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need head

Posted by BigRaycock at 01,Oct,14 02:25

I called a couple woman and they don't answer. So im here now slowly stroking my cock. I feel it getting harder and thicker in my hands. Thinking of it sliding in a wet mouth, pushing down a tight throat. I hear the sound of gagging as i grab their hair and push deep. I feel it exit their hot mouth. As they beg for more.
GOD i need someone to suck on my cock


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Hung men only please...

Posted by Jackie4Big at 01,Oct,14 01:23

LOVE em BIG!!!

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Posted by jess33 at 30,Sep,14 23:03

Maria is my girlfriend and we have shared over ten years together. To be upfront there will never come a time I meet you in person for dinner or drinks or anything else. I look at myself as married though to a woman and we have a very strong and faithful relationship. I would never cheat or do something without her knowing it, wont happen! This site is for my enjoyment and safe connections with others and I wont take chances on safety or identity by sharing in depth personal info with you, again won't happen. Love to be your friend here but upfront that's all.

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To all

Posted by jess33 at 30,Sep,14 22:47

I'm not impressed with prowess nor attitude. Your stories of screwing three women in one night don't excite me much. I would rather you be real and talk to me about inches of rain in your area than inches your dick may happen to be, honestly it gets boring. If I would like a photo of your dick be assured I will ask for one, if I don't please let me enjoy them from your page. The same goes for me, I have many photos on my page so don't ask for more as I'll post them as I'm ready. Most of you have been wonderful but as expected many not so great, it's OK and expected just don't be surprised if you don't hear from me. Time will be spent on those with something more meaningful to say other than " Hey bitch I like your pussy", How large are your tits? etc. Looking forward to making friends with many. I try to reply to all I feel worthy of reply but it's hard to keep up so please forgive me if I miss a message, it's not deliberate or ignoring you purposely. Hope to meet many that I share things in common with as well as those whom open my eyes to things yet unexplored by me. Respect and kisses to all~Jess

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Posted by alexblue at 30,Sep,14 22:31

The Holy Foreskin, 800 AD

Of all the holy relics that circulated throughout medieval Europe, relics associated with Jesus Christ — anything he supposedly touched or used during his life — were the most prized. By this measure, no relic was more valuable than the Holy Foreskin since it was an actual body part of Christ. In fact, the foreskin is the only body part the Bible specifically mentions being removed from Christ during his life (eight days after his birth) and which presumably stayed behind on Earth after he ascended into Heaven.

The circumcision of Christ was a popular subject in religious art during the Late Medieval and Early Modern periods. Below are just a few examples, selected at random from the numerous depictions of the scene that were made.

But the Holy Foreskin didn't appear only in art. The actual, physical artifact — or what people claimed was the real thing — was a popular object of veneration.

The Holy Foreskin first made an appearance in medieval Europe around 800 ad, when King Charlemagne presented it as a gift to Pope Leo III. Charlemagne said it had been given to him by an angel.

However, rival foreskins soon began to pop up all over Europe. All told, twenty-one different churches claimed to have the Holy Foreskin, often at the same time. Various miraculous powers were attributed to these foreskins. In particular, they were supposed to be able to protect women during childbirth.

Given the glut of Holy Foreskins, churches made efforts to have their foreskin authenticated by Church leaders as the sole genuine article. In the early 12th century, the monks of San Giovanni in Laterano, Rome asked Pope Innocent III to rule on the authenticity of their foreskin, but he declined to do so. Later, the monks of Charroux claimed their foreskin to be the only real one, pointing out that it apparently yielded drops of ****. This convinced Pope Clement VII (1523-1534) who declared theirs to be the authentic thing.

Some medieval theologians argued that all the Holy Foreskins necessarily had to be frauds since the actual Holy Foreskin had, they asserted, ascended into Heaven with Christ. The 17th century theologian Leo Allatius speculated in his essay De Praeputio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi Diatriba that the holy foreskin had ascended into heaven at the same time as Jesus, and had become the rings of Saturn.
The Catholic Church eventually sought to extract itself from the Holy Foreskin controversy, deciding that it was rather unseemly for so much attention to be paid to Christ's private parts. It adopted the view that all the rival foreskins were frauds, and in 1900 made it a crime punishable by excommunication to write or speak about the Holy Foreskin.

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something to be considered

Posted by jess33 at 30,Sep,14 22:17


Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.

Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs; for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals;
and everywhere life is full of heroism.

Be yourself.
Especially, do not feign affection.
Neither be critical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass.

Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.

You are a **** of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be,
and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world. Be careful. Strive to be happy.

© Max Ehrmann 1927 ~Jess

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Airport Security

Posted by MONTED at 30,Sep,14 22:00

AIRPORT SECURITY I **** to fly. Well, I don't really **** to fly. I just **** the hassles of security, baggage, weather. You know, crap like that. But I fly a lot for work, so I have to deal with it. I'm a 28 year old account executive for a computer program company, and I have to meet clients to discuss our products all over the world. My name is Ed Stephens. I make a great salary and get to travel everywhere and stay in really nice hotels. Luckily, they almost all have gyms, because I like to work out. Let me rephrase that: I NEED to work out! I love the shape I'm in - and want to keep it. At 6 foot and 170 pounds, I'm lean and have good muscle tone. I have dark brown hair, nice and wavy, and a nice coat of hair across my chest. The rest of my body is tight and firm.

But I had to make a connection at LAX, Los Angeles for you novices out there. That means I have to go through security here in Boston, and then do it again in LA, because I have to change terminal buildings. My Boston flight was on time and my connecting flight to Hong Kong was also on time, but security and those TSA security people are such a hassle. Carrying my laptop, my Ipad, and two cell phones - one for the US and the other for Asia, I just know that security could give me grief if the metal detector goes whacky when I walk through!

I'm still single and sadly don't have time for a real love life. Sure I have sex, but on the road means nothing is serious. There's a cute gal in Paris who sure knows how to dress and have fun. I also have this friend in Berlin, a blonde god. Damn he has a body to die for. Smooth all over, and I mean ALL OVER, with blonde hair, and muscles that pop in all the right places. But I digress. So sorry!

That day at LAX, I was not in a good mood. With a meeting waiting for me the moment I land in Hong Kong, I was already wearing my suit. And that's with a dress shirt and a tie which was practically strangling me! Not fun with a thirteen hour flight in front of me.

One of the TSA security guys rushed past me, jostling me a bit. I finally made it to the front of the line, and put my overnight duffle on the counter, along with my shoes, belt, keys, wallet, and all of my electronic shit. I walked through the metal detector and the alarm buzzed. Shit! I went and took any tissues from my pants pocket and felt around for metal. Nothing! Another walk through and another buzzing alarm! FUCK!

The young TSA guy that ran into me motioned me off to the side. He's cute enough but I didn't feel like looking today! He looked over my stuff and then began to pat me down.

He had me take off my jacket as he looked over my airline ticket and passport.

"I'm sorry Mr. Stephens," the young guy began, "but with all of our rules we can't make exceptions. I see you have a first class ticket and you have plenty of time. This shouldn't take very long."

My arms were spread wide while he patted me down as I try to ignore other passengers giving me dirty looks for taking up time. Like it's my fault people?! I looked over the TSA guy and I read his name tag. 'Steve Edwards.' I laugh to myself, it's almost the reverse of my name, I thought.. And I suppose he was kind of cute, still looking him over as he patted my chest. He was about my height and build, but with straight black hair. His chest filled his shirt nicely. Firm muscular legs I guess. He must work out like me.

Steve finishes my pat down and has me go through the metal detector again. IT BUZZES! No fucking way, I'm thinking.

"It has to be defective buddy!" I announce in an annoyed voice. "I travel for a living, I know what to do!" I add.

Steve walked over to another TSA guy who was sitting at a nearby desk, and whispered something. Steve kept his eye on me the entire time. Yeah buddy! Like I'm a threat here! I'm thinking. Now he has the sitting guy looking at me. Shit. I don't like this.

Steve finally walked back to me, picking up some of my things and told me to grab the rest.

"Follow me sir. It's just a precaution. I'm sure this will all be fine." Steve directed.

Now I'm half mad and half scared. Not fun. "Sure fine, waste my time man," I grunt out.

I was led down a short hall and then into a small room, with a desk and chair and a table. He locked the door and turned to me.

"For privacy," Steve explained.

Steve took some pre-printed note out of his pocket and begins to read from it.

"On behalf of the United States Transportation Security Administration, we are able to complete a thorough electronic security screening and must do a manual screening. Although we are not aware of a threat at this time, please be patient as we do our best to ensure that you travel to your destination safely. The following screening will be conducted in a professional and courteous manner."

Upon finishing reading the statement, Steve looked up at me with an embarrassed grin, probably thinking about all the bullshit he has to put up with..

Steve instructed me to remove my shoes and jacket and also told me to remove my tie. He put everything down neatly on the table.

"I'm real sorry Mr. Stephens. With all the cameras and security rules, we just have to follow, it shouldn't be long." He continued: "My name is Steve Edwards and I'll try to do this quickly."

Hey, we have kinda similar names, huh?" He added with a chuckle.

"Forgive me for not being chatty," I blurted out, resulting in him immediately losing his smile.

For half a second I feel bad being gruff but when he started patting down my back I get annoyed again.

"You actually think I have something hidden in my back?" I asked.

"Just doing my job," he says. "Please remove your shirt sir!"

"Fine!" I respond as I pull off my shirt, leaving me in a white undershirt.

"That too sir!"

Is he for real? But I comply, eager to be done with this nonsense. Shirtless, I turn to face him, my arms out again, as he pokes around my shoulders and armpits.

"Now I'm supposed to have something under my skin?" I ask snidely.

"You'd be surprised!" he added, offering me half a smile as if it would keep me calm. Steve then turned to a form sitting on the desk, and made some marks. It looked like he was mostly just checking off boxes.

"I have one more thing to do, Mr. Stephens. It's a cavity search!" he says. Did I detect a stammer in his voice?

I faced him again, and he directed me to open my mouth. He put on a rubber glove and rubbed it around my lips and just inside by my teeth. Our eyes met for a moment and I could see him take a deep gulp. This is getting interesting, I thought.

"I need you to remove your slacks, sir," he directed, his voice clearly nervous. I kept my eyes on him as I undid my pants, taking them off and draped them over the back of the chair. For the hell of it, I took off my socks. I was now wearing only my black trunk style briefs. They are low risers and set off my bulge nicely, which began to twitch with all this mock strip tease going on. I turned to Steve, noting his eyes looking up and down my body. I turned to face him and stepped towards him, noticing he that he had taken off the rubber gloves. That's odd, I think.

"Now what?" I asked.

"Those too," he responded, nodding towards my briefs.

"Nah, I don't think so," I said clearly and slowly, trying to stare him down. "I got nothing up my ass, trust me," I added.

Steve was a bit flustered. I could tell he wasn't not quite sure what to do.

"You do it," I suggested, still acting annoyed.

Steve took a step forward. We were standing inches apart.

"If you say so, Mr. Stephens."

He put his hands on my shoulders, rubbing forward over my chest and then down my sides, very slowly. Steve was making a pass at me, clearly fondling my body, I thought.

"Still checking for **** substances or objects Steve?" I asked.

Steve's eyes got wide when I called him by name. I put my hand on his shirt covered chest, touching and rubbing him following his actions.

Steve's hands were now at the waist band of my briefs, but instead of pulling down my briefs, he began to rub the front, feeling up my cock and balls though the fabric. I kept my hand on his chest. I soon realized I was breathing heavily as he continued to feel me up. It felt good. I looked at Steve who was also breathing heavily.

"Maybe I am hiding something in my briefs after all," I offered with a dirty grin.

Steve didn't speak for a few moments. Then, out of nowhere, he stated: "would you believe I even have a girlfriend?"

"Hey, you're just doing your job right Steve," I said. "Besides," I continued, "I got a girlfriend AND a boyfriend!"

Steve cracked a smile; a wide smile. My fingers began undoing the buttons on his shirt. I moved quickly, taking advantage of the moment, and noticed that he wasn't wearing an undershirt. He had a very nice chest, actually, a great chest with a fair amount of hair in all the right places. Soon enough, I began to feel his fingers inside my briefs. He's quickly pulled them down off my hips and slid them down, allowing me to kick them off my ankles and step out of them. I stood naked before him, my quivering cock already semi hard in anticipation of what might come next. meanwhile, my eyes and hands were still fixated on his magnificent chest. I tweaked his nipples and they responded nicely.

With our eyes locked, he started to go lower. His hands moved to my hips and pushed me over to the desk, facing away from him. Steve then pushed me to lean over, my ass lining up before him. So he still wanted to play this by the book? Okay with me I thought!

I spread my legs a bit, eager to see what he would do. But damn! Is that a tongue I felt? Warm and wet, our not so straight boy gave me a pretty decent rim job. His hands pulled on my ass cheeks while his tongue completed a few orbits and occasional brave thrusts inside my glory hole. I moaned a bit, feeling my cock grow to a full erection. After a short while, I noticed only one of his hands was still on my hip. 'Go for it', I think.

"You bet I will," announced Steve. Holy crap! I must have said that last comment out loud!

Steve spun me around, now on his knees, and took my now fully hard and throbbing cock in his hands. He's looked it over intently, as if to decide what to do with it! . But our boy is a smart one! He leaned in for a sampling taste and soon opened his mouth wide. Steve took my cock, licking around the head and giving me shivers. He moved closer, as he took in more of my rod, tightening his lips and he began to bob up and down, his hands holding me in place at the hips. I caressed his head, holding it close, and moaned my pleasure.

"I'm getting close," I warned him. He looked up at me with a grin, and then stopped and stood up, surprising me.

I watched as my TSA stud slipped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes, going after the socks as well, just like me. He's was grinning this entire time and then went for his pants, losing them and revealing a pair of black briefs similar to mine. Steve pulled them down in a flash, exposing a beautiful hard cock, looking about eight inches long, just like mine.

Steve gave his hard cock a few solid tugs, and grinning from ear to ear, he turned towards the table and picked up my white shirt, holding it up like a trophy. I stayed quiet, completely lost as to what he was doing. He puts his hand in the breast pocket of my shirt and felt around for something. What the fuck is this guy up to, I'm thinking. He pulled out a small sewing needle. How'd that get in there?

"I put it there!" he announced, as if reading my thoughts!

"You set me up?" I say in a loud voice. "You prick!"

Leaving the needle on the table and walking over to me, he stood close, grabbing my cock and began a slow jerk. "You mad at me?" he's asked innocently with a sly grin.

"You planned this," I asked, now in a more hushed voice.

"I've seen you come through security before. I noticed your schedule when you fly to Asia, so I was prepared. I think you are so damn hot man!" Steve explained calmly.

"You little fucker!" I responded with a grin.

"I sure as hell hope so!" he said, grinning as he took one of my hands and put it over his firm ass.

With my cock already wet from his mouth, I led him to the desk and had him lean over, as he had me do a few moments earlier. With my cock rock hard, I maneuvered it towards his waiting hole, poking in slowly to get him ready. I leaned over him, kissing his neck and ears as he moaned in delight. I poked in my cock a bit further, ever so slowly, as he grunted. Partly in, I begin a slow in and out to stay hard and give him some fun, while allowing him to loosen up. I pulled my cock out quickly and drooled on it, giving myself additional lubrication. With his empty hole twitching, I quickly refilled it and began a slow fuck, loosening Steve up. My left hand reached around his hip, finding his already hard cock leaking his juices. I wet my hand from his flow and began a slow jerk of his hard hot pole with his pre-cum.

"That's hot," he groaned, as I picked up the pace of my thrusting motions. Steve started to push back into me, signaling he was both ready, willing and able for me. Leaning into him I whispered: "Looks like you're the one who's getting a much needed cavity search!"

We both laughed as we moaned in delight. I felt his cavity take my full hard cock, squeezing me into my own delirium and delight. I quickly sneaked a peek at the clock on the wall, knowing that I could relax and finish my fun without any risk of missing my Hong Kong flight.

"So you fixed your schedule to be here on my flight days?" I asked.


Mmmmm, I think I am beginning to like TSA security in Los Angeles.

Getting back to business, I licked my palm really wet and made a serious go at jacking off Steve. Wet and slippery, his cock throbbed hard in my hand. He won't last much longer, I thought. Meanwhile, my cock did pretty well at the moment also. The urges deep in my loins grew and grew and soon I was pretty close to cumming. Steve's ass suddenly tightened signaling that he was about to cum, but his pressure sent me over the edge first. My body's sudden thrust must have pushed Steve to the brink as well. His body rocked forward, his cock in my hand, exploded, sending his cream through and past my hand, puddling on the floor.

I shot my load deep into Steve while I hugged his body tightly. My hips quivered as my cock emptied itself. We held tight, not moving at all for a while. Soon after, we started to relax, muscles easing, pulling ourselves apart and we turned to face each other. Our firm bodies glowed with the heat of passion and sex, with a light sheen of sweat from head to toe covering our bodies.

Steve walked back to the other side of the desk and opened a drawer, pulling out two towels.

"My, isn't the TSA prepared these days!" I stated with a grin.

"Ya just never know," he responded. We wiped up, keeping our eyes locked, and dressed slowly.

"You could have been a bit less dramatic though, Steve." I commented. "You could have just hit on me!" I added with a wink.

Steve just shrugged. "I know, but this seemed like more fun, right?" he responded.

"So you live with your girlfriend?" I ask.

"Nah, I like my own place, he answered, then winked back at me.

"Well, I come back through LA in four days. Will you be working then?"

Steve looked at me seriously. "And if you were retained here again, you would probably miss your connecting flight that day, and wouldn't it just be awful!"

"And I would probably need a place to stay that night if I missed my flight!" I hinted.

"I might be able to put you up, and even plan to take off a day or two!" Steve added, playing out our staged script.

"And miss work and the chance for giving someone else a cavity search? That would be so sad!" I said in mock horror.

We both broke out laughing. Steve took the sewing needle he had planted and attached it to his form. He led me out of the room and back down that short hall to the public security area where he had first "found" me. I stood on the side quietly, waiting while he explained the 'official" version of the search. When he walked back to me, I thanked him for completing his job efficiently and we shook hands, our grasp just a bit tighter and longer than normal.

Four days later, my Hong Kong flight landed back at LAX an hour early. On the plane I had already changed out of my suit. I was wearing a red polo shirt and white shorts and sandals. Did I mention that I forgot to put on any underwear?

After clearing customs and security, I entered the public waiting area. At the front of the crowd stood Steve, who was waiting for me with a wide smile. Out of his uniform, he wearing sandals, nice tight jeans, and a dark blue T shirt, which fit snuggly on his muscular chest. Looking closely at his tight jeans, I could not detect any evidence of him wearing any underwear either!

Steve grabbed my bag and grinned as he turned and led me out of the airport.

"You look like shit," he said, still grinning, "All that flying, you need to get right to bed when we get home!"

"If you say so," I responded. "But those jeans are so fucking tight, you better get them off before you lose any more circulation," I commented.

"Maybe we both need some bed time!" he said, slapping me on the ass as we go went out the door into the bright clear Los Angeles sunshine.

Right outside the door, in the security lane, was a red Mustang convertible. Steve tossed my stuff in the trunk and we both hopped in. "Nice wheels!" I commented as we did our seatbelts. Steve put on a pair of cool sunglasses and handed me a similar pair. As Steve put his hand on the ignition, I grabbed it and stopped him. I leaned over for a kiss, which lasted long enough for a traffic office to blow his whistle because we were now blocking traffic.

"By the way," I said into his ear as turned on the ignition. "I got you a present!" I announced.

"You're my present," he said with a grin. "But what did you bring home?" he asked.

"Chinese Viagra!" I yelled into his ear as we zoomed away from the airport.

"Huh? What's that?" he said.

"The little Chinese man I bought it from said its guaranteed for four orgasms in a day!"

"This we must check out!" Steve hollered as we hit the interstate.

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After the Fight

Posted by MONTED at 30,Sep,14 21:58

Cutter is sitting on the bench, naked, when I step into the locker room. His eyes are off, focusing on something other than the room he's in, and they don't change when I step in front of him. He gets like this before a fight. He's wet, still sweaty from his warmup. Moments before, he would have been bouncing around, his bare feet hopping on the concrete floor. His fists making jabs at invisible enemies in the air.

Next to him, on the bench: hand wraps, trunks, jock strap and cup, socks.

I can't help but look at his penis, limp between his legs. A dark brown next to his light brown skin. I'm drawn to it, time and time again. I imagine it pulsing lightly with his heartbeat.

I imagine touching it.

'It's almost time to go,' I say, and he looks up at me. Not recognizing me, instantly. His eyes focus. He's seen me hundreds of times. We've worked out together. Trained together. Shared a beer together.

'Will you help me wrap my hands?' he asks.

'Sure,' I say.

He stands up, reaching for the handwraps on the bench. He hands them to me, and holds his hand out. I can feel his warmth, the heat rushing out of his body.

I've been the assistant trainer here for a few years now. I've done this dozens, if not hundreds, of times.

Each strap has a loop at the end, and I slip one around his thumb. The cloth strap goes over the back of his hand, and then under his wrist. Around the wrist twice, and then over the back of his hand. Under his hand, over his knuckles, twice. Cross back over his hand, toward his wrist. This is a ritual. Repeat the cross over the back of his hand, and then around his palm to the base of his thumb. Back around the wrist. This is our ritual. Around the thumb, this time form the opposite direction. Around the wrist again. Over the back of the hand, and in between the pinky and ring finger. Crisscross around the base of the hand, and between each finger. Around the wrist, and crossed over the back of the hand, twice, layering an X-pattern. Wrap the excess cloth around the wrist.

This is our ritual.

I do the other hand. His breathing is quick and shallow. His body bounces a little.

After I finish wrapping his second hand, we clap his hands together, mine wrapped around his. He jumps a little, and I look down. His penis is rigid. Hard. Standing straight up, toward his stomach. I have never seen it like this. My breath catches.

Cutter looks down, like he's surprised by his own erection.

'Oh shit, I'm sorry,' he says.

'Oh, no,' I say, 'Don't worry about it.'

'It's just that...' he starts.

'No big deal,' I say.

He smiles, embarrassed. I smile back, to show him that I'm fine. In fact, my smile betrays me, and I'm sure he recognizes that it's more than fine. I hope he can't see my cock through my track pants. I can't help but stiffen, myself.

'Better get dressed,' I say, and slap him on his shoulder. His skin is screaming hot. He bounces again, his body crackling with energy, waiting to get out. His penis bobs up and down, but not much. It's so hard. It's so--

He turns from me, and reaches for his jockstrap. He steps into it, the thick blue waist strap sliding up and over his ass. With his back still toward me, he tries to push his erection into his jockstrap. He steps into his shorts, and sits down to put his shoes on. I make myself turn away from him, so I can continue helping set the gym up for the fight.

Mel, the gym's owner, and Cutter's trainer, slaps me on the back.

'We're gonna lose another one, Billy,' he says.

'Yeah, yeah,' I say.

This is our ritual.

Fights are hard. Fights are frantic. Hectic. Violent. Three rounds, two minutes each. One minute breaks between each round.

Jab. Hook. Cross. Uppercut. Hook. Hook.

Cutter knows what he's doing. He's good at what he does. He alternates between quick, short jabs, and powerful thrusts.

We tell Cutter things he already knows: Footwork. Watch your footwork. He's sloppy. You're sloppy. What are you thinking? You're better than this. God damn, pay attention. What the fuck are you fighting for?

We say all of this, even though he's fighting perfectly.

We give him water. Repair his cuts. Slap him on his back, on his arms. Loosen up his muscles. Slap his skin, his sweat.

I love you, I don't say.

After the fight, after the congratulations and the cheering, after Cutter is dragged out by friends, and after I convince Mel to go home, that I have other stuff to do, that I like working after a fight, I clear the gym floor of metal folding chairs. I sweep. I wrap up the trash. I turn off the lights. I sit in the office, catching up on paperwork. Dues, scheduling. Bills. It's hot, and a small, metal fan rattles air in my direction.

'Hey, Billy,' someone says.

'Oh, shit,' I said, jumping. Cutter is standing in the doorway, leaning on the frame. He has a light grey hooded jacket on, his face framed by the thin cotton material. A red backpack is slung over his shoulder. He's still wearing his boxing trunks.

'Sorry, I didn't mean to--' he starts.

'No, you're okay,' I say, and wipe the sweat from my forehead. 'What's up?'

'Ah, nothing. I just forgot my bag,' he says. He steps into the office, letting the backpack fall off of his shoulder. He catches it, and swings it onto the metal folding chair in the corner. He sits on the corner of the desk and his bare knee brushes my arm.

'How come you're not out celebrating?' I ask.

'I don't see the point in trashing my body. Not after I worked so hard to win.' He brings his right foot up and props it on the desktop. He leans forward, resting an arm on his raised knee, and his chin on his arm. I can't help but look in between his legs, with the smooth green material of his trunks stretching across his bulge. The satin catches the light, and the details of his penis are accentuated.

He coughs and I look up quickly to see him staring down at he. He had to have seen where I was looking. My heart beats a little harder, a little faster.

'Do you know what I think about, Billy, before a fight?' he asks.

I shake my head.

'When I'm preparing for a fight, when I'm warming up, I think about my opponents. I don't think about their fighting style, or how many matches they've won.' He reaches down and tugs at the edge of his trunks. It almost looks like his bulge has gotten bigger.

'I think about them naked,' he says. 'I think about what they must be like in bed.'

His words hang in the air. I'm unsure what to say to him. How I'm supposed to respond to that. What I'm supposed to do. He does it for me.

He leans forward, and kisses me. His lips are soft, and moist. His skin, sweaty and scratchy with stubble. Stunned, I almost don't respond. The tip of his tongue slides out and licks my lips, relaxing me, and I let myself fall into his kiss. He puts one hand on the side of my face, caressing me.

His lips pull away from mine, and still holding my face inches from his, he says: 'That erection in the locker room, earlier?'

I nod.

'That was for you,' he says. He reaches down, and rubs his cock through his trunks. He's hard, his cock a thick line running at a diagonal in his shorts. He leans in, his lips close to my ear. 'Do you want it?'

I nod.

'Tell me you want it,' he says.

'I want you,' I say, and he kisses me again. He wraps his hand around my wrist, and pulls my hand until it's squared against his crotch, his penis rising between my thumb and forefinger. He slides down off of the desk and stands before me. I lean forward and press my face into his green satin covered penis. Through his trunks, I can smell him. Sweat. Dirt. Exertion. He has not showered since the fight. I open my mouth and press my tongue flat against the base of his penis. He slides one hand around the back of my head and pushes my face harder into his crotch.

'Yeah, that's right,' he says. He thrusts against my face, his cock sliding against my mouth, my cheek, and my eye. I hook my fingers into his waistband, and pull his trunks down. Through his jockstrap, his penis is even more defined. A small wet spot radiates through the blue cotton at the tip of his cock. I've seen his dick dozens of times and still it's new to me. Here, it's for me. I wrap my lips around the head of his cock and suck at the wet fabric. I cup one hand around his testicles, and slide the other around his hip until his tight, bare ass is in my grip. His cock twitches against my lips.

Cutter slips his hands under my armpits, and pulls me to a stand. He kisses me hard, pushing my entire body back a step. I stumble against the chair, and he wraps his arms around me to keep me upright. He holds me close and presses his hard-on against me. We turn and he pushes me against the desk. When our lips break, he steps back a little, his hand sliding around to my sides, and then down, and he pulls my sweatpants and briefs down with one quick motion. My bare ass falls back against the cold metal desk. My erection bobs, pointing straight out at Cutter. He falls to his knees and wraps one rough, calloused hand around the base of my shaft, and slides the head into his mouth. He flattens his hand against my pubic hair, and my entire penis disappears into his mouth.

Cutter looks up at my, my cock still lodged in his mouth, and his eyes say everything.

He wants me.

He's wanted me.

How could I not have noticed?

How could it have taken this long for one of us to do something?

Cutter pulls back, and his hand slides around my cock again. He starts to stroke my dick while keeping the head firmly in his mouth. I pull my t-shirt up and over my head, dropping it on the floor.

His mouth on my cock, it feels so good -- I can imagine staying here, like this forever. I can imagine our entire future together. His mouth on my cock in the shower. His mouth on my cock on the couch. His mouth on my cock in the front seat of my car. His mouth on my cock in bed.

Cutter has other thoughts. He wraps hand between my thighs and behind my leg, hiking it up. I prop myself up onto the desk with my hands, and he lifts my leg up even higher. He licks at my testicles, his tongue flat and wide and wet. He nibbles at my flesh, and takes one my balls into his mouth, sucking on it gently. He pushes my other leg up, and all of my weight shifts onto the desk.

Cutter holds my legs wide, exposing my asshole. He doesn't waste time. He slides his tongue out and presses his entire face into my crack. His nose brushes against my hole, followed quickly by his tongue. He takes a series of long, flat licks before, and closes his mouth around my hole like a kiss. I lay back on the desk and reach down with one free hand to grab my penis. It's slick with clear liquid, precum that's flowing out heavily. I've had my ass licked before, but never quite like this. Cutter rims like my asshole is something to conquer. Something to overtake. Something to love.

He stands, and pulls his shirt over his head. The head of his cock has jutted out over the thick waistband of his jockstrap. After tossing his shirt to the side, he slides his jock down and pulls his legs out of it quickly. He erection is so hard that it never bobs, never points anywhere but up.

Cutter steps up close to me, and leans over me. He kisses me, his thick lips covered in his own saliva. His face is covered in the smell of my ass, a sweet funk that manages to be both unpleasant and arousing at the same time.

'Can I fuck you?,' he asks.

'Yeah,' I say, 'but you need a...'

'I've got a condom in my bag,' he says, and turns back to his bag on the folding chair. He hunches over to dig through it, and I take the opportunity to look at his muscular back, shiny with sweat, and his tight ass. His body is impossibly hard. He turns back around before I have a chance to look long enough, to see enough, to remember enough. He's holding up the condom, a black foil package that he tears open. He pulls the rolled condom out, and drops the wrapper to the floor. Carefully, he places the condom on the tip of his penis, and starts stroking it down. The tan latex is lighter than his skin. He steps between my legs again, and raises them up. He reaches down with one hand to **** his erection down, and I feel the head of his cock push against my asshole. Are you ready, he asks with his eyes. I nod at him, wondering if the condom is at least pre-lubricated.

Cutter thrusts a little and the head of his cock slides inside of me. I let my head fall back and try hard to relax. Cutter keeps his eyes on mine, looking for any sign that I'm uncomfortable. Another push, and he slides in deeper. The condom must be lubricated, I think. It doesn't hurt at all. I lick my lips and moan. He takes it as a sign of encouragement, and still more of his erection slides into my asshole. He pulls out a little, before pushing back in. My cock jumps in my hand. A string of precum drips down onto my stomach. Cutter pumps, short strokes forward and back, never sinking entirely inside of me. I reach forward, and place one hand on his side, right above his pelvis. I pull him forward. I want to feel him entirely inside of me. He obliges, and takes one small step forward, and his entire cock disappears entirely inside of me. He holds it there, and leans in to kiss me. I meet him halfway. He groans into my mouth.

Finally he straightens up, pulling his entire body back, his cock nearly pulling free. Before it does, though, he thrusts forward, and I feel what it's like to take his entire cock in one smooth motion. Again, I fantasize about the life we could have together. Together, the two of us, fucking each other. In the shower. On the couch. In bed.

Cutter knows what he's doing. He's good at this like he's good in the ring. He alternates between quick, short jabs, and powerful thrusts. I stroke my own cock, timing each stroke with one of his thrusts. Beneath me, on the desk, paperwork slides around. Cutter stares down, his eyes focusing on where our bodies meet. His breathing is short, and the sweat is dripping off of him. Sliding down his torso. Rolling down his muscles. His eyes dart back, to meet mine. He smiles at me, and I cum.

I don't expect it, but I can't stand not to. My cum arcs over my chest in one, two, three powerful shots. A line slices against my face. Another misses my shoulder, and splats down on paperwork beside me. Another on my nipple. Four, five, six. The last shots pool on my stomach, rising and falling with my quick breaths. My show seems to leave Cutter with little choice.

'Oh, god,' he says. 'Oh, god.' His face tightens as he pumps in and out of my ass until finally he slams it in, and holds it there. I can feel his cock jerking inside of me, pulsing, filling the condom up with cum. Suddenly he relaxes, slumping toward me. He leans in to kiss me, I think, but instead he takes one long lick across my face, cleaning up my cum. He rests his forehead against my chest, his face inches from another streak of cum.

Finally, he pushes himself off of me, and slides his softening penis out of me. I sit up, and look at him. He's still breathing hard, and his skin shines with sweat. The condom hangs on his limp penis, the end of it filled with a heavy load of ejaculate. He wraps his hand around his penis and slowly pulls it off, careful not to spill anything. He ties a knot in the condom, and holds it up like he's admiring it. He tosses it into the trash can.

Next to his bag there's a shelf of clean towels. He grabs one, and wipes his face on it before tossing it at me. I use it to wipe the cum off of my chest, my stomach, and out of my pubic hair. Cutter stretches, reaching his arms into the air and thrusting his chest out. I smile at him, and he smiles back. He relaxes, and his body looks softer than I've ever seen it before.

'That was,' I start to say.

'Fucking great,' he finishes.

'Yeah,' I say.

'So, were you almost finished here,' he says, indicating the mess of paper on the desk, 'before I stopped by?'

'What? Oh, yeah.' I look down at the desk. 'Nothing I can't finish on Monday.'

'You want to come over for a beer? I don't live too far away.'

'Yeah. I'd like that.'

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After A Long Hot Day At Work

Posted by MONTED at 30,Sep,14 21:57

I was hot and tired. It had been a long day at the office and it seemed

like an even longer ride home in the auto . It was hot and humid out and

all I could think of was relaxing on my deck with a cool drink. I

parked the car and raided the fridge for a cold beer.

Kicking off my shoes, I loosened my tie, threw my jacket off and sat

back into a deck chair finally feeling myself unwind. Sipping my beer

I enjoyed the piece and serenity of my back yard paradise. I took off

my shirt and felt the warm sun on my chest taking all of the days cares

away. Starting to slip into a trance like state I was extremely

annoyed to hear a loud crash from the front yard. I realized that it

was the yard maintenance people unloading their mowers and gear for the

weekly trim.

I braced for the onslaught of noise from movers, weed-whackers and

blowers that would unset my relaxation and put me back into my funk. I

waited...and waited...expecting the din to start any second but nothing

came. I opened my eyes and scanned around the garden but no workers

seemed evident. Now curious as to what the crash was I grabbed my beer

and walked around to the front of the house.

Alas the gardeners truck was sitting in the driveway surrounded by his

tools of the trade but no workers to be seen. I then heard a low

grunting followed by a sickly gasp of a lawn mower refusing to start.

I followed the sound round the other side of the house to find a

frustrated figure grappling with an uncooperative lawn mover. I

stopped the instant I saw his taught lanky body pull the mower cord.

He was in fanatic shape, muscles accentuated by the sweat, grease and

dirt of a hard days work. I felt my shaft stir as I looked him over.

'Piece of crap' he cursed kicking the machine. He stood and turned as

if he was to get something from the truck but instead found me.

Fantastic porn moment I thought standing there in only my office

trousers holding a beer as the hot sexy gardener 'mows my lawn'

'It has been giving me trouble all day' he said gesturing to the mower.

'Well, you could just say to heck with it and join me for a beer' I said

still a little lost in my 'porn moment' daydream.

He looked me over as if he was playing out scenarios in his head and

then made his decision:

'Sure, why not' and with that he walked right up to me and took the

beer from my hand. He tipped it up to his lips but his eyes were

locked onto mine as if he could read my devilish thoughts.

I am not normally this forward (or this slutty) but the heat must have

gotten to me (that is my excuse and I am sticking to it) and I reached

out to grab his hard pecks and draw him up against me. He dropped the

beer bottle onto the lawn and grabbed me around my waist grinding our

hips together. We kissed as I pinched his nipples though his sweaty

t-shirt. His sent was of heavy sweat and grass that made my meat

swell. I felt him stiffen against my leg and reached down to play him

but instead pulled at his shorts.

I pushed him up against the wall of the house and dropped to my knees

pulling his shorts down as I dropped. I was now looking at a thick

sweaty Rod swelling right in front of me. I grabbed his shaft firmly

at its base and set to work devouring my favorite candy. I popped him

into my mouth and sucked the sweat off of him. After a few bobs up and

down I released him and used my tongue to lick him all over. I started

at his clean shaven nuts travelling along the length of his shaft and

then back again. Up and down his now solid eight inches tracing the

pulsing veins from root to tip. After a delicious few minutes it

focussed my attention on his sheathed tip. I pulled his foreskin back

and licked forcefully on his piss slit.

I was rewarded with a drop of salty pre cum that was accompanied with a

little moan. I sucked and licked my sweaty lollipop toying it in my

mouth teasing drop after drop of sticky sweetness out of it.

Sufficiently lubed with spit and cum I now used my hand to start

jacking off this massive Shlong. Using my hand and mouth I knew that I

would soon get my tasty treat.

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Aaron my New Roommate

Posted by MONTED at 30,Sep,14 21:53

Cool Dude,I said I'm Jarod, as I reached out to shake Aarons hand, So where you from I ask? and Aaron replyed, Montana, My Dad Is foreman on a big ranch there. I said hey man, thats awesome. I helped Aaron bring his bags into the dorm room and then unload his small car, a Saturn, I think, I'm not two swift on those things anyway.

We got all of Aaron's things into the room and he said crap, I forgot to bring the sleeping shorts that I always wear to **** in, I said hey man, It won't bother me If you don't wear anything, if you don't want, He looked up and smiled at me for the first time. I felt a little twing happen in my stomach. Well I let Aaron have his choice of the beds, we had sort of a like small two room apartments on campus, there was a study room with desks in one room and the bedroom with two twin beds, and in the other room a walkin closet for our clothes, and storing anything other than clothes, a couple dressers with mirrors, and being on the third floor of the dorm we had a really nice view of the campus.

I noticed one thing about Aaron he was very shy, and didn't seem to want to talk much, and I just kinda tryed to ignore him as much as possible, thinking he would warm up to me eventually, I said, "Aaron do you like snack foods?" and he said yea, why? I said in the closet theres a box on the shelf with chips, and cookies and other things too, and on the lower shelf was a little frig, which I had stocked with Pepsi, coke, and other flavored drinks and, I had even hidden a few beers back in the back of the little frig. He finally said, cool dude, that seemed to be his favorite thing to say.

Well about a month into the school year I learned he was a full back for the football team, and I had noticed he was built like a fucking bull, thick heavy neck, arms Like Arnold Swartzenager, Legs like tree trunks, and I saw him one evening going thru his stuff while wearing just his underwear, of course white briefs, and he turned around to ask me something. I just stood there mesmerized, staring at the huge bulge in his briefs, he noticed I was staring. He said, what's wrong? I glanced away with my eyes, and he said is something wrong? I said, "oh nothing", I just couldn't help looking at that Huge bulge in your shorts, he placed his hands down over his crotch, and covered it up, and said I'm sorry, I didn't mean too, I said Aaron what's wrong? I noticed He had tears in his eyes, He said I know I'm not supposed to let people see me like this, thats what my dad said, I said, "Aaron theres nothing wrong with other guys seeing your cock and balls". It's normal for guys checking each other out, they do it all the time in the shower rooms, He said, that's why after sports I don't shower, I said, What? Man! with a package like that? I then said, Look Aaron, come here, and He slowly wandered over to me, I said Put your hands up on your hips. and He did, I said now, close your eyes, I reached up and grabbed the elastic band of his briefs, and slowly slid them down, he started to act a little embarrassed, and I said no Aaron, and I finished sliding his brief down to his lower hips just letting the biggest cock I have ever layed eyes on flop out, beautifully cut, with a perfectly shaped gorgeous head on it. His nutsack hung down halfway to his knees. I said Aaron, your cock and your balls are beautiful, why be ashamed to let others see them? He just slightly smiled and said, you really think so? Your the first man, besides my little **** that has seen them. I told him Believe me Aaron, and I know cocks, and your cock is gorgeous. As I stood there in front of Aaron, I noticed his cock was starting to swell up, and He just stared at me, I looked down and his cock was standing, I mean standing, straight up against his stomach, I like to fell on my knees, I said Aaron, my god man, It looks like it's at least nine inches long, Aaron said, it's nine and a half, I measured it, but It does this all the time, and always in the wrong places. I ask him do you stroke it off, or have sex, He said I stroke off, but have never had sex before with a girl, I'm sort of afraid of girls. I said, do you like to look at guys? Aaron said, really quietly like, yea, thats why I have trouble taking showers, I get a hardon every time I get naked. I said, Aaron you don't really know just how gorgeous you really are, do you? He said, not really, we don't go to very many places in Montana, I kinda live a secluded life, not being around too many other people, untill I came to college. I let him pull his briefs back up over his erection, but my mouth was watering and I was putting my plans in motion, I said Aaron, then you have never felt the awesome feeling you get from the touch of a girl or a guy on your cock? he said no.

I then gently pushed him on the bed, as I set beside him and said Aaron, your a virgin then, right? at what 19, he said almost 20, I said we have to do something about that, at your age, thats a shame. I noticed his hardon was back and he said, do you know where I can find someone that might do that sort of stuff? I said, I think I can help in that department, Aaron, He was so **** like and innocent, he said, really? and as big and muscular and well built as Aaron was, I astounded to see how gentle and easy going, and almost **** like he was, I turned down the lights and said come here Aaron, he said O.K. I reached over and finished undressing him, I layed him down on my bed, and he ask if I was going to get undressed too? I said yes, and I stripped completely naked, and Aaron said Jarod, your beautiful, I said Aaron do you really feel that way about me? he said Yes, I do, Back home I always liked to look at pictures in magazines of young men, especially the underwear ads. I loved that. I said Well my body is all yours to do with what you want. He said is this for real? and I said yes Aaron, its for real.

I gently reached over and said Aaron, Im gonna make love to you for the first time, just let it happen and enjoy it alright? and he said O.K. Jarod. I leaned over his beautiful chest and kissed him on the lips, and he sorta moaned, He opened his lips a little and started sticking his tongue just slightly into my mouth, and started licking my lips, my cock did a expansion lurch and got as hard as a peice of rock, Aaron, said, man Jarod I really liked that, I said just wait, theres a lot more. I went down to his beautiful aerolas, big, and brown, around his nipples and his nipples were sticking out hare, and stiff, and when my lips hit the nipples, his body arched up and he moaned. I noticed his cock gave a lurch as I nibbled on his nipples, and the groaning was just fantastic, like music to my ears. Then I went down to his navel, stuck my tongue into his innie navel, and started slurping, and sucking, and licking around his lower abdomen, He was lost somewhere in time, I think, and all he could do was say Oh my God, Jarod that feels totally awesome man, then I went down to the nutsack and started sucking and licking and his balls jumped up against his body, and looked like two small avacados pressing against his body at the base of his cock, I kept up the licking, then reached up and noticed his cock was leaking that awesome clear pre-cum, I slathered some of it on his cock and started stroking, slicking my hand up and down his cock, and swirling my hand around the head of his gorgeous huge cock. I then raised up and took Aaron's cock into my waiting longing mouth, I wanted his virgin nutcream on my tongue, I wanted to feel each throb, each volley as he shot his love nectar into my mouth, Aaron started bucking upward and saying, Jarod man, oh my god, I never, aw shit man, I Love it, oh shit man, I felt his cock tighten up, His body and his ass was like a cramping muscle, tight and hardened and he let out a gasp and said aw, aw, oh shit, and the cum started shooting out into my sucking mouth onto my tongue, and the taste of this cock cream was like nothing I had ever tasted before Aaron was totally into this, his hands were on my head holding it down to the hilt, all nine and a half inches in my throat and damn, I was loving it, thank my lucky stars I had learned to relax my throat. Fuckman, He was like a Stallion, His cock stayed in my mouth untill it softened, and I just kept licking with the tip of my tongue, I wanted every little morsel of his cum, and I got it.

Aaron layed back and said Jarod, Nothing has ever felt so wonderful in my life, I never knew, I said Aaron, I know ,It happened to me like this too. But there so much more. He said "I wanna try it whatever it is". I said, We will, but for now, some ****. You didn't get to shoot off, Aaron said, Jarod can I **** with you in your bed, we went to my bed, both naked and fell asleep in each others arms,.

About 2:20 A.M. I was awakened by Aaron rubbing my cock, It was already Hard when I came awake, I didn't move or say anything, I just let Aaron do his thing, and he started stroking my cock like he does his I guess, and that feeling coupled with knowing Aaron was a virgin just did things to me, Shit, I was getting close to cumming, and I am not a quiet shooter I groan, and grunt, and gasp, and blow a fucking wad like a small horse, any way, His hand was working magic on my cock, and I noticed he just stopped, and leaned over, and took my cock into his mouth, and he started sucking like I had done his. His fucking mouth was hot as a firecracker, I knew he was gonna get a mouth full, and very quickly, I just let him go and I started tensing up and felt my cock head flaring, swelling, and my cock was getting stiffer, and Awe fuck! came out of my mouth, I didn't have time to tell Aaron to get his mouth off, I started shooting, and just kept shooting, and It was fucking fantastic, Aaron started gagging, and I patted him on his back, and he finally got it down and licked me dry, I was so satisfied at that moment I could have died happy. Aaron looked up and saw me smiling he said was it o.k. I said Aaron, Damn man, It was awesome.

Three Days later Aaron came back from his locker room from Football practice and said, Thanks Jarod, for what you did for me, I took my first shower with the other players, and I got my usual boner, but I wasn't the only one in there with a hardon. I laughed, and said that's wonderful Aaron, and he said do you want to have sex with me again Jarod? I want to do it again with you. I said Yes, but I want you to fuck me Aaron, He looked up and smiled and said, You want me to fuck you? I said yes, I want that gorgeous cock of yours up my ass, He said o.k. I've never done that before.

I got undressed and I lubed up, while Aaron got his clothes off, we crawled onto the bed and layed down, and I started by sucking on his cock for a while, I said are you ready? he said yea. I had him lay on his back, and I lubed him up really good and lubed up my man hole, He was so innocent I didn't even want him to wear a condom, I got totally naked, got up straddle him, and lifted up his gorgeous hard throbbing cock, and he was smiling and looking straight into my eyes, then I just started slowly setting down onto his very large cock. It hurt at first, it was so damn big, then I just let it set and waited untill I got accustomed to its size, and then started slowly setting down untill it was all engulfed into my love hole. It was awesome, I could feel it all the way up into my body, the pressure in the intestine, especially the prostate, was just fantastic, I started slowly raising up and down on his cock and he started breathing heavy, saying Jarod, Oh Jarod, Its awesome dude, just awesome, and his breathing got courser, and I started feeling his cock expanding and I started a milking action with my sphincter muscle, Aaron started moaning, and I knew he was close, I rolled over under him, and said fuck me stud, and nature took over, and Aaron started that pile driver motion, ramming that huge cock to the balls, I could feel his nuts,bumping on my ass as he pumped and started grunting, He jammed that awesome cock to the hilt into my ass,and then that awesome blast, He unleashed a load and splashed cum into my intestines like a fire hose, fuck it was awesome. I started shooting my load all over my chest, and face, and stomach, and Aaron said, Awe shit man, totally awesome dude, totally awesome. Then he said something that was really touching to me. He thanked me, and told me he was falling in Love with me. I saw a tear in his eye. I told him I loved him too. We had a wonderful Year and really a great time with each other, and He came out of his shell and we shared a dorm room for the next three years. I still get calls from Aaron every so often, and have remained good friend and yes were still intimate even yet.

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A Locker Room Meeting

Posted by MONTED at 30,Sep,14 21:52

It was spring break. The campus was practically deserted. I am 34, but I often visit university towns on my travels purposely to use the college gym, to work out, maybe get into a pickup basketball game, and of course, to check out the sights and smells of the men's locker room. Some are easier to sneak into than others, and there's always a whiff of danger in such places. One is an intruder, not legally there.

Some schools, like this one, have a sauna. I had been here, in this gym, before. Last time I came, there were college studs everywhere, and I remember following so many of them into the showers, time and again, and again and again, shower after shower, that I must have been there for hours that day. No come-ons. No sex. Just cheap voyeurism. Cheap thrills. And one Heck of a solo jack-off session at the end of the day!

They did not have the sauna, then, but I remember going from the student locker room to the faculty locker room, and back again, over and over. I'm always lookin for hairy chested hunks, older students, or graduate assistants in their 20's and 30's, or just good lookin older men, 40-ish faculty types, who usually end up being engineers or business school profs, usually married. The ones that catch my eye are always hairy chested, of course.

And that day, burned into my memory, was one very long shower with this tall, incredibly hairy-chested and dark-haired runner, a grad student I think, who had just come in from a long run. His skin glowed with the rosy warmth of **** running through his veins, and I purposely took the locker next to his, and shivered as he took off his shirt and wiped the sweat from his hairy arms and massively curly-haired chest. I gasped almost audibly as he stripped and stood there in front of me, all hairy muscle and sweat in a jockstrap, and again as my arm brushed against the curls of hair on his forearm as we reached into our lockers and undressed.

It took all my might to suppress what might have been a raging hard-on. The showers are large and communal, there. I followed him, and although it was just the two of us, I dangerously chose the shower head immediately next to his. He must have suspected. But I actually managed to start a macho conversation with him about the next Saturday's game, and while acting like a totally straight jock I quietly got the thrill of watching him soap up his thick, curly hairy chest not two feet from my face. I went nuts when he leaned backwards, eyes closed, to rinse his hair, the soap dribbling down through the thick curls on his chest and under his arms, and when he reached down to wash his enormous dick I just couldn't stand it and quickly left before giving myself away.

But, then, wrapping myself safely in a towel, I sat on the bench and watched him dry himself off, toweling his hairy chest over and over again. I dared not suspect that he was putting on a show for me, but he did take his time, slowly toweling dry the profuse amount of hair around his groin and dick, repeatedly toweling the gloriously hairy ass crack, tugging his towel back and forth across his back while his dick flapped in the breeze. The hair on his chest billowed out from his skin and, as he turned, brushed against my own hand as I reached for my shirt. I shuddered. And I shuddered again as I watched him strutting masculinely and nude to the urinal and back, aggressively shaking the drips of urine from his dick with his powerful, muscular right hand as he returned, and assertively swiping his stick of Old Spice deodorant through his thickly hairy armpits. He wore boxers of course, and like most hairy men, a T-shirt. I got a good last look at his hairy pecs and armpits as he pulled it over his head, and my own briefs grew little harder when I noticed that the thick hair on his chest curled deliciously above the collar of his T-shirt . . . a tight fitting T-shirt through which one could see the dark outlines of thick curls of chest hair.

By that time I was half dressed myself, and it was a little tough slippin into my jeans over my bulge, but I wondered all the while if he knew that my manly jockish comments like 'Isn't so-and-so a good quarterback' were really a subterfuge, and that what I really wanted to say was 'Can I lick your hairy tits!' He stufffed his rugged gym bag and left. I immediately stripped again and jacked off in the shower as if he were still there, half hoping he would return and catch me at it! Well, that was last year's voyeuristic fun. And, stupid me, I had stumbled onto campus this time during spring break.

No one around to look at except the guy in the mirror. I'm a pretty good lookin guy, myself: tall, sandy-haired, masculine, more than a little hair on my chest, and I stay in shape, lift a few weights. I don't **** around much. Too dangerous. And I've never been in one place long enough to find a mate. So, I reduce myself to this voyeurism and probably know every good jack-off technique in the book. So, here I was again, and I decided to get a workout in. A little solo basketball. A few weights. And then I hit the track to run a couple of miles.

When I was walking back to the gym I suddenly noticed a man jogging in the same direction, obviously headed to the showers. I picked up my pace, and reached the gym door at the same time. He was a total hunk, with a sort of ruggedly handsome, chiseled face, dark hair, deep dark eyes, thick dark and coarse stubble on his unshaven cheeks. Maybe in his late 30's, a professor perhaps, his T-shirt was soaked with sweat.

I immediately struck up conversation as I opened the door for him, 'How far did you run?'

He smiled and said, 'Oh, about four, I think . . . not as much as I used to.' I replied, 'Well, you are keepin in great shape,' wondering if he would notice the emphasis I placed on the word 'great.' Maybe he did, because at that moment as we walked through the tunneled hallway toward the locker room, he quickly and aggressively pulled off his shirt. I was done for. I went weak in the knees at the sight of the incredibly thick, dark curly hair covering his entire chest, framed between two chiseled, vascular hairy arms and huge biceps, with a thick trail running down across his chiseled abs.

Even worse, he said, 'Name's Nick,' extending his hairy forearm and right hand to shake mine. His grip was a man's grip, and I did my best to reply without losing control, 'My name is Jack.' That isn't my real name, but it sounded masculine, and like a real man I pulled off my T-shirt too as we walked through the door of the locker room. I caught his glance, looking at me. As we reached our lockers, which just happened to be near one another, I noticed the manly way he had hung his pin-striped dress shirt and tie over the locker door. I saw a white T-shirt and boxers. A regular business type.

He was out of his running shorts before I could catch my breath, and he grabbed a white towel and strolled into the showers still wearing his jockstrap. I removed mine, and followed him. As I had done the last time that I came here, I took the shower head next to him, but as we had started up a conversation about running and other sports, I didn't think I was being too obvious. As I reached for a bar of soap, to my surprise he quickly rinsed and turned off the spigot, and he said, 'I'm goin to hit the sauna.'

'Sauna?' I said, 'I didn't know there was one.'

'It's new,' he replied, 'C'mon, I'll show you where it is.' Well, we had to stroll buck hairy naked to the other end of the long, cavernous locker room, Nick still in his dripping wet and nearly transparent jockstrap. Damn, his ass crack was hairy! I licked my lips as I walked behind him. We jumped inside. I quickly climbed to the top bench as Nick immediately sprawled himself out on the lower bench, just beneath me. 'Ah, this feels good,' he said, lying on his back, eyes closed, running his hands back and forth through the thick hair on his chest. His soft, billowy chest hair must have billowed out an inch or more from his ruddy skin, gathering thickly between his pecs, and along the curvature underneath his pecs, merging into a glorious treasure trail running down across his very hard abs. His arms were hairy, too, sinewy, muscular, more thickly hairy at the wrists but with hair covering his muscular forearms all the way to the elbow. 'Ah , this feels good,' he said again.

'It sure does,' I uttered, staring down at his hands, drooling, imagining they were my hands, and keeping my towel tightly around me. Then, like a total stud, he jumped up and did some push-ups against the bench just across from me. His legs were spread apart, and with each thrust his hairy ass crack rose toward me, my tongue salivating over the sight of each hairy curl. Without a word he then sprang to his feet and stripped off the jockstrap, his huge limp prick, buried in a massively profuse growth of pubic hair, dangling in front of me as he aggressively wrung the water out of his jockstrap and hung it on the bench next to me to dry. I stared at it, noticed the several curls of public hair on its cup and licked my lips, then looked again over at his hairy dick where he still stood, and then up at his face.

I think he was watching me. He smiled and laid down again, where he had originally lain, but this time completely nude. His cock must have been 6 inches even when flaccid. And I ogled as he again ran his hairy hands and arms up and down through the hair on his chest and abs, lightly massaging his torso, occasionally itching himself on the groin, or pulling at a tuft of hair there, swiping his hand a couple of times across his large, languishing dick. I was about to explode. But, as saunas do, they get too hot. 'Let's hit the showers,' Nick said.

Knowing that I had a raging hard- on, I said, 'You go on, I'll catch up.' No shower fun today, I thought. So, I returned to my locker only in time to watch Nick toweling himself off, and after lingering to ogle him as long as I could, I hit the showers myself. When I returned, Nick was gone. I toweled off, wrapped myself in a white towel, and grabbed my razor for a badly needed shave.

When I turned the corner, there was Nick, standing at a sink buck naked, with a canister of shaving cream and a razor sitting on a shelf, as he toweled dry his hair. I stared at the glistening muscles in his beautifully hairy arms as he scrubbed his head with the towel, and I drooled again at the sight of his hairy armpits. Thick, luscious, inviting. I drooled. There were several sink basins, but I boldly walked up and took the one immediately next to Nick's.

'You mind if I borrow some shaving cream?,' I said. 'Mine seems to be empty.' It wasn't. He handed his to me, smiled, said 'Sure,' and to my astonishment, he winked! I almost dropped the shaving cream, but I quickly lathered it onto my stubble and shaved, glancing over at Nick in the mirror with each stroke.

There was something masculine in his every move, even the way he dried his hair! Just as I was splashing water onto my face, he said in his deep masculine voice, 'Here, let me have that back,' and he grabbed the shaving cream, his hairy arm brushing against my chest, and with a slight chuckle and began to lather it onto the coarse stubble of his beard.

There is nothing sexier to me than the sight of a buck naked, muscular, hairy-chested jock, standing at a sink in a locker room, steam rising from the hot running water, lathering shaving cream onto his beard's stubble with his powerful hands and hairy arms, a razor in one hand, the other hand gently fondling the hair on his own chest, as he starts to shave the coarse stubble on his rugged face. I stood there and conversed, watching, unable to pull myself away, becoming very obvious, and quietly sighed as a blob of shaving cream plopped down onto Nick's hairy chest, the chest hair still half wet, still matted down in places against his athlete's skin, droplets of water clinging to individual curls, and yet half dry and billowy where he seemed to gently pull on clumps of hair with his left hand. I was breathless.

He glanced over at me in the mirror a time or two as I lingered there. I heard a soft chuckle, and at that, overcome with lust for this beefy chunk of luscious chest hair and masculinity standing next to me, I reached over and wiped the blob of shaving cream from his hairy chest. He smiled. Instantly, I dropped my towel, and momentarily stroked my fully erect and throbbing prick. In an instant I had moved over to stand behind Nick and I gave him a bear hug. He chuckled again, playfully, said nothing, and continued shaving as I kissed his muscular back of his thick neck and ran my fingers through the luscious hair on his chest, my stiff cock nestled into the soft, luscious hair of his ass crack.

Finally, after splashing hot water onto his face, he turned around, returned my embrace, and kissed me passionately as I continued to fondle his hairy chest with one hand, our giant pricks mashing into the softness of each other's hairy groins. Our tongues explored each other's eager mouths, and as both of us were now as hard as a rock, we grabbed each other's manhood and pulled each other back into the shower. He must have been 10 inches erect to my eight. Both of us thick. One could barely grasp the two cocks together in one hand!

There, in the shower, several spigots running, steam rising all around us, we must have remained for an hour or more before I would experience the pleasures of taking his giant prick up the ass, and feeling the warmth and taste of his prick in my mouth, the taste of pre-cum, but before we got around to that, and before I got around to soaping up that hairy chest of his, I first introduced my eager tongue to every last sweaty curl of hair covering his broad chest, dribbling down across his sculptured abs, his profusely hairy groin, his huge prick, his hairy inner thighs, the thick hair and manly scent under his arms, and every fucking hair on his body! I saved his thickly hairy ass crack for last, probing his hairy hole with my tongue as I reached around and stroked his massive cock.

And then, I knelt before him and sucked his gigantic prick, which seemed to grow ever bigger as I sucked and sucked. Then, as if to prepare me, he pulled me onto my back on the shower floor, spread my legs, placed my feet up high on the wall of the showers, so that the hard jet of warm water hit with full **** into my own, quivering hairy asshole. He held me there under the spray while he knelt and sucked my cock, kneeling over me, lowering his hairy balls to my face so that I could suck on them as they slapped against my face.

The streams of warm water hitting against my asshole drove me insane. I was in sweet agony, and finally, I could stand no more. I pleaded with him, 'Oh Nick, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. PLEASE FUCK ME!!!!'

He pulled me up, held me close. We kissed, and he pressed my face into the center of his hairy chest and held it there awhile, his strong hairy arms wrapped around me lovingly. And he whispered sweetly into my ear, 'OK. I will.' He kissed me passionately again, and, laying out a large towel on the shower floor, laid me there under the steady stream of hot water, steam rising like a cloud around my face. He knelt over me, straddling my chest, and told me to soap up his massive prick, which I stroked eagerly. He was huge! I stared wide-eyed as I soaped up his cock. Then he backed up, knelt between my legs. I salivated over the sight if his rippling muscles as his powerful hairy arms lifted my legs high, and over his shoulders. I was breathless at the sight of his massive hairy chest hovering above me. I reached up, and just as I lost my fingers in the thick curls of chest hair of the gorgeous man about to fuck me, he shoved it into me, all of it, quickly. I gasped in pain, repressing a scream, but it was soon glorious. HE fucked me slowly, lovingly, bending over me closely enough for me to caress the thick hair on his chest as he fucked me, and yeah, he fucked me good. Oh, how he fucked me! The rhythmic intensity was like nothing I had experienced before. I almost ****! We gazed into each other's eyes, and just as I reached up and caressed his rugged face, he stiffened, and exploded inside of me, stream after stream of hot cum shooting up my waiting ass. I shot my own wad simultaneously, all over my chest, and he reached down with a finger and brought a blob of my cum to his lips before leaning down to kiss me.

Both of exhausted, we lay there on the shower floor for several minutes, wrapped in each others arms, kissing affectionately. After we cleaned up, he took me to dinner. We spoke little across the table, and just stared affectionately into each other's eyes most of the time, as if each of us were thinking the same thing. Each of us had found someone. And then he took me home, a masculine disheveled home strewn with sports equipment and books, beer bottles and brown leather chairs.

We watched a movie, slowly caressing, kissing, drinking wine. I unbuttoned his shirt and played with his chest hair where it curled up onto his upper chest and delicately touched the Adam's apple. I unbuttoned two more buttons and nestled my face in the hairy center of his chest, as if discovering it for the first time. Finally, as the movie ended, our wine bottle empty, we pulled each other off the sofa and headed to bed. And there, we rolled around affectionately for an hour until, ultimately, we fucked again, each of us this time taking the other's prick up the ass, and finally, completely spent, I lay there completely happy, warm and safe in this hairy man's bed, caressing and nuzzling and his powerful, muscular, and beautifully hairy arms, as I rested my face in the thick hair on his chest, which I nuzzled, and kissed, and licked, all night long.

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LET ME FIX YOU UP .........Pt.1

Posted by MONTED at 30,Sep,14 21:49

Jace and I have been friends since way back when. In high school, we had many of the same classes and many of the same friends. To be honest, we were pretty inseparable. By the time we needed to make our college selections, we ended up gathering all the school catalogs at my house and filled out our applications together, promising and hoping that we would be accepted to the same schools and committing ourselves to choosing the same school when all was done. And providence was on our side - we were both accepted to North State University, a two hour drive north of the town where we lived. Our student lives were pretty ordinary, and to be honest, I am unable to report any great adventures or calamities, which I guess is a good thing. My name is Logan.

Our social lives during high school and college were pretty ordinary. Since neither Jace nor I were jocks or nerds, we fell comfortably in the middle and tended to date nice ordinary girls, which worked out just fine. To be honest, neither of us were ever able to get into a serious relationships. The girls came and went, and we seemed content with our predicaments.

We both majored in business, and after graduation, we found ourselves in management trainee career paths at major corporations. We stayed near the North State University area where several corporate headquarters were located, and of course shared our first real apartment in the same area. But I need to back up some to one night in our dorm room during our sophomore year of college.

Jace, who was 175 pounds and 6 foot 2 in height, looked like the boy next door. With wavy brown hair and brown eyes, his trim muscular build made him a target of most girls around campus, not to mention the occasional guy who seemed to offer an inviting look. And I had seen him enough times changing in our room or at the showers to know that he had a smooth body. So there we sat in our room, getting ready to go to bed, and Jace started a fateful conversation.

"I think we're gay!" Jace blurted out.

I looked over at him, sitting up in his bed, wearing a white undershirt and a pair of blue boxers. "Excuse me?" I responded, not knowing whether to take him seriously or not.

"No, really, I think that's why we don't keep our girlfriends!" Jace explained. "We're just not into them, I think."

"I'm not sure what's gotten into you but you are so wrong," I began. "I remember last year when we went on that double date at the drive-in movie, and it started to rain, we both scored in that car that night!" I concluded.

Jace just looked at me blankly. "And I know I've had sex with girls before and have always liked it!" I stated.

Jace shrugged his shoulders. "I know that Logan, but I think there's more!"

"And as for not having a long time steady girlfriend, I know plenty of guys that play the field and who's to say that we weren't interested in keeping some of those girls around!" I suggested.

"I know for a fact there were a couple of turkeys we dated that I was happy to no longer see!" I continued.

Jace just sat there, mostly ignoring my rebuttals. "I had sex with a guy last week!" he suddenly blurted out.

Not knowing what to say, I sat quietly and patiently, waiting for him to add more to his revelation.

"I just liked it!" he admitted, a sly grin beginning to form across his mouth.

It was my turn to shrug. "That doesn't necessarily mean anything Jace. Maybe you are and maybe you're not, it's all good!" I said. Jace grin, maybe out of relief I didn't scream at his news.

"So is this guy a friend or just a quick sex partner?" I asked.

There was Jace shrugging again. "Not sure! It started as a quick blow job in the locker room after class but we've been hanging out during lunch a lot this week. He's the guy I went to the movies with tonight. It felt good!" he added.

"Well Jace, that's cool, honest," I said.

"You're not mad, Logan?" he asked me hesitantly.

"Why would I be?" I responded. "We've always had our own personal lives! We're just best buds, that's all! Just remember, he can be your sex toy, but I'm always your best bud! Got it?" I joked.

Jace gave me the widest grin and jumped out of bed, giving me a great big bear hug. "Thanks pal, you're the best!" he whispered in my ear as he let me go, jumping back into his bed and turning over to go to ****.

"And you are too you know, Logan! When you're ready to come out, I'll be there for you too! **** tight," Jace offered.

"That's right Jace, I really don't like girls at all. I just practice on them to convince myself of that," I replied, reaching to turn out the room light and laying down to go to ****.

Well, Jace was gay. He and his movie night partner dated for over a year. Jace had several more relationships, just as I did, which sadly for the two of us, never materialized into anything serious. That was of course until the second half of our senior year. That's when Jace met Zack. Jace and I were on a lunch break between classes and went to a popular burger joint. Getting ready for an upcoming exam in a class we shared, we discussed some of the material. At one point, with our mouths filled with food, we got stumped on a particular class problem. From out of nowhere, a voice at the next table called out the answer to us! We were grateful for the information and looked over to thank our helper. We saw this guy at the next table having lunch by himself. We recognized him as someone who had sat in the back of our classroom. He introduced himself to us right away.

"Hi! I'm Zach, I'm in your class, I recognize you guys!" Zach said, wiping his hand on his pants before offering it to us for a quick handshake. Jace and I followed suit, also wiping hands on our pants legs and shaking Zach's hand. We immediately had him move to our table so he wouldn't have to eat alone. We talked a bit more about the class material we were studying. Jace made a comment that we had never chatted together before.

"I really wasn't avoiding you in class," Zach offered, I just didn't want to get in the way of a couple!" he explained.

"Oh, we're not a couple," I stated. "Just long time friends," I added.

"Roommates actually," Jace contributed, "Besides, Logan is still straight, so far!" Jace said with a giggle.

"Hey!" I objected. "I like girls, lay off Jace!" I proclaimed.

"It's cool," Zach began, "I used to be straight too," he proudly admitted.

"Oh really, said a suddenly interested Jace. "Please continue!"

Needless to say, watching Jace ogle Zach, I could see the fires start to grow. And I had to admit, Zach was quite good looking. At maybe 185 pounds, and a good 6 foot 2 in height, his short blonde hair and blue eyes made him stand out in a crowd. Jace would later add the facts that Zach had 8 inches cut and had a pretty hairy chest. But at that moment, I could feel myself start to disappear. Very little class material was discussed after that point as Zach and Jace shared family histories and other details about their lives.

That just about brings us back to present time. Zach and Jace have been dating ever since. Although they have talked about moving in together, they both seem to enjoy their own space for now. I reminded Jace that he still shares an apartment with me, but he enjoys his quiet home time away from work and romance.

The other night, Jace came home from an early date with Zach.

"Why home so early man? Everything okay?" I asked.

"I have an early day that's going to be pretty busy tomorrow," Jace explained.

"I thought you'd stay over at Zach's," I replied.

"Nah, he had an early morning too, and when I stay over, we don't get much ****," Jace added with a sly grin.

"How about you, Logan? Anything happening on your social calendar?" Jace asked.

"Nah, just chilling," I replied. "Maybe tomorrow you and I can grab a bite together? We haven't done that in a while, unless you have plans of course!" I suggested.

Jace smiled as he began to unbutton his shirt. "I'd like that," he replied. "Dinner and something fun for a change!" he said, turning as he began to walk off to his room.

The next day at work was ordinary enough, and I looked forward to having dinner with Jace. Between work and his time with Zach, we really didn't have that much time to hang out much anymore. By mid day, we had exchanged texts and decided on a new seafood restaurant downtown. Nothing fancy but definitely a step above the typical fast food we usually settled for. We had a really good time together. With good food, and splitting a bottle of wine, it was a really nice evening we were spending together.

Almost ready for desert, Jace gave me one of those serious looks. "What?" I blurted out, tired of his knowing stare.

"We need to talk Logan," Jace began.

"Is this the moving out speech I've been expecting?" I asked.

Jace smiled and gave me a light laugh. "No, not at all, ... at least not yet!" he responded.

"Oh, then what?" I continued.

"Zach and I will probably move in together, but we're thinking not for another six months," Jace explained.

"Its about you! You need a social life!" Jace commented.

"Well, MOM, I have a social life!" I answered, with a bit of indignation.

Jace just stared at me with a concerned look. "Not that gay thing again Jace?" I said.

"Listen Logan, I really don't care if you are gay, bi or tri or that matter! I just want you comfortable and happy!"

"Tri? What the fuck is tri?" I asked, ready to laugh.

"Seriously, are you happy with your love life?" Jace asked, pushing the question. "And tri is a joke, as in 'try anything'", Jace added with a chuckle.

"I'm fine, honest. I Just haven't found anyone I'm interested in; or comfortable to be with, for that matter," I offered.

"Listen, I see how you turn your head when a good looking guy walks by and I think you'd be happier if you just admit it to yourself, that's all! I think once you move in that direction, you'll be open to meet the right person, whether it be female or ... MALE!" Jace said, emphasizing the 'male' when he said it.

"You're just wrong Jace, but thanks for caring, honest!" I said, offering him a conciliatory grin.

We finished up dinner without saying anything else on the subject, and then we went home. We were both looking forward to a quiet night, so after washing up, I slipped into a clean pair of boxers and planted myself in front of the television. I began my usual flicking of the remote and played channel roulette, hoping to find something that either wasn't twenty years old or inanely stupid.

A short while later Jace came out into the living room. I had heard him in the shower and was now shocked to see him dressed up in a black suit and white shirt and tie, moving to stand in front of the television set. He picked up the remote and shut off the television, turning to face me.

"You going out Jace? I thought you were about to turn in!" I commented.

"Lets just call this an intervention Logan!" Jace said, offering me a reassuring grin.

"You lost me Jace, and please turn the television back on. I wasn't watching anything good to be honest. It was just some reality show. Get this, they dump these people on a remote island and hand them a skillet and a sewing machine. The person who lasts the longest while cooking the best gourmet meal and designing and making the best runway outfit wins! Crazy huh?" I said, trying to change the subject or whatever screwball plan Jace had cooked up!

Jace turned around to where we had a small ipod attached to some small speakers. He pushed some buttons and controls and suddenly some bump and grind music started to play.

Holy shit, was all I could think. Jace began to slowly dance in front of me, wiggling his hips and looking as sexy as he could, which at the moment wasn't very effective.

"What the hell, Jace!" I said, a bit annoyed.

"I'm going to prove to you that you do get off on guys!" Jace explained.

"We're roomies, like best buds, this is just wrong," I offered.

But Jace ignored my pleas. By now, his jacket was off and his tie was loosened. Resigned that he was not going away, I folded my arms across my chest and leaned back into the couch. I made myself comfortable, spreading my legs a bit and started to make faces at Jace as he tried valiantly to remain serious in this apparent seduction, or whatever it was!

After a while, watching Jace, I could tell by his face that he was really enjoying putting on a show for me. But what he was attempting to prove I could not guess. With his tie gone, he removed his white shirt to reveal his muscular smooth chest. He began to dance a bit closer to me and I enjoyed looking him over. Of course I was not aroused but merely appreciating his fine physique. His smooth chest and decent sized nipples stared at me. He flexed his arms and lifted them up, revealing small patches of hair under his arms which forced his chest muscles forward, protruding and flexing somewhat. Jace shook his head once or twice, **** his wavy brown hair to fall over his forehead. He was cute, I had to admit it.

A few times he stared me down until we held eye contact, winking and grinning, as if he was in on this odd joke. Jace took a few steps closer to me.

"I'm going to remove my pants now Logan. Are you ready?" Jace cooed.

"Why Jace, you gotta pee or something?" I joked.

With his eyes still locked on me, Jace moved his fingers to the pants zipper and lowered it slowly. He pushed his pants down over his hips and his muscular thighs. I was a bit surprised to see him wearing only a white thong. Actually I was a bit shocked. The thin nylon material was pretty sheer, leaving nothing to the imagination. We had seen each other naked countless times, either in school or while sharing the apartment, but this time was different, very different. Jace's cock was semi hard, and he repeatedly was rubbing through the thong, and lightly moaning as he did so. But this time felt different, and I could feel my heart beat pick up the tempo, as if it was syncing with the hypnotic music playing in the room. Jace stepped closer still, grinding his hips side to side and then back and forth. I could smell his body heat. I could smell the vestiges of soap on his skin, and I cold also detect a light scent of sweat. His proximity was certainly **** me to react deep down inside.

Suddenly Jace was smiling broadly, nodding his head in my direction. Actually nodding his head in the direction of my lap. I was grinning back at him until I lowered my head to look at my lap and what he was recognizing. I looked and was shocked. My boxers had formed a very obvious tent and at the very peak of that tent was a small wet dot. I was leaking! Holy shit, I was aroused! But how could I be? This was my best friend and roommate. I didn't have the hots for him or desire him!

But I knew I was hooked. I couldn't fight the feeling and nonchalantly slipped my hand into my boxers, grabbing my already hard cock and began to play with it. I fondled my balls and looked up at a grinning Jace, who already hard, had begun to stretch his thong as far as it would go. Our eyes locked, each knowing that the other was in the heat of sexual arousal. I watched Jace clip his fingers inside the thong waist band and he lowered the garment from his hips. The straps curled upon themselves as they rolled down his legs to his ankles. He easily stepped out of one leg opening and lifted his other foot, tossing the thong in my direction. It landed in my lap and I picked it up, looking back at him.

To give him a run for his money, I picked up his crumbled thong and rubbed it slowly across my chest and onto my throbbing cock. "You like that, you flirt?" I asked, only to be met by his head eagerly nodding up and down. I pushed his thong aside and looked at my cock, seeing the precum ooze out of my piss slit. I rubbed my palm over the top of my cock head for some good lube and then began a slow yet deliberate jacking of my now eager throbbing cock. I looked at Jace to find him wide-eyed, turned on as much as I was. But apparently he was ready to go to the next level.

Jace grabbed a nearby footstool and pulled it over in front of where I was sitting. Now nude, and hard of course, he sat down with his legs spread. He positioned himself and began to jack himself off. In no time we were both panting and moaning low. Our eyes were locked as we pumped, almost in unison. How we had gotten to this place, as long time friends and not jack off buddies, I wasn't quite sure. I took off my boxers to get better access to my cock.

Jace and I furiously pumped our throbbing cocks. Closer and closer our orgasms built up until I came first. My legs splayed apart even farther as my ass clenched itself deep into the couch, and my back arched into the cushions when I erupted. One, two, three spurts shot forth out of my spent cock. The first landed on my knee while the second hit Jace on his knee while the third hit the floor between where Jace and I were sitting. Jace gave me a quick grin when he felt my jizz hit him and then his eyes closed and his face scowled as he went into his own eruption. A guttural growl escaped his throat as he reared back, his throbbing purple cock opening its mouth wide. His first two volleys reached my chest, which I found astounding. His next two shots fell in-between our knees. It was awesome, not to mention hot as hell. I had to admit that it was one hell of an orgasm for me, better then most!

After we regained our composure, Jace stood up and quickly dropped onto the couch sitting next to me, our cocks already shrinking into retreat. With our bare hips and knees touching, Jace patted me on the knee.

"I knew I'd turn you on and get you off!" he began. "You do like guys Logan. Its no big deal," Jace concluded .

"You have a hot body Jace!" I replied. What guy wouldn't get off seeing another guy jerk off!" I calmly explained.

"Most guys would have left the room," Jace said, raising his eyebrows.

"Please let me fix you up!" Jace pleaded. I know some nice guys looking to meet another nice guy! And you're one helluva nice guy!" Jace added.

I sat quietly for a while and then leaned over to give Jace a quick kiss on the cheek as I stood up, still naked. I picked up my boxers. "You're a good friend and I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I'm okay, honest. And I still like girls!" I said.

After Jace's show and our mutual jack off session, I headed into the bathroom and took a hot shower, cleaning up any remaining sticky parts from our admittedly hot session. I wrapped a towel around my waist after I stepped out of the shower and dried off. I didn't feel like getting into a fresh pair of boxers so I just hopped into bed naked. I shut my room light and was about to turn over when I heard a knock at my door.

"Yeah," I called out.

Jace came in and sat down on the side of my bed naked. Evidently he had not showered yet and still had some dried cum spots on his chest and legs. I looked up at him, waiting for him to speak.

"You're not mad at me are you, Logan? You know I'd never do anything to upset you!" Jace offered.

I patted his sticky knee and giggled. "I'm fine Jace. I understand your concern, and maybe you want me to be more like you, but I'm not. And that's okay. And we are so okay! Best buds for ever man! And I even love you! You're my best friend. I just don't love you THAT way," I said with a knowing grin.

"**** tight Logan, and I love you too, man," Jace responded, standing up and leaving my room. "**** well," he added.

But I didn't **** well. I tossed and turned all night, rerunning in my mind the image of Jace stripping and jacking off in front of me. I know I was aroused, after all, it got me so hot that I unabashedly stripped and jacked doff in front of him. We had never done that. I had never done that before. Sure, there were a couple of nights at school when we both jacked off when the lights were out. I know we heard each other doing it those times, but the darkness and lack of recognition kept if very acceptable. But this was different. This was obvious, and in full light, and reacting and responding to each other.

But maybe Jace was right. Maybe I did like guys but just wouldn't admit it, or didn't want to admit it. I found my hand on my freshly washed belly, gently caressing my skin, and feeling my cock coming back to life. My hand went lower, as if to see if my cock really was getting hard. And it was! My head was still filled with images of a naked Jace. No actually, the images in my head were faceless. My thoughts were only on his cock, no, actually just on any cock. Images of cocks I had seen over the years, at pools, locker rooms, sports event, even magazines and movies floated across my field of vision. Was I obsessed? Was I really gay? No way, I kept repeating to myself. I pulled my hand away from my body and tucked it under the pillow, turning on my side and trying to think of anything else besides cocks, penises, wangs, shlongs, peckers, and long fruits or vegetables like bananas and zucchini. Damn, was I a mess or what?

I got up groggily the next morning and dragged myself to the bathroom where I shaved and showered. Once finished, I left the bathroom in only my towel and heard voices as I wandered back into my room.

"Logan, you up?" Jace called out.

"Yup! What's happening?" I asked.

"Zach stopped by with fresh bagels," Jace announced.

"Okay. Hi Zach!" I called out, closing my bedroom door behind me in order to get ready for the day.

Already hungry, I quickly dressed and came out, to the kitchen. I encountered Zach and Jace at the table, talking in hushed tones. They immediately stopped when they looked up and saw me. I grabbed a glass and some juice and sat down across from where they were sitting. I looked over at them, pouring myself some juice, noticing the two of them just staring at me.

"You told him?" I asked, giving Jace an annoyed look.

Jace just grinned with the look of a cornered animal.

"Its cool, Logan, we're just trying to help you!" Zach offered.

"And you don't have a problem with your boyfriend stripping for another guy?" I said, challenging Zach.

Zach just shrugged. "Listen, we both care about you! I know how close you and Jace have been all these years, and if you're that important to Jace, then you're that important to me too!" Zach explained.

"Jace and I both came Zach! That doesn't bother you?" I asked.

A surprised Zach turned to Jace. "You came? Really? You forgot to mention that, man!"

"Hey hey, I don't want to start something, and certainly don't want to get in between you guys," I quickly offered.

"I understand what Jace tried to do for me and it was very sweet, if a bit sexy, but I'm really not into guys!" I added.

Zach turned back from Jace. "Logan, Jace told me about your romantic history, or lack of it! But I agree with him that you look at guys a bit differently. I think you are gay, or at least bi. Listen Logan, there is this great guy I work with, and I think he's at the same place you are, sexually and romantically. Let me fix you up! Please!' Zach urged.

I looked back and forth at both Jace and Zach, and after a moment of hesitation, I smiled at them.

"I really appreciate the offer guys, honest! But I really am okay," I said.

I picked up a bagel and took two big bites, standing up as I finished. I then chugged down the rest of my juice.

"I've got to run. Busy day today. Thanks for last night Jace," I said with a wink. "Let's be sure the three of us get together for dinner later in the week. I'm outta here!" I shouted as I turned and left the room. I headed out the door and heard Jace and Zach offer their goodbye.

My bus ride into downtown and my job took about 30 minutes, and I think for the entire time all I could think about was the activities of the night before and Zach's words offering to fix me up with a guy. But I just didn't buy it. I looked up, still deep in thought, and my eyes fixed on the guy sitting opposite me. Also dressed in a suit and appearing to be about my age, I examined him closely and wondered if he kept his body in shape. His suit was tapered and hugged his body nicely. Next to him sat a young woman about the same age. They appeared to be together, maybe a wife or girlfriend. I looked her over. The color of her dress was just not flattering. I thought and thought, something in my head is not clicking. Fuck! I had absolutely no thought about her body beneath her dress! Was I not into girls at all? This just wasn't right. I know, I'm not checking her out because her guy is sitting right next to her. She's off the market so I'm not interested! That's the answer! A smile seemed to cross my face with that realization, until the guy suddenly gave me a dirty look. Ha! He can tell I'm not gay because he's concerned that I'm looking over at his girl!

The rest of my commute went with out further thought or incident, and once at my desk, I got right into my work. I wish I could say that the thought of my sexuality never popped up again, but it did. I thought and wondered and tried to figure it out, but I definitely did react to Jace's strip tease, and I do occasionally look at guys, but who doesn't. I remembered so many times growing up looking at other guys, but I think that was more for comparison. Was I dressing the right way? Did I wear the right clothes and did I dress appropriately for the occasion? Did I want to be buff and muscular or did I just want to be trim and firm? Of course I admired others guy's bodies, but wasn't that because I wanted to emulate them or maybe I was a bit jealous that they could get in better shape then I could?

I got home from work, having decided that I accomplished nothing at all in my quest to answer this question.

"Jace, you home?" I called out.

I found a note on the kitchen table from Jace. "Dinner with Zach, staying the night, hope you had a good day, buddy!"

Rummaging through the refrigerator, I found some left over chicken and pasta and tossed them into the microwave. I ran to my room to get into some comfortable sweat pants and a t shirt and returned to the kitchen. I flipped on the television to catch the evening news. Same old crap I thought, eating my dinner quietly, occasionally yelling at the television when one politician or another began to talk, which of course, meant they began to lie. Was I becoming a cynic or what? I chuckled to myself.

Finishing my meal and cleaning up, I moved to the couch and began flicking channels. Leaning back and relaxing, I took a deep breath and could smell some of evidence of Jace and I having our sexual adventure on the couch the night before. My head began to spin and the flood of sexual questions flooded back into my head. I reached over to the coffee table nearby where I had left my Samsung tablet. I started to look up bars and clubs in the neighborhood, wanting to get out of the house. I felt like I needed to clear my head and a bar and a nice glass of wine sounded really good right now. An ad for a nearby club kept popping up during my online search. I was about to settle for this local wine bar but then decided to look directly at the website for this one advertised club. The "DragonSlayer" was not too far away and the photos offered what appeared to be a nice casual laid back place. In one corner of the ad it announced a discount for seniors with their AARP card. It also stated "Gay and Lesbian friendly" and offered military discounts as well. Talk about not narrowing your target market! Also offering a large wine and beer menu, I figured that this place was safe enough.

I went back to my bedroom and decide to dress a bit nicer. I took a quick shower, removing the thin layer of sweat and grime I accumulated during the work day and put on a fresh pair of tightly whities, some crisp jeans and a bright green polo shirt I had recently bought. I thought some plain loafers would then do the trick. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt casual and neat was good enough. All I wanted was a calm glass of wine with some dull music droning on in the background to keep my head nice and empty. I looked at my watch and it was eight o'clock already. Perfect.

Grabbing my car and driving the fifteen minutes to the bar, I pulled into the marked parking lot for the DragonSlayer. The music could be heard outside and I noticed a fair sized crowd mingling outside. To be honest, it was not what I expected. There was one group of college age girls and some couples that looked to be in their forties or fifties. Some biker type guys came out of the bar while a young couple walked in. This place must be good - they catered to everybody! With nothing to lose I ventured on in, to be greeted at the door by a guy about my age.

"How many tonight, sir?" he asked me.

"Oh, just me, looking to have a quiet glass of wine after a hectic day at work," I offered.

"Not a problem sir! Is this your first time here?" he asked.

"Yes it is. Just looking to chill for a while," I commented.

"That's what we're here for! My name is Tommy, by the way. And call me if you need something. Glad you decided to visit us and hope its not your last time here. Rachel will be your server," he concluded, leading me to a small table off to the side, but still in view of the deejay and dance floor.

I took my seat at the table and got comfortable, looking the place over. It really was a relaxing place with some good music and a nice mixed crowd. I immediately felt at ease and ordered a glass of wine when Rachel, the server, took my order. I absolutely loved the music playing. The sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties were all represented.

Rocking out to a mash up song of Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney, I noticed Tommy the host, lead a guy to the other small table right next to me. Looking to be about my age, and also dressed casually, he ordered a glass a wine and also began getting into the music, rocking from side to side. At one point, our eyes met and we exchanged polite nods.

"They have great music here, huh?" he asked.

I could barely hear what he said and shrugged my shoulders. "Great music! I love the music here," he repeated.

"My first time here, and yes, they must have an awesome DJ here," I offered.

Nothing else was said for a few minutes. He suddenly walked over.

"Are you expecting anyone?" he asked me.

"No, just wanted a good glass of wine to end a hectic day at work," I replied.

"Same here," he began. "Mind if we share the table? Its just me tonight also," he asked.

"Most times I come here, I enjoy time to myself, if that makes sense, but today, I don't know, talking to someone would be nice. And you look normal enough!" he concluded.

I laughed at his comment. "I look normal?" I repeated.

"Well, I was about to say as boring as me, but that might have come out worse," he explained with a friendly expression.

"Well, normal and boring fits, so pull up a chair," I said, extending a hand for a shake.

"Logan here," I offered. "I'm Ryan," he replied.

We sat quietly for a few moments, enjoying the music. With a few sideways glances, I observed that he was also in jeans and wore a green polo shirt, similar to mine. If I was about 6'1 in height, Ryan was maybe 6'2. I weighted around 170 pounds and I bet he was about ten pounds heavier, a bit bigger in the shoulders and arms. His shirt collar, unbuttoned, revealed smooth skin, as compared to my slightly hairy chest. And he had striking hazel eyes offset by his straight dark brown hair, which he kept long enough to touch his ears.

"So you're normal and boring," Ryan suddenly asked me, jarring me out of my trance looking him over.

I nodded with a sheepish grin. "My roommate constantly bugs me, wanting to fix me up with someone. Trust me, I am not that pathetic!" I said.

"I hear ya Logan, Ryan offered. I'm busy enough at work and I think young enough to still be unattached. I just never found the right girl," he added.

"I know, right?" I responded. We laughed about it for a little while and began to talk about where we grew up and what we did for a living. He had followed a similar path and also worked for a large corporation, staying here after completing North State University just like me. He was a year older then me, which explained why we couldn't place each other at school Two glasses of wine later, and a large chips and salsa, we talked and talked, feeling more and more relaxed.

"Would you believe," I began in a hushed voice, that my best friend suggested that I must be gay because I cannot hang on to a girlfriend!" Ryan looked at me with a blush. "No way! That dog!" Ryan said.

"No no, he's a good guy, honest. I think since he's gay maybe he thinks I should be too," I said with a laugh and a grunt.

"And you're cool as roommates and stuff?" Ryan asked.

"Of course, no biggie, honest! Besides, he has his own boyfriend and does his business mostly there," I said with a dirty grin.

"Not jumping on every pussy or looking under every dress does not make a guy gay!" Ryan proclaimed. "Believe me when I say I've had my fair share of girlfriends too. Its just, I don't know, I never met anyone I was totally comfortable with or who felt special enough for me!"

"Here here!" I said, raising my empty wine glass.

Rachel the server immediately came to our table, asking if we were ready for another round, since I was holding my glass high in the air. Ryan and I started to laugh at the situation.

"Gosh, no! I've had more then enough," I said to a smiling Rachel. "Maybe just bring us a large order of French fires," I suggested, looking over at Ryan who nodded in agreement. "We need it to absorb the alcohol!" I commented.

Ryan and I must have sat another two hours, talking about this or that, and realized the time and that it was time to leave.

"Listen, Ryan?" I began.

"Yeah?" he responded, his speech ever so slightly giving away the fact that the French Fries did not absorb the alcohol as well as expected.

"Can we exchange phone numbers? It was kind of cool hanging with you. Maybe next time one of us needs an after work drink to unwind, we can meet here again. I really like this place!" I said.

Ryan grinned at me. "Logan, I had the same exact thought, he said.

Our checks came and we paid our bills, standing up to get ready to leave. My head felt pretty clear but Ryan swayed ever so slightly.

"No way will I let you drive home, man," I offered.

"I walked here," Ryan said with a wide grin. "It's maybe a mile up the road, that's all!"

"Let me drive you," I announced, grabbing Ryan by the elbow and ushering him outside.

"Thanks Logan, I am a bit tired. Much appreciated," Ryan said.

We walked through the parking lot, which still had quite a few people hanging around, until we got to my car. I helped Ryan in to the passenger seat and then got into my side. He gave me directions which led me to a small house. I parked in the driveway and led him to the door. Still wobbly, I got Ryan inside and quickly looked around. Although small, it was a really nice place. The building itself might have been older but the inside looked entirely redone. I put on some lights and asked him what he wanted.

"Let me make us some coffee. Can you staying for a few minutes?" Ryan asked.

"Sure, just till you get your head back on straight," I said, glancing at my watch.

Ryan walked into the kitchen and put on some coffee. I figured a good cup should do him good, thinking how little wine it took to get him off balance. Soon enough, Ryan came back into the living room where I was sitting and brought us two mugs of coffee. We took a few sips and sat quietly. "Mmm, that's good. You feeling a little better?" I asked Ryan. He nodded with a smile.

"So your gay roommate thinks you're really gay?" Ryan asked.

"Yup, he even wanted to fix me up with a guy! Can you believe it?" I asked.

"Damn, why does everyone care about everyone else's sex lives?" Ryan asked innocently.

Another long pause of silence followed. "Ryan?" I began.

"Yeah," he responded, looking over at me.

"Do you ever think of guys or stuff like that?" I asked timidly.

"Of course, all guys do!" he stated.

"What?" I said surprised.

"Well, I think all guys compare and look and observe other guys, like how to behave or dress, or what to say. And then I will admit, maybe I utter a little curse for the guy who makes it look so easy being so damn good looking!" he said with a devilish grin.

"Yeah, right, me too," I admitted eagerly, laughing at his comment.

"To be honest Logan, I've had a friend or two suggest I was still in the closet also!" Ryan added bluntly.

"I just think a person needs to be comfortable with another person. You know, not to be forced and able to be yourself," I suggested.

Ryan looked over at me hesitantly. "Have you ever um, uh, done anything with a guy?" Ryan asked, his voice very low.

"Other then jerking off, then no!" I said with a nervous giggle.

"To be honest, sometimes I think maybe I'm bi or something, cause my girlfriends never seem to hang around too long, and the funny thing is, I'm usually not very upset when we break up!" Ryan admitted, looking at me for either my approval or disproval.

"Don't laugh," I began, "I've gone through those same doubts!" I said.

"No way!" he said, his pout turning into a wide grin. Silence returned to the room as we sipped our coffee, each deep in thought.

"So how do we know, I mean how does a person know for sure then, when it's the right person, I mean?" Ryan asked.

"I guess one day you meet someone you want to be with, to try something with, and then you know it's right," I suggested.

"And if we don't know what we're doing since we never did anything like that before?" Ryan asked, a quiver evident in his voice.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Don't know man, never been there," I responded with a nervous giggle.

"Well, for what its worth Logan, I kind of feel comfortable with you, if that makes any sense," Ryan offered.

"Me too," I announced meekly, blushing as I looked over at him. He put his coffee mug down and stood up, walking over towards me and sitting down right next to me on the couch.

"Um, don't freak out, but I'd like to kiss you. Would you mind?" he asked, looking as if he was about to be eaten by a lion.

I started to laugh, mostly out of nervousness.

Ryan looked at me with a shocked, hurt expression. "Are you laughing at me?" he asked, moving backwards slightly.

I grabbed his hand to keep him from retreating further. "No, Ryan, not at all," holding him in place. "Just a nervous reaction I guess. Sorry," I commented.

"Oh," he replied, relaxing a bit at my explanation. "Nervous here too," he said.

"Just a kiss, right?" I said, leaning in towards him. Ryan responded and offered me his lips. We touched lightly, and I actually felt a tingle, just like they say in the movies! His lips were warm and soft and felt good. He also smelled good; a bit of coffee, some wine, some sweat and the essence of some after shave he must have put on earlier in the day. I felt Ryan push back against my lips, pressing with a bit of firmness, and it was good. We kept our lips closed, probably afraid of being too forward, and after a few seconds, we broke. We both opened our eyes, suddenly realizing that we had both closed them. I chuckled to myself.

"That was kind of nice to be honest ,Ryan!" I announced.

"That was real good Logan," Ryan announced, his voice revealing his excitement.

I watched him raise his eyebrows about to speak. I immediately knew what he was about to ask and jumped the gun, already leaning in for another kiss. I felt his hand tentatively rest on my shoulder, holding me in place. I slowly began to part my lips, finding his mouth already slightly open. My tongue ventured out carefully, finding the tip of his tongue also moving forward. I placed both of my hands on his shoulders as our mouths moved into a tighter position, our tongues now gently rubbing up against each other. I could feel my heart beat pick up the pace and felt Ryan react as well.

A few minutes later we ended the kiss, my mouth immediately feeling empty and lost. "This is absolutely the craziest thing!" I announced, resulting in a stunned Ryan. "Huh?" he said, the disappointment appearing quickly clearly on his face.

"No, no, not that," I corrected. "The kiss was great, I am just shocked," I said.

"Why?" asked a still surprised Ryan.

I picked up his hand and smiled. "It's not like I was expecting thunder and lightning or an earth destroying earthquake," I began. "Its because absolutely nothing happened!"

"Well thanks a whole heap pal!" replied Ryan.

"No, that's not what I mean!" I explained.

"Nothing happened because it was all so natural. It was a kiss, a good kiss in fact, but it felt like the right thing to do! For me. For us! I felt so good, like its supposed to feel. Its' not a gay think or a bi thing, or even a tri thing!" I quipped.

"A what?" Ryan responded. "Oh, just a joke, I'll explain later," I added.

"I guess what I'm saying is that I'm kissing a guy and it feels good," I announced, and then held my breath as I continued.

"But also, you got my juices going, so I suppose, .... I'm thinking of doing more .... with you, I mean .... that is of course," I continued, still stammering and hesitating, "That is if you feel the same way?" I concluded, giving Ryan a questioning look.

Ryan reached out and took both of my hands and placed them in his lap, holding them securely.

"Logan, that little speech you made? Well, um, I could not have said it better myself!" Ryan announced with a wide grin. "Trouble is, I have no clue if I know exactly what 'doing more' might be?" he said, breaking out in to a laugh. "I've never been with another guy!" he added.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I bet we can figure out most of this stuff! Everyone else seems to get it straight!" I added, as we both grinned at the innuendo. After a few minutes of heart pounding silence, Ryan stood up, pulling me along with him. He led me into his bedroom and turned on the light. He had a nice queen sized bed and his room looked neat and orderly. Ryan sat down on the end of the bed and patted the spot next to him, motioning for me to sit down. Sitting side by side, we leaned in for another kiss. As the prior kisses were calm and reserved, this kiss immediately drew out our fiery passion. Our faces pushed into each other with greater intensity as our tongues came rushing out towards each other, licking and pushing. Our hands were busy traveling across each other's backs, both exploring and holding each other tight and close. We finally pulled apart, looking at each other with flushed faces, and obviously hungry for more.

I reached out and grabbed the bottom of Ryan's polo shirt, pulling it up and continuing over his head while he lifted his arms to make the shirt's removal easier. I was right, his chest was hairless. A bit beefier then me in his physique, I felt my eyes go wide taking in his masculine beauty. I was hooked, and this guy felt so right. I quickly ran my palm over his buff muscular chest, as if to insure I was correct how good he felt! Before I could play in this wonderland some more, Ryan interrupted me by pulling off my own shirt. The hunger and eagerness shined in his eyes as he ogled my hairy chest. He ran his fingers through my chest hair and tweaked my nipples, making me blush at being the center of someone's intense attention. I took a deep breath and moved forward, hungrily planting my mouth on one of his nipples. I sucked and nibbled, more turned on then I could ever remember. I suddenly felt his hand caressing the back of my head, as if to signal his pleasure and even his insistence that I not pull my head away from his chest!

Finally coming up for air, I stared speechless into his hazel eyes. Ryan grinned happily back at me. Even without words, we knew we were together. "I never knew how good I could feel with someone," Ryan announced, as if reading my mind.

Ryan ran his hands over my chest again, just like a **** rediscovering his most favorite toy! While his face was buried in my chest, as he went from nipple to nipple, I kicked off my shoes and pulled off my socks. I reached down and did the same for Ryan, leaving both of us barefoot. We fell onto the bed together, rolling around and hugging and exploring chests and caressing backs. But I needed more, so I stood up at the side of the bed as Ryan sat up, watching me.

With our eyes locked, my hands went to the waist of my jeans, preparing to open them.

"No! Wait!" Ryan protested, sitting up before me and brushing my hands away from my jeans. My heart began to pound, knowing full well what was in store. "Mmmm yeah, Ryan," was all I could mutter.

Looking at my jeans and then up at my face, Ryan unsnapped the top of my jeans and slowly lowered the zipper. The buzz of the zipper filled the room as a nervous Ryan began to giggle, his hands shaking a bit. "My first zipper. I guess I'm a bit nervous," he announced. "Logan, you must think I'm a real doofus," Ryan added. I brought my hand to his chin and lifted his face up to look at me.

"No way Ryan! Right now, I think you're the hottest sexiest thing on the planet!" I offered. Ryan grinned back.

"Now go finish what you started boy!" I directed, my heart ready to explode.

With the zipper down, Ryan tugged at the waist of my jeans and pulled them down over my hips and past my knees. Once the jeans were around my ankles, I helped by stepping aside and kicking them off. Now standing in only my briefs before him, I watched as he looked me over, from head to chest to crotch to legs. I didn't feel like I was on display, only that I was sharing myself with him. I wanted only to give myself up to him. I could feel my cock twitch in my tighty whities and I'm sure he noticed, as his eyes widened once or twice.

"You look like you've never seen another guy in underwear before," I teased.

Ryan looked up at me again, " I know, right? But I never had a guy in underwear before that was for me to enjoy!" he explained. I patted his head. "Well," I began, pulling him to his feet, "now we have to get you where I am, so your pants are next!" I directed.

We switched places as Ryan stood before me and I sat on the side of the bed facing him. I repeated his performance and slowly undid his pants and he then kicked them off, revealing his pair of black trunk style briefs. "Very nice," I observed, unsure of what to do next. I tentatively reached up, my hand shaking ever so slightly, and placed it over the front of Ryan's briefs. I could feel the movement and heat of his cock and balls and immediately took in a deep breath.

"Whoa" escaped from my mouth, and I swear my heart was ready to burst from my chest. We had hardly done anything yet but my mind was already in overdrive. This all felt so good. And so right! I began to slowly rub the front of Ryan's briefs, enjoying the feel and realizing that it was my touch that was making Ryan's cock respond.

"You know, keep that up Logan and you will damage me for sure. My cock is so cramped now because you made it so big and my briefs are so tight!" Ryan complained jokingly, his eyebrows rising as he spoke.

"So what? Like you need to release it or something?" I snapped back with a dirty grin. But I knew what had to be done and tucked my fingers inside the waist band of his briefs and looked up, letting him know what I was about to do. Ryan remained silent as our eyes locked, and I began to lower his briefs. Past his smooth stomach, I began to see the beginnings of a slight treasure trail as I lowered the briefs further. I lifted the material away from his lower belly, knowing that his hard on was about to pop out. And it did not disappoint. Ryan's hard cut cock came into view, veins pulsing, and I was awestruck. And yes, I had seen cocks before, even Jace's hard cock cumming before me, but this cock was better. I wanted this cock, because this cock was for me! With his briefs at his ankles, Ryan kicked them off while I continued to stare mesmerized. I leaned forward to gently kiss the tip of his cock, getting a drop of his precum on my lower lip. Unsure what to do, I licked it off my lip. Ryan watched me in fascination. I shrugged my shoulders. "Salty and musky," I calmly announced.

Ryan and I smiled at each other and I stood up, unsure what to say. "Lose the briefs, stud!" Ryan directed. I immediately obliged him and shucked off my own briefs, standing naked before him, my cock springing up hard and erect like his. Ryan leaned forward, grasping both of our cocks and pushed them upwards as he moved into me, grabbing me into a tight hug, our cocks pushed up against our bellies. The touch of his fingers on my cock sent a shock through my body, but this hug generated a surge of energy to course throughout my body. We hugged tightly as we held on for a while, not moving much other then our heads tilting forward, allowing our mouths to find each other again. The kiss was hot and passionate, and our bellies and hips starting to rub into each other. In a short while, our rubbing became more pronounced, our bodies instinctly looked for that next moment of ultimate pleasure and release.

In no time, we fell onto the bed again, this time playing with each others cocks and balls, exploring this new territory. Not eager to go too fast or too far on this adventure, we found ourselves lying side by side, jacking each other off. Fortunately we had each been leaking enough precum to make our stroking very smooth and productive. We lay together, side by side, our arms and legs entwined, stroking furiously yet lovingly. I had never been so aroused.

"I am so close," Ryan announced, looking over at me, his face flushed.

"Me too," I moaned. "So.... So close man. Oooooh!" I groaned.

And then it happened. Ryan's body shook and bucked next to me while I kept an eye on his hard throbbing cock. I watched his piss slip pucker open and his ball sack pull itself back towards his body. His legs flailed on the bed and his hips jerked, grinding down into the mattress. I watched in awe as his cock twitched, shooting out its first wave of cum and followed by a few drops drizzling out afterwards. Suddenly another volley erupted and shot half way up his chest towards his nipple. I was enthralled by the sight. For some unknown reason, I pushed my hand at the base of his cock and aimed his fleshy cannon in my direction, just in time for his next spurt to land squarely on my chest, in the midst of the hair around my nipple. I giggled in glee and watched another volley of Ryan's cum land on his belly. The excitement of the action and the pungent smell of his cum pushed me over the edge. My orgasm rose up from deep within my body and pushed my back to arch up off the bed, my cock now aimed dangerously upward as the first spurt hit me on the chin. The next three spurts found my chest and belly, leaving me with a couple of sticky puddles, one right over my belly button.

Ryan and I were panting heavily during our almost simultaneous orgasms. We stayed quiet as our bodies calmed, eventually turning to face each other, wide smiles plastered on our faces.

"Awesome," I announced to Ryan, who enthusiastically shook his head in agreement. I stayed on the bed, laying flat, still catching my breath, but relishing the thought that I was finally truly happy and comfortable with myself, laughing inwardly that Jace was right all along. I guess I just hadn't found the right guy yet. I looked over to see Ryan hop out of bed and into the bathroom, turning on the water in there. He soon came back with a couple of wet wash clothes and lovingly began to wipe me up. "Your chest hair is so sexy," Ryan cooed. "I Just need a bit more effort to clean you up, that's all!" he said with a wink.

"Too bad I need to go home; work tomorrow you know," I explained.

"For sure, but its not over, right?" Ryan asked, holding his breath.

I sat up and pulled him towards me, bringing our mouths together for a quick kiss. "Hell no! You aren't dumping me that fast," I joked.

"Are you busy Friday night?" I asked. "Yeah I am," he began. "Doing something with you I imagine," he said with a grin, his eyebrows jumping up and down suggesting something dirty.

"Then we're going on a date!" I announced. "Dinner and a movie maybe?"

"Sounds perfect," Ryan said, as he helped me find my scattered clothes and I got dressed. Ryan however, stood naked before me. I relished looking over his bare body.

We walked out of the bedroom to his front door. "You're still naked man!" I announced.

Ryan shook his head eagerly up and down. "I'm not going to shower. I'm going straight to bed and I want to **** with your smell on me," he announced with the sweetest grin ever.

Hearing that response, I felt as if I were about to cry with joy. I intentionally bit my lip, trying to keep a straight face, but I leaned in for another quick kiss as I opened the door. "Friday!" I announced, closing the door behind me.

I drove back home, with probably the widest smile ever. I know I had the radio on, blaring I'm sure, as I sung out loud, having absolutely no recollection of what song I sang. Once home, I stripped in my room and dropped into bed, not wanting to wash or anything. I also wanted to **** with the smell of Ryan all about me.

It was a good thing that Jace wasn't home that night, as he would have suspected something was up. The next morning I floated on air when I sailed into work. I received a couple of odd looks from some of my co-workers, as I sure they suspected something was up. One of the older secretaries in the office stopped at my desk to drop off some report but then stood there starring at me.

"Yes," I said, looking up at her grinning face. "Logan, as you know, I never meddle, and I've always thought you were a decent guy. But to be honest, I have always worried a bit about you, but damn! I am so tickled that you got some last night!" she beamed. And considering that she was old enough to be my mother, I blushed a bright crimson and showed a nervous grin. "Um, huh, thanks!" was all I could say, as she spun on her heels and turned away. I just had to share this with Ryan, and grabbed my phone to send him a quick text. I giggled seeing that he had already texted me and we exchanged a few messages like school kids, trying not to get caught at work for giggling too much.

That next week, Jace stayed pretty busy with his work, as did I. Ryan and I snuck in some texts and emails and a few phone calls but we each looked forward to getting to the end of the week and our much anticipated date. With Ryan having his own place, and Jace always trying to help my love life, I knew that if the date was successful, we would hopefully end up at Ryan's place.

Friday finally arrived and I dashed home from work. Jace was sitting in the kitchen looking over the mail when I flew past him, hurrying into my room. "What are you up to Logan?" he called out.

Having stripped in my room, I went into the bathroom to take a shower. On the way, I responded to Jace.

"Office party at someone's house. I think its like a retirement or something," I offered.

"You think you'll be home late or early," Jace asked.

With my head now sticking out of the bathroom door I let him now that I had no clue but would keep him posted. I then jumped into the shower and washed up, giving myself an extra scrubbing in places I hoped Ryan would notice. After washing and drying I wrapped the towel around my waist and checked in with Jace.

"What about you bud? Are you going to hang with Zach?" I asked, humming to myself as I looked around the kitchen for a quick snack.

Jace just stared at me, his suspicious mind clearly at work. "No, Zach's stuck in the office all weekend, and is bushed when he gets home, which is usually late. I thought I told you. Can I tail along with you to this party? Will there be any food,? Jace asked, causing my heart to skip a beat at his question.

"Oh man, I'm sorry Jace. They took a head count at the office. I think the guy's wife is planning like a sit-down meal and stuff. But I'll try to come home early okay?" I added, hoping Jace couldn't read my face for my fib. I'm such a bad poker player.

"Nah, that's cool Logan, you go have fun!" Jace announced as he patted me on the butt when he walked past me and into his room. "I'm going to go change now," Jace announced. "Have fun bud!" he added, closing the door to his room once inside.

I hurried back into my own room, trying to figure out what to wear. I must have pulled out half a dozen shirts before deciding what to wear. I settled on a pair of Lee 501 button jeans but without any underwear. I stepped into a pair of sandals and then took out one of my white button down dress shirts. I put it on without an undershirt but rolled up the sleeves above my elbows. I always thought a white shirt with blue jeans always looked hot but was never brave enough for that combination. I looked in the mirror to be sure I looked orderly and dashed out, making sure that Jace didn't catch me dressed up for my hot date.

Once in my car, driving over to Ryan's place, I listened to the radio, again singing out loud and marveling at the beautiful sky and the birds flying over head. Maybe I saw birds, I really don't remember exactly. Getting to the front door, I was about to ring the bell but an obviously eager Ryan opened it instantly, already at the door before I got there. We stared at each other for a good ten seconds and I knew that Ryan must have had the same issues figuring out his wardrobe as well. He also picked a long sleeve button down shirt. But his was bright red, with only half the buttons done, revealing that great smooth muscular chest of his. He wore beige Dockers and a pair of sandals.

"Good enough to eat," I muttered, to which Ryan replied: "I sure as hell hope so!"

I know we went out to dinner. Please don't ask me to tell you where we went or what we ate. I have no fucking clue! I do remember that Ryan and I held hands between courses and laughed a lot. But more importantly, we talked. I mean really talked. We discussed our dreams and aspirations and our hopes and our fears. It turns out that we both liked simple things and were basically home bodies who enjoyed our quiet time as well as the occasionally going out and being with friends. He mentioned that he had a good friend at work and that they went for lunch during the week and had good talks as well.

Ryan and I finished our dinner and went to the movies down the road. It was one of those twelve screen theaters where we ended up picking a foreign film, which we were both willing to try. We really wanted to pick something else but the movies were pretty busy that night. Three of the screens were playing some Disney cartoon which did not interest us. Four other screens were playing zombie and slasher movies while the rest had chick flicks starring actresses that should by now be playing their own grandmothers!

We entered the theater with the foreign flick and found it almost empty. A very bad sign. But we were together and that's all that mattered. Ryan and I grabbed our seats in the top row and lifted the armrest between us. We snuggled in, leaning against ach other and talked in hushed tones waiting for the movie to start. When the movie began, we turned to face each other in mock horror. We had picked a German movie with Japanese subtitles. Holy crap! This was going to be one big waste of time, but we exchanged some pretty lame jokes about the awful acting, we decided to stay anyway. Ryan and I tried to follow the plot, but were not very successful. I determined that we needed a distraction!

I gently removed my hand from Ryan's hold in a bogus attempt to scratch my chin, but then I calmly laid my hand back down in Ryan's lap, making sure to rub up against his resting cock. Even in the dark, I could feel a surprised Ryan watching my face, but I stared ahead at the screen. I began to rub his cock through his pants and could feel it slowly engorge and grow. Now this is a good movie experience! I felt my own breathing deepen while hearing Ryan do the same. I poked my fingers around until I found the zipper to Ryan's pants and ever so slowly, lowered it. Once down, I pushed my finger inside and was pleasantly surprised to touch only bare skin.

"You slut!" I whispered into Ryan's ear, then planted a quick kiss on his cheek. I reached down to Ryan's belt and clumsily unfastened it, giving me access to unsnap the top of his pants. Widening the opening, I fished out his cock, just in time before it reached full erection. I heard Ryan gasp as I grabbed his cock by the root, wrapping my fingers around it to begin a slow jack.

"Hey, are you sure?" uttered a nervous Ryan in a hushed voice.

"I'm really beginning to enjoy this movie, aren't you?" I joked, grinning widely when I faced Ryan. I jerked his cock a few times but he had not yet began to leak any precum which I needed for some lubrication.

"You are way too dry babe!" I said, just before lowering myself and planting my mouth on his cock. Ryan's hands went directly to my head, either to caress it or cover it. I wasn't quite sure. But I had found my target and really didn't care. Lucky for us, the movie seemed to get louder as we began to hear German voices yelling in the movie. That was my cue to go all out. I'm sure that if anyone was sitting nearby, they would have heard my hungry slurping, but I was too busy to really care at that point. Up and down my head bobbed in the dark, taking Ryan's cock deep and bringing it to full arousal. Ryan gasped louder, moaning some now, apparently getting over his shyness for being in a movie and getting a blow job. Suddenly Ryan squealed. I'm sure someone in another row had to have hear him but I kept up my attack. My head was soon pushed up by his crotch which lifted as his hips and butt leaving his seat. Feeling his cock head flare slightly in my mouth, my efforts were rewarded with his cream. Several spurts shot into my mouth which I attempted to swallow completely. By the time he was done, and I sat up, I wiped some remaining drops off my chin and fed them into Ryan's smiling mouth.

"Damn that was hot," Ryan whispered into my ear. "Glad you liked it," I responded.

Ryan put himself back together and then suddenly I felt his hand resting in my lap. "You really want to risk it?" I asked, now I was the one getting nervous at the thought of being exposed. Without answering, Ryan was busy undoing the buttons on my jeans. Since my pants were a bit tighter, I immediate lifted myself up and assisted, undoing my jeans and slipping them down, resting my bare ass back down on the chair.

"And you called me the slut?" Ryan offered with a nervous giggle. My cock instantly arose to the occasion, already turned on by the thought of a blow job in public. Ryan hungrily went after my cock, dropping his head into my lap and going as far as he could, until I could feel his nose in my pubes. One of his hand had slipped under my shirt and was playing with my chest hair, occasionally rubbing and tugging on my nipples. This was too much, **** me to utter "Oh my God!" I was shocked when the couple several rows down actually turned around at my response. "Its from the German translation!" I quickly offered, causing Ryan to laugh at my response and almost choke in the process. I started to giggle at the craziness of the scene we had created and then started to groan, feeling my orgasm fast approach. With one and on my balls now, fondling and coaxing them into submission, Ryan pushed me over the edge. I felt myself almost rise out of my seat again when my cock shot forth its juice. I tried to keep my voice low, seeing that couple turn back towards us a couple of times.

Ryan completed his mission, licking me clean when we were done. "I just love this movie," I said to Ryan as he leaned back in his seat. With our faces turned towards each other, we leaned in for a nice deep kiss. Our tongues played a bit as we each could taste our own seed in each other's mouths. I pulled my jeans back up and fastened them, sorting myself back into shape and still breathing hard. Soon enough, the movie ended and the lights came on. Apparently, Ryan and I and this other couple were the only ones to last the entire movie. The woman gave me a dirty look when she stood up.

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Posted by MONTED at 30,Sep,14 21:47

"This was a serious film gentlemen. How could you laugh so much?" she complained.

"I am so sorry," I began, "but the Japanese translation did not always match the German dialog, so the imagery became silly in this example of modernist cinema!" I concluded, giving her my best knowledgeable expression. And I left her dumbfounded.

"Oh, I never would have known that. Thank you!" she responded.

Meanwhile, Ryan who was standing behind me, was trying ever so valiantly not to burst out laughing from my verbal bullshit. Instead, he put his hand on my ass and squeezed hard, trying to make me laugh. We said goodnight to the couple as we left the movies and walked out into the night air towards my car.

Once seated in the, Ryan turned to me. "Modernist cinema? What the fuck Logan, you are too funny!" Ryan commented.

"Oh, so maybe I should say to the lady that my boyfriend and I were just too loud giving each other blowjobs in the back row?" I quipped.

We both laughed. "So I'm your boyfriend?" Ryan asked coyly.

"I suppose, since we're now sharing semen!" I offered with a grin. At that point, we drove directly to Ryan's house. I didn't even ask him. I felt that it was a natural progression. I pulled into the driveway and sat for a moment, collecting my thoughts about our evening and where we were headed.

"You know you're coming in and staying the night, right," Ryan said. I grinned at him and leaned in for a kiss. Our mouths met and again, I enjoyed the feel of his warm soft lips. I let my own lips tug on his lower lip and pull at it gently, enjoying the taste of his mouth. Lust soon swept over me as the gentle kiss turned into a full throttle attack. Our tongues sprang from their captivity and ventured forth, seeking their mate and dueling for supremacy. Our faces locked and turned slightly off center, our kissing literally took our breathes away. We lasted only a few minutes more before breaking in order to come up for air. I opened my eyes to find Ryan staring at me, eyes wide, as if burning with fire.

If anyone saw the next scene, they would have thought it came form a screwball comedy. Wu lunged out of the car, doors flying wide, as if the vehicle was filled with a wild panther. Well, maybe two wild panthers? Giggling and bouncing off each other when we crashed into Ryan's front door, he fumbled with his keys, trying to get the right one into the lock. I looked back, seeing the car doors still open so I circled back slamming them closed as I ran around the car. By the time Ryan unlocked and opened his front door, we barreled through the opening at the same time, still bouncing and laughing as we went. With the front door closed behind us, we fumbled with our own clothes trying to remove them as quickly as possible. The level of passion and lust I felt at that time was beyond the charts. Naked, we fell to the floor in the living room, just a couple of feet from the front door, rolling around, hands and legs flailing. Locked in another kiss we held on tight, our naked aroused bodies grinding into each other. I tugged on his balls and cock while he buried his face in my hairy chest, hungrily sucking on my nipples. And suddenly Ryan stopped, his eyes wide and in a panic.

"Wait wait!" he shouted, pulling away from me and working his way to standing up. He dashed out of the room and into his bedroom as I heard drawers opening and slamming shut. Ryan appeared back into the doorway, facing me, holding up a small jar with the grin of victory on his face. Naked in all his glory, I savored the sight of seeing his body, already flushed and primed for passion.

"I got it!" he announced, showing me a container of lube. He rushed over to me and we excitedly examined the item together. "You know what to do with this stuff, Ryan?" I cautiously asked, only having a vague idea how to use it.

"The last few nights, I watched some porn and even looked up an online infomercial on this stuff and bought it at the adult book store downtown," he proudly explained.

"Who's first?" I asked.

Ryan looked at me with a grin. "I know we should both do this, but I'm cool in letting you have me tonight!" Ryan stated, buffing up his firm smooth chest as if offering to go into battle.

"I'm cool with that, but I definably want you to possess me and fuck me next time!" I suggested.

Ryan put the lube nearby on a coffee table and moved to sit on the floor next to me. We moved in closer, this time without the panic and hurry we exhibited moments before at the front door. Our caresses were now filled with tenderness. We weren't going to have sex; now we were going to make love. We hugged and kissed and fondled, working our way into the final position. Ryan moved onto his knees, getting himself ready for me, but I would have none of that! I reached onto the couch and pulled down a couple of pillows and directed Ryan to lay down on the floor. I pushed the pillows under his hips and brought his legs forward and into his chest, allowing his hips and ass to roll forward and upward. His asshole came into view, and because he had such little body hair, his puckered rosebud was clearly visible, waiting for me. I opened the lube and smeared some around my cock, which remained hard and throbbing this entire time.

I knew that the closeness to Ryan, smelling his skin and his body and his natural scents kept me primed the entire time. I moved closer to him, specifically towards his ass, and put some lube on my fingers. I rubbed his hole slowly, massaging outside in hopes that it would relax and loosen up. Ryan directed me to insert one finger, as he had seen in the film, and gently go back and forth, allowing his asshole to get used to the sensation. I followed his orders again when I added a second finger and began pushing some of the lube inside. Ryan's face glowed as I did this, the flush in his face signaling his arousal. When Ryan alerted me of his readiness, I moved in closer, pushing my cockhead up against his rosebud. I watched in amazement as it quivered open and closed a couple of times and then pushed my hips forward.

My eyes remained glued to Ryan's face, waiting for any indication that I was doing something wrong or too rough. But the grin never left his face. I pushed further in, holding my breath as I went, wanting only to give Ryan my best performance. A couple of times I felt some resistance or pressure, and Ryan explained that I was passing different control muscles. I looked down, enjoying the eroticism of the scene, and soon my pubic hairs were pressing up against his. I began my thrusts, slowly at first but gently picking up **** and speed. I was rocking back and forth over Ryan, fucking forcefully yet calmly, making love to my man. As my energy accelerated, I felt Ryan bucking up into me, pushing us together harder and firmer. Our eyes remained locked while my mind began to soar ever higher. This was heaven and it felt amazing.

I looked over Ryan's body, relishing in the delight of having him and making him mine. His chest glistened with a dew of light sweat while his belly contracted with my thrusts. His cock, fully erect, throbbed and quivered, a drop of precum oozed out of the top. He was clearly having as much fun in this ride as I was having. But all good things must come to an end, and I started to clench my ass cheeks as a wave of heat rose out of my body, centered in my groin. My toes began to curl, and I knew I was close. Ryan must have sensed it because he began to clench his ass, making a tighter grip on my pulsing cock buried inside of him. And then I came. My body quaked and then froze after a final push forward. My cock spasmed within Ryan, spitting forth its contents as my ass clenched again for this final wave.

Still looking downward and observing Ryan, his eyes were closed tight, signaling the arrival of his own orgasm. Beneath me, his cock shook and released its first stream, hitting me squarely on my chest. A second and third volley erupted from Ryan, hitting me on my belly and then arching over to land on his. Our love making cooled as our bodies returned to a more relaxed mode. I eased myself onto the floor next to Ryan as he lowered his legs back to the ground. We panted for a few moments until our breathing returned to normal. Our nude bodies remained motionless, connected at the hips and shoulders until Ryan rolled onto his side facing me.

"Your were pretty good mister!" he announced, taking one of his fingers and running it through my cum soaked chest hairs.

"Pretty, pretty good, if you ask me," he repeated, his fingers still wandering across my chest.

"I'd say you were pretty good too," I offered. "Not bad for our first time, huh?" I said with a wink.

We lay still for a while, basking in the glow of our sex and enjoying the nearness we had with each other.

Out of the corner of my ear, I could hear the faint buzzing of my phone, at least I thought it was my phone.

I fumbled through my scattered clothes and looked at my phone. I was shocked to see that it was already 2:00 am and Jace was texting about my whereabouts. I showed it to Ryan and laughed that my mother hen was concerned.

I typed in my response, sitting cross-legged and naked on the floor next to Ryan: "Office party moved to another co-worker's home and we had played some drinking games. Going to crash on couch here and will see you tomorrow. All is good. Thanks for your concern. Good night."

Once done, I showed the screen to Ryan who gave me his approving nod. With that out of the way, Ryan and I pulled each other up and headed to the bathroom where we walked into the shower to wash off. We scrubbed fronts and backs and kept things pretty calm, except for the occasional grope or tug now and then. It felt so good, standing naked in the shower together and then drying each other off.

"This feels as sexy and erotic to me as anything else we did today!" I announced.

"Well, almost anything else, Logan!" Ryan said, correcting me. After we were dry, we left the bathroom and tumbled into bed naked together. It was great. We were exhausted and quickly feel asleep, lying next to each other, our hands land legs entwined.

After a very restful and comforting night, we awoke to sunny skies and remained in bed next to each other, hardly talking at all. Suddenly, Ryan turned to face me with a concerned look.

"Please don't be mad Logan, but I need to go into the office today. We have a bunch of reports to get done and a few of my co-workers have to come in as well. But I promise to make it up to you!" Ryan offered.

"I miss you already," was all I could say.

We washed and dressed and said our goodbyes, sharing a final kiss and hug at the door.

I drove back to my own home, feeling like I was on cloud nine, rocking out to the radio until I turned onto my own street. I intentionally amped down my feelings of euphoria, not wanting to make Jace suspicious of me having too much fun with some other guys getting drunk.

Once inside my front door, I announced that I was home and headed straight for the kitchen. With the energetic evening I had just experienced, I was pretty hungry. I put up some coffee and grabbed the cereal, making myself a bowl of oatmeal. Jace came in, still wearing the boxers and t shirt he had slept in.

"Hey man!" I announced, seeing his scraggly form.

"So you got drunk with the guys?" Jace stated, showing the displeasure on his face.

"Yeah, so?" I responded.

"You have a zero love life Logan! I'm really concerned," Jace added.

"Let me fix you up! Please!" Jace implored.

"And let me repeat myself, Jace. No! 'N' fucking 'O" No!" I stated, once again getting annoyed and feeling the joy in my heart slowly fading.

Jace looked at me sternly. "Zach said he knows this really nice guy at work and wants to fix you guys up!"

After a long stare, Jace continued. "Logan, when you told me you were doing drinking games with some coworkers, I got really upset and I called Zach. I woke the poor guy up because I was so upset for you!" Jace explained.

"Zach and this guy are coming over tomorrow night, Sunday, for just some dinner. Please let me do this for you!" Jace pleaded. But I was torn. I knew how much this meant to Jace, offering his help to do something for this problem he perceived that I had. But damn, I had Ryan now. Our relationship was just getting off the ground and now I have to have dinner with someone else? This sucked. I sat quietly, looking at Jace, seeing the seriousness in his eyes. A plan suddenly formed in my head. I had already told Ryan how Jace was concerned for me, and I would simply tell Ryan the truth. One dinner, and that would be it!

"Jace, I will agree to this fix up on one condition, no two conditions," I started.

I watched Jace as a small smile appeared on his face. "Anything!" he offered.

"First, I will go through with this fix up that you and Zach cooked up BUT, no matter what happens, after this Sunday night, you will NEVER, EVER bring up this issue again!"

"Okay, okay, fine," Jace relented immediately. "And second?" he asked.

"If at any point during dinner, I say I have a busy Monday ahead of me, you and Zach and this person he is bringing, will end the night right away!" I demanded.

"Okay, fair enough Logan!" Jace said, conceding the battle to me. "And I'll cook," Jace quickly added.

"You bet your ass you're cooking, and cleaning up too!" I stated with a serious look, until I cracked a smile and broke out into laughter, signaling to Jace that we were still cool.

Later that afternoon, I picked up my cell phone and made the call I just did not want to make. I waited for Jace to leave the house to run some errands and I dialed Ryan's phone number.

"I am so sorry to bother you Ryan, but I needed to talk to you," I said.

"Are you okay? I s everything alright?" he asked, a bit of panic in his voice.

"I'm fine. It's some minor issue from Jace, my roommate," I explained.

"Okay, make it quick, we're swamped here with work and I need to get back," Ryan said.

I took a deep breath. "Ryan, Jace and his boyfriend Zach want to fix me up with someone for dinner tomorrow night. It's just dinner. I didn't want to, but Jace promised that if they came over tomorrow, he would leave me alone and stop pestering about my love life," I said, my voice shaking.

"I am so sorry Ryan," I added. "Please don't be mad," I pleaded.

"You said it's tomorrow night?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah, plus the next day is Monday so I can keep the night short. Jace promised."

Ryan was quiet on the other end of the line. "You there? I'll cancel it if you insist, Ryan!" I blurted out in nervousness.

"Logan, its only dinner! It's not like you're going to share blowjobs for dessert!" Ryan said, giggling at his own humor.

"You're not mad? I asked again. "It is cool Logan, honest. I think I like this Jace and Zach already, being so concerned and looking out for you. Have you mentioned me yet?" Ryan queried.

"Believe it or not, I thought of doing it this weekend, but now maybe I'll wait until after this stupid Sunday dinner," I said.

"Could idea, Logan. I think after dinner would be a good time for me to tell friends and family too," Ryan suggested.

"Awesome," I responded.

"And you have to tell me all about this blind date guy. He sounds desperate, plus I bet he's a goon. I want all the details," Ryan cheerfully requested.

"It's a deal man, I responded. "And Ryan," I added. "Yes Logan?"

"I think I'm falling in love with you!" I said, my voice cracking as I spoke.

"I sure as hell hope so boy!" Ryan responded, and then paused for a moment. "Me too," he blurted out before hanging up.

The phone call made me feel better and I suddenly looked forward to this dinner, if only to get it behind me!

Saturday was soon over and Sunday morning and afternoon arrived. Zach arrived shortly after noon with his hands filled with grocery bags. Jace joined him in the kitchen and they began to put things away and start dinner preparations. I gave Zach a friendly welcome hug and looked him squarely in the eye.

"You know the terms of our agreement, right?" I asked him.

"Yes, yes, Jace told me. After tonight we make no more attempts or even comments to fix you up," Zach glumly stated.

"And?" I prodded.

"If you say Monday is a busy day for you, then the evening is over. Correct?" Zach said, the sound of defeat in his voice.

"Perfect," I responded, planting a quick kiss on his cheek, letting him know I held no hostility towards him.

Zach offered me a quick wink and then he and Jace shuffled me out of the kitchen. I retuned to my room to read some travel magazine and decided to look at my closet to see what I should wear. I wanted nothing cute or fashionable for this blind date I did not want to attend. However, I had to make an attempt, at least for the sake of Jace and Zach. I found an old pair of jeans, putting them on but only after I slipped on some boxer briefs. I found a polo shirt that had only one button at the neck. Perfect, I thought. I don't want to show very much skin. By the time I was done dressing and putting myself together, I walked out of my room and heard the door bell ring.

I rounded the corner, hearing voices, thinking for a moment that I had heard Ryan's voice, but that made no sense. Zach and Jace were at the door greeting this person, who I was guessing was my blind date. And then Zach and Jace stepped back, allowing the visitor to enter, and then I saw him. It was Ryan! Holy shit!

Holding my breath out of excitement, which I'm sure Jace thought was out of nervousness, I approached the three of them with a slight grin on my face.

"Logan, this is a good friend of mine from work. His name is Ryan," Zach announced.

I held out my hand, offering it to Ryan, and tried to keep my cool.

"Hello Brian!" I said, playing along for the moment and hoping Ryan would follow along.

"Its Ryan, not Brian," Ryan said, correcting me, with a bit of mischief in his face, and letting me know that he wanted to play along as well.

Introductions were made as the four of us stayed in the hall for the moment. My only thought was trying to figure out when Ryan knew he was going on a blind date with me. I watched Ryan's face with curiosity, trying to guess the details. I'm sure Ryan could see my confusion.

"Yeah, Logan is it? Well Zach here and I were working all weekend. Crazy busy you know! So he mentions that his boyfriend Jace has this really nice roommate who is desperate for a hookup! I only found out about this today!" Ryan explained.

"Desperate for a hookup?" I repeated ,glaring at Zach.

"I didn't quite say desperate, just that you were a really great guy!" Zach said in his own defense.

Ryan and I played along as we moved into the kitchen and took our seats at the table. The truth is, the four of us got along very well. But I knew some excitement was needed. As we were finishing our meal, during which Ryan and I shared our histories, which of course we already knew, we kept our **** well hidden. Once or twice we snuck knowing glances or even a wink or two when we were sure Zach and Jace weren't looking. And so I began my fun.

"So Brian, tell me, does Zach think that you're also secretly gay?" I asked, innocently enough.

"It's Ryan by the way, and yes, Zach is trying to help me come out of the closet," Ryan stated.

"Oh, sorry. So you're straight like me then also?" I offered.

"Yeah, cock just doesn't do it for me!" Ryan said, giving a quick but forced grin to Zach and Jace.

"I guess our gay hosts think that if we saw a hard cock or something, we'd turn!" I announced, trying to stifle a laugh knowing how I was teasing and setting up Jace and Zach.

"Yea, ha! Maybe we should have blowjobs instead of dessert!" Ryan added, clearly biting back his own laugh.

"Listen guys!" Zach protested. "Its not like that at all! Really!" he added.

I turned to Jace, going in for the kill. "So Jace, is this the moment I hold up my hands and wave and suck off Brian!"

Jace just scowled at me. "Logan, stop it! His name is Ryan and you already know that. Please behave and don't embarrass me," Jace concluded, giving me a very severe stare.

I looked at Ryan across the table who was sporting a very mischievous grin.

"You know, Logan. Maybe Zach and Jace are right. I mean, look, they really do care about us! They are only trying to help. Maybe we should stop fighting this and admit that they may be right!" Ryan stated, standing up and walking around the table to stand right next to me.

Zach and Jace watched and listened closely, their eyes widening, not quite sure of what was happening.

"You mean we should try it?" I asked, looking up at Ryan innocently, and then glancing over at Zach and Jace, who only opened their eyes wider.

I turned sideways to Ryan and undid his pants, pulling them down to reveal a pair of black boxers.

"Hey Logan, stop! What the hell are you doing?" Zach and Jace called out in unison, looking horrified.

Looking up at Ryan who gave me a supportive wink, he tucked his hands in the waist band of his boxers, hinting at my next step.

"This is going too far now!" Jace shouted, but I had already grabbed Ryan's boxers, pulling them to his ankles while his semi hard cock came into view before my face.

Zach stood up, looking as if he were about to run out of the room. "This is going too far!" he protested.

"Listen guys," I calmly began, your goal is to see if I like cock, right? And I'm willing to make a sacrifice and do this for you guys!" I said, my laughter starting to escape.

I gave one final look at Ryan who politely put his hand on the back of my head, guiding me gently to my waiting target.

With my audience of Zach and Jace holding their breaths in rapt attention, I leaned in and licked the tip of Ryan's cock, who let an a loud and intentional moan. I looked at Jace and Zach and smiled broadly.

"It's really not that bad," I announced, still playing it up.

"We're missing something here," Zach said in a low voice into Jace's ear. "Something's up!"

"Do more Logan!" Ryan announced. "This isn't so bad for me either!"

"Well," I said, between a couple of quick licks of Ryan's cock, "I guess I need to be thankful for my visit to the DragonSlayer Bar a while ago.

"Where'd you say?" Zach asked in a loud voice.

"The DragonSlayer, have you heard of it Zach?" I asked innocently.

I watched Zach's face, watching him start to put things together in his head.

"Hey Ryan," Zach called out. "What was the name of that bar you mentioned where you like to hang sometimes?"

"Oh, um , the DragonSlayer! Why do you ask?" Ryan responded, giggling between his moans as I continued to suck his hard cock.

"Holy mother fuck!" Zach boomed, his face widening as he figured out our ****.

"What what?" cried a confused Jace, looking back between me and Ryan and Zach.

And then Jace's face lit up like a spotlight had just hit it. "You two shits!" Jace called out to me and Ryan, bursting out into uncontrolled laughter.

Zach turned to Jace. "Clearly our boys have grown up and figured things out on their own!" Zach concluded.

I took one last slurp on Ryan's beautiful cock and then pulled up his boxers, tucking his hardon carefully back inside. Ryan pulled up his pants and fastened them before sitting back down at his seat at the table, taking hold of my hand across the table and giving me a wink.

"Yes, its true," Ryan began. "Logan and I met innocently enough one night at the DragonSlayer Bar and we kind of picked each other up. We discussed our similar situations and how our concerned friends were worried about our love lives!" Ryan explained.

"So we've been together a few times now and have become quite close. I even called him to warn him about this fix up blind date I had to get through tonight!" I added.

"If you told me that you guys had already met, we never would have tried to fix you up! You realize that don't you?" Jace offered.

I just smiled, grinning in agreement and understanding.

"And for what its worth, I approve of your selection. I really like Ryan, plus I like the looks of his hot cock!" Jace added with a blushing grin.

"Hey, no looking," Zach called out to Jace. We all started to laugh.

"Now if Zach and Jace will excuse us, I already know what I want for dessert," I announced as I stood up, pulling Ryan out of his seat as I spoke. "You've never seen my bedroom, have you Ryan," I asked, turning to Ryan with a grin.

"No I haven't Logan. Can I get the official tour?" Ryan responded.

Hand in hand, I led Ryan to my room.

"Later guys!" I called back over my shoulder to Zach and Jace. "Great dinner by the way!" I added.

With my bedroom door closing, I can only imagine Zach and Jace making their own dessert plans. By the time I was sitting naked on my bed, watching Ryan engaged in a slow strip tease for my benefit, I heard Jace's bedroom door close as well.

The mattresses in our place got a good workout that evening, but it wasn't a late night because Monday really was going to be a busy day for all of us. Over the next few months, Ryan and I went out frequently, letting people we knew that we now considered ourselves a couple.

Sometimes, we double dated with Zach and Jace. The good news is that when Jace was finally ready to settle down with Zach in their own place, Ryan and I were also ready to make the same commitment. We found a larger place and moved in together. I'm so glad that Jace and Zach tried so hard to fix me up. I guess in the end, I sort of let them do just that!

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Male Stripper

Posted by MONTED at 30,Sep,14 21:40

It was a Friday night and I had no plans. It was a long week at work and I had a long day today. I got home, showered, grabbed a bite, and drove around looking for somewhere to go and maybe just get a beer. Almost everyone I knew was either busy, out of town, or too tired themselves to do something.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Chad. I'm a 30 year old accountant and single. I might be gay or bi. I guess when the right person comes along I'll know for sure. At 6 foot 1 and 175 pounds, I think I'm in decent shape. I work out when I can and really like my flat stomach. I have decent abs, providing I don't binge on too much pizza. I have light brown hair and only some peach fuzz on my body, mostly on my chest and legs. I love how my chest and abs look when I am in good shape. And considering how infrequently I get to the gym due to my hectic work schedule, I am still in decent shape!

I had my own house not too far from work and enjoyed my freedom. With a decent sized back yard and a new kitchen, I was proud of my own place. But I had to admit it could get lonely at times. I suppose you can say I am pretty picky when it comes to a social life. I prefer a night alone in front of the tube if it means avoiding the crazy and fake bar scene, and that goes for whether I would take home either a guy or a gal!

Before I ran out of the house that night, I changed into my low rise 2xist black trunks, some low rider jeans, sandals, and a tight maroon ribbed polo shirt. Why I decided to dress a bit snazzy I had no clue. I drove around a bit until I saw a familiar bar. I had been there before and knew I could have a drink and some munchies and maybe even meet some decent people. This place usually attracted a nice mixed crowd. But tonight was different. It seemed a bit crazier than usual and the crowd seemed to be more females then males.

I walked towards the very busy front door and the guy at the door recognized me. His name was Joe.

"What's going on Joe? Are you guys having a big sale or something?" I jokingly asked.

"Nah!" he said with a turned down face. "Ladies night, they have some guys dancing. We'll make a lot of money tonight but our regulars won't show." he explained with an obviously disappointed face.

I turned to walk away until Joe called out, "Chad!"

"What" I said as I turned back to face him. He waved me back towards him.

"Listen, if you just want to hang out and have a couple of beers, I can get you a seat at the bar over to the side. It won't be so crazy there away from the stage. Hey, maybe you can even pick up some horny broad when the show is over," Joe offered with a wink.

I considered the offer and agreed. Joe called over to one of the waitresses who came over and led me through the crowd of wild females and got me seated at the bar. She took my order and came back with my drink. I looked over the place and it was indeed crazy. The women were already screaming and the show wasn't supposed to start for half an hour.

Nursing my drink, I was glad I forced myself to get out of the house instead of staring at the television or reading some inane comments on Facebook. Do I really care what some third cousin had for supper somewhere in Wisconsin? I laughed to myself as I took a long sip of my beer and looked around, enjoying the scene.

After a short while, some guy sat down at the stool next to me at the bar. Also alone, I nodded a hello. I guessed that he was probably a bit younger than me, looking like some college jock dressed in some old jeans and a t shirt. He had short straight black hair and a light golden Mediterranean complexion. He certainly wasn't dressed up enough to meet someone so I figured he might be some guy stopping for a beer after work. He ordered his beer when the waitress came by! He saw me looking around the room as he did the same.

"They all look as mad as some rattled hens!" he said with a slight southern drawl.

"Sex starved if you ask me," I responded.

"That's for dang sure! And my name's Luke!" he said as he held out his hand.

"Chad here," I grinned back.

"Never been here on ladies night; I just wanted a drink after a long day at work. Not sure if I should even be here," I commented.

"Oh, it's quite an adventure," drawled Luke.

We started talking about this thing and that and the time seemed to fly.

"What's with the fancy duds?" he asked, looking down at my nice shirt and jeans.

"To be honest, I have no reason at all. I like to dress nice now and then. But trust me, I have absolutely no plans to pick up any of these crazy broads, or mad hens as you called them!" I explained.

"Shoot Chad, I so understand. Sometimes, I like to dress up now and then, and sometimes I even like to dress down now and then," he said with a crooked smile. "Listen Chad," he began, I gotta get to work for the next hour. But I'll be coming back, so if you're still around, I'd like to buy you a drink. It was mighty fine chatting with you," Luke said with a chuckle.

I smile back. "Sounds good Luke, but I'm not used to other guys buying me a drink, so the next round will be on me," I added.

"You headed out of here then now?" I asked. "I wish!" he said, getting up off the stool and disappearing through a door behind the bar.

I went back to nursing my drink as the crowd began to get wilder and noisier. From what I could tell the show was starting and it was a men's strip review. Damn, I sure am glad to be away from that area, I thought.

I looked over once or twice to see a few of the guys dancing. I wasn't close enough to see much but could tell that they were stripping down to jock straps or Speedo size bikinis. A couple of the guys would hop off the stage and mingle with the women, bumping and grinding and collecting their tips. The routines were nice and fast, making me realize that the show and the commotion would be over soon. One guy actually danced his way half way to the back near the bar. Stay away from here, I hoped.

With my back to the show and having another beer, the sound of the crowd grew louder and closer. With the beer in my hand, I turned around and saw another one of the dancer-strippers working his way back, directly towards the bar where I was sitting. Holy shit, I thought. This dancer wore a white sailor's uniform and his shirt was already wide open. His face looked familiar, making me squint, until I realized it was Luke, the college looking **** was sitting next to me a short while ago. No way, I thought. It was hard for me to imagine that I was just chatting with a male stripper. This was too weird. My curiosity kept me looking and he moved closer as the pulsing music seemed to get louder. By now he had lost his shirt and was giving some screaming woman a lap dance. Luke looked around the bar as if searching for something, or someone. The he faced me and our eyes met. I didn't know how to react. He gave me a wide grin and then a wink. This was too much!

I wanted to turn away, being embarrassed for him doing what he was doing with an audience! But he kept looking back over towards where I was. He stood up, finished with his lap dance, and began to gyrate his hips, tucking his fingers inside his pants waistband. In seconds he pulled at his pants and off they came, leaving Luke wearing only a small white bikini. His smooth skin did not reveal any tan lines. The muscular definition of his abs was quite impressive. I surprised myself looking so closely. He was obviously enjoying dancing and entertaining the crowd. And judging by the size of the bulge in his bikini, he was clearly feeling pretty good as well. His shaking and rocking continued as he began to rub himself, making the crowd go wild. With one more last look in my direction, followed by another wink, he slowly worked his way back to the front stage. At one point, he quickly lowered the back of his bikini to the crowd, showing off half his ass crack. The crowd cheered.

After that exhibition, I turned back to the bar, my hands shaking a bit, picking up my drink, a bit rattled by what I had seen. I had never been to any kind of show like this, and to meet one of the performers was a bit too much. And this guy wanted to come back and talk to me. Should I stay or should I go? Drinking my beer, I suddenly felt a strong slap on my shoulder.

"Chad, so what did you think?" Luke asked, standing behind me already dressed in his jeans and t shirt, and with his hair mussed up again, no one seemed to recognize him. He took the stool next to me and pulled his seat closer, picking up the beer that the bartender had automatically brought him.

I turned to face Luke, hastily gulping down what beer remained in my mouth. "Um uh um, interesting," I choked out.

"First time I take it?" Luke asked, finishing his beer while signaling the waitress for two more beers.

I nodded, unsure what to say. He knew I was flustered. "Chad, I can leave if you prefer?" Luke stated, looking a bit disappointed. "If you're uncomfortable," he added.

"No, no, I'm ok," I said quickly. "You just took me by surprise."

The novelty of the situation wore off quickly as we soon fell back into our friendly banter like before. This guy was really nice, and actually kind of cute with that southern charm and easy manner about him.

For some reason I changed the subject. "You're so lucky you have the looks and confidence to do what you did up there. I could never do that." I said.

You looked at me closely for a moment and then smiled. "First off Chad, you do have the looks for it. I could tell. Secondly, if you enjoy it and admit that you look pretty decent, then you'll have the confidence as well. It's all about having fun with it." Luke explained.

"Well," I began, thanks for the vote of confidence but no way. Besides, I would be too embarrassed if I got too excited," I leaned in and lowered my voice, "if you know what I mean!"

"Oh, the bulge?" he laughed. "I usually don't get a woody but I did tonight for some reason. I get bigger tips when it happens, so it's all good!"

"But still I couldn't. No way!" I offered.

"Bullsheet!" said Luke, with a widening grin as if he was thinking of something.

"I bet you're wrong. I can prove it!" he called out.

"No fucking way!" I said. "Yes, fucking way!" he chimed back.

With that, he grabbed me by the elbow and pulled me off my chair, my beer landing with a splash on the counter.

"Hey! What the? No!" I cried out.

Luke dragged me around the bar to the door he had exited through last time. We went in and out of a couple of rooms and halls to what looked like a dressing room. From the clothes scattered about, my guess was that this is where the other strippers had changed for the show. It was now empty. Luke locked the door behind us and then turned on all of the light, making it much brighter. It was now past eleven o'clock. The entire crew from the show were long gone. He pulled me to one of the rear dressing areas which I assumed was his, as I recognized the sailor uniform hanging up nearby.

"Sit here," he directed, pushing me into a chair in front of a large mirror.

"Lose the shirt Chad!" he commanded.


"Oh, relax. This is going to be fun and you can laugh about it in the future." With that, he gave me an exasperated look and quickly peeled off his shirt.

"Fine, now we'll both be topless. That should make you feel better, you silly boy!" Luke said.

I reluctantly pulled off my shirt, unsure of what was going on and feeling like a calf going to slaughter.

Luke pulled out something from a box and slicked up a comb, then began to run it through my wavy hair, **** it back away from my face and making it look shinier and darker and somehow wetter.

I looked at myself in the mirror and actually liked what I saw. I looked a bit sexier and actually felt a bit sexier. I sat up straighter and looked into the mirror back at Luke who stood behind me with his muscular arms crossed over his chest with that "I told you so" look.

"Alright?" was all he said, but I knew what he meant.

"But I still couldn't do what you do Luke!" I lamented.

"This here hillbilly boy ain't done with you yet!" he said with a wide grin.

Luke took out some sort of makeup brush, and walking around to face me, brushed over my chest and abs a few times. I shuddered.

"Hey, that tickles, you hillbilly!" I cried out.

"Sit still, boy!" Luke admonished.

I watched closely as he created some shadow around my pecs and abs and suddenly I looked more buff, looking up at his chest to see how we compared. Damn, but he was right! I did look sort of hot, I thought.

"One last thing," Luke called out, holding up what looked like a very brief red bikini with a wide evil grin.

"No way!" I said loudly. "This is so NOT going to happen!" I added.

"Now you listen, Chad. I just want to prove a point. We are the only ones in here, and don't deny that you're just slightly curious and intrigued by all this," he said with his arms gesturing around the dressing room. "Admit it or not!" he forcefully stated. Well, maybe he did have a point, I thought.

"No one will see you. Go in the changing area and try these on. I just want you to see yourself and get a bit more confidence. That's all!" Luke explained.

"What do you mean no one will see me? You'll see me!" I said.

"Hey, you've already seen me in my thong, and this is a bit bigger," he said, waving the red bikini at me.

"Yeah, barely bigger," I responded.

Luke tossed me the red briefs. "Here, now go, scoot," he said.

I got up slowly from the chair, giving him a dirty look. All he did was chuckle, watching me leave.

With this scary piece of fabric in my hand, I walked into the small dressing room, pulling the curtain closed. I kicked off my shoes and socks, hearing Luke begin to talk about the crazy outfits he's worn and that this one gave the most coverage anyway.

I lowered my jeans and looked down at my own short trunks, realizing that this red thing couldn't be much worse. My heart started to pound at the exciting thought of what I was doing. I peeled down my own undies and stepped into the red bikini. Damn, they were a bit briefer than expected, **** me to rearrange my package some, to not be so obvious.

"Get your ass out here buddy. Let's see some skin!" he called out and followed by a whistle.

"Now that's really going to make me relax, Luke," I called back.

"NOW!" he cried out again, "or I'll come in there and dress you myself, boy!"

I walked out slowly. Luke walked towards me at the same time.

"Not bad, not bad at all," he said in that slow southern drawl again. He grabbed my elbow and walked me over to a floor length mirror, allowing me to look at myself with my slicked hair and air brushed chest. I started to grin and Luke caught my reaction.

"See?" he began. "You'd be just fine if you did a show with me."

I gave him a dirty look followed by a nervous giggle. "No way! ... Really?" was all I could mumble.

Luke moved behind me, placing his hands on my hips. What was he up to now, I wondered. I was surprised that I actually enjoyed the feel of his warm touch while he stood closely behind me, and I began to relax a little. Suddenly he pulled at the sides of the bikini I was wearing which pinched a snap closed on each hip. I didn't even see those when I put the bikini on. The nylon sides of the bikini were much shorter now, so it looked like I was now wearing a red jock strap. My only coverage was only the front pouch. I turned sideways in horror when I saw that my ass cheeks were exposed.

"Luke, hey!" I called out.

"See Chad, now you've gone all the way," explained Luke.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I had to admit that I did indeed like what I saw. I saw Luke's reflection in the mirror looking back at me. He was staring at me with a very mischievous grin, while he stood directly behind me.

"I still could never go out there like this. I just couldn't Luke, honest," I said in a nervous voice.

"But you're sort of okay in here like this with me, right Chad?" he asked slowly.

I nodded up and down as his hands returned to my hips, rubbing them slowly, up and down.

Without realizing it, I took a step backwards, bumping into Luke, feeling the warmth of his bare chest against my bare back. It felt good. It felt safe.

With us both looking forward into the mirror, our eyes were locked in an intense stare. I took in a deep breath and noticed that he did the same.

"You know Luke," I began, "it was very thoughtful of you to remove your shirt to make me feel more comfortable." I said in a low voice.

Luke began to smile, immediately getting my point. "But I'm still wearing pants. That's so wrong of me," he added with a grin.

One of his hands left my hip and retreated behind me. He undid his pants with his one free hand and lowered them, taking a step back and kicking off his pants. He stepped closer to me and soon I could feel the warmth of his bare chest and belly. Luke moved even closer until his legs were against me and I could feel something very warm along my ass crack. We stood there closely for a moment until I shifted my body sideways just a bit. That allowed me to see the side of my hip, with my red bikini waist band, but I didn't see any white waist band around Luke's's hip! I only saw the bare skin of his entire hip. Uh oh! Our eyes met again as he saw me figure out he was huddled up against me naked. Luke's grin grew as he pushed himself up against me, **** his growing cock up into my ass crack. This was getting interesting, very interesting, if not hot as hell!

And our game continued. "But we're not even anymore!" he said with a fake pout. "I have nothing else on and you still have that red bikini," he complained.

"So? Does this thing have any more surprise snaps?" I asked.

Luke's grin grew as he nodded seductively up and down. I felt his hand get in between us as it worked its way to the back of my waist, near the top of my bikini. With a tug I heard a loud metallic snap and watched in the mirror as the sides of my bikini waist band flew forward and away from my body, **** the bikini to shoot off me, exposing my quickly growing cock.

"Hmmm," Luke moaned. "We just did our adults-only version of the show!"

As his arms moved to wrap around me, I slowly turned to face Luke. I moved my head forward as our mouths touched and soon opened for a deep kiss. Our tongues found each and wrested in our mouths. We moaned in the delight of our new explorations as our bodies pressed even harder against each other. My hands dropped to find Luke's firm smooth ass cheeks, as I kneaded them and felt them all over. His bubble butt ass cheeks were absolutely amazing. One of my fingers found his crack and traced it from top to bottom, reaching down to tickle his ball sack. Luke moaned in my arms and my exploring continued, finding his puckered rosebud, and letting my fingers tickle that delicious hole.

Luke's growing moans alerted me that I was doing the right thing. With our mouths still firmly locked, I poked one finger in his glory hole, exploring deeper. On adding a second finger, his moans increased and I felt his cock grow even harder against my belly.

Meanwhile, his hands ran hurriedly up and down my back. He pressed me strongly into him as I found our combined body heat only rise. Luke then pulled away from me, holding me by one hand and looking me over from head to toe. He slowly dropped to his knees as he grabbed me by the hips, pulling me close. As he opened his mouth and took in my rock hard cock, I took hold of his head and caressed it as he began to give me incredible pleasure. I could feel him tighten his lips over my throbbing cock as his head went back and forth, taking me in deeper and licking my cock on the way out. In no time I was rocking back in forth giving him a face fuck as he sucked me harder and tighter, sometimes **** my trimmed pubes into his nose.

"I'm close," I cried out and then he looked up at me, letting my hard cock fall out of his hungry mouth.

"I want it. I want you, Chad. I want it all. Cum for me," he pleaded.

Luke resumed his great blow job as my head began to spin. I continued to caress his head lovingly as I felt my great surge approaching. Moments later, I gasped and groaned as my body froze in place, my cock erupting, feeding my lover my cream. My body quaked more than once, as my balls drained and Luke took what I offered. He sucked hungrily draining my balls and then gently licking me clean.

I pulled him to his feet when he was done satisfying me while he licked my remnants from his lips. I looked into his warm loving eyes.

"Luke, this was awesome. YOU are awesome," I said to him in a near whisper, offering him a kiss and tasting some of my own jizz from his mouth.

"We should continue your stripper lessons back at my place," he said with another dirty grin.

"Yes teacher. I'd like that," I replied with my own dirty grin.

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**** Walking

Posted by Darth_Syphilis at 30,Sep,14 21:37

Any city
centre that looks like this one is where I am walking.
I continue to walk.
Every piece of
living tissue inside me is clenched,
tightening together,
each fibre
steeling itself to stop me from weeping violently in the middle of the
I grind
my teeth, **** fingernails into my palm, and continue to walk.
I am
wearing clothes that are two days old.
I did not wash this morning, I
did not even look in the mirror; I avoid reflection.
A store surrounded by highly polished reflective wall.
I stopped to look, and in the ethereal, shimmering glass
saw a monochrome version of myself.
Features were only distinguishable
if I moved my head or waved my arms.
There was only a black and grey self
staring at me.

I tighten my dull muscles once more to stop tears
falling from my eyes,
I keep my head down because I cannot help but grimace.
My muscles are locked in this position.
I continue to walk.
Sadness engulfs me and I want to collapse
to the ground
but not crumple into a pile.

I want to suddenly command
my legs to cease walking
and then I want to lean forward quickly,

allowing the momentum of my upper half to fall forward,
ending with my face smashing into the concrete.

The lean forward will
be comical - nobody really falls that way,
like a tree falling in a forest
but I will be outside of my body at this point,
watching the fall until
I land.
There is no thud or crack as I make contact with the floor
the sound would more closely resemble a piece of beef on a stone slab
sound of meat reforming under intense pressure.
The collapse is great
and I feel my cheekbones splinter and snap
forcing my teeth now into
my tongue
until **** colours my teeth, chin and the ground.
I swallow
elements of bone and tooth and I splutter uncontrollably
but make no
attempt to move.

Upon reaching the ground, my spectacles fall from my face
only to be cracked and forced back onto me by the floor.
glass lens breaks, and the thin metal frame punctures an eyelid.
other lens fails to smash
and serves as a pool for the **** and tears
that fall from my eyes.
The way I land is the way I remain
unconsciousness occurs or I die from some kind of beautiful head
I look at the floor and continue to walk.

When I crush the butt of the cigarettes under my boot,
it reminds me of crushing a dead insect
the embers of the flame and the burning papers
extinguished underneath me.

I flex my arms in my sleeves.
I suddenly become aware of the fact
that I cannot be
certain that it is indeed myself that is controlling this body.
I know
I wanted to walk to the other end of the city
but is it me that caused that?
The only activity that I
recollect of any substance
is the wanton description of smashing my
against the cold floor of the city.

When was that?
I do not know if that was today or years ago.
I continue to walk.
I see a woman of about my age walk
and I hold a door open for her to pass.
She smiles and says "Thank
and I smile back to her, which hurts
because my facial muscles
are stinging
and disruption of my cheek muscles is likely to start me
weeping again.

suddenly turn right and continue to walk.
In front of me is the woman.
I watch her walk and I realise that when I saw her
I wanted to launch myself at her.
Not an
Wrap my arms around her
underneath her coat
and warm myself using her.
I want to kiss her face
and talk to her.
I want to touch her clothes and feel the materials and then rub my body against her skin and hair.
I want to imagine laughing with her but I cannot.

I walk behind her, unaware of whether I am just walking
or actually following her.
As I watch her walk my thoughts transform
into sexually violent fantasies.

I want to seize her and lick her face,
chew on her nose,
spit into her
I want to look at her, naked.
I want to scrape dirty fingernails
down her waist and thighs.
I want to take her to nowhere
- a black expanse where nothing exists but myself and her,
standing naked facing each other.

Pushing her down by her face
whilst tearing at her hair
is a sublime experience for my mind.
Trying to **** a fist into her mouth
as I kick and stamp over her legs,
I push a purposefully flaccid penis into her
and my fingernails cause lacerations
along her bloated stomach.
I think she cries out as I do this, but I cannot be sure.

As my penis grows inside her
I try to urinate but I am unable to
so I begin to punch her face repeatedly.

I continue to do so until her entire skull has caved in.
Her black **** coats my fist and I keep punching until my knuckles break
and shift backwards into my fist.
I stand above her with a broken hand
and I want to imagine tearing violently at her dead buttocks
and breasts
but I am again seized by an acute sadness
and I have to flex my muscles once more to halt the flow of tears.

I walk behind her until the end of the street
I cross the road towards the outskirts of the city.
She stays on the
same side of the street
and as I manoeuvre between the traffic
I look
back at her once,
knowing that I will never see this girl again.

I have imagined the colour of her bruised breasts
and the smell of her damaged vagina.
I continue to walk.

I remember the monochrome reflection from the bank
and I am suddenly disgusted by myself.
I am not a human,
merely a malformed essence of flesh.

I remember thinking of the barrel of the pistol
pressed into my forehead many years ago
and how it would feel against my skin.
I do not know how to imagine the sensation
- is the barrel metal?
I can only liken it to pressing a hot cigarette lighter onto my arm,
except this barrel seems to have no easily describable temperature.
All I imagine is a thick blackness,
like hard leather,
penetrating the membranes
of my sweating forehead,
perhaps roughly breaking the skin.
The shaft of the pistol is warm and wet,
and before pressing it against me
I remember sucking the barrel
and listening intently to the rolling of my tongue
in the hole of the muzzle
and then taking off my clothes to experience my body
in this state of heightened arousal.

I lay prone,
with as much of the barrel in my mouth as possible,
agitating my tongue
and throat
as I masturbate to orgasm
and I am suddenly in a state of worship
to both the pistol in my mouth
and the erect penis in my hand,
revealing themselves to me
as powerful monoliths that I own.

After the final quake of climax,
I push the pistol further into me
and I squeeze the trigger
and then I do not know what happens.

I find myself some seventy miles from the city,
standing atop a proud black mountain
at nighttime.
I observe the obscured view of the darkness
and I move slowly down the edge of the mountain.
I continue to walk.

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Orgies are like orgasms, if you think you might have had one, you probably didn't. That said, I'm not sure if I've ever been in an orgy.

The first time I came close, I was sharing a hotel room with some friends, and we had spent a night out drinking and dancing together. The group including a woman I was completely in love with and her girlfriend. I stumbled back to the hotel late, with the two girls plus another girl I’d met on the dance floor. We flopped into our respective beds, my hopeless love started kissing her girlfriend while my friend started giving me a blowjob.

I looked from her to the other bed. I wanted desperately to join the serpentine knot of ecstasy that was in the process of winding itself up. If I tried, there was a sporting chance of rejection and, possibly, being thrown out of the room. I've found that, contrary to the what you might intuit from porn, two women having sex generally look unkindly on interruptions from horny, moon-eyed men.

But then suddenly my beloved sprang up, now beautifully pale and completely naked in the dim hotel light. I thought my moment had come, that she had sensed my psychic yearning. Instead of sweeping me into her needful arms she ran out the door and reappeared a minute later with one of our drinking buddies from down the hall, his muscular, slightly flabby frame offset by floppy dreadlocks.

All my hope had slipped away. I was marooned on my bed. My companion had now pushed me onto my back and was bouncing up and down on top of me. As she bounced we gradually slid down the edge of the bed like a typewriter head reaching the end of the line. Every few minutes we'd have to stop and re-center ourselves, before beginning to bounce back to the edge.

I took comfort in hearing my beloved girlfriend cry, "No! You're not putting it in!" to her new companion. If I didn't get to be with them, at least the guy with them was only going to be a prop with chest hair.

We stopped when it was getting light. I got up, naked and irritated. I wanted to make some kind of a show of dissatisfaction so I opened the hotel room window and peed down onto a pile of dumpsters in a back alley.

Over breakfast the next morning, my head reeling from booze and my fingers still shaking, I told my friend I was sorry I was such a lousy lay for her. She said she was sorry, too.

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Blair Hutton wiped the sweat from her shaking hands and gingerly reached for the doorbell. She knew that what she was about to do was risky at best, and dangerous at the worst. Only yesterday morning she had been looking at the classifieds in the local under ground newspaper when her eye caught an intriguing ad, "Wanted, attractive woman to service me orally while my wife watches and maybe participates. All the oral sex you can handle. If interested, contact Eric at 555-3999." Immediately upon reading the ad, Blair's pussy began creaming her tight lace panties, her clit quickly coming to full throb! After a fast masturbation session, she dialed the number and made arrangements with a man named Eric to meet him the following afternoon at his home on the north side of town. Eric had given her only one requirement, that being that she was to wear a skirt and blouse with no panties. She had started to ask why, but thought better of it, and agreed to meet Eric sans her panties.

Now here she was, standing on his front stoop, and wondering if she had made a big mistake coming here! When she finally rang the buzzer, the door swung open and she was greeted by a very attractive blonde of about twenty five or so, probably about five years younger than herself. "You must be Blair," the blonde said excitedly, "come on in, my name is Vera, glad to meet you!" She ushered Blair into the study where a dark haired man of about forty was sitting at a desk doing paper work. Not even lifting his eyes in acknowledgment, he softly informed the two women that he would be with them in a moment, while tone of his voice let it be known that he didn't wish to be disturbed until he finished what he was doing. The aura that Eric exuded, his forceful yet quiet manner, made Blair's cunt grow damp, leaving a trail of juice along the length of her crack. She was definitely a submissive, and she got the distinct impression that Eric would be a stern taskmaster! Finally looking up from his ledgers, he gave Blair a once over that made her whole body shiver! Standing up and walking around the desk, he extended his hand and said, "I'm Eric, and you've already met my wife, Vera." "Isn't she just perfect," cooed Vera, "I'll bet she's wet already!!!" Eric just chuckled and then asked, "Well, Blair, are you wet yet!?!" Blair, not still sure about what her place was, just slowly nodded her head in the affirmative. Vera, practically jumping up and down like a five year old, begged Eric to let her have it first. He sighed, shook his head, and then gave her his permission. Vera dropped to her knees in front of Blair and slowly lifted her pleated skirt above her waist exposing her now dripping slit to both strangers. "Oh god, Eric," Vera moaned, "she has a lovely pussy, she has her lips shaved smooth, just like a baby's!!!" That was the last thing that Vera said, because an instant later her tongue was boring into Blair's bulging vaginal lips.

As soon as the tip of Vera's tongue snapped across her clit, Blair made an audible gasp as her wet pussy drooled cunt juice all over Vera's face. Blair was caught in a vortex of sexual excitement that was about to sweep her to a thunderous climax, but out of nowhere she heard Eric's soft but stern voice order Vera to cease her oral activity at once. Like a well trained dog, Vera immediately stopped sucking and reluctantly pulled her mouth from Blair's now burning pussy. "Come over here, Blair," Eric ordered, "and be quick about it!" Blair's skirt fell back into place and she hurriedly made her way over to Eric where stood before him with her head down, awaiting further instructions. "Why have you come here today, Blair," he asked softly? "So I could suck your hard penis," she answered with her head still bowed. "Are you ready to serve me now," he asked? "Yes, master, I am ready to be of your service," she replied! "On your knees," he said firmly, "and take it out, now!!!" Blair sunk to the plush carpeted floor, and reached out to unzip Eric's pants, her hands shaking slightly from the adrenaline that was rushing through her body! She slipped her hand inside of his trousers encountered an extremely hard penis that was straining to release itself from its cloth prison. With some difficulty, Blair maneuvered the big member out into the open air where it stood proudly at attention, pointing directly at Blair's hungry mouth! "What do you want, bitch," Eric asked harshly!?! "Oh, god," she practically begged, "please let me suck now!!!" Now teasing her unmercifully, he asked, "I don't know, do you think you deserve too???" "Oh, yes, master, I know I can make you happy," she pleaded, "just let me taste it a little!!!" A drop of precum hung from the head of the massive pecker, and before Eric had given his permission, her tongue snaked out and licked the big head clean! He immediately pulled back out of her range and threatened to send her away if she tried another stunt like that again. Blair apologized profusely, and begged Eric to give her another chance, while promising never to get ahead of herself again. After several moments of contemplation, Eric moved his cock back in front of Blair's open mouth and said, "Okay, bitch, let's see what you've got!!!"

Blair was in a state of sexual intoxication as the large head of Eric's cock slipped into her open mouth. Ever since she was a teenager and she sucked her first dick in the back seat of her boyfriend's car, Blair had the almost insatiable need to have erections in her mouth! At the present time she was between boyfriends, and after seeing Eric's ad in the paper, she was so driven by her need for oral sex, that she was willing to take the chance of meeting a total stranger! With the large head filling her mouth, she was ecstatic that her basic needs were now being fulfilled. Although she wasn't bisexual, if it meant taking care of Eric's wife, Vera, she would gladly do it to get her fill of hard pecker in her mouth! Eric had been sucked by hundreds of avid cocksuckers, but even he had to admit that Blair was close to being in a class by herself, because in a matter of minutes, she had brought him dangerously close to the edge of orgasm. Blair could always tell when a stud was ready to feed her, and Eric was no exception. As his nut sac tightened up, Blair could sense that the big erection had ever so slightly achieved a more intense hardness, a sure sign that she was about to receive a sperm milkshake! The loud groan that escaped from Eric's lips confirmed what Blair already knew, and seconds later her mouth was being jetted with blast after blast of the sweet nectar from deep inside Eric's balls! When the first spurt hit her throat, Blair felt a hand slip under her skirt and caress the wet lips of her vagina. Blair's own cunt convulsed as Vera's finger quickly found her erect clit and commenced giving her a fast hard fingering! Her own orgasm was flooding Vera's hand while Eric's penis filled her mouth with white hot cum! "My god," thought Blair, "I'm getting relief from both of them!"

While both Blair and Eric needed a little time to recuperate, Vera, on the other hand, was dripping wet and hot as a fire cracker! "Please, Eric," she begged, "let her suck me off, please, I need it so badly!!!" Eric glanced over at his wife, who by now had stripped off her panties and hiked up her skirt around her waist. She looked absolutely obscene with her legs spread wide apart and her cunt lips gaping open, as if they were pleading to be either fucked or eaten. "Okay, bitch," Eric ordered, "take care of her, now!!!" Blair slid across the floor to the now almost delirious woman and let her mouth come to rest on Vera's open crotch, causing her whole body shake as Blair's talented tongue licked up and down the length of her dripping crack. "Christ," moaned Vera, "she's even better than I had hoped for, I'm already gonna cum!!!" She looked over at her husband, who by now was getting another erection while watching his young wife getting her hot snatch devoured by this female sexual athlete, and just the sight of his hardon coupled with the intense oral persistence, resulted in a freight train like climax tearing through her helpless cunt like and express train at rush hour! When it was finally over, Vera lay back like a sack of potatoes, completely disheveled with a trickle of saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth.

To Blair, sucking off Vera was like doing penance, the result being a second chance at sucking off Eric's big cock. He didn't even have to ask, she just slowly turned around and opened her mouth waiting. This was what she lived for, and it was about to be provided!!!

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Barbara Walker hurried up the steps of Central High, flung open the front door, and proceeded directly to the principal's office. She was greeted with a hearty good morning from Mrs. Bruner, the front desk supervisor and receptionist for Principal Bradley. "What have I got today," asked Barbara, hoping that it wouldn't be another math class?!? "Ah, let me see," replied Mrs. Bruner, as she scanned a list of absent teachers, "yes, here it is, you sub for Matt Kearny in English Literature, room 231!" "Thanks," Barbara answered gratefully, "at least it's not math!" Barbara climbed the single flight of stairs to the second floor and found room 231 down the hall and to the right. When she entered the classroom, most of the students were already there, mostly milling around and exchanging small talk with each other. At 8:47 the final bell rang and all the student took their assigned seats, dutifully waiting for Barbara to begin the class. Just as she was launching into the lesson on Chaucer, the door to the hall way swung open and in sauntered Deke Banyon, as if he didn't have a care in the world!!!

Barbara put down her lesson plan and waited for Deke to take his seat, and after he was seated, she looked at the seating chart to find out his name, and then asked, "A little trouble getting out of bed this morning Mr. Banyon!?!" Deke, with a look of total boredom, replied insolently, "Naw teach, no problem at all!!!" The class tittered at Deke's response and Barbara felt her cheeks turning red at being embarrassed by the young hoodlum. She stepped forward a few paces and retorted, "You and I will talk this over right after school, and don't even think about not showing up, or Principal Bradley will hear about it!!!" Deke feigned a yawn but agreed to drop in after school, so Barbara went back to her lesson and the class continued on with no further incidents. The day seemed to fly by, and Barbara had completely forgotten that Deke Banyon was coming in after school, and it wasn't until she heard a knock on the door jam that she remembered their appointment. "Come in Deke," she offered, "and please sit down," while motioning to the desk in the middle of the front row. Deke slouched down in the seat and let his legs protrude forward in a major display of insolence. Barbara was about to reprimand him when she couldn't help but notice the large bulge in the front of his jeans! "My god," she thought, "he has a hardon and isn't even trying to hide it, of all the nerve of this boy!!!" "Now what did you wanna see me about," a very cock sure Deke said suavely? Momentarily flustered at the sight aroused penis in the young man's pants and his mouthy attitude, Barbara stumbled for something to say. "Cat got your tongue, teach," the eighteen year old malcontent said insolently, "or are you more interested in seeing what's in here," as he patted the front of his crotch!?! A shocked Barbara stammered, "Well I never!!!" "That's right teach, you probably never have," Deke replied while laughing at her obvious discomfort! "Y-you can't talk to me that way young man," she spat, "I've a good mind to send you straight to the office!!!" "Yeah, yeah," Deke yawned, while standing up, "let me show you what a real man has for you," as Barbara looked on in absolute horror as Deke Banyon proceeded to unzip his pants and pull out his erection!

When it was free of its denim prison, it stood up hard an proud, with a large purple head that looked satiny smooth. Now stepping up very close her, Deke took her hand and put it directly on his raging hardon and whispered into her ear, "Come on baby, give Deke a little head, you know you want it!!!" Barbara's head was spinning out of control, she wanted to slap Deke's face and run out of the room screaming, but on the other hand, the huge pecker felt absolutely alive in her fist, and she could feel her pussy drench while holding on to the beautiful fuck pole! She felt two strong hands on her shoulders pushing her down to her knees, and while offering little or no resistance, in a matter of seconds her mouth was just inches from the large smooth head. Leaning forward just slightly was all it took, and Barbara slowly opened up and took the thick member gingerly into her warm mouth! "My god,"she thought, "what am I doing, I could go to jail for this!!!" Wanting desperately to pull away, Barbara still couldn't help herself and sucked Deke's pecker even harder, trying to induce the young man to blow his load quickly into her mouth! As mouthy and self assured as he was, Barbara was still sure that he had little or no ability to control his ejaculation, and right on cue he emptied his balls into her mouth with torrents of hot cum which she greedily swallowed down in two gulps! All her adult life Barbara had been a true cocksucker, always swallowing the cum from the hard pricks of the men in her life, and Deke was no exception, he was just another large cock to be sucked off!!! Sheepishly Barbara got to her feet and was about to put an end to all this nonsense when Deke pinned her up against the wall and stuck his hand up under her dress and began fondling her vagina through her cotton panties! "Please no," she said weakly, but spread her legs even further apart so the young stud had a better angle at attacking her pussy! She knew that it was inevitable now, she was going to get fucked!!!

"Wow, bitch," he marveled, "this is the hairiest cunt I've ever seen, I'm gonna really enjoy plowin' this field!!!" "You have a filthy mouth, young man," Barbara managed to stammer, but her actions spoke much more loudly than her words, and she reached out and guided the thick piece of cock flesh to the opening of her twat. Deke laughed at her and replied, "Oh yeah, baby, you're real upset with me aren't you, so upset that you're puttin' my cock into your snatch all by your self!!!" Barbara wasn't quite prepared for what happened next, because once the head of the 18 year old's prick barely entered her pussy, he lurched forward with a vicious thrust that almost made her pass out!!! It was a mixture of pain and pleasure blurred together that was taking her to sexual heights she had never reached before! Deke sensed that the slut teacher was in love his cock, so he jammed his male gristle even harder and faster into her molten love box until both of them were on the verge of blinding orgasms. Barbara was delirious with lust, and wrapped her legs around Deke's waist trying to **** his prick in even farther! There was something about fucking a woman who was really into it, and this bitch was into it in spades!!! The female orgasm is a complicated thing, but when it comes time to let loose, the first thing that usually occurs is the hard contraction of the vaginal walls around a hard pumping penis. This case was no different, and Barbara's pussy convulsed hard and gripped Deke's pecker for all it was worth, which of course signaled his pecker to shoot its load hard, fast, and deep into the bitch's hot cunt! Barbara let out a loud long moan, and Deke spewed out a string of gutter expletives as his orgasm timed itself perfectly with hers.

After getting the fucking of her life, Barbara tried to regain a little bit of self esteem by chiding Deke to please get to class on time! He looked over at her and replied, "Oh, no, you gonna keep me after school again, well maybe I'll just be late again tomorrow, I need to be punished, I'm such a bad boy!!!"

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The screaming, yelling, and clapping of two hundred crazed women, combined with the relentless beat of a hard rock CD, never failed to get Rolando whipped into a frenzy before he hit the stage! Dressed in leather chaps, a g-string, cowboy boots and a ten gallon hat, he looked anything like an all American cowboy, but with a body that appeared to be chiseled from granite, Rolando was one of twenty dancers in the all male revue at the Hotsy Totsy Club. Seven nights a week the place was jumping to the beat of driving dance music and young naked male flesh on display for the mostly 30ish female audience. With salary and tips, an aggressive dancer could clear three or four hundred dollars in one night! Standing backstage, ready to make his entrance, Rolando waited patiently for the MC to make his introduction. He knew it was time to hit the stage when the theme song from the 1960's television show "Rawhide" began booming through the sound system. Bursting through the curtain to a hail of cheers from the audience, Rolando strutted around the stage, preening for the screaming women, while giving them show the show of a lifetime!

By the time the song was over, he was down to just a tight g-string that did little to hide his massive genitalia and the women oooo'd and ah'd at the sight of the grape fruit size bulge stretching the thin piece of nylon! He jumped off the stage and began working the crowd, letting the frenzied females get a quick feel as he waded through the mass of humanity. A short stocky brunette held out a twenty dollar bill and slipped it in the waistband of the g-string. For her "contribution", Rolando stood in front of her and let her hands roam freely over his crotch, even allowing her to let her small hands slip inside to get a good feel of the merchandise!!! By the time he made it to the other side of the room his waistband was filled with five, ten, and twenty dollar bills. As he was about to make his way back on stage for his finale', a middle aged blonde held up a one hundred dollar bill and waved it high in the air to get Rolando's attention. He quickly worked his way over to her table, where upon she slipped the c-note in his waist band, and then slipped off his g-string and let his big cock spring free of it's cloth prison. Screams of "do it, do it" filled the room and the blonde did not disappoint them, because in less than a hot second, she had the head of Roland's pecker deep in her mouth and was sucking it like a lollipop!!! The loud music, coupled with the copious touching by hundreds of wild passionate women was too much for Rolando to take, and in just a matter of moments his cock was spurting hot jets of jism down the blonde's throat! When he pulled out and a string of cum dripped from her lips, the crowd went absolutely bonkers with both the blonde and Rolando received a standing ovation!!! Back up on stage, Rolando finished his set and was soon replaced by a fresh dancer.

When he entered the dressing room, he wasn't the least bit surprised to find that several of the other dancers were sitting on chairs with their legs spread wide apart and women of various shapes, sizes, and ages on their knees sucking the young cock meat for all they were worth! Rolando slumped down in his chair and wiped the sweat off his body and began counting his "take" while not more than five feet away, a suburban housewife was sucking a twenty two year old black dancer like it was the last cock on earth! She was in an obvious state of sexual excitement, and offered no resistance when Frank lifted her off his cock, pulled down her panties, and had her straddle his waist with his ten inch pecker disappearing deep into her dripping vagina! Calling her a cunt whore and bitch, she fairly screamed out when her orgasm ripped through her quivering pussy, convulsing around the ebony invader until she was as limp as an old wash rag! Barely able to stand up, Frank led her to the dressing room door and sent her on her way back home to her house in the suburbs and her husband and three kids. When slipped into bed that night, her thoughts would surely be about the thick young black cock that had satisfied her like nothing else in this world had ever done before! When she heard the rhythmic breathing of her husband indicating that he was fast asleep, she would slide her hand to her clit and with the image of the huge black cock in her mind, would masturbate to another shattering climax!

Back at the club, Rolando returned to the floor and began circulating amongst the crowd, this time to make some quick cash, five to ten dollars for a fast feel, twenty to fifty for leisurely touching, one hundred for a blowjob, and two hundred or more a fuck! It was truly amazing to have a forty year old woman hand you two hundred dollars and then sit on your pecker in front of hundreds of screaming women! These are ladies who normally wouldn't even use foul language, but put them in a room with two or three hundred others just like them, ply them with a little booze, and before you knew it they were sucking and fucking young strangers in a public night club!!! Up on the stage two twins were putting on quite a show, down to their g-strings, they had a volunteer from the crowd dancing between them! She was having a great time feeling them up and having them press her between them, touching her breasts and putting their hands up her skirt! One of the twins held up her skirt while his **** pulled down her panties and ate her pussy right there on stage!!! With her hairy pussy was split wide open and showing a generous amount of pink to the roaring crowd, the quite embarrassed woman was now totally out of control, and jutted her mound forward, hoping to get her clit in better contact with the insistent tongue that was working up and down her slit! With the music and the roaring crowd, the only way you could tell she was cumming, was when she arched her back and thrust her hips forward! Following another round of cheers, it was time for the next act!

At three in the morning the last stragglers finally left, leaving the Hotsy Totsy Club to the cleaning crew. Rolando yelled good by to several friends and headed off to his car, but waiting there was fiftyish lady who seemed to be very embarrassed indeed! Stammering at first, she finally explained that she was too shy to do anything in the club, especially in front of all of the others, but she had a hundred dollars and wondered if she could suck him off in the parking lot? Calmly he unzipped his pants and let his penis hang between them, and after handing him the cash, she got down on her knees in front of him, opened her mouth, and took him in. She was very hungry, and worked up and down his stiff member, while slobbering all over his smooth cock head. This would be his fourth orgasm of the evening, but even still, he gave her a nice load of hot spunk! She seemed so grateful, but in this business, they always did! In eighteen hours it would all start over again, and the dancers would put on their show, and empty their nuts into the mouths of hot suburban babes! What a business!

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Collect some fire wood, will you, Bobbi, and I'll finish setting up the tent," said her mother Tara, as she tied down the last corner of the tent and drove the stake into the ground. "Sure, mom," Bobbi replied, "it shouldn't take me more than ten minutes or so!" "It had been so long since the two of them had done anything together," thought Tara, so two days in the mountains would be good for both of them!!! Bobbi did more than an adequate job of scrounging dry wood, and in a few minutes, Tara had a roaring fire going with a pot of beef stew hanging from a tripod in the middle of the flames. The cool air was filled with the aroma of boiling stew, so coupled with not having eaten for over six hours, both women felt their tummies growling in anticipation of a hot dinner!!! The sun was setting in the western sky as Tara and Bobbi sat down and ate their supper.

The dinner conversation ranged from how Bobbi was doing in school, to how both of them were doing since the loss of Fred, Bobbi's father and Tara's husband of eighteen years. It had been almost a year since his passing, and while Bobbi seemed to be getting along just fine, her mother on the other hand, still hurt deeply from her loss. Seeing as how her mother was getting a little misty eyed, Bobbi steered the conversation back to her school activities, and Tara immediately seemed to perk back up! Lost in the atmosphere of good food and conversation, neither of the two woman noticed when three strange men appeared in the clearing fifty yards down the path. Drawn by the smell of the stew, the three hungry fellows were making a beeline for their camp! It wasn't until the three of them were practically on top of them before Tara noticed them standing not more than twenty feet away! Her heart practically stopped at the suddenness of their appearance, but trying not to let on her fear, Tara asked casually, "May I help you!?!" The taller and rougher of the three explained, "We've been lost in the woods all day and followed the smell of your food, we ain't eaten since late last night!" Sensing trouble, Tara quickly decided if they were going to make trouble, the two of them alone couldn't stop them anyway, so she offered, "We have plenty of beef stew left, won't you join us!?!" "Mother," Bobbi hissed under her breath, "are you crazy!?!" "Shush," Tara shot back, "I know what I'm doing," while the three men took their placed around the fire as Tara spooned out generous portions of stew to each of them. They ate pretty much in silence, while every once in a while looking over their shoulders back up the trail, as if someone was following them! It was about at that moment when Tara realized that the three strangers were escaped convicts!!! She tried mightily to keep the terror she felt off of her face, but it was useless, and the big one noticed it at once and said harshly, "Okay, so ya know, well it won't help you none, "cuz we lost them dogs hours ago, so don't expect no help anytime soon!!!" "Whatya think, Frank," asked the short stocky one, "do ya think we'd better keep moving!?!" "We gotta rest sometime," replied Frank, "it might as well be here, we've got all the comforts of home," as he turned his gaze to the two women, and for the first time Bobbi realized the trouble they were in, so instinctively she snuggled up close to her mother for protection, but in her heart she knew that it was a futile gesture!!!

The sun was beginning to set, and the three escapees began eyeing the two women with more than just a passing interest! Frank, the obvious leader of the trio, came over to Tara and jerked her to her feet. Bobbi let out half a scream, but she was quickly shut up by a back handed slap across her face, that not only knocked her over, but it also stunned her into submission! "Leave my daughter alone," Tara hissed at Frank, but his powerful grip on her arm made sure that all she could do was complain verbally! "Okay, bitch," spat Frank harshly, "if you two cunts want to do it the hard way that's fine by us, but we haven't had any pussy in over three fucking years, so one way of the other you're gonna give it up, got it!?!" Tara could see that Bobbi was in the never never land between consciousness and unconsciousness, so, hoping against all hope that they would leave her eighteen year old daughter alone, Tara turned to Frank and said, "Okay, Frank, you can have me, she's just a ****, so leave her alone and I'll do what ever you want!" The three cons all roared with laughter, with the short stocky con replying, "You dumb fucking cunt, we'll fuck your little bitch daughter if we want to, and make you eat her pussy out when were finished!!!" Before she could respond, Frank wrenched her around by the arm, forced her to her knees directly in front of him, and ordered, "Open it up, bitch, and suck me off, and if you try anything funny, I'll have Danny fuck you little cunt daughter in the ass, understand me!?!" Tears began forming in Tara's eyes, but she nodded her head "yes", and began unbuttoning Frank's prison issue! The smell of old urine and sweat filled Tara's nostrils, and it was all she could do to keep from upchucking her dinner! "Hurry up, cunt," Frank ordered testily, "get that prick out and suck it!!!" It had been over twelve months since she had had a cock in her mouth, and while these were far from ideal conditions to say the least, when Tara felt the hot firmness of a hardon in her hands, she couldn't help it, but her pussy convulsed a little as her whole groin area drench itself with pussy juice!!! When she finally extracted it, it was nearly fully erect, with a large purple head that was straining to explode, and gingerly she moved her head forward, but Frank grabbed the back of her head and forced the thick organ into her mouth, causing her to momentarily gag as it rammed against the back of her throat! Frank let out a loud moan, and with just a few licks and sucks from Tara, Frank's pecker flinched, and filled her mouth with a gusher of hot cum!!!

Frank milked his dick of every last drop of cum into Tara's mouth, before giving way to Danny, who didn't want a blow, but a good hard fucking!!! "Okay, cunt," he snarled harshly, "off with your jeans and panties, and be quick about it," while dropping his own to reveal a fast thickening boner! Tara, while totally repulsed by the situation, sensed that when Danny slammed his pecker into her, she was going to have a huge orgasm whether she liked it or not! As Danny climbed between her thighs, Bobbi rolled over onto her side just in time to see eight inches of cock slide into her mothr's quim! "Mother," she moaned, while rubbing the side of her cheek, "no, leave my mother alone!!!" Tara's head rolled from side to side as the thick piece of manhood penetrated her pussy, and much to her own horror, and that of her daughter, a low guttural moan escaped her lips along with a wailful begging, "Oh my god, fuck me harder, fuck me harder!!!" Frank and Jocco, the third member of the trio, both laughed uproariously and Frank said to Bobbi derisively, "Your mama fucks like a two dollar whore, just look at the pitiful bitch!!!" Tears filled Bobbi's eyes as she watched her mother begging for cock like there was no tomorrow, and while she sobbed softly to herself, Tara timed Danny's thrusts so that her crotch met his with equal ****, which of course gave her the most pleasure possible! In the back of her mind she could hear her daughter crying, but she was beyond caring, all she could think about making sure that the pecker inside her, satisfied her pussy!!!

The first cock induced orgasm in over a year spread from Tara's pussy and coursed throughout her body, leaving her shaking and convulsing in climatic ecstasy, while Bobbi looked on in disbelief while her mother seemed to enjoy being raped by the savage convict! When she had a chance to quiet down and regain her senses, Tara looked her daughter in the eye and said, "I'm sorry, dear, but it's been so long, I couldn't help myself, I've always been so addicted to hard cocks, and Danny has a very large penis!!!" "Oh, mother," Bobbi sobbed, "what are we going to do!?!" Tara, now a little slack jawed and spent, didn't even raise a protest when Jocco and Frank grabbed Bobbi and pulled off her clothing, leaving her naked in the cool night air! "Look at her nipples, Frank," Jocco said, "they're all ready hard!" Bobbi had stopped crying, and a shiver ran through her body as her naked skin was caressed by the cool damp air! "W-what are you going to do to me," she asked nervously, but in her heart all ready knowing the answer!?! Why we're gonna fuck your mouth and cunt, little bitch," spat Frank, as he and Jocco dropped their pants which allowed their peckers to pop into view! Bobbi knew it was useless to resist, because she knew that their was the real danger that if she pissed any of the three men off, they could hurt either her or her mother badly, or maybe even worse!!! "There's something about fucking young pussy," sighed Frank, as he lined up his pecker on Bobbi's tight little cunt! "You got that right, bro," replied Jocco, as his own pecker rubbed across Bobbi's mouth! "On three," yelled Frank, and with one hard lunge, both he and Jocco buried their dicks into Bobbi, one in the cunt and one in her mouth!!! "Ugh," moaned Bobbi, but the pain she felt was mixed with a rising tide of pleasure as the two escapees plowed their hardons in and out of her! Tara had never seen her daughter in any kind of sexual situation, but she could see from her actions that this was not the first time she had been fucked! "Such a young firm body," Tara thought to herself, "with such pretty breasts!!!" While just a few minutes ago she had been whimpering like a wounded puppy, Bobbi was now in the process of being taken hard sexually by two grown men, and even though she was trying to resist it, her cunt was giving her away, and it was inevitable that she would have a truly smashing climax!!!

Tara subconsciously reached down and began flicking her clit while she watched Bobbi get the fucking and sucking of her life! "Hey look," shouted Danny, "the old whore here can't get enough, she's fingerin' her own pussy!!!" Out of the corner of her eye, Bobbi could see her mother frantically jamming her fingers in and out of her hairy pussy, and it was at that moment that she realized just how much her mother missed her father's penis!!! Pulling Jocco out of her mouth for just a second, Bobbi looked at her mother and mouthed the words, "I love you, mama," and at just that instant, Frank erupted deep inside Bobbi's cunt, while Jocco had taken his cock and jerked it furiously until it shot all over Bobbi's face!!! The second the hot cum splattered on her face, Bobbi's vagina collapsed around Frank's cock, and her whole body was rocked by a tremendous orgasm!!!" Just seeing her daughter so satisfied was all it took for Tara go over the edge once more, leaving her a limp and shaking from another powerful climax!!! Both women were then allowed to climb into one of the sleeping bags and go to ****.

Early the next morning Tara opened her eyes expecting to find the three men still in camp, but much to her delight they were gone!!! All of their provisions were missing, but they were safe and alive, and living to tell about it!!! Not waking her daughter, Tara held her close and thanked God for getting them through such a trying ordeal! She also couldn't help thinking about the hard cocks she had had the night before, and while it was a terrifying experience, she had to admit that the sex was pretty darn good, and well, she had needed i

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Posted by dick21 at 30,Sep,14 19:57

Ginger and Steffi each took a chair in front of Dr. Winslow's desk and waited for her to speak. Looking up from a file, the doctor eyed the two girls for a moment, and then asked, "Which is which, I mean who's Steffi and who's Ginger?" Both girls mumbled their names, while Doctor Winslow went back to reviewing the file. When she was finally finished reading, Dr. Winslow slowly removed her glassed, wiped them with tissue, and asked, "Do you know why both of you are here for this counseling session?" "No," both girls replied in unison. Slipping her glasses back on, Dr. Winslow leaned back in her chair and replied, "You've both got the same problem, and we here at the institute have found that therapy works best when two people in the same boat work it out together, understand!?!" Both Ginger and Steffi slowly turned to look at each other, then after returning to face Dr. Winslow, nodded their heads in the affirmative. "Good," Dr. Winslow continued, "then I guess we can get right to it!!!"

"You both know why you're here, and I hope we can help you get yourselves straightened out," the doctor said, "it won't be easy, but if we all work together I think we can get the job done!" "You can say one thing," the doctor went on, "you're both in very exclusive company, as less the one tenth of one percent of the American population is a true hermaphrodite!" As I see from your files, both you and your parents have decided against surgery, Dr. Winslow intoned, "of course later on if either of you decides to go that route that will be entirely up to you, I'm here simply to get along with your dual set of genitals!" Hearing the phrase "dual set of genitals", both Steffi and Ginger both turned a bright shade of red, and Dr. Winslow while noticing this right away said, "We might as well get used to talking about this subject together, because it's vital that we get everything out in the open!" Opening one of the files, Dr. Winslow asked, "It says here, Steffi, that you have a functional penis, is that true?" With her head down, an embarrassed Steffi replied in a barely audible voice, "Yes, it's true." Putting down Steffi's file, the doctor picked up and opened Ginger's file and asked her the same question, and got the same answer. "Okay, Steffi," asked the doctor, "being eighteen you must masturbate quite often, do you finger your vagina or just use your penis?" "Both, ma'am," Steffi replied. "What gives you the most pleasure, dear," asked the doctor, while all the time writing down the girls' answers on a yellow legal pad. Now loosening up a bit, Steffi went into a little more detail, "I like both, but when I cum, it's always with my penis!" "What about you, Ginger," questioned the doctor? "The same with me," she replied, I like both but cum with my penis!" "Very good," the doctor said, while finishing up her notes, "now I think we're ready to move on!"

Standing up and walking around to the front of the desk, Dr. Winslow, now directly in front of the two girls said, "Now it's time to show each other that you're not alone in this, so each one of you, please take off all of your clothing!" Again both girls looked at each other, and with red faces, stood up and began stripping, and while each girl had a penis, from all outward appearances they were totally female, both with pretty faces, full bosoms, and feminine hips! When they were finally down to their bras and panties, Dr. Winslow thought to herself how normal they both looked! Each girl hesitated a moment, and the doctor prodded them on with, "Come on now ladies, off with the bras first, and then the panties!" When their bras fell away, two set of very firm teenage breast sat proudly on chests, causing the doctor to comment, "My, both of you have such beautiful breasts, any woman would be happy to have them for her own!!! Both Steffi and Ginger replied at the same time, "Thank you Dr. Winslow," as they began slipping their panties off of their hips.

No matter how often she saw it, Dr. Danni Winslow never got used to seeing a a penis sticking out of the crotch of such pretty young girls!!! Ginger had a very small penis, about two inches in it's flaccid state, while Steffi's was much larger, almost the size of a normal male. Sitting on the edge of her desk, Dr. Winslow motioned for the girls to come to her, and both of them inched forward until they were with in inches her. Gently taking both organs in each of her hands, Doctor Winslow slowly began masturbating their quickly hardening members, so when they were fully erect, Ginger was about three and a half inches long, while Steffi was a good five inches and quite thick! As she slowly jerked their peckers, Dr. Winslow asked, "Have either of you ever had another person touch your penis, I mean besides a physician or medical personnel?!? "No," they both replied, but it was obvious that both of them were enjoying the experience very much!!! Now increasing her pace, the doctor offered, "You may each play with your breasts if you want to that usually is very helpful in reaching a climax!!!" Soon, firm nipples were being squeezed and pinched, as the two eighteen year olds felt their penises begin getting ready to ejaculate sperm! Dr. Winslow was really amazed at development of young Steffi's penis, it was really long, thick, and hard for a hermaphrodite, who mostly had cocks like Ginger's, fairly short and thin! When she was sure they were ready to cum, Dr. Winslow ordered, "Okay, girls, finger your vaginas when you ejaculate," and as if they were powerful magnets, Steffi and Ginger's hands shot down to their crotches, where they buried two fingers each into their dripping pussies! The two penises were now at their full tumescence, and from years of experience, the doctor sensed that both girls were right on the verge of cumming! Steffi was first, and a low guttural moan was accompanied by steaming torrent of cum that shot all over the doctor's skirt! Ginger, watching wide eyed, couldn't hold back another second, and her own penis convulsed and sent a smaller, if not any less hot load on Danni Winslow's leg!!!

Both Steffi and Ginger were a little rubbery legged after their orgasms, and they both sat down slightly winded. Steffi was the first to speak, an said apologetically, "I'm sorry about your skirt Dr. Winslow, I just couldn't hold it back!" Ginger too piped in with her own apology, but Dr. Winslow just laughed it off, calling it a natural "job hazard"! Danni Winslow looked the two young women over, marveling at how normal they seemed, that is until you looked between their legs! After several moments of reflection, Dr.Winslow continued, "That was very good, girls, both of you had very nice ejaculations and should be very proud, and while I know that it's hard for you to understand, since you are the way you are, your self esteem demands that you love your penis as much as your vagina!" "I also know that both of you feel you can never have a "normal" sex life, well that couldn't be further from the truth, and while it's probably true that you won't have a relationship with a man, think about what it would be like if you two were to become life partners!" Danni let that question hang in the air, sensing that both girls were rolling that possibility over in their minds. She then went on, "Both of you are the same age, pretty, from the same middle class back ground, and most of all, you are sexually compatible." "Now since both of you know about each others fears and needs, it only makes sense that you try to make a life together!" "For that reason, I want to try a little experiment, okay?!?"

"Ginger," Dr. Winslow asked, "would please spread your legs wide apart and expose your crotch to us?!?" "Very good, now Steffi, don't you think that Ginger's penis is just adorable, so small and delicate, like a dainty flower?!?" Steffi had to admit that Ginger had a very pretty penis, and that looking at it made her own member stiffen! With the two other women watching her private parts, Ginger couldn't help herself, and in a matter of seconds she was erect and ready for action! "Now Steffi, you can see that Ginger is excited," Dr. Winslow went on, "and I think that as her new friend, you should help her out by sucking her little erection, don't you think!?!" Steffi, still staring at the cute little member, looked into Ginger's eyes to see if that was all right with her. A slight nod of her head was all Steffi needed, and in a flash she took the little hardon into her mouth and began sucking it gently! Ginger moaned loudly as her little prick responded to its first cock sucking, and Steffi worked her tongue even faster on hearing Ginger's moans of pleasure! "Good job, Steffi," Dr. Winslow intoned, "now finish her off and swallow the load!" Never in either of their lives had Steffi or Ginger though that they would ever be having sex with another person, but right here and now, Ginger was letting loose her second gusher in less than fifteen minutes! Even though it was small, Steffi was unbelievably turned on by Ginger's mini dick, so when the first blast of cum filled her mouth, she swallowed it down greedily!

"Well, girls," asked the doctor, "how was that!?!" "Oh, wow," sighed Ginger, "that was the best, having a mouth on my penis was just heaven!!!" Steffi, nodding her head in agreement chimed in, "She tasted absolutely wonderful, I just loved sucking her off!!!" "I'm glad," rejoined Dr. Winslow, because now we're going to try something a little different, Ginger, you stand up and lean forward onto the desk and spread your legs wide apart, and you Steffi, take your place directly behind her!" Both girls got into their positions, and the doctor announced, "Are you afraid, Ginger, because I want you to relax and let Steffi enter your vagina with her penis!" Ginger shivered a little, but in a quiet voice said, "I'm ready, go ahead!" "Okay, Steffi, take it easy at first, you don't want to hurt her," the doctor said, "now slip it in slowly!" Steffi slid her thick pecker up and down Ginger's drooling vagina, and when she thought she was ready, slid it into tight virgin pussy! This time, both girls sighed and moaned in unison, Steffi because of the wonderful feeling on the head of her dick, and Ginger because her vagina was being stretched hard for the first time in her life! "Okay, hon," ordered the doctor, "faster now, in and out, in and out!!!" Steffi didn't need to be told twice, and her feminine ass became a pile driver, ramming her five inch piece of steel in and out of Ginger's defenseless quim!!! As Steffi pounded away, her boobs bounced up and down, which looked unbelievably sexy in combination with the fuck toy hanging between her legs! When she was about to shoot her load, Steffi looked into Dr. Winslow's eyes and begged, "Finger me now, I'm so close!!!" Reaching around and finding Steffi's moving pussy, Dr. Winslow let her fingers slide inside the wet box while almost immediately Steffi stiffened as her pecker unleashed a spurting load of spunk deep into Ginger's love hole!!!

When they were all dressed and sitting back in their seats, Dr. Winslow asked, "Well, what do you think!?!" Again like school girls, they both giggled and replied, "Partners for life!!!

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Looking for some more friends on here.

Posted by Biggen at 30,Sep,14 19:06

If you like what you see add me. I like private messaging and private uploads as well. I've been a member a while and don't have many picture views or anything. Anybody have suggestions on what kind of pictures they like seeing let me know. I like chatting with random people and seek advice and whatnot. Please stop by my profile and check it out.

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Posted by slutty1 at 30,Sep,14 13:20

I love seeing tribute pics!! I wish more guys would post pics of thier hard cocks rubbing against my pics or cumming on them. There's nothing more exciting than to know people are jacking off while looking at me!!

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will be busy for a while. no more chat for now

Posted by menel100raquel200 at 30,Sep,14 11:17

we will be busy for a while, plus chat has become an ugly place. were tired of people who cant even read, unsolicited dick pics, and people who are just trying to kiss ass for some pathetic sex chat. for messages please leave it on the wall or on the comment. we get to decide who we like to chat by adding them as friends.. this is to screen out people not worth our time in a conversation.. but still we will be posting more pics soon as we still have tons from last weekend.

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Reunion II

Posted by 1historian at 30,Sep,14 10:21

Joan contacted my wife...She and Ken would be in town next year and would we like to get together then?...

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Three's Company..........................Fiction

Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 22:04

Once all the trauma and dramas of divorce were over, I considered myself the luckiest man alive. My ex-wife moved interstate to pursue new interests. Alas, she took with her almost every cent I had been able to scrape up, but I was happy with the deal. I was a free man at last. I had custody of our three sons and I also managed - but only just - to retain possession of the family home. The mortgage was now something like the national debt of a third-world company - that's what happens when you realise equity in order to pay off a demanding shrew! - but my practice continued to flourish and I was confident that my finances would improve over time.

So what does a single father in his mid-thirties do? If he's anything like me, he counts his blessings and moves on. Of course, the biggest plus for me was that the **** continued to live with their dad. Sure I had to get household help and occasional babysitters, but life was far better than it had been previously.

Another blessing was that I was still relatively young and able to enjoy a more active social life. No more accounting for every second of my day. And my sex life - so long an arid wasteland of fidelity without reward - soon became satisfactorily busy. On rare occasions, if work took me to the big city, I would seek out like-minded men for an anonymous blow-job and sometimes more. Most of the time, however, I was kept occupied by a succession of local ladies who were bored or unhappy in their marriages.

I believe I have mentioned previously that sex affects me very deeply. I don't merely participate - I live in the wonderful moments when I am joined in some way to another human being; I become oblivious to all that is around me; my focus is solely upon the giving and receipt of pleasure.

It is not surprising, therefore, that there came a Saturday evening when I was in the upstairs bedroom of a neighbouring house, feasting on an attractive older woman whose husband was away on a business trip. We had left the overhead light on in order to better appreciate each other's bodies. All the oral preliminaries were completed and I was happily pounding my cock into Jo-Ann when a voice materialised behind us.

"Very nice" said the voice.

I recognised it immediately. It was the husband who was supposed to be miles away carousing with colleagues at a team-bonding weekend.

Of course, I stopped as if shot. My cock went from hero to zero in just a few seconds.

"Don't let me stop you" Peter drawled. "If it's all the same to you two, I'd like to watch. I find this highly erotic."

"Jesus Christ" I whispered to Jo-Ann - who lay beneath me with my dick still inside her, but shrinking rapidly - "Is this something you two deliberately set up?"

Obviously, I hadn't whispered quietly enough.

"No" Peter said glibly. "The work session was cancelled at the last minute. I'm glad. This could be far more entertaining."

It peeved me that this dude had a clear view of my ass and my balls while I couldn't see him at all. It's hard to be dignified from such a perspective. So I rolled off Jo-Ann, covered my essentials with a corner of the bed-sheet, and faced this strangely unperturbed husband. He wasn't exhibiting any of the emotions that would reign if I'd ever caught a man screwing MY wife.

"You want to watch me fuck your wife?" I asked incredulously.

"Sure. Why not? It adds spice to what's left of our marriage. Jo-Jo is bored with my attractions and I am equally tired of hers. I want to watch. And then I plan to fuck her in your juices. That will ease the boredom somewhat. What do you say, David?"

"What do I say?" I expostulated. "I say go to hell. I don't perform for an audience."

"Pity" he sighed. "What do you say, Jo-Jo?"

The lady had yet to say a word. I began to wonder if this screwball scene was a common occurrence in their marriage.

Jo-Ann's answer was a prime example of actions speaking louder than words. She ripped away my flimsy covering and bent forward to take my cock in her mouth. Meanwhile, Peter pulled a chair out from the dresssing table, straddled it and continued to watch us with an interest that I found strangely exciting.

Despite the weirdness of it all, I found myself rapidly growing hard again. I was embarrassed but I was also more than a little aroused by this bizarre scenario. My chagrin was not because I have reason to be ashamed of my junk or my ability to use it skilfully. My problem was that this was something entirely new to me. I am not accustomed to guys watching me fuck their wives and, I also worried that he might have plans to shoot me dead in mid-fuck and then claim provocation when the cops turned up. I watch far too many crime shows. It has left me with a vivid imagination.

Jo-Ann hadn't missed a beat. She gives excellent head. I was definitely erect. My mind was far from being at ease though. Perhaps this is what people mean when they claim to have been scared stiff!

Peter's loving wife pulled me toward her. Almost reluctantly, I moved to a position atop her and between her legs.

"Raise her legs and put them around your neck" Peter said. It wasn't quite a command but it wasn't a polite request either. "I want a clear view as you screw her."

We did as he asked. I heard a strange sound escape his lips as I placed my dick at her entrance and began to slide inside. It was midway between a hiss and a sigh.

Now, Jo-Ann is blessed with a wonderfully tight pussy and she has excellent muscle control as well. The walls of her vagina felt exceptionally toned and talented. It wasn't long before I was lost in the moment again and enjoying a truly magnificent fuck. I'd almost forgotten Peter's presence in the room but then I suddenly felt his hand groping around the area where his wife and I were joined. I felt his fingers on my cock each time I withdrew in order to plunge inside once more. I also felt his hand cupping my balls as they bounced against Jo-Ann's body.

This was a bit disconcerting. I'd had some encounters with guys previously so I had no prejudice against being touched by them, but it felt distinctly odd to be manhandled while I was busily fucking a woman - not just any woman, moreover; this was the man's wife!

"I can see the attraction, Jo-Jo" he drawled. "You've always liked them big, you wicked little slut."

I wondered if this was dirty talk aimed at spurring us on or whether he really did consider his wife a slut.

Jo-Ann supplied the answer.

"Yeah" she shouted. "The bigger the better. Much better than your pathetic little wiener. I can hardly tell when you're inside me. I like REAL men."

So this was a scene they'd enacted before. I got a sense that it had been scripted from the very beginning. The only variable was me, and Jo-Ann had every reason to suspect that I'd be sufficiently adventurous to go along with it. After all, she and I had enjoyed some highly athletic and imaginative couplings on other occasions. She knew how easily aroused I am; how amenable to experimentation and role play.

I can be quite a stayer at times but this was not to be one of those times. I was finding the presence of an audience highly erotic, not to mention his hand tugging at my balls and generally adding extra stimulus to our activity.

He could tell I was approaching climax by the way I breathed and by the way I slammed into his wife harder and harder. Jo-Ann was already well away - screaming her orgasmic delight to the rooftops - and I was soon about to join her.

"Go on" he exhorted me. "Plug her deep. Blow it all inside her!"

So I did. His hands tugged at my balls as I blew. It was an exquisite feeling and I pumped spurt after spurt of cum into the deepest recesses of his wife's cunt.

When it was over, I disengaged and rolled away. Peter was suddenly on the bed between us. At some stage he'd removed his clothes. He pushed his head between her thighs immediately and began tasting my cum as it leaked out of her. What didn't flow out, he retrieved with deep tongue thrusts. Jo-Ann was in ecstasy. So was Peter. I, on the other hand, found it a bit off-putting. No way would I ever eat out another guy's jizz.

Peter then put Jo-Ann's legs in the air once more and began to fuck her just as I had. I noticed that she had not been exaggerating. He truly did have a rather puny dick. And his balls were practically non-existent. I know one's scrotum lifts with arousal, but his had almost disappeared.

It was a very quick coupling. I doubt that more than three or four minutes passed before his wad was blown inside her. I guessed that this was probably one of the reasons she needed other guys. The 'slam, bam, thank you Ma'am' approach has little to recommend it to a woman seeking satisfaction.

I was keen to get out of there once Peter had got his rocks off. I had only stayed till then out of some warped sense of politeness. He had other plans however. As I moved off the bed to gather my scattered clothes, he spoke again.

"No. Don't leave now, David. The night's still young. Don't you want to screw Jo-Jo again while she's full of cum?"

To my astonishment, I DID want to do just as he suggested. One moment I was anxious to leave; the next I was desperate to fuck in another man's jizz. Suddenly I could think of nothing in the world that would be more erotic.

"Suck his cock, Jo" he commanded. I felt as though we were receiving direction from a porn movie producer.

Jo-Ann did as he asked. She did so with her usual enthusiasm and skill.

"Mind if I take a turn?" asked Peter, and he placed his mouth very close to where his wife was working her magic on my grateful dick.

Before I could reply, Jo-Ann removed her head and my cock was in her husband's mouth instead.

My only real reservation about having Peter's mouth on me was that I prefer not to blur the edges of my sexuality. I might play around with guys on visits to the state capital, but I am determined to play it straight closer to home. But it's difficult to maintain such reservations when a man is expertly deep-throating you. So I went with the flow. It felt so good that it was impossible to pull away. I found myself reasoning that it was unlikely that Peter and Jo-Ann would ever blab anyway. After all, he was the one doing the servicing. I hadn't laid a finger on the man and had no desire to do so.

Jo-Ann positioned herself so I could access her snatch with my tongue. I could see her husband's cum trickling out of her. It was exciting stuff but not sufficiently exciting to attract my mouth. Instead - while Peter gave me a highly-skilled blow-job - I kept his wife happy by manipulating her with my fingers. I could feel Peter's juices on my fingers and I watched as more flowed out of her when my hand was withdrawn.

The head at my groin ceased its movements. Peter's voice sounded oddly muffled as he spoke with his mouth full.

"You want to fuck her again, don't you?" he asked. "You want to make my whore of a wife happy, don't you?"

"Yes" I admitted.

It was true. However satisfactorily he was working my cock, what I really wanted was to slam-fuck this slut of a woman until she screamed for mercy. I realised that there was anger inside me - anger at being tricked like this. And I also wanted to humiliate Peter by showing him how a real man operates. I wanted him to watch as my thick eight-plus inch dick treated his wife to the ride of her life; I wanted him to see how a real man can prolong a fuck until the woman is shrieking and moaning and drowning in the mightiest orgasm ever; I wanted him to envy my balls as they slapped against his wife. Oh yeah - I was definitely fired up.

For a while longer, Peter continued to work his mouth on my cock. It felt good. I went back to working my fingers in and out of Jo-Ann's well-lubricated pussy. That felt good too.

Peter transferred his attention to my balls, taking them in his mouth one at a time and sucking on them gently while his hand stroked my shaft.

"OK" he said. "You can fuck her again but I don't want you to cum inside her. When you're close, I want you to pull out and let me take over."

"And then" he continued, "I want you to fuck me while I'm inside Jo-Jo."

This was definitely brand new territory. Sure, I'd fucked guys before, but never while they were servicing someone else, and only when I felt sufficiently attracted or excited by them. Peter is not a particularly attractive man. Prior to this particular evening, we'd only had a few very brief conversations. He's a member of the local Country Club - as am I - but he sees himself as lord of the manor and is incredibly condescending towards those he sees as beneath his station. I'd never lost any **** over this. If a real estate agent - however wealthy - wants to see himself as socially superior to a qualified health professional, then I'm content to leave him with his delusions.

So - did I really want to fuck this guy? My head said no, but my dick had its own point of view. It had remained stiff when he made his suggestion. Now - as he continued to fondle my balls and circle his fingertips through the pre-cum leaking out of me - I began to warm to the idea. And I told myself that I could always 'cheat' anyway. I'd fuck Jo-Ann with pleasure and there was no way he could stop me from ejaculating inside her. After that, well I could just say I had no more to give. After all, it would be my second blow in less than an hour and he wasn't to know how quickly I can recover if I want to.

I neither agreed nor disagreed with his proposaal. I said nothing. I simply manoeuvred Jo-Ann into the right position to be fucked doggie-style and then I plunged into her once more.

I was far more aware of Peter's presence this time around. He provided an appreciative and erotic running commentary - like "Yeah. Slam it into her" and "Ram that big cock into the whore's cunt." Additionally, there was the feel of his hands all over us, sometimes slipping a finger inside his wife as my dick glided past, sometimes grabbing my balls and grasping at my shaft, and sometimes getting underneath us both in order to use his tongue as extra stimulus. I had never had my balls sucked while fucking before. It was a VERY nice feeling.

Then Peter really pulled out all the stops. I suddenly felt his mouth at my ass and his tongue probing at my ass-hole as I bucked back and forth. I was definitely OK with this. As long as he didn't try to slip anything else inside me, I was content to be rimmed for days.

He was able to tell, of course, when I was getting close to shooting my load. The elevation of my balls and my heavier breathing were obvious to someone observing closely, and this guy was about as close as one can be. There was no discussion about what happened next. He suddenly nudged me off-balance and out of the way and threw his own dick into his wife. Jo-Ann was already in a state of bliss. This exchange of cocks seemed to send her to a whole new level. Given the size of his dick - a skinny five-incher at best - I can only assume that it was sheer sluttishness that spurred her on to even greater heights.

I moved to stand at the end of the bed. From there I had a good view of them both. His ass didn't particularly attract me but I HAD been close to the point of ejaculating only moments before. Moving almost like an automaton, I got on my knees behind him, parted his butt-cheeks, and rammed my dick in to the hilt. No lube - nothing. He squealed in protest but made no move to escape. And I made no move to ease his plight. I immediately began to fuck him hard and vigorously.

I both felt and heard Peter blowing his wad. It made it harder to move inside him for a few moments but I kept right on going. And, now that he wasn't fucking his wife at the same time, I was able to establish a really powerful rhythm - out almost to the tip and then - SLAM! - straight back inside him again; out almost to the tip and then - SLAM! ... repeatedly. He was slumped on Jo-Ann's back while she continued to whimper and moan. That woman sure knows how to express her feelings!

I felt the usual sensations that overwhelm me when I'm just about to ejaculate. That delicious rush when every nerve ending seems to have stampeded to my cock. There was no going back. And this time there was a heightened intensity. I was still mightily pissed off with this guy and his tiny dick and his gigantic ego. Hell, I was angry with Jo-Ann too. I'd been set up for this. I might have been deriving pleasure from it - okay; let's be honest; I was LOVING it - but I resented having been ambushed.

So I shoved my dick up the bastard's ass like there was no tomorrow. I wanted his ass to feel utterly destroyed. I hoped he was in agony and that he was going to cry like a baby when my cock swelled to the max and decorated his rectum with all the boiling hot cum that anger generates.

I spread his cheeks wide when the big moment came. I wanted him to feel every inch. I shoved myself deep within him one last time and then exploded. And he did cry. He even screamed. And Jo-Ann sounded pretty shattered too. I loved it. I stayed in there until every last drop was drained from my balls. I ignored their murmurs of protest. Too bad if they were uncomfortable or cramping up. I was on top and I was determined to stay there until I was good and ready to withdraw. For the first time that night, I felt I was in charge.

I pulled my cock out at last. I wasn't gentle. I was still semi-erect and I wasn't going to allow this guy the luxury of a soft withdrawal. I hoped it would hurt him, and I think it did.

I quickly started dressing myself. I didn't even glance at the happy couple. I just wanted to get out of there. The evening hadn't been anything like I'd expected. I'd got my rocks off, sure, but I felt used and more than a little embarrassed about the whole scene.

No words of farewell. I showed myself out. Having raced down the stairs and slammed the front door shut, I hopped into my car and turned the key. Nothing. Not even a gentle whirring sound or a click. I suddenly relaised that I'd left the headlights on. Damn. That's what happens when you're rushing to fuck an insatiable woman. I kept on trying but I knew it was no use.

A hastily-dressed Peter appeared at my window.

"Flat battery, huh?"

"Yeah. You got jumper leads?"

"No. But I can give you a lift home and get a mechanic to come by in the morning."

"Thanks, but no" I said. "It's not far to my place. I'll walk."

"Nonsense" he replied. "Come on. I'll have you home in no time."

I was silent on the drive to my house. It's true that we don't live far apart, but distance is a relative term in rural areas. All the locals are on reasonably large plots of land. Peter and Jo-Ann had built on a five-acre lot and my own house is on a bit more than eight acres. So houses are not exactly cheek by jowl in this neck of the woods.

As we drove up the long driveway to my home, Peter went into real-estate mode.

"Nice house. I've often admired it. I hear your divorce just about cleaned you out. Young fellow like you - kids to feed and clothe - must be a battle to keep up the payments. I could get you a good price for this."

"And get yourself a good commission too" I snarled. "No thanks, Peter. My finances are my concern and nobody else's. And this house suits the boys and me just fine."

I felt his condescending glance as we neared the turn-around at the end of the driveway. I gritted my teeth. This guy really irritated me.

When the car drew to a halt, I asked Peter to kill the motor as I wanted to show him some landscaping work recently carried out around our pool. I think he took this as a sign that I might be interested in selling after all.

As soon as he was out of the car and into the shadows at the rear of the house, I grabbed him from behind and put him into a headlock. I'm not usually a violent man - far from it - but I positively hated Peter at that particular moment. I'd recently sampled angry fucking for the first time in my life ... and I was still mighty angry. I hated his patronising ways. I hated his pathetic little dick. I hated his slut of a wife. I hated everything about him and wanted to humiliate him on MY home turf and with me calling the shots.

His resistance was feeble as I forced him into the pergola and lowered him face-down over an outdoors chaise-longue. I quickly ripped down the track pants he'd donned before coming downstairs to my car. My own trousers and briefs were hastily lowered and my cock was free. Like me, it was angry and proud. No lube was necessary. I knew he still had my last load inside him. I wouldn't have used lube anyway. I wanted this guy to suffer.

At a tad more than eight inches, I know my dick is far from being the biggest in the world - not when compared to those I've seen in porno movies and magazines - but it's plenty thick and it packs a punch where it counts most.

Peter attempted to stand up so I whacked the back of his head and pushed him downwards. When he squirmed again, I hit him even harder.

"Stay the fuck where you are, you pathetic, snivelling snob. I'M in charge now. It's my turn to stage the scene."

He subsided. I doubted he'd been punched for a very long time. High time he was taught a lesson.

I roughly pushed one and then two fingers into his ass-hole. He was foolish enough to wince. So I added a third finger and then a fourth. I thrust them into him with the delicacy of an enraged bull. His head reared upwards in protest. I smacked the back of his skull with my free hand and told him to stay quiet and stay still. I was hoping he had tears in his eyes.

I removed my fingers, pulled his buttocks wide apart and rammed myself home. I felt his intake of breath as my cock bullied its way inside him, but he made no sound. Then I began to fuck him with a rapidity and a viciousness that surprised even me. The only sound was the slapping of my balls against his thighs. He gave a brief sob, so I punched him again because the only sounds permissable were those made by me as I fucked him. He got the message.

If it were possible to kill this guy by fucking him, then that's what I wanted to do. Failing that, I just wanted him to know - forever afterwards - that there is at least one man in the neighbourhood to whom he is NOT superior; that - should he ever choose to blab about that night's events in his bedroom - there is at least one man who could tell the world what a pathetic, whining, minimally-endowed, cock-sucking pussy he is.

My dick felt longer and thicker than ever before in my entire life. It felt as big as me. It was as if I was plunging my entire six-foot plus body inside him. It mattered not that I had already blown twice that evening. My body, my balls, my cock - my entire being was a fury of raging, cum-filled antagonism and primitive lust for vengeance. As I rampaged within his rectum, ravaging and bruising his insides, I was intent upon delivering the biggest load of jizz in history. I wanted his ass to overflow. I wanted him to drown in a sea of my 'peasant' spunk.

And that's how it felt when the moment came. No- he didn't overflow. Nor did he drown. But I filled him up alright. Spurt after spurt of cum - deep, DEEP within his ass. I didn't think it would ever stop. It was visceral and gut-wrenching and almost bestial. And I stayed in place long after the last drop of jizz had drained out of me. I wanted to reinforce my dominance by keeping him beneath me.

"Don't you ever patronise me again, shithead. You got that? You're my bitch right now. If I ever again choose to screw you and that slut you married, then you'll be my bitch again, just as she is. OK?"

"Yes" he whispered. "I'd like to go now."

"I want you gone too, but not before you kneel down and lick my dick and balls clean. Not before you kneel before me and worship the cock that gave you so much pleasure."

He started to murmur, as if in protest.

"Oh no." I said. "You got pleasure out of it. You'd probably die rather than admit it to the world, but don't tell me you didn't enjoy being taken like a whore or an animal. You loved it. Go on - say so. And then you will kneel and lick me clean."

I could sense the reluctance in his voice, but he did as I asked.

"I loved it" he whispered.

And then he was on his knees. I spread my legs wide to give him easier access. There was a symbolism in this. As he obediently licked at my balls, I felt them begin to relax; I felt my scrotum lower into its usual position and I wanted him to admire me.

"They're real balls, aren't they, shithead?"

He nodded his head while continuing to suck on my left testicle.

"Much bigger than yours, huh?"

He nodded again before moving on to the right testicle.

"You can clean up my dick now. And lick it good, shithead. I want it scoured from tip to base."

Now, my cock had even less common sense than I do. If it's paid any attention, it grows. No matter how weary and well-used it might be, it will swell at the slightest touch. As Peter's tongue lapped its way around and along the shaft, edging ever-closer to the well-defined glans, I felt my cock grow hard yet again.

I hoped that this might make Peter apprehensive; that he might fear I was about to **** him again. But then I sensed movement and realised that he was jerking his pathetic little dick. This guy was far from apprehensive. He was being optimistic!

"Stop that" I commanded. "Let the whore finish you off when you get home. If you've finished cleaning me up, then it's time for you to go."

Peter started stroking my dick with just the tip at his lips. I took great delight in moving away and zipping myself up. I wanted to leave him horny and unsatisfied. I wanted to leave him on his knees craving more.

"Thanks for the lift home" I said. "I'll organise a mechanic for tomorrow morning. Maybe he'll be a real hunk who can give Jo-Ann a quick tumble. He might even want to give both of you a quick grease and oil change. Now - fuck off or I'll have you for trespass."

And I walked away, leaving him to stand up alone and take himself off my property. The last he heard of me was the back door closing and the sound of it being locked from the inside.

Before bed, I took a long shower. I felt sweaty and cum-stained and dirty. I had just plumbed depths I had never previously imagined.

Once I felt clean enough, I emerged from the steam, wiped the condensation from the bathroom mirror, and checked to see if my face showed any signs of the depravity I'd been wallowing in that night. But there was no apparent change. It was the same seemingly wholesome and regular face that was always there. My eyes betrayed no hidden depths, no dirty secrets.

I slept well that night. No anxieties, no guilt, no regrets.

Next morning, I awakened with the usual morning erection. As I said before, my cock has even less common sense than I do. Further adventures undoubtedly lie ahead of us.

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New Roomie

Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:59

His name was Brian and her's was Jennifer, I had met the couple while working for a resort company doing marketing. Brian was a nice enough sort, and Jennifer was definitely a DDD on my scale of titties, but very young, 20 or so, not of drinking age, her and Brian were a couple from the time I first met them. I remember the first time I saw her, truly, she was gorgeous!!!, with a very innocent-looking face and a soft-spoken personality, Brian was just the opposite, loud and boysterous. I had, had many outings where I worked with both of them. Several weeks into my employment, Brian mentioned to me that they were looking for a roommate to share thier 2 bedroom apartment with, and I having a time where I was living, agreed with them that it was time that I moved in. Well, shortly after getting moved into the room, Brian and I were getting drunk one night, 'Dean, you'll find that this is a very friendly household, beware of coming out of your room unanounced..' Brian said, with a look of obnoxiousness in his eye. 'Brian, why is that?', I said, just wondering to myself what this was all about, Jennifer was in the kitchen cooking a meal and had heard what he said but kept working on. ' I sometimes like to jerk off in front of the mirror on my door, out her in the hallway.' ... whoa!!!.. This was the first mention by either of them concerning thier sex lives, and I was getting excited at the mention of Brian, with his cock in his hand, or even shooting all over the mirror.. I must admit this excited me to no end!!! this sparked me to say: 'Oh Hell Brian don't worry about it, we are here living together in close proximity.. this apartment is not too big, besides, you never know I just might like seeing both of you without you're clothes on' as I smiled very happily. Jennifer was still working but I could tell she had heard everything that was going on.

Brian looked at me and seemed excited also, 'and sometimes we like playing a bit of strip poker, we usually have another couple over to play with us but now that you live here we might as well break you in...' WOW!!!. there it was. 'Jen are you ready for some of our naughty poker tonight?, I'm thinking of breaking Dean here in on our customs, since he's living here. 'Sure, Honey whatever you want, I wouldn't mind a peek at Dean, I hope he's not a sour loser...' Jennifer snickers... 'We can show him what I like to do best..'

Jen brought the drinks and the game began.. I took several bad hands and suddenly I was showing them my bulge in my white cotton undies.. Brian had also suffered defeat and was shirtless. Jen had won every game until the 5th game where she began a long losing streak that took her to her underwear also, white cotton panties and bra. Oh god, I thought, just a bra separating me and those hot titties I had inavertantly been staring at for many months and wondering... what do they look/taste like? It was at this point where I lost my last hand, and off came my underwear, revealing my very, very hard, hard-on.

I was incredibly turned on at the fact that I was showing my genitals and no one else was, 'I don't remember does the game end when someone gets naked??', Jen smiled at me and explained the rules of the way they played the game. Once someone gets naked then the one with the most clothes on writes on a piece of paper an 'act' that he or she would like to see someone do. and puts it in the hat in the middle of the circle. an IOU meant to be enacted by the loser or the one who gets nude first, if the nude person can win back his or her clothes and then the absolute loser is the first one naked after every one is naked. Well anyway, it was a kinky idea, I wonder what Brian wrote on the paper??. Jen lost the next hand and off came her bra revealing the most beautiful pale white tits with beautiful dark pink nipples slightly bigger than a silver dollar, a definite triple D set of hot knockers.

I proceeded to win and lose and both of them were naked and there was 3 slips of paper in the hat. One was mine: sounded like a fair proposition... I didn't know if they knew I was bisexual but they were soon going to find out. I was chosen as the one to do the piece of paper. Jennifer was now quite nude. and I was staring at her pubic hair and large jugs, I also had a nice view of Brian's 7 1/2 inch thick cock. He had once boasted to me how big it was, but I just put it off as a hetero guy thing to say, but now I was longing to see how it tasted. Jennifer's eye's went wide as she read what I had to do: 'Kiss the head of Brian's cock for 3 minutes', they both stared at me, wondering if I was actually going to do this thing. My heart leaped. I think it suprised both of them when I leaned over to Brian and swallowed his cockhead in my mouth. I heard Jen gasp, and then I looked up at her and she smiled at Brian, and said 'I think we picked the right kind of roommate for our flat honey', and Brian was just in extasy as I broke the rule on the paper and sucked the entire cock in my mouth, 'Look honey, he's not just kissing the head anymore', she moved to get a closer look. I had the feeling of being cheered on in this activity, especially when she put her hand in my hair and help me go up and down. Brian was cut and very thick one of those dicks that bulges out, if you know what I mean. 'Ok, your three minutes is up' Jennifer said. and the next piece of paper was for Brian, he wanted to do something so Jen read it. I think it was what she wrote.. 'Crawl on top of the person to your right and put your genitals in thier face.' To the right of Brian was Jen, he had her lay down and crawled to where his cock was sticking in between her massive breasts, with his sizable head pointing directly at her mouth. This was truly hot for me, I layed down beside her and sucked her right tit as Brian pounded in between her tits, she was gasping and moaning, I knew she wanted to suck him but I think she wanted to have me involved.

I began kneeding her clitoris with a free hand, I knew she would start to wriggle as the intense pleasure began to overwhelm her, and Brian seemed quite happy to be tittie fucking her, 'Jennifer, do you like Dean?', she opened her eyes just long enough to moan 'ooooohhh yeah, honey, he's hitting all the right spots...' I disengaged long enough to read the one last piece of paper remaining in the hat.

I opened it and read it aloud, I think it was Brian's and it definitely hit at the right time. 'Dean must eat Brian's cum' It wasn't quite what I expected but it sounded good to me at this point. 'Do you want me to share it afterwards?' Jen moaned while I expertisely fingered her clit. 'Yes, I'd like a taste of that too Dean'. That definitely was the hottest moment of my life to this point. Brian was not stopping with his breast fucking. 'Move closer, Dean' Brian signal me to move closer to where he was fucking her..... 'OOhhh Dean, I'm getting close to cumming...' I was supremely loving this and taking every advantage of feeling Jen's soft pale 20 year old body. I still haven't licked out her pussy.. I was thinking as I noticed Brian, being overcame by orgasm.. I then move to put my mouth down in front of the large stream of sperm, the position was just right so I could catch each hot spurt in my mouth, generously his jizz spurted...

Jen moaned 'Oh yeah, Dean catch it all in your mouth.. don't waste any.' The whole event must have really turned Brian on, because I don't think that Jennifer had ever seen him spurt so much cream as he did that night into my mouth.

I rolled the cum around the inside of my mouth for a few seconds, savoring the jism taste, as I pulled back a little and let a stream of it drip into the open mouth of Brian's girlfriend. The very same hot 20 year old that I had masturbated to for some time. Truly it was a fantasy cum true. I let her have some of the cum but not all of it. She was in for her own treat very soon. my cum. I swallowed the remainder of Brian's cum and then proceeded to give her a hot french kiss, where she licked my mouth clean of any remaining cum and off of my chin where some wads had dripped. God this was all too much!!!!.

It didn't take her long to handjob/blowjob my hot jizz. It was very hard to keep from cumming when I had just had one of the hottest encounters on record.

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The Captain

Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:58

I could hear him as he entered the dungeon. He was yelling about something that had gone wrong with the ship. We were on our way to the America's to bring supplies to the newly found settlement in Jamestown. I was a stow away who'd been accused of murder but escaped and hid in an empty whiskey barrel I found near the cargo when they were loading the boat.

It didn't take long for them to find me and give me a good beating. They threw me in prison and I'd been starving for weeks. I was on a diet of half eaten apple cores and moldy bread. My weight was low and though I had always been lean, I was much thinner then usual. My brown hair had grown long and my beard was untamed.

His footsteps drew closer and my heart pounded. He was the captain of the ship, a wealthy young man who inherited most if not all of what he had. He was motivated, adventurous, and ruthless, and I had heard rumors of his cruelty.

The Captain approached my cell and ran his fingers through his hair as examined the other prisoners. His shirt was dirty and wet from helping one of the crewmembers that had fallen overboard. He came down to the dungeon on occasion, but I had never spoken to him.

"Come with me." He said as he had one of the guards open my cell door.

"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"You'll find out soon enough."

"Please don't kill me!"

"I'm not gonna kill you."

"Then what are you going to do to me?"

"Listen." The captain said as he walked closer to me. He lowered his voice as he continued to speak. "I have certain- needs. And a man such as yourself should be able to provide service."

"But what service could I possibly provide? I am the weakest I have ever been in my whole life. How could I possibly be of any use to you?"

"It is not your strength I seek." The captain said, as he looked me up and down.

"What do you mean?"

"I am a homosexual and you, young man, are just my type."

"Whoa sir, I am not gay!"

"I think I can make you believe otherwise."

I began to laugh at the situation. I thought there was no way in hell this guy was get me to do anything. "Yea fucking right!"

"Oh yeah? Hold his arms!" He said to the guards who ran over and held me in place. "How long has it been since you've slept with a woman?" He said as slowly crept towards me. "It appears to me, at least weeks. Since you came aboard."

"The truth is, it's been a while. But that doesn't change anything. You'll never get me to do anything for you."

The captain walked right up to my face and gazed into my eyes. He looked down at my body, which had began to sweat, and he slowly began to reach his hand down the cloth wrapped around my waist. His fingers touched all around my groin but he avoided touching my cock. He teased me as palms rubbed against my thigh and then up to my chest.

"I can make you hard in front of everyone in here." He said.

I was beginning to believe him. I had never had feelings for a man, but it been so long I'd been touched.

He ran his fingers through my pubic hair and I began to breath deeply. I could feel myself getting hard. I tried slowly it down, so he didn't think I liked too much, but as his hand slowly made its way to the base of my cock, I was fully aroused.

"Ah, I see you might be easier then I thought." He said as he continued to stock my cock and breath into my ear. I was rock hard and just as my dick began to throb he let go and pushed me to the ground.

"Get him cleaned up and have him meet me for dinner." He said to the guards. "And I'll see you tonight." He said to me as he walked away.

My dick was pulsating as he walked up the stairs and the guards began to drag me out of my cell.

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The Apprentice

Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:52

The damn alarm clock rang and I turned over to shut it off. Time is seven o'clock and I had to get up after having a long night. I wish I could stay in bed with my lovely girlfriend Sasha; light brown eyes, long black hair, elongated cocoa colored body with curves in all the rights spots. I got stiff just looking her legs poking from underneath the sheets; her candy red toenails leaning against my footboard, Jesus, I was such a lucky man. Now only if I were rich so I wouldn't have to that wretched place McDade's Hardware.

I leaned over and traced her cheeks with my fingertips. As I sighed, I started thinking, why was I not in love with this gorgeous woman? Why on earth would I be curious about sleeping with another man? That's right, even with a gift from God like this one I was bi-curious. It started when I was a freshman in college, playing ball then showering with other men; I thought it was just a phase, my college counselor and pastor agreed.

However, as time wore on the thoughts didn't leave my head. Watching 'Brokeback Mountain' with Sasha last night didn't help either. She was so happy that I was so comfortable in my sexuality and agreed to watch it with her. Little did she know I was more excited about the movie than she was. She even commented on how it would be a turn on to have a boyfriend that was bi and of course like the proud hetero Native American/black man I am, I said I would never do that but of course I would if the right man came along.

Sasha opened her eyes and pulled my face close to hers. When she kissed me, I felt a warm rush in my crotch. I could've made love to her all over again but I knew if I stayed I would be late. 'I gotta go babe', you are welcome to stay here and wait for me if you want.' Sasha is not only beautiful but she comes from a rich family. They set her up so that her only job is to look good, which she does quite well. She frowned when I got up off the bed. 'Damn it Adrian, I told you to quit that shitty job and come live with me. Why do you feel that you need to be a breadwinner? My parents love you and so do I.'

I looked back at her while I slipped into my sandals. 'Look, we already talked about this. I don't want to depend on your parents. Besides, we have only been dating three months. What do I look like trying to be part of the family after such a short period of time?'

She got up from the bed, walked over to me, and pinched my nipples. 'Adrian, I don't understand why this matters to you. If I were you, I would jump at the chance to quit working and have my girls' parents paying my way.'

I pushed her hands away and took her face in my hands. 'Well you're not me and we have not been seeing each other long enough to make that commitment. Love is a strong word Sasha, you shouldn't throw it around like it doesn't mean anything. I care for you very much but we need to slow down. Now, I need to leave. Will you be here when I get back?'

She pouted then kissed my lips. 'After I go shopping I will be back here waiting for you. I'm a little tired though so I'm gonna lay back in bed a little longer.' She got back in bed and stared at me with those wanting eyes. Fuck, I wanted this woman so bad right now but I needed to be on time today. As I turned around I could hear her sigh and rustle the covers.

Within an hour and a half I made it to work. I punched in at nine o' six, only a minute before I was considered late. I walked over to the professionals desk where I spent forty hours or more a week helping contractors with their orders or do-it-yourself er's get supplies for there over the top rehabs. I sat down in the chair and logged in to the desktop computer. It wasn't really busy yet so I decided to check my email. I looked around to make sure my annoying ass boss wasn't hiding then I noticed a man talking to the Jessie, our assistant manager. Jessie usually talks to all the contractors to drum up more business for the store and I know all of them by name. This one I didn't and I was trying to see who he was.

My co-worker Amelia walked up looking as if she was already annoyed. 'Hey Amelia, how's it going?' Amelia rolled her eyes and put her hand on her hip. 'I **** this fuckin' job Adrian. These people are so dumb.' She turned around in the direction of Jessie then back at me. The frown she walked over here with was now a smile. 'Wow, he is in here again! He is the finest thing I have seen in here, sorry to say Adrian even hotter than you.' I looked at her and chuckled. 'Thanks, Amelia.' Amelia used to ogle me quite a bit and make little comments when I started but when I told her I wasn't interested she only talked to me when she absolutely had to or when she needed to make a snide remark. I stood up on my toes so I could see the 'finest' one as well and he was quite attractive from what I could see. Tall, well built Caucasian man with blue eyes and brownish blond hair. Just as I was about to settle in to my email then I saw Jessie and mysterious man walking towards us. I looked up at Amelia checking herself in her pocket mirror then leaning against the desk posing.

'Amelia, Adrian this is David Hutchence. He is a contractor working on a few new homes in the neighborhood. He'll be in here a lot so I want the two you to make sure he gets all the things he needs. Amelia stood in front of me and shook his hand. I got up and did the same. His hands were warm and soft; very unlike a man who works with wood and tools. 'It's nice to meet you, David.' Looking at him close up I liked what I saw a lot more. He was hotter than me and I don't really find a lot of white men attractive. 'Nice to meet you as well, Adrian.' His eyes were more of a greenish blue and the hair looked as if he had sculpted it with gel. Trying not to stare, I looked at Jessie instead.

Jessie and I went to college together and are the best of friends. I always told her that if I ever made up my mind to be with a woman long term then it will be her; that was until she decided to be a lesbian. She's hotter than Sasha because she's very intelligent not to mention just as physically appealing.

She looked at me and lifted her left eyebrow. 'David, if you need assistance with any designs or anything Adrian is excellent at that.' She was always looking out for me especially since she knew I went to school for architecture and still looking for my first apprenticeship. 'Really, that's awesome. When you have some time, we should talk. My designer might go on his own in the coming year and I may have an opening.' When his eyes met mine I bit my lip and smiled. Damn, I think I met the one I wanted to have my first time with; only thing is did he feel the same? 'That's sounds cool David, I'll bring you my portfolio one day and we can chat.' He smiled back and put his hand on my shoulder. 'Looking forward to it Adrian. Jessie, I need to get going. I'll be back a little later to pick up that quote from you ok?' She took his hand in hers, 'Sure David, I'll have it ready when you return.' 'Great, it was nice meeting you both.' As soon as he spoke the last word he walked away with his phone to his ear.

We all watched him walk away and Amelia broke the moment of silence. 'Jessie, he is so cute. How could you possibly like women knowing you have someone that hot walking around?' Jessie giggled, 'Just because my preference is for women it doesn't mean I don't notice a hot man every once in awhile.' One of the workers was calling Amelia over to help. Thankfully, she left to go and see what he wanted.

'Jessie, damn, damn, damn you! Why on earth did you do that to me?' Jessie knew I was curious; we'd talked about it after a long night of partying during sophomore year. We were both drunk out of our minds and very horny. We'd had sex and while laying there in the afterglow, we tried to figure out what we did and why. We both knew we were curious about same sex relationships but we cared deeply for each other as well. She is the only woman I ever truly loved because we had so much in common.

'Oh Adrian, you need to get away from this shit hole and find a real job. Not to mention a man to get away from the rich bitch you're with.' She put her hand around my waist and pulled me closer to her.

I laughed and put my arm around her as well. 'How do you know that he's...' She stopped me and smiled. 'I dunno if he is or isn't but when he put his hand on your shoulder I think that might've been a signal.' 'I appreciate you looking out for me but that was really embarrassing.' We turned to each other and she put her hands atop mine. 'Adrian, I only want the best for you. I want you to experience that first time more than anything now. I've had my turn, now it's yours. Besides, you are still in denial: dating Sasha, playing the role of a totally straight man. You aren't doing a thing to figure out what side of the fence you want to be on. Straddling it is not fun.' I knew she was right but I wanted to find out more about Mr. Hutchence on my own. Was he straight or gay?

While Jessie rambled on, I thought about him. I guess I found the man that I wanted to get to know better. Jessie did have a point about him putting his hand on my shoulder. Was he just one of those people that liked to touch other people? I was determined to find out.

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Special Delivery

Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:51

Being a letter carrier is usually totally boring. For the most part we just go to the same houses every day and see the same people every day. But every now and again something comes along to shake up the monotony. Sometimes for me it's as simple as seeing a particularily hot customer with his shirt off. Occasionally I'll even get to see one at the door in nothing but his bvds. It's kind of cute the way they crack open the door to see who it is, see it's just another guy at the door, then step back, open the door, never expecting that the glimpse they would hide from a woman, got me just as excited.

Now one glimpse I got was an accident... I think. One of my customers opened the door in his robe. As he stepped out to sign for his package, the belt of his robe caught on the door handle, untying, and pulled his robe open. There was a short moment of shock, before he yanked it closed again, but I got a real treat. There before me was a nice body, a nice amount of body hair and a nice set of dick and balls. He apologized profusely, all the while I wanted to ask him to do it again.

After that, I guess I paid more attention to his mail. I began to notice that some of his catalogs were more what I'd expect a gay man to order from. I didn't put too much thought to it as he was definitely married. His wife, for some reason started chatting me up and telling me way more about their relationship than she should. Then I started noticing them walking about the neighborhood as the weather turned nicer. She dressed a bit like an old fashioned movie star. Big hats, pedal pushers, dark sunglasses. He always wore the tightest, faded jeans, that clung to his fine bubble butt like I would given half the chance.

Still, other than enjoying the view, I would never get involved with a customer. Too much chance for a bad ending. So I just enjoyed the fantasies and kept my dick in my pants. Eventually I left that route for one in another part of the city.

Now, while I am pretty strictly gay, I do have one quirky fantasy. I finally got the courage to go online and try to find some people who were into the fantasy. I was amazed at the number of people who practiced this sex game. I get into watching women put on a strap on and fuck their man in the ass.

One couple seemed very interested in meeting me. I did not recognize them from their photo, and since we were going to meet publically it seemed worthwhile to meet. After all I could just turn and walk away.

Imagine my surprise when they turned out to be my old customers. The pictures must have been from a time from before his hair turned grey. I knew his grey hair was premature, because I doubt he was much over thirtyfive. Suddenly a few of the catalogs and packages fell into place. There was a bit of embarrassed shuffling about, then his wife braved the subject. They had recognized my photo and her husband had always had a thing for me. Finding me online had been too good to pass up. My quirky little fantasy, turned them both on. The catch was, I was expected to participate. I had explained online, that I was not interested in having a strap on used on me by a woman, or in fucking one. They put my mind at ease. She wanted me to watch her fuck him, then she wanted to watch me fuck him. So I went back to their house with them.

I was not prepared for what hid behind their basement door. They had all manner of restraining devices, and a box full of dongs in many sizes, including a couple that made me blanch. And the thought of watching any one of those sliding up the husbands hole made my dick so hard it hurt.

She took the initiative right away. While we stayed clothed she mad her husband strip down to his undershorts. She then asked me to check him out to see if I liked what was being offered. He had a lean muscled body, and a nice thatch of chest hair that tapered in a treasure trail into his breifs. Nice hairy legs and a nice sized pouch made me want to touch, but I held back. She was running the show, not me.

She made him lie down on a table and secured him to it with wrist straps. Then she pulled out a wicked looking switchblade. She laughed at my suddenly wary look, then proceeded to cut off his breifs, baring his rock hard dick and fat round balls. She then began stripping off her clothes. Underneath she was wearing tight leather bra and panties. She pulled a harness off the wall and selected a moderately sized dong from the box. She made a big show of putting them together and sliding them into place. I had never thought a woman could make me hot, but the thought of what she was doing had my dick throbbing in anticipation. She pulled down some restraints attached to a pulley,put them around his lower thighs and used them to pull his legs up and back, exposing his hairy crack and hole.

She put some popper juice on a rag and held it to his face, while running her finger up and down his crack. When he bagan to moan and push against her hand, she poured some oil into that nice black hair and began rubbing it against his hole. She beckoned me closer, took my hand and rubbed it up and down his oily crack until my hand was slick. Then she folded back all of my fingers except one, held it against his pucker, and gave him another hit of poppers. Still using my finger she moved it all around the edge of his pucker while he moaned and wriggled his ass around. Then she guided my finger to the center of his hole and pushed it in to the hilt. Her husband gasped then started riding my finger hard.

Up and down his ass pumped. Then she let go of my hand, and wormed her finger in along side of mine. God, it was so hot feeling his hot insides and her finger twined with mine as he rode them both. All the while he hardly took his eyes off of me. She played to that and began asking him if he was ready to see my dick. Did he want to suck on it, did he want to feel it up his butt. He moaned yes to every question. She pulled her finger out, and came around behind me. As she unbuckled my belt she ordered him to stop moving and me to slip another finger up his hole. As she open my pants and pulled them down, she ordered a third finger up his ass. He could barely hold himself from riding my fingers. His eyes never left my dick straining in my shorts, as she pulled them down. My dick caught in the material, then sprang free, slapping against my hairy belly. Still he held himself, not moving inpaled on my fingers, his asshole flexing around them, in tandem with the pulse of his heart.

Then she went around to his head and layed the head of her rubber cock on his lips. Eyes still on me, he sucked in the head and began working that dong like a pro. She leaned over and grasping my wrist began to move my three fingers in and out of him slowly. When he tried to move, she slapped him on the belly. When she thought he was opened enough she pulled my hand away, pulled out of his mouth and went to stand behind his upturned ass. She oiled up her shaft and laid it against his oiled hole. She gave him another hit, and when she thought he was ready, rammed the entire seven or eight inches all of the way up his hole. I was startled, most videos I'd seen with strap ons, the woman barely pops in the head. Not her, she was a rammer. My cock jumped and started oozing, she smiled, and ran her fingers over it, then told me to plug her husband's mouth. The man went at my dick like it was the best thing he's ever had in his mouth. Meanwhile I had a great view as she slid her dildo in and out of him hard. The sounds of skin slapping skin was almost brutal. His whole body was jolted with each thrust **** my dick deep in his throat. I pulled out, after a while, I wasn't ready to come just yet. She pulled out too, and left him moaning, as she walked back to the toy box. Then she pulled out another dildo. This one was huge. She handed it to me with the oil. As I oiled it up she shed her harness, prick and panties. Then she took my hand with the dildo, and placed the head against his hole. She told me to ease it in slow while she watched. As his whole slowly swallowed that giant she started playing with her clit. When it was all the way in, she picked up a vibrator and started using it on his balls. Soon I was ramming that monster in and out of his guts, while he bucked and thrashed on the table. My dick got so hard I thought it would burst out of it's foreskin. Then she put a condom on my dick, pulled out the dildo and guided me into his ass. It should have been open and sloppy but it clamped down on me as tight as I could wish. I pumped my self into him as hard as I could , he met every thrust, and she worked herself into a frenzy. Then he was throwing his head back, his come was flying out and his hole was clamping down like a vise. A few more pumps and I joined him, while next to us his wife let out a screech and came in her hand.

Since then, we have gotten together every now and then. It's always good, but never as mind blowing as that first time. I've had a few more encounters with other couples, but they didn't have the rawness of my old postal customers. Eventually, she left him, looking for new holes to plow, I imagine. I haven't seen either of them since they moved away. But they left me with one hell of a memory

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Shawn's Threesome.............Fiction

Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:49

Hi, I'm a biracial linebacker at State U with a bubble butt that draws and craves a lot of attention, my name is Shawn. I love to show off my insane booty and then tell you all about it. I've been stressed out with school and class so I went out to a local dance club the other night and starting doing shots. I was in the section of the club that plays hip hop and the bass was rattling the walls. A few blunts had already passed around the club so I was feeling no pain. I was wearing one of my standard club outfits. Baggy, low rise jeans that let my booty spill over the top, with a long shirt to cover me up until I got adventurous. I only date girls, but if you read my stories you'll see that my ass has stiffened some big black dicks and I had no choice but to service them. It was really dark in the room and I decided to test the waters. I leaned forward on the bar and propped my ass up so my shirt rose up to reveal my enormous bubble butt. I softly swayed to the music and could feel the cool open air on my ass. I watched in the mirror behind the bar as people walking by would double take at the size of my ass. I could see a girl on the dance floor drawing attention too. She was white but her ass was huge! It wasn't the size of mine, but it was impressive and her tight dress showed it off well. Her dress was really low cut, it looked like you would need tape to stay in it. I was clear she wasn't wearing any tape and her breasts swayed back and forth nearly showing nipple every time.

I found myself watching her dance and mimicking her moves. She was really working her ass and I was trying to follow right along, forgetting that half my ass was hanging out for all to see. Suddenly I realized the dancing girl was walking right towards me. She walked up and ran her index finger down my exposed crack then grabbed my hips and spun me around. She asked if I wanted a more advanced dance lesson. Before I could speak she led me to the dance floor and pressed her ass against my crotch and started to grind. My dick was rock hard! She reached back and clasped her hands behind my neck pulling me down and whispered in my ear 'follow me'.

With her back still to me, she began the most erotic routine of gyrating her ass and I followed her move for move. There was a group of black guys watching us and they must have been getting a real show. The girl whispered her name was Teri and bent over at the waist and pulled my head down with her. There I was bent over her in the middle of dance floor with my whole ass showing. Teri started to jiggle her ass causing me to do the same. We continued this booty play for a long time and then she lead me off the dance floor. I figured we were leaving but instead she walked into the group of black dudes and kissed the biggest one on the mouth. She introduced him as her man, Vernon. He was huge and appeared to be muscle stacked on top of muscle. He looked to be 6'4' about 265. I imagined these two fucking and precum started to leak from my dick. He gave me the hand shake/hug you see athletes doing but when he pulled me close he put his hand on the small of my back pulled me right into his crotch. He felt big. He said they had some drinks back at their apt and I said 'You had me at hello'. We laughed as he reached both hands under my shirt and grabbed two handfuls of bare ass as he pulled me up against him. He asked if I was ready to play with both of them and pressed my lips to his ear and whispered 'yes daddy' as I discretely stroked his stiff dick through his jeans. Normally I would have put on my show and run for the hills, but these two had me too horny to turn back.

They had a small apartment within walking distance and as we walked I lagged behind Teri and watched her switch her ass for me while Vernon did the same to me. When we got inside Vernon went to make drinks and Teri stripped me naked in the living room. My back was too Vernon but I could feel his eyes on my ass. I spread my legs and gently started wiggling my ass cheeks so Vernon got a good show while his girl swallowed my cock balls deep with ease. I displayed all my booty tricks while Teri swallowed my sword like a pro. Vernon pulled his limp dick out and I was surprised. It seemed bigger in the club. I quickly changed my tune as I watched him beat it into a tree trunk. His dick was over a foot long and sooo thick! It was amazing, like the porn star 'Mandingo'. I couldn't take my eyes off of it as he walked over and smacked my ass. 'Mind if I borrow her throat for a while?' he asked as he gently grabbed her hait and pulled her mouth off my dick. She let my cock slide out of her throat but grabbed it with her hand. As Vernon pulled her over to the couch and sat down she pulled me behind her by my hard, wet cock. As Vernon forced her head down on his enormous cock, it became harder for her to reach up and stroke my wood so she pulled me down on my knees beside her.

Vernon pulled out a joint and lit it. After a few puffs he passed it to Teri. She let his massive member slide out of her throat and looked at it and then me as she smoked the joint as if to say 'Can you help me out with this?'. She exhaled into my mouth which left me dizzy and then she fed Vernon's snake into my mouth. He started moaning and thrusting deep into my mouth while Teri pushed my head forward and stroked my throat to help me accept inch after inch of man muscle. Teri and I took turns slobbering up and down on his dick and sucking his enormous balls. I was lucky enough to be gagging on his meat when he shot a 3 quart load straight into my belly. I shouldn't say lucky, I had earned every drop of seed by working every inch of that dick. I let the softening **** slip away and Teri kissed me hard and used her tongue to fish out as much cum as possible. Vernon watched while she rolled over and reached back to spread her round cheeks for me. She was inviting me into that amazing ass!

I dropped my head and started licking up and down the crack of her ass. I buried my face her cheeks and ate her ass with passion. She moaned and grinded her ass into my face. I licked her hole and used my tongue to open her up. Vernon slipped behind me and started to gently lick my hole too. I started to pull away because I was afraid me might try and use his oversized tool on my tight little butt-hole, but I couldn't pull away as he gently kissed and licked my ass cheeks and slowly explored my crack and hole. He put me at ease and I continued to make Teri moan and squirm with my tongue. Vernon's tongue really had my hole stretched out, but I pulled away when Teri begged me to fuck her fat ass. I slammed my cock in hard and began riding her ass. She was lying flat so my ass was going up and down as I pounded her asshole.

I guess the site of my bubble butt in motion resurrected Vernon's monster and as I slid back out of Teri's asshole I felt insane pressure from behind and in one stroke I was impaled on Vernon's cock! The **** of his thrust had forced me balls deep into Teri and she screamed with delight. 'See?' Vernon asked. 'That's how you gotta fuck a fat ass like that...I'll show you' he said and he began riding me like a champion race horse. After a few minutes the pain subsided and I spread myself wide open to get blasted by this alpha male. Him plowing me was involuntarily causing me to thrust in and out of Teri. It was like he was fucking her through me! She came multiple times and when I tried to hold back from cumming I tightened up which caused my butthole to squeeze Vernon's cock into submission. When he started unloading his load I lost control and blasted mine deep into Teri's ass.

We all collapsed there for a while. I licked Vernon's cock clean and Teri did the same for me before I left. We said we'd definitely get together again and I can't wait!

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Sex Camp

Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:47

I'm 20 years old. I go to a state university, which I won't name

because they might sue me. I have a steady girl friend. She's deeply in

lust and love with me. All I have to do is give a steady stare and she

is on her way to a nice quake in her pussy. Once we were at a table in

the dining hall and I asked her if she had to piss. 'No,' she said but

seemed a little uncomfortable. 'You know you do. You can feel a few

drops escaping.' I kept up with that a few more minutes and I heard a

splash under the table. What is this power I have over women....and

men. I say men, or boys, because Sue isn't always available for fucking

and I am super horny or the time. All I have to do is walk into the

library and six or eight gay guys eye me. I go down to the basement

crapper and in a minute or two one of them will be in the stall next to

me, his open mouth at the opening one of them has neatly drilled with a

circular saw.

I would be in a sexual frenzy myself if I looked at me. I'm sex

feet, blond red hair, glossy strawberry and cream skin, muscles and

piercing green eyes. In addition I am very handsome (and modest, but

hey, I just want to be honest.)

Now school was coming to and end for the junior year for me. I

had to find a job for the summer. I checked the bulletin board and there

was a two month job at a summer camp owned by one of the professors. Not

just any professor but Jules Guest. The famous mathematics genius. He

was pretty old now, about sixty and I understand in poor health. The

notice was signed by him and his wife Janet Guest.. I looked them up in

the facility biographies. She was an assistant professor of

anthropology. Maybe she got the job though her husband's fame. She was

about thirty years old. Wow. There must be a story there, the old

devil. Guest only taught one course a year and it consisted of only one

lecture. He was kept on because his name added glamor to the

university. Anyway the job was for a boat master and a life guard. I

decided to go for the boat master job. You could goof off better.

Lifeguard had to be life guarding all the time. The camp was described

as on an twelve acre lake in Connecticut. Exclusive boys camp...only 30

admitted.....individual cabins.

Now I found out that Guest had attended this camp himself and

later bought it. He had run it for about twenty years. I know he didn't

need the money. He was many times a millionaire from Dad, Wilmot Guest,

the oilman. I guess it was a way to relax in the summer. I suppose he

didn't actually run the camp.

It paid a very nice $3000 dollars for the two months. I really

needed that for tuition. I had a partial scholarship but it hardly

covered the high costs of getting a business degree. In any event, I

applied to Prof.Mrs.Guest. I knocked on her office door and---listen to

the music swell--she was quite beautiful, didn't look forty. She was in

her prime. I can't see how Dr.Guest and his formulas could satisfy her

sexually. Ho hum, she liked me and projected lots of sexual energy

during the interview. The job was mine. I was to report two weeks

before opening to get the boats and stuff in shape for the arrival of the

campers. As I was leaving, one of my blow job servicers was waiting

outside. I hope he got the job as life guard as he could do some work

for me this summer.

I spend the weeks before leaving throwing enough fucks into Sue

to last her the summer. I know it wouldn't last me. She cried and I

went down on her. She would stop crying long enough to have an orgasm


Finally the day came. I packed up my old Jeep and drove up to

Camp Winebesombac (at least it sounded like that.) As I parked my car,

Janet, as I mentally thought of her, came out of a very neat rambling

house on a hill overlooking the camp cabins. I greeted her and she said,

'Please call me Janet.' (there you go!) She took me on a tour of the

camp. This may be exclusive but it was old. The cabins had been painted

so many times that it was probably the paint holding them together. The

Lake was nice but the boats were in great disrepair. There were about a

dozen, needed paint scraped, re calking and painting. I know how to do

that, but it is hard work. This would not be a vacation for me...except

if Janet turns out to be more than my employer.

The waterfront crew, me and the other guy not yet met, shared a

small cabin right at the Lake. Nice view but it needed new screens and

repair of the flooring. Later that day, the future Life Guard arrived.

Yep, it was one of my cock servicers, named Jamie. I had to admit he was

cute and looked safe enough to entrust my seven inches to, when needed.

The next morning I got a sanding machine for me and for Jamie. I

hoped to get all the old peeling paint off the row boats in the next few

days then get on with the caulking and painting. I began to notice other

jobs such as repairing the boards on the desk surrounding the boat dock.

It turned out that Jamie was very unhandy and used tools the way he threw

a baseball. I mused on having him make curtains for our little home but

decided that was too mean. He did paint OK, so he started on the cabin

exterior. I nixed puse and violet for plain maroon and he pouted all day

but his lips in a pout made me horney so I tried to ignore him.

It was a hot day, I striped down to my undershorts while I ran

the sander. I had a dust mask on but the rest of me was covered with red

paint particles from the old paint on the boat. I was concentrating on

my work and didn't see Janet approach. I turned off the noisy sander,

she was standing right in front of me. 'I see it is going well . My,

you're covered with dust.' She began bushing my check and accidentally,

maybe, brushed lower enough to feel my cock, which began to pick up it's

head to see what's what. She invited me and Jamie to dinner and spoke

directly to my dick which didn't respond. I did and told her that I'd be

there and of course I'd shower.

So here I was. The house was very luxurious, in an old fashioned

way. The table was set with fine china and stuff and the dinner was

served by a housekeeper and her husband; the Dolans, I found out. Soon

the Professor arrived, he looked much fatter than his picture. He

mumbled something, Mrs. Dolan placed a large napkin in his neckline.

Jamie uttered not a word, he was in awe either of the professor or the

china. Probably he was already redecorating the room. The Misses looked

elegant in a silk robe and carried the host duties. Professor ignored

the table. At one point he touched a bell and Mr.Dolan came. He leaned

down, nodded and came back with a small chalk board. Holy crow, all

that mumbling didn't mean he was senile: he was working on an equation.

The wine was flowing freely. The professor had none,

Mrs.Professor had one but Jamie and I, particularly Jamie were getting

squiffed. At last dinner was over. We had to be up early so we took our

leave, I even remembered to thank the dolans for the excellent

dinner.Jamie and I walked to our cabin. I had to almost hold Jamie up

and that allowed him to feel my ass and other vital parts. I told him if

he didn't stop I'd let him fall on the ground. We got back and I plopped

him on his bed. I headed for the boat house. Why. I left that out.

Janet took me aside at the front door, Jamie was taking a leak, and she

said there was something she wanted to talk to me about. Yeah!

I lay down on some tarps. I could hear crickets. It was a still

beautiful night. I fell asleep. I am not sure how long I was asleep but

I woke up to someone kissing my chest. At first I thought it was Jamie,

but it was Janet. She was whispering,'my pretty boy-man, wake up.' I

stayed quiet a moment but when she got to licking my tits, I had to

acknowledge her presence.. I did it by taking her head and pressing my

lips against her, then the tip of my tongue and then the whole tongue.

She met me with her own ardor and was breathing hard. I undressed her

and began the old routine, caress the breasts, gently squeeze them flick

across the nipples, lick the nipples and so on until I had my finger in

her pussy, searching for her clit. She was an enthusiastic aide to all

of this and was moaning long before I even entered her. I came into her

with me on top. My bare ass going up and down in the moonlight. She

seemed to like my every move, and I counted three big orgasms and she was

flooding my dick with her juices. But folks, I couldn't come for the

life of me. Perhaps the wine or the fatigue of the day. I was getting

desperate when suddenly I realized that pretty boy Jamie was in the room,

wacking his noodle. I guess we did make a sexy sight.

I must tell you that Jamie, if I were gay, instead of a little Bi

was a very tasty dish. He was about five six, big dark, heavily lashed

eyes, dark curly hair--sort of a Greek boy look. He had taken off his

clothes. He was ready to party. His little boy, sleek, fine grained,

white skin glowed in the dark. Now remember I knew Jamie sexually, he had

seen all of me and was there when I had my cum, that's really being

intimate.SoI had no hesitation beckoning him to us (Janet was out of it

anyway) and whispered, get in here and lick my nuts. He scrambling over

and it I minute I felt his clever little cat tongue and hot breath on the

exposed back of my balls. I began to pump again, feeling that it

wouldn't be long. He got clever and began to lick my anus, then he make

his tongue into a little prick and began fucking my ass. That did it. I

roared in pleasure and unloaded. Janet came again.

I threw Jamie out, hard on and all, he had done his duty for the

night. 'What about me,' he complained. 'Use your hand but get it done

before I get to our cabin.' I said somewhat unkindly but I know Jamie

likes to be insulted It will get him off faster.

Janet and I got dressed and we sat by the water. 'When I married

Jules fifteen years ago, he was younger and still the brilliant

scientist. Now he has become distant, locked in his own head.' She

went on to tell me that she would be better off without him. 'He's very

rich you know. I would get rid of this old wreck of a camp and get a

nice house in the Hamptons.' She put her mouth near my ear and licked

it. I began to get hard again. 'Maybe we could live there...together.'

I began to feel like I was in a movie by Raymond Chandler. 'It wouldn't

take much to dispatch him. I little push or something.' It went on like

this for awhile and then we were both tired and she kissed me goodnight.

I went to the cabin. Jamie was sleeping and breathing heavily.

There was a slight odor of cum in the room. I will suggest to him that

he shoots into the lake next time. In a moment I was asleep.

The next day it was back to the boats. I saw nothing of Janet

that day and we were not invited to dinner. I guess that was just a

first night thing. Jamie and I went to a bar and grill in my Jeep. We

ate all the wrong things, hamburgers, french fries and ice cream. Then

we switched to vodka shoots and beer. We left about eleven o'clock,

drunk again, except this time it was me who was drunk and Jamie drove the


On the way from the parking lot to the cabin I was half out,

hanging heavily on Jamie. He probably loved it. Back in the cabin he

undressed me completely and I lay on my back completely defenceless. He

began kissed my chest, licking my nubs, working his way down to my cock.

I'm only human, drunk or sober, my cock began to rise and pretty soon it

was rigidly hard. He sucked me awhile then got undressed and straddled

my legs, lowering his quite handsome ass onto my dick. He reached down

and using me like a dildo he inserted my cock into his ass hole and began

an up and down motion, breathing hard and moaning. I was just a

spectator to this but soon I began to buzz in my balls, then my legs and

suddenly I let do a big cum. He felt it and he came to, splattering my

chest and chin. I ****, evidentally he had wiped me off and tucked

me in. I greeted the morning with empty balls and a headache.

Jamie wasn't in the cabin. I got dressed and shakily went

outside. There were two police cars at the house. I headed up that

way. I saw Janet being led out in hand cuffs and Professor Guest on the

porch looking quite in charge of things, waving his cane around.

'Goodbye my dear, I may yet outlive you.'

I got the story from Jamie, who I found out was in the employ of

the Professor and had taped the conversation I had with Janet. 'You came

through as innocent as you agreed to nothing.'

The camp did open and Jamie and I practically ran the place. We

not only got our money but a bonus as well. Jamie said that I should

quit with those nasty women and stick to a nice boy like him. I don't

think so. I need it all.

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Coffee And Cream

Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:41

I was working in Robyn´s basement with Lucho and his friend, Eduardo.I had no inkling of what they had planned for later that night.I had given Lucho head one time when I had gone out to dinner with him and his wife.Eduardo was a friend that had just come from Colombia for a visit.By the time we were finished working on the heating system demolition we were all covered with black soot.Robyn took one look at us and said we all had to clean up and take a shower.I went first,while I was taking my shower, I heard the door open to the bathroom.I drew back the shower curtain to see Eduardo peeling off his dirty clothes.When he was totally naked I could see he was well endowed like most Colombians.Eduardo had a ten inch uncut dick and hairy balls that made me drool.Eduardo said Robyn had told him to go upstairs and take a shower after me.Eduardo said whether i minded if he showered with me,seeing his hard cock I certainly had no objections.

Eduardo entered the shower stall and stood behind me, I gave him the bar of soap to share and he kept perusing my bubble butt.He asked me whether I would lather him up.I was getting a hard on just looking at his big uncut cock. I soaped up the front of his body,leaving he big cock and balls for last.I knelt on the shower mat in the tub and lathered up his member and his pendulous balls.After rinsing him, Eduardo asked me whether I wanted to suck his cock.He said ever since he had heard from Lucho how I was able to swallow Robyn´s fifteen inches,he said he had to experience this talented mouth for himself.I was still kneeling with his cock inches from my mouth.Eduardo´s cock was thick around 3 inches in diameter.I leaned forward and captured his straining cock within my lips.He shuddered and thrust his hips forward embedding his Latin pole until my lips touched his heavy balls.Eduardo grasped the back of my head and started to fuck my mouth,groaning every time I took him to its hilt,his hairy balls smacking against my chin.I had started work on the frenulum of his cock just below the bloated mushroom head.Each time I directed my tongue there he muttered ¨Asi,asi¨ which translated meant just like that.I wanted to taste his reward of cream but was also thinking I wanted this 10 inch cock inside my ass to get me ready for Robyn´s cock much later,remembering how my ass had hurt the first time I took his cock at the bus terminal.I got up and asked whether he wanted to fuck me and without a work he swung me around and lathered up my hole with the bar of soap.

I felt the head of his cock at my back door and he eased inside letting me get used to his size.Eduardo said ¨tienes un culo muy bueno¨He started to fuck me like a horny dog fucking a bitch.With every thrust, he was pounding my prostate causing me a mixture of pain and pleasure.After a few stabs, I shot my load hitting the tile wall in front of me. Eduardo was nearing an orgasm because I could feel his cock expand without my ass.He muttered whether I wanted him to cum in my ass or in my mouth. I told him I wanted to eat his load.He said ¨quieres mi leche en su boca¨I said yes. Eduardo abruptly withdrew and I knelt before to receive his seed.The first spurt scalding my throat,coating its interior with his hot leche.He held my head and made me swallow his whole length still spurting the contents of his balls until I had consumed his whole reward.Satiated he withdrew himself and exclaimed it was the best fuck and blow job anyone had ever given him in his young life.We finished showering and got dressed and went downstairs.

Upon entering the living room,Robyn and Lucho were drinking aguardiente with line wedges and water to chase the strong liquor down.Lucho went upstairs and took a shower and after finishing Robyn went up and took a shower,leaving us three drinking downstairs.Lucho asked whether I had enjoyed Eduardo´s big cock.I just smiled and took a shot of this burning liquid that Colombian´s always drank,biting into a lime wedge to cover up the taste.Eduardo and Lucho lit up a joint and passed it between us.Lucho asked Eduardo whether he got to fuck my ass.Eduardo said he got to try my ass and my mouth. Where upon, Lucho unzipped his jeans and unsnapped them and brought them to his ankles along with his underwear.Eduardo who was sitting next to Lucho leaned over and started to suck his hard cock.Lucho motioned me over to suck his balls while his nephew sucked him off.I was a little taken aback when he said ¨Mi primo¨ nephew in English.Lucho said Eduardo had sucked him off many times while he was in Colombia.

Lucho said it was normal for relatives to have sex together: He said the first time it had happened was when they were partying at a finca and they got real drunk and one thing led to another.Lucho said it would be great to get some head and asked whether Eduardo,his nephew wanted to suck him off.Eduardo said he had never had sex with a guy before and Lucho said since his was her Uncle,what better person to start out on.I was listening to this conversation as I was lathering Lucho´s heavy ball sack,watching his nephew expertly sucking off his Uncle´s cock.Eduardo invited me to join him and we were alternately sucking this flavorful cock.At times, we would kiss with the glandular cock head between our lips.Robyn had come down after showering and sat in the chair watching the two of us servicing Lucho.I looked over at Robyn´s cock which was still covered up by a towel.He motioned me over and told his friends whether they wanted to see something incredible.Robyn got up ,removing his towel and sat back down, his 15 inches already hard and drooling its precum. I knelt between his legs and lifted his member amazed by its weight,thickness, and length.Eduardo and Lucho were watching intently as I began to suck his huge cock.They were astonished how I was able to swallow like a talented sword swallower.I let the precum of Robyn´s cock lubricate the walls of my throat.After sucking Robyn´s cock in front of them, Robyn asked them whether they wanted to try his cock.Eduardo came over first, he tried to fit the huge mushroom head within his lips and couldn´t. Lucho who had never sucked a cock timidly came over and first tasted the heavy amount of precum Robyn´s cock was producing.Lucho also tried to capture the head between his lips and couldn´t.Robyn said watch an expert do it. I leaned in and watched my technique unlocking my jaw which had been broken by a group of African rebels while I was serving as a liaison officer training Nigerian soldiers.

While in Africa I was working in Chad, next the country of Nigeria.We were out on a training mission in the bush when I got lost and found myself in the hands of rebels.The Nigerians were looking for me and rescued me after a week.During the week on endured torture by my captives both physical and sexual.There was a black guy who made me suck his 18 inch big black dick.At first it was impossible and he slammed the butt of the rifle against my jaw breaking it.After that I was able to unlock my jaw,allowing me to suck any size cock with ease.I still remember his black mamba slithering down my throat.I was in a lot pain, but knew he would kill me if I didn´t placate his cock.Homosexuality was forbidden, but he would come when everyone was sleeping and empty his big heavy balls and fill my stomach.Ever since then, I found it easy to unlock my jaw and have to ability to swallow any size cock presented before me.

Lucho and Eduardo sat back on the couch and watched how I took care of Robyn´s cock.They watched how after a bit of sucking its length Robyn grunted and sent his cum directly into my belly.I couldn´t taste it but felt it pulsate and travel down flooding my gullet.I let the big tube of Robyn´s cock start to decrease in size enabling him to pull his spent cock out. I looked over to Lucho who after watching me take Robyn´s cock and load begin to gyrate his hips into his nephew´s maw which was greedily received his Uncle´s creamy treat.After that,they both left ,thanking Robyn for the good time. Robyn and I went upstairs to his bed which we were going to share.It was about one in the morning when I felt Robyn turning me over wanting my ass. Thank God Eduardo had fucked me before.Robyn used some lubricant and I felt the huge head at the entrance trying to gain access.I felt the head enter with a pop and ground my ass back onto his bare cock. He began to fuck me with a rhythm of a guy who knew how to fuck. He started slow and increased in speed. Robyn said let´s change position and he laid on his back.I sat backwards facing the foot of the bed and engulfed his entire length and laid directly on top of him. I began to pump his cock after a bit seeking relief since it was like having a hot poker inside.I managed to work my ass muscles milking out his Latin cum.The last time I bottomed out he started to fill my ass.I could see his toes curl up in ecstasy while he was cumming.filling my ass with a torrent of cum which started to leak onto his thighs below.I had come without realizing it so engrossed in watching him shoot his second load. In the morning,when we awoke I nursed his cock to its full size and got another reward.Out of curiosity I asked him if he had the biggest cock in his family and he laughed no my father and his **** are bigger. He said they were both around 17 inches. While in Colombia I got the chance to try their cocks out at the same time.

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Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:39

Herb had taken a day off and I took an afternoon off from my office - when we both knew his wife would not be home. So that is how we got together for a session in his above ground pool.

When I got to his house it was a great sunny day and he was already out at the pool behind their house. He had on his swimsuit and was checking the chemicals etc.

Now mind you Herb is a BIG man in several ways. Broad shoulders, thick barrel chest, tall (6'4") with a killer smile. Hardly any fat on that body either, hard and strong.

When I walked around the corner and he saw me, he grinned and turned around to show off the bulge in his swimsuit. He said, "Hey Jimmyboy, I am all ready for you." He rubbed that bulge...and it WAS a massive bulge.

I mean we both knew already what we were there for, so I went to him and knelt down and, still on the outside of his swimsuit of course, rubbed my beard up and down the full length of that hard-on. I can still hear him saying "Ohh yeah Jimmyboy, that's all for you, buddy."

This may sound weird but we could never "wait". So he leaned back on the side of the pool and let me pull those trunk down and off of him and there he stood naked as the day he was born. That lovely big cock arched out and offered it's boiled-egg-sized head -- and I took it. Oh did I take it as he moaned and whispered "Ohh, that's it Jimmyboy"...above my spiraling head.

That was how we started most of our sessions at his house. Just me getting worked up working him up so to speak.

I rode that cock up and down - deep-throated it because that always blew his mind - and then just let go and licked my way up his belly and chest. Anyway, to get to the real action, he got up on the deck and jumped in the pool while I got out of my clothes. I had been at work so I just went from there, no swim suit (none needed). He was just wading around and watching me and stroking his cock under water.

Once naked, I sat on the edge of the deck and dangled my feet to make sure it was not ice cold. I **** to dive into ice cold water - even to get to an engorged, ready-to-go cock! Water was nice though.

So he walked over and splashed me, grabbed me by the waist, picked me UP and threw me into the pool. Well, we laughed and wrestled around some - me feeling his warm, wet body against mine and he even wrapped his legs around me and squeezed me... he was just a big ol' teddy bear type and I loved being with him.

Oh at one time, he grabbed me from the back and threw those strong legs around me and, of course, I could feel his hard cock between my butt cheeks. He and I both laughed as he did his little pumping motion and said "NO WAYYYY". (we had already been there one time and neither of us really were into it) Besides, THAT 11 inch piston would have killed me!

Of course several times I swam underwater and stroked his cock. And he did the same with me, taking my swollen cock deep and giving it a go over.

Under the water even that prodder of his floated upward...and was so slick and smooth I loved running my hands all over his legs, ass, sides and chest... just all over him and to have him do the same to me was - well, you know what "melting" means.

So, there we played, two naked guys who had a definite thing for one another.

But playing was fun and then we got some serious lusting going on and from there, well, it was extra hot.

Herb had leaned back against the wall of the pool and was sort of kicking his open legs and he beckoned me over to him. So I went between those powerful muscled legs again and right up to his chest. I leaned into him and ran my hands over his pecs and then began licking and sucking one nipple then the other. He had run his hands around and was cupping my asscheeks - one in each hand and pulling me close so he could feel my hard cock against his.

As I was licking, kissing, sucking his nips and chest, he just walked us across the pool with my legs wrapped around his waist this time.

When we reached the deck, he turned and let me go and lifted himself onto the deck where his legs were on either side of my shoulders. There was that 11 inch cock pointing downward from the weight of it, right at my face. He took it in his hand and stroked it a few times and winked at me.

"I need you, Jimmyboy," he said. He never had to say that twice.

I ran my hands up his legs and moved in between his legs and let him push the head of his cock onto my lower lip. I did not open my mouth at first, just let him rub it back and forth across my lips, teasing me. (and him)

But, of course, neither of us could stand that very long and the sun was beating down on his body and he looked like a wet Greek God (to me) drying in the sun. I just pushed him back a little and he laid down... and I found my lunch waiting. I ran my tongue over his huge wet hairy balls, sucking them in over and over, rolling them around in my mouth while my hands found pleasure in roaming his lower belly and legs. I have told you how I enjoy the feel of a man's man and he was all that and more.

He took his cock in hand and pushed it down toward me, wanting me to suck him.

Of course, I welcomed the bulbous head of his cock to my mouth, but I laced my fingers around the shaft under his (yes, there was room for both hands around that shaft!) and just kept the head in my mouth -- moving my head in a circle and my tongue bathed the spongy glass-like head until he was throbbing like wild. With Herb's dick, you can see the veins throb when he is so hard.

Once I had his balls all hot and spittle wet, I could then stand better and closer and I got down to the business both of us liked best.

He had moved his hand to my head and pulled me up and now I could take his cock all the way and ride it up and down. And, I did. I could look up across that slightly hairy belly and that wide, heaving smooth chest and see his reaction as I licked and sucked his thick, hard prick -- and deep-throated him over and over.

I think if someone had driven up in a huge truck, we would have not noticed. When he was about to cum, he started pushing his hips up -- I rode the wave - and he started that loud groaning sound of his and pushed his legs straight out.

When Herb let go his load, it was hang on or get outta the way time. I hung on and he must have unloaded a teacup full!

His legs were trembling and his belly was taunt and hard as he pumped his liquid lust into my hungry throat over and over. I took all I could, but some of the last shots ran down my beard onto his balls.


I was hot as could be, so I stroked his cock and licked the lovemilk off his already well-sucked balls. He loved that! (and so did I).

As his breathing became easier and easier, I just lifted his cock to my lips and nibbled and licked up and down the underside... leaving the head alone as it was always very touchy after he shot a load.

The best memory - besides that wonderful cock of his - was watching this hunk of a man "come down" off a sensual high that I had made happen for him.

The sun was warm on us and he almost drifted to **** right there with me slowly loving on his cock and balls.

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My Barber

Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:36

The other night I went to a nearby mall for a haircut. It was about 4:30. I went up to the counter and the receptionist said,

'Do you have a preference for hair stylist?'

I told her I didn't so she escorted to me to a man who seemed to be like in his early 30 and went by the name of Roger. He was a tall man who looking so hot.

I sat down, he put the covering over me, and we discussed the type of haircut I wanted. He said that he was going to do this in three steps: Trim a little bit, wash and dry my hair, and finish the job. Really, all I was looking for was a trim, but I thought I should let him do his job. We chit-chatted about a lot of stuff but mostly about sports.

I really liked this guy because he was so friendly and gentle. At the time I thought nothing of it, but he had a tendency to keep his hand on my head a little longer than I thought he should. I also noticed that he would sometimes hold his open hand on my neck as if he were caressing it. Because we both hit it off so nicely, I didn't think much of it and it didn't bother me at all.

It seemed like he was in no hurry to give me a trim because he would often stand in front of my chair and stare at me while he was cutting my hair. He had a captivating smile and a pleasant speaking voice.

The chair I was in was like a captain's chair with arms on both sides. At one time, I had my hands on the arm of the chair when he leaned into me to cut some hair. As I did, his lower body touched my hand and I was sure I could feel his cock touching me. If that's what it was, it felt pretty good. I didn't move my hand because I didn't want it to be too obvious. However, when he went around the other side of the chair, the same thing happened.

'Sorry, Bud.' was all he said.

I looked at him in the mirror and said, 'No problem,' and when I did, I saw a slight smile come across his face. Just as we were about to begin washing my hair, my cell phone rang.

'I'm sorry, but do you mind if I take that call?' I asked him. He said it was okay because he had to get the sink ready. The call was from peter he said he was starting to miss me and he wanted to know where was I. I answered to peter and cut the line.

When I walked over to the sink he asked if there was a problem. I told him everything about me and peter and our first incident.

I got in the chair and leaned back to have my head washed. As I did, he leaned into me again and this time, his crotch was just about in line with my head. I looked sideway and could see the outline of his cock which was not yet hard but it looked quite sizable. I hadn't realized it, but I was licking my lips while I was staring at it. I'm a gay I want to have more of his cock. He washed my hair and kept moving his dick back and forth across my shoulder. It felt pretty good.

We went back to the barber chair and he continued his clipping. I had my hand at the end of the arm of the chair and he leaned into me so that his dick was touching my hand. Thinking that it was the right thing to do, I slowly moved my hand back and forth and put a little pressure against him.

'H-m-m-m. I like that,' he said

'So do I,' was all I could say.

He finished my haircut and said,

'I'm done at 5:30. Want to grab a snack somewhere before I leave? I'll call peter and inform him that I will be back home late.

I told him that it was a good idea and that I'd wait outside in the mall until he has finished work. I strolled the mall for about 20 minutes and all I could think of was touching his cock again.

I suggested we pick up a pizza and go back to my place and eat it, he said sure but I will have to go home before 7.

We got back to my apartment. We got out together and we were walking towards my apartment he looked at me and said,

'I don't even know your name. My name is Roger Dawson, and you are...?'

I told him my name is Bruce Andrew and that I was happy to meet him and that I thought we would get along fine.

We went into the apartment, and I took his jacket and hung it up with mine. We stood there looking at each other and I said to him,

'Roger, you must work out. You have a really good build.'

'Thanks, Dave. You don't look bad yourself: good abs, and a good six-pack. Where do you work out?'

I told him that I use the equipment in the spare room but occasionally go to the Atlas Gym at the mall. I don't know why, but he took off the shirt he was wearing so that all he had on was a singlet under it.

'Fuck, you look really good, Roger. What a chest!' I said and walked over to him. I grabbed his biceps and commented on how hard they were.

He said, 'Not as hard as other parts are getting right now. Do you want to get it on, or am I not reading you right?'

'I think you are an excellent reader, Roger. I think I found that out when I was sitting in your chair. I can't wait to get more than a quick feel.' I told him.

With that, Roger moved into me and put his arms around me and kissed me on the cheek. He took one hand away and dropped it down to my crotch. He used just a couple of fingers to outline my growing cock.

'Are you okay with this?' he asked.

'Two hours ago I wasn't okay with anything like this, but you are extremely exciting, sexy, and inviting. What makes you want to do this with me?' I asked him.

He looked at me again and said, 'For a long, long time, I have been eager to suck a guy off. Up to today, I never had the chance; but when you touched my cock in the chair, I thought the waiting was over. What do you think?'

'Well, to begin with, Roger, I thought you had originated this by pushing your cock into me while you were cutting my hair. I took this as a hint that you wanted to get it on. I'm not gay either, but I have sucked a couple of cocks before and really like it. I even sucked a guy off in front of my girlfriend. She masturbated and had a violent orgasm just watching me that she wants me to do it again sometime.'

While I was talking to him, I reached down and unbuckled his pants and pulled his zipper down. As I reached inside his shorts, he said,

'Do you mind if I kiss you?' and I told him it was okay with me. We kissed a couple of times with our tongues fighting each other. I reached down behind him and put both my hands inside his shorts and held onto his ass and kept kissing him.

'Your ass feels so good, Roger' I said to him and pulled him toward me.

'Just a second, Bruce. I want to get rid of some clothes here.' he said. So, he took off his t-shirt, unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. Then he unbuckled me, dropped my pants and underwear down and moved into me so that our bodies were together. With only a little room to do it, I pulled his shorts down so that we were both naked.

Roger dropped to his knees and took my cock in his hand and rubbed it around his lips. I pulled back and said,

'Oh, no, you don't.' With that, he looked up at me with a frightened look on his face.

'I thought this would be okay, Bruce. What's wrong?' he asked.

I told him that if he could have a cock in his mouth, so could I. So we headed to the bedroom, jumped on the bed and got into the 69 position. I sucked him, played with his balls and ass and he did likewise with me. It didn't take long before we both came. I sucked him hard and let him cum in my mouth, but he just jerked me off so that I would cum over my legs.

We got dressed just in time to answer the door to get the pizza. I thought we might have a hard time looking at each other but we didn't. I think he broke the ice when he said,

'The salami on this pizza is good, but not as good as the salami you gave me.' That brought a pretty good laugh from both of us. We finished the pizza and said it was time to go to the game. We got our jackets on and stopped by the door on our way out.

'That was so fucking good, Bruce. I hope we can do it again.'

I told him that I was sure that we would. On the way to the game, we discussed work schedules and found out that we could have an occasional afternoon delight. I'll let you know when we can do this again.

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Hotel Window ...............Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:34

My girlfriend Alison and I were staying in a cheap hotel in downtown New York. I had been taking a shower, and as re-entered the bedroom Al was sitting on the edge of the bed in the dark. I don't really know what other guys think, but to me she's just the cutest girl in the world: about 5'4", with very dark brown, almost black, hair, in a bob, and matching dark brown eyes. But still dressed only in a towel from her own shower, she was simply gorgeous.

"Come over here, look," she beckoned to me.

I moved over and sat next to her.

"You see the window straight opposite, next to the fire escape? Two to the right of that."

I looked to the apartment block across from us. In the light of the window you could clearly see a young guy, late twenties maybe, sat side on to us. It looked as though he was working on a computer, except he was almost naked but for a pair of white jockey shorts.

"He's been there all the time you've been in the shower. But just wait a minute:"

Two or three minutes passed, and I stood up to dry off. Alison called me back.

"Now, look."

The guy was still sat at the computer, but his head was thrown back, his shorts were pulled down, and he was furiously jerking off.

"He does that every so often, then stops. Remarkable self-control. Probably surfing for porn I guess."

"I'd say you're probably right. I wonder if he knows he can be seen?"

I leaned down to kiss her. As our tongues met I rested a hand on her knee and slowly began to move upwards. As I reached the top, it became evident that she was very wet.

"Does this mean that he's not the only one who was getting off here?" I asked her.

"Well, you were in the shower, and I had to keep myself entertained somehow. Besides," she moved her hand to my groin, and stroked my cock through the towel, "I can see I'm not the only one turned on by this."

I slowly backed away to the wall. Reaching across to the dimmer switch, I gradually turned the lights up.

"Dave, no! He'll be able to see me."

"Exactly. Let's just see what happens. Don't worry, you're safe enough, no-one knows us here".

The lights reached full brightness, and I sat down on the chair. By now my cock was fully-erect, and as I started to gently beat off, Al whispered to me a running commentary.

"He's stopped again, but I don't think he can see me. He's just standing up

: OK, he's got a drink, now, and he's looking back at the computer. Downwards, he's still standing up. Now he's moved towards the curtain : Shit! I think he saw me, he's moved out of sight".

She turned, smiled and said to me, "I guess we'll just have to find something else to do". But as I stood to move across to her, she snapped through gritted teeth, "Get down, he's back".

"What's happening?" I asked her.

"He's back at the window. Still in the shorts. He's looking straight at me". She smiled at him. "Shit, he's running his hands over his groin. Touching himself. Now he's sitting down again, only he's facing me this time." She started to run her hands over her chest. "I don't suppose it can do much harm for him to see this, can it?" I shook my head. She started to pull the towel down off her breasts. "What about these, they're OK, aren't they?" I nodded furiously: Al has great tits - 34C - and just the thought of another guy seeing her like this had me at the point of coming. She grinned broadly.

"He's got it out! And it's big. Taking his shorts off. Now he's just sat there. Slowly pulling himself off." She caressed a breast gently. "I suppose that now I've seen his, he really deserves to see mine, doesn't he?"

I paused. Though this was clearly going way beyond what either of us would have done normally, the sight of Alison touching herself in front of another guy was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. And surely being in another country, it really didn't matter that much. I nodded silently. She opened the towel, lay it on the bed, and moved her legs apart, resting them on the windowsill.

"You like this? Like the thought of another man seeing your wife's pussy."

Hearing her talk dirty had always been a massive turn on for me. She moved a hand between her legs, and began to touch herself. "Watching me rubbing my clit? Fingering my cunt." She spat out the last word, throwing her head back and pushing two fingers inside herself. "And all the time, he's jerking off, jerking off that big, hard cock."

"What about you?" I asked her. "How does it feel to you, knowing there's a guy there, getting off on you? Probably wondering what it would be like to fuck you, to fuck your tight wet pussy with his long, thick, rock hard cock".

She stopped and turned to me.

"Why don't we give him a little show?"

"I think you're already giving him that."

"No, why don't WE give him a show? You as well. After all it couldn't hurt, could it? Put the towel back on. Now wait there." She stood, and turned, facing me directly. Then she made an exaggerated beckoning motion. I moved across to her.

"Take it slowly," she whispered. I bent to kiss her, and our lips and tongues slid together. Resting one hand on her bottom, I ran the other down over her face, over her neck, and finally onto her breast. She put one hand on my groin, rubbing my cock through the towel again. I broke the kiss and she pulled me to nuzzle her neck, watching through the window out of the corner of her eye.

"He's still there. Still watching." She pulled my towel away and it fell to the floor. Carefully she began to stroke my penis. I would never before have imagined that I would let another guy watch me with Alison, jerking off for fuck's sake, but in these circumstances I don't think I could have done any different. I started to bring my hand round from Al's bottom to her wet pussy, but she stopped me.

"Not just yet, I have something else in mind." With this she kissed a line down from my neck to just above my waist. "You'll have to tell me what's happening now".

I turned to look at the guy. He smiled at me and then, strangely, he waved.

I smiled back, and started to talk to Alison. "He's still touching himself, and he's rubbing his other hand across his body. Still touching:". Alison started to lick the head of my prick. "Jesus, that's good, babe. He's still touching:". She took my hard cock into her mouth, and started to suck me off. I looked down, and could see that with her spare hand she was rubbing her clit. Three of us, getting off together on the same scene.

I looked back to the window. He was still jerking off, but he'd moved a hand between his legs, and under his balls. He seemed to be fingering his ass. I told Alison, and she brought both her hands to my ass.

"Maybe he likes having his ass played with," she said, and started to pull my buttocks apart. "I've never heard you complain", moving a finger onto my asshole. It's true she'd done this before, and I'd always enjoyed it, but when she gradually pushed her finger inside me, with another man watching, it was a unique experience: a combination of terror and pleasure. She started to lick and suck my cock furiously, until her finger was inside right to the knuckle. "Maybe he likes more than a finger inside him," she said, and started to move her finger gently in and out. "Maybe he likes to have a nice cock inside", she almost growled, and started to push another finger inside".

"Careful," I pleaded, but she just softly told me to relax.

"Relax and it will be fine. I wouldn't hurt you baby. Not too much, anyway," and she calmly scraped her teeth down the length of my shaft. Then she stopped still.

"Maybe : Maybe we should just invite him over. What do you think? Maybe we could just let him come across and fuck me. Or I could suck that big prick of his. Or even : Well, who knows what could happen:"

I was finding it hard to be sure whether she was being serious. I just laughed, told it was a nice idea, a good fantasy, but I couldn't see it happening. Then very slowly, she got to her feet, and turned to face the guy. She held up three fingers. Then one. Then moving her hand from my ass, she held up eight. Three. One. Eight. She was actually telling him our room number. I looked across at the guy. He held up the same combination of fingers. Alison gave him a thumbs up. Then the guy walked out of view. Within five minutes the lights in his apartment had gone off.

Alison kissed me, drew the curtains and walked away from the window.

"You don't have to do anything if you don't want. And I won't do anything you're not happy about. But I would really like to do this, and I hope that means something to you", she told me. Then she kissed me very gently.

"OK," I said nervously, "and if you feel uncomfortable with anything, we can just stop, yes?" She nodded. "Do you think we should put some clothes on?" I wondered, "after all, I guess he will be dressed now".

In the end I just put on my shorts and Alison put on panties and a camisole top.

"Just give me a minute while I make myself look presentable," she asked, and went into the bathroom. After only a couple of minutes, there was a knock at the door.

Nervously I went to the door. "Hang on a second," I said, took a deep breath and opened it.

"Hi, I'm Greg," he said, with a soft Australian accent. "Are you OK with this?"

"Sure, come in. We've never done anything like this though. I thought I should probably tell you. I'm Dave, by the way"

"I don't make a habit of it myself. I mean, sometimes I'm not careful about whether I'm seen, but I've never, you know, done anything. But your - is it your wife?"


"She's beautiful, man. And very hot!"

There was a slightly awkward silence. I suppose we were both assessing the situation. Greg was about the same size as me, just under six foot, with light brown hair. I suppose conventionally attractive, and confident with it.

The bathroom door clicked open and Al walked out. She'd obviously been sorting out her hair and make-up, and really looked very attractive. I gestured to each of them. "Al, this is Greg. Greg, my girlfriend Alison".

They each murmured 'hi', then Greg leant forward to kiss Alison's cheek. She smiled, leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth. Then moved closer still and French-kissed him.

"I thought I should break the ice. Now Greg, it seems to me you're really over- dressed". She ran a hand over his chest. "Do you want me to take this off?"

Without waiting for an answer, she removed his jacket, and started to push his T- shirt off. Then while Greg got out of his shoes, socks and jeans, Al came over to me and kissed me, rubbing my cock as I caressed the material over her nipples.

She moved over to Greg on the edge of the bed. Sitting on his lap, she started to kiss him very deeply. Greg lay down on the bed, and Al lay her body on top of his. As they started to kiss, I moved in behind her and started to rub her pussy from behind. Greg had got her very wet, and pulling her panties aside I was easily able to slip two fingers inside her.

"It seems to me that you're the one that's overdressed now", said Greg. On cue, Alison sat up, my fingers still buried inside her pussy, and pulled her top over her head. As her breasts moved freely, Greg reached up, cupped one, and gently stroked a nipple.

"Beautiful," he said, as Al leant forward and dropped her breasts towards his face. He licked and sucked at each nipple in turn. On all fours it was easy for me to pull her panties aside and lick her, from her clit, into her pussy, and right up to her tight little asshole. Through her legs she I could see she had moved a hand into Greg's shorts and was steadily bringing him off.

Reaching down, she carefully released his cock from his shorts. Al had been right earlier, Greg was big. She went back to deep tongue-kissing him, then began slowly to work her way down his body. Kissing his neck. Flicking her tongue over his nipples, and dipping it inside his navel. Finally, her open lips found his cock. As she began to suck him off, I pulled the panties down her legs, climbed onto the bed, and gently entered her from behind.

"Fuck me, Dave, please, hard," she pleaded. Greg held her head, as I fucked her, fondling her tits from behind her. She moved her head up and down on Greg's cock, licking all over the head, coating it with her saliva.

I looked across at Greg. "You want a turn?" He pulled Alison away from his cock, and she shuffled up to sit over his cock. She leaned forward, reached under the pillow and pulled out a condom packet. She unrolled it carefully onto his hard prick, then slowly lowered herself onto him.

The sight of my girl fucking another guy was unbelievable. She was riding his cock, a hand playing with her clit. Meanwhile Greg had reached up and was groping at her tits, pinching and pulling on her nipples. I got up off the bed and fetched the camcorder.

"So who's up for us taking back a souvenir?" I asked. Al smiled and Greg gave a thumbs up. I took the cap off and started the tape running. Slowly I panned down Alison's beautiful body, stopping and focussing when I reached the point where their bodies joined. Greg was steadily fucking Al, his cock driving deep inside her. Casually I kneeled on the bed and shuffled across to the couple. Al reached down and started to fondle my cock. Then slowly she bent forward until her lips were just a fraction of an inch from the head.

"Are you guys feeling adventurous?" she asked. I gave her a puzzled look, but Greg just smiled and moved a hand onto my ass.

"What about it Dave?" he asked, "adventurous? Or just curious?" And then he moved his mouth towards Alison's, kissed her, moving his tongue across her lips. Al reached for the camcorder and slowly dismounted. Without waiting for a response, Greg moved his head closer, and started to gently tongue the end of my cock.

"You've never done this before, have you?" he asked. I just nodded silently. He moved his gaze down to my cock, then back up to look straight in my eyes.

"Do you want this?" Again, I nodded, and he moved his mouth over the head of my cock. Slowly he began to move his mouth up and down the shaft, his lips creating a tight seal around it. Simultaneously, his middle finger moved towards my asshole, and he pressed his finger steadily against my hole. I bent over slightly to open up, and he carefully manoeuvred his finger inside.

Alison had moved off the bed and was sat in the chair, one hand holding the camcorder, the other buried between her legs. I turned, smiled at her, and she opened her legs to reveal three fingers pushed inside her cunt, as she thumbed her clit.

"How does that feel?" she asked.

I smiled broadly and nodded. "It feels great."

"You know, I think Greg should be getting something out of this:"

I looked down at Greg. The expression on his face and the hardness of his prick suggested to me that he was already getting something out his this. But I followed Al's cue, and reached down to stroke his cock. Greg started to move his finger in my ass in time with my stroking.

Al was masturbating furiously. "Suck him, Dave" she begged. "Do it for me, please. Sixty-nine with him". I hesitated, and Al stood and moved across to me, still touching her clit. She whispered in my ear, "Remember, you don't have to do anything, but I would love to see this. But it's up to you". I looked down to Greg, who just raised his eyebrows, then back to Al, who silently mouthed 'please'.

I slowly lowered my body until my face hovered over Greg's pelvis in a sixty-nine position. Greg was softly teasing the end of my cock, while Alison fingered herself on the chair. Nervously I extended my tongue until it made contact with Greg's penis.

Al smiled. "That's good, baby," she said, "that is so fucking horny". I started carefully to tongue Greg's prick, licking first up over the head, then all around the rim. I closed my eyes, opened my lips, and very cautiously lowered my mouth over Greg's erect cock. Steadily I started to move my pursed lips up and down it, sucking and licking simultaneously, increasing the pace until Greg's mouth and mine were moving together. Greg swallowed hard and started to move faster. I followed his lead, but when I had found my rhythm, rocking to and fro on his shaft, I felt his mouth move away, replaced by his hand. Opening my eyes, I looked across to Alison, who was nodding furiously at Greg.

At that point Greg placed a hand on my buttock, spreading my cheeks apart, and I felt for the first time the sensation of a tongue on my asshole. At first teasing, he then started to lick more deliberately, until my asshole was wet and tingling. He started to press his tongue deeper and deeper with every lick, penetrating my asshole with his soft, wet tongue.

Al stood, and moved to the bed. She lowered her face to where mine was still working on Greg's hard prick. I moved my lips away to meet hers and we kissed, her soft tongue moving around my mouth, just as Greg's was doing to my ass. Moving her lips towards my ears, she softly nibbled on my earlobe, then whispered, "I want to see Greg fuck you". My heart raced, and my body froze, but Al just whispered again, "I want to see Greg fucking you, baby". She kissed me on the mouth, then took Greg's penis in her mouth. The sight of Al sucking off a guy we barely knew was too much for me, and, caught up in the moment, I agreed.

Al moved around and lay next to Greg, her legs hanging off the end of the bed. Spreading her legs apart, she pulled my head from Greg's groin towards her own pussy. As I switched to licking her clit, Greg slid from under me, and I moved my legs to each side of Al's face. She called to Greg, "There's some condoms under the pillow," then started furiously blowing me. Although my face was buried in Al's pussy, I could distinctly hear the sound of Greg ripping open the condom packet.

Seconds later, he climbed on the bed behind me. His hands started to massage my butt, spreading my buttocks a little further every time, until his thumbs were repeated stretching my anus. My ass relaxed with his touch, and I felt first the coldness of the lube on my asshole, then Greg spread it around my hole with his thumbs, and, finally, his hard cock pressed against my ass.

Al's sucking slowed as Greg pressed his cock harder and harder against me.

He pushed it a little way into me and as I pushed back, my asshole relaxed and he was able to push further in. I had had fingers inside me before, even a vibrator a couple of times, but this was something else. Initially the size didn't hurt too much, the extra width simply making me feel fuller, as the sensation spread around to encompass my balls and cock; but Greg's long, hard prick went deeper than anything had gone before, and I grunted with a combination of pain and pleasure. Greg, however, just continued pushing, until I could feel his thighs against mine. Then suddenly his manner just changed. Where he had been gentle in entering me, he started vigorously to fuck me, not bringing his cock back and forth a long way, but just rocking frantically inside me. Al followed suit, sucking me off more and more frenetically, and I copied her, lapping wildly around and inside her cunt. Greg just threw himself inside me, stretching and filling and ripping my insides. Then pulling back and thrusting deep into me, he came loudly. Pull and thrust again. And again. And again.

He pulled out of me and collapsed face down on the bed. In a tangled mass of movements, I pulled away from Alison, and knelt on the bed between his legs. Grabbing his waist I pulled him to his knees, and pushed my cock against his ass. He cried out as I forced my cock inside him in two swift movements. I started to fuck his asshole with abandon. Al, meanwhile, was laid with her legs open, one hand masturbating her clit, the other plunging three fingers in and out of her cunt. I fucked and fucked Greg's ass, my body convulsing, until with a shudder, I came. I collapsed on top of Greg then lay against him on the bed. Al's movements became faster and faster, and her groans louder and shorter, until she too came.

Her orgasm subsiding slowly, she rearranged herself, so that her head and feet were opposite ours, and moved her body to press against Greg. She kissed first him, then me, then looking at both of us, spoke confidently, if a little breathlessly.

"Thanks, both of you. That was just, just really the most intense experience of my life." She looked across at me. "Are you glad we did that?" I nodded. She looked to Greg who just broke out in a broad grin, and they french-kissed. Greg inclined his head towards me.

"You know, as far as I can see, there's one ass here still to be fucked,"

he said.

Alison looked briefly puzzled, then realising, she started to shake her head. "No, guys, come on. Besides, I don't like pain".

Greg looked straight at her. "Well, how about :", he moved his hand between her legs, "how about if the other one of us kept your mind off that? You ever had both hole filled?"

He moved his hand, and Alison swallowed hard. Breathless she gasped,

"No. At least not yet. But:".

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Fun With The Neighbors

Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:21

Let me tell you about our backbround first. I an Jim Thomas. My wife Tina and I are both twenty-seven and very successful in our careers as an advertising account executive and an interior decorator. We were married while in college at the age of nineteen.

We met our friends, Brad and Jill Booker, when they became our neighbors in our apartment complex. We became close since neither couple had kids and went out a lot together.

After a few years, they bought a house in a new subdivision in the back on a cul-de-sac. There were no other houses in this area yet and they convinced Tina and I to buy the lot next to then and build.

We did and were back together again. That's when things began to get interesting. Aboug six months after we moved into our new home, Brad and I had gone to the gym and while showering after our workout, Brad looked at my cock and said, 'Man, would Jill ever like to get that big tool in her.'

Startled, I said, 'What? Your's is damn near as big as mine.'

'Well, she's wanting to have two guys at same time.'

'She wants what? Have you ever done anything like that before?'

'Just once, right after we got married, with my best friend at the time.'

'You let him fuck her while you watched?'

'Yea, and it was hot as hell. Fuck, I'm getting a boner just thinking about it.'

I looked down and saw his cock steadily rising. Mine was having the same reaction thinking about seeing his wife naked. She really was hot.

He suddenly changed the subject. We rode home without another word about sex. When we arrived we found Jill and Lisa in the kitchen of our house having an afternoon cocktail. We joined them and after a while, they went home. I didn't mention anything to Tina.

A few days later, I came home early and when I walked in, Tina was no where around, but her car was in the drive. I headed upstairs to change and as I got to the top of the stairs, I heard a soft moaning, not one of pain, but one of pleasure. I thought maybe she was in the bedroom pleasing herself and thought I'd join her. It was not uncommon for us to masterbate together.

I reached our bedroom door and heard her say softly, 'Damn, that feels so good.'

Then a second voice said, 'I'm glad your enjoying it. I've wanted to do it for a long time.' It was a female voice. I eased to the door and peeked in.

There on the bed totally naked was Tina, her legss spread and between her legs was Tina, with her face buried in Tina's cunt eating her out. I watched in amazement. Before we married, Tina had told me that a girlfriend in highschool nad performed oral sex on her during her senior year while we were dting. I had confessed that also while in high school, an older guy had given me a ride and had sucked me off. That was our only encounters with the same sex.

Watching Jill eat Tina's cunt had me hard as a fucking rock. Tina was moaning saying she was about to climax. Jill worked with more enthusiasm. Finally, Tina let out a loud moan as she climaxed.

When she caught her breath, Jill moved up to lay beside her and began kissing her. I watched as Tina hesitated when kissed but soon began kissing het back.

'Can you work on me?' Jill asked.

'I don't know. I've never done it before but I'll try.'

Tina moved between Jills legs and began by licking Jill's cunt then burying her tongue in it and sucking her clit. Jill moaned in pleasure telling Tina that she was doing great. After Jill climaxed, they sat on the bed and talked and Jill asked if Tina thought that I'd be willing to do a four way with she and Brad.

'What all would be involved?' Tina asked not knowing exactly what Jill meant.

'Well, Brad would fuck you and Jim would fuck me. You and I could have a sixty-nine and hopefully Brad and Jim would have a sixty-nine. I love watching Jim suck another guys cock or get fucked in the ass.'

'Really? I don't know if Jim would go for all that. Maybe getting sucked and fucking Jim but I don't know about him sucking Brad, although I think it might be hot to watch.'

'It is baby, believe me. Start working on him and make subtle suggestions and see what happens. Brad and I used to get with a couple fairly regularly before they moved away. Brad and I are both bisexual.'

I eased back down the stairs, my briefs soaked in precum that had leaked while watching the two of them have sex. I slipped out the door and got back in my car and left. I drove partway back to the office and turned around and headed back home calling Tina on my cell phone telling her I was about half way home. I thought about what Brad had said in the gym and it now made some sense. He was trying to see my reaction to getting together.

When I arrived back and went in, I found them in the kitchen drinking a soda, talking and laughing.

I noticed over the next couple of days that Tina acted like there was something she wanted to say, but didn't know how. I decided to tell her qbout what Brad had said at the gym.

As we sat cuddled watching TV, I said, 'You know, the other day at the gym, Brad made a strange statement.'

'Oh, really? What did he say?'

'Well, while we were showering, he looked down between my legs and said that Jill would like to get my tool in her.'

'You're kidding,' she replied.

'Nope. He said that he watched his best friend fuck her years ago and enjoyed it.'

'Would you like to fuck her?' she asked.

'If I wasn't married to you, I might consider it.'

'What if I said it was okay as long as I could watch.'

'What? You'd let me as long as you could watch? What if Brad wanted to fuck you, would you let him?'

'Yea, I guess as long as it was okay with you and you were there.'

There was silence for a while and she turned to me and said, 'Honey, I have a confession and I hope it doesn't change things between us.'

'Don't tell me you've already fucked him?'

'No, but I have had sex with Jill.'


'The day you called and came home early, she had come over and I was about to shower. She came upstairs with me and i didn't think anything about it. When I started to undress she came over and began caressing my breast and feeling my pussy. We ended up in bed and she ate me out. I don't know why but I was curious and ate her in return.'

'I see. Did you enjoy it?'

'Yes, I did,' she said as she lowered her head.

'Baby, it's okay. I just wish I could have seen it.'

'Jim, she came right out and said that she and Brad are wanting a four way with us. They are both bisexual. She said that included would be you fucking her while Brad fucked me and she and I in a sixty-nine while you and Brad had a sixty-nine.'

'Well, you know that I've been sucked by a guy once before but I've never sucked a guy. Would you like to see me suck him?'

'I think so. I think it would be hot to watch just as it would be hot for you to watch me eat her out.'

'For you, I'd give it a try if you want to.'

'We could try it once and if it's not for us we wouldn't have to do it again.'

'That true. You want to try it?'

'Yes, at least once.'

'Okay, I'll see about setting something up for saturday night.'

'I'm getting hot thinking about it. Fuck me fight now, right here.'

I did and it was great.

That was on a Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon I met Brad at the gym. While we showered, I invited he and Jill over for dinner Saturday and told him to plan to make it a late night. He asked what I had in mind and I told him he'd have to wait and see, but to come very comfortable.

Saturday arrived and they came over about six. Tina wore a thin blouse with no bra and a pair of short shorts and I had on a pair of nylon gyn shorts and a tank top. Neither of us wore any underwear. After dinner, as we sat and talked, Tina was seated next to Jill and Brad was next to me.

Tina casually placed her hand on Jill's thigh and began to very casually rub it. Brad noticed and I could see that he was getting an erection as was I.

'That's a real turn on isn't it?' I whispered in his ear.

'Fuck yea,' he whispered back.

'What do you say we join them,' I said as I took his hand and placed it on my own hard cock.

He smiled and squeezed it. Tina and Jill both noticed and Tina immediately removed her top and shorts. Jill immediately followed as did Brad and I. In less than a minute we were all four totally naked.

'We weren't sure you two were swingers,' Brad said.

'This is our first time. All I've ever done is get one blow job when I was in high school.'

'Well, just relax and do what comes naturally.'

Soon, Brad was eating and fucking Tina as I watched another man fuck my wife for the first time as I ate and fucked Jill. Tina looked at me and smiled.

Later, Jill began eating Tina as Brad got between my legs and began sucking my cock. Tina watched as my cock disappeared down Brad's throat. Jill soon brought Tina to a climax as Brad brought me to mine. We watched as Brad took my entire load in his mouth and swallowed.

Then Tina began eating Jill and I positioned myself between Brad's legs and taling his cock in my hand began licking the head. Tina paused and watched me suck my first cock. I tried to do all the things Brad had done to me. before long, Brad began breathing heavy and said to get ready. Seconds later, his cock erupted sending huge ropes of hot thick cum into my mouth and down my throat. I found that I liked the sweet salty taste and eagerly began swallowing.

Tina brought Jill to a climax as Brad and I watched. Tina kissed Jill exchanging tongues. Brad looked at me, smiled and leaned over and kissed me, easing his tongue into my mouth. It was not much different that kissing Tina so I gave him my tongue.

After a while Brad looked at us and said, 'Well, what did you think of your first experience with another couple?'

'We'll have to talk about it and let you know,' I said. We all laughed.

They dressed and left and Tina and I looked at each other and kissed.

'What did you think?' I asked.

'I enjoyed it. How about you?'

'So did I.'

'What did you think about sucking his cock off?'

'To be honest, I enjoyed it and was turned on by it.'

'And I loved watching you suck him. Let's get together with them again.

The following Saturday we got together with them again, that time at their house. That night I was introduced to fucking a man in the ass and getting fucked. I found I liked both. I bought Tina a strap-on dildo and she fucks me a couple of times a week. We also have a long double headed rubber cock that we use together, one end in her cunt and the other in my ass.

We get together every saturday for sex, but during the week Jill and Tina will have their meetings just the two of them, and Brad and I will have ours, He and I know when the girls are having sex and they know what is going on when Brad and I disappear into the garage or another room.

All this has brought me and Tina closer and made our sex life more interesting and enjoyable.

Tina and Jill even go out and find another woman or two to have sex with and Brad and I go out and find a guy or two to take to bed.

We will soon be celebrating our fifth anniversary of our orgies. I highly recommend it for all couples.

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modelling career?

Posted by menel100raquel200 at 29,Sep,14 21:18

Last sunday at the mall, menellyn and I (raquel) wer just having coffee at a coffee shop then this guy introduced himself as a photographer, he does look like one coz of all the camera gear he carries. he invited us to pose as models for him.. but menel , being the that she is prude, never agreed to it. and i personally prefer to be behind the lens, not infront of it. he was quite persistent at it. he caused a scene at the cafe. he even tried to take photos of us but i dont think he was able to get good ones coz were good at covering our faces.

the morning after that, i invited menyl for a photoshoot, because it was just us, shes fine with it. i showed it to her boyfriend and he really liked it..

its quite an irony cause there are pics of menellyn here but she doesnt even allow strangers take her photo in reallife..

i think she has this aura of a sweet innocent virgin girl. which is quite alluring.. as for my photos... id prefer not to post them.. yet...

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Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:17

The beach in Jamaica certainly lived up to the brochures. Kate and I walked along, hand in hand with the warmth of the Caribbean sun on our backs. The beach was moderately busy with other tourists but not too many as we were slightly off the tourist trail. The hotel complex we had chosen for our holiday, had beach bungalows which gave us straight access on to the beach without all the security that seemed to abound around some of the other hotels. There were around 20 bungalows and then the main complex of the hotel behind us. The bungalows were mainly occupied by younger couples like us.

We must have walked about 2 miles along the sandy strip before getting to a wider section of beach which rose back into little dunes where one or two couples were sunbathing. Some traders were walking along selling their wares and a sprinkling of other black Caribbean guys were just hanging about chatting to the tourists and trying to mooch a cigarette or even a drink from the few foreigners. We noticed another couple from the hotel bungalows lying there and walked up to talk to them.

“Hi,” I said, “I'm Matt and this is Kate; we recognise you from our hotel.”

Dave and Lynn introduced themselves as such. They looked about 28/29 and were lying in the nude but covered with towels to protect them from the sun. Their little dune was very private except from the “full frontal” aspect to the secluded beach and this is how we had seen them. This put them around three years older than us.

“We love it up here,” they said, “you feel as though you are in Jamaica rather than just in a hotel complex which could be anywhere. We have been coming here every day since we arrived four days ago.”

We chatted until conversation started to dry and headed off. Kate and I decided it might be nice to get a cool box from the hotel and walk up here the next day to also enjoy the solitude.

Next day we did just that and set up home just a little further up from where we had seen Dave and Lynn the previous day. We didn't want to interfere with their peace and quiet. We settled into a secluded dune and started to sunbathe. It was late morning and within about fifteen minutes we were approached by a young black guy who didn't seem to be selling anything, but just making conversation. He wasn't threatening in any way but he was a tall guy and had this habit of adjusting his cock in his shorts as he spoke. We chatted about home in Britain and then he wandered off. I commented to Kate about his fiddling and she said she was sure he had an erection!

I stood up to see where he went and saw him about 300 yards up the beach standing and talking to Dave. He shook his hands as though he knew him and they chatted as they stood and also kept looking into the dune where I assumed Lynn was lying in the sun. I was about to lie down again when I saw the black guy walk into the dune and disappear. For a moment, I thought something was wrong but Dave's body language suggested differently as he stood over the entrance to the dune looking around and particularly looking in. I could only see his head and shoulders.

I assumed the guy was selling something that Lynn wanted to see close up so really wasn't paying much attention as I stood and scanned the beach. I sat down again for about ten to fifteen minutes and when I stood up once more, I was just in time to see the black guy re-emerge and talk briefly to Dave before giving him a “hi-five” and heading off. Dave then went into the dune and that was it. I sat back down and thought nothing more of it. Kate was still reading and then looked up and smiled.

“Do you think black guys have much bigger cocks than white guys,” she suddenly said?

“Eh, they're supposed to,” I answered. “Why do you ask?”

“I was just thinking about that guy who was talking to us about half and hour ago and he was kinda sexy,” she continued.

She went back to reading. We hadn't ever really done anything outside of marriage though we had talked a lot about it and, of course the talk had brought us both to orgasm on many a night.

“He had nothing to sell,” I heard myself say.

“What,” said Kate?

“The black guy had nothing to sell.” I repeated.

“I know,” she said. “He was just being friendly.”

“He went in the dune with Lynn while Dave watched and he had nothing to sell.” I was beginning to sound like a cracked gramphone record.

“I'm lost,” said Kate.

I explained what I had just seen and the impact of what it might have been brought my cock to a very painful erection which did not go unnoticed by Kate.

“Are you turned on my the thought of watching Dave watch Lynn getting fucked by a black man, turned on that the same black man could have been fucking me, or turned on that Dave and Lynn might be swingers and we could perhaps do something with them?”

My cock was now painful and I had to ease it out of the side of my swim trunks. “All of it,” I said.

She bent forward and took my cock in her mouth and gently sucked me while holding my balls. It took no more than 3 minutes before she was swallowing my cum. “That should ease things,” she said.

Next day, we headed out a little earlier and were in a dune slightly closer to where Dave and Lynn had been, but just past them. We had been quite wild in our fucking the previous night, charged with the thought of what might be happening around us. I spotted Dave and Lynn walking up the beach about 30 minutes later and we ducked down to lie and sunbathe. Kate and I decided to be naked but discreetly covered, as Dave and Lynn had been on the first day we saw them.

Plan one was to wait and see if some local guy came along, plan two was to go up and talk to Dave and Lynn naked and hope to get them to play or, if we saw them start up, to walk up and catch them at it. Plan three was just to have public sex ourselves and hope to pick someone up as we did it.

It was fully an hour after arriving that the same black guy walked up with a smaller friend. I took a good look at him as he approached. He was about 6 feet 2 inches, broad built with tight black hair, a fair sprinkling of gold jewellery and whiter than white teeth. His shorts were off white, spotlessly clean and showed a sizeable bulge. He looked to be about 32 or so. His friend was considerably younger and I would have put him as about 18 or 19. He was also quite tall, say about 5 feet 11 inches, but much thinner. He was wearing hideously bright, baggy surf shorts and a white vest. He was a very attractive young black and had matching dazzling teeth!

Having been rebuffed the previous day, they were heading past us with just a wave, when the older guy realised Kate and I were naked. He swerved over to talk, bringing his friend. After a brief introduction when I think I caught his name as Winston (it would have to be, I suppose) and his friend a very plain Joe, they started to make small talk about how much they loved this beach with all the beautiful white women. Kate was lying quite demurely with her hand just covering her sex and the guys continued their light conversation about how long had we been together etc.

I felt my cock start to rise and attempted to cover it but the more I did, the harder it got. The situation was so heavily laden with innuendo and Winston kept adjusting his shorts. I could see his cock outline clearly and it looked impressive. He looked at Kate and said to me, “I bet she's a noisy one when she is being laid.”

“She can be,” I replied.

“You gonna do her with that after we go then,” he said nodding to my stiff 7 inches.

I took the plunge and hoped I was correct. “Not unless you do her first.”

“You want some black cock maam,” he said?

Kate just uncovered her front and exposed her slit. He knelt in front of her and parted her cunt lips with his black hands and pushed his tongue into her slit. She was already panting. The young guy was smiling, his white teeth dazzling as he watched and caressed the front of his shorts.

“Joe's going to fuck her for me,” said Winston. “He needs to get a white woman as he's never done one.”

Joe dropped his pants and exposed a ramrod straight hard, circumcised cock. For an 18 year old it was an impressive 8 incher. I grabbed a condom from my bag and handed it to him and watched as he stretched it over his cock. There was going to be little preamble, I could see. Winston stood up and let Joe kneel between Kate's legs. She held herself open as his cock, inexpertly entered her. He raised her legs way over her head and started to pump her.

Winston stood up and dropped his shorts to reveal a dick that must have been all of 10 inches. It bent slightly to the left as he wanked. “You like it,” he said to me?

“Fine piece of meat,” I replied.

“You give head,” he asked?

“Me,” I spluttered?

“Get down and suck me while Joe fucks your wife,” he said.

I wasn't really sure though the thought of lubricating the monster that was going into Kate appealed to me. I dropped to my knees and started to suck it. I couldn't manage much at first but he started to pump the brute into my face and my saliva was noticeable against the black skin. I was really horny.

Kate was gone! She was gasping as Dave fucked her quite enthusiastically. All caution had gone as we continued and I had stopped checking the beach for passers by. I heard a voice. “So you're providing the entertainment for them today?”

It was Dave and Lynn watching us. Dave's shorts were tenting which suggested they had been there for a good few minutes. “Mind if we watch?”

Joe was obviously cumming in Kate as he groaned and pumped more slowly. Kate was completely oblivious to the audience. Winston pulled his cock away from me, grabbed a condom and stretched it with much difficulty over his cock head. He knelt between Kate's legs and pushed his cock into her. His bulk hid us from her so she was still unaware she was being watched by Dave and Lynn.

“Nice meat,” said Lynn as she fondled my balls. “I hope I might be rewarded later for letting you share our **** lover!” She nodded towards Winston who was hammering quite violently into Kate. “He won't last long,” she continued knowledgably.

She was right. Basically all Winston did was enter Kate, fuck her about a dozen strokes and empty his balls into her. The condom head sagged with the weight of cum as he pulled out.

Kate saw Dave and Lynn and looked suddenly embarrassed. Lynn took control quickly, sensing her awkwardness. “Since you stole my fuck partner Kate, Matt has agreed to substitute for him later if Dave can lose his cock in there,” she pointed to Kate's gaping cunt. At that she turned and as she left called back and said, “Meet you in the bar at 9.00 tonight.”

Winston tucked his meat back in and mumbled a thanks. “She's a mean fuck,” he said. “My mates love white cunt and they'll be pretty envious of this one so expect some interest in her while you're here.” At that, they left.

I knelt in front of Kate and licked her wide open cunt. The smell of sex, and the liquid from her natural lubricant were an aphrodisiac to me and a stroke at my hard cock brought me off pretty quickly. “I love the taste of used cunt,” I said to her.

“I could get used to having it used,” she said.

“Which villa are you in,” asked Winston?

We gave him our number and he suggested that he might pop round after 11.00 with another friend if we were interested. I pointed out that we were meeting Dave and Lynn and he just said, “Do you want her filled with black meat or not?”

I meekly nodded to which he “hi-fived” me and said, “See you later.”

We had an early meal and met Dave and Lynn shortly before 9.00 at the bar. Lynn looked really sexy in a short white dress with her white flimsy bra and pants clearly showing through and the white contrasting against her warm golden tan. The thought that I might be fucking her in an hour or so got me really horny. The conversation was light initially but slowly came round to the episode on the beach. Dave said that the scenario they had witnessed was exactly the same as had happened to them on Day 2 of their stay. Dave had done nothing at all but just watch Winston fuck Lynn on Day 2 and Day 4 of their stay. He told me he had found it highly erotic. They went on to say that they had just started swinging about 3 months previously and the beach they were on had been mentioned to them by a couple they had swopped with recently. That is why they had booked the late holiday to Jamaica.

I pointed out that we had never swung, though we had not only talked about it, but frequently had sex fantasising about it. I had to confess to Dave that watching had almost been as much enjoyment as doing. He agreed. I quickly cleared up any confusion about my sexuality and the fact that he had caught me with my mouth wrapped round a black cock.

“Hey,” he said, “When you swing, you have to take what comes at you. If you had said six months ago that I would ever have been turned on by another man's cock I would have punched you in the nose. Now I have done a few things with guys that I can't believe but sometimes it just seems right in the circumstances and, of course a lot of the guys we meet are bisexual so almost expect a bit of cock too.”

I was amazed at his honesty but it helped me understand my actions of the morning. I told Dave about Winston's invitation for tonight. He told Lynn and we jointly agreed to grab some wine and beers and head to our villa for around 10.00 and start something regardless. I couldn't wait to get my hands on Lynn and was aware that my cock had been hard throughout the entire conversation.

Back at the villa, it took a few visits to the toilet to “freshen up” and some small talk and a couple of drinks before Dave went over and lifted Lynn's dress up, pulling her briefs down. I caught a glimpse of hair before her skirt dropped back down again but the “V” of brown hair was very noticeable. He unclipped her bra so she was standing in an almost transparent dress.

Kate was in white dress shorts with a rather smart coloured t-shirt which showed her best assets, her tits. What she did next amazed me. She walked over to Dave, put her hands straight on the front of his cotton trousers, unzipped him and pushed her hand inside. He turned and kissed her. I wasted no time and headed for Lynn. I kissed her warmly while my hand explored her legs and upward to finger the folds on her cunt. She was wet. I popped her shoulder straps off and her dress top flopped to her waist exposing her tits. They were smaller but much firmer that Kate's and my lips soon found her nipples. They were rock hard and I alternated back and forth from left to right. I glanced across to Kate and was excited to see her fully naked in front of a still dressed Dave, whose erect 6 inches or so were sticking out of his trousers. She dropped and took his cock in her mouth. He loved it.

I took the cue and quickly stripped naked, while Lynn did likewise. I laid her on the large queen size bed and opened her legs to lap her cunt with my tongue. She was breathing in short gasps. Dave decided to do the same to Kate and I looked across at him as she lay naked with her legs wide open and Dave lapping between them, his short and thick, hard cock swaying straight out from his body. We almost copied each other as I climbed up Lynn to stick my cock in her mouth while pushing my knees on both of her shoulders and we were both kneeling there each on top of a women, side my side with our cocks being sucked,

“I'm going to love watching you fuck her Dave,” I said. “Please don't cum too soon though just in case Winston does decide to pay us a visit.”

The condom stretched over my cock and at last, I was entering a strange cunt. She was slightly wider than Kate and very soft and velvety. My cock entered without any resistance and I was soon in her up to my balls. Dave had Kate doggy fashion and was entering her from behind as he softly fucked her. “Nice tight pussy here Mate,” he said. The women loved the fucking and more than once I had to stop and wait till my impending orgasm subsided. I felt like I was watching a film. Both of us just fucked relentlessly for around 25 minutes, turning the girls over her and there for a better position. I heard Kate cum and she grabbed Dave's buttocks as she climbed to her usual, normal, noisy peak. Dave actually succeeded in bringing her off twice and also told us twice that he was almost ready to shoot, but held back. Lynn managed one orgasm while I fucked her from behind, my cock twisting around inside her as I tried to grip her wider than normal cunt. I had a distinct feeling that Kate was enjoying Bill's slightly thicker cock than Lynn was mine.

After about 30 minutes, we stopped and poured ourselves drinks. My erection did not subside and I noted neither did Dave's. The women absent-mindedly sat on opposite chairs fingering their recently fucked cunts while drinking wine. I heard shuffling at the door and a gently knock. I brazenly walked across stark naked and swung the door open to find Winston's smiling face. “Quick man, before security come back round,” he said as he ran into the room following by two other guys.

For one moment, apprehension hit me in case they had other intentions but their body language reassured me.

“I told my buddies here there was white, willing cunt and they begged to join me,” he said. “I see you started without us but we'll make sure the girls get real man meat.”

Lynn was positively drooling at the prospect as the guys, still fully dressed, sat down and popped a can of beer each. Winston introduced the guys as Daz and Jimmy. Daz was a thin wiry young man who could have been 17 but I figured might be older, and Jimmy was a thicker set guy with a small beard and black as coal. All I could see what the sparkling white of his teeth. All three of them kept rubbing the front of their shorts and pronounced bulges were visible.

“You girls going to lick each other for us,” said Winston and continued, “as it really gets me going.”

Kate looked slightly afraid at the prospect but it was obvious the request was not so odd to Lynn as she dropped quickly to her knees between Kate's legs and started to lick her wet cunt. Slowly Kate's legs opened as she looked at me with a “what else can I do” look.

I knew what it was doing to me and my cock was absolutely rigid. The guys started to strip. The big surprise was Daz, the young lad, whose semi-erect cock slung low between his legs and even in that state looked about 8 or 9 inches long. It wasn't as big as Winston's and Dave's looked tiny. The other guy had about 7 inches but his cock sprung out of curly black hair and was extremely thick, even by Dave's standards. Winston dropped behind Lynn and started to lick her buttocks, his tongue straying quickly down to her hole. This guy was no shrinking violet.

Jimmy was stroking his meat as he walked forward, climbed on the bed and walked round to Kate, sticking his cock in her mouth. She loved it. I noticed that Winston was already pulling on a condom and going for Lynn's cunt from the back as she still licked Kate. He was going to fuck her doggy fashion. The young lad just stood and wanked his cock gently as did Dave and I. Jimmy flipped Kate over and raised her legs. A rubber was stretched over his cock and he started to enter her. She had some problems in getting him in and resisted a few times before he entered. Soon the room was filled with ecstatic sounds as both women were being humped solidly.

I was standing next to Daz and looked at him, smiling. He smiled back and I looked down at his big cock hanging above his normal size balls and dropped to my knees. I took the cock from his hands and put my mouth over it. The lad looked a little surprised but I assume as there was nowhere else to put it, he allowed me to suck. It was slightly salty and was leaking clear precum but the hard monster was a delight to suck. Dave went over and stuck his cock in Lynn's mouth while she was being fucked from behind.

The room was filled with the women's wails as each thrust entered them Both guys were gripping tits in a pretty violent way but Kate seemed to enjoy the aggressive sex. When Jimmy pulled out for a rest I guided Daz over and gently spread Kate's legs upwards in a “V” shape. She looked like a televison aerial! “Fuck her,” I said!

The condom was a struggle and between us, I managed to stretch it over his cock. I held it firmly as Kate waited and I guided the young lad into her. He edged an inch at a time and each push brought a sharp intake of breath from Kate. I went behind her to stick my cock in her mouth and hold her legs up and back to let the full length of his big dick into her. Somehow she took the entire cock and he started a steady rhythm. I noticed that the others had stopped and were watching.

Lynn said, “I want that too!”

Daz was inexperienced but had the stamina of an ox as he pumped into Kate. The sounds were like pain as he hammered her cunt with the brute and the close up of her cunt lips stretching to accommodate it was an image I will never forget. Winston, by now had pushed me away and was at her head with his **** in her mouth, hammering at her. Jimmy knelt at her side and she gripped his cock in her hand. I choreographed Dave to keel at her other side so she could grip his cock with her other hand. Two cocks in her and one in each hand. I slipped my little digital camera out and took a quick snap expecting complaints but as none came, I took a few more.

Lynn, asked me to fuck her again so we went to the couch and I shagged her as hard as I could. This time she came much quicker. My thrusts were harder and more urgent and I assumed she was anticipating Daz.

Winston called her over and I pulled out. She lay alongside Kate and lifted her legs in the same position as her. Daz pulled out and inexpertly thrust his cock straight into Lynn without thinking. She screamed and the thought of his entry made my eyes water. He tried to pull out but she dug her nails into his back and forced him to keep fucking. This was getting wild with both women lying there like fuck sluts. There was no affection, no kissing, no tenderness, just two wide open cunts being fucked time and time again. Winston was already into Kate and fucking her and Jimmy once more was sticking his cock in any of the two mouths that would have it. Once more I climbed up and kissed Kate while he sucked him, taking his cock in my mouth as I did so. Dave climbed up alongside him and Kate and I alternated between cocks. I rubbed the two cock heads together and Dave instantly spurted cum in thin jets over Kate's face and into my mouth. I kept rubbing his cock head against Jimmy and he shot too, Thick white dollops of cum splodged on to Kate and into her mouth and I managed to put my mouth briefly over the head to taste some of it.

As though they other two guys thought it was a precedent, the pulled out, ripped off their condoms and decided to give Kate their loads too. Daz had all the exuberance of youth and his cum was copious and thin. Great jets poured out hitting Kate in the hair, forehead, cheeks, tits and mouth. Again I slurped the remains and while I was doing it another warm spray hit my face from Winston. I came too with the warm remains of four guy's seed in my mouth and on my face.

We collapsed backwards on to the bed.

“Cool man,” said Winston and he pulled his shorts on accompanied by his buddies. He looked quickly out of the door and they all disappeared with a wave and a “see you.”

Kate lay splattered in cum and all four of us burst into laughter.

We didn't have any of the guys again though we did have Dave and Lynn twice during our stay. Another older black guy visited our dune one day and Kate got to suck his cock but he came far too quickly for us to derive any great pleasure from it.

The essence of the story is that now we are home, Dave and Lynn visit us regularly and we have a small group of other like-minded couples both local to us and also at Dave and Lynn's when we visit them. Our sex life has perked up and we can't wait for our next holiday and the possibilities it might create.

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Posted by MONTED at 29,Sep,14 21:09

If it hadn't been for the hidden video, I probably would have remained clueless and would have lost her altogether. Aira and I had been married for nearly three years, and whereas Aira was the first woman I'd done more than a quick fuck of release with, I had no illusions about her experience. In fact she had been dating a big black guy named Buck when I met her and she made no attempt to hide his sexual prowess from me. I was amazed then as much as now that she agreed to marry me.

I thought our sex life was just fine - at least she managed to get me off quickly, which was helped by her big blue eyes; pendulous breasts; long, flowing white-blonde hair; and that tantalizing little accent of hers. And she seemed satisfied with our lovemaking - or at least I thought so until I happened upon that homemade video she'd been keeping **** from me.

We'd had an electrical storm go through downtown Manhattan one day while we were both at work. She'd telephoned me that she had to work late, and so when I got home, I went around to all of our electronic gear to make sure the storm hadn't screwed any of them up. She'd left the DVD in the TV set in her office area. I flipped it on to make sure the TV was still working and there she was, in living color. It was a film of her and a black guy - Buck, I assumed - having sex.

I was mad, of course, at first. My first reaction was that I was being cuckolded. Then I decided that this must have been filmed before Aira and I had started dating, and Aira had been honest with me about what she and Buck had done - in fact she'd told me what they'd done so graphically that I blushed, as only red heads like me could do so vividly. Then the anger turned to a sense of hurt, confusion, and frustration. If Aira was watching a DVD like this secretly, what did this tell me about how well I satisfied her in bed?

I sat down and started watching, trying to figure out what he was doing that I didn't. Aira was moaning and crying out for him and writhing under his attentions in ways she never did for me. It was disturbing, yes, but as I watched, it was also highly arousing. Not just her but him as well. Neophyte that I was, it took me the longest time to figure out what he was doing to her. She was kneeling on all fours at the end of the bed, and he was behind her and pumping into her. It was only when I saw one of his beefy hands snake around her waist and palm itself low on her flat belly and when she lurched and cried out as a finger snaked down and entered her that I realized that he was fucking her in the ass.

I was mesmerized and didn't even realize that I'd lost my pants and was stroking myself with one hand and probing my own ass with a finger while I watched the black dude fucking my wife in the ass until I jacked off right there in front of her TV set.

I told Aira nothing about what I saw, but I went out and bought myself a big black, cock-shaped dildo, with standout veins and all. I found where she was hiding the DVD - behind laundry detergent stuff on the shelf about the washer, which, I had to admit, was a very clever place for her to hide it. And then when I knew Aira would be gone, I played the film over and over again and became quite proficient at using the black dildo on my ass while I watched the black guy service Aira's ass on the TV.

I introduced Aira to the dildo too, trying to achieve the same lust level from her by working her ass with the dildo while I fucked her. She never quite got to the same moaning level as she had done on the DVD, although she certainly seemed to respond to the dildo in her ass better than my cock inside her cunt, even though I had nothing to be ashamed of in the size of my equipment or my staying power. I kept watching the film, and I decided that the problem wasn't with Aira; it was with me. The black dude was in such ecstasy when he was pumping Aira on the DVD that I decided this was the missing ingredient. I wasn't being aroused enough in sex to heighten Aira's arousal. I loved that dildo up my ass as much as she did.

I went out and bought a strap-on belt to go with the dildo and tried to interest Aira in putting that on and doing me during our lovemaking, but she didn't really show interest in doing that.

And then life became so tense for both of us that Aira declared she wanted to go back to Helsinki to see her family, that she was homesick for Finland. Of course I let her go. The worst thing for our relationship would be me trying to hold her here. We were just shy of our third anniversary, though, and I was wondering if it was all over for us in such a short time just because I was a twinky redhead instead of hulking black guy.

I had to do something. I didn't want to lose Aira.

I made my plans and, fortuitously, was able to set up a short rotation to my company's London office. This enabled me to convince Aira to meet me in Copenhagen on our anniversary to mark the occasion.

'I can only fly there for a day,' Aira had said. 'A favorite aunt is coming down from the north especially to see me.'

'That should be enough, I hope,' I said. And then I rushed on. 'I just think we should spend our anniversary together.'

'Will you be meeting me at the airport?' Aira asked.

'It might be hard for me to know which flight you'll be on at this late date,' I said. 'How about just meeting where we'll start the celebration?' It sounded pretty lame to me too, but I was still excited just that she'd agreed to the trip.


'Do you think you can find a place called Big Dick's on Radhusstr�de near the university? Say 4 p.m.?'

She wasn't more than fifteen minutes late, which was pretty much how she scheduled her entrances anyway. And a startling entrance she made at Big Dick's. Every head, male and female alike, snapped around to the door when she appeared there, all white-blonde beauty with those long, long legs and those big breasts. She was wearing a sun dress with straps holding up the halter top and a hemline above the knees and miles above the floor. She was as stunning as the first day I'd seen her, and my heart nearly burst with longing and the pride that she was mine - if I could keep her.

I was sitting at the long bar, at one end, on the side away from the small band that was playing, in the shadows. Big Dick was behind the bar, along with two other bartenders, and it was a slow enough afternoon that he'd taken time to talk with me at length. He left no doubt that he found me attractive. I'd known about his story. Richard Featherstone, or Big Dick as he had been known by, had been a fullback for the New York Giants football team ten years earlier. He was a bulky, strapping black guy with the looks that attracted lucrative endorsements but the appetites that contributed to his downfall. He'd been caught up in an athlete doping scandal - and had the musculature to support the charge he was on enhancement drugs. Before it got to the indictment stage, however, he'd quit football, left the country, and opened up this bar in the red light district of Copenhagen, Denmark.

I had warned him about Aira, but I could see from the look in his eyes and the drool on his chin when she'd shown up at the door that I hadn't done her full justice in the description. Aira saw me and sauntered over and sat back on the bar stool next to me.

For the next half hour, Big Dick lost all interest in the rest of his clientele and stood there at the other side of the bar, chatting up both Aira and me. Happily, what I'd heard about him when I'd asked around back in New York panned out - he was paying as much attention to me as he was to Aira. But that was a lot of attention. He was turning from one to the other, running his fingers up and down our forearms, and talking up a storm to both of us, capturing our attention with meaningful dark looks with his eyes. It wasn't long until he told the other bartenders to take over and he came around the bar, lifted Aira off her seat, sat down himself, and then brought Aira's rear back into his lap.

I was watching Aira's eyes, and they lit up, as I thought they might, when her ass came in contact with Big Dick's basket. Big Dick must have caught my gaze, because he took a big mitt of his and reached out and placed it on the back of my head and brought my face to his and gave me a lip-lock kiss that started off in a question and ended up with hungry possession.

Aira's eyes were as big as saucers when I came up for air and centered myself back over my stool, but they went all glassy when Big Dick then turned her face to his and gave her a kiss of equal intensity. Sometime during that long kiss, one of his hands cupped on of her breasts and the other hiked up the hem of her sun dress and went between her legs. I caught a glance of silky white-blonde hair and realized that Aira wasn't wearing any panties. But I only got a brief look because beefy brown fingers were settling in on that region.

Aira squirmed under the onslaught, but I wouldn't exactly say she was fighting it. Big Dick's hand came off Aira's breast and moved to between the stools, found my thigh, and then slid up. He was tracing my cock through my straining trousers, testing to see if I was aroused. And finding that I was - very.

When Big Dick and Aira's kiss was completed, Big Dick said in a husky, low-pitched voice, 'I have a very nice room in back. Very private. Would you two like to see it?'

Aira was eyeing me, waiting for me to object and take us out of this bar. Assuming that this was too much for me to bear.

'Sure, why not?' I said. 'OK with you, honey?' This was the moment, the most dangerous moment of all. What would Aira do? There had been almost no preliminary maneuvering. Big Dick had gone almost immediately to the big question.

Aira's hand went to the where Big Dick was palming her belly and making his middle finger disappear, and she held her hand there, making no move to make his finger withdraw.

'Yes,' she said in a faraway voice. The look of her eyes, still intently focused on mine, took on a look of awe, a questioning, a not quite being able to grasp how we had come to this point look. But she obviously couldn't resist the feel of that finger inside her and that basket pressed into her rear end.

Inside the back room, which featured a large bed, a few chairs and a big ottoman, and mirrored walls, it took no more than a tug of her sun dress over Aira's head to make her naked. It took Big Dick and me a few more moments to strip down. But then we were all revealed. The beautiful, long-legged, big-breasted, white-blonde Finn who was my wife, The muscular black stud, and the red-haired, slender, twinky, fully aroused me.

Big Dick guided Aira to the bed and had her sit down on the edge. Then he brought out a bottle of lubricant, handed it to me, and said. 'Get her ready. Both entrances.'

The start was no more elaborate than that. I knelt in front of Aira, pushed her onto her back with the palm of my hand, tilted her pelvis up, and spread her legs. Between the lubricant and my tongue, I opened and wettened her cunt and asshole while she sighed and flicked her nipples with her fingernails. Big Dick spent some time kneeling at Aira's head, making her work her tongue and mouth on his cock until it achieved admirable proportions. Then he left the bed, knelt behind me, pulled me up to a crouching position, and was wettening and opening my asshole up as well with lubricant and his tongue. I was doing as much sighing then as Aira was.

'OK, good enough,' Big Dick said at length. 'You go sit over on that ottoman and watch for a while. There's a dildo over there. I suggest you use it. You'll want to be opened wide when I get around to you.'

I did as he told me. This was all new and fascinating and just a little scary for me. I found the dildo and hunched back on the ottoman, lost in the scene of this big black dude fucking my wife, just as I had been regularly lost in watching the DVD of Buck doing the same. I lubed up the big black dildo I'd found and put it to work on my hole as my other hand stroked my meat.

Big Dick, after rolling on a condom, crouched between Aira's open, long, slender legs, sank his cock slowly into her cunt and fucked her slowly for a couple of minutes until his cock was all aslather with her flowing mixed with the lubricant. Aira was moaning softly and lifting her hips to meet each of his thrusts down into her.

This didn't go on very long, though. Big Dick pulled out of her and stood up, bringing Aira up off the bed with him. He then turned and sat on the bed and slowly brought her back down into his lap, her back against his chest.

I watched Aira's eyes go wild and then dreamy as he slowly pulled her down into his lap, and her lubricated anal canal onto his rock-hard cock. He snaked one arm firmly around her waist, palm on belly, and two fingers on her G-spot, and found her pendulous breasts with his other hand. His lips went to the hollow of Aira's neck and they started a rhythm of fucking that went from slow and languid to fast and furious. Aira was moaning and crying out in passion as she never did in our lovemaking.

'Now,' Big Dick cried out. 'Come over and fuck her now.'

I rose up off the ottoman and crouched between her legs and thrust my cock deep inside her and began fucking her in deep, passionate thrusts. We were all quite vocal now, crying out in lust and ecstasy and panting and moaning and breathing heavily.

Big Dick lifted Aira and me up enough that he could get out from underneath Aira and then he came around behind me and lifted my hips in his beefy hands. I cried out in pain and surprise as he entered me. This was a different feel than the dildo, but I was very lucky that I had used it first. Big Dick was bigger than the dildo and his action was rougher and more relentless than I had been doing to myself with the dildo. Him sliding back and forth inside me, his cock throbbing, wasn't anything like the controlled movement of a plastic phallus. He'd hold for the longest time as expectation rose and then there's be a long, filling thrust that took my breath away and made my eyes water. I felt completely in his control and completely possessed.

My cries and moans reached a whole new level of passion. This surprised and further aroused Aira, and she, in turn, turned up her counteraction to my cocking several notches. She exploded in a lurching orgasm underneath me.

'Go back to the ottoman now,' Big Dick whispered in my ear in a hoarse breath as he pulled out of me. 'I'll give her another lift and then I'll get her to do what you need.'

I pulled out of Aira and went back to the ottoman and sat down there as Big Dick turned her on the bed and brought her up on all fours, ass facing the edge. He buried his cock inside her ass again and reached around her with both hands, one going to her swinging breasts and the other to where he could thrust fingers into her vagina. And he fucked her anally in long, forceful strokes - just like Buck in that DVD did - until her knees turned to jelly, her moans turned to screams of passion, and she melted in yet another long, lingering orgasm.

Big Dick lowered his chest onto Aira's back then without withdrawing his cock. He held her body up to his, hovering over the bed, like a rag doll. She was clearly spent and fully satisfied. He kissed her on the neck and cheek and whispered in her ear. She was murmuring back to him.

He let her fall gently on the bed. She turned over and watched as he came back to me.

'On your knees, your chest on the ottoman, butt up, legs together,' he said. Big Dick didn't seem to waste any words. I did as he instructed and turned my head and watched as Big Dick brought out a strap-on device, inserted the big, black dildo in it, and, motioning Aira off the bed, showed her how to strap it on herself.

Within minutes, her hands on my hips, her nipples rubbing against my shoulder blades, and her fine, white-blonde hair whipping across my shoulders, my wife was fucking me vigorously and deeply to ever-higher decibel levels of passion and lust with that black dildo strapped to her. Some of the vocalizing was hers, though, and it was obvious that my heightened passion was heightening hers as well.

When I couldn't take it anymore, I rose up, took her up in my arms and dumped her on the bed and began furiously fucking her, alternating between her cunt and her ass until she exploded in a third orgasm that met my own ejaculation and flow. Big Dick was long gone now, having left after showing Aira what to do with the strap-on.

Laying there, panting, breath heaving, and our hips still writhing against each other to eke out the last possible stimulation of our shared flow, I whispered, 'Happy anniversary, honey,' in Aira's ear.

'That was amazing,' she whispered back in a guttural voice. 'How could this be happening?'

'I arranged it all, Aira,' I said. 'I thought we needed - and deserved - saving. I asked around in New York and found that Big Dick offered what we both needed.'

'If only . . . ,' she began and then stopped.

'If only what, honey?'

'If only it could last,' she said. 'But, I'm sorry . . . I . . .'

'Hush, hush,' I whispered, feeling myself come to life again and slowly starting to stroke deeply inside her once more. 'That's the beauty of it. It can continue.'

'I don't understand. Ohhh, yes, like that again. Ahhhhh.'

'I tracked down Buck back in New York. He's more than willing to threesome. We have a standing date starting from whenever you return from Finland.'

'Oh gawd, yes. Tomorrow!' she cried out, as I moved the dildo back in place and started slowly screwing it in to the rhythm of her panting and thrusting back into it.

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