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stubborn bitch

Posted by nancy at 28,Aug,14 21:56

I am a stubborn bitch who needs to be tamed by you. U might need to insult and humiliate me... Call me names.. Facefuck me in front of ur friends

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us farm chicks can be quite fun

Posted by cornfedcunt at 28,Aug,14 19:42

"Emmmmmmmm", a soft feminine sound, drifted from the window. "Emmmmmmmmm", there it was again. I quietly approached the window opening. I looked around to make sure no one could see me. I was surrounded by 5 foot corn, only a small path around the shack had been mowed to keep the weeds down and there was no way anyone could see me. I was shaking with excitement. I peered past the corner of the window into the room. "Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhh". I moved slightly, and looked down. She was just below me. Her head rested on one sack of corn, her blond hair spread out behind her, her eyes were closed. Her mouth was slightly open, her lips opening and closing. Her body splayed across several lower sacks. The sunlight slashed down the length of her young body. Her white blouse was blinding as it reflected the sunlight coming from the window. Her bare midriff golden in the light. Her legs were spread far apart, the blue jeans dangling around one ankle. Her hands were between her thighs, holding something, moving it slowly, up and down against herself. Her fingers pulled upward exposing something yellow. It was a cob of corn, warm buttery corn from the corn boil, between her thighs, she was rubbing it up and down the length of her cunt. The kernels were glistening and buttery. I could hear the corn as it rubbed against her, little noises escaped her lips. My hands had unzipped my pants and pulled my cock free. I slid my hand up a down its hard length. I wanted to jack-off right there watching her. Her legs moved, she drew them up, bending at the knees. She must have been 13 maybe 14 at the most. Her face could only be described as wantonly angelic. She turned the cob so it was pointing at her pussy and started moving it slowly, in cirles, between her pussy lips. I was grasping my cock, pulling and sliding my hand over the end, bring myself closer to orgasm. Then an idea, flashed in my mind, I reached for my camera, which I always had on my belt. With shaking hands, raised it and could see her image erotically displayed on the digital screen. I pushed the video button, and watched on the screen as the corn slowly was pushed between her thighs, "Ahhhhhhhh!" 1 inch disappered, then pulled back, and pushed in again. "Ahhhhhh" Sounds she made were getting louder. As quickly as possible, I snuck around to the doorway, trying to not make a sound. Crouching low, at the very corner of the doorway I could see her across the room. Her face wasn't visible, but her body from feet to chest were clearly visible. The cob was now only half visible, its remaining length deep into her young pussy. I kept to the side of the door and let the camera record her movements and sounds. Her hips were lifted and moved in circles as she kept, inserting and removing the cob. Pushing it deeper with each cycle. I'd gotten enough, I moved back around the shack, put my hard cock, back in my pants, and approached the shack again from the east but this time made plenty of noise.

"Helloooo...?" I said in a fairly load voice was I approached. I could hear movement in the shack and as I got to the table she appeared at the door. Her face flushed, the top button of her shorts still unbuttoned. 

"Hi", she responded, "is there something that I can get for you?" She looked around. "I didn't hear you drive up."

"I'm parked a little way down the road, I past by and too late decided to stop, so I just pulled over and walked back", I explained.

"Oh. Did you want some corn or tomatoes? They were just picked this morning." She said with a friendly smile. She was nervously arranging the produce in the baskets. I watched her every move. She was definitely young and very cute. I could see the slight round curve of her breasts as she bent over the produce and the shirt parted a little. They were small round mounds and the nipples were visible when the material stretched tightly over one or the other. I didn't respond, I just watched her. Her hips were small but her ass very round and compact. The small shorts made her legs seem even longer than they were and her movements gave a tiny glimpse of cheek when she turned the right way. I could see a small streak of glistening moisture running down the inside of one thighs. "Uh," she looked around, "anything?" Her gaze dropped to my crotch and stayed there, she obviously realized my excited state. Then realizing I was watching her she quickly looked away, nervously biting her lip, and sort of laughing.

"I'll probably stop on my return trip tomorrow", I said, picking up a few pieces of produce and looking them over. "On my way home."
"That way they will stay fresher and I won't have to carry them around."

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense", she said, sounding disappointed.

"Won't you be here tomorrow?", I asked.

"No, my **** works the stand Wednesdays. We trade off, whoever works gets to keep that days sales.", she explained.

Now I understood her disappointment. "Oh, in that case let's see. How about I buy the things I want now, we can bag them, put my name on it and I'll stop by and pick it up tomorrow? Wouldn't that work out better?"

"Sure, that would be great", she smiled with a big grin. She grabbed a large bag, opened it, "what would you like?" I picked some tomatoes, sweet corn and cucumbers and handed them to her. She wrote the amounts on the bag, put the total on the bag and looked into my eyes. "That will be $5.25. What's the name?"

"Stevie", I spelled it out, and handed her $6.25. "I'll have a corn boil to go as well." She went behind the table, grabbed a cob of corn from a sack and was about to remove the husk. At the same time, I removed the camera from its case on my belt and pushed the button for image viewing. "Uhhh, could I pick the cob I want?", I asked.

"Oh, sure, sorry, they were all picked just this morning."

"Here, I want to show you the one I want", as I raised the camera into view. She looked at me quizically, then at the screen. I moved up behind her, held the camera in front of her and pushed play. Her image appeared on the screen, writhing, humping the corn cob, moaning estatically. She froze, first flushing with embarrassment, then all the color draining from her face as she watched her own pornographic image. "That the cob, I want", I said as my hand reached down and cupped her tiny round ass through the shorts. I turned off the camera, and stared at her. "Let go back there", I said as I moved her and myself toward the shed door.

"But,..but..,I..,please don't kill me...please don't hurt me" She was begging me and looking like she was going to cry.

"Don't be silly. I'm not going to kill you, I'm not even going to hurt you. God no, look, we have a little fun, OK, and nobody sees this, nobody finds out. We don't, and I'll make sure your parents, friends and school have both video and stills of you, fucking yourself with that cob of corn. You won't live it down. You understand?"

She nodded. She let me push her ass in front of me and walked into the shack. I turned her around and started to untie her shirt. It opened revealing two exquisitely round, small globes with small pink nipples. I dragged a finger tip across her left nipple and she jumped like she'd been given an electrical shock. She smiled tightly. I bent down and gently kissed her lips, she tried to turn away, but I used one hand to hold her head, the other rubbed and squeezed her backside. As I kissed her, her lips started to respond slightly. "You're very pretty", I breathed against her lips. "Relax, I think you'll really enjoy this, and nobody will know. OK?", she involuntarily nodded, but with only the smallest of movement. I kept kissing her lips, softly, every now and then flicking the tip of my tongue against them. I felt her body relax a little more. I kissed her cheeks, eyes, neck. I pushed her back onto the sacks of corn, I couldn't stop kissing her. I lowered my head to her breasts and slowly sucked a nipple between my lips. It hardened, and stuck out like a pencil eraser, from the surrounding areola, I licked, nibbled and sucked at its firmness. First one, then the other. My hand was now between her legs, her thighs were relaxed apart, no more squeezed tightly together, trying to keep me out. She was accepting that this was going to happen, regardless. I was kissing her stomach, running my tongue around her belly button. The zipper on her shorts was coming undone. My hand groping the mound between her legs. The fine hairs silky beneath my palm. I was gentle. I pulled at her shorts, without thinking, she raised so they could be removed. My lips pressed against her mound, kissing her firmly there. She breathed in deeply. Her hand was on the top of my head. My tongue licked over her slit, pushing between her pussy lips. I kept listening to the sounds around me. A car now and then whizzed by, but no one stopped.

"Ohhhhhhhh", she groaned. Her hips pushed against my probing tongue. I knealt down between her legs, her legs drew up and spread apart. My lips pushed between hers, her dampness coating them with a slightly salty, buttery taste, mingled with young teen pussy juice. I found her clit, a hard little button with the tip of my tongue. I gently circled it, licking, sucking it like it was a tiny cock. "Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh, yeahhhhh, oh, yeahhhhh, there, there," she was now abandoning herself to the sensations welling up in her young body. I put a finger at the vaginal opening and slowly pushed it into the warm, wetness beyond. Then a second, and yet a third, the corn cob must have stretched the muscles as I found almost no resistance at all. I was easily slipping 3 fingers in and out her wet pussy as my tongue lapped at her clitoris and licked every drop of her sweetness. "Geez, oh geeez, I'm ,I'm ...", she was grinding her hips against my mouth, her hand pulling at my hair, "I......., uhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, unhhhhhhh,", her legs squeezed together tightly, her back arched, and I could feel the spasms squeezing my fingers inside her, pulsing through her clit against my tongue. I kept kissing and licking her till she was lying quietly. "No more, oh, no" 

I stood up, and she languidly got up on her elbows, watching me. I stood a few feet in front of her and unzipped my fly and pulled my erect cock out of my pants. "My turn", I said lightly. Her eyes were glued to my cock, as if she never saw one. I'm not that impressive, probably 5 inches fully erect if that. About 1 1/4 wide. Her mouth opened but no words came out. I stepped closer to her, and she sat up, her hand reached up and grasped my shaft, lightly squeezing it, like she was testing it for firmness. Her hands were soft and warm, and again like trying to see what it was made of, she ran her fingers from the tip to the base. I stepped even closer. "Kiss it, go ahead, don't be afraid, it's OK". She leaned forward and pressed her lips to the underside of my cock, just below the knob. One kiss, then a second against the fleshiness of the knob. She was learning fast. "Lick it, sweetheart". Her small tongue drew a line from base to slit. Then circled the head, she looked up at me. I smiled. "Oh, yeah, that's it." She seemed to smile back a little, then opened her mouth and let her lips fully encircle my hot cock. She was sucking me,
using her open mouth to slide up and down my penis, using the tip of her tongue to draw lines and circles up, down and around my cock. I could feel the tension mounting in me, juices bubbling in my balls. I couldn't last much longer. I stepped back, and my cock pulled from her lips with a popping sound. She still held onto me, looking at me questioningly.

I pulled out my wallet, and removed a rubber, from the bills compartment. "What's that?", she asked, as I ripped the package open.

"Are you on any form of birth control?", I enquired. She shook her head no, she was still holding my cock, like she didn't want to give it up. "Well, this is a rubber, I'll put it on so you can't get pregnant, OK?".

"Can I put it on?", she giggled. I opened the package and handed the rolled up sheath to her. She looked at the flat ring of material, and obviously didn't understand what to do with it. I took her hands and showed her how to place and then unroll the sheath down my penis."Ahhhh". She ran her fingers tips up and down, feeling it. "Its slippery."

"Its lubricated", I pushed her onto her back. Her legs were bent at the knee and I placed the tip of my cock against her vaginal opening. Moving my cock around I lubricated the end with her juices and stimulated her clit and pussy at the same time. She was leaning on her elbows, watching what was happening down between us. I pushed forward slowly, pushing her pussy lips apart, entering her.

"Ohhh. I... Ohhh I don't....Ohhh, Ahhhh, Ohhhh, its hot, Ohhh...", it seems she didn't know what to say. She didn't move, just watched as my entire cock sank into her. She definitely had lost her viginity sometime in the past, for there was no resistance. Maybe a corn cob had broken her hymen, the one she was using was much wider than my dick. Then she raised her legs and wrapped them around me. I was totally within her. "It feels so good, so damn good, please don't take it out", she whispered. 

"I won't, honey, I won't", I pushed hard against her. I could see a tear, run from the corner of her eye, "Are you OK? Does it hurt?"

She shook her head, "It's just so beautiful, I feel you in me, we're like one, you know". I leaned down and kissed her passionately, holding her tightly we lay like that for several minutes. I couldn't believe how something that started out so perverse turned out so exquisite. I actually felt a deep love for this pretty young girl. Then quite slowly rhythmically, almost without deciding to do so, I was pumping my cock in and out of her. At times I could feel her squeeze me with her vaginal muscles. I reached down between us and let my finger tips caress her clitoris, slow circles, rolling it between thumb and index finger. Her breathing deepened and her hips were meeting every thrust with their own response. "Mmmmmm,mmmmmm." she made little sounds again, indicating the sensations that she felt, her head rolling from one side to the other, "Mmmmmmmm,...Mmmmm". I slowed to long and deep thrusts, not wanting to end it too soon. I wanted to watch her, see her crescendo to sexual bliss, one more time. I didn't need to wait long, I watched as her brow tightened, her eyes closed half way, and she was biting one side of her bottom lip,as if trying to hold back the sounds of pleasure that were emanating from her throat. "Arhhhhh",uhhhhh, yesssss, oh push it in, push it in". Her body tensed, then jerked repeatedly, her vagina spasming around my cock. I picked up the pace and could feel the cum pulsing through my balls, pumping thru the tube of my cock and ejacualting into the sheath that separated us inside. Spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, I thought I'd never stop cumming. We both laid still for several minutes after. I listened as cars ****side, but thankfully none stopped. Then as I pulled off her, she was again watching as my penis withdrew from her. She smiled, "I could feel it, filling up inside, please, can I take it off?" She reached for me. The condom seemed like a toy to her."I think I'd like to feel it shooting inside me without this thing."

"Well get on the pill and there will be no need for condoms. Be careful that the hairs don't get caught as you roll it upward."

She giggled, "Is this OK?", she gently rolled the rubber back toward the end making sure my pubic hairs weren't pulled. I nodded. Upon getting it off, she gave me a mischevious look, and quickly sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. She looked into my eyes and was smiling as she sucked and licked me. "Mmmmmm, I wondered what it tasted like," she ran her tongue up its shrinking length.


"Not bad, I bet it tastes even better if you'd cum directly in my mouth."

"How about I stop back next week, and we can find out?", I responded, putting my hands again between her thighs and gently finger her.

"Oh, yes! Next Wednesday? I'll meet you just east of here at 10:00, is that OK? There's a field entrance. Do you know where it is?" I indicated I was parked there now. "My **** will be working and we could have fun the entire day. Please say you'll be there."

"Sure, I'll be there", and I fully intended to. Just as I intended to stop the next day for the vegetables I bought. But later I started thinking, what if she told some one what happened. What if they called the police and I was walking into a trap, tomorrow or next week. After all, this was a 13 year old I had just fucked. I never went that way again. Now many years later, the corn girl is one of my most pleasant of memories.

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If u read this u will understand my name

Posted by cornfedcunt at 28,Aug,14 19:37

I always wanted to live on a farm. I always thought about what it would be like to raise farm **** and grow my own fruits and vegetables. I started dating this guy named Lawrence while I was doing my internship in Seattle. Larry was a wonderful man who stood about five foot nine with wavy brown hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes I'd ever seen. We started our relationship off slowly, neither one of us sure where it was going to go or how, but we were going to give it the old college try anyhow. 

Larry lived on a small farm that he had inherited from his parents when they moved farther south to get away from the cold winters. Larry was of course a few years my senior, but nonetheless, he was stable and financially secure for life. During our time together, Larry showed me a lot of exciting aspects to living on a farm. I would spend a few days there on the weekends, where he showed me how to bale hay, milk cows, and sow corn. I can say that Larry and I had a wonderful sex life. There wasn't a moment that he wasn't ready, willing and able to satisfy himself or my needs, but one particular moment in time stands out in my mind more than any other.

It was a hot August day and I had stopped by the house to see him. I rang the bell, but no one answered. I walked around the back of the house and heard the rumble of the tractor in the north field. I followed the sound of it, and watched intently as the tractor cut off and Larry hopped down from the seat and started inspecting the almost full rows of corn. I edged my way closer and came to rest at the large wheel of the tractor and just watched. He plucked an ear of corn from one of the stalks and peeled the husk back inspecting the kernels that clung to cob. His shirtless chest glistened in the hot sun and was baked to a fine golden brown. I could see tiny beads of sweat running down his well-muscled back, as his fingers plucked the silk from the cob. 

I stepped to him and ran my hand down his spine. His skin was hot and wet from his efforts, and I could feel my body getting excited as I ran my hand down his slick flesh.

"What a pleasant surprise," he said, as he grabbed me hard and pressed his hot lips to my neck, allowing his tongue to glide over my instantly heated flesh, while still gripping the ear of corn. 

My nipples began to harden and his grip on my waist tightened. I could feel the need in both of us growing and the intensity of our touches burning our already heated flesh. I wanted him, and I wanted him now. I inched my hand down to his already hard and bulging crotch. His cock was thick and swollen, as it always seemed to be when he and I were close. I stretched my hand across the breadth of it and squeezed it tightly. His breath hitched and a hand closed over my breast. He ran his hot hands up under my blouse and massaged my aching nipples for a brief moment as his mouth nibbled at my neck. He began to peel my clothes away from my body, just as he had the husk from the ear of corn. Within minutes we stood naked and sweating in the center of the rows of corn. 

Larry's mouth covered my hardened nipple as his one hand massaged the aching nipple of my other breast. I felt something cool and rigid against my back, sending delicious chills up and down my spine. His hand slipped from my breast and dove between my legs, finding my wet slippery hole. He inserted a finger and drew out the wetness there and smoothed it over my pulsing clit. The shockwaves fluttered through my body causing me to cum instantly. As the pulses of my orgasm raced through my body, contracting my inner muscles. I felt the cool rigid object slid against my hot thighs and then into me. I looked down knowing it wasn't Larry's hard cock that was lodged deep inside of me, because I could see his cock pulsing up and down in front of me. My eyes drifted down to my cunt where the yellow kernels on the ear of corn slid in and out of my wet hole. My heart went wild and my eyes bulged at the sight of a fat juicy ear of corn fucking in and out of my cunt, at the mercy of Larry's strong hand. I gyrated my hips, encouraging the corn and Larry's hand to push deeper into my body. The rigid kernels dragged their way in and out of my cunt, sending chills of pleasure throughout my weakening limbs. I began to lower myself to the ground before I lost my footing. Larry inched his way down with me. 

I spread my legs far apart and levered myself on my elbows so that I could watch him work the ear of corn in and out of my hot, heavy cunt. His thick hearty cock bobbed up and down as his hand drove the ear of corn deeper into my hole. He drilled the cob in and out in slow agonizing movements, then rammed me hard and deep, sending me into another delicious orgasm before removing the ear of corn and sucking my cum from it's kernels. 

"Now that's erotic," I huffed, as my nipples stood harder than they ever had been enjoying the sight of Larry licking my cum of an ear of corn. I reached down and began to stroke his cock with long, hard strokes as he continued to feast on my juices that glistened on the cob. I knew he was ready to blow his thick, juicy load as soon as I began to stroke harder and faster along its length, but he somehow concentrated all that energy into sucking off the ear of corn and delaying his own need to cum. 

After a long time of watching him enjoy the taste of my cunt on the ear of corn, I pulled the cob from his mouth and held it in one hand while I continued to stroke him with the other. I couldn't stop thinking about how good it felt to have been fucked to orgasm by an ear of corn. My cunt was aching to be filled with it again, and I pushed the cob back up my gushing hole and began to move it in and out with the same furious pace I was using to jerk Larry off. I felt the first pulse of his cock and knew that he was ready to blow. I yanked the cob out of my cunt and rubbed it against the length of his cock. His eyes rolled in delight as the kernels of corn scrubbed back and forth over his cock. I **** it up the shaft and rolled it over the sensitive head and then down under his balls. After just a few strokes of the kernels on his cock, he began to moan louder and claw at his thighs with his hands. His thick white cum began to squirt out in hot, heavy, thick jets. I pulled the cob directly into his line of fire and coated it with his cum, making sure that I got every last drop from his heavy sac as if it were hot butter melting over those golden, sweet kernels. His eyes were closed tightly and I waited for his convulsing to stop before I shoved the cum coated cob into my mouth and down my throat, inching my lips down the ear of corn to get every last drop of his cum that was running down onto my closed fist. 

Larry opened his eyes and they bulged with delight as he watched me lick his cream off the ear of corn. I licked his entire load from the cob before tossing it aside and licking the few stray drops of cum from the head of his cock. Larry was hard once again, but this time decided that his cock would replace the corn that had worked my cunt loose just moments earlier. He plunged his fattened meat deep into my hole and fucked my cum slicked cunt hard and fast. I couldn't help but to look over at the ear of corn that lay next to me and get excited over how those rough kernels had dragged through my cunt only moments earlier, giving me such a new and unexpected pleasure. I never thought that an ear of corn could be such a good fuck. Larry fucked me hard and fast until another load of cum was ready to wash over me. He pulled his cock from my hole in the nick of time as the first squirt of his cream splashed onto my naked chest. I rubbed his cream into my skin like lotion and waited for the last of his spasms to cease. I wanted so desperately to grab the ear of corn and roll it around in his cum like you would butter on a plate. 

Larry and I finished a wonderful afternoon in the cornfield, and Larry brought an ear of corn into the bedroom for later and repeated the day's events over and over again. Larry and I have since used corn and other homegrown vegetables our sexual adventures when they're in season. Our sex life is more awesome each time we do something new with vegetables. Needless to say, corn is my favorite vegetable these days, because it has opened my eyes to a new way of enjoying my sexuality with a very special man.

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I wonder if I should start butt plugging so my ass can b fucked. ...

Posted by cornfedcunt at 28,Aug,14 19:34

by now my ass has got to be stretched out enough to fit my boyfriend and anything else he can think of. for about six weeks I have been letting peter make my ass "ready". Most days I ware a rather large plug inside my asshole. At first it was kind of uncomfortable but peter assured me the results would be worth it. The worst was the over whelming sensation of my impending bowel movements. I realize that this is my problem and I have to work through it. Peter preferred to have me wait until he got home from work to release my bowels so as to not lose any bit of stretching I might gain during the day. I agreed, although this waiting was sometimes painful and always difficult. 

Most days by the time Peter came home I was soaked in sweat from the desire to release compounded by the pressure of the plug. The rim of the plug is very wide and really stretches the tight ring of my asshole. By now I'm almost totally use to the sensation. Everyday Peter comes home from work with a hard on and can hardly wait to take a look at the progression my ass is undergoing. He fingers me contently and has become totally obsessed with my ass now that I have been wearing the plug. In the evenings I empty my ass, and keep it well lubed. This is for my own benefit as peter has a very large cock and strokes my ass quite unceremoniously at his own discretion. He asked me soon after I moved in to remember to always keep it lubed when he is home. We stopped having "regular" sex all together soon after I moved in and its been about four months since I have had cock in my pussy. 

Peter sometimes places a soft rubber toy over his cock that fits like a condom but only covers the base of his cock shaft. Its thick rubber and has soft spikes all over it. I love to look at it being buried into my ass in a small hand mirror peter asks me to use. 

Often when we go out peter asks me to ware the plug. He also has another "training" that he uses to amuse himself when we go out. Often he likes to take me out to dinner or a party after he has insisted upon me drinking ALLOT of water. 

He can be very cruel with this game and requests that I ask him for permission to pee. Often I can barely hold on after he rejects my pleas, and I suffer from quakes and spasms in front of guests who have no idea as to my suffering. I have at times peed myself as a result of this game. I know that this result is inevitable as this is Peter's plan from the beginning. He acts very irritated by my pleas and demands for me to hold it during the long ride home ( I know he would be more than pissed off if I were to lose it in his Mercedes). The last time we got home after playing this game I dashes through the first floor of the house to the outdoor patio hoping I could at least let go on the grass but before I could make it Peter demanded that I go upstairs and change into a pair of jeans. Which I did before finally going out side and relaxing my bladder on the patio tile, wetting my jeans completely. 

Lately I have noticed that the rim of my asshole has gotten allot bigger and is very pronounced. Peter says that it is "descended", and that it gives my ass a most desirable look of wanting to be fucked. When he has got his cock fully buried inside of my ass the sensation is so good and Peter encourages me to tell him how it feels. I usually wind up begging for him to fuck my ass as deep as he can (which is deep because he is big and long). Sometimes he gets carried away and is more then a little ruff. I give signals for him to ease up but the look on his face tells me I'm just going to have to work into it. When he sucks my nipples he knows he can ass fuck me as hard as he wants and I'll love it. Most of the time I'm on my back with my legs over his shoulders getting it hard and deep and I love it. To tell the truth after removing that huge all day butt plug, Peters cock is a total relief! I think he knows this and that is why his poundings have gotten more ruff and hot. Afterward he kisses me so passionately and tells me he loves me. 

Not to long ago Peter gave me a instruction book on how to manipulate his cock without his having to stroke back and forth. 

This is a practice where I use my ass mussels to tighten around his cock. I already was using some of these muscles to control my bowels during my day time ass stretching. There are many sections of my ass that I am learning to control the use of. This information has totally heightened the sensations I experience in my ass while fucking. Currently I am not able to cause Peter to cum from "milking" alone, but I do practice while he is pumping in and out of my ass. 

Soon after Peter gave me my new book he asked me to marry him. I am eager to master the milking technique before our honeymoon, however Peter informs me that he has a separate surprise for me!

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This is hot...enjoy

Posted by cornfedcunt at 28,Aug,14 19:32

Myriah kneeled down in front of Sarah and put her arms behind her back.

"My good little girl." Sarah said as she caressed her cheek. Myriah felt the heat building deep in her belly. 

"Yes, Ma'am." Myriah replied. Sarah circled around her, with her riding crop in hand. She gingerly placed it between her thighs to **** Myriah's legs apart. 

"Fold your arms and push your tits out. Arch your back, slut!" Sarah ordered from behind, as her crop landed harshly on Myriah's lower back. Myriah's straightened herself up with a small yelp. She knew that Sarah would not have that. Sarah reached down and secured Myriah's mouth in her hand and forced her eyes on her. "Did I say you could make a sound?" Myriah nodded her head 'no'. "Answer me, you greedy whore!" 

"No, Ma'am."

"No Ma'am, what?"

"No, ma'am, you did not say I could make a sound. Please punish me as you wish." Sarah smiled a wicked grin.

"Mmm, how quickly you shape up. Let me remind you to always be appreciative of your mistress. That means you say 'Thank you'." Sarah said, as she swat Myriah with the crop on the back of her thigh.

"Thank you, Ma'am." Myriah said. Sarah tapped the crop across her ass lightly as Myriah squirmed. She let another hard swat down on her other thigh. "Thank you, Ma'am," Myriah cried out. Sarah continued to work her way up Myriah's soft, round ass. She rubbed the leather crop in circles around Myriah's left ass cheek. She smacked her hard in the center and continued to slap her, switching to her right ass cheek, until both cheeks were pink. "Thank you, Ma'am. Thank you for cropping my ass." Sarah rubbed the leather into Myriah's ass crack and wiggled the crop back and forth.

"Dirty little girls need to be punished, don't they?" Sarah teased, as she rubbed the crop on Myriah's tender, pink ass.

"Yes they do, Ma'am. I'm a dirty little girl." Sarah slapped her with the crop.

"Who's dirty little girl are you, little Miss Myriah."

"Yours, Miss Sarah." Myriah breathed. Sarah grabbed Myriah by her braid and yanked her head back to look at her.

"You will call me, ma'am or mistress. Do I look like a pathetic little 'Miss' to you?"

"No, Mistress, you don't. I'm sorry Ma'am." Sarah let go of her hair.

"I don't want to hear you talk anymore." Sarah left and went to the dresser. She opened one of the drawers, and came back with a red ball gag. "This ought to keep you quiet. Then you can think about how to properly address your mistress." Myriah embarrassingly opened her mouth as Sarah fastened the ball gag around her head. It was large and tasted of rubber. She could not move her tongue very well or speak. All of her sounds were muffled. Her lips spread around the gag and her teeth clenched down on it and the crop began to kiss her ass again with sharp whips from cheek to cheek. "I'm going to teach you a lesson, my dear, in obedience." 

Myriah felt the discomfort in her jaw from the gag, as well as the sting of her skin on her backside. She tried her best to keep still. The ball began to get moist and saliva leaked out of her mouth and on to her chest. Myriah tried to clean herself up but it was useless. Sarah walked around the front of Myriah and began to rub her wet saliva over her tits. 

"Look at you, sloppy girl, drooling all over your perky, little tits." Sarah brought the crop down on her right breast. Myriah felt the sting from her nipple to the pit of her stomach. Desire was stirring inside of her with each slap of the crop. Sarah walked across the room and sat down on a bench. "Come here, girl crawl to me on your hands and knees. Look at me." Myriah put her hand on the floor and began to crawl toward her mistress. She felt the soreness in her ass and lower back but she was sure not to lose eye contact with Sarah. "Good girl, come lay across my lap." Myriah knew she was going to get hand slapped, and she knew it would be difficult. She crawled across Sarah's lap, laying on her belly, and arched her back so her ass would stick up. 

"Look at this nice ass. Present it to me, slut." Myriah arched it further, and Sarah brought her hand down on her left cheek. Myriah was surprised and jolted up. "Keep still." Sarah ordered and pushed her back down into her lap. Sarah slapped her again, this time on her ass and thigh. She slapped her six times on each cheek, while Myriah squirmed. Sarah shoved her head down to the floor and kept her hand there while she altered hard, quick slaps from cheek to cheek. Myriah's head and shoulders could not be held down as she screamed through the gag. "I love to see this ass all red and swollen," Sarah said as she rubbed circles with her hands around Myriah's cheeks. "So full and round." She slapped her cheeks with each hand at the same time. "How many was that, slut?" 

"I don't know, ma'am, twenty?" Sarah pulled Myriah's head back by her hair and grabbed her ass firmly.

"You didn't count, you bad slut. You will be punished further now for your foolishness. On your knees." She slapped her one final time. Myriah scrambled off of Sarah's lap, her ass was so tender. Sarah went over to the dresser and gathered a few items. She had a string of rope, a butt plug, and a small tube of lube. Then, she walked over to Myriah and dragged her over to the cage door in the wall. It had a special locking door at the bottom with hand holes and a head hole. Myriah was scared. She knew this was serious. "Bend forward. You deserve this." Myriah slowly bent forward and spread her ass, as Sarah lubed up the silver butt plug. She slapped Myriah's ass. "Relax that ass for me." Myriah felt the cool plug against the entrance to her asshole. Sarah circled it around the rosebud, juicing it up and lightly pushing in and out. Then, she applied her firm pressure and the plug opened up Myriah's asshole, filling her tightly. It slowly sunk into her and disappeared. Myriah cried out as her as pushed in all the way. It felt big and uncomfortable, but also satisfied something deep inside her. "Sit up. Keep that plug in that ass, you hear me." 

Sarah tied the rope around Myriah's waist and pulled it between her legs against the buttplug. It felt so large and sore in her ass and the rope rubbed against her pink, swelling skin. It also was tight on her wet slit.

"There you go. You look so helpless and pretty, my whore. Are you ready to be punished again?"

"If it pleases you, mistress." Myriah muffled out through her gag. 

"It pleases me very much. Now, bend forward." Her head and hands were closed off on the other sde, her ass sticking up in the air. Sarah also fastened the floor cuffs around Myriah's ankles to keep her legs spread apart. Myriah can only see darkness in the cage and her cries are muffled behind her gag and the door.

"Now, Since you can't keep track in your head, I want to hear you yell out after ever slap you received. Since you think you deserve 20, you will get 40 for your punishment. Maybe this cage will keep you still and teach you to obey your mistress and never forget the orders I give you."

Sarah slapped Myriah with the crop and her hands all down her back, ass and legs. Her ass is widely stretched from the plug. On the other side of the door, her hands are restrained and she cries against her sloppy, wet ball gag. From number one to forty, time blurrs forward as the spanking turns her soft round ass to a pretty shade of red. The binding rope rubs against Myriah's wet sex and she grinds against it with each spank and hit she receives. The butt plug is vibrating inside her butthole with each hit. She wants release so badly.

She released from the floor cuffs and Sarah unlocks the door. Light fills her eyes again and she stretches her wrists out before placing them behind her back and sitting up straight.

"Good girl." Sarah bends down to face her and slowly licks her slimy ball gag. She licks Myriah's lips and sucks on her red ball. She gently kisses the corners of her mouth. Myriah desperately wants to kiss Sarah back and it is driving her wild.

"Such a pretty girl you are after you're punished. You did very good." Sarah reaches around Myriah's head and removes her ball gag. Myriah stretches out her lips and tongue.

"Thank you, Ma'am." Myriah coos. Sarah leans in to kiss Myriah, and their lips wrap around each other. Myriah accepts Sarah's tongue into her mouth, as Sarah reaches up to touch her tit. She grabs her tits and massages them, flicking and pinching her nipples. Sarah breaks their kiss and pushes Myriah's head to her own chest. Myriah gladly sucks on Sarah's puffy nipples and fondles her breasts. She suckles her tits hard and bites her lightly. Sarah groans and pushes her breasts into Myriah's faces. She pulls her arms around her head and forces Myriah not to breathe against her tits. Myriah struggles against her for a moment and then stills. Sarah releases her and Myriah kneels up in exasperation.

"You are such a good little slut."

"Thank you, Mistress. Thank you for your gorgeous tits."

"Good girl." Sarah whispers as she caresses her face. "I have a surprise for you."

Sarah stands and goes to box cage on the other side of the room. Sarah takes the key and unlocks the door. A girl with dark hair and large breasts emerges from the cage, crawling on her hands and knees. She is wearing a similar red ball gag and is also wearing a butt plug with a rope belt holding it in. She crawls into the center of the room and kneels up, pushing her breasts forward. Her name is Jess. Jess looks up at Sarah as she walks around her. Sarah touches Jess's hair and rubs her thumb on her cheek.

"My little slave, have you been cooped up in there too long?" Jess nods her head. Sarah pulls the ball gag out of her mouth.

"Speak, slave."

"Yes, beautiful mistress. I missed your company." Jess swallows hard.

"This is Myriah, Jess. You two will become good friends." Jess and Myriah meet eyes. "Come, Myriah, meet Jess. Crawl on just your knees and stick out your chest so we can see your tits." 

Myriah comes over to Jess and kneels in the same position in front of her.

"Do you want to suck her tits?" Sarah asks Myriah. 

"Yes, Ma'am. May I?"

"You may." Myriah leans forward and takes Jess' s nipple into her mouth and sucks it greedily. Jess closes her eyes and groans.

"Thank you, Mistress. Thank you, Myriah." She breathes heavily as Myriah tugs on her nipples with her teeth and circles her tongue around them. Sarah come back from the dresser with a pair of nipple clamps.

"Let's have a little fun here with Miss Jess." Myriah pulls away and Sarah places the nipple clamps on Jess's breasts. She cries out in pain and pleasure. The sensation is incredible. 

"Kiss her." Sarah says to Myriah. She leans into Jess and her groans get lost in her lips. They kiss each other gently and tickle their tongues against one another. Sarah returns with a vibrating wand in hand. While the girls kiss each other, Sarah puts the wand between them and it vibrates against both of them at the same time. Myriah and Jess moan into each other while grinding against the wand. The harsh rope mixed with the wand's powerful vibes create an overwhelming feeling. 

"Little sluts bucking against the same toy like whores." Sarah begins to slap Jess's ass and she pushes further into Myriah and the wand. Her muffles cries against Myriah's mouth become more intense with each slap. Then, Sarah stops and turns off the wand. She steps back.

"Face me, whores." Sarah sits on the bench as Myriah and Jess shift to face her. "I want you to stalk toward me slowly. Look into my eyes and keep those asses up high." They slowly start to crawl over to her and bow at her feet, asses raised. They look up at her, but Sarah says nothing. With their faces at her feet. She begins to touch their cheeks with her toes. "Suck them." She orders. They each begin to kiss her feet and suck on her toes, slowly and carefully. Jess sucks on Sarah's big left toe while Myriah licks the tops and sides of her feet.

"Come lick me, you filthy whores. Taste my juices." Sarah pushes her legs far apart as Myriah and Jess move in between her thighs. They kiss the insides of her thighs and use their tongues on the slit of her hot sex. Her wet juices begin to flow and Myriah licks her clean while Jess flicks her tongue on Sarah's little engorged clit. Jess sucks on it gently while Myriah moves to Sarah' tight ass. She runs her tongue up and down her ass crack and stuffs her tongue into her pink hole. It is tight and soft and smells delicious. 

"Good girls, yes, lick my sweet pussy." They continue to lick her until she comes in their faces. She pushes both of their faces into her sex and climaxes in their mouths. They lick Sarah clean and taste their mistress's sweet nectar. She moans and cries out as they continue to service their mistress. Sarah rubs her dripping wet cunt on Myriah's face. 

"My good slave, make my pussy clean. Taste how delicious my cum is." 

Myriah and Sarah lick her wet pussy and asshole clean. She orders them to their knees and tells them to face each other. 

"You two will become very good friends, I am sure of it." Sarah smiles and and reaches forward to tweek both of their nipples. "I am only getting started with you two.

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I love rainbows..doesn't this song make u smile

Posted by cornfedcunt at 28,Aug,14 19:22

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together,
Brighter than a lucky penny,
When you're near the rain cloud disappears, dear,
And I feel so fine just to know that you are mine.

My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
That's how this refrain goes, so come on, join in everybody!

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way
When you're in love to stay.

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that's wonderful is what I feel when we're together,
Brighter than a lucky penny,
When you're near the rain cloud disappears, dear,
And I feel so fine just to know that you are mine.

My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
That's how this refrain goes, so come on, join in everybody!

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that's wonderful is sure to come your way
'Cause you're in love, you're in love,
And love is here to stay!

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Posted by HOOSIER10 at 28,Aug,14 14:41


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Mark's Ass

Posted by JustWill at 28,Aug,14 00:11

Mark, my best friend and the guy who had, only a few minutes before, quite thoroughly claimed my ass-cherry, was on his hands and knees—butt slightly raised—and offering me the chance to deflower his virgin hole in fair trade for mine. A quick glance at my engorged cock was clear indication that I was more than willing to accept his kind offer. Anticipation of fucking him, of sliding myself as deep into the hot warmth of my friend as I could, had my dick eagerly throbbing and producing drop after drop of pre-cum. Absently, I ran my thumb over my cock head and brought it to my mouth to lick away and savor my own juice as I admired the target of my desire.

Mark had an ass that was just made to be fucked.

Although he was a slight, wiry guy, the Goblin had been gifted with a meaty and rounded bottom. It wasn’t quite a “bubble butt”, and the curves were just shy of being “girlish”, but it filled a pair of jeans in an interesting and boner-inducing fashion. Naked and wiggling at me in a “come and get it” way, that ass was irresistible! Because it had been a warm and sunny summer, we had spent much of our time wearing only denim cut-offs and sneakers and my friend’s skin was golden tan where the sun had kissed it. Distinct tan lines at his waist and a few inches below the curves of his butt highlighted the much paler skin of his ass, which stood out in stark contrast under the moonlight. With the exception of his tangled mop of curly blonde hair, his slightly darker pubic thatch and light covering on his arms and legs, Mark’s skin was almost completely bare. I knew from experience, my hands having explored every inch of my buddy’s body in recent weeks, that the cheeks of his ass were covered in a coating of soft, silky peach fuzz, and I moved closer in behind him so that I could run the tips of my fingers across his butt. Cat-like, Mark leaned into my stroking hand, glanced over his shoulder at me and grinned, “That feels good.”

“You just like to be petted and admired.”

He chuckled softly, “Which makes me lucky that you like to pet and admire me. It’s a win/win, Will.” He waggled an eyebrow at me, “Now, if we could only move on from the admiring and jump to the fucking…”

I slapped his ass playfully. “If you are going to be all bossy about it, I might just take my hard-on and go jerk off by that tree over there,” I informed him as I used a pre-cum lubricated finger on my other hand to slowly stoke the length of his butt crack. When my finger brushed his asshole, I felt it pucker slightly, and Mark moved his ass against my touch with a soft “mmmm”.

“That would be a terrible waste of a good boner,” he caught his breath as I worked the tip of my finger into his tight hole, “Especially when there is a perfectly willing ass right here practically begging to give it a nice home.”

I felt the muscles at his opening grip my finger as I probed deeper, past the second knuckle, and began to make circles around the inner rim. His sphincter pulsed, as if trying to draw me deeper, and my friend eased himself back onto my hand with a sigh of pleasure.

“I like the ‘begging’ thing,” I teased, as I slowly began to finger-fuck him, “tell me more about that part, Goblin.” I leaned down and ran the tip of my tongue across his bottom and up along the base of his spine, where I was pleased to discover a ticklish spot which made my friend jump and impale himself farther onto my exploring digit.

“I will not beg,” he mumbled, but the fact that he had begun to move his hips back and forth, writhing a bit under the influence of my tongue and my hand, was adequate proof that Mark was lying.

“Fine then. Jerking-off it is.” I gave his tailbone one last, lingering caress with my tongue, and removed my finger.

Just as he was grumbling “Don’t you dare stop”, I quickly slid my thumb into his nether porthole as far as it would go. His gasp of startled delight at the sensation made me chuckle, and I began to work it in and out of his ass in rhythm with the motion of his thrusting hips.

“That sounded a lot like begging, Mark, but still too bossy,” I moved my thumb in a swirling motion within his orifice, “try again.” Sliding my free hand between his legs, I cupped his balls and began to gently massage them. I let my index finger reach up and tickle the underside of his erect cock, which made it twitch as skin to skin contact lit up sensitive nerves. “I’ll start it for you. Please, Will...”

“...fuck me.” Mark finished in a breathy voice, “Put your cock in my ass and fuck me. Please?”

I gave him a low, evil chuckle and looked around the campsite for the bottle of oil. Though it was still slick with the lube he’d used to give me my pre-deflowering handjob and amply coated at the tip with my own dripping juice, I wanted to make sure that my pecker was well greased before attempting to skewer my friend’s backside. Unfortunately, the damn bottle, probably lost in the tangle of our sleeping bags, was not to be seen. Not wanting to waste time searching for it after the Goblin had so kindly asked me to bury my dick in him, I was forced to improvise. Pulling my thumb from his asshole, I spread his cheeks, bent forward, and spat on his puckered backdoor.

“Dude,” Mark complained quietly as I positioned my self to aim my fuck-stick at its intended target, “you did not just spit in my butt.”

“I had to improvise.” I explained as I began to smear my saliva and pre-cum around his opening with the head of my erection, “I want you to be nice and wet and slippery. Besides, if a guy can’t spit in his best friend’s horny bunghole, what’s the point in living?” As he drew a breath to answer, I slid my rigid, needy boner into his ass until I felt resistance from his inner muscles. Mark’s “Ahhhh” of surprise and pleasure put an end to further discussion of the spitting issue. I flexed and relaxed the muscles at the base of my cock to make it pulse inside him.

“Will, that feels so good,” he panted,” But it’s a little uncomfortable. I’m too tight yet.”

“That’s okay, buddy, I’m not going anywhere. You just take your time and work yourself on to me when you feel ready.” With my rod held firmly where it rested in his hind quarters, I began to caress his ass, sides and back with my hands. As always, Mark responded to being stroked by relaxing and moving his body under my touch. Moaning softly, my friend eased himself, bit by bit, down the length of me until my cock was fully engulfed by his warm and willing asshole. He groaned at the sensation, and I sighed in pleasure at the feel of my engorged, throbbing dagger being sheathed to the hilt inside of him. I paused to contemplate the delight of the strong grip the ring of his sphincter held on the base of my shaft, and the moist heat the interior of my best friend bathed the entirety of my dick in. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt, and I was left almost breathless by the sheer, pulse pounding joy of it.

“Damn, Will, you feel so fantastic in there. So good.” Still not moving, I answered with an affirmative grunt. “Do it now, Will,” Mark urged as he pressed his butt against my pelvis, “Fuck me. I want to feel your cock pumping in me, Coyote Boy. Fuck my ass now, please“

How could I not give in to my friend’s pleading?

Taking a firm grip on my buddy’s hips, I began to work my penis, piston-like, inside of him and proceeded to fuck Mark’s ass-cherry into oblivion.

The sensation of that tight ring of muscle at the entrance to his bottom gripping my shaft as I drew it in and out of him sent waves of ecstatic pleasure through me. When the end of my cock would brush that special spot in Mark’s depths, I could feel his body shiver and his inner muscles pulse around my rod as he gasped or mumbled a soft “yes” at the thrill being fucked was bringing to him. The Goblin’s cries of bliss spurred my on, added to my own enjoyment, and I had to concentrate on taking my time in order to savor every moment. I wanted this to last. I wanted to feel my best friend writhe and wriggle at the ministrations of my pistoning cock; to hear him beg me not to stop. Keeping a steady, gentle pace, I continued to thrust myself into him, my own body shivering in bliss as I caused Mark to moan and pant in passion. Mark had lowered his upper body, resting his chest on a bundled-up sleeping bag and raising his ass, which he bounced back and forth at the point where we were so intimately connected, so that I could more readily penetrate him with my pumping dick.

“This is the best idea you've ever had,” I whispered to him as I gave in to the demands of my straining, throbbing erection and began to drive my self faster and harder into his greedy hole. Every stroke touched off almost electric shocks of pleasure through my cock and straight to my balls, which I could feel tightening in their desire to spray my best friend’s insides with their hot juice. Mark’s only reply was to continue muttering “Fuck. Fuck. Will. Fuck,” over and over in a breathy, enthusiastic mantra. Hearing this, I could not hold back any longer. The needs of my penis overwhelmed my self control, and I tightened my grip on the Goblin’s ass and began to pound my flesh into his with lustful abandon. Mark gasped and cried out with each thrust of my prick, and his calls only drove me fuck him harder and faster. I was completely lost in the animal thrill of fucking my squirming, moaning buddy.

Finally, as the sensation was becoming almost too intense to bear, I felt my nuts draw closer to my body, that spot inside of me—just behind the base of my dick—pulse, and my cock spasm as it unloaded thick, hot streams of cum, one delirious spurt after another into Mark’s body. With a near savage thrust, I impaled him as deeply as I could and pulled his bottom hard against me. His inner muscles pulsed against my fuck-stick, milking me of every ounce of spunk they could. It felt like my orgasm would never end, and I cried out in blissful delight at its intensity. A few last thrusts of my pelvis, my dick so sensitive that it almost hurt, ensured that I had deposited every last ounce of cum my balls could produce deep into my best friend’s interior.

We held that position for a minute or two, still connected in the most intimate fashion that to guys can enjoy, panting and feeling the cool night air draw away the light sweat that our sex had caused to form on our skin. With great reluctance, I let my cock slide from Mark’s hot ass, and I rolled him onto his side so that I could lie down next to him and pull him into my arms. He gave me a satisfied, nearly dazed, grin—an expression that I was pretty sure my face reflected back at him—and leaned in to share a deep, tongue probing kiss. I returned his kiss with much enthusiasm, and drew him closer to me so that our chests, bellies and groins were pressed tightly against each other. We sucked at each other’s tongues and nibbled each other’s lips, basking in our deep, shared affection. If I had not been sure that I was falling in love with Mark earlier, I was positive of it now.

As we continued to kiss, breathing into each other’s mouths, Mark tossed a leg over mine in order to snuggle more closely, and I felt his hard cock poking at my belly.

I chuckled softly, “Holy shit, Goblin, does that thing ever sle*p?”

He looked at me, that sly grin on his face and that wicked gleam in his green eyes, and replied, “You make it misbehave, Coyote Boy. It used to be very well behaved, but there is just something about you that makes my cock want to do very bad things.” He moved his hips to jab at me with his erection as he spoke, just to emphasize his point. “Hang on a second, I have to get something.”

He gave me a quick kiss, got up and walked over to where our backpacks lay. I sat up and watched him as he dug through the pack, smiling at the sight of my buck naked friend, rummaging around the campsite with his hard-on waving in the night air. He nodded as he found what he was searching for and grinned as he triumphantly held aloft the package of wet-wipes he brought along, which he tossed to me. I used a few to scrub the oil, cum and whatever from my hands and groin, and passed them to Mark in exchange for the bottle of soda and baggie of chocolate chip cookies he held out to me. My friend did as I had, wiping off his hands and taking an extra minute or two to show off as he polished his boner. When he finished cleaning up, he gave his hips a little “Ta-da!” shake—making his dick wag back and forth-- and, grinning that Goblin grin, came to sit beside me; our shoulders resting against each other. For a time, we sat quietly, munching cookies and passing the soda between us.

“The way I figure it, William” Mark broke the silence as I drained the last of the beverage and laid the bottle aside, “you kinda owe me one.”

“I what now?”

My friend nodded his head. “You owe me. You came twice so far,” he held up two fingers and counted them off, “I blew you, you fucked me. Two cums. I only got to shoot a solitary load tonight.” He grinned at me and added, “You may have been too busy howling to notice when I came in your butt, but it did happen.”

“I did not howl.”

“Keep telling yourself that, Coyote Boy. My wonderous man-parts and I know otherwise.” He stuck his tongue out at me and laughed. I glanced down at his “wonderous man-parts” and saw that they were still ready for he got back on subject. “ None the less, I calculate that you are indebt to me by one ejaculation. It would be unfair of you to try to avoid paying in full.”

I shook my head and chuckled at my impish friend. “Mark, I really like sucking your dick, honestly I do. But, buddy, I know where that thing has been recently and there aren't enough wet-wipes in the world to make my put my mouth on it until it has spent some time in the shower.”

“Not a problem,” he informed me as he put his hands on my shoulders and eased my backward onto the ground before throwing a leg across my body so that he could straddle my hips, “I’ll let you work off your debt by hand.” Mark sat his ass squarely on my crotch, and thrust his hips forward to present me with his hard cock. Without hesitation, I took that beautiful dick in hand and began to gently stroke it as my friend closed his eyes and leaned back slightly. I genuinely enjoyed jerking Mark off, feeling that warm, silken hardness in my fist and knowing that I was giving him pleasure. It wasn't as enjoyable as blowing him or, as I had recently learned discovered, having him fuck me, but it ranked a close third.

As I tugged on my friend’s cock, he rocked himself on my pelvis, and I felt my own dick begin to stir from the physical contact with his butt. Mark obviously noticed, too, and he looked down at me with a leer as he reached behind himself to grasp my growing hard-on and give it a few light pulls. That leer transformed into an impish half-grin as he raised his backside up, positioned my cock head against his hole—still lubed with oil and cum—and impaled himself on me.

I sucked in an involuntary gasp as my dick slid back into the warm tunnel it had left not so long ago, and Mark chuckled as he began to bounce up and down on my swollen rod. Pumping his boner in time with his motions as he fucked himself on my willing cock I said, “If you make me cum, I will still be one ahead of you.”

My best friend’s laughter rang through the quiet night. “I've decided that I like having you in my debt.” And I felt his dick flex and his legs tense as he shot a steaming spray of spunk over my belly and chest.

I scooped his cum up with my fingers and licked them clean before dipping in a second time and raising my cream-coated fingers to Mark’s mouth to share. He sucked his juice from my hand as he continued to rock on my dick, licking his lips to get every drop.

Shortly thereafter, I let out a low groan and tossed my head back as my own cock flooded the Goblin’s ass with a second helping of pecker nectar.

I was really going to enjoy paying off that debt!

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Red Speedos

Posted by MONTED at 27,Aug,14 21:37

Tofo is in Mozambique, the country that runs down half of the east coast of Africa below the equator. Because of its long white beaches and coral, it attracts a hardy breed of tourists who are able to cope with its third world conditions. A web search will show you why so many South Africans make the trek up to the country that neighbours theirs, and why tourists from other parts of Africa make the journey to this cheap, poor but cheerful destination.

It gets pretty hot in the middle of the day, so I took to staying out of the sun at that time. I still wanted a tan, but one I could control, so would get up early and go for a walk along the beach while the sun was still fairly tame. I'm turned on big time by tan lines and speedos, and I figure others are too, so I wore a tight pouch front costume that showed my ass and cock the way I like. And that's all I needed for my morning walk.

The beach is backed by high dunes in some places and by palm trees in others. Normally if there is going to be any action it takes place in the dunes, but this wasn't the case on this occasion. I had walked up the beach about a mile, and had walked past a largish 4-5 man military style tent that hadn't been there the previous day. I couldn't see any activity, so I carried on up the beach another half a mile, savouring the sun's rays before turning back.

As soon as I turned round I noticed a figure in front of the tent, standing near the sea. He was stretching and flexing the **** out of what seemed from that distance, a well-shaped body. As I got closer I could see that he was dark skinned - tanned I guessed, not really black, and that he was wearing speedos too.

"Yes!" I thought "too good to be true!"

He had seen me too - I was the only other person on the beach, and as I got closer he turned and gave me a smile and said "hi". He was maybe 28-29 and was half Portuguese and half black, I guessed, inheriting the best of both - a cheerful square Latin face with short cut curled hair and a permanent tan!He had a smooth muscular swimmer's body with tight pecs and a narrow muscled waist. His legs weren't overdeveloped, but he had beautiful strong calf muscles. Did I forget something? Oh yea, a bubble butt covered with clinging red nylon and an appealing bulge in the front, from an apparently thick cock snaking to one side.

He may have noticed me looking at it - fucking blind if he didn't, and he may also have noticed the change in the front of my briefs, although it wasn't very cool without knowing which way he was inclined. The likelihood of someone like him being gay was low, but not remote. Gays in Africa generally don't grow up with an option of being queens, we often end up as macho as all the other shitheads. I LOVE this country!

We started chatting about where we had come from. He said he was the advance guard of a group of engineer voluntary workers who had decided to come to Tofo for low cost relaxaton - they generally get paid nothing. They had borrowed the tent from the army engineer corp they worked with, and the rest of his chums would be arriving in a few days.I told him about my low risk tan plan and he laughed - always take precautions he said - and I retorted - whether its sun sea or sex.Especially sex, he said with a shy grin, but with a direct look.

"I need to put some lotion on" he said, "even though I tan easily I need to take care.""I could do some of the hard to reach places for you," I said. There was still no movement in his briefs, so I thought let's just take it at face value for the moment."OK," he said, "the stuff is in the tent."

The tent had three compartments, two for sleeping and one for cooking. We went into one of areas with a mat and sleeping bag and he said "Would you mind doing my back?""OK," I said, "lie down on a towel and I'll oil you up."

He gave me a bottle of oil and lay front down on a towel over the sleeping bag, his hands under his face. I poured some of the oil onto my hands - it was the thin type - and started to rub it into his rugged shoulders, stroking the excess down his upper back and spine. That feels great he said, adjusting his body. Don't stop. I had no intention of doing so and continued to stroke the oil down his spine to the small of his back. I smoothed it across his sides, rolling his body a little with the motion. I wondered what his cock was doing - but I KNEW what mine was doing, and I was just hoping this wasn't going to end up with me having completely misjudged the situation.

I worked the oil in the small of his back and asked him if he wanted me to do his legs. He didn't move, or open his eyes, but he said yes, so I poured some onto the top of each leg and smoothed it down, over his strong calf muscles and up to his speedos. He opened his legs a bit so that I could do the inside, and as I massaged up his leg my hand grazed his crutch for a split second. I froze, but he did a little hip grind, raising his ass imperceptibly and I thought that we both might be enjoying this. I got a little bolder with the strokes, until my hand was definitely snuggling against his ass crack and he was definitely grinding and squeezing his butt to meet my hand.

Nothing ventured, nothing lost, I thought, and slipped my fingers under the leg elastic of his speedos, just where the firm mound of his butt met the top of his leg. No hair, and the cloth of his speedos now becoming soaked and increasingly transparent with oil. I massaged his naked buttocks, the muscle clenching and unclenching under my strokes. I let my fingers slide into his crotch and under his balls, challenging the thin nylon, and then moved them up his crack, lingering around his ass hole, testing the ground as it were, to see how far he would let me go. All the way it seems. The more I played with his ass hole, the more he squirmed, arching his butt to my hands, then grinding his hips into the towel.

My briefs were filled with 8.5 inches of thick rock hard cock, looking for somewhere to go, and I thought I knew just where that might be. I stuck an oiled finger into his hole, and he bucked up against it - god this guy needed it bad, and so did I. I kept my finger in his ass and I cupped my other hand around his balls, under and around to his cock. SHIT. It was still contained by his briefs, but only just. Nine inches of hot hard flesh was battling to get out of his pants, stretching the thin fabric to breaking point.

Not good I thought - here comes the liberation army! And I freed his uncut thick rod, giving it a liberal coating of oil in the process. This was wild - he was still playing Mr Passive, but with a lot of energy! I pulled my finger out of his hole and straddled his ass, letting my cock poke his crack through the two layers of by now transparent nylon.He groaned and bucked, gyrating his hips for all he was worth, trying to get some fulfilment for his screaming oiled hole. I stuck my cock through the legs of my briefs, and it bounced upwards, its cut head drooling juice in spoonfuls.

His hand reached back with a condom and he said "man - its been such a long time since I've been ...jeez, please, please, please... "

I jammed the condom on and pulled his costume aside to reveal his nude bucking asshole, the tight oiled fabric glistening as it rode over his muscular butt. It was as much as I could do not to just jam my pillar into that pulsing ass crack, but my cock is thick and I wanted this guy to enjoy it.

I put in two slick fingers, and he gasped with pleasure as I stretched his butt to accommodate what he had coming. I pulled out and he moaned, grinding his hips, begging me to fill him up. I placed the big helmet of my cock at the doorway to that warm tunnel and worked the tip around his hole until it was covered with oil too - heaven! - while he squirmed in anticipation. And then - in one long slow gasping motion - I slid my cock all the way in inch by plunging inch until he was skewered, my cock sunk to the hilt in his ass, my balls flat against his muscular butt.

He went quiet as the full impact of my thick cock took effect in his tight tube. His deep groans of satisfaction matched my own. I pulled my cock out slowly and watched for signs of discomfort, but he was loving this, tightening his ass ring to give me the greatest feeling.

I plunged back in and started to pick up speed until I was jackhammering that bouncing butt. This is good, I thought, but I want to see that giant cock of his, and I flipped him over so that he was facing me. The tangle of oily speedos was like a cock ring to both of us, and his cock was like steel - I love it when guys stay hard when I fuck them - sticking up to his belly button, thick and dark against the less tanned outline left by his speedos. I put his legs on my shoulders and lifted him slightly to get a good angle of penetration, and then I let him have it again - long even strokes all the way in and all the way out.

There was no way either of us could last for long in such a hot situation, and amongst his groans he told me he was close to coming. And then he did, a sight to behold, his massive dick sending geysers of cum up his chest, and face in powerful spurts, the thick spray contrasting with his darker skin. I couldn't hold back any longer. I pulled out and pulled the condom off quickly, and then with a few pumps I blasted my load over his dark skin in bucket loads, my cock jerking and pumping as it showered him in thick jism.

I collapsed on top of him, the layer of cum, oil and sweat gluing us together as I kissed him deeply. He responded passionately and after about a minute, I felt that big dick of his start to stir between my legs and .I realised that we were going to have quite a bit of fun before his mates arrived.

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Posted by MONTED at 27,Aug,14 20:55

We had just been released from final formation for the weekend. It had been a long week, not unlike any other. We had spent the first few days in the field, then ended the week in the motor pool cleaning all of our gear, getting everything ready for inspection, and then put away to do it all again on Monday. All I had on my mind was get back to the barracks, shower, and kick back with a few beers. If we were adventurous, maybe we’d head into Savannah.

We got back to the room, Josh and I, and no sooner did he unlock the door did I yell out “shower dibs”, which was returned by him “Fuuuucker. Hurry up, I want to go see Maggie tonight.”

The barracks rooms were all pretty basic, three bunks, three wall lockers, a bathroom and small area in the middle for a table, or small entertainment center. Thankfully, we didn’t have a 3rd roomie, we could take advantage of the extra space. I grabbed a pair of shorts, a tee, and hopped into the shower.

The hot water felt so good after field exercises. Muscles get real sore from a road march with an m-60, or a SAW if you were lucky. I stood there for a few minutes and just let the water run down my chest. A hot tub would be great, but aching quads just needed the heat. I wasn’t ripped, by any means, but at just nineteen I was in some of the best shape of my life.

Another thing I was, as a 19 year old paratrooper, other than in good shape? Constantly horny. Normally I might wait till I was alone, but fuck that. Bathroom door open or not, I was all soapy and the combination of the hot water and my hands rubbing my quads, I felt my cock twitch a little. I was gonna have some fun. Slowly, just teasing myself a little, I started tickling my balls, just looking at my hardening cock.

"John, man, hurry up!" Rang out, snapping me back to reality, and as I jerked my head up I swore I saw Josh leave the doorway through the reflection in the mirror. The shower curtain wasn’t dawn all the way closed. Did he see me? Fuck. I mean we ALL did it. We even joked about it. That’s how we started leaving the door open. If you weren’t going to the the bathroom, just showering or shaving, you left it open so people wouldn’t bust your balls with the classic line, "What are you doing? Jerkin off?" And what the fuck, he probably knows I WAS.

Just then I looked down and saw that my cock was super hard now. Huh, I guess a little jitter was exciting. Oh well, a nice hardon is never a thing to waste, so I just decided to finish what I’d started.

Now I don’t know if all of us guys are the same, but I love looking at my cock. I’m not porn star long, but I’d always figured I was average or better. I did at times wish, if anything, I were a little thicker. But the head, mmm, when I’m hard, it just looks so good. And with my hand sliding up and down the length of my shaft, my other caressing my balls, god, for being alone, nothing feels better.

But I just had the feeling that I wasn’t alone. My fingers were wrapped tightly around my shaft, stroking really slow, I was savoring each deliberate pump. With my head bent down, looking at my hard cock, I swore I noticed some movement reflected in the half fogged mirror over the sink, out of the corner of my eye. All of a sudden, I was keenly aware of the pounding of my heart, a drum ringing in my ears. If I was excited before, at the thought of being seen, this was suddenly a whole new, crazy hot level.

This time, there was no flinch, if Josh was standing there, he knew what I was doing. And he wanted to see more. Careful not to lift my head as to give anything away, I slowly shuffled my feet, slowly turning. My hand still tightly holding my cock, I took a step back and leaned my back against the wall. I couldn’t help a slight shiver as I felt my wet back press up against the cool tile. Now, in this position, if there were any eyes peering, they’d see me completely. My stiff cock, my fingers, all covered in soap, wrapped around the throbbing shaft gently, but firmly sliding up and down…so very slowly.

Oh he was there alright. I ever so slightly lifted my head and I noticed a pair of black boots in the doorway. My god, what was I doing? Hell, what was JOSH doing standing there? He knew I was masturbating…and he wanted to watch me! I felt such an incredible rush, this was more intense than any video I had ever watched, any magazine I’d ever opened. My friend, my roommate was watching me stroke my rock hard cock, standing what, six feet away? At the same moment, a million things were racing through my mind, but I felt just one. God, being watched at that moment made every nerve ending in my cock flare more intensely than I’d ever remembered feeling.

I didn’t want to say anything. I didn’t even want to look him in the eye. But I wanted to push it just a little further. I wanted him to know that I knew he was there. I lifted my head just a little bit more, I wanted there to be no doubt that I knew he was watching me, that I was stroking now, just for him. My eyes raised just a bit, and that’s when I saw Josh there, rubbing a very prominent bulge in his bdu’s. As I saw that, I just closed my eyes, my head fell back and I let out a very long, and not very quiet groan as my hips pushed outward, my cock, harder now if possible, straining through my clenched fingers.

Obviously Josh was really enjoying what he was seeing. God, that just made it even hotter for me. To my knowledge, my straight roommate was watching me jerk, but he liked it so much that he was rubbing his own erection while standing there. I wasn’t done yet. Oh no, not yet. My back arched, my hand pumping hard now, I reached behind and slowly started to slide my fingers down my ass. I trembled, almost losing my balance as I felt my wet soapy finger brush over my tight hole. I heard Josh take a quick, ragged breath. I raised my eyes once again and saw him squeezing the outline of his cock through his pants, almost in time with my strokes. His gaze was squarely focused on the cock in front of him that clearly was hard for him.

Oh I was close now, all of this was too much. I could feel my balls drawing up tight. My stomach was quivering, as the water rolled down. All of the soap was washed away now, all that was there was my glistening, hard cock, seemingly getting thicker with each stroke. My other hand was cupping my balls and my breath was rapid and shallow, mixing with groans of pleasure. I stopped for a moment, squeezing tightly, I could feel the pulsing start. The thick veins pushed from the flesh of my cock. “Oh…oh god.” I gasped, barely able to breathe…I was slamming my fist up and down on my cock now…I could feel it starting…. Everything was gone, I couldn’t hear a thing. I stared, as I beat my cock, my hips thrusting forward to meet my hand as the first spray of cum burst from the head of my cock…the second jet found my waiting hand and felt it hit my fingers…instinctively I raised my hand to my face as my fingers wrapped around my cock were slick with cum. I continued to shoot as I sucked my juice from my fingers, moaning like a whore. I don’t know how long it lasted, but spurt after spurt erupted for my cock as I fucked my hand.

As it slowed down, I lifted my head to see Josh turn away from the doorway. God, what had just happened? Did I really put on a fuck show for my roommate? I grinned as I rinsed off. I shook my head in disbelief as I turned off the water and left the shower.

I came out of the bathroom about five minutes later to find an empty room. Josh had left. Huh. Well, at least it’s not awkward, I thought, barely a moment before I laughed out loud.

"He’s gonna go fuck Maggie u*********s."

The rest of the weekend went by without incident. Josh probably spent the whole weekend in Savannah with Maggie, while I stayed around post, not doing much of anything. Not that I was anxious to see anyone, really. All I kept thinking about was what was I gonna say when we saw one another? It’s not like I could pretend nothing happened. My roomate watched me cum for chrissakes. Heck, my roommate LIKED watching me cum.

I didn’t have much time to consider it, cause when he came back Sunday night, I saw him for a whole 45 seconds. As I was closing the door, I heard someone jogging up the stairs. When the echo stopped, around the corner came Josh, his pace slowing as he saw that he wasn’t alone. My mouth agape, about to spit out a hello, I was cut off with, “Hey, don’t lock that.”

"I totally forgot that I have duty tonight." was what I heard as Josh rushed by, the trail of air and the suddenness of the whole thing seemed to fluster me for a moment that I was barely able to mumble "Oh yeah, you’re gonna be late."

Quickly grabbing a gear bag, he turned over his shoulder shouting “You have a good weekend? Man, did I have a good one with Maggie.” he said, with an unmistakable ear to ear grin on his face. Wait, was I reading to much into that look? Slightly confused for a moment, I then realized I’d been standing in the same spot the whole time.

"I’ll catch you after work tomorrow, and tell you all about it." he said as he walked by me again, with a smaller smirk this time, and proceeded to trot back into the shadow, and down stairs.

The whole interaction was over just like that. Up, in, out, and down, with me still standing there, likely with a puzzled look on my face, but with and unmistakable hard cock in my shorts. “Oh he will, huh? I can’t wait till tomorrow.”

All day I walked around the motor pool either looking down at my watch, or looking over too where Josh would be working, if he were on. But pulling duty last night, he had today off. That lucky fuck, I thought, I’d trade a night on duty for a day off in a heartbeat. I wasn’t able to get much accomplished, thinking mostly about what I was going to do later on, only to come back to reality and need to distract myself when I started getting too turned on. In the army, it’s quite frowned upon to walk around amongst 100+ guys all day sporting a pants tent.

The moment that I was finished for the day, I was off like a shot back to the room. Screw dinner, I wanted to get back to see about a repeat performance of Friday night’s activities. Nervously excited, I was about to walk in the door as James was coming out of his adjacent barracks room. “Hey James,” I threw over my shoulder, momentarily pausing to be sure he heard me, “have you seen Josh around?”

To my disappointment, I heard his reply, “Yeah, he was headed out, I about an hour ago. He said was gonna grab some chow and then go play poker.” I closed the door, not even giving bother to reply. Dejected, I took myself one of the most boring showers of my life.

Toweling off, I sat down on the bed, and began wondering what I was gonna do that night. I glanced over to my nightstand to check the time, when I noticed my small my bottle of Johnson and Johnson’s baby oil staring at me. “Oh well, it’s just me and you k**.” I said looking down at my growing cock. I reached over,. grabbed the bottle, and lay back to enjoy myself for a bit.

To this day, just the scent of J&J brings with it a tingle down below. The sense of smell can just be so erotic, brining back fond memories of my exploring my sexual self. So slippery, it doesn’t dry out and get sticky, and when it mixes with my precum, oh how it feels just so good. Barely a few drops to start with, I began tracing the outline of my head. Just enough to make sure I stiffened up all the way. My other hand reached down between my legs and found my heavy balls, so full from daydreams of Josh.

What did Josh’s cock look like, I wondered? Was he cut, like I was? Or did he have a thick foreskin that his head would slowly peek through as he got hard? Mmmm, a little more oil now…just enough to coat my fingers. A nice, glistening sheen as I wrapped them around the base and slowly pulled my hand up, watching my straining head disappear into my fist. Josh had watched me, and loved seeing this hard cock. Damn.

Just as I released my grip for moment I heard a key slip into the lock of the door. Holy shit! Realizing that I wasn’t going to get myself out of this predicament, I turned my head to the side, away from the door. Hearing it open, I placed my hand back down to my balls.

I felt a soft cool breeze flow over my completely exposed frame, my cock involuntarily pulsed and bounced, and without hesitation I began to pick up where I had left off as I heard the door close. A tremble, a light shiver overcame me upon hearing the deadbolt click closed. Slowly I stroked my cock, sure to be holding straight up so Josh could see as much of it as he wanted. Slowly I drew my left knee up, exposing myself even more as I turned my head back in his direction.

Josh was slowly pulling the zipper down on his pants and then started fishing his hand into the front of his pants. My cock strained in my hand seeing this, and to my amazement he began slowly stepping toward the bed. This time it was my turn to be a touch shy. I turned my head slightly, keeping an eye on him as I just lay there, silently squeezing my engorged cock. Again, as the last time, he didn’t try to make eye contact. His eyes lustily feasting over my naked body, my mind raced with the thoughts of what I yearned for him to do next.

As he reached my bed I was shaking, and a combination of fear and excitement must have had my face a deep crimson. Not far, I I thought from the color of the head of my cock that I was teasing. Just then he paused, reached out, and took the baby oil from my nightstand. Too quickly, he turned and walked back to the other side of the room to sit, thought not before dropping his pants and briefs to the ground. Just barely, I caught a glimpse of his cock before he got comfy, his waist just out of sight.

You like what you see, don’t you? I thought as I returned my attention to my dripping cock. Reaching down I wiped up the small pool of precum off my belly and sucked it off my finger, not caring to be quiet in doing so at all. I heard him crack the bottle open and soon the unmistakable sound of a wet cock slapping up and down against a thick palm greeted my ears. Dear god, now he wanted to cum with me.

More than once I tried to prop my head up a little to watch him. Each time I did so he would quickly turn his head away, yet his tempo would increase. Fuck, he was so goddamn hot. His cock, maybe a touch shorter than mine was at least one and a half, maybe two times as big around as mine with balls that I would swear were made to be placed on my tongue. All I wanted to do right now was get on my knees in front of him and take as much of that cock in my mouth as I could. I’d always thought about it, never thought I’d act upon it, but damn I wanted to swallow him.

But I couldn’t move. No, not yet. I didn’t dare run the risk of ruining this. I didn’t even want to say a word, but I wanted to see him better. “I need more oil.” I half whispered, and more than moaned, as I let go of my cock. I did that as much to stop from cumming as I did to say that I couldn’t continue without it.

Slowly, hard cock in one hand, oil in the other, Josh walked over to me. I could hear his breathing, ragged, unsure, speed up as he neared the bed. Slightly turning, a hint of shyness perhaps?, he reached out and placed the wet bottle on the nightstand and stood there for a split second. As I reached out to take it, Josh turned to walk back and I froze. No, he wasn’t shy at all as he turned around, this time turning toward me instead of away. There was no doubt in his action, as he released the tight grip on his shaft so that I could a crystal clear picture of every hard, wet inch of that glorious cock. Inadvertently, I felt my tongue lick my lips as I drew a sharp deep breath of air seeing his thick, vein pulsing shaft just two feet from me. My eyes closed for a moment as I silently wished he’d take one small step forward and press the head of the cock to my eager lips.

I could just imagine what a little cock slut I must have looked like, all but begging him to let me taste his cock. Sadly no, I heard him again walk away. My eyes opened as I lay back again. I was happily surprised to see that Josh hadn’t gone back to sit now, but instead had positioned himself at the foot of my bunk. With legs spread, leaning slightly forward, I could see his knees press into the edge of my mattress. Oh yes, did I want to see him cum. And to be sure I got what I wanted, I was going to give him a show that would make him lose any and all control over his cock.

Wet and slippery hands trembling, I fumbled with the bottle, nearly pouring it’s entire contents onto myself. No matter, I wanted Josh to see me glistening, drenched. I wanted him to imagine what it would be like to rub up against my slick body. I felt the oil run over my balls, slowly drip down my ass. Feeling that erotic tickle, one hand caressing my balls the other reached even further down.

With my knees already drawn up, my hips slowly raised off the bed just a little as the tip of my finger gently caressed the tight wet hole that I felt clench in time with the pulse and bounce of my cock.
My head turned, a slight whimper escaped my lips and I teased my ass. My other hand was tight on my cock now, this was all just too much. Josh had lost any pretense of bashfulness and was groaning louder with each second that passed by. Achingly he was thrusting his cock into both of his hands now as he stared at my cock, breaking his gaze only to then watch me fingering my ass.

I could see that he was as lost in this as much as I was. Or maybe, perhaps as I, he was imagining what it would be like to replace my finger with his stiff cock. To slowly part my ass with his hands and slowly push that shaft deep into me. Whatever he was, or wasn’t thinking at that very moment, I could see his body was starting to tense up. He began to grunt as I heard an “Oh god, yes” rasp from his mouth.

I could barely breath as Josh began to cum. One finger in my ass, my other hand was pumping my aching cock as I watched Josh let loose with the first jet of cum, as I panted “yes, yesss.” The first strand landed me between my legs and I began to lose it as a wave of lust and pleasure began to flow over me. Movie like, I starred at him as he pumped a second load from the tip of cock, this time splashing down down on my calf. Throwing my head back, feeling his hot cum on my flesh, I felt my balls shoot the first load up through my throbbing shaft, exploding out of the head of my cock. The sound of Josh cumming, and shooting onto my leg caused me to cum as hard as I ever thought possible. My hips bucking, my ass clenching around my probing finger I felt cum hit my chin and shoulder. Mine I thought, Josh’s I wished, I greedily licked it up while continuing to pump my cock, emptying my balls. Good good, fuck me, I jerked my cock craving every drop of cum dripping onto my writhing body.

My strokes slowed, my body’s convulsions stopped while I still couldn’t take the sensitivity. I looked up as Josh, one hand cupping his balls, the other gently squeezed his softening cock with cum covered fingers, smiled at me. Then, slowly turning away, I could see him shrugged his shoulders.

"I’ve got to take a shower", he said softly, as he walked into the bathroom.

Smiling, while contemplating where this new experience might lead, I began to clean myself off, and get dressed. “Damn, I’m hungry.” I said to myself hearing the shower turn on. As I walked to the door, I turned my head over my shoulder, and caught a glimpse of Josh stepping into the shower. He drew the curtain closed behind him. I laughed silently as I closed and locked the door behind me, and headed off to the mess hall.

"Like he needed the shower curtain…"

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Interracial Lover.............................

Posted by MONTED at 27,Aug,14 20:07

I have been sucking cock for twenty years, and have given head to at least 300 different guys. When I started my love affair with dick it was right when aids was discovered. Consequently, my need to stay disease free kept me from having any of those cocks feed me their sperm. I experimented with eating my loads, and found that I thoroughly enjoy tasting and swallowing it. I had badly wanted for a long time to take a guys load down my throat, but I was always safe.

2 years ago, I lived in DC and found the bookstores and my first tearoom. As you might guess, the majority of the patrons were black guys, but they mostly were looking for other black men. My favorite dick is black and the low success rate at getting it frustrated me. I turned to finding a gay bar in a predominately black area and went there to try and score some big black cock to suck.

I got to the bar on a Friday night at 8:00. The place was busy already, with all black guys, and I didn't see any other white guys. I was encouraged and presumed that some of these guys surely like white meat. I browsed with my beer and tried to make suggestive smiles at every guy I made eye contact with. I was determined to get some black cock in my mouth. I wasn't getting any vibes or progress so I decided to get more aggressive. I approached any guy who appeared to be alone and offered to buy him a drink and make small talk. Very few guys responded and those that did gave me the feeling to bug off. I was getting rejected one after the other. It was about 8:45 and one guy showed me a glimmer of interest. He said he didn't need a drink and said, "you must be looking for some black dick white boy". Somewhat surprised, I said, "well yeah, I really would like to find some". He asked what I was into, and I told him that I love to give head. He said, "you like sucking black dick don't you boy"? I told him yes and he grinned a little. I was now becoming largely encouraged. He said to wait here and when he gets back from the bathroom, he is a friend with the owner and there's a private room that he is able to use. Relieved, I said, "sure, I'll be right here". As he went to the restroom I watched him thinking about my luck paying off. I kept fixed on the path back from the bathroom and on his way back, he stopped for a moment and chatted briefly with a couple guys. He wasn't gone long as I anxiously waited. He came back and said, "come on, lets go". I followed him towards the back and we soon entered a room and he shut the door behind me. It was dark but light enough that noticed several large glory holes on one wall. They were grouped together and I thought it strange that they were in a pattern like they were. My attention was only on sucking dick, and I gave no more thought about the holes. I later discovered they weren't glory holes.

I hurriedly knelt reaching for his zipper, and he went to work on it himself. While he worked his cock out of his pants, he told me to take off my shirt. I quickly did and tossed it aside in my hunger to get his meat. All ready now, he stepped to my crotch level face and presented me with a juicy limp 5" black uncut delicacy. I hungrily wrapped my dickloving lips around that yummy shaft and began my job getting it hard. I sucked him with loyal devotion and displayed my thanks to him for letting me get my gift. I made love to his cock and quickly got him rock hard and a good 8-1/2" long. I sucked and tightened my lips as I bobbed up and down his veiny shaft. This dick was exactly what I was hoping to find and I made sure he knew I was very grateful he allowed me to blow him. I sucked awhile and intermittently paused to lick all over the shaft and give it kisses. I even told him, "thank you so much. Your dick is perfect and I could suck it every day. I absolutely love it". He said, "yeah boy you suck that cock great. Back up to the wall so I can slide it in and out nice and slow". I backed to the wall and was now against the holes. He moved my head over slightly and started slowly pumping his boner in and out of my lips. I really liked his sensual pace and got lost in my passion. I was so engrossed in my head giving, I didn't notice until it was too late that a strap was through one hole, around my neck, and back through another hole. As I realized my restraint on my neck, I became deathly frightened. I stopped my attention on his dick and my face reflected my deep fear. I moaned out a loud mmmfh, but his dick in my mouth stopped my speaking. He said, "don't worry white boy, you said you wanted to suck some black dick and I'm just gonna give you what you asked for". He kept sliding in and out my mouth, and I now was completely not into the event. I was terribly frightened and he just kept gently fucking my face. As he pumped my mouth, the door opened and 2 guys came in and shut the door. They each took my wrists and secured them to a couple of the holes with straps and I was now totally restrained and intensely scared. The 2 guys opened their pants, pulled out their big dicks and moved towards my face as the first guy pulled out of my mouth. I started to ask what they're doing but a cock was put in my mouth too quickly. The guy I was now sucking said, "here you go white boy. Suck my black dick. Get that cock hard you cocksucker. You wanted black dick and here you go." He fucked my mouth while the other two were jacking off. I was still scared to death, but as his cock got harder, I started to get more into sucking him. I was slowly beginning to like the idea of having three nice dicks to suck. My interest shortly returned to enthusiasm, and the third guy stepped up to offer me his 9 incher. He was hard and I went right into my best to make his dick feel good. My acceptance was apparent now and he said, "yeah boy, you suck dick good. I know you love my big black cock in your pussy mouth. Yeah suck my dick. Show me how you love black cock boy". I was, I sucked him eagerly while he kept his cock in my face. "Yeah boy, oh yeah, you suck dick so good. Oh yeah baby, suck that cock".

I am very good at sucking cock, and all 3 of these tasty dicks were getting lots of appreciation from my lips. They rotated cocks in my mouth for 15 minutes or so and my jaw was feeling the stress. I couldn't do anything due to being tied up, so had to let them use my mouth however they chose. I have never taken a load in my mouth and started to worry that they were going to **** me to take theirs. My jaw was on autopilot and one of them started to spasm. I couldn't escape as he kept his cock stuck in my mouth. "Oh yeah boy, here it comes, take my cum you cocksucker". Moaning and jerking, he started rapidly stroking his dick as half of it was lodged in my mouth. I was helpless to stop him. He threw his head back and strained out, "oh yeah I'm gonna shoot, eat my cum boy. Ohh yeah". His dick started it's pulsing and his cum shot well into the back of my mouth. He kept groaning and his dick shot again. His load was collected on my throat and my natural reflex caused me to gulp. I felt his cum pass into my throat as another shot came from his dick. I was extremely resistant, but there was nothing I could do. His dick pumped a lot of cum and it was gathering in the back of my mouth and it seemed like it was never going to stop. As the warm cum pooled at my throat entrance, my reflex again forced me to gulp. This time, I felt a lot of cum go down and I could feel it on the walls of my throat. I had to gulp again and it was fully swallowed and going down my esophagus. He said, "yeah boy swallow that load. You needed that hot cum didn't you boy. Yeah cocksucker, eat my black cum." Hi dick was ending its explosion and his cum was coating my tongue as he worked his cock around my helpless mouth. I was now getting a full taste of his sperm and feeling it slightly stinging my throat. I had swallowed a big gulp of it and the taste was getting strong on my tastebuds. The salty flavor assaulted my senses and I had no choice but to receive it. He finally pulled his dick out and the first guy took its place right away. I now dreaded what was happening and realized I was going to be forced to eat all their cum. The first guy resumed fucking my sore jaw and I was despondent. Strong taste of cum in my mouth as well as feeling it in my throat, I was terribly regretting my actions.

The first guy used my mouth about 2 minutes and began his obvious start to orgasm. Again I could do nothing to stop him. He groaned forcefully while stroking his cock in my mouth just like the previous guy. I felt his dick shoot it's sperm into my innocent mouth. His spurts came rapidly in succession as my mouth quickly filled with another load of cum. He came with a big load also and the taste was nearly the same but less salty. At least this load was a little more tolerable to my tongue. After finishing his shooting, he kept his cock stuck in my mouth and said, "now swallow that cum boy. You know you love black men's cream so gulp it down now. Eat that hot cum and make room for Marcus's load now". "You bout ready to feed this cocksucker Marcus"? Marcus said, "yeah, working up a nice big load for that cumsucker" as he jacked off. Knowing that I had no choice, and fearing for my life, I conceded. With his dick still in my mouth, I swallowed two big gulps and felt his cum slide down my throat. He said, "yeah boy, you love eatin that hot cum. I told you I'd give you what you need boy. Take that load boy. Now Marcus here is gonna give you some more dick juice. I know you want it boy, and I'm gonna make sure he treats you right. Come on Marcus, this white boy is thirsty for some more hot cum". Marcus stepped up and the first guy pulled out. With my mouth empty, hoping for some type of rescue, I said, "please guys". But before I had a chance to say anything further, Marcus stuffed his cock in my pleading mouth. Marcus laughed and said, "hear that Derrick, white said please. He's so hungry for our juice that he's beggin for it. Don't you worry boy, you don't have to beg, I'm gonna feed you a nice hot load real soon. I promise". Again dejected, my lifeless mouth was pumped with a third black abuser. While Marcus worked up his load in my lips, Derrick opened the door to leave and another guy walked in. From the side, I could see I hadn't seen him before and I now became overwhelmed. Defenseless, I felt Marcus begin his shooting in my mouth. The new guy started stroking while Marcus pumped a very thick load from his tool. His cum continuously poured out like a stream and quickly covered my tongue. The taste was a little different again, and had a sort of sour twinge. Knowing what was inevitable and not wanting to prolong having to taste it on my tongue, I started swallowing as he was filling my mouth. As my throat muscles worked it down, he said, "that's it boy. Drink it up. Swallow daddy's cum boy". I ignored his humiliation of me and swallowed a few times to get his flowing cum out of my mouth. He persisted with, "oh yeah boy, drink up. Eat that big load you want so much. Yeah, that's it boy. You did good you cum eating pussy. Now since you were a good boy and was beggin me for my hot cum, Antonio here is gonna let you have his cum to eat. I know you can't wait boy, so let's get him over here to give you that dick cream that you are so anxious for. Come on Antonio, this white dicksucker needs some more black cum to eat". The guy came over and instead of attempting to protest when my mouth was dickless, I knew I again had no choice. Instead of speaking, I leaned my face to his crotch and my mouth got another hefty black dick to taste. I sucked him with hopelessness, and the door opened before Marcus was ready to leave. 3 guys stepped in and I knew I had made a tremendous mistake. Marcus left and now I had 4 black dicks wanting to share in the assault on me. I had to rotate between all 4 new cocks and suck each one for a few minutes. Like the previous hour, I was being forced to taste and swallow another big load of sperm. I ate a load from the first guy and one guy said, "lets give him 2 at the same time". One of them said, "I'm getting close". Another said, "me too". One of the two said, "open up wide boy". The two of them stepped up to my face. I knew I had to obey and I feared for my safety. They both were jacking fast and I opened my mouth as wide as I could. I tilted my head back, and stuck my tongue out as far as I could. One guy said, "yeah boy you want it don't you? Tell me how bad you want to swallow our cum boy". I submissively said, "please shoot your hot sperm all over my tongue. I am starving for your cum. Please shoot every drop of your cum in my mouth. I want you to pump the biggest load you have ever shot. I hope you aim good so every bit of your delicious cream gets in my mouth so I can taste it and feel it ooze down my happy throat while I swallow every delicious bit. I badly want to eat all your cum sir". Wow, I couldn't believe what I had said. I realized I went overboard, and was astonished at how eager I seemed. I knew I had to cooperate but questioned myself of what I just blurted out. I resumed my receiving position, and they both let go. Both cocks were at the edge of my tongue and rope after rope of cum was blasting in my wide-open mouth. The door opened while they simultaneously filled my mouth. I couldn't pay attention to the new assailants, and the 2 guys pumped a large volume while muttering things like, "oh this boy loves our hot cream. Eat it up you cum punk". They kept insulting as they relentlessly shot gobs of sperm straight in my mouth. Both seemed to shoot the biggest load I'd got so far and as it was subsiding, I could feel my mouth nearly half full. One guy stepped back and said, "look at that". Surrounded by about 9 guys now, I felt at the end of my rope. They all looked in awe at my mouth full of cum and I closed my mouth. Hoping that if I put on a good enough show, maybe they'd relent and let me go. I swirled the warm sperm around my mouth so they could see. After giving them a thorough show, I tilted my head against the wall and gulped with extra effort to let them see my throat swallow the cum. There was so much this time, I had to take 4 big gulps to get it all down and I felt like I needed to gag. Instead, I regrouped and smiled up at them as I licked my lips as if to reflect my delight. I certainly wasn't delighted, but I thought I needed to make them think I was. I was however feeling something different. I didn't feel as repulsed about it this time. The flavor was actually intriguing to me and I felt like it soothed me by feeling it slide down my throat. I could feel it going down my throat and I was actually enjoying how it felt. As degrading and threatening this all was, I was beginning to like the whole experience. The more I tasted the residue of sperm on my tastebuds, the more it tasted good to me. I even ran my tongue around my gums and teeth trying to get more flavor. As I did find some lingering tastes, I was enjoying it more by the second. Surprised at my change of heart, I regained focus to see all guys jacking their cocks as they each seemed to be allowing a reprieve for me. They just kept pumping for several minutes while I thought about being forced to swallow so many loads of cum, and trying to understand why I was now satisfied rather than frightened. My attention was caught as one guy began to show his pending orgasm. I looked to his dick and seen he had a rubber on. I was relieved. He moaned as I saw the tip of the rubber turn white with his sperm. As he settled down, another guy said, "hurry man, I'm gonna shoot". The guy who had just shot in the rubber, took it off and handed it to the guy who was ready to cum. The guy getting close, quickly struggled and put the rubber just over the end of his dick. Just as he got the rubber on, he began to shoot his load into it. Another guy said, "my turn". The rubber was switched to the third cock and was again pumped with another load. One after the other, each guy took the condom over the end of his dick and shot their sperm into it. The rubber was about one quarter full and bulging with the white cream after each of the 8 or 9 guys deposited their loads, and I started to catch on. During the filling of the sperm holder, about a half dozen more guys came in as they rotated in and out of the room. Every single man jacked off until he was adding his sperm to the growing package. The increasing number of cumloads grew the amount to around 3 inches deep of their many loads in the condom. As the last guy took it off, he came to me and held the rubber in my face. It was about 3" to 4" full of sperm and looked heavy. He said, "you want this don't you boy"? I raised my eyes to him and said, "yes I do. All that cum looks delicious. Will you please let me eat it"? With nothing said, he grabbed the full end, put the open end to my mouth, and I pursed my lips reaching for it. He smoothly raised the full end, and the massive loads came flowing out into my mouth. I kept my lips secure to the opening as my mouth filled. I moaned a signal that I was full and he backed the condom away. He understood my moan as I hoped he would, and when I looked, the rubber was still half full. My cheeks puffed and I swirled the multiple loads all around my mouth. The powerful taste was flooding my mouth and I kept running my tongue all through the creamy sperm loads. I was savoring it. I was now loving the taste and feeling of having my mouth full of all that cum. I swirled it around for a minute at least and I was hoping to get the succulent flavor to soak into my delirious taste buds. An hour previous, I was in fear for my life and abhorred at the thought. Now I was elated to have all that cum floating over my tongue. It was delicious beyond words. After thoroughly absorbing the flavor I now cherished, I calmly took gulp after delightful gulp until my throat had swallowed the entire mouthful. My eyes closed and serenity overcame me as I smiled warmly reeling with euphoria. Taking in my new obsession of being a cum eater, my mind returned to the current situation and I opened my mouth to display my wish to have the rest of that sperm. The stud holding the rubber said, "you want this load boy"? I pleaded, "oh yes please. It tastes so wonderful and I desperately want all you can treat me too". He put the challis to my mouth and gently poured the remaining cock juice onto my thankful tongue. Every morsel got in my mouth, as he didn't spill any of the nectar. With about half of the sperm that was left in the rubber, my mouth was once again packed full with marvelous loads of hot black men's cum. My delight increased more while I adored my mouthful of these guys sperm. Like before, I explored it entirely and soaked up all the flavor for my grateful tongue to save. Once again I graciously gulped until every precious drop of the cum flowed down my throat. The rubber was placed on my lips and I sucked it in as he pushed it until it was inside out in my mouth so I could clean out the residue it held. I made a point to not swallow these remnants so the flavor would stay in my mouth a long time.

The men must have been satisfied with their abuse of me because they released my bondage and told me to get lost. I now had a never ending thirst for loads, but had been fed so many loads that I didn't want to push my luck. I gathered myself and left with a feeling of incredible pleasure. My stomach was holding gobs of sperm and my mouth was exhilarated with the lingering taste of it. The adventure changed into my best experience ever and would plan more multiple feasts of sperm.

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No panties

Posted by cornfedcunt at 27,Aug,14 19:58

I think panties boxers and any underwear r a waste. Why wear anything. It's so much more comfortable and so much easier to let something or someone slip in

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Posted by cornfedcunt at 27,Aug,14 19:35

She smiled. "And you, Martina?"  

Martina smiled at her innocently. "I'm just Anna's little maid and girlfriend," she said sweetly. "I have no other job but to please her."  

Gianna raised her eyebrows. "Oh, okay," she said surprised. "So you two are... together, yeah?"  

I nodded, playing along. "Yeah, we've been together for a few years now, and Martina's been great," I smiled at her.  

"I live to serve," Martina said in return. Gianna looked at the both of us, unsure what to make of it, but at the same time curious and intrigued. 

"So are you, like, married?" she asked.  

I shrugged. "It's more of an open relationship," I said. "Martina is my lover and girlfriend, but we like to experiment a lot, so... it's hard to explain."  

Gianna smiled thoughtful, playing absently with the buttons on her blouse. "And so... there's no men in your life?" she wondered.  

Martina and me looked at each other, then I shook my head. "I guess I'm the man in our relationship," I laughed.  

"How do you mean?" she asked curiously. "Well, you know, I'm the more aggressive and dominant one, and Martina is more the... subordinate, dutiful wife." I winked at her.  

Gianna cocked her head to the side, pursing her lips. "So, I'm sorry for asking so much, but I'm really clueless... don't you miss something sometimes?" she asked.  

Martina laughed. "When Anna is done with you, all you'll be missing is her," she said smiling, then added: "If you want, she can show you..." 

Gianna stared at her, then asked slowly: "Show me... how?" Martina got up and smiled at her, pulling her slowly inside our cabin as she brushed the hair out of Gianna's face, helping her unbutton her shirt. Gianna put up no resistance, allowing Martina's hands to run down her chest, grabbing her breasts through the fabric and pushing her back down into a chair.  

While my slave went down on the conductor, kissing her and pulling off her pants to get to the sweet honey pot between her legs, I was going through my bags, looking for some of the toys I packed. Gianna was obviously eager to play, and I wouldn't want to disappoint her. I finally found my favourite strap on, a gift from my friends at the bordello, and put it on just as Martina pushed Gianna's black lace panties aside and began licking her pussy. 

Gianna was just as pale on the rest of her body as she was in her face, her pussy being no exception. She kept it shaved, but a dark shade was visible where her pubes were growing back. Her labia stood out vividly, being bright red and swollen, and Martina was sucking them eagerly into her mouth, slurping and licking her tongue along their whole length. "Ohhhh godddd," she moaned and shuddered. 

Martina stood aside as I stepped in front of her with the strapon around my waist. I had taken off my dress and was all naked but for the dildo and my sandals. She looked up at me, beaming for lust. "God, you look hot," she gasped, her legs spread wide. Her uniform was on the floor, only her blouse covered part of her breasts still, and she looked incredibly horny. "Fuck me with that, please," she begged. 

I didn't make her wait long but inserted the head of the dildo straight between her swollen pussy, holding it with one hand as I pushed it in deep. She groaned as it entered her, feeling the long shaft slide inside. I grabbed her hips and pulled her further down, until she practically lay on the seat, her butt right on the edge. Martina straddled her chest as I began thrusting in and out of Gianna's pussy, watching the dildo get soaked from her cunt juice until it slid all the way in. 

Martina made her lick her pussy, determined to give the horny conductor a good mouthful of lesbian cunt, while I fucked her pussy in long strokes, going all the way up inside her. She moaned, muffled by Martina's muff, enjoying the feeling. Martina looked back at me, then said: "Let's do her ass too, mistress?" She turned to Gianna underneath her. "You want to have my mistress fuck your little asshole?" Not waiting for a reply, I pulled the slimy cock out and pushed it between Gianna's buttocks. 

They parted easily, soft like butter, as I forced it into her anus. Everything about Gianna seemed soft, her skin, her legs, her muscles, her hips, her tits... It was like fucking into soft dough, except that this dough was squirming and moaning as I penetrated her. I fucked her up the ass just as hard and fast as I did her pussy, wanting to show her how little she had to say in the matter and how little she would have to miss a "man" in her holes. 

She seemed to get the message, thrashing and groaning into Martina's pelvis as I violated her. Martina didn't let go of her either, using her for her own pleasures. I looked down, watching her pussy twitch and sputter as the dildo ran into her underneath, filling her ass. I slid my fingers inside her empty cunt and began probing her, feeling the shaft fuck her from inside. Three fingers, four fingers, I stretched her and filled her in a way she never was filled before, my knuckles widening her pussy as they demanded entry. 

Finally, I fit my whole hand inside her, her twat closing around it like a glove. I twisted and turned, feeling the insides of her pussy as my hard dildo still probed her ass deep and hard. She screamed, slapping Martina's butt with her hands, coming hard, again and again as I would not stop ramming my hand and the cock inside her. Finally, Martina climaxed herself, and I heard a shot of juice stream down on Gianna from her pussy. I pulled out, having one girl lick my hand and the other the dildo. They cleaned it diligently.  

"You were right," Gianna told Martina later, as she put her clothes back on. "I can see why you wouldn't miss anything." Martina smiled back at her, licking her lips. "I wish you a great vacation then," the conductor said as she left us with a wink and a kiss, going back to work, freshly fucked and happy

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I love this story part1

Posted by cornfedcunt at 27,Aug,14 19:33

Over the years, I've met up with Martina several times, but for the most part we've been chatting online. I enjoyed our "sessions" more and more, we shared some of our innermost **** desires and discovered new ones together as we had some of the most depraved and kinky exchanges possible. I love her, in a way that's hard to describe and new to me, but feels "right" for the kind of relationship we have.  

Because of our different lives and her marriage it was hard at times to keep up that relationship, but we always found a way, and it was ever the more sweet to see her again after a prolonged absence. And when, on one occasion, we finally had an opportunity to be together for several days, we were both excited to no end. 

Her husband had wanted to go on a little trip with some of his co-workers and in return, Martina wanted to go on a trip herself with her "friends", so for one week a few years ago we began a vacation while she left her kids and man behind, along with everything else about her conservative lifestyle. 

We took a train to the south, the beach, the sun and a sweet little hotel that we both had chosen. I was nervous and excited when I boarded the train, looking for her inside. I found her in a little compartment where we had reserved our seats. She looked great, wearing a light green dress, for a change, with an incredibly low cut neckline that showed a lot of her ample cleavage. She smiled at me behind her large sunglasses and kissed me as I stumbled in, helping me hitch my baggage up. 

"God, you look fantastic," she said, eyeing me up and down. I had just pulled my red curls back and wore nothing more than a loose, striped red-and-white dress and some white sandals.  

I smiled back at her. "Mmmh, you know how I am, I want to look like the woman I would want to fuck."  

She laughed. "You certainly look like the woman I'd like to fuck." I kissed her again and sat down opposite of her, by the window.  

Aside from us, the train seemed to be fairly empty. We had the compartment to ourselves and the rest of the car was only sparsely seated from what I saw coming in. "So," she said, playing with her long dark hair as she stared at me. "What's our plan, my goddess?"  

I shrugged. "As far as I am concerned, I just want to spend a week living and fucking the way I always wanted to live and fuck. No taboos, no holding back and no compromises," I said.  

She nodded, and pulled one leg up on the seat next to me, spreading wide as she hitched up her skirt and showed me her moist pussy and damp pubes, wearing nothing underneath. "I'm ready, mistress," she said seductively, pulling her labia apart. "Piss on me and make sure I know who I belong to." I smiled. Peeing was one of the fetishes we both shared, and most of our fantasies involved copious exchanges of body fluids. So I stood up and held onto her seat as I stepped across her leg, pulling up my own skirt and began raining down yellow sprinkles out of my pantiless unshaven crotch, wetting her pubic hair and the most part of her skirt. 

She bent forward and caught some of it in her mouth, drinking greedily as it ran down her chin and on her tits, leaving dark stains on her dress. She sucked and swallowed, gulping and slavering as she lodged her lips around my wet labia. When she was sated, she leaned back happily. "Mmmh," she moaned, slipping two fingers in and out of her pussy, enjoying the moment. "I love the taste of your piss, mistress. It makes me feel so... dirty, and owned. Like I know it's no reward, nor is it gentle, but it's to put me in place and make sure I'll be your servant in all things, and if it's to drink down your pee."  

I sat back down in my own chair and smiled at her, my pussy still slightly wet, leaving a small stain on my lap. "This is going to be a wonderful trip, slave," I said, rubbing across my breasts, feeling turned on by her presence, her submissive ways and her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. 

Suddenly the door to our separee opened. Martina quickly pulled down her skirt and smiled sheepishly at the conductor as she asked for our tickets. I looked at her as I handed her mine, as her face seemed strangely familiar. Then it struck me. "Gianna?" I asked, remembering her from school, so many years ago.  

She looked deep into my eyes, then smiled back. "Oh my god," she said, "Anna, is that you?"  

Gianna was in my class for a few years, until she went to a different school. We were not friends, nor enemies, but kept our distance as we had different tastes and attitudes and so I didn't think much of her after she was gone. It was strange to see her after all these years, in her work outfit no less. I had no clue she went on to work for the railway.  

She was short, just as I remembered her from school, with the blackest, thickest hair that she wore shoulder long and straight. Her skin was incredibly pale, which gave a sharp contrast to her hair and dark eyes, but her face was cute. She wore the dark blue uniform of the railway conductors and looked kinda sexy in it, though it hid most of her features. 

I nodded, not knowing what to say. "Yeah," I replied. "I... we... are just on our way to vacation." She smiled, holding out a hand to Martina as she was eyeing her. "Hi, I'm Gianna. Anna and me were in school together." Martina shook it with the same hand that was in her pussy just seconds ago, and the thought made me even more aroused.  

"Martina, nice to meet you," she said, and, following her gaze, she smiled. "Anna just spilled something on me," she explained the stains on her dress.  

Gianna laughed. "Well, it's warm enough for it to dry fast," she said. 

I nodded, slightly embarrassed, but Martina seemed content and happy with herself. "Ah, it makes me feel so good I kinda don't want it to dry," she said giggling.  

Gianna looked at her puzzled, then turned to me again, "So, what're you doing these days?" she asked. 

I shrugged. "You know, nothing special. I'm working for the city

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Making the best of a bad situation? ..........Just a fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 27,Aug,14 19:22

Frank, the division manager, called me into his office. He and I had gotten fairly close over the years. My wife, Julia, and I had gone out to dinner with him and his wife a few times, and we had been to parties at each other's houses.

“Shut the door,” he said. “Come, sit down.”

I did, and he just stared at his desk. This wasn't good.

“Frank, what's ....” I began.

“Look, Mike, I don't know how else to tell you this. I just got off a conference call with corporate. Those shit-heads are closing down the Michigan operation, and moving other stuff around. 'Cost-cutting and efficiency measures' they called it. Apparently, they've been planing this for months. They told me that you and your entire department are done. I'm sorry.”

“I have to transfer?” I asked.

“They said re-location of employees is expensive, especially in a shitty real estate market. The damn bean-counters call the shots in this company, so very few people are going to move from one operation to another. Every facility is having one or more departments eliminated, and only a few guys are getting offered transfers. You're not one of them.”

“What the fuck? I'm getting canned?”

Frank wouldn't look at me, but he nodded his head.

“Effective when?”

“The end of the month. Mike, I'm so sorry. None of us division managers saw it coming.”

“The end of the month? That's less than three weeks away! What the hell am I supposed to tell my people?”

“We'll work on that tomorrow. Right now, I want you to go home. I'll tell your secretary there was a family emergency or something. I don't know what else to say, Mike. I wish there was something I could do.”

It took me a while, but finally I said, “I know you do. I'm going to take you up on that offer of the afternoon off. Tell Sandy my lunch didn't agree with me. She and the gang can take care of stuff for the rest of the day.”

“Okay,” Frank said. The poor bastard looked like he wanted to cry.

It's a good thing there are no windows on the side of the building where I parked. People would have called the guys with the very long sleeved jacket to come and get me if they had seen me sitting in my car, cursing like a raging madman, and pounding my fists on the steering wheel. **** fucking years I gave to this company, pretty much my entire adult life, and they're throwing me out like a used tampon!

After a while, I got myself calmed down enough to drive home. I needed a drink and some good loving.

Julia would be home doing the same thing she always did on nice afternoons when she didn't teach a class at the university. She'd be out back by the pool, working on her all-over tan.

“Yeah, that's it!” I thought. “I'll park on the street and sneak into the house. I'll make us drinks, strip, and go out and surprise her. We'll see where things go from there.”

In the kitchen, I had just gotten some glasses out of the cabinet when I heard something from outside. It sounded like Julia. I couldn't imagine who she was talking to, so I thought it would be a good idea to see who was out there before I dropped my pants. I walked to the patio door.

Things hadn't been at their best between us lately, but marriages go through periods like that. Maybe I'm not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I was completely unprepared to hear my wife moaning to my older ****, “Fuck me harder!”

I have no idea how long I stood there watching him pound her, but for some reason I didn't move or make a sound until it was obvious they had both cum. Then, I opened the door.

Grabbing for his clothes, my **** stammered, “Mike! Holy shit! Look, man, it's not what you think!”

My naked wife sat up, my ****'s cum oozing out of her. “Be quiet, Sean, of course it's what he thinks.” Turning to face me, she said, “I'm in love with him. What should we do about that?”

For a second, I seriously considered which kitchen knives I was going to use on them, but then I decided that wouldn't be such a good idea. Instead, I said, “This is the icing on the fucking cake! The shit-heads at corporate down-sized me out of my damn career today, along with my entire staff. I come home and find my goddamn **** fucking my wife. What's next?”

“I didn't want to do it this way, but I want a divorce,” the woman I learned about love with in high school twenty years earlier said.

“Good idea! I'll call you this weekend and maybe come over so we can start working out the details. I'm gonna go pack some clothes. Oh, and Sean? Fuck you. Don't make the mistake of being here when I come downstairs,” I said, walking back into the house.

I spent the rest of the month in a motel, going to the office to finish projects and transfer files to the division that would be taking over our workload. At night, I e-mailed resumes and drank. It wasn't pretty.

When my job ended, I looked for a less temporary place to live. “Loft efficiency apartment,” the listing said. Yeah, well, it was basically a room above someone's garage. Two burner stove, tiny fridge, ridiculous bathroom (when I sat on the toilet, my one knee was against the tub and the other against the sink), and a price I couldn't pass up. There was enough room, if I did it just right, to bring all my clothes here, if I was willing to move boxes and suitcases around a couple of times a week. It was a monthly rental, and I was sure I'd get a good job and be able to afford a decent place in no time.

That didn't happen.

Severance pay doesn't last forever, and I sure as hell didn't want to think about having to live on unemployment while paying my ****-sucking divorce lawyer. After spending two months running to interviews, I started working through a temp agency.

That's how I met Yazhi. The first time I worked with her, I spent a lot of time trying not to stare. It wasn't that she was wearing slutty, revealing clothes. We were doing office temp work, and she was dressed appropriately, in a crisp white blouse and a charcoal gray skirt. Maybe it was her hair that first attracted me. It was coal black, waist length, and held back from her face with a large turquoise and silver clip. This exotic-looking girl was a perfect specimen of Native American womanhood.

The second time I worked with her, we took our morning break at the same time. “I remember you from that job a few weeks ago, don't I?” she asked.

“Yeah, how are you doing?”

“Pretty good for a temp worker,” she laughed, holding out her hand. “I'm Yazhi. Yazhi Sullivan. What's your name?”

“Mike O’Connor. Irish as you can get.”

“Yeah, I kinda though so with the curly red hair and freckles.” she grinned.

“The kids in school called me Ronald McDonald.”

“Oh, childhood nicknames! I was the only Native American in my class in elementary school. They called me Pocahontas. But she was Algonquin. I'm Navajo.”

“With a name like Sullivan?”

“I'm divorced. I married outside the tribe.”

“What did you do before you signed up with the temp service?” I asked.

“My last real job was as a middle-school English teacher. That was almost two years ago. I'm not going back to teaching. What about you?”

“I was a quality-control engineer. My company down-sized.”

“Are you married?” she asked.

“Almost divorced. The day I got canned, I came home to find my wife having sex with my ****.”

“Ouch!” Yazhi exclaimed.

“Yeah, well, you have to move on.”

“Speaking of moving, we'd better move our asses back to work,” she said.

It was fun watching hers, following her out of the lunch room.

Yazhi and I took our breaks together for the rest of the week. By Friday, I had worked up the courage to ask her out. “Wanna get a drink after work?” I offered.

“Sure, but I don't drink and drive.”

“I don't really either,” I said.

“Come to my place. My housemate will be at work. We can just hang out until you think you're legal to drive. I make damn good coffee.”

“Okay.” We exchanged numbers and addresses, and agreed that I would pick up a pizza on the way to her place.

She lived in an area of the city that I didn't know very well, so when I turned onto her street, I was surprised to see that it was an area of upscale condos and single homes -- much nicer than I had expected. Her house was one of the smaller ones, but it still looked expensive. I checked the address again.

Yep, this was the place. Interesting. I knew she must be earning about the same wage I was, but even without lawyer fees, I could never have afforded something like this, even with a housemate.

Yazhi opened the door as I was coming up the walk. She looked magnificent, dressed in a cropped orange tank top and tight, high-waisted white shorts. The bright bits of cloth contrasted beautifully with her rich, sun-darkened skin. Her nearly straight black hair was hanging loose, wisps of it falling carelessly around her face.

“Hey, Big Red!” she called.

I felt a slight rush of **** to my cheeks. “Big Red” was the other nickname some of the kids started calling me when I got to middle school. I had always been a large ****, the tallest and bulkiest in my class. The football coach took one look at me and demanded that I sign up for the team. Most people assumed my nickname was because of my stature. For some, I'm sure it was, but the name started the first day I changed in the gym locker room in front of my teammates. I'm one of those ninety-ninth percentile guys.

That actually presented some problems for me. Even though my physical development was always a couple of years ahead of the rest of the guys, I was the last one in my group to lose my virginity. Why? The girls I got to touch me were scared of the damned thing.

“Come on in,” Yazhi said, holding the door for me. As I walked past her, I caught a hint of desert flowers and spice. I'm used to women wearing cologne of some sort, but this aroma was heady, even though it was very light. She smelled as exotic as she looked.

Her living room was furnished with an eclectic mix of modern and American primitive furniture. There was a large Navajo rug displayed over the sofa, a bison skull on the wall over the fireplace, and a traditional ceremonial headdress in a large display case in one corner of the room.

“Let's eat in the kitchen,” she said. “Follow me.” Her slender brown legs were topped by a taut, athletic looking little ass that didn't jiggle a bit as she moved gracefully away.

The kitchen was a sharp contrast to the living room. The rich, earthy colors there were replaced here by stark white walls, dark granite counter-tops, and stainless steel and black glass appliances. There was no color anywhere -- just shades of gray. There were a few black-and-white nature photos in black frames on the walls. Even the table was chrome and smoked glass, with chrome and black leather chairs. Floor-to-ceiling windows displayed a lush garden beyond the deck.

“Beer or wine?” she asked as she put slices of pizza on plates and carried them to the table.

“Beer, please.”

“Oh good. I know some people like wine with their pizza, trying to act Italian, but I'm about as American as a girl can get. Beer it is,” she said with a smile.

“This is a terrific place,” I said, between bites of my second slice.

“Thanks. My housemate let me take charge of decorating the common areas. She has no taste in decor,” Yazhi laughed. “But I have to give her credit. She was the one who found the place. The back yard was what got us to sign the papers Look at the privacy fence! We tan out there all the time.”

“What does your housemate do?” I asked. I was still wondering how these women could afford this house.

“She's a model. Does some acting and stuff.”


“Wanna see her picture?”


Yazhi grabbed her phone off the counter and pulled up an image. “Here she is,” she said, handing the phone to me. The screen showed a stunning blond, her long wavy hair arranged to just barely cover the nipples on a pair of naked, large, firm-looking breasts.

“Whoa,” I breathed. I don't have a very good poker face.

“She's pretty, isn't she?” Yazhi asked.


“You can look at the next picture too.”

I swiped my finger over the screen, and was greeted by a picture of Yazhi, her back turned toward the camera, completely nude and smiling over her shoulder while her housemate, equally naked, stood with her hand on the Navajo girl's slender ass. Some care had gone into this pose. Arms, hands, and hair were positioned in such a way that the camera only caught large expanses of beautiful pale or bronze skin, almost, but not quite, exposing either girls' nipples or genitals. It looked like the picture was taken on the back deck of this house.

“Holy shit,” I muttered.

“I thought you might like that one,” Yazhi giggled, grabbing her phone away.

“Uh, yeah! You ladies are both stunning. She's a model, huh? What does she do? Swimwear?”

“Some, and lingerie. And other stuff.”

“Other stuff?”


“What other stuff?” I asked.

“Nude. Adult photos.”


“Does that bother you?” Yazhi asked.

“Should it?”

“No, it shouldn't, but some people don't approve.”

“Screw that” I said. “If a girl has been blessed with a beautiful body, I think it's great if she's willing to show it. I guess it pays pretty well,” I said, gesturing around the room.

“Most of the money comes from acting.”

“What kind of stuff does she do? TV?” I asked.

“No, movies,” Yazhi answered.

“Oh yeah? I don't think I recognize her. What has she done?”

“Some indie films, and some other stuff. More pizza?”

“I'm good. Those were big slices.”

“Are you kidding me? You're a big guy. Hell, I ate two slices!” Yazhi laughed. “Oh well, I'll have to do an extra five minutes each on the treadmill and the Bow-flex tomorrow.”

“You have a Bow-flex?” I asked.

“It was my housemate, Ingrid's idea, but once I read up on it, I agreed to go halves with her. I'll show it to you later. Want another beer?”

I glanced at my watch. “Yeah, I guess I can have one more.”

“So can I. I'll just do my penance tomorrow,” she said ruefully. “We can take our beer into the living room. The plates will wait.”

She grabbed two beers from the fridge and walked back into the living room. When I followed her, she said, “Let's sit on the couch.” She kicked off her sandals, and sat with her legs tucked under her, facing me. “So who is Big Red, really?”

“I was born about twenty miles from here, went to the State University's local campus, and got a job near where we've been working. My high school sweetheart went to the same University, and we got married right after graduation. She went on and got her PhD, and teaches there now. I had a good job until I got canned. I told you what else happened that day.”

“That sucks, Mike. So you've been doing temp work ever since?”

“Yup. I have a bachelor's degree in manufacturing engineering, but the few jobs that are out there that don't require advanced degrees go to whiz-kids with wet ink on their diplomas. There aren't any jobs for middle-aged quality-control managers.”

“You're not middle-aged! How old are you?”

“How old do you think I am?”

“Maybe I should put you on the treadmill and the Bow-flex to find out,” she teased.

“I never tried a Bow-flex. I used to go to the gym every day on my way home from work. Now it's just running in the park and free-weights in the apartment.”

“It's paid off,” she said, giving me the once-over. “Okay, the body is saying late-twenties, but the things you've said tell me you're older.”

“I'm thirty-eight. If I live to be seventy-six, that's middle-aged. That's too old for an entry-level job, which is all I'm qualified for.”

“Age discrimination is ****. Trust me, I know all about discrimination,” Yazhi said.

“I've heard some horror stories about the reservations,” I replied.

“Reservations are a lot like white-trash trailer parks or black ghettos. I never lived on one. Neither did my parents. My father is a surgeon and Mom is an orthodontist. They both do pretty well.”

“So, tell me more about Yazhi Sullivan.”

“Okay. We'll start with age. I'll be thirty in a couple of months.”

“I don't believe it,” I said.

“Thank you, but it's true. I have a bachelor's in secondary English education, and was working on my master's when I lost my job. Since I can't go back to teaching, I've been working through that temp service. I know what you mean about the job market.”

“You said you're divorced?”

“Yes,” Yazhi answered. “I got married right out of high school, which pissed my parents off properly. They didn't like him at all. Dad used to call him 'the stupid white boy.' They wouldn't have liked him regardless of his race though, because he was trash, but I was too young to see it. When I figured it out, I divorced him and went to college.”

“How long have you known your housemate?” I asked.

“Ingrid? It seems like forever. We were friends in school, but she hated the guy I married. We lost touch, and then we ran into each other again a few years ago.”

“You said she does some acting?” I asked.

“Yeah, but also some still photo glamor shot stuff. That's where she is tonight.”

“You must be really good friends,” I said.

“We are.”

“I mean, to let you live here and decorate the place.”

“Both our names are on the mortgage, and we split all the bills fifty-fifty.”

“Oh, I'm sorry.”

“Mike, temp work is what I do to keep myself active in the mainstream job market. It's my “mad money” not my only source of income. Ingrid and I do some work together.”

“You're a model?”

“Yeah. I started as a toddler. I was the perfect little Indian **** to dress up in traditional costume and pose with some sun-dried old guy for tourist postcards. As I got older, I did some fashion shoots for teen clothing catalogs that were trying to be racially inclusive. Being Native American got me some jobs, and kept me from others.”

“I still can't get over the idea that you're twenty-nine years old,” I said.

“I was a small baby, and I've always been kind of small-statured. That's even what my name means: 'little one.' It's actually been a blessing. I kept working with those teen catalogs until I was twenty. Then I finally filled out a little and got into some swimsuit modeling and other work.”

As she was talking, I imagined what she might look like in a nice little micro-bikini.

“You wanna see the rest of the place? I'll show you the Bow-flex”

I followed her out of the living room and up the steps. The wide stairwell repeated the primitive/native theme of the living room.

“That's Ingrid's room.” Yazhi pointed through an open door into a huge bedroom decorated in pastel shades, dominated by a king-size canopy bed. “And this is the fitness room,” she said, opening the door to a smaller room with a tanning bed, treadmill, and the fancy exercise machine. “This is where I'll be tomorrow, undoing the damage of pizza and beer. Let me show you how the Bow-flex works.”


She made a few adjustments to the machine and did a few repetitions of an exercise that was intended to tone her abs, but that also had the effect of causing the hem of her top to rise. I wasn't sure where to look -- at the delicious-looking camel-toe displayed in her tight, white shorts, or the exposed curve of the bottom of her breasts. The bright orange fabric was pulled taut over her nipples, which became more prominent with her every movement.

This woman had a phenomenal body. She knew it, I knew it, and my cock sure as hell knew it. I wondered how long I would be able to stare at her before my erection became too noticeable.

She jumped up and made some changes to the equipment, and then lay down on her belly to do some leg work. Hooking her heels under a padded bar, she worked the healthy-looking muscles of her calves, thighs, and ass. Her ass. God!. With the position she was in, her shorts strained to contain those flexing curves, and the cleft between her lips was obvious.

After a few repetitions of that exercise, she looked over her shoulder at me. Her gaze went right to my crotch.

“Maybe you could come over some morning and work out with me. I'd love to show you all this contraption can do. It can be adjusted to provide the right resistance for a smaller woman like me, a larger woman like Ingrid, or a big strapping hunk like you.”

“Sounds like fun,” I said.

She got off the machine and smiled at me. “Now for the last stop on our tour, my sanctuary.”

We walked across the hall into a large room painted the color of unglazed red clay pottery. On the far side was a huge bed. The walls were decorated with professional-looking photos of Yazhi.

In one, she was dressed like a naughty schoolgirl, her hair gathered into a high pony tail. She wore black patent leather shoes, white ankle socks, and a tiny pleated plaid skirt. An unbuttoned white blouse and her school tie barely covered her breasts. Her lips were puckered into a kiss, and she was making a come-hither motion with her one finger.

Another showed her in a short buckskin vest and matching loincloth, neither one of which did much to hide her. Her one hand was raised to shield her eyes from the sun, and she was posed near a traditional hogan with a partially finished rug stretched on a frame outside.

There was a group of pictures of her with Ingrid. One was similar to the shot she had shown me on her phone, with the two of them nude and posed so that the good bits were out of view. Some others were not as modest. Yazhi saw me staring at them.

“Go ahead and look. I'm not ashamed, and it's not like others haven't seen them,” she said.

I walked over to the wall and studied the photos. Both girls were stunning. There was a picture of them standing nude, side by side, holding hands. Ingrid was a bigger girl than Yazhi, with large breasts standing proudly on her firm body, and a completely shaved pussy. Yazhi seemed short by comparison, her slender legs parted to reveal a small clipped patch of black curls above her sex, her long black hair draped over her one pretty breast, leaving its partner exposed.

The next photo was a head shot of the girls kissing, tongues against each other.

The last three photos showed them on a bed, naked again. In one, Ingrid was on her back, and Yazhi was lying partially on top of her. They were locked in a kiss, Yazhi's one hand on her roommate's ample breast, and Ingrid's hand on the Navajo girl's ass. Another showed Ingrid kneeling between her friend's spread legs. Both girls had dildos in their hands, which appeared to glisten with moisture. The last shot showed Ingrid on her hands and knees, her head thrown back in an expression of ecstasy, while Yazhi knelt behind her, her face buried in the blond's ass.

“Those are what got me fired from my teaching job. Someone mailed those pics to the school board. At my dismissal hearing, every one of the men had copies of the photos spread out in front of them, and not one of them would look me in the eye. They probably all went home and jerked off afterward.”

I was sure she was right. That was definitely what I would be doing when I got home. “You and Ingrid are lovers, then?” I asked, **** myself to turn away from the pictures to look at her. She was standing at the edge of her bed.

“Not really. It's what the photographer wanted. I mean, yeah, we play, but I prefer men. Come here. Let me show you what I mean.”

Almost in a trance, I walked over to her. She pulled me in for a kiss. It was gentle at first, tentative, exploratory, but it didn't stay that way for long. My hands held her by her shoulders, but soon strayed down to cup her gorgeous ass. She pressed her body against me.

“I can feel your cock. Let me see it,” she breathed, pushing away from me. “Take your clothes off.”

When I took off my last piece of clothing, my badly tented boxers, my penis stood up to greet her.

“Oh my God, you are a big boy, aren't you?” she asked, her obsidian eyes flashing with excitement. She knelt to cradle it in her hand and licked the tip. “There's no way in hell I can swallow all of that, but I'll do what I can.”

Her tongue played along my length for a while, licking up the pre-cum that began to leak from me. Then she took me in her mouth, her one hand wrapped around the base of my shaft and her other hand on my balls. She began to suck me deep and hard. My God, she was good at this!

I pulled her top up to play with her breasts. They were a wonderful size, looking large on her trim body, but still fitting perfectly in my hand.

She stopped bobbing her head on my cock, and began to jack it expertly. Looking up at me, she asked, “Do you like my boobs?”

“Hell, yeah!” I moaned.

“Please keep playing with them. You can be a little firm with the nipples if you like. Now, are you going to cum for Yazhi?”

She didn't wait for an answer. She took me as deep in her mouth as she could, bouncing me repeatedly off her throat. What didn't fit between her lips was getting the royal treatment from her one hand, while my balls were getting fondled by the other. I wondered how long I could last.

When I started pulling on her nipples, she went wild on me. Sucking, licking, jacking, using every trick in the book. It was her moaning with my cock against her throat that pushed me over the edge.

“Gonna cum! Ungh, ungh, UNGH!” I grunted.

The first blast went in her throat, and she gulped it down. Then she pulled me almost out of her mouth, wiggling her tongue back and forth on the underside of my helmet, letting me see my spunk fill her. When I was done, she swallowed hard, and took me back between her lips, sucking, licking, urging any last drops to coat her tongue. I thought my knees would buckle.

“That was the first time you've cum for a while, wasn't it?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I panted.

“Thought so. You came a lot. It was good, but kinda thick. I bet the next load is going to feel real nice in my pussy. Come to bed with me.”

I couldn't believe my good fortune. This incredibly hot chick just swallowed my load, and now she wants me to fuck her. Maybe my luck was turning around.

She pulled down the bedspread, which resembled an oversized Navajo rug, to reveal gold-colored satin sheets. “Undress me,” she said.

I pulled her orange tank top the rest of the way off and stopped for a moment to admire her breasts. Tiny nipples, not much bigger than mine, were ringed by areola the color and size of an old penny. As boobs go, they were fairly modest-sized, but on this small native goddess they were perfect. I cupped the left one in my hand and sucked on her firm nipple.

“I want you to do things to my pussy, Mike,” she hissed.

“Good,” I mumbled, teasing her nipple with my teeth.

“Do you have condoms with you?”

That stopped me dead in my tracks. “No. I didn't think I'd need any. I didn't expect to be doing this tonight.”

“I don't have any that will fit you,” she said. “I thought all single guys carried rubbers.”

“I normally don't need them. I haven't been with anyone but my wife since we got married. When we found out she couldn't get pregnant, I stopped thinking about condoms.”

“I'm on birth control. That wasn't my concern, if you know what I mean. You don't have to worry about me, by the way. I just got my latest health screening back and it's all good. Besides, you were already in my mouth.”

“Okay.” This is not something middle-aged sorta-married guys think about.

“So, get me naked. Get me naked and fuck me. Please.”

I picked her up and lay her on the bed. When we moved so we were in the center, she lifted her hips so I could pull her tight white shorts off. Unlike the images on the wall, she was clean-shaven now. There was a small, detailed tattoo on her mound.

She saw me looking at it, trying to figure it out. “It's a squash blossom design. I'll explain it to you sometime.”

As I said, I'm an Irishman. This sun-darkened bronze goddess looked almost feral to me, her long black hair strewn across the pillows, black eyes flashing, dark nipples pointing to the sky, and moisture glistening on her naked lips. “Yazhi, I want to taste you first.”

“I love it when a man says that,” she laughed, parting her legs to welcome me.

She had a piercing in her navel, with a little silver and turquoise pendant. When I lifted it with my tongue, she whimpered, and I gave her a playful grin. I kissed lower, across her tattoo, and down onto her copper lips. That's when I recognized a portion of the scent I had first noticed when she met me at the door. The desert flower scent was her!

I licked her lips gently, teasing her a little. Her aroma was unusual, like nothing I had smelled before, and her taste was the same. Before I got married, I did a little exploring, but I never tasted a girl like this. I really wanted to tongue-fuck her.

Pulling her lips apart with my fingers, I curled my tongue and entered her.

“Good God! What are you doing?” she squealed.

“Tongue fucking you.”

“You can curl your tongue?”

“Uh huh.”

“Mmmmm,” she moaned.

She was getting wetter, and her taste was stronger, wilder, more primitive. When she came, I couldn't keep up. Spots of her nectar darkened the gold fabric under her. As she gathered herself, she gasped, “Oh my God, Mike! Where did you learn to eat pussy like that?”

“I don't know.” I could feel my face getting red. “I just like to do it.”

“Do you fuck that well?”

By this time, I was very hard again. My cock heard her question and answered it with a glistening thread of pre-cum joining her moisture on the sheet.

“That's what I was wondering,” a female voice said from the doorway. “You didn't tell me you were taking an audition tonight.”

“Hi, Ingrid,” Yazhi said.

I was already off her and scrabbling for the sheet to cover myself before Yazhi identified our intruder. Holy shit. Busted by the roommate. That hadn't happened to me since college!

“Don't cover up, stud. I want to see you, too.”

“Ingrid, meet Mike. Mike, Ingrid.”

“Damn, girl, you can pick them, can't you? He's got a nice build on him,” the blond said.

“Take a look at this,” Yazhi said, yanking the sheet off me to reveal my now-shrinking cock. “You should see this thing hard.”

“To hell with that. That's for the cameraman. I don't want to just look at it,” Ingrid said as she started to strip.

My head was spinning. A pizza and beer date with a co-worker had turned into some amazing oral sex, and I had thought I was going to fuck her. Now, her busty, sexy housemate is taking off her thong. Before I could just accept my blessings, I blurted out, “What's this about a cameraman and taking an audition?”

“There's no camera. This isn't an audition,” Yazhi said.

“Why not?” Ingrid chuckled, walking around the bed, studying me.

“Wait a minute. What's going on here?” I asked.

“I didn't tell him,” Yazhi said.

“Didn't tell me what?”

“Oh shit,” Ingrid giggled.

“Mike, look around you,” Yazhi sighed. “Catalog models and indie film actresses don't live in places like this. Even nude models don't make this kind of money. The money is in film. Ingrid and I have been adult actresses in movies for years. We've started our own production company, Squash Blossom Films.”

“You girls are porn stars?

“We're porn producers, now, too, and we're looking for talent. That's what I thought was going on,” Ingrid laughed.

“No, Bigmouth, I was just horny,” Yazhi explained. “This is the guy I was talking about from that temp job. He asked me out for a drink tonight, but I invited him over for pizza and beer instead. I started flirting with him. Then I saw his cock, and it was all over.”

“How big does it get?”

“I'll let you figure it out,” Yazhi said, pulling her now-naked housemate to her and sticking her tongue in her mouth. They made out for a while. It had the same effect on me as it would on most guys.

Ingrid noticed. “Wow! Look at that thing!”

“Told ya,” Yazhi said. “Mike, I hope you're not mad. Will you still fuck me? Or do you look down on me now?”

“No,” I said. “No, honestly, I understand your question, but no, I'm not looking down on you. You're still you.”

“Okay. Well, then, this can be a wild night of crazy sex. If you're interested, we can talk business over breakfast,” she said, straddling me. “Is it okay if Ingrid stays here?”

“Yeah,” I said, admiring the tall blond's bare, juicy-looking pussy.

Yazhi rubbed my cock over her wet sex. “Is it okay if Ingrid joins in?”

“Hell, yeah!”

“Great!” Ingrid said. She climbed up on the bed, lay on her elbows next to us, and grabbed my cock. As she jacked it, she licked her friend's pussy lips. “Mmmm, Yazhi, you're nice and wet. Do you like the way she tastes, Mike? That's herbs in her diet.”

“That's ancient Navajo medicine, passed down to me by my great-grandmother on her deathbed. I told you before, it doesn't work on un-enlightened Northern Europeans. Why don't you see if you can get that big mouth of yours all the way down on our new friend?”

Ingrid turned and engulfed my cock, **** herself onto it until her nose was mashed flat against my belly. Blinking, she pulled off me, gulped some air, and did it again, leaving my entire cock dripping with saliva. “Oh, sweetie, you're gonna give me a ride on that thing for sure,” she laughed.

“Later,” Yazhi said, lining herself up to accept me.

Back in my wilder days, during my on-again-off-again relationship with the girl I would eventually marry, I had sex with some pretty hot girls. A few times there was more than on girl in my bed, but this was like nothing I had ever done before. This woman I was about to fuck was a porn star! That meant that, in addition to being hot, she would probably be talented and expressive, and would at least give me the impression that she was having fun.

Unfortunately, she'd probably be loose enough that a London bus could make a U-turn inside her.

Wrong. Partially.

I was right about the first part. The sight of this desert goddess poised above me, her sopping wet sex ready to be impaled on my spit-slick cock was insanely erotic. Just the way she went about positioning herself to accept me, her black eyes sparkling, was one of the most sensuous things I had ever seen. Again, I wondered how long I would last.

The part I was wrong about was the way she felt. The head of my cock mashed against her for a second, almost as thought her labia didn't want me inside. They gave way grudgingly, allowing me access to a narrow, hot, wet velvet tunnel. As she lowered herself, she moaned and gasped with every inch we came together. It took a while, and she made it worth it. Finally, she was sitting on me.

“Damn, that looked nice!” Ingrid giggled.

“You should feel it!” Yazhi grunted. She put her hands on my chest and said, “You're big, Mike. I hope you can last a while.”

She rode me slowly at first, long strokes, sometimes leaning down to kiss me or to let me suck her nipples, and other times sitting straight up or leaning back, steadying herself with a hand on my thigh while she played with her clit.

That's how she started to cum. Maybe it's a guy thing, or maybe it's just me. I can almost always tell when a girl is ready to have an orgasm. Julia and I discovered sex together in high school, and she's the only woman I had been with since I said, “I do.” But, as I said, I had my share of partners in college. I haven't been wrong about a girl's orgasm often.

I wasn't wrong this time. Yazhi started to moan louder. A lot louder. Her fingers moved faster on her clit, and she started riding me hard, fast, almost violently. Her pussy, wet from the start, began to flow. When her climax hit her full ****, the pulsing of her walls on me would easily have taken me with her, if I hadn't cum hard less than a half hour before.

She pulled herself upright and then lowered herself onto my chest, still moving her hips a little, front and back and side to side, pulsating on me, massaging me. Keeping me hard, feeling phenomenal, but not getting closer to losing it. Amazing.

“Are you gonna finish that, or can I have some,” Ingrid asked.

Yazhi started to giggle. She raised herself up so she could look at me, her forehead damp with lust. “Would that be okay, Big Red?”

“Yeah.” I really needed to see a shrink if this turned out to be a dream.

Yazhi peeled herself off me, bouncing a few times on my still hard cock before rolling to the side. “All yours, girlfriend,” she said to Ingrid, who had been fingering herself and moaning the entire time Yazhi and I went at it.

Ingrid quickly climbed on top of me, kissing me hungrily and rubbing her wet sex on my cock. “I'm gonna fuck you now, Mike. When was the last time you fucked two porn stars, one after the other?”


“We're changing that right now,” Ingrid said. She sat back on her haunches, grabbed my manhood, and aimed. She was nearly as tight as her friend, and eventually, she settled her weight on my pelvis. “Please stay for breakfast,” she breathed.

She positioned herself to allow me easy access to her amazing breasts. When I had first seen her picture, I had wondered who did her implants, since they looked so good, but from this angle, I could see there were no scars. Good genes and healthy living, or something.

I didn't care. I wondered what it would be like to fuck a pair of tits like that. When she started to move on me, I immediately shelved that fantasy. This girl had been doing her Kegel exercises. The flexing she did as she pulled off me reminded me of the way Yazhi's mouth had felt.

I grabbed one fat nipple between my lips and sucked hard as I thrust up into her. Ingrid gasped, and her juicy pussy felt a little wetter. Still suckling her one breast, I began rolling the other nipple between my thumb and index finger.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard. I want you to cum deep,” she gasped.

Ingrid and I fucked harder that night than I'd ever fucked before. Even when I knew I was seconds from erupting, I didn't just push in deep and hold it like I sometimes liked to do with Julia. I fucked her even harder. Grunting, gasping for air, we pounded each other.

When she felt my spasms, she moaned, “More. More. Don't stop. Almost there. Oh God, please don't stop!”

I didn't. Even after I had cum, I stayed pretty hard for a while. Hard enough for long enough to muster up enough strength to rabbit-fuck her into a sloppy, screaming orgasm.

When Ingrid lifted herself off me, I was almost glad. She settled on her back next to me. “Yazhi, you and I need to talk while we make breakfast for this guy tomorrow.”

“I agree. We need showers,” my other lover said.

We dragged ourselves out of bed and crowded into the two-person shower in Ingrid's room. The girls teamed up on me in there, just to make sure I was drained of all possible semen. I had never intentionally cum on a woman's face and boobs before, but watching the water from the shower heads rinse the strings of my spunk off the chins and breasts of these two is an image I will carry fondly for a long time.

We slept in Ingrid's bed, Yazhi's being a little rumpled from our earlier activities. Wake up sex was always a favorite of mine anyway, and wake up sex with a busty blond and a an exotic black-haired beauty made it easy to listen their breakfast talk.

* * * * *

That was five years ago. I stayed with the temp service for a while, maybe because I still felt like I was living in a dream. The girls put me on the payroll immediately as a gopher on video shoots any time I wasn't working elsewhere, allowing me to learn the business and the people. I slept at their house most nights, and after a month's notice to my landlord, I moved in.

At our final settlement conference, Julia mentioned my change of address. “That's a pretty nice neighborhood. How can a temp worker afford to live there?”

“I'm paying room and board to some friends.” It was the truth. My now officially ex-wife didn't need to know the details. She'd figure it out soon enough. Some of her University cronies must watch porn. The girls thought I would be a big star. I snickered as I imagined the look on Julia's face.

Last year, the girls and I thought we could make the financial commitment, so we bought an old farmhouse in the country. We've converted part of it into studio and post-production space. Upstairs, we created two large bedrooms. It's anybody's guess who sleeps where.

Yazhi and I wrote the script for my acting debut, and Ingrid served as my fluffer. We rehearsed it every night for a couple of weeks, and we still re-enact the thing a few times a year. “Big Red and the Native Girl” was low budget, since it was the first feature-length film for the girls' Squash Blossom Films production company. It worked well, played to rave reviews, and launched the career of my alter-ego, Big Red.

We're all looking forward to this year's Adult Video News, or AVN, awards ceremony. We've been close to winning in the past. I nearly won for Best Male Newcomer in my film debut, but lost out to an emotional vote-getter about a blind girl and her dog.

Squash Blossom Films should celebrate a win this year, with a strong entry in the Best Big Bust Series category with Ingrid in “Ski Instructors After Dark.” The word on the street is that we've sown up the Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene win with Ingrid and me in “Big Boobs Like Big Cock.” Winning either of those categories will establish us as an important studio.

None of us say much about it, but we're hoping for a third trophy for the runaway sentimental leader in the Best Group Sex Scene competition, “Naughty Wedding,” a re-enactment of the night Yazhi and I consummated our marriage. Ingrid was with us.

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Posted by MONTED at 27,Aug,14 19:20

My very first experience started in a club called Passions. Now Passions was a famous gay club around my area and I would always go there at the end of the week. I've decided to bring a couple of my hoe-ish friends along so we can enjoy our time there. This week was full of work load and we all needed to dance all that stress off our shoulders. Anyways, we're in the club dancing, talking, gyrating on one another than we suddenly went our ways to talking to others in the club as well. That's when I met him. This tall buttery skin looking dude with his shirt off showing his impressive 8 pack abs. The sweat from his body gave off a luminous shine when the club lights were constantly flashing on him. He made his way to me on the dance floor and managed to move to the back of me. I was delighted to have such a good looking man behind me, though there were cuties all around, he was the cutest. So there we were dancing to Beyonce's Crazy in Love song be-bopping and sexy dancing on the floor and than he whispers something in my ear. " I think your sexy and I like this bubble you have on you, it makes me go crazy", he said very seductively. I smiled and turned to face him and saw his handsome face appear. "Oh do you now, how bad does it turn you on" I said with such a confidence. "Very bad, I can feel my dick growing. You wanna touch it and see for yourself", he said grabbing his crotch. Whatever he was grabbing seemed to be very impressive like his abs. It was long and was geared to his thigh. He motioned my hand to touch his dick that was trapped under his very nice looking jeans. There I felt a very large pole that just wanted to be freed from its compartment. I was deeply satisfied. " Why don't you come with me to the rooms in the back to get a better look see, by the way my name is Jason" he said. "Names Jay, nice to meet cha" I replied.

He grabbed my hand gently and we made our way to the back of the club. Passions had these rooms in the back just in case anyone wanted to fuck or whatever in private instead of the dance floor. Of course we had to pay for a room which Jason kindly did. We entered our room which was lightly decorated. The room was lit with redish candles that smelt like sweet roses and fruit. The furniture was black and it looked brand new. I thought to myself that Passions is really poppin' (which means great lol). I made my way to the bed walking very sexy so that Jason would see my tight ass. I peeked back a little to see his expression and I could tell he was very pleased. "Oh Fuuuck! I want you now" he exclaimed. He walked towards me and started to unbuckle his pants. I took this time to undress myself. I looked at how eager Jason was trying to get his pants off and when his did his large meat was poking out from his boxers. I was astonished to see such a big piece of meat. "Wow that's big, you must be proud" I said with a smile. "Hell Yeah, its a hundred percent real man wood. Thanks to my gene pool" he laughed. If I could guess he was at least 12 inches big. I couldn't wait to have that meat in my mouth. I was drooling just by the mere sight of it. He dropped his boxer now revealing all his glory. His big dick was completely at its full growth which was coming from a nice trimmed pubic area. I was admiring his greek god-like body and he was taking further steps towards me. His sexy abs still glossing from his sweat from dancing and how he had the sexy "V" that lead to his crotch. His muscular legs were covered with little black hairs and showed divine muscle cuts in them. There we were both naked just taking in the sights of one another, both of us very pleased. Jason leaned in and kissed me gently on my bottom lip in hope I would return the favor, which I did. His round full lips tasted so good in my mouth. Our tongues danced the tango for a while before we really got down to business. He reached around and grabbed my ass. I was at complete bliss when he grabbed me with such a passion. He was moaning and still kissing me while he was playing with my butt. I reached for his little butt and grabbed it and played along as well. The heat was stirring up and I could feel his big pole rubbing in between my thighs. "I wanna fuck you now" he said with such a lustful look. " Not yet lemme me get you even more warmed up", I said. I dropped to my knees in front of him and he grabbed his huge dick and slabbed it against my right cheek. He laughed a little and so did I.

There I was staring at the big dick that he had in front of me. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth up with joy and he entered himself into my mouth. The very girth of his dick stretch my mouth to its full capacity. I was enjoying it rather than dwell in the pain that I was experiencing. He began to thrust him self little by little stuffing more and more of his dick in my mouth. "ohhhh fuck yeah, just like that, use your tongue" he said. His head was bent back showing that he really enjoyed what's being done to him. I didn't have a gag reflect so having a dick all the way in my throat wasn't a problem. Little by little more and more of him was trusting in and out of my mouth. He loved my tongue game as it danced along his shaft and cock head. I stuffed my tongue in his dick slit and that drove him over the edge. I was tongue fucking his dick. I was amazed at how good I was getting on my head game. "Ohhh fuck yeah yeah yeah ooooooh fuck yeah keep doin' that" he exclaimed while his breathes were getting shallower. "You like that big boy, well how bout' this" I said and I reached for his big heavy ball sac. His balls were like the size of two large eggs encased within a silky warm sac. I licked his left nut and he quivered in excitement. " Awwww fuck do it again" he demanded. I licked his right nut and sucked it into my mouth and moaned, "mmmmmm". I played with his nuts a little while longer and made my way back to his engorged friend between his legs. I took him into my mouth once again and I felt both of his hand on my head. He looked down at me with a lustful look and said," I'm gonna fuck ya mouth, you ready". I nodded with his cock head in my mouth and braced my self for what was coming next.

He hold the back of my head and glided himself all the way into my mouth. All the way in and out his massive 12 inch dick invaded my mouth. It was like out of a porno scene I saw a couple days back. But I was the person having their mouth be violated with such a delight. I tasted a little saltiness and sweetness in my mouth indicating that some of his pre-cum was oozing out. It tasted yummy and I was eager for more. He continue to pump in and out of my mouth and quicken his pace. "Aw aw aw yeah baby ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" he said in a delightful voice. "Your mouth does wonders ohhhh fuck I'm going cum". I grabbed a hold of his testes and released my grip on his dick with my mouth. I looked up and said, "Oh no your not, not in my mouth just yet". I got up off the floor and got on the bed. I was on all fours and told him to eat my pretty butt. He agreed and dove into my ass. His muscular hands parted my bubblious butt and he started to dart his tongue at my mangina(my ass-hole, I love calling it a mangina te-he). It felt so good. He swirled his tongue around and into my mangina with a aphrodisiacal vibe. I was loving his tongue game in my ass I couldn't believe this was happening. He grunted and moan ferociously as he was egging into my mangina. He had enough and got up. He walked over to his pants on the floor to take a little bottle of lube he brought. Obviously. He brought that because he knew he would get some and so he did. He also got a trojan condom as well and headed back towards me.

He turned me around and sat me up on the bed and handed me the condom. "Put it on with ya mouth sexy" he said with a eager look. So I opened up the extra large trojan condom wrapper and place the condom around my lucious lips. I grabbed a hold on his waist as he held his harden man wood with his right hand and he placed his left on the back of my head. With one motion he guided his engorged member into my mouth and throat having the condom wrap itself around it. He continue to fuck my mouth for a little while having it from the tip of his dick to the very hilt of it. I have never deep throat a large piece like that so much. I was very surprise that I still had feeling in my face after all that mouth fucking but I couldn't complain I was enjoying every bit of it. He finally took his dick out of my mouth and laid me on my back. He opened my legs and posted himself in between. He squirted a little lube on his dick and stroked off a little. He placed his dick on the very rose on my mangina and probed me for a little while. I clenched up a lot but managed to relax. His dick head popped into me and I screamed out. I sucked my teeth and said, "awwwww ohhhhhh be easy at first than you can ride me". He laughed and said," I'll be sure to do that". He continued to probe me and slowly enter more of himself into me. I place my hands on his abdomen to signal to even slow down more because it felt as if someone was parting my ass with the jaws of life. He complied and moved slowly. After about 2 to 3 minutes he was at least more than half way in my ass. I felt my insides squeezing his dick and trying to abort his invading tool from my body. The thought of his huge rod in me so deep sent my mind on a wonderful trip. My eyes were closed and my mouth was wide open. The pain and pleasure was mixing so well that I couldn't set my feelings on one but it felt wonderful. He was in me all the way now.

He pulled himself all the way out and pierced me again with his dick. I let out a quick exhale when he did that I was in disbelief but it felt good. He repeated this again but this time left his cock head in my mangina and thrusted himself all the way in me again. I was loving his entire dick inside me. Not wanting not an inch to be left out. I was able to open my eyes and saw him looking at me with a tasteful grin. A grin that signifies that he was enjoying every bit of it as well as I was. He placed his muscular arms under my legs with his hands grabbing my thighs and went to town on my ass. He fucked me hard and deep and wasn't planning to stop any time soon. I look down at my crotch and saw my own dick hard as a steel rod and dripping precum. I licked my own sweet nectar multiple times. The third time I went for my dripping liquid Jason stopped my hand and guided it to his mouth. His fat long tongue wrapped around my finger and he moaned as he tasted me. "Mmmm you taste so good" he said. "I know" I smirked. He continued to fuck me deep. After ever shove and pull he did he thrusted harder and faster than the next. My ass was on fire and it was splendid. I felt the veins on his dick **** themselves into and out my ass. It felt amazing.

He stopped and turned me around on all my fours. Once again I braced myself for the impact. In one motion again he placed his wet dick at the rose of my Mangina and thrust inward. My ass swallowed his dick with pride and held on to it. I was ready to put the back shots on him good. So there we were, him clenching onto my back and riding me like a fucking horse. I was bucking and twisting and booty bouncing. "Ohhhhhh fuck yea ohhhhhhh do that shit Jay ohhhhh fuuuuuuck" he screamed out in joy. So I continued to do so. I squeezed my buttocks and rode him like there was no tomorrow. I was laughing at him for making such girly but sexual noises. It only marked me as he was having the time of his life. Like if he hasn't experienced a good fuck for quite some time. But tonight was different tonight he was fucking me and he was enjoying even bit of it. I continued to pop my ass back and forth on his massive creature that was lurking in my love tomb. Than he let out a screech,"ooooooooh fuuccccccccccccccck yeah I'm gonna cum". He exit out of my ass and took the condom off with such a hurry. He stroked his dick with a passion, "oh fuck oh yeah oh fuck uh uh uh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk" he said. Squirt after squirt his huge dick let out ropes of cum that splatted on my ass. I was jerking my own dick and soon after I squirted as well. I felt 9 large droplets of cum he so kindly landed on my ass. The rest just oozed out of his prick. He was panting heavily and was laughing a little. "Why you laughing Jason", I said questioningly. "Ohhh man that was the best nut I ever had in a while and I'm laughing because I made a smiley face on ya butt with my cum streaks" he said catching his breath and slapping his dick across my ass. I laughed too because of his silliness. He wipe away a part of his cum smiley face on my back and licked his hand. "Damn I taste good, you wanna taste Jay" he exclaimed and had a lustful look. I nodded and he wiped off another part of the cum face on my back and motion his hand towards my mouth. I licked all three of his fingers and as I did I heard him moan in pleasure.

A few moments afterwards we got dressed and exchanged numbers. He said,"I really enjoyed myself tonight we should definitely do it again some time Jay". "Sure as long as you keep feeding that dick of yours the right stuff", I replied. He laughed and said I was a character. He kissed me on my bottom lip and walked out of the room but not before saying,"When I see you again be sure to be ready for double the trouble". He had a distinctive grin that notified me that he had something up his sleeve the next time we would meet. I wondered what it would be until that time came...I hope it is great

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**** Fantasy.......................................Fantasy

Posted by MONTED at 27,Aug,14 19:02

Brandon and Stephanie have been married for almost 18 years now. They have had a good sex life, but lately it has been falling off. It had nothing to do with Stephanie not wanting it, but Brandon not wanting it.

Brandon is 44 years old, and Stephanie is 40. Brandon stands 6'2", with dark red hair and green eyes, weighing about 240 lbs. Stephanie stands about 5'6", with long brown hair and blue eyes. She weighs about 190 lbs, with 44DD tits.

They had hired a local college student to do their yard work for them. Jamal is a 20 year old junior in college. He stands 6'4", with dark skin, a shaved head, and dark brown eyes. He had a muscular build, weighing 200 lbs.

Stephanie pulled into their driveway, an hour earlier than normal. She noticed Jamal's car was still parked on the street. She knew Brandon wouldn't be home for at least another hour, but thought Jamal would have left already.

She opened the front door and entered the house, "Jamal?" She didn't hear anything as she walked through the front room and into the kitchen, "Jamal?" She said a little louder, again no response.

She set her keys and purse on the counter as she looked out the window, into the backyard. Jamal was by the fence, his shirt off, pruning the bushes. Stephanie felt something catch in her throat, as she looked out. His muscular body was glistening in the sun with his sweat. She felt her pussy beginning to tingle, as she watched him work. His perfectly chiselled abs and chest glistening and flexing with his movements.

She had never felt this way about another guy, besides Brandon, but something about Jamal was exciting her. She continued to watch him work, feeling her pussy beginning to get wet. She slid her hand inside of her slacks and panties, lightly rubbing her trimmed slit. She got more and more excited, as she sunk her middle finger into her pussy, and started moaning.

Jamal finished up with the bushes, and collected all of the tools and put them away in the shed. Stephanie quickly tried to compose herself as he came up to the back door. He entered the kitchen and smiled at her, "hi Mrs. Wengler, you're home early today." Stephanie returned the smile and said, "yeah I got off early today," almost breathless.

Jamal cocked his head as he looked at her, "are you ok Mrs. Wengler?" Stephanie quickly nodded as she stared at his firm abdomen, she wanted to just grab his hand and lead him to her room, and fuck his brains out, but she resisted the urge.

Jamal nervously laughed, "ok if say so. Well I'm done for the day, so I'm gonna get out of here." Stephanie slowly walked towards him, looking in his eyes, "ahh you gotta leave so soon?" As she walked up in front of him, he looked down at her, a little more nervous now, "yeah, I got some class work I need to get done yet."

Stephanie looked up at him, smelling his sweat, causing her to get more excited, "can't you stay for a while?" Jamal stood there, thinking about an answer, as he looked down at huge tits pushing against her blouse, and showing lot's of cleavage. "Mrs. Wengler, I honestly would stay, but I really need to get the homework done, because its due tomorrow."

Stephanie noticed him looking down her blouse and decided it was now or never. She reached out and grabbed at his groin. Jamal jumped back a little when she grabbed at his cock, "what are you doing?" He asked quickly. Stephanie felt his thick manhood through his shorts, and almost gasped at how big it felt.

"I'm sorry Jamal, but I haven't got any sex from my husband for a few weeks now. And while watching you work out there, I got all hot and horny," she said, almost matter-of-factly. Jamal looked at her with confusion, "but you're twice my age, married, and I work for you."

Stephanie chuckled lustily at him, "enough with the excuses, your a guy and I'm a girl that needs to get fucked hard." As she started rubbing his hardening cock through his shorts. "I... I don't know Mrs. Wengler," Jamal said nervously. Stephanie put her finger to his lips as she whispered, "shh, no more talking."

Jamal stood there, baffled as to why this was happening as he watched the older woman slowly move to her knees in front of him. Stephanie looked up at him and smiled, then back at the huge bulge in his shorts. She slid her fingers into the waistband of his shorts, and started tugging them down.

Jamal thought about resisting this, but his dick was begging for release now. Stephanie pulled Jamal's shorts down his legs, his 8 1/2" dick springing up as she pulled his shorts down to his knees. Her eyes grew wide as she saw how big his dick really was. It was almost 2" longer than Brandon's, and a hell of a lot thicker, almost 3" in diameter.

Stephanie only had one thing on her mind, as she knelt there, mesmerized by the shear size of his black cock. Jamal laughed as he saw her staring at his cock, "anything wrong?" Stephanie slowly shook her head, "I've never seen a dick this big." Jamal laughed again, "well your the one that exposed him."

Stephanie nodded, "yeah, but I didn't realize it would be this big." As she knelt up and slowly wrapped her hand around the shaft of his dick, her fingers not even going fully around it. Jamal groaned as he felt her tiny hand grab his dick, and it throbbed at her touch. Stephanie cooed as she felt his cock throb in her hand, as she opened her mouth as far as she could, bringing it to the fat head of his dick.

Jamal felt her hot breath on the tip of his dick as he watched Stephanie try to fit her mouth around it. "Oh my god," he groaned. Stephanie's mouth was stretched as far as it could as the head of Jamal's cock entered her mouth. She slid her tongue across the bottom of his head as she sucked as hard as she could.

Jamal threw his head back, as he laid a hand on top of her head and groaned, "oh yes Mrs. Wengler, that feels so good." Stephanie took his cue and started moving her hand up and down his shaft, as she tried to take more of it into her mouth. Jamal tried to **** her further onto his dick as he felt her mouth fully engulf the fat head and suck hard.

Stephanie tried to resist him, but he was much to strong as he pushed on the back of her head harder. The head of his cock jammed into the back of her throat, causing her to gag and choke as she tried to push him back. Jamal held her there as she gagged on his dick, "oh god yes you old slut, gag on my cock," he yelled, looking down at her.

Jamal finally released her head, allowing her to breath again. Stephanie looked up at him in disbelief, before he seemed reluctant to do anything, but then forced her to gag on his dick. She wanted to speak, but couldn't, still trying to catch her breath. Jamal looked at her with an evil grin, "ah you didn't like that Mrs. Wengler?" He laughed as he stuck his cock back into her mouth and forced it into the back of her throat again. She was only able to take about 3" of his dick before she started gagging, as her hands tried to push him back.

Stephanie knew she was the one that started this, but didn't like gagging on his fat cock, but it was also turning her on more at his forcefulness. She had long had a fantasy of being dominated like this by a guy, and now it was happening. Her pussy was getting wetter the more he forced her onto his cock.

"That's a good bitch, choke on my dick," he growled as he roughly kept ramming his dick into her throat. Stephanie's saliva and spittle was coating his dick, running down her chin, and dripping off of his shaft. Each time his dick slammed into her throat, more spit flew out as she choked.

After jamming his dick into her throat a few more times, he let go of her head and she sat down on the floor, breathing heavily, trying to catch her breath. Stephanie looked up at him with amusement, her spittle still running down her chin. Jamal laughed at her, "so did you like choking on my cock bitch?"

Stephanie slowly nodded, she had loved it, but was still in shock at how fast his mood had changed from nice to a domineering guy. Jamal stuck his hand out and helped her up, "so are gonna be my naughty married, black cock whore now?"

Stephanie didn't say a word, her throat hurting, as she unbuttoned her slacks and pushed them down, revealing her baby blue, bikini style panties. Jamal groaned as he saw how wet the crotch of her panties was, as he pushed his shorts the rest of the way off, and kicked them aside.

Stephanie started to push her panties down, but Jamal stopped her and helped her up onto the counter top on the island, in the middle of the kitchen. She fixed her eyes on him, wondering what he was going to do next.

Jamal looked into her eyes as he lightly ran his hand across her covered pussy, "is this pussy ready to be filled up by my cock?" Stephanie nodded, "yes baby, give me that big black dick, show this bitch what a real dick feels like. Stretch it wide so my husband can't feel anything." Stephanie couldn't believe she had just said that, but she was so turned on, it just came out.

Jamal chuckled at her as he pulled the strap of her panties aside, revealing her trimmed, somewhat gaping, glistening pussy. "Mmm already ready for me," he groaned as he moved to his knees, so his face was level with her pussy. He stuck his tongue out and dipped it into her gaping hole, tasting her nectar.

Stephanie moaned loudly as she felt his tongue enter her, "oh fuck yes, taste my pussy." As she grabbed his head, pulling him into her. He gave into her want, burying his face in her pussy, sinking his tongue as far as he could. Stephanie closed her eyes in pure pleasure, as she threw her head back and moved her hips around on the counter, rubbing her pussy all over his face. It had been so long since Brandon had done this to her, that she was in heaven as he tonge-fucked her pussy.

Brandon parked behind Stephanie's car, noticing Jamal was also still here. He figured he would have beat his wife home today, since he got off early, but she had gotten off earlier. He walked through the front door and closed it behind him. He set his keys on the end table when he heard a woman moaning. 'That sounds like Stephanie,' he thought to himself as he started walking towards the noise.

Brandon walked up to the entryway of the kitchen, and before he entered he saw his wife sitting on the counter top, her head thrown back and her fat legs spread apart. Between her legs he could see Jamal's shaved head,his face buried in her pussy. He wanted to yell and strangle his landscaper, but he just stood there mesmerized by the scene. He also knew that he hadn't had sex with his wife in a while, and that nobody's fault but his, so she was probably frustrated, he figured.

Brandon also has always had a **** fantasy of watching his wife getting fucked by another guy, and now was that chance. Brandon's dick began to rise as he watched his wife move and gyrate her hips into Jamal's face, her moans growing louder.

Brandon looked down Jamal's body to his huge dick. Brandon gasped to himself at the sight, 'how is she going to fit that inside of her,' he thought to himself. He knew his own dick wasn't very big, but Stephanie never complained about his 6 1/2" dick. He also had to admit to himself that he wanted to watch her take a fat cock inside of her pussy. Brandon quietly crept into the kitchen and walked up next to his wife.

Stephanie had her eyes closed, and didn't realize he was standing next to her. Jamal saw him walk up, but didn't stop what he was doing. Brandon looked down at Jamal and put his finger to his lips to hush Jamal.

Stephanie yelled out, "oh fuck yes, you're gonna make me cum, you're gonna make your bitch cum all over your face." Brandon couldn't believe what he just heard her say, but it excited him even more as he reached out and cupped one of her fat tits and lightly squeezed it.

This set Stephanie off as she yelled, "yes, play with my tits as you eat my pussy, you naughty bastard, make me fucking cum." Stephanie's ass was on the edge of the counter, as her body started jerking and trembling.

Brandon was fondling both of his wife's tits as he groaned, "yes that's it cum all over his face." This caused Stephanie to freeze, she opened her eyes and looked at her husband. Jamal didn't let up on her pussy, as she sat there staring at Brandon, a look of confusion on her face.

Brandon smiled at her, "don't stop now, cum for the poor boy." Stephanie slowly started moving her hips again, her eyes fixed on Brandon. "You want me to cum? Huh, do you want me to cum all the boy's face?" She groaned as her orgasm started growing again. "Oh yes baby, cum for him, show him how much you want his fat cock inside of you," Brandon yelled, tweaking her nipples through her blouse and bra.

Stephanie could not believe that her husband wasn't furious at her, let alone urging her on. Listening to Brandon talk to her like that set off her orgasm. She closed her eyes as her mouth opened wide, her hips slamming into Jamal's head as her orgasm coursed through her body.

Brandon watched his wife cum, her body trembling against his hands, as he continued fondling her tits. "Yeah that's it baby, cum all over his face, make him taste your pussy juice," Brandon urged her. Stephanie was almost screaming as her orgasm continued, "oh fuck, oh fuckkk."

Pussy juice was flowing out of Stephanie, filling Jamal's mouth and running down his chin. Jamal was trying to keep up with the flow, but it was a losing battle, as he moaned into her pulsating pussy, her thick thighs squeezing his head tight.

Finally her orgasm began to dissipate, her legs releasing Jamal's head. She fell back on the counter top, her body still lightly shaking as she breathed heavily. Jamal knelt on the floor, trying to catch his own breath, his face glistening with Stephanie's juices.

Brandon stepped back and looked at Jamal, "how was it?" Jamal didn't say anything, just nodding at the older man with a look of confusion on his face. Brandon chuckled, "wow he's speechless, guess it was good."

Stephanie had regained her strength and sat up on the counter top, "honey, your not mad about that?" Brandon shook his head and smiled, "not one bit, and now I can't wait to watch you take that monster cock inside of your pussy." Stephanie looked at him in shock, "what? You want him to have sex with me?"

Brandon laughed at her reaction, "oh yes honey, I have always wanted to watch you get fucked by another guy, although I'll admit not by a guy of his size, but yeah I want you to have sex with him." Stephanie slowly shook her head, not quite comprehending what he said. Brandon added, "but I expect to be included in this."

Jamal had stood back up. His long, fat cock standing out in front of him, his eyes locked on Stephanie's plump pussy, slowly licking his lips.

Without waiting for Stephanie to respond, Brandon quickly took his pants and briefs off, tossing them aside. He smiled at his wife, his 6 1/2" dick fully hard and leaking a small amount of precum. While he never knew how he would react to watching his wife getting fucked by someone else, now that it was about to happen, he was more turned on than ever before.

Jamal slowly stroked his dick as he moved closer to Stephanie. Not moving his eyes from his goal. He nudged the head of his cock against her entrance as she sucked in her breath in anticipation. Jamal looked up at Stephanie, "ok here we go. Are you ready?" Holding her breath, Stephanie quickly nodded.

Brandon moved up next to his wife, wanting to get a firsthand view of the action. His eyes were fixed on Jamal's dick, as Jamal pushed his hips forward. Brandon watched closely as his wife's labia opened around the head of the fat dick, and it slowly disappeared into her entrance. "Oh my fucking god," Stephanie groaned as she felt her pussy stretch wide around the intruder.

"Oh yeah honey, look at that big cock disappear into your pussy," Brandon groaned as he reached down and started rubbing Stephanie's swollen clit. Stephanie's body started trembling and jerking as her husband flicked the tip of his finger across her sensitive clit.

Jamal slowly kept pushing his cock into her tight hole, groaning and grunting the whole way, as he felt her pussy muscles squeeze and relax around his dick, in time with her breathing. "Holy shit, damn your tight," Jamal groaned as he felt the head of his dick push against her cervix, still with about an 1" of his dick still out of her.

Stephanie jumped when she felt his dick push against her cervix, as she looked up at her husband, "oh my fucking god, he's ripping me in half." Brandon groaned at her, not saying anything as he continued rubbing her swollen clit, that was pushed out now from her pussy being filled to the max. Stephanie turned her attention back to Jamal, taking shallow breaths, "ok go slow at first, fuck I've never felt so full."

Jamal lightly laughed at her comment, as he felt her pussy squeeze his dick hard, then slowly relax. He put his hands on the counter top, and slowly began to withdraw out of her.

Brandon watched as Jamal slowly pulled out of his wife's pussy, the shaft of his huge cock glistening with her juices, and her pussy clinging to it as the veiny member was pulled out. Brandon looked up at his wife, who had her eyes closed and taking shallow breaths.

Jamal pulled back until he was almost out of her, then moving his hands to her hips, he steadily pushed back into her tight recess. He started a slow and steady rhythm, pulling out until he was almost out, then sinking back into Stephanie. Stephanie's pussy slowly became accustomed to the dick moving in and out of her, as she slowly started moving her hips into him. She opened her eyes and looked at Jamal, "fuck me baby, fuck your black cock whore."

Brandon looked at her in shock, he could not believe what he had just heard. Stephanie looked up at him then down at his leaking dick, "give me that cock in my mouth baby," she moaned, as she reached out and wrapped her hand around Brandon's smaller member. Brandon felt her hand grab his dick and she started pulling him towards her. Stephanie turned her head and engulfed his smaller dick easily into her mouth.

Jamal had started moving faster in and out of Stephanie, as her pussy continued to cling to his cock each time he pulled back. He was grunting loudly each time he pushed back into her, pushing the head of his dick into cervix.

Stephanie started moving her head up and down on Brandon's dick, sucking hard on it and moaning, as she continued moving her hips into Jamal. She fondled Brandon's balls, as he started moving his hips into her. "Oh fuck baby, yes suck my dick, mmm," Brandon groaned as he threw his head back in pleasure, and put his hand on the back of her head.

Jamal was slamming in and out of Stephanie now, her pussy loosened up and not clinging to his cock so tightly. He still couldn't get all of his cock into her, as he slammed into her cervix hard each time.

Stephanie could not believe how turned on she was getting, having a cock in her pussy and in her mouth was exciting her tremendously, as she sucked harder on Brandon's dick and moved her hips more and more into Jamal. She was fondling Brandon's ball sack as she felt them beginning to tighten up towards his body. She knew he was getting ready to cum, but she didn't like him cumming in her mouth.

Jamal could feel his balls churning, preparing to empty their contents deep into the older woman. He didn't want to cum so soon, and froze in place as he buried his dick inside of Stephanie, hoping the feeling of ejaculation would go away.

Stephanie pulled her mouth off of Brandon's dick and looked at Jamal, "why did you stop?" Jamal looked at her, "I'm about to cum already." Brandon was still moving his hips with Stephanie's hand still wrapped around his dick, on the edge of cumming. Stephanie giggled at Jamal, "it's ok, you can cum inside of me."

Jamal gave her a half smile as he looked at her eyes, "ok, you want me to cum inside of you?" Stephanie quickly nodded, "yes baby, I want to feel your big black cock throb and shoot its hot load deep inside of me." Jamal started moving in and out of her again, forcefully jamming his dick into her each time.

Stephanie turned her attention back to her husband, "you want to cum too, don't you baby?" Brandon looked at her and nodded with a pleading look. Stephanie giggled, "if you wanna cum, you gotta make me cum first." Brandon slowly nodded as he moved his hand to her swollen clit and started rubbing it up and down.

Stephanie responded immediately, throwing her head back and closing her eyes, "oh fuck yes, make me cum, make me cum all over his fat cock." Her body trembled and shook as Jamal was slamming in and out of her, hard and fast. "That's it fuck my pussy hard baby, fill it full of your hot seed," she yelled out, moving her hips into Jamal hard.

Jamal was grunting as his orgasm drew closer, "oh yes, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna fill you full you black cock whore." Stephanie's own orgasm was on the verge of exploding through her body as she listened to him talk. Brandon vigorously rubbed his wife's clit, talking to her as well, "that's it honey, cum for him, cum all over his fat cock."

That was enough to send her over the edge. Her orgasm coursed through her body as she screamed, "oh fuck, I'm cumming you black bastard, I'm cumming all over your big black cock." Her pussy constricted tight around his fat cock, almost **** him out of her, as she came. Her pussy was squeezing and relaxing around his dick as she continued to cum, as if trying to milk his cum out.

Jamal tried to keep moving inside of her, but it was tighter than before. Her pussy squeezed the head of his dick hard as tried to push into her. He threw his head back as he felt his cum rush up from his balls and down the shaft of his dick. Brandon watched as Jamal's cock grew bigger and Jamal groaned, "oh god yes, here it comes."

Stephanie was starting to come back to earth when she felt the first shot of cum fire into her, "that's it baby, cum for me, oh my god its so hot." As Jamal's cock throbbed again and more of his cum spilled into her. Jamal's dick was only about an 1" inside of her as he continued to cum. Brandon could see Jamal's cum slowly seeping out around his fat member, and down his wife's swollen pussy lips.

As Jamal finished cumming, his dick still throbbing lightly he stumbled back in exhaustion. As his dick slipped out of Stephanie, what looked like a river of cum followed it.

Brandon looked at her cum filled hole, amazed at the amount of cum that Jamal had just shot into his wife. Her pussy was still contracting at the emptiness, slowly pushing more of Jamal's cum out, and leaking down the crack of her ass.

Stephanie was still trying to catch her breath as she looked at her husband, "ok honey you can fuck me now." Brandon looked at her, then back at her gaping slit and wondered if he could cum now.

Brandon moved around between her legs, lining his dick up with leaking pussy. He had fucked her cream filled pussy in the past, but it was his cum, and her pussy was never gaped like this. He pushed his dick into her pussy, easily sinking into her, feeling Jamal's cum coat his dick. Stephanie grunted and held her breath as she used her tired pussy muscles to squeeze his smaller dick.

Brandon groaned at what she was doing and he slowly pulled his dick back, looking down and seeing the mixture of Jamal's cum and his wife's pussy juices covering his dick. He looked back up at Stephanie and slammed into her, hard and fast. "You liked having that fat cock inside of you, didn't you baby?" He groaned as he started fucking her hard.

Stephanie was grunting as his hips slammed into her ass, wrapping her legs around his waist urging him on, "oh yes honey, I loved his cock, but your cock is good too. Fuck me honey, fill my cum filled pussy with your hot load too."

"Oh yes honey, I'm gonna fill your pussy, oh fuck yes," Brandon yelled as his orgasm neared. With one final push into her, his dick throbbed hard, his cum firing deep into her pussy. "Oh fuck, here it comes baby, I'm cumming," he exclaimed as his hips jerked with each shot of cum.

"Oh my god honey, yes shoot your hot load deep inside of my pussy," Stephanie moaned as she felt his cum spilling into her.

As Brandon finished cumming he collapsed onto his wife, his body still lightly trembling. His dick was still throbbing inside of her, as it slowly softened. He regained his strength and slowly slipped his semi-hard dick out of her pussy, a string of semen still connecting the head of his dick to her swollen pussy.

As he stepped back, Stephanie moved off of the counter top and knelt in front of Brandon, her knees spread apart. She grabbed his deflated, cum-covered dick and pulled it towards her. She fully engulfed his limp member, sucking on it, and licking it clean.

As she cleaned her husband's dick off, the mixture of Jamal's and Brandon's cum seeped out of her open pussy. Some of it dripping straight onto the floor, and some running down her inner thighs. After she cleaned his dick off, she motioned for Jamal to come over.

As Jamal walked towards her, his dick hung loosely in front of him, flopping side to side as he walked. Stephanie grabbed his fat member and started licking it up and down, tasting the dried cum on it. Jamal groaned as his dick started to rise again at the attention.

After Jamal's dick was clean, Stephanie looked up at her two lovers, both of their dick semi-hard now, "well that was fun, we should do that again." Both of them nodded slowly at her.

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Posted by MONTED at 27,Aug,14 18:34

I have never posted any copyrighted materials here nor have I signed any blogs here...some Idiots here would like to make you believe what they are saying is some kind of facts but only in thier minds, they think what they say is the truth and far from it...they can campaign to make themselves to look even more like internet bullies...

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Hanging out

Posted by Brownangel at 27,Aug,14 17:40

Just hanging out jacking off...looking at our this site1

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Posted by blowme at 27,Aug,14 13:23

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Posted by Elrod at 26,Aug,14 23:28

Hi there Guys and Gals,
I just joined the site. I have been on several in the past, but I soon loose interest. I hope this is different; it is a very different kind of site.
I am a older married man and like many, I have discovered, have a new sexual interest - I like to look at dick, as well as pussy. I find myself thinking about dick in many situations. This is so strange for me, but I have found it is really very common for men my age.
Anyway, I hope to make some good online friends with which to share my interests and ideas. Please feel free to contact me with anything. I really like to talk with other married men with an interest in bi sex. (also like she-males; so hot.)

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I love groupe masturbation

Posted by macforskin at 26,Aug,14 22:16

I always had friends that would get together and jerk off. I don't right but I need to 2 guy's and girl would be fun and maybe are masturbation can turn in to an orgy let me people

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The End Is Now

Posted by Emoteen at 26,Aug,14 22:15

(Screams) "The end is now!!!!!"

Waking to a world unknown
How the destruction has grown
Right before my eyes
I see behind the lies
To the sickness they spread around
Screams are the only sound

Verse 1:
Hands up if you feel the same
It's time to end this game
The rules were changed
World seems strange
It's all so unfamiliar
Someone get me out of here
If this is a test for us
Then I've had enough

Mid Chorus:
Waking to a world unknown
How the destruction has grown
Right before my eyes
I see behind the lies
To the sickness they spread around
Screams are the only sound

Verse 2:
Can't keep it in no more
Pains that I can't ignore
Ripping me apart
Now this is the part
To change what they have done
Kill the demons we've become
Bringing back the light
We'll change the world tonight

End Chorus:
Waking to a world unknown
How the destruction has grown
Right before my eyes
I see behind the lies
To the sickness they spread around
Screams are the only sound
I will defeat this somehow
The end is now

"The end is now!!!!"

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Posted by alexblue at 26,Aug,14 21:42

The Strange Bequest of Francis Douce, 1900

Francis Douce (1757-1834) was a wealthy English antiquarian, known for his collection of books, prints, drawings, coins, and artifacts. In particular he specialized in collecting material related to childr3n's books and games, fools and jesters, as well as death, demonology, and witchcraft. He also worked briefly at the British Museum, where he held the post of Keeper of Records.

When he died in 1834 he left an unusual stipulation in his will. He wanted all his personal papers donated to the British Museum, but they were to be first sealed in a box and only opened sixty-six years after his death. The text of his unusual will was recorded in The Gentleman's Magazine (July to December, 1834, Vol. II, New Series, p.217):

"I desire my executor to collect together all my letters and correspondence, all my private manuscripts, and unfinished or even finished essays or intended work or works, memorandum books, especially such as are marked in the inside of their covers with a red cross, with the exception only of such articles as he may think proper to destroy, as my diaries, or other articles of a merely private nature, and to put them into a strong box, to be sealed up, without lock or key, and with a brass-plate, inscribed "Mr. Douce's papers, to be opened on the 1st. of January 1900," and then to deposit this box in the British Museum, or, if the Trustees should decline receiving it, I then wish it to remain with the other things bequeathed to the Bodleian Library."

Sixty-six years is an extremely long time to make someone (even an institution) wait, and there were grumbles from scholars about the oddity of this bequest. For instance, in the August 21, 1880 edition of Notes and Queries, one scholar wrote in with this complaint:

As Douce died in 1834, if the conditions of this bequest are literally observed, these books will have been sealed up for sixty-six years, which appears to be an unreasonable time. I am the last person in the world to disregard the wishes of testators, having left my own collections to be sealed up for twenty years; but there is a medium in all things, and, if no limit is to be observed, some literary Thellusson may order his manuscripts to be uselessly warehoused for centuries.

Nevertheless, the British Museum dutifully observed Douce's wishes and waited the full length of time. Finally, on January 1, 1900 the trustees of the museum gathered to open the box. There must have been some anticipation. After all, having made them wait that long, Douce must have left them something of interest.

The box was unsealed. The lid was opened, and everyone leaned over to peer inside.

There was a moment of silence as the men took in the contents of the box, and then someone snorted with disgust. Inside the box was only trash: scraps of paper and torn book covers. On top of the heap of rubbish was a note from Douce explaining that, in his opinion, it would be a waste to leave anything of greater value to the philistines at the British Museum.

It seemed that Douce had contrived to play a practical joke from the grave on the trustees of the British museum, of whom, during his life, he had a very low opinion. The trustees filed out of the room. A janitor later came and disposed of Douce's bequest.

Controversy: Did this really happen?
The tale of Douce's bequest makes an appealing story, especially since it fits into the ever-popular genre of jokes played upon academics, but is it true?

The broad details are correct. Douce did die in 1834 and he did leave behind his unusual bequest to the British museum. However, there is controversy over whether the box actually contained either trash or a spiteful note.

Arundell Esdaile, in The British Museum Library: A Short History and Survey (George Allen & Unwin, 1946), suggests that the contents of Douce's box were slightly less dramatic:

By the terms of the will, the British Museum had the option to refuse the box and allow it go with the other material to the Bodleian. Instead, they kept the box and, according to Douce’s wish, did not open it until 1 January 1900, whereupon it was decided that the contents were not valuable. At the request of the Bodleian, the box was at last transferred from the British Museum to the Bodleian in 1930.

Joby Topper, who in 2002 completed his master's thesis at the University of North Carolina on Francis Douce (Francis Douce and his Collection: An antiquarian in Great Britain, 1757-1834), suggests that it might be a case of "one's man's trash being another man's treasure." In response to an email query about the subject of Douce's bequest, Topper wrote:

The keepers of manuscripts at the British Museum (Scott and Kenyon) were not at all impressed by the unpublished manuscripts, notebooks, and letters they found in Douce's box. To my knowledge, they never made so much as a handlist of the contents. In 1930, they sent the box to the Bodleian at the Bodleian's request. There, the notebooks and correspondence were found to be very useful in understanding Douce's collection and the collecting interests of several friends, among them Isaac D'Israeli and T.F. Dibdin.

As for the insulting note, though I've never read or heard about it, I could believe that Douce was capable of writing it. He worked as Keeper of Manuscripts in the British Museum for a short time (1807-1811), and he resigned in disgust after a disagreement with the museum Trustees over the assignment of a person to his department without his approval--though later he made it very clear that he had never been happy working in the BM, and this incident was simply the last straw. Was he bitter enough to leave the BM such an insulting note? I doubt it. Surely Douce knew that his little joke would be played on innocent people of the next generation and not on the people he believed had treated him unfairly during his tenure.

However, after looking at some of the newspaper articles from 1900 (written soon after the British Museum trustees supposedly opened the box) describing Douce's practical joke, Topper professed more doubt:

It really makes me wonder if there's a nugget of truth in this story. But then again, the article was written at the height of the "yellow journalism" era, so we have good reason to be sceptical.

So ultimately it remains a mystery whether Douce actually did perpetrate an elaborate practical joke from the grave, or whether the story of his insulting bequest was an invention of either an enterprising newspaper reporter or the trustees of the British Museum.

Museum of hoaxes

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Holy foreskin

Posted by alexblue at 26,Aug,14 21:36

The Holy Foreskin, 800 AD

Of all the holy relics that circulated throughout medieval Europe, relics associated with Jesus Christ — anything he supposedly touched or used during his life — were the most prized. By this measure, no relic was more valuable than the Holy Foreskin since it was an actual body part of Christ. In fact, the foreskin is the only body part the Bible specifically mentions being removed from Christ during his life (eight days after his birth) and which presumably stayed behind on Earth after he ascended into Heaven.

The circumcision of Christ was a popular subject in religious art during the Late Medieval and Early Modern periods. Below are just a few examples, selected at random from the numerous depictions of the scene that were made.

But the Holy Foreskin didn't appear only in art. The actual, physical artifact — or what people claimed was the real thing — was a popular object of veneration.

The Holy Foreskin first made an appearance in medieval Europe around 800 ad, when King Charlemagne presented it as a gift to Pope Leo III. Charlemagne said it had been given to him by an angel.

However, rival foreskins soon began to pop up all over Europe. All told, twenty-one different churches claimed to have the Holy Foreskin, often at the same time. Various miraculous powers were attributed to these foreskins. In particular, they were supposed to be able to protect women during childbirth.

Given the glut of Holy Foreskins, churches made efforts to have their foreskin authenticated by Church leaders as the sole genuine article. In the early 12th century, the monks of San Giovanni in Laterano, Rome asked Pope Innocent III to rule on the authenticity of their foreskin, but he declined to do so. Later, the monks of Charroux claimed their foreskin to be the only real one, pointing out that it apparently yielded drops of ****. This convinced Pope Clement VII (1523-1534) who declared theirs to be the authentic thing.

Some medieval theologians argued that all the Holy Foreskins necessarily had to be frauds since the actual Holy Foreskin had, they asserted, ascended into Heaven with Christ. The 17th century theologian Leo Allatius speculated in his essay De Praeputio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi Diatriba that the holy foreskin had ascended into heaven at the same time as Jesus, and had become the rings of Saturn.
The Catholic Church eventually sought to extract itself from the Holy Foreskin controversy, deciding that it was rather unseemly for so much attention to be paid to Christ's private parts. It adopted the view that all the rival foreskins were frauds, and in 1900 made it a crime punishable by excommunication to write or speak about the Holy Foreskin.

Museum of hoaxes

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Posted by alexblue at 26,Aug,14 21:34

Graham’s Celestial Bed, 1775
James Graham was one of the most notorious quacks of the 18th century. He was also extremely popular, attracting scores of followers who swore by the efficacy of his 'electric medicine.'

Graham was born in England in 1745, the son of a saddler. He studied medicine at Edinburgh, and though he never completed his studies there, he called himself a doctor anyway.

'Dr. Graham' moved to America while he was in his 20s. He travelled around for a while before settling in Philadelphia where he advertised himself as an eye specialist. While in Philadelphia, he became acquainted with Benjamin Franklin's electrical experiments, and he grew convinced that electricity was the cure for all ills.

The Temple of Health
In 1775 Graham moved back to London where he began practicing his 'electric medicine' and attracting a rich and famous clientele. His therapy consisted of delivering a jolt of electricity to patients through a variety of electrical crowns and thrones.

Emboldened by his success, Graham began converting a large house in an opulent section of London into a magnificent Temple of Health. The doors of this temple opened in August, 1779, and patients began pouring in.

A variety of delights awaited those willing to pay the two-guinea fee to enter the Temple of Health. They could wander through ornately furnished rooms, breathe in the perfumed air, listen to music or hear Graham delivering lectures on health, buy medicines, inspect the 'medico-electrical apparatus,' or watch scantily-clad young women pose among the statues. One of the young women Graham employed was Emma Lyon, who in later years would marry Sir William Hamilton and become Lord Horatio Nelson's lover.

The Celestial Bed
The centerpiece of the Temple of Health was the 'Celestial Bed,' which was reserved for those able to afford the fee of £50 a night. Graham advertised that anyone who rented the bed for the night would be "blessed with progeny." Sterility or impotence would be cured.

The bed was twelve feet long by nine wide and could be tilted so that it lay at various angles. The mattress was filled with "sweet new wheat or oat straw, mingled with balm, rose leaves, and lavender flowers," as well as hair from the tails of fine English stallions.

As lovers lay in the bed, listening to the soft music playing and breathing in the fragrant air, they could stare up into the large mirror suspended above them on the ceiling. Behind them, electricity crackled across the headboard of the bed, filling the air with a magnetic fluid "calculated to give the necessary degree of strength and exertion to the nerves." The phrase "Be fruitful. Multiply and Replenish the Earth" was inscribed on the headboard.

Oh, Wonderful Love
Despite the success of the Temple of Health, Graham was knee-deep in debt by 1784 and had to move to Edinburgh. Here he had a new revelation. Renouncing his old electrical theories, he took up the cause of mud baths, claiming that they were the **** to immortality. He argued that people could absorb all the nutrients necessary to sustain life simply by bathing in mud. He swore that he himself had survived two weeks immersed in mud with no nourishment except for a few drops of water.

Graham eventually was gripped by religious fervor and founded what he called the New Jerusalem Church (he was the only member). He began signing all his letters "Servant of the Lord, O.W.L." (Oh, Wonderful Love), and would engage in bizarre behavior such as stripping off all his clothes as he walked down the street in order to give it to the poor. He was arrested for this kind of behavior in 1794 and died soon after.

Museum of hoaxes

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Are some just too small for anal

Posted by cornfedcunt at 26,Aug,14 19:44

Ok so putting anything up in there kills me...I just can't do it even when I relax and lube a
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It's so good for you

Posted by cornfedcunt at 26,Aug,14 19:42

Is cum really good for you?

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taco Bell and pizza Hut greasy pizza slut

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That Taco Bell...
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What, 1, 2, 3, 4...

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Where you at?

I'm at that Pizza Hut, **** (what?)
I'm at that Taco Bell, **** (really?)
I'm at that combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, ****

Wait, wait, I'm at the Pizza Hut (no you ain't)
I'm at the Taco Bell (no, I'm over here)
I'm at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, where you at?

I don't see you! I'm at the Pizza Hut
I'm at the Taco Bell (really?)
I don't see you, I'm at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell

Dog, I'm right here at the Pizza Hut (Jamaica Avenue)
Jamaica Avenue... (Jamaica Avenue)
The combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell on Jamaica Avenue...

Jamaica Avenue...Jamaica Avenue (That's where I'm at, where you at?)
Jamaica Avenue (No that's where I'm at, where you at?)

I don't see you here, dog (heh)

I'm at the Pizza Hut!
I'm at the Taco Bell!
I'm at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell!

I'm at that Pizza Hut!
I'm at that Taco Bell!
I'm at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell!

One more time - I'm at the Pizza Hut (one more time)
I'm at the Taco Bell (one more time)
I'm at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (what what)

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Good one part 2

Posted by cornfedcunt at 26,Aug,14 19:04

I increased the speed of my penetration, and I felt Jess suddenly arch against my body as an orgasm wracked her body. I kept going, and her body continued to convulse against mine as I ripped orgasm after orgasm from her delicious horny body. Finally I felt her relax against me, and I removed my hand from her crotch and stroked her breasts with my hand that was covered in her sex juices.

Jess sighed and turned in my arms until we were face to face and her rock hard nipples were brushing against my own through our clothes. She whispered in my ear, "Your turn baby…" She immediately dropped one hand down my skirt, and lightly pinched my already hardened nipple through my bra with her other hand, making it even harder. By now my tank had slipped enough that one of my breasts were almost totally revealed to everyone around us, covered only by my skimpy and half transparent bra. However, I didn't care at all as I moaned quietly in her ear and she ran her fingers through the thatch of golden hair that covered my pussy.

She pulled me closer and her lips found mine, and before I knew it my tongue was intertwined with hers. Meanwhile I could feel my juices leaking out of my pussy as she rubbed my button. My cunt throbbed, and I felt myself cum as her hand continued to work the outside of my pussy.

Suddenly, as she began to reach her hand down inside my bra she slid her finger into my slit. She quickly rotated it around inside my pussy, and I felt an orgasm building within my cunt. Her upper hand had found my bare breast and was now lightly massaging it and rolling my rock hard nipple between her fingers. As she continued to work my pussy with her hand I pressed my body up against her and let myself go as two orgasms right in a row wracked my body as I slid my nipples against Jess' body, and I heard myself groan in ecstasy as I came all over her hand.

Once I had finished, she removed her hand and lifted it my bare breast that she had been caressing. I gasped as her hand that was covered in my cum touched my breast. She then removed her mouth from mine and sucked my cum off of my bare boob!!! As I groaned again, she nibbled at my nipple, and I hugged her against me. Finally she finished and pulled my bra and tank back over my breast.

She gave me a long look and said quietly, "God, you do things to me that I can't get in any other way. I hope I do the same to you." I looked at her beautiful face and then dropped my gaze to her large round breasts and to her pussy that was still slowly dripping cum onto her dress.

I looked back up at her face and said quietly, "You can only imagine baby, you can only imagine what you do to me."

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This is a good one

Posted by cornfedcunt at 26,Aug,14 19:02

Hi, My name's Venessa. This is my story of my senior year in high school. It starts at a party/dance at my girlfriend's house... I walked in the door of my friend’s house and immediately smelled the scent of hundreds of grinding bodies and heard the deep bass of the music. As I entered farther into the house I pulled up my bra to cover more of my ample yet tight 36C breasts.

I was wearing a very low cut tank, and a loose bra. My skirt barely skimmed the top of my thighs, and just hearing the moan of hundreds of gyrating teenagers caused my nipples to harden into erect points.

My long blonde hair hung loose and wavy about my head. The lights in the house were dimmed, and I could just make out couples kissing and rubbing violently against one another.

Suddenly, a boy I hardly knew came up behind me and began pressing his body hard against me. I could feel the hard bulge of his cock rubbing against my ass, but I quickly escaped him... what I really craved was the touch of my girlfriend Jess.

After about ten minutes, and many approaches by boys that I didn't want, I caught sight of her. Jess' light blonde hair danced around her as she rubbed her body against another girl who, I had to admit, sported a perfect set of huge (about 46DD) breasts held up in a big, white, and lacy bra and tank.

Jess was about three inches taller than her, at five foot six inches, but when we were together we were face-to-face and breast-to-breast. I felt my nipples harden even more in my bra as my gaze roved over her perfect, slim, and shapely body. She was dressed in a light and mostly transparent golden silk dress, and I could see her nipples protruding from the round bulges of her 40C size breasts. Her slightly curly black hair was halfway pulled back, and the rest fell around her face like a dark veil.

As I came up behind her and slipped my hands around her waist I could feel a slight wetness and knew that her juices were leaking out of her delicious shaved pussy and were forming a wet spot on her short dress. We swung our hips to the beat of the music, and as I began rubbing my hands over her shaved thighs she moaned and whispered over her shoulder to me, "God, I thought you'd never get here. I need you so bad. I'm more horny than you can imagine."

I giggled into her ear and said, "I feel the same way, baby." She swiftly extricated herself from the other busty chick's embrace and we moved into the thick of the press of hundreds of other horny bodies. It was perfectly normal for girls in my school to dance together, and after a quick look around to make sure that no-one was giving us any special attention I slowly slid my had up from her thigh and up under her dress. My other hand massaged her abs as it roved up her body to gently squeeze her breasts.

My hand down by her crotch slipped into her panties, and I felt her become even wetter as my upper hand stroked her throbbing boobs. I slowly caressed her shaved pussy and then slid my finger between her wet, juicy, and throbbing lips. As I moved my finger in and out of her pussy my thumb massaged her button, and I could hear her breath coming faster and more ragged.

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pissing story part 2....pisssssss

Posted by cornfedcunt at 26,Aug,14 18:59

She smiled. "And you, Martina?" 

Martina smiled at her innocently. "I'm just Anna's little maid and girlfriend," she said sweetly. "I have no other job but to please her." 

Gianna raised her eyebrows. "Oh, okay," she said surprised. "So you two are... together, yeah?" 

I nodded, playing along. "Yeah, we've been together for a few years now, and Martina's been great," I smiled at her. 

"I live to serve," Martina said in return. Gianna looked at the both of us, unsure what to make of it, but at the same time curious and intrigued.

"So are you, like, married?" she asked. 

I shrugged. "It's more of an open relationship," I said. "Martina is my lover and girlfriend, but we like to experiment a lot, so... it's hard to explain." 

Gianna smiled thoughtful, playing absently with the buttons on her blouse. "And so... there's no men in your life?" she wondered. 

Martina and me looked at each other, then I shook my head. "I guess I'm the man in our relationship," I laughed. 

"How do you mean?" she asked curiously. "Well, you know, I'm the more aggressive and dominant one, and Martina is more the... subordinate, dutiful wife." I winked at her. 

Gianna cocked her head to the side, pursing her lips. "So, I'm sorry for asking so much, but I'm really clueless... don't you miss something sometimes?" she asked. 

Martina laughed. "When Anna is done with you, all you'll be missing is her," she said smiling, then added: "If you want, she can show you..."

Gianna stared at her, then asked slowly: "Show me... how?" Martina got up and smiled at her, pulling her slowly inside our cabin as she brushed the hair out of Gianna's face, helping her unbutton her shirt. Gianna put up no resistance, allowing Martina's hands to run down her chest, grabbing her breasts through the fabric and pushing her back down into a chair. 

While my slave went down on the conductor, kissing her and pulling off her pants to get to the sweet honey pot between her legs, I was going through my bags, looking for some of the toys I packed. Gianna was obviously eager to play, and I wouldn't want to disappoint her. I finally found my favourite strap on, a gift from my friends at the bordello, and put it on just as Martina pushed Gianna's black lace panties aside and began licking her pussy.

Gianna was just as pale on the rest of her body as she was in her face, her pussy being no exception. She kept it shaved, but a dark shade was visible where her pubes were growing back. Her labia stood out vividly, being bright red and swollen, and Martina was sucking them eagerly into her mouth, slurping and licking her tongue along their whole length. "Ohhhh godddd," she moaned and shuddered.

Martina stood aside as I stepped in front of her with the strapon around my waist. I had taken off my dress and was all naked but for the dildo and my sandals. She looked up at me, beaming for lust. "God, you look hot," she gasped, her legs spread wide. Her uniform was on the floor, only her blouse covered part of her breasts still, and she looked incredibly horny. "Fuck me with that, please," she begged.

I didn't make her wait long but inserted the head of the dildo straight between her swollen pussy, holding it with one hand as I pushed it in deep. She groaned as it entered her, feeling the long shaft slide inside. I grabbed her hips and pulled her further down, until she practically lay on the seat, her butt right on the edge. Martina straddled her chest as I began thrusting in and out of Gianna's pussy, watching the dildo get soaked from her cunt juice until it slid all the way in.

Martina made her lick her pussy, determined to give the horny conductor a good mouthful of lesbian cunt, while I fucked her pussy in long strokes, going all the way up inside her. She moaned, muffled by Martina's muff, enjoying the feeling. Martina looked back at me, then said: "Let's do her ass too, mistress?" She turned to Gianna underneath her. "You want to have my mistress fuck your little asshole?" Not waiting for a reply, I pulled the slimy cock out and pushed it between Gianna's buttocks.

They parted easily, soft like butter, as I forced it into her anus. Everything about Gianna seemed soft, her skin, her legs, her muscles, her hips, her tits... It was like fucking into soft dough, except that this dough was squirming and moaning as I penetrated her. I fucked her up the ass just as hard and fast as I did her pussy, wanting to show her how little she had to say in the matter and how little she would have to miss a "man" in her holes.

She seemed to get the message, thrashing and groaning into Martina's pelvis as I violated her. Martina didn't let go of her either, using her for her own pleasures. I looked down, watching her pussy twitch and sputter as the dildo ran into her underneath, filling her ass. I slid my fingers inside her empty cunt and began probing her, feeling the shaft fuck her from inside. Three fingers, four fingers, I stretched her and filled her in a way she never was filled before, my knuckles widening her pussy as they demanded entry.

Finally, I fit my whole hand inside her, her twat closing around it like a glove. I twisted and turned, feeling the insides of her pussy as my hard dildo still probed her ass deep and hard. She screamed, slapping Martina's butt with her hands, coming hard, again and again as I would not stop ramming my hand and the cock inside her. Finally, Martina climaxed herself, and I heard a shot of juice stream down on Gianna from her pussy. I pulled out, having one girl lick my hand and the other the dildo. They cleaned it diligently. 

"You were right," Gianna told Martina later, as she put her clothes back on. "I can see why you wouldn't miss anything." Martina smiled back at her, licking her lips. "I wish you a great vacation then," the conductor said as she left us with a wink and a kiss, going back to work, freshly fucked and happy

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pissing story...think it's hot not?

Posted by cornfedcunt at 26,Aug,14 18:57

Over the years, I've met up with Martina several times, but for the most part we've been chatting online. I enjoyed our "sessions" more and more, we shared some of our innermost **** desires and discovered new ones together as we had some of the most depraved and kinky exchanges possible. I love her, in a way that's hard to describe and new to me, but feels "right" for the kind of relationship we have. 

Because of our different lives and her marriage it was hard at times to keep up that relationship, but we always found a way, and it was ever the more sweet to see her again after a prolonged absence. And when, on one occasion, we finally had an opportunity to be together for several days, we were both excited to no end.

Her husband had wanted to go on a little trip with some of his co-workers and in return, Martina wanted to go on a trip herself with her "friends", so for one week a few years ago we began a vacation while she left her kids and man behind, along with everything else about her conservative lifestyle.

We took a train to the south, the beach, the sun and a sweet little hotel that we both had chosen. I was nervous and excited when I boarded the train, looking for her inside. I found her in a little compartment where we had reserved our seats. She looked great, wearing a light green dress, for a change, with an incredibly low cut neckline that showed a lot of her ample cleavage. She smiled at me behind her large sunglasses and kissed me as I stumbled in, helping me hitch my baggage up.

"God, you look fantastic," she said, eyeing me up and down. I had just pulled my red curls back and wore nothing more than a loose, striped red-and-white dress and some white sandals. 

I smiled back at her. "Mmmh, you know how I am, I want to look like the woman I would want to fuck." 

She laughed. "You certainly look like the woman I'd like to fuck." I kissed her again and sat down opposite of her, by the window. 

Aside from us, the train seemed to be fairly empty. We had the compartment to ourselves and the rest of the car was only sparsely seated from what I saw coming in. "So," she said, playing with her long dark hair as she stared at me. "What's our plan, my goddess?" 

I shrugged. "As far as I am concerned, I just want to spend a week living and fucking the way I always wanted to live and fuck. No taboos, no holding back and no compromises," I said. 

She nodded, and pulled one leg up on the seat next to me, spreading wide as she hitched up her skirt and showed me her moist pussy and damp pubes, wearing nothing underneath. "I'm ready, mistress," she said seductively, pulling her labia apart. "Piss on me and make sure I know who I belong to." I smiled. Peeing was one of the fetishes we both shared, and most of our fantasies involved copious exchanges of body fluids. So I stood up and held onto her seat as I stepped across her leg, pulling up my own skirt and began raining down yellow sprinkles out of my pantiless unshaven crotch, wetting her pubic hair and the most part of her skirt.

She bent forward and caught some of it in her mouth, drinking greedily as it ran down her chin and on her tits, leaving dark stains on her dress. She sucked and swallowed, gulping and slavering as she lodged her lips around my wet labia. When she was sated, she leaned back happily. "Mmmh," she moaned, slipping two fingers in and out of her pussy, enjoying the moment. "I love the taste of your piss, mistress. It makes me feel so... dirty, and owned. Like I know it's no reward, nor is it gentle, but it's to put me in place and make sure I'll be your servant in all things, and if it's to drink down your pee." 

I sat back down in my own chair and smiled at her, my pussy still slightly wet, leaving a small stain on my lap. "This is going to be a wonderful trip, slave," I said, rubbing across my breasts, feeling turned on by her presence, her submissive ways and her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy.

Suddenly the door to our separee opened. Martina quickly pulled down her skirt and smiled sheepishly at the conductor as she asked for our tickets. I looked at her as I handed her mine, as her face seemed strangely familiar. Then it struck me. "Gianna?" I asked, remembering her from school, so many years ago. 

She looked deep into my eyes, then smiled back. "Oh my god," she said, "Anna, is that you?" 

Gianna was in my class for a few years, until she went to a different school. We were not friends, nor enemies, but kept our distance as we had different tastes and attitudes and so I didn't think much of her after she was gone. It was strange to see her after all these years, in her work outfit no less. I had no clue she went on to work for the railway. 

She was short, just as I remembered her from school, with the blackest, thickest hair that she wore shoulder long and straight. Her skin was incredibly pale, which gave a sharp contrast to her hair and dark eyes, but her face was cute. She wore the dark blue uniform of the railway conductors and looked kinda sexy in it, though it hid most of her features.

I nodded, not knowing what to say. "Yeah," I replied. "I... we... are just on our way to vacation." She smiled, holding out a hand to Martina as she was eyeing her. "Hi, I'm Gianna. Anna and me were in school together." Martina shook it with the same hand that was in her pussy just seconds ago, and the thought made me even more aroused. 

"Martina, nice to meet you," she said, and, following her gaze, she smiled. "Anna just spilled something on me," she explained the stains on her dress. 

Gianna laughed. "Well, it's warm enough for it to dry fast," she said. 

I nodded, slightly embarrassed, but Martina seemed content and happy with herself. "Ah, it makes me feel so good I kinda don't want it to dry," she said giggling. 

Gianna looked at her puzzled, then turned to me again, "So, what're you doing these days?" she asked. 

I shrugged. "You know, nothing special. I'm working for the city." 

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Pirate slut..I want one!!

Posted by cornfedcunt at 26,Aug,14 18:53

"I knew you were nice." 

"Maybe I am deep down. It's not fair on you though. I feel bad." 

"Don't. I've had fun." 

"And please... I don't want us to stop doing other stuff." 

In the movie The Pirate Slut has finished her fuck and her sidekick Rosie is sucking the prisoner's cock with lewd gusto. Penny watches and her fingers absent-mindedly touch her cunt. 

"I mean, I know there's some stuff I can do for you," she says as she watches pirate Rosie take the prisoner's load on her tongue and grin a sticky grin to the camera. 

"What can you have in mind?" I smile. 

"I don't want you to miss out." 

Penny undoes my belt, unzips my pants and inexpertly pulls out my cock. It feels amazing just to have her hold it in her soft hands. She strokes it. She kisses the tip. She licks the pre-cum from around the head and a sticky silver string of it clings to the point of her tongue. Then she puts the dome of it into in her pretty mouth and gently seals her pink lips around the shaft and she starts to suck. 

Then she looks up at me for approval and when her eyes meet mine my cock leaps at the sight of her beautiful face. Her mouth makes a perfect haven for my aching, frustrated erection and she bobs her head back and forth as enjoy the delicious wet slurp of her saliva up and down my shaft. 

But somehow Penny's lost her confidence and as the action on screen moves on she lets me fall from her mouth. 

"I'm sorry. I feel like I've ruined the mood," she says. 

I kiss her head, and I sit beside her and just put an arm around her and we watch a few more scenes. We drink a little more wine, we make fun of the corny dialogue, and we kiss and caress as the action unfolds. And I think maybe that's it. And it was good. And I should be glad of the fun I've had with this pretty, funny, smart and slightly confused girl.

And then we get to the last scene. 

The Pirate Slut has been captured. She's in a dungeon in the cellar of the Governor's mansion. The doors and windows are barred and she is standing with her hands tied behind her back while Lieutenant Rourke, who is the nearest this movie has to a bad guy, is interrogating her. 

"You must pay for your crimes!" 

"Do what you want with me. I'll never submit." 

"Where is the treasure, Slut?" 

She laughs haughtily. 

"Tell me or you will be punished!" 

"Hah! I enjoy a little punishment." 

At the sudden change of tone Penny sits forward on the sofa. This is something a little different from the sucking and fucking of the previous scenes. Something darker and more exciting and it has Penny's full attention. 

The Lieutenant grabs the Pirate Slut and shakes her. She laughs in his face. 

He slaps her but she twists away and suddenly her blouse rips revealing a pair of big and beautiful naked tits. 

"Oh!" says Penny. 

"Here's my treasure!" says the Pirate Slut. And she thrusts her tits forward into the Lieutenant's face. 

"You'll pay for that, Slut!" he says. 

And he shoves her over towards the iron bedstead and pushes her forward onto her knees, her face pressed against the rough blanket, her hands tied behind her back. 

"Oh wow!" says Penny. 

The Lieutenant strips away the Pirate Slut's skirt, and now she is bent forward, crouching, her naked ass thrust towards him and utterly exposed. 

Penny slides off the sofa and kneels on the rug. She pulls the belt from my pants and looks up at me. 

"Tie my hands, Mister H. Quickly. Tie my hands like hers." 

I'm shaking with excitement now too as I wrap the leather belt three times round her wrists and tighten the buckle. 

"Is that too tight?" 

"No. No. It's good." 

We watch the screen as the Lieutenant circles the slavishly-bound Pirate Slut. He has his cock out and it's every bit as long as the Captain's and every bit as hard. It's just a question of what he's going to do with it. He stops by her head, and grabbing a handful of her hair he pulls her up until her lips are level with his cock. Then he yanks her forward onto it and thrusts his whole length into her mouth. He fucks her face hard. 

"Oh God!" says Penny. 

But her words are stopped by my cock as I grab her head and fuck her mouth in a repetition of the action on screen. Penny groans. She gags and I ease her back but she doesn't want to stop and stretches forward to take me even deeper until her mouth is crammed with my cock. Now her tits are thrust forward under her t-shirt and her crotch is twitching back and forth looking for relief but with her tied hands she has no way to ease the yearning of her cunt and she sucks me with increasing desperation until I know if I don't stop I'm going to cum. I pull back and leave her panting and frantic for whatever comes next. 

On the screen the Pirate Slut's mouth-fuck is over too. The Lieutenant has left her breathless, flopped forward on the bed while he stands back to admire her vulnerable ass. 

"What are you going to do to me?" pants the Slut. 

"You'll find out." 

And the Lieutenant pushes her knees apart, splaying the cheeks of her ass. 

"Oh shit!" says Penny, on her knees on the rug, and she wriggles forward and copies the stance of the captive, turning her head to one side so she can watch what happens next on screen. 

We see the Pirate Slut's ass, and the Lieutenant positioned behind her, his huge cock pointing between her buttocks like a heat-seeking missile. He spits on his fingers, and daubs it on the tight little rose of her asshole. And then he presses the tip of his cock, still slick with her saliva and his pre-cum up against her anus and pushes in, reaming the Pirate Slut's ass as he slides home with one slow thrust. 

And there Penny is in front of me, her hands tied, her face turned towards the TV screen. She's breathing heavily. Her crotch is twitching. Her lips are pursed in anticipation of her own asshole being breeched. It's the rudest thing I have ever seen. 

"Penny, are you sure you-" 

"Please! Do it to me like he's doing it to her!" 

"What about Anthony?" 

"Anthony's never going to do that to me... He's got my pussy! I want to have you this way. Aw, come on... Please!" 

I remember there's a tube of lube in my bag. I fumble around and at last I locate the little plastic bottle. 

Meanwhile on the screen the Pirate Slut takes the fat cock in to the hilt. 

"Fuck me Lieutenant. Fuck my pirate ass!" 

Penny repeats it like a mantra. "Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!" 

I spread the lube all along my cock and put a big squirt if it over Penny's rosebud anus. She gasps at the coolness. Then I position the head of my slippery cock against her and push. 

"OK. This might hurt." 

"I want it!" 

"You just need to relax." 


She pokes her tongue through her lips and closes her eyes in concentration. Then as I press forward she pushes back until I feel the muscles of her tight anal sphincter ringing my invading cock. A moment of constriction, a grunt from Penny, then she relaxes and her dimpled ass swallows the fat head of my ecstatic cock. 

"Oh. It feels so fucking dirty Mister H." 

I hold it there for a few moments as she gets used to the thick erection crammed in her asshole. We both watch the screen. 

"You like that big dick up your ass!" says the Lieutenant. 

Then Penny whispers, "Say what he says." 

I do as I'm told. "You like that big dick up your ass!" 

Penny shoves back on to me. "Yeah. I really like it." 

And now I start to thrust into her, gently at first, then harder as Penny shoves back onto me until the full length of my cock is lodged inside the tight velvet tunnel of her rectum. And I love the feel of her. I love how my hips feel against her ass-cheeks. I love the tight pink rim of her anus stretched around my glistening shaft. I love her pretty face pushed down against the rug as she watches the anal fuck-fest on screen. 

"Is that OK?" 

She just whimpers. 


After a pause measured only by the groans from the TV and the throbbing of my stiff cock deep inside her she gives me her answer: "It's just too dirty to speak..." 

The Pirate Slut is getting really into her punishment now, moaning and grunting as the Lieutenant relishes her perfect porn-star arse. We see her face, mouth open, in a stupor of lust and pain and pleasure. "Aw, fuck my ass!" says the Pirate Slut "Make me your dirty slut bitch." 

"Oh yesssss!" hisses Penny. "I'm a dirty, slut bitch!" 

Then the cell door clangs open. 


It's the Captain. He disapproves of the interrogation. The Lieutenant protests. "But sir. She has such a sweet ass." 

"I shall put that to the test in good time, Lieutenant, but not with your rough methods." 

Penny is enthralled. A new cock for the Pirate Slut. She watches intently as my shaft rocks in and out of her asshole. 

The Captain believes in winning hearts and minds. He unties the Pirate Slut, and sits her back in the chair. He kisses her tits. He spreads her legs and laps at her cunt. She groans with pleasure while the Lieutenant stands aside, tugging sulkily on his over-size cock. 

Penny shuffles forward and my cock slides from her gaping bum. "Untie me!" she says. 

I free her wrists and she pulls her t-shirt off. Her bra is pink and lacy and kind of cute, just like she said. She drops it to the floor and her perfect pert tits swing free. And now we watch as the Captain sits on the prison cell bed and beckons the Pirate Slut over. She approaches, and he motions her to turn around and then straddle him, and she does so obediently, then he guides her down until his rock-hard cock finds her ass again and it slides in like a well-greased piston. 

Penny pushes me over to the sofa, and I sit. She faces the TV and mimics the Pirate Slut lowering herself onto my lap, and once more my cock presses up against this beautiful girl's debauched asshole. Her sphincter puckers against the slick dome. A moment of resistance, then with a deep breath and a look of intense and dirty concentration her pretty little ass engulfs my cock once more. 

Penny's eyes are glued to the screen again as she rises and falls rhythmically along the length of my shaft, the tight tunnel of her asshole gripping me, milking me like the dirtiest deepthroat blowjob and twice as filthy. 

Meanwhile on screen the Pirate Slut is getting her ass crammed with thick Royal Navy cock. Penny stares at the porn star's thrusting hips jerking up and down on the out-size dick. The Pirate Slut's tits are shaking, her mouth is wide open and her eyes are half shut like she could come at any minute while the Captain grunts with pleasure and we're treated to a low angle close-up of her plump ass-cheeks splayed wide while he plunders her booty. 

And now I'm grunting too, slamming my cock up into Penny's own gaping asshole, and her body glows with a thin sheen of sweat as she squats astride my lap and pistons her buttocks up and down onto me, her bowels hungry for every inch of cock I can cram in. 

"Ah, yes, fuck me!" she whimpers, "I'm such a slut. Fuck my ass as hard as you want... Oh shit... oh yes!" 

Penny's twerking on my cock reaches fever pitch now as the Lieutenant, tired of watching his boss have all the fun joins in again. He stands in front of the big-titted bouncing Pirate Slut and pulls her lips down onto his huge cock. She can barely fit her jaw round it as he pulls her mouth up and down the massive girth while the Captain fucks her ass, and now the Pirate Slut is being shoved back and forth from one huge dick to the other, a slutty feast for their two hungry cocks. 

"Look at her. It's... it's beautiful." 

I pinch her nipples and bite the back of her neck. Her sphincter tightens around the root of my cock, making me jolt with pleasure. 

"Penny, your ass is amazing." 

But the threesome on screen is evolving into something new. First the Captain lies on the table, and now the Pirate Slut straddles him. She takes hold of his thick cock and rubs the tip on her glistening swollen clit, then eases it up into her sopping wet cunt, lowering herself down onto the Captain's hips until his groin is pressed up hard against her shaven crotch. And now she leans forward and offers her ass up to the Lieutenant. 

"Oh God. He's going to fuck her ass. They're both fucking her... Oh!" 

Now Penny's fingers find her swollen clit and as she masturbates her stretched and over-stimulated ass-hole spasms with her excitement and it sends pulses of sheer pleasure the length of my shaft while on screen the two men thrust up into the pouting cunt and punished ass of their tousle-haired captive. In and out pump the two fat cocks and the Pirate Slut gasps and grunts with each thrust and counter-thrust. 

Meanwhile with my cock still wedged up her ass and her fingers thrust in her cunt with her free hand Penny is reaching around for something behind the sofa cushions. Her lithe body twists and writhes and churns my stiff hot cock in her ass as she rummages about until... 


... in her slim little hand I see she's got a dildo. And I realise she must have brought it with her and been pleasuring herself before I even showed up. 

"You said you didn't have one!"


Now she leans back against me. I kiss her neck and shoulders and taste her sweet salty sweat as Penny spreads her legs wide and braces her pretty feet either side of my thighs. Then with a look of intense concentration she eases the head of the dildo up her slick cunt. I feel it slide up, parallel to my cock, only a thin wall of Penny's flesh separating my rampant erection from the lewd plastic phallus. "Oh baby," I groan. "Does that feel good?" 

She breathes deeply, for a moment. "Uh-huh." 

A minute of silence, except for the rhythmic groans of hard-core porn on the TV as Penny absorbs the millions of signals from the super-stimulated nerves in her cunt and ass. My cock marks the passing seconds with throb after throb. And then - click - she switches on the vibrator. 

I don't know what it feels likes for Penny but suddenly her ass-hole is trembling and buzzing and shuddering all at once around my cock and it feels hot and sour and sweet and painful all at once. It's like she's somehow sucking me up into her, electrifying my cock with pleasure through the hot velvet walls of her asshole. 

I don't want to cum. I never want to stop fucking this beautiful girl's ass. I try to distract myself. I look at the movie but it doesn't help because now the Pirate Slut is beginning to come hard on her own duet of rampant dicks. She groans. She pinches her tits. She gasps and bucks and moans and her mouth stretches into one great big "Oh!" and she throws her head back with a cry that sends her tits and buttocks and thighs quivering as waves of pleasure break over her. 

And then suddenly she's done. She stays straddling the Captain's fat dick, but now the Lieutenant pulls his cock from her sumptuous ass and thrusts it back against her lips, but this time he's slapping it onto her outstretched tongue as he jerks himself off, pumping hard, building to his own climax. 

"Oh. I wanna see him cum!" Penny whispers, pumping the dildo hard now, "I wanna see his spunk on her nowwww!" 

And right on cue there's a dam-burst of spunk. A jet of white spurts across the Pirate Slut's writhing wet tongue and spatters into her waiting mouth. Then another goes across her glossy lips. And another shoots across her chin. A fourth on her cheek and a fifth, sixth and seventh wad of creamy goo hit her big tits. Now as his climax fades he drives his cock home into her lewd semen-and-lipstick smeared mouth and she gulps down the last spurts from his sated cock. 

"Oh she's swallowing it. Oh yes!" 

Rubbing the cum across her tits The Pirate Slut lifts her cunt from the Captain's huge cock and now it's his turn to spurt all over her and as the Pirate Slut's face and tits are slathered in a second deluge of cum Penny starts to piston her ass even more wildly up and down on my cock and begins a low moan of pure dirty pleasure that starts in her gut and rises through her shaking body and out of her beautiful gaping mouth in one long glorious, "Aaaaaaaaaah". And as she comes her ass contracts around me in long hot spasms that send me over the edge until I send huge jolts of hot spunk deep into her shuddering ass. 

She falls back against me, spent. 

"You see. I said I could be dirty," she murmurs. My cock slides from her and a trickle of cum slides down her thigh from her exhausted ass. 

We kiss. Then she rests her head on my shoulder as we watch the final moments of the movie. Julietta, the Captain and the Lieutenant free the Pirate Slut, join her crew and sail off into the sunset. A happy ending. 

Penny falls asleep on the couch. I put a blanket over her and crawl into bed. 

I **** very late, and when I wake up she's gone. I don't know what I expected. I stumble around in my dressing gown and make breakfast, by which I mean toast and coffee. My phone beeps. It's another picture of Denise in her underwear. "Hope you weren't too mad at me!" it says. "Want to come out to LA for a few days so I can say sorry?" 

I'm wondering just how to say no when there's a knock at the door. 

"Just me!" says Penny, "Breakfast." 

She comes in and pushes me over towards the sofa. 

"I already ate, but I guess I could eat a little more..." 

"Well this is a different kind of breakfast." She pulls off her t-shirt and shorts. Black lace lingerie. My cock leaps at the sight of her. She grins and says, "It's Penny for breakfast." 

She straddles me on the sofa, and pulls my mouth up to meet hers. 

"Oh, and by the way, Mister H," she says, "I need some cheering up. I stopped by the library and broke up with Anthony. Still, I guess that gives us a whole other way to have fun..." 

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This story makes me soaking wet

Posted by cornfedcunt at 26,Aug,14 18:46

? Denise sprawled on that big bed in green and black lace lingerie, her hair tousled, her lips parted, one arm stretching up to hold the camera and the other slipped into her cute lace panties, her slim fingers stretching the fabric where they caressed the gorgeous cleft at the top of her parted thighs. 

Hard to resist. I emailed her that I was on my way. I grabbed a new shirt and a few other essentials from a store near my office, emailed Penny from next-door to keep an eye on my place for the weekend, and began the drive to Baltimore, making the three hour journey with a more or less constant hard-on at the thought of beautiful, desperate Denise lying there wet and waiting for me. I imagined sucking her. Kissing her tits. Fucking her mouth, then her cunt and then finishing off by fucking her voluptuous ass. Then I was going to take her to dinner, and then we were going to do it all over again as often as possible until Sunday night. That was my plan. 

What an idiot. I get there, park, and run awkwardly up the hotel steps with my cock trying to poke a hole in my pants. Then as I approach the reception desk I see Denise. She's at the bar. She has her coat on. And her bag packed. 

She walks over. "Hey!" she says and kisses my cheek. 


"Babe, I am so sorry but I'm going. It's all done!" 

"But... what about the email?" 

"Oh, I know. It was a cute picture wasn't it? Did you like it? I tried to send it Wednesday but they only got the wi-fi working in the room today. I thought you'd still want to see me in my best underwear. The conference got less boring after that but I wish you'd come earlier." 

"But... I'm here now. Why don't you stay another night?" 

"I would love that so much. But I'm flying to LA for Sandie's wedding... Aw honey." She leans her head towards mine and adds in a whisper "Did you drive all this way just to fuck me?" and she trails a hand casually across the front of my trousers, her fingertips brushing against my erection. She smiles up at me. "That is so sexy... Oh, I think that's my cab." 

So now it's 10.30 at night and I'm nearing the end of my three hour drive home, with nothing to keep me company but my bad mood and my frustrated cock. I park the car in the drive. I slam the car door louder than my neighbours would like. I need a drink. And then I really need to jerk off. I open the front door. 

I guess we all know how our houses ought to sound when they're empty, so straight away I know there is someone else in there. I stand in the hall listening. I'm a big guy and in good shape for 38 but I'm totally unarmed.

"Terrific. Now I'm going to get murdered. The perfect end to a perfect day,” I think. 

At the door to the living room I hear someone breathing. If they are a murderer they are very shy. I break the silence. "Hello?... Is there someone there?" 

A small rustling. Then... "Mr H?" 


I switch on the light. 

"Um... sorry if I frightened you," she says. 

I should tell you about Penny. She's the au pair for my neighbours' kids and she comes round to clean my place for some extra money once a week. She's pretty but without ever showing it off. Maybe she's not even aware of it. I've certainly never seen her wear make up. I guess she's about 22, and she's sporty, athletic even, which must help when she's racing around after the Morrison's terrible kids while their parents sit on the deck and bitch at each-other about who does the least for the family. 

Penny only ever seems to wear a t-shirt, running shorts and sneakers and I doubt her wardrobe contains anything like a cocktail outfit or a pair of high heels. She has light brown hair cut short in a boyish style, and she usually has a big smile with just one intriguing lop-sided dimple that gives a little sardonic twist to her wide-brown-eyed nice-girl look. 

She isn't smiling now. Penny is looking awkward. 

"Hi, Mister H..." 

"Wow, you're working late. And in the dark." 

"Mm. Well, yeah. I actually cleaned earlier. But I... I think I left a book here so I came back to look for it just now. Sorry." 

"Not a problem. Did you find it?" 

"No. I think maybe I didn't leave it here after all. So I should- " 

"Well, I can help you look." I walk past her into the living room "What was the book? I was going to have a glass of wine. You want one? I've had a really frustrating day." 

"No. I... " 

I'm not a tidy guy but there are some things I always put away. So there was only one possible explanation for what I see then on the coffee table. The box for a DVD that I always keep right at the back of the cabinet. The artwork is eye-catching: a big-breasted young woman with scarlet lipstick and a mass of black curls. She's wearing a studded leather corset and thigh-length boots and is licking the tip of a flintlock pistol.

"Well, maybe you didn't find your book, but I see you found something else interesting..." 

"Oh God!" she says. She stands there in the doorway blushing, staring at the rug. "I'm sorry Mister H... I really should go." 

"Is red wine OK? I've got a bottle open." 

"I'm really sorry. I'm so embarrassed." 

"Don't worry about it. I guess I'm the one who should be embarrassed. Look what you found in my house... Ah well. We'll both just have to just learn live with it." I pour the wine and hand her a glass. 

She takes it. "You're not mad at me?" 

"Not at all. Maybe surprised? Not mad." 

She sits on the arm of the sofa and takes a gulp of wine. "Thanks" she says. 

"It's just a dirty movie, Penny." 

"I found it when I was here earlier... I was just curious to see what it was like, is all. I didn't watch much of it." She runs a hand through her soft brown fringe. 

"Nothing wrong with being curious." 

She blushes again and gives me a hint of that smile, then drinks again. 

"How are the Morrisons?" I ask. 

"They're the same as ever. Good I guess." 

"Jimmy looks like a gorilla on a tractor when he mows that lawn." 

She laughs and I see that dimple again. 

"How long have you been there?" 

"About six weeks. It's just until I start my Masters." 

"Well, they're lucky to have you. You work really hard. I've seen you. You're a blur of speed. Like Road-Runner." I sit on the sofa and pick up the DVD case. It's empty, so the disc must be in the player. "Did you enjoy it?" 

"I just... It was... I don't know... different." 

"Different from what?" 

"Well... everything in my life is so... nice, you know? Sometimes it gets kind of... irksome." 


"Sorry, English major." 

"It's a good word. It's expressive. How is being "nice" irksome? I'd assumed you were being a nice girl deliberately." 

"What's that meant to mean?" 

"I mean "nice" is how you present yourself to the world. It's a good thing. The world needs nice people who are great with kids and keep everything neat and tidy and don't drink too much and say please and thank you and just generally make the world a better place. And that's you." 

"Oh great." 

"People see you and they think, "What a nice girl!". That's your whole thing." 

Penny looks like she can't decide whether to laugh or get mad. 

"I mean guys don't look at you in your pink t-shirt and sneakers with your pretty smile and ever think "Man she looks dirty!" do they?" 

And now she does laugh. "You don't know anything about me, Mister H. Or how much of a "nice girl" I am. You should make more of an effort to find out about someone before you judge them. I'm sorry if that sounds preachy but it's true." 

"OK. Let me find out... Drum roll please for the "Is Penny a Nice Girl" Quiz. Round 1. Underwear." 


"If you're a nice girl all your underwear is going to be practical cotton in pastel colours. If you're a little bit dirty you'll have some lingerie." 

She thinks for a while. "Not that it's any business of yours, but... I have a pretty lace bra? It's... kind of cute." 



"Pink and kind of cute isn't dirty." 

"Well it can look sexy." 

"Are you wearing it now?" 

"What?! No!" 

"Well, I'm unconvinced. I don't think you're capable of being anything but nice." 

"Don't tell me what I can and can't do." 

"OK. Round 2. Do you own any toys?" 

"Like... like sex toys? No! Jeez!" 

"OK. It's just a quiz. We'll move on. Round 3. Boyfriends! Do you have a boyfriend?" 

She hesitates for a moment. "Yes." 

"And on a scale of glancing modestly at each other across the library to hot sex ten times a day, where would you place you and your boyfriend?" 

"Anthony hasn't got a dirty bone in his body." 

"You're not telling me he doesn't go to bed with you?" 

"Yes. Of course. Sometimes. But he's really studying hard so we don't have much time together." 

"What? He ought to be... Well, let's just say I think Anthony is seriously wasting his life opportunities!" 

"He's... gentle. Respectful." 

"Sounds fun." 

"He can be fun sometimes! He's a nice guy." 

"And you're a nice girl. You make a good couple. Maybe you'll get married, settle down. Have nice kids of your own." 

"Well maybe I will do that, if I want to." 

"OK. But zero points in the quiz so far and it's the final round! So, last question... complete the following sentence. I wanted to watch a porn movie because..." 

"It's just... I wanted to see... I don't know! Look, I should really go..." 

"You can't go now! Your score is still zero!" 

"Oh, for God's sake. OK... Because I've never in my life watched a dirty movie and I'm bored with being nice?" 

"Better, but you're still way short of a prize!" 

"What? OK. I thought it would be fun to watch it and get myself off." 

"Yay! You do have a dirty side."

"Thanks. I think." She looks down at her glass and is surprised to see it empty. "Is the prize more wine?" 

"Whatever you like." I refill her glass. "So now we've established you're a little bit dirty, I guess I could let you watch the rest of the movie?" 

Penny is quiet for a moment. "OK." 

I turn the lights down and press play. 

Penny sits at one end of the sofa. I sit at the other. On the screen the story unfolds... 

Julietta, the Governor's daughter, is meeting the gallant Captain Leonard for the first time. She is a buxom blonde, and he is tall, dark and pretending to be handsome. He kisses her hand. She leans on the mantelpiece. He kisses her neck. She undoes her dress. And then unusually for an 18th Century romance, but not unusually for a porn movie, after three minutes of acquaintance Captain Leonard is licking Julietta's big, tanned tits and she's doing a lot of excited gasping. Penny watches with a sardonic smile. 

"Really Mister H. This is shocking behaviour for a governor's daughter," she says. 

"Well, this is exactly why she should have had a chaperone."

"Whatever would Jane Austen think?" 

"I think she'd get off on it." 

"Yeah, maybe you have a point." 

Now Julietta is on her knees. She's kissing the bulging front of the Captain's breeches. Penny tucks her feet up onto the sofa. 

"Oh I say!" she says in a comical British accent that makes me laugh out loud. 

And now Captain Leonard's cock is out. Julietta holds it. It looks about ten inches long and is thick and heavy in her hands. 

"Oh I say!" says Penny. 

And now Julietta kisses the tip of it, and licks it up and down, and Captain Leonard's monstrous cock slides between her wide-stretched lips and she's sucking him with enthusiastic skill. 

"Oh... I... do... Bloody...say!" But that's the last thing Penny does say and now she just stares at the luxurious filth of the expert blow-job. She's breathing a little harder now and occasionally shifting her trim little body around on the sofa. And although I know the movie inside out, watching Penny watching it makes it more arousing than it's ever been before. 

Penny is transfixed as minutes of cock-sucking pass, then Julietta's dress comes off leaving just white stockings and a necklace and the Captain's tongue flutters across Julietta's swollen clit. Penny uncurls a little and now sits sideways, resting her back against the arm of the sofa, and her legs stretch out until her feet rest on my thigh. We both sip our wine. 

And now Captain Leonard presents his cock at the entrance to his lady-love's wet and shaven cunt. 

And Penny lets out a barely audible whisper, "Fuck her!" 

On screen the thick cock nudges its way between the parted labia and the Captain shoves it in. Julietta gasps and the fucking begins in earnest. It is thorough and filthy. It's shot so as we don't miss a moment of the Captain slamming into that accommodating cunt, unless it's to see the bouncing of Julietta's creamy tits or her parted red lips. Meanwhile Penny's arm rests on the back of the sofa and her thumb may or may not be gently sliding back and forth over her nipple but her lips are certainly parted. Now Julietta turns round and the Captain takes her from behind. Slap, slap, slap go his hips against her broad white ass. "Oh, oh, oh!" moans Julietta. Penny's feet press a little more firmly against my thigh. 

"Fuck her!" she whispers. 

I drape my arm over Penny's leg, and softly stroke my fingertips along her inner thigh. Her legs part a little. Her eyes stay firmly on the screen.

And now Julietta's hand is in-between her legs and she touches herself while the thick cock pistons in and out of her. And my fingers slide further up Penny's thigh, and under the hem of her shorts, until I feel her panties. I rest my fingertip there against the dampening fabric. 

Penny makes a tiny moan, and shifts her position, pressing her crotch harder against my fingers and spreading her legs wider, and now I start to stroke her through the moist cotton as on screen Julietta begins to climax on the Captain's thrusting cock. 

Julietta's orgasm is pure porn-star, lewd and showy, and as she watches Penny presses her crotch against my hand impatiently. I take the hint, slip the gusset to one side and slide a finger into her hungry cunt. And as I start to finger-fuck Penny the Captain withdraws his cock from Julietta, and pumps endless spurts of cum over the cheeks of her ass. 

We cut away from the scene, and my finger is still gently fucking Penny as we meet the Pirate Slut and her ship's crew of girls in tight leather. They have a map, and some flagons of something, and a prisoner and they are partying hard after their latest pirate victory. And then the Pirate Slut gives the prisoner an unusual dilemma. Either he has to walk the plank or lick and suck her until she comes on his tongue.

"I like her. She's sort of feisty." 

"You're enjoying yourself?" 


My finger continues its gentle rhythm in Penny's soft wet cunt. "Me too." 

"You still think I'm a nice girl, Mister H?" 

"Not exactly. Although it's pretty hard to seduce you when you keep calling me Mister H." 

"Who says it's you seducing me?" 

I give this a bit of thought. "Whichever way round it is, it's working for me." 

She gives her mischievous smile and nods at the screen, where the prisoner is lapping at the Pirate Slut's glistening wet clitoris. "Now Mister H, I really want you to do that to me." 

Penny stands up, and quickly strips off her shorts and panties. Her ass is trim and her cunt has a beautiful neat thatch of light brown hair. She sits back on the edge of the sofa and spreads her legs for me. God she is beautiful. Her inner thighs are smooth and golden, her coral-pink cunt like a soft wet mouth with lips parting to kiss the intimate **** of her clit. I kneel between her legs. 

Penny tastes of honey and salt and caramel. Her cunt responds to every little caress or flick of my tongue. I close my eyes and all I am aware of is the feel and taste of her on my mouth and Penny's gentle whimpers of pleasure amongst the cruder groans and grunts from the TV. I suck, and lick, and taste and drink in her sex and she holds my hair, pulling my mouth into the warm musk of her crotch as the Pirate Slut is licked and sucked. Then I hear a change of mood from the TV. I know the Pirate Slut is about to get thoroughly fucked. And now my cock is twitching and throbbing and straining with the anticipation of slamming into Penny's sopping and glorious cunt. I sit back. 

"If you want to follow her example... shall I get a condom?" 

"Oh... " 

"What's the matter?" 

"I... I don't think it would be fair to Anthony." 

"Oh. OK. So... you think we should stop?" 

"I really, really liked what you were doing." 

"Me too Penny. A lot. I mean a whole lot." 

"Mmm." And she spreads her legs a little wider to invite me back. 

"I really want to fuck you Penny." 

"Me too. But... I mean I think all the fooling around is ok. And the sucking. But I think if you put your... if you put your cock in my... in my pussy it's sort of like I'm betraying Anthony. I don't know why. That's just how it feels. I'm really sorry." 

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Hey there fine folks..........

Posted by gentle_57 at 26,Aug,14 13:57

Back lookin at naked bodies.......... Makes me so so so horny and wanting to touch cocks and eat pussy.......... so what are all you guys into......... sexually.......

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Looking for a sexy lady to be my photo swapping friend!

Posted by Hayboy at 26,Aug,14 05:18

I like a woman who isn't afraid to talk to me about her fantasies, or listen to mine. Flirt with me & swap some pics too.
I also like a girl to look at my photos & tell me what she'd like to do to my hard cock! Lol!

If there are any girls like that out there... Just jump right in, & say "Hi"

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Yummy I love pussy!!!!!

Posted by cornfedcunt at 25,Aug,14 22:47

Well hungry, hungry and your pussy looks so yummy
Wanna fuck your asshole wanna be your clit licker
I don't even care if you're on the smell bad
I'll eat your pussy- come on sit on my face 

I wanna eat you out baby, eat you out
Open up your legs I wanna eat you out
Eat you out baby, eat you out
I don't care if it's runny and I don't care if it smells
Eat you out baby, eat you out
I wanna stick my tongue in you and suck your cunt juice out 

Don't wanna finger fuck you, stick my dick inside of you
I'd rather beat my dick and suck that cunt
Fat or ugly - If it moves I just don't fuckin' care
If you're young or old you gotta cunt I'll lick you there

Eat you out baby, eat you out
Open up your legs I wanna eat you out
Eat you out honey, eat you out
I don't care if it's runny and I don't care if it smells
Eat you out baby, eat you out
I wanna stick my tongue in you and eat your cunt juice out 

I wanna put my tongue so far inside of you
Drink your piss and you can drink mine too
Wanna eat your shit, you can eat my diarrhea
Wanna bring your asshole over here 

Eat you out baby, eat you out
Open up your legs I wanna eat you out
Eat you out honey eat you out
I don't care if it's runny and I don't care if it smells
Eat you out baby, eat you out
I wanna stick my tongue in you and eat your cunt juice out

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fun night out part two

Posted by cornfedcunt at 25,Aug,14 22:36

My hands move from the wall to your thighs and I rub along your shaft. Your eyes close and we both bite our lips. The undoing of your pants startles you a bit and your eyes open in alarm.

"Shhhhh," I whisper as I nibble your ear. "No one will know." I finish opening up your pants and I grasp your glory in my right hand. So hard, hot and willing to be buried deep within me. I instantly feel my cunt start to water, I need that cock so fucking bad. I scoot up a bit further, my skirt hiking up enough that I can slide your cock head along my wet slit, giving us the lubrication we need to make this happen.

I lean in towards your body as I lower myself onto you. "Oh fucking God" I moan. I can't believe how filled and stretched I am by you. But you fit, and fit so perfectly. I try to focus again on the music so I can play this out as a type of lap dance for you, making sure my rocking matches the beat.

Soon, the music doesn't even matter. You're biting along my neck, just above the collar that proclaims me to be yours, your hands probably leaving bruises on my hips from how frantically you're holding on.

My body is liquid, every cell feeling the intense sensations of your cock in my cunt. I let go of my control and let you thrust into me as hard as you dare, I wish I could scream out as I grab a hold of my orgasm and ride it out, but instead I simply growl and moan and whimper against your lips. The rhythmic waves of pulsations from my pussy finally coax the blasts of cum from your cock and I hit my high again.

There's few things in the world I love more than the feeling of your cock swelling against all sides of my cunt before letting go of deep, throbbing, shots of cum. I shudder against your chest as your arms wrap around me in a hug. My heart might beat out of my chest, but I'm finally starting to calm my breathing. Your hand leaves my back, reaches up and grabs the back of my head by a fist full of hair. My head is lovingly yet forcefully pulled back and my pussy tingles in response. "Time to go home, pet."

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sounds like a fun night out...

Posted by cornfedcunt at 25,Aug,14 22:34

can't help but grin in the mirror as I finish applying the last of my makeup before we leave. I love when you take me out. Not just because I love the way you present me to others, so proud and protective, but because I can finally tease you and feel a bit more daring and dominant.

As we enter the bar and head upstairs I make sure to go first, I had to be sure you knew what was awaiting you. Five steps up I hear your deep chuckle and I know you caught a glimpse of my bare, naked pussy and ass under my skirt. I turn my head just the slightest bit over my shoulder and wink at you.

As we reach the stairs you grab my hip and push me towards the wall, "That is so fucking hot." You growl against my ear. My breath catches in my throat and I try to maintain my control, though it's so hard around you, I'm yearning and desperate to have you now. Your strong hand slides off my hip, around and up under my skirt to cup my heated pussy. I must keep it together, there's a long night ahead of us.

"Drinks!" I proclaim and scamper off to the bar, breathing in deeply to try and slow my racing heart.

A few rounds later I find myself on the dance floor, not with you, but amongst many other nameless sweaty bodies, rocking, moving, gyrating with the heavy bass of endless songs. I catch your eye from time to time as you sit in a corner booth watching me. My eyes relay how drunk and horny I am. You give me one small nod and I saunter towards you, still in beat with the music.

As I approach, you sit back, admiring the form before you. Your appreciation means everything to me and I spin slowly, making sure you take it all in. I face you and place my hands on either side of your head against the wall, I lean in breathing heavily along your neck, letting my tongue snake out to get a taste of you.

The sharp intake of breath underneath my mouth lets me know that was a good place for you. I scoot into your lap, still rolling my body along yours in sync with the music that is quickly fading from my ears, all I can hear is your breathing, all I see is your beautiful face and all I feel is your body beneath me-- especially your growing erection.

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