saw him, he acted no different than any other first thing in the morning’s we had already shared. A smile, a “Morning” and off to the john for the morning piss. Nothing else was said as the day passed, nor did I ever hear from the other roommates that they knew. And, I suddenly felt empowered as I realized, “Hey, I fucked HIM!”

After junior year in college, the roommates situation totally changed. Two of the five dropped out. Two more, Tim and Chuck, joined the fraternity that had a house right behind our apartment complex. That left me, and I found a 2-person apartment in the same complex that I shared with a fellow theatre major.

My senior year was exciting, but I still did not have any sexual outlet. How I wish I knew then that the library restrooms had numerous glory holes that were very active! I only found this out years after graduation! I would run into Tim several times on campus, but other than a quick “how ya doing?” we had no contact. So it was a surprise the cold November evening just before Thanksgiving break when Tim called me.

I had just finished my mid-term exams; my roommate had already left on break, so I was hanging out alone, happy to have the grinding studies behind me for at least a full week. When I answered the phone, I had no idea who it was at first. There was a man on the other end who simply said, “So what are you doing?” Confused I asked who it was, and the man’s voice slurred, “I’ve got a nice hard cock for you!”

“Who IS this?” I demanded, feeling both excited and fearful. Who might know I wanted a hard cock? My heart raced when he simply said, “Tim”. In a brief conversation I learned that Tim’s frat b*****rs were all mostly gone, that he was alone in his room, stoned and horny. He wanted me to come over and have some beers with him, because he was lonely. I knew what this meant, and my cock was hard, my heart was racing and my mouth was totally dry. After the massage therapy of the prior year, Tim had made no mention that it had ever happened. I had convinced myself that he had been so stoned that he had no memory of it. Now I knew differently. It was being stoned that gave him the courage to act on his desires!

I agreed to come over right then, and I nervously walked the very short distance to his frat house. The fraternity was not really in a house, but rather a new apartment building in the same complex. It had the same layout as my building, so I easily found his door and knocked. I heard him tell me to come in.

Entering, I heard music playing in the background. The dark incensed-filled room was lit only by a streetlamp that came through the curtain in the living room, and from the hallway light. I could see Tim sitting on a couch, wearing only a karate robe that was in fashion then. When I closed the door, he told me to come on over and have a beer. I dropped down on the couch next to him and opened a can. Nervously I chugged quite a bit, while he just watched. So far, I had said nothing.

“So, how ya doing?” he asked, and I tried to get a basic – and boring – conversation going on midterms, studies being behind us, and leaving for home tomorrow. He didn’t want to have a conversation, however. He simply said, “My roommates are all gone” and simply opened the white cotton robe and pulled it off, dropping it to the floor.

He stretched out his legs, dropping a bare foot onto my crotch, and let the other leg drop to the floor – effectively shooting me his beaver, as it were. His cock was soft and floppy, hanging over his hairy balls. I gazed with lust at how his dark curly hair covered his crotch area, yet above his navel there were only a few stray strands. The contrast between the dark curly below and the white skin above was exciting. He lifted his cock to scratch his balls, staring me in the eyes, while his foot dug into my crotch again. “I’ve been thinking about how good your mouth felt” he told me.

I wasn’t going to wait for an engraved invitation, so I reached over and put his cock in my hand. It was hot, it was heavy, it was thick and starting to engorge. I slowly jacked my hand over his cock, cupping his balls with the other hand, as he grew harder, and I could hear his heavy breathing. “Yeah,” he almost whispered, “suck it. You need it too, don’t you?!” How could I argue with his logic? I leaned down and put his cockhead to my lips.

I kissed the head, licking all around it, then licked down the shaft to his balls. I loved the smell between his legs; funky, manly, sweaty. Very sexy. I loved the taste there too. His cock was now fully hard, and I went back to it, taking it into my mouth. I swore it was fatter and harder than I had remembered. Could he have been so d***k and stoned last time that he was not fully hard then? Whatever the case, his cock totally filled my mouth and I stretched my lips wide to suck up and down that thick shaft.

Now Tim stood up, and I quickly backed off his cock, not certain what was going on. “Don’t stop!” he said, pulling my head back to his cock. I leaned to his crotch as he stood in front of me, next to the couch. When he took my head and started to fuck my face I understood why he got off the couch. He was going to participate in this! Not just lie there and be done.

His hands were actually holding my head lovingly; he caressed my hair, my ears, my neck as he fucked my very willing mouth. Meanwhile I drew him even closer, pulling his ass toward me. I wanted a better angle, so without losing his cock, I kneeled on the floor at his feet. Now he leaned fully into me, his stomach on my forehead. He was murmuring sweet encouraging words as I sucked him deep into my throat.

My hands were caressing his hairy ass and his balls at the same time. My fingers on one hand were slipping into his hairy crack while the other hand cupped his hefty sack. I loved feeling his balls and ass while his cock was sliding in and out of my mouth! And to have him holding my head, making love back (in his own way) was thrilling too. But I was so confused at the same time.

“I’ve been thinking about how you ate my ass, and I want you to do it again,” he told me. He suggested we go back to his room, and I eagerly agreed. In his room, he flopped down on the bed, spread his legs wide and he told me to take off my clothes! Quickly I did so as I watched him jack his hard cock, noticing his eyes were watching me disrobe. Once nude, I quickly dove onto the bed between his legs, and started to lick his balls. His voice indicated me how much he enjoyed my tongue as I heard him tell me to do it more. I decided to give into my own lust and give him a full oral treatment, so I lifted his legs onto my shoulders and kept licking his balls as I pulled his crotch closer to my face. His encouraging noises let me know that I could suck each egg into my mouth, licking and tasting his ballsack. Then, as I started to lick behind his balls and towards his ass, he almost screamed in delight.

Lifting his legs higher, spreading them wider, I had perfect access to his hairy crack, and my tongue dug in, tasting his sweat, his funky and exciting Tim-taste. I eagerly stabbed his asshole, and I felt it widen as my tongue licked and poked. I was eating his ass, he was screaming and begging for more, and his legs wrapped around my head, pulling me closer. I could not have escaped (had I wanted to!). I alternated licking his asshole with probing it with my finger. I would run my finger up and down his wet crack, then I would poke at his hole, which twitched open wider and seemed to suck it in. So I pushed it in to the first knuckle. I heard him exhale in a hiss, and I knew he was into it. I continued to push in deeper, up to the second knuckle, then as deep as my finger could reach. I was hitting his hot button, and he was clamping down on my finger, making all verbal noises of ecstasy.

I was able to push his legs apart enough for my head to return to his cock, and while I slowly finger fucked his ass I swallowed his cock all the way to the root. He didn’t know which way to push or pull; he wanted my finger in deeper, and he wanted to fuck my face at the same time. Eventually we found a rhythm that allowed both!

After a while, my lips were almost numb from clamping down on his cock, my teeth biting into the inside of my lips. Tim showed no signs of cumming; his cock was hard and the veins popping. This stud was either so stoned that he couldn’t cum, or he was a man of great endurance. In either case, I was so busy with my hands on his ass and balls, and my mouth on his cock, that I could not jack my cock. It was hard and dripping!

“Oh fuck me Dave. Put it in me again!” he told me. Again, this turn of events almost frightened me. But Tim again led the way, lifting his legs in the air, holding them behind the knees, and baring his ass fully to me. I spit on my hand to wet my cock, and rubbed it with my precum. His ass was already pretty wet and loose from my earlier tongue and finger efforts, and without thinking about any other lubricant, I put my cock to his asshole, and pushed.

I was going in, I did not stop, and suddenly I was buried in his ass! “Yes,” he hissed, and pulled my ass up to him, dropping his legs around my back. His legs straddled my back as though he was in a saddle, but I was in his saddle! And it felt beyond description. Hot, moist, tight. I was thinking about lava, silk, and muscle, all from what his ass made my cock feel! I began a serious pumping now, pulling my cock back to the head, then afraid I would slip out, I pushed it back in again, up to the root. More sensations than I could even acknowledge, no less remember, came to me. I surrendered to these sensations and just fucked him. It was automatic, a****listic, instinctive. It was bliss.

This went on for probably a much shorter period of time than my memory tells me. Certainly I was more excited than I had been in a long time. Clearly I was inexperienced in control or prolongment of lust. I just know that the expression of drowning in your own passion as you cum is true; it DID happen. I was cumming, and I was shouting. I was pumping and I didn’t even think about Tim as I did; I just slammed and shoved it in and out until I had long stopped shooting.

It was when I felt my softened cock slipping out of his ass that I “came to” again, noticing Tim. His eyes were glassy, shiny, and there was a faint smile on his face. His cock was still rock hard, and I moved to take it into my mouth again. As I did, it revived him and suddenly it was his turn to get off. He rolled to his side, as I rolled with him, and soon I was face up on the bed with him straddling my face. He fucked me seriously now, hard and deep – I was choking a bit and trying not to gag. But I wanted him to fuck my face! I loved how he went from pussy to stud; from fuckee to fucker. His cock was pumping and sliding in and out hard. I was groping his balls, feeling some of my cum dripping out of his ass down onto his balls and my hand. Now his balls drew tight in his sack and I knew I was to finally get my creamy reward! As he shot – hard and frequently – I noted the strong almost unpleasant taste of his cum. By then I had tasted enough to know that this was a little different. I assumed it had to have been due to the grass, or whatever d**gs he was on. But I didn’t care. This was a hot, masculine, fraternity stud who I had just fucked, and now was sucking dry! What better way to end those mid-terms!?!

Post Script: I am saddened to say that while we parted sweetly that night (we even kissed and hugged quite a bit as we both recovered from our intense orgasms), this was our last session. I had hoped he might call me again some night when he was alone, stoned and horny. But I left campus in early January to begin my student teaching semester, and he never did call in those intervening weeks before I left. And today, convinced that he is married (more than once perhaps), I am also certain that there is a dildo or vibrator in Time’s bedroom that has been used by Tim, and perhaps even by his wife on Tim! Has he had clandestine meetings with other men to get the real thing? I sure hope so!

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Posted by MONTED at 22,Apr,14 22:37

On the way home from Ruth's, Charley said, "Dammit, I'm still horny." "How
could you be?", I asked. "If you don't believe me, just look", he replied.
He unzipped and pulled out that big cock and, sure enough, it was hard again.
"What does it take you to calm down", I asked. "Pull in here and I'll show you,
he replied. It was a strip mall with a 24-hour adult book store. I figured he
was wanting a stroke book, but he was to surprize me yet again.

He pulled out the vial of poppers, and we both took a big hit, and all of a
sudden I'm also hard and ready again. He said, "follow me" and I walked behind
as he went to the counter for a $10 roll of quarters and led me thru a dark
hallway to the back video booths. This was another first for me, and he ex-
plained you could get a blow job thru the 'glory holes' in the booths. We took
opposite sides of the aisles, and I went in, locked the door and sat down. The
little booth smelled of sex and kinda turned me on a little just being there.
I saw the hole and as I bent forward to drop some quarters noticed the booth
next door was empty. The video started up, and though there was a choice, all
of them were gay. I'd never seen two men together and I was mesmerized by the
way they were worshiping cocks. My dick got hard again and I pulled out to
stroke it when I heard someone step in next door.

I was nervous, but excited. A hand came thru the hole offering me poppers!
What the hell, I thought, and took a big snort in each nostril. The rush was
incredible and my dick seemed to pulse in my hand, growing larger and redder.
My neighbor then stuck two fingers thru the hole, beckoning my cock. Rising to
my feet, I stuck my dick thru and into a warm, wet mouth. It felt so good, at
first all I could do was stand motionless as the anonymous stranger licked and
sucked my dick. Soon I started thrusting in and out of that hot mouth, and I
could feel the back of his throat clenching on my cockhead. I came, shuddering, and fell back onto the bench, totally satiated.

I pulled up my pants and exited the booth and noticed something. All the booths
were open - no one was there except me and the guy in the next booth who had just sucked my cock. As I got to the end of the aisle, the booth door opened
and Charley walked out! I was floored, never thinking a pussy hound like him
would go both ways. Out in the dark parking lot I asked him, "was that you,
man?" "Yeah, he said, I wasn't k**ding tonight when I said I'd do anything."

"Sucking a cock is a great turn on", he continued, "Don't tell me you've never
thought about it." The tequila I'd d***k must've acted like truth serum,cause
I replied "Not til tonight when I first saw that humongous dick of yours."

"Good", he said, "cause I'm about to bust from drinking your cum in there and
I've been wanting to fuck your virgin mouth since the day we met." He led me
to the dark corner of the building and pushed me down on my knees while
opening his pants to let out his great big dick. He held the poppers under
my nose for another hit as I watched that huge cock sway in front of my face.

The rush I got made me want to suck that dick as much as I'd ever wanted pussy.
I had to open my mouth all the way just to get the head in, but it felt so good
I unzipped and pulled my semi-erection out to stroke while I sucked it. I
could feel a little more of his cock go in my mouth at each thrust. He held
the sides of my head in his hands and pumped in and out slowly. I let my saliva
lube his cock and tried to take it all, but it was just too big. I could only
fit 4 inches or so in my mouth, leaving about 6 more outside it. He like it,
though, moaning as I slurped away. My cock was hard now, the scent of his
cock and pubes making me wish I'd done this before now. I was horny as if I
hadn't come in a week, yet I'd come 4 times this long night.

He soon pulled out, and jacked it off, cumming on my lips and tongue as I licked
the head. "Goddam, that was good", he said, pulling me to my feet. He then
licked his own cum off my chin and lips. I was shuddering at the nasty horni-
ness of all this, still jacking off. He dropped to his knees and sucked my
dick until I came yet again, drinking it like mothers' milk.

"You are one serious horndog", I told him as he rose. "You've no idea", he
replied. We didn't speak again on the ride home. I was exhausted. As he got
out at his house he finally spoke. "We're fuck buddies now. Anytime you want
to drop a load you can call me. I thought about that all the way home. I knew
I should feel ashamed, hell, we beat up 'queers' in high school, but goddamn
what we'd done felt good, and between he and Ruth I felt better than I'd ever
felt. I slept for 14 hours straight.

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Two New Friends Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 22,Apr,14 22:31

Well it all started rather mundane, two men simple chatting about some thoughts, feelings and fantasies. These talks about sex then moved to some talk about experience and then on to what might happen if they had a chance to do something with another man. They seemed to get along and shared more personal information about themselves. I doubt either really thought it would ever become real, do to the fact that distance, relationships and schedules made it difficult to have a meeting. They had tried to sync schedules to meet for a coffee or lunch to meet.

Then a chance an opportunity appeared that they were both free and it looked like they would actually get to meet. Then as they realized that the discussions between them had been explicit and fantasy may become reality they worked to share with each other, potential misgivings and fears or was it shyness.

The day, or evening arrived both unsure who might back out, with William driving up towards Joe’s, only way this would become a real meet, was based on William driving to the vicinity of Joe’s and then placing a call to get the final directions. This was the last chance for each of them to back out of the real meeting. The evening was rainy and cool, as William drove towards Joe’s. Both feeling excited and nervous about actually meeting, and knowing that they had agreed that if they felt comfortable with each other they would progress to some intimate pleasure.

Placing the call as he neared the area, surprised and excited that Joe answered, he gave him directions to get to there, both sensing the excitement and nervousness. William walks to the door, and the knock arrives, seeing each other, smiling and shaking hands, Joe invites him in. Apologizing for his choice of TV show, small chitchat, introductions, and pleasantries, offering of refreshment, and then sitting on the couch, getting comfortable.

As they talked Joe, remembered he had a video that they thought would be fun to watch, so as they both turned the attention to the TV, watching the video and still chatting a little bantering about the movie, but very light. William looked over to notice that Joe was getting hard in his shorts and William was feeling a little tight in his jeans too. Joe noticed William rubbing his hardness at his crotch and says to William “Do you mind if I’m a little forward.” With that he reached over to rub on his hardening dick, feeling it getting hard in his jeans then started to undo the jeans, releasing the hardness from his pants.

Then William figures, what the hell as he pulled out his cock and got up and undressed, Joe doing the same. They then started stroking their cocks and each other’s cock a bit. William feeling that he really wanted to try a little cock to cock and so as Joe laid back on the couch he got on top and rubbed and stroked their cocks together. William was getting hot from the action, although it was a little difficult to be in that position. William took and wrapped his hands around the two of their cocks, enjoying the feeling and excitement. Then they pulled apart Joe taking his cock and stroking it, as William rubbed on his and then switching to rubbing each other’s. William was then beginning to feel his throbbing cock, and thought he could feel his friends in his hand too. William beginning to feel the started of his ejaculation, building in his balls and then moving up his shaft as the first shoot hit on the chest and stomach of Joe, he moved to take Williams load in his hungry mouth. Then as his cock began to really pump a load in the wanting and waiting mouth and began moving his hips to match the eagerness of his mouth. William feeling the pleasure of the strength of a man’s mouth taking him completely and drinking of his hot juice.

William not wanting to leave his friend holding his own, moved to get in a more comfortable spot, so he could offer some reciprocation. His enthusiasm helping him along hoping to return the favor of a release for Joe, hand wrapped around his cock and stroking it and massaging his balls for him. Joe showing him how he liked it down and rubbing himself too and reaching and touching for William’s placid manhood, touching his hairy chest. Yet Joe’s own excitement and pleasure was from the excitement of feeling another man in his mouth. They continued to play on the couch, William seeing and hoping that he would be able to release Joe’s cock, but as he felt his hardness and noticed the release of pre-cum he yet had Joe exploding for him. William sensing that he could just be nervous or also that he was maybe not stroking him as he might like, watched as Joe stroked it for himself and William offered a massage to his balls, hoping to stimulate him too.

As they played Joe’s hunger begin to get the better of him and was soon moving to the floor. Spreading William’s legs open his hand rubbing his manhood and then his mouth open and taking him. Joe’s mouth moving to share in taking the now hardening cock in his mouth and licking and sucking on his balls, testing his reaction to it, holding his hand around his cock and squeezing as he felt it get harder and harder for him. Joe and William both enjoying a more relaxed interchange of oral pleasure, each feeling and receiving the pleasure from what was happening. William watching as Joe concentrated on his whole crotch area, eyes meeting to see that each was enjoying what was happening. Joe’s strong hands rubbing against William’s body, feeling the hair along his legs and up on his stomach and chest. Pleasure was utmost important as it was joyous as they each enjoyed their role on this evening. Then each sensing a building in the groin, paces quickening, hearts pumping, cocks hardening as William looked down to see that Joe, mouth performing and concentrating on his cock, he had moved a hand to offer some additional stimulation. Joe sucking on his friends cock and stroking his own, this was incredible as they soon were exploding in ecstasy, as Joe once more felt the man juice of William rushing into his mouth.

As they sat on the couch next to each other their concentration was once again returned to the action of the Video, but each reliving the moments of experience they had just had. Joe and William both looking at each other, some talk and questions about how each was doing. Relaxing moment together, just two men sitting together although naked, just satisfied from sexual pleasures. Each talking openly and freely about whatever they wanted to, work, hobbies whatever. With the movie playing or was it the excitement and heat of the moments, passed each touching themselves and then sharing a touch with each other, relaxing stimulating and erotic. Joe, then finding himself again drawn to the crotch of William, and knowing or seeing it as challenge that it may not be able to get him to rise again for another working his cock with his mouth.

Enjoying the feeling of Joe’s mouth again, William finds himself hardening and stiffening under the stimulation. Joe taking in the pleasure and enjoyment as he feels him getting harder and harder, then he moves away leaning against the sofa back, suggesting to William to stand. William stands and as Joe then leans against the arm rest of the couch he reaches to pull William to his mouth, taking his cock and swallowing to the base. William watches at it disappears and finds he is swaying in and out of the mouth of Joe. Looking down on Joe, William can see that he is getting hard himself and then reaches to also stimulate him with his hand. William’s hips moving in motion as he slowly fucks the hot mouth, taking him completely, and stroking this cock in his other hand enjoying his perch. Joe then reaches around the back of him pulling on him to pump him deeper into his mouth. William catches on and offers what he can, hips swaying and driving into the hot and hungry mouth. Joe leaning back and taking it harder and harder from him, William’s legs feeling the building excitement again, pushing deeper and deeper, and harder and faster for a final explosion, as the both are moaning with pleasure. William’s legs weak from the pleasure and feeling the mouth of his friend draining those last drops and cleaning it thoroughly of his man juice.

As they relax on the couch for a few moments before the video ends and then move to the general talk and chatter that men have all the time, meaningless and light. It is getting late in the evening now and both tired and stimulated and satisfied they say good byes, but they don’t say it but they know there will surely be a next time.

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Fantasy...... Can I watch

Posted by MONTED at 22,Apr,14 22:28

That was not a response I had anticipated when I had told Jessica about Ben and myself. I tilted my head to see just what her eyes were saying, but they were hidden from view as her face rested on my naked chest. This was the fourth weekend Jessica had spent at my place and I knew it was time to let her know I was bisexual, that I enjoyed sex with men as well as women, well, one man in particular.

"Uhmm...well..." I stammered eventually knowing Jessica expected an answer.

I felt the heat of Jessica's skin as she moved her body, straddling my hips and my growing manhood. Her tongue teasingly ran over my lips, down my chin before resting her face in my neck. My hands glided over her back, my mind becoming intrigued with her idea. Her mouth was openly kissing and sucking my skin until she licked behind my ear knowing full well that would send shivers down my spine.

"You have a hot body Mark and I bet under those clothes Ben's body is pretty nice to look at as well. I have wondered what it's like for two men, I bet it's very sensual to see your two bodies pleasuring each other."

Sensual would not have been the words I chose to describe sex between Ben and myself, intense, heated, sweaty, raw, lustful maybe, not sensual. Jessica slid her body slowly down mine, her mouth trailing along with kisses, licks and bites. My fingers were running through her long brunette hair as her tongue licked along the length of my now erect cock. She had one hand around the base, her tongue had licked away the pre cum, her mouth poised to suck me in and I could feel her heated breath as it blew across the head when she spoke.

"Ask him for me Mark, please? Ask Ben if I can watch you two together."

Jessica sucked my cock into her warm wet mouth not stopping until I was at the back of her throat. A moan was the only answer I could manage as my hands gripped her hair and my hips lifted off the bed. Her head tilted, I slid in deeper feeling Jessica swallow around me coaxing me further. Her head slid up and down as she used her hand to push my cream from my balls.

"Damn Jess, you're.....going........"

I never finished my sentence, my cream surged through my cock filling her sexy mouth. My chest was heaving as my cock jerked another few spurts of seed. Jessica released me quickly and climbed up my body, kissing me, pushing the cum into my mouth.

"Yea, Jessica, I'll ask Ben if you can watch," I managed to say before falling into a restful slumber.

Ben and I became best friends while rooming together all through college. We hit it off almost immediately and soon found ways to relieve our horniness together when we couldn't find women to be our willing assistants. We both were very much into women but also found something extremely arousing between each other. Now a few years after college our friendship continued as did our sexual relationship. We didn't get together often but we both still craved each other's bodies.

"Jessica wants to watch us together."

I said it rather matter a factly as my body laid half over Ben, my tongue licking behind his ear, my hand sliding down his chest and abs not resting until I found his semi erect cock. I couldn't look him in the eyes until I heard his reply. All the years that we had been together, all the times we had sex, never had there been another person present and I was not sure how he would feel about it. I felt his cock thicken and stiffen which I took as a good sign.

"She wants to watch me suck your cock?"

Ben's husky voice answered as he took my head in his hands, guiding my mouth to his nipple. I did my best to entice further, my broad tongue running over his hard nub before biting down on it. My hand stroked his cock letting my thumb rub the pre cum over his mushroom head. My mouth moved down his muscled torso as my legs shifted in between his. I teasingly rubbed my chest against his man meat until I could lick the spongy head. My hand squeezed and fondled his nuts as I licked and watched him respond the way he always did. I looked up into Ben's eyes knowing he would be watching me, knowing he would be expecting my lips to wrap tightly around his cock.

"Yes, and Jess said she wants to watch you fuck me. She wants to see my face and hear my voice while your hips slap my ass."

Just like Jessica did to me, I opened my mouth and sucked Ben's thickness into my mouth, teasing him with my tongue and not stopping until his pubes scratched my nose. His reply was like mine, his ass lifted up off the bed, his hands grasped my head as his lips emitted a soft groan. I bobbed my head up and down letting the head of his cock enter my throat.

"If Jessica is going to watch it has to be my way," Ben said, "You will have to beg for me to fuck you harder. You will have to tell me to stick my cock up deeper, to fill your hole with my seed. Can you do that?"

I listened to Ben as my mouth continued to sucking, getting more turned on tasting him, smelling his man scent. He pulled me off his cock, f***ed me to look in his eyes, wanting an answer from me. I nodded in the affirmative as his smile grew wide. Ben slid his body over to the side, giving my ass a playful slap.

"On your knees Mark," Ben said, "I know you want my cock pounding you now, just like I will when Jessica watches. Isn't that right Mark?"

Before I answered Ben had me on my hands and knees, my head pushed into the pillow. He was pushing his thick meaty cock into my tight hole still lubricated from his earlier deposit. His large hands had my ass cheeks spread wide as he watched his cock sinking deeper. Ben slowly pulled himself out, slapped my ass and pushed back in deeper with more f****.

"Let me hear it now Mark, tell me how you want my cock, tell me how you want me to fuck you hard. Tell me how you want me to pound your ass so hard you lose all control and shoot your cum on the bed sheets."

I pushed my ass back against Ben's body feeling him rub the spot that made me go wild. He moaned when I clenched my ass muscles around his cock. His hips picked up speed and his cock rubbed the walls of my hole. My cock drooled more when he sunk his meat in completely pushing me forward on the bed.

"Fuck me hard Ben. Use you cock to spread my hole. Make my ass yours stud, fill it with your seed. Make me your slut Ben, I need it bad."

I gasped as Ben pounded my ass harder than ever before. The thought of Jessica watching him fuck my man pussy turned him on more than I anticipated. My body was sweating and my cock was jerking with every thrust of his hips. If talking about her watching got him this intense I could only imagine how hard he'd fuck me when she was actually in the room. I felt his hand come smacking down on my ass cheek.

"You fucking slut Mark. You love my cock pumping your ass, you crave my cum. But I'm not going to give you what you want until you spill your load, slut."

Ben said that as his cock rubbed my prostate. His hands gripped my shoulders pulling me up and back onto his cock. I lost control as he knew I would. My cock jerked and shot spurt after spurt of white cream onto the sheets. My ass clamped down around his cock, feeling it throb inside me. He pulled out and rammed in again **** the rest of my seed to spill out. He grunted and held his cock in against my prostate as he began spewing his load. I could feel it splatter against the walls of my hole, adding to what he had given me before. Slowly our sweat covered bodies relaxed and Ben stretched me out, lying on top of me, taking bites of my shoulder and neck.

"Does Jessica realize you are such a cock slut?"

A few months had gone by since Jessica and I had spoken about her watching me with another guy. When she first brought it up I was all for it. When I first asked Ben, I was hotter than hot with the idea, as was he. Since then however, I was having second thoughts. I had strong feelings for both Jessica and Ben. The sex with both of them is fantastic, each in their own way. I felt that if it just happened sometime then I would be fine with it. But when it's going to be planned in advanced, well, that's when my mind begins to wonder and think. Thus, I have been thinking and feeling unsure of myself. What if it appeared to Jessica that I liked sex with Ben more than her, or maybe the other way around? What would happen if jealousy reared its ugly head? How would Jessica seeing me have sex with a man affect the relationship we had. What if Jess decided she wanted to join Ben and me together? I never seemed to be able to answer those questions in any substantial way. I resigned myself to hoping it would happen spontaneously somehow.

My relationship with Jessica was still going full speed ahead. She had taken a different position in her firm. This meant moving to a different downtown location and she could no longer make the daily trek to my place. She stayed at her city apartment during week, drove up to my place every Friday to spend the weekends with me. We spoke on the phone and traded emails daily. This arrangement, of course, meant long weekends mostly spent in the bedroom. We spent weekends where she satisfied her craving for my body as much as I satisfied my craving for hers. She seemed plenty content with me, no longer mentioning her desire to watch two men together.

Ben, on the other hand was becoming more and more intrigued with the thought of Jessica watching the two of us. He had never met Jess but had seen a picture or two of her and me together. Ben and I were having sex more regularly now that Jessica was gone during the week. He began wondering if his chance to have sex with me in front of her was ever going to happen. Sometimes even suggesting he should call Jessica directly and set it up. I would always respond with a glare and convince him that I would take care of it. At least I knew all to well how to use my body to distract his thoughts.

Then this past week Jessica began talking about it again. I had already told her Ben was willing so she wondered when it was going to happen. She actually asked if I was chickening out on fulfilling her fantasy. Well, to me, that was all it took. I was not going to have her thinking I was a chicken to suck a cock in front of her.

Friday finally arrived and I had showered and prepared dinner for Jess and me. I was out on the back deck making sure the water in the hot tub was a perfect temperature when I heard Jessica's car pull up to my place in the woods. I walked around to the front of my cabin and saw her smile. Immediately her sexy body was running up to give me a hug and kiss. I grabbed hold of her ass pulling her against me as our lips met and our tongues explored what we had missed tasting and feeling for almost a week. Her hands went around my neck and then glided over my bare back. I kissed and sucked on her neck taking in the scent of her perfume as my hand slid in the suit jacket to cup her full breast.

"Mark, I really need to get these clothes off."

I looked into her eyes with a mischievous grin as I lifted her off her feet and carried her into the bedroom. I knew better than to strip her out on the deck, having been scolded for doing it once. It wasn't her shyness getting in the way; it was her need to care properly for her clothes. She was very fastidious and either had to immediately hang them up or at the very least fold them neatly into a pile. Once in the bedroom I sat on the edge of the bed, my cock thickening as I watched her beauty become naked before my eyes. She was down to her thong when she walked over to stand between my spread legs. My hands ran up her body, from her hips to her breasts. My fingers pinched her nipples until they hardened and she squirmed. My mouth sucked a nipple and bit down, wanting Jessica to know how much I wanted her right now. My hands slid her thong off her shapely hips, running my fingers along her silky legs until the thong had hit the floor.

"Pull my shorts off Jess and straddle me, ride me like I know you want to, ride me hard baby."

Jessica kneeled down in front of me, her slender fingers running over my swollen member before tugging on the waistband. I lifted my ass and watched as my cock sprang free, Jess' hands pulling the shorts completely off. She leaned in and licked the pre cum from the head before sucking me into her warm mouth. She continued to tease with her tongue until I could take no more. Pulling her up onto my lap, I slid a hand between us, a finger sliding in to find her moist and more than ready to receive my manhood. I lifted her by the cheeks of her ass as she grabbed hold of my rod, placing the head at her opening. We both moaned as she slid down on me, my thickness spreading her open, her wetness coating me. I bit down on her neck while her breasts pressed against my chest. I gripped her ass tightly, lifting and lowering in a steady rhythm. Her fluids provided more lubrication than necessary as we kissed riding together to the first of many orgasms of the weekend. My finger teased her hole as her hands gripped my shoulder. Her breasts bounced as our fucking became harder, more intense. Before long I could feel her body tense, her pussy contracting and her come flooding my cock. Her juice ran around my cock and out, dripping over my balls.

"I need to fuck you hard Jess and I need to fill you with my cream."

I rolled Jessica onto her back, her legs over my shoulders as I began pounding hard, my hips slapping her ass as I bottomed out with every thrust. It was my turn, my turn to tense and release and that was all that was on my mind. Her fingers begin pinching my nipples making my cock throb inside her. She coaxed me on telling me to fuck her good, to use her cunt to get myself off. That's exactly what I did, a few more thrusts and I felt my come surge through my cock, spewing out deep within her cavern. I grunted as the last few drops seeped out and the sweat rolled down my back. I lowered Jess's legs and nuzzled into her neck.

"Damn I love fucking you Jess"

"As much as you love Ben fucking you?"

Ouch, that kind of stung. I had not yet told Jess of the weekend plans. I pulled my softening cock from her juicy cunt and rolled over onto my back. Jess rolled over with me, supporting her body on my chest, kissing my lips before gazing into my eyes with a smile. I watched as she moved off the bed, pulling on a pair of shorts and tank top. I shook my head, knowing I would do anything for her, but, I would never admit that to her. She leaned over me, planting yet another passionate kiss before saying she was starving, that we should go make dinner.

We had finished our dinner and were in the Kitchen. I leaned against the counter next to Jess, my cell phone in my hand, just as she finished cleaning the sink. With a grin on my face I told her I needed to call Ben, to confirm that he would be over tomorrow. Her face lit up and she moved over in front of me. Her hands wrapped loosely around my neck. Her lips pressed against mine giving me a kiss that was passionate, sexy, hot, and loving altogether. She pulled her mouth away, her hand slid down my neck and rested on my chest.

"Are you sure Mark, you sure this is ok with you? You know it would turn me on tremendously to watch you with Ben, but I won't f**** it."

"I'm sure Jess"

I took Jessica's hand as I spoke and placed it on my crotch, letting her feel my arousal. She slowly kneeled down in front of me as I dialed Ben's number. Jessica's mouth opened as she began sucking me through my shorts. Her hands reached for the waistband, lowering them slowly. I had one hand on the cell phone while Jess had one hand wrapped around my thickening cock. I saw her look up in a mischievous way as Ben answered my call. I confirmed his arrival time, trying to end our conversation as quickly as possible while Jess continued to tease me. He could tell something was up.

"Is Jess playing with your cock now as we speak?"

"Hmmm" was all I could manage in response to his question.

"With her hand or mouth" Ben demanded to know.


"Tell Jess to use her mouth Mark, I want to hear you moan as she sucks you, I want to hear you groan and grunt as you shoot your come. Tell her Mark, tell her for me."

Sweat was forming under my arms and on my chest as I looked down at Jess. Her mouth was less than an inch from the head of my cock. I was holding the cell phone with one hand, running the fingers through her hair as I told her what Mark wanted. She grinned before licking the precum off the head off my cock **** me to moan.

"Mark, tell me what Jess is doing. Tell me and think of me here naked, stroking my own hard on while she sucks on yours."

My cock jerked both from thinking of Ben naked and from Jess' mouth as it opened and slowly sucked on the head.

"Jess is sucking on the head of my cock, Ben. Ughhh, she's using her teeth to nibble. C'mon Jess, don't tease me, suck my cock, suck it all the way in."

"Mark, my thumb is rubbing the precum over the head of my cock while she does that. You two got me rock hard."

"Shit, Ben, she is still teasing me...her tongue is licking the length of me. Oh...she is holding it up and licking along the underside. Ben, you know how that makes me squirm. "Yea that's it Jess, suck on my balls, oh yea, suck them in and roll them around, get them all wet."

"Mark, tell her to let go of your balls and suck your cock. I want to hear you come. I'm going to come the same time you do."

"Jess, Ben wants to come with me, he wants to listen to me come in your mouth while he strokes."

Jess let my nuts fall from her mouth, her hand slowly stroking my cock as she looked up. I was waiting to feel the warmth of her mouth. Instead, she stood, rubbing her body against mine, kissing my lips so Ben could hear.

"I hope you are close to coming Ben, because once I wrap my lips around Mark here...well...what can I say other than he doesn't last long."

With that Jess slid back down my body, opening her mouth wide and sucked me in. Her tongue tickled the underside as I slid in deeper. Her mouth closing more tightly around me as my hand went to the back of her head.

"Shit, Ben...uh...she's sucking...oh yea...Jess that feels good. Take more babe, suck me in deeper, I wanna feel your throat."

I could hear Ben's breathing quicken on the other end of the call and Jess' mouth slurping around my rod. I had never experience something like this, describing on the phone the blow job I was receiving. I don't mind saying it was adding to my excitement. My hips began to thrust, sliding my cock back and forth across her tongue.

"I bet your balls are hard and tight Mark, right? I know mine are. I got so much pre cum flooding out. Damn Mark, your moans are sexy as shit, I never realized that before. Does Jess know how to make you come? You know how I stick a finger up your tight hole and more times than not your come comes flooding out. I love how it does that to you. Tell her Mark, tell Jess to stick a finger up your ass, NOW."

"Mmmmm," I moaned feeling the head of my cock sliding down Jess throat. Ben again telling me to tell Jess what he said. I could barely speak and he wanted me to tell her that?

" hole for me...uggh...oh shit yes. She's...doing it Ben...ohhhh...her's..."

Jess was bobbing on my cock, sucking harder as her finger wiggled it's way deeper into my hole. Ben was encouraging me with his words. He was telling me he was very close to shooting his load all over himself. He told me to imagine Jess' finger was his cock. I felt her finger push in deeper as I pushed my hips **** my cock deeper in her throat.


I was panting and the cell phone slipped from my hand as my cock throbbed and shot its load into Jess' mouth. My body shuddered as my orgasm ran though. Once I had emptied my balls and Jess had moved up for a kiss, I picked my phone back up, my heart still beating fast, my lungs still starving for air.

"Ben, you there?"

"Yea, but I got to go, I got a mess to clean up and you are not here to do it for me. See you tomorrow sexy."

Saturday afternoon came all too quick but yet not soon enough for me. Jess and I enjoyed a slow fuck in the morning before making breakfast together and then lounging around. I was anxious and nervous all in one. The thought of sex with Ben was intense; the thought of sex with Ben in front of Jessica was almost overwhelming. I seemed to stay hard no matter what Jess and I did or talked about.

Jess and I were sitting on the deck when Ben drove up. I watched his body as he walked towards us and smiled to myself. I had to admit he was hot; his jeans clung to his thick thighs, his bulge accentuated. The button down shirt was hanging out in back, the top button already undone. His toes were exposed in his flip flops. I knew this was it, the beginning of something different for all three of us. I knew I had to do it right. I got up from my lounge chair, moving his way. When we were close, he extended his hand for a shake. I grabbed his shirt, pulling him to me until our lips met. My tongue slid into Ben's wet mouth, as my groin ground into his. His eyes where large, wide open, but I could feel he was reacting in a good way. I knew my taking the upper hand, so to speak, was not what Ben expected. I also knew he would end up the one in control, but, for now it had to be this way.

"I think we are too close for just a handshake Ben. Ben...this is Jess, Jess...Ben."

I watched as Ben went over to Jessica, reaching for her hand. My eyes fluctuated between gazing at his ass and watching his mouth kiss her hand. A touch of jealousy shot through my body. When he stood back up and looked over at me I was sure he could see it on my face. I stepped over to the cooler and grabbed Ben a beer, his favorite brew, of course. Handing it to him I felt weird, like a high school k** knowing he was going to get some that night. We sat around and had a few drinks before dinner. It gave Jess and Ben a chance to get to know each other.

"Jess, Ben, lets go inside."

It was difficult for me to say but I knew I had to start things off. We had finished dinner and enjoyed the sun setting through the trees. I could feel their eyes on me as I lead them inside, not stopping until I was standing at the end of the bed. Ben walked immediately over to me and Jessica took a seat in the chair, all of it seeming to be a well scripted play. I was aroused all through dinner and now my cock was straining to be released from my shorts.

I pulled Ben closer to me by his shirt. My lips went straight for his neck, knowing how that turned him on, I sucked and nibble and licked. My hands were busy undoing the buttons on his shirt. My hand caressed his muscled shoulder as the shirt fell to the floor. I glanced over at Jess and saw her eyes focused on Ben's chest. She had a perfect view of not only his chest but his muscular arm. I ran my fingers over him, stopping to play with his nipples. My mouth followed, licking from his Adam's apple down the center of his body. He moaned as I flick my tongue over a nipple making it instantly hard for Jess to see. My hand slid down his abs and over his bulge, stopping to cup and squeeze as I felt his hand on my back. He was used to leading, used to telling me what he wanted but today I was showing him what I wanted, showing both Ben and Jess how much I liked his body. I was beyond the nervousness; I was turned on feeling Ben's body, turned on knowing I was exciting him. I undid his jeans and reached in to grab his meat. My mouth had moved to his other nipple to lick and suck until he moaned yet again.

"Fuck Ben, you're hard tonight."

His hand reached around to my neck, pulling my lips to his. My hand massaged his cock while he pushed his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues played, making each of us feel more comfortable. My finger ran over the head of Ben's cock, spreading the pre cum that had already formed. I could feel him jerk in response to my touch. He sucked the air from my mouth as he gasped.

"Show me Mark, show me Ben's cock. I want to see what he has to fuck you with."

I glanced over to Jess but her eyes were looking at what my hand was playing with. My hands slid Ben's jeans lower, down his hips. His cock sprang free and I heard Jessica moan. My hand wrapped around his thickness, stroking back and forth. Ben pulled his tongue from my mouth, sucking the skin on my neck until he reached my ear. I could feel his heated breath as he bit down and pulled on my ear lobe before whispering to me.

"Show Jessica how you like to suck my cock, Mark. Show her how you can suck it all the way in."

Ben looked me in the eye, placed his hands on my shoulders along with a slight amount of f**** to push me down. My hands went to his back and grazed my fingers downward as my mouth licked a line down the center of his front. His cock rubbed against my chin as I sucked and nibbled at his hips, glancing again over at Jessica. She had her top off; her fingers were teasing her nipples and fondling her breasts. I moaned my appreciation as her eyes caught mine. I wanted to go over and lick and suck on them, but that wasn't what we had agreed on. Ben was becoming impatient and his hands gripped my head, **** me to look up into his eyes.

Ben held my hair tightly with one hand and grabbed the base of the cock with his other. As we stared at each other I felt the wet pre cum and head of his rod rub over the cheeks on my face. He slapped my face a couple of times with his slab of meat before rubbing it across my lips, telling me to open up. My hands held onto his thick thighs as my lips opened slowly making sure to make a tight fit as if he was spreading the lips of a tight cunt or ass. His grip tightened to make sure I didn't pull back as he pushed his way into my warm wet mouth. My tongue licked as my mouth muscles tightened around him. He didn't stop pushing, instead he tilted my head and I could feel his big mushroom head push open my throat.

Ben was usually more patient, usually letting me suck him awhile before entering my throat passage. I had to work to keep from gagging as I was not yet prepared. I swallowed around him and heard him moan out about my sucking abilities. My nose pressed against his pubic hair, filling my head with his scent. He began withdrawing slowly leaking his fluid out for me to taste. My tongue lapped at his rod until my teeth were able to nibble and the spongy flesh of the tip. I could see the veins and the wetness from my mouth.

"Oh Mark, that is so hot. I don't think I could take that much in my mouth. Yea, baby, suck your friend good for me."

My eyes turned towards Jessica to see her legs spread wide. She had a hand inside her panties, rubbing and pleasing herself. My cock was rock solid; a wet spot I knew had formed on my shorts. The weird feelings were returning to my stomach. I was sucking my best friend's cock in front of my girlfriend. She was over there watching us while she teased her clit and slid a finger into her wet pussy. As I watched she pulled her finger from her wetness and brought it to her mouth sucking it in. I moaned at the sight while Ben pushed his thickness back into my mouth, straight back to my throat.

Ben yanked on my hair, telling me to concentrate on what I was doing. I did. I sucked harder and licked more as he got into a steady rhythm. He felt hot inside my mouth and he jerked when my tongue touched the head. When I could taste his pre cum my own cock would jerk. When I heard Jess and Ben telling me how good I was, telling me it was obvious I liked to suck cock, well...I would leak more pre and make the wet spot in my shorts larger.
"Make Ben come Mark, I want to see him shoot his come in your mouth. But, don't swallow it, hold it in your mouth and bring it over to show me."

I groaned over Ben's massive meat when I heard Jessica. That in turn caused Ben to moan and bang himself against the back of my throat. His hips were thrusting faster and his balls were tightening up. With each thrust my nose smashed against his skin. I imagined Ben and Jess looking at each other, maybe winking at what they were saying to me. Ben pulled out, slapped my face with his cock and then shoved himself back into my mouth.

"Yea Mark, suck the load right out of my balls. Make me fill your mouth with my seed. Shit yea Mark, I am so close, be ready to close that throat of yours. I don't want any to go down your throat until you show your girlfriend. Show her how much of my thick creamy come you coaxed out."

I prepared myself to feel the splatter of Ben's load against the walls of my mouth. I would admit I did like sucking his cock; I loved the way it seemed to throb and thicken just before. That's just what was happening, he pulled back just a hair, gripped my head, grunting as I felt the first thick splatter of fluid. His cock continued jerking, releasing spurt after spurt of thick sauce. When his balls were empty he pulled out, rubbing his come soaked cock over my face as if to clean it off. Ben let got of my head and directed me over to Jess.

"Go show her Mark, show her how much of a reward you got from me for doing a good job."

I crawled over between Jessica's legs. She pulled her fingers from her cunt and held my chin. I moaned as the scent of her sex hit my nostrils. I opened my mouth and showed Jess the puddle of creamy come in my mouth. She nodded and smiled her approval telling me I could swallow. I did and enjoyed all of it before licking my lips to catch whatever might be left there.

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Mayan ruins ,,,,,Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 22,Apr,14 22:24

I went to the Mexico to visit the Mayan ruins for my summer vacation.
The Mayan’s Indians are very poor and work very hard for there money. They live in mud huts with dirt floors and thatch roofs. They are very short people
who are know for carrying large heavy objects on there heads, and walking
many miles with there cargo. Because they use there heads to carry heavy
objects, they have a very strong neck and back, to be able to withstand the
pressure put on them while walking many hours to carry there goods from town
to town. Most of them only make about 75 pesos a week, which is about $5 US dollars.
Well back to my vacation. I like staying with the locals and get to know how they
live, work, and play. I hitched a ride into this Village and got a room at the local hotel which wasn’t much to write home about, but it did have hot running water.

The country is very rough with lots of jungle and uneven ground which makes it
hard to get around if your not use to it. I saw them carrying there cargo on there heads and thought I bet they can carry me on there shoulders with no problem.
I’m 5’10” weigh 185 pounds of lean muscle and a 10 inch thick cock.
I asked around for a local to be my guide. I also told them that the guide would have to carry me on there shoulders all day. I found a young man about
18 years old who looked strong enough to do the job. I also told him he would be my slave and would have to do anything I asked him to do and not drop me. I would pay him $50 pesos for the day. If he didn’t obey my orders or drop me I wouldn’t pay him anything! He agreed and said there wouldn’t be anything he wouldn’t do for that pay.

The next day I met him at the edge of the town at 6am because it gets hot there
so it’s better to start early while it’s still cool. I wore a T-shirt and jogging shorts.
He has shorts and sandals but no shirt which showed his muscular shoulders that I would be sitting on. It was suppose to get over 90 degrees that day but it didn’t bother me because he was going to do all the work, which excited me. His pain doesn’t concern me, it’s part of serving his Master. I had a backpack with some water bottles and a couple of sandwiches to eat. He didn’t bring anything to drink or eat. With the heat and hard work he will do he will be thirsty and hungry which is not my problem as long as he does what he’s ordered.

He got on his knees so I could get on his shoulders. After I settled down on his shoulders he stood up with a little strain and started walking into the jungle with his hands around my legs so I wouldn’t fall. I started getting excited by his movements of his head on my crotch of the uneven ground and my 10 inch cock started to grow and come out of my shorts along side if his face. He kept turning to look at it in amazement. After about 30 minutes of walking he was sweating and starting to breath heavy. Maybe because the heavy load of his Master on his shoulders. I had drank many cups of coffee that morning and had to piss, so I tapped him on top of his head and told him to stop so I could take a piss. He stopped and got down on his knees so I could get off. I stood there in the path and dropped my shorts. My cock was as hard as a rock and sticking straight out from the excitement of riding my Human Donkey slave. He was still on his knees resting and I was in front of him with my cock in my hand getting ready to piss when I caught him staring at my cock. I guess the Mayan’s don’t have big cocks, because he had a shocked look on his face. I asked him to hold it for me while I pissed. His wrapped his small hand around it, which didn’t go all the way around and held it while started to piss. He looked hot and thirsty so I asked him if he wanted something to drink and he said yes. I pointed to my cock and said he could drink my piss. At first he said no, then I reminded him that he had to do what ever I told him to do, and that this would be the only liquid he would drink for the day. He raised his face up and took my cock in his mouth. I let the piss flow, which was a lot. He drank it down and didn’t waste a drop. My cock was still rock hard after I finished pissing. I told him I had more for him to drink down his throat. He looked surprised when I started shoving my cock down his throat. His eyes started to water and he was straining but I grabbed a hand full of hair and kept shoving until I got it all the way down his throat. After a few minutes he got use to it and started sucking me off with no problem. I was getting tired of standing there with no place to sit, besides I had a Human donkey and his shoulders were softer that the rocks on the path. I sat down on his shoulders but this time I was facing backwards with my cock in his mouth. I told him to use his hands to hold me steady while he sucked me off and to use his throat muscles. He stood up with my cock impaled in his mouth. I told him to start walking around to enhance my blowjob. I was pulling the hair on the back of his head **** his face into my crotch. He was using those strong neck and throat to give me a great BJ. His head was moving in and out and his throat muscles were doing a number on my cock. He was holding my ass with his hands so I wouldn’t fall because I told him if I fell down I wouldn’t pay him anything. As I started to cum I pulled hard on his hair and f**** his face into my crotch which made it impossible to breath and held it there while I was Cumming. I didn’t care because my pleasure was more important that him breathing right now. Because he couldn’t breath he started to get weak and shake. He went down on his knees still holding me in place and looked a little blue in color. I didn’t care because I was having one of the best orgasms of my life and this Slave wasn’t going to ruin it for me. He laid down on his back making sure I was sitting on his chest and that my cock was still in his mouth before he ****, which he did out cold. But his breathing had to wait until I was finished. I came like I had never came before dumping a ton of cum down his throat. He didn’t have to swallow because I had my cock all the way down his throat shooting rope after rope of hot cum down into his stomach. When I came down from my orgasm and my cock was still down his throat I noticed he wasn’t moving, his arms were limp. I pulled my cock out of his mouth and noticed that he wasn’t breathing. I stood up and started pissing on his face. When my piss hit his face he started breathing and moving. I continued pissing into his open mouth, and as soon as he caught his breath he began swallowing my piss.

After a few minutes to recoup his strength, I got back on his shoulders and started back on our trip. After a few minutes my cock got hard again and I told him to turn his head and lick my cock while we walked. We did this for about 1 hour until it was time to eat lunch and I had to piss again because I drank a 16 oz bottle of water. He got on his knees to let me off. I found some shade and tried to find a soft spot to sit and eat my sandwich but it was all hard dirt and rocks. Why should I sit on rocks when I had a Human chair to sit on. I told him to get under the tree and kneel down on the rocks which he did. You can see the pain on his face kneeling on the rocks, but he didn’t know pain. I sat down hard on his shoulders which made him shouted out in pain. I put my feet on his legs to keep them clean and ate my sandwich. After about 15 minutes I got off his shoulders still standing on his legs and turned around to face him. I told him I had something for him to drink and to open his mouth and not to waste a drop. My cock was already sticking out of my shorts so I stuck in his mouth and started pissing down his throat. After I finished and had him suck the last drop out it was time to get back to our trip. Still standing on his legs and seeing his pain I turned back around and sat hard on his shoulders. I tapped him on the head and said UP. He was weak and stumbled getting up and fell to the ground flat on his face with me sitting on his head now smashing his face into the dirt and rocks. He said he was sorry and to forgive him this one time. I told him this would be the only time. I slid down to his back and he got on all fours, then I slid back to his shoulders and told him to get up. He strained but was able to get up being careful
to not stumble again. We walked for about 30 minutes all the time with him kissing and licking the sides and head of my cock, when we came to a river.
He said it was about 5 or 6 feet deep and we could swim across. I told him I was not going to swim, that I had him to get me across. He said he couldn’t hold his breath and hold me on his shoulders without falling. I told him I had a plan, that I would sit in front of him with him holding my ass up and I would plug his mouth with my cock which has been hard the whole trip so he wouldn’t drink any water and I would hold his nose while he crossed so he wouldn’t drown. He had no choice and I turned around and shoved my cock down his throat blocking his air passage and hold his nose. He started across the river which should only take about 1 min or 2 to cross but that’s not my concern right now. I’m thinking of another way to have a good orgasm. When he was half way across I let go of his nose. When he started breathing water down his nose he started to panic and gag which felt great on my cock. He was jumping and trying to run to get some air and get across quick, but I wasn’t finished yet and started pulling his hair turning his head and he didn’t know which direction to go. He started really gagging and coughing and squeezing my cock with his throat muscles which felt even better on my hard cock and I started Cumming even harder than before. I bet I shot a quart of cum down his throat which made his keep gagging and squeezing my cock dry. As I was coming down from my intense orgasm he was coming out of the water to the other side and was able to breath fresh air. He knelt down on the bank and I pulled my cock out of his mouth and stood up. I was looking down at him and told him that was for letting me fall on his head earlier. After catching his breath and resting a few I mounted him and we got on our way with my cock by his face to kiss and lick for my enjoyment.

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Fantasy.....Wow what a threesome

Posted by MONTED at 22,Apr,14 22:22

Just got back to college from winter break, and still very horny from my first man to man experience, I was only 19 and it seemed that I had just found my penis for the first time so you can imagine how bad I wanted to use it, living in my own place helped this along, as I was able to feed all my new indulgences from shaving my whole body, to dressing up, and playing with all kinds of new toys I had been picking up, but I had yet to meet up with anyone since my first encounters, and I was getting very antsy for the real thing, I had began to meet people online and had a few close calls but I was too scared to meet just anyone, when I saw a posting on a meet-up site.."2 guys coming to town, looking for a 3rd"
Intrigued I opened the posting to find out that this was a couple of guys who owned their own business, and had come to town for some sort of convention, they seemed clean and safe so I agreed to meet them at their hotel for drinks the next night.

The next day came and my heart was pounding, I took a shower, and dressed normally, but packed a "goodie bag" full of toys, lube, and some sexy attire, I got to the bar to see a guy in a white shirt waving me over to their both booth, I was impressed at first, both guys looked hot, and I still didn't think I was attracted to guys, they were both in their mid-thirties, and in good shape with nice hair and cloths, I felt instantly good about my choice to meet them.

As we had a few drinks they told me how Alex was a total top, and that Rick was versatile, but hadn't fucked anyone in a very long time, I told them that I saw myself the same, and was just looking for a good safe time, I told them I was into dressing up, and they both said great, "the kinkier the better" I was very nervous and very turned on.

We finished our drinks and went to their room, I ducked into the bathroom to get dressed, I was wearing a Baby doll teddy, and heels, a blond wig and a little bit of makeup, I thought I looked pretty passable for just staring to dress, as I opened the door, I saw both me wearing nothing, and making out on the bed I walked right over and kissed them both, and worked my way down to their cocks, Alex was bigger than Rick about 7" to Rick's 5, I began sucking Rick while jerking off Alex, I looked up to see them kissing, I was going back and fourth between the 2 cocks, when they pulled me up to kiss and lick, as Alex slid to the headboard I crawled up to suck him off, Rick then knelt down behind me to lick and finger my ass, I almost came, Rick's tongue was so strong and went so deep, before I knew it Rick was behind me pounding the hell out of me, I was gagging on Alex's cock, while Rick was shouting instructions, "That's right slut work that cock" Alex was looking at me like, just you wait, I was so excited, it didn't take Rick long and just before he came, he pulled out and shoot in my mouth, while cleaning him off, Alex pulled onto of him and kissed me, I leaned back and sat up to sit on his big thick cock, It hurt but felt so good at the same time, I was riding him like I had been doing it for years, and just when I thought he was going to explode, he turns me over and rams my ass so hard I screamed, Rick quickly covered my mouth with his hands, and just said "shhhh it's almost over" and it was, as I had tears coming down my cheeks, but wanted to keep going, Alex let out a huge moan and unloaded inside my ass, then tossed me onto the other bed, as I lay quivering, Rick came over and said your turn, and began licking my ass again, as Alex sucked me off to completion, I came very fast, we all lay there exhausted til morning, I washed up and went home..sore as fuck, but what a great night.

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London Steam Room Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 22,Apr,14 22:18

After our experience in Barcelona, Victor and I decided that we wouldn't make things awkward and decided not to talk about what had happened. A couple of days later we went up to London to meet up with a friend from college who was studying abroad. When we got there we soon discovered that our friend mixed up the week we were coming and was in Amsterdam for the weekend and wouldn't be back for a couple of days. "Not a big deal, we will find the good bars for ourself" I said. And again we went out drinking, drinking a little too much we staggered back to our hotel who messed up our reservation and gave us a room with only one bed. "Whatever" Victor said, "Its not like we haven't sucked each other off before" he said as he laughed. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth clearly d***k because I had toothpaste all over the sink. As I climbed into bed I pulled back the sheets to find a naked Victor **** beneath the covers. "Why not I thought" and I stripped down too and slid beneath the covers.

Curiosity got the best of me and began to fondle his cock and balls stroking it until hard. I looked up to see if he would awake , he was fast asl**p. I continued to stroke his thick cock beneath the covers. "I knew you would like it" Victor said who had a huge grin on his face. I pulled away embarrassed that i got caught. "It's ok, I have been wanting to mess around with you for a while. "So are you gay or something?" I asked. "If I was gay then I wouldnt enjoy sex with women so much, I am bi, I really dont care who i bring home at the end of the night, and judging by your erection on my leg you dont mind either."

He reached his hands down and cupped my balls before sliding his hand up my shaft. I was fully erect now and aching for a release. "We can mess around, its not like we would have to tell anyone, I am horny and you are too just think of it as helping each other out" Victor said. With that he pulled back the covers and turned into a 69, I wanted his cock in my mouth badly. We came not a minute apart from one another, this time I took a mouthful of his warm cum down my throat. "See, it is fun and it feels good, tomorrow I am going to take you to this place I heard about and we will see how much fun we can really have." Curious as to what he was talking about the alcohol began to take over and we both ****.

The next morning I woke up to find Victor dressed and ready to go for the day. "Come on, he said, we have a long day ahead of us, lets hit the gym you dont want all of that work to go to waste do you?" Somewhat hungover I took two ibuprofen and got dressed for the gym. We hopped on the tube and got off about 10 minutes later before changing lines for another 5 minute ride. We exited the station and walked about 5 blocks before coming to a building with a small sign indicating that this was a gym. We entered the building and came to a desk with a door, "We are here for the gym and steam room" Victor said, "That will be 10 pounds" said the man behind the desk" we paid the man and were buzzed in. He followed us to the other side and handed us our towels, "lockers are around the corner and the showers and rooms are upstairs, have you been here before?" the man asked. "No first time" I said. "Ok well have fun then" he said before returning to the desk. "Come on lets hit the steam room before we work out" Victor said. "Before? I asked. Sure it is good for you he replied" we went into the locker room stripped down and wrapped ourselves in our towels before walking into the steam room.

The room was huge and difficult to see and made our way slowly over to the benches. Once we sat down Victor whips off his towel. "Its not like anyone can see in here anyways." He had a point and i did the same. Through the steam I cold make out that there were 4 other men across steam room. The door opened again as another man entered the room whipping off his towel showing off a nice 9" cock his opening the door let out much of the steam and I could see inside the room much better. The man sat down next to Victor and eyed his cock comparing sizes, I thought that that was odd considering you dont look at other men in the gym. The men across the way were all sitting close to each other and were naked as well. I look back over at Victor who said "relaxing isnt it?". "Yeah it is" I replied.

As i looked over at the other men across the room I was surprised at what I saw. Two of the men were making out and the other one was getting a blowjob from the other. "What is going on" I whispered to Victor. I didnt get a response so i tapped him on the shoulder and saw the man next to him stroking his cock. Weirded out I closed my eyes and tried to relax in the steam. Soon thereafter I felt a hand slide up my thigh and start to stroke my cock, it was Victor. I overheard one of the men across the way say "lets go upstairs" and with that the four of them left leaving me with victor and the unknown man now sucking victors cock! "Oh dont get weird on me now. This place is fun, look how friendly the clients are pointing to the man now bobbing on his cock. He began to stroke my cock much faster now and began to moan from the blowjob he was getting by this complete stranger.

"I'll be upstairs" The mystery man said as he got up and left the sauna. "What the hell is this place?" I asked somewhat angered. "Its an all male gym but guys also have some fun while they are here" he said laughing. "Dont freak out, have fun!" he said. "I was trying to i said. That caught me a bit off guard thanks for filling me in." I know what will make you feel better and with that we got down and began sucking my cock. It felt so good! I didnt want him to stop despite being somewhat nervous about where we were.

Come on lets go upstairs we dont have to go to the same place as that other guy he said. And with that he exited the steam room and headed up the stairs. There was a hallway with showers on one side and doors without windows on the other. This one's open lets go in. Once we were in there there was another larger bench, more like a bed and a t.v. playing some of the most hardcore bisexual porn I have ever seen. There was this small guy getting his cock sucked by this hot blonde chick with huge tits while getting pounded in the ass by this black guy with what had to be at least 12". "Wow that must hurt! I said letting out a laugh" "Its not as bad as you think" Victor said. "In fact it feels really good once you get going you should try it one day" "I dont know, i said, it sounds like it would hurt like hell." "Trust me he said, it feels great... you should try it?" Not with someone like that i said as I pointed to the screen as the black man was now pulling out his footlong cock out of the tiny guys now cum filled ass.

"What about with me, I will go easy I promise" Victor said smiling at me. Still hesitant I didnt answer. "I was right about suckin cock wasnt I? he said" He had a point. "Ok, but we stop if I say so ok!" Sure he said reaching in a jar and pulling out a condom. "Here?!" I said. "Sure why not your cock hasnt calmed down since we were in the steam room; just lay on your back and lift up your legs" he said as he opened the condom and began rolling it down his shaft. Nervous I did as he said. "You have to relax or it will hurt ok? he said. Ok i replied. Good now this is going to feel a little cold he said as he lubed up my ass preparing it for penetration.

The coldness of his lubed fingers was soon replaced by the head of his cock at my asshole. Remember, I said to relax. Ok I said taking a deep breath. Now this will hurt but it will be only last for about a minute. I felt the head of his cock push against my asshole followed by some of the most intense pain i have ever felt as he pushed his head into my ass. "Holy shit that hurts, I wanna stop" I said. "I told you just relax it will feel amazing and with that he pushed in further. The pain was too much, I screamed.

He kept pushing until i felt those blonde pubes brush up against my ass and he began thrusting faster and faster. It hurt so badly I begged him to stop. Trust me keep going it will feel amazing. His thrusts began to get faster and deeper. Suddenly it was an intense mixture of pain and pleasure. As he kept diving in and out of my asshole I began moaning in pleasure. It still hurt but it felt so fucking amazing. He fucked me for about 10 minuted before i lost control and shot my load all over our chests. He continued to plunge his thick cock into my aching hole "I'm almost there" he moaned and less than a minute later he exploded deep inside my ass hole. He collapsed onto me both of us panting from what we had just done. He grew soft and slowly pulled out of me and said. "See I told you you would like it. Now it is your turn to fuck me. And with that my cock grew back to full attention and I was ready to fuck his ass for all he was worth....

We both have girlfriends now and are now roommates and still fuck a few times a week. It is nice to come home after a long day of fucking my girlfriend and be greeted with the best blowjobs I have ever had....

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Trip to Gay Sauna Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 22,Apr,14 22:16

I had just finished college early for the day and was feeling quite horny, I had found out about a nearby Gay Sauna on the internet and decided to check it out in the hopes of losing my virginity.

Behind a shopping mall in my city centre was a small sauna hidden away on the top floor of a discreet looking building, I buzzed my way in and headed upstairs.

I was greated by a guy who appeared to be in his 30's, he asked me if I had ever visited before and I told him I hadn't, he was telling me about the prices and the features of the Sauna and I said "Yeah, I will look around" as my hands trembled to get money out of my pockets to pay.
The guy told took my money, told me the rules and gave me a towel.

I walked in through the door and was stunned, sitting on the opposite end of the room was a man who looked exactly like my teacher watching gay porn on a big TV, he starred at me, also stunned.

I quickly moved into the changing rooms to escape his view, I decided to get changed and just try to avoid him, if he was my teacher he had already seen me.
As I stripped my clothes off, "Nice cock" called a stranger, I blushed and proceeded to put on my towel.

I found a small sauna room at the back of the changing room, I opened the door and stood in amazement as I watched a young black guy with a large cock being sucked off by an old man, I didn't want to get involved so I left and tried to sneak back into the main room where I saw my teacher, he was gone, or so I thought.

As I sat down on the seat he was previously in my eyes were drawn to a man slowly rubbing up and down his long shaft in the darkness of a small private room. I could just make out it was him, he was looking at me and I felt my cock twitch under my towel. "What should I do?" I thought to myself, this man was my teacher, I was sure of it, "What if he reveals my **** to classmates?", it was unlikely as he was supposedly dating a woman, but I knew he sometimes went out drinking with others in my class!
The teacher was a guy in his 30's, he was well toned and I would sometimes find myself watching him in class, the thought of him was making me start leaking precum.

Foolishly I stood up and moved to another room, another sauna room, but this one empty, I decided to pluck up the courage and find my teacher.

I went back to the private room but he was gone, I sat down and watched the porn on the tv, my cock was quite hard and clearly poking into the towel so I took it off and sat there whilst playing with myself, I left the door wide open hoping the man would come back into the room.

But he didnt, I caught the gaze of an older man in his early 50's, with a large potbelly, bad teeth and a lack of hair.
He walked in and shut the door before walking closer to me and grabbing my penis.

He started furiously tugging on me, his hands felt cold and alien to my own, I was stuck between hating it and trying to enjoy it, the guy was not my type, while I like some older men this guy was everything I found repulsive and I was worried where it would lead after.

I closed my eyes and imagined it as my teacher who was pleasuring my shaft, his blue eyes starring into my own, finding myself longing to see more of his penis and the desire to take him into my mouth, and before I knew it I blew a hot load all over the mans hand, snapping back to reality I saw the man who had just jerked me off, and I felt a little bit sick.

He cleaned it up with a tissue, smiled at me and left.
I proceeded to head to the changing rooms, put my clothes on and leave, feeling guilty and dirty.

I never did find out if it was my teacher, despite seeing him regularly he never mentioned anything, I can't be sure if it was him or a lookalike which my nervous paranoid mind made me believe was him, but after that, he became my ultimate jerkoff fantasy.

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Vacation Bath House Experience Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 22,Apr,14 22:12

I thought I'd share the rest of my sexual encounters from my vacation, although I only had one really worth sharing! Aside from three hookers I picked up for a quick BJ I only had one other encounter, I visited a bath house. The hookers were your average encounter, park, pay and get sucked off, nothing interesting really happened other then that. The bath house was fun though!

I had read up about this place on the net before leaving, and was looking forward to visiting it. I had also inquired about crossdressing as some places frown upon it, but they assured me it was fine! It was a pretty classy place, very clean, three floors, bar in the lobby, gloryholes, sauna, hot tub, dark room, but what really interested me was the leather swing they had in the basement! Anyways, I checked in, got a room, undressed and went for a quick shower before returning to my room to put on hose, garter belt, thongs and a corset. Now I look ridiculous dressed in lingerie and I don't do it to try and look like a woman, I do it because I enjoy feeling like a sissy and being humiliated! Anyways I went and checked out the gloryhole area first. It was a cool set up as there were booths surrounding a stage area, so one could stand in the booth and suck cocks from guys standing on the stage or suck guys from either side of the booth like a regular gloryhole. It was pretty busy as it was a sunday afternoon and I spent about an hour in there and blew five different guys, taking their loads on my face and letting the cum dry up! They were all pretty average, mostly older guys, nothing special, so I'll continune on to next part!

With cum still dripping down my face I left the gloryhole area and headed for the basement, hoping the swing would be free and lucky me, it was! There were a couple guys hanging around the room and I suspected they were waiting for someone to fuck. As I approached, one saw me, and said "MMMMMMM you look like a slut!! You going to take a turn in the swing?" I nodded and entered the room. The swing was right in the middle, a little table beside it had lube and a big jar of condoms (which was perfect because I always play safe) and a tv with gay porn playing on the wall behind the swing. Now I have used a swing a couple times before and got in no problem, the guy who called me slut offered his help and he strapped my legs up, leaving me exposed to whoever walked in! He stood beside me and made me suck his cock to hardness, which was about 7", uncut, fully shaved and tight balls. As I blew him I felt someone pull my thongs aside and start licking my ass, I looked down to find an older fella eating my ass, really enjoying himself! I continued sucking for a minute before the guy pulled away and put a condom on before getting the old guy to move aside so he could work his hard cock up my bum! It was well lubed up with the old mans saliva and he slid in without much trouble, after several pumps though he asked the old guy to hand him the lube, which he squirted a generous amount on his cock and my bum crack with! Then the fucking began! He wasn't gentle by any means, not that I minded! He grabbed my ankles and thrusted into me for a couple minutes before slowing down and taking his cock out and stood beside my head jerking off. I flicked at the tip of his cock with my tongue until he erupted covering my face with more cum! He said thanks before leaving and took off.

The old man all this time was standing in the corner watching, slowly jerking off, I asked if he wanted to fuck me but he said he just like to watch, so we waited a few minutes before another guy walked in. He was early forties, chubby, and had a 5" cut dick that he made me suck before slapping a rubber on and fucking me. He lasted only a minute and didn't say anything the whole time, just fucked me, came, and left! It was perfect! While the chubby guy was just leaving two older guys came in and stood on either side of my head, making me alternatly suck their average size cocks. One of them put a rubber on and lubed up and gently fucked me while I blew the other. He surprised me by stopping and letting the other guy fuck me as he gave me some ATM, licking his condom covered cock clean, before switching with the other guy! It was awesome!! They switched off probably 6 or 7 times before one of them blew his load in the rubber and went and stood by the old man who was still enjoying the show, while the other fucked me hard, finally taking his rubber off and jerking his load onto my belly and thongs! They left and the old man came over to me and asked if I wanted his load which I said yes and he shot his jizz over my face, slapping his cock all over, thanked me and left as well.

Now by this time I was pretty spent, and with no one else there, undid my leg straps and headed for my room for a nap. On my way there I walked by a cute asian guy, early twenties, who reached out and groped my ass as we passed each other! I stopped as did he, and I asked him if he'd like to join me in my room for a bit, he agreed and off we went. As soon as I closed the door he was naked and laying on his side on my bed, and motioned for me to join him. We layed facing one another slowly touched each other and talking. He said he thought I was cute and asked if I would mind a massage. I said yes and he got up and I layed on my belly and let him go to work massaging my whole body. I fell asl**p at one point, it was so relaxing and woke almost an hour later to find him laying beside me just watching me. "I hope you don't mind me staying, you're pretty awesome and I thought we could spend some more time together if it's cool with you" Of course I didn't mind! I LOVE asians! Male or female! I just think they're very erotic and sexy!

So we layed there caressing each other when he leaned in for a kiss. Now normally I'm not into kissing or hugging when I'm with a guy. Strange I know, but I just want man sex, not intimacy, and usually decline advances like this. But he was so feminine and smooth, that I didn't resist and was surprised to find his kisses tender and soft like a woman! We kissed for about 10 minutes and then he told me he wanted to sixty-nine. Now at this point I was still covered in dried jizz and smelt like raw man sex, I told him I needed a shower and he said ok, if I wanted to , and could he wait for me there. I agreed, as there is a lock on the cabinet where all my clothes and wallet was, the key attached to the same wrist band as the room key, and went for a quick shower. A couple guys made some advances on me in the shower but I politely delcined and went back to my room. When I got there, my asian friend was laying spread eagle finger in his ass and jerking off! He smiled at me and told me to climb on top so we could pleasure each other. His cock was awesome! Just a bit over 5", trimmed bush, shaved balls and ass, just like myself, and tasted sweet! I felt his hungry mouth on my tiny dickie and felt his finger probe my bumhole so I did the same, emitting a long moan from him as my finger sunk into his tight hole! We spent about ten minutes sucking, licking and fingering each other before I asked him to eat his awesome little ass! He bent over doggy style and I feasted on the tightest, firmest ass I've had in years! Just a hint of butt sweat, and I could barley squeeze my tongue up his hole, but he LOVED it! I reached around and gave him the ol' rusty trombone, stopping only when he told me he was going to cum! I quickly got under him and took his whole cock in my mouth and caressed his balls as I sucked, finally bringing him off into my mouth! I swallowed his jizz and he turned over and pulled me to him to kiss. We shared his cum and kissed for a few minutes, before he went down on me and sucked my little dicklette as he fingered my ass! I came after a few minutes and again we shared a lovely cum kiss!

I had the room for 24 hours, and asked him to stay the night, which he did, enjoying a quick bite to eat at the bar in the lobby before going to sl**p in each others arms. I awoke a few hours later to feel his hot mouth on my dickie and just layed back and enjoyed the blow job, cumming into his mouth, and sharing another kiss before dozing off again! We woke just after 8 the next morning and we sixty-nined each other, cumming almost at the same time. We layed in bed chatting for a bit before getting up and showering, returning to my room. I dressed as he went to his locker and dressed and we left together, me giving him a ride home, exchanging e-mails before parting! I've since been chatting to him and look forward to hooking up again next year when I'm in town! Next time though we going to get a proper hotel room!

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Private messages

Posted by cutiepie286 at 22,Apr,14 20:13

I absolutely LOVE reading your lovely private messages! I try and make sure I reply to every message I get, but sometimes it gets a little overwhelming. Please don't think I don't want to talk to you, or that my pictures aren't really of me - I'm trying my absolute best to talk to everyone! Just try and be patient with me

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would like to hook up thup

Posted by Mr47Rs at 22,Apr,14 17:58

I am looking to hook up with some guys for fun so message me if you interested

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hotwife adventure 4-22-14

Posted by nurse_blondie at 22,Apr,14 15:47

What started out as a simple Tuesday got heated up real quick. Hubby and I had a nice breakfast then headed to the mall. We made an appointment to get me a pedicure. We found out that it was going to be a guy who was doing it. He was Latino and very handsome. My husband come up with a plan, he suggested that since I was wearing loose shorts that I should slip off my panties and give the Latino hottie a show. I wanted too but I backed out.
After he started I was so aroused (I love foot rubs) then I looked between his legs and he had a very big bulge. He let the softening cream sit and I told hubby I was going to the restroom.I took off my panties and put them in my pocket. I walked out and gave them to my hhusband. We walked back into the the main room and met the guy. Hubby said I'm going looking around, just text me when you are ready. So I got in my chair and we got started. It took me a few minutes to build up the nerve but I finally opened my legs. I could tell that I was completely hanging out, and I was gaped open too.
When he finally noticed he had a surprised look on his face that quickly turned to a sly grin.
When he removed the softener it turned into a sensual foot massage. I looked down and I could tell he was about to burst out of his pants! He laid my foot in his lap, I looked around and saw the coast was clear I traced his cock with my big toe. He looked up at me and told me he was going on his break after he finished my feet and asked if I'd be free. So we arranged to meet in the parking garage. We went to his truck and got in. He said he had 25 minutes, well I knew we didn't have time to go anywhere so I just undid his pants and pulled his cock out. My god he was so thick!!! Not real long but so thick I couldn't wrap my hand all the way around it. I felt his hand slip up my shorts and he immediately found my clit. I jacked him for a few minutes then went down on his cock. I can't stress how thick he was, his dick actually felt heavy!
Within seconds I was coming for him! I felt his cock growing in my mouth. I was really into sucking his cock. He told me he was about to cum but I couldn't stop! I usually don't let strangers get off in my mouth but I wanted his cum!..bad!
I kept my lips around the tip and jacked him off in my mouth. I felt his cum flood my mouth! I even swallowed as much as I could.
We got out and exchanged numbers. We are supposed to hook up tomorrow evening, I'll definitely post how it turns out.

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does anybody read these?

Posted by ZydrateAddict at 22,Apr,14 15:08

Just wondering if anyone reads these, if there is anything you want to hear about.

I'm trying to arrange a 3way with a new guy. Hope it goes weel. Hope he's not to camera shy. Would love to get some hot pics to post here. It's been a long time since she's been DP'd and she is looking forward to it.

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New Friends!!!

Posted by Sandals at 22,Apr,14 14:38

As of today, I have met some really cool friends here. And this place is loaded with amazing cocks!!!!!

That is all.

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Undeniably Curious

Posted by Sandals at 22,Apr,14 11:01

I have been living a lie, or really just living in denial would be more accurate. Like so many others my situation is probably not unique. Living though high school as a straight man and yet constantly thinking of being with another man. Post graduation, I thought being in college would make my entrance into gay sex a lot easier. That has not been the case as I am now in spring semester without any luck.

What makes this worse is my dorm roomie is a total jock and established homophobe. It is not like he does it on purpose, and has no idea I lean towards the penis. But it makes it impossible to bring anyone back to our room. I think that would really make things tough.

I think my best solution is probably off campus. But I don't even have a car so getting round is not the easiest. Best case scenario is to meet an older man who is experienced, has his own place, and knows what he wants. He can be my teacher and my first.

Here's my bio:

1. I am 19 and will turn 20 this coming August (2014)

2. Just shy of 6 feet tall, brown hair, green eyes. No facial hair. Everything else is shaved as well. Including my ass, which is nearly virgin. Only my own fingers and a small plug have penetrated me

3. I have a fake ID so we can go to a bar.

4. I am a college student studying business and management

5. Going to try to get some pictures up soon. But its not easy to do that with a rommie always around in a 200 square foot dorm room.

Not sure if anyone will even read this or care. Just feels better for me to write down my thoughts and desires here.

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adult swim with a hot daddy fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 23:04

Its was a normal Thursday night down at my local pool enjoying the peace of the adult
swim, although I’m only 21, young k**s drive me mad especially whilst I’m trying to get
my exercise , anyway I was nearly finished my swim when I noticed a silver daddy walk
in he was about 6ft tall dark hair with strands of silver showing , he had a tight
swimmers body not full of muscles just well toned he was wearing blue swimming trunks
showing that he was defiantly packing a lot of heat, as he was walking over to the pool
he caught me staring at him he looked back and smiled I could feel the lust growing
inside me.
I decided to do a couple more laps and ogle my silver daddy crush, I slowed my
swimming pace down in the hope of catching his attention again but sadly I had no luck ,
he seemed to be ignoring me which just made me want him even more. I continued to
swim laps but to no avail, I then noticed him getting out of the pool and heading over to
the changing room area .I quickly swam to the edge and got out of the pool following him
into the changing room area.
As I entered I noticed him walking into one of the changing cubicles, I grabbed my towel
from the locker and hung around his changing room hoping to catch him going into the
shower, as the door opened their he was just wearing a towel and heading to the showers.
I didn’t want to seem like a stalker so held off a little before I followed him into the
showers, just as he was about to enter the showers he turned to me and said” are you
going to stand their looking at me all day or are you going to join me in the showers?
As I followed him into the shower room I noticed that all the shower cubicles were empty
except for one which had my daddies towel hung over the front, the door was slightly
open so I walked straight in, there he was standing completely naked just playing with his
huge semi erect penis,
I closed the door behind me and threw myself at him, kissing him passionately and
rubbing my hands all over his manly body, I then moved my hands down to his growing
erection and started to rub the suds into it making sure it was nice and clean, his hands
were all over me paying special attention, to my tight tender buttocks slowly probing his
fingers toward my hole. Once all the suds had washed from his now raging penis I slowly
kissed my way down to his groin.
I started slowly by licking up and down his long shaft savouring every moment, teasing
his giant cock. I didn’t think it could get any bigger but it did. I then started to slowly
work my way up till I reached his throbbing helmet I slowly started to tease only
allowing him to enter my mouth 1 or 2 inches, I slowly started to speed up and increase
the depth he could go inside my mouth , he started telling me to” suck daddies nice big
cock make it real hard mmmm that’s it suck me you dirty slut” it felt a bit strange at first
but the more he said the harder I got , I then opened up my mouth and took the whole
length into my wet wanting mouth, gagging on him as he slammed against the back of
my throat I was in heaven, saliva was dripping from the edges of my mouth lubricating
the monster I had in my mouth.
After about 5 minutes of my gagging I could taste his sweet pre cum oozing out of the
giant head, I slowed my pace down, he then said” that’s it boy nice and slow “ I then
slowly removed his cock from my mouth and stood up, I started to kiss him again whilst
keeping my hands firmly on his enormous penis, he whispered in my ear “that’s it keep it
nice and hard you know where daddy wants to stick this “ I knew exactly where he
wanted to put it but I thought I would tease him a little “ where would that be I asked”
He smiled at me, winked and slowly moved his hands round to my ass parting my cheeks
and rubbing his finger up and down my now hungry hole, I kept pushing myself against
his finger “ not till I’m ready son” he knew how to play me, he then slowly slid his finger
inside me slowly pushing in and out of my tight ass, I continued to push against him
getting as much of his finger inside me as I could , he slowly started pushing more fingers
inside me every time I tried to get him to go deeper he would just whisper “not till i`m
ready son” and continued to prob my loving ass he then started to slip more fingers inside,
just as he slid his 3rd finger in, he then grabbed hold of my cock and started alternating
between pushing his fingers into my ass and pulling down on my cock I was ready to
explode, just as I was about to cum he let go of my cock and slowly turned me around.
He removed his fingers from inside me , and started to lick my hole occasionally probing
his tongue inside, he knew I couldn’t take anymore so he stood up and started to rub his
cock against the opening to my ass sliding up and down , I kept pushing up against him
trying to place that monster cock inside me, to my surprise this time he said to me “ that’s
it boy you want my hot cock inside your tight man pussy “ he slowly edged his cock
further in, it hurt so much at first , but once I got over the initial shock I was in heaven he
slowly pumped my ass, not using all his cock just the first few inches, I couldn’t take it
anymore and pushed back to take every last bit of him inside me .
His rhythm slowly grew quicker and quicker, he kept calling me a dirty slut telling me
how much I loved daddies cock inside me he wasn’t wrong I loved it, every inch. I could
feel the spasms from his pulsating against my man pussy “ i`m going to cum “ he said
his pounding got even stronger then I felt his cock explode inside me. His hot cum filling
every last inch of me up, he continued to fuck me for a few minutes until he couldn’t take
it anymore,
I pulled him out of my now gaping hole and sucked every last drop of cum out of this
b**st cock, the smell of my ass juice and his seamen was immense but extremely
satisfying, As his penis started to go soften I stood up. And kissed my daddy , he then
asked me if I would like daddy to return the favour seeing as I had been such a good boy,
of course I agreed he swallowed the thing whole, slurping and licking better than
anybody I had ever had before it took him 2 minutes till I came inside his mouth. He
stood up and let me taste my cum tonguing it into me awaiting mouth, It was one of the
most powerful orgasms I have ever had. We washed each other down and left the shower
room. Both completely satisfied.
I never did see him again hopefully I’ll find some more daddies to help satisfy my

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My first bbc......Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 23:00

This just happened earlier today. I get a text last night from an old friend who i know is gay. I told him I had never been with a guy but I was curious, he said he was home from college for the break and I said cool he said do you wanna find out. I told him hell yes but I wanted to see what I was dealing with so he sent me a few picks of his hard cock and holy shit was this thing massive!!! I'm talking 11 inches at least and about 4 inches thick. I was in heaven. He said he'd never let anyone fuck him without a rubber before so I asked if he wanted to try and he said he wanted me to cum inside his asshole.
So after work today I went and picked him up, we got into my room and at first it was awkward (me acting like it was my first time with a guy, a little white lie) and we soon started kissing and he pulled out his huge cock, I couldn't resist taking it in my mouth, I put it deep into my throat and began to bob my head on his huge thick black cock and soon he moved into a 69 and took my 6 inch cock into his mouth with ease. He sucked my balls and ass too, I was amazed I didn't explode right there. I started fingering his tight little asshole and he asked if I wanted to fuck him, I said sure where do you want my cum? He said inside fill me up. So i play with his hole using my cockhead and hes moaning and pouring precum. I penetrate him and he is SO tight, i went nuts. I was fucking him as hard as I could and he was moaning so loud and when I said I was close he started grinding my cock while I fucked him, that put me over the top and I blew my load as deep into his ass as I could and he stared me in the eyes the whole time moaning and begging for more.

Hopefully he comes back over soon.

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Sucking a huge cock

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:57

Terry and I had been mates for ages and one day when he was a bit pissed he told that he was bi. This was no real shock to me as I too sucked the cock in the past and had enjoyed it. On the way back from the pub we took a short cut down an alleyway and had a quick fumble. I was amazed by how large he was and told him how much I’d like to suck him. But this was an alleyway and open to the public and the worry of getting caught preyed heavily on our minds.

The next day about 10am he called round to my flat. We went to the front and chatted over a cup of coffee as per normal when he suddenly rose to his feet and said “Well do you still want suck my cock?” He was standing quite close to me with his crotch at eye level and rubbing himself through his jeans. With slightly trembling hands, I reached out and undid his belt and pulled down his zip and let his jeans fall to the floor. I gasped in amazement, he was wearing a thong and this massive erection was stretching the fabric to the limit.

I put my hands round his buttocks and pulled him closer to me. His erection was now resting on my lips and I let my tongue roll across his pants. Slowly I eased off his pants and almost choked when I saw the size of his cock. It was nearly 9 inches long, very thick and curved slightly upwards. He was circumcised and the bell end was gleaming and shiny. He also enormous balls and felt them as I cupped them with my hands. I started by licking his entire length before using me tongue on his knob end. He started to push his cock between my lips and I opened my mouth to take as much of this monster in as possible. My lips then closed on his cock and I began sucking hard on his cock moving my head up and down. Terry had started to moan and was moving his hips back and forth. I pulled my head away and holding his cock tightly by the base watched as a huge dribble of pre-cum oozed from the tip. I immediately licked this lovely juice from his cock and let it slowly dribble down my throat. I tasted delicious and by now I realised that my own cock was getting very wet indeed. I stood up and very soon we were both naked. We went to the bedroom and, lay on the bed and were soon sucking each other’s cocks with fervour.

After about 10 minutes of intense sucking Terry said he was getting very near to cumming and could he look at my face when he came. I lay on my back on the bed and he knelt over me rested his cock on my tongue and started to wank. I pushed my lips over the tip of his cock and sucked as hard as I could. Terry was groaning very loudly by now and suddenly I felt a huge jet of spunk hit the back of my mouth. He shot 3 of these enormous jets before his cum slowed although it still throbbed in my mouth as more cum trickled out. My mouth was filled with his hot sperm and the taste was terrific. I let the spunk swim across my tongue and Terry then asked to see his load. His knob slipped from my mouth and I opened wide. I then started to let the spunk slide down my throat and this excited him.

“Your turn” he said “But I want you to cum over my face and lips”. I knelt over him with my cock very near his mouth and started to wank. As I pulled away he started to lick the tip of my cock. This was and let fly with a jet of sperm that went across his face and into his hair. The next jet hit him on his lips and then as my cum slowed to dribble, he put his mouth round my cock and sucked me dry. I looked down at his face and my lovely cum and saw his tongue licking around his lips. I leant forward and licked up all the cum he couldn’t reach and then proffered my cum covered tongue for him to suck.

Afterwards we dressed, had another cup of coffee and arranged to get together for sex more often. Which is exactly what we did for the 9 months. I will recount more of these meetings another time. Terry moved away more than 20 years ago and I still miss him and his giant cock. Fortunately, I still have some Polaroid snaps of his cock and his cum which I enjoy wanking over from time to time.

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How I'd Suck Your Cock......

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:55

Are you sitting confortably then I shall begin, I am on my knees between your thighs when I gently kiss the very tip of your hanging cock.

Then I cup your balls in my hand as I kiss down to the base once there I lick back up the length of your cock as if it were a flesh ice pop.

When I have reached the top I nibble and gently suck on your foreskin, push my tongue between the foreskin and your glans and use my saliva to lubricate your tip, before forming a seal around your cock and gently sucking you deep into my mouth towards my throat, then back out and in again and again.

Your balls are twitching in my hand.

Is that a little salty pre-cum I taste?

I tease you with my tongue by flicking it across the tip as I suck you, using it to tease the slit at the top of your cock.

Then I slide up and down your hard shaft the heat of my tongue pressed against your meat I take you deep down struggling not to gag as you touch my throat.

Your balls in my hand are jumping as I use my fingers to massage between your balls and your anus

My other hand grabs the lower shaft and I move my head back and forth as you fuck my mouth, my own cock is hard as a rock while my tongue pleasures your shaft.

My middle finger massages its way towards your man hole and I gently rub it around the starry muscle loosening it I gently squeeze in cicling it slowly as I search in the heat of your arse for the prostrate.

Your hips are now moving and your hand holds the back of my head so that you are now fully fucking my mouth.

I take my hand from your cock to play with mine it won't take me long.

My finger inside you massages as my thumb neads on the outside, my head is bouncing on your cock as with a shout your hot seed hits the roof of my mouth.
I try not to swallow but allow you to empty your balls into my mouth.

I pull away from you and open my mouth so that you can see your hot white sperm on my tongue before I swallow it down. Tastes great.

My hand is pumping feverishly on my cock and I stand up so that my own cum flies all over your handsome face.

Once I have calmed down I lick my cream from your face before we collapse into each others arms kissing and fondling our way toward our next mutual orgasm.

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Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:52

Back when I was 19, My first serious girlfriend was named Jennifer. She was 18, about 5' 6", about 130 lbs, very attractive with THICK brown/black hair. She had 36DD tits, big nipples about an inch long when excited, a flat stomach, nice legs, a great ass and a real thick bush and she tasted delicious as I ate her alot.

She was built like a brick shithouse.

Anyhow, one day we decided to go a new beach we had heard about. It was anude beach, and we both got real excited about it. We decided to wear NOTHING and bring NOTHING in the way of clothes or towels or a blanket-Nothing!

The real erotic thing about this was the beach was over 40 miles away! Hope the car did not have a flat tire on the way! She was so excited her nipples were erect and her pussy was soaked. She had a chain around her waist so I decided to put it to good use.

I pushed a large didlo in her cunt and a smaller one in her asshole and put a small chain thru the base of the two dildos and conected them to her waist chain to hold them in place. Then I turned them on, WOW! She fell to her knees and started moaning and her hand went right to her clit and started rubbing feverishly. She was real hot, both holes leaking juice. I clamped her nipples with nipple clamps and then I put on a tight cock ring. My cock got rock hard, purple red color and 7 inches long and thick. She crawled over to me and started sucking me, licked my swollen balls and then turned me around and sucked my asshole-she was in sexual fever! I grabbed her, kissed her hard and yanked her clamps and pulled her to the car. She was moaning and dripping.

We got in the car, i started to drive and told her no clit rubbing, just let the dildos fuck her and suck me but dont let me cum. Ho boy!

We drove, getting more and more excited, all she was doing was moaning around my cock deep in her mouth. I was leaking something terrible, my cock was soaked
and rock hard.

I picked her head up, her lips were soaked, saliva all over her face and tits, eyes glazed, nipples were purple, she was a sexual mess.

"Just enjoy your dildos Jen" I said "but no clit touching, we are almost there".

God I wanted to fuck her, hard and long.

We pulled in to the entrance to the beach and stopped at the check-in house.
There was a great looking blonde w/big tits in a very skimpy bikini. She looked in the car, her eyes getting quite large. She stared at my cock, looked at Jen, charged us $10 to get in, said have fun and away we went.

I parked the car, got out, my cock ridiculously hard, got her out, she was barely able to walk. We had to cum, just to be able to function as we were both in sexual fever.

We were standing by the car and three guys came walking over, nude, cocks swelling up looking at Jen and maybe me.

"Hi, can we fuck her?" one of them said. The others were shaking their heads up and down. Jen says "All of you, please? I need to cum, alot."

Thet grabbed her, dragged her down a dirt path with me trailing behind. We got to a clearing, basically dirt, little grass and threw her to the ground. She statrted rubbibg her clit, her cunt flooded, her asshole swollen and soaked, the dildos buzzing and moving in her.

The three of them went after her like a pack of dogs, sticking a cock down her throat, pulling the soaked dildos out of both her holes, gave them to me and i statred cleaning them off-God she tasted good!

One of them had a 10" cock and slid it deep into her cunt, she screaned when he hit bottom and he started pounding her real hard and fast.

The guy in her mouth started cumming, a huge load that covered her lips, chin and splattered onto her tits and eyes.

Jennifer is on her back in the dirt with a huge cock in her soaked cunt, her face covered in a large load of cum, moaning and groaning and doing her best to cum.

I was watching, standing there nude, rubbing my thick, rock hard cock as my girlfriend was being ravaged by three guys. The guy who had cum on her face was
still hard, his cock covered with cum and saliva. I knelt down in the dirt and took his cock and sucked on it, cleaning it off.

He moaned, and pushed it into my throat. It was only the second cock I had ever sucked, and I think i was doing a good job. The guy fucking the shit out of Jennifer flipped her over on her knees and pushed his huge thick cock into her ass. Both her asshole and his cock were soaked and she started making all sorts of noises.

The third guy stuck his cock into her mouth and she started sucking quite hard on it, she was in sexual fever-she was covered in dirt and sweat, her cunt and asshole were dripping juice onto the ground and her face was covered in cum, saliva, eyes glazed over-boy,she wanted to cum!

I sucked him, squeezed his balls, crowled behind him and started sucking his asshole as I rubbed his dick.

I heard a noise and took my soaked face out of the guys asshole and saw 4 more guys, all nude, porting huge hard ons and coming our way. the two guys pulled out of Jennifer and stood up, their cocks soaked and dripping. Jen moaned deeply, and cried out "please fuck me, make me cummmm, please" she begged.

All of them took her over by a tree, tied her hands to a low haging branch, picked up switches and they all started whipping her-across her tits, nipples, stomach, thighs, calves, feet, ass and back. She was overwhelmed by the pain and pleasure all at once, moaning, groaning crying, all sorts of noises-it was real erotic.

She was covered with marks and scratches, they released her, she fell to the ground and they were on her like a pack of dogs. one guy laid on the ground, his thick cock straight up in the air, they lower her asshole onto it, another guy stuck his cock in her cunt, another in between her tits, two in her mouth and one in each hand. And there i was holding my cock, rubbing it watching seven guys **** my extremely HOT girlfriend!

More guys showed up , along with a couple of women, all nude, all sexually aroused one way or another. One of the women came over to me, huge tits witha thick black bush and asked me to eat her, so i did. she was full of cum, male & female. Ate her for about a half an hour, she came four times, i was soaked in cum. she left me on my hands and knees and i felt a cock ease it way into my asshole. Jennifer had used a strapon on me in the past so I was used to it and like it.

I look ovr at Jen. No women ever looked sluttier then she did at this time.
She was riding a thick black cock covered in cum, dripping down his THICK shaft and huge swollen balls. She had cum dripping out of her asshole, she was covered in welts and marks, saw cum on her dirty feet, her fasce had so much cum and dirt on it she did not look like anyone I knew. her nipples were an inch long and her tits were covered in cum and glisten in sweat. I rode the cock in my ass till it came, shooting a huge load into me. Felt good, started dripping out and down my balls. I crawled over to her, grabbed her face and said "Jen,its me"

She tried to focus, cum in her eyes, all over her lips, she was in cum overdose. She had no idea where she was, just that she needed cum and needed to cum. I kissed her cum covered lips hard, sucking up some of the cum. She kissed back with incredible passion and then I felt another cock, a big one, slide into my soaked asshole and started to be fucked, hard.

She got DP as a cock went up her asshole and two cocks were stuck between our lips for us to suck on. started sucking on my dick, taking in deep in their mouth. She screamed as anothermonster orgasm racked her body.

We were used for another hour, she came 10-12 times more, ****,leaking gallons of cum from all her holes, filthy, cum,sweat and welt covered.

I was in a state of desire i had never been in before. My cock was huge and thick, nevered having cum in all this time, leaking cum from my asshole and all over my face, male & female. we had been used, bet Jennifer had had thirty
guys. I was pretty sure i had 7 guys in my ass.

We were a mess, I woke Jen up, she looked at me, said my name. People were standing around, taking pictures of us, all nude.

I pushed her on her back, and slid my dick into her cunt and started fucking her like a maniac. She screamed and so did I as we both came at once, thrashing, scratching biting one another.

We laid there for a long time, finally got up and went to the car and went home

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Spring Break at the Beach Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:51

It was spring break, and I had gone to the beach with a few of my college buddies. It was very cold at the beach so we didn't do much but just chill in the hotel and walk on the beach looking for chicks.

By the third night I was there I was getting kind of bored with the regular routine and I decided to go out on the beach by myself at around 3am in the morning. After walking along the beach for about a mile I spotted some other spring breakers all obviously d***k and walking along the beach with a video camera and generally screwing around. As I walked up to the group one of the guys offered me a beer, so I gladly accepted and joined them in talking about random nonsense.

It was about an hour after I met the group that someone come along on the beach and told us that the cops were out on the beach because someone had reported a large group drinking and yelling on the beach. Hearing the news we all broke up and started to head back to our respective hotel rooms, after a few minutes only two of us were left on the beach, myself and the guy who had offered me the beer earlier, whom I now knew as Josh. Josh asked me if I would like to join him in his hotel room for another beer and I gladly accepted, as I had nothing better to do that night. Josh and I walked along the beach back towards his hotel and I asked him if he had a girlfriend back at his school, he sort of evaded the question and said he had recently broken up with his flame.

We arrived at his hotel and I followed him up to his room, which was on the third floor, ocean front. He told me to have a seat on the couch, and he would grab us a couple of beers. I took a seat and looked over at the clock, and it was now around 4:30 am and I had a nice buzz going. Josh came in the room from the kitchen area, and sat down next to me on the couch handing me a beer. We both opened our drinks and sort of relaxed and started drinking. After a couple of minutes Josh turned to me and said:
"I'm sorry I kind of evaded your question earlier about my girlfriend, but I am actually gay, and I didn't want to frighten you off, because you seem like a good guy and I would still want to be your friend."
This came as a shock to me, but I had been drinking and I didn't want him to feel uncomfortable, so I told him not to worry about it, I have a couple of gay friends back at school and it didn't bother me at all. I could tell he relaxed a bit, and he asked me if I had a girlfriend back at school.
I had actually just broken up with my girlfriend a little before spring break so I did not have a girlfriend, and was actually just looking for a girl to rebound on here at the beach.
I told him that I did not have a girlfriend at the moment, and I was just taking it easy for now.
Josh seemed to smile a bit and asked me if I had been looking for someone to hook up with while I was here at the beach.
I told him that I had but all the girls seemed to have brought their boyfriends this year.
Josh told me that he had been looking to find someone too while at the beach but he was having similar problems. Josh put his hand on my leg up near my thigh and asked me if maybe we could help each other out.
At this point I had been drinking a bit, and while I would normally never think of having sex with another man I found myself being turned on by Josh, and I told him that we just might be able to help each other out. I grinned at him and I saw him smiling his charming smile back, and I really took him in for the first time. Josh was a good looking guy, he was tall and athletic 6'1" with a short dark hair, soft brown eyes and lips that at that very moment just seemed so kissable, I leaned over and pressing my lips to his, kissed him. Our first kiss was brief, and we both leaned back for a second, surprised at how quickly the mood had changed, but forgetting all awkwardness, we leaned back towards each other and threw ourselves into a long and fiercely intimate kiss that screamed of pure passion.
After breaking our kiss Josh looked right into my eyes then he slowly reached for the top of my shorts, then crawling off the couch and onto his knees in front of me, he slid my shorts off of me. Next leaning forward he kissed my now hard dick through my boxers, and slowly started to remove my boxers as he ran his tongue from the tip of my dick slowly down to my shaved balls. Pulling my boxers completely off of me he told me what a nice surprise it was to find I shaved. I spread my legs apart and shifted down on the couch, giving Josh complete access to my virgin asshole. He began to run his tongue on me again this time starting at the base of my balls and going to the tip of my cock, then in one swift expert move he deepthroated my entire 7" length and I could feel his throat around this tip of my cock, it felt absolutely amazing and I only wanted more. Josh started moving up and down on my cock, almost taking me out of his mouth only to deepthroat me again. After a few minutes of this treatment I was ready to explode into his mouth, but I held off as best I could just wanting this feeling to last as long as possible. Josh stopped for a second to wet his finger then as he continued to suck me I felt him start to slide his finger into my exposed asshole. While I found this slightly uncomfortable I was also very turned on and I didn't want him to stop. As he slid his finger in me I could not take it anymore, and I yelled "I'm going to fucking cum." Josh just continued sucking and I unloaded into his mouth, cumming the hardest I had in very long time. Josh then swallowed my entire load, as I sat back breathless on the couch. I told him just how amazing that felt and he just smiled back at me and asked if I would care to return the favor. I removed what was left of my clothes as he did the same, then switching positions I tentatively stuck my tongue out and tasted my first cock. It didn't taste weird as I had half expected it to but it was actually just a little salty, and felt just right in my mouth. I began to suck his cock as he had done mine, trying to bring him all of the pleasure he was able to bring me. His cock was about 6" but even still I could only get about 3/4ths of it into my mouth before my gag reflex kicked in. I licked my way from his balls up to the tip of his cock then began to tease the underside of his cock with my tongue wiggling my tongue back and forth as he had done to me. I also teased his asshole with the tip of my finger, and continued to suck his beautiful cock. After teasing his ass for a little while I decided to go for it, and I stopped sucking his cock and buried my tongue in his cute little asshole, I heard him moan, so I continued my attack on his ass with my tongue moving it all around his cute ass and in and out of his hole. I could feel my cock start to get hard again and I knew that I just had to have his ass, I began to stroke my cock getting it to rigid attention again in record time. Josh motioned to the side table which I opened to find a tube of KY in. I squeezed out a bit onto my cock and also put some on his ass which I began rubbing all around and in and out to get him completely ready. I then stood up and placing the tip of my cock on his ass I began to slowly push forward into him, he was so tight and it felt so good, I pulled back a bit then pushed into him again this time going a little further. Pretty soon I had most of my cock in his hot tight little ass. Josh started stroking his dick and I began a steady rhythm pushing most of the way into him then pulling out and starting over again. I slow fucked him for a couple of minutes then I started to pound away on his ass, pulling out then pushing back into him until my cock was completely buried in his ass. Josh was constantly moaning now, and he told me he was about to cum, I looked down and he started to cum all over himself shooting jets of cum all over his stomach. This was to much for me and I came the second time of the night with my dick buried deep in his ass. After I came I pulled out of his ass, and dropped down to my knees, and began to lick his cum off of his stomach and chest, swallowing every drop of it. Josh lay there for a second then said that he needed a shower, and some sl**p. I decided that that was a great idea.

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As if nothing had happened!.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:50

My neighbour and I had caught one another eyeing the other up on a number of occasions, yet neither of us had actually made any move, until the fateful day I am going to tell you now!

The neighbourhood where I live is a well dressed area with wide streets and grassy banks, everyone has a front garden and back yard and everyone gets on well.
Crispen and Tess, had moved in to number 6, a few weeks back in June and being the beginning of summer there were two or sometimes maybe even 3 bbqs a week.. The majority of families were late twenties and early thirties, and me being 38, could sometimes feel older, although my body still isnt too bad, 78kgs, well tonned and tanned, 185cm, shoulder length hair, whole body shaven! …well, anyway, Crispen and Tess were a fine looking couple with good jobs and no c***dren. He was 33, about my height, short blond hair and quite fit, Tess was a little smaller, also 33, tight round arse beneath her slim waist and legs to heaven and long blonde straight hair that would cover her almost perfect round firm tits stiff and nipples when she´d been in some ones pool.

With each bbq, I would check out Crispen´s arse and bulge in his skin tight swim shorts and try and observe as his cock and balls would move about as he walked and get cold and shrivel and I could see he was uncut, then it´d grow and swell as it´d all warm up again. This was one of the times he caught me staring at the outline of his cock through his wet skin tight shorts and I could see his foreskin was drawn back to expose his purple head. This is when I had to start to use sun glasses to cover my hungry staring eyes, and am still sure he once open his legs for me to stare at him and again the outline of his cock head in full view, at this I started to get hot! I always wear loose swim wear, this is cool as my semi on was covered.!!

The following bbq, things started to sizzel, and this time it was at his house! This time it was me who caught him, I was in the bathroom taking a piss but I had left the door a jar and having a mirror in front, I noticed him watching me. This kind of turned me on and started the bl**d rushing into my cock making it engorge quickly drawing my skin back . I took my time and shook out the last piss from my semi hard cock. I tucked myself away and flushed, turn and open the door, he had gone!...but halfway down the hallway he reappeared and greated me like nothing had happened. He started to talk about the house and all the building work they had done and the stress and money involved. As he was saying all this he beckoned me into the kitchen where he poured me large Jack Daniels on the rocks. I noticed as we were looking at the kitchen utensils and novelties, he kept thrusting himself forward, exposing his packet and rubbing his arse and inner thighs, on the third time he did it I retaliated by leaning down to look inside a cupboard and as I lent up stroke his balls and cock, very casually, as if nothing happened.
He said he´d like to show me round the house so we refilled our glasses right to the top and went through to the sitting room, it was here he was showing me his CD collection that he bent over right by my side, almost rubbing his wide open crack up against my now expanding cock, that was just beginning to show!! As he was talking away he started to lean back up, but this time his arse squashed against my stiffening cock. This was turning me on but also made me a little embarrassed. With this he turned round as if to apologize, but I was wrong! His cock was fully erect and trying to escape from his shorts. My eyes widened and my cock started to pulsate at the look of this, it must have been 8 inches of beautiful cock hidden behind this skin tight layer that highlighted the contours of his magnificent manhood. He smiled at me and told me how he wanted to show me upstairs before anyone came in. With fully erect cocks we climbed the large spiral stairs and then climbed some more. At the top was a studio type room with large TV screen, couches and large cusions and with sink and mirror. As we entered the room Crispen turned to look at me, his hand going straight down to rub my stiff cock, he rubbed and rubbed as his face came closer to mine and we started to tongue wrestle, I could resist no longer and grabbed his pulsate beauty. I pulled at his shorts as I went onto my knees, pulling his cock free of any clothing..oh, I could feel it pulsate as I gripped it and started to lick his soft balls..I could hear him sighing as my tongue crept up his shaft teasing with each centimeter until I reached is purple head, literally expanding and contracting three inches from my mouth. I took him all the way in massaging his cock shaft with my tongue as his head slid across the back of my throat, sucking and beckoning his precum to start to ooze. I continued to worship his cock with my mouth for some minutes before he lifted me up, to his face, and he said to me that Tess should never hear about this as she wouldn’t be able to deal with him being bisexual, would probably divorce him and he didn’t want that…No worries, I thought, I´m not telling!...Then he pushed me onto the couch where he leant over me and started to lick his way past my lips to my tongue while stroking my close to exploding cock, he pulled my swim wear off with one hand while he started to use his tongue on my naked stiff nipples and lowering to the tip of my sensitive cock where he slipped it straight into his mouth and right up to the hilt!! Ohh, I could have cum there and he was sucking his hand grabbed my balls and massaged them and his other hand started to feel for my hole…oh, what a turn on!! My hands were back on his cock, my right hand rubbing the tip of his pulsating purple head with saliva and the left pumping his engorged shaft back and fourth…
With this Crispen , stopped dead, and stopped sucking and bought his face to mine, he had a look of fear in his eyes..and in about two seconds time I would know why!. He had heard someone on the stairs and with that the door opened and Tess was standing there!!! Oh shit! I knife could have cut the atmosphere!! There was Crispen and I both naked on top of one another and both with our hand full with massive hard-ons that weren´t our own!!!! Crispen had been caught out with another man by his wife!!!
Tess stepped forward and closed the door behind her. She said nothing. Crispen started to stutter a feeble explanation but she shushed him quiet. She stepped closer to us still in slience I thought she was going to kill someone, I thought of getting up to leave quickly and then she reached out before I could move. She reached out and slowly grabbed my now softening from shock cock. However it didn’t last very soft for very long. She started to slide her hand along the length of it making it expand to full and then licked it from base to tip, sucking my balls into her mouth and licking round to my arsehole…my legs parted as she too started to turn me on like her husband had just been doing less than two minutes ago. As she reached out for her husbands cock she took mine deeper and deeper into her throat and now taking it in turns on our cocks. She told us to start kissing which we did, rubbing our tongues and nipples with pure passion. She now had both our cocks in her hands together and started to pump us both at the same time licking us individually and together, then she said she wanted to see us sucking one another´s cocks so first Crispen got down and stared to massage my cock head with his tongue and suction of his mouth. Again we were at the point of cumming, but this time we were three. Tess had pulled her bikini bottom aside to expose a beautifully smooth shaven pussy and as her fingers started on her clit I could see the exciting and inviting mauve of her open cunt. My hand found her bikinied breast and stiff nipple, I pinched it lightly and heard her gasp as Crispen cock slid back into her mouth. My fingers found their way into Tess cunt and she spread her legs even wider, I massaged her harder and harder sliding my fingers in and out of her dripping pussy and round to her anus where the juice of her pussy lubricated it all nicely for my fingers to invade her arse.
She wriggled with delight and pushed Crispen onto his back, still sucking every inch of his perfect cock and sticking her arse up in the air, open for me to do what I pleased to it. I stared to lick her arsehole and get my tongue in as far as I could while my fingers stretched her once again dripping pussy open. She was enjoying it so much she was leaning further and further backwards, her mouth had left Crispen´s cock and her hands had found my cock. Crispen got up and stood in front of me so I could suck at him while sticking my fingers in his wife, he stared to rock back and forth faster and faster as he fucked my face, Tess was now on her back, pulling her pussy lips apart moaning. I slowed down on sucking Crispen´s close to cumming cock and nodded to him to start to fuck his wife´s lovely pussy, which he did happily and I started to rub her arsehole with a saliva-wet hand and grab at his balls as they slapped her arse. I stuck two fingers into her arse and she groaned how much she liked it and then asked me to fuck her husband at the same time he fucked her! Crispen was turned on by the idea so I stared lubing him up with saliva straight from my tongue and three fingers to open his tight hole up a bit… then I moved round and pressed my bulging head against his opening and pushed slightly until I popped in, he gasped but pushed back welcoming more of me in him. His arse was tight and turned me on cronic and Tess´s face was a glow with what she was having! Her husband being fucked by a guy while he fucked her..and she was gasping with delight..
We slowed our pace after I´d say just under ten minutes and Tess said she wanted to taste cock while feeling another cock inside her, so Crispen got off her and she got on all fours, first me fucking her arse while she sucked delightfully on Crispen´s enlarged cock, glistening with precum and saliva she then turned to suck on mine while Crispen fucked her wet wet pussy..we were all sweating by now and all gasping and moaning all in our sexual estacy.
This is when she said she wanted Crispen to fuck her arse while she sat on top of him on the chair, first I sucked on his cock and fingered his arse while Tess got up and turned herself away from him so he could lick her wide open arse and pussy and then slid slowly down his body as I finished sucking, I held his cock tight and she slid straight on to it. I started to lap at his balls until she was all the way onto his cock, gasping for air but the thrill drove her on and on as I started to rub and lick her wet pussy as she slid up and down Crispen´s vein filled cock . Pushing my fingers into her I stood up to grab my own cock poised at her hungry cunt, with the tip of my cock I rubbed at her clit for a while and then at Crispens balls, until I could wait no more and slid my length into Tess. Now both of us fucking this sex kitten, her voice started to rise, Crispen had to hold his free hand over her mouth to muffle her erotic crys which excited us all more. Tess´s cunt was so wet it was beginning to foam, she tried to lean forward but between the two of us men, she could not move! We fucked her some more before I withdrew and put my cock straight into Tess´s gasping mouth, Crispen slid out from behiind and knelt to join in sucking my cock to the perfect milking. They took it in turns for no more than two minutes and I started to explode. Spurt after spurt, all over them both. Crispen stood up and started to cum over Tess too, and she started to suck my still pulsating cumming cock. Watching him cum made me cum more into Tess´s mouth and as she lay on the floor I dropped to my knees to drink Crispens millk as it too spurted from his piss slit over my face and into my mouth. I enclosed his cock into my mouth and sucked and swallowed every last drop, he was twitching when I finish drinking his warm sweet love juice. When Tess released my cock from her mouth we started to lick all the mixed cum off her face and body, passing it between our tongues…between the three of us..
We hadn’t said a word to one another the whole time we´d been licking, fucking, sucking, kissing and now she was holding her husbands face in her hands kissing him lovingly on his lips, she beckoned to me and I join them..
All was quiet until reality kicked in as Tess noticed the time, she´d been gone from the bbq just under an hour, we all scrambled to get our swim stuff back on and make sure we were decent to go back to the party……
As if nothing had happpened

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Sucking My Straight Mate Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:47

This all took place about 7 years ago but still makes me incredibly hard. More followed and perhaps there's yet more to come.

I befriended a guy at work who was a few years older than me. Mike was good looking, married with a k** and pretty cool. What was especially cool was that Mike was very heavily into the Church but had no problem with me being gay.
As time went by we hung out quite a bit enjoying each other's company, going to the pub and generally put the world to rights. Mike was curious about being gay and I explained terminology like bottom and top; I also talked about how my partner and I had threesomes, and described some of the things we'd gotten up to. He seemed shocked but interested.

Mike's wife was visiting her f****y who lived some distance away so wouldn't be home for a few days. We went to his local for a few pints. Whilst there he seemed quite nervous and a couple of hours in he made his big revelation. Nervously he told me how he'd messed around with a guy when he was at uni. Mainly mutual masturbation with some sucking.

After a couple more drinks we ended back at his empty house, sat talking in his living room about what we liked sexually. Although it's all a little hazy around this point I'm pretty sure it was me who suggested we get naked and wank off.
It can't have taken a lot of persuasion as minutes later we were both sat there naked rubbing our cocks, whilst looking at each other; Mike on one sofa me on another. Mike was smooth chested with a really thick rod. I enjoyed watching him moving his hand up and down his throbbing shaft as I stroked my own.

Tentatively, I asked if I could touch his cock; caught up in the heat of the situation Mike motioned towards his dick. I crawled over and wrapped my hand around Mike's burning hot dick and rubbed and fondled his massive cum filled balls. He threw his head back and groaned, his hands pinching and rubbing his nipples. I leant forward his pole still in my hand and began licking and sucking my mates nipples.
It was at this point I remember looking into Mike's eyes and suggested I suck his rock solid member. He nodded and I lowered my mouth around him. I remembered him telling me that his wife rarely sucked his dick and that it wasn't that good when she did. I was determined to make this count.

I went to work teasing him with my tongue and taking his cock into my throat. The latter resulting in Mike thrusting his ample tool into me. His hands found their way from his sides to the back of my head. He pushed me down to meet his upward strokes, his dick completely filling my mouth.

It wasn't too long before he announced that he was going to come, more of a warning than anything else I felt. I sucked his tool with increased vigour that took him by surprise. His thrusting slowed as his cock began to swell; a huge amount of hot spunk erupted into my mouth. Hot and sweet his juices flowed over my tongue and down my throat. Not a drop was wasted.

We had a break and repeated this several times that night covering each other in cum and filling my mouth again.

A hot night made even hotter that it was my "straight" mate I spent it with!

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Colonel's Treasure.....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:45

Rob turned his head toward the open flap of the tent. He could see the tawny fringe of the Shewan subchief's buckskin jerkin at the fringe of the lamplight escaping the tent's doorway. And the two eagle's feathers sticking out to the side of the back of the native's head, up at the very top of the tent doorway. The savage must be at least six and a half feet tall, Rob thought. And he knows. How could he not know. The colonel was grunting that unmistakable sound of full rut.

Rob twitched and arched his back and stared straight up at the play of the shadows on the ceiling of the tent as the colonel nipped his belly button and stuck his tongue in it and then slurped out of the indention and ran a thick tongue down Rob's underbelly and into a fiery red thicket before tracing back up his engorged cock to the edge. Rob twitched again as his cock was possessed by the colonel's sucking lips. He sighed and rubbed his back on the bearskin rug thrown out over the rushes that served as the colonel's mattress. There was a faint rustling at the opening flap of the tent, and Rob knew that the savage was just beyond the opening, listening and silently observing. The colonel thought no more of an Indian, even a Shewan subchief, than he did of the stray dogs of the camp, though, so it bothered him not a twit if the Indian could see them.

The shadows on the ceiling showed the hulky colonel hunched over his diminutive, lithe aide. Rob was kneeling on his knees on the colonel's beefy thighs, with his back arched behind him, his shoulder blades touching the silky fur of the robe. The colonel encased his young aide with an arm wrapped around the small of the younger man's back. His other hand was cupping Rob's small, but firm ball sacs and the small finger of that hand already had purchase just inside the rim of Rob's ass. The golden crest ring on that finger was rubbing roughly on Rob's rim, a familiar feel for Rob after four months of service under the second in command of Brigadier General Nicholas Herkimer, commander of American f***es in the Mohawk Valley.

Colonel Seth Hampton worked his young aide's cock hard with his mouth. He'd already been sucked into arousal himself. His evening invigoration had been interrupted by the announcement that one of his spies in the English f***es, the subchieftain Otetiani of the Shewan minor tribe of the Iroquois nation, had arrived and awaited his pleasure. Hampton had irritably commanded that the savage stand outside the tent until it was his pleasure to receive him—his pleasure obviously was focused elsewhere at the moment.

Hampton having had enough of his young man's cock, the young aide watched the shadows on the ceiling swirl into a new pattern, as the colonel wrapped large, callused hands around Rob's ankles and f***ed his legs up the length of his body. In the process, Rob was rolled up onto his shoulder blades. The colonel held Rob's legs to his body with hands pressing in under the crook of his knees, as the older man savaged the younger man's entrance with tongue and teeth and a heavy helping of saliva.

Then the colonel was up on his knees, crouching over the young man and thrusting inside him. Rob arched his back and spread his arms wide, digging his fists into the soft, grass-covered ground of the New York valley and took what the colonel was giving him, like a good soldier. And the colonel, mad and worried about the positioning of his f***es and the rumors of the gathering British attack in superior f****, put all of his frustration and fury into plowing his flaming-red headed subordinate hard and fast and deep.

The colonel was grunting and groaning and voicing his pleasure in tones that could be heard all over camp, without the possibility of misinterpretation. All of the soldiers knew their colonel fucked men. But he was a damn good soldier and a brilliant strategen, and if anyone was going to conceive how to push the British out of the Mohawk Valley and back to London, it was probably going to be him. So there were few to deny him his release.

Rob had been sent from the brothels of that pagan city of Savannah, precisely to be the tension reliever to the colonel that he needed. The young man had been trained to this, so there were no regrets or concern to be expended in that direction.

Rob held off on his vocalizing at first, because he knew the savage was out there, just beyond the open flap. He'd only caught a glimpse of the man, but he had frightened Rob. He was so tall and large, a man and a half. Rob had never been comfortable around the savages. He felt something primeval in them. They frightened and fascinated and aroused him all at the same time. He had known—biblically—all of the types of colonists who had washed up on the American shores. They no longer meant anything to him. No, that wasn't true. He had come to really like the colonel, to want to give him any relief possible for the responsibilities he had to bear.

It was strange to think that at the moment, when the colonel was driving his cock so hard inside Rob, making his legs ache and his back rub raw as it was jerked back and forth on the bearskin under the thrusting of the colonel's manhood. But the colonel was usually gentle with him. It was only now when the colonel was so worried about how badly the campaign and positioning was going and so worked up and frustrated that he was taking Rob like a frenzied bull cow.

Rob had to do what he could to help the colonel. He knew the colonel liked it when he groaned and moaned and said the colonel was spitting him and was too big for him. So that's what he did, ignoring the unsettling presence of the Shewan warrior. And it worked. In a cry of ecstasy, the colonel shot off inside him in one, two, three lurchings and then, without extracting his cock, pulled Rob's legs down alongside his and began to kiss him on the nipples, neck, and lips. Rob wrapped his arms around the thin waist of the well-fit military officer and returned the kisses enthusiastically.

He had done his duty. Now it was time to ask for his favor.

"No, Rob, we've discussed this. I can't let you stay." The colonel had pulled back on his rump and brought the younger, smaller man with him. Hampton now was sitting on the bearskin rug, his legs stretched out in front of him. His aide was in his lap, sitting on the colonel's half tumescent cock, his legs encircling his master's thin waist, the two chests against each other, beating hearts competing, throbbing in the temporary quietude. Hampton had his lips buried in the aide's throbbing neck, and Rob was staring across the light of the candle, watching the hint of the savage's persistent presence. Rob knew there would be another fucking. The colonel almost always wanted another one, and the second one would not have the fire of the first. The second one was the one that told Rob the colonel really cared for him. And this was the colonel's most vulnerable time.

"But, I don't want to leave you. I—"

"And I don't want you to go. But you're no solider, Rob. We will, almost inevitably, be in the thick of fighting within the week. Burgoyne is gathering f***es up on Lake Champlain, more than 10,000 English, Canadians, and Indian f***es, including the Iroquois and the Huron. They'll be streaming down here, joined by Howe's f***es from the Coast. They are more than we can handle. It will be a bl**dbath if I cannot come up with a miracle. No, you cannot stay. You are no soldier. This is all you are good for me. This release of my tension in the field."

Rob lowered his head onto the colonel's shoulder, and Hampton could feel the wetness of his tears.

"Nay, lad, I didn't mean it harsh like that. You are a treasure. You are my treasure. There is no way you can help me other than to leave for Albany tonight and not come back until it is safer."

"I know I can do more. I know—" Rob snuffled.

"This is enough, love, this is enough." And with that, the colonel moved his encasing, heavily muscled arms down to the small of Rob's back, and Rob leaned back, as Hampton's lips and teeth went to the younger man's nipples. Rob sighed for him and felt the strong cock of his master coming back to life. Rob began to move his hips, and the colonel started to breath heavily. Hampton turned Rob onto his side and came down with him, leaving his cock encased. They kissed and Hampton continued worrying the younger man's nipples with his fingers while he side split him in long, languid glides to mutual ejaculation.

Afterward the colonel rose, wrapped himself in a fur-lined deer-skinned robe, and sat down at his field desk, looking very official. He called the patiently waiting Shewan subchieftain, Otetiani, in. The chieftain entered the tent, all dignity and towering strength and handsome savage splendor, and stood in front of the colonel. Despite the unusual heat in the Mohawk valley in July of 1777, the Indian chieftain was wearing the same attire his tribe wore year round—side-fringed buckskin breeches with a bearskin codpiece, and a buckskin jerkin with fringed arms. His moccasins were of some sort of finely cleaned leather and he had two feathers attached to the base of whatever was holding his long black ponytail at the back of his head—two feathers to denote his somewhat exalted rank. He turned his head briefly to Rob, lying, still naked on his back on the bearskin rug, and Rob saw the Indian's eyes go wide with surprise. Rob couldn't imagine why the savage would be surprised. He had heard them fuck twice and had no doubt gotten an eyeful already.

Otetiani inexplicably bowed low to the young aide and said something in his own language that Rob couldn't even begin to fathom. And then he turned his full attention to the colonel.

"Is it true?" asked the colonel. "What I sent you to find out, is it true?"

"True," the Indian said, in quite good English. "Iroquois have called all of its nation—all minor tribes—to join with the Huron and serve the English in the coming fight."

"The Iroquois and the English? I'd never thought it would come to that. Damn. Isn't there anything you can do to split them? Your people **** the Huron."

"True. The Iroquois **** the Huron, and none more than my own Shewan. But the English are strong. And the Huron are strong. The Iroquois are not strong enough to resist. And the Shewan feel weak too."

"The Shewan feel weak? You are the most ferocious warriors of the Iroquois nation. How can you feel weak?"

"The signs have not been good. The Shewan wait for a sign. We need strength; the Shewan warriors need to feel the strength."

"Well, try to think of something." the colonel said. "Do whatever you can do to drive a wedge between the Indian f***es. We have to try to do something to weaken St. John's f***es up at Fort Oswego."

"I will try. There may be something." Otetiani sounded somewhat reassuring. Hampton knew that Otetiani was smart as a whip as well as being the bravest and studliest of the Shewan tribe. The colonel had often thought he'd like to get his cock inside him, but he knew Otetiani was too strong for him. Two determined tops did not make a promising match.

He was finished with the Indian. He dismissed him with a wave of his hand. He didn't bother to look up, so he missed the contemplative look the Indian subchief was giving Rob.

After Otetiani left, the colonel dismissed Rob as well. He didn't want to reveal how hard it was for him to let his young lover go, so he just gruffly told him to pull his breeches and jerkin on and to be on his way to Albany before the break of day.

When Rob left the colonel's tent and started moving toward his own, he heard the slight rustle of the bushes at the edge of the encampment clearing. He hoped it wasn't the sergeant sniffing around to claim his seconds. The sergeant was thicker and crueler than the colonel was.

But it wasn't the sergeant. Otetiani, the savage subchieftain, was beckoning him the edge of the light from the encampment's fires.

"You want to help your colonel?" Otetiani said to him in a hoarse whisper. "I heard you say that."

"Yes, but I don't know what I can do. If I only could get to Fort Oswego and see the English colonel, St. John, there may be some way I can help. I have heard that men please him. Surely there's something I can do there to find information that will help our f***es. The colonel's right, I'm no fighting soldier. But I have my own means of fighting."

"I could take you to St. John," Otetiani said. "I could deliver you to him as a prisoner; say you are Colonel Hampton's aide. You would have value to St. John then, wouldn't you?"

"You would do that?" Rob asked, suddenly excited about the possibilities.

"Yes. But I have orders too. You could help me with my orders. If you really, truly want to help your colonel and are truly brave. But it would not be easy, what I have to propose. Most men could not endure it."

In short order Otetiani had told Rob what he could do and Rob had agreed. It wasn't anything less than he knew what to do.

While they talked, Otetiani was fingering Rob's flaming-red hair gingerly, and when Rob agreed to the plan, Otetiani spoke.

"To do what I need to do, I need much power. I need to gather strength and power. Before I take you there, you need to give me that power."

"Yes," Rob said, although he felt his heart stop and his breath escape him. He was trembling. He'd already agreed, though, so both now and then, it didn't make any difference.

Otetiani took Rob by the arm and led him into the fringe of bushes at the edge of the encampment, past the horses staked out on a rope. The horses whinnied slightly and shifted nervously away from them as they passed. The Indian was an imposing, troubling figure. A man and a half.

Otetiani stopped in front of a smooth-barked tree of middling girth with two sturdy branches at equal heights jutting out at the side a foot above the level of Rob's head. He maneuvered Rob to where his back was against the tree. The towering Indian faced the young man with the flaming-red hair closely and pushed him gently down on his haunches with one hand while releasing his own codpiece with his other hand and letting it drop.

He was already half ready, at the very thought of what he was going to do.

The thick cock was larger than Rob had ever managed before, but he worked expertly on it with his lips and mouth as he had been trained to do at the Savannah brothel. It was mere minutes before Otetiani pulled Rob up and turned him toward the tree. Rob grabbed up for handholds on the jutting branches, while Otetiani spit on his hands and added that to the spit Rob had already lathered the huge tool with. The Indian savage lifted Rob by his hips with his hands, spreading the young man's butt cheeks with his strong thumbs, set Rob's hole on the bulbous head of his cock and started working his way in.

Fearing raising an alarm in the camp, Rob stifled the scream he wanted to let loose as well as his gulps and gasps and groans as he slowly stretched inside to accommodate the digging tool. The Indian was so tall that Rob's feet were off the ground and the only leverage he had was the handholds on the tree branches.

When Otetiani had bottomed inside Rob's ass canal, he moved one hand to palm the young man's belly and the other one to cap the flaming-red hair of his head and began chanting in his native tongue. He was using the strong palm of his hand on Rob's belly to move the young man's channel up and down on his skewering member, and Rob was pulling up and releasing on the branches to try to match the rhythm.

Rob came first in a shooting against the tree trunk. Otetiani stopped his fucking and chanting long enough to bend his knees and set Rob's feet on the ground. He used the fingers of the hand he had been palming Rob's belly with to capture globs of Rob's cum, which he dabbed on his own cheeks in streaks going from ear to upper lip.

Then he palmed Rob's belly again and picked him up and resumed stroking the young man's ass up and down on his cock until he spasmed four, five times, shooting great spurts of man juice up into Rob's intestines.

The chanting stopped and the hand came off the head. But the hand remained on the belly, and Rob remained trapped against the tree trunk, while the Indian pulled a hunting knife from a sheath at his side.

Rob felt a brief stab of fear that the savage had tricked him; that he didn't intend to help the colonel's cause at all and only wanted to fuck Rob before collecting his scalp. But Otetiani just used the knife to cut a lock of Rob's flaming-red hair and tuck it into the band holding his ponytail in place.

"Is good. Is true. You gift from gods. I can feel the new power. We go now." After declaring that, Otetiani just let Rob slump to the ground and readjusted his codpiece and turned to stride back to the encampment to prepare to leave.

It was several minutes before Rob was able to rise and hobble after him. He'd never been fucked like that before.

* * *

The sun was going down as the ceremony in the Shewan longhouse deep in the Mohawk Valley began. It was announced with the beating of drums that required all woman and c***dren of the tribe to leave the village clearing in the flattened hillock accessible by a **** cliffside trail and gather at the life-giving stream below to sing praises to the gods until they heard the end to the drum beats.

All was as prescribed by the chieftain, Nadie, as given on his deathbed following the previous spring's battle with the Huron. He had counseled that the Shewan were to retreat to a minor role in Iroquois affairs, subordinating themselves to the other tribes when they normally would take a lead in matters of warfare, until they had regained their strength and power, and, most important, the blessings of the gods that they had forfeited by losing to the Huron.

As he had neared death, Nadie told his warriors to look for a sign from the gods—a being with fire coming out of his head who possessed power and would transfer power to warriors who were worthy through ritual congress. In his dying breaths, he had related in detail the requirements of the ceremony.

When assurances were given that all of the woman and c***dren had departed the village circle, the torches were lit in the longhouse of the chieftain.

The flaming-haired Rob Winston was led, a willing participant, into one end of the longhouse. He was nude except for a tight, strong leather belt around his belly of the brightest crimson that had dyed-red feathers and strong rings of gold attached to the belt at the side of his waist, fine red-dyed moccasins, and thick, red-dyed leather bands at his wrists, also with rings of gold attached to them.

He stumbled into the tent and would have fallen if he had not been supported by two young, strong, muscular braves who were helping him to walk. These braves were costumed in the identical minimal dress Winston had, except that they both also had long, sharp hunting knives in sheaths tied to their thighs by leather straps.

Winston had spent much of the afternoon drinking ceremonial cups of a potion that largely consisted of alcohol and herbs from the forest collected for their propensity to numb and block pain. The day before he had been plied with purgatives that emptied and purified his internal systems and had his channel packed with concoctions of the numbing potions that had been withdrawn mere hours before the ceremony.

Winston and his e****ts approached the center of the longhouse, where an altar had been placed and covered with a blanket made of laced-together red fox pelts.

All of the adult men of the tribe were gathered in a circle around the altar, At the outer edge of the circle were the elders and the older unselected warriors, dressed in their usual leather breeches and jerkins. The only difference in their dress on this special ceremonial day from any other day was their long, black hair. Whereas a Shewan tribesman's hair customarily was tied back in a ponytail, with a feather in the band, now every man's hair was hanging loose below his shoulders. The torches lighting the ceremony were lodged in the ground behind this outer circle of men, which included much the greater number of the men of the tribe. At the four geographic points of this circle sat a set of two drummers each, maintaining a steady, slow beat to mark the duration of the ceremony.

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Not mine but very good......Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:44

I've known Sharon for about seven months. She often would join our group in the pub, though she was older than most of us. I'm 21, Sharon is about 35, had been married and divorced twice and, I was warned, a maneater. Not that I took any notice when she started to chatting to me and invited me back to her flat. Most guys would have gone, she's attractive, slim with a great arse, nice tits, what more could you ask. I'd never had a blow job, all my previous girlfriends had refused when I asked (begged?). The first night, without even being asked she went down on me and sucked my cock, swallowing my spunk. We fucked three times in different positions and again in the morning, I felt like I'd won the jackpot on the Lottery.

I started going to her flat regularly after that, sex and more sex, she liked younger men and though nothing was said I'm fairly certain that at least two or three other lads were shagging her. She said younger blokes were usually heavy cummers, their spunk tasted nicer and they could recover and fuck her without hanging about to long trying to get hard again. Things quickly progressed from straight forward sex in different positions as she introduced new things to me.

We were in bed, I'd already fucked her once and she wanted me stiff again. She was busy sucking my cock, massaging my bollocks, her mouth working wonders. Her hand moved from my balls, pushing my legs further apart and I felt her fingers touching my arse hole which felt nice. She stopped sucking my cock for a moment, licking her fingers before taking my prick back in her mouth, wet fingers returning to my arse. She pressed a finger against my arsehole, pushing the tip in, then overcoming the resistance, pushed it right in my bum, moving it as she sucked my cock which had leapt to full hardness in her mouth. A new experience for me which I was enjoying as it sent messages to my prick making it feel even harder, as I began to push my cock further in her mouth, practically fucking her face until I came, filling her mouth with my spunk.

A few days later I was telling a mate about her, he told me that he'd heard that she was a right slut and he'd heard that when it came to sex she had few if any limits to what she'd do, “Just watch it. She might corrupt you” he joked. Sharon has a large collection of toys and an even larger collection of porn DVD's, including some amateur stuff involving her, with 3 or 4 guys, sucking and fucking, spit roasts, her getting DP'd, fucked up the arse, Sharon with another woman, there didn't seem to be much she wouldn't do, my mate was right. Often she'd put on a DVD and before long she'd have her panties off, using fingers or toys to wank, sometimes making herself cum 4 or 5 times before I fucked her. We'd just watched one of her, she asked if I'd liked it, of course I had. She searched back through it and froze the picture, just at the point when she was about to take a cock in her shitter. “What about this bit? Did you like it? She asked. I said that I had. “Do you want to fuck my arse then?” We were in her bed, lubricating my prick and her arse in seconds. She knelt on the bed bum in the air, spreading her arse cheeks. I got behind her, my cock touching her arsehole, and pushed. My prick just slid straight inside her. Her arse just opened and took me, tight but my knob end easily pushed passed the muscle resistance and I started to arse fuck her while she frigged her clit until we both came.

A week or so later, she called my mobile and she asked if I was up for a threesome with another girl. What bloke wouldn't be? Though it wasn't quite what I expected. The other woman let me in, Maggie she told me, aged late thirties, naked so I could take in her large heavy swaying tits, shaved cunt, a bit overweight but reasonably attractive. She told me to undress, watching as I stripped, no sign of Sharon. As soon as I was naked she took hold of my cock, wanking me until I was erect and led me into the bedroom where Sharon was laid on the bed wearing a strap-on dildo. Maggie told me to sit on the chair and watch as she straddled Sharon, taking hold of the dildo, guiding it into her pussy and rode it while I sat wanking, wondering where I fitted in. They fucked for fifteen or twenty minutes and the both seemed to cum once or twice. Sharon told me to get on the bed with them. Maggie climbed off the dildo and lay on the bed, with her legs spread wide, cunt gaping, soaked in juices and Sharon told me to get on top in a sixty nine and lick Maggies pussy. I got comfortable, tonguing her cunt, as she pulled pillows under her head then began to suck my cock.
I couldn't see Sharon, but Maggie stopped sucking me for a moment, to tell her she that she should use a smaller strap on dildo. I was to busy to bother what they were on about until I felt the bed move, something being pushed in my bum, feeling a cold liquid be squirted in. I attempted to raise my head from, Maggies pussy, to slow, she shut her legs, clamping my head between her thighs so I couldn't move. I felt Sharron's hands on my arse, spreading my cheeks,she gave my balls a squeeze, then the the tip of the strap on probing my arse hole. Thank god it wasn't the one she'd fucked Maggie with, much thinner. It pushed through the tightness, some discomfort at first but then it was in, slippery, penetrating my lubricated arse hole. She began to fuck my arse, Maggie moved her legs apart and resumed sucking my cock. Sharon pushed the plastic cock in and out of my arse faster, pushing my head down between Maggies legs when I tried to look up. Each time she thrust into my arse I felt that I was going to cum, holding back as along as I could until I could bear it no longer and spunked in Maggies greedy mouth. Even after I'd cum Sharon continued to fuck my arse, and I was f***ed to lick and suck Maggie's pussy until she came, covering my face in her cunt juices.

I must admit I rather enjoyed it and it became a regular thing, although after that first time she always took me in the bathroom and flushed my arse clean, then I'd do hers. Usually I'd arse fuck her first then she'd do me, using bigger and bigger dildo’s on me, stretching my arse, knowing it would get me erect again ready to fuck her pussy. We had a couple more sessions with Maggie and on New Years eve about a ten guys ended up going to Sharons flat where we all took it in turns to fuck her. I fucked her three times, once up the arse and I think most of the other blokes had her at least as many times. She must have been fucked between 30 and 40 times between midnight and when I left the following afternoon.

I didn't see her again for about a week or ten days, then another good long fucking session over a weekend. Then irregularly over the following weeks until three weeks ago when I was back in favour and I went to her flat with her. Usual thing, into the bathroom, flush out each others arses, before she told me another another guy was joining us, Mark who had been satisfying her for a few weeks. As soon as he arrived he undressed, and came into the bedroom, he had quite a large prick which he was stroking, almost fully erect. Sharon laid back fingering herself and he joined us on the bed. It wasn't long before she rolled over, kneeling demanding that one of us fuck her while she sucked the other. She took our cocks as we fucked her from opposite ends until I’d cum in her cunt as she swallowed Marks load. Afterwards I lay on my back, eyes closed, dozing until I felt a tongue, licking up the length of my cock then the tip being sucked. I suddenly realised it was Marks lips wrapped around my rapidly stiffening prick and went to push him away. Sharon stopped me, “Let him suck it. You've watched me with girls I want to watch you and Mark. Shut your eyes and enjoy” That's the embarrassing thing, I was I enjoying it, feeling my cock growing harder in another blokes mouth as he sucked me off. I even opened my eyes to watch, noticing that Sharon had moved around, taking his prick in her mouth sucking him, watching Mark suck me.

He probably only sucked me for two or three minutes before I was fully erect and she told him to stop. She told him to move out the way, lay with her legs spread and told me to get in a sixty nine with her. I got on top dropping my head between her thighs, tasting my own spunk as it dribbled out of her cunt. Mark said something I didn't catch , but I heard her reply when she turned her head and stopped sucking my cock, “There's a tube in the drawer. Use plenty, his arse is tight” I wriggled but she held me tight, telling me to keep still, assuring me it would be much better than a dildo in my arse, “A hard, hot, throbbing cock in your arse, Mmmm, you can do mine after. Now keep still and lick my cunt” Since the first time she'd done my arse with a dildo, I'd wondered how it compared with taking a real cock in the arse and was about to find out. I tried to suck and lick her pussy while Mark inserted the end of the tube of lube in my bum and squirted some in. I flinched when I felt his fingers working the slippery gel around my hole then his fingers probing, first one then a second being slid in my anus. He pushed them in and out, sort of twisting them as he did, then I felt him behind me, a hand on my bum, spreading my cheeks, the tip of his cock sliding up my arse replacing his fingers. His cock was probing my arse, just an inch or less of his thick cock **** my sphincter open to give him access to my virgin arse. Sharon sucked my cock harder, wanking me into her mouth, distracting me as Mark pushed harder, breaking through the resistance **** more of his cock in my arse. I arched my back, a momentary flash of pain, then his slippery cock slid in, I'd taken him. I felt him pushing again, the final inches penetrating my arse until his pubes were against my bum. He began to move, slowly at first, then faster, thrusting his prick in and out of my receptive arse hole. I felt close to cumming, Sharon, must have realised and stopped sucking, moving up the bed and, it felt like she was sucking his balls, licking his cock as he arse fucked me. He started grunting as he rammed my arse, shafting me harder, then I felt his cock sort of throb, pulsate inside me and realised he'd cum in my arse. He kept still pumping his spunk in my bum, then withdrew, got off the bed and went to the bathroom to shower. My cock was rock hard and Sharon had no intention of letting that go to waste, kneeling on the bed she told me it was her turn, spreading her buttocks for me to arse fuck her.

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Hot Cruise Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:42

Last summer, I went on a cruise to Mexico. I was with some friends during that trip and had no intention of picking up anyone for sex. The second night of the cruise, I was approached by a young waiter who worked on the ship. At first I thought Joseph was simply asking me if I wanted a drink, which I didn't understand because I had one in my hand. He introduced himeslf and asked what part of the ship I was staying on...I thought this was an odd question but I told him anyway. He was smiling at me in a flirty way...I have been hit on by guys before (I'm mainly straight but I have in the past gone to bed with a couple of other guys) he kept saying maybe we can see each other again before this is over in his cute spanish accent. After making more small talk he gave me his name and asked If I wanted to join him the next afternoon for a drink...He was pretty sexy, about five, six, slim, hispanic and 21 years old. I told him I'd meet him at one of the ship's bars if I had no other plans. The next day came, my friends were ashore at some shitty little mexican town so I decided to meet Jospeh for that drink. He was in the bar when I arrived, we sat there with our drinks laughing and making small talk...He told me I was very handsome, I told him I thought he was cute as well, he leaned over and kissed that second I was in, if he wanted me he could have me. We made out in the corner of the bar for a few minutes before he whispered in my ear that he wanted me badly. I asked him if he had his own cabin (I was sharing one with two of my friends and there was no way I was going to have them walk in on us) He said he did...we walked to the lower deck where the help stayed, he led me to his very small stateroom by the hand. The second the door closed we were all over each other, kissing and moving our hands over each other's asses and bulding crotches. We quickly got undressed..Joseph was very impressive, he had a very nice 7-inch cut cock that was standing straight up, just like mine, we dove into his small bed and made out, rubbing our cocks together before he kissed his way down to my crotch. He started by licking the base of my balls, then moved his skillful tongue up the shaft of my cock to the head where he licked and teased before taking all of it in his mouth, he bobbed and sucked on me until I was almost readyy to cum, I wanted to return the favor, I pulled his head up and kissed him passionately...I kissed my way down to his cock and immediately took him in my mouth, sucking and playing with his balls...He moaned with pleasure and started speaking in spanish while I worked his cock and balls with my mouth. He then yelled out "I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!!" He reached over to a drawer by his bed and pulled out a condom which he helped me slip on...he then put his head face first down on the pillow and his beautiful bubble butt in the air. I buried my face in it licking his hole with a passion, lubing him up for my cock. I then got in posistion and slowly in serted my dick into his asshole...we started fucking doggy style slowly, he was moaning so loud I was sure other people on that deck could hear him but it was a huge turn on. I then flipped him over onto his back and entered him missionary...we kissed passionately as we made love, I was so ready to cum, but he whispered he wanted me to finish in his mouth...we got into a 69 and rentlessly sucking each other...I couldn't hold it any longer...I let out a huge moan and yelled "AHHHHH FUCKKKKK!! I'M CUMMING!!!!" Just as I finished yelling out he did the same and I tasted the first squirt of his cum, nice and salty, he kept cumming an an amazing volume I could hardly keep up swalling all of his sperm as it leaked out of his cock...when we were both done we cuddled for a while and laughed like lovers after sex...we took a nice shower then he had to go to his shift on the 9th deck. We never saw each other on that cruise again...I think of that encounter often.

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Part of an endless fantasy I jotted down

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:38

What you're doing, this is amazing. you are walking around us, circling us
touching us as you wish
creating the comfort and building the tension with every move.
He's squeezing my nipples, and breasts a little too tightly, which you and i know
i love
his cock hard thick and perfect in length.
I can feel his body react to your every touch. He's imagined being touched
by a man like this but never thought he'd have the chance to experience it for real.
Never thought it would feel this natural and so good.
He wants to hide in his heterosexuality through me
which I notice, so I take your hard cock in my hand as you are using your other hand
to stroke between my butt cracks which feels amazing.
Then I take his cock in my other hand and pull you closer together by your cocks
when the heads are touching, i rub your pre cum on his and his on yours
It's like the 2 heads are kissing. I use your thicker cock to firmly move up and down
and around the inch beneath where the cock head separates beneath
his mind is flying, with thoughts and sensations all too much to separate
feeling your beautiful cock causing his to come close to shooting and with so little effort on your part.

I kneel down and after caressing your cocks in my hands coating them with pre-cum, i
pull them into my mouth @ the same time. Oh how I want to be filled to the point of splitting
by your cocks. Together you move your torseau's **** your cocks to bend toward my hungry mouth.
The idea of 2 men's cocks alone is crazy hot to me, but that it's one man's 1st time, imagining what he
must be feeling, I feel this sense of urgency, impatience. I want everything, every scenario I ever dreamed
of to play out right now, plus whatever you two would like to do. I am happy whether it''s between only
you, and you both know that.
But if anything that you do, would be enhanced by my assistance, I am there for the experience.
I know my impatience, and when it hits, I know to slow it down.
Shifting back from 5th gear to 2nd, I cruise feeling the soft silky skin of your cocks, and taste the delicious
taste of both of your precum, sucking and licking as hard as I can to get every drop. I manipulate your cocks
together, with my tongue and fingers.
Then I realize you are passionately kissing. I could feel the intense energy, a fierceness I'd never felt
cum together before. He was holding your beautiful jaws in his strong hands, I could see flat pink tongues, you
were kissing so extremely hot, I couldn't believe my heaven.

I rise to my feet, holding your cocks in my wet hands, and each of you begin kissing me, one at a time. Deep
passionate kisses from each of you as I stroked your cocks, one at a time now. You are both caressing my long
body all over, squeezing my breasts gently, our senses are returning.
I can smell you, you can smell me
the male
the female
Oh, the kiss of a man is beyond any comparison of a woman kissing a woman.
The masculinity of just the tongue alone is easy to detect blindfolded.
The warm big breaths, while you're kissing my lips or my cunt lips.
To have not one, but two hot perfect males with me, all to myself, all night and all
tomorrow thrills me. So many dreams will come true.

You lie on the bed now, with your head slightly hanging over the foot of it.
He slides his cock into your mouth. Slowly, going easy on you for now. The groove
is so thick and sensual, nobody is frantic or nervous any longer. Everything is heightened,
all senses.

I take your legs, and put them on my shoulders as i straddle between them.
I've got our favorite strap on ready, you were not aware as you were fighting to not gag on his thick cock.
I spread lubricant on your ass, smooth it on your balls massaging them, knowing your concentration
must stay with him. Your ass belonged to me. He saw to that for me.
I fingered your ass, slowly. You expected me to be more aggressive as the pace of his cock
pumping your throat was picking up, but I confused you by moving slowly instead on my end.
I knew you were dying for me to enter you, you needed to learn patience.
I fingered you inside your ass, slowly.. teasing you. You spread your legs and held your knees to
give your ass to me completely, so I took the head of the dildo in the strap on and rubbed your entrance.
Easily it slipped in and little by little I pushed myself deeper inside you. I watched your throat, I could
see his cock moving in and out of it as I was fucking you in steady long hard strokes. You raised your ass
even higher so I leaned into you and fucked you like men have been fucking me all my life. I fucked
the living shit out of you and you took every thrust like a champ!
He shot his load watching us, as this was not something he had anticipated in his fantasy.
He found it to be a huge turn-on and something to hope to repeat for years to cum.

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2 BLACK COCKS....fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:30

After splitting up with my last girlfriend due to my admission that i was a raving homo, she caught me looking at gay porn and also what had started as a little fantasy (Her fucking me with dildos and a strap on whilst i told her i wanted to be her little faggot and service groups of men) so she was't surprised and actually helped me get my first cock!
Anyway i had a fantasy of being dominated and fucked hard by 2 masculine black guys.
I joined a no of gay dating sites and after a lot of trial and error and some time wasters i finally(i hoped) had found 2 black guys from London, one was bi one was gay and we exchanged photos and both were up for my idea as they had never met each other. We talked on the phone and i arranged for us to meet at a very nice hotel after meeting for a few drinks and seeing if we were still up for the session.
They were both tops only and i was happy to be a greedy little cock sucking bottom for these two studs.
I got to the meeting place early and my heart was racing, i don't think i have ever been so excited and nervous at the same time.They both arrived within 5 mins of each other and both were as delicous as the photos i had seen. Sean(not real name) was 6ft 1 Jamaican, very masculine and athletic with short dreads.
Will(not real name0 was a bit shorter and very muscular, bot totally straight looking.
We wasted no time and headed to the hotel.
My cock was rock hard and my asshole was ready to be stretched by these two black meat monsters, i couldn't wait.I wasted no time once in the hotel and got down on my knees and unzipped Sean and Will, both there uncut dicks springing out, Sean was 9 inches and really thick Will about 8 and equally fat.
I took sean into my mouth and he aggressivley started fucking my mouth, making me gag on his meat, pre cum oozing down my throat his balls slapping against my chin!
I then took Will into my mouth hardly getting any breath and he pumped my mouth with his dark man meat, so good!!!
Sean was now naked and his beautiful arse was now at my mouth level, i didn't hesitate in burying my face in it and giving his arse a good licking, i think he was a little taken aback but he soon started moaning as i tasted his sweet asshole. Will now had me naked on all fours and was lubing my arse with his spit and had 2 fingers in side me. I tuned round and told him to stop fucking about and to ram his big black cock into my gay arse!! I then carried on with my rim job of sean lisking his arsehole with my tongue and licking all the way down to his big hung balls before he turned around and rammed his cock into my ever eager mouth!
Will's cock slid into my arse easily, his spit and my own natural juices helped it slide in and he was now fucking me like the little faggot bitch i am. His big black dick felt so fucking good pumping into my juicy hole, harder....harder i begged him, this faggot needs fucking hard!!!.......

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My Buddy....fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:28

About the only sport that I am good at is golf, so I play a lot of it. Im 18, bisexual, medium hieght, white, brwon shaggy hair and in shape There is this one guy that I play with some times that ive known for about two years. He is tall, black, very athletic, bald, 30 years old but pretty sexy if you ask me. He is married to a sexy petite little blonde with B-sized tits and a nice petite bubble butt, about 29 and ive always had a crush on her, but only recently since I decided im bi have I started looking at him as a crush.

So one day me and him went to go play 18 and I guess it was the 5th or sixth hole he asked me if i was gay, saying I gave off that kind of vibe. I was in the closet, even though he knew none of my friends, I played strait and said no. He asked "are you sure?" I said "no dude, why are you so presistant? are you gay?" He hesitated and said yes. I told him I did not believe him and to prove it by grabbing my semi-hard cock inside my pants, and he did, for a good minute he rubbed my cock with his big soft hands. I took his hand out and did not say a word and just hit my next shot, on hole 9 I decided to just do it, in the closet or not. So I asked "if we did this, where would we fuck? my parents are always home and your wife doesnt work so she is too." He said something that made me pitch a tent just hear it, "thats the thing, she knows im bi, and want to watch me fuck you, she thinks you are sexy" "alright" I said, "can I fuck her another time?" "sure, ofcourse you can, you and her, you and me, all three, what ever man, its all fun" "but first time she wants to watch right?" "yeah" "and im on the bottom right?" "yeah" "can she be naked while she watches?" "ofcourse" "today?" "were finished with 9, how about right now? we just go to my place" "hell yeah!" We drove there quickly, him speeding almost the whole drive and my car close behind.

When we got there she wasnt there, he called her and she said that she would be about another hour and a half. Dissapointed he just cut on the TV, I said "how about I blow you while we wait? so you will last longer while she is here and in my ass?" "hell yeah" he replied and I started taking off his pants. When I took out his toy my jaw dropped, 9 inches of big black cock I could not even get my fingers around. I started rubbing it up and down, my mouth so close he could feel the heat of my breath on his cock head, just stroking slowly, up and down. It was driving him nuts I could tell, when precum came out I started using that as lubrication, when a little bit more came out I finally put it in my mouth. His cock was hard as a brick, I got a lot of spit on it, then stroked it with my hand, paying special attention to his head, rubing it a lot, making him twitch, while I licked is balls. He was shaved, cock and ass, as was I. I then stuck his dick back in my mouth, using my tounge to play with his head, finnaly, making this big black manly guy moan. With that I licked my finger and put it in his ass, and rubbed his prostate as I deep throated him for the first time, ungulfing his cock for a good 30 seconds. Each swalllow proding his prostate with my finger this big black man, my friend, would give out a short hier pitch moan and tilt his head back. I took it from my mouth and rubbed his head fiercly with my hadn, until he said he was going to cum, I put his head in my mouth and played with it, as I stroked his shaft with the hand that wasnt in his ass. His cum filled my mouth, nice warm thick juices, we still had an hour left. We made out with his cum between our mouths for a quiet a while, and I asked, "are you only gonna last 30 minutes later? my ass needs more than that!" "no no" he said "I will last much longer than that, you just gave me the best blowjob of my life." Supprised I said "really? that was my first one ever!" He was amazed, and we went back to making out with his cum until it was gone and his wife came home.

I had known her for as long as I knew him, I was kind of ashamed when I saw her, and could not look at her. Noticing this after a few moments, she came over, gave me a good make out kind of kiss, and took my hands and put them under her bra-less shirt, so I could feel her tits, "loosen up, your still the same k** to me! we just get to have lots and lots of fun now." We both smiled and the akwardness was gone, I kissed her again, and continued to feel her soft tits, and play with her hard nipples. Her husband came up behind me and started playing with my ass, feeling the tightness he had to ask "are your sure I will fit without hurting you? your awfull tight" "yeah you will" I said "I play with it all the time, it stretches well, you will fit just fine." She giggled, and he got naked. He undressed me as I undressed her untill all three of us were naked. She grabbed the lube and came back to kiss me some more, and made out with me as she lubed my ass really good, "okay little buddy, time to go back to our bed so this can begin" she said "you first." I began to walk back to their room.

I stood there next to the bed, she sat down in a comfy looking chair they had put in there for this occation, with her legs spread showing off her perky tits and pussy. I got in their bed on my hands and knees so I could face her, getting a few pillows under my chest for comfort. He got up behind me and laid his cock against my ass asking if I was ready. I said yeah and he slowly slid it in, it was so big and felt so amazing, his warm cock inside me, resting on my prostate, touching the deepest part of my ass just resting there for a second. My arms trembled and gave way, now resting on the pillows and my face on the bed. She giggled, he began slow going in and out, all I could do was drool as his big black cock slid in and out. He pulled all the way out, and put his head half way in, then slamed his cock into me, it made me maon really loud, his wife just giggled at the sight. He did it a few more times, poking my prostate each time, making my cock throb and spew a little precum. I warned her "I think im gonna ruin your sheets" she got up and looked, "nah your not" and dipped a few fingers in it and licked it from her fingers, looking so sexy. Sat back donw, her husband waited until she got comfortable again, and started humpung me now, picking up the pace. Everytime he hit the deepest part of my ass, with his balls slapping my ass, every pleasure sensor in my ass now on fire, making me moan so loud. She was then touching her pussy, rubbing it watching my pleasure so closely. He now started pounding, so hard that I could no longer hold my ass up, it fell into the bed, sending my cock and balls into my cum, soaking myself in it.

He was pounding me off the bed, I rolled over in attempt to not fall off, it was aparent he was not stopping anytime soon. When I rolled onto my back I could see the precum all over my dick, making it glisten, looking so suckable, I just wish it was sombody elses so I could suck the cum right off of it. With this new position his cock felt a little different, his big cock head hit my prostate in such a way it felt better, making more precum come from my cock, soaking it more. He was not using the bounciness of the bed to fuck me harder, soon I was falling off the bed. Before I could stop it I was upside down, holding myself up with my hands, and him holding me by my legs, in a position now that his cock had a perfectly aimed shot at my senitive spot. It would hit it head on then have to bend to go deep inside, making my arms tremble, but I did not dare let go. My precum now dripped on my face, but my tounge could no reach it and my hands were busy holding me up, so it just sat there on my face. His wife now got up, stuck a finger in my ass while he was still pounding me so very hard, she just stood over my working her finger inside me next to his cock, I could see her sweet pussy and ass so easily, and I knew I couldnt reach it but still craned my neck hoping to get some. She saw this, removed her finger, and lowered her body, slowly, but as soon as she glot to where my tounge could almost lick her pussy, she pulled up and made me lick the finger that was in my own ass. It didnt taste bad like I thought it would, actually it tasted very nice, I sucked it for a good minute till the taste was gone. She saw me trying to get the cum that was droppin on my face, so being the obvious tease that she is, she licked it off my face, teased me with it, then started licking it off my balls and worked her way to my cock head getting every drop off, making sure to keep her pussy right in my face, but not letting me lick it. When she finished she sat back down to watch her hubbys BBC quickly go in and out of me. Having held my self up as long as my arms will take, I fell on my head, looked at him and we all laughed.

He picked me up, and put my knees on her arm rests, and sat me down on his cock, now I was not going to move away. Once again he had perfect aim at my prostate, and was relentless as his took advantage, hitting it hard and making his cock bend putting more pressure on my spot. Once again I was drooling, and it was spilling right onto her pussy, she opened her lips for it to drop into her pussy. When it started flowing onto the seat, she stood up in the chair and kissed it off me, and said "snap out of it buddy" and I looked at her. When she was standing strait up I was looking strait into her tits, she began squeezing them and and teasing me when I tried to lick them. I sadly moaned, then grabbed her and pulled her to me so I could lick them, she giggled and let me do as I pleased. I switched between her tits and mouth. I noticed the longer he fucked, the better it felt, I was in heaven, pure extacy. She had a hand around my cock to get all the precum, it was now full of it, and she slirped it up into her mouth, I said "you better share!" with bulging cheeks, she crossed her arms and gave a little "hmph!" and we made out with it, I got some on my finger and gave a tiny laugh in her mouth, as I put it in her ass. She yelped, then giggled, and let me finger fuck her ass for a bit. She took some more cum and rubbed it on her boobs, making them shine, then let me lick them, they tasted a little better.

Her big black hubby and I were now sweating buckets, he was now able to pick me up and throw me up and down on his massive cock, the sweat letting our boddies just slide against eachother. I put my hands behind me to feel his body up, he was so ripped, it was almost as good as a girls body, it was even hairless. As I was being thrown about it gave my prostate a little break from being feircly stabbed at with a 9 inch pole, and just slid side by side but still a little proding and felt amazing. She just stood infront of me now dancing, showing off her super sexy body, tits still covered in cum. He said he was tired but not ready to cum, we were having too much fun, so he laid on the bed, while he was laying down I suck my finger in my butt to get more of my delicius taste then went and sat on his cock, facing him, so that the tilt of his cock would put a little more pressure on my spot. I began bouncing on his cock using the bouncy bed as a trampoline, making it easy to fuck myself like this. I was able to really feel his body now, six pack, pecks, I couldnt get enough. He said he was going to cum, and then through me over, back into doggy position, and came in my ass, he came so much, filling my ass, it felt so warm and sticky, I loved it. His wife quickly started licking my ass, sucking it out, swallowed, then blew me. After that much anal, I came in seconds, filling her mouth, she swallowed it.

When we finished out round of golf it was 2:00P.M. and when I looked at the clock after our fuck it was 8:15P.M. I called my parents and told them I wouldnt be there tonight, and just slept with them. We all slept naked and there was some nice handjobs, fingering, and oral involved, no more sex though.

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My first time with black cocks....Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:25

David made all the arrangements. He asked about my fantasy and several weeks later
he made it all happen. I was on my knees in front of 2 gorgeous black cocks stroking them
to hardness. What I didn't expect was that david was going to excuse himself and leave me
alone with these guys.

It was 8 PM and david said he would be back at midnight. He left with a smile and a wink.

Even though we had been introduced I had no idea what their names were. All I knew is they
were very good looking with great cocks. They brought me to my feet and told me to get them both
a beer. They followed me into the Kitchen and bar area. Once both had a beer we all sat at the bar
and talked.

They asked me to tell them how this night came to be. I told them that david wanted to know my deepest fantasies that we hadn't acted on. He instructed me to find pics and send them to him. Every pic I sent
was a white guy taking on at least 2 hot black cocks at the same time. Both men smiled.

I asked where david found them. One man said david found him on adult friend finder and he brought the
other man along. They chatted a few times...then got on the phone. And finally david met both for coffee at a local starbucks where they talked about the plans they had for me.

They asked david if my mouth and ass were both available to them. He nodded yes but only as long as
the first loads of cum from their cocks had to go in my mouth to be swallowed...and they could not use condoms when fucking me. Just hearing them tell me the details had me incredibly horny.

They asked what I wanted since it was my fantasy. I told them my biggest thing was to give them both very long blowjobs in various positions to help them build the biggest loads possible. I wanted to switch from sucking their cocks to having them face fuck me. But the single most important thing was that when they were ready to cum the first time that they had to keep their cocks inside my mouth so they would cum into my throat so I could swallow it all. After I got 2 loads from them I told them I was open to anything they wanted.

One gentleman stood up and motioned me towards him. I expected him to push me to my knees but instead he guided my hand to his cock so I could stroke him and with both hands he pulled my head to his and slid his tongue into my throat. It was a great make out session while I jacked him off and I was soon joined by the other man...who I also kissed while I jacked him off. I knew it was going to be hot.

While I made out with the 2nd man the first moved to the couch and stripped off all his clothes. He laid back and told me to come to him. He opened his legs so I could get in between and get to work on his cock. His hands found there way to my head and he eagerly fed his cock into my mouth.

The 2nd man stripped naked and both started their verbal fucking of me. "We're gonna feed this white boy some nigger cock tonight" was a phrase that got me even hotter.

I spent the next 90 minutes in multiple positions sucking and stroking those gorgeous cocks. I spent time on my knees sucking their balls only while they told me a hot cock sucker I was. one man laid on the bed and told me to suck his balls some more. I was on my knees pleasing his balls while his legs were in the air. He raised his legs some more and pulled his balls up higher. He looked me in the eye and said..."you know what to do". I assumed he wanted my tongue in his ass so that is exactly what he got.

His friend got on the bed on all fours and told me to spread his ass and put my tongue inside him. Both of them got their assholes thoroughly eaten.

They placed me on the bed...on my back with my head hanging over the edge upside down for them. They took turns throat fucking me. I could feel their balls slapping my nose and eyes as they fucked my throat like it was a cunt. When one was close to cumming he would pull out and the next guy would slam his black cock into my throat. I knew their loads were just going to keep building with this routine.

They moved me into various positions throughout the house and kept their cocks and balls in my mouth. I heard one man ask , " are you ready to eat some nigger cum faggot?" They took me back to the bedroom and laid me on my back again....head over the edge upside down...and started their throat fucking routine again. Their thrusts into my throat got deeper this time. Their cocks felt like a piston hammering my mouth. One would get close and pull out so the other could get his cock in my mouth.

I knew their efforts this time were not to keep edging but to deliver their cum into my throat. They took turns face fucking me for about 10 minutes when finally one man told me to get ready to eat his cum. The other told me to start swallowing as soon as I felt his cum in my mouth and that he was not taking his cock out until I had swallowed every drop.

I heard a loud grunt and directions to "eat that nigger load motherfucka". His cock sank into my throat and nearly choked me. I distinctly felt 8 large bursts of cum into my throat. He used his body to push my head into the bed so I could not move. He emptied his balls into my throat and I swallowed every drop.

Once he was satisfied that all his cum was gone he pulled his cock out. His friend told me to get off the bed and onto my knees in front of him. As i knelt in front of him his hands grabbed my head while he slipped into my mouth. The first guy got behind me and held my hands behind my back. Once again my throat was being fucked deep by hot black cock with the intent of delivering cum into my throat. I was somewhat surprised that the size of the 2nd load was larger than the first. He pumped cum into me for what seemed like forever.

They both tasted great. It was exactly what I had hoped for. After a 10 minute break they were ready to give me the ass fucking of a lifetime...

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My time in prison......fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:24

So I was in prison for about 4 years on some false charges, I was 18 when I first wen in, about 5'9", the months while the trial was going on I worked out, thinking it would help me in prison, because I figured I was probably losing. With long dark brown hair, and almost hairless body, it just made me look like more of a pretty boy. Anyway, I lost, and had to go to prison.

They threw me in a tight cell, just 2 bunks with thin matresses, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, a sink and a toilet. I looked at my new cellmate, Billy, who was just reading a book, he was huge, probably 6'3" and arms as big as my head, tattood all over, and bald. He looked pretty mean so I kept to myself and tried no to bother him, fearing that he will beat me. Soon as the guards left and we could hear them get down the hall, he came and stood over me and my bunk. He said "I could tear you apart, and so could 90% of the prisoners here, but since your my cellmate, im going to take you under my wing, and protect you, but first things first." He pulled his pants down and waved his semi hard cock in my face. I asked "Is this a test to weed out the fags or what?" He replied "no, your going to be a fag weather you like it or not, unless you want to be killed."

I grabbed his cock and started to slowly stroke it, I just got the mindset "Im gay, be as gay as possible" even though im strait, It was either embrace it or fear it, so I embraced my new lifestyle. I took his 9 inch thick cock into my mouth, my first cock ever, he was not **** anything, letting me go at my own pace. I started by going up and down his shaft with my lips, and going to work on his head with my tounge. I did this for a while, sometimes taking it out to rub it with my hand, I didnt know what else to do. I actually got hard, the hardest my cock had been since the first time I fucked a girl, maybe I was gay. After about 15 minutes he came, overflowing my mouth "swallow" and I did as he asked, taking 4 gulps to get it all down, then licking his cock clean. He said that later my as was going to get it, and that I may want to take the few hours between now and then to "loosen up" so it wouldnt hurt me. He wasnt totally selfish.

I spent the next little while, with my new gay attitude, spitting on my fingers and widening my ass, one finger, then two, some rest, then 3, and fucking myself with 3, I got naked and told him I was ready, Billy just stayed silent, and read his book, half hour later he got up, already shirtless, took off his pants and rubbed his cock hard. I got on my bed in doggy potion, and he got up behind me, shoved my face into the mattress and quickly shoved his whole length into me, hitting the back of my ass, not painfull, but made me tremble and I screamed out a moan then yelled "fuck me." He started and a quick pace, in and out, and got faster, and faster, in a minute he was going more rapid than I ever imagine. I moaned and moaned, drooling onto the pillow. My first cock ever, had pressure on hot spot, and each thrust was hitting the back of my ass, another hot spot, and the sensation of his cock rushing in and out of my ass, all together. It felt like I was at my peak and about to cum, but it didnt end, just continued and got more and more intense as he fucked. I couldnt even think of where I was, It felt like I was just on a cloud in heaven. He fucked furociously and came in my ass, filling it.

I now knew that I was gay, or bi, because after that, there was no way I could live my life, denying that, that was the best thing I ever felt, and better yet, I was going to get this all the time now.

The next day in the yard, when some guys crowded around me, to mess with the new pretty boy inmate, pushing me and trying to fight, when Billy stepped in and instantly they backed off. I said thanks, then he introduced me to the guys he hung with, they were all big and strong, I felt like a little k** around them. Before I knew it, it was time to go back to our cells. There was nothing to do, within a few days I read all of his books, I started working out. When I had slept enough and was sore from wroking out, I would just play with my cock, or ass, not even for pleasure all the time, just to have something to play with. Billy would just be re reading a book of his, and I would go play with his member, not really a handjob, just fool around with it, play with his big balls, slap myself with it, maybe slap it around, not hard, just playfully. He did not mind, just let me do as I please while he flipped through the pages of his books. I loved it when he was just semi hard, still long, a little stiff, but flopped around in my hands and squished a little bit, really made some of the time fly by, I was like a k** with his favorite toy. I loved sucking it when it was just semi hard, I was able to swallow the whole thing, nibble on it and just have fun sucking. Every once in a while I was be swallowing him and he would stop reading and make it hard while it was in my throat, making me gag to get a laugh, I would laugh too. It was also fun to stick his cock in my ass while it was semi hard, was not as good as a stiff cock, but it felt different, and was able to play with it more and work it with the muscles in my ass, and once again, not all for pleasure, just something to do. I would much rather be fucked with a rock hard member. There was just something about a half hard dick that kept me entertained, and he is the only person ive ever met that could keep a half hard or flacid cock while it was toyed with, sucked on, or fucked, so long as he read and didnt fuck. He paid off a guard and got me a fun dildo to play with, I could still play with him, but now if he was asleap I had that, or I could do both, and when the guards came to search, it was easy to just shove up my ass to hide it.

One night I woke up to my face being slapped by Billys rock hard cock and when I looked at him he just said "get naked, time to be my bitch." (he didnt know I was already sl**ping naked under my covers) I rolled back over and said "im tired, tomorrow morning Ill let you fuck me good" shocked he lashed back "now bitch, or I will **** you." Tired and not caring and kind of wanting to see what it would be like, I just said "meh thats the only way you will get it now." He went and sat on his bed, thinking it was done I fell back asleap, only to be re awakened later again with his cock slapping me in the face. The first thing I noticed is he used my covers, his covers, sheets, and pillowcase to tied me down, ass up. Soon as he saw I was awake, he shoved his cock down my throat, choking me, and said "you asked for it bitch" I struggled but it didnt help, he just thrusted in and out of my throat. Soon I **** from not enough air and when I woke up, he was ramming my ass.

Soon I was moaning like his litte bitch, and I started flexing the muscles I found in my ass, making him moan a little bit. I kept doing it because it felt amazing, I didnt realize I could cum from anal because the first time was the most amazing and I still had to jerk off to cum, but after working my ass muscles, I came the biggest cumshot of my life, but I stayed hard. I kept working my ass, and after a while, he came, and for the first time of my life, making me cum twice in one session of fucking. When he removed his cock, he shoved the dildo in to plug the hole, and left me tied there, to spend the rest of the night sl**ping in my puddle of sticky cum. He just covered me up so the guards would not see, and untied me in the morning. I sucked his cock when he did as a thanks for the best fuck of my life.

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Having sex whilst dressed in lingerie

Posted by gilsmybf at 21,Apr,14 22:22

For many years I have fantasised about having sex with a women whilst I was dressed in her lingerie. The thril of wearing her lingerie and then making love to her would be very erotic. The closest I have gone to this was dressing in my **** in law's lingerie and cumming on her pics. This excited me a lot but I would really like to do it for real with her

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Flight Attendant Threesome Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:18

Recently I went on a business trip to Chicago. On the plane, one of the flight attendants caught my attention for two reasons; he was more masculine then most male flight attendants and he was wearing a necklace from which hung the hardware I’d seen pierced through the end of some of the cocks in porn pictures I’d browsed. The hardware piece was u-shaped with a round ball on each end of the U. What got my brain and cock twitching was the gauge of the bent steel U. It had to be about ½ a centimeter in diameter. I thought about how something that thick might fit in a cock which led me to thoughts about how large his cock might be if in fact he had an identical one pierced through his cock. This led my thoughts to how he would look naked with that large pierced cock hanging down. He was built like a football player, stood about 6 ft. 5 inches, was muscular and had a shaved head. Each time he walked up the aisle, I found myself glancing at his crotch, trying to catch a glimpse of the outline of his cock. As my imagination ran wild, my own cock started to lengthen down along my thigh. I didn’t dare jerk off but I did cover my lap with a blanket so I could slowly stroke myself for the last hour of the flight.

When the flight landed I got my rental car and checked into my hotel near the airport. I ate some dinner, went back to my room and decided to check out some porn sites on my laptop. I searched Google for jockstraps, cocks and underwear and found some great blogs that got my cock twitching. After about an hour of surfing, I clicked on the casual encounters link for Chicago. I browsed through a few ads and then found one that made my cock jump. The ad was for a couple seeking a man to join them for a threesome. The woman was very hot and the man looked well built. I scrolled down and there was a pic of her pussy from behind and a close up pic of his large cock….with a Prince Albert! The hardware looked large and my mind started racing! Was this the flight attendant? The ad said they would be in town for one night and would be staying in a hotel near the airport! Holy Shit! I immediately sent them a reply which included a pic of me leaning against a tree sporting a large hard on. (I don’t’ have model looks but I am proud of my body – work out religiously and am fairly muscular.) I mentioned in my note that I had always fantasized about having a mmf threesome and that their pics had really turned me on. While I waited I went to check out some online porn and watched a few videos of guys with Prince Albert’s shooting their loads. About 10 minutes later I got a reply. They said they were interested and asked if I wanted to come to their hotel room, have a few drinks and see how it went from there. I replied back that I was interested and almost immediately got a response with an address and Hotel name. It was my Hotel and was two floors up! In my excitement I had forgotten to ask if he was bisexual but I figured it would be very hot even if he wasn’t. Before I got dressed I looked down at my hard cock and noticed it was dripping with precum. I squeezed my fingers up along the underside of my pulsing cock causing a large blob of precum to drip onto my other hand. I brought my precum coated fingers up to my mouth and licked them, swirling my precum around my tongue, pretending it was from his cock. I threw on clothes and headed for the elevator.

She answered the door wearing a see through body suit that showed off her amazing body and her large pointed nipples. Before I could say anything she pulled me in, shut the door, reached out and grabbed my hard cock that was trapped along my leg and moaned. She was so fucking horny! She slammed in close and we french kissed while I reached around and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand. I pressed my leg between her legs and she ground her pussy against it. She broke off and pulled me by the hand into the room. There, naked on the bed and blind folded was the flight attendant! He was on his back; legs and arms spread eagled and tied with silk to the 4 corners of the bed. His pierced cock was huge, extending up past his belly button and pulsing with a life of its own. As I stood staring at his magnificent cock he said “Honey, who was at the door?” She pulled off her body suit and said “it was room service – wrong room. Now where were we?” He arched his hips off the bed and said “you were making me crazy with that tongue of yours!” She seductively looked me in the eye, crawled up onto the base of the bed, put her knees inside of his legs and began to slowly lick his balls. He moaned (I almost moaned) and began to slowly grind his hips. I dove for her dripping pussy and ran my tongue up between her pouting lips. She moaned and I could tell from the sound that she had his big cock in her mouth. I looked under her and could see her mouth bobbing up and down on his shaft while she fondled his balls. I moved underneath her and licked my way up to her clit. She moaned again and said “honey I’m gonna make myself cum.” I latched onto her clit and flicked my tongue rapidly bringing her over the edge. “Ohhhh, Yes! Ahhhh FUUUUUCCKKKK OOOOOOHHHHHH” She bucked her pussy against my mouth hard, over and over again. When she came down she said “Oh my God honey! That was a strong one!” He was so turned on he was still slowly grinding his hips, trying to rub his cock against his chiseled abs. “Suck my cock babe! I need your mouth again!” he said. She looked up at me with lust in her eyes. “Noooo honey I need that big fat cock up my pussy now!” she said. She climbed up on the bed and facing me, slowly lowered herself onto his huge cock. “Oooohhhhhhhhh. Yeeesssssss” she moaned, until he was all the way up inside her. “Oh! Oh! I’m gonna cum again!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she yelled. She shook, bucked and bounced on his cock like some kind of possessed sex goddess. I almost came watching her. I quickly took off my pants and noticed my underwear had a big wet precum spot on it. I pulled down my underwear and my cock sprang up and slapped my stomach. I had never been so hard. He was thrusting his hips up, fucking her hot cunt faster and faster. “Fuck Jen I’m close!” he said. She replied “Not yet Rusty. I’ll make you cum but not yet.” and slid up and off him causing his wet cock to make a slapping sound as it hit his stomach. She came over to me, got on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. It was all I could do not to groan. She moved down and took my balls into her mouth one at a time. Precum was oozing out of my cock like a faucet! She moved up, licking it up and squeezing my cock to get more. When I started to get close, she pulled off, slid her body up mine and kissed me. Her mouth was slippery with cum, his and mine. She whispered in my ear. “Do you want to suck his cock?” I nodded yes, completely consumed with lust. “Rusty, do you want me to suck your hot cock again?” she said in a sexy voice. “Fuck yes! I need my cock in your mouth! Lick my balls! Lick my asshole! Fuck! Honey I’m so horned up!” I moved in between his legs and took one long lick from between his balls up to the tip of his pierced cock. The scent was amazing and his cock became my world. I picked up his cock and marveled at how thick and tall it was standing straight up. I ran my tongue around his cockhead and he moaned like and a****l. I slid my mouth down over his cock until I felt his cock head hit the back of my throat. It was smooth, warm and I could feel the underside pulsing against my tongue. I pressed my mouth around the shaft, pulling my lips toward the head and was rewarded with a gush of precum. It tasted salty and I loved how slippery it made his cock head against my tongue. I suddenly felt her hand grab my cock from behind, pulling it back. She began to stoke me and then run her tongue up and around my asshole. This was so fuckin hot! I could tell Rusty was getting close so I pulled off, squeezed a big glob of precum out of his cock and rubbed it into his asshole. He groaned loudly and began bucking against my fingers. I slowly slid my middle finger up his ass as I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked hard, flicking my tongue on the underside of his cockhead. He began yelling “AAAAHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCKKKUUUUUGGGGGGG”. I felt his asshole clamp down on my finger as he thrust his hips up and exploded in my mouth. Shot after shot of cum hit the back of my mouth. Instead of swallowing it I let it run out of my mouth and down his cock so I could spread it all around his shaft and balls with my tongue. I took his cock fully back into my mouth just as I felt her mouth slide up my cock and her finger push into my asshole! That was all I could handle and I began cumming harder then I had ever cum! Lost in the intensity of my orgasm I practically collapsed. When I regained my senses I realized Rusty’s semi-hard cock had slid down my throat! I began slowly sliding it up and down while I pressed up with my finger still in Rusty’s ass, massaging Rusty’s prostate. Within a few seconds I felt Rusty’s cock start to harden again. Holy shit! I was deep throating my first cock! I looked up to see Jen climb on to the bed and remove the blind fold. Rusty lustfully looked down at me and I felt his cock jerk in my throat. Jen then swung her leg over his face and purred “Eat me honey. Lick my dripping pussy.” She said “Do you like having your cock sucked by a man honey? Oooooh baby it looks so big and h Oh! FUCK! AAAAAHHH”. She must have been hugely turned on because launched into a huge orgasm, bucking and cumming for about a minute! She collapsed off to the side of Rusty and Rusty said “I need your cock in my mouth! I need to suck you cock!” I flipped around and lowered myself in to a 69 with him. He gobbled my cock and brought me back to an erection in no time. His mouth was so powerful! I’d never felt anything so amazing! Rusty pushed his big finger up my asshole and began copying my prostate massage. We were both moaning around each other’s cocks and grinding our hips more and more frantically. I was so incredibly horny I pulled off Rusty’s cock and decided to try something I’d never done. “I need to fuck your big cock!” I said. I stood up, positioned myself over Rusty’s oozing cock and lowered my ass down. I let the tip of his pulsing cock push farther and farther in until finally I just dropped down, impaling my ass with all of his cock. Rusty moaned loudly and I yelled “AAAAHHHHHHHHH FUUUCKKKKK!” After a minute I started moving up and down his shaft slowly. The feeling was unbelievable! Jen moved over and took my dripping cock in her mouth. Rusty increased his hip thrusts, pounding harder and harder up my ass. I screamed “AAAAHHHHGGG IIII’MMM CUMMMMINNNNNGGGG!” Jen pulled my cock out of her mouth and I shot volley after volley of cum up over Rusty’s chest, face and tongue. Rusty slammed up into me and cried “FFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK AAAAAHHHHH! And shot his cum up inside of me. His orgasm lasted about 30 seconds. I swear he must have cum a few times! I collapsed down onto Rusty’s muscular, cum soaked chest.

We ended up trying all kinds of new things later that night. I fucked Rusty while he fucked Jen. We double fucked Jen until she literally **** from the loudest orgasm I’d ever heard! Jen and Rusty let me know they had both known I was coming over. The blind fold was to make it more exciting for me.

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The biggest cock I ever had... or so I thought.

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By the by this is not a fantasy. I'm the luckiest bastard ever cuz this happened.
A little about me. I'm bi & love sucking cock. I've had plenty & have become quite the cocksucker. Put it this way... I've never met a cock I couldn't take balls deep! I'm quite the deep throat expert & I love it. I rarely get anal because I'm a “size queen” when it comes down to that. But not for oral sex. Just be d&d free & hard! I get off just fine giving a long, deep, wet BJ.
I was perusing through a “hooking up” website (as I have many times before) & found an ad that caught my attention. “Married black man in town on business looking for oral release”. Well who wouldn't be interested. So I decided to add my reply to the inevitably endless cavalcade. To my surprise I received a reply almost immediately. Well we exchanged a few emails & we each decided the other was pretty normal so we arranged a meet & greet 3 days hence. The earliest our schedules would allow. Something came up on his end & we had to push that back 2 more days. I had learned a few things about Jay from our emails. He was tired of jerking off, he had never been with a guy & decided getting a hummer from one wouldn't be cheating & he was “hung”. I didn't ask how hung because I wanted it to be my surprise. In my experience when a guy says “hung” I can look forward to 7” +. Good news for me! We met up at a chain restaurant/bar near his place which was a hotel his company put him up in while he was in town on his extended work assignment. We exchanged pics so I knew him when I walked in. He was 6'3”, bald, & lean like a swimmer. I suppose he was handsome but I didn't want to date him, I wanted to find out his definition of hung. I let Jay take the lead since I was being the bottom and I can be intimidating. I'm 6'6”, short hair, trimmed goatee, with a football players build. Not everyones first choice for a bottom. After a couple of drinks Jay says “Let's go to my place”! So we do. In the parking lot he says he'll need to stop & get some condoms. I say “No problem, I have some in the glove box”. Then show them to him. He says. “They might be to small”. Well he's got my attention now! My mind starts racing, I realize I have a stupid grin on my face! I actually start salivating at the prospect.
He's in a mini-suite with a couch, chair, desk, mini-fridge, microwave, sink... all the comforts. He fixes himself a drink & ask if I would like one. I decline thinking “Shut up & show me your cock”! We go over to the couch & relax. He drinks deep from his cocktail & with a deep breath ask “So, how do we do this”? I tell him to take off his pants while I get a towel from the bath so he can sit on it. I love to slobber & drool so this keeps the couch dry. He's now comfy. I'm on my knees slobbering at the prospect but he's held his legs together. With one big gulp he finishes his drink, leans back on the couch & reveals his package! Wow, flaccid he's 6 or 7 inches, uncircumcised, with big round hairless balls. I ask him if he wants me to stroke him till he's hard enough to put on one of his condoms or if he will. Jay replies “It's OK, you can blow me without one”. Cool, I'm with a guy 2 or 3 times before he loses the condom. Jay is in for a treat. I think I am too.
I take all of his limp tool into my mouth, apply suction while running my tongue all over his cock. Jay responds immediately with a low moan. As I pull back still applying suction, his cock does as well. It pulses & throbs as I continue the intense suction along the length of his expanding love muscle. Jay lets loose with a “Damn! I thought I might have trouble gettin hard but you are great”! I continued without comment. Jays cock seems to be growing exponentially! As he increases in size I only take him to the back of my mouth. Not down my hungry throat... not yet. With my thumb & forefinger at the base of his shaft & my mouth enveloping his throbbing head I can tell he's at full attention. I slide my salivating mouth slowly off his rock hard cock to see the fruits of my labor. With streamers of spit still connecting my mouth & Jays cock. Now it's my turn “Damn”! Glistening in the lamplight is a magnificent foot long dong (minimum). 12 inches, very thick, straight & hard as granite. I've never seen a tool this length outside of porn & carnival freak shows. I realize Jay is staring at me staring at his resplendent penis. Jay proudly states “12 inches” and smiles. I have not mentioned to Jay that I have impressive deep throat skills which I now intend to test the extent of. I'm confident I can take his impressive length into me.
I position myself directly over his skyward pointing shaft. I inhale him oh so slowly into my mouth as the spit starts to flow. I take Jays cock all the way to the entrance to my throat, then out again until it's just my lips on the very tip of his head. I repeat this many times. At the apex of one of these trips I look at Jays face. With eyes closed a smile on his lips it's obvious he is consumed with pleasure. Now! I break my rhythm. As his massive mushroom head hits my throat. I don't stop to pull back. I keep going & going & going. This is a long trip but so worth it. Finally my lips hit the base, he is completely in my throat. I hold for a moment as my eyes start to water then slowly slide up his monumental shaft leaving a slime trail behind. As I lift my mouth off him I look at Jay. His eyes are wide open, his mouth agape, I know I've done well. “No-no one has ever sucked me all the way down. Not my wife... no one”. Jay stammered. “Can you do it again”? he asked. I don't bother to reply. Actions speak louder than words. I slide his hugeness back down my willing throat. Down then up, down then up, Jay has become very still. His cock pulses then throbs it becomes even harder (if that's possible). I continue traveling up & down. When at the base of his shaft I pull my lower lip away & slip my tongue out to try & lick one of his balls. I can't reach them. So I slide my tongue in & out, left & right as I go back up for air. This is one of those times I wish I could breathe through my ears. Back at the base I pull my lips off, then I slide up & down in fast 2-4 inch strokes jacking Jays prodigious shaft with my throat. This creates a loud, wet, sloppy, pulsing sound like a plunger slopping in & out. “That's it”! Jay exclaimed as I felt him jerk deep in my throat. I had to taste him so I traveled to his head. I felt a hot jetstream of cum hit the back of my mouth as I lifted off him. I closed my mouth, lips around his head to ensnare his jizz in my mouth. I'm just in time to receive another thick squirt that near fills my mouth to overflowing. Not wanting this to go to waste I slide him back down my throat again while Jay gushed his load into me like a fire hose. Jay is now in the throws of a full body orgasm. Moaning & convulsing as I milk every drop I can while holding him deeply in my gullet. It's at this point I savor his gift to me. Jays glorious ejaculate is thick, voluminous, & hands down the sweetest tasting load I have ever had. Jays seizure eventually subsides & I slip his still erect tool from my mouth pausing at the head to suck out any last traces of his sweet nectar from his prodigious shaft. After all it's a long way from his heavy balls to the slit so I just wanted to help out. I was rewarded with another taste of his deliciousness. After a quick survey it appeared as if I didn't miss a drop of his man goo. Just some of my slobber on his legs & balls.
“Relax” I said. I went to the restroom and cleaned up with a damp washcloth. Then prepped another with a hand towel for Jay. I plopped them next to him on the couch. He still had not moved & his prick was still erect. I went to the bar & poured myself & Jay a drink & returned to the couch. I touched the ice chilled glass to his shoulder. “You all right”? I asked. “Yeah, thanks”. Jay replied, coming back to life & taking a long pull from his drink. “Sorry, I didn't mean to cum so fast but it was just so good”! he said as he cleaned himself up. I said “That wasn't fast, that took 20 minutes”. “ I usually last longer but that was a 6 day load. I don't think I've ever cum that much in my life” he replied. We were cleaned up, chatting & sipping from our drinks when I had to ask him. “So what's the deal with him”? Commenting on his still mostly erect unit. “ I guess he likes you” was Jays reply.
I sat my drink down & moved my mouth to his cock once again. Jay was still mostly engorged just not totally rock hard. I would see what I could do about that. As I slid his full length down my throat he was totally hard by the time I hit bottom. “Damn, what a stud”. “I hope his wife appreciates it. I mean him.” I thought to myself. I became used to Jay extreme size as I continued to pump him in & out with only my mouth & throat. I began to speed up taking him faster & faster. Jay moaned his appreciation. Then I did a thing I call the compass. I swallowed him fast & then slowly slide off of him while moving my head to the left, then to the right, then up, & down. Now to go deep. I took a deep breath and slid all the way down then just kept pushing till my face was completely buried. My eyes started watering as I reached new depths. With him deeper in me than he'd ever been I rotated my head slowly to the left, then the right. I need air but not yet. I now curl my lips away from his flesh & pump him quickly up & down as I did earlier when he shot his load. I also let fly with guttural gagging sounds as I continue pulsing slowly up his shaft to his swollen head. Next I took his gargantuan tool from the side. It was like a whole new cock! He felt even larger as I pumped his massiveness with my throat. I'd moved back around between his legs when I felt Jay's hand on my head. It was the first time he'd touched me since we started. He began pushing my head down & up as he slowly began pumping his own hips up & down. I relaxed & let him use me to jack off his ponderous cock. After a while Jay said “ Let me do some of the work”. As he stood up off the couch. With me on my knees & that insane monster cock parallel to my face I knew we were a sight to behold. I could now fully appreciate Jays big balls. They hung exceptionally low. They might have been comical if they weren't so hot. He put both hands on my head & all but f***ed his mammoth man meat down my throat. He knew I could take it. I opened my mouth wide allowing him to ram his dick balls deep then completely out. He face fucked me faster & faster. My god I was in heaven. This monster cock just kept going & going. Never had I been with a dude who could hold out this long to my oral ministrations. Jay was totally into it. He was watching as his raging hard-on pumped in & out of my eager throat. He was talking dirty. Saying “Take my big black cock! Take it all the way!You're the best cocksucker ever! It's like fucking a pussy but better!” Jay then thrust his colossal cock exceptionally hard using both hands on the back of my head pulling my cock hungry throat DEEP onto him & holding me there in much the same way I had done to him on the couch. With watering eyes I placed my hands lightly on his hips & pulled him to me letting him know he had not killed me with his fat fuck stick. I was sure he was going to let loose with another load of jism but I didn't feel the familiar jerking of his cock. Jay now slowly withdrew his still rock hard dick & I gave little push to let him know it was time too. I gave a cough as the tendrils of spit thinned & separated between my lips & Jays glistening rod. Damn I was about worn out. I was still horny though because I had only rubbed myself through my shorts. I had not pulled out my cock to give it sufficient attention for fear of freakin out Jay. I was like “Damn Jay! Where'd that come from? Very hot but let me catch my breath”! I got a bottle of water from the mini-fridge & tossed him one. My throat was definitely sore.
“Do you... I think... I might want to fuck your ass?” he said somewhat sheepishly. “Do you? Are you sure”? I confirmed with him. I told him his size more than met my “standards” for anal, that he would have to use a condom & go slowly like I was an 18 year old virgin, & since my shorts were gonna be off he would probably see my cock. While I did not expect him to even touch it I would be & when I came I would do my level best to not get any on him. His reply was “Yes”. Fortunately for me I always & I mean always approach these encounters fully prepped & cleaned should this situation occur. Most of the time it does not but I was beginning to feel lucky. “Get your condoms”. I said as I grabbed my backpack & went into the restroom. I was still clean & I applied lube to my increasingly eager backside. I worked in the head of my favorite toy to stretch my opening so as to assure Jay & myself an easy insertion. I returned lube in hand to see Jay sitting on the edge of the bed with the condom box open but he had not put one on. He was still hard though. I asked “Did you change your mind”? It would not be the first time it had happened to me. “No” he said. “I was hoping you could do something for me”.
He told me that years ago he had seen a porno where a girl had taken a condom in her mouth & gone down on this guy & when she came back up the condom was on his dick. He thought it the hottest thing ever & since his wife would not put her mouth on a condom he had never had it done. I told him I'd give it a try. Now I had done it before but not on someone of Jays immense size. I knew I could do it for Jay but my throat was sore & I didn't want to get his hopes up. I took the condom from Jay & noticed a big XXL on the wrapper as I got on my knees between his legs. Amazingly Jays schlong was still hard! So was I but I hadn't had me sucking it for God knows how long. I began licking, sucking, & kissing all around the outside of his still intimidating pleasure pole. Slowly getting it wetter & wetter as I traversed the incredible distance from top to bottom over & over again. Jay had a glorious “puddle” of precum in the slit of his penis. I touched my lips to it with the slightest bit of suction & pulled away. The shimmering single strand of precum bridged the gap between lips & dick. I sucked it in as I moved back to Jays cock head. I took Jay once more into my mouth & down my throat. He once again moaned his approval. He fit nicely in my throat. As if he had a custom made cock groove. My throat hurt. The break & water helped as I found more saliva for Jays condom. I opened the wrapper as his cock withdrew from my oral cavity. While placing the big ass condom in my mouth I made eye contact with Jay. He had a grin from ear to ear. Just then his cock pulsed like it was trying to jump down my throat all by itself. “Easy big boy” I mumbled through the condom. I sucked the condom into my mouth stretching it out & “wrapped” it around Jays moist throbbing cock head. I slowly started to move down his thick pulsing shaft with latex unrolling 360 degrees around my lips. As his dick entered my throat a fresh fount of spit spilled down, coating the condom & still exposed shaft. I felt the roll of latex on one side slip in my mouth so without extracting myself I used 1 finger to get it back in place. Knowing Jay was watching I just kept pushing until I ran out of condom. Luckily I reached the base of his cock very soon after. I quickly slid north to get air grabbing the base of the condom w/ thumb & forefinger so as to keep it in place. Damn I was pretty much a drowning man, gasping for air with a nice little head rush to boot. But I had done it. There was Jays cock in front of me completely ensconced in latex.
I stood up, dropped my shorts, & my 8 incher popped up. Though dwarfed by Jays gigantitude I felt fine. I have had no complaints & in addition to being 8 inches long I'm also 8 inches around. Also I wouldn't say I have big balls but I do shoot some pretty huge loads. I was thicker than Jay though he had me defeated on length. Jay let slip a “Damn”! I laughed “Don't worry this is not for you”. I don't do dudes... unless they're chicks. But that's another story.
I handed Jay the lube & got knees apart on the edge of the bed on all fours. So he could take me standing. Jay squeezed lube on my waiting hole. As I reached around to massage it in I saw Jay lubing up his insane monster cock. “Slowly” I said. Jay replied w/ a “Mmm mmm” in the affirmative. When I felt pressure at my slippery hole I relaxed & rocked my body forward a bit. The pressure continued as I felt myself open & open & open. I rocked forward expelling what I assume was the end of a telephone pole from my ass saying “Wait a second”! The discomfort subsided as I rocked back with an “OK”. I felt the tip of his cock again as it pressed more easily into me. Jay stopped pushing saying “That's the head. You OK”? I replied by sliding a little deeper on Jay's meat stick. Jay put a hand in the small of my back & said “Hold still”. Jay pulled back till just the tippy-tip was still in me. Then he pushed forward “popping” my increasingly eager hole fully open. He did this a number of times. I was in heaven. I began to feel him thrusting into me just a little bit deeper w/ each forward move. This was awesome. Jay stopped & pulled out saying “more lube”. I had a moment of panic. What did he say? Is he through? Oh more lube, as he shoved that rock hard piston back into me. He felt exactly deep as he was before when he stopped saying “That's a little more than half. You OK”? I had this now. “Now you hold still”. I told Jay. I rocked forward sliding to the tip of Jays dick. Then steadily w/ purpose slid back down taking him deeper than I had so far. I enjoyed a soothing “mmm” from Jay. I repeated the process. To the tip then down, feeling I was taking a bit more each time. I don't know how long it took but finally I felt the warmth of Jays flesh as it pressed against mine. Jay then pushed into me the extra little bit. Holy Shit! I stopped & held him fully inside me. Fuck, he's trying to fuck my throat from the other direction now. I was a little tired, sweaty, & had relaxed so much to accommodate Jays redwood I had lost my hardon. I was still as Jay slowly removed his prodigious dick from my ass. I felt the air return to my lungs then leave just as quickly as Jays slippery man meat slid balls deep back into me & hold for a moment. My body quivered. I felt my dick coming to life again. Jay did this again... & again. I totally went off into ecstasy land so some of this is as nearly as I recall. Jay pulled his anaconda all the way out, applied more lube then shoved the head back in. All the way out then just the head. Slowly at first then gradually increasing in speed. When he had established a steady rhythm he then shoved his mammoth hardon about halfway & held it for a moment. Then all the way out & back to the same point, slowly then getting faster. My head buried in pillows I was stroking my own thick cock & fucking loving it! Now Jay is balls deep again! He then shifts his hips from left of center then to the right. Then up & down & then this swirly motion. HOLY SHIT! I've never felt anything like it in my life. Pure ecstasy! This cocksmith is rearranging my insides & I'm loving it. I had pretty much let loose with some low moans & bit my lip to keep to shouting out but when Jay started swirling I let go. “Holy fuck, god dammit, that feels sooo fucking good, aaaggghh, I fucking love it”! I would swear his fucking cock was bigger now than when we started! Jay starts pulling his dick all the way out then shoving it in all the way & pushing into me hard as if to say “Oh, here's another ¼ inch”! Over & over& over. I begin to wonder if I'd survive this. Self preservation is out the window. 12 inches of rock hard black cock pounding my willing ass! I can't take anymore. “I'm cumming”! I hear myself say. Jay grabs my hips & rockets his giant fuck stick balls deep & grinding as he holds me on him. I start shooting thick jets of jism stream after stream into the bedspread. Now I'm in the throws of a full body orgasm for I don't know how long. Jays holding me onto him (Gawd knows I can tell) & I think I'm speaking in tongues. Eventually I begin to perceive my surroundings. Jay releases my hips & I rock forward slowly sliding off Jays 3 foot cock (or that's what it felt like) onto the pile of pillows. I physically feel hollow inside. Like there is something that should be there but isn't.
I feel something cold on my shoulder. It's Jay with a bottle of water & a towel. I feel like I've run a marathon as I towel down & drink some water. Jay is standing on the opposite side of the bed from where he fucked my legs off drinking water as well. I see Jays still hard cock with no condom on. “You didn't cum”? I asked. “No, I almost did when you came. You clamped down so hard on me I thought you might rip my dick off if I tried to pull out. I wanted to cum in your throat”. He said with a smile. I would have done anything Jay asked at that point. I some how found it in me to crawl forward off the bed & onto the floor once again coming face to cock w/ the greatest tool I had ever experienced.
Call me evil but I thought I might tease Jay a bit. As my face got closer to his dick I spit directly onto his raging hardon. I continued moving forward slipping around to the side of his cock catching my own spit before it could slide off using my lips & tongue to wet down his massiveness. I then moved to the head flicking my tongue all around its prodigious dimension. Then I continued flicking around his cum hole stopping to try & shove my tongue down into it. Now I flick my tongue left to right “slapping” his leviathan as hard as I can while moving all over paying special attention to the underside. Whenever near the head I suck hard just on the tip. I finally take his cock head into my mouth (which near fills it) & start twisting my head around & moving him from cheek to cheek, against the roof & sliding it just to the entrance of my throat. I also “sc****” my teeth ever so lightly along the shaft & head. I now grabbed him at the base of his shaft w/ thumb & forefinger & circle his cockhead around my lips like a girl might put on lipstick saying “Do you want to cum in my throat”? His tool was quivering like a taught bowstring. “Deep throat me”! Jay finally conceded.
I wasted no time. The prospect of getting throat fucked by Jay AGAIN was to much. I slide his gigantic cock all the way down my throat then to the tip. Then back down. Getting faster & faster. Jays hands on my head my hands on his hips we established a rhythm. I was in the zone exhaling or inhaling as much as I could before his pleasure pole was thrust/pulled balls deep down into my throat-pussy. I felt tears from my watering eyes roll down my cheeks. Jay kept going & going then finally he let loose a primal scream “Cummmmmmmming”! As Jay started to ejaculate we kept our rhythm going for a bit. Cum splashed my nose & upper lip, then I tasted cum in my mouth, then I felt hot cum sliding down my throat. Next I felt his awesome rod pulse/jerk deep in the recesses of my throat. I pulled back a little to get his head in my mouth as Jay strokes out more of his massive, thick, & creamy load into my desperate mouth. I enjoy his immense load for only a moment before I take his still pulsing rod balls deep again & really start milking every last drop of his tasty man goo .I purse my lips tightly on top & bottom squeezing tightly as I travel up his shaft to the head. Once there I receive another nice gulp of his goo. I keep sucking & throating as Jay holds my head & rotates around so he can sit on the bed. I really enjoy cleaning up his massive tool. Licking & sucking up any stray cum with my lips & tongue. Though I keep sucking his huge pole it gradually deflates. Damn but I love this monster cock!
Jay collapses on the bed. I slump over on the floor. We're both spent. Jay gives a little laugh & I ask “What”? Are you superstitious? Like a throwing a pinch of salt or unlucky numbers”.he asked. I replied saying “No”. “Well my wife is & she decided that I would have a 12 inch cock when it's really 13 inches”. I had my suspicions he was longer than 12 but in the heat of battle who can say.
Jay continued to rock my world w/ his monster cock & I his with my hungry throat for 7 more similar encounters over the next 2 weeks before he returned home.

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Fantasy.....Oh yeah, I am going to Fuck You

Posted by MONTED at 21,Apr,14 22:07

Michael’s profile described him as a versatile top. That, combined with his young age of 22 is why I just had to send him a message – just to see if he would respond. To my surprise, he did. When I told him I was a mid forties bottom, very oral and looking to get fucked, he asked me how long it would take me to get to his place. He lived across town, so we were looking at 35 to 40 minutes. Well, if you could drive me to work after, this might work, was his last message. I arrived on his doorstep 40 minutes later.

He let me into his apartment. Michael was a young looking 22. He had thick, dark hair, the bluest eyes and pale, white skin. At 5’10” and 215 lbs, he was a bit over weight as he had indicated on-line. He made up for that with his 8 inch, uncut cock. The moment he closed the door, we started rubbing each other’s baskets through our clothes. Michael leaned in and our lips met. I love to kiss. Our tongues swirled around one another’s as we continued to rub our stiffening cocks. Michael was tongue fucking my mouth as his hand found my belt. He undid my belt, struggling a bit with the buckle. I broke our kiss off so that the two of us could remove our pants.

As I stepped out of my pants, Michael hoisted my golf shirt over my head. Dropping it on top of my pants, he grabbed my boxer briefs and hauled them down to my knees. As Michael lowered himself to his knees, my stiff cock, now freed from the confines of my briefs, sprang towards his mouth. Michael took the head of my pulsing cock into his mouth. With his talented tongue, he rolled my ample foreskin back, exposing my sensitive knob to his oral talents. Michael went up and down the length of my shaft, all the way from my trimmed pubes to my piss slit with his mouth, tongue and throat. Watching him pleasure me, I ran my fingers through his thick head of hair. Michael, while still sucking me, looked up, wantonly gazing into my eyes.

I was getting weak in the knees from the pleasure Michael gave me. I gently palmed his cheeks and guided him to a standing position. I dropped to my knees in front of him. I pulled off his underwear, helping him to step out of them while my eyes feasted on his cock and balls. Taking his hard cock between my thumb and forefinger, I guided his cock head to the tip of my tongue. His cock had already produced a large pool of precum that I wanted to taste. I stuck my tongue into the tip of his foreskin and as I slowly retracted his skin, my tongue worked feverishly all over the tip of his knob so as not to lose any. He tasted so sweet. Once I had lapped up this early treat, I took his cock inch by beautiful inch as I sucked and swallowed my way to his curly pubic hair. Michael moaned as I reversed direction and worked my way back to his knob.

After about five minutes of me pleasuring Michael in the same way he had pleasured me, he grabbed my hands and pulled me to my feet.

“Why don’t you come in?” He laughed.

We were still in the foyer of the apartment. He led me into the living room where he had spread a comforter on the floor. As we sat on the blanket, I sensed he was a bit self conscious about his weight. I was completely naked. He was too, except for a polo shirt that covered him from his neck to the top of his pubic hair. I reached over and grabbed the shirt. Begrudgingly, he allowed me to peel it over his head. He did have a spare tire around his mid section and there was a bit of flab around his tits, but at 22, it wouldn’t be difficult to take off the extra pounds and be in top shape. He could lose 35 lbs and be lusted after by every guy in Edmonton.

We sat cross legged, facing each other. Michael took my raging cock in his hand and caressed it. He wasn’t jacking it, but he was sure making it feel good. As he bent down to take me again, I swung around signaling a 69. We took each other in that position, sucking cocks, balls, taints and even teasing each other’s asses. Michael had wet a finger and had penetrated me with it. He knew by my reaction that I enjoyed having my ass played with. I came off his cock at one point to ask him,

“Are you going to fuck me?”

“Oh, I ‘m going to fuck you alright.” He said “You’re going to know you were fucked today.”

We returned to our 69 position. This time though, Michael made every attempt to get his tongue on and in my ass. I was going to have to let his cock go for that. Begrudgingly, I let it pop out of my mouth and moved up so Michael was able to get his tongue to my ass. First, he teased me and just tongued me up my crack and licked all around my pucker. I wasn’t in a good position to push back on him in any kind of way. He was really enjoying making me squirm, making me want him to rim me.

“Please Michael, please.” I begged

That seemed to be all the encouragement he needed. He flipped me over on my hands and knees and attacked my hole. His tongue darted into my pucker. I pushed back as far as I could, straining to get more of his talented tongue inside me. He had his lips locked around my hole and as much tongue as he could, was working my tight ring and just beyond. I was bucking from the sensation as his tongue would dart in, circle around my ring and then retract, to be repeated over and over.

“Fuck me, Michael. Please. Fuck me!” I moaned.

Michael ignored my pleas. He wasn’t ready yet. He replaced his tongue with his finger. Adding another, then another, he spun them around inside my ring and over my prostate. I was ready to explode. Using three fingers, he finger fucked me. Hard. He drove them all the way from the tips, just inside my pucker until a portion of his hand disappeared from view, held out of my ass only by his thumb. I was pounding back on his hand to meet his thrusts. As amazing as it felt, I needed his cock. I needed to feel him all the way inside me. Sensing this, Michael removed his hand and positioned himself behind me. Putting the tip of his cock on my pucker, he pushed into me. My ass was so open by his rimming and fingering, that he entered me all the way to the base of his cock in one motion.

“Oh, … Fuck … Yeah!” I moaned.

Michael wasted no time. I wanted to get fucked. He was going to fuck me. He started pumping his cock in and out of me. He would withdraw all the way out so that his cock was just touching my pucker and then he would drive it all the way back in. But he was doing this quite rapidly. His 8 inch cock, though not overly thick, filled me totally. I felt each thrust as it made its way up my canal to the entrance to my bowel. Then I would savour the feeling of his knob as it scratched my inner itch on its way out of my canal. At one point, I stood straight up on my hands and knees and as Michael rode me, I just stayed motionless and let the sensations take over.

For a young man, Michael was an incredible fuck. He had done this before. He rocked in a circular motion for a while. Then he would pound straight in and out for a while. He grabbed my hips and thrust up into me and pushed me off. It was when he slapped my ass, then again and again, that I lost my load. The combination of his knob stimulating my prostate and scratching my inner itch in that unreachable place was just thrown over the top from the sting of his hand on my ass cheek. Without any warning, the cum was just shooting out of me. Stream after stream just jettisoned out of me with such an amazing f****, I was into about my third squirt before even realizing I was cumming. My entire body was just one big spasm and I shook uncontrollably as my orgasm released itself throughout my being.

Michael hung on for dear life and rode the wave with me. He grabbed me around both hips. His hand found my balls and he massaged them as they delivered all the cream I had in me. All the while, he kept up his steady rhythm. In and out. In and out. He rode me like a rodeo champion. As I started to return to earth, I sensed that he was getting set for lift off. His pace had really quickened and he was starting to pant a bit. His cock was getting harder inside of me. Filling me completely. His thrusts were really fast now. He pounded and pounded. He pushed and pushed.

“Oh yeah!” he said as he continued pounding. “Oh, yeah! ... Here it comes.”

He no sooner got the words out when Michael pushed his cock all the way in. Holding me by the hips, his cock spasmed and I felt the first warm blast of his cum as it splashed off my inner wall, warming my insides. The first blast was followed by another, then another, as Michael emptied his balls in me. He just held onto me as his cock spasmed over and over, twitching as the last of his cream dribbled into me. Collapsing on top of me, his cock stayed hard for quite some time. I was content to just lie there, full of the cum that was held inside me by his cock. Finally, as he slowly withdrew, he gave me a much gentler slap on the ass.

“C’mon, let’s jump in the shower. I have to get to work.”

As we soaped each other up, I sucked his cock again for a few minutes in the shower. Michael scrubbed my balls and ass, gently fingering my hole, scooping out his own cum. The shower scene was quite playful and I looked forward to coming back and picking up where we left off. As we dried off and got dressed, Michael took a final taste of my cock before I tucked it away into my underwear.

“Next time, I want your load.” He said.

So there was going to be a next time. I just smiled inside while my cock twitched.

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